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The Fairfield news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1881-1900, June 28, 1882, Image 1

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^f^vv^rcv puTTTftw ^ WINNSBORO, S, C., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 1882 ESTABLISHED IN 1844.
" *'f in sa jl ajx/xxivii.
s ?? ??
e* |
Of What Avail. ' wonderful, and. even "(
How human life repeals au oft-told tale; to
For some rich distant port we set our sail, ^ ^ *
Bat if we founder and the voyage fail, fhe loing> which took c
Of what avail? along with it, the hnnt
! Of what avail the glowing dreams of youth, of a slight nature, and
v If they must wake to life in forms uncouth. him sufficient to bother
"While all fulfillment in a joyous truth, But for the timely a]
Thev lack lorsooth ? there could be no cjuest
BBb, " fate, as he sank exUaus'
B Of what avail the man's ambitious pride, tre6) -^hich was exCi
aHSr Towering above all other aims be?ide, for one to climb unc
if at the last its ghost sits by his side, stances.
But to deriue ? Amone the mountaii
Of what avail the scholar's cultcrcd thought*; feared and hated Jim I
The artiet's ski'l to fine perfecfcon brought; Daffield, late United. S
II ah the beauty that their gifts have wrought Arizona. The cause of
Muat come to uaught ? them was not gen- rail.1?
. , .... ., , , ., its existence and intensi
Of what avail the maiden 9 dream of hope, , , ,. m
rus. - .t. , i . v v. i no room for doubt. T
?1^ ^ . 3 I? flow from it was a foref
If she oe loft with powers beyond her scope The desperate charact(;
t Alono to cjpo ? pjaC( ^ tk*g beyond conj
We cry "Of what avail," bocau?e we must ; courage and determinat
We etand in doubtia.', even w: ile we trust; very well matched. I
Yet somehow feel tha: to Hb child of dust, widely known for hii
Gui will be just. ploits, but among tho?
?H. W. Colby. man, Daffield had a rep
calmne -a and skill with
to none. His subsequ<
GRIZZLY JEM." Ln?triZti^dr,Sc
were wanting, prove
to have been well fo
rhe long looked-for afl
pekaix). Hotel, Lvons and a fr
High up in the mountains of Tuo-1 ,n tow?'
lumne, on the south fork of the Stanis- *rr.lve(*- ^
r\ Una river, amid scenes as wild and boisterous and rtckles
rugged and as grar 1 as the Highlands t0 *lll Nuffield on si
^ of old Scotia, lived a the early dajs of W3S n? .9'w t0 ?Ive "
* California a hunter named Jim Lyons, opportunity. His ap
"who was known far and near as "Grizzly PCe?? was the signal
Jim.'' Lyons was a native of Pennsvl- '"fP1" exchange of she
ania, a man of medium height and "*ree participated. D
powerful frame, with keen gray eyes, wonderiul rapidity and
over-hanging br^ws, and bold, resolute ge^ous^ wounding bot
features. The rouvh, stiangely-marked *ud 8ettiaS ?^_ wul
face, so cold in danger and terrible in ^??s, ,rtC0Jere^' an<
-? * ?a Dnmsld had taken a(
passion, wvj oral a amy p;ea&r.iiu
genial in its expression. It would be drank, but pnbl
hard to find a manlier-lookiag man, or e<* "*e latter, and the
?- one ol a more determined character. w?s' "Served em n^h
Lyons b?* "r> ranch about twenty-five b*e was anticipated, a
iniles ' iW:) the beautiful little mining character of 1 Grizzly j
town or Columbia, but found hunting eraH7 known to admi
nmcri more congenial to his nature than reconciliaticn. More
fining. Day and night, winter and waI"d tbere would hav
jrjnmer, he followed his favorite pursuit. ^e!*we?^ t"e 8ame Pa^:
Armed with his trusty nfle and a huge aggressor, b;
hunting-knife, and with no other com- ference of friends. Dc
paniona than his dogs, Lyons lovec1 , vigilance the price
Above all things to track the grizzly to at>erty, from that time
his and fight him to the death. Not anc* "a^ ^e was con8tai
? k; ftifl or voune. was ever aQd never ^elfc^secun
vttol ?" ?> ? ? w?
known to have escaped him when once *ne scaumu ?u
encountered, although he bore on hip Punched into eternity,
person more than one ugly mark of hit One dark and storm?
fierce struggles wrh the savage beasts, news of a most shocki
The man was a singular compound of murder in the mounta
good and eviL Time and again had he 60 Sonora. It appeare
risked hin life to save others, and in ^ee boys, who had a ra
hours of suffering and danger exhibited tion of Lyons' place, v
a generous and heroic spirit. Yet, not- a murderous attack
withstanding this, the name of Jim at the table for supper
Lvons grew to be a terror in the monn* the day, some one froi
tains. Mysterious murders in the vicin- iy fired upon them thr<
itj of his ranche were attributed to him, aad at the same insta
and he was arrested so often that he burst open and a man e
* * "* firmer rapidly '
used to say : "it iooks as u merei^a i ,
feea man murdered in the mountains brothers. The latter
without Jim Lyons is arrested right off." retreat tfcuough the b
As a rule he made light of such aocusa- they found another ms
tions, and had no difficulty in getting pistol in hand, but wh
*id of them. The suspicions, it was take effect. Two o
remarked, -uniformly took the same made their escape to t
-shape?the deceased had in some man- the other mortally w
ner crossed Lyons' path. At one time dying condition. Bobt
1^. a TTv" ^~a3Btawa W quarreled, "whoever the gmfty ~
- ^ Frenchman was found de&a ihey left the place inn
Hflfc I1 a ^ J*?* A8ain? & ^[email protected] off
*as a.nval hunter who had spoken dis- wounded survivec
rsf- pwagingly of Lyons. No human eye give an account of the;
^ other than that in the slayer had wit- a sensation by positive
nessed his tragic death, and yet there 'he man who first e
was but one opinion in regard to it revolver in hand was
among the mountaineers. This was the well-known and pron
oaa side sA Lyons' reputation. The SoDora. Nothing cou1
"""" i?k/i this bfilief. and in his
miUP Ui uviu buyoc rrjuu ? ??, ?
itad w j him share hia last sack of Hour he charged Hunter, ii
f- ^ in the'dead of winter with a destitute equivocal terms, with 1
. * iamily, and witnessed his manly grief murderers. Strange t<
when a distracted mother begged him, been engaged in sor
tor God's sake, to go out into the storm against the Blakeslees,
and darkness in search of a lost child, night of the affair was
whom he rescued from certain death their ranch. As if to
after an awful night of peril and hard- to the horrible accnsati
ship. In his nature were blended vin that the horse Hun
dictive and revengeful passions and mountains returned ri
warm, generous, noble sympathies. gan's livery stable, wh
How fierce and terribk the battle within at an early hour of the 1
his own breast when his good angel and mg tbe night of the m
evil genius struggled iof the mastery, matters worse for the 1
* who can tell? Under some circum- by adding to the likelih
stances and certain conditions of life he 8Q?h an awful deed, Hi
would have been a brave, heroic worker killed on? man and
in the eause of humanity. Under others, three others in shootin
* * a murderer and an outlaw. years he had appeared
" " * * """ 11 ' * " nnfotinn nf. a U,-rhtii,r
in tne spring 01 iooo me iron Dies r c
between the miners and owners of the desperado. Now, to
old water company, which had been fo^d tbe notoriety so
going on for several years, owinsr to the aft?* ,a corse and a bnr<
high and exorbitant rates charged by his dismay, for be was
the company, and which gave rise to e5* ail<^ worried at tho i
t mass meetinge, big processions and tion made with such
W .* stormy proceedings, culminated in the particularly by the dyu
determination of the people to form a would have given worl<
water company of their own and build established character o
a ditch for themselves. Among the P688 which stands as a
most enthusiastic in this gigantic enter- ^ the hours of trial anc
prise, for such it really was, all thinsrs Wa5> the Hon. H. P. B
considered, was the late James W. ^rict Attorney, one of
Coffroth, who personally went into the m08t zeal?us prosecutii
Pf mountains and worked with pick and State, was convinced
shovel like "an honest miner." Much attorney's innocence,
of his subsequent popularity was due to pearances to the cos
his manly action in this practical strike kQOWn Hunter many y<
against the exactions of the water mo- 8^??d his character tho
nopoly. One of the greatest difficulties ^fere bitter political em
in carrying out this exterprise was to "*an once got into angr
provide food for the hundreds of men canons during^ hot ca:
^ engaged in the work at different points ?e ,tnal exciting crii
high tip in the mountains. "When hard 13art> r *aew Jtiunter, n
pressed, and suffering for necessities of as was> to be utterly
life, "Grizzly Jim" came to the rescue. ^at 'tfith 1
Early and late he was reaming the woods charged, and with a r
with his dogs, and supplying camp after 8P^fc> meriting all prs
camp with grizzlies, deer and well nigh ^is convictions and earr
eveiy kind of meat to be fonnd in that bringing to light the gu
region. His ?UOOees-i& thio Torpnnf irnv Tt- a ....
^ _ wonderful, and won for him the grati- about for every possib
N"-tude and admiration of all concerned, whicn might operate uj
While thus engaged, on one occasion, anybody and be likely t
Jim ca?z?e across a couple of miners who revengeful act, it wa3 T(
haa left camp to do a little hunting for brother of Jim Lyons, s
themselves, and got inv'dose quarters had trouble with the E
in consequence. They had stirred up a this ranch. Tbey had
^ grizzly of enormous size and unusual the litigation which foil
p ferocity, and after firing at him got the jantter seemed to r
demoralized and turned to run. The however, vindictive
oriwwiv siiirhtlv wounded by the shots zly Jim, whocoul^ neve
?-- tJ O and
made ferocious by the attack, pur- a sense of wrong, suspzo
sued the unlucky hunters at a rapid fastened upon him ani
gait, and was rapidly closing upon one was set upon his every
of them, when Lyons came upon the warrant was finally sw
scene, attracted by the outcries of the arrest, together with
terrified miner. The latter was makiDg named Bob Poor and a
f for a tree a '.hort distance off, but, Wallace, both of whom
though running for life, was ready to have been at Lyons' ]
fall at any moment with fright and ex- time of the murder.
haustion. With a yell to his dogs which young man of industr
made the old woods echo and caused never before accused of
the grizzly to stop and turn for a mo- and persistent efforts
ment, Jim threw himself in the path of both ladies and gentl
the bear and covered the miner's retreat. Wallace to make a conf
The infuriated brute, robbed of its prey, could be expected in th
savagely rushed on Lyons, despite the such hardened nature
of the does, and even the sharp Poor, who treated t]
crack of the hunter's unerring rifle fail- scornful indifference.
f ed to bring him to the earth. Qaick as young associate, who
a flash the man and grizzly grappled in trembled visibly when
a death straggle, Lyons using his pon- terrible consequences t
derous hunting-knife and the faithful event of either of the
dogs hanging on to the monster like State's evidence. At la
giim death. Both went down at the completely and made s
sudden onset, and for a few seconds of the tragic occurrenct
rolled together on the ground. Then weather, he had stoppe
Ltoes. with a herculean effort, shook with Jim Lyons at his
0 off Ins huge antagonist, but fell beside also met Bob Poor. L
him, more dead than alive, and literally .course of the long win
covered with blood from his own wounds j to talking about the
* wid those he had given the grizzly. I brother by the Blakesli
T. I A
The miners bow, m turn, came to uim ? ; to gu mcio ut*.
assistance, and pat the finishing touches Poor readily seconded
on the common tnemj, which was found and Wallace said he wj
io have been shot twice and ripped onen to join in the atrocic
f With serea terrible knife wounds. The He hesitated at first, ai
K Totality of the brute ww something j getting away to attend
drizzly Jim''' had tant business. Bat h significant hint WLNDSOR CASTL
3 "a pretty close from Lyons and the dark looks of the
>tion of an ngly two men terrified him so that he agreed
id a scrape across to go with them and take part in the The state with which Gue?? i
lothes and hide bloody work. Early next day they nt Ensiand'* Royal Abodeer's
injuries were made their preparations and set out for D*lly ,Koullncnot
deemed by the Blakeslee ranch, hidiDj? in a cave or The queen never resides
r a doctor about, tunnel near the place until after dark, castle for more than four
rival of Lyons, The weather was rery bad, the night each year, and it is only <
ion of the miner's black and stormy, the rain pouring down period that her majesty ca
ted at the foot of in torrents. They left their liidins- live in sovereign state.
Bedingly difficult place, and it was arranged tha; Poor etiquette of the English cc
ler anv circum- should fire through the window, Lyons relaxed at "Windsor; but a
* 1 - ~ i - *
break in the door and Wallace tc go to j ana usoorne it i3 ?
1 men who both t?e rear and cut off escape in tha; direc- life, with no guQsts except i
ijons was M. B. tlon- T^e joung man averred that he al minister or member of
tates Marshal of mentally resolved to fire over the> heads family, with hardly a cere
the feud between ?* an7 person attempting to get out by month and with a reduced
' known, but of the back door> and the testimony of the except an odd day or 'iwo
ity there could be tff0 ffho escaped, one of whom wis shot occasions, the queen never
hat blood would "Jthe a?I& at the first fire, corroborated lords or prooms-in-waiting
?one conclusion. 1118 statement in this particular. Tbe vate residences. When at1
:r of "the parties surviving brothers, it may be remarked, the contrary, the cast-e ig
ecture. In skill, dld noz see the person who entered at perpetual stream and scene
ion the men were the front door, and could give no evi- ity. Ministers, ambassador
j.vona was mnre denceon the point of identity to relieve nobility/' notable perscnagi
j sanguinary ex- Annter. ^ CoL E. D. Baker, th* most description and members c
) who knew the dJstinguished criminal lawyer in the family are coming and g<
atation for nerve, State, who fell at Ball's Bluffs ?n the daily, and not a week passe;
cofwnd I early part of the rebellion, appeared in is some ceremony of state
1,1 tVia orAa
l/UO piOBVi
ent bloody career ^e defense of Lyons ana jtoo- iL li.?
death, if proof seems Colonel Baker knew Lyons'per- the hShnhf ~
thh reputation anally. They had come to ihe Bute t h? hol(L
ended. Finally together, and during the sea vovaee the t lQ7ltatl0?8 60 Wl?dsor
iray came off in latter had won the friendship and ad u- uW0 sometimes tl
iear the old City miration of the Colonel bv his manlv # L -gave the guest an
lend of his were and generous conduct. Bakers speech navuig some quiet ccnve
y, when Daffieid a mast -rpiece of eloquence, and he l?6 quf,ea> and allowed fcim<
quor they grew P^aded fcr the life of his client with I16? magnificent co
siy made threats &reat power and earnestness, goin,* back P ana objects of art
ght. The latter to his first meeting him on ship board 1 ^ver^ Part castle is <
;em the coveted Picturing the sickness and wretchedness topass a fe* tours in tha hi
pearacce on the that prevailed, and the magnanimous c?5tams a ver? fi"e collecti.
for a brief bat devotion of Lyons, night and dav to the Ta Pr'D- 6 year'
>ts, in which all 81C^ and dying passengers. But the "Jar? invitations have bf
ufSdd fired with cold> hard, murderous fact3, coupled g . , .y?an arrangen
1 precision, dan- ^th the man's dreaded reputation pr?cl?de8, l.^e possibility o
h hii antagonists, proved too much for the word "pa in tin i? eL J himself as he di
tout a scratch. o{ the gifted orator, and the iurv fvJc 18 P08ltlvelJ disa
1 claimed tw returned a verdict of murder in the first . 7 1aeeD? 43 ont
Ivantage of him degree against the defendant. ln? o*y the guest used to fc
ic opinion justi- > As the day of execution approached 1 a*lane,s> fennels,
general verdict and a^ tope of a new trial disappeared' 16 often transpi:
t!" Freeh troa- the doomed men admitted their euilt k f Posses?ed some
& the vindictive and confirmed Wallace's story "Lyons "nPlemf n.t or plant,
im" was too gen- ?ad little to say, but Poor weakened and ??ri J? Jt m lhe ro;
' became quite garrplons, repeatirg the It'ZuMy
than once after- details of the trageuy . over ana i euppxy me ueucwuo,, ow
0 been u>?ly work again. On the scaffold it wss the I the queen received a c
ie8, Lyons always same thing. L-ons appeared the quiet, of valuable presents In
at for the inter- re.s?,lu^' determined man that he was, now merely to dine and sle<
iffield found eter- *hile Poor raved and cried and prayed are usual!v sent by Sir t
of life, if not of J,-?*13?' ^rae^i0 bis natnreand habits the master of the househol
> forward. Night Jim declined the offer of a new sionally from the lord c
atly on his guard, suit of black clothes to be hanged in, 0?5ce> As a rule, very she
) until he stood j and wre his gray hunting-shirt and Riven. A command (whic
id saw Jim Lyons ith? clothes he was accustomed to wear facto) has bee n known to r
I when tracking the grizzly in the fast- ]ate on the afternoon of tl
* wir?to>?a niffhfc. I p6sses of the mountain. He died as he on which he was expec
*1 t +VlO r
ng and horrible I ?aa, n,vf? w"aouu i5ttl """
ins was bronffht fataI Platf?"a fiercely denounced his old -r> , . _ ^
a I tWtha RhSS. enem?> whom he noticed gavlv Ro?al ^ests leave Paddl
neb in th? dirpr uding around the vast crowd that en- at 5 or 6.3i) o'clock. On ar
rere the anbS-to circled the seaffold.-fSan Francisco visitors'entrance of the caj
Ttr. i , Call. received by the pages o
" lie seated - ber. who, after consalting
> al ? 01 Furious Driving. which each person's locatio
aneh the window* The frichtfTl1 speed at which the ?nt> conduct the guests to
nt the door wm Rock-7 Mountain stage drivers often go tive apartments. The vis
rxtered with pistol *>as not only badly scared and shaken are spacious warm and
^pon thTternfied UP mac7 a^ew passenger, but has even c?f fortable; they are hun
soueht safetv in mjkde *8 shiver and wince who have ?8fclDg pictures, and each
ack door where onlv read the description of it. The la,?e batb? Wltb a, PerPet
LU stationed with mail drivers in Brifcish Hindostan seem cold BUPP1* ** tbe 8?est
ose shots ^d not to love the same mad gait Eousselet, anyone in waiting he will
f tiie SlakSlees 111 his "India and its Native Princes," speedily looked up by hi
LtJo says he rode a single trip with one of 13 acquainted TOth a ]
- ? *- *u household, he mar be bide
onndedand"in~a ^em, ana lonna it qulw ?u??s? tea mth her.. In any ease,
>ery was evidently "Here oomes the mall cart, gentle- ^i^xocrn is'tis
SSh'ff haa> Sfi^Tr^mTwh^ ttere a"- '<* 'he queen's dinner t
SSated HSht box P^ted 'ed, mounted on &o ?? F1*0 1 iswo
1v offirminff tha<- immense wheels which mate enormous w 0 ^ave ng 1
JLtaH thA ^rvnr jumps, as if they wished to get ahead Soon aftei 8 o'clock the
S ? fr?? ' of the horses. his way into the grand con
7?*\ , In the twinkling of an eye the wagon the dinner company ase<
I/? cutoW in sin front of us, the horses are unhitched noble gallery, which axten'
1111(3 the relay attached. the quadrangle, is hung XTl
rHrfr* &rd nn- "Quick, gentlemen!" says the cou- end with pictures an^
L-.- * fl of " rier, a tall, thin Indian, who is dressed cabinets of chiaa, va^
?S? H t h in^old <*otb- tunic, which lets quisite objecis. Itllo
L"?? b??2 7~ - ^ gannt and nahed limbs. with
, and on the Teiy ? H ]d tight f' Sboiily afte-?:30 0 "r1?0.6
o1 rp hf\f ?? sidr - er ren,est
ion, it was report ? !
deriess^o*0Bcodi-1 tfeth* T^e waK<>n jumps and bounds visitors and tnen au go 10 c
are he belonged I about< 14 seems to me every moment privae dining room, which
morning saceLj; that I sbal! fly into the air. I try to thooomdor, la a moet
urder. To make 8Pea^? *t is impossible to open my a^rtment. ^he queen alwi
imb of the law m0Qth- The Indian, impassible, almost a this room, and dme? ther
ood of bim doinz 8tandinar in his seat, belabors his horses-i Par^ does exceed eu
anter had already constantly. farther ode is almost aj
wounded two or t Hp hl11 and down> over narjW Poking into the quadrangle
g scrapes. For ^rjd8:es? the mad g:illop is ^ePt ?? f40 ,61 j?,?[ oor, s
to court the re- nP- One can hardly get a glim'Se at w!th .plendid tapestry, whi<
r maQ if not a the country or tell whether the objects sented to William IV by Lor
' his horror ha *8 P^8'0? are trees or hoi?QS< There are only two pictures
? eagerly soncht Afc lasfc thf>re is> a relay. 1 take ad' (by Aa?eli) at ona ejld* and
leu to him In vanttt?e (f this moment "of rest to ask of Edinburgh at the other,
dreadfullv alarm tbe driver if he al wayp goes at that ner is always very good, the
1ml!!;!," rate. well conceived aud well ex<
distinctness0aS " Bara, sahib, ka h^konm," he re- the dinners excellently serv<
off man Hnn^r Plies ''Tbat is tlie -,rdei-" menu the name oE the cook
a?for that well question is ab.^urd. The mail sponsible for each dish is ;
f oeace and can never go slowly; but in India it posite to it, so that praise
shield of safetv mnst go fast?9-'a mid rate of speed, can be equitably dispensed.
1 daneer As t Everyday h^ses and ccurier3 break and claret are the wines usn
arber thft Dis- their legs c arm*, but that is no mat- The royal dining-room
the ablert and ter> tte liters mutt go forward. An- brilliant spectacle, and the
nfx:?ara ar other copier takes the dispatches and visitor '-has the honor of di
is off. j very like to lose his dinner
^ ,x,? ~???**??~~ ing around the room. Johr
fZT ? K Washingtoa's Bible. mll highiand dre88| is static
rv. Mfl ftari w1"WT,<r nflbtinn was nresented the aneen's chair and occae
jars and tinder- I ia the United States Senate not long other "personal servant." L
roughly. Thej since by 8enator Sherman : was Prince Albert's coDfiden
amies, and more tpQ Senate and House of Representatives also to be seen hovering ab
y personal alter- of the United states: The petition of Betty are footmen in their state lii
mpaigns and in B. Bassett, of the state of Virginia, respectfully and cellarmen in their resj
ninal cfises. Btlt represent that your petitioner ia ihe widow of fonn9< aDd the clerks of tl
.a ..j r?/?lr1<?nn George Washington Ba-sett, late of the State , ,
. of Virginia, and th ? only Hiild of Iiobert Lewis, who carve at the Side table,
incapable 01 a wa3 hou of F elding Lewis and Brtty nary occasions they are in ]
tfhich he stood Lewi*, his wife the only sister of George Wash- with knee breeches, bnt at
nanly, generous mgton; that your petitioner is the sole own*r n,.rB they appear in theii
t?JXWS!?J8S?wS& ?3. While tie qnV is dining.
lestly assisted in which contains a record of his birth and ot his and gentlemen of the ho
lilty parties. baptism. The said Bible becamcthe property taking their meals in the la
rtaoHno of the said Betty^Lewia and was left by her to room.under the presidency
le circnmstance vonr petitioner! ^ Your ^petiifloner, being now
>on the mitid Of advanced in years, is desirous thit the said ^';e n
o load to 8nch a fenrity Bible may, in her life-time, become the and is at tne nortneast CO]
that a property oi all the people of the Uai'ed States, castle, and the finest vie?
hflforfl Vo"r Petitioner there ore prays that a suitable whole place is obtained fri
ome time Detore appropriation may be made by your honorable , *Vp. onsen dines he
oKnnt l i:?? n??v?o nf nnr<?liasin<? of VOlir QOWS. 0- xne Queen UlUcB 0
wyvww ujuico iui viuo w- ? q __
got the best of petitioner 60 valuable a relic of the father of has a party ot Irom twent
[owed and there country. Betty B. Bassett. On the very rare occasion!
est. Knowing, Senator Sherman, in presenting the number is still larger, and
temper of Griz- petition, said the Bible is undoubtedly an affair of a state banquet,
r rest easy under what it is represented to be in the peti- hall is used. The queen
ion immediately tion, and that it was handed down to room with the ladies, and
I a close watch Betty Bassett precisely as she explained, three minutes the gentler
' movement. A The old book is described as being *nd then comes the only pe
orn out for his covered with homespun cotton, which, it course that take* place bet;
a bad character is said, was made bv Mrs. Washington and the host, as her majesty
teamster called hersell during the Revolu:ionary war. the corridor for perhaps hf
were known to At least so tradition has it. Those who and converses fur a few m
place about the are acquainted with the aged possessor each visitor in succession,
The latter was a of the volume say she is in moderate, if she bows to the circle andr
ions habits and not actually destitute, circumstances. gnests and household then
crime. Zealous -1 the crimson or green drawi
were made by An Oarsman's Success. the evening closes with mus:
emen to induce The secret of Hanlan's success is thu3 The3e rooms contain numer
ession. Nothing stated by the St. James' Gazette : Han- of priceless china. The q
is direction from lan has brains, and his made ecnllin the evening in conven
? oo T.rrrtno an/i thft anbiect of deep stud.y and constan Princess Beatrice, or in
lie matter with practice. It took him three months ;f writing, or in listening i
No so with this incessant study to learn the stroke hs either in her own sitting-:
grew pale and uses'. Besides this, he hi'-\never suf- the adjoining one, which w
informed of the fered from the absurdities ^training, j used by Prince Albert. B
;o himsetf in the He keeps himself in good .^lth, and i variably lighted up. Cand]
others turning never on any account takes > violent for the illumination of he
.st he broke down exercise. Hence he makes y short private rooms.
i full statement work of his overtrained oppc its. A There is an excellent bi
5. Caught in bad doctor who lately saw Hanlan said: where smoking is allowed i
d for the night "He could hardly give a man a knock- drinks are to be obtained,
ranch, where he down blow, hut he could pull his heacl that the regulations as to s
-new /.nnotonk far? nf inr>r>rtvAnient strineenc
yons, annug tne on. iuo du^couuu vi ^ .. w
ter evening, pot and assiduous development of special illusory. There aie smc
wrong done his muscles can hardly be better given, not merely for the householc
ees, and proposes It is certain that no man ia the world i;i; but for the upper and ordin
and kill them, capable of getting within two hundred It is impossible to grant libt
this proposition, yards of the Canadian. He will remair. to smoke ia their rooms, i
is afraid to refuse champion just as long as he likes, person might dislike the sm
>us undertaking, unless soma Englishman will imitate j, night's occupation by s
id urged haste in his patient study, and bring a better J German visitors one wou
to some imp or- phjeique tp the task. , atmosphere capable cf curi
E. phalian ham. In the morning there is The Kidmore Cract
daily service at nine o'clock in the pri- "Mr. Jo-eph Smith, S ilt
vate chapel, conducted by the dean of says the Sin Francisco Po*
*re Received Windsor, bnt as visitors are expected to tered at the Baldwin last \
The Queen's leave by the eleven o'clock train, they rivjng on the overland trai
have quite enough to do to get their morning, before he had s
at Windsor breaklast comfortably, unless they are accomplished the matutinal
months in very early. There are two breakfast so dear to the fatigued trav<
luring that tables going on, '.and the meal can be sis tent knocking was heard
n be said to obtained in one's own room if wished, and upon its being opene<
m - ? ? J TA nnflpn invariablv looking man with red hair
JL110 nglU XU AO DHL[UO^v ? -L- ? ? . ^ _._ _ w
art is never breakfasts in private, and either alone box under his arm, slid int
,t Belmoral or only with persons of the blood royal, and presented the guest wit
.tively quiet so that the visitor's intercourse w'th card in four colors,
in occasion- her majesty is confined to a greeting " The Patent Kidmore Ci
the royal before dinner, a chance observation the guest, as he hopped int
imony in a curing the meal, ind a few minutes of and pulled up the clothe
conrt, for, conversation in the corridor after it? made some mistake, my g
for special unless, indeed, you are a minister, in don't want any crackers."
takes either which case you may be honored with a " You think yon don't, t
to her pri- private audience m the white drawing- said the intruder with an
kYindsor, on room. ,} ' smiie. "Your name is ?
i an almost The queen and Prince Albert were up Utah, isn't it?'
of hospital- very early in the noming.. beingusually " Well, suppose it is?"
3, "the old at business or oui by eight o'clock, but "Eiactly. I'll explain.
3s cf every now her majesty rarely appears before give me your whole atte
>f the royal nine o'clock. If it is fine, the queen moment. What is tha gr
>ing almost then drives to Frcgmore i:a an open Cat- known to a married man ?
. KwiaVfao^a irs t.ViA honse. mist disagreeable thing j
' ??o?D | nagc, UU.U. wag , ,
i, involving unless the weather is very hot, when life V
t officers of her majesty takea.-ihe mea'i ia a tent on " Well?lemme see?>>ilh
the lawn, and reaia her private letters guest after a fa* moments'
jre formerly and newspapers. The queien never takes " Not at all, sir; it's crun
tree nights, np a newepaperthat has not been pre- " Crumbs!"
opportunity viou&ly perused,by a Ijtiy-in-waiting, "Yes, sir; crumbs?crac
rsation sdith who marks all thi passages which she Did yon ever know a ma
3 for him to thinks wonld interest hei majesty, who wno didn't insist on ait.ing
llection of is supposed to lok at nothing that is with the baby from four to
with which not marked. Aferward the queen goes per night and feeding it on
crowded, or to another room or to another tent, "How the deuce," be .?aui
jrary, which and proceeds to he business of the day; " Don't swear,'' inten
on of books there are eeldomJess than twenty, and cracker agent. "It is no 1<
5, however, often more than thirty, boxes to be gon6 fary, as you will see pres<
sen for one through, and a (room is kept constant- was going to say, every ma
lent which ly riding bet wen the qceen at Frog- feeds her baby on crackers
f the visitor more and Sir lenry Ponsonby at the tbe result is that the sheefc
id formerly, castle. There are dispatches, state full of crumbs. The wives
dvantageous papers, letters from ministers, and, to mind them, somehow, bi
he interven- what are quite toublesome, 10,000 tire- bands d). Wny, a hair si
>e conductid sometrjfles, eaa one of which must be begin to produce the same
farm, and carefully gene nto and decided npon, torture caused a man by a s
fKot of. I fj-i Rftv Tinthinff of t)rivate business of | at.d where there is more,
? ?J ?
bird, dog, every desoriptbn. stones would seem a uea
which was After about hree hours of incessant comparison."
val domain; work her maesty drives back to the " Well, sir, what?"
>, permission cs.atle with tb boxes in the carriage, "What can I offer to mifci
ie allowed to and they are hen carried up stairs on a ?to do away witn this grea
that in this tray, and scrbd and dispatched by Sir of domestic misery, eh?
reat number Henry Pensoby. Then her majesty cause of divorces and thu
vitatioas are Innches with.'rincess Beatrice afid any I'll show you. Behold th<
jp, and they oth9r membes of her family who are at vention of the nineteenth c
lohn Cowell, tbe castle; ad, unless there is any cere- "Stop that 1 What the
d, but occa- mony of stale appointed for the day, you up to ?" rca-ed the gue
hamberlain's tbey afterws.it take a wait in the sunk terviewer turned down the
>rt notice is g?irden or or the slopes, iind later go and began sprinkling a kin
sh it is de out for a dris. On their retnrn they among the sheets.
i ?a i-Mo rpst before " Keep still?keep still, 3
CUULL tt ^U03l/ iciuo a ivvav mvww--^ ?_
ie very day preparing foidinner, wbicli brings the Paid the cracker man, bla
ted at the d&y's visiton: The only part of the ju^t showing you onr mamt
queen's dail;jron.tine which never varies humanity. Tbis box is fill
njrton either is tbe iaorn'S work, which comes as from the new Kidmore Pal
riving at the re?ular as Cl* clerk in the city, Will yr>u have thegoodnesi
stJe thev a-e a ev'erythj^g is done by her majesty onse or twice and notice tl
f the cham- conscieti?U3 thoroughness. more crnmb don't scratch
a table on The queenlooks into everything her- restlessness?no discomfoi
n 18 written se^' and Pn^^c ^ave little idea of the dough is so mixed witl
their respeo- t'10 number and variety of ber in the proportion?"
itors' rooms subjectsrhich came before her for "What the deuce?do yo
thoronjrhlv decision. I is an axiom amongst sll care for your crackers? I
^th inter- w*10 ^iave seved the qaeen that if they bed I" and'the infuriated ti
contains a C?ta on*7 case l??^e<^ i010 by swearing to find that his
oal hot and ^er Eiaie3Cy trict justice is assured. At locked in his trunk.
; is known to ^^dsor he life is more laborious than "No, but your wives dOj
' robablv be 0ki?where, :om the incessant visitors imperturbable agent.
it and ceremoies, and the impossibility "My what V"
* 1 "TT7U- TTT,VQC Tf
a uicuuo , 11 - lady
of the 8etfcm& a^7 fxom the pomp ana pa- - ?uj, ;um
i9/to drink 8eant*y ?f aourt. There is notbiDg one wife needs these inval<
he probably w*'ich her a jesty so much dislikes at for family consumption^
rohn Oowell iuuumerable sentries, more are they indispehsal
ie to prepare w!?p ~^are ?^eywhere to he seen, and with twenty wives 7*
y, as :t is in-' w^ose ?9%>few>tis tramp never ceases "Twenty what?" j^ispe
e'royal table al0D..?^e .terrace, unilerneath the who was
nfflv Wind-l^?jrs ?* pnvace. at^rteKXtc.?J-had e*fee
>rn by thos>" Q Truth. and was wondering whethe
y - turn on the fire alarm withe
? c;+rt_.jhds lriImy \-imrciT7^t*rr^ _tlro cranky attention.
^ where ^e oldest aD^ wealthiest religious WEyr~ ^
^ ^ This corporation in the United States is that Mormon apostle, Soiitli, ai
s all around of Trinit? Chvich, New lork. Its ' "*% Vm. T\',' "P?*
om end tn ?haiter dates back to grants by William disgusted; andlm
filled with and in 1644- ^ericas to that, ei<J??:, ,
L other ex- ^au ?u^?h were in power, ser- ^by, y?u re irom Ut
rtk Rnlmidid I yic?3 were held in a chat>el built within ?ame *8 spelled the earn
..... . ^ Sincriiar. verv singular,"
the ;:ort on tne battery. Apart 01 tne ???? , - 1
mus land in the lower part of tlie city has crac^?r vender. Sore ]
the aueen been and is held for #Trinity, and the ^
aDartments vestry alon? knows its extent and valne. Ye?? rna sure; and if y<
tri-A tr ' Barcby and Veeey streets are named oufc of here blamed qaick, ]
Ln 1. after its rectors. Although many Episco- I don t slam you out of tha
linDpr ThP P8^ churches have been aided by its "Gjod gracious I and v
onens frnm bounty, the present value of the prop- seventh story, too. Gaes
comfortable er^'of the corporation m?,y be esti- take the eleva'or. Howe
Twh2! mated at $50,000,000. The officers of jou there s no hard feeling
I whAn W t"*16 corporation are Morgan .Due, rector; you a our business
ctPPTi Th? JohQ Ci8C0 and Gouvurneur M. yon re not that Smith, e
1 window Ogden, church wardens; and Nicholas coincidence, very >;
thA waliR Palmer, John J. Astor, Stephen P. And shaking hia head
' ? J* ? Nash, Allan Campbell, C. V. B. marlsable similarity of the
Ostirander, Henri N. Braem, Henrv agent wedged an illnst.ra
lisPfailinnfl Dril}ler? Charles H. Contoit, Kichard T. advertisement of the Xia
ZtbTnn!^ Auchmuty, George W. Dresser, Thomas Cnimb Cracker into the si<
theduchTsa E?le8t0Q. Walter H. Lewis, Thomaa L. ror and drift* d out.
The dm- ??deD? Bow?e Dash> Stephen V. B. Pet-r Funk.
carie being Cruder, William Jay and Nathaniel P. The mock-auction busi
jcuted, and failey, vestrymen. These gentlemen 8pecialtv, was started in N
id. On the have the entir? control of the vast more th*an forty-nine Tear
who is re- property, and manage the seven man namc<d Winey 'E>
written op- churches and other institutions main- method was to sell good
and blame lain^by Trinity. These seven churches mafee np the profits by t
Champagne aJe ^nlJy Cnurch, Broadway and Wall number of pieces in a lot .
Lilly taken ^ hapel^ ^ Broad way jf a stranger bid off a ca
nnitA a na ? aitoxi bikbh , ou. duuuo vua^oi, ana spoons at inree cems
firRt time a Varick street; Trinity Chapel, Twenty- would be found on the i
nine"he is fifth street; St. Chrysostom's Chapel, package of needles, which
while look Seventh avenue; St. Augustine's Chapel, in the bill, each needle b<
i Brown in Honston 8treeS> and Sfc- Cornelius's The purchaser might lay
j behind Chapel, Governor's Island. No pews bank note and ask for cba
ionallv the are ?old* and tl:ose rented are rented would be presented prot
ohlein (who onl7 for mornirS .and afternoon Sunday bill of twice that amount,
tial valet) is service8 'and ceitain feast day3- attract strangers a red flag t
iout There addition to 111680 BeV6Ii churches there at the door and a numbe:
.arieg Daces are eighteen which receive aid annually would be in service. One
>prtive nni from Trinity corporation. St. Luke's af.tjve 0f them gave his na
le kitchen" ^ Hudson street, gets $10,000 per an- Fant, which soon becam
On ordi' from Trinity, and All 8$ints,' at ^ great many petty fraud
okin black Henry and Scawmel streets, ?6,000 per perpetrated in these mock
]flr<re din a0011111* Other churches aided regu- one 0f the mauy victims ^
P nniforms larly by Trinity are the Church of the man from Johnstown, Pa.
thfl Nativity, avenge C; St, Clement's, He had been attracted by t
nnel-ol^ are We8t Third slreet; Holy Jlarytr's, at which goods were kn<
dininff- Por8ykk street; Church of the Epi- and was tempted to bid oi
ni SirTolm East Fiftieth street; St. Peter's, 0f miscellaneous articles.
^ J" "7* been cheap en,
sring rooms, SZ . y,, ". cents apiece, bnt w.cam?
rner of the Elerentn. street. Besides this, needles, wnich was more
? from the Traaity extends aid to various societies pected. instead of a $V
ortH r?r\l tan oa T'.ta nonmo/ifi.tTia tj\ nfnara ? - ? ?? i
DZQ its Win- Wtiugvo* MW??JJ?V?.4WMO wvr VUUV4Q
re when she were estimated at S2,000,000 inTSXT ^LntiLZV laSTJ *?U'
j to thirty. Jt *ave Columbia College 81,000 in ? ly laid down a
3 when the 1752' Ifc Save ^hop Provost, who was fh?v '
it becomes *?ctor *rom *80i 1816, an annuity of a
St. George's ^I5?000. The restry appropriated last chaDge- __
leaves the parish purposes S26,115. There How to Cook Ri<
in two or ^ S?a'' ccujjctea in the parish, and Rice is becoming a much
nen follow, , appropriated for purposes out- lar article of food than her
rsonal inter- S1de the parish. The first Trinity Church is frequently substituted
peep a guest J*83 beg^ in 16&6 and finished in 1697. at the chief meal of the
f remains in ^ ^ destroyed by fire in 1776. more nutritions and much
ilf an hour, r11.?j?er was ia 1788. The present digested. At its present c
inutes with biding was begun in 1839 and com- atively cheaper than potat
after which Pl?fced in 1846. .It cost 8353,629. The or grain-grits of any kind,
etires. The |*eafc?rgan cost 811,251, and the clock ing it only just enough'
adjourn tc . -^e Magnificent reredos, pre- should be poured on to
rig-room and s^ted by William B. and John J. rice from burning at the b<
ic and whist cos* 850,000. Besides these the pot, which should have a
* - -x1 1 J ~i*l.
OUS cabinet! Lucerlc)r 13 Deauuuea Dy COBLiy muiai wv?, wiu Wjmauuuoiaic
ueen oasse; chancel furniture, stained glass, is steamed rather than boil
nation wit- an<* ot^er decorations. The steeple is nearly done; then the co
5reading 0 one of the most beautiful in the city. off, the surplus steam and
O a readei ? lowed to escape, and the ri
. a mass of snow-white ?
room, or j In Washington they hatch chickens Beparate from the other, ai
as former/ ioy eteamj and it is said that when a Btlperior to the usual sogg'
otn are i> restaurant keeper there has an order for finf) mealv potato is supe
lea are use broiled chicken he goes to the hatching water-soaked article.
>r majesty establishment, picks out an egg that ?
shows some signs of animation, cracks Charcoal, because of its
illiard-rooa the shell, assists the little orphan into of absorption, may be renc
ind coolirr the world, and immediately hurries back as a disinfectant in foul j
The idt to put him on the broiler. For the purify water by filiation,
imokins a) capacious repast so prepared the mod- inch of chare">al will absort
y is qnfc er*te charge is made of forty cents for hundred cubic inches
>king-roum, a half, or eighty cents for the 'whole ammonia and will do pro
landgae&t bird. well in the sequestering ol
ary servan* but it has limits to its capa<
rty toguta He that basks in tfc^ sunlight of a ing away with imporities an
aa the ne: great man's favor bv arts be>t known to ! dx-Tiosed of when its dn
cl], and aft< crafc and servility, may enjoy the tin- Water filters should have tl
cme of tt worthy proSt for a time, bnt retribution contents frequently change
ild find a will soon o'ertake and set its dark seal 'become concentrated sonrc
ng a *"Wea i upon his servile sonL rity.?i Health Monthly.
i :
1 :
. i
;er? Tlic Young Carrer. LlGHTXIXfcr <
Lake City," We hear many stories of young art,
was regis- tists leaving their. nati7e villages and Som* of thc
reek, as ar- countrv sweethearts to go to the metr op- n^1ftn8"I? . ?
n, and next 0lis in quest of fame and fortune. An The murder of 1
atisfactorily interesting true tale of this kind is told Professor J, D. Ax
forty winks by Miss Phillimore in her recent "Life : Calculator,''
a rw?r- nt q,s. PnMcfonV?or Wrpn." the architect i finally given away 1
at the door, uf Sc. Paul's cathedral, London. : which it had been
i a nervous- Pnilip Wood was a village carpenter, | interest a few notet
, and a tin who had developed an uncommon skill j D&1 calculators, am
o the room in wood carving, and had made some i Zerah Colburn, wh
;h a business striking figures for the adornment of Vermont, in 1804*a:
his sweetheart's house, a lass above among the most rei
acker," said himself in rank and fortune. In the cnlating Boys. At
,o bed again, hope of improving his circumstances, given such evidenc<
s. "You've and thus lessening the disparity be- powers of computat
;ood man: I tween them, he went to London, where resolved to show hi
he sought work in vain, until his store the questions whicl
iut you do,'' of money was reduced to a single period were such i
ingratiating guinea, " aQd hours in 1,811
imith, from The huge dome of Si. Paul's was j twenty seconds, 661
then rising above the smoke of London, j hours), or "How mi
I Philip Wood applied to the foreman for 1(Answer, i
Now, sir, ^ork in carving tbe wood tor the mte- , vw.wvj. _iwu j?a
ntion for a rior. Repulsed by him he haunted the i ^ere showing him
eatest curse place day after day, and at last attracted formed in a few b(h
What is the the notice of the great Sir Christopher tions as squaring 9J
in domestic himself. tjie product t?i
" What have you been used to carv- hy 25, or finding th
3!'' said the ing?" asked tbe architect. thirty-second powei
reflection. The carpenter, in the extremity of \ 297. Colburn imn
lbs." his agitation, could only stammer out: 6 700.417. and whei
"Troughs, yoar worship." of 247,483, repli<
ker crumbs. ?Troughs!" said S.r Christopher. 4 941 and 623, and
rried woman "Then carve me, as a specimen of your factors." Such pro
up in bed si ill, a sow ana pigs?it will oe some- the sixteenth powei
forty times thing in your line? and bring it to me root 106.929 or tj
crackers tn this dav week. I shall be here.1' 336,175 were solved
ihe stranger. The "poor fellow shrnnk away from this period Colburo
rupted the the laughter-of the workman, and re- ordinary rules of ai
m^er neces- turned to his lodging in despair. But not tell how or wbj
3ntlf. As I he had a friend in his landlady, who came into his min
rried woman advised him to Uke Sir Caristopher at could analvze and d
in bed, and his word, and carve the best sow and 0.:ce. when bidden
3 are always pigs he could in the time. by 543, his manner
don't seem With his last guinea he bought u and it was found ibi
it the hus- blcck of pear wood, and by using his which he could not
lirt wouldn't ntmost diligence finished the work in taiuing^the result b
i amount of time, and took it under bis "apron to the zuz oy jlsi.
ingle crumb; appointed place. 1 be late Mr. Gee
by, cobble- Tbe architect was tbere, and beck- cultivated bis terns
0/ roses by oned tbe trembling carpenter to ap- highly useful purpi
prnacb. eixth 7e*r he used 1
Upon inspecting the beautiful work, counting up to 100,
igate the evil Sir Christopher said: to 1,000,000; by de
t well spring ??i encage you, yonng man. Attend himself to contemp]
this fruitful to my office to-morrow forenoon." high cumbers, and
igs! Why, a few hours after, Sir Christo- invented processes <
5 greatest in- pher came to the carver again, and said mentally he could
jentary 1" to bim: ,J10Te rapidly and a<
dickens are ?^lr. Addison wishes to keep your canld with pcncl
ist, as bis in- carving, and requests me to give you ordinary rules- At
> bedclothes ten guineas for it.'' read that be at-S'srer
d of sawdust Then he added: the question : *4 Wi
"Young man, I fear I did you some -it f?r 4*444 da
nnw Aaav oi*'' . v>nf a nMof rtotinTifti trnrk is per annum?" Answ
adly~"i'm * * my "solemn A few months later,
noth boon to duty to mind that do part of the wo.k jet eleven years c
ed with dust falls into inefficient hands. Slind and i. finjA ? rpM
:er?t Cracker, attend me to-morrow ? ^
3 to roll over It is pleasure to know that the young j2;) gallons per oil
lat the Kid- artist did much of the fine carving of miSMon I In tw<
a bit. No Si. Paul's and married the girl of b:s correct answerrt.
In fact heart, who conld not have been sorry to days, 1- zonrs.and
' *?? ch^ge snch a -? as she had.
n suppose I !velre;earSAT?
don't eat in Romance or an Indian PrmcPSS. than a minute the (J
aveler began At the tea party lor the benefit of the tanc? (" 9J
pistol was Garfield Memorial Hospital, says a
Washington letter, a great feature was be <wa
"put in the the number of pretty women flitting
around in light and picturesque cos- P &
tumes, red, white and bine capai or .. What'i
a man with fancy hats. Many of those attendmf Q
xable articles wore full dress and demi-toilets were 897.do9.2tf 9/4mz
ho/much the rule, summer and party dresses
)le to a man | being more numerous tbMjtei wait- ^ th<j ^ ^
lng costumes, xuere was uuo ucaumix* *. _ oT.rwht fcravi
d. the guest, stranger who excited everyone's interest, - ^
hat he .had a. .-and for* Ipng while kept people asking ?ie<*nn in eig
or he couldn't \ was fair, exquisitely slender and grace- ^and {onr; mol
>ut attracting ful, with fine, delicate features, a creamy 7 ^
complexion, and eyes and hair kfce ^ rate irom tut
~T -Waight. Her < escort was swarthy, to
n t you ? raven-hair ea; wTcn?qut^>??n?tnnn8. reckoning ^ J
a the other, movements, and, from their appearance, ^LU1 '
not married, a gentleman of extensive travel pro- ?ne minu
nounced them Mexicans surely. . Never *0,633. >,000,OW
ah, and your in any place but the city of Mexico had oet^eion, whe
e-ls-m-i t-h. he seen a man of that type, and women satisfied "*Bidd
mnsed the of that particalarlj late beantj were said^ the answe.
jrou ain't the only to be met in Spanish-American quested the propose
countries, and approached to bare y by 97?*, , ?
>u don't skate the lovely Creoles of New Orleans. The ?!^erf -h?j
L'm blessed if unknown lady wore just the dress an ngw;, lor ne ma *
t window!" artist would have put her in, a deep m another way, anc
ee're on the gold-colored satin, with sleeves and ?w found that he i
s I'd rather draperies of black thread lace, and a aer right the boy
ver, to show large corsage bouquet of red roses, and ^he tadcalcu
s, I'll leive her hair was caught back in a gracefully
caidj. Sure loose knot. Sbe stopped be'ore the- lost his extraordm.
h ? Singular Kansas table for refreshments and ?poke came to mawiooa .
to Mr?. Ream, the mother of Vmnie ry mediocre tab
over the re- Beam-Hoxie, the artist, immediately preacher ^d_.^ s<
) names the an enthusiastic yonng man insbed np retai eu ma gu? a
ted cbromo to Mrs. Ream to ask who tbe Mexican midable through
more Velvet beanty was, as there were none of his before the raiJroad
laofthemir- friends of that legation present to tell, liament, where he
"Do yon know herV" he asked, and antagonist's fignrei
the matron gave him the satisfactory been fairlv ppoken.
ines* as a reply that she did ; that she was her . Jedediah Buxton
ew York city dai3ghter-in-law, Mrs. Beam, of the ions calculator, n
3 ago by a 1 *ncJian Territory. " And the gentle- some respec-s thai
Davis' His maV quoth the younc man, "he is Bidder. He neve
8 cheap and M,rpl3ra Mexican?" "Not at'all; he and in other branct
he excessive ^ Governor Wright, of the Chickasaw as backward as a b
For instance: Nation, and from the same territory," mental faculties w<
rd of knives 041216 tbe answer i& fQl^ There is a ways his faculty of <
apiece there I yeT? Pre^7 and romantic story con- p'.etely was he ab
Bume card a I Decte<* wilil this lady, who met and ^at he took little<
would be put married young Beam on one of her oal objects save as I
?ing counted, vacation trips while she was studying bers. Thus if a pe
down a $5 East. Mrs. Beam was a princess age of a man were i
nge but he of Cherokee Nation, with a soft, once announced 1
tably with a mn8ica* Dame of that dialect before she many seconds," an
In order to conveIltioDalized it by marriage, and him so many hair-1
vas displayed 8^e *8 8t*^ one ?' most beautiful ing over the fields <
r of bidders women t0 be seen in a season. lordship of Elinton
of the most fallible as a stuve;
me aa_ Peter Sciente and III tnry. some thoosanuTof i
e a ujrworu.
8 have been -"eDa11 has, in an interesting pas- tiien roods, pi
auctions, and sa?e. of his o*n autobiography, given it square inches, he
as a clergy- a? ^is belief that a century hence man- hair-breadths?fort
now dead, ^ind will study ver? Jittle else than ?f an inch. He hi
he low prices physical science. The lime, he thinks, ing able to rest a
>cked down, come wilen tDe historical sciences and take it
i a large card *i]1 b? into the background ; all w?ek latter, or afte
What lie saw tiiat ^?y ^ave to teach will be known, He could number ?
3Ugh at five men fee* comparatively little be had ever drunk
th? paper of interest in their own past. On the had ever visited
than he ex- other hand, the more they know of Among the problem
5D"ptttcBasep -^ma^the more there will be to be were such aa this:
and having known. CfienflBtxy physiology dcubling a farth:
* *" * offer irifiThaTifitihlfi fields for reflparcb. another occasion h
Din 01 XDaC - ,??- , .
all he had), and "ie traths which they reveal will his own phrase, "dj
z amount of Prove niore and more interesting to by calculating how
mankind, It is very difficult to say long and how many
wBat men -will think or do a hundred ferent sorts of cer<
-'e. years hence, but it seems likely enough mass of 200,000,000
more popu- that this will be the tendency of study, previously counted
etofore. It Certainly, even now the men of science m a single inch to
for potatoes are becoming more and more important parture. What wa
> day, being factors in the life of all of us. They Buxton, perhaps, *
more readily are, little by little, winning the fight carrying on these
ost it is rel- against disease ; they are giving us conversing or liste:
oes, oatmeal facts, and enabling us to found our oalj cared to con
In prepar- beliefs on the sure ground of knowl- sermon, and thouj
cold water edge. Their influence must surely nek closely in "Ric
prevent the beccme greater and greater as time to reckon the word;
jttom of the goes on, for humanity always reserves
close-fitting its highest honors for those who teach .
fire the rico t to know?fLondon Times. The Harlin (Tex
ed until it is newly-discovered fo
ver is taken Territory and Population. county, that State,
moisture al- . .. | torn grows a weed,
ce turns out . ^ cc^r^1Qg to one 01 tne latest Duiie- twenty feet, ttiat is
cernels, each ^,n3 *?e ^usus bureau the land sur- nutritious as corn
id as much jf. oi VEitfed States,excluding the "blood-weed" fron
j mass as a Indian Territory and some unorganized broken there escapi
irior to the tracts, is 2,900,170 square miles. The most as red as bl
^otal population is set down at 50,155,- feed their wort stc
? 783 This give* for the whole country with corn. The oi
great power a ratio of 17 29 person to the square made by "stakin
lered useful mile. A further aDaljsis shows that the There are many inf
)laces or to J District of Ooiumbia has more inhabit- sre raised by feedic
Oae cubia ants to the square mile than any other clusivdy on this w<
) nearly one ! portion of the country. Tue figures are
! n nr>., in t> l. _ j _ t 1 j ^
Of gaseOUS ~ ViV vj. auuub laisuii wuieoiicii hhu
portionately 234 87. Tiie second Sta'e on the list is 8au Francisco ha
E foul ga-es, Massachusetts, with 221 78; the third, lie chnrc&eaand te:
:ity for do- New Jersey, with 151 73; the four h, b/fcerian churches,
d should be C-nnecticut, with 1^8.52. and the fitth, eleven Episcopal,
ty is done. New York, with 1('6 74. Marylnnd and Congregational, ar
leir charcoal Pennsylvania stand almost tid?- by side, gian. There are al
d, lest they f he figures beiDg respectively 91 82 and a miscellaneous c!
?s of impu- 93.21. Ohio ia the next in the list with mated that there
a ratio of 78 46. every 2,000 of the ]
, , ? , . , . (low the Dtad are BUyaMd of is P*lUM? - ^3
fuJ iTIentnl ArithweiJ- ? -"?*
ii<Jcr? whu Figure*. ffaele 13 one CUXlOSlty Of P*l???
: ~ i~ Li v about which I hesitate to disturb yon. . :^3m
1, 1 xl (n(T ? *:t7a a correspondent writing from thit
ldTS' ' ?"?"? Sicilian citj. If jou were to see .t and
cse mind _naa iet your mind dwell on k you orobabfy . ^
under the strain to aot dMp foI , we4 a(t<^i
pu ? ma7 Make of ^ tjj6 ^ntagtic ghastly and eport'?a
Pbenome- ive dealings with poor mortality that I
^ y f Z0?11? ; have seen in my short pilgrimage, th4
o was born at Cabot, I th?
nd died in 1S10, was m0>!t astonishing. * III seeing it I had m 3
triable of theCal- cew ,ewlation of the eajacitie. oj
the age of sis he had tiaman nature for indulgence in the hor}
of his extraordinary ribie and gIote5qne. From the convent
;ion that his father we Ascended into the subterranean
.mmpiblffiAmotg corridors where are exposed, not' :2
L ,,V , baried, the diied remains of wealthy
M&ny mhabiUbts of Palermo. These comg*
?? SSS&T : |
, ^ IJ?a shcnld think each a conpJe of htm^d
n four seconds,^6,- fee{lcmj?. Toe air in them is drr/Sih^ . - J
f? ? ^ apparently falnbrions, and one might sS
E'irope, he per- Wa;k through these wide aisles of death
i9 9'J9aTdCmSip?^ " he were bimf ?? faoh
ce br ? and o7ce 4j
I boiea, sometimes with b a? ra:ls, ''-r-M
J% t l_ and looking not nnlike old fashioned ' m
^S?d7t& w- kair trunks Ion night in aanejonr- . 3
self in an emigiaat basga?e-room on I
I tb#.v trA ihfl a ^ emer, bat for some other things sSj
,iB oonidon. Each of these b*w : 1- i
v con-aixis a dead Derson. The occupants i >
CTr^oSr of *art' of tbem. which have |>2 '/ 1
aI t10***' are visible. There they lie 7 1
w?q i r^r?r,r'nf *h grinning in arrested deea?, with josfc . / " I
ithmefcio and enough skin and flash on the bonee to .w % 1
thmefoand coald pla^n the Eemb a,M hoi,Mity. |
P |ff The poor desiccated bodies bare been -I
' ^ forced into clothes, sometimes into 1
?& and many in this arfoldle^ . :J
?L? ,'i P*"1'" ?' ^h wear white kid gloree II
?> <?? ^ r2 r! eod fine shoes. Ent this is not the
V _ w^**w * worse Aoove tueee ruwo v>* .?_
^ ^ hang, in all the limpuess of irresponsiy
m 1 piling 60,- bilitv for appearance which characteriz
s the dead, ranks of mummies, hang
ir<e Parker Bidder b; the neck/or attached ineonewa?
tfkable faculty to a J the wa?; ,f tlle ranlt. ^
6 ~ ??n i? u prettj uniformly clad in tomber robes J
,0 amuse himseli by 0f cotton, ^ but for the horrible fa?es~~%. /?I
then to 1,000 then 8tari #'t ^ ht for
grees he accustomed crowgg Th> drving process has drawn
"f um the faces into all ghastly contortions, .
. in c uahood he ^ wjjich one might fancy that the real
J*?WnibVrlch character of the departed is revealed. I
p ^CQ-t0D8 Some scowl, some prin with malevo^ura
ely than Others jeEcei 6ome smile (tiat is the worst of
and paper by tae jjjj an<j fiome actually a sume a comical I ^
e age of ten we 1.^ tbat forces your unwilling laughter.
fd m two mmu.es Sometime3 groaps o{ thr e or four
^at is the interest ot | jndme theiJ drtaifal heaas to ^
cen I /\tV>or if pninviner some DOSt-mortem
| h amorous story. His conceit must be -~^Wt
, j 6 as, i in'dnite who can walk through these
f'. 7 t ^nks of the dried and distorted dead
i and not feel humiliaed by^uchanexhibition
of his kind. Is it possible
.ute without inter- that we shall all look like that ? Must
-14 3u0 "years,g*8l 'labef L^dmMllilleSS andbn"re,7
.* come to tnat ?
if'=u f'u^enr There are many little children, some ":m
I 563" bv 9 076 At DOt a span ,0Dg' ljing iir tLeit Utti?
k! onoLir^ l^" boxes, decked in all the finery of fond . "M
? I affection, the lace and ribbons adding
a *'3' I know what of mockery tothS 31
W6d:-ened baby faces. One entire corriT
, J r J dor U reserved for the women, and this
1 iJr,' Vi is more pathetic thaa the others. Those
,f?c?h more tM" Who died virgins tare crowns on their
hi??nccees..when ield ma 8 lms or 1iUm >m ^
. mtb th? hands. - The/ were great bfaatiee, X
rai H??hfcm,?.d ?,onb< iot' ^Z016 the-7 oa? here, (or
?1 3 ?XV# Pol^rmn ft.PA
i*-*".. ?--- _ - me uaxis. eytru. wuwu v? <???. ??
nutes, viz, ^96A,o37. comebut maid, or bride, or wife,
;hel unaer?ook to ^ are Eot t>:aitiful now, although
this cheerful ques- ^e_ rep0se ^ fci]_t dresses, kid gloves
al8 from the sun to an<j (afin slippers. These ba ^dresses
ainutes, and the sun for a aid what a ball and dance
miles ofi (the then 0f death is this! Is it any pleasure for
ughfc would take six ny to have her fanner or Iter
iths traveling at the j0TeP come and see her in this guise ?
i nearest fixed star, j ](3rae<j thab at death the bodies are '
ix from the earth, interred in a sealed pit in this cemetery ~ : *
s and 6 hours to foray ar. There is supposed to be
?men The -som^ihing peculiar in the soil which
? On the "Body without destroying it
2n ?nf At the end of a year it is taken ont,
? Jf" ? dressed and either put into its box or
er s answer, the boy hlingxlp m the corn dor. Every year,
?iwL;'v? J,*' at least on All Souls' day, the friends
; ,, f?m of the dejarted come to look upon the
X* JS- T frightful remains. What satisfaction,
' ' / T t?*8 the7 0311 tare in the spectacle I do not
!?w X q n *<* <3o I understa .d how auy
ore .he Pr?PO* man or woman of presentable appear^8,Tr0^
a aoce who has visited these corridors in
told the company llfe,(.aa consent to oconpy them after
TnHtl n u* df a*-h- Interment here was prohibited
a J*ar ago. I do not know how
I ? vthe. .peotie of Palermo
-nt as an "actor" a
ihoolraaster, Bidder ?J?.'1" m 8,000
od became most for- >?*<* were m .ught.
it in arguments '
committees m Par- "alaci-s on Wheels.
would corituto an Several new special palace cars re3
btfore they had cently bnilt are extremely handsome.
Tuat of Mr. Jwwett, the pre* d-nt of the
was another prodi?- Erie road, Ram^po, is heavily inlaid
lore remarkable in W1th costly woods and ma^nificent1
either Colburn or ly upholstered. These cure cost
r learned to write, a.J?ut ?20 CKJO each. The car of
les of education was William H. Vande)b-:lt is one of the .
oy of ten, while his largest in the country. It is seventy- *
are slow, saving al- four feet in length, nine feet, ten
jalcnlation. So com- inches wide, and fourteen feet six
sorbed in his theme inches high. It is divided into font
cognizance of exter- niaia ap^itmen's. At the front is the
they suggested num- kitchen, and back of it 3Ir. Yander-;
ried of time or the siaieroom. xae Buuug uuu
spoken of, Buxton at dining-room and card-room follow. At
that ''that made so 'he extreme rear is the observatory,
d a distance was to w*lh inclosed sides and openback. The
breadths. By walk- Ctris elegantly fitted up and is pro}f
Sir John Rhcdes's VJded with electric bells and other con?his
step was as in- leniences.
yor's chain- Buxton . Others beside railroad officials ride
>r their contents of *n special cars. The Pallman Palace
acres, first in acroe, Car company has, besides its coaches
arches, square reet, m regular service, one car especially
id finally in square ^tended for the use of families or priy
ei??ht to each side Vd'e parties. This car is a house on
ad the facul y of be- wheeK flnd is similar in construction
? calculation at any fc0 'he Bamapo. It has ac 'ommodations
up next morrinff, a foT persons. Tne main saloon is
r a lapse of months, furnished like a parlnr. and is sipplied
ill the pints of beer with ano*-g?n. The P .liman company
at all the houses he charges $35 a day for the use of the
in half a century, c*7"' which includes the services of
given him to solve conductor, a cook and two waiters.
Once he set himself Besides this, the person hiring the car
ing 1401 imes, and on ?or u* fact any cu?must ouy eignuxui
e made himself, in ^ tickets of the railroad lino ^
runk with reckoning" over. which the car passes, for
many hairs an inch hauling it. The car is nsnaliy attached
grains of eight dif- t0 a regular train, and if a special
?als there were in a eQgine is secured, wh ch is rarely the
) cubic miles, having case, the expense is greatly increased.
the hairs and grains Provisions and hqnors are supplied by
get his point of de- t^e Paliman company at cost, or the
s most ourious about person to whom the car is let may stock
as his capacity for himself. Sleeping cars are let at the
calcalations while rate of $65 a day, including a conduc- ning.
At church he 401 porter; and hotel cars at $75 *
tnt the words of the including a conductor, cook and
?h he watched Gar- waiters. The Pullman company
shard III," it was but aIso h*8 tw0 bunting and fishing care.
a in the part. One is named the Davy Crockett and '"4
_______ the other the Izaak Walton, The charge
for these cars is ?35 a day, which in*
as) Index reports a eludes cook and waiter for each. The
od for horses in Falls cars are provided witn Kennels lot
In the Brazos bot- dogs. -M
in height fifteen or "
said to be almost as kpoke loo Soon.
It is called the It is never safe to trust the discretion
1 the fact that when of the average small bey. A London
2S a juice that isjjal- trad eg man found this out the other day
ood. Many farmers when it was too late. He tells the
>ck but once a day story himself:
ther two meals are " I keep a shop,''says he, "and sell
on blood-weed, fancy goods. A gentleman came in to
stances where crops buy something. It was early, and my
tg the work stock ex- little boy ani I were alone in the house
sed. at the time. The j^ntleuian ja'e me
a sovereign, and I hid to go upstairs
to my cash-box.
s five Roman Catho- . "Eifore doing so I went into the lit
a cbapels, five P?-es- tie room next to the snop, ana miu w
fourteen Methodist, the boy, WaJch the geDtlemau, that be
nine Baptist, six don't steal anything,'and I pat him on
id two Swecienbor- the connter.
so many cnnrches of 4< As soon as I retam^d, *e sarg out
haracter. It is esti- at the top of his voic*:'Pa, he didn't
is one church for steal anj thing; I watched him!' You; -v.
population. may imagine what a position I waa in.**' >

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