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>'5Lr--* '.
j| rr^s^
WEDXESOAT, XoTomlK-r 2. : : : 18SJ.
^ -Tri-weekly edition. tour dollars per
xiHiiuu. in advance: weekly edition,
two dollars and fifty cents- per annum.
in advance. Liberal discount to clubs
_ of live and upwards. i
]{.\TK3 OK ADVERTISING.?One dolhll
p<T izic-2i for the first insertion. a?id
fifty cents [kt inch for each ?nb>eq lent
1 insertion. These rates apply to all ad
w wrtisements. of whatever nature, and
arc payable strictly in advance. Contracts
for three, six or iwehe months
......i.. mm- fcims. Trail
nmjv VII * v t ^..v.
frient local- uotic<?s. fifteen cents per
-? line for the fist insertion and seven
^ ami one-half cents per line for each
subsequent insertion. Obitua-ies ami
tributes of respect charged as advertisements.
Simple announcements 01
marriages and deaths published treeoi
t charge, and solicited.
\U communications. of whatsoever
jpK. nature, should be addressed to t-IwWmnshoro
Publishing Company j
W' .insboro. S. C.
Xotick.?All persons indebted tome
for work done will phrase call and settle.
I am compelled to have money to .
. pay those I owe. Claims not paid by
the first of November, will have sewn
]K?rcent, and the cost of collection,
added. A "word to the wise,*' &e.
[adv} I. Simi-son. i
X** AclTerll?pm<int?.
Citation?J. 1*. Doyles. J. P. F. C. j
Notice for Final Discharge?Jas.
Beatv. Guardian.
W * ?
Local Brief*.
?..Cotton sold in "VYinnsboro onj
'-Th?n*sd:ty for tO.Go cents. " j
: ?The coid weather lias about set-in.!
Thus 'ar there has been/very litjie, ifj
* any. frost.
?' Old Akafortis ami Samson Snake-!
root"" was in gryat ahumlauce- at. the
\Yorkjovr n J('c:itcHbmf. ' .>
?The favorite song now is "Empty i
~ is the baby, the milkman is gone".!
^ ^ Oh! hbw sad to *hink of it.
The Fairfield Teachers* Association !
V 'hite) meets on tin* second Friday in j
"November. There sho lid be a full at-;
?We re eived a pleasant Jiu.'e call j
on Friday morning from Mr. T. W. j
Clawson. Jr.. of the Chester But? :tin. ;
31<r is looki : tg wetl.
?Yennor look^ for a continuance of;
the warm wave on this continent dur
in?* the .approaching winter, broken |
by waves of low temperature of brief!
duration. lie disregards t'ic sun or ;
*un spots theory, and predicts an open !
f*~ winter.
?The Aiken Review ?ivs that obsti- j
nateea*es of diphtheria in that com-,
jnunity have recently yielded to tlie fol- j
* lowing simple treatment: Pulverized f
alum and sulphur, equal parts, blown |
through a quill on the affected parts. ;
Keep this. ;
?An immense red fox was killed i
a... i..,* m- v s. i
Ullt"(?U V *.KX ill -?*.? ^ - .
ler's yard. As this animal is disposed <
to be rather familiar with chickens,!
and as "familiarity breeds contempt". J
it was deckled to separate them for- i
T evcr.^v. .* . j
?On account of the burning of the '
L bridge over Sugar Creek, between j
Chester and Charlotte, a short while j
ago, the trains going south have' been j
. running somewhat; .irregular. . Now !
that the bridgie has?tb(rcn rebuilt, wo j
.]i<>l>e they will -assume their regular ;
^ SC!H$HJC?..j'.1 ? ;"r^. : '
itfes :^allh? j
'* > xf:
' socirty pa$er ' ^ui#i4ied by !
*3? i^l'ie pupils. of the \rcv?lcyofl . j^nhale |
]nstmit<vin Staunton, Virginia. \ It is !
/ very ncajly gotten up, ami reflect*;
^ cre|Ui|jfi?tlie editors? and publishers.
^^te^ditor of the Chester Ha!let hi
. iniu'YuHy boasts that he knows nil the i
ropes" in W'innsburo. From his ad-j
veht'H-es daring his last visit to the !
Jloro, we are not at all surprised to
1 boar of his acquaintance with all the
> ropes"'. "
? I Jic .Lancaster jcerterr men; ions ;
J hat the meeting conducted in that \
town jointly by the Kcv. H. B. Pratt. i
of the Presbyterian Church, and the j
* licv. ?J. \V. Wolling, of the "Methodist .
Church, continued until last Sunday :
ni?rht. Much interest in the exercises;
was manifested and the sermons were
listened to by larjre congregations.
?One of the Gordons fell so deep in
Jove with Norfolk while spending a ;
" few hours there on his way home from
the Yorktown Centennial, that he do-1
clares he will be livinjf there before the ,
of s:x months. Jtcnllv we have !
never heard'of a young lady by tho J
? jiaruc of '-Norfolk*-, but from what we
x can hear, it must he possible.
Dkatii.? l?osa Lctherd, a little<
daughter of tlic late Win. T. Thorn.!
Esq.. died recently of diphtheria or
y membraneous croup, at the ago of four
years', She was a bright little girl, and ;
her death is a sad bereavement.
For S.\i.k?A Singer Sewing Ma-1
chine, with droj)-Ieaf, two. drawers,.;
mi"' tKn l.tfoct iiiiiirnvdtnnnU mifl ;if- :
?...?? ?J? J..IVV-V
taclunciit*. The machine is wwr, and i
caii be bought at a ray loic priee.
* * Apply at thi<vt?tHc?. *
Wagons ani> Mr. J. II?'
Cinnmings ha? on hand sonic of the j
justly celebrate J" *;Qld : Iliekoin-"^ v.a
; gons, which he will sell at very low j
/ figures. These wagons are too well
known* to need recommendation. Mr. |
t.'uuimings has one three-seat Court-j
land platform spring wagon, which he !
oilers low down; also a few sets of|
buggy anu wagon harness, cheap. |
j (.live him a call. - , - . . j
x > The South Cakolin*. College.?A
* * y.% i * i
' reunion ot me aiumm 01 ine cnuui i
| . Carolina College and University will,
j . be held in Columbia on Tuesday, the :
U??lh day of Decvmber next. At S p. m.;
f alteration will be delivered by the
} 'v '3Ion. Loliov l\ \'oun;ans at the Opera
44 House. A banquet wUl lx; held at 20
ft p. in. Next morning a business? meet-;
j* jng will be held in the City Hall at 10
o'clock. Those who expect t?> attend
will notify the committee, so that they :
may make arrangements to suit the
Br attendance. The committee of arrange
Iincuts consists of Col. James FI. llion.
('ol. Fitz \Y. McMaster and A. S. J:
|- A Sai> Accident. ?Our corre?pomlS
en I **Videttc*\ writing October 2*,
sr.ys: **On Thursday afternoon Ia>t a'
j partv was given at the residence of our
* esteemed friend, Hurler Petthrrew,
Km].. Mis? Pauline Scott, while passh?j*
from-one n??m to another, met
with a >nd accident from the explosion
^ofsTlyty-osene lamp, which she held in
Jior hahri. The flumes-immediately
utujffit on her ciotliiji^y but were soon j
ex.jn^uished bv same of her . friends j
previa.. It is to tig hoped;
that the burn? rtc^iml,. thom:u very
SS?&iS?: "
J painful. are not serions.^ Mis* Se<>i
: has: the entire sympathy j.iul hopes fo
a rapid recovery from a!< present."
Pku?onal.? The Ilev. ?eo. William
Walker is now* on a vi>if to Wiimshr
; o. and preached i:i ^ lit* Method:*
; clmreh on Sunday nigh.. Mr. Walke
.was pastor of the cnurch here durii:,
the years 1870 and 1*77. ami at tlui
! time made many warm friends both i
! his congregn.ion and in our eotnnmni
jty at large. For three years past h
j has been living at Lexington, Mo,
i where }jo preached acceptably to
i large and growing congregation. II
rhn? aiow returned to his original licit
Lofdiitv?the South Carolina Confei
; ener?where he will receive a warn
' welcome.
The K<rv> I'atknt Watch Cask.O
ir readers hav<^ "doubt!< >> notice*
t i advertisement o f fo e-. ' James "iios>
Patent Watch-' Case. which has tre
qu<;ntly appeared in our columns
Some description of this ea?e will hi
fnind iti another column. The objee
- ? 11 .i?. l
Ol I lie UIY"11(K)1I IS lU^m- (l.I i.nuuiu
tv of real gold, with the durability pru
duccd by thickness of ease. This ob
jeet is fully accomplished. These case
combine all the desired elementsbeauty.
strength and durability. !>ev
eral watchrs in these eases have beei
sold in Winnsboro-, and they have ii
every case given the utmost satisfaction.
Tjii: Fakk to tiik F.mk ?The Fail
at Columbia this year will be held oi
the 8th. 9th. lOrh and 11th of Xovem
ber.. The (Charlotte. Columbia am'
Augusta Railroad will transport fre<
of charge all articles for exhibition ex
cept nice horses. Tickets for the rouni
trip will boon sale on the 7th. 8th, Ot!
and 10th of November, good till tin
14th, at the following reduced rates:
From Charlotte, Pineville
*:?.So: Fort Mill, $U:>: liock Hill
(Chester, $2.?>0: Klackstcck
?->ru?. si 0-,
boro. $1.4<V; I2:d?o\vay. lily;hewood.
The Company will re<]aire
prepayment of freights at point?
of shipment at regular rates oil all
articles or stock for exhibition at thf
Pair, which amount will be refunded
by the agent at the depot from whirl
rhej were shipped, upon presentation
of the receipt and certificate of the
Secretary of the I'air that the articles
or stock were on exhibition and th<
ownership not changed, provided tlit
demand is made at the time thearticje*
of stock arc returned at the original
point of shipment. ^
Kis<;*s Moistaix and its IIkkoks.
?Sttcli is the title of an exhaustive an?l
timely publication of 612 pages royal
octavo, giving not only the history cl
the battle of King's Mountain, bul
commencing with the siege of Charleston
in 17S0. and tracing the event
from that period until the battle o1
Kinir's Mountain is reached. Several
chapters are devoted to the battle and
Irs consequences, as also sketches ol
Campl>cll, Shelby. Sevier,"Cleveland
and other American officers, and oi
British and Tory leaders. The appendix',
which i.> noj the least interesting
part of the Volume, contains the complete
diary of Lieut. Anthony Allaire,
of K-r^trson's corps;- leiteys of-Wilr
Hams aiuKoil?ers: official wtxn'&rofthe
taittle from various officers etjijaged in
Ifittacritni; besides muclr pf-ry;i??. cprrcf^Wndcitcerthi-owjng
'light': upon th;>
important event in thtf.bistory of the
Revolution. The work is profusely
illustrated and handsomely bound. It
is a valuable accession to colonial history,
and especially ilir.t'relating tu
events in South Carolina, and other
Southern Colonies. The book deserves
to meet an extensive sale, and we hope
it will tind its way to the library ol
every one who feels a pride'in the
achievements of the heroes of lung's
? ? ? * ? i - -i T.
.Mountain, f or sate oniv in* su ascription.
Master I. L. Withers is the agent
Or Fair field county.
William H. William**
Mr. "William II. Williams died it
Winn>boro on Saturday Morning, the
29th instant, of consumption, at tin
age of forty-one years. Mr. Williams
was a li. - -ng resident of this towr
When a boy ho was apprenticed as :i
printer in the office of The Kaiukiki.i
IIkkai.i>*. and learned his trade there.
At the beginning of the war Mr. Williams
volunteered as a private in Company
(i. of the Sixth Kegiment, am
fought gallantly through to Appomattox.
being, for the latter part of tin
time, orderly sergeant of that noble
company. He was slightly woundec
in the knee by a shell at Second Manassas,
but with that exception passer
through many perils of battle unscathed.
Alter the surrender, he returnee
home, entered the office of Tim Xkw:
and Hkkald. and worked bis way nj
to the ..{josition of joint proprietor
which he held ? nuntber of vears. He
was a devoted Mason, and an earnest
fireman, serving as director for souk
time, and was clected a member of the
Town Council. As a member of the
Sixth Regiment he took an active par
in securing the organization of the stir
vivors' reunion, and participated in it:
meetings. In i87?> Mr. Williams foum
a sedentary occupation injurious to hi:
health and elisposeel of his . interest ij
Tiik News ani? Hkuau>. His he*altl
gradually failed, and for the past yeai
or two was Quite feeble. He was eon
f.. 5.;^ liivl I'm* some works. a:ie
passed away quietly a;ul conscious t<
the last.
In accordance with his request h<
was hurried with Masonic ccremonie
in the Presbyterian churchyard 01
Sunday morninjr. The resnaius wen
followed by the Masons and the tin
company and the Sixth Regiment sur
\ Ivors, the latter acting1 as pal! hearers
They were as follows: I J. A. (Jail
lard. David Mann. A. M. Yongue. J
F. rani. Y. II. Robinson, J. C. Tinck
ler, If. K. Ellison..Jr.. W. J. Crawford
Charles Muller. R. M. Dunlevy, R. F
Martin. J. A. Brice. W. H. Kerr. W
Ii. Cill^n. W. F. Jackson, I). II. Hob
ertson ami David Aikcti.
Mr. Williams was genial, kind am
open-hearted, and had a pleasant won
for all he met. Though death was
.relict* to him in his enfeebled condition
we cannot but regret that an old friein
has departed?that wc shall ?-ce him w
more. To his bereaved family is e.\
tended hearty sympathy.
Ten Days E:<t?:>:st<>n fok Ta^ks.Co:nptri?ller
C?euj.*ral Brnt.ton has 5*
sued th<?-foHowi!ig circa Jar-tothe conn
tv treasurer*: " r'
; ''Simple taxes paid when due m-T
all tf.e detiiands of tsie State np;>n tl.
...pcopL. , I; i? not o:;l> the uu?> of tli
?' M- ret UL fAMJ FXJt HBG39 LL^JUJV
1 people. Imt tlioir interest. especially in
,. I hi* disastrous year. to pay promptly
avoid penalties.
i "From report.? received at this office,
.; it seems necessary. in order to afford
> ; all ample opportunity to esai{>?! addi' .
liona! I'lmUns. to exercise the limited
t discretion allowed by lav,* in the
, premises..
,, I "You are authorized to postpone tho
enforcement t>f }>enal;ics. and collect
lt ; .?i:upie taxes, until the tciit 1 day of Xo;i
j vetnbrr next. After tiial date pcnaltic-;
attach and imiM. be collected."
c j From tins it will be seen iliat tl?r*
books will positively clo?e on TJiurs..
day week. Durinjjr all last week there
wasn determined ron the trca^nr:j
er. and on Friday lie issuvd two hun..
drcd an;! eighty-four receipt*. lor over
t, livo thousand lit hundred dollars.
The mails on Saturday brought news
of the extension, and the rush abated
somewhat, though the colored taxpavI
ers were out- in full force and pu>hcd
;i;u! prosed and pleaded and quarreled
xvi111 ea<-h <i(l??*r for priority in an
amusinjr manner. At one time'the
L*. l"u>s was so jrreat that an old colored
1 man came near fainting. There arc
" over >ix thousand names on the hooks.
" and up to Monday about two thousand
" had no? paid. So it will he sec:: that
s taxpayers had better not postpone any
" longer, as there will be enough to
* make a crowd every day for the next
1 ten days.
A Coroner's I liquet Finds the Wrong Man
r; The Columbia Jhf/isfer of Saturday
5 [ contained the following teleipgipr:
Oi.orc kstkk City, X. October
I ! >'>.?At Iht* inquest on the-lKxFv ot the
? man found dead with a pistol in J:is
, j hum; i;i an outhouse in this city on
. I Sunday. County Physician Moriran
' said that the skull was fractured in a
i I manner that could not he done by a
; pistol ball. In his opinion the man
, ' had been murdered by a blow from
some heavy weapon, then shot through
' the skull, and that the pistol had been
placed in his baud as a blind. The
. inquest was adjourned until Saturday.
| i The dead man i< supposed t<> be Samuel
Harrison Terms, of While Oak.
FairticM cooitty. S. formerly a
-resilient of Camden, which place- lie
:: left i:i 1ST*}. Word was sent to Mr.
I . Terras* family.
The friends of Mr. S. II. Terrace, of
- * r ..
I White mav spare men- u-;u>. mi
( Mr. Terrace was in Winnsboro oji
, Friday, safe and sound. He will ho
., as much surprised as anvone to learn
, I 4 - ?
.: that a New .Jersey jury has pronounced
, him dead. Who the murdered person
,. was is s-til! a mystery.
;; o.v to ronicioifX.
Sot no Account of t?ie Trip of lh?? Gordon
i Infantry to Celebrate the Lust Centennial.
[fob thf. news and hekai.d.]
!; The Gordon Lijrht infantry, fully
1 equiped for field service, set out. it will
; be remembered, for York town on the
i afternoon of the IGtli instant, via i_o!
lumbia,. The company numbered thirtv
men. rank and tilo. and started upon
|! the journey with bright anticipations
' of the novelties ol" camp life and the
; many wonderful sights that Yorktown
|; was expected to atfoid. After a good
night's rest in Columbia at Major Low|
ranee's popular hotel, the men were
aroused at an early hojir on the morning
of the 17th, and, first paying due
attention to the inner man; were
: promptly formed in ranks, and then
' ; marched to the regimental formation
' j opposite the Grand Central: The hatj
talion line being c*tat>Hshed~hi regular
military order. Colonel Thompson as'!
sumed command and headed the col
until for the Wilmington, Columbia
& Augusta depot, which was reuched
without delay, r-nd t!;C work of embarkation
eomr.enced. Through some
' mismanagement, and the confusion in-,
cident to such occasions, the departure
of the train was delayed for at least
one hour, but finally "all aboard" was
given, the engine whistled, and we
were at last rolling along on the way
. S to Wilmington. The troops now on
j'the train wore the Governor's Guards
j and the iiichhmt Voluntee IJiflo Com|
panv of Columbia, ihf Palmetto Rifles
j of Aiken, I lie Abbeville Rifles of Abbej
villi*, the Greenville Guard* ami liutler
i; Guards of Greenville. and the ISoro
, ! boys. i5esides the soldiers there were
! on board the civic delegates headed bv
ii < ' it...-?i ?i.. t *_
mn uriiv'i i lajiwu aim Man. aim a ?argu
; number of the matrons ami maidens of
. the Palmetto State. Among these lat,
; fer may be mentioned the Misses Ald;
rit-.h of Darnwell ; >Iiss Noble of Abbc*
i ville: Misses Hemphill, Hamilton and
! Hall, of Chester: Misses (,'oles. liarni
well and Hampton, of Columbia: and
i many others equally charming and at1
tractive, whose presence lent a charm
; to the journey that nothing else could
i have givtu it. A regular detail was
! made from the fimrdons Jo attend upon
| the ladies, consisting of Serjrt. F.. Cor|
poials H., L. and McM., and piivates
lj. and McM. They sustained themselves
so well, that they were complimented
in general orders for their gal!
In due time Sumter wa? renched.
' and we received on board tlie Sumter
; Light Infantry, an excel.cut body of
t: men under the command of Captain
( ! Deljrur. Ail eyes were now turned
] 1 towards Florence where we expected
Jlobejoii.ed by the two Charleston
11 companies, the Herman I*u?i!iers and
^ j ihe \\Yshiugtui. .JLight Infantry. In
?I this, however, we w^re disappointed.
; inasmuch as the tardiness of our train
'; had it/:need (lie Oharlostoiiians to pro1
| eecd .fireetly-to-AVn,mii:?ton. m/d there
- j awi'it our <K>j?iiTg:. * We ireachcd the
*-4a?'er place a little while after dark.
?i iy.d set about yt once to change cars,
; the ditlbrcn.ee in the. iraujre noccs??!tat;
ing this- inconvenience. After a short
i delay the Gordons wore safely loaded
, on tiie Weldon train, and awaited pn,;
tientlv the. hour of departure. On ac1
count of some misunderstanding, there
was a deficiency in the requisite niiui1
j her of cars ami when the train pulied
^ out from the depot $ was found that
j two companies Lad been left on the
I platform. One of these was the Wa>hc
ington Light. Infantry of Charleston.
> ! who, it. is said, insisted on having at,:
taehed to the train the parlor car that
a had brought them from Charleston lo
" Wilmington. Finally, however, all
p t!ie troop?and civilians were gotten
- aboard, and we were soon leaving
_ I Wilmington behind u*. With two men.
to a seat, a comfortable night's rest
was not to be expected, but the boys
| ma-le the most of the situation, and
- : although doubled up in every imaginn^
ble shape and posture, managed to iret
! some sleep, and daylight found them
" : all in gotxl spirits, and many longings
for the salt air and water which we
- were now rapidly approaching. Just
: here it may be remarked that the re,
ports published elseu here, alleging so
many horrible things on the trip from
' ; Wilmington to Portsmouth weregreata
ly overdrawn, and are not sustained by
the experience of the soldiers generally.
We were not furnished wiih parlor
cars and revolving'chairs, but every
[> i one could girt a seat by a proper effort.
- ami many individual cases can be cited
where a good night's sleep was had.
; something unusual on a train loaded
with soldiers.
Portsmouth was.reached at $.30 on
luosriay nmriuiv.'. ami tii?* t muster ltu
mediately eoiniuenred. Mnnv of the
; troops had never before seen any
pinir. and !t was an interesting study
t; to watch their conntenatie.es as their
e eyes wandered in re and there 'over the
e harbor. which was crowded" wffh all
Lr?u ?<?.? u'-u- i.t': j jj,.
kinds of water era ft, jraiiy J?edeeke
from -tern to stern. Flags of all kuu:
and sizes were flying in every directioi
both on hind Mini water, and the ]un
ormnii: view presented was attraetiv
and exhiliratitur in tIn? extreme. Til
*?;oamer If. Ford, which. both tli
civic and military deiepilion ha
hoarded. p>t under way in a remark:
lily short time, and was soon stcamin
-nil of Norfolk harbor, flying the Fa
motto, and with a?.jolly a lot of pa:
: seniors sis hail ey.CE braved tho. torroi
of the deep. In due course of time *v
: were abreast of Fortress 51 our**
; which was at one the centre of attra<
t:on. at tin; same time recalling t
many the dark i-cenes of the bite wai
We are now ploughing through 11 situ f.
ton Moads.aud in the distance the ope
sea i> pointed out to us. * After tr;
ver>ing l.'lie.*apeakc Hay for some tiivu
we round it point rifland- to the -let'i
and historic- old Vorktown looms uj
though we are ye', several miles fror
it. We now leave (ho hlue waters .<
the hay. and iiead straight up Yor
IJiver. its hroad. placid, bosptn scared
| ly disturbed by a ripple, the eflhlgen
rays of the meridian sun rendering it
surface as bright and as dazzling as
; mirror. I'pon tin; left batik we s.oo
i distinguished a city of tents, and th
soldier bovs strain theii nocks to local
if possible the spot that will commeui
i orate their first, experience of cam
life.r-y^c-'rH'Tvv" netir tlie ancient town
andtii^bcj^otHjseJn<?rc prepare forth
sis short a time a
we once more go
I Oif^ nil '/.and set put o:
ttn: JnhVch nrcsirip. two and one-hal
; ifistaiit'.lmving first laid a>id
i foiapsrn:lis aiuV all cumbersome bag
; araj;o;*iit the suggest foil - of our -kiln
; and eonsidonUc commander, i'olone
I Th&mps<ui>v As we ascended the blul
>7<nI!-?' * ??rrhforrff ns ^iboV
, v ?"* r - ;
i cehfyBspTay otibanners and. bunting
and 1 he general holiday appearance o
tjife itivrtt.'jjut under foot tins impress
ion .was fur different. In fact " no iin
i pressiou could at'all be made in thn
direction, with the sand shfte-tnoutl
doep.'and anliTl an. accumulation o
du*t !-hat doubtless had great weight ii
! inducing Cornwallis to surmider
However, we -iirrdly attained higl
: ground. but there seemed to be no es
cape from the sand and dust. It wa
' everywhere, and in such quantities a
! to clearly indicate that it was either i
native ?n the place, or had come to pa;
a family.visit. Nevertheless onva<
we (nulled, comforted by the ass lit
' ance that our troubles would not las
always. The lay along the blulF. tin
| road lined on both sides with booth
: and shops displaviny goods and ware:
oi every ne^d'union, ami it iiiinuiii;
one ot tho scones pictured to us of tin
far-fa med Fair* of tlie Kmerald I<!e
; Crowds of soldiers,.volunteers, re;ru
lar.s and veterans greeted u's cordially
Mud enlivened the wearisome march l?;
frequent and hearty _ cheers for oui
Palmetto State.. Covered with, 'dust
; t?>o;-sor.c, and well-nigh exhatwtt'd, w<
: alhisteame to a halt, in the niidst o
tents, and heard the welcome new
i that we were at our journey's end.
i Two tents were assigned to eacl
company, ranks were broken, ant
! then such scrubbing and brushing a
; wi: had was never before seen withii
the historic precincts ot Yorktown
Out of consideration for the men n<
duty except camp guard was exactec
; for that dav. and comparative quie
. reigned until nightfall. Pinner wa:
served about -i i>. m.. which, thougl
! a little :*ou?fh for civilians, was first
! rate for soldier?, and the close of daj
' found us ready for a good rest. Mam
! of us closed our eyes dreaininir <>
home and the dear ones we had let
: behind us, and with i>ritrlit. visions o
| what the-morrow would bring forth
: Whether those visions were realize<
: remains to be seen further on.
| "There was a sound of revelry hi
I night', but not in the cam]) ol tlx
South Carolina battalion. A pr.>foun<
: stillness pervaded every tent, brokei
only by the cries of the sentinels as the.'
i pared their beats, summoning ever am
I anon the luckless "corporal of thi
guard". as some midnight prowler at
L tempted to cross the- lines.- fcvervon*
was wrapped in deep sleep, "tired unit
tire's sweet restorer'','and the dawi
j ot day was scarcely welcomed, js tin
i sound of "reveille" broke upon the air
and the order was given to turn out t<
roll call. The whole camp was sooi
astir, and preparations tor hrcakfas
i were now.actively commenced. A dj
i fail was made* which, at the proper sijr
nal. repaired to the oprn- ir k tclie
ami i:i -u n 'was served with ih-i com
; piny breakfast in bulk. Hanks wen
; formed. and each man helped in orde:
to coffee. hominy, butter, bread, stew
i ed oysters and tried bacon. Seated o:
the ground, tailor fashion, no commaiK
! was required lor the exercises usual o'
| such occasions. In other words tin
i boys got down squarely to business
ami "went for" those victuals withou
?* - M.K! ...
; compliment or ceremony. ;ujimu^ u;
i the guard details was the first military
! work of the day: then followed an in
j forrnai guar I mounting, after wliicl
j we were turned loose, so to speak, mi
J til 4 p. in., tlie hour fixed for absent
: bling for dress parade. Like a meteo
| from a cloudless sky, our friend W
i 1{. I), dropped in on us. and received :
I hearty welcome from the boys. \V<
; had him and Senator (J. to dinner witl
' us, and they both seemed to cnjoi
i standing in ranks awaiting their tun
j to be served. The time for dress paradi
i wton rolle<i round, and airain flic scrub
| bing and.brushing process had to bi
gone through with. Everything is a
! last readv, and we proceed to the pa
i radc ground, the Gordons taking po
i sition as the right centre company, tli
j is, to tin; right of the color company
I the Governor's Guards. At the eon
j elusion of dress parade, tlic arms am
I equipments are laid away, and agaii
| the inevitable scrubbing and brushing
i Without waiting for supper most o
the Iioro boys started for town, to se<
the sights, having first provided them
selves with permits to remain outaftei
taj s". A good many weal in que*
of the grand Centennial Ball, but hav
ing found it, got. no further than tin
door, only commissioned officers beinj
allowed to do honor to Terpsichore
However tiierc was abundant work fo
the legs otherwise, Yorktowu being ;
place ot magnniceut instances. :j:h
town was li I led with variety shows
sleight-ot-hand men, Indian doctors
gan c- ot* ..every dcsa^pijuJH, aud. ^
j lino, evi ry known device* of ' (o
j devil) for relieving visitors of their stir
j plus cash. It tiiav he said, iiowevcr
; that so far as our observation went, ;
very figlit harvest was reaped by thosi
wiio were plying, these tricks am
games, and as a general rule the sol
| (tiers let them severely alone. Ea'in;
| ami drinking saloons were on ever
j side, together with booths and shop
' for the sale of fruits, eon feet ionarie
; and toys. Handsomely decorated am
| brilliantly illuminated they showed t<
i the best possible advantage, and hel<
j us almost spell-bound as we ga7.e<
j upon them. In this connection w
i. would say that we fonrd the prices <j
: everything, in both the eathig ami th
j drinking; line,not only not < xorbi
tantly high, but, on the contrary, rca
- suitably low. Some correspondent
' have stated otherwise, but. we speal
from personal experience and know]
edge, and with a desire only ..to pain
the picture in its true colors. Gooi
icc-c.?ld beer could be <rot at Jice cent
i j?er glass; cigars at fire rents each
fruit!* of all kinds at Charleston prices
meaUaf titiy cents, seventy-live cent
and one dollar, according to quantir
ami quality; ana tilings generally a
corresponding rates. A vide iVoi:
camp to town, two ami onr-balf mile?
,cpst only twenty-live and fiily cent?
; The ronvfvancrs, it i> true, were im
' first class, but they wore substantial
- and af iiUixfliltvcl you out. of the san
which in itself amounted to "a gmi
. deal. U't this much di-pose of th
: newspaper exaggerations. ?
Then." was not the same proniptne?
; to got to bed-on Wednesday night, a
wys seen the nijrht before. Makin
I and receiving calls keptmany-of u* u
. "til a late hour, and so hospitable wer
our neighbors-. the Fiuh M-nryhinc
that we w.Mtfd fain have it-ngt1 rod wit
!' ther.i uvtM the wee'Mua'"hftuftf"of t!i
morn. lu-i we not bticlTrcimndsd tl?
^ - * r ^
(1 we nm{<:du-<'Ht fc? prepare us. tor- tin
is "rand r?vwvr^.ii$ I u* in o r r<>av. A'allinj
i. nr "ThV \V.rdoiv"^.Uf)T;io" li?r a nighr
i- cap. wis immediately thereaflrr furnrc
e into quarter*. ami prepared lor tin
,e : second night ineaiup. By the by, tin
i<*r Widow's Home was a favorite resort
i /'Mlttivofiwl itiMh af iMIl
U ttllU M.I . U W| VUI
i-' gallant seemed , to be re
g pining frr 7a;iKiiftof. bright eyes ii
i- ! widow's weeds, that wc had left be
<- j bind us mi 4hcrjfj. vnx'jj-. \V.hiJe no
s : completely filling J.h^aji)inr*jf void, tin
e |_*UbstinVr'c V??s iK?t^vJth<>dt its' atfTnr
?, Ttfonif and t':isdF?mtioij.?. :i>ut to return
1 In spite-of-the;noteDdu?r?rd in every di
o i recMon. bands playing.. drum* beating
r. | and tire-< rayk'crs popping. we soon ted
)- ; asleep'on oiir paljefs of rice straw, anc
n : notwithstanding 'a tew interruptioni-'
during tlx; night. succeeded in.gettint
>. i several hours of refreshing slumber
L : The drums and bYtgles" sounding ,4re
>, j veille" atopsed us to activity onc<
n i more, and'wc hastened out to greet t!i<
?l"i dawn of our last daNy in camp. Wash
k pan*, soup and towels.,-iro.|irst broughi
; into requisition, and the dust of York
t IWHII i HW ^4r\'i mi vu? i n
s ! liquid lorm. .Then tbljn%v<%r]. breakfast
a ! and now on ovcry Jcmd arc seen j^rop
n ! aratioiis for the-jmuid review. At ?.3i
e encli company was formed on its ow.t
e ground. and at ?J the battalion forma
i- turn was accoifiplislKirl. Without un
p neecssary delay wc.,took. up-the marcl
in column ot'coifipftrties hiif wore haltv
ed before foaVin^ the neighborhood <>;
? camp, stacked arm*, aud allowed a resi
>t of fully half an hour. Filially." how11
ever, tlm'iiirte h.T>J:'ouie for:U*:tw wove
f forward. we conn;-to. th^. J'atttuition"
e "take arms", and," changi"n?r direction
- I If> II1U It'll, JUKI win"mtivo t ;ij/n(n iivai'
I j in<r the. rov.ic\yJn" y^in.d. TI'C n,CI1
1 { walked \\;ith "tKe1 *#eci'jcuni ol' veterans,
[f j and hoit ft fi cm vcI vesjii&onW t lif*v
eJji.ad a ri_ght to. ..As \ycjui>>.c<l cacfi
i- j^m^esirvtv crowa^tw^'inr; 'toil* tilled
. j with cheers for South C'atf6iiiiK; am:
t'j pride studied '0i?t?ak:.We were
-1 made to fed that wc forced plaudits ol
-1 praise ;uid ^u>nov: upon.t^he gallant.lirtk
t i i'ainjettb'Stfi'te.1''Before wfe' liTfcl time
|j: to realize it we found ourselves passfj
i?#r fcctore General flam-rick and'-1-refill
I dent Arthur, the central figures of a
. [ large party of distinguished men, botli
h | civil and military, but our transit was
j so rapid that only a quick glance' was
<1 afforded.'at these (dignitaries. and ons
j ward we moved, taking up the double
I i J . '...'j ^
a >;ep wow 11 a uuchyjcv ;tnw .up ?. ?uun
v ascent ahead oi'us; then changing dii
rectiou to tiic left we marched passeil
. the marines formed jn lino, who salutl
e l us a? we passed.. Turning back to;>
wards camp the companies broke i?t<i
s | e?1111 ;i 11s of fours', and in this order wc
s ! reached our quarters covered witli
i | dust from head to fin>f. After getting
p I through with dinner we hastened u"
. ! the bluff'overlooking the river for the
.! purpose of witnessing the naval review
, I Q;iiiu a number of the. Gordons, dividr
cd into t\vo parlies, went on tiie river
r .in sail boats, and besides enjoying the
, pleasure of the ride on the foaming bil?
i lows, visited the French war frigate.
1'j J[o'jicicintc, exchanged cards with tin1
s i captain, and explored evefv quarter ol
! the vessel, witnessing sights the imi
: ptessions of which will dountless never
1 vr *ar awav ns lonjr as life lasts." The
sitrigate carried sixty guns, and had
j o i board four hundred aiid fifty mari?
. j tiers, excltis v<: of officers. After l**avi
; inji the vessel tl>e'afternoon was passI
j ed in sailing amount the shipping in
t i he river. A novehftirprise greeted 11.s
when, before we had lime to think ol
! it, the ships of war. consisting of ten
. American and t\vq French, eoinmcnc;
ed tiring the salutes its laid down in
the programme. We were unpleasantf
Iv dose ty some of,, them. and., found
t ourselves involunt$nl\ dodging after a
. wrtrned lis to ashore, and we
1 oncenjrain were trudjriiur nlonjf the
sandy road to camp. Hairing for rcfreshmenf?,
l>oth liquid and solid, we
u recall the events of the day, contain]
plaJin^.oHr.depRWi^.for hoine.iir the
i' c.<rly inorn.nnd li.;w>iHir.revivificil fully
the iunet nmn. t6^.,\itp the Hue. ol
j n 1:1 rch'.ca ifipward ;* ^ JficSr'w'e' srrcceedcd
> in reacliinjr'flfter in.-wiY triafe'and tribu
lations, to >ay nothfehr of tjwv ubiquity
i tons "oorpomfof tlic ?ruard'\ With.
I out ceremony we prepared fur bed.
i i but it was soon evident that. sleep was
> i out of t heqnot ioiu .a't - least in the early
. i part of the hi?rhf%,"jt/tiad been _ jjiven
i! out that the rules tf.crc relaxed 'for. that
J nijrht.-'and the cohsWjueiiee was that in
j addition to lun and frolic in our own
| camp, many visitors came anionjrst lis,
j with drums, hor isj lantern*.Mi I othei
aeco i11 pa n i 11 lent s of a torch-light proeessiou.
mldiiig to tjijg general uproar.
< and causing- all idea'ofsleep to vanisli
froin our uiinds.. Caichinu the eon:
t;igiun we likewise "^jinrd the hand",
: and went around enjoying ourselves
with the balance of the hoys. How
over, the .nearness of the midnight
1 hour admonished lis that nature had
I some claims upon us, rand, at length
j quiet once ?v>ro reigned supreme, ami
j for the last time on oLd Virginia's bat:
tie-worn soil we sought the embrace of
! Morpheus-, to snati^a . few hours ol
; rest an(rre4)?^. ;;;iT?Hh this - we weir
j awakened at the,^l^t'daw11 on Fritnfij
ni'irlo L*'iiin
r | s:ick.s' parkoiL a!*rimed breakfast, and
. i again we juc ii? ? Kiije,-: 4,^rmcd and
a | equipped as the The
? column is put in iflfttioiuMid we retrace
l our steps-to towivfhece to board the
r Ford for- The^ccuM# ftiicljthcrhist time,
i To ont; stir pn>c-,'--tKeTrcrtirtr.'ii 1 a r c! 1 was
3 by no iiicax^^L??Vp^Cas;uit, ami
- much .of :''iht'-\^.djjstjf;. had taken
; up its qw^rtfierc. Tie
t morning- airVa'<^$wi atidbracing, and
il.Hint; ucocn^witni ?i.? ctunv
-! ?>-. We arrived at the boat safely, got
t | aboard at once, and won heard tho or*
, I der to "ca>t olF.*')Ve. bade a last fare*
-! well to old Yorktowirj shook ourselves
11 free of its dust; and- tamed jJiir eyes
i j d.nvn stream. A sliort ride brought" us
. ; out into the bay. whose waters were
f s nnowhat disturbed' by. the strong
i>; northeast wind that . w.Mowing ;it
- j the time; bur \\'e ?'a W .only on<\ u n for 11
r i na-.e "paying . trihute to' Xeptune".
t | iuau?ril it IS- sam*-inrnj wen; m-vui.h
-1 others. ForlrcsfclVlom'oe^iosv loomed
l> ; nj) on our n^lit. which we w orn not
:\ loii?r*.tiv p-as?djiw>. awl. we. headed
.. stnii^lit iuvay tor Portsmouth harbor
r | which W<S reached'a 1 ittIt* al|t;r'miiMay.
i ;.wcuti=)lifrc?,at ojijbo,r;^teji(>5itfil 6ur
-> j arms And placc-of - safety
, 1 ami* w^efe. tfiefoflsgrci^ 8 p'.-'in.
15J 0>?t. <$ sTlUitt e iOYOT l?l
t IJfafffcHc ftpa' jJtft&te' ol
r i S'&boH effnner atuT fhen ^(V^'l^^thc
-1 town lop jvK that it was >.* We
, j reached, tlifrr'(f rIWif* tc? witness :i
i , cfvie. military' amT^Tilrta'sfrmf "^irocesL'!
sion, whichwas cfiiite ucetlif.it')l<i to the
11 place." All -t-be-pttiHUpal strvets were
-! spannod by arches. the "houses taster
fiilly decorated, and men. women :in<]
y ' children with their Sunday clothes on
s | And such a lot .-of pretty girls wc
s : never saw before in all our lives. Wc
i i tried to look as bewitching as possible.
> j and jrot several sweet nods and smile^
1 j as a reward for our efforts. Several
i ; prominent memoirs of ,the B. . P. I",
e ; eot further alongJtyv we pcqtnised nol
f "to toll tales out of school.* so they
0 I need not fear exposure; - With *rrcai
.1 rolnctn nc.p \re re-ero?sed to Ports
- mouth at the appointed .hour, ajraii
s ! put o!i the !tabillnient> of war, and go
k | ready for the night's journey on tin
[-1 cars. Wo rcceiveil; much -foo-jjiHality ii
t) Portsmouth attfte JiaTKl?, of the OIc
il: Dominion friiard. and said jrood-hye t<
.v' the j?lacc with many regrets. We iro
: j off about 8,p. m^. and reached Wil
; ; iningtori next 'ISy between one aw
sltwo; took dinm;\ and after changing
j car5, .set out "for "Columbia whore \v<
t ; safely arrived-at-.-'-midnight' Saturday
ii . The rest your readers know.
- * --- ?"* + ? **/* rrnn
i, ; 1U >11111 uy* Wt: ir<?! a iimv ^v."
;. crally. are iirit* disposed to complain
it : and if nothing liappensto pniv.cnt.wil
I, try to iro to the nextcentennial. thou::!
ii \vr hope theyfc'rff have it. at NorfV.ll
it.; instead of at Yorktown. <i. L. I.
U i
Messr>..7\VillifiTTis Jk Ruiledirp. Green
is , villi1, S.C.i Hear .Slr.it: The piano re
jr ; ren.tly purchased of.yow.js a. gj;cat de
p | light to my family, and a source o
'?* | p ra i>p \v(>r t 1 lYcoin m ei if from' ?Tl:' tin
1. musical critic* jvIjo have examined it
h j ' ^Yoronriilyr
iR | W. K. Ifr/AKE.
it \ Greenwood, t*- C., Fcfc. 7; iss'i. *
attts '. ? J-i?>.. i?.'.. ?j -
i? ! ... THE LIES LA ?r. . .
-! "WixS?.'bor< >, S. Cm'Qctftbci' 1-SSI
J Jlfaj. i\ U\ Wood/card? I >>;ai: Sin: 11
ri' ;.?>> jRcJjftnent--the'Lien Lm1\v .sl?ouLd: b<
] re|ji*aied. T frankly admit tHht-i Vhav<
r I held otbet* views, and .will believe ilm
'. many of the troubles attributed to tlii:
1 "statute mhfet lliid their solution other
t j wise-ihnn m its repeal. But the <*011
; j.rlU'ion n&ove~t:tuU!fl is the defiiiife; re
; suit of the mo!t,c;irefuI inquiry I Jiav<
'. Ix'ftn abJetoiriake inio .this question
/\ and \vheii ("ilfcd upon 1 propose to ae
I ! accordingly. .... ..
' j Very respectfully..
*r j JK'A.
-1 Maj T. Jf\ Woothrtrrri?sir : ii
! reply to your interrogatory as to whicl
_! side of the fence. I was on. on the iiei
I j questional, would brieliy state that ii
J my humble o]>itii?>n the material pr<>.<
'jperify of the people of South Caroliu*
[depends 114)011 . its immediate repeal
i :~Aml unless I jrnmuiviuced by futurr
afirumcnts rhaf^l would bp injuring
": the agricultural interests of our poo
( : pie, I shall vote and work for if.* over
.1 throw. In the lausniairc that 'has a!
f! ready been quoted on this mbjeet?
f j "Knowe.?t thou not yet that Ejrypt is
,; de?troyed.v Ke*pert fully:
, | (.'has. E. Thomas.
' | Major ,Tm- r$V. Wood trq^(J?\) K AI
'Sit;: li/.re
i in tin
| ilmt I ajij
,] tfrll -/k^jfew ''other ant
P : {.titvint* c'f.vr nrrir ?f3ib<r-fiMJ tlie ITIOIie
[. Wi-wr. - .
' | at
!: once \aH"vo<?ate--.u*s'.-rej?o:tl.' \Aiid yet
.1 among the many questions which conn
i t up in the disenstfon of the Lion Law,
i I the very one?the expediency of "pro'
; viding for the monetary wants of oui
': people"?is not the least difficult to
. solve. I would, hoWever. overriih
this point upon being convinced thai
' i the nany evils which, iu the minds ol
.; some emanate from the Lieu Law art
justly chargeable to it. Of thi-. all tli(
?; arguments urged have not yet eonvinc?;
ed me. One fact, however, stares u?
| ;
,: dearly in the face?that a large propor?
i j tion of our people arc destitute of sup
j plies {or the next year, and that these
| supplies will have to he provided fin
.' thein on credit. "Would it.be wi-e to
t; abolish at one stroke the old, vcli-iin
derstood method of obtaining this cred;i
it? I think not. As an experiment I
[ might he Milling to modify or restrict
it. but I would not destroy, it.- With
' my present lights I expect to vote:
i against repeal.
. i My absence from home prevented an
earlier reply. Respectfully.
(J. II. MCMastkr.
-1 CONSUMPTION (TKKl).--An oM pby.M^an.
r tiring: from aottvr practice. having had pljufv!
i la his hanrfci by an East In-Un Mtsslonnrv the
. f <nnula of a Mmple vegetable rwnrtfy f..r th>
soeedy and permanent cure of Consnmptf'r.
1 i B'Oifhltls. C'tnrrh. AntnTn i anf) all T'>ro-itd
. ! L'i:.g air- crir.ns. il?o a posl'lve and radical < u. t
: ; fur KfivecaW cb il'y-ivnd all nervous *.u.npiulnt?4,
' i aftrr having UioreUglUy teStM trs vrorv'erfiti
, j cura'lve powers In thou.HMi'ls of fnols It
hlj.rtutv to !t knowu ro li!s hiiflV-Tli.g ie%
' : lows. Th?? rcc'tpe-wllt b* *?,T?rfr?,<v of vlwrire. i<*
t ..w..* _
UU VSTiO t<( wtut Hi i t v- >-j . J. .. .
(!. inH'atid succes?i?li,v usiu^. Kvcry p..t:ent inivo
Wirit'.c't toa copy'fr-e ?t "Tzr. CoVplktf
' ! PHY<iciiN."a work or nearly Q-'fi p>?e:. cm
' talnlng over l,"0o formula. The tat sc ftnrt
. f heat family utedlol work out. Adrifss. witti
! stamp. or stain pel self.addressed envelope, Dk
' M. K. UKLL, 1?1 .V. Cak:-.rt St., Bamimouk. Ml)
Nor 2-xly (Adv;
1"\V1LL npj\ly to the Judge of .Probata
ttf F?ifKeld -County oil -iSatuf??iy;
vember 2fi. ljSSU for ? finnt di*ch?T.;c. a*
' Guardian of the estate of \V. L. Mi-Crorev.
' j ocr 27-flx3t ^ ' 'Giurdian.
i : .
i i cors'TT of rAirriu.D.
, ' By J. II. BOYLES, K;q., I'rolsiP JittJy.
' i. VTTHEREAS. Thos. C.\ Strong-, hath
"! YV mn>1e xuil to mo, to grant him let>
; ters of administration de honi* with
t : will rtnn? x*(l, of t e estate and effects ol
-fame* Cbiso)m,. lfC'af-C'l:
, i Th'-so ar*. tiwPJore, to citean i n linon:
;sh nil and s-ingular the kin.lred and
, : crc.flitor* of-th?*'said Jam<Sc< Chisolfn, de.
e.ea-eil. that tliey he nnd appear b?-f??r?I
' ine in the Court of I'r-ibate. to be li?ld .it
! Fnir-ieM Court House. .South Carolina. on
1 i the I)t:i <lav of November, sifter public-!
tion h<Troi, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
^ | to shnxr cr.nse, if any they have, why t'r.t
i* 1 said administration s'uouh? not bo granted.
Give n under'my hand, this 25th day of
! ! October, Anno Domini H8!.
.' oct 27 -flxl J. P. F. C.
I; a xk\x K l\d of watch cas
: Xtew becs>flsc tt Is only vlrhi-. the last few
! : years that it has been Improved, r.nd brought
: within the reiCh of everyone; old In piln?lp;r
: b-cau.se theirs* intention v? as made and tin
! n. sr patent taken out nearly twny year.* :ic.
. and rases made at- th.it time and worn trci
i ; since, are nearly as good as new. Head the folj
'lowing, which is only one ot many hundreds
I I your Jewelers can tell ot slniltor one :
li MAsVriM.D, I'jl.. May'JS. !S7S.
f t n.|,n ].<? < /-jrrlOil oni- ol
1 Boss' Pat-lit- eases fifteen jears arid I knew 1:
; two jrtrar.-v b-fori: he j^>t It and '.t now ?j?i?oar?
; : ifo'xl 'or Jen years longer. K. K. OI.NKY.
; j ile.urflibPF that j ?.i, BoaS* li the only patent
; : e.Lse marte or two plates of solid ?old (one out.
, ; sMe and one inMdr). cofcrli.jr ever;; pan e\
' p-scl 10 wfar or >l^hr, tlu? gwi't a'dvHOtajrc oi
; t'li-sr plates ove * eJec-r'ro-Klldln? l.i app:ire*it tr
, e er-on". lov' 1 the only jv.tmt a^- wit!
; wiilch tin re l.?? c:v. n a written wa.rasr, oi
which (he following: is a fae-n'nille:
i r " \ aS2Z3rKwyrwT?7?T? "
' { VJSSa^HWAVtcraBWTw**/
, . Sop th.it.vnu fffrt lhe. guYrari'fee VlHi cac!
' ; C!?vo. .A u jour Jeweler .for JUuoruu-rt cat..
|Lo *<! >. . v fcov t
lj craK'? sals-:.
J. 1!. Cook and Others. I'lnint:<T?. v?
{ L;tyy A. Keller and.Others. iJci'end
. j ant.*..., . ......
t IN pursnanco of an order of Ihe Cotir
-' t ut Common Plras. made in tin
i ahove-Ktatnl cas?. I will otl'cr lor sale
t before the Court House door in Winn>
* born, on the rtr.-t Monday in Novum
t bernext. within thr h'ifal hotirsof>alt*.a
I! public outcry, to tljr. hi?rhp>* bidder
> the following-described property, t<
t wit:
- All'that piooe, parcel or lot of land
i: lvinir. heinjrand situate in tin? town o
r; VVinn>boro. and Coiiuty and i>ta?<
u i atoresjiid. bcii^r the lot upon which tin
. ' late Osmund Woodward. deceased. r?*
sided, and also the four other lots will
- rhr appurtenances :n4j uuinir, ami neu:
,; to the. mentioned. and all tiv<
i ;.Iot.? connected together and adjoininj
i rar.h other. JSach lot to he .sohi sepa
j ' rate.
tkiois ok sale:
I One-1 Inrd of the purchase-money t<
; he paid in ra*h; the balaurr in tw?
- equal annual instalments, with inH-rrs
- ' from day of >aj.e. purchasers to ;riv<
- ; lM>iid; =.wifh a mort pureot the-pn*ini:-es
f and to pav for all ncce?arv papers.
?' * VV. tf.'KKKK.
. : Clcr^ Offl.-rT ' ^ <VC7;<;. V. V. C
j. .Wirinshuro; S, C.,
. Odoher1 s.si. ;
J oct i-td
'.'. Jf"..'. Jli."* i..' - ^ULr.V ?
; CLERK'S S.S Li:.
v - ? '* ' ' !
... . .. I
L* . # i
,1 \V. H..Kerr. ^Administrator. Plain-!
' i till', vay'sfaling Woll'u and Others, f
* \ Det'eJniants. - |
*: I X i>uiMi;inco Of an order of flu*''Court |
I of Common .Pleas; made in the
.hr.vr>-s:t!it|.(l I wit! ofler liM* _5>al<vf?
i befcue :he court-house do<?r in Winns-1
"i boro, (>ii the first Monday in November;
' j next. Within the It-vpd hours-of sale, at ;
, [ public oufirry, to th?; highest bidder. .
t j the following-described pn>i>erty, to,
j wit: - I,
j All that piece, parcel or tract 6t' land.!
lying, hejnjr'an<T >itUate iij the County !
of Fairfield. in the Slate aforesaid. op ;
' flu* lieHd-waters t?l* Mill Creek, contain-,
iny kit;ht huxukkd \nt> fifty antks. !
1 j more or less. ami bounded by land> i
1 i formerly belonging to \\". W. Bovce.;
i j lands formerly "belonging to Carlos <
,; Kelder. land's belonging to the estate
: of F. Nelson, deceased, lands of Jes>c
K. Dolleney. lands of Margaret Arm-!
1 j strong and others. I
j tkkms or mit.::: jl
One-tlnrd of the tnird?;i>e-moncy to
j be paid in cash: .or . the balance a ,
| credit of one ami two year< from the
- j day of sale, with annual intrre<t of I
.: one and two years from said .day, the !
: nut-chaser to irive his bond secured by 1
'.!! a mort<;a<re of the premises sold, and
;to assume the payment of all taxes]'
! tliat may become payable after the day ;
i of sale, and to pay for all necessary j
. j papers. ... j'
. :\\\ ji. KI:KI:. M
: I Clerk's Office, .. . <J- C. C. 1'. K. C.;
. j Winnsboro. S. (\,
,-i October 11-. 1*8.1. j]
.***,157t<l\ J j.,
]. " . CLKiik'S->SJL" ' j1
r1 corxfy or faiffield.
i Nancy Coyper and Others. Phuntifls.!
i'i: vs. John T. Johnson. "WHliam. J. <
, | .Johnson. Individually and as Exccu-!
J tor, and Others. Defendant."
; | N pursuance of an order of the Court j
(i..l of Common Pleas, made in thej
above-stated case. I will offer for "sale, j *
', before the court-house door in V?'inns-!
: boro, on the lir>t Monday in November !
f! next, within the ieiral hours of sale, at ,
( public outcry, to the highest bidder,, j
r the following-described property, to
' wit:
All that certain tract of land, contain
more or. le.?s, | \ injraiid situate in the . j
' | County of.Kairfieid. :? the State afore- : j
" <aid, bounded by lands of John John- j
1 i son, on the nortitgon the south and .
. j we.-t by lands of the estate of Hampton'' j
Johnson, deceased, and east bv land* i ,
1 ..i* T.
j ui su\;i\9wii ?;v;jun . .. . ,
tkijms or sales ! (
One-third of the ptireliase-monoy to
he"paid in cash. and. the balance.! lien- ;
i of on a eredit ??t" <ri:c? ami r \vt> years, in , |
equal animal instalments. with inter-'! '
. est rhereon, payable annually. t'r<?ni : '
;; the day of>ale. to bv secured by the ! 1
bond of the purchaser and inortjriire : J
of the premises sold. the purchaser to ; I
.1 pav ior nu iicw-mii v .
<* "W. II. KKIiW, : \*
i Clerk's Office. . (J. <J.C. I'. F. C. i.*
h '\Vinu?fboro. S. 0., j ?
I October H, 1XM. , I
, i ,??*t lv-ttl ' * ' * M
r; .. .. .. _ . 11,
csale.. pi
. i coirxTY or FAirrrr.i.r*. * j .
.:. Ann*; Hay. Plaintiff. .vs. Francis H. i y
: J ;. I mi lose and Others* jJetejntants.. i
! JN j?ur-MnUee of ?u order of^.the Court fi
! i of Cuinmon'J'lcas,- made hi lliejl
, !" abovr-staied ca>e. I will .offer for Hale;,! I
j before the* eourt-imuso door in \V'i:ms- ?
j boro. on the first Monday in November f
11 next, within the lejfid hour* of sale, at j *
j'public ontcry.-to the highest bidder. ;
; the' ti?llovviii''-?lfc,?cribed property, to.! <
j wir:,.. ' ;< ' : ?. ... i
T""A ecrlshv^ct - of 'land. containing I
iTwo'inindrcd Yind foHy'arrrs, "more ??r |
j less, bounded by lauds of T. . ft. Mc- j
J Ivinstry, James .Maiui aiid others. j
. i . .. ALSO. ' ;
A certain oilier tract of land, con-!' I
; taininjr seventy-Jive aeres.- more .or.'
| less. hounded hy the Winnsboro Ko:td, 1
f>y lauds of Mrs. Aiittit* (?r'adicki by
: laud- of the Kstate of Daniel Seort, dc- *
; ceased, and by the Columbia Road.
:f. . : Afc6, ' ;
. A certain.other .tract of laud, con-p
tiiiniujrThree hundred and lifty-nine K
acres. more or less', hounded by lands : f
of Mrs. !?. Mason, by lands of II. .1, j'
(jibson and S?abie (iibMin, ami by land j .
of Mrs. Annie (Jradk-k.' " *["
ALS< >.
'A certain other tract of land. con-|t
iaitiiii;;-oi]?* hundred and fifty-acres', j j
more.or 1<'s>,,Ix?iiikU-(1 by h'Ufi ??f l
i K. (Jrndick. by lathi of Thotiias ('. :j
f Watt. bv laud of M. A>hford. by land ;
j itf-Jno. \V. Kobinson and by land of j (
; John I3u\'(i.
aj-SO. ... .
) A certain other lract. of lurid, con- i ,
. mining sixty-eitflit arres., moro or lcs.?? ?
J :uul bounded I?v land- of Kllen I>oyd..j
!>y bind or Marshall Med raw ami by '
i lauds of Mrs. Mason
A certain other tract" of land, con- '<
t:iiii!nir tv.enty acres, more or less.:
bounded bv. land of F. H. I >uf?ose, by |
! land ofKllen K. Craciick and bv" the;
:: Columbia itoad. ! ,
A certain other tract of land.. con-; 1
i tniiiTi?tr three ae.ros, more or less, and !
.; bounded by land of F. II. DuIIiw. by ' '
j land of Kllen If. Cradiek and by tue J (
r t Columbia IJoad?all of the -said tracts !
>' of land lyinjj, lwfn?r and situate in the j!
i (onnty of Fairfield and State of Sunt h I;
r: Carolina. .. 'I
of sm.k: i;
One-third of the purehase-fnoiiey to I >
j Ik* J?;iid in cash: for the balance a]
j credit of one and two years from the [ <
j" day of sale, frith-interest frwn^aid day !
?>f sale, payable annually. until the;
uhole debr aiid ihtel-est be paid, the;,
purchaser or purchasers to ?jive hi$j
bojkl/or their bond*, secured by mort- i"
jraye"or mort^li^cs of 11 premises i,
M?hl. and to pay for all ' necessary pa- < i
pCi4*? - ! I
\V. H. KKKK,
Clerk's Ofiiee, .; C. C. C.l\ F. C.
! WiniHin> >i. Cl.
<)rtob?'V 14. 18<S1.
1 i ort l'j-t?l. .: |
i '
t " ;
t i SfC II AS
crvrn WMTTM !
t : IJU1/I1 ?? ii. IJLIJLI) "
?* 5
! i
i? i' ALWAYS j,
z i
! . ' !1
?| . f7. C L E X 17 j y J XC.
> r . may.." , X?\\t dour ro w. li. Dnty & Co.
t I .....
' \ LL> jj de'r>r?l tr> in for-"
; jfjL. Iwnj^ht in l-'tf*! n,tj all j'<*nn*r *
J yror*. revuvn^tjy ?r> juiv i-p.:
* j jif. ?ifr>n *s po^i-ftlr. \V*-i?nst nv? tbft
' .VtfitlJfV J'M'HV tvl'oin v f. owe
" "'Mc-MAsn:ii, lil.I ?A KETCI'IN, "'
! bopt 21 :
i.?p; m .j > j,t-> .
... county or - fairriei.i); ..
r. E: IlilJ. Plaintiff", v?. John Mr- j
. ('n?rey ami Oth*;is, I te&ndaut".
IN pursuance ??1*anorderol't|;?.('o_t;rl -j
rti'i'om:iK?r? Pk8*, made in ii:r;
ove-^tati'd can*, I will'ofl??r I<>r
fx-Tore tfif <?<mrt-ho'u>p door in : ^
liuro-. ou flti* tii>t 2>!on?l?y in Novr-mbi-i;
next. within thelejnj hours of <nl?\ ;if
public onlrrv. to the liMx'st l;i<l<i,i r.
* - . n
iln? IbiI(>\vi ng-described property. to _-v
wit: j
All llwt tract of land containing
ninety-seven and two-tenths acres. j C
more or bounded bv lands of;.I.
S. Ti dwell. II. L. Elliott and lands; ?fj
tract known as**>nakc Alley." j
' ALSO; ' ' -I
All that tract of bind containing v
ninety-two and eight-tenthsacres, more !i
i?r less. hounded by lands of Thorn:*-*;
II. Davis aijd.othei:?. ainl "The Snake
Alley Trag." \ j
ALSO,- ;'i. V.
AH that traet of land e,o?i;jini:?o- two.i.
hundred and eight, and thretM^ifftfl"is I
;ieiv>. more or le>s. bounded by hinds
i>f Henry F. fiibstm, I>. I?. Koberisot:.' i
;md "The Snake Ailcv Tract.*'. \" .
ALSO. ... . ( : .
til ?l-. "I" l.'.wt nniit-MMillpr flVf! !
*Y1J I Hill I i ill t I'lliM i
liuudr<>d awl . Hi'vn ; acres*/ more; or'"5
loss, bournlcd. bv land* .of .sii<-.;*!iei:
fiil.t<oii, W. I!. MrOnndl.rrrrrTurkeit
iml C..K. Lcitt'cr. . .
AH ot the ;ijbry>?id traets.- of;.j;uid:: .2
lyinp. briiiir and >f i y a t ej?i rtfcq, (.;o u ii f y ! .
und State' aforesaid. , : j. .
TKKMS'O*' SAI.K:- : ..ft
Ono-tlnni of the purchase-usoney-; to
In* paid in cash, the balance on a chilii
;>foi?e :iHd two year.*. with -frtterest
t'rom day ot' sjslc, payable annually.
?qvun;d by bond*- a:ui niottf^KJes.. <>: .
rbo pmyha>ers..*and the .purehasers^ U: a
jiia'v for all Ueeessnrv papers.- '
- WVILKERRv .. h
Clerk's (>ffice, (\ C. CV 1\ F.C.'
Winn^buro. S. C., .
October 14, JfSSl.
ort l.v-'td " | ^
Tames Maun, :i> KxcctHor/Plniut iff: vs. ^
Milton (j. Ihiniap and Others. I>t? | *
lcudants. ...
IX pnrsuanec of nn order of tho Conn : J
<?!'('omiijoy Pleas. made in ihi d>ove-stated
ease. I wdl offer for sale. |
w'fore the court house door in' Winus- J '
joro. on the fust Monday in Xoveulhei J "
lext. within the hiral houKMif sale, a* ;
' ? - i ;?t i I
)timit* ouirry. 10 ujtr uium-i. j
ho tbl!o\vinjr-(lc>cribeil ju-ojHTty. ts j
AJ1 that picco. pawl or plantftlioi: I
>fl;md. lying. being and situate .in ;!) i
'ouuty of Fair tie Id. in the <?: : l,,**.!.
/* ?? ??)'ttn !
vckks. more or less. hounded on lis*. !
lorth and oust by lands belonging t< j.
Vlrs. Lucy A. Keller. om the sourh li;
uiiils t?i* Thomas liichard-on. deceased
uul 01. the west bv lands of VnHir.i:
l?. Dunlap; also, all tliat piece". puiv.e.
>r plantation of land, lyjnjr, bcinjr am j
(ituate in tin; County and State iifotr j r
:;iid. containing, t.wexty-fivk ..ukks ;
nore or less. bounded 011 the north by
tuids of Lncy A. Kellor&gn fhe ens; 1
>v lands of \\'m. Iliehardsra^ :iud o> J
south by and ue?-t by lands oi.Th<n?a> J
Richardson, deceased. . : I j
, V * tkkms of s \ t.f.: j 1
Oue-foalf i>f the purchase-money t- j
>e paid hi ca>h. and the luilanee in <>:?? j
ear l"r? ?iii the d:iy of sale. \viti;i uteres r f
no in said day. payable annii.dly,"' ft :: " ] >
nirchik-op to'give for said b:dr.iic{,: i
)oud secured by-a luortpure*.'i>?. tl'? |
premises sold, and to nav for all necos- i
;;irv papers. , '! ?
* - - l ' W. II. KFAlli: * . *} I
'lerli's Olu?rc. <J.'C. C. i>. -Fv (A .
\VitMl.-b??ro..S..(:\, - v.
Detoltcr 14. lSSl. .j. . * ;?*: .
'oct" \
BY virtue of * xrartriht' oit'iien to uj
iirocfr^l. .I*i)3 "fft-r ?or sjd<--b?Sr'rti;t!i
'ouit House door in Whim-Loro. S. C.. :
II o'olok, f-n the t;r?i 'JMonday '
S'ovuibor to the highest bidder, for JUasi
flu t'Tliowir.*: described property. to wir:
Four bait.*!* col ton?levied ujw>n r.< th
property ?>f Aquilln Harrison, St the sni .?
?t' Tlifjulm H at heart t'o.
"Sheriff* Office, b. F. C.
>Vinn'sboro. >>. (*. .
'c'oljor dtli,
>ct i .xif '2
' sukiufI'SSJLI}.
I") Y virtue of ?n cxrcnfion t.' u:?* tlirecJ '
y < <!. I will oflV-r t?>r sate. I>t?fore th
;ourt-hon??t? <l<mr ia \Vinn?l-or\.S. C.. <>?
h? tirst Monday in Xuvmulxg: next, witn ..
ti th- l?gxl iiourn of **!? . to* the hi t'?i?.v r,.
ji<ld?r. for Cash, the loliov/iu^-doscribe 'J
)ropi?rty. to wit;
All that irict "f '.lam?, lyinjj in Fnirfie!
vountr, Si>ntli Carolina, c DiVining tlir**uindre<l
iricr** or l?s-. b<inn<If<l };
of J K Clur.d, -ol-r. Johnson. -I. ri
ln.ll unci .ynte of riarmi^n- npo: '*
i? the | ropertv ot Unify MjoI! ni tho sr.:
it W. K. .Svk?s, Kxrc-ii.r
J. b. If cC Ale LEY,
>li-riir> Ofdcv. b. i.C.
Winiisb'T*. S. C., * 1
iO, IttSl. , j
..?-t l*>SIIMUFF'S
BV Tirtng of mi cx^cntion to in* rti
m-twl.-l will .offvr f.it. wV. hcfor rj
he con t-lions.' d'-or in WiMiKboro. S.
in the first .\>nn<iitv in ">7c>vtoi?h<*r iu-xt
within the l<x;u honrs ot >a'e. to Orelug:. ,
st bidder. l'?r Ovli. t..o lollowiu^-d.
.?*rib*?l jirojifrty. to >it:
All that tr?c-toi Issixsi. Kin* in iNurfiol'
[ entity. >. <;, c< nt.-?itii:;ti t.von;v-tv.
icrts. luor.' or b-ss, W*tn.|?nt by binds c
(<>l;n M. f'jt'tv.ck. Mrs. M^r^ar*t C.-'ju.ic
itid (V"tat? <>f IfJiftr >ns i'oju', derorw'l
upon as th<> proju-ry of .foscj" . .
smith at the suit of Ma;y?rrt 'Vm<vk.
j. j>. }.lcCAj;I^!-'Y,
sheriffs Cilice, f. 0.
Winnnboro. S. ' ..
)ctoh>>r 10, 1.-81. '
o.:t 15- ..
Y Virtiii?"<S*"ox??utioti-i to iu- dirocf'" "
i) e.d I vill otti-x-. for sale. .before th J /
.-uiirt-housv <loor m ^'iunsi.ioro, S, C.. o1 S,
he. tir^t Monday in Nov?:ii5??r n? st. tvitmji _
the k-gal hours of ??! < to tl:<* hi^iwst-bid "
lc-r, lor Cash. .thv io'lou^g-<!e-c>ib-; 'I?*
property. to -wit: . K
Seven bales of cotton, o'no h'.;v< hors.
fiir-!>orse aaj.-on and .harne> v oc"*
rwo-Horse piovr. thrive sucks cotton
? .... .t. i ' "..Li:. A'" fer., ').
mi" 1 ir.nww, umi .MJ.VH .
one hot*, one smaU ? ne -Hor.' '
hif.:r?*e. also3 l??t of com ?aji?, jixmI oat
Ltrvif! uj?>n .is the j>n>W"'"*v '. > T-iV ft.
(*-?t heart Co., ?t the m;:6 oi Jamu ?.
HT?CS. ' ' ' f V
ALSO, ;.-; j .. v 1
one Cnc?}"
is tin? ]?roi?i'nj <>f Fr.incts Lfitiur at th*n?i
of W. 11. ?)o{v A C??.
j. u. jicCArxry,' i !
Si.pjifT* Offio-\ . h. l-. C. ! A
' v\ jjin^boro, S L\,'
i>otol"-r 4, JjiM.
m-r2:- "f
siiicn r/F's sa l j:. . j. N
BY virtue of.-in x-^nti-n to ;?i r- ?lh>c: 1
f<l. 1 will x-ft-r for s:W,, 1-cfor- ti ;
nj'e ilo?.r :u WiraisSwo. >. " j
the Jir?>t yopdnr In N<nvmli* r n-xt. wjt? . 1
in tin* I'pi) hoar.- < f si'.Ir. s<> fit* l.ijjhe- !
l)i']?liT. for Cash, tbe lo!l ?\\ iu^-.trsc?ib< j
prop+rt , to wit:
All that twrt 01" Inn?? lyinrr in F:iirrn-i !
I'onnty, S.ath ("aro':R??. wnt.i ::?n.* tw 1 j
tv i.ef s. mor?- <>v l- j-s. jonmb*! by Ian j
i?f Mr*. E. T. "?Wir nti-\ tin1 C.tstif Chi i
livu Kno*?a :ss t!:i* H<*nry C.-?>tl?s Hnm< j
nj?oa as tin* j>i'op?>rt\* < !
Hc-lirv Ca*tl?\st cincvjtsrd, at thv "suit < j
L'hos. McKinstrv.
r>. .McCAur.r.v.
Sh-'rilTs c*. F. C. j
"Mnnsimr?>. >. i;.,
f)ct??bor ?' , JnM .
oct :5- .
\LL p?TS"S> - i rt i t.V Ij' "j
.1 (). i N" >J I SST< )N; \ vi ? }
l-ii-nsf rsij ij.'i'i.viU ;. t'injjn.- ri"t
IiV th^ ?iTNt?Veml> r next will !> ? j->%
into' fhi* Ijftfids'el r.u* A't'-rn^'y f? r ?.lii ' *
fi'-n. F. i.I.PEU. ....
Sei 11-j- JiGw v.
* , ?|fc|- . j I..I II.WI
.-WW- ?- -J^g
; r
' ' .- - -r? r
;he old sta^'dor has
- . - . *:
-t. - '. - -r r. ;;
eeti reoii^ne'.Lnnil ^nr.nlied with t-ta
boicest f.to'ck of Liqnors^; \Y5Ses.
Jigarsnrd Tobacco.
It is tbe-place where yen ezu-'?et
nytiiin# iu tlie ;jpX'
calfc 3on want, r.s I w.ii-fant cxbvy v
rlicle.l sell for tlie n>on</y. .
'"To' iir:Jie this place ])iC'uyafrt"j: :iimt
eep ir np ia tlie style of ?/sr.
: ' ; v.lave
cringed ttie.SciT;*jerr<>f
"" ' Y ;?
^ vv.
asm. A. WISOATK*
ho will take special pnins tfo see
is.o?storr:^s.a?(l..irii^n.'ls tr/sil my .
arab'ip'jp.tecl, aia you wtinitepleas*
S to Iiotv''he'lit-eps
' *"5*
I,XT J (li-miming Uow
^L.v . J ... -c, ..
..... in
palmetto iiou'k,
:e?t by
oct 15 ^ ^ ^ g
' ?for.?
. .
- tx?
310TH IX (r I
. * . - . . *
?a j ? ?.
. v. V:
; - ... ?o?o
v'V?' ? -A?g
AT . __ T>
:EEAP stirs
' ' AT
AT ..
'* k . -" ru
. B. bUGEN?;EI2;EE*S.
AT .
JB. :-rorATfEni?3rs.
: |
... . .
* - -- : - S?S
'.'.o...'' : - :. j- * ..." : - '. ' {
;/* } .- +7 -S'-- '.{Si
> :
.V..t - ^
l--NK;E- LOT
??fi ' w
i CABSAOK -^5>
. / JTOATOIS. . ;i: ;.
* ';; '
xEVt-sr-rriA* or-:,rA< scr&i
,.v '-*0
iEWFLOnj ai rl JTrSH W)!.T!") ^
mkal-JI'ST ( OM.J: sy.!
ALL SOCi.N (.Tin Ti.i:
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VS. M. Dcniv.
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