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The Fairfield news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1881-1900, October 26, 1881, Image 2

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M'XIT, 0-to>?-r "i?J, 1 xs1,
1>.\ VIS. EMrvtt.
j>. X. /. EVX>l.l>S. Av???!iT2 F.t>fTOl:.
Bv. !II'KK I-" i lr.-.r-?
il| >NK~;,N'i *:;ii to b<? ^TclC.
HT-JK <.'hU-i:rt> wtui's l<>
B f, >t?:r<-ivct rn Arthur's t-?n>ii? c*i.
WjlV- h (iov? xi.KS ii:?v v.Kicni
?c*t"s? iV?'Jsi ill>li to
||v \r.ry J:*.- Itu- iX >oil
Thk .ifi-'ftmit llitrJ't
;-!<st : > ihsstruy !?? i ;< ::?? :c."acy.
'-v?tTili ii:|< ;{:? .S'.li-iia*.
:i ri 'iii!**.
^ l::c Jletiti'iu S c :iny
f -i rluif ttM'iiiS <>::t -ItJc? ;>f tii<t-C.lii.if_"
xrfv*?:i if -ii--!: ?
g.T-.-T< K ;::i< 1 t? ill -u:ifcrt
!':< l>?-:iuirr:t!"?r SieSit*?. ;tl'luniuit
pt*" worr <mU cS !:;< t:an\vhro?:_
The !* >>?.-. avf Fust (hut b??U v
-'ml (] > n?>! ir'V.
IB:iz>!>r.rr;4".::':F.;: i< t?> hi*
Kusforfmin.Vr!v:i?!& if tlwr .{rwytts-]
bs earn* tfw T.! V.'hat an
bS'uiion on tin* ()!:! I>?
jC'ri: K'.taihlitains have
pnhrited Window for ti.t? I'nihil
pui'- Senate. and obly a boll will
li'ifrtit !tis eiwCrow. !i;* resii*w?l flit.'
pnt":>r-!?T!i to n?cvj;t a phiet: in ( arcabinet.
now lie wauls his
li i>ai-k
Bn: nita-innatr f?<'pi;?'i!?-an<, fur the;
Bafa{tpnirau<iN. col-Bi
inv.U Iluriin for the
an*l t.1 ihi ?,V'.,ryr:u(l;.* '.vent out
wT Sv-rrtfeheii his s:ainc? and K'fs him at
iiiui; >> aScirtr'.* autjirity. Tin' re<l of
? T.-*-h.c: TK tliDlfi?!. C:?n the colored
i.x>tL"i* <Uiue? i-Vv'j-y I.ii:?r*. ;
Eiif: V??rkti'\vn (vk-hsa.Jiin is over"
gi1 :Jit.' h.>v> arc ::H h:u>:. and (hey
IP a * lime" Iinr-y si;. - The
|Kti> of li&tuaiiagwiiciit wort: over-'
Hw;:. ami then* wen? iio !u?>i*c ?listban
u;t>re i~i be i*x.?iO?ttNj
i|fci :i inn of t Til~ kI: if. Yv'e :;sv '
jleaH! rlii-. \\v :iy.] been i<-U to exit*:?
T:?at ilie u.:^> u siKj.y'ulou,T::t
o? the ^. si'trehi
|esa"?rhtt fIt>s|?Fial.** of whjrh (?em.Tyl;
hiistt iscbihnaii; have asked the*
Rnrs (.1* iuiieivsjt churches i:i the?
IK i?> apart Sattmiay Sunday.
etabcr^ih and 6tlt. fur discourse*
Hrvilcwilous. in aid of this fund.:
{u ho s?-n: to Hon. Jame*
I'ltftcsT Treasurer.who j
J^;surer t?l" I?:?
T::i: South i'uiiroad hits;
twjrjuizfd with a capita! of
A. under the following directors: J.;
Jtjarnes, San:I. Sloan, J. J. 2liiriiiu-:
Ektbtrny and E. E. Chase. It willi
Broa that Charleston has no voice in j
Hireciory ; Uil the people of that !
K expect that benefits will accrue to ^
B'y iroiii.Lite present management. i
(trust so. i
I. 3h-puhlican Senators arc not a> .
y :;s they uu*_;!i; ]>; . So;:n: of them 'h
iFtTiey \v ir iiiVr vote lbi* (iorliani.:
fclahoue threatens to- ruiso a row I
? don't. With such a nntjofity as
low have, thoy a>?y weilbe appro-.
R"e. Tl.ey denounced the Prmo-'
[for not electing a I'cpubliean:
Beat, and thoa turned round [
Itfws an&uui in a D( ntocnilFc'
Ki Jnurpcn.^ nt >hooj>*s clothing.
p: Allans Exposition stiii conK
I to attract attendance. and lite'
:s are *::hl to be inereasint in
rr. Tk.v building itself covins ;
y aeres. ami the wis res of all
i>t the Inion are there on <-xIi'i?iI
The native exhibit is said to l>e
Ktiuu at the riiiiadelnhia Ceii-I
I. Isorilieri! newspapers att lravi-i
lyreieirta lives there, who jrive
ttcrinp: reports of the people
k resources of the South.
i!ii? !.??>.? - ?i
?..* ? vv.tv'ii rrfM.ws arc
ieot:r:ijd:i!d'- now
? t?> yieh! ninety per writ..
;i liuiishcit per cent., Louisi-1
ail crop. Mlssis.-ippi srvemy-;
cent., Tennessee sixtv thw
, . * . I
t;e other !>r:-.los urn not given. j
fva!s .at the ports up to {rwhtr-j
;i?p;in.st 1.112..*41
r, ami '-'.2 in 1*7!). The
supply is against
1 last yer.v. s?!:?l I.2Sr?,4-k> bales ;
??ine!i of the uu! cotton on \
nf !?'.; fiTfl.lt'
unok Wh.tz. of Louisiana. died |
Liy lit* was in (he prime j
f;>r mon'.hs Isas l>e<m very \
o eau>e ?>f Ids? death i^-not slat- ;
v. ill be rcmomix'^etl tiiataiiuv-;
tUo Iculcr
9grt- at :!>" rr-'.':ri' -iTiMc -<Jg 9
4$ m ' ::iV I>f*| 1
Htion pr&V(Mi!edj9
^ c(b>y-1
i| 9^^^* "'hot' (Jrarcr. 1?^ 1
Ktroii<> h:::;i ;:ad had ?p*eat ir:-;
Em. aii<l h:< K?{ijsii?!v doalh will Ik- ;
HHly regret led. Liuiitc!>a?J-(??>v-.
sitt-cwVIs him.
KS.Mit; John XiCvU\i?v. of tlic !
HDhBRi!y 1 iio S;>utli. died in Xasli
t?tc :r*s?r*Kf. Pro&s^ojn
9 9y ivns a native of Clmrlcstoii.
9 AiSurnnt MeCraiir. As I
9 ?jfflie !iud a national rrputa9
Bid w?i?a:Sc'i! to Harvard I'ni-;
9 y of t!rf* .r-rrnr
Nj Ills health brratiio poor, !
9 9'l's^rt4> take a |*?$Uion at
lie wloillfl'd to f'"? '
fioo and re!t?*ion
his srrvH-.es in
it vn!t:o to the ;
i><Ic:?!li will he
rs. a N-h" flavs
ry >en>ib*r a;nl
?iKsIitrp> in p?:ir quently
fell :i> -if
:>?? sin* tuss-ition
ti:f nt'iw papers.
mi into pcr???n::l
irially :i> ?!n? few
!: > has horn ::iin*ns?injr
.\"*.vrs AND ilf
it i.? j?l:nl J??
{lie UrrenvUIe
arc c> taar!? to
>ojs l"f?v si i??n tone
u v>tie iinjiv'niiial
i cabs auuliwl" a
iiar or tiiivf or h ixdtroon. every !^ody
n;ii> to >ff? ;i <*op\ of the paper. e-pGIv
il'ilC do<-tft lo it. Ill
tL:?' -nrr;c \v:ty !lit- p'.iMie. over
-iTimttK:t;?l horrors of ;i!l kind-, ;i!id
sin* editor must between p::ii lerilM^to
tliis depraved taste, or keepr?'J
Itp tlie t ?;?* of 11:0 paper :tf the
risk of having it railed did! and prosy.
There is great need of a ireneral reform
hoJh t>ti t!if part of tin; iir\? ?jiupers
and (he reader*. to who>t* taste.i}i?*y
areexpected {<> cater.
ArcrsT.v groans uml?*r fieiirht ?li ?
<*ri:niiiuU*?i-i ?>u the part of the i.onisvilli*
and Nashville (.'omhination.
Fn-i^til from ther West to ('harleMoii.
Savannah or Port Iloyal are sf?mt onethird
less than to Augusta. ahhou?-h
:he disSanxe is irreater. The standing
exeu-e is jfhe:: that the latter are
]?< !itiv<* points. and rates tuil>t U*
reduced. The fallacy iit> this arirtnnen?
i> so apparent that it i< a wonder the
road> ?:iek to it. T!k- road either
make* or loses on its charge1. If it
makes money <>? the terminal rate the
same eharjri-mu-t yietd a profit tor interniediatr
|*>ints. It'tlie low terminal
rate involves a loss, the road is in the
position of the shop-keeper who sold
his- roats at a dollar less than they
cost. and cotiid only afford to do so
herause lie I so many of ihem. The
history of railroad eon.?o!idati<>:i lmbe-n
about this. First,, the little sni;;]I.
wee town- sent tip a wail over their
lost porridge. Now the middle-sized
towns arc taking up tin? cry, and Ixttuiv
luiiif llie great huge towns with
Hieir gr*ryt. roH.'h. gruli" voices will
war siwl growl, a< the silver-haired
railro;ui magnate takes the porridge
out of their potsnud concentrates it all
in New York or some other single
terminal point.
The ]Ieadja??ters are tired
of beisiif railed names. and their leaders
will hold a conference to >ee whether
they di;;!l not. enter upon the war
;>at!i. Tin.; duels already l'onuhf. especially
siwe they luive not been dangerous,
appear to have wheHed the appetites
?? Malu>ne*> followers. ll their
threats are carried out there is a bare
possibility of the Virginia eanvnss;
:<ornnnr to a sudden pause by the
slaughter of all the candidates. This
is not the day for personal encounters,
for the pu'-iie. will not judge. wliHhrr
a ma;i is a rasrail or not by tlv sucre.?>
he lias in making potato graters of liis
:vut:i'?-oi:ists: and ir is r>o?i!.le that the
Readjttsters will tuke :*:? sensible
course eJ'jvppealin^ to the ballot-box
instead of th'e carUbl^'-Wx. l>e.?:d<\*
Mahonc is too valuable 'o Jttst
now to be spared. lit tl;*.' present contingency
he shouid think of (jorham.
and what would become of him in ease
of a Senatorial vacancy from Virginia.
As for Kiddleberirer, lje ap|>ears able
to hoc his own row. as he recently
foniriit one ?luel. tried to 1ii?lit another
and made a repudiation speech?all on
the same day. The Ueadju-ters are a
bad crowd anyway, and c:?i: stand any
' - f I
amount <?i YHUpcr.-Hioii 10:- uje.nunu vm
prospective political lleshpots.
Poor Ireland.
Mai for? have assumed a serious aspect
in Ireland. Gladstone has evidently
rend the story of the hov in theapplc
tree, and having exhausted his Kippiy
of clods and <fi*ass, has taken to stone?;
to dislodge the land-leaguers;- - Parnell
is ifrprfeoir, "aloncr with "his wndjntors
I/*Yf?o:t, i>extoii r.!nl OT>ru:n, whTio
twenty-three persons lie in Liuierick
hospital pivreed with bayonets. Oilier,
L'tiwHea^uers have eseupf-d lo Liverpool
and have their headquarters in
that city. This looks like beardinir the
lion in his d*n; hut in fact Liverpool
is a hotter place' than Ireland, >inreman
iat law docs not exist there.
Gladstone declares that the new land
hill shall have a fair trial, and he wii! !
arrest not only those- who navke open ;
resistance, hut those also who secretly '
am] iiutireclly incite opposition. Xotiee j
bus been extended that hereafter the j
police will not tire blank cartridges. |
What eU'eor these decisive measure.- j
will have oa rise rendition of Ireland;
is not known yet, but the probability '
i.< that the island will be brought to
submission; and that the land act
which is said to be a just and humane
m<*asure will 1>o triven a fair trial by
the tenants. The Uritish Lion is a
troublesome beast to handle at close
quarter* when his blood is up. as Par:i<dl
wis' doub less soon discover. His
mistake has been that, be refused to
give the land act a chance.
The Yorktovvu Centennial wasn't !
mtmh of a shower after all. Our hoy* j
had to stand up iu the ears most of the j
way. and couldn't jret enough to eat !
and drink. Afu-rtho first day thr?y i
fared better. Arthur made a small i
>pi:cch. not w the host stylo but in j
jrood taste, and the orator of the day j
dispersed the crowd with a two-hour?
haranirue. (Icneral Hancock. was the j
lion of the otvasrwi. and got most of j
was too vivid. The I>:*iti>li &S2T was ;
*a hi tool by the Americans ami French. j
ami ilu'iT was a grand review of I he j
The South Carolina boys pre-;
sented a handsome appearance.
Altogether the celebration was poor
!y managed. It. wa* lb'.;ii4v !o vxpet :
niucii comfort at such a place, :<s the :
experience-?f former 'centennial evlc- !
brntions" has lully shown. A sitial!
(own like Yorktown <-aunot stand the
pressure of thousands t.T visitors, and
the troops from each Stat'-, numbering
several hundred.5:, and a temporary or juHizatioo
\v:ts-i?r:ipah!c ofsfriiri.'iir ail
the creative comforts. When large
bodies of men gather at such places \
they cannot expect iuu-.:!i. and can he
H.-?nL f?t 111*1 f :nv> mil ivrnvc It
i< :i Itliiiijr to jr.) cii such a jaunt, and ;
tin* ph'a.'Uiv in tiiiuklnir aboutj
it a!'iortv:tr?l. ami rccailinj:'i?'?plcssnn-s '
ami f??r?f??Mlw*; its ifisomlor's. Such
will |)! !];> to our bo;. > or their
trip !o York?own.
^p?tcwwil !?? > naw W.'Vt
Sifrssr.t. (iniUnnl. Thomas, L^fcs
awl .?/' N'i.<!cr?( KNTl.KMMN: i a:;; an
h.iinhlr ron^iihit'iit <>f jours. ami have
a rijrht to ask r:u?-*'*>n> which are not
i?!j?orti!;ciif. I am al*o >?ns*<lv art
ai;nrii!tnraii>t. an.I ihrn-foro foci a
i!rvn tntr: e?T in ali hr.v-; wh'Hi aflV'-t
<?? ! 'I'Mf. T iv.ti T > w in
inv opinion, cxisvis.-s nsavriril.y ?'\il
iulltimivs owr liu* nos-inw-s of <n?r
fannors of both colors, ano *honl<l Ho
at tlv nr\t of I ho
L?*gi>la:wre. -> tlierc are o'.Ik r ami bvt
Jl -1 ? J-A- NIL JUgl-,^^ 1*A?. 'JMITX:
ter ways tor providing tor the inoiu't:
rv W.vllt-o| (UU* pe'.'pie. Many of !
1 have expressed ??11r views ju'o an
a:ul we feci that we t:ikt? no til
warranted liberty?as you art; tin; pa
ti.-> w he. are to speak lor us?when \\
ask. in plain tanner parlance. On whit
, >ide t?i tin- loinc :;p.'youi lour eurl
attention i? respectfully asked.
T. \V. \Y\><>:?W.u:L?.
nxj-: a/ji am'.Kij: or .l stk.imli
,V'W/V". h''i'ih's: V\ iil yo?.jiU*:i.?
|Mi!i!i.-ii the following fur the tuii**:lit <
' tln?s?? wlioxii it. may eo:;ecr:?.-.
; to know wh;it 'ditferewe.
any. would he mude in the w?#t of i:
stirftnre. in tin; event of oui* t??wu
>e<::inn?r :i .>!c:uu f;n.k eiiiirnt; ;uul ne
essjity c*iu:;|>i:ien.ts. i wrolo to t!
l'uderwi*Ilt;r>" Ageno in New Yorl
received :i svjdy thnmjrh Mr. ?
F. MfM.-tstvr. their tii^cnt, of which, tl
followim-" i- :i eonv :
Xmv YO::K. October 7. 18^1. Juitu
/ '. ."!< /'. Est]., .bjciit. Wimmboi'i
S. ? Dkak Silt: Wtr are in j
.if a letter from Mr. ii. M. Hisey. (.'hi
: Fill- Department. making inquiry ;
io whtii reduction we would make i
rates if' vtiiir town wer?: to bs; funn>ho
with :i >:?-am lire engine ami one thoi
sand !"? ?: of hose. Yon \vi51 infori
( hitT Iluev th.Mf the mine!ion of rai
> would in* one-toiirih ot'onu }>cr cent.
1 Yours frn'v.
iCl>\VAKI> A. SW'.IN,
As t. < Airt.
j On inquiry I learn that the auioui
of insurance in town is in the neitrl
; borhood of four hundred thousan
j dollars, and the reduction as abb;
would he one thousand dollars ]?<
; annum. or more than enough to }>.n
ihi: co>t of the entire apparatus in ll\
yours. Ivospcctiu'ly.
! ir. M. IIi.KV, lYcs. F. F. E. C<
in/ ; i.ins law.
II. Th?' Lien I,:iw proceeds u;>ou tl
j?rinri|?l?* that we buy l^f;>re \vi; in
j al>I?? tt? pay?that- we purchase wiliiot
; the mran.> of payment. This may <1
, with list! nii'i* hant, whose jroods stall
. ?;ood for tl' iiioik'V he paid for then
; iint not s< .villi tin? tanner; Ins suj
plies an: eon>unied before the mom:
i is mad**, and .-ome of the contin?jonei<
: upon which his ability to pay the del
: dep;-n ? are not tnid'jr his eontro
This is subversive of the true princ
i t-les of prosperity. This principle
i *i,;.y as yon ? ?." Tliis saves hone;
men rroni much worn* ami anxieti
It is s;:fer. surer and happier. As
rule. our rno*t prosperous men ai
those who borrow u?> money, pay n
interest nn;l give no liens. A man ma
. borrow money until he frneies he
obliged to borrow it. Iiul making on
deb! to nr.y another ean never prodtu.
prosperity. So one may ?rive a lie
until he thinks lit; is obtig(!(l to <lo sr
j Why was a lien more necessary th
i year than the last? And why is a li?*
j tor the coining year considered h
! some to ho more necessary than f<
this? We must get back to (inlc-bc/hn
, time*-, and learn to do as our fathei
did in the davsof their prosperitv. i.c
! do nil heat those tilings which licit li<
our own name nor our own means ca
! iii.iw.nro W" t% tiiliwf In 1?M\*
.. V ...V. -i. .x.
: est. M:inv men ofsmall families pa
' enough interest annually to feed the;
tamilies annually. What moraf n^l
; have I Jo T>ojtoW my i*t?i?rl?l)??r"ss nani
. to supply 1 he ?lefieiency ??f my. own
or to promise payment when 1 kn'o
tha! payment to be h: certain? it
; sound l)U>iness prim-ipie? Coil It I il
; universality ever lead to prosperity
i Men are not willing to live within th<\
j.means, awl this i.s perlutps the tru
secret of till onr t
j-apj enr on a fcinreV scale tlinjYour weal
W U* H.iOW - VV woru L>*
; fore the.war. lint oven- thcn:;as-ma it
i, of oi:r oldest citizens know. the me
i w Imv were always 'borroVriw'j* uioue
| and paying interest. were genera-II
I those who wiTi' either sold out by th
i sheriff'*.r died insolvent. And so
; would oHeii-be now it' the property 't
: siieh eouhl Ik;- mu-iicd._ Then inte.re:
. was hut seven per cent, per anuuh
IT iitni eoul.d not prosper then by pa>
i in?*even per eeut., how in the nam
i o^ileaveu can they pn?spt*r by payin
i ninety per eenr. on their suppliesover
twelve times seven?
I*. r. cout.Kv.
. 1\ S.?Pon'l be alarnied.a: so man
articles t'r??ni my pen. Remember the
are very short. Most, people won'
read lou?r ones, and I write tor "mo:
people/' t'.
'*cr /.v .1 v..\Li.ooy."
I*rc>f->j?sor Kin;; nnd Hi* Compairion. f>
W !?< *? Safi'ly Tlwr- ilns Mm
Ati.tit'ty. *i*ur?? L':? HiifV ami Sound.
l'nii. \i?Ki.rin \. October 21.?TIi
following moss:i?re \\:>s received tli
uiorriinir l?y ti:c wife of iYofertfc
Kittir. the aeroii.-mt:
Ci?:m:\va Fam.s. Wis.. Octol?or 2
?'l'o K. A. Kin^-. Philadelphia: \Y
have ?rot out ol the woods ;ill ritrlil.
Sami'ki. A. KlXC.
Washington. October 21.?The Si<
nal Service Observer thai accompanic
Professor King in the balloon, report
to the Chiet Signal Oftiecr. under dnt
of Chippewa Falls. Wis.. 2!sf, as fo
low.-: "Lost live days in the swamps.
FulJr ten thousand people saw th
big balloon ascend tVom tlie lake Iron
in Chicago on the afternoon of TJ:ur.day
of la>tweek. The weather w:i
<-oid and unfavorable. :i> a high win
from the northeast prevailed. Th
ear contained Professor King and .1
(r. llashagan. of the Signal Service
There was some delay in starting, ui:
bag aPer bvg of balla.-t was throw
oiu before the weight was adjusted t
^rer^i-*fxtsi(>u.of the To'ofcSior, wh
said io the impalicnl. spectators:
will j'.ol conceal from you the fact, tlm
we are running a serious risk in start
inii' i n such a high wind, and our sa*et;
de^&l^jju o-jr getting away jus
jout later a irusf of wi:u
"itruck the balloon, lifting the. haskc
into the air and tearing away its moor
ings from tiie men who held it. A
the balloon shot up like rocket if na;
rowly missed a fjagstail'on an adjoin
i:!?T hou.-i'iop. At the height of a mil
the monster gasbag entered a cnrreti
which carried it westward toward St
Louis at the rate of twenty miles ft:
hour. The aerial navigators passei
over Richland Centre. Wiseon-in. a
o'clock on the following morniu!
aim v.cri' ij; u vesi"uy cm
rent. The ?lrajr-r?>]>f; totiehed tIt
jfifusitl in nk'hiam! ami as tin; Irdlooi
moved I'rofes-or Kihit and his follow
traveler spoke ts? people below ih^m
Two hours later Hie h^lloon, whie!
Was movi' ir at the rate of 1 wentv-twi
miles an Ir.n.ir. passed over Sparta, th
last place w here the air-ship was seen
A Tntmuvikw.? J Wb-jfim c
litf-fitint. M'e are ru-himr from tin
eot;rt-hou>o across :1m- square on sal'/
t:::y a; 10;., i??.. am! we meet our dis
Ii:;i?iti.-lieil representative in ('onp.i-.-s
rnsliui^ toward rlie curt-limi*:*. A
we dart nerv<?u>!v fo one side to avoii
so ponderous am! fatal -i roiiisio:;. j?oj]
parlies nishinjf onward. v?? rrv out
(lourjre. tit." JiC'pte are extreme!;
anxiou-io hear*}our viewson tin
pfijjieal sitnsr!'?M. I)o write soroo
for us and Jej us have it ia tin
liiornhu'." Am! the answi* eo.me
to us th',}^. the (;r>!~.?;.-t;s stri
>t. i ii11ir onward ?r. hi? course: ()!
Lo:d (I. .Jim. I've yfot no time u
v. : i;e nor talk; aed if I a!? I'vi
^o: :> >ay is. h?r i>:; bv.iXij'-r ou
ami call a ( V>;;sJil 'it ioisa! (\?u
i'? yet our Slate (.'onsii/i'si.n
h.Mfi'ieii." And thus ended the iu'er
view. And there was wove in it thai
in ujom iutcnicws-.?
rct'l L-ef.
sr. Jg =
.UJfV.u-.ii '-^11 '.'iJ.umjuiiuj ajjyrg*
... r..n> nt.ooi> r\ vikcim.i.
I)tu-1 Bctwivn Hon. (.'co. I). AVisc nntl
d . !f. 31. Another
wait Intt-rropivd.
i-- The i>tiliiu-;U c:iii:-u:^n in Virginia
. i> jfrowinjr vrry :ui?I :is ;i conscHindi
Uad !?Itis br-in^ ui?
' gendered. The Wiehinond IYhhj of
y I-Yiday In-t contained under (lie heading
t?l" "r under (,'ralcr Exploded" an
ail''ir?,d eoi.Te-sion of William Leijjh
Wilson that cort.iin lexers said to have
been written !ii:n Jiy I-'. >?. Ulair were
forgeries. and were iToemed through
Iliu instrumentality of <
jj- Wi<e and Candidate Daniei. This was
:iee??ui{ianied by an atlldavit. of "Wilson
. and a note lr??:u IJ. Ji. Kiddieberuer.
it" On lij.' same day tlx: Shift: contained
an artMe by kiehard I*'. Be;rue. one ot'
the editors. .-ovcrcly deu<.uncin?r Hid'
I dleberirer and WiUon. and ais-o a card
r" ft*.jiii ('ojiirrfssnian Wise, denonneiny
ie UiddleberjTi.T its : liar a:id scoundrel.
, T!ie same evening a challenge was sent
j lrom h'iddleberirer lo both JJeirne and
Wise, and ae.-enfed. for hostile meet
:e i uir-? to conic oil'&itunlay I lit- At. is
; o'clock Saturday nu?!*uint:* Heirne. hisecond.
William Kyan.aud II. * I. I%iddlvUs-frer
and 11:> second. Asa Kojfcrs.
i(' .Jr.. w?*re on the around about. three
,,j- miles from Ashland. ott the ic.legniph
)S road leading" to liirluuoiid. Ii Vt!i?
t| found that 1-cirne and Ills second had
,{j no percussion caps ami rii?? result was
thai hostilities were for the time sus;
pended. as it was impossible to obtain
t<l the necessary ammunition within any
! short time. C.ipt. liiddlcberyfer would
! wr.it no longer, and left the "round to
j fnllill an cmrajretneut lie had witli
i Cant. Wise. The place chosen l'or the
J second meeting was near tin; Hcnr\
county turnpike, about ten miles lrom
j Richmond. J'oth men wen: promptly
id on the ground at four o'clock Saturday
..J afternoon: In this ease nofjnn^ had
1 - ! . ... ? . ' i
j iK'Cn tett iitmoiic or tmprovKJeu. aim
M j in a few moments the principal? were
i.v i placed opposite each other at a distance
f; of l?;!i paces. armed with regular
; smooth-bore dueling pistols, ami pre:
pared tor deadly work. I.*poi? ths iirst
K ! lire (Japt. Wife's weapon snapped,
j but. he remained su?ln:rf by his opi
posieut's lire, This was followed by
three oilier rounds, without either of
the combntan!* beinjr hurt. It- is ro,f':
ported that ('apt. \\'?si-"s hat was perT
' i orated by a ball, while (.'apt. Kiddleit
better's coal was 'pierced by a ball. At
, the end of the I bird round the friends
'' ; of both stepped forward and declared
d tliiit ihe vindication had been ample
i. and that, hostilities should cease. A
! mutual explanation was then made
and an amicable adjustment reached.
, Both <re:itiemo:i are reported to have
s iM-haveti bravelv. hohHjii? their doss
>t ! lions without change during the whole
? time occupied by the tour rounds.
.*; ('apt. Wise was accompanied by Mr.
j Kichard I )unlop sis second and Dr.
is (?ei?:ye II. Johnston :is >nr?rcoJi. Oapl.
i JJiddlehrrjrer's second was ('apt. A.
! 1 %?ijjei'Sj :i:id his surgeon Dr. .1. A.
;i: Wheat. (*o!. A. W. Jones, of (Jeorjria.
x*: was with the party as referee. Ail the
o j persons concerned, except ('apt. Ifitlv
! dleherjjer and (Jol. Jones, arc of Uichi-.
ui'>iid. rapt. Uiddlcherifer had been
ic previously announced roaddn ss a JIi>
:e ! adjuster meeting Saturday night. and
ii j 1;-.; reached the city in ample time and
?. : fulfil!t*?i his engagement.
is ' Mr. Kiddleberger v.as the Kepubiiii,
can nominee i??i* sergeant-at-arms ?>t"
v the T'niled Stales Senate last winter.
(*r j lie has been slumping this State for,
,i tiie Readjusters.:11i jias been regard's
j e<l a* a candidate tor clecllou to the
i I'liifcd States Senate should the JJe;r
; adjusters get the Legislature,
n j Congressman Wise is a nephew of
[ - the late (5ov. Henry A. Wise, and is
y ! successor of (Jen. .Joseph K. Johnston
fV as Representative of this district. lie
it i< first cotisin of ('apt. Joint S. Wi-e. a
tc leading Readjuster. (leu. Peyton Wise,
i brother of tlie Congressman, liad the
iv j hostile meeting with United States
: District Attorney T,. L. Lewis, which
is i occurred near Warrenton, Ya., about
'* i six months ago.
ir : Four duels have occurred in Virginia
ie 1 during the present canvass, growing
o out. of the aeritriony of partisan leaders
).?| on the .dump. There are two or three
> ' others likely
v Mr. Kiddlebcrger is a State Senator
ii , and hold* over. J lis connection wiih
v ; the affair will disqualify him under the
v laws of Virginia from holding thai
i"t? olii/c or any other Slate position until
j; iiis di>abilitics are removed. This will
,f cause ih:< Iteadjusters to lose one ol Liu;
<t I twelve long-term'Senators.
i. j Mr. IIcirne.Mid his second, Mr. Ityan.
> of the Stale >ialf, having replaced the
l(. raps which had been lost, made an at.
?. . . i .1 i
o* ii'isijiL iii iiii \ r. Ji.iiJi !i'.:r inrriing- v.iin
_ ; ('a pi. IJiddleberjrer, but failed- They
: were arrested abnni. 3 ]>. m. Saturday1
?it :i point three niil^.s from thy seem: <>t
v I the Wise-Kiddleberirer encounter, and
V when- they were awaiting its revolt.
f They were each pjaeed under ?>l,?H>!)
;t bunds t<? keep the |>eace. ('apt. Wise
I was arrested after his fight wilii iJid'
: i
?r :
I, ' Th? <ir?nt IVorUl'rt h'uir Ht the of
(ivorz'ux. j
!C r Tin; World's Fair and rre.it Ir.ier-|
i> nation;'! Cotton Kxpositiou is open da:- j
it* i ly at Oglethorpe l'ark, Atlanta, from
i 7. a. in. lo ft. p. in. Then: are eleven j
I | miles of aisle,* in twenty-seven build- j
J i iuirs filled with rare and beautiful fab- j
! rics. Thousands of visitors wiil be sit:
11 >i< jrreat exposition on Governor's j
i day next Thursday, October ^7i!:?
j The governors of twenty States !l,'d '
'' , their stalls, have promised to be pre-i
> ! sent. It will be the grandest jrahl oe
'' ' easiou ever witnessed in the South.
~ ; Kxcursion trains from all parts of the i
Xorih will briii^- thousands of peojdfr i
i to the Kvnosition. Itoiind trio tie.fcols !
0 will he sold ut redneed rate* on nil j
; Southern roads. This will ho u Ijiir |
I day. not only for .Vihtnla, hut for:
* i Georgia ami the Soufh. The Kxposi- j
l'; tion will he in full l?Iasfyatid tlie vis}-!
''; tors will li;ivc an opportunity of sei-injr |
J it in the meridian of its jrlorv. Kvery j
; ?hV|f>;,.r\:::i'?t will <r!itler with .'ifh-.?e-j
_ tions, ami thousands of people from all j
n r p^'ts of the country will b'.' there loin- i
u i spool iheni. ' There will never he a het-j
; tor lime for >cein?r the <rreat Fair, and i
' | we advise those oi" otm* readers, who ;
" nxjicet to devote only one day to it, to ;
" select next Thursday as that day.? t
j Cltrtjiiirl-j.
~?c t3?
,1 Tin: Th?>i:xv?*kix Okpjt \n
f From the sixth ;uiiu*:t! report of' (lie .
\ ThorhweU Orphana#**, located in (Jlinj;
i t<?n. S. it wiii appear that there
. luncheon thirty orphan* under ils;
i_ : care. throe ha\inir heen dismissed and
..: -ix received. during I he year. The**'
f; !wjve bflwi educated. clothed, boarded.
trained in various arts, domestic and
:i i otherwise, and every possible expense
[1' met at an a venire cost of each. I
t For this fcnm they received a lirsl-rate !
ir KnjriHi education. a::d lm\c. Ween {
" phv^ically and personally cared for,;
for rho entire year of i\v?lve months. j
Dminjr tlif year Faith Cottage, fori
. tin? boys. has i);rn erected at a total j
.; < (!<) of >'10W. A> soon as the Orphans*!
I, Seminary. a bi;ihlin?r for school am! j
t> chapel purposes. is mccted. (he mini- '
ber ?.;f inmates can be materially in-:
i ttemembor that fli-s institution is J
^ supported by voluntary jrifts. What
p yon give goes direrfly to 11 to support j
of the orphans. ami n<jt to pay any;
officers. Tisirfren "Minims of tins'
State, live Static, and live diftirent
denominations (of parents) arc repre-:
sented anionir our children.
S'< xc- of clothings, provisi n r?f ai y
. kind ami of course m<?n?'\* would be
" very acceptable jn-l- now. Send to
t JihV. ?> .'i. l'. ) A< Ol?>.
(.'lir.toll, .> C- !
*? ?Tp'Tfsn'c Connolly, of Xowton. X.;
1 i> slif r l:nif.
oil Friday. for tin; jj:>J in
one inualml anil se\ psj ?i us. he took
[ .:<?};:'i food. :iil lie took in flic me?n:iniP,
. oo'nira lit;!-"1 hnsjuiv in ri?t? water h*>
- drank. r.t the end of lll'ry-iwo days, ;
i mul at the end of ;];( sisiv-tliirrl <J::v :i
- lit lie hoof tea^Lmlh <">1" wiiidi lie i?:tvp \
i ijij ailn* :i short trial. From tin; sixty
r lay till the mir hundred and kvic
touched tu/ihiuy bui water.
i Jioir jtjjtrrs vkvelop. ; v
I \
. A Kucy Kcvicw of A. limiison Ahull'* Con- ^
fi'ntiions of a l-'Hther^DiverHll ie.s :rn?l Coin- ^
ciuriKfs in ilieCV>n<M ofTwo It>J;iuts.
(';rr >ij of the l)"trn',T Fiw Press
1V*ton\?Every parent in the land j
will poru-e with (hrcp interest the notes
: on infancy, t:iki'ii bv tliat eminent phi- (:
losopherwhb parts his inline amid- ,
; ships. Mr. A. lironsou Alroit. t> wit:
in :i recent letter to Prof. W. T. liar- j,
: l is he submits an abstract of the lni< in
i which he recorded tlie history of the :
first three months'existence of his eld- j
I est chiitl. Some of the phenomena re;
cordetl arc so a-toiuidin?r. tliat only a ?
i #* ? r lw?t* r*-ni *!?/ ?? iii'i lirPfMfcl* r
It will 1:?: ever a smt'm? ?'f poijrunnt re- v
1 jrrel witli mctlrtt cireuui>tau?vs over >
which I had little or no control pre- .*
i vented me from keeping such a jour- j
| mil when it lell in mv way to be a \ril- j
uess of similar startling events. My (;
memory. houevofc. i* .singularly dear >
on I bat subject. ;n?<l I am enabled with . j
its aiu to verity some of * lift more re- j
markable reported by ilie Cum- ?
eord volnnio. }Ie says:
i March 3"). 1531. During tlio first
! days arte" birlh *l:e slept of the ^
lime. A>S:u ;rradually awoke and \
1 wasexpo>ed to the liji'!;!. sin? opened . *
; her eves as if intent on adjusting these !,
for the purpose of seeing. Luminous s
objects particularly attracted i?<*r no- t
lire. While viewing thc.se her hand * i
moved instinctively ; her arms were ex- i
tended and drawn toward her mouth. v
i which also appeared to he sensitive to *
i the-Mimtilus ot'frequent iituvcsitciiLs of; t;
j the Hps and torque. *' ; *
When my li;st horn awoke he did
j iu:t. as far as I refcolleer. concentrate : '
j hi attei t.ion upon the adjustment of his I,
! eyes. The dyvyJopment of his vocal '
I oi-puis ?U?K?ro his full, at-i
j lentioji. wiiU*;"^j|U,*uixc?s.fW he near
! hurst a blood vc&ej in the effort, lie ' !
| ?ii?I not rjii.se l?s hand towards his ;1
! mouth, hut the aclion"of his lips and "
! tonjrue were deafly defined and per- *
j eeptihle, even To his grandmother who
i is slijfhl.lv deaf. i \
Mr: Ah-ott's report. of the tenth day : ,
i is more in I he line of my experience: j j
! "Tenth day after birth. Her fea- r
tures arc daily ass;uniu?r.a moje sensi- v
! tive and mobile expressiveness. To- ; *;
j day her attention was arrested by the i
| contrasted colors of her mothers dress ; "
; and her attention was accompanied by ; (i
! a smile. She sleeps less, ami is more j *
observant, (if may sav .so) when i 1
I awake."
! 1 cannot testily that my sou "slept !
less". That was impossible. I had
j ii?>t ti c pleasure of beholding him
; asleep lor several mouths. He was ;il- i
I ways awak;; when 1 was around. par- :
i tioularly at nighr time. I am satisfied. ! !
i however, th;:C lie was more observant, j
j "if 1 may say so*r, when awake than :
i asleej. Many -children are. 5>lill, as j
I said-before. I did not have a chance:
! of studving his power* of observation i
when asleep; that is, when ha was ;
asleep. J did not.sleep in those times. ; ^
. Kvery half hour my attention, not * ??- j
; companied by a smile", was given to ; x
i he construction of a warm mash of v
; which the principal ingredients were t
milk and sugar. 1 did not think of;
buying a spirit lamp or building a fur- . naee
in the bedroom until alter it was i
' too late. (.'ouscouentlv 1 had to j
: achieve my culinary feats with the aid I
! of a ^:is jet, and, unfortunately, the ; ?
; only one in the room was on the than- j n
dclier dependent lrom the ceiling. Ij J
; dare say a philosopher would have :?]
. found instruction and profit in strati- ;
! dliiiir a bed iK>>t and holding a tin cud i ^
1 over atrasjc.r. anywhere from ten to ; r]
i fifteen minutes every half hour, and : f
j wilh his other hand jottinir down the ; '
; remarks of an obstreperous infant >e'- .
tor his nourishment. 1 forgot to
carry my note book to bed.
I "Twentieth diiy. iler progress can
i be soon and marked daily yet almost j I
imperceptibly. -- Her existence is j I
I*liftliln in fvvinif '
! and her quiet moods arc trustworthy
indications." ' j
!" Observe the'ifftilosophieal guarded j
i clause, c,iii theaTMhici! of crying". Il l
I was Just the sairtc'^vifh my re^ponsi- j
i Witty.' only thnt^Vicrc ^us no percept i- j y
; bile ;ih, etioc of laMirvnuiT 'How. That: a
; his existence-was ^pleasurable", how- ! a
i over, f am not prepared to dwiy. lie i 1
j .<ecmed to take, ;iud monopolize, a ! r
! i^ood deal of pleasure, and the more lie ! u
! rried the more Ik; seemed to enjoy it. I
j To the rest of the company it wu$ not I
; so particularly-' pleasurable. As for j,
; her quiet inoo?is',bei:>? tinstworthy in- i y
' dicKtions. L am: somewhat sceptical. j
Mv experience'of the human infant j v
?i.?i n ,:.. i, ,
iL'im.s mi; m xiiTiicii; uwu uiirn nmuus ; r
are not reliable barometer*. When j"
i they are most quiet, they are usually j 0
most enjra^ed in planning how to make
it lively for their friends. ;,;
I omit the minutes of several (lays <
recorded by Mr, Aleolt, such as his j l!
: alarming discovery, on the thirtieth 1 n
day, that his infant did not seem -eapa- < ?
i ble of distinguishing "^enenils from j f:
particulars"'. i did not. think of brinjf- i ?
! iny my boy's uoice to bear on any goni
erals, hut don't believe if I had that he 1 ~
; could have tokl one of them from a | j
| corporal.
| Fortieth day. .The only interesting j ?
| thing: noted by t.hc historian on this]
| day was "her htxurs of wakefulness be- j
; come longer daily". As before stated, ;
my incuuus useu up twenty nours uai- ,
ly in keeping' a Wake. but I hoy- wore | *
only hours of the regulation length. no j
longer or broader than the.-ordinary |
sixty minute article. On'the sixty-;
ninth day we conmjo a coincidence. !
and yot ?complete coincidence, j I.
"Lyimf-in her mother's lap to-day sJic t;
eaugKta glimpse of her mother's linger S(
rjwg, set will) amethyst, at which her 0
4)h?as!ire was very great". It was on
the very same day that Jeff Junior
caught a glimpse of another ring, set
in brilliant's of immense, value, fie
was lying aero.-s his mother's knee, '*
i>nt the subsequent proceedings did j *
not... I am boumi to confess, appear 1<? j ?
give him unalloyed pleasure, though it.;
kept his attention for several minutes. : v;
iras salutary. " 1 . <
".Seventy-seventh- day. Six dayslJ>
ago tlie emotion of terror u'as excited ' u:
' "* * * i e> 1 ' /?
on i?cnon;in?j a usstoncu jacc. aim *
mantl'esfed by loud cries, she "seeking T
protection in her mother's nrm>v"
That inn.H have been when Aicott tierc
went, through the same performania: i
which I have referred to in the proceeding
paya^rapli. -**it was a lon^r 1
time before she iva> restored to her acc::MOttH-Vl
ir;lii{jup^tyIjje vision .p'-r- ,
haps rcap{5eai;'6d in h<T: jj)Cin(>;j. . an<l,;
bron rl:t Nar.-'.lo fifi: eyes*"..
With this Mr. Alcoit summarily cuts !
1.!-. ' f'ltlwkl* III ll'tllf/ t
.*?.!? I i ittr> ??i nuitv.i t
us iii a state of doubt a* to whether or
not he occasion ever again to e\hibit
a distorted t:\cc ro his helpless otl- ]
spring, or whether he >j.uiiketl her
philosophically and benignantly, as a
sage sliotiId do. I suppose tiVyt yoim<r j
philosophers eoasc to be s.ubjeots of ]
mental vivisection after attaining the
mature age ??t* seventy-seven days, and
lhence assume the Thingness of the
Here, otherwise actuality and responsi- i
bilily. It was not so with my suckling !
s;ige. lie kept, on developing original
sin as long-as he "Was given a chance, i
When he was only six months old, I
was inveigled into giving him a ride in '
that instrument of torture to parents, a
hahy carriage.. Lulled into confidence
bv his apparent tranquillity. 1 took j ;
hi in 011 a long jot r-iey across iho Com !
mon. He waited until he had me at
his mercy, a half a mile away from
hoi; e, and then he began to abuse my
irooilness by unholy yells and prof: tie
remarks in his i wn language, which '
attracted the attention of a sc-ne t-f: 1
nursery-maids. Of course L tried t<> j
soothe him down, but one might as j ;
I! ?n *. Ii?i"lu? VVStil ! 1
icinjierancc tracts. He sin-iched iiis !
six inches ofleirs and grew r>l:?ck in the , ,
trice with the violence of his wrath. ,
Avirnntenf was wasted on him; he j I
would not he comforted. and all I j i
couid do was to hasten hnneward un- j
drr a lire ?>f sorhful eomnienis from ; _
rhe nurses in thervieUiiiy. I told my j
story when J rctuhird. and he told his ;
and wasludieved. Since xisesf I have ; j.
not htvn allowed ;to lukfrhirrt out. j
i would like to'know how the infant j
nueuoincnon of Concord progressed as j "]lV
she pew in \ ears and wisdom: whetli- j
or she "teethed" sucoesrt'ullv and was!
"y .' -?,* '*wnf HP y m^jj
acrinated, and how it ''took", n:?c| i
vli:it way she bore the other ills of in- j
alley. Pliiiolov-y > utters to learn what >
vn> her lirst intel'i^iiil.: word. and if!
t was not in the tootsey-wootsey dia-ect.
I hope Mr. Aleott. will re-open .
lis lo^-book ami irivc n* the balance
>f his thrilling uurralive. It may inluee
other lathers to unload their ex>erietice.
:is 1 have done, lor tin: lnaniest
benefit of a w??rhl luiuirry lbr the
listory ol'the ureal and irii'ted.
Makimai;k liKM.s.?Miss Dou>(*hk:i!
'it-kens of E'.UiTfii'Iil. wax married re- :
.Mitly to Dr. Gi'orire C. Dujras, of An-;
:asra. Mis.- Fit-kens was born while :
ter father whs Minister i?> Knssia, ami
vas named Frames Kuijenia OI<ra ,
Cava after the Km press of Hussia. j
Dousehka" is a Italian title Minify-;
nir "LiLlle Darling." Amonjf t!i?*;
>ridal presents was an elegant set of
Ihtmond-from the Czar of llnssia. J
iliss Pickens is nniver>:dly beloved by ;
ier friends, and they wi.-h her much ,
Mothers ! Ivlother3 i ! ^loohers ! ! 1
Are yen at ai^l.t uml hroVn ;
if \our r?-*t l.y :i sick xnlFeiinji am]
:ryiuj? with th'v (-x?;rKciu:ing pain of cut
inu Uefli? If sti. ?;o ;;t ?r.ce ami get i :
.Mtilo of MltS WiN.'-LOW'S .vooTlilXN |
!YKL*i'. If- v. ill r?lievf the poer litth j
uftVrer in iiu*ili::tc]y- upon it::
here is no luismke' nhont it. Thete i.- :
lot j, luother on earth who has ever ns <i ;
\v4;r< will not tfl! run at nm-s taat it !
;iil regulate the Ixuvcis. and give ]?-st to i
he mother. and reli >t'and. health to the i
iliihl, operating magic. It is perfectly !
to rise in :tll ca<es. and pb a sunt to j
he taste, an I is (ho prescription of one |
<f the oldest ?ml bp-it icimde physicians '
itfl nnr-se-s in the United States. Sold !
rvorywhere. 20 cents a bottle. j
dee: 13-xly. ^ i
A Cougrh, ColdorSore Throat should
hi ?roppt il. N'-gl-'-'ct i'iv. turuly results
n an Incurable Lnnir Disease or ('<>11-!
iumption. Brown's Jiromhial Trot-?:- i
's are certain tojrive reliefin As(h-j
11a Kronehitis. Coughs. Catarrh. Con- j
;inniitive ami Throat Diseases, For;
liirty years t.iie Troche* hsive been reenm- j
nended by jiliysiei.'.ns. and always give
>erfeet satisfaction. They are not new i
>r nntried, bat having been tester! by j
.ide and constant ?;e tor nearly an entire !
[.-Deration, they have attained well-alerted
raufc among the few staple r^We li^
<f the age. l'llblic speakers nn i silliT- i
j * m.m; iiiriii iu rit-ir iiiMi m;r (;is ,
oict'. Sold at *i? c-^uLs a ln?x ?-V(-ry- i
vhcl'f. dii'. lj-i ly J
" ~XOT5 K
I S lj(-r<liy "ivon that application will l;o ;
niiuip to the LugisUtuiv at tlie t nsn- j
n.^jessioa, lor the incorporation of a j
Narrow Ttr.ilro::Vl U-t\vte? Winn- - 1
Ijoro aiul >L?Ilon or Alston. or some point !
btiviftii tlii- last two pi: c^s. ' j
nti? L'4-xln*3m
~~ i
A LL persons indebted to mo are re- i
i.quoted to come forward at on<:?\ !
lul muke prompt payments. I am need- j
ny laoney and mast h-iv? it, You did j
lot Lave to bc? me ior the ?oods. now yor. !
vill please return the compliment by >?c:- i
ling up. Yours respectfully,
oet C, V,\ H. DONLY. j
~ NOTlCli |
]{. J. McCARLEY & CO. I
oct 11
[nsureyUuklut; j
.'reshytcrian Mutual Assurance Fimd.
You have to pay but Utile for 1 he sum wWch
iiu roo-lve, r.nfl only n h.u the Insurance actully
You ?re sure that your family will ;rcr the sum
t your <lf.tfh, s?s b> special clause in the char
er ti is exempt.
N'o risk to iuii. nor any possibility of the ccr
oratloa laUlUi,', as do otLcr insurance compa-j
You know wis at you pay each assessment for.
You can insure In this when 30a eoulj nor, La
. mors expensive one.
You Know there will be no lor.,?process or law ;
110 expenditure of meauo to obtain the sum at-1
our U> e'.se.
You recrive a l>ene:lt of tlve dollars a week I
chen sick or na.ilu- to attend to business.
It. ts the easiest and n:'test way to secure so;
r^e. an amount for the benoilt of your family !
fU*r jour death.
>'o millions amassed to tempt the honesty of!
Experience has shown that the mutual plan
< feasible and tlte result sure.
Instead oi pay i!^ our law sums ro Insuraw I
oni|>.< tiles. Uittui'Micy is itfft with cadi member
i:Ul neiunliy nrrrtcd.
Cannot be Mibjwtcd to the c'aim* fit creditors
or rearbMl by atlarlitnetit, varnl-linr-ntoroili- {
r process or law*, so as to divert it rrom tb? i
Fnr lurtlier particulars and applications for i
l'-nibersbi!), call on J. O. HOAG,
S *i?c -.M- cn A r?nt tor Fairfield county. M
# j
"Hv arriving personally nt tli? nearer
K(i CO. (or l'V I'-^stnl estrd if at a dis-1
nee) any APT>LT pf-m-n will Vc pre- j
i'iitP'1 with a l>ran<ifnlly illustrated copy j
f a New Book entitled
">Dtitimng? handsome s'nd costly st?<l
n saving frontispiece. also. "8 finely enravctl
%voofl find bound in sin elabrate
bjne and gold lithographed cover j
o charge whatever is made for this h?nd- l
i;no book.-which can he obtained only
y sipnlicntion r.t the branch sind snltnrdi
ale offices of The Singer Manufacturing j
Principal Office, 34 Union Square,
nisiy 17-ly New York.
R>1S 81 ^ ?
I i;
Loss of appetite,!*?ausea^bowels costive, j ;
PaTn in theKeaa,with~a doll sensation in j ?
the back partTFam under the shoulder- j h
Bla.de. full news after'eati nc, with" a <Iisic- j
cHnotfon to_exertion of body cr mind^ : J:
Irritability of ternpeiyt <ow sp' ri ts. Loss ! c
of memory, with~a feeling of haying neg- j jlected
someduty, weariness, DizzineasJ ; ,
Fluttering of tho'BedrtTBots"before the | *
eyei, V ollow Skin* H eftdacheT^estlos."- j 0
ae83 at night,"highly colored Urine. ! ;<
'I I fTT'S pTT.T.9 aro <>5P?clnIlT adantod to , p
fucli case*,one tfoxc t:ffncts?ucJiaolianj;c J
of fceHnc as to astonish the sufferer.
They Increase' th<? Appetite. and causetbe j o
bo<y to Take on ilcis rh" system is
nniiritiuHl.aniJ by thflr niulrArtioit'in tlie
-*?- -'?"v are t?r<>- ^
dtio?(l. I'rlce 2T> cent*. oSDIurrajSt, XY. i
Gray HAiRor'\VirisiiEfWcliangedtoa(?L(>s<Y . .i
Bj a<-k by a nin'r'e application of thix I)yk. It
Imparts a, natural color, acts ln?::?nt?n?our.ly. J
!>y Dru5^vt.-<,or sent !>y oxprea* c.a reofint o! Jl. 2
Office, 35 Murray St., Hew York, j
a Ur. TITTTS JQMMJ, of Valn-.hlp Tnfrro.it ion *nl *k M
(LVful IUirSpta will :* maSird l'UK? on ipplintloa^r^^H
\ LL 1\2!<:>0TTS ij
A. t/oo.ls bouyl.t :ri
/?. sire ji! nc-tly
SOOll !lr> .po- twH^lc.
sept "21
been reopened aD<3^^Bph"ed with the
choicest stock cf^^Blno*s, Wines.
Cigars and Tobncfl
It is the plscc you can get
anything in the
den It yen want, n^^Bvar''ant ever\
article jl sen icr
To make this p^^^ftfeasanfc, and
keep ir up in the JS^B?? a
I have engaged fl^nvices of
3IR. A. K.He*GAT$:9
who will take sp^^Hhxiins to see
liis customers ai^^^fends well accommodated;
arJ^^H will be pleased
to see how a HOUSE.
Under WIN^^feo HOTEL.
formerly kept 'd^^Uendmia^, now
tiiU p??7 1
r. if- j^Mexiciit.
In additio^^^^Bnsual stock of
Dry Goods, ^^^BBciotbing, Hats
and Shoes, v,^M^^Rpecial induce.
a loss. |
& o
i S. I W
I ? < * I
* ? 5" ? ?
i> ? K3 ? ft gj
Pi p. i ** ?
o y M 5! * ^ r_Jl
8 3 g ? > a ^
g: -4 S * tt ^ "I
| 3 a B ? g! g1!
& I 5 2 s a K-i
w o ^ ^ B' CT-1
g > a. s o ? tjh
~ ? * ? ^ a i
? ^ X ? r] B^5:
?3 ?=J ? d J g2*
$ O S> H e W !
^ 2 > ^ c ^ I
2. 9 s ^ 3 1/2 ' '
O <! p? ^ a &-SB :
H i? 2 ? ft 50 ^ ^ !
w ? 5 a a - ?*
*{?!>.. P ^ | Ell!.
y B ^ ^ ^ 1-3 5-L ; |
P) m s & S 1
c S ?3 - *q ? f=i
ffl & ^ 4 2 ? ta
.&i i; B a-?i
:H ? ? ~ a ,i
;hJ ~ ? ' ft
5U H Kj S3
' < T I y ^ r>4
5 H", . <> S Pn
J.' 31 5.
2; g) ^ H
? *
f ? i 5?
Defective Lvateli Casr* are ore of the rfcipf j
aus**s of s<] many watches not la-ir? ?txxlinn
pieces.; Tl;e cases belnRtliin and not tit1:>S
well aCinit dust and dirt to ilie movelior.t,
which soon Interferes with. (be running
>arts of the watch rweessltatfnj cicanlnir. re- "
'airing:. &r.,an.i tbu&ieouct Huts-paid out if "J
ipplled tCAvrid I>?rinjra gr-orl case In the beriiiiilnjc.
would havj saved all this trouble arc'
*pen.se. w& have reeeuly ?* n a case that
aeeis all Jhcsw irqiilrenu*nt.s, It having been
a rtfed for o-er twenty year.-; and si il! remain.- ^
i^rfeet. \? reOsc to the JAS. IJOSS* I'atrot v.
itiiTonod Geld w!il"h h:?s l?*eooe or^ ! ^
f the .staple article* of the J- v.elry trade, f
o:*e.?slo<r astr do-'S.so m;uty advantages', over I ?
11 other wueh cwsrp. b?jp;r mode of ffto !
leavy plates .'.f solid Jiolrt over a plate of coin- ;
Osltioti. Abc '.ve advise all onr readers to ask ir
t n*
heir Jewvler for a earti or eat alotnie that vfili ; f
xplaln th?> tianner n whleh tl:oy are made. ! F
It is tho only Stim uli Cas>' !ii.?co v."Uh two i Dj
lates of ^o'ai. seamle.w p'-ncaii's, centre, B
oik! j-.iras. <.rov. n pi- e<\s. & all or wl:!< h an* ; ?
i-VTi i] fc.r k\ters parent.
jf Torv
* mmm
i i
; Are being fVJt everywhere, and
; canned goods have advanced twenty!
per cent. I have a large stock, bought i .
i previous to the advance, which I will j
sell low by the quantity. Remember :
i I guarantee all my Canned Goods to:
: l>e of FIRST QUALITY, or money [
' refunded. I ,
( !
| ' I
FRESIl SARDINES, Imported and i
American. -
( FRESH MACKEREL, one - pound } ^
| can?. * * ~ ' 1
I try it.
| CONDENSED MILK, don't pay;
j fancy prices, try mine. I
j Five Boxes Best London Layer; I
i Raisins?new crop.
Try my Pa relied Coffee. I sell you j
; any quantity you want, and you doifr;?
! have to pav for paper wrapped around "
j!t* ' I"
! A full line of Sugars and Croon j y
j Colfces. My space >\ill not allow
: furiiser enumeration. I *
_. it.
j 1 keep the best selected and cheapest ,
stock of Family Groceries in Town. j
I have the best Five Cents Cipu* in i ^
America. Choice Smoking Tobacco, j
exceptions made. j
R. m. HUEY. |1
[ ocr is ; ^
S j Si
1 *
-N 0 W-f
: o?o
_ AT
* """ | T<
AT j A
AT j rp<
! s
AT _
WM _lT1!Pip^l
The Great
avo ! ?? tnadc^H
onid siut all
c.usc t!;at the^H
nit iii the pro*
Dturai iiM
; 13 cured l-s|
'ihU tea jH
-a Kcfl
ive -
- - :
a rsrarawacKr n ? m 11 ysnmsamm wmwm
mm lis mas I
{mini Sinner (lir
o *.-v'g
L Little Cash Now and the Balance. J
When Cotton Comes In.
" - *?>
During the monfas of Angnst and Sep*,
ember, xre offer Pianos mid Organs at
jOVzst Cash Eates. jmabie?
S2?CA.Sn ON A riANO.
nd the l-alauce in thrre mocths ic'OimT
lUrr.sf. This offer expire* October 1st,
ieif. Usy now. and bay as cheap as v?w
an ix*>\t Full with ca>h in bund.
;jice<H>y waiting. Prices will 1>c higher,
mother boom is .-lost- at hand. Jl?mv
nctirn rs will not he jthle to half ktxpi ly
he dt-imiard. and instruments will be
Cftrco *nd high.
low. with a mavaificcnt rtock?nil from
Id apd standard makers. Prices the
wo*t. Terms the easiest. Two bur-dml
Q^tnuncLts to select from. Dost Makers
nly. unr very Cnropestlnstrnmentxjtre
crfeotly reliable. Piano* an<l ()r^K??
pnt on lifteea days tost trial. It's all we *k.
Give ns tlie privilege nnd we -viil be
appy. b'cnd for latest price list, aD?l
bli^e, yonr* truly,
Lcudden & Bates? .
(?* Great Piano and Orjan Dealers oi tbe
l>uUu au?j9 ' ^
"Wrsxsxouo,. S. CV Scpt-l T_1S8U B
IjOOK OUT! " ,;|
. 1
>FJ^r?DEn, WILL ^RE1>ARE^|
ivjE x\M
- : jfl

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