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I w?a??a?MB??i?WP??q?M
*" i ~
After Marriage. lodgers
thp.ee days after,
?3?y precious popsy-wopsy, lovo, benevo
I'm going oat," he softly said; broadAnd
she upon hits maniv breast, "It's
? All lovingly reclincd her head. ?e2ecti
t?You will not leave yonr birdie, dear?" ness ?
N f. *1 will not, darling; rest content"?
jL.^/ And then they kissed a dozen times? nitely
HL -"By-bye!" *1Vta!v' And eo he went. a little
rwith a
. "'ITy dear, I'm going oat to-night. orandu
don't sit ap? I may be late."
She laughed a pretty little laugh ? know,"
- "Oh, never fear, I shall not wait." gort of
Then, having lighted his cigar, but cl
Above her in the chair he bent, down t
And kis'jed her somcwliat languidly? have ta
A single kiss?and so he went. thing \
"Irene, I'm going out to-night." "To*
> She does not even raise her eyts Pit2fad
Erom Mrs. Blankwhito's latest tale, yesterd
Nor does it cause him much surprise. Trimm
^ He hums an Offenbacbish air, % if you
And pina upon his coat a rose; days t
*Tm going out." She coolly says, be a ve
"Why don't you go?" And so he goes. 'Tie.
all," Sf:
i- Tes, Mrs. C., I'm going oat." resnoni
: ** 'Twoald be a blessing if you'd stay!" "Brxt,
*1 -wish upoa my word I might." high,
"Yoa horrid wretcli! What's that you say? chinne<
I only wish I were a man, longed
Your insults then I'u soon resent" "Mr*
R|& U1 wish you were, and not my wife!" fortablt
And, followed by the broom, he went. tenant.
_ could t
Kji my tni:
""This house to let!"
Mr. Frank Bayberry's Persian-pat- p0Cfcet
^ terned morning govn floated "like a said U]
meteor on the troubled air," as he rushT
? 1 3 ?*HU.
vu. uuii ueioro Drea&iast ana waier- j 0^siy a
?d the truculent-looking bill on the front gent]er
of the house with four fat red wafers, entered
" '*? The milkman across the way stared; the jlajr ^
~ v neighbor's servant-maid paused in her tlj t
occupation of flirting dust into the
corners of the area and then out again; ^
the man who was veiling, "Bananas!
eight for a quarter !" stopped short, as ?Q,
if he, too, contemplated a change of , '
residence. In short, it made a small r^j^' j
sensation in the neighborhood, and sen- ? ^
cations, as we all know, widen indefi- -lre&^7
? 'lately. Wf
"While Mr. Bayberry went back into ,, ,
tha house with an air of one who has
notliyediDTOiB. '
"There!" said he. "I've put a bill up!"
"I'm glad of it," said Mrs. Bayberry,
-a watery-eyed little woman, with blue T ~f ^
_n_i JJ - 1-1 x- Idont
jcjvuvua in uer izair ttnu. a, uiue nuse iu ?
correspond; "for, between obstreperous P611.6 '
/servant-girls, and everlasting plumbers' sa^m^.
bills, and baby's teeth, and your Aunt feparaj
Miriam coming every little while to stay ?P ,J .
a month, I'm completely worn out and * *c
tired of housekeeping. It will be like , 5 cf
a new lease of life to board for a little i?7
while." MfcEia
"Humph!" said Mr. Bayberry. "I'm
not so sure of that. But the bill is up, .. ,
anyhow, and the next thing is to get the sf,ee5
old place rented and off our huids." tuaJy n
And with the striking of ten (the tfnants
house, as mentioned in the fine print of C
the "To Let," was visible between the J'?3 ^
lours of ten and two), there set in a "
k .solid phalanx of house-hunters of all .
varieties, from the resolute old woman,
-with the market-basket and tow-colored
iront, to the newly-married young amESe
"woman, who seemed to regard this twostory
brick mansion very much as she if
had Just left off regarding her doll- re y ^
At first Mrs. Bayberry endeavored to
toeat the house-hunters politely, bnt she 7,
soon discovered that eelf-defense re- ?JUu8 f
quired a different method of treatment;
amd when Mrs. Toxley said that the w??r ?
tteliar smelled like an old vault, and W1 ,
M- ipiat the house wasn't fit for decent peo- won 0
E** ;ple to live in, she simply remarked that ^??f se
there was no law in the code requiring ^ ? f sr
her (Mrs. Toxley) to live in it if she 08
didn't like it. .
"Ma'am,said Mrs. Toxley, "I suppa?ed
that I was speaking to a lady." c?? ?
* 'I didn't,"said Mrs. Bayberry, tersaly. S1^err?
^ "Mra. Fitzfaddle, the bride, didn't like re
?? - ihe Iccaiion. Her James, she was sure, onf ?^n
Bjf? -wished to be nearer the park; and she t11.
f was sony the house hadn't hard-wood .12
finish and. electric bells. nomg
"But,"" ciied Mrs. Bayberry, 'you co'nere
can't expect that sort of thing for six an5;Rm?
har dred and fifty dollars a year!"
V . vfhe bride tossed her head. Evidently !?een no
v . C-1>A rwAfin Vko fo ^ XHlHr
rTjuc uiu i w tv mo w/? -q .
Everybody was going into flats, now, ?1
flbosaid, and she didn't know why she 1101156 1
w?tedher time in looking at ding/ old
Lapses like this. ' The
S * Old Mrs. Budget was of opinion that Hithf
fthe closets ^re too small and the pan- Siint B
^ r .tries ill vei ti ated. She was almost stire above t'
y* --she smelted diphtheria and typhoid
Mm, fever in the kitchen, and wanted to know vated
when the sanitary inspector had* last
W> visited the premises. Mr. Hardhack, a Daring
^ stiff old bachelor, objected to the near- tjes 0f
ness of the elevated railway; Mrs. Hop- +;0 be ei
kins, whose daughters had "situations' jUeat v<
' in a doTn-town book-bindery, took ex- nomica]
SK ceptions that it wasn't near enough ; meters
Wff Mrs. Johnson sniffed and snuffed, and i qqq fe
said she knew there was a fat-boiling gaint B
place somewhere in the neighborhood, mfeters
and Miss Bockwell was quite certain 0j 200 s
that the tall red-brick house in the rear nD^er .
was a tenement, and that people in tene- ^ 'a c
ments "ha*S yellow fever, and smallpox, st0ry tl
and Asiatic cholera, and everything else w}nch
|L.^- of a contagious nature.
And even after two o'clock, when ?toal
Mrs.Bay berry had retired into her room rooing
to W&e hysterics and green tea at iier three \
r?>-~ lei- "re, the honse hunting pnblic made commo
Tzn^Sasing charge up the front steps and jgts ^
a? the door, still demanding admittance; r(X)f c0
l until, at last, Mrs. Bay-berry, peering <jome
R ? through the window blinds, saw a stout sfcor_' a
gentlemen coming np the steps, with a ^ande PF
^-v^gold-headed cane and a broad-brimmed fs a^i6
|* nseassrfcat. Sicil
"MaoS2er>jaidtho old gentleman, isiesj ^
catching her eyetEro^gh ^he angle of the Jma
the Venetian slats, "I wish to^lSa^.this toryis
house." ~ " in
xjt '-Yon wish to look at it, yon mean," comp^
& 4* said Mrs. Bayberry, feebly, "But the always
hours for inspection?" 0f f?e
Ht y "Madame," firmly repeated the old
jp: * gentleman, "I wish to tafce ic. to engage
it?to rent it from the first of May
next, aft the sum of six hundred and , Jv .ne
fifty dollars per annum." training
"But you haven't j&en it!" cried Mrs.
Bayberry, " ??aimer
! ? "Madame," said the old gentleman, "I m?re
Bg? dcn't wish to see it. My family consists ,7re
ML. of myself, an invalid relative, and an ,
old colored seivant. And it must be. a nacl.a^lc
9 ML very poor house, indeed, if it does not 1
m Wr meet our simple requirements. Shall I 1tam? ^
h Wr take down the bill, ma'am ? My refer- Y .
ences are Lattall & Company, real estate 0Ilu a
agents, No. ?, Pine Street I"
"If you please I" said Mrs. Bayberry, p v - jf,
?/vcvKn<* oc if a thrmsand-dollar weight ^ i^
RSiCS.-' awj;uug MV ** ? _
tb been lifted off her heart. " "'k"0,
%>o down came the "To Let I" and ,, ,
fluttered ignominiously into the gutter. ,
Mr. Bay berry arrived to a late tea with ??
a lobster and a bunch of spring lettuce J~.f?
[ under his arm.
r 'Well, Fanny," said he, "I've got
p-good news for y*u. The house is let." J
"How did you know ?' said Mrs. Bay- Z !
5^ berrv. It cons
L. g. "The real estate agent told me. Just ^
HF row! To a very respectable old con- KL'
pie?man and wife ! Intending to take V032 .
a few lodgers, I'm told." the am
L Mrs. Bayberry opened her ayes very ff7
i wide. X*e
"Well," said she, "he certainly does ? ro;
look very respectable. But when he ?orsei
fcAr said 'invalid relative,' I hadn't an iuea
JWHL that he meant his wife. And I shouldn't ? .7
^ flank it could be Tery pleasant for the a
I .. !
3 to have a oick pe:son in the; GJtHBLiiVS AT MONACO. 1
she told her husband abo? the s?ne< nt Ib? Co,Ino_Tbe tll?!s
lent-Yisageu old gendemau m tee j iMayers-Thc^i'uNiea old Mau. j ?
b^m0^ kaldhMr Barberry ! ?he Casin:)' says a corresPondent' in i \
velV. "But it's none of ol bnsV-: * ^fvtiou oi the notorious gambling ;
* A,Ub lb? u I den at Monaco, is bmlt of the cream- J
, . , - ? 3 colored l;mestr-ne which abonnds in 1
his being, as the? snpposed, defi- ; th- Tll0 ?ea.fa?G a ir s
settled, Mrs. Barberry was not I ^ a
J l a" l ?u of i/Owcrj and its ncn mosaic decora- ,
sensed the day at. the . , , b , 4
of Mm. litz a,!dl?. the br do, firs; for & , ^ b t itisin
tape-measnroanda email x? ; !k1 only th/sM/wa,i o? tbe theater.
m dook. ! Tho towers hare nc actual relation to
she. ?*"It isn't quite the ! fMlfe"dZh I
a house we could have wished, i c
ear James' salarv has been cut j ^ c
wentv-five tier cent and so we ^ot S<?11 * The outside entrance to the
wentj-nve per cent., ana so wo th-eate, ig ar0Tjnd the corner< The Lnie e
letter " front of the Casino is on the land side'
, -?r _ where a broad flight of stens leads into ?
t it's taken already,' said Mrs. a hacdsome hall trranged with a colon- !
7mast be mistaken," said Mrs. Df?e "^gallery, in imitation of the
caJZL? ;* atrium of a Roman vilJa. Doors open
.die, stiffly. M hence into tho varidns departments;
[ay for a year of the owner, Mr. th , , , yoofaisf ih-re is '
cLf,ive?nseoo-se2onLe few *3 '*', lo lhfch
efore the first?! May.it would ^ resort who please, withont charge
lyereataccommodation,indeed." 1
sure I don't understand it at ^ndltc^mcl of ^ theater, and all along
q xt?? ?v__ ji-V/iTi'ii hoT-A one side are the gates of hell. To be
e it with the landlord. I'm not ^mi'ted to the gambhng-rooms you
V| " need a ticket, issued gratis at an ad"4
still wared of
m bustled a portly double- M0na(J0i norJ a resiaent ?{ th/
1 lady, just as if the house be- department of the Maritime Alps. 'lie.
, T,?, eo;A o a P*t??nal government here, and will
nod of the^ead "The new have no Plncking of*its own childreajnoa
oi tne neacL me new The play begins betimes in the foreCome
to see what; arrangement noon_f think about 11 o'clock-and
^ made about storing a few o runs o:> uninterruptedly with freqnent
aksand things, before I move il reiayE 0f cr0Upier3 until 11 at night.
ame," said Mrs. FitzfaddlV'the are three.rooas-two devoted to ;
? xu^auu^o, tuo roulette, for wh:cn there are five tables, .
s mi^e* one-, with two tables, to trent-et- 1
> got the blank leaso * my qt,arant^ Whe.e7er I have visited the ?
.E w 7 s,gnatare9' place it has been early in the day, and I
the two ladies were daring fnri- f?aad the players were two deep '
tee two ladies were glaring Inn ar0~a4 e7ery table; but it is at nigbt one
ano her, when the etoa. that the crowd is greatest and the excite- 1
can ,n the broad-brimmed hat ment most inte?se. The r00ms ate c
followed by an old negro, with spacious. Yon can ptomenade frceiy ?
ute as wool. without disturbing the throng which f
hSn?f- ,r,emarkelwe watches the tarn of the cards or the
*1old genUeman "that perhaps ^ 0f the fatal ball, and there are
it be as well for Cato and me to ?mf ?>0w? __ j i
diagram of the rooms.so that if-" comfortabIt l0Ung0!, m windows a*d i
ui?Siamui mcwuuio.ouimauu recesses whence you can survey tne
stop,_ stop! cried Mrs. Bay* game at your ease. By day the cur- 1
iespairingly, clasping her hands tains are drawn, that the gamblers may f
lead. "It's been jet twice over not be distracted by. outward scenes, *
. I do hope you il not be dis- and in the 86mi-obscurity you can hard- a.
*'d; but?" ly appreciate the richness of the deco- f
rk frown overspread the old gen- ration. The stillness is almo3t oppress
benignant countenance. sive. You step lightly. The monoto- c
lame," said he, "this is scarcely nous call of the employes of the bank. ^
s-like!" "Messieurs, faites vos jeux," is uttered j!
,s.a*d ^r3* Bayberrv. almost below the breath; and even -1
ad is whirling around like a top! when you are close to the table you must 1
see how it can possibly have bap- listen carefully to hear the winning color *
but here are three people, all and number. I have heard many stories c
that they have specially and 0{ heavy gains and heavy losses this ^
5ly engaged this house. Some- season, in both which our countrymen ^
elephone to my husband, or I were the principal figures; but I have |
> crazy!" _ seen nothing at the Casino either very
:me Mr. Bayberry, accompanied exciting or very alluring. I shall long
all & Co., Rentquick & Son, and recall the image of the palsied old man
as Trimmer, who owned the very who sat bent over his pile of gold and ?
residence under discussion. silver, resting his head on both hands, J
in this committee of the whole studying with intense application the E
lily transpired that the house -c- card upon which he pricked the winning ?
ad been rented to three different numbers, oblivious apparently of every- ?
by the various persons in whose thing around him until he deemed the ?
it was. And not one of them favorable moment come. Then he ?
ling to abate one jot or tittle of rose with difficulty, and reached cut a ^
ler rights and privileges. trembling arm to place his stake oil the
presently up spoke the fat old board, and always, while I was there he ?
ith the cozy double chin. lost. There is a lady of fair appear- '
r me!" said she, "can't we ail ance, well and quietly dressed, whom I ?
matters comfortable-like? Ain't never fail to find in a good seat at; the
ing a deal of fuss about a *ery roulette table. She must go early to e
ling? This 'ere old gent don't get it, and I leave her there when I re- ^
rant but three rooms; and the turn to Mentone in the afternoon. She
lady," with a courtesy to Mrs. plays at every turn of the wheel, sel- ?
ile, whose Rhine pebbles she be- dom risking more than twenty or
o be genuine diamonds, "will be twenty-five francs at a time, but so ?
atisfied with the second floor, quivering with anxiety that the coins V
i. And me and Hodgson?we rattle in "her hand. I saw her win ?
take lodgers, and will be suited pretty well one morning. When I '
e basement story. And the rent looked a few hours later her money *
>e but a third as much?don't wag nearly gone. As for the company f1
e, my dears??and everybody ingenerai.it seemed to me intensely 11
'* ? " 1 ? ortrrV* 0
LUj? ilUU. cotioiitiA. UULLLLtUUpiitUC? ilCJLLliCJ. k/i.uuouu ouuagu
.pital idea!" said the old gentle- to be attractive nor wicked enough to '
be interesting?much more stupid and e
on't know but what it is worth respectable in demeanor than the ^
ring," said the bride, "in con- mob of showy persons one meetu at r
on of the twenty-five per cent. Nice in the Jardin Pablic and on the E
5n of my husband's salary. And promenade. ^
call it a flat, if one chooses." *
the countenances of the agents . , *
ndlord, who had anticipated Oil at Sea? r
; less annoying than a three- About twenty-eight years ago, in the ?
d law-suit, grew radiant again, month of May, there arrived in Hob- f
tters were all settled. son's Bav a small fore-ani-aft schooner,
" said Mrs. Bajberrv, "if it had which may be called the Jeanette. She s
icessaiy to put up that bill again, came from New London, United Sta":ess ^
z I should have tun away to was deeply loaded, and carried bes::de,
11a! Anything?anything but a tt heavy deck load of "amber. ?Ghe
;o L*t ? " caused a good deal of speculation for
- the. following reasons. She was only
Highest Building in Europe. sixty tons register, was loaded like a J
!rto the hospice of the Great top, had ted a very, stormy passage n
emard, which stands 8,200 feet of fora months and reached Melbourne s
he level of the sea has enioved ^thout loss of an7 The captain h
Unction of blg the moSX waa a shrewd Jankee who knew that f
inhabited bnUcUng in Europe. oI this *md were in great a
jnor it can now no longer claim, ^mand in Australia for the coast- v
the past year the city anthori- bWTL,th?j? I
Catania, in Sicily, have caused ~ ~?
rected, near the summit of the her out for the pniyose of seUing her, r
>lcano, Mount Etna, an astro- had made as much freightage out of her e
I observatory, which stands 2.943 a?couId be T3?'H0!10? llat e
above the sea-level, or fully she was overloaded, he had, before s
.et higher than the hospice of living New London, taken on barf s
emard. The structure is nine * barrel ol oil, which oil, when neces- t
in height, and covers an area f1?- hi?bef EPtmklea ^er the taf- J
quare meters. It consists of an ^ The hnge waves ran after the d
and a lower storv, and is built Jeanette, but not to hurt her Ttey S
ircular form, in the lower overtook her, glided gently nnder her, s
lere rises a massive pillar, upon and left her, to De followed by others in v
is placcd tbe great refracting he same gentle manner. After being n
ae. The lower story is divided eight days wcnder'in Melbourne, *
lining-room, Htchoi and store- the Jeanett? sold to remain m the o
lathe upper storv there are country, and one of her crew shipped J
jedrooms intended for the ac- with the writer to return to England, v
dation of astrnnomists and tour- This man, himself u skulful seaman, a
liting the establishment. The used to say that the tafe arrival of the 1
nsists of a movable cupola or Jeanette m Hobson s Bay was entirely 1
From the balconies of the upprr dn? .0 the practice of sprinklmS oil i,
. prospect of -vast extent and 6 ^rs' , ,, , n , . ?
crw^ofnr The following letter fron _ Captain t
to see over half the island of A}l}son> st^mskipl.ocnAje aas oeen c
the island of Malta, the Lipari addressed to Captain Mitchell Dundee :
id the province of Calabria, on At Re time the steamship Loch Awe ,
inland "of Italy. The observe ^as lost (m the first week of January), ,
erected upon a small cone, which there being so liitle prospect of saving \
the case c f eruption, protect it our hxfL m the remaining boat, it
LMv from the lava-stream which occiuyed to me to try if a small quanflows
tLc^n on the opposite side tlfc? of oil would smooth the breaking
rolcano ?rrtiildcr. sea and keeP our frai1 craffc as long
' afloat as possible. Accordingly, before i
Training Vicious HoW the bo,at T SW ? "!> 9 g?i?n \
* . . . , can of oil was placed in ner. After <
iw and very simple method of abandoning the vessel and drifting be- i
j vicious horses was exhibited in fore wjn(j an(j seaj on observing a break- {
Philadelphia recently and tee ing sea approachiBg a small portion of t
in which some of the wiiaest the oil was poured on and always sue- y
were snbdued was astonishing. ceet[eij jn smoothing the broken tip of <
$t trial was that of a k;ckmg or ^he sea before it reached the boat. Of i
?" ? Va, OI7T1AT said iT.. ,
*8 iuaiO) HM1V" ?W CUUJLSO tJULO uuau nao vvtguiuj at u ,
>wed no rider on her buck for a sid?ra"ble rate through "the water, which i
of st least five years. bae became anowe<j the 0ji to get to the approach- i
about as many minntes, and al- sea before it reached the boat. j
lerselito be ridden about ^h- It is my opinion that if vessels ran- <
gn of her former wiianess. The DjQg before a breaking sea were to pou r j
by which -he result was accom- a smau quantity of oil over the stem, <
t was by a piece of light rope or ^ave a Btr0Dg canvas bag filled with |
?vas passed around tne front jaw oafcnm and saturated with oil, suspend- i
mare just above the upper teeth, e(j over t^e stera or s^e of tke vess<;i j
. in her mouth, and thence secur- in g-Qch a position that it would occc-.~ 1
to. her neck. It was claimed, 6jonaUy ^ip in the water, it would in a <
horse will Kick or jump when great measure keep the sea from break- ]
cured, and thai, a 'hors*\ after jng aE(j doing serioas damage. (
ag the treatment a few times, will I have seen bags of the above descrip- 3
n his vicious ways forever. A tjon ^sed in small vessels engaged in j
mP ? :^e was f? / the fishing trade between Newfoundland
1 kicking horse could be sho3. , E arose. and the fishermen a'l j
isted in conneoting the animals's spoke in furor of oil being ,
id tail by means of a rope fasten- use<j ?eep the sea from breaking.
tie -ail and then to the bit, and jj. ^ known that a dead whale or <
rawn tightly enough to incline 0^er oily fish floating on the surface i
mal8 h?:3 to one side. This, iu 0f the water will keep it quite smooti
led, makes it absolutely impossi- for a considerable distance, even while
borse to kick on tL9 side of ^he sea may be breaking heavily where
Pf\ tbe same exhibitions there is no oil on the surface.? Ch im- 1
which for many years had to be j.iT? jourtmi \
du the ground to be shod, suffered ' ' .... ,
cksmith to operate on l^iii with- A $25,000 piano, of unparalleled :
impting to kick while secured in splendor, waa the Prince of Wale*' wed- i
oner described. ding present to his brother Leopold.
. i
Alligators. La Sallo ?riJK>Bi>i;iiia.
The aliigato: s are mostly of the red- Even a? God rai5?eS%p Moses to lead
ijed species, which are noted for their his people through.- ftte wilderness and
>ize and ferocity, and when met on land the Red Sea to thergiomised land, so
ire not much disposed to turn out of did he raise up LaSaJleto accomplish
beir course for anything; so that not as grand and extraordinary a work in
nany people care to meet them in their conducting his people through the
amble?. An immense fellow who lay trackless wilderuesfifof the New World
* *' p 1 i -1? ? - i ~ ? ty> Trcfnrirvft cj
tboUt two iiuncreci varus irom ine snore ami uu?u uc (
tllowed us to paddle within one hundred river Mississippi foz'two thousand miles :
3et of him, so that I had a fine view of "unto the great scifioward the going
lis vicious eyes and general ugliness, down of the sun.,w
:t was fully two feet from his nostrils Like Moses, hev^&a. permitted to
o his eye's, and he mast have been "lift up his eyes westward and northlearly
or quite twelve feet long. As we ward and southwaretfctijl eastward," and
tpproached nearer he settled slowly out behold the goodly that stretched
)f tight, sicking so easily as not to itself so grandly an^ernptirgly before
:auss a ripple upon the almost glassy him; but he was tferer permitted to
inrface of the water, as he disappeared, possess it.
It seems that thtsa strange creatures On the :ainth of Ajralj 1G32, just two
tre almost as much at home on land as i hundred ;rears stood at
n the. water and, contrary to my predione j the month of the iris^j^pplj his divine
mderstancing Of their habits, they are : mission accomplished* Amid tho deafrequently
found a mile from any body ! ening roar of the gra^-gulf as it met
>f water. esneeiallv at nieht. whea thev ! the turbid waters, ofjgfche mighty river
zander about from one pond or lake to rolling at his feet, tb&jjjscharge of firemother.
They are very destructive of arms, and the solem*?jpfcnt of the Te
;tock, aud are especially fond of hogs, De-<m, he took possjakon of all the
ind, a3 all stock runs at large in thi3 country he had travqrwfl <(in the name
sountry, they catch great numbers of of the most high, iii.%hty, invincible
hem. Calves and yearlings are also a and victor.ous piince^ Oieat,
aroritfl diet of these monsters, and even by the graoe of God, France
ull grown cows and steers are frequent and Navarre," fourteenth of that name,
y pulled into the lake by them and do- and in honor of hia jrnjesty, called it
nnrart. "Whenever von see a bob-tailed Louisiana. T
sow in Florida, which 13 not infrequent- To his king he gaYeJthe greatest emy
the case near the numerous lakes and pire of ino3ern times? to Chris'endom
wnds, it is safe to presume that she the grandest territory on the globe, and
i:is been wrestliDg with an alligator and to the still advancing .multitudes from
vonld, if she could, "a tale unfold.". the Old World, "the.most magnificent
A gentleman living about two miles dwelling place prepared by God for
rom Lochloosa Lake told me that on an man's abode."
>ccasion he was driving a lot of cattle Three of the mightiest kingdoms of
tcross a stream that empties into it, the earth straggled for possession of
vhen all at once they be^an running and this imperial domain, and for a while it
)el!owing. llunnicg forward he saw an seemed as if victory poised the laurel.Iligator
had seized a fine yearling, not wreath of triumph in doubtful hesita>y
the tail but by the body, being so tion;M but the "God of battles'' prevailarge
that he had actually grasped the ed over the wars and wisdom of the Old
earling's body in his month, as a pig World, and crowned this people with
" - e 1.1 1- TV 11 ;+
Fould an ear of corn. And alttiougn ne tu? tuauem ui uuciuj. JL VI CkJU. LUUJ.U JL v |
:onld not, of course, raise it from the was to be a nation of free men and
ground, lie did by his weight and the women?not one spot to be left to the
trength of his huge jaws crash it to dominion of despots.
he earth. The owner of the cattle It could not have been for glory, gain,
ried to make tbe alligator let go his or the mere love of adventare, that sach
told by striking him over the head with Ji can as La Salle entered into the exeiisi
cow whip. Failing in this he rode cntion of a project that iinvolved years
apidly back fOr his gnn and was follow- of nnyielding straggle against dangers,
d on his return by his dog. By this difficulties -and adversity that would
:me the alligator had released his hold, have daunted any but the spirit of a
nd *he yearling lay in the road n^fcly hero?of nntold sufferings, miraculous
lead, Riding up withiln twenty feat, escapes and at last the ss,crifice of his
he gentleman discharged a heavy load life* It does indeed seem as if he were
>f buckshot at the alligator's head, excited to it by a Divine inspiration,
rhich only served to infuriate the brute aud that his fearlessness and fortitude
.nd he at "once made a rush at the dog. were not only the result of a conscious
["hereupon the gentleman approached integrity of purpose, but of faith in
tntil he could almost tonch the alliga- Divine guidance and protection.
or with the muzzle of his gun and dis- So it would" seem that by a Divine
harged tne other barrel at a point just decree Louisiana Was incorporated into
>ack of his shoulder, causing the animal the Union, and her vast territory, reach
x?i\n<tViAn orv.a TOja i i tfmm thfi Northern lakes to thfe Gull
U JCC IL VdLl XilOU tJUO IJUOUCOj ck u '.4 uu tt u*<j -?>
ound next morning on the shore of the of Mexico, has been carved into numerake
stiff and dead. He measured fifteen oua States, each & sovereignty occupying
eet in length. a proud position in the eyes of the
Alligators are being hunted very ex- whole world.
ensivelyof late for their teeth and hides. The accumulated wealth of untold
?heir teeth are mounted with gold and age?, during; which lavish nature had
iade into earrings, necklaces, wateh been depositing her treasurers into the
harms, etc., and are worth from one to great Delta?was poured into the lap of
ive dollars per pound. The hides are the Union.
rorth a dollar to a dollar and a half By virtue of her glorious gifts, Louisach,
green. Over four hundred have iana might with justice assume the most
>een killed in Lochloosa Lake alone, favored place amongst the States of this
''ire hunting at night is the most sue- Union. As it is although but a fragessful
mode of capturing them, if not ment of her :former self, the most vital
be safest. Two men and a boat are purt, .the heart of the original Louisiana
equired. One paddles while the other remains?and sitting at the gate of the
:as an immense bull's eye lantern fast- great Father of Waters, the guardian of
ned on top of his head, the light of its mysteries and mines .cf wealth, and
7hifih attracts the alligators to the sur- sovereign of the sea -that iiiys its treas
ace and blinds them so that the' boat tires at her feet?who sfcaL say that site
an be run right against them. Then is not d3>tined by the development of
he man with the light thrusts the muz- her limitless resources, her position, her
le of a heavy caliber rifle within six spirit of progress, her liberty and her
aches of the creature's head and fires, laws to become the first State in inilammediately
proceeding to haul him ence and power as she was in territory ?
im abroad, to which effort the alligator
ends what strength he may have /eft; Indian Thu^s.
SlnfS ??. Suddenly three gaunt, tall, grsyhair3
to get out of the water. And if one , clATrlT, #
nee feels the boat after being shot, he * J i
rill attempt to climb in himself if not ^
ntirely dead. A native alligator hunter - are veteran inr gs, tne las,
rhom I met on the shore of the lake survivors of the ongina.. colony. I
ecently told me that he had seen as look at. th,f D^r?st 1lhe thr?% and
aanv as eighty allocators at one time recognize the living likeness of Juma
aany as eignty ail.gators at one time {h gtranKler ^ Lord Lyttcn's "Strange
urmg one of these night hunts, and X. ,,mu -"UXV4 tv .. ? "p
hat he could hear and feel their noses " The ^ elaabo flg^ tte
plump" against his boat as they swam S lit
apidly toward the light, their eyes be- J* #
og too mnch dazzled to distinguish the ' . , if* ,
t ^ au i.-I ^ dian s question of how many men he
until they ran against it. On com- h Jeered, he answers, with the
og so abruptly moontact with the boat's t.nr>r?9'?h io a lan^ whicll a
ides they wonld back off a little dis- gtodoo 3^"^/that he "cannot tell,
ance to investigate. having long since lost connt of them.
I tare my wrist, and, giving him a
A Wife's Vision^. handkerchief, tell him to show me how
the fatal twiss was given. The fierce
The wife of Engineer Melville, of the joy that instantly lights np the old
eannette, says that she is not a spirit- savage's lean, wolfislJ face and those of
alist and is not even snperstiticns, bnt ^is two comrades is hideons to see. He
he declares that twice last snmmer her clutches eagerly at the handkerchief,
nsband appeared to her in bodily an,3> making a knot in it to give him a
orm. Twice she saw bim distinctly, better hold, twists it ronnd my arm with
nd cnce he spoke to her. The first H sudden wrench that seems to snap the
isit was at 4 o'clock on the morning of very bone. Then for tjje first time,
une II. She was lying wide awake with the feeling of that mnrderons grip,
"hen she was aware of a presence in the comer, npon me the full horror of this
oom, and h?r husband's voice bade her ministry of death which has hovered for
ount the ship'* bells. She counted ageg jn background of the glorious
--T-i lioov/1 rliof t_j: VI V n ( o _r^1*t70
iguii utilb >. OXAO .uwtt&vi u*g?iuv?j i.IIUiaJLl CUCUOIJ j 111 YlOiuxu uuuoua-j^/ca ? ?*?*
triking, an that moment her clock jng} ready at any moment to swoop
truck four. ' At that very hour, on on its unsuspecting victim. Even here,
hat very day," says Mrs. Melville, "the among friends and in perfect safety, the
eannette went down into the fathomless vision of snch a death far in the depths
lepths of the Arctic ocean, and the ice- of the lone jnnglo, with those merciless
loe closed oyer her grave." This faces bent over him and thai; throttling
ingnlar manifestation made such a grasp at his throat, might well make the
ivid impression npon Mrs. Melville's boldest men qnail.
aind that she overlooks the fact that it j turn away in disgust my guide
?as not on the morning of June 11, but points to the half-effaced fomdations of
n the morniDg of June 13, that the several mud walls, and tells me that, as
eannette sank beneath the ice. A few each Thug dies, the hut in which he
peeks later she saw her husband again lived is destroyed- A fit end, indeed.
,t the same hour, and felt his breath in to such a colony; but there :is a kind of
ler face. She was terribly startled, but grim poetry in the idea of making the viltad
the courago to call out, "George, lage itself a waste with the wasting nums
that you?" when the figure disap- bers of inhabitants, as if to blot from the
>eared without replying. She described face of the earth all vestige of a creed
hese appearances to members of her in which even the horror-breeding East
>wn household and to Mrs. DeLong, has fairly expressed itself,
?? 1?? ll^^v r?4- A Tnoririnfffl _ _
ixpressmg tuts U CI I CI Ljuao Li-to y^uuuuuuv
yould never return ; but Mrs. DeLong Oneer Happenings,.
ras disposed to laugh at her, and was " 4 " ...
'err hopeful of her husband's safety. Frank Hall, of Hutchms, lexas, died
of hydrophobia from the bite of a skunk.
A cow at Vicksbnrg, Miss., put her j
How Grant Kissed the Bride. tongue through a lattice work, and a
A correspondent says : At the mar- bit off forir inches of it.
iage of John Russell Yonng to Miss Lizzie Moore, of Fremont, Ohio, sevDoleman,
at Hartford, recently, General of age, ha3 become totally
>rant was a guest, and when the cere- P ?*. e *4 er e^es a*ter
nony was over the company waited for toHP^ulg a vaccinated arm.
,he general to take precedence in ex- Edward Vankuren. of Brooksfde Sta^
;ending congratulations. The general tion, Wis., felled a large tree that had
yent forward, leading his pretty little * ^?"ow the top, and found two
granddaughter, Fred. Grant's child, by b?ar?1 in hollow, which surprised
;he hand, and after shaking hands with ...
"Ua k?i/1a coi^ fr\ Iiiq crrn\Von'f. XL0HTV ajuIHODCISj 01 vil&llOtw C0T1H* |
fou kiss the lad; ?*' The biide caught X8"' ^ ^
?e child in her arms, kissed swallowed a rabbit ft canght
t, and then looking np, blnshinglv ^thout toting ifc, and that the rabbit,
said: "I won!d like to kies the grand- working from within, killed the dog,
father, too, if I dared." The veteran and slipped out again. His neighbors
warrior, who had faced a blazing bat- sa?, e ;3wearB easily.
tezy, seemed all at once to become a -^0 !3es* leg** talento! Holly, Mich.,
trembling coward, He flushed up, was engaged without regard to expense
looked sheepish, but conscious that the on Stranahan, a butcher,
bride was peeping at hira from behind ^ho threw a^ knife at a dog that ^as
drooping eyelids and was waiting ior stealing a piece of meat from his shop
fiim to say or do something, mechani- a.n(^ killed the dog. Stranahan was
:ally extended his head, and the next Anally lined $10.
moment a fair face was in his beard, , -^ke Garfield and^ Arthur twins, chilimprinting
a kiss upon the line that dren of Henry Chapin, of Gilbert's Mills,
rnarkprl his month. He seemed to be STe *bo_ut six months old.^ Each
in a tremor as he grasped his grand- ^eiSils exactly nineteen pounas ana
ihiid's hand and backed away. All the ^re? ounces, ihey laugh and cry in
roung gallants were surprised at the P^cisely *ame style, and cannot be
3owardice of the old soldier before a aP^ n .^6 distinguishing nbcair
of fresh, inviting lips. b?DS around tneir necks are removed.
Andrew Cnarlee, of St. Johns, Mich.,
1 ? has a walking stick four feet long,
The deaths in France in 1880 were aronnd which i3 coiled a enake six feet
557,337 and the marriages 279,035. j lcnj. It is supposed that the snake
Compared with 1879 this shows a d<> j was sick < r indisposed when it took its
urease of 3,491 in marriages, with an ; position upon the growing sapling, and,
increase of 18.455 in deaths. The year's ! the barl: being moist and grimy, the
angmentatiou of population was 01,840 j snaie adhered without effort1, and there
as compared with 96 417 in 1879. i died and dried.
JCcceMertJoc.of <h* Dead Vonng Nobleman Whcre Caprain and Mr?. B.itcs Find Plenty ;
a, ToM by the Cavalry OOfcr, Genera] of Room and Coinfort.
A r trill.
A writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer Captain and Mr3. Bato3.tlie giant con- j
met General Averill, the cavalry officer, P1?"' ar?> a ce^ta.ia ^fP86' *?? m !
and was told by him the following sin- romnent people in Ohio. They are j
gular story about the lateXord Caven- 81116 * b? prominent wherever j
dish: "You mav not be aware, Said he, ** The captain once wen* m |
that Cavendish was in the Army of'.the oil the ^rssy coast, and he says i
Potomac ia IS 62, and I entertained him tuo AiOUCi'LUCil fuu Wixu ???.? ? I
for a while. Ha came to this countrv P??n txE1 because they thought he was |
with his brother, Lord Hartington, now a whale. Bat this may be a fish story, i
the Marquis of Hartington, and with The? plainly form the highest geoS'r
John Eose. I met them in the graphical points m the neighborhood of |
following peculiar way. When Mc- their home at Seville, Ohio. Mrs.
Clellan's army evacuated the penin- ^ a trifle the^ higher, but, as ,
suia I covered the embarkation with height is a touchy point with giants, .
my cavalry, and was the last offi- she, out of delicate feelings for the capcer
to get on the eteamer. Hav- tain, rarely refers to this fact, or else
ing been ill, . I lost my senses, attributes it to her coiffure. Their home
when I got on the steamer and kcew at Seville is tne place for which they
nothing more till I found mvself at the ^en the^- are not on their travel
house of General Wadsworth at Wash- ft \3 n,ot surprising- that people nearly
ing'on. As scon as I was able to get feet tall and broad in proportion,*
oat I made ieadv to find the army n?t a berth i11 a sleeping car
again, which was then at Antietam conveniently roomy or feel quite tafe at
battlefield. But before I started I %ble d,]l0[s .on cane-bottoal chairs,
went into General Ingall's office on Therefore it is that their spirits rise
Pennsylvania avenue, he being the en homeward bound. As they pass
chief quartermaster of General Mc- through the door of the railroad car at
Clelland, an.! he and Nesmith. of Ore- their home station they stoop for the
? _.i OT1^ mvcoif last time before they again go traveling.
kuu. uuu v/wuiica ubuu uuia. uj t 1/v>4 , , , _
sat down to play a game cf poker. It ? drawn by eight stout Gorman
was a pretty long game, and consecu- horses is in waiting. It is about as
tively> iDgallsand Nesmith were frozen broad as the roadway and the wheels
out, and the game was loft to Saw- are about as large as those on the pontelle
and me, and I won all the derous wagons used to haul granite or
money. Sawtcllo then saidi "Now, ^?ble shafts, men they are comfortAverill,
I have no more money, but a^7 seated the coachman cracks his
Ingalls has plenty of wino and good stuff whip, and the vehicle goes lumbering
here, and I will stake you a basket of along toward the giants house, a little
champagne on another round.' I won way 0Uj of the towm Other dnvers on
again and the champagne was mine. road, seeing the giants equipage
Then they put up some Chateau Mar- fining, take down the fence rails and
geaui, and I won that. Said II 3nve into the adjoining fields until the
'Gentlemen, if you think I am going to enormous vehicle has passed.
leave this stuff here, you are mistaken. immense stone building looms up
I am going to carry it up to the army ?n ^amage is pulled up in
-Fw/vrkf /-\* fhn fltifroryno I f 0.71 rvrfhn&rV
"So, when I started the next day, I sized person is with the giants they
Lad mv wine loaded uP> and some of my ^ndl7 %Ye a boost 4 ?/ ,two *P th?
staff officers with me, and it took me all f^ps. Then they pass stately and erect
day to go to Harper's Ferry. On the way through a hall ten feet high. Tne head
certain Englishmen, seeing me with a a person of medium heignt wonld
general's insignia, introduced them- a^ra reac^. 0 aooJ knob, ? ^
selves as Lord? Cavendish and Harting- fnteT a spacious hall, and go from there
ton, and with them was Eose. I was to a pMlor with doots also ten feet high,
nretty ill from having flayed poker and windows m proportion. The chairs
the night before, being barely con- fe so largethat ordinary'mortals have
valescent, but lying down, as I was to climb into them as babies have, into
most of tbe time, I heard them talk, their high chairs, in tne sitting-room
and divided lunch with them Caven- P ? is the only piece of fimuture
disli W9.3 2. vonDff ffiilow Dtfittv well ordinary bizQj out it is Diount6d on
made, of a frank, bluff style His elder blocks about three feet high, so that the
brother, Hartington, was something board is up in the air. Thus the
ovf>r thirtv vears old. When we got | giant coup^e mana^e ^jscape annoj
out at Berlin, in Maryland, to find the >"nce Ir?m
armv, these fellows still went along ities. to this room are two huge rockwith
ns, and we came to a email house >nK oh< -. ^ ?ce of Jhem ?? f Pftf
at the roadside, standing rather on a depositees f8 and placidly
hill, which had but one bed in if, and contemplates his wife sewing the seams
was inhabited by a poor woman. We ."any yards of silk for a.new dress
concluded to stop there for the night, wgnlabon torn. On the table is a
and these young lords lay down on the '"8? album containing photographs cf
floor with my stall, makingno complaint, hundreds of fellow curiositiM-bearded
and insisted on my taking the bed. I women. two-headed and four-egged
then got at my supplies, and f me of the ' dwarfs, living skeletons,
boys had hunted ice in the .eighbor- and the like, aU of whoa the couple
hood. They probably thought that an know intimately, h,ext to thw room, in
American officer lived just as I did that * they take their meals, m their
day cn the results of my poker game. bedroom. . The bedroom which is the
We had champagne and ice, and then smallest of the rooms, contains abed
Marger us and pork and beans. The fee? >??& a?d broad in proportion,
next day General McClellan rode past .Ther= u <ds? a ^u, with a k.ass as
and called ont to me: 'How are yon, toge as the waU of an ordinaiy roon^
Averill? Glad to see you back.' 'Gen- ?Lof
eral McClellan, thank you,' said I, highly finished, the giants having
Hearu-g his name these two fellows spared no expense. Visitors quarters
rushed down to the fenco to get a f6 up stairs, where the rooms and
glimpse of the general they had read :fnrnitnre are of ordinaiy size, as is also
so much of, but I did not introduce the dinner service, for the giants are not
? ~ ii-.-t..ii? larce eaters.
them. Tne stan oiucers got ED lUKeuieci , ,
pretty well,and need to say tothisCaven- !.. TK^rm. comP?sea MO.acres of ml:
dish who was killed Saturday:- 'Caven- land,and_the captam takes great
dish, give me some oi your ,bacco.' P easnre m bnsymg himsell aronnd the
They staved aronnd camp sotue time, P ?* is respected in the neighborand
suddenly Hartingtington disap- hood, and noted for his -courtesy and
peared, and turned up in Lee's army, hospitality.
The other did not go. I never in
qnired as to whether General McClellan Dancinz in Madaeasear
permitted Hartington to pass the lines,
bnt have the idea that he just walked .Just _ after sunset, and while I was
out of the picket line and went over. still discussing my dinner, the turnSir
John Rose, when I saw him after- turns began to beat., and soon the clear
ward in Canada, rather apologized for space in the middle of the town preHartington's
disappearance, which was sented an animated appearance. A sort
the first time I knew that he had *one of illumination was attempted by means
to Lee." ? ?f cocoanuts filled with bullock's fat,
? but they did not give much light and
Whnt i? smelled very disagreeably. Mats had
' * been placed under the old tamarind
Vaorlv a nriri^rarl vpats affO a rentle- fn* Vintr and. on
mail named Cavendish was mtich pnz- repairing thither, I found his majesty
zled to find ont what became of some already arrived. The people soon
gas which he put into a bottle and set formed np for a dance. It was a very
light to. ''"What a very simple man he curious sight, and I never before saw
mnst have been!" some will say. "Whv, a native dance quite like it. They all
every one knows that when gas is formed in a circle, and sang apparently
lighted it burns away, and of course no a verse of a song. Then they went in
one can expect to find it again." But turns into the center of the ring, and
Mr. Cavendish was not quito as foolish danced wildly around, flourishing their
as you may think. He knew that when spears and singing, and then they all
the bottle was filled with air the gas (or joined in a sort of chorus. I fancy the
air) in it conld not be lighted, and solo singing was extemporo. The
therefore he could not understand why women did not take part in this dance,
other gases or mixtures of gases but all sat together and beat time with
should behave so differently. Besides their hands, and then at the finish they
this, on onttincr a licht to the mouth of name forward "with calabashes full of
the bottle, there was a sharp report, as mm jvnd presented them to the men.
if a small pistol had been fired. Why They danced the same dance three or
was that? So he set to woTk, and hav- fonx times, never omitting the mm at
ing made a quantity of each of the two the end. His majesty kept pressing me
noisy gases, tried to bottle them up so also to drink, and I had to take far more
tightly that they conld not get away. 0f it than I wanted. The women now
Still they disappeared each time as be- <jame forward and danced, the dancing
f?re- ? -ii consisting of swinging the body backSoon
afterward he noticed that the \yard and forward, all the time singing
inside of tho bottle was wet, and a plaintive melody. I conld not help
thought that this might have something thinking how well the words from "Les
to do with it. So he took extra care Cloches de Cornviile," ("Just look at
next time and dried the bottle thor- that") etc., would have suited the action,
oughlv, but, to his astonishment, ho They looked very picturesque, with
found the inside covered with dew aftei their bright-colored lambas and wild
lighting the gas. Jdia first tnougnt, 01 looking heads. They Have long -woolly
course, was that the mixture of gases hair, which they make stick otit from
must have been wet. So he tried each their heads in little nobs. After the
l gas separately, but the bottle remained women had been dancing thus for some
perfectly dry; and, on letting out some time (the men sitting down and beating
of the first gas and putting in some of time), a man most grotesquely painted
the other, no dew was formed; but, jumped in between them and danced a
immediately after lighting the gases, few times up and down the middle,
the bottle became wet inside. The Then the women screamed and ran
bottle was dry and the gases were dry. away, and the men, jumping up and
Where did the moisture come from and brandishing their spears in the most
where did the gases go to? I suppose threatening manner, rushed forward, as
it is not very difficult to see that the jf to attack the new comer. He at
gases must have been burned into mois- 0nce bolted down the street. I afterture
or dew; and, on trying the mois- ward found out that he represented a
ture in a bottle, Mr. Cavendish found lolo (ghost), come to carry" off one of
out that it had no smell, no taste, no the women( After he had disappeared
color, and, when cooled, became solid, there was a general dance of rejoicing,
like ice?in fact, it was ice, and the jn which both men and women joined,
moisture was water, made by burning an(j after that more rum. It was now
the mixture 01 trie two gases m me jong 1U} so A asKea pernussion 01
b0"ie* m the king to retire to my hut He replied,
very huskily, that it was very
Chinese Collins. early, but gave me leave to go. He
It seems, according to an abstract a^so promised me some guides to take
from the Celestial Empire by a contem- me oa-' ^ morning. [Temple Bar.
porary. tliat in former times in China it ?
was customary for a man of means when rp. p.,.--. .
he reached the age of forty to purchase uawnazo,
his coffin. Thrice every year ho wonld A black vulture, known as the gallipaint
the coffin with some sort of var- nazo, is a very familiar object on the
nish mixed with pulverized porcelain. Isthmus of Panama. One sees it every"What
this silicate paint consisted of is where, perched on heaps of refuse or
now a lost art, even in China. The employed m us great eervxuc Ui cieimfrequent
applications of the paint im- ing the streets, by removing the carparted
to the coffin, if the intended oc- rion. The gallinazo is of a uniform
cnpant lived long enough, a metallic black, but its head and neck are enfirmness,
and the receptacle after some tirely devoid of feathers. The inhabyears
was enameled with a hard stone- itants of Panama have a reason to give
like substance a foot or more thick. ;for this baldness. At one time, they
When death took place the body of i say, the* gallinazo had feathers on its
the owner of the coffin was preserved head. After the delnge Noah, on openil
T- i. Sj. .11
by filling the cavities cf the stomach, ing tlie door 01 xne^rs, muugm u, wen
etc.. with quicksilver for the purpose of to give a wor*5 _f advice to the released
preserving it. When a piece of jade animals:
was placed in each nostril and car and "2tly children," eaid he, "when you
one hand, and a silver bar placed in the see a man coming toward you and
ether hand, the body was laid in the stooping down, get away from him. He
ccffia on a layer of quicksilver, and then is getting a stone to throw at you."
the coffin was sealed up and with its "Very good," exclaimed the gallicontents
consigned to its last resting- nazo; "but what if he have one already
place. The bodies contaiijed in the in his pocket?"
enameled sarcoohagi remained in a good J Noah was somewhat taken aback at
state of preservation fo : centuries, bu the reply, and decided that in future
they crumbled into dust scon after the the gallinazo should be born bald, in
were exposed to the air. token of its remarkably, sataciry.
An In?lalitinto:h*> Bn.liieM?ThonwindDol- He ten the Ru,k Wltko?t
" O.triC.., Tt.Ir tm aod FeMbe . ftnta, at. Check CM<i
A correspondent wn^ng tern Ouro, . ,<The ^ lamented Colonel Jean
Egypt, i*ys: I raited the only o?ta?h j ^led oneefor a caah ; 4
farm in Egypt yesterday. It lies m the donation, did he not f asked aLoma- M
desert within lire miles of Cairo, be ^ gettncky, Post reporter to Jndga
Z?i ?h?? Jifr,Kli?t T- T. Alexander, who formerly reridk
school and the tree nnder tf_.eh the at Cfolnmbia, Kentucky.
urgm and the infant Jeans reated sonie -?Not npon me individually, tat upon
1 800 years ago. I had nnderstood that - Oolnmbia, of which I m 1
:t wayery hard to gam admittance to ^a t ? Jffl
the torn, as the stockVas very timid e ..Wasit 6Ter teown definitely who
and caaly frightened, and I knew of wa3 ^ tha party at that tone ?"
i.aJiTiv 6ts who fc&d bfiSn ituTHGd itT7Aa* loomed shnrtlv ftftetWlrf
J namea"of 2T?i^"ei' Toe gang
S','ltS fJSl f^v.^ consisted of Frank and Jesse Jamoa, two
V edder, ths proprietor, I took a car- t xj, Yamiga? and Jarette "
rnge, and after a pleasant drive thlongh ?*?Wh JL ^ transaction take
several miles of aceacia-lined avennes, l1S(.^?. transacuon^taie
and paat several of lis khedive'a lath- p ?It Monday, April ? isro rS^ J
and.pkster pake* I was set down be Columbiaat tKt timl tnd, M
foie the iron bars of the entrance gate. *i~a;aZ~i
Mylettet Pfocnredme instant admis- SlM,tat
eiotl The ostrich farmer, a sun-browned. "Srr, 4?^ KBfdr*fci/X&T
weU-bnat, intelligent Swede, dressed JfMd
everything over to them, they took what
wfwent5 ? the The oatridS 00014 024 *
?e kept in fields oldest sa^SSS tboot J*0 ?
as large as a town lot.-. - xxiese uoms-oic m.. n.Kr w
sanojmdcd by mnd walla aboat wren ^ by fcfcg ^
feet high and are entered by wooden 6 *
gates. The first field we came to eon- didthevgei?"
tamed about a dozen large females two ?i nnn wt>^ t ' '
foot wall and attempted to pick at onr the at Soman#
&Sh8K twenty M thfrty miles east of Colombia .:f|
long legs, their naked, featherless 48 theil ob^T?JK>mt 5?
necks, and their two-clawed feet, one 6-FJrJif^rr^nm* ta-nrv> a|TW
kick of which will cut a man's head' m^thfl^SavnrA^^i
from his shonldera, they formed ague* ^Ihf a^kTn Columbia, M
^^^ SSiSSSS reCoanoitering the sanation were jagt
fi?^?^ES?l fa"
xl- ^?? w^il ?onoinef MAm ^ V' 3
4/V OiLUVOU UTT***t v.v* v __
these bir^d Mr Yed- HTZaSTftM,'"
???J&2& the^rmteredfteb^WtoTeU^ X"
o?f$Sund we*&? St tola" !?ES?? SETjSKfto
representing an income, of ?50 or $250
a year. Between their feathers and 1," Z!Z~?ZZJZ I^Ty,Z^ZT
their eggs they onght to prodnce that" T?0 StS^SLi and started^
a pthe ol the bank, and the other
"Ypf /f- ?w?TL >? fiSJmi,,. followed, leading the horses of the two
"it costs veT little to ke^c tie birds' who were for *** attack
twuSb robbery. The arrival of the first two on
They live on beans and barley and sand, horseback was no doubt understood to
Abont two dollars a month will pay for i ??"1~ rr J .?
one bird's food, and .the sand, of which ^ . ^ t
it eats from fonrteen to sixteen brands to Jom 1118 m tbe bank, when
daily, costs' nothing. I have 100 acres J?ntS weret^kee^So rita
of land here, most of wMch is, as yon
see, desert, and I now have seventy rv" J. fv' .""'cH
ostriches of varions ages, from two and 5 ^' , lading the riderless
one-half years to twelve days ol<L Be- horses-was to have them ready by the
sides this I have over 100 eggs hatching worf?
and in the spring I will have abont 120 ae m6.n m?th? J?* ??5d ?*
more birds." monnt and all retreat out of town
"How many eggs will an ostrich lay together. . , ,
dnrinv ? apiq r V> fortunately for that bank undnn''About
twenty-five rt responded the forttmately for Mr. Martin and the Bank
farmer. "Now is the laying season. In ?f whfl\52, fiJanciaI m??the
winter alone do they prodnce eggs. XlbS *
After they have laid that number they *^,v
want to Bet I have two setting on their thlotho^nle trader from
eggs now. It takes forty-three days to
hatch them, and we do this both by the th? l??tK*e2
r.o4??oi actions in their line of busmesa had
natural and the artificial method. That fa]r place appointed that day and r-5
house over there," pointing to a little
building to the righV'is thlincubator. ^ the toe to B^e a se^
We merely place the eggs between ?Tj^u?TS
bESft^?kDo ym sT^'bo!% ^^tteaSdmd impeK'sndinthe
dde with glass holes attheendr steaaot trying to reconcile thfflr differhe
continued "Well, that is nnr atv enc?? they got mad, hot words passed, x
ne continued. wen, tnav is our ap- d th having a fatal enjSSV&
entered the bank. Both had their
eggs and we Kill tnem. if pink like _-_i _-i _ i * j 11,^ j.n.iL7jia , .
those yon see to-day they arei good thJXgginfthem to deeiat
birds, and we take good care of them." ' "~TT
The next field we came to contained jg* When Jasse'f^ncated eye saw
a number of male birds which, to my BJS"" "'2 " *
eye, showed little difference from th^^ man^nrate arobbery,
female. We then visited a number of 4i_ w _ . -<rj
other inclosures where we saw ostriches , ^ thonght the gang was being
of aU ages, and last came to some with L ?%?* t??
bodies not larger than a good-sized ^* 11186 J?
rooster, a Brahma rooster, for instance.
Their Wq howflver w^r? loncflr than 11111111 theJ C0Ill<i be SUZIOUnded. He
iSse of fh" S sCgtaf fna t^Ty * ? ? .*?? ? ? -??*
.addled themselves down on the warm ,4^' a^d turning on His heel he
sand, making a peculiar squeaking w^ed out the door, signaled to Iub
noise as they did so. These ostrich^ 5"0 1?thak^&e
were only about twelve days old, and *be two horses we-e led up the two men
thev w/fl thft ^pa-pst littifl thino-R mooted, and all five of them rode out
imaginable, though their feathers wje They went in tte
still as downy as a youth's moustache. ? nticello, and stopped for the mght
The feathers of the ostrich, by the m V\?? ^
troy ?? of value accordine to their meeting had been held during the aftercolor
; the white ones which cf me from n0?^. c?ndid?te? were atm ther*
under the wing, being most valuable, the g"? rePrf*tf4 ft?'
worth S150 a pound in an undressed selves as sto^ traders, entered into the
state. The black and the gray ones are disc^oM that were going on, and h?d
cheaper a good time generally. The next day
^ ' ? they rode over the hills of that-region
A Rattlesnake Romance. and spent the night on the Cumberland
A place called Cobham's Rocks, near river> and on Sunday they timed their
Warren, Penn., is the home of thou- horses' heads toward Columbia, and
sands of rattlesnakes. Every year hunt- stopped over night at a farm house a few
I era go out to kill them, and the slaugh- miles from the town. The next day one
ter is unbounded. A fire set among the them entered Columbia, purchased a
i??- VimcVinq tctIi /qn*w thfl snakes few articles at the stores, examined the
ica V CO auu Ml UOUVJ ? f
out by the hundred, and a sight of theiii location of the bank, and, alter sansiyfleeing
in terror from the flames is said in8 himself that all was quiet, he re*
to be something frightful. But the ^rne<^ to his compeers, and about 2
place is also the scene of a rattlesnake o'clock they dashed into town and did
romance, and the following story is told work of murder and robbery. As
0f jfc. soon as the citizens recovered from the
A party of young people, returning helpless condition into^which they were
from a basket picnic on the island, thrown by the sudden dash of_ the murstopped
on the hillside to gather wild doers' and robbers, a pursuing party
flowers. Two young men and a young was organized, and followed them sevwoman
sat down on a large rock to reft. era^ miles, but they did not come up on
7-n ma/VI tin nr mthis hand to a bed of I &em. They found the place, on a creek
moss, 0219 of tbe voung men touched a from town, wnere ine cana
something cold and clammy. Instinct- halte<a and d^ded the spoils, They
ively he knew that he had placed his *r?m a package of papers
hand npon a rattlesnake. At the same belonging to me, and thpe were found
instant the snake was discovered by the w.nere they stopped. The papers were
other voung man and the young woman. 110 VJ"ne to the highwaymen, and
Both screamed and ran from the spot, were left where they divided the money,
It was a critical moment, but the first and I got them back."
young man proved equal to the emer- _ .
gency. Knowing that if he removed Reconciled*
his hand the snake wonJd sting him to ^ rich faraier and his wife living near
death, he pressed his am downward Walnut^ Hill, 111., after dwelling towith
all his strength, at the same time gether in unity for forty years and be*
.r^w fr.-r tnifo "R<x. coming responsible for no fewer than
ICOVUiUg iiitu J^vvavi AW* w m-H, _
fore he could open the knife with his thirteen children, suddenly came to the
teeth the snake had wound itself abont surprising conclusion that their tempers
his arm. "Run and help him,' were/Incompatible, and accordingly
screamed the young woman to the young sepaEZted. The wife then brought a
man by her side. "Go kill the snake I" suit for divorce, which came on for trial
The young man, however, had really no a- Mt, Yernon. The lawyers on both
desire to die, but remained at a safo sides during the dinner recess entered
distance and shouted lustily for help. into a most creditable agreement to
"I'll go myself!" exclaimed the young reconcile the aged couple, if it were
woman, springing forward. Her services possible, and the judge cordially offered
were not'needed. Pale lo the lips with to assist them. During the afternoon
the pain caused by the tightening folds session each made a conciliatory speech,
cf the snake, the young man coolly cut affirming that his client was susceptible
off the snake's 'head with the knife to those kindly sentiments which adorn
which he had opened between his teeth, humanitv, and the judge followed with
The snake was nearly six feet in length a pathetic admonition. At this point
and was so strong that the young man's the husband straightened himself in his
arm was black and bine for a month chair and looked toward his wife; she
afterward. The sequel need not be in turn threw a magnetic glance at him;
detailed. The young woman accepted they both rose, clasped hands, received
the brave young man, and both bave the congratulations of the court, and in
lived happily together ever since. The two minutes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A.
snake's skin, cured and stuffed, occupies Moore were driving toward "Walnut Hill
a shelf in their parlor. The other young at a pace which astonished the facily
man, driven desperate by the young horse.
woman's choice, wandered away Westr )V ~ ?. TTT
ward. He is now serving out a term in aMth Aight s Btspangled Arcli,
i _-.i x TUnofttli t.hA niffhi'R hAqnani/W arcli
tne isansas legislature. I ?? 0 r o
????? they were strolling along unconscious
The story about United States Sena- of anght save the intermittting fancies
tor Sawyer asking his daughters to leam of their twain hearts. Suddenly they
to cook, and when they prepared him a paused, and gazing at a ruddy star that
dinner of their own cooking, giving flashed like a great ruby in the flrmaeach
a check for $25,000, is discounted ment, she said:
by one told by tho Stillwater (jlich.) "Diomedes! what rufescent orb is
Gazette. The father kissed his daugh- that which winks with bloody e'en from
ter fondly, and told her if she would yonder dome T*
learn how to cook he would surprise "That, Andromeda," spake her courher.
She learned the art, and then he tier knight, "is Mars, the wad of gore
surprised her by discharging the hired ?beg pardon, I mean the god of war.'
girl and compelling tho daughter to do "Ah, yes! and looks he not like some
all the cooking for the family and a gaunt Achilles, armored for conquest,
gang of thre-sbe-a; and yoa all know bidding defiance to the hosts of Hades?"
bow threshers.will eat! The Stillwater "He doth, Andromeda, be doth! Oe
man might not make much of a senator, like some grim avenger furling a hoe?
but he would moke a good boarding- dash it I I mean hurling a foe?to the
housekeeper. - deathI"?[Rome Sentine.l .

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