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? ? ' li ? . I!
* The Cuckoo Son?. bridge, and, leaning over the rail
,. tr-. r> n * ?. t no very distinct notion of how I w
< ? K, ir Be.!, ?, me*, IKW to- to let, Kited for ot man will
lo *.u> ? ... tv ,pr.?s together, j conld
V. Ill a bails wire Uoomrng everywhere, Tw0 hoars had pa5se(j. the SO!
/?d ir ww golden weather! beginning to go down; and I wa
An l ?I ,wu tha iai:e< b.side the farm preparing to console mveelf wit
\s / You roamed beside me, tripping lightly, notion that the man had gotwi
1-lushing yon hung upon my arm, otir intention, and gODe by ai
^ An i ihe .-ma'i gloved hand presaed tightly! ronte, when I became aware of tl
BL And the orchis sprang proach of a solitary pedestrian.
In the scented meadow, came nearer I ran over the descr
V And the throstle sang of the man I wanted?which ]
In the greenwood shadow; learned by heart?and atonu* cci
w? And your eye3 were bright ed that this was the individual
^ - v,ith happy dew,? was a tall, powerful, nncoiaprom
C:uld [ doubt a lisrht looking fellow of about five and
So divinely blue, muscular enough to have lifted i
When you kis.M and sighed and thrown m6 over the bridge ini
" I will be true ?" shining water beneath. I comm
Cuckoo ! to walk over the bridge as the ma
Though far and wide proached it?passed him slowlj
The brown bird cried? felt sure it was the man.
" Cuckoo: cuckoo I cuckoo P After going two or three ja
turned back. Hearing mj step th<
Oh Kitty Be!!, the cry seemed sweet! loiner of state documents tl
For you were kind, and flowera were spring- round.
ing; "Well, mate, what is it?''
The dusty willow in the heat ''Can you oblige me with a pi]
Its woolly bells were swinging, baccy,' I asked.
And in its boll the linnet brown ^eS> banding me his p
FiniehM her Best with wool and feather, "Whatare von doing about here..
, don t look o verb risk.' Broker
And we had thoughts of nestling down "Pretfcv HAarlv " I renlied
In the farm bv the mill, together. ^ rretty nearly^ ^replied.
. , * - ' "ixew airivat, .L eupposef
And over the hill "Almost."
The breeze was blowing, t?Ah[ fcherQ are toQ macy c;
And the arms o. the mill knights flooding Melbourne, Com
Kept commg and going; expecting to make a pile, got c
And *ho but Love pointed, and don't like to work for
; Wa3 between us two, grub, eh? Pat a screw of tobac
When arcund and above your pocket?you will find it pie
The flit term icj flew, company on the road."
And as night drew nigh I nearly emptied the pouch and ]
You swore to be true! ed it back; and as the owner pu
Cackoo! hand for it, I slipped my foot b<
I lizard the cry bis heel and pushed him. He tri
From woods hard by? and fell splendidly. 1 was pretty <
" Cuckoo! cuckoo! cuckoo!" i^ wrestling and I took hold o
man's throat with my left hand, pi
Oh Kitty Bell, 'tis spring again, knees on his chest, and with my
But all the face of thingi looks iller; hand felt in the breast-pocket o
The nests are built in wood and lane, coat. He struggled violently, I
Bet you are nested witu the miller. thought I Should succeed, i. go1
And other lovers kiss and swear, hand on some papers; but a3 I
While I behold in scorn and pity, drawing t-hem from the pocket.
For " All," I crv, "is false and fair," raffiaa got hold of my right kne
And curse the cuckoo and Kittv. with his left hand and gave it st
And over tv hin terrible wrench that I believed he
Tv,a knJto ia Viirtxrir ~ dislocated the joint. "Then feelin
The breeze i* blowing, , ,, , , ' . , . , ,
. , iV ... ... hold relax, he suddenly hoisted hi:
And the arms of the mill ^ Ms ^ ^ ^ ^
Keep oominpr andgomg; hold Ot my wrists, and hurried a
And the hidden bird tbe bridge. Holding me thus i
Is singing anew iron grip, and glaring fiercely at
The warning I heard he said: "I see your game; there's
When l trusted yon ; one way 0f dealing with the p<
And I sicken and sigb, Dead men tell no tales; so over y
Wirh my heart th:ilied through. going, youngster." Suiting his a
Cuckoo! to the word, he released my hands.
Wherever I fly in the same instant grasped me fi
I hear the cry? .> and hoisted me.
"Cuckoo! cuckoo! cuckoo!" My last chance seemed to lie ?
?Eobtrt Buchanan. old twist I had learned at college
" the man laised me, I placed my fe>
the brickwork of the bridge, pn
THE SUPERINTENDENT'S TEST. jerked a little forward, lowered
headj and then fairly twisted und?
captors arm irom trie ngnt to leit
~ _ , school experience had saved my life
. SOTO years ago-a good numy mote, the man let go his hold with a ci
in tot, than I care to recall now-I wm ^ mi qni?k th ht j
wandering very disconsolately through ? r
cme of the main thoroughfares of Mel- ?It.s all ri ht ola {e!] take
bonrn^ debating with myself tie ad- papers and readtliem."
YisabiUty of waking down to too quay Jnt in the mad excitement of
and offering my services as steward to m07emeat, and remembering my
the captain of the fiKt homeward-bonnd Eion t thonght his snrrende? wj
^ w blne" 3 "seon the part of the mffian.
IS-" -&F ^ted" Thm? ^ 8f6 6at <? ?? 3 *?st nr
& ^IjmthmejeTeryrate^riMtowhicn nifled fashion, and banded me the
B I had turned my attention had either r
Hfc fallen through or resulted disastrously a headed piece of postoffice pj
15^ to myself; and after vainly^trying my on ^hich was 'written: "This is ;
Wr luck in the colony lor over jomo, test jor entering tne iorce; auu
I came to the condusion that the sooner ^gaed bv the superintendent.
I reconciled myself to the utter failure "Well," young man," said mine em
of my attempts the better it wild be, .<y0u have passed the last exam.both
for my peace of mind and my con- honors> You have nearly broken
ttitubon. wrist. Bnt mv horse is at the
In this dismal mood I was listlessly roadside hotel. If you'll come *iti
reading over the shipping announce- I'll haVe a drink with you, and get ?
ments posted on an adjacent wall, when cold lotion for this sprain. I belie
I came across-a notice from the pobce will be a case of splints and sicfc: h
department, intimating, in tersely offi- but you have dcne yonr work .
cial language, that a ^ew new hands ; Bother the arm ?how it aches!" (Sc
were needec.?hands who were strong, | my knee ^
vigorous, healthy, shrewd, good horse The renort was satisfactory and I
men, and rejoicing in the possession of appointed permanently. Mr. Sup
such other natural advantages as would tendent's test caused me to be sen
inevitably ensure their success in any various duties which led me into r
hne they chose to adopu I was a good rough ^periences; but I never beli
i- kroner; ^_ ?aay. An^b <,<, ^b
uurtseuimi, ucoiluj?y uli vsoii tv w
my shrewdness I had begun to doubt was deciding my future with my s
lately; and as for the rest of the desider- ^ox officer.
ata?well, I suppose I was as well off as '
most people. Here possibly was a chance ~
for me; at any rate, it was only a few How *? "
days* delay if nothing came of it; I Bertha Von Hillern, at one ti
would make my application and chance noted pedestrian, gives the folio
it. I returned to my diggings, wrote an hints in the Youth's Companion on
official application as per directions; to walk:
and, to make a long story short, re- Do not walk rapidly at the *
ceived, two days later, a note desiring Begin slowly and then gradually inc:
my attendance at the station on the fol- the nace until it is a little faster thf
lowing day. Here, after a rather stiff ordinary gait, then try to keep the i
examination, physical and mental, and even step and movement.
such tests of horsemanship as taking a in walking, preserve as uprig
five-barred gate with my aims folded? j position as possible; from time to
which I accomplished successfully?i make a new enorc 10 grow a nine u
was told that everything was tolerably to straighten the back, throon
satisfactory, and that I might expect an chest, hold the head higher, till
official notification of appointment at position becomes habitual.
an early date. Meanwhile, it wonld be Never go from a warm room into
desirable, I was informed, that I kept air and start suddenly '"to a rapid 1
the matter, as far as it had gone, quite and never walk faster tnan can be
piivate; a stipulation I had no difficulty with closed mouth.
in conforming to, since I had not a The breathing should be dor
single friend in the city. _ long, slow respirations throngh the:
On the evening of the following day, as regularly as possible. A hal
I found at my quarters a second note long, regular respirations can b
from Mr. Superintendent, conspicuously quired, and it prevents the lungs t
" *" 1 * - 1 - ' a- J <3?? aVi e\ r> nr/
marked "private," ana conveying me suojectea to tuu ouuucu
very agreeable intelligence that I was temperatnre.
temporarily engaged from that day. Try to acquire a habit ol walking
The letter closed with a request that I the hips?I had almost said fror
wonld call at once on the superintend- shoulder, which is really the true
eni. " The foot should be lifted not h:
Somewhat to my dismay, I found, on than is necessary to allow it to s
presenting myself, that my permanent easily forward, and the knees si
appointment was conditioned upon my bend* just as little as need be to p<
satisfactorily carrying through a special that swing.
>5tv job then on hand. It was an afifeir of ' Never walk rapidly and then
wjne nicety; and an old hand, from an- abruptly, but toward the end of a
other si*ti?n, would have been given or when about to stop for any
the work, but lor absent on other slacken the speed gradually, unti
business. The matter wo-uM admit of quite slow.
no delay; and it was imperatively ueses- The effort to follow any of
nary that it was undertaken by some rmVs is perhaps tiresome at first, t
one not, or seemingly not belonging to j will icr^av the trouble. At first
the Melbourne force. In short, I was I should make *he length of the m
to do it. The matter was briefly this: 1 little more than though to feel ]
A packet of government papers, of high , tired, but do not wain "ntil tire<
importance, had been stolen from the : then enter a horse-car or onrria
'1 x ? ~ ^ a o"hA> f
messenger to wnose care tney were m- i return uume. jjtgu ~
trusted; and from information received, I tance and return ; if that does
it seemed pretty certain that their j fatigue, make it longer the next
present possessor?a man fast becoming j until jou are tired; then grac
notorious in the colony?would be j increase that until you reach a limi
walking toward the city next afternoon; j would like for the habitual walk,
and to prevent his intimate acquaintance ! Be very careful not to get heat<
with the town enabling him to escape, j walking and then allow yourself 1
Ml or any confederates attempting his re- j suddenly chilled. That is one r
p lease, I was to wait by a bridge on the j why you should net get into a c
Wf line of road, about ten miles out of Mel- j carriage after walking.
bourne, and get the papers from him. j To persons having heart disci
The man was by no means to be shot, j delicate lungs, injaaicious wa
orif possible, even hurt; but the papers ! might be hurtful, but with the p:
mist RAcnred. Minute instructions j tions I have suggested even sue
as to his appearance were followed by a | be benefitted.
pretty plain implication that my career j
ic the force would very largely depend j Female Waves.
n]?fe^ v8he easilv imagined, in The kbedive cf E2.yPfc is rePorf
lieit, as may De easily imagined, in hayQ t at liberty hundred
anything but high spirits. Ihe pros- had ^
&?I iS*tgMTffiw8?2 ofwbrhadbeens!
befo e I had a chance of atta^ , was not ^ own parenta for sums rangir
chewing. However, there was nothing fc s10q and $300. The L
for it; it was my last chance, and I must wer0 black> but some *ho had
embrace i- without shrinking. from Abvssinia were of light cor
Next day, which was Sunday, I ac- - - hita Th ? we_.
cordingly procured a horse from- the - ,, ,
- i,lw,ucu <* uwo? _ . ? i Rasters amonsr then, who were ai
station, and taking my revolver with 7",~?,,,
me, started out to by mv luck as a ? be 80^? thfe ffme mastfr' 6
policeman; and about 2 o'clock in the
afternoon came near the place mention- that the girls thus set at
ed. I left my horse at the nearest ^re pretty sure to sdl themselve
roadside "hotel," sauntered to the dave7 agaia 1,6,010 lo2*for a
I cnrno narfim,
with j ENGLISH f AR31 LABORERS. j that which the neighborhood car
as go-1 j plj itself; and, further on in the
l what! . r < t ^ , ! :bere is still less to do, the staff
An Interesting Statement of n Laborer's ,
Life !n Ensiand. :200-acre iarm being reduced t
1 was! /v i > j e t? i -lowest and regular number?ts
s hut1 0-R, low?f. nnd 01 ?afla?,d s three men and a boy. Then the la
h the [ ?00!? . ln^eed, on it at ail J ont of ecgacement, who for a moi
nd ot 15 <ha laborer' , Pol'fMllv, as;|iix weeks6has bee'n hoIdillg ^
lother 60?!?"y' 110 .bas no 8tetn-? whatsver ; hi h_ao blame to him-retirns t
le ap- nHthf " f f ?'2 fns?. h>! normal condition of humility, anc
Ashe W bemg thte 'ea?' m uthf land ""J in hand, solicits employment-all
iotion bar"S eaon?.hlt<? *!>p bod? and s?ul! work, or only a da/s. Giye it to
f had wfiTii "LOU i:>iiUC Uj ^ I Jit the orthodox two-shillmgs wag<
aclud- ?,0b e tel ' moraHy and intellectually , be m look ? as fhe b*.
H the leqaal of those who employ him- ()f ? boon. Everr <rinter scores of
;?W- aye, often their superior. Between him ,mempi0jed mei present themsel'
forty, ?^th7 th.e.r? '?wtl? or no difference ga!t6i absolutely begging for a
nenp m breed or blood; only the accident of (/abjob.? At such times, were
to the s??ae.oionej on one side with none at )or thJe , and iron mjne^ ^th
enced aH on the other. But the education, eional .. ntvv7 wori " on the raili
refinement and manners which the pos- j hardIy ^ what these men T
'.and session of means mlght be supposea to a 'e j , the workhon3
bestow are not marked characteristics 6tarve.-r<&ptoin Majne Beid.
^ T of those who, m the social scale, stand L r J
s immediately above the farm laborer,
while in practical and useful knowledge On the Road to Peking.
lie is more than on a par witn tnem. ., . ,, , ,
Money he has none, nor is he ever /"hongh invariably dirty and wi
, likelvto have it. Out of twelve shil- <f.m appearance, Chinese towns g
!? o? lings'* week, or scant S3-his wages in 2 '
?* ^Ca^gfeT^wS^I the &? ? E~ ?*&?
You X ? tiugie sixpence wouia oe a j:nown Tsz-chu-lin, orRedBai
A U problem to puzzle a miser. For be i;""" '
it understood that they are "beard Tm- ' x , , wt. i
wages." ont ol which he mnst maintain T'en-tsra stands at the jnnction c
himself and family, feed, clothe and ;nt0(?n? Pei"ho-. w^!ch mfet "?
. keep a roof over their heads, besides t t?rs flo
irpet- f , poorest c irectly south?th 3 former, here c
e out *i * a u ui"?. l, ^ u the Yu-oani?-hoi having run a com
L: P^etananand humWest m mtesAe |2Q miles>
your walled city stands at the southern
CO ill -norin/1i/?al Tn cr^rino twoliro ner f?rmed at the junction, and is ?
. penodical visitations. In giving twelve ?
asant ghiUinffS as the weeklv wae-e of a farm ! a mile sc*nare> lts suourbs exten
,v t i-vi-i." (. \ east and south along both shores o:
^d. iaab?renrf' I ers for ^out two mile?.
(i tlis K fQ Li ? t JZa z 1? + m? ?I I Ifc is a miserable place, and not a
-hind ?if. ? v.? 7 S H * 5 i better than the general run of Chi
j thinks himself among the favored one3 . ? " ~T ? J' '
ipped -c ? towns?narrow, tortuous streets, \
S* ttrooshXt thewhole Tea^ ktessa out paving or foot-path, but worn
l.lhe first-rate hand, that he is'not always
it my bl t d d ^ districts ten veJance, and subjects the pedestrii
^ shOliMsf or^ven n^ is a coimnon the constant risk of slipping down
sSe!? payment *w?re it iTper- ^kinghisbones; piles ofrefus,
>ut I manent-less still if he be acred or I 0 be mefc Wlfcn afc eve17 tnrn' fiUm*
' ?J otherwise ^ot up to his work Con- f'f
S the dust, mthe rainy swron the
e-cap d oth* ^ of meat still dearer' readera these noisome alleys almos
?*a that tod "bacon b&SSL cents,' *assabl% The European, when h,
1 had and fiour usually over $2 the bushel; j
5> that his cottage of two or three rooms
stand3 him fn rent $20 t0 ?25 per much in vogue here as at Cairo.
?**}t annum, it needs little arithmetic Pto b3\nl
16 t0 figure ud the amount of life's luxury |
R an possible*to his position. Enough of | Si ? J??{ ifmf.
life's misery is thSe in it, howeve?, and j ^
?.n^ more than enough, for the worst is not ! iV ^ ~ \_i.
> e- yet told. There" may be davs of rain, "?? r ."* "?
?2 re and are-not nnfreqnently a week of it- awa?> leaTmfthe r??den ??ffi?s' w
otao? when bis wages cease and want enters ar6ne,?rPnt der-gromidL bare
**> his cottage. Or he may be laid ip with exposed to view Aroond he cit;
rml7 sickness, a lengthened spell; then the ""?erons huge heaps oijalt, which
want comes nearer to what might be Jhelr Qnota to the gene al ngline
Q called famine?a diet of bare bread and , place. .
>;A5 water, even in stinted allowance at that. Another place of some importan
Sach esses are by no means rare. In ?b?,. U,P otf lang-tsnn, a fa*
my own neighborhood, comparatively a kalting.place for boatmen nav^
prosperous one, I heaJ of them almost 'ke Pe.-ho, Here were stationed
daily, and too well know them to honored jnnks in the most pe
r my esjg^ ' order, all moored closely together, 1
.My '' - , , . . . j stems to the bank, so that their inn
s, for , ^a^or k? Siv^s m return for the j could step ashore without diffic:
j of above petty wages is great on" of all j and numbers of men, women and
e on ProP?rtion. His regular hours of work . (Jren were on the tow-path in the s
5 are from6 a. m. till 6 p. a half-hour centfieidsmendingtheirsansorclol
the ?m?> allowed him for breakfast and a j cooking, gambling, flying kites, an<
whole one for dinner. Unless his cot-; dxileine: in various pastimes. All
; the tage chance to be close at hand he does , janks were exactly 0f the same
juis- no^ home for either meal, the time j build and rig; their poops were
/vniir not permitting it. They are brought j candilv minted with designs iden
He Sli in style and color, so that "the nniti
,di?- S the ditch ade. even m 00ula D0 mor6 distiDgai8h one i
P* Z^ fL ir^ab??'Jthe-IT" the other than he conld indiridn.
.... - Stfta/L, tnA renast Will,, ha matta :jx. .*! >? ut m uwwi.
iper, cart-shed, or other outomiding. ^ye staid at Yang-tsun but a coi
your sitting down to a spread table 0f hours, and continued our ride, re
was "}s^e the_ farmer's^ house?even the ed Ho-see-woo, the half-way statio
kitchen of it that is an occurrence of Peking, at half-past seven in the e
the rarest, and eating at the farmer's iDg> We had traveled faster than
with 0W3? table> a thing altogether unknown which did not come in for ano
mj to him. Poor is the fare he subsists hour, so that, famished as we were
first on?ver7 commonest and cheapest ^ere fain to take patience before get
1 me k? procured, at bt st only bread and 01lr supper. Oar forty miles' ride
some k?ile<3 bacon, cold, of course. He thoroughly fatigued us, and aft*
ve it eE13 himself welloif with thu, and scanty meal of the provisions broi
;ave; ?a?nP' ^waJ''5 often hav:.ng to ^th ns, we were soon ready for a j
welL . back upon a "bloater (salt her- night's rest. This luxury was not, 1
> did nn?)> e*ten cold, too. But of all the ; eYer| vouchsafed to us; "nature's
food commodities purchasable by him, | nm.se" is not so easily trepanned ii
was c^eese is hi? chief staple and stand-by. Chinese rest-house, as I am abou
erin- ^ ^oes father for the amount of money ! show.
t on e^P^nded, and many a farm laborer, These establishments are pretty
. both for breakfast and dinner, has | aij alike, and somewhat on the pla
eved but tliis to "kitchen' Ms j old-fashioned coaching inns as fa
en I kread w^h. Tea he can only get on his | general outward arrangement is
mpe- re^Tlr?1 ^or?e after his task is done, and j cerned, but in no other respect. Art
of this te is fond; for, notwithstanding ] a ]arge court-yard are construct!
the tax upon it, it is possibly the most j geries of open sheds and low nil
economical, and certainly the most i st0ried buildings, the former i'oi
luxurious, of his meals. , accommodation of beasts, the lafcte
me a True, in addition to his wages Le has ! men. The apartments for the ui
wing a daily allowance of beer, or, in the j human beings consists generally of
how apple-growing shires, of cider. But ! rooms, one rather larger than the o
this connts for nothing >xi the way of j both -with floors of brick or earth,
itart. economy, and is, in truth, rather a loss . each room is a brick stove, or J
rease than gain to him, as it tends toward | about six and a half leet deep by
m an habits of dissipation. In hay-making j and a half feet high, running across
same and harvest time, if not under annual entire end of each room. On this ^
engagement, his pay is then somewhat covered generally, but not ah
;ht a better, as then he works by the "piece" with a mat of "bamboo, rushes
time or job. Mowing he undertakes by the camel's-hair, one sleeps. In wint
iller, acre, two or more banding together to can be heated tnrough a fire-hole ii
t the do the work. The terms are about $1 middle of the room; but we were
that an acre for cutting meadow grass, and tunate enough not to require this a
somewhat less for clover. This includes cial warming up, * hich always proc
cold drink, which the scythemen provide for headache, and frequently a risk of
rvalk, themselves. If they'did not, and diank ! focalion. A small square table,
done r.s they customarily do, a very large ! inches high, is invariably found
reduction woald have to be made in the the stove in the larger room, off v
ie in price of ,their piece work. I almost the Chinaman takes his*food, or
nose, hesitate to name the quantity of beer or which, the meal finished, are place
)it of cider which an English mower will opium pipe and paraphernalia th
e ac- swallow, lest my statement be deemed I belonging. The furniture of the a
)eing an exaggeration. Still, it should be j ment consists of a square table an<
a of made, and I can truthfully affirm that j or two chairs or benches. No
many of them drink each two gallons bedclothes, or utensils of any kirn
from per diem, and some oven more.. Cider eating, etc., are supplied, but i
o? con fa tVm trftilrvn. I Tcnn<3e>n f.nbs for washing are brous
U LiXC 15> U3UQ11J OV1U M?w msvvu w^.,^ Q ,
way. and beer, none the best, at twenty cents. | when required, and warm water is
igher Bnt when hay-making and harvesting J erally procurable. For any other
wing come aronnd, the brewers advertise j venience tbe ooen conrt-yard mn
lonld what they term "harvest beer" at twelve nsed. There are no windows, bnt
3rm.it cents the gallon, asd some even as low tice frames, covered with a yello
as eight. cents?sell it, too, in large semi-translncent paper, ran the 1<
stop qnantities! of all the apartments. Drinkingwalk,
As a good mower can cut an acre of is generally drawn from a well ir
time, meadow grass in a day, the amonnt yard, and shonld be strictly avo
I it is 0f kig earnings is easily reckoned. Bnt The rooms are always dirty, the
it mnst be remembered that this is no straw, and filth, which blow in fror
these ordinary day's work, but hard, almost yard, being rarely removed. I
T *?J ?u ?
>ut it constant toil, commencing at 4 o'clock j country cava i iuuuu. sum an aw
one jQ the morning and continued a9 long j want of decent accommodation. A
-alk a ag there is light encngh to swing the j teams are driven into the inclosur*
really gcytho by. If he succeeds in making j are unharnessed, and immediately
land his dollar a day, it is in truth by having ceed to roll in the dirt; this is al
ige to done nearly double work, so that his grooming they get. The noise at
1 ^13- temporary increase of wages i3 due j is almost as incessant as durini
i not after all to a proportionately greater i day?men shouting to their beast;
time, amount of labor performed, and often, i at each other; animals being driv
lually j juay add, to the detriment of his ' and out, harnessed and unharni
;t you health. The same is the case at harvest ' camels uttering their plaintive^ c
time, when reaping succeeds mowing, j their young; mules jingling their
5d by with a week or two of interval between, j asses braying; ponies neighing and
to get Ag a the corn-cutting is also done I ing at each other; and the
eason by piece work, the laborers employed I "proud harbinger of day,
;ar or at it being often strangers to one i Whoscar'dst the vision with thy clarion
another, united in bands under one ! chanticleer, who oft hath reft away
or who undertakes the job. At this par- j fancied good, and brought aubstanti
Iking ticular time the sons of Erin, seeking j at last dawn broke, and althoug
:e?:au- harvest work, penetrate to the more in- j were unrefreshed, our limbs beini
h will ]a:;d districts of England, and may be j from the hardness of our coucl
j seen trudging along the roads, reaping j were glad that our first night
I nooks and "crooks" carried conspicu-. Chinese inn was over.
! ously on their shoulders, with other j
ed to i belongings in a small bundle beside. ! The havoc wrought by lightni
mi \-.rr effort frvtrhtfnL A fow weeks i
sl&v?s -1-Aley are UiLCUL HlXUUkiiUICU K'J 1.1.1,11 , V. 0 ? _
Cairo j w*yes aEC* children, in gangs Jike : thunderbolt struck a chimney 15i
eirls' ; g7Ps*es> their sun-browned skins and ; high, located in a town in the no;
2fte?n i no; 0Ter"clean habiliments telling that j France, and cut a deep fissure in j
>ld bv tkey ^ave ^ee:i an^ sleeping sub ' tire length. Among other examp
be- *ore' or' *a barns or under like powerful effects, Arago states
ijority i Bteds* ia lt:6- lightning destroyed the
come i this annual intrusion into the of a churcli at Curnouailles, and tl
a_lexJ domain of the English farm laborer is stone weighing not less than 225 p
3 four 011^ *or a ^nef period of time, and to a distance of 150 feet; and in 1
lxious ^en over, so also ara his exceptional wall near Manchester, weighing
o that va8fS- Autumn on, his work chiefly ; than twenty-six tons, was lifted fri
jt consists in raising the root crops, and j foundation and removed nine f
ibertv * Setting them put away in pits or one end by a very violent thunde
is into ' " buries," secure against the advent of ;
life in 'winter frosts. Tbi?, however, calls j When at home, the Ohinamai
j for no outside help?indeed, not all of ' Monjzoliar*
Oil a Curious Fact* and Statistics?Causes ol Sui- ,\n Interesting De?crlptJon of Ensli
-0 its cifle?Where and W1& it Prevails Itfoet? Lower House?Pieiuier (Gladstone
.n nr Suicidal Manias?Suicide in the Sexes. . _ , , , , ,,
ur 'jPT A Lcrdcn correspondent of the
iborer Dr. James J. O'Dea^ in a recent work ton Herald sajs: The Honse of C
ith or on "Suicide," says i|2t-during the six- mons' meetiDg-rcom is a little bit
head teen years en ding i&J-1852 there were place, only large enough, I am tolc
r? hm m mt ?----- 3?roo 5 -u it 1/ v c
,v ouiciuea in mnuyv, vx wui^ix iou comam ttuuuu nan tno uichiucid. k
1, hat happened during <?Bi;aken debauches it is seldom crowded, for the ave
reek's and 2,464 resulted mart habitual drink- H. P. stays away from his duty wi
1 ing. In Denmark per cent of the pertinacity that -would do credit
j, and suicides result from^hejase of alcoholic United Spates senator from Nev
tower drink, while in Italyvjwhere there is lit- The room is not more than 100 feet!
these tie intemperance, onjj six suicides in a by fifty wide. There is an open s
res at thousand can be assigned to the cause, running along almost the entire lei
"bit About twelve per cenj^of suicides result of the centcr of the apartment, s
it not from financial embarrassments and loss fifteen feet wide, I should say.
occa- of property. each side of this space rows of ]
oads, Most suicides occtyLbetween the ages gradually ascend, one above the ot
pould of 25 and 55, with flight increase of to the walls, like two straight the
o nr xi x x o?: > i e * i. ? T~ x
~ sue rata at ou. ouioiuco_<?fcuu.uK wuiueu DaiComes lacing eacu umtr. iu t
occur mainly betwee^20Land 40 and at pews the members sit. Abovo tl
50. Hereditary influence and insanity entirely circling tbe ball, is a sha
are prolific causes of suicide. Thirty per gallery of the visitors?that part of
cent of the insane are-jaelancholics, and gallery crossing the innermost cn<
etch- of the latter about 3j5^j9r cent take their the room being reserved for the n<
ener- own lives. Examplaas on?. cause, and paper stenographers. Still above t!
Tien- there have been a rfeaber-of suicidal people there is a series of tall, gr
while epidemics, the moB^jfipd, being at windows, which look like the apert
nt is Etampes, Lyon3 and ^rS4Ies,Jc^L793, in the side of a prison. Behind tl
aiboo when 1,300 people tjoiL^FM^ow^pives. gratings one can see here and the
Climatic influence has^s effect,- Sui- pretty face, set off by. a bright ribbo
>f the cides are more nnmftrt^Tuhot weather a bunch of flowers, and he prese
t and than in cold. In Tcaly_ in 1877*the teams that he is looking at the la<
wing -smallest number ocoKTqd in December gallery. Exactly why they are fer
ailed and the largest in Jcmi; 188 happened off in this dark loft nobody about
se of in the winter and 31(5 in the summer. place seems to know. But there 1
The The author shows how certain temper- must go if they want to see the leg:
cor- aments are predisposed to suicide, tors at work, and there they mu-t
ibout! He lays stress on its prevention by like a lot of well-clad jail birds. Be
iding sound physical, mora], and religions tbc reporters' gallery, in the open sj
E the training, and by inculcating cheerful between the rows of members, is
views of life. He thinks that attempts speaker's chair. It is a bigh-backec
whit at suicide should be eeverely punished fair, like the oak furniture we so
inese by law, and that wh<?i there is a physi- times see in pulpits. It is set undi
pith- cal predisposition to such a step, medi- kind of canopy, also of carved oak, s<
into cal advice should be sought. fifteen feet high, I should think. 1
con* In treating the his tory of the subject, speaker is a clean-shaven man. seem
hi to, he says that in earlyages throughout ]y about fifty years old, though i
and southern and eastern Asia the custom of next to impossible to correctly estin
5 are suicide had full swing*. The Brahmin his age, by reason of the white
; the and Buddhist religions served as fuel to which hangs down over his shoulc
lable the flame. The ueli-immolation of <jq each side like a pair of gray sad
d by -widows after the death-of their husbands ; bags. He also wears a black gown,
mud became an established custom in India, when called upon for his decisioi
t im- among the Tartar tribes, the Scjthians, anv quibble that may come up, he r
i has Scandinavians, and even the North slowJv. advances a step o r two, and
? T_ j:?? T? V _ _ i ' l
lovcx | american luuwus. uiocvcj jlvjiuc, livers HIS opinion 1U a jluw, uuu uist.
al as J China and Japan, suicide, to avoid Iron- and well-modalated voice. His mar
The i hie, dishonor, or even" pain, was consid- jg exceedingly impressive, but to
one ered justifiable. Mftiiy famous Romans American ey<3 it seems that the digni
ty to iJied by their own hand, and Horace and well-poised bearing of this cffi
the tells of how people *'of all ages and would be greatly enhanced by the
f un classes destroyed themselves by leaping moval of what in our country would
'hich from the Fabrican bridge into the Tiber, regarded as masquerading toggery.
)wed in the earlier ages the Jews were quite fr0nt of the speaker there sits
hich free from suicide, and! the tendency of clerks, likewise wigged and robed,
and Christianity was directly against it. It these are not impressive parties,
j are entailed disgrace, not only on the per- only aggravate the notion of the Am
add son, but the family. Durincr the reign Can about the grotesque effect of tt
ss of of St. Louis in France in 1270, the first garments. One of the things wt
secular laws were enacted to prevent it, strikes the stranger most forcibly, is
ce is by subjecting the bodies of suicides to fact that nearly all the members n
orite the most revolting treatment their "plug" hats while sitting in
iting In a work on the same subject by Pro- house. They only remove these a
sev- fessor Morelli, recently translated from cies 0f head-gear" when they rise
ifeet the Italian, the author holds that in speak, or when the speaker alludes
iheir Europe, where statistics have been one of them. All in alt the hat-wear
lates taken, suicide is becoming more fre- business may be regarded as a fair s:
alty; quent in each quinquennium. Since pi^ of yj? manners of the assembls
chil- i860 suicides have been more frequent if a speaker begins to talk upon a tc
luja- m ma sicgaom 01 oaiuii; imm m ?uj wtiicn nas no particular interest,, sd
jhes, other state; for the t^ yeare (1865-75) three-quarters of the members will 1
i in- they numbered 2^8 p& 1,000,000 yearly, for the doors. Then somebody celJs
the At the other extreme -of the scale stand a count, and they stroll back nntil
size, Italy and the slaves of the south, with count is completed, when they 1
.. j ^5 20 suicides per 1,000,000 respec- right out into the lobbies once more,
tacai tively. Jn England the ratio has long a man fg particularly obnoxious to th<
a ed neen steady; from 1S36 to 18 *o it rose they begin a concerted system of cou
:rom only from 63 to 6G per 1,000,000. ing, which can have no other effect tl
a mb t?Wb^re I? tb&x. liJ^A a^r.
iple great rivers and in alluvial countries of hear!-' for two or three minutes soi
ach- the more recent epochs (Denmark, the times, and it is always hard to tell w]
n to Germanic plain, the lie de France,) they laugh whether it is done in ir<
ven- June is i;he favorite month; and in or appreciativeness of some humor
our December suicide is least frequent. It point. I hardly think, however, t
ther is probable that tie moon exercises the latter application frequently exi
!, we influence on suicides as it does on mad- partly because humorous points are
ting ness and epilepsy, which are generally 0f momentary occurrence in the spee
had aggravated at the time^ of tJie waning es of the house, and partly because
51 poon? I11 France suicides are most ]10use wouldn't know it if they w<
ngfct frequent during the first ten days of the Snch another shambling, hem-and-h
?ood month, and on Tuesday, Thursday and ing lot of talkers i never heard. ^
low- Monday. Saturday is the favorite day great bnlk of them have no ideas
sole of the laboring man, when he receives convey, and only a very few of th
lto a his pay, and his content of mind lasts wko have understand how to con
i o over Sunday, on which day the glutton- them, either with force or elegance.
ous, dissipated man wastes the money Gladstone is one cf tbe clear
well earned during the week. The new readiest talkers I have ever heard,
u of week begins with satiety, remorse and 6its in the fiont row of the memb
r as intolerance of work. Women commit peW8 on the left-hand side, facing
con- suicide most frequently on Sunday-an 8pftaier, close by the end of the tt
)nnd unexplained fact. Suicide favors the which stands in frcnt of the wh
jd a active part of the day, and this is the ^jgged clerks. Perhaps I should 1
igle- reason why the months in which the said he reclined there, for he doci
' the daylight is longest-June, May, and exactly sit. His head is thrown hi
n of July-show the largest number of and rests upon the upper edge of
3e of suicides. . pew back, his hands are clasped in
two In every country the proportion of iapi his legs are sprawled out in fn
tner, suicides is three men to one woman. and he has the general appearance <
In The strong suicidal tendency of the man sound asleep. But he isn't. 2
a^9t Spanish women, however, is perhaps an? then the eyes half open and a sh
two attributable to the force^ of their pas- 0f expression crosses the wrinkled
s the sions Italian women, m a similar i tnres, as the old mail memanv nuct
:ang, climate, manifest no such tendency. In point for future nse. When his op
fays, each sex suicide increases in direct ratio ^ent has ceased speaking Mr. Gladst
'? or with the age, until about the 65th yeax comes to his feet with surprising s
er it In Italy the married men and the un- and advances a step or two to
a the married women commit suicide _ least end of the table. There is a little
???" frequently, the widowers and widows ^0x here, containing his docume
.rtih- the oftenest. In France the married, and he places t^Q onds of ri,
luces with children, of either sex, are least hand finger8 npon this box> 0e
suf- prone to suicide. Each country has its his chin rather above ifcsnormai hei
ten own predilections as to means of sui- ]^e a man used talking to a gall
apon cide, but m all the rope is chosen most and> a8 the words flow freely {rom
'hich frequently, and drowning next; then tween his lips, he emphasizes them
upon firearms, then weapons which cut or prodding the box with the tips of
d his stab, and then all o.her means. straightened fingers. As Mr. Gladsl
9 0 ? talks he grows. In silence and re]
ione ^a^ona^ Dance of Hungary. you see a thin and snnveiea oia i
rugs The Hungarians dance for their very J02/' 8^en^er ^eSs> swollen jo:
i for lives. To them the practice of the 8 hooked nose, SDnken eyes, a spars
small terpsichorean art is no mere languid f?0*7e<* head, rather narrow (thrc
rht in and graceful undulation of the figure, temP^e3> hut broad and high
' sen- hut a perfect wild abandon of mirth, ?. ?ars> straggling white whisl
cjn- and they whirl and spin and gyrate 7 shamble dcwn the sides of
st be with the velocity of dervishes, until ***? a. nBder ^ throat, and a {
t lat- their loDg black locksstand out straight effi a"- ?* physical decay that is
wish, and their faces are ablaze with heat and alto&ether reassuring. But, as his i
jncrth excitement. Watch them as they per- ??es a?" . c^est protrudes,
water form the csardas?their national dance? w? begin to roll out with ra
i the to the strange, wild harmony of the resonance, a the eyes kn
ided. cziganok. Watch them, as they balance a ^ 6 e.ml*e conscious pc
dust, themselves backward and forward, spreads over the old face, you begi:
a the while adapting their subtle movements reas?n of the premier's
n no to the measure of the animating strains. J1!?0? the politics of Great Britain.
- - *n? nArfect confidence of the T
lolute The csardas is essentially pantomimic, - ?ls
the and describes by mute action the "un- ed sPea^eir? and that eloquenc.
ithey quiet course of true love." The music man?e.r> ?? ^e83 of words, w
pro- is at first slow, and the couples Proclaims the orator. He :s by all <
1 the walk up and down the room in the most admirable talker I have h
night a stately manner. Then, affecting 111 England. He ims no notes, an<
g the to have made each other's ac- 809nJ*3 a3 finished what ne ha
3 and quaintance, and fallen victims to the say> he sl?uches back upon his seat
in tender passion, the music grows more patently in that state of complete
jssed; lively, and "the courtship" begins in 8ica*,00 fP86., w^ll.c*1 Charles Die
ry to earnest. The lover advances toward a?cribes to the old paralytic, wb
bells: his enamorita, she coyly responds, and always throwing his pillow at some
kick- they spin round together for a few a? . imraediately falling helpless u
seconds, when, a3 :if thinking she had C Ur*
given him too much encouragement,
shrill, ! the maiden retires, pouting, whereupon Ho,v "e *,xci1
j again he approaches; but this time she Two men strolling in the woods i
al ill," j turns her back on him and dances off out any arms in their possession
h we 1 i& a contrary direction. Following her, served a bear climbing a tree, witl
g stiff i however, he overtakes and seizes her paws clasped around the trnnk.
a, we | round the waist, and away they go of them ran forward and caughl
in a i again, whirling deliriously, until sne bear's paws, one in each hand. He
i?hArsAlf fmm his called out to his comrade: "Jonal
uiauogco kv _?_
grasp. Shy and friendly by turns, now run home and bring me eomethii
ng js encouraging her partner and now re- kiil the varmint. Mind yon, don't
ago a treating with offended dignity, the j or I am in a fix." Jonathan ran ofl
0 feet lover at length becomes chagrined at stayed a Ionz time. Daring the int
rth of her caprices, turns his bpck upon her, the baar made several attempts to
;ts en_ and they dance dos a dos for a while, the hands of him who held it. At le
les of ^th indignant gestures, till the maid, Jonathan came back. " Hallo,
j that with signs of repentance, seeks recon- icpt you so long?'' ""Well, I'll
turret ciliation. The music grows faster and you. "When I got home breakfast
irew a faster, the lovers, in the ecstacy of re-! ready, so I stopped to cat it.:' "
ounds ^nion, whirl and twirl madly, nor do ! said his comrade, "come you no*
?09 a ^e7 stop until both are quite giddy and hold the c;i:ter while I kill it." i
more oufc ?* breath, when, retiring from the than seized the bear's paws and
Dm its I gceriet another cou]:l i take their place, tho animal. ''Well, hava you got
eet at' an<^ performance begins again. ; of him?'' "I gues3 I have." "
:rbolt. ' wtll, then, hold fast, I'm off fo:
Travelers say thf.t severe whirlwinds, ner
1 ib a capable of lifting heavy bodies, often Jay Gould's income is eatimat
oocur on the banks of Jordan. be a "dollar a second.
Japanese Artisans. ^ -ALPINE A
The road has been fair)y alive with The FoitnDate E*cap?
1Dd'a wood carriers of all sorts; women . viinb
weighted down with loads placed in a ^ Vienna correspc
Bo&- sort of hamper, strapped to their backs, teresting account of
3om- that made them bend to the task as they four persons wno en
of a wearily weeded their way; horses and the Rax-Alp in a sno
\> to bulls leaded np with all they conld day, and were belies
still, stagger along nnder; men with their 4*??' u
rage cargo carried upon the ends of their Friedncn, the bnd
th a poles, Chinese fashion. It seems that ~,rL0^ er' an<* a e
to a every one was in the wood business just The correspondent sj
ada. then. In the region of Nofcaado Hill I ' After four hours t
long found numbers of wood-choppers?they snow they reached
pace would ha-^e been anywhere else, but 1^n? ^here they inter
wv, u? ?,i the weather should c
bvu ,'icio IIJCJ wcic nuuu >^10 oymr
ome iers. They were sawing down the smal soon some tourists cs
Oq trees and sawing them into fire lengths large party who were
Dews snd splitting them. Wood is here sold . ,wefe, no7
her, by the bundle, so many pieces to the 'Gawlock, a deepfii
sater bundle. The chap I saw at work put J*111 8J~e> 111 n
hese his brand or stamp upon the end of les8,u -fv11^6 xv8*
lem, every piece of wood he put into the pile, "eatb?being the fa
llow probably that there should be no cheat- m0Ilntain without a
the ing in the count when pay time came Jo^ng peopleliopea
1 of around. But the strangest part of the thefi
.n-o i? A had gone before. Af
sna UU&1UCQ13 V* 4>V DCC tUCiU DiVUlUg uwfru, j , . . ...
hese or, at least, on their knees, at this wood-1 JfficaU watog ttey
ated pawing and splitting. Strange as it may borhood of the fissui
ures appear to your riders, su?h was the 2S?nlJ??,Wy?i:
bese case; and, in fact, there is very little ^thont the help of a
~e a labor done here, except in the fields, 0 eJr
n ot that is not done while the laborer is ^dtheparty hoped
ntly npon h-'s knees. Coopers, blacksmiths, .
iies" carpenters, stone-cnttlre, in fact, it may
iced be said all sqnat to their work. J*?8 ?
the From Kanasawa the road to Enoshi- , .. ,
;hey ma is over" the hills via Kamalmra, .and ^ Id .n?'
isla- .is about fire miles long. Some portions , ' / it, ?
sit of it are margined by contracted rice T"
low tields, where it winds between hills, but . .
'z Mr rtion is cnfuhron,f 23
the hills that offer no space for cnltivated . ?
1 af. areas. The plain of Kamaknra is under -"J Z*JZ?
mp. miKirofinn ?tt/1 in />r/iacinff if; IAav;T1 ct . ? ?
er a the wide circle of hills on the right with ?Lllen^into thTab
ome the sea npon the left hand, there were temnted a delcent
The numbers of men and women enconnt- gSXabouHnho
mg- ered, as well as youths of both sexes, Bn0w and ice they sa
6 is occupied in tilling the fields of wheat reached the other dd,
aate and barley, which had attained the awdetour. The*
wig growth of some five inches. They were from seeing more thai
lers putting seaweed between the rows of feet afc a ti and th
die- growing grain, and covering it with C0Vered the ground at
and soil as it was carefully put in place by f al with hand
i of the workers. All the seaweed put upon made slow progress ui
ises this wide plain?that is, wide for Japan gunday evening the?
.de- ?is brought from the shore in baskets, herd>8 hufcj the door of
met much of it being so carried a distance Tte man buist op(
mer at three to four miles. UDOn entering j
,, -- ~ ; - . ,, ,, , BWOKUCU llUCUlOCiYCO
the the road continuing through the hills rest from their fdtijfui
fied on the further side of Kamakura Dia ^ on]_ one _iece of
cial isutsu is l^ffc to his dignified contempla- bam wbicb f^ey
re- tion on the left hand?the road enter- three?the last nouris
be ing the hills near where he sits. For thom nEtil Thursday i
In about a mile it runs along the side of "The whole of the n
two what is almost a mountain, which is cut <3ered about jn an air
But through, on its crest, the width of the toward evening they t
and cut not being over ten feet, and the they were glad to &
eri- perpendicular sides appear to be at j with0ut attempting tc
tese least one hundred feet high?they may j wa3 Monday night. I
be higher. hll very weak and mi?
"*0 ? ? ing not to have the J
Teter Cooper'* Mode of Life. walk on the morrow, 1
T- t t- i j -v iv js -i minds to eat what tl
Jtl* ,;n^uar icle^e3Tb^ng i? t 7 boiled some of the str
to We of Thurlow Weed General James gco and tJ
to Watson Webb and Peter Cooper, aged ^ on Monday.
S? Sy^e'Varf^ SIXpS 'be night one of the b.
am- ninety one years, a jsew ioik paper ed that he had some 1
ige. says of the last-named: ^ k t m.
.pis Mr Cooper, the unly nonogenarian of BTO)lowed.
ont the three, may be caoght in his office on weK ,
jolt at Cooper Institnte at ten o clock in the those of Sonday and]
for morning almost any day of Ihe year, , ft ^ ^
the Tain or shine, snow or sleet. Hisbreak- and Were forcJd to re
trot last has been a lutie oatmeal and mi k, of safety before the ni
, If with the addition possibly of a little ?>0q Wednesday mc
sm, fruit. He attends to business at his _-_i
gh- office, signing leases, answering letters, ^nd the ^J0i
3an personally inspecting the operations of ihefmust set outalon)
aan the .schonLior.two or ihttiA bonis, mak-. < ?.i_ > ,
ne- three or four Sights of stairs without buowstonn was so viol
hen assistance. The de idening of the senses an hour they turned b
ony that always comes with extreme age is the ^ ^ a trance, t
ous with him hardly perceptible, anc as hunger and frost and
hat fcuredJy not noticeable. _ He hears well, with ice ^ 8now ^ j
sts, his sight is good, his hand hardly fog her trance she soe
not trembles, and he speaks with less hesi- once 8^e ?Qh, h<
:ch- tancy and tremorafc ninety-one than Mr. sncjj a j0Dg j? 3
the Weed at eighty-fjur. ^ He will tell you her dreams?she was f
test he J.1VGS SiHlOSE ElliO^SliUUr uu liiiin., d&V CiI2?Dff6CI XO ZUKU
aw- flis life has a less rigid routine perhaps the three unhappy en
The than that which is deemed prudent by ^ope, an<j they decide
to physicians for most old men, but ha selves with a revolver <
:Ose retires early, sleeps well, and rises at a bad brought with him
vey regular hour. His health is fully as /rom the top of the
good as it has been at any time during au three Sgreed thi
est, live years; he has no pains, no physical dying in this manner
He qualms, except those arising from a starved to death,
ers' shock experienced some years ago when ?.0n Thursday mora
the he undertook to develop the motive one of the young men
ible energy of nitrogen gas, in accordance 0f the hut to look out
it-e- with a fancy that had taken possession 0f delight he welcon
1?-- A~ tiaa t.lifl <>nn. ,? J *V,of oVn
tavo ui His uraiu. nil rAyivoiwu ?I MW v**w unci LUC OIMO uu0h wmv
sn'fc sequence of these experiments, and Mr. courage revived wond
ick, Cooper has suffered more or less evei eaw the mountain bef<
the since from the accident, fie has, how- a breakfast of straw
his ever, gradually recovered and suffers candles they set out."
ont, less than years a^o. He makes nothing they reached the shel
jf a of undertaking an excursion, sach as man and his eervanl
sow that to test petroleum as a fael foi Here they refreshed
iade locomotives the other day, or oi taking having spent four daj
fea- part in a meeting at Cooper Institute, in the ice and snow
>s a He returns home from his office before Their hands and feet *
ipo- lunch and receives visitors during the that they only walk<
:one afternoon. He lives lightly, eating nttie were compeiiea, ana
igii- meat and depending on milk for suste- g0t to Payerback gre
the nance, and retires to bis room early. following in their rei
red Two roles of long life are evident from and shaking hands w
nts, the habits of these men. First, their gram to Vienna no1
ght- daily routine is rigidly observed, and numerous friends, bui
lifts secondly, the preference for oatmeal paper reporters, who
ght, over other cereal product is noticeable, them in the train, an<
ery, The reason for this has been made clear wonderful adventure
be- by very recent experiments. For ex-)
by ample, wheaten grits contain no larger Astoiii:
his proportion of starch than oatmeal, and
tone probably more gluten. But the starch The_ Washington (
pose of oatmeal is converted into sugar by thus discloses how a
nan, i masticaticn in from ODe to five minutes, w&3 recently astani
ints. i while the starch of wheaten grits resists town merchant, wh
Zinnia fnr slinrt th<
jely- the salivary action more tnan live times
ingh as long. Oatmeal, in other words, is Dame?conceived the
over more than five times as easy of digestion he wonld make a trip
cere, as wheat meal. ton for the express
; his . the sights. He told
ren- 1 ?. ci h?d never been insid
not C00he* A(tin? Llfee Sh ep' lie buildings, notwit
chin "If jou have the patience <o watch that he had lived in
and them, jou will be amused, and perhaps 1837. His friend su;
astonished, to see how like sheep these highly proper that I
ndle coolies are," Deputy Cnstom Inspector tour of inspection a
jwer Brown said to a San Francisco reporter, offered to aid
Q as the coolies from the steamer Devon- start by showing
1 ?1?-3-J "-"J the treasure d
grip scire were oemg xauueu uu acaivuvwt w
He sheepish characteristic remarked following morning
)rac- ^7 *ke official was the blind, stupid per- promptly at his fr
a of K:stence of each coolie in doing exactly o'clock, and they b
hich as 'k?ore ^efore was doing. At visiting the secret
adds one ^me was desirable to have a part where, upon looking
of theChiDamen leave the sea-wall shed lar^e albams contain
3, as through which the first landed were go- mtsd criminals Sn
c, tn ing. It would not only have greatly noticed to grasp the
** 1 - + rvullnr rtVrsi
, ap- assisted the officers, Dat wouia aiso y?? ,
phy- have been a vast convenience to the brow, and, pointing
kens Chinamen themselves, as it would have graph, in an excited
iO is avoided the snarl and crowd and con- '' Great heavens, tha
i one fusion resulting from packing all the h's friend had bo:
i his Chinamen into express wagons near one Snipes a photogra:
of the shed entrances. Accordingly the busband the day
j custom house officers attempted to di- Spipe? was gazing t
I vert part of the living stream pouring picture of Jesse Jai
j in tumultuous ana noisy haste 07er the walI? bis fiendish fi
,v"b' i 6teamet's side on to the wharf to an- tha album in the j
?b* other part of the shed. It was useless, counterfeiters. No
i its j interpreters was invoked. asks Snipes it h3 has
una j The coolies were plainly told in their the treasury departn
j own language to go in a certain direc- is insured,
if?? | tion. Still useloss. Those crowding TntpnTnmT
' ! on the wharf went in the same direction -r, , . , ,*
English lackdaws
'S-? | they saw the ones prec~ding them go, ? ~* ,sta7?
and nothing could prevent them. Thej - ^ ? *?
? bufc were pushed, argutd with, even struck ?
*? ? by tIle exasperated whiter bat it was as tl
*? if a sheep-herder had endeavor^ to
b reason wr-h Ms scurrying, witless, panic- L * A ? ,
*??? stricken flock. dinner used to ba pi
. tell door, and warned
was hastened to dispose
rell," Ferdinand Beidfc, who recently died ei'ole before the arr
' and j in Vienna, was for nearly fifty yc-ars He seldom went dii
Toaa- j krown in that city as ' the father of or- the plate, but atta<
held ! pbans," and is 6aid to have cared for the rfcr, settling hi
hold I 1,000 friendless children in the town, on her outstretch*
Very and saw them started in life. It began and then administ
r din- with his taking two or three orphans in j on it with his beal
charcre because of his loneliness from a | impossible to standi
^ ! a childless marriage, and went on until i cioie exciainauyu i.
i he came to be regarded almost as an ; awav, acd Jacfe tot
flSnal. ' plate.?fNature.
DYES TUBE. 3Ica w o Kan Newspapers,
? A newspaper if, ostensibly, a period!e
V ^0:n5 Atnatenr ?al published by a man called a proprim'dent
gives an in- etor for the dissemination of a csrtain
the adventures of amoimt ?J uteligence among a ceN
deavored to climb 'i;ia,Mmb.er ol Madera; but it a, aow
etorm on a Sao '"-""ty ? f,ec miauled in tie laid
to be lost during Mre6t' and tor 'ho benent, of an adrer.
lere two brothers fcsiog agent and a number of debonair
e of the younger compojitors. .
od named Norak. TBe chef of these is called the fore,va.
man, while his pal and accomplice is
edicus march in the J,nown' technicaUy, as the proof reader.
a small mountain Taeee tw0 meD> * conjunction with the*
ided stopping until advertising agent, constitute the acting
iear up Bat very ^iumvirate of every newspaper office*
ime in and told of a Around the,m re7oIre! M do lesscr bof"
I climbing upward, ?fabon' ,th? proprietor, the
their way to the e"ltor? *be editorial staff, the readers
3sure on the moun- and. the general public.
lore than one care- If ^0Q 8? into a rc*spaper office you
bund an untimely' will see, seated in a taxurioudy-funashshion
to climb this ed and ^sined private office oajhe
guide The four floor, a prosperous-looking individ-^
to find their way nal* He 13 Probably puffing a twenty
iteps of those who five cent cigar, and is watching th? ^ Igaj
ter several hours' s^oke as it curls softly toward the ceilreached
the neigh- , ?? has ** ov.e7coat ,of,.fur
e, and found that ^krn, wears rubies and diamond
? - qti/i nfl<} a nlaftlr ftilfc nat
guide. It was fiTe Near what is called a-'type-ewasoie
loon by this time, Hgl0T6a "e neshgently town. He.
to get as fir as the ^ fignnngoutfor lnmself mnety-fi
of shelter, where Pf centofaS200 order. ,Thia a the
the eight Novak, advertomg agent
St inmnad &cros? Ascending to the next floor you see
> them ^hat they te foreman. He enjoys luxurious ease;
follow him at that '' tppeaTa 40 *gf* Ta ^
, w;jA fnr fuA Around the room are stationed compo3intouedV/p^
** TPyf&l
d some track to of metal ^ed'Hype " With them aad
dense fog settled ^ the foreman rests the entire policy
; this moment, and an^ conduct of the newspaper.- They *
inntes they could "vise, rewrite, add to, and expunge
Aa*h nthpr ThA from> the scraps of manuscript before
must hare clipped th'm* They strengthen certain artMes
?. ?nd tb?vat. and modify others. They smooth out
I awiward. ana oojecuonaoie sentences.
$!&&,%? ' ^ ^ Mrta^ *eriods- ^ ^
w that the? had donbt tney confer with 3ach other- 0f
9 of the fissure by such sessions the foremin * always a
ig prevented them member ex-officio. The bandits hold,
a a square of three a* * *er?' ^6 newspaper m the hollow
e snow uniformly of their hands. _ ^
, their feet. Creep Proceeding to the third floor you en- '
[s and feet, they colter that terrible personage, the S ^
award, and late on proof-reader, who is the Bashi-Bazout
' reached a shep- ?* American literature. He sits at arlow
which was locked. an<* ^as a pencil in each band. He
an, and all -three wa*t8 *or "proofs" .ss^earnivorous
upon the straw to animal might for his prey: * The proofng
journey. They reader receives $27 per week for being
bread on a slice of 011 lnq aoob-ouc ior any gieam oi beuwj
rided among the or coherence the compositor may have
hment afforded to escaped in the author's manuscript and
norning. for extinguishing it forthwith. He is
eifc day they wan- responsible only to the advertising
ections, and when agent; but as a matter of courtesy he
ound another hut, sometimes confers with tbe foreman to
eek aheltef in it learn the intentions of the compositors.
go further. That This, however, is exceptional. Cases
lunger made them have bee11 known where a writer would
lerable, and, fear- tave seen his article printed as he wrote
Force to rise and ^ but for the vigilance of the proofihey
made up their reader. As a rule, however, the comley
conld. They positors, by their iassne watchfulness,
aw, cut into small avert any such catastropha
lis was all their . *?P floor of a newspaper office,
In the middle of ***a dismal-looking cell, si&s the editor,
others remember- The apartment is sextangnlar. The
1 ?" fl/vw anil twrt nf t,hfl riMps arft cf wroi :
tauow cacaiea m -? ? ?
>re cut into small ceiling and the remaining two sides
Their wanderings ^ plaster. The editor sits at a desk.
as little avail as It is his business to write certain notes
Monday had been, and_ suggestions, from which the comI
so much sooner, positors and proof-reader will make ar?
turn to their port tides. Beyond that he is an entirely
ght set in. ornamental character.. Being on the
iming the young top floor he can go no higher. To'
ie felt unable tc penetrate below into the precincts of
ers decided that ^h? proof reader or foreman would be
3 insearch of help instant death; so he must needs linger
enffcifiWtar -is to W" ratil tha shades of ttight hay l
ack. They found errand boy, fall of young hope, spirits
>rought about by an<* heartiness, sympathizing with the
fViav her poor editor, speaks an occasional kind
'evive her. Dur- word to him- At times, too, cne coxletimes
spoke, and lector, when in his caps (and therefore
>w delicions after * responsible), speaks gently?even
he was happy in genially?to the editor; but when
sating. When the sober next day he immediately regret"*;
t on Wednesday, The compositors, being men cf full
satires gave np all habit, make merry at the mention of
d to shoot them- the editor's name; bnt the proof-reader,
one of the brothers more delicate and spirituelle in his way
, in hopes of firing ^nd always struggling under the
mountain. They responsibilities of his position, gives -|
at they preferred pnbiicly no utterance -to his views. In
to being slowly the seclusion of bis home, however, as
he places the disheveled proofs under
ling at four o'clock kj8 pillow?a place of safety for the
i opened the door night?he not infrequently alludes to
, and with a cry the editor as "the poor lunatic who has
ted tne clear sky never been a practical printer." *
ne upon it. Their -^e proprietor of a newspaper is,
erfully when they from the^nature of his calling, a phi*
>re them, and afier lanthropist. His _ brain, his time, and
soup and tallow ? consents of his pocket go to sup'
,--1- ' norfc and maintain the advertising
At nine ocioc* ,
ter-house, where a aSent> 016 foreman, the proof-reaaer,
fc keep a small inru acd their satellites. He baa no fixed
themselves, after office, and is rarely seen. ^Inthefearly
s and fonr nights sta8es of bis career he may attempt to
r of the Rax-Alp. "S116 witl1 h*3 employes , bnt the
pere so frost-bitten futility of ench a course becomes soon
jd as far as they apparent, and he retires to the conntry.
long before they The foreman and the proof-reader ran
sat nnmbers were the paper. If there is any profit, the
jr, cheering them advertising agent takes it; if there is
ith them. A tele- any *08S> latter becomes morose and
; only siimmonsd despondent, and spends the week's
; also several news- receipts ir convivialities with fellow
came back with "advertising agents, of whom there are
1 took rote of their many? Ifc is the editor's business to be
5#? blamed for everything?to be a profes*
oi/\?al torfrot?onrl tn r?awn his clothes
T~T and to turn over the money to the ad5
c vertising agent as an incentive to that
D. C.) Republican person "to work."
Georgetown man * * * *
shed: A George- The above facts (the truth and accuo
may be called racy of which are unquestioned) ara
jagh that isn't hie submitted in extenuation of the averbrilliant
idea that age editor. And if they tend to lighten
over to Washing- one heart, unlock one lingering hope,
purpose of seeing or encourage to persevere one languish.
a frund that he ing editor, they will not have been
e of any of the pub- written in vain. - [Puck.
ihstanding the fact ~ * .
Georgetown since ^ Gliasily Volume.
zgested that it was _ , , . _
fe should begin his An Italian professor his issued a
5 once, and kindly ghastly volume oa snicide. In alt this
him in the world it seem? Calabria stands lowe-t
*4 1 - wnort7 of
him through on tne scaie ci suvsc nuu
ecartment. The breath. Norway stand* third, and LeSnipes
appeared land fourth. England an 1 America are
iend's desk at 9 verJ high, and the reckless and misery
egan their trip by which makes life insupportable reach
service division, the maximum in the center of Earope,
through one of the from Geaeva-to Pari?, and fhr ugh Sixing
photographs of on7> Baden, Piussia and the AustroJpes
was suddenly Hungarian ]>rovince?. The small Gerarm
of his friend, a S ates are the very highest. Sai.
preading his classic cide has increasei everywhere for the
to a certain photo- l^t forty years, even in Ireland, where
manner exclaimed: the fieure is so low, from ten in tbc mil.t's
me!" It seems ll0n to eigbtsen in the million of popurrowed
from Mrs. latioa, wbile England and America
ph of her beloved have rcomted fr.rn siity-two to sixtjbafore,
and while ei^hf-, Prussia from t-eventy-four to
hongfctfnliy at the H2, France from fifty-five to 150, and
nes hanging on the Saxony rashes on with an average oi
riend inserted it in 264 Childless wiiowers are by fat
place of one of the largest nuaitcr on the sorrowful
Georgetown man ,ia"
' 6VfrT}l^?.1 Predictions are isa le in England that 5$
lent mi jss his lite ;rory will S30n be.0[n9 ?0 ,hl.
... . its nse foi jixno keys, knife hmdies
e in Birds. &E8 will be reserve! for the rich
are not behind Jap alone. Of late there has lean a rapii
ny rate one of th?; ad.7ance in the Lrndon mirket price ol ^
jence. Many yesr this article, the litest advance having
t amasement of ours been from^15 per haadredseight to
iters between a tame S-0, while anjtaer is taliid of. Oaiy
xble cat. The cat's eighty-one tons were offered at the Ja-I
it ontside the stable V terl? 8aIe a^icst 122 ton* ia April
b7 experience, she 0l li?t year. OfCipe ivory there hai
o! as mach as pos- 1,6611 a tinned scarcity, while oi the
ival of the jackdaw. C035,t of Africa, sapply thsro is
ectlv to the meat in now ninca less ia hand than former,.
:ked" the enemy in &orca in the London dock* now among
mself with both leet '? oal/ ^ t0=?> ;f?
- tnns for list year. 0 je u aler n<is jfc**
. ? eO>
id tail to steauy it, ering
pickax blows ^ad invoiced "to hioi no fewer ira i u-r.
Of course it was The?? tu<k* re^.*es;ut 276 eiethis,
and with a for- Plants. Facts like these are lead to
he cat used to *p.-irj? a renewal of the old preiic that
>k po38?5uoa of the t-e ?lephan- w.li before raisy jearj b>
i l^gio theiist of erias -4:1122 d*.

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