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The Fairfield news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1881-1900, November 09, 1881, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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<o 3-SPU-^:
Vdt Um and iikkald.
IT I2\"SS B( ?aO. S. C.
"WSrr^AT, NvTv?sb,.r i>, : ; : ?.<??:.
t - x]ay-Tr:. :?a r?*. : .. rrt=x.
-7>'-?. 5. ;:>;>\\oLJrs. . > r;-: : Ennoy.
Ofar y. f j. ' " N'^v
Lr.-j Iwfi.i >rsT',t::fV <>'
*?..? *s-. tf~ i.. t:...
***-.' Z- ; VTI>t#? \ . iKT.illH.'Ul ,1'iM >1.1
]}*. :.?' w;r:vU, i/:ir v. ::>
T>r: Pr.i^i ?r; !?:* > :m:.' : v;?i; fo
ii.<r ?v-T."y "'. ?*'"*? r!?i..??:?: ill V"
5< .V. Austria ii.?Vc I*.
AV<> ii.L-t;'.-:-.-" (tiiiiiiu
?5.i :-?! ? ; ;il-rr-iit..
% ^ 5 .T-/'-:: iI:;.;. f.svtv {avtir^ In
fcii- .-ff.Vvr '?} ;>' \Wflr
,V?~ >;rr": *! * *c::rvd flic
>.? ::k*v witliw.it v.'.ii.ing
"v T
'i-J'i If. -A- Ymx //'
5,S-->CU? ti?oi ili.
ss?..c .
y v. ill win in Nc-.t' Y<<;-!:.
xuyf fc:?s u?y will In; ;>:.T!:s
l?. Lf.T,
< i- ruin So {Voir:
?r.i'i'v r-f?, i;i u isloij hi s,-uj
is e!JtU:il- .UI-iiK-, if ;
j^lV?cghf. tiac-y' l-i;- : TT*1
i*r- ?l:xi :*u:irt^;t6 in 1*>4. The
?*J?i tjc&t wiil !>c fought
lu tlu; cu:i-se:!?ionv
tioA-rtr ?;>;* sm OjS?'C.. but docs nut
in aay cw.
"SJir- has (ftj'ic hinr very j
SsJ*i* Art bur refuses to appoint :
3&ns x& ffcr oaotw-f he was a
??rte*J Ui-i^Ulcr/' Arthur is tvnly i
5>yu?- i
?^Q?l j
T-v* Arctic $<{ ;;*jjcv .XSSiar.cc which'
-rs-ri vk K*?rch- ??f r.r<e fie?vf<> >iwi!!j?r
A"aJ?na?io - l;H^CUtu.-no<l to Grassland.
s?> Now York. X<>
?k5?i3?have lnjr? reeoived from the
w-isag >fj5K;M.ir. 'flir icc tinic'i '
ucjU- fctinWs M>a;>? sha-j-f n^.w!:
arm's? of I'.-srm'll nnd his co;:5kScts1'<is
Ua.< aliuust Ha:!?yc?l <>iU tht72"rYi*"<Tr"of
tHo- Can ft Lo::^;vo i:i
XvCAiMt. I'uiMjfii wade tho l:?israko of
Kcv^;- *
X-'V-iC i:Kv far. lie had *V>":-od :u:
Of;T orrt <>? an:!
ik??sS>;.Li>!i!y riciuumuMf T.V
fur.lnT a^iiav^n.
?.i;\y :h:*t iTestrixycil i.is
v'iW.V.M. v?. i!-.e- KsiVJkmairc.
ibs-Si-LNtbI:c:!!J ouuciidatfr fw 4'?>:?>5
Kh'venth O>ii??res>-ioi:a.
rihv l\*r^' Toys L*N.y- We i> '
> ro1;^ o:m iiV> money ai an alannini:
rv.r. xfl-Jje- >?rt wi.SVHi with i!::>. the
liZ^:rare biaeknniiiinir p v. .v
Csa-ilci> ???lenj:/i;>\6s in a
...... tfe^ws'iv? ssswtfr. ITse iTcrnrif ?fve< a '
a";T-.. iuo picture of a iladieai insiire
at. iiis and brow-,
V^La;* l!;;vate:?;!:? poor devil.~
f.^piVniT fi;;5?>".5ty U* ??uy t?s-o a-ses>??>
-v-iv "-rent nar'.v
*> 'wr-.mf uious iuUs it? ou the
^ :v. rr?ac:?t.
fi::> nome ??ut M-l- ;>! !> ?.* '
o' 'J.'*- iveenl (>cri)i:ui elections. Iii^
??> busily beaten in :
'* Set*.. juut all his chief
?-J" ^-*i:r:seU to fix;
.i<*-A.?r,r who made tietcr>aiiseil on-,
shL?ss>yj- ?t? v1:s **i?rt^s*<ks-isis"% was
C-inc-'.-rv by five thousand vote*. A
g^'vjvJyisjr <>f ;??* e'eciions i- .
ii'js- *a;tf?sj:?ity with which the voters
} *' vlrc loaders of ilia le'jivvv
.9Sr?G*Cfr?vt 'ujvoi'ivy. :lU>ua? L i Uoi ll::.
tHL t ifenrier, the kiwck* <?: j
?; . Cv; ?> ! ? pcrseer. tions, rveei ved b;;!
Jinndrcd vote* out of forty rhon^
v -- ]&*nKi:'Cu> i:>tk;enee in <*eron
the wane. f?:?rl he nviy s^on
tv.uL IS&i&ijfjgcroxiiseii;!y in the minorir%
.jsc- ?- _ i
X (JvA^kCi\N. named Oliver.' f>;>
r"r-v* fo jrrief hrXew York, lie sold:
9 :.um in and then obtained
Tuavj-y i":is yi-:vr ?:e*'>:\-?pretemt5
c lAicc !:< tfilii.isZtXKi tw phi relation. ^
K* t?> Xew York, fin*I v."as
arrested. lie is described as a,
Southerner in appearance and i
a- :;i-*r>'in?ra!?e?7y Tl>is i-.
vJvu constat &c?u- tvpwrd iviuh
-97-i'tr. wc-presume, in Yankee eyes.
1' the evident -surprise of the reporter.
Southerner didn't let loose
&<&u3i' s-vray gcuecaifv at the crowd
%\lj>sfs srwrsted. Oi hi?v rrc*- found
i>c iolliwving unique letter from hi> [
H-t Athens, Ga.: > I
'A -i'-sf?. ftave JoSKJeor-ria. I was ex*
nnjffr: r>r>If told ;ne it was going:
tx- Lost. I suppose you made a good i
S'.iniriW if- I&sA gsf t;.> prambfrnn- in f
j*?>c York as you did in Atlanta, and. j
: .y to the oid man 'money or disgrace*.!
"3r* .-r.fr <?o lis Eiiglifcii t send you. th?' I
x:.-u'yJ? T3hs ??ev:t&nll"y |a choi e
"busted" and his broih-!
*?. We protest against either of then;
Wit** couiidu'red. "typical Southern-:
.. Fok the first tiia-i sinre ks fyundn^vssi.
vihiy SxvJv hi the dawn- of aires.
2kr*a?w*J .\fc?*!<.'nv city of Saiwnwn. in
~ Africa. ins bofti: l?y
5lv ;?&Chrr$! ian troops. Tin'
_**rv>;-!;u;L ??t: ti.v S'vsfii :?! ! f:"<!.
aW 1&* KVetwh'met \vi;h jk>
t TIic 2loslc:;:? shut themselves
T^rrHr-n-isTS-ffiicf rf:ry r.-.vrfrC ?.-t v;itjK^&vpsofaiiftiiou
of their mosques.
Although the thst rc-u!? i
uLV-vcai>k- to Fraiiee, tic uI;:n::Ue eilee:
:* for wffh Hppreijefisiyn. It
v r t > x 1 i
: ' *? ;.t";i:sru;:;ciui;:> 01 .uric ::nu ?\Ma
UrLYt* b*(l i;:.lLtt'iiJ.:iuy ot" the warlike
;Tiro: r<*rMfrr o?* i?( . ;; :<!:<'< >?<.-r*"? l
sjsov-Ul l>e a ?feu?':ai not only
L:t *<u in all l^hnn. ti? i;
i hi>i:?r. ;;Kfcir- 5** \\ a^h <>:it I lie ?i:.iis .
v. la Li ti:c l>loo<l of (.'!?:: ti.\n *1 >-.*
V !iui*!ii!:airiy f. c; '.he followers of :hv
p?v*vSv! -Ti:. k?\.\ :i:a-V ;4 are ho.!:
iuu cai:ioi!.'.\blo v.?:i(!iiis:;?j??!!>"
;?>1 tlnancLaHv. "C!*?r la. Ick ha>
I sAkjtitfpJ. and the former
,:'>vcr: t!i(-ii! i:< : naM i;* n-oons iii
;Uu*iv-finw They see in no
: > j?i*e.v??k?J u? \>i: w \v li!v?l*>
v. ?'!;.? hi. v. ci-iiMii' the;::, w-W I'lV>Ui
* ;>v" !.V wrilt.
T-jk e:;i?va>s in -Ww York L- Uecouiiiags
r\x:tiv?l- &itk i?a,e;yi* are now in
:i>r liuui^ar.si-hi .VMiSio ?,}?;?> tI.et o are
hrw r-r four candidate*. Only two
in j}u> fl.tI
I: r Iteu.u-d Uj 2Vi:': ? '!. :u.il.. ?v
I; by C-.u c. ti.o eity of
I\Vw Yt.rk . 110 Dv-iuot.;!* :?iv ;iU ui.ir< -]
c-4l tii-9 f*t>< v?>M?Te<>iiM!:U
Ilsrilv ?!5(i I'Sw-.vers. Tii^iorii;*
r viil scrf;.i;^y <?e i;' iho
I.ittW sC^CCtvb it W'iil UU U. Vi'liiiKVillc
^;ii::. 'Tlis^ i >; :!?:>?-VH.J5* tetV?' t'AO j-;cat
iicker."- i-r ?: '* ->*- !?i. ??!;< !:??uji:tr?:? .'! 1^
;!ic f>c!5? ?cr:t?-v ami ;!;.*> nt'ii'i"
i>y r?!ii!u.?!iy. i: iv ?1 ??*
:*<:!!iiSy ! V.'ii* r, over !;'.? !:
IV.m'.Saiiv ;u>'i ;:n' Rrj.sjbliirai.*. r<
;ir#.'?h!yn, ! ;<' jKHcbhitr i-Vn:?j<Tu!* have
iiJs. j n-.-cn: Ri;iy^:\
Iv; f- !'?ve <: ii
jr^fl ;.l! lac!!?>*;i?t
:iuvc '.iliilcu <>:i
\ 't-.*:?!*: .ii" i!:<*
lirj'iir'it {'i be ?!,?. r-::!;tii"
I - rail "i:Ji <*<>'??? t i:!
S!a:tj l>c c!;?-tv, as b???ll
v:rrr^,.'7f Svw Yuri; :i> tin; Pivorji!
S::rc\ election J:;!a> pLcy "ii
-- - ? !.*?? -^brw- T-i".
lf?r.\A:: d\.\ i' tiv: i Im-s !? >\\v
> \v: i <> iM-.vt: !<- v?
!ij;;:;;ljy i:i lln* !ic:?i"!s <4
:i?i ]:a> il b:U!
;r ?{ji rr<N?nl m? sM'IoU' a
IV. Al ff::\ t?ri"?fA on 1 h'i
Ms u ami in ^ix hour.
>ver :'??riy u'cu* in
'< fh?l!>:M:ii denial's W.n'th
??f (!( >{: ?a Th* ?** ? < i;ynv,
hicli >\v< j t <>vi r I>'.?>;on
~;i;i (/h:?"iyo were in c.Miinai'ison n;>
snore svrioiis to she .-uU'erei's of tlioncities
i- the loss which lias ftilfcn
ti:f> ):!t/ .; t<?;? ?>f S.mth OU'<.'!iha.
The fate ol' &s;;eli?:hl. n:id rl.e fcdvre
conflagrations thut have taken place in
Chf>t?r, ISook Hill. Abhcviile. and
other town*, r?m>* revve as a waruin?;
tb Wnmsboro. Our towrr'i>?? beert?
wonderfully spared from ravages by i
Jive'T but every week -of. respite only
der/ian<1* increased circumspection.
Our facilities tor fyrlrtUijc pre *boi>)d
i)e improved in some way. Little headway
could bo made by our tire departaiiaiHvt
any >?rio?s conflagration^
It should be the settled pof'cy
of the town to have a new cistern
built every year. Had this been adopted
eight years auo we would now be
tolerawiy v eft nitW water. fc
i> forlise citizens to say what shall be
1 tl.ciri think uf Kdiretield and
In' wiii'wfl. ;
Hasten Slowly.
- ' /
A vo ir wiil lu forc l!sc )i^\t
^ gc'io:: hi tl;js nm* i;** 7xnn:iiKli;:^
v.ili not s'.^yui'uli; ?>;
t!>0 mwt or months. yet oi:
;i!l shies are Iicastl rumors of combinations
a;ui n i;t*-j);i!i:ii^. A ntjjfrJxr of
natriojs arc willing :? sacriticc them.sK:l?vs
i\>" the <f t! c-'r c lintiy.
o:u ijiftn'tr'.v * >
ness t;> i*i: iliyy arc whispering
?v) each othes-'- TImj inevitable i\~na:*d
is already making its ap;>e::ra::ee.
Ths* f;r t!;ii lanrrt-abn-^'d "State
!iijiioc j'iin^" ha> not been heard IVojjj,
Th::s?' ircntietnen. if they ever indulged
in the pleasant position of nnjr-nnskhaveabaadoned
it.and the aileiivd
>;i:>;:i!)h:c-ry ~ co:irc* from without.
The voters umst not Miller t!io::i-eh
es to be bridled by theso <:rie.s i>i
Thoy arc. just as of:c:: as
no!. raised Id divert attention from
those *>\ h^> do the shoii;bur. It is t?:o
~oo!i yet lo be eo::.~iilcr::5i?* nominations.
r's'.:ly of giM>d nun can !;<
Dum! i?: tLe esp'vkii/y JOr r
ctiifC-r. w"?;h?iU i?kiu<r ;t year <>r juo. e
to l::ivr-?;t riJ. 'L"*>c?"e be ih> harm
ii! (jiii'jtiy v-H.stijjiz over the ground bet'ordiund,
but there it no i:eed ior
active exer;l??: yet.
Every oiSv-ia! Should be r-viP^tr^ on
his own iisiirpeuden'.iy of anybouly
oistv :ik! imtious should
be viewed with suspicion. L;-t t*:e
people look out for rin^s. w hetherthey
!,e a:i:o".!? the "Ills" or MllOiy till'
The Law About Protested Taxes.
There is a !:t\v on the statute l>oo!c
"?U oifr iiucrpvcnmwr i>
sh.ni'd be cliaujiod in sojisn way. Ii
provides that wli? rj : 11 i;.d vidua!
us liiiiist-ir i?;iju*l2v taxed, lie nm-r
[iibv i;: ;!:(? ?;:??:soy ucvi r??iclsr?t?. and
thc? ii: it: o Mill to revive? tho?
anionic. In the incant:tne the county
tsvasurer wast ivnvard ihe money
in to l!:c Stale (iva>ii:y, then,
to i)c hold uotil the issue is decided.
The law appear.-* W> nu*iu?de a I! taspsrnot
iHtlv ior lix- Sisfp. hrrt ?/r the
cosntyT t!ic -?t*ij*)v>ls and for special
\ arposes. In Fyirlield, the (Charlotte.
Columbia at?l August a I railroad has
paid ir> taxes, under protest on the:
liTouisd of excessive aft-sssnrents, ai:d
these tvx aai?x;n!. in round numbers, to
nr&out t\yo thousand live hundred dollars.
ovcXh^t'of w hii'li is for school.
and county purposes. This money will
go to- Cohsnr&if#, artH remain there until
tedious proceedings have been had, for
the question will inevitably iro before
tl>e Sttprem? Corrrt. An tnrcxpected".
detlcit will occur i:i the local fund*,
.ri t,-;n im oinhnrrassment. Over
a year bas eb*$v*en s!j?i>o the assessment
was made, and ample time has ,
been allowed for a final decision in ti-.r*
premises. Tiie Act should bo ameud- e<T
so ;"<s to re-tarn* art appeal within
lli'rrty d-iys from assessment, instead
of r<isct>vd:iys payment of taxes..
Tiie?? t'^vrc M tJ.n'.d 5*r-r><> s?rh vexatious
<?c-j?y avisexpected in tLie present instance.
; ryrflCt'Ttoe&J !).*s T/.-Vrec&T.c.;
. . = Elections To-Day; "*'
The elet-rions- are : important
in ilvwfc- on national pomics.
and on ioc*;u government i:i the South.
In Xcw York :i is a question whether
!Democrat nui >t*the difiereiit
Suite t l'.i from ihe Republic*]'* who
gained them in l*7l? through tiie treason
of r..>-s Krlly. The governorship
i- n->r in question this year. A %!>t
v?i:i i;v made fort I*; Legislature which
is now heavily Ticpuhiican. The
I ' :n.>t:rais hop? to gain ?lie Senate.
T\vo %>:giv->a:en will be selected to
?i!i vacancies. Hiirdy anil Flovser~;?>
the I>eir:v,frr?:>, a:id Tom Murphy,
''rant's chum. and \V. Yi. A-tor the
'h-puiuic.-:.>. li t!:"' Democrats earrv
hotn dis'rieis. the >!rail;lit IJcpuhli nns
will he in a :ni;tori:y of one in She new
J^>i:irh en?.nyii luce. enden*!v?!i
v.?:e -iie iicp:ihSic?n speaker t??
ehv; him.
I;; \ In iiihi. niu-h denends on the
v.-ie to-tlay. A:i ?!:< ?1< rt !: <-;? j< arrayc.I
*?:i 1110 situ- < !' rX-.i-Icl. mi'I 3i;th:.,*>c
hatls- the- r;-f P;:3' and w^ri'C-- The
X;khiii;;I p?\ rm:m n?. !&l- Hi-WS with
tiie Moj>iu!!:?tors. aiui ITadlra?r^ort?r- j*
j.oursnir i:?tlio T!;e i-.-i;e i<:cu]>tfal.
;'ovonnni':it and
d?s-r:?*y are in ;l:e ss-aic.
pi will a]>;* eL*vi a Stare!
joker. An Indoj;vijT?*svi r^^matornd
eandMuttr i< our, ai:d s.cvita!*!*JlrtViilcicLfj*
is ab:'<?ad. '.nr uobjdv cvp<v:
unythinii i>at a i)o:t?oor;:t:o vio:<'ry~
o It>11*Uc
wWst.'i i'.; ?*:.) !?::Cli <">?Vi:s into
boinln^:- J';'."t yfti The ciiii'f ;> uc ir>-!: -
!:?:; I.:-!n:il* si:;t;i rfciursi *<? ti:0
f?r !M: -by (icKfTr*.!
?' : 1:1!:i:? \v!-o i* t:-'r lifjuy 1:1 m :>i'f' T:*'.
' 'ii: -Hi!-- - ;1!i sskiii. but !;::
j.% ;sof *'< ; v o'-v!vc'. :,i;?s l;W ? V' i\\
!!< !: !]..a it is
war Listt r?-?y in'o ti.i!
fifk f;s* i'.'rtitip. lie
H'OWi hono! t ;
C ~;iI.::s!? - '1'!::' br.-l iI,a::iar
\v:!i u-iuni. Ti;j^ i- pn?; c!'.
i!t: is ,i i:s'.??,5.,n:slj>y abie rua:!. a;:t!
Oi!i:t wiii eli-ct. but 1:0 i;;.p:.rl;u:t
i->!K.*s an.' at .-?a-.r\ K\- ( {;!
i:: lYij::-ylv;U;i:t. V, ?>!Itr >N makiai:'
an i!;<i? :?: !??!? : 1L rao?- I'aiicy lor
S;;?:? 1 ! < ;*. >ti !"< )*. ;i~ I lit' i;tlcr i- ("astjt:Nob:;*,
i >ol*iv?ul;*1. may
'5?i> i:?. ot.'t'V?crr.
Jmali a:id the Waaie.
TU^ r'*J!L:i;>>: > trirt !fs ?>(' S-hi I'rasuas
: > .-in- <:i :t :? ! >!! account
<>i : !i<i t!i(j Whale. A cM*!luili
i.iiiy ic:i<-!ivi* in :: I'rc-sbyfcrian Sunday
S'-!.<) ?!. :>>: ! -> i:?-P
!:r*: it, hvt* l?clii!{'in 11:0 iii-'pir.icf
i!:?: Scripture*. r.mt at first
accepted '.he episodes of Daniel ;;iul
Jonah as liierall\ ir;ic, 0:1 xccuttd
thought, hazarded J lie opinion that they
illicit in* merely pictorial represenlnfrons.
>'h? tWrctl; >ho sai*'. "lo teach
Christ's teachings ti!l her eyelids closed i
in tlenth; hut she did not want to ho
asked tun l'iiit" aboat whales and such .
.fMng-s*' brt:a gather
to her. Therenporra regular trial was
instituted anil she was deprived of her
class: but not until she hadmade*some
i#orous comparisons between Uob
Ingersoll and her pastor. Tlie issue >
tbus raised has been further discussed.
The Uov. Dr. Kiel:!, in tlie KroiiffcTht.
thai tlx1 trial should have ended
before it Infill ' while Dr. Prime, i:i
the OLserrcr. earnestly commends the
i>re>bytery for its action. i
The lady in question has strong
backing ammi!.' members of the Christian
religion. "The .speaker's Commentary
on tii?* Bible," piepaved !'<?.
Speaker f>ei:u:son, ol the House of
Commons, by learned theologians of
Knghmd. di.-cusses the authenticity oi
these passages at length. Though
deeidiny: in favor of Ifleral interpreta
tirm, it says that as the three lir>t
chapters of Uosea are generally accepted
:ts if, may be. rctl<ohiil
that ilie Hook of Jonah is likewise a
"parabolic prophesying.*' The decision
in tiiis t.\?;ume:?{:'.ry is based rather
on the weight of historic evidcncvtiian
<?xv<lt?*-tri:?::l and the learned
divine who made it would hardiy have
gone ;is far as tlie church in San Francisco
has done. It is a matter entirely :
ior_e?:cie>i.t>'if.ii ant:iorftie>\ hut there
are many thinusof more vital importance
to the world than the solution of
the problem whether Jonah was s?val-!
lowed by the whale. Religion is based .
rather on :rs precepts and laws than on
o..n i'-- .-.ml jf n '
ll> Iinvi 4*.-* IIU\? ? ? - ?.
nijt'sijon whether a woman cannot
the tC~dnn:r* of Christ" even
if she doesn't *;carc tj be asked about
whales ami such things/'
The Yorktov/n Trip.
Major S. i\ JiHmiV-'ou's- letter to the
2\'ctrg end Courier is a coinplfrfcr vi*i-'
dicaiion of his management as Centennial
Commissioner. N->tonly did he
u^' ordinary vigilance, but ho was
;:i?:i.-;i:;!ly /.ealous and untiring" in his
endeavors to make the expedition a
mwccss. lie had to cou'.end with
small appropriation. a violation of;
contract by the railroad.and a 1'aHnve '
M" of promises made b" tlie '
Federal government, in spite of ;i>I of;
wl'.i.-lt there was no serious ineon
venienec after a!'. The members of
the Gordon Light Infantry.- 011 their
return, l.^e rcifnes.s that I he reports
of mismanagement had been mm-!:
3 1
As u> Jiie great hnrrah raised over
t':e exclttsioa <>i" the troop* from the j
learner at breakfast. Major Ilami!-<
ton's defence is amply sustained.
Breakfast i:aii been prepared for a fVw
persons on the boat, awl provisions
had been made for breakfast tor the j
tr:w>p> :u tbe tcradrm*. The truin was |
delayed, so the regular programme:
failed, and there was not enough on
tlie boat to feed even body: and no
distinctions could be made among the
throe-hundred whose break last \\r?i
awaiting them somewhere else. In
camp the l'ood was abundant and of
good quality.
TLe disposition to grumble is largely
developed i?i a great portion of our j
' 1 *.? _. *1 !
population. ami h is a pity unit it inot
hold oftener in check.
When an individual is taken tip by !
the State, transported several hundred i
miles. frd three or four da\s and:
brought safely l?::ck home after a
week's jaunt?and all for nothing-?it i>
not a mark of the best taste or bos;
temper to "rumble because everything
did nut pass oil"smoothly and ltixr.ri-1
ou<ly, especially when it might easily
have been discovered that !lie gentle-.
man in v:!ra:-*go was nut responsible for .
small mishaps.
The Gordon Light InfoiMrv, than
which there is :sr>t a better eon?].>nny ;
in the State, went off to have a good '
time, ami, by taking* :>>in?j* ar tiiey
came, and accommodating them>c!ves
.o circumstances, not only <rol along ]
without c.mvenii K*e. bo*,. in their ow n
words "had a gorgeous lime." They
thus had lights and ice water
and plenty of room. They did not
carry a Kutaw flag, it i< trnn, but they
c-onld dune so w ithoul irrumlilisiir.
oven on empty stomachs, flie mure
especially as beer \v:is only live cent-;
a *?i<l water v;a$3orbitfilcn.
We hope to hear ii<% more about the
Vorktow.'i Centennial. If \v:;s a biy
iri|>. ami it passed i>fl'succcs>Jn!ly. ant]
vv? (iO'.jii? if anybody Viiio went there
\v:i* sorry f>r >!- J>taj >r Hamilton
deserves ;I;o thank.* of the j?iate for his
untiring zeal and emTiry. ami tor
doing <>> much with so Utile money.
'iup: a i <?.v L.t w.
Its M?:r:s!, yooiiii a;;?] IV Aspect.
V. I tiic^o hy noli
r i;: ill-.' Lien Law i:; i;s Minimis :isu^iiTf.
IfIl*?; t'ltiical i??sis ot" the
;&-w Uf entitled to our unbounded
conliiS'tnrr'. ?<> fliosc port'on?
imr to political economy nui-t a I
l?o. For vKf,-\ ]>;>rtj>iu ha.i the suau;
?:ivim? origin,,and is srrfiu&i^i-v? j-o she
>aiii;l^'ioat end.. lie iv^<> adapS*^ Ik'*
m*i inUu>'.s-*<? (*ur liar'cin; and ronditif^ihy
rV;s nut ojjly our i:ap;.>i
vi* v-v YI ?;- r rwu Ai^v* w i .
Vr?xr i*v y.'iis. ir<?i* i>l>cni< iire- rv> t;."iv
i'. ;u-!iii lt> i> -*pl<?:Ii:s:.;ti in ail IniTi-i-r
!$.? pj-..;:ii^!> <.?l' il:<> ii:'e tl::ir now i>"~
well vihioh i> U> couie. TL-:
v?:rr?.-t sc^jrfiv inns! ;:t:?iI lissH <">nM>r:;:::v
to ?h'* f!i\iiie tf-:u-!!iii,i;> makes i
a ?.?etK,r i:i<tu every wny ihan or>c \v::w-e
it!<" i? ii! <>':p<?-3!iui: to liiejli. 1 have
l!:i- . ii<? ?>! ?;. ilcii* .?!*.=. :i> J>re- 1
i:?:a:?>rv ?:> :>u n]r;.e:,] io the Serin- '
?sr;'s. ojip'*.::-!;;)* a- your *>n*;;t, ]io?v?ver
v;;iis :n>i :i r<-!:i:icv*?s one. \
"i !h- >? : :]?!iircs 1r%r!i C'"n;u?:;jy. The <
Saviour cniiii2t:;i;ilfi! to ?ai!;er iip i.'iC !
lVai:!i?ei:is thai /">//< ?'.>;/ This '
:lis ;i v:ui::ii>!(? livsnli. J-'oi- ii* v.'c .
are I'orbi-.iwCMi >> s?nyt^Titir ??{* tl ?.? j
1V.!^ - < !' !;? <? V ii?>r?V Mi.lfii .
linn e we tori>:<lt!e:i to wasfe j?;;r; n- <
i>;!r JitlMl" W:i;<M (.ill" i.'V. ;i s.i;?- ;
Ir*.ti*r :+m' f'l ?i?i; i":j::::;ic*:? i!c;m'1kI, i
> i rl?;-.r ii is no juvfJ; to :w whatever. 1
ami i:c:{lier iriven in charity nor t'< r <
lu'ijfvoSfjil {iiirj-c. {.'11: !!iii> iu.-t :
\\ hat \vc ?!o. so far a> l!:(r amouut of ;
ii.leie>i o:; a lieu i> . The ]
Syriyjiov* a}- '* teaeli (in* most <crtl- ]
jmlou* ihtc.Ml \ iaW Un-Iuess transM:- ;
: > "faMlii'iil over ;? fotf' :
(:.Ii sif lli** lew) am! "faithful i:i that i
which j.- /f.-'.'.s/" (L'Vcii in tin? least.) 1
The same thlelity is ji?t*iT? -i i:i ?* 1 <
measure ;>rc>?cd clov. ii. r.lso in (
ilit- t*t>.v!(\*t!iia!i?>:i of a **!:?!-?; weight". t
Hat !iii'i'i.' is i.ii<* rative i;:jt?isf- ]
1 ion which I de-iiiii noticinjr more fit I- ;
!y. am! <ij?on which nioiii: 1 shall >;h.ee
present argument. thai i*r
no is:an anything, hut ( save") to love .?
one another". This passage must have <
one cr '.he other of nvo mersnh^-s, if ]
n iiwt oiil-i'i* i.ic>!i?i iii-viT <> (? in (h'ht. i.
e.. never buy anything lor which pav- |
men t was not made at I lie time it was i
received, or it 1: ast mean p.iv exactly [ :
at the time yon promised to pay. j
Which of these n eaniiiifs is {lie true <
one, semis to depend on flic word I
rowtr\ Now, in jts iippjjcation to our i
uresent purpose, docs f&t ;> ; 1
>rn>ii (uio a ?:;cri\?ant n offni Virai ntd the
lime mutir-iliy ajrrcet! upon for its lull i
payment arrives? J.)oe* he not owe
the merchant something after receiv-. i
iiii:' tl.c tir-t instalment of supplies? i
and docs he not owe him still more ,
after receiving tin* second, &c?. Does ! ]
not the pussajte teach that v.'C >hot?ld 1;
owe but o/te 'debt, one that never can
be raucello.l?that of iove? Docs i! i
m>t imply'that debt is a t>nrrier lo the
full exers:i!?e of that universal oblijra- <
tint! of love to all mem which is CUT
{. smfimr upon nil? Out suppose it' i
should not be regarded a? a debt un- i
til the time c? nr> for it to b?i paid.
Then we are certain of recenhuj the <
supplies. but not certain of making ths . i
payment.- This is psittinu- tlic ox in > :
the pit on Saturday that we may take i
him out <>n Sunday. Apiiu it may be <
.-aid ;!vat ;iie eastonrofbnsi:;.*:^ men i.such
that tlie casli system is isnpracti- i
cah!e. This objection clearly as>umes !
that the cuslom of men may set. asMe :
all obligation to obey a divine com-.:
!!i:iii.hif one. then all. Tbc? were <
i':s<y to set as?;tto all divine obligations. :
troth those that arc rijrht because they
arc commanded. as well as those that
arc commanded because they arc ri?fht.
Thus {ot>. would we forfeit our name
as a ('hristi:i:i people. l>ut suppose nil
practice*' the cash system as a rule.
?I;?w much easier. sat?T and more ben?>
ficial would it be. not only to the buyer,
but to the seller as well. !t may
be objected that it is not always con-,
veitif ut to pay at the time, l! m:iv .
sometimes !?c so. (as the exception to
the rule) then deposits could be made. ;
as many do, Jo m^i't this inconvei;ieiicc.
It' we arc able to pay for what '
we buy. we are able to make deposits
I'or pnriv.>sCr ?[' n<st then we
should not buv. accordinir Iwt;jo above i
injunction, for hu\in*? wlien we art.
m?table to pay is 10 "owe". The ad- :
vn:it<>l the cash system would
open fl.-Iil loo wide tor mo to enter
no?Vr it i-< enouirh lor us to know
that lie wiio knows-whal U Tor the int-ivst
of his creatures. has comnunulcd
them to "owe no man anyll.in*".
What :i heau!;!V.i illustration of Ti:c :
cms!i system is found in the admirable :
regulations <?t*i*ie Post-clIicc Depart-;
mci:t. ;}i ri*ippo??e rise I/epartmen? aWashing!
on arjjued that as it was not
always convenient to pay, it would
therefore proceed (Mi the credit system..
The vesy idea eoijfcmia ilsowu re1ut:;~
* - ? V II "t.i. %> ?.??s*?!*o if- miivimi.
li'jn. an V'lli tn.inv/ ?V uvii ? ? >1
lent because they ?:i*c oidiired to. This :
i.- exactly what \vc want. Ji'men were
oldhred to pay sash ;hey wo?!d soon 1
inukf if convenient. This would save
thousands of creditors, merchants
am.-inu- them. from losing their money
because the liehtor euh?T h<u:rd.> it n;>
at home, or spend- it lor extravagance *.
and pleasure. lii eouehwm 3?es.si*?.
hid i: org I wish to >ay I have no issue in
tiu>e articii'S with the merchant. I
l;I;:ine ll:efarmers lar more limn the
merchant, the la ter don't deceive j
hciii. iieti'iis il:ei:i candidly what he.
proposes to do. The thr;nrr accepts il j
to hfc ovrn injury. Who is t<> Maine? ^
1 .,vn liii.li.lfiniwl i
.UUII\ 1*1 Will Vyl ?<wi t C N. * ?.??
honorable men. I have I wen dealing
(on a sjiuill scale) \vi11i two merchants
t?t"your town (Capt. I?. and Mr. I)- K.;
F.) !";>r more than ten years, tlvcy have
both shown me much kindness, atid J '
do think it. wonht l>e difficult to find het-;
tor sjierunon.* of the jientlemsns'y wer- 1
client. And I hope hereafter to be able
in harmony with my own views, to i?;itronize
such men with llic "ready money".
I now respectfully raise my nat to '
you. Messrs. Kditors. and thank you
!'?>} \o?r kiiiftucw. also tli:uik ?ho?;p . <
who have road these hastily written ; <
articles. and be? pardon of all who
have not, hoping when L wrilc again
I may have at be roc more susceptible;
of condensation. 1&. F. Coki.kv. i
- ^? J (
Duaocf.T) to Dk vtii.?Mr. Green L..
l)i s er. ti?<? :n:til carrier between this i
1'ila r and Lancaster, ('., received .
injuries while near this plr.ee on last
Satui?&y evening, which resulted in 1
his death on last. Tuesday evening.:1
From fr.pt. L. M. Secrest, who.se l?orse ;1
fie-d'-ccased was urivinjr, we learn r
that, the horse became frightened at I he !'
tr.ircass of a (Hid mule that lav in the :
r.vui and ran away through an old;'
lit Id. 0!i?; portion of which was grown *
up wiili gnnv saplings. It is supposed |
that Mr. Poster either attempted to
jump from, or was thrown out of his i i
suiky and became entarirled in some 1
way?perhaps Ins head bet ween the!
spokes of wheel?and dragged forsome
distance, until the hois*, tired of
dragging his weight. voluntarily stop-;;
ped. When found t!ie horse was near 1
by and the deceased was crawling i'
around on hi.- knees iu an unconscious ;
state. Ho replied to a few questions
put to ijim by Cap a:n Seerest when '
he was put in a bugiry to be taken 1
home, but beyond this exhibited no ,:
s'nus of co nsci on si rrss whatever during
the lime which elapsed before hi~;
death. Dr. Crowell was called in.;'
who tells us that the nntbrt<?nato man
was terribly braised up, and severe ;
internal injuries were sustained, and 1
perhaps the inner bone of the skull '
was broken, and his brain nlJeeitd. j
The deceased was about, sixty years 1
old and leaves a considerable family.
who have our -lucre sympathy in this ! {
thejr ~sA bereavement.? Monroe En- (
quircr. 1
?Conirn's^jKii! Uiacklnirn \vn? trav- '
c!i:iir in Tc\":i> not !mi^ :*ir> Jwiicn tiir !
o: her j?:Jr~-stMi:r<Ts. ??? ?r-i! v rovtrhoys.
stopru't} tTa* a:t'.l upon a }
Tl cva* niii'iil tim Ken- 1
u?-kv o:*!:?or thvsi^lil it to comply '
|]i> M'viTiii >?rui-? ?I '
ti ?.? ]<>iic s!i:rSt:i!c :tii(! - > *>?* ::~c<I h:.r??*:in'r>
l!i:*v lircil a revolver volley <
in apian*.". '
CON'S! '..Ifi i0.\ < t iiKi>.?A'i "11 i>2}*>tri:it\ I
r 'jji-in*; nr.i'fV''. Imv'i-j?fti.J ji! i : <
It hi- SV?P*S? l).* ar? F-ns* >iis-1<?n:Ty (.* ?
f r! i;:5a o 'l leif'tiy i-.r -lif
s,?v?*!y a",*? n-r.i.a . "7 o C^^suiapt:' n, I
Ti > rM'K C-Tn:rli. fl*n and ;t ] Ti'iM.H :i! d .
Lii!5>": -trr iso ;i lve a n! r-ifiic.'l ' irv '
y . onfT>! < ( ?/ t y rp-f ali n<-;ruiii?)aii'
.if-i Ji-iViTi" <ii"|i l*r::;y ro>:-r( i?s v?n*n/t<Tfs:i j
siiv i f TJmvp;.-1 i iiv u.c.n 1^ of (s. 11
Iijs rim*" io It Known'o iii . virvri ir :r - (
ji.v ^ Tiv" rf-cipif u'Tt tjc vnt ;r.- To (
all wr? 'c-mit it. wish in 1 i-f"j;* rr'*:):! - .
<nri j.-.ii*.;. r.. 'i t l? 11' i*
rtji!1t.!e'! f; a rr^jv rrtf ' "T.-.F. (
rs:v?in.\N".~a work of n^rlv ? jv.?s. o n
?.V?r Ti:'"* !aiT*-St aTl'l
i>"^r :n:;-lir w.ii-K ;r.i". Aiifl-"' v. ith *
- -.iKii i; sUV'n:;>-l sol: ? ]);
M. K BFLL. \a -V, Cit!> : S?.. iUi-iisll:>
N".'Vi\iy A'iv- t
?Pay. ynirr .?>ui)>cvujiiwu. Uv T*r;x
Zs LH"- A ]j U2ilC.VU^ '
run TJili' TO YOUKTOiYS, ,
? *?Ti:nIy ??r?l t'cwir? tf ion 1;V 4-:?r
5'ii:tt; Couiltj j;-s:;)h?*r.
>I;!HM' S. p. II:i:nikt.MI h.'is Wi'Iife!) Si (
i:it:" (<> rhc JS'tt!tr< ti't>>( (''. ?// '.:/ i:i ;
lis-wcr tt? d??r??t.'S uimte utr.-ihist him t
?! itii!!ir tl*e fr3p u> Vurkrown. i
ir.. ii.i. i.:.,.< ,
in; licit I lili; \ V; 1 111 v* tij-ir/iiir- I
im-nl I>y Governor Simpson as Si.-.Je
JotMmi-^iouer. Hy hard work, wiih (
kJ;c aid' <*ovcnior Jeter?;:?! C?>'?>n<d- i
I'.o iii i:i!li ;i '
Lc::i>iaiive utmroiaiation of '0.
lit.* lii'jii drew t!iy concurrent p-stili:-( .
'ion. which [,rc>V!i!r;t lhi-i *i *? ?int-?* .
hould be repre.-enjed !>v :t civic ;i ;
nihtary dcSe?;at:ou: the foriiier consist- ;
?!ic Governor \vi:h live a'des. .
the otThrerF.. ail ti c jtsdjjo j
> >:!> of tiiC Supremo and Chvui? |
L'ourts, tl:c Lieutenant.-'JoveruoF .".ml <
>pe:iker of tin: 1I otise. fivv. >^!i;?!oi? (
Hid t01!- fMfJI.'bci'S of the KntSe Ot" Ul'}>- (
le-cutatives: ami the latter by a but!;: 1- ,
ion of two hundred and lifty men. (
rank and iile. i
He add.- J ''On tho ;K!?h of Aj rii f
i.\.?t I was called to New Yorklo meet j
he Co!ivre>f;ional eonimi?>iou and ,
j. mtni.^io :er> to perfect a plan or
.>] 'ir.itions.- 1 fountt there that Ma<.<:i- ,
i;u-eus had appropriated |
New Ilamp-hire, sio.ono. New Jor>cy. |
i? much as the (inventor (teemed net:- j
s.-ary. I'eun^;. Ivania. a hit <ro sum.
W.?v V.-ii-L-. i k i !. i i f. ( ri < i !?'? 'a tin*: i
-;itilC. Maryland had'also irivcn a large |
-ii:n. Xunlil.'nrolina afterwards an- (
I pon the lirst scheme proposed at ,
that meeting I promptly announced',
that with the appropriation in hand |
Soul5:(.%olina could not possibly take ,
[nart; others ;dso oitjectiinj, the number
:>f days for the ceWwHten- was redueed: ]
to three, andi wndertook the prcpar,;- ,
lions necessary to transport and subsist
both ot'ouivdek'^li.ous. ,
My lirst intoiitiQ) \\as to&egp botk j'j
the military and eiv$&i:$ on a steamer. |
1 found tliis impossible after ransacking
the entire ra^te^o? steamboats in i
the United"Stales. JFivc thousand dol- ,
lar> was ti:c lowest bid, (-ijlO^OW- the
Inghesl,) which. *vUh railroad trans
[ortatiou and- other c.Npcuses, would ,
have cost $7.0()(i. Theu I proposed to :,
buy lent!: and hire a caterer at thys,
North, ami house and feed the troops ,
;>n shore. The tents I had estimates
for suiujMiu# up Si.^UO; the bid of the
caterer (the'lowest) $1.20 a head per
[lay. ir.akin?r $1 .'200 more.
Governor li;;?rood and myself had ,
iletcrmined to make no elibit* to have (
the i*tat.e represented in the face of
such expenses; but the Federal Govi-rrnment
ollered to lend tents lor the
Decision with wood, water ami straw.
Upon this assurance I concluded my
contract with the Chester Kiver Steam
l>oai L'ompany, oi uammore, n>r rue
unices of tlie steamer i>. H. Ford for
iive days, and to feed not oxcesalinii'
i>ne hundred persons, at i>oou
utter I concluded llio contract lor railroad
tranrporratiou from Columbia to .
Portsmouth, \vi h Mr. A. Pope, of the j i
Assorted Railways of Virginia ami '
tiie Carolina?, tor-airy six eompanic.- :
from Columbia, one from Slimier au<i
three1 from Florence, by the r<mte
known as the Atlantic Coast Line, to
Portsmouth, whichcontract is in wrii[nir,
to which I will hereafter n for. 1
then engaged Mr. T. Pollock, of Columbia.
known and skilled as a caterer,
to umlertake ibe cnlinan ffr'pfirtment
:iL Yorklowsi, and procured Colonel
Thompson to seek some trentlcnnm who
would draw me a plan of a kitchen
and mess hail to be erected at Yorktown
for our soldiers. While 1 was
iMijjaifed with these nwilfcv^U was announced
to me by :h? Adjutant-C-ener:d
and Col. Thompson thai, unless 1
wo it id ayieeto furnish transportation
for the various companies from their
h >:.ics to the main iiiie (from I'ol nubia
to Fbrtsmotrl ;) the battalion
woiild never coiuj to/eih:;r, ami the '
whole tiling prove a failure. I had
rej;vsc:i!aiions of the fanu kind from |,
of the company ofliccr-:. A;rai
uiy judgment I yielded the j?ointr and ,
t!iis cost over Jl'io. and necessitated '
the abandonment of my scheme of havir.g"
a me.*s hall JinH kitchen at Yorktown.
At this time I saw plainly a ,
clelieiency'lpominir up, and dreading it
and an app'&d'io fl:'c Legislature. 1 organized
wliat was''called the Yovklown
Auxiliary FiniH,''which'parnnttcd any
of the civic delegation lo cany a lady
upon the payment of This fund
was to be held, first to supplement the
State appropriation, and secondly to
provide Jbrtlie entertainment ot' sujv
iruotSj hy wh?e/* ti wrw fair fa presume
iliC ?:i\ ic delegation would be visited.
1 lnrikc u rou^li c>iiin;ilc now 1 hat it
will require ivom this fund tV?>?? ?3;J0
to sSW to make lip the detieieney in
the .State appropriation and to avoid :
l)ie necessity oi'our l:ar;:ssiiiir the he- : <
i>l:iinre with a detU-iwncy * >>!!. k permit!
fd besides to warry a delegation
uf ladies of wtricb ai;y Staie might be
proud. What moderate amount of*
wine*, &e.. which were used on the
slcatner were paid for out of this fund,
for Governor Hogood and myself were :
agreed at Jheotttsct that if the appropriation
had been a million iwrt one ; ]
cent of it wouid be spent for liquors.
wines, cigais, Arc. I believe onrs will 1
be the only State or United States ap- > 1
propriation which was not invaded for
On the 1st of October Major Ilamil- j
ton was informed that he could ^et
Duly twenty-five tents and no wood 1
or straw. He sent Lieutenant Lee, of (
Sumter, with more men fo Vwtetown. i !
They got straw but no wood, and he i1
liad to order wood from Baltimore. |
In a day or two Mr. Pollock departed
for Yorktown with tlic cooks, and :
was on the grounds the day before the , 1
troop* arviTcd, 1
"The morning- of oar depart nre cawe. 1
The train was tj cptisisr of (according j
to the contract in writing) six first-lass
passenger coaches for the soldiers
capable of seating o2 persons each,
which gave 312 seats. The battaUioii,
including company officers, numbered
300. and the band 10 or 12. The seventh
passenger coach was for the civic t
delegation, wliicli numbered about 4*r.
persons. The eighth passenger coach j
was for the ladies, for which I ps'.id the '
railroad $171.00 out of the auxiliary j
Vv'e left Coluinhiawith seven com-'
panics numbcring'2i0 officers and men:
for these we had four cars having -<>,s ;
>eats. one cat* *hr ihn civic deie?::}fio:ir
itnd one-Jo i; thejartfes.- At Sumter we
took 0D:the*S.n:ut(fi company* wish no
[iVeommoSafron'' -whatever , for their-,
but as it was-aileged that at Florence.'
imiy forty miles, we would have our
:>thcrtwo cars, da which the thirty
seais of the Sumter company were pro- ,
vided. it was suinniited to cheerfully.
1 > 4i. il \J ill I i \ \;vi til X l\/i vnv-vy 11 t? u..^
rriwioiinecd. thai by >oine arrangement
between the two Charleston companies (
:nd t!iO superintendent of tin; North- :
eastern liaiiro.nl, the former had con- (
eluded to rrecede its on the regular 1
train, uixl avait our eominjr at Wiliniisjfton.
'J his was done, as it was 1
?aii?, because- onr train was a heavy
!>nc. and sending- on the ChavJcsfon '
:oir,panics relieved trs of an additional '
burden. How this was I cannot say. '
not beinjr a railroad man, but il was a ]
listict violation ofthe written contract.:
;nd served to crowd the other cars.'
I he space allotted to-the Sumter com- t
jsanv was carried ahead of us on the t
rciiub.r frain. ar.d if anv of them liad !
to stand up from Sumler to Wilmin^- ?
ton tlicy well know the reason. At . J
Wiinsiiiyton. where tlierc Is a chantre
f ii'anjie wljicli necessitated a change
.vJr ears, she inconvenience ,?VK*>e IVojh a i
more serious violation of contract on (
litr pariofthe railroad company. Two i
A' ihe cars wer^twf ;*;>sen;rcr coaches, i
? - - t > - - - . - - ~ .1 ?
nut not conrain srainu i >v
iive people each, hence the crowding:
>nd delay. js
A* soon as ? resniert Torktown 1 ,
11oIifie?i Mr. Pope at i'iolimond of the j
Icl'.init of the railroads, and lie answer?d
by letter that Ue vcoidd have tho
natter r^tiifr-d oy> ortr rcfurn. Wlietlithis
was done I rannot -ay. as I had
:o stay to bring' offtlu; cauip etyw-pft-e (
Hiil baggage iei't behind.- 1
Our haifaSttm was constituted lor \
he or<?$uvn. composed of comyauUw 1
>f difisMvnt reginieiil-s wliiefe fo
concent: ated. on the rti.iin Rue of travel !
^.' .iux :.U. scjtiijUi. ottho Stuie. aiui wuat":
it.-vsT io:ret!?rV until lamied it York-(
u?V!!i VCily fiu*:c i';:Villi !,0 lis)
':>;? ? l"i S't UrtiiUi iiiUdiiU' {lit.* Coillpiiliio ( !'
iu camp oouipment. The jMute sr
IIi11 not !ro oxjici ttvi to tu'.'trMi i-iiuir?
lilti t;sbie<. :i* rlifso matter- wcloiijjf ?'X;!usivfly
(o iJ>i- men ami ofiVrers. Tin* *wliy
battalion li:ui no l?cs> >,T1
::iil i;:;> bcei! 5ili t'iiily
Tl'i1 Fifth MfirvI! 1 :< 1 v.;;> 0:1 o::o sM?>f
our ti:c Ni'W l.l.t'npMiiiT
!S'os/pji on !l;?; otiifi*. and the ''Iiathani /.
Artillery, of Savannah. near by. ci;
I'lifV Jtiv ;i!i 1>CT!I?:?lioiit or- ;;;
sanitations. The Fifth MaryTiitnl has rh
pi'iit. ifrcat ??::?! ; on i;.< 0Q.uip?is?*ii!- ?t'
u:?i its trip to Yorktown c.??r?.
msU by I in* of fhsinilivhlu- oV
i! nii-inburs of !:*_" r?:i;it!:c?:t. Xv.v
!t;iJii;>sliit*c iaul cxai-iiy twice our ;ij?uopriation.
Our Si>?*-i- Sf:ito <>1 ij.
icor^i:t" ni:;?U' no appropriation \vls:tt- in
vt-r, ant! {lit* Chatham Artillery, h<-r >r
sily ri-pri-si'Mraiivi's, was th<*r?: at tin.'Xpi'MM;
of its members. Tin- North HI
. aroiniu troops wort* jrivon tm?y rr:i::?x>rta!ion
teand Jrom Yorkiown; tr t--'
'ations and equipment welt* iV.f?ii>hcd 111
)v the assessment of the individual
ucniiMMN ot tlit4 <;'.>i?ij)n;nr*s. -}
One other m itt'T ahont whirh your '?l
reporter .-e?->>is to haw hce'.i row-idem- frt
>iy exercised", I.) wit. the exclusion of ?t
iii- military from iretiii;;; hre^UfiiM o;i ci
v.'ard of tIn* steamer. vThe
sj;pj>I\ iuir with meals o'-'seventylive
persons on {lit; 11. S. Fnvti had
ueen sublet to Henry Jacques. : cater*r
of Baltimore. I Se had supplies for
:li:U number. an:l no more. ;*nd he i
ould not make them feed three hun- tl1
I red and seventy-five persons?his eon- Il<
tract w;ts peremp'ory. There Was no il
juestion of equality or inequaHfv in- ^
solved. The civic delegation dkl not
know one word of the matter-and the '<
soldiers Jiad been so well advertised of
<i\* 1 t;it-1 hoy were to expect &y me in ;
your paper, and by their order*. that j
butfew applied for break faW/ Wish _
the accommodations of the steamer it:
would have taken six hours to <r;ve I
tiiree. hundred and seventy-tfve persons '
urn* mealv
?.Jajor ifcrmiUon says that as the de- ,
'eciiiiant of our of the American oJfli-ers
::t Yoiktown. he took ^Tcat ifrtercst
in the crdrbration and sarritfeed in;Hviiittal
interests to make the weapon,
;t succ.oss.
He couckules: <lIf there hu* been a
lack of adm'nistraiive abiHtv, the
youuii' men who composed our balfal-'
ion will h:ive to set it down that aire is !
nvertakiujr the ohi soldier. wb> tried to
do his best for them, and give hi in
credit for- those exertions without !
which they would not have been at
Vorkfowu at all.
There i> nothing-for the Stat*? to be
ashamed of or niortilied at. The spleuitid
show made by our battalion on review
tilled our hearts with pride, and I he
fact that t!;ev lived like .soldiers was i:i
mv opinion eisii!ici!tly proper on tlie
remain. very respect fi?H}\
S. P. IJAMWwtt.
Commissioner Yorktown C'efttc?*>iaf,
Pkatji ov Pkokkssou I) win Dt.x<ja>;
?Pro lessor David Duivhii died at >.
ins rc>i(lfMcc. on the College ('aniens,
mi Monday morning. in the '.'0th year
of his age, Jle was born in Ireland,
bnt came to this country when a young
man. settling in Virginia-, where he
lived till he came to Spartai:!n}rg, lie
was for many years 1'rofessor m Jlan['olpii-iiaeon
College. Virginia. which i
position lty held uniil he was elected
Professor of Ancient Languages in i
v. oftoru onege in i>-4, ami came
here to eni^r upon the duties of that
position ?i I he opening of the College. ?
lie retained his connection with Wol- t
ford College ever since, having for the i i
past lew years only nominally hold the Hi
position as Emeritus l.Yo-frssor, lie
was the father of Hon. I). i{. i>M:;can
ittul l'rof. VV. \V. l)unc:>n of this ci-iy,;
it in I Mr. l/Arcey Duncan, of S'nion.
i 1 is unbounded hospitality. youthful
-pints,-and- high social qualities' a!- C
ways made his home the centre of!
iii trad ion in the social circle. No one
ever lived in Spartan burg who was g
more universally admired ami belovwi
by our whole community. lleli-wdto .
ii good old age, and his life has been (
well spent. His funeral o!?e?ptias arc
being conducted as we <?o to press!
(Tuesday). al the Methodic Church.?
lS:juri<fiibin'-j J'crahl. r
??~? r
R.-m'k anh Lynching.?A special to j
the Greenville from Pelzer, S. i
C., gives the details of tU? lynching ofj
;i negro man named Williams for coin- '
mitting an unmrtitionabie crime upon j
the person or a little orphan girl, nine r
years old. named Blaytun, under cir- i ^
en instances of peculiar atrocity, ii
says"She was oiurayed several days1
uuout the lie v. Mr. MclJee's, in lirwti- j
villi:, near Keedy liiver. She was t!jc ;
ward of the Kev. *\ir. Attaway, of ^
Wiiliain.ston. being in (irces^ille on a
visit, and on her return hoiiar her eon
ilition was discovered. SUr then con-;
Jessed cind detailed thchorrible cireum- [
mtiiii/i'?? i'l iiiu v.11 11v ? wikcji \> 1/%/iij* | mitted-l>y
Kobert Williams. colored,!,
in a cotton field, in which they were at t
work together. Jle had threatened to j
cut her throat if .she told of jtr and j
ierrori/.ed her into silence. Thursday ]
night he was arrested-, an4 Friday j
morning was taken to Wilfiamston j.
;md identified by the cWfct. He was
then taken from the guard house at;
that place by citizens of Anderson and j
(.Jreenviiie and brou lit back, being' j
marched through- I'elzer about eleven j
i/clack Friday, at tends 4 by pn/balily j
Due hundred men oJ'both colors, jle !
was notified of hi*impending fate, and
icted very coolly, calling a colored!
man to him. to whom he confessed hi- ^
jriir.e, and proffered a request for a ; |l
preacher, which was granted. Just j ]j
icross the Saluda Uiver in woods '
lie was-hanging to a tree that inclined :
>ver a hillside, being put on a iiorse, :
vvliich was driven from under hf-natter
[lie rope had been properly adjusted. j
A'..A 1 * . tsAZA
Ill' UUMI \ V!\ WMM, ?llH.k ?v;i> siv/fiu j
ind umnovcd to the last.. There wns !
not the least oxeiteutt-sit or disturb-j 7
mce, the whole allairbciii# conducted
;n a quiet and business style.-"*
? &!
?A ?ro<:<$Chicago wife, wFio.se absent
busier,d requested her to soiid 10
!iim at !Xe\v York the nunr-Wr* erf cer-!
lain (Jovernment bonds and forward j
he bonds to the Treasury, complied I iivifh
the lefrer if not the spirit of the ; A
reque.-'.. YmiIi her little scissors the '
loving wife cut thtfnumhers out of the j
>onds, sent them to Xew York. and ,
ported the mutilated bonds ail' to j
Washington to amaze and confound:
he Treasury oln rials. Explanations
ivere required to lix the matter up.
? An Englishman who had j-uhtpass-!
id over (te Union Pucilic Uailway. j
itid who had arrived at J^ramie the j
\tlMn- v.i< fVn-i-i 1.1 v cffm.!,' w-irlt rlw 1
*o man tic sccncry ?r tlx? road. Jlcl
kvas :ilx? forcildv struck on Jhyheadhy
I he wild, peculiar hcanty of a .*no\v- j
M:cd. Tuurisis >hould teini riot to;
))>cn the window and stick tIverr head* S
mt nine lest when I hoy are j>:i>>in<:
:hr??u?rl) a shed. as it knocks ofl* scant- B
liuir and dis>ii?ri;ivs tli- -shed, j ^
?The cuterniliar oranwy wovm has j
aken ?-c<* possession i>fthtr ?*ott??n
.Top in Oi*anp*!?iir^ e.r.sntr, Theeoni)!;iint
is irciu-ra! tVr.in a!I ii?v*ts of liio
:o;iniy. Whole iields. in trsawy place*
:re laid T.asie.
?Victims to co!ij?rij;:ition And its
infold ins ran is p?n?l iro'.;iition
hy u moderate- f?*r> o4" Aver'MiK
Jhf >urest, safest and :r;o.-t reliable
cathartic. *
?L>cr. pfmcnel and Diva .-ants arc
nid to ho ::l)!ii;<l:i]iT in iIk? Kiu'iiasa^ilt.;ailey
of Virginia riii.? fail. -Li
\ir!ri<^res arc* sram*. \vnife* wilU torii:vs
are about ;ui :;vrr-?v.
Mrs.?*s. Wiiliains& liujlctkfp^rirooiiMill'.
S-(I.VnrSirs: TIjV piano ro- j,
ently ji^rcliuj-ed of you i.s a irreat ilo;?"i
my family. aiifl a suaive of ?
jrsii^Troriliy coii.innit from :i*I> tin:
nu?i?nl svitio av!:o jmve cxasninejl it.-j
Yours truly.
\V. K. Blake.Gs?eiiw
?icd, S. C.j Lob- Tr LcSk *
'.V.VLVI w -jfr
lilociiers ! Mothers ! ! Mota&rs ! !!
Ar- yon ilis*v.rl'?e?l ;.t ssrst? omtos |
?>::r rrs?? 1 j sic!: < !?:!?! st-tierir.;* srnl
yiir.tf with Tic fxi-raoiaun^ 1 sin of cut
3'j: t-.-etli> It' s<>. v.o ;:t kii<: jjet n :
::ri'P. h will relieve the po; r lltt!< jn
If-. r-.-r ?n:iaorJir.tely- <k-pen.'i up.?n it: > 1
r?v is n*> r.iHMtt it. Tircre is 1
-t inotirc-f oa etirrh who Isrs ev?:f ns. ri \vi
! o v.i;' not tell you r.i once thai it
iU rrpul.Mte tin* bowels. :vn-l ;_;ivo rest to
r j?!f:l!?vr, r.n-.l roli -t :tn<! ;<enUh to the
n'tfl. <';icr.!tir.^ ju.i^ic. 1: is i*ertV-ct!y .
i- to m>* in nil e;tsi's. ami v'casimt to
( :iJl<l is U:o jTC-scfiption of one
*1:6 n-iiest and liest ?>!:.: !? N'lVeifiar.s J
ill muses in the UnitL-i Sn.ies. JSoiil
ei*'/where. '1') cents a :
?l.t- V.i -?:'y
A ('oHirf!- ('oJti?>rS:>roTh{*.'r:ti should
: sioj'pi .1. X; j.'i? lV'- .MMiliy results
?n Int-Rrji!)!'? I.Miiir Iiis(\iso r.-v ConKi-owjj's
sUV ? ) ?riv?J vHuTin :>th- 01
i Uhsiwliirls. (W.irlis. CatarSfwC'oi*- ^
jnifi Tlncnf iJisouscs. For
irty \Lv.rs tli?- 'i'ro.-hvs-i^svc b?j(r. roco'ii- :
fcink-il !.v ph\>icia3s. stfz-1 always givf
nftat satisfia'ticai. Tiux htv cot new
i;nrrie<7. Iwt having Leva by
i'li! r- jtil < >r:st.mt r.ss: for m arly ;:n entire
JU'iv!i<?n. they bavo vril-nivrj'l
rai>k f*;?% few renieuios ?6
the s'jjo. rm?iif KOi'S ?t:i?I S!!5^- U
nse to cW-.r au.'t s; <v::^ U<jf t:i"
Sold at cvfi'.s a, box every- !
heiv. ilcc 13-%ly . cc
\ ;- ?
N^QTft.'E is hereby given tli.it application
will be nrade to the Lc^ishiiro
of the State of South .'arolina, ;.t its
>kI st ssion, for ?. cl'artsr to construct I
railroad from sonw point on the Char-' ?
tie. Columbia nini Augusta Railroad, j -
itween Columbia and Winnsbopo, to L
.Hie point of CcJfiden, S. C., by way ;
' Camden, S. C. i
AO* 3, I SMI. W. A. A NCR UII, j
F. L. ZEMP. [
J-;. W. PAKKEE, [
. J_ X. id AY..... j
nnp C~tx3ni
I ,
ovwiDTrsMS OF A
Loss of appetite,]X'ausea,bowels costive* g
Pal n in theKea'd.'vrith a dull sensation in 6
^'e to^ck part,J^nin under the shoulder- ; J
blade, fullness after eating, with a disin- ;
wlination" to exertion of 'ffbdy o-r rr.indj i
Irritability of temper, L o %vs p 1 r it siLo as j
of memory, witha feeling of saving neg- :
lee ted someclusariness. Dizziness^ |
b lattering" of the'Hoart/Uote before the j i
eyes, Y ellowSkinj'M eadache. Keatless- j
neil at night, highly colors<2 Urine.
TTJTT'S PILLS ^re especially adapted J o j
Kurh cr?ses,otie dose efft'ctosuchwehanjce !
of feeliiifj as to astonish the sufferer; f
They Enrresuhv the Ap;?e?ltc, and cause th>*
bo:]y to Ta?ce on Flo?!t. thus tii?- system is ;
n??url?lieci.:ui<l by UifirTonicArtloner: the .
" ar? n?o? '
NI^MliTrvi Kuii^ ???? t
rfOcM. I'rice S5 wilts. U5 Hurray at? >.Y. j
(Tray Hair or Whiskers changed to a Glossy i
Bi.acx by a single application of this Dyk. It |
imparts a natural color, acts Instantaneously, i
?(.!<! l>y I)ru?g:.*!s, or sent by cxprew on rcciript of |i. |
Office, 35 Murray St., New York. ;
4f n?. TCTTS 3UXTAL of Ta!csM? Infonnatlor. *?d >
Svr.-i?t? "111 1* oaHed ?Mf ? _
sf mm *
h a y*^ss ;
THE most ;>
such as
1 e;
1 ai
\ L
! \V
J. c L E XD IXI XG~ }
maj*,3 Next, door to \V. R. Doty & Co.
itahtliitg" announcement
JEff Flit GOODS. I
o?o ;
9 \
oct IL
I. Jin' I 11 MMI.I l?W Iitmt II*;
muM i fill
J}'& elk a IVsi?i
SVvE?x5lS*G irresistible onward, in caiin
% no claims cn the citizens? of Winnsboro
y, throw c?ji niv counters giant leaders--*
k!er, aiBiiZevand astotishe both beysr und
5 Gross cf School Slates, large size,
50 G; oss blUt^Esncils, at 5 cents pe
10 Gross Lead Pencils at 22 ce?t? p<
1090 Papers of Neeciles. at 2^ cents,
ccnts a gross. 000 packages of hairpins a
75 Dozen Tr ki?.h Bath Soap at 5 ce
Ladies' 13 an .kerchiefs at ?? ccnts uj
AXD ?5x the attention of wondering tho3s
ir pntz-ons grow more and more nuififcroiis.
tie I stli by the yard.
%000 Yards of fctaiidnrd Prints rednc
10 Pieces Kentucky Jeans at l?i- cen
6 Pieces Kentucky Jeans at IS. 22, 3
cents per y?rd.
;] both lines of these goods at seven tv-fiv!
SHOES, SHOES?Two tliousafi4 dollars
L Now is your time to invest before the <
Lve money, let goods sell for what they wi
J. L M
^ O "SM"?
DON'T buy until you have seen my Stool
;ip uneqr.alied. and everything warrunte
I keep on hand most cf the LEADING i.
rices to suit th* times. Lumber and fc
jatly repaired a? moderate piiec s.
ixn vnTTT? finrms r^TT1
B. \V
tv Goods, consisting iu part cf Domestic
rent variety,- Corsets. Hosiery, Gloves, N<
: ail kinde, -whieli will be sold as low as th
AND FANCY GOODS in all the soveltw
iir Milliner from Baltimore* has Selected
ire. and no pains will be spaied to pie: se
;ason again.
r:d the best Fnniily Macbire on the mark*
aem being in nse in tbis County* aSd -A xil
ay other without basting, you can find it
-<--v * lttddtt r^i? rnrnrvnjv
0 UOl -felN icj V JL J. JU1 Vi \-* JUi. ^ v> AJivij-..
iarc1, Cheese. Crackers, Cakes, Candies,
kerosene Oi), Bagging. Ii os Ties and any >
e found at Z. 0. L0AG'?, on the Corr.er,
here. Don't fojgct to call. as these are f;
J. 0.
Sc-pt 24
III III ii tlh^L
pf fvilfe'%' fr '?
The "QUEEX BESS'r Corset and Skii* ?ni ?">rt
'. r introdu '!. It is a porfccS cors? , jin
r.t? s, easilv n ja-ste I So anv clesii-eil length. It
rating, but ateo renders if impossible to bria&tl
cnl;ir. I Oil SALE ONiA' Lv.
juftv 2G
. 0
MOST complete stock of Clothinjr in tlic
iid n<vk\ve?r i:i rrdlos variety. IJo_\>' Suits
;c latent styles and- turUres to suit tii
FINE shoo? for men and boys. Tayl<
[ftnilla. :u;d ^.'ciistpr's biaids in ;i!l colors, rl
!l?:i".a in all >h:nl?,< ami qitalitkar. d
Mohair Duster* in all styles.
July 7
8flamrfacture<* by ISAAC A.SH?PPAR
PtTLgyy <?? ja;
*n '
r? 21 It if ilsf
distTam of pursy lvraJ?, maf
or fuiTcundifigp,- bat day aftev'
specialties at pi ices that be-f
at o cents/
r dozen. * -f
2r dozen {
260 $-ic*s of 5ne batons afc
t cents per packagenls
per cake.
> to 75 csnts eaciv.
rcil THE EYE,
;ands. and as the news spreais?
As the factory sells by the*
:ed to 5 cents.
ts. |
3 irp to' &est g'oods at 45 and
r to closf out the stock I wil*
i cents on the dollar for CASH
trortb- of shoes to be ^acriii opioid
weather sets in. I must
[TURE! I |
OAElUtE. *
" - *
L For design asd workman^
d to" be as represented, ancJ
A Xew Sut?s>]y of Pictures i
Frames, Chromos ?b4 Wa& S
Pocfets? BTacket^,- Hat Racks?
Mirrors, "Windo-tf Cornicefy
. ?
Window Shades, Tin Sets/
Serin'' Beds, ifattresses.
jliicgles- for Sale, Furniture
1 Stock of Staple and Txncf
rs, Calicoes. Dress Goods m
)tionsx Fringes, Laces, I*.attoL?
e lowest*
' - m
:s of the seasofi. Miss BLAO&,
the above goods vith ?peak
cm friends and customei? Sr
K will be with hs the com>&g J?
T? +I10 + 1-oe c+^M-icl + >?lf j
-I?} VU V V A ?)[j uww? i k*u vvwwy- -
:t, three hundred aiid fifty of jSife,
t?.o a greater rafcge of work than
at J. 6 ECA?"S.<
3, Flour, JlerJ, Grist, Bacofi,
, Mackerel, Tobacco, Cigais, >
isid e.ery ihiag you want is toas
cheap as can be bought any-' &
icts and worthy of your att<2ft* j
BOAG." $
mr-m n/xT^nr^m
33* ^UXidJl.1.
?-- 1^3 ^
er is by far tbe most comfortable
(1 has mi,.v and improved shoaJrUralso
lists tbe imuursely popn'.ar *
not only pyevesrs tl.e steeLs irrm jj
ie clasps. Warranted in every par- J.
M. BEATY &. CO. ^
iajxdT |
State. Cto 111s* furn;>l:in?r .aooda
. Y< utlis* Suits i.i.d Mcii?*Suits-OS
iC lht.es.
?!'"> wlebratcd Mackinaw-, also
ic latest i> the Derby Straw*.
; Surges and A1 pact and Liiieiyjg^,
teen different sizes and- kinds. Fiveith
Enaawled Reservoirs. Adapted to -r%j
aiiemenJa, and priced to suit all puxs?v
i \Vnod Door* T*?tor>T W/~>^ r>?
- "vw wriie:
>h:e Danger, Ir.tercharge&ble Auto.
?heif, ^soiling- Door, Swinging Hearth
?v.?ingr.tjr Hue-Stop, Reversible Gasg
Lonjf Cress Pi?e, Donble Shor?
i, lUtexy Ring Coreis, Illuminated Fir?
Nicbet Knwbs, Niokel Panels, etc.
HiaicS Ja M:?ori*ly io- Piafsh, and "JK
*? - - .v
D & CO^Baitimow, WkSr ,

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