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The Fairfield news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1881-1900, December 14, 1881, Image 2

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Jia NiiWS AM) HhUALi), [;j
WfXSSBOKO. 6. C\ j"_
yTEDSZiD.ir. SJ^mb.-r W?l. ?(
fl'. ' K iss it .i l~{S. kliltok. :
->.vi*. s. G KY Xlls.J?*. A-vvk-'li ru Kwtok.
Ax-rtH'K to inte.rtere in tij<?
iai ?-i?'<*ti?>:i. Million*.' J
iiM'J th<* Hfnuhiintiis tnn*i come tv> an ] *!
^r. cmc yt without u&ji.. ! "
Mis?!>sm*k the only Stale in the n
in v. Iiifis t hvr<* is not national u
1?a;jL. Ar^s i> the only territory !;
flwr is ..nf ??i lljtfse lions. I
It is rprr*ti:ic?? I thai Nvutieaskj*?>l<j ,
. *;
to -xtwb? a nrw ex^e- ^
d: ????> t?? i ??- Ar.-ue r?*^r:??s. nncHs iww .
making n> thaU'iit!. ;
Tu>: !?.?;?. (] to examine; 11
PJ;V?<> the comtort ol the ; 24
Kinth Massachusetts lU'jrinnnit at i l)
?<??*? liiu<'has nut vvi '
{uuth* ;i report. and all the proc<'?M!inys "
itn- under :im oail: of seiTPev. Of course |
**-?? w !?i t-yer be ilonc to any ?nc?n- : ^
1>>M* of r!,;f a? jtlui/c a.ro so j v
$U*t:iy hn,plu>h~ of esgape, ' ?
Thax ?vniy.j'k:;b.l* man. l>v, Tahnaye.
. <if Brooklyn. i> mow eujfajreil in pre.rch-' ;l
^cxsxt, itiij- a *i>rU>+ ot <ii-courses upon 1 Ik; leu { ..
of New York. On last Snn-. js]
<1ay h?*. subjret was "unibiinj;. which
ha< 'I'tictuirrurctl aJUOUj? thv tell : j
]..ayne* of the gre.at?it\> it is sng- j t.
by the Time*, of Phisatlv'hxbia.^-j
iiin7'T:i Unaiji^HonJjT <1
the dree,i MjajftK-i. and eottW kiu;?c! i q
fi* one of rli<* :?umber. : r
T*?c Republicans remorselessly re-.' a
fnAtl i<? elect'--Harney Clerk ol the ^
uitiiou^ti mey jia? Mi:>porn-u
J/m u:iu:>t:i:<ui?]y wh?*n they knew * hi* '
had a majority. Yet Phs-l^'
j/ jiTiM'-i sftM?n voting for the Krpubli- "
fa;*.- and into trouble with lho.:.
- \ hitf pfoj.-h*. when the Republican u[[
j.:.riy iM-vtT .!ir?.?w> a crumb in their :1
v ay. ami can* for them only at voting f
- * " II
turn*. ;
^JitTK rom Irelaiu] indi- jj
tluit ;J;e t:vu&jus between lnn<T- ^
lorcl.v a-.d tenants have itot vet $ul> r
Sided, ?m! the *iiua;U>Ji i deed an I
alarming ?:?*. Tvro-tbirds of the rents i e
are not hein^ paid, and the Irish ten-1 <*
#ntrv are" determined not to nav with-; a
' I .r
out heavy reductions on the jr.'ift of the ! a
!andlord>. i,: the eastern countie* i ;]
ponfuciou *:; ! disorder is the comlt- ! (j
tion of the j'ublir, an4 crime S> rapidlx : t<
Increasing.. J Jon* the I;ish proble n j
Hjriil be soi\x4 J" be scm; i?ut j
meanwhile t?r> American people v. ili!
watch witiiiureWtft tlie conflict between ' ^
oppcsii:^ forces il'Oid Erin. : ^
Cqsuress l? iii ?rt-?<?n. Tite Speaker.' A
General Keifcr, hiOhio. i> a Stalwart 11
and a Protectionist. The Republican ' a
]rulers are Eobcsotfc lvasson and I S
Jiiscoct. Sam &iudall\mar>haU the!"
Dpmoer&tie hosts, and is ihore than a*
inatch for auv JiepubllcanN in the J O
Ho'.ifC. Mr. Dibbk -was on a . *'
prima facie case, though a fcwjSt.il-; c
yrarts endeavored to prevent his b?ing j 0
sworn. "\Ve venture the prophecy that a
foe is in to stay. The Columbia and j11
^ {"mriestoa Radicals were disgruntled j ^
ihis result. They hadfc*>t>;? boasting !t!
imdly that Xr. Dibble would be kepi ;
#ut in the cold. , ]
The Legislature is at sea oy:?r .the j q
? :<f.tion Ja$\ Registration is the j j,
Ambling block. We do not care j j
;:!*jeh whether registration passes or |<>
ii >t. though sre believe it i.? a ?nfe-j-j
fttiard agaiust Radical repealing. Inn , 0
c,do know that the people demand x | e
-^auave frozp the existing order of i tI
MjJjfgi. by which a set of politic;;!j
l..ioks in any county can have thefr j
luijue printed on the same ballot with c
j;?o i-resiacijiiai electors. nmj mus on- tI
fia^gCF the welfare of c county by I R
^'curing .election at the 1 minis of a ; a
mass of ignorant voter*. who desire ; e
paly to yote for President, anil would I w
fhernselves scotch ofl' tlipcounty ticket 0
if they knew bow to read and writs*. a
There has been enonirh ot l-Vderal in-; g,
terference in State and county matter*. 1 c
In the good ol(J days when a j:tr\ | "
$yas required to j>?<> upon a scientific)
(question, an expert n - put upon the ]
st$nd as an acknowledged authority j ^
*rhose decision was Snal. All that i> ;
pltanged now. "Government exprvt.*" j
and "Defendants export*' appeaY in | *'
Jiosts. all of ihe farmer cla*s swearing | 11
pne way and all of il?? iatrer the ofhei ; ~
xvaw Thus n??tis settled. Science! v
' ' ! (
5s thrown ii.ro contempt and the jury !
is uo wi*er rh.-nj before. If squalled ex-1 e
jj?rt9?au appear on both s:.le?.* there i n
are no.e,\j>ert>," fofa f?ct e&uuot he its j '*
own ct>nVrjul!ct?ry. After ail. it .i? !
blU a nivts?^<?f?^?i:doni whitni Ik left ; '*
for the.>:rvvt? decide after havin.ir 'wen j
fuddled with *u enormous amount ??1" j a
ytnintel.iiihli* jarkfafr. Before the jrov- j *(
ijninVnf.expt'vrs a i ?d th?? Guiteau ex j a
h:;v?- tiuisjix?d with each -oilier, it i "
\ wonder if -tjip fe'rors fail to j *'
1 t rial to rur'abfuj?t conclusion!
1 iritisr oirt !Wid hanging themselves- I* '
instead t;f the'prisoner. * j.'
C<Wi*Aff*TivKLr few persons arc p
: are^i'the amounf ??f r^ijriad build- a
$n? now going on in tho (Jiiit'-d St.ntes. ??<
A inore especially of the result of the h
effort* to band tl?e continent. The o
Centra! Pacitic Line has be??n in opora- j t<
fion twelve year*. The Southern line j r
t.- .ji: 5*;;u Uiego. Texas, through | s
Arizona and New Mexico tv Texas has i r
ju?t been completed. and trains will!
run through in a few day?. Th?- j f
^ Jj.-.ffJlMTu Pacific i< aI<o under wiy.! ji
The this concern, by the jo
jh -way. was the ijn:n*rri?;t? cause of the v
|?Auic??!" IS".'J, an<l for years the mm- ; ?1
j>nny \y> jc.?nsidervd ho]wles>Iy bunk-. (
f !{??. But the revival of con-id n e i >
lias. \vo::dcr.?. and this third j 1line
e$;>Kcts to fi:I ^sip* by the end j u
.of an??th;*r year. The eastern branchjb
f*n??s routi:m?>ii^!v fr*mi St. Paul. Min- (J
nfi'Ota. to (ilcndive ii> Montana TVrri- j u
torv. a disjj^jioe ?1*.ghoul nine huudsed ; e
j?j:JCv. (}n tl>e west the rotuj :$ not >,,; (.
t;?r udvaiiced. but she ga;> of seven;!'
ian:?ir<*u imies ;s ivini* closed at the 1'
.. rate of u'miie and a half a day. so thai tl
jr, eighteen n;r,ijtl;,> at most, the travel- si
iii- ,.nb!io u jjj have the choice of three _ e<
traii>rjv7n:ioental rou.es; Add U> these ; <1
the roiK?*s running from St. Louis i t!
$Io\vn into Mexico nnd it will rcatii- o!
ly >ven how enormous the railroad in.- . b:
?*';Up pnuntfy have bccoiMe.
The President's Meisa^j. j 5
President Arthur's mess^e contain? ! ^
fisjreu inotisaud words, an equivalent I H
fo n sgiecch of an hoiir and three <j\iar-j
i-cr> ju i."i i? liv tv/UCiiUa j N
9 f \
e3k>:>. *- \
everything except the 5s>ut
'here is no more reason for tonrhii
po.i &?ath t.Unu upon the Novt
lust or West: hut it ha* heretofo
eeti a stereotyped theme for tiie d
riau?.M?* <>i luriiiri vm >
riiity House. this
'resilient Artiiur ie> u* be cougranil:
Briefly., he show?.lfcat our lorci:
Ration* are satisfactory ,an4 arnica!-!
[* :;ll?.'h*s to yearlv uimimuiou of I
c?\u. c.;rrvii;^ tradf. ami intiiriat
jyi steamship suhsidje?iieip t
iutier. desin?.s the rciuOi
it ion of our navy, now almost t
lu^hinir stock of nations. thou:
'resident Arthur d.?esn*t say so.
(,'ivii ^:rvW reionij rt<jeiv?*s a ro
idei>bie -portioy ol' hi.* mei^s--*?. I
>'ili nor appoint incompetent
>r oilier. but that an exatmn};>a:d
shouid be appointed to inqui
ot only iti?(? the mental capacity
pplicaut-. hut also to their rhararti
u.->1m:?s capacity nnd personal iitii**:
ti >otn<- re?peet< the Erujiibh ky*U
[lould he followed.
slavery i*dead now, and the Pre
'".it devtKc* hi" attention to its "tw
fli?*.*' j?.olvj?ai?i\". lie hHicves t
owrmtunt should stamp out M<.
ionium forever and a; c.
Education i? of fi;e utmost impoi
nee, ami while the States shouM <
I! they can, the Federal governmc
Itould supp'eJueut the fund by appr
riations in protection to illiterac
n this tiic. President but voices a g</
rul sentiment among educators ai
a;id South:^
T^^ISSBjiract-reqmret aKfcntw
)vertwo- tniiidr.ed millions will
equired to pay the $r>t hatch
near*, and thirty-eight thousand mo
pplications are on tile, averagii
i:?U0 apiecp, ;wiili now petition* po.
i*r iii. Kxiia precautions should r
iken to guard against fraud iv tl
iatt?r. *' Lastly,the
President call? attenti<
o the Aonstitu^outfj provision regar
tig the inahjlity of the President. ai
dvl.-es to Congress to dctiuethe mea
ng of the term.
O ' - - -* -1- - ?1! .
.cueu are. mhiic oi me iihjm
mi:its oi'llic snest-ajfe, whirli is :i ve
?od document, practical rather th;
The New V v\ lb.a Id's iorre-?p?Jii
lit asserts that President Arthur
rowing in public respect every da
jd is showing himself to he a man
bi'ity, lie lias certainly mana<r
bus far to av<?id blunders, and he h
isphtv cd quite a talent for bluffing u
jitunaie otfice-serkers.
The Slate Capital.
Tuesday was a lively day in Coin:
ia. I>s!de* the J>;jislaturc ami t
upreme Court there wore three ot!j
Mictions, first. the stoekholdei
iceiing ot* the Charlotte, ('oluml
ud Augusta Uailroad; second, t
ta'.e Grange. and third, the meetii
f the Alumni Association ot tin*Sou
laroiiua College. A goodly mttnh
f stockholders took advantage of t
'Q.e rule to Columbia to l.x.fc about t
ity ami meet friends, the organizati<
f the comtmnv being in the hands
few who own the controlling inter*
i the stock, so that the many ha
tile to say in its management, thou;
lev have reason for congratulation
ic increased value of their respcoti
The members of the Grange reach*
olumbia on Tuesday, and tlieir nu-t
ig was held on Wednesday. Colon
. X. Lipscomb made the annual r.
ress, and among other matters t
ien Law was pretty thoroughly di
us>ed, and a sommitiee was appoit
ii to urge its repeal upon {he Li-gi.-l
l>ut the 0-not a traction was t
Junmi me titiif. Last year an as<
iation was formed and a call w
Mil*? for the assemblage of all t
jatrieulates in (Juuaibia this ye;i
ibout a handled and titty were j?r<
nt on Tuesday night. The addr
;as deli vered in the Hall of the Jlou
f Representatives by Attorney-Gem
I Youmans. About six hundred p<
ons were present.?a brilliant am
nee. Colonel Youmans spoke ov
n hour, jriviiijr tie hist>ry of t
Jolleue from its earliest inception, ai
(Muring overwhelming evidence
tie hi<rh regard in which if. was hr
efore tho war. I)eSau**un\ Harp*
'hornui-1 aiul LaBon'e ue. c c < ?;
lu*iri;>u>iueii and entlui-wwic w
esxes. Almost all the success
ubcrnatorial messages were lil!
;\th testimony a.? to the benefit* of t
'ollejre. I>r. Thornweir? report <
ducali<>ti was quoted largely. In !
latchles* words that eloquent divi
fffetualiy disposed of the plea that t
'olle^e was a rich man's in?titutin
nd ( olonel Youman* cited him as
sample of what had been achieved 1
]hk)i; boy, the foster son of the (Jt
,'^c. Colonel Youmatis refrained fro
fln> tCktiniOilV of -J151V 1 i V11
nut.- < They arc here - to- spe.-.k f
lieinselvc*. .
TIp? .speaker them went tin - to she
Init South Can li ia, alo:ir, of ail t
hirty-eight States; in the I'uion h
tiioil to equip a State institution. T
resent College is founded on Fedet
id. One central institution prevei:
ectionalism aud sectarianism, and t
oiuogeneity of the Statei* due to * t
Id College. It* sons who had learn
3 love each other would not engage
ancot ous strife in after days. T
peaker closed with an eloquent pci
at ion, which was warmly applauded
After thU an association was forme
)r. Faber was the oldest allium
recent, having belonged to the ?*l:i
t' 1*28. As lie enrolled hiinM.lt"
ras loudly applauded. About a bu
ml and thirty members followed liii
>lfieers were elected. vx-< tbwrii
la lining being president, and Colon
W. McMaeter secretary and tre:
rer. After other bu>iness the inei
er.? partook of a banquet at. tbeCrai
"entral Hotel. Eight regular toa?
;ere gi\en. responded to by ex*tio
rnor Manning, (iovcrnor lla^oo
oiotiel Thompson, I)r. -Miles hid:
iryan, Professor Pat Ion and Colon
'ope. i-.f * ho Ilrtjisfer. The toast, "'J
ie dead," wuii drunk standing and
ience, after which" the party dispet
1. The supper was one of t ho mo
elightful we have ever attended. ai
ie entire affair, especially the routm
f friends loiur parted. was one of tl
rijffht days in the State.
The friends of the University a
;ry hoi?eful of securing aid from tl
laic >o a.-to complete the faculty
ie institution, and make it cunipe
;tll uiwjh; hi ?icmvi
?Pay your sub.-cription to Tr
LW 5 ..NJ? iiKUAtp,
It. i The Legislature. i
ir' I
j|" j The Legislature has had another,
week of hard work, and has part:;illv ?
re . , . 1 i
uieposcu of several important mcas-|
, uits. me ^enaie nas jia^u uic win ;
' calling for a Constitutional Conven-;
_ tion. We have aHivU-t! to thi* ineas.
unr betarc, ami we *till oppose it. A !
<-o:i*tiuuional convention is a danger- j
rtl i __ . 1
" : ous botly. Nuoiip kiiow6 what will)
, * . lie the oflVwrinir ??I* its a!i?':reil ifnius. ]
t??- i .
; Apun. many peivons in the Nate arc ;
' ?a;i?>(ie<l to let well euouifh h'oi*?, In ;
lit* j
i tI:i- wax North Carolina was lost t? ;
' I >cniorrats at least one. election. Tlu* j
^ Uepubiican candidates them- i
. srives to adjourn the convention sine
flir oh (lie dav it mot. without doinir
>M- # :
, anything and they rceeived uot only a ;
party vote but the support of many \
conservative:*, so that when the election
p was held the convention had a Kepnb.
licau majoritv of one. and it was onlv
of * . ' i
; by adopting the expedient of making;
| an independent Kepublican president !
" | of the convention that th?* Democrats i
; >ucceed?'d in reversing that majority, i
. Our parry leaders may pomier this
; probability. We trust that the House
j wiH oppo-e ti>g null of a convention.
and wiJI make nrecssarv changes bv 1
; means of amendments.
The Senate has not decided the fate j
. of the general *Ii?i'k law (hat passed
the liou.-e. A lar^e number of eiti
/ens of Charleston cou:;tv oppose the.
; olmiiire on:;ne.?round ijiat will de*"
I strov interests outside of the
11- . * i
^! city. 'Ihey make the point that tjie j
j ri^ht of paPltmure on uncultivated [
J 'df/Us \wi? -Jj-'fot ft ^ W'>ii 1*1.1!
' | "rants of lund by the Stated and
,i the Legislature lm* no: iusii-fleation in '
of i , . ,
: destroy nig this easement. Thin ar^ru-:
' ment will not convince the farmer'
\i'r J 2?.V '
" | legislators who have been eaten wtt-' bvJ
fr- *
Mray cattle in tiie past. Anotli^j;
. proj>osiiioiMS to exempt Charhwtorrf
and let her fence heivelf out. Forty :
mile* of fence will probably be snfti?
cient, and the estimated cost of fem-inj: :
* if less than tiftv dollars a mile. Thi> .
I?rj '
' i? much cheaper than the coHt of fencj
in^ in the up country. Citizens of;
; f - and Colleton also de*ire ex
11 i emption from the whiskey license law,
! but the pho?phale companies are i
. unanimous iu thsiroppo>ition to this ^
, i exemption, as their labor has been ;
! much better during (he past year. The
i apnea! for exemption meets with little
iv. i . I
,, The House had several field dav. j
Cw * I
! over the repeal of the Lien Law, and :
;iv; ., i
>:i\>nir arguments were made on either
!I- ' . , w
I 5ioe. Mr. Dariran, of Darliu^ton,!
claimed that his portion of the country I
j in prospering greatly under the lien
- -- 1 * 1 I -...l Al I T J If,
i system, aim uuin ^cinu un n ???.
:n" j fame position. The tic Id has been ?o ;
' thoroughly traversed already that to I
or. recapitulate th?* arguments is unneccs- ,
|-s ! wry. The emu-ting clause of the re' :l
pealing hill wa? struck out by a vote ;
of seventy to thirty-seven. so that it.
| will hardly he brought before the Sen-j
b are. and the Lieu Law will exist for at
cr ? least another year.
he ; The election law is sti!! undecided
'lU in the House. having been postponed
,:1! until a few days before Christmas, in
: ouler that member* mav have more
, i *
i time to reflect upon it. It has already
v<! passed the Senare. Nothing detiui.'e
'b lias been decided concerning the raili"
road I i I.
vc> j Among private bills, the Senate has
; passed one by a vote of sixteen to fouri
teen, granting: to Mrs. Susan A. Hoyls-'t
j ton. of Winnsboro, tj^p water-power ;
l('l j and the remain* of the canal on the ;
'I-[ Catawba liiver in Chester county.;
| Senator (iaillard explained that the
's*! old canal runs through Mrs. Boylstotr* 1
>t-! place. The bill has iu?t appeared in ,
a-j the House. I
The other bu<:nes?of the Legislature '
lie , ha* been comparatively unimporiant.:
; The General Assembly will probably
:l* I tt.ke a recess from the 2id of Decern-;
he j berto the l'Hh or loth of Januarv.
i !
tr. <rrc.at i* the prues of business that- to
attempt t<? transact it by Christmas;
i wouU: be a piece of folly.
;r- ; TUB I.IKS LAW.
' Mcvsrs JC>/if on: "It bit and it ran-i
! :
' ; t-!..>! Ti,. I .un,ri> fivjtii T.iiciih* cor- I
! klvu i/?' * J
11 j rectiy? Kover did not accede to Mr.!
j j Corley\s demand that his nom tie I
" illume be rai>ed, tor seveial rea>on*. j
j 1. Because he felt a*?ured that Mr.!
'(' ! Corlcy would reply.
M*i 2. The world may be interested in
, finding out Junius; only Mr. CVrley j
lf" i an iutiuitomal part ot' the world (1 i
u apeak numerically) teemed to desire j
: to know Hover.
! 3. Nothing personal was intended [
'n j i?y Hover in i.is article, and until he j
,I?> tl?e? intend ?uch and feels that i?ome:!C
I ii*ii?ir of thi? kind is aimed at him. he ;
' ! prefers to keep tin; combined avoirdu- !
"*; pois uf the editors of The Nkws and j
"" i Uki:ai.:> between him and the public, i
^ v I 4. The tli.-eusfion of the Lien Liw
I had na.vsed from the people to ihe I-eir1,1
i ikhiture.
1'^ | There are some poiHf* iu Mr. Corar
! ley's reply that iiover desires to uuwj
wer. although he teels-tHat as far n* re v
j gard* the eilVet on the Lieu Law, h
! further dUcuosion in the paper* is
' useless.
"c : Mr. L'orler assumes that he know*
j Mover. because. at he nates, liover
j makes no secret of hi* authorship. It*
*M* j Uover has ever divulged hi? secret to
! more than ?our persons in Fuiriield? j
ed. 1 a father, a brother ami tlie editors of
jj, | TiikNkws ani> Hkkai.d. he is unaware !
lofir. lint riiitfii'li uf oufselvrf. l^rt !
*,e | us take up the point at is.-ue bctwte.i
i Mr. Corjey and l'over.
I. | Mr. Corley now says that the profit
^ ! made by the merchants; under the Lien
; Law i* of no consequence, and yet in j
t:> , article 1 ii dwelt at length.ou the j
l*,> : ninety per centum made by the tner- j
In* | chants, naming Winnsboro, (Jharies- :
I ton, ]>aliimore and' Svrt : York. He i
i certainly did take the position that a* j
n* ' high as three hundred per scutum was j
or ; made* claiming ninety as ;?n average:
lei made by the transaction, lie furthrr j
ls. state* tiiat ihe usual way of making a |
! lien i* by giving a note for one hunn"
died dollars and receiving only eight y
oollar?* worth of supplies. He >tiil
?t> further states the average time allowed
... on Liens to be six months. Now, i
, ; would not I In* eighty dollars* worth of ;
. goods received by the :arincr come to
one hundred and sixteen dollars at the
id rate of ninety per centum per auuuni,1
[*? for six month*.' Hover contends. how-:
ever, thai the fanner Km-s tweniy-tive
1 jwr rent. In giving a note as above
s* stated. Let us >iate it ii this wa .
?*t Mr. L'oricy ha> eighty dollar- on the
lirst of .January : Kover goe> on a lien
during the year, giving his n.?ie lor,
>n one hundred dollars ?:r.d receiving;
'ie eighty dollars worth of goods. Their .
! bti*uie>s i.- tanning?it runs over the
n, entire year. What does Mr. (Jorloy
;l0 gain by having the money or Kuver ;
l ; lose by going on a lien? Again?if a
of! merchant has two thousand dollars on
to | the first of .January, and on taking
; stock thy following January he ti:id> ;
that he has tweniy-tive hundred dolir
1 lars i:i iromls and ' ea-h. he evidently
makes iwenn-tive per cent, jiues it ;
!inv rlif!(>rr>iice if tft'O-lhirrfs of j
his sales were made from October to !
the end of the year? I?<>rer thinks lie
can multiply twenty-live bv three, j
liover is free to admit that the iner- j
clmnt who makes .twenty-live percent.:
in lour months is making at the rate, i
of*seventy-five |?er aunuia. Can it be;
done under a lien proprr? Jie mar j
take the money and put it to other j
u-e.s, (thi* i? doubted, as none of it i? ;
due until November l.?rj and increase i
the twenty-tive per cent. made under;
the lien to seven*}-five. Bui. if done,
is the converse 01 the proj>o>ition truiv;
that because the amount u>ed by the]
merchant brings him '\venty-tive per]
rent, in four mouth* by selling goods j
under a lien, and he can turn the same '
f i- tri-iL-i* ;nv<?ul v.fivo tii-r
annum. therefore Hie farmer lose.- sev-,
euty-live? Hil due deflurence t;> the :
opinions of other?, Rover must still j
liiink the tanner's .supplies cost him j
oidy twenty-live percent.., lor, as stat- >
cd above, it'he l?ad the eight} dollar* at |
the commencement of j&e yeaj". this is j
nlJ the advantage he wou.d have . oyer
another who went on a lien, no mat-j
when eiiiier of them bought their sup- j
plies. ;
Mr. Corley says that Rover want*;
everything to stop just where he vRo- j
ver) >ay? stop. If Rover is conscious j
of any one thing it U that nothing of;
the ejise dixit spi rit is in his nature.:
and lie>ires to be corrected if he has j
assumed a wrong position.
? I >. citrlir Ill.tlifiw 111-lLo ?l VI>!IP?"' !
Sot now, .Mr. Corley. If Grant sm>
ceeds lie tiiay emulate the example of
the l!omau Ktnperors and give us a
baker's dozen. Should we then niulti- j
ply liia excess of pmths charged over ;
cash pl iers in one rno. th by tliirteen to J
determine the lo.-s a fai nter has sus
taied in his year's transaction?
Kover admits that he does not under- 1
stand Mr. C.'s sentence about, "stock !
' belles are loui-Oji^iQelr praised or *>frsio
v&!o:ue- Jxmk* \
fr ^hv.A.. ,cy seems to think that IJov-*
er objects to logic, and write?f "He,
who reasons correctly realms Jogically",
etc. This is self-evideitf-.vJs it
noi equally axioniatic that he \tEo : reasons
correctly his. logic, will be recog-j
nized? Have we not passed that age j
when in drawing a certain quadruped j
on a slate it is necessary to writeV*a |
horse" under it that it may be recog- j
t?iz?d? j
In coiielusion. Messrs. Editors, let ;
Itover beg'pardon for wandering m? far |
trout tiie main issue. lie will add. j
however that if wrong in his position!
noun other will read a correction with i
more pleasure. iJoVKK. I
[H'e can publish no more communi-1
cations on the Lien Law. The suhjcct i
has been pretty thoroughly ventilated; j
and, beside.*, the House has settled the |
matter by summarily killing the bill to j
repeal. Eds.]
the rukss o.x run jil-s>sjgk. |
_ j
It III G?u?*ranT C??mni?-ticlr<l as an Able tod j
UUktU^t^Like f)vcum? uc.
T!ip Herald says; "The message of;
President Arthur is admirably written, J
calm and dignified in style And tone.;
and ;tdCunjjrew. as it is his con-'
stiiutional tluty to do. on many impor- j
t:?111 >u! jfcts with a wisdom and ?>und ;
judgment which will win lor him the;
public confidence, and for his reconi-j
mendfttions the attentive consideration
of both houses."'
The Tribune says: "The be*t in-j
formed citizens will derive from this i
review much interesting- and impor-j
tnnt information in regard to foreign j
allairs, and in this particular the me* i
ire i? uuu?u:dly full and valuable,
tin* vigorous work of Mr. Maim: being
every where feit in the record. The
mess.ge is wrongest on foieigu relations
and tinanrc. hut it is not weak
am wheir. and it will be generally accepted
by the country a* n judicious
moderate and. in most respects, satis- i
ja-.-tory document."
The World -ays: "'Everybody will j
admit the President's message to be a ;
business-like i>aj?cr. TI5S, however is
the faint pr;d>e which people are accustomed
to bestow upon me<.*agv.?
wh;? h are entirely pointless, and as
IVe.?.ident Arthur's message i> is by no |
means pointless, the stock praise; faili
to do junh-e t<? it. In fact, iis distinction
is rhat it-is pointed. It may almost
be said -o be brittle with
points when contrasted with the
smoothness a::d i ub< c lity ol* Mr.
I layer's me??fc:i<:es.?'
The New Yurk Times ?ays: "The
fn'*t message tif President Arthur is *
verv careful and well-matured docu
meat, us tone more trauK ana aireei ;
than is customary in such papers, mid !
its recommendations extensive and va-j
ried :ik they are excellent. They show J
that, the President lias patiently re-j
viewed '.lie field of labor so recently j
and so unexpectedly opened before
him. and that he i> not inclined to shirk
the constitutional duty of aiding Congress
by his suggestions and advice.
Un nio*t points which Mr. Arthur
touches he expresses himselt with clearness
and good judgment."
'I he Philadelphia Times says:
"President Arthur's first message to ;
C??ngre>s is a sensible document, and j
uncommonly free troin political a flee- j
tafion and clap-trap, lie is a positive j
jiimii with the eon raw to s:iv what he
lt:is to say and to do what he ha? to do
in a straight forward manner. lie i>
>ui mi! and out Stalwart in politics, j
and he vvii) he Stalwart in all his po- !
liiical method* and plain spoktn in hi>
official utterances. Even on the subject
of civil service reform, which the J
President discusses cluU?ratelv, there
is no shrinking from the practical landmarks
of the Stalwarts. There are a;
few agreeable platitude* for tho*c who
want a frail bridge t<> get over to the
spoils system, but there is no need to
read between the lines to under>t:ind j
that President Arthur mean* to have!
the Federal ofH?-er> a.? a disciplined po- j
litical army, to crii?h out reform far- j
tions within the party, and to maintain I
puny m- ?u? IUM KJ -.m- :
country. The marrow of his argumen: !
on the civil service is that the office.*
belong to the saints, and the Stalwart
are the saints, lie tested them iir the
late national election, and he testifies
that they rule, 'deserving < f !
high eomiTfendaUon.' I'poti the.wh" e
the nie>s?ge p<>s*es8c* the rare merit? f j
cand r nd i: an.'iness. I: i s at sma: - i
like on all questions not directly parti- j
san, and it lay* a broad foundation for j
an imposing structure of Stalwart 0111- j
nipo'enre, by the positive control of j
elections through the efforts and resources
of Federal officers. President |
Arthur is simply Collector Arthur, who j
was dismissed from otfice by a llepub- I
liciin VTciMifi\-f> nnii fur till' i
proamnion of his |K>sition to partisan j
profligacy, :m<i he accepts the fact with- i
out aUe.';:iiijr to !iav?; acquired elevated \
ideas with elevated trust.*'
Cotton Fikk in Chkstkk.?At clev- j
on o'clock on Saturday mornin# tire :
was discovered amount the cotton .
stored on the platform of the Chester j
and Lenoir Kailroad depot, and in a j
*hort time the llatnes spread and tinalh :
consumed thedep.>r building, with all j
its contents, including one hundred;
hales of cotton and a carload of bacon. |
The loss ail told, amounts to about j
<M ii i vi\i i *1 * I., * > Aitfi ,
nvnn.f, mi ? nit n inert; i?in\ 9!7,'.nni j
insurance, nuti this upon the cotton.;
Tiio lire is thought to have-originated
from the sparks of a locomotive. \
LIVING WlTNES.vEM.-Thf hunrfrfdsof h*ar j
tr rnd he?ltbv looking-n.en, w.invn nnrt rhJl-[
rfren. thnt hsTC iv^d ri?s<~uM lfom.b<-d:?or p:>iD. r
?.*Jca**ss 3d<3 well nigh death by I'-rt^r's;
Glneer Toni<* are the best i-vifliercie* -In rh- i
world or ItsstTlin? md worth. You will |
And such In alrorwr every roraicunlty. * ;
AN'XOYANCK AVOIDKU.-^ray hairs ar* |
honorable but b>'ir premature appearance Is j
r<:itso>In*;. ? irki*r's Hiilr R ils.un prrreuts thf ;
annojaacc by promptly ?estoj-lngr tiie youthful;]
color. . * j
?Pay your subscription tg Ihe
Xkjvs AXIJ JIEK.-.I p, >
.. T, <r frtTfll'Irrr n>bi.i>- .
How ? Crr?k ItaaSsd wfch the Blood of at
Ensle and aTlo^f of Gtt.tr.
Little Rock LeU?r la tlw/A^aMa Constitution
A ?reutlciuau f*?)n..;?h>ue eountv,
who has jiiet reachcd tile city, trare tific
particulars,*}? a rtMiiarfeftbie inerrfe.nl
which he' wftiies?&i ; While ert?*iii?
White river on the ferry just above
the mouth of Sx&iniGM- creek. When
yearly half way ;aei<j??-tire ?>:4*e.-itii an
enorfnous tsigle Vw'wpttd (to\vn upon :i
fl.jck of geese, which were swrnaiiiiit"
in the river tourt-eight yr?d* below the
boat. The fowl.-, upon observing tlx
eagle approaching.- hisTiitctivcly dived
under the just'afc the bird si ruck
the wave. B;:ffl"t:d in llie first assaidl
the eagle flew -slowly: upward, and
when the <r?*c>e' came to the-surfacc
darted downward again :and hnryiny
its. talons in one of them attempted tti
bear it away. The g6o>e strangled
violently, while its companions swain
around it uttering shrill cries, and the
persons in the ferryboat watched the
>tr:inire fcene with' Reeir interest.
Once the eagle lifted it? prey ch-ar out
of the water and seetned on the point
of carryin?: it to the mountain cliff that
rose grandly in the air on tiie other
vide of the stream, hut the struggles ol
the goo-e forced the captor downward.
H'hen water was reached again the
goose made a supreme effort and
plunged below the surface, dragging
the e:igle after it and causing the latter
to loo-en its hold and rise upward with
a fierce scream.
The eagle next attacked another
goose, but with the same result, being
compelled to relinquish his hold when
its intended victim plunged beneath
the waves. This strange contest lasted
fully thiriy minutes, at the end of
which time the englegave up the light,
and, rising, soared a&av to the mountain!*
westward, wlme- the Hock ot
gec?e swam further down the stream.
I^oue o^h<?fiock uns killed, hut the
palter in the vicinltp>was rived with
")lood, and the surface of the stream
wa* covered with feathers for a considerable
?k. C^Mt Wirrlixy.. aM? n.lna* nf Sir
0u> Point Oomkoiit, Doc. 1.?A romance
lias just come to liirht here in
regard lo the marrge of Miss Fargo,
the heiress of six millions, made by
her father in Wells Jfc Fargo's express.
Slie became engaged during the past
summer to Lieutenant II. G. Squires,
of the army, stationed at Fort Monroe.
II?;r mother opposed the match, but
the young lady having a spirit of her
own, determined to circumvent parental
opposition, so on the 11th of last
October she and Lieutenant Squires
went for a walk from the Hygeia Hotel
to Hampton. On reaching Hamilton
the house of the Itev. Mr. Gravatt.
and announced their attention of being
married then and there. Mr. Gravatt
made no objection to tying the
knot, but owing to the serious illness
of his wife the party adjourned to the
i . _ _x* i.t * ft? ? if. ir.u!
llOiise 01 a nei^uuur, .111. iiciu'tuu^er,
where the ceremony was jx;rfortuerl.
Mr. and Mrs. Squires then returned to
Old Point. Nobody suspected they
Wore married. :is the clergyman *'"1
the witnesses had been bound over to
secrecy. Towards tlie last of October
Mis* Fargo, as she was still called, left
with her mother for their home in Buffalo,
and a few days' afterwards Mr.
Jjqu*? ?fS followed her and claimed hiwife.
Locking the siahle-door was no
use the?;, *0 Mr. and Mr*. Squires returned
to Fort Monroe, and the marriage
was published as having taken
place on the 11th of October. So well
had they kept their secret that not the
least suspicion was awakened it* regard
to.we true statement, of the case,
and tlfeannounccment was a thunder1
1 ~ ..11 ~ r * *: i.
ciap 10 an ui tnt-ir iuu.h jiiuiiiitm atquaintanccf.
?Lale investigations of German scientists
have shown that the electric
Ii?rht is not only healthier than other
method* of illumination in leaving the
air purer, hut that it increase* the power
of vision in some respects., especially
in distingtn>hingCo5jrs. Red. bine,
green and \eilow arc much more distinct
under this light than by-daylight.
?TwoLeipsic chemists have devised
a process for obtaining sugar in a permnirly
liqui 1 form. This result is
said to be effected by adding to a purified
sugar solution a small quantity o!
citric acid, wlncii coinbims with the
sugar and deprives it of it? tendency
to crystalize.
?Some experiment? by M. Gunter
appear to prove that human saliva possesses,
in ? milder degree. the same
poisonous property as that of serpent-.
The human saliva injected under the
skin of a bird c:iu?ed death, with symptoms
very closely resembling those resulting
from serpent bites.
? A new theory of the so-called fascination
of birds by snakes is that tinbird
mistakes the Miake's tongue,
which the reptile keeps in rapid ami
constant motion, for a lively worm,
and watches it intently with the anticipation
of devouring it.
? A Neapolitan gardener, after years
of experiment, has produced a camelis
with a delicate perfume, and he thinks
it probable that these flower*; may in
the near future be so cultivated as to
rival the rose in the fragrance of its
?M. Pasteur has resolved to extend
l.ic chuliiic ill t*(i<?otliti^'<\ll tA \ oltnu
ClU\?iV.O XII * UWHMIViV/ll %? ? V MV
fever, with a view of determining
whether or not the disease is duo to
parrsite* ami can he <Lruar<led against
by inoculation. A l>ro:ul field of inv?>ti?pition
is open to Pasteur, as it i.?
suggested bv hi* discoveries thu- far
that all contagious maladies may be
due to parasitic growths, the virulence
of which nmv be so reduced by his
meth >d of 'in xMilatioii as to render
this class of diseases no longer a matter
of dread.
?Mr. Shaler Smith ha* "riven the results
of extensive observations in re
lution to the pressure exerted by the
wind. The most violent gale recorded
by him was at East Sr. L<>uis, in 1*71.
when the wind overturned 21 locomotive,
the foreo d veloped in so doin?r
being no le?8 than ninety-three pounds
per square to< t. At St. Charles a jail
was d? 6troyed in 1*77, the pressure required
being e'ghty-ji'Ur pounds per
square foot. At MarshtiMd, in 1-380, a
briek mans'on"was m*v e 1. the force
1 ecessar being fifty-eight pounds per
squure toot. tJclovv the'extraordinary
pressures, Mr. Smith instance* numer
ous eases of trains blown off rails, and
bridges, etc., blown down by gale* ot
twenty-four to thirty-one pounds per
square foot. In all the example* the
lowest force required to do the observed
damage has been taken as the maximum
power of the wind, although, of
course, it may have been higher.
?Enthusiasts who make a special
stud v of sun-spots and attendant phe
notnena believe that the corner-stone
of a new science is being* laid by discoveries
pointing to an intimate connection
between solar and terrestrial
meteorology. Just what- the connection
is they are not yet able lo clearly
define, although electricity is suspected
of being the agent through which
the effects are manifested upon our
planet. It is known that the gaseous
envelop of the sun is nfT?-cted by eruptions
of such prodigious magnit ude as
to be utterly beyond our power of conception,
these disturbances appearing
to us in the form of r'aoidlv ehanirin?
spots and pi ot libera lice*. The tsrsis of
the *pots?or sun-storms?-occur at r?>
uiaiiiably regular intervals, a complete
cycle of the various stages of activity
from maximum to minimum and again
to maximum Ixrinjr performed in ;^)out
eleven years?the so-called "sun-spot
period". The ?utr-*pot .physicist*
now claim a coincide).*:# of the periods
of inaximnfn spots ami years of jrrc.it
atmospheric and physical disturbance
in the earth. -The present has been a
year of great-solar disturbances, while
it has been marked by violent storms
and earthquakes upon our globe.
Further than this:. three scientists claim
to Imve recently detected by simuliafjeon$
obscryjitipij minor atmo.-pl.cric
n i . v
?? *-1.-. - - ~ t. - ?- S. V ^
iflmrtn. ?
] cjmiigcs as the result ?fv to>ne$ixmdiii?r j T
I movements ilUuv. tiiDSetri- f
'; ties attend these oiM-ryatkuis. l.u:t -the I J,
j. Astronomer lioysij forvHeof f:uid' and j
-; ot.ien?.-believe that.tffc state oi* the * <tiiH
' will-sotup day bcx-oioe -au uH|K>r:ant f
' factor .in "weather U6 recast?)... aii'd like'
I-: . .1 ... ! A
- | CH1CUKUIUU5. . I
-j Ot:n N k w.) uLku:.?The" election . of;
flic 1 Ion.l)..\V:tnci>-poz?h. of York.!
1 i to a -ieat on the iBtaiieh.'a* Judire <>i rh<- | ti
>j Sixth (i:euit,1s?<3^<vrved compliment ! j;
| t<> his worth mid lejrnl ability.' Hi- i* j ^
J the only new Judge elected at the; si
i present of-thc Legislature, all; o
I i the old Judges on the circuits were re- j
: | clewed, in this tli? Sixth Circuit. The j
:; selection-we regard a*ii judicious and ;
II good one. .Indue Witherspoon is not j
'! only -a good lawyer of ripe experience; ?
' ? Am) : luit 1?> :i ;
1 man of#terliu?r integrity of character ] c
'! and honesty of purpose. He is a eon- ! e
Kcientious and fair-minded man. and ! jf
' \\ ill make a fair a'lid impartial .Fuds?*. I. \
: holding the scale* of justice in Ids hands !
' equally po:-ed. We are satisticd that ; b
he will ineet the expectation of hi.> n
friends, and that he will discharge the C
j duties of a .Jndjre with credit to him- i
^: self and with honor to the Sftatc.?Lau;
custcr Leihjrr.
' i Soith Carolina Univkusity.?We
are irh.d to sec that an effort is hein<f (
_; made in the Legislature to place the
: South Carolina University upon a solid
oasis. It is proposed to use the net
j earnings of the .Stale Penitentiary f<-r
. the support ot the University and. in 1
j addition to this, to endow that institute
j with ?2U,(KM?, to heimested in (jovernj
inent securities, the interest on which -o
. | is to he used t.? assist in paying the ft
1 professors. We feel a deep interest in I
! this time-honored institution of learn- *
injr. ami hope the measure proposed
' may he carried through successfully.
! However, if the chairs are to he tilled
: i by 'fossils'*, we would rather see the S
1; do.irs of the University closed. New T
j men. with live and progressive ideas ai
i trained in the m xlern schools oflj
1 thought*, should be elected to (he pro- j
j fessorships.?Kcr*h<tir Gazette. ,
? I 11
I?kat 11 is Son* to PkaTII.?AniOa ! a
j Horn, colored. aged forty. living at I ?
'; Shelby. X. C.. caused th?' d"ath of his j jj
I son Burt Horn, aged ?>ixteeii. ?>* kick?! I
i and blows with a walking stick and j
; wagon whip. The hoy was buried |
j Saturday, but hi> body was exhumed i y
j by tIik coroner's jury that dav and an !
| examination shown the >tomaeh.!
! spleen and liver bruised and swollen. I
| The lather ha* been inc.- rce/ated. j j
The negroes arc excited and swear!
? '?v i 11 -*.vi ? . lit
I QdUbUCrS I lUUvUOIO : 2 #1)1 j
J Are you disturbs! at .light and broken j
[ ?>f jour rest by w eick child suffering and ;
j crying with th* excruoia;in^ pain of cut i
tins tretb? Jf so. go ?Lce and get!
b<?ttl? of MliS WiNSLOW'S SOOTHING i
j .-'YUUP. It will rrlie\e the po?*r littl j
! <nfferer iiuiue<!i*t.-ly -depend noon it: J
j there is no nsi*Uk? almnt it Tiio-ei j
j uot * mother ou eurth who has rrtr ns t! j
! ii, who will not tell you at once that it 1
! will regulate the l>oweIs, iv?i d give rest to !
; tli*- mother, and rdi t and health to ?1k
] child, operating magic. It is perfectly j
i j SAt'o to uue in all c**es. and plras?nt t?> I
j the tiute. and i* tlie prescription of <>*,?. j
! of the oldest and bent female physicians :
i :?Qd nurses in the United States. Soid i
| everywhere. 25 cents \ bottle.
I dec 13 x'y
A L'ongli, Coldor Sore Throat xhonld
! i?< stopped. Neglect fr-. ^u- ntly results
1 : i ?1.1.. I
| IU U1I l liriWiUFiC JjUIili ifiWiur >11 \.ww- I
: sumption. Brown's Krow-hinlTroelii
os are certain to five relief in Astli;
ina Bronchitis, roughs. Catarrh. Con;
smnptive and Throat Diseases. Foj
| thirty years the Troches have been reeornI
mended by ph\siei;tn*. and always j;ive
perfect fcitisfaction. They are not new |
or untried, but having baen tested by '
wide and i;..nst.int use lor nearly r.n ntir?- !
^rnerntion, they have attained we 11-merited
rauk amonij tii? few staple r*medi.* >
of the age. Public speakers and sii??rj
ors u*?j the.u to clour and siren p'hri tii?.
j voice. Sold at CVUU it box evtryj
where. dec IJ-ily
Xcuraljjia, Sprains,
Pain in the.Back and Side. '
There Is nothing more painful than these i
diseases: hut the naln can be removed and !
the disease cured by use or Perry Davis'
Pain Killer.
ThU remedy Is not a cheap Benzine
or Petroleum product that jaunt he kept
away from fire or heat to avoid danger
of explosion, nor 1* it an untried experiment
that may do more harm than good.
Pain Killer has been In constant use
for forty years, and tho universal testimony
from all parta of tho world la, It never j
fails. It not only effects a permanent cure, ! -.
but It relieves pain almost Instantaneously.
Being a purely vegetable remedy, It Is safe
In the hands of the most Inexperienced.
j The record of cures by !he ubo of Paiv
! Killkr would All volumes. The following
extracts from lettere received show what
these who have tried It think:
Edgar Cady, Owatonna, Minn., says:
About a year silica my wife became subject
to severe suffering from rheumatism. Our
report was to tho Pain Killxe, whlcli speedily
diaries Powell writes from the Sailors'
Borne, London:
I bad bwin afflicted thrtx* yrxrt with nenralfia
and violent (Mania of the atoraach. The doctor!
at Wo?tinln?trr HoapiUl jt?to up my c??? In
dearer. I tried jour JKiix Killxb, and it pri
zua ImmeOlato rulief. I bavo regained my
treuifth. and am now abla to follow mjr uaual
0. H. Walworth. Saco, He., writes:
I exr?rlenc*d 1 run-edit tc relief from ptln In
the tide br tba ubc of your Pais Kti.ito.
' X. York says:
I hare used your Paix Killed for rbtumatinn,
and hart rscWved pr^at beneliL
Sarton Seaman says:
Have umd Pxttr Kii.lsb for thirty year*,
and hat* found it a *n?r-/*ili*0 remedy for
rheumatlmn and lameness.
Mr. Burdltt writes:
It nmr fail* ta/rlre rolicf In ctwa of rheumatiro.
Phil. QUbert, Somerset, Pa., irrltes r
Prom actual ve, I know yourPai* linn
la tfcs beat medicine I can r*L
All dn^lsts keep Pirx killm. Its price
Is so low that It Is within the teach of all*
and it will saTe many times lta cost In doctor*
I bills. 35c., 30c. and 91.00 a bottle.
PERRY DAVIS A SON, Pr^riiton, f
Providence R. I. I
i J-jQIgQl ?ppemg,jiu?c?.uuwiiiii cmurB! I |
i Pain in theHotd.with a dullVcnaation in
t the baek partTFwn uhHer~th ?Hould e r- L
! blaHe, fullneu after sating, with a difin- j
1 elination to exertion of body "or tnina^ !
i Irritability of tamper, Lowpirita. Lota j |,
! of memory, rrithTa iealing of baring negi
lectod eome dut'y,"V?arinoss, Disilhea*". J
i 1 lut taring o" f_th? Heart, Dot*_before th a ; I
i eye a. f ellow bkih^Se^ache^heBtl^rr- i *
! ne>&s at nightTHichly colored Urine. j
TUTTS TILLS are especially adapted So
ut'h c?ir i,onr do?e eflT?>rt? itclia rhaujo
of fcellur a? to MtouUli the luff^rcr.
g Th*jr InrrMt* Apprttf*. und cnn?* the I
| bo.lv to Taitr on KloO*. thtu ;h? yvnteni I* I :f
BonrlibM.tn'l by Ih-lrTowi*" ArtloMon Ui* , .
MfntlTr OrjMM, lUnlar Mloola arf nru
<3uc?-d. J'riif: 3? <vnt*. 23 JJ - rrmy IW_ S. V. ;
Okat HxtcorWjiuacicTwt tofc?i.<w?.r j n'
Bi.a? k br ? tin*!e arplii-aiion of thu Drit It
tbip*ns a D?;ural eoior.M-ta Iniununocorlr.
: ?old t7l>rtirci?t|l.?*' eiprew on receipt c( J). .; ]
Office, 35 Murray St., New York.
g Tt. Tr n"S li.M'U of Tklrsfcl* l<r>niillo uU | :I
Krr?IpU ?*U b# FRZZ-mm , ? <*
We continue to art fcs So Helton for r*t?its. <Vnt*. Is
Trade Harks. Cooyrijhu. etc.. for the United Stabs*.
Canada. Cuba, England, France. Germany, cic. TYo co
tare-fcad thirty-Arc jre?r?'?xperitnte. [ ui
Pataritt obtained through us are noticed In the Wl- ; 1
trnnc amskioa.v. This large and splendid illus- ' nr
trated rrc^i! y i^aper, $3.20 a year,shows the Prugrcta rr
of Science, is very Interesting, and has an enonnom [a
circulation. ^ddrt? MUXN & CO., Patent Solicitors.
Pub's. of SCIKNTMC AUKRiCAN, 37 Park Row, nr
l^ewYork. Ij^ndbookHboutPateptofrPC. !
-T": . ' - >- .- ^--" > 5
"v- ' - *
S iaWiflylu
? . .
J3v applying per-or.al] v at tl?? r*nre*t t
Ec'r of THE SlXfiEIl ilANUF.U'TUlU !
KG (.'(). (.or )iv ;o?tul <mH if at m dis-!
mce) sijv ADULT {??-rH-n Tiil Ke pre- i
?nt?-d'with ?i heuutifuSly illustrated ccp\ j
f :i N"u> Book entitled
ontiiinui'' a handsome and ccwtly tt?-<-l j
- - i ? t.._ ..o .... 1
nuruvin*; TroDtisj'ircc. ;u?i. .?? uuui i
inwri wood cii!*, ami h >niid in s.n elab- :
rati? blue jic.] lith-graphed co\er. |
io charge v.h.-.trv<-r is su.-.ilc lor this biiLtl- D
r?iue* hook which can l>e obtained oi.lv
v application at the branch ant? snbordi- X
ate olSocs of Tilt* S?iuger Manufacturing :
o. ; o
Principal Uflicc, 34 Union ?qnure.
icny 17-lv New York. j \j
-MY? j A
?Ob'? I F
m Fiii. rmm I:
lurr i iiuu uuuiiw. ;
I :
MY Stock of Dry Goods Clothing,! hots.
Boots, Hats Caps, Notions, j
'rimmings, Millinery, Ladies' Cloaks :
ud Dolrnas are now complete, and |
am happv to sav are ! "T
;is season than heretofore.
Boys' Clothinj* and Misses' Cloaks j
specialty. I therefore take greatj F
leasure in asking my friends and ;
) come and see what I have this j
ear. Respectfully,
oct 15
f constant by i ft
public for crer
yttn, ?nd 1? ttao b*??
prtptrat '" "'" '?"R ThTl i
vented for KE8TOKIKG Jjj | : _
??? nA,R TO ,TS L'AsMTer I
> *yD Lira- A Chemist'
f it inppiui the u-tu- \ 0f Jfass.;
ral food and color to the ; ^ :
k>Ir glands without;.
staining the ekln. It wIU j le^(lln? ;
licrt?M and thicken the j Ptysi- |
frowth of tho hair, pre- i CWL.S >
Tent it* blanching and endorse [
falling off. ?n<l tlini I ]
: recom- , w
It cares Itching, KrnpA fDSuH I 5
lions and Dandruff. A* ! | j <
? ixaxx dressing it M * ; ; ?
1* virj desirable, pivinjj j ?Teat [ j the
hair a sllkea softness ; triumph ! j
which all admire. It ' i j
keeps tho head dean, |
sweet and healthy. J !
=r^SS&c / \ i
will chaxis* the beard to a K1IOWN
or BLACK at discretion. Be lac 1? j
ono preparation It la easily applied,
and produces a permanent color
that will not wash off.
Sold by all Dsalers In Medicine
s!Tl5rii!7moT5!!t3!oi7T7m^ lUlr IUaonr?oJB j
Dr*uior. AduW for ll*el?ttlUm??ad ?UfMtwrfun*.
Xever F?H? to Bestor? r*y ?r Faded Hair | _
U Cm youlifd coior. K> ct?. ?ad |1 mam H *11 dnijjuO.
v 7 r*w * I j b
filifer. Bieki, Ku4ra?, StllliifU ?d | ''
many of the best medicines known are her* con- |y
bincd into a median# of such nried and Wfacurc
pc vers, as to make the Greatest Blood Purifier & the 7
lot Batitb ts4 Stmffh flwtarw Cwf Sm4.
It cures Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Sleeplessness,
Tldueasea of Uie Stomach, Bowels, Lunjs, Lirer, B
Kidneys, and all Female Complaints. _
If you are waiting away with Coaivmptioa or
anrdixaj*. use the Tonic to-day. It will surely Shelpyou.
Keaeraber! it is far superior to Bitters,
Ewactt of Ginger and other Tonics, at it builds
upthesysteta without intoxicating. 50c and$x
axes, at all dealers ia drugs. None genuine without *1
|?ifnatureofHi*cox&Co.,N Y. Sefidtoraxcs^r p.:
l^pg?*ATiX^OCTIKaTCTPO^^?^^| t,h
Ruling Bnsionsi
\%% Mm %$$
If fSB 0
15. W 1MIILLIPS, Agent. Winn* j f
r>ro. S. ('. tli-r ; ,
NSUliE Y< > UU LIl-'E j
resbyfcrian Mutual Assurance Fund.;
You have to par but Utile for the vtim which }
iu ifCclvr, and only wh.it ilie liisuraiic" a?.>u i
iy " .St.*. ;
Y.u *n-*ur<? that your family witleet tnosum ,
your <!?.uh. as by special clause iu the char i j
r it Is fxciayt. ; <
No risk to run. nor an> possibility of th<- cor- i
ration falling, as clo ctl.er insurance compa- j
You know w liaf you pay ?-acb wssment for. : ?
You can insure la this when you coul.'l not l!i !
mo.-r f\pon->lv-- on?'.
\ <<u kn >iv t itfrc will b" n?Ion-/ process of law ;
i.l 'xpt'iKiimie of means to obtain tae sum a- !
Mir <1 cense.
Y'<u rwflve a benellr of livv dollars a week; r
lirn sick or unable to attend to l?Usla.\ss; ' ! J
It is M?e easiest arid safest way to secure so :
r;i- au amount for iho beiirilt of your family |
t#*r y our dratii. I
No millions amassed to tempi the honesty of j
Krtj ^l\Atrr. iU-tt !ha mitlnnl n1-?P '
&.vp.n^u? V r*IIA/WI? Vilini' 111" IMHkMUt ^t??u
r?-a>l!<lc and ih?- result Miii;.
[nsicad 01 pny njj out larice sums to Insurance ]
nmmles, tee oioiify Is left -.vitli each monitor
itil actually needed.
C'.iun;>i tv ;-ubJ<-oteiI to the c.'ahns of creditors
>r ri'itfluil by attachment, ttarobhment .>ro:hproccss
of law, so u.-> to divert It rro:u ihr i
F.>r further particulars and applications for j
r!n'oi-rslil!?, cxll on J O. !!?)AG, ; |?(
? *i?t Ai'ent .or FajrfleldC'ouuty.;
r*"' V-. . ^.\.r "
WlNNSlSOKO. S. G\, Sept. 1, 1881.
Sopt 3
Tf A 1#
rvj i ir.iJ 11 :\->i,
* unur.f'iMkW
lid a full supplv of
Which we are ottering very LOW
>r the CASH.
Nov 24
" 6
o "J 'M
t>? 2 L
2 < * ^
J I' 5 ^
11 a L a S
His: g ^
? ^ ? ?*w V ^
s* g 5i 5 ? b EJ
? ? ^ g S fg
3 a 3 ?i o ? p
jj, w 5f > * Pfl E c~*"
2 > ^ 55 o ?
- ? * a ^ J
,. w s x 2 a i_i
S1 *4 Q cl J ?S
8 S * 8 G 5 P
. . *Tl Z * m
? 3 s ? a 5 o
, , g ^ * aj a ^
W ? o $ ^ fo H O
LiJ _ W *3 r?
8 ? * g ss 1 Exi
^ M ?< B ft 2
c 8 S 5 H -x ? &
S Q ?* E B 8
l?gs B q :H
I w s a J
a si
H ~ ki 3 "
$ I -J ? a
* i ? b
? 5 *
New bccausMl Is only within the last trr
?ars that It has tv-Pii Improved and broujlii
ltlitu the reach or everyone; old In prlnclpu
tcau&e th? firs'. Invention was made and tlK
.< patent taken out nearly twenty y?*ars af?>
id ca.?es made at that time and worn ev?-j
ucs, are nearly a? s;<xh1 as new. Head the fol
wluy. which Is only one of in:nay hundreds
>ur je welers can tell or similar ones:
I have a customer who has carried one o
)>s' Patent casei fifteen years and I knew li
ro yc-iir- b^fo: he jot It and It row appears
>od for ten years longer. K. E. OLXEY.
Kcnember that J*?. Bovi* U the oily paCini
.*e made of two plates of solid jjold (one outde
and one iDMfie) corerlnff every part ex
ised to wear or -teht. the jrreat adra.- tajre 01
e?e nlate* orer Hrctrj-eiMlnir I* apparent t
er? ouc. Bo.<V U the only pat-nt ease wilt
lileta u>?re Is ?lwn a written warrant, ol
iilch the following is a facsimile:
\ faaftmnwwww'ww Ci*/
\S wmwmnoa UMSCS /
\^rtBnrcri?Ma* M/
Jeeihitjou g?r th? guarantee with each
?e. A t your Jeweler lor Jlluntraied eatable.
nov l
5 /f THE 5
| Jm j|
I l$J lij
3 \,?E ' S
3 ?sr ^
Fhe Latest The Best
l he handsomest an?I most complete
Yet product!. '
Victor Sewiag MacMse Co.,
Eliddlotown, Conn....
outhyn CTca. *o. 8 N. CMrtes St., SaJtimore. *1
?IN AT?..;.''"'. .
F. ELDERfS.. -i
- . .. w.
.fv; : >>.
j MY STOCK of good* for the mm?.''
; son is now in store. au<i op?a for
: public inspection. ;In the
! : Will be foand Dress Goody, CaH.
j cuts, Gicghatiiti, Lin*evs. Flannels,
j Bleached and Brown SL#?etingJs- and
| Shirtings, prills, Cotton- Flanvels,
I Jeiuis/Cottoiiuiles, Cassirffores. Rel
....li.mf Dv.mpu ufv/1 Tni'lctT -
: pclAlVUi) 4/4% ?r#.
! Red Tftble pumkik, Doylite and" ''
IN the Grocery Department will
! he found Sn^.is, Ccffnws. Syrups,.
i Tei and other necessaries.
?ALSO? ...
Peaches. Pears, Pint apple. Salmon,
i Tomatoes, Corn Beef, Sardines,
; Pickles. Cheese. Etc. A lot of nosh .
| Cakes and Crackers. - =
i _ ~ *" . ;
In half and quarter barrels and
kits. Mackejel in fire pound tins. '
" - 8 M
IN FACT too can get almost
anything >on want in either tb* Dry
Goods or Grocery line.
" - * tr
" i
; ALL pei sons knowing themselves
indebted to either f. ELDER &'
i CO., or to F. ELLER, are hereby
j notified to come np and settle, a* all
! claims not paid hy the FIRST DAY'
' | of NOVEMBER, after date, .will Lo
| placet! in the hands of my Attorney
; for collection. ^
^ m
?j Sept'27 .\.:i
I oaaw
- H
O?o 3
1 - 'M
j T!ie tobacco from which the cfcari
! are made i? jfrown entirely in conserj
yalories, and the cigars are made. oil
I mahogany tables bv thoroughbred
j Cubans in swallow-tail coat* ami white
! Lid glove?. When a man sm^ke*. one - *
! of thes-j eufars, he walks on air ami
I *" .1
9 dreai * that he has a diamond tu-arf
3 : pin and a sixty-live-dollar suit of
i clothes, and has just married rich. U
; make* the breath sweet, and keep" tlie
j teetl. w lite, and will force a mustache v<
on the smoothest lip in five weeks-. It
permeates the house, window curtains,
closets and clodies with the delicate
| odors and exquisite fragrauee of
| heliotrope, new mown liay, :Jockey
; club and whit.r rose. It will fa$t<:ii
- - - ^Z
the front gate every night, ana carry
the paper in the morning, chase the
; cats from the garden, drive the hen* to
J water, and hardly ever fail to make
| one feel better all over. No well*
j regulated family can properly k<-ep
j house without them: for the man who
smokes this cigar will never cut worn! I
| too long for the stove, never swear
; when he puts up stove-pipes, never
| step on a lady's train, join a club or go - j
j down to the post-office after supper.
* T7? TT T T T T\TI? v l
A r l jlj jj xj x x^
L';,^ r|
?SUCH AS? 1!
' -AT? . ^
Nov 26 >
"w *z
And it behooves each and everyone
toprepaie for the coming of your
"Sisters and your Cousins aud .your
A unU,v by buying first class Groceries,
iu the shape of
i Of which I have I lie best that canV
j bought in any market. Fresh 13/
1 ITInm* liv fi iimivt
: Rio and Java, Roasted and GrvcuC^I!
All grades, from highest to the lowest,
OAT MEAL, ' % * J
Id Five Pound Packagc*. ..>4
| Raisins, Currants, Citron, Etc. Alw
:i variety of canned fruit.
j N'cw Orleans Mv lasses to airivo in a
! Four hundred bushels just .received.
j Red Rust Proof?the purest that cau
, | As we can't enumerate all we .have,
we invite one and all to cull ami see
! us, md investigate for tliein^ves. ""-^=11
|~ JC2 P2IKTIK&.
I All /,< inn TvntvrpivM' ' i
: wj) i ivuinj^u, sucn
r as Lwter Heads Bill Head? Eiivelojxp,
i &c., dour in neat stjTeiffiVf Very1
! amr, at 'ij.t JvVns 's&p |i^iuL?

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