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' - ; :
Ti;e Li^ht of Days Long1 Past. ''Yes/' said she, with i
Onr afternoon of life has come, ness, ^' the J" ^.re &t hon
Ita darkening hoarb are here; walk in. t
T<* evening i>ba lows lengthen op^limg the nea
| V An- -ho nigs: * drawing near. motioned him to enter
t V ?v _ ^ , .7?. tiierem, how was he to fa
% ^ la brght. to some t(j0 coal_cellar> or that t]
ith cloude i* ov?cast. the door would bo shut ai
fr-' / Bui st.ii upoa yn* present smiles, hilil?
mjgf The light 01 dcys long past "There !" cried Poliy, i
Th<? autumn ' f oar life is here, dark eyes shining like b;
|k^ Vj BumiRei flow ere ait cJe.vi, cheeks turned from dead!
Th* ?p*<;d'.nj? f'iy still i:a charm, 16^* ,
WT Antf voi'Og ii? 3 io-v re-L ?toP, a nut(;
P?" What -hou-n the river to the sea sJlQed ?;e' fr,om tb? 0
k do?- ;Th.e;i,s?m;,6"
If Upon it, ** ,;,,3 .oil .mita, _ 'Yes- JPolly, "the
n. v u r i i * iott are mistaken in sr
The I'sht of days long past. aQ to ^ jmp03e(j np,
We meet ber* as we met of old. there until I call the ooa
The ;oag? thou sung to sil , two stable-hands, and
And car# an-! ?orrow to the winda dog !"
D<?5?nv:? wo 2mg. (Which fcnr last, be
. Uncharged l?y time keel circumstance, were entirely a fiction o
p Oar noonday friendship? last imagination!)
And ou oar narrowing circles seniles ?^e a second or ?
Tfca light of iajj long pxt. ?? farnl most Dot be
-Alb,,t r.ke. atr 'f!1, 60 tba
Besides, of what use con
~ possibly bs ?
>: _ _ Ana, folding a shawl at
t Gray and ice-cold tht twilight had taper shoulders, away sh<
darkened over the Stone Tower, until arrow, quite heedless of
the ruddy glow of the fire became in- train of the garnet silk d
sufficient to dispel the creeping shadows, Hazel Hill, where the
r-~> sad Nannie brought in the lamp. held, waa not more than
^ It was a great, low-ceiled room, with mile from Stone Tower,
s a31 antique-carved cornice and a wains- from garret to cellar, i
cot of oak which reached above Nannie's very^pretty sight to Poll
shoulder?a room where the faded eyes.
. crimson hangings shut out the dying " She posted herself on
r ^av.licht. and thfl r>?.t,tflro n? fr.ViA in ef tttViA?ia o /to*?omnnf V*o
W ?o?> ??? ? -* ^ WW jviou VTUC1C7 <* VO?3DUiOUW -LAO.
had long become indistinguishable, to cool the perfumed at re
And the the three blooming, bright- dancing-room, and the:
eyed young girls in this ancient room sparkling eyes, and cherr
seemed as much out of their element as hidden by the shawl dra
a cluster of rosebuds would have been head and ears, she watch*
r lying on an Egyptian sarcophagus, glimpse of Amy and Nan
But Colonel Copely liked seclusion They wsre dancing,
and antiquity. Moreover he lihed econ- scarcely have known the
omy. Ana when he brought his three they seemed?their exqu
motherless daughters down to the Stone dresses set off by light:
Tower, he grimly gave them to under- flushed by happy excite
r stand that they too must teach them- last Amy sit down by tl
selves to like these three aspects of life, casement, s miling and fa
"There's one thing," Colonel Copely, while her partner hurried
who was a man-hater, added to himself, some refres hments,
they'll get no beaux here! No girl All of a sudden a cold
ought to dream of a beau until she is on her ronnc*, dimpled s
t twenty-five years old, at the very least" started and looked aroum
L Which was rather bard on Amy and '-Polly! Goodness me
Nannie, who were nineteen and seven- posible !" stie exelaime<
teen, and had their pretty heads full of earth has brought you h<
-vague visions of love and lovers. And Baird dead ? Has papa ci
even little Polly, the youngest, who had J-No answered Polly,
oareiy turned niceen, naa an imaginary "But I've caught a b
ideal in her brain, with dark, melan- Nannie; and come home
cbolv eyes and a brow like ivory, which cause, maybe, he'll brea*
she hoped one day might be realized in And so Ma ray never g<
9* ?suitor. ^ ments, and Nannie did]
And upon this windy March night, waltz *rith a whiskered }
when Colonel Copely was in the city, man ?rom Montreal. An
snd Miss Baird, the governess, was con- clair, the brother of the ]
fined to her room with an attack of in- panied them back to the
flammatory rheumatism, Amy and Nan- the tallest of the waiters,
nie were going tc a surreptitious party, and a blackthorn stick
"Of oourse papa wouldn't let as go if have done credit to R ?ryO
he were at heme," said Amy. _ Thus backed up, Polly
"And we couldn't manage it if Miss unlocked the door, and ci
| "Baird wasn't laid up, either," sagely accents, to the seqnestere
?dded Nannie. "Come out, you vill
"But everything happens for the once!"
1 best," said Amy. "Do look at this And a tall, rather pie:
lovely, gold-colored siik, Nan. Wasn't young fellow emerged, s
it good of Mary Sinclair to lend us the the cold, and having the
three dresses to choose from'' I think dnst on his whita shirt m
I'll wear the gold-colored silk, with this kid ploves.
black lac? mantle." "Who are you?'' savag
"And I," said Nannie, who was pink Sinclair.
- and plump, with china-bine eyes and The gentleman present
P radiant, bronze-brown hair, "shall wear ?My name is Safforc
H the white, all brocaded over with pink "Colonel Copely reques
rosebuds, and the rose-colored satin here and bring his dang
slippers. Oh, Amy, darling"?pouncing New York with me. Hej
upon her sister 'with a little, ecstatic from him. He has take
kiss?"we shan't know ourselves!" Forty-seventh street, and"Couldn't
I go, too?" pleaded Polly, "Goodness mel" gaspe
whose gipsy beanty gleamed in between ing her hands over her e
the apple bloom faces of her sisters like shut him in the coal- cella
^ a Jacqueminot rcse among white moss- For one dread secca
pinks." "Couldn't I wear the pretty gar- silence, and then they all
net silk that you've neither of you peal of contagious lax
chosen T - broke up all ceremony
"Nonsense!" cried Amy. "You are rendered them all excelie
only a child!" Mr. Sinclair, with the!t
"I shall be sixteen in nine months," the blackthorn stick, ~c
urged Polly"And I'm almost as tall Polly, with a little of Na
a3 you and Nannie. And I never, never assistance, served up a
fe was at a grown-up party in my life?" _ supper of bread and tc
*'Polly," said Nannie, with autocratic which was pronounced a
unTTQvifrT wti* tnnmio I Tt'o nnito I mr?
wtvaavj) javiu ; v<A4 A* W ^U*W JC^HZltfc TOULUllUU 1U tt HULIO
out of the question. You are fco stay was well.
here, with Miss Baird?" The next day commenc
K "Bat Miss Baird is always asleep in the ing for removal. Mary
evening I'' whimpered Polly. remain in the Stone Tow
"So much the better for you," pro- Baird's convalescence, s
nounced Nannie. "And to look after girls returned to New "i
kg the house." Safford.
W "The house won't run away," pouted And Mr. Safford, stran
Polly, 8till rebellious. # peared to have no mali<
"That isn't the question under dis- fair little jailer.
cusrion," eaid Amy. "Get the work- "On the contrary," saic
basket now, like a darling, and help us Amy as the season advanc
tuck up these dresses a little, for Mary iieve he likes Polly the b
It Sinclair is at least half a head taller cr he would do so if she
than we are. And there is no time to child."
lose I" "Bat she's growing old
Polly drew a deep sigh and obeyed. said Nannie.
"Why was it," she argued within "And prettier," added
herself," "that she must always be put laugh.
^ . down and - snubbed, and kept in the So that, as the two si
background, because she was the there was no telling wh
youngest, and wore short frocks and pen one of these days,
her hair braided in two Chinese tails venture to question Polh
P, clown Her bacs. 11 ever sue was a only laughs and blushes,
' grown-up young lady, she'd show face.
v them!" - "Because,.you know, T:
Bat Polly got a little better natured woman yet," says Polly,
when she was allowed to make waffles ?
her ownself for tea, in the absene-b of Persons who Lived in Tlii
Mary Eliza, their sole domestic, whose Three lives, all spent
brother had bethought himself to fall literally overlapping
^ of fever, half a mile or so up the spanned the period from
mountain, at this auspicious time, of all the pilgrims in Ifassachu
others, and to select a iar of raspberry to our own dav. Ebene:
jam, by way of accompaniment. born in Plymouth, March
For Polly, tall though she was, had <^<3 & Kingston, Dece
cot quite outgrown the age of teasets age(j nearly 110 years,
and delight in playing at housekeeping. ten years of jiis life he wj
And she arranged the tea-rose buds in TaIj D{ Peregrine White,
|% her sisters' hair, and gave the last dain- r^rson born in Sew Eosl
ty touch to their dresses-Polly was a the thirteen vears c
bom lady's-maid, the girls declared, was the contemporary
laughing?and looked regretfully after Sprague, the banber poi
tiiem, as, with their splendor all wil0 died in 1875. Mr. (
s>hrouded in -black serge cloaks, they rare felicity of living in t]
hurried down the frozen road, two The same is true of Fra
merry, fleeting shadows. ^ho was born in Sardini
^ -Oh, dear, ob4 dear!" said Polly, died ^ 1702, and of '
r aloud, "how I wish I was going, too!" commonly called ,s Old I
1 And she wicked the tears down, and very properly misrht havi
ran back into the oak -wainscoted room, ??Gmnd parr." ~Ho was
where the lamp still glowed, and the ^ 1433, aud died i
legs blazed and snapped on the hearth, mature age of 152 yes
so hurriedly that she never once re- months. His death was h
membered Amy's farewell caution as to being taken by the Earl
J- the locking and double-locking of the the Court of Cta^les I., 1
cuter door. TTa married at the aze
Miss Baird was asleep, after her sup- when he eeemed to be in
g, per and her- medicine. There was no ana cultivated tho foil un
cse poing to her for companionship; There is no well anthenti
ior she snorecii*nd slept with lier month anv one having ^ot abo
p" open, and was not in the least an ideal xnatter of age, thongh ftli
slumberer. And the ki*c1i3n was very who died in Jamais, in
K. icnesome witnout Hary EIt7a, and even ?q Jj^ve been a young
the cat was too drowsy to purr or frolic port Ro^al was destroyed
^ith a ball of knitticg-yam. qnake, June 9: 1692, whi
"What shall I do (" said Polly. "Oh, made frer over 160.
I know! I'll try on the garnet silk fhe3s
and fancy Ima grown-up young A Parrot's Prop
lady going to a ball 1" In London recently ax
She was walking up and down the held on the body of a
floor, trying to see herself in the odd snddenly died at the ag
Venetian mirror that hung above the eight years. Evidence v
tall, wooden mantle, when the creaking the deceased had bad
of a board in the hall startled her. twenty-eight years to i
Flying to the door, garnet silk, train deeply attached, and ma
. - - snd all, she came lace to face with a were on "speaking terms.
maru ago the parrot looked at ]
"I beg yonr pardon P he said, apolo- told him, "Yea won't li
getdcally; "bat you did not hear the the bird died tee same
knock, and?n cea?ed, who MiSVred from
"What do you want?" cried Polly, all was greatly shocked at th
in a panic. "Go away, at once!" favorite, and afterward 1
"I called to see if the young ladies?" till he died. The cor<
Polly waited to hear no more. Vague words of the parrot v
fe. ^ < ideas of peddlers, tramps, burglars, strange, but the affec
midnight assassin?, floated through her between bird and man
brain. case out of thousands of ?
fils&L " -- .
assumed calm- HOW EYES CAUSE DISEiSE, in 'which the gravest nervous a
le. Please to cal diaturbacces have been
a Doctor'. j)Ucoverr. of the refraction of
treat door, she . among them persistent neurs
As it was dark i A New York paper gives an account [epsy, hysteria, gastric and
now that it was ?* "*e case of a gentleman of wealth a;id ^eral troubles, and even kidne
le next minnte j prominence in that city which is in -emote as the latter wonld s
id bolted upon striking conformation of a theory which from snch canses. Spinal in
has recently found mach favor among particular is a malady frequeni
exultantly, her ^e more thoughtful and observing phy- from defective vision, and eve]
alls of fire, her swans. This gentleman, now aboat ia8 fceea traced to it< Thi
y pale to glow- fifty years of age, has since childhood -^gory has been tested and ac
and until within a short period been :30me o{ the best me(iical tali
\' pleaded a gnevously aJUicted witn a com conation ,country. It is sustained bv ea
;her side of the of nervous disorders that brought him ^thin our own knowledge.
;e. I-" constant suffering. The first .man if esta- several cases where grave dii
re is a mistake! "on of the trouble was during his school ?he nervous system, constant ]
ipposing that I days and later, when at college, his and impairment of the digesti
on. Now, stay health gave u ay irretrievably, and he have bt*a at once remedied b
chman and the was compelled to abandon his studies, action of defective vision at
unloose the His subsequent experience he thus de- of 8killed and painstaking oct
it understood, "My father sent me to Europe to A Chinese Drama*
f Miss Polly's recover my tone, but I came back in no a night in a Chinese theat
better condition than I embarked. Francisco is auaintly descril
>o, to consider- Then I went into business, hoping that Oenturv, by George H. Fitch,
excited or dis- the constant distractions of commercial of the play:
i doctor said, life might mitigate my misery. My The drama that was present
Id Miss Baird symptoms were strange and uncomforta- occasion is known as '-The Di
ble. Sometimes, for instance, I would pnting Pearls." It is a play o
" ooi/3 "PrtlW crafr on +Viafc evorvVvndv TPafl 1 ftrtVi-niy +aV?a +V./
CUiU C)*-'v **** VAAWVW W? V*J 4.VW?*?^ 1TX1JLW11 Ui^XL'iii.at'Jf tHUUO vuv
all!" at me, and would be exceedingly annoyed ]0ve. In fact, the tender
>out her pretty, m company or even in passing people which lends the main inter
9 shot, like an on the street. My nervous prostration, dramatic literature of other ]
the lace-lined in the meantime, continued to make almost wholly ignored by th
ress. steady progress from year to year, but playwrights.
ball was being pronounced symptoms 3 id not appear jn the draca referred to,
a quarter of a until I was forty years old, when I had opens on the household of an
, and, lighted my first attack of vertigo, from which who is blessed with two wiv
t presented a date pain at the back of the neck, nerv- spouse represents a favored
y's wondering ous oppression, loss of spirits and ex- that has shared in the ho
treme debility were constant features of rewards of the royal choice
the veranda, my existence. The mucous membranes has borne a son, but to the si
d been opened were sympathetically affected, and indi- f,rst wife belongs the inherita:
losp'aere of the gestion, catarrh and kindred distur- throne. The fierce jealousy
re, with big, bances made life a burden. For eight the partizans of the two wiv
y cheeks, half year3 after this attack I was in bed nunicated to the two brothers
iwn over her eighteen hours out of every twenty-four, quarrel the younger slays
sd to catch a I would wake up in the morning appar- brother, throws the body into
nie. ently refreshed and comfortable; but the and gives out the report of an
Polly would moment I tried to lift my head from the al drowning.
__ J3 * i. -11 LZ 1 J T , r, - 1 i
m, so rauianc puiuw, verugu ?uperveii?u; tmu j. uaun XH6 trutn 01 tills uomestli
isite borrowed down exhausted. No man who has not reaches the ears of the emp
5, their faces suffered from such paroxysms can un- summons the younger wife an*
ment?and at derstand them, or appreciate the com- In the mother's presence he
lis very open plete prostration that follows. It was boy, but not before she has bi
nning herself, not always so, of course. I attended to forehead in her struggle to
1 to bring her business with more or less assiduity and youth. Injury to the empero
regularity, with the hope that employ- is a capital offence, and the
little hand fell ment might distract my attention capes death only by declaring
houlaer. She from my troubles, and lead to a mitiga- is "with child. A short time
3. tion of the symptoms. It did not occur, gives birth to a boy. The en
I it can't be as a rule, that I lost consciousness dur- a great desire to get possessi<
1. "What on ing my vertiginous attacks; and, if lost infant heir to the throne. He
2re? Is 'Wisa at all, it was but for a moment, although in palming off a spur ions in ft
ame home V all power of movement was suspended." nurse. The mother detects t
sepulchraliy. ?ne annctea gentleman turned. in ascertains where the genuine
urglar! Call every direction for relief. He visited hidden, dons male attire, re
at once, be- and consnlted the most eminent neu- head of an armed force (six
: loose." rologists in both this country and Ea- marches to the piovince and
at the refresh- rope; but although each had his own her child. A long parley is 1
l't finish her theory of the case and was pretty snre the governor of the province,
roung geDtle- he could benefit the patient, nothing the imperial flag is shown this
d Harry Sin- alleviated the iatter's distressed condi- ary delivers np the infant, and
lostess, aeom- tion. He returned from a sea voyage tant mother returDs in triune
To^er, with and a trip to Europe worse than when emperor is struck with he;
two revolvers, be left, having exhausted the profes- recognizes the child as his !
which would sional resources of the physicians to peace broods over the imper
' More himself, whom he had applied. He went on, to hold.
drew the bolt, use its own words, "leading a death-in The performance of thie pla
illed in siern life existence," until two years ago, the shortest in the theatrical
id victim: when he was persuaded to consult a ?was begun at six o'clock a
ain?come at doctor who was reported to have per- at midnight. It was relieved
formed some remarkable cures in nerv- single sparkle of wir, not i
isant-Ioooking ous disorders. Of the result of this gleam of humor. The nearest
hivering with consultation the gentleman says: to pleasantry was furnished
traces of coal- had been treated for nearly every speech of the emperor when
>11 %T* A?ld fc in r?or>/>lofhifl oVll I fl. THft TOOfcllftr 6
O UiOVftOO iU U\/Uit.4iVi?WUJ.V VX UVUVW^J "*v ' f
by nearly every medical notability in "Alas! you have slain cnr ?
ely demanded two hemispheres, and when the man which his answer is, " Wei]
told me after an examination that my yonrsetf; I am not going to
ed his card. eyes were responsible for the Ion# cata- again." This brought cut a
3," said he. i0*ne of ills from which I had suffered, laughter from the audience?a
its me to call j more inclined to laugh at him ed it as a finished bit of huiac
;hters back to than to fall in with his view of the case, looked on unmoved, however,
:e is a letter Of his treatment and the theory of it, gory corpse rose and retired
hi a house in not being a medical man, I cannot stage, while a member of the
?" speak in terms of scientific accuracy, handed to the murderer a fa
>d Polly, clasp- He etated, after examination, that there which he apostrophized ii
iyes. "And I was a lack of co-ordination between the curdling terms The oaly <
j!" left and light eye, in addition to other preseion of enjoyment was el
id there was defects of vision. 1 now have to wear the dispuise of the mother
burst into a two kinds of glasses?the one for seeing attire. "Wnen she stroked ]
ighter, which at long distance, and the other for read- false beard several of thc f
at cnce, and ing and office work. Gradually, after a laughea heartily, while a .
nt friends. few interviews and the complete adaption smiles passed over the stolic
all waiter and 0f glasses to my eyes, the symptoms of the others. The roles of the
leparted ; and vertigo disappeared, and for the last were played by Chinese men,
nnie's amateur eighteen months I have been a compara- soprano voices. One was s
u impromptu tively well man. The vertigo has actor, _ and _ imitated many
>asted cheese, threatened to return once during that feminine traits and gestures v
success. Mary period, but the apparent and momen- nicety. The leading man,
while, and all tary relapse was due to causes that I brought over from Pekin ai
well understood and that did not con- salary is ten thousand dollaj
:ed the pack- fiict with my doctor's theorv, to whom has a face brimful of fun.
i-?i - i. . . ... - - . i ?
XiU&a wss tu snail nave to refer you lor details." "3 .
er xintil Miss The theory upon -which this gentle- How Circassian Girls are
ind the three man was treated, with stich happy re- The mystery of the method <
ork with !ilr. suits, is a comparatively new one, but Circassian girls has been e:
experiments made to test its accuracy New York. Formerly Circas;
ge to say, ap- have invariably b9en followed by effects were esteemed a great curl
;e against his tending to confirm confidence in it. were to be had only at high pri
The gentleman recited a list of cases early museum rescued these \
1 the shrewd similar to his, though not of such long the hands of their captors ai
:ed, "I do be- standing or pronounced character, 511 them here as instances of whs
sst of us all, of which had been successfully treated freaks of nature were sometin
wasn't such a by the doctor who took charge of his in distant lands, especially in t
case. This physician made a minute of hair. The peculiarity of tl
er every day," and careful study of the matter before the Circassian gir3, whether
formulating his theory. The paper manufactured, is that it stani
Amy, with a containing the article relating the above right angles from her scalp
facts says of his efforts: direction, much aft9r the n
isters agreed, "While still an obscure provincial the quills upon the fretful j:
at might hap- practitioner and lecturer, he was led to Recently the importation of th
But if they |ay unusual emphasis upon the relation Circassian girl, just rescued
' herself, she 0f the eye to disersss of the nervous hands of Her cruel captors, ht
and hides her system "by a series of cases that came There was no protective tariff
under his notice. When he became ens from Circassia, nor was 1
m not a grown convinced that such was the fact he law similar to that which has 1
commenced makine an analvsis and his- ed to keen out the Chinese.
== . tory of every case of nervous disease wa3 brought to bear npon th
ree Centuries, that attracted hi3 attention, and often sians. Aa "with many other gri
near Boston, treated cases without remuneration for tions and discoveries, so v
; each other, the pnrpose of obtaining the largest Somebody happened to empt
the landing of array of data possible. This method of stale beer out from a windov
setts, in 1620, investigation hp continued patiently for its descent the fluid hit the 1
ser Cobb was several yeais before writing upon the blonde maiden who was not
22, 1694, and subject or announcing his views to the siaa, but just a very ordinary p
mber 8, 1803, medical profession, save in the class- once the effect on her head wj
For the first I room to students listening to his lec- miraculous. Every individtuil 1
is a contempo- j tures. In this way he collected and and stood upon its end, as i: e
the first white | collated the records of a large number only with more rigidity and. 1
and, and for of cases of epilepsy, neuralgia, and It was found, after making mo
>f his life he other nervous disturbances, as well as ments, that 6tale beer could a
of Charles of visceral trouble. He discovered in depended upon as the basis o
st of Boston, the course of his inquiries a source of sian hair. Forthwith every <
3obb had the irritation of the eye that is independent seum in the Metropolis had a (
tiree centuries. of refractive errors, and has been hither- girl of its own. A fuss is nc
ncis Eafazoli. to unnoticed bv scientific men. The made over a circus man. who i
a in 1587, and eye (according to a paper read by him have tried to elope with one
rhcmas Parr, before the last international medical home-made Circassians. It is
'arr," and who congress in London) is subject to a his defense will be that he was
s been called source of irritation arising from want of ning away with this woman, bi
born in Strop- harmony in the action of the muscles was trying to get away from h(
n 1635, at the controlling its movements. When one as he conld. His alleged r
irs and nine gazes at an object at a given distance, this is that the odor causec
astened by his with both eyes open, two things take combination of stale beer i
of Arundel to place if the eyes are healthy. Fjrst, makes such unlovely perfume]
for exhibition, the lenses are adjusted to form an image was doing his best to place
of 120 years, of the object at that distance; aud, beyond the reach of it. The
peifect heaUh, secondly, instead of gazing directly for- all gone from the maid of
til he was 130. ward in parallel lines, the eyes are now that we know how she is
icsted case of turned inward toward each other in [Philadelphia Time3.
ve Parr in the such a manner that the axis of vision ?
s. Lititia Cox, converge upon the object. Now, it often After Twenty Years.
183S, claimed happens, either from defection of the i Twenty years ago a citizen
woman when eye itself or from defective action of bourne, Australia, enraged be;
l by an earth- the muscles controlling its movements, trol, shot aud instantly kille'
ch would have That the eyes will be adjusted to ob- whom he had already orderei
serve an object at one distance and the his house for insulting his i
r j angles of their convergence to see it at was tried and sentenced to be
j another, eo that here is a hidden and but in consideration of the cii
i inquest was j prolific source of irritation that is I ces the sentence was commute
man who had j usually ignored by oculists. This, in prisonmest for life. His e
je of _ seventy-j his paper before the international con- conduct in prison for twenty ;
ras pi^en that press, the doctor styles lack of co-or- jnst secured his release. He
a parrot for dination, and he has traced many ob- gray, but his health is good
vhich he was scure cases of nervous disease to this mind is unimpaired. He st
ster and bird deficiency. In the patient, whose case when he got to Melbourne as
. ' A for'nisht I "hoe V>ppn at, Ip'nj't.h thin WP.RnnA i >? ??? Irvncr ahsonm hft fanoiod
iais master and ! of the eomces of irritation, and in order was in a strange city and bad i
re long," and j to detect its existence be is obliged to ficulty in finding bis way to t
day. The de- j resort to tests with special instruments Commisssioner's office to obta:
heart disease, j contracted for tho purpose. J3is discharge. His wife had beei
e death of his \ method of correcting this muscular retain the house from whicb
sept his room j trouble consists partly in the use of sent to jail, and it has largely
?ner said the < prisms to compel the patient to use the in value since he left it, so tl
rere certainly ; eye at a given angle, and partly by sur- not without the means of t
t'on existing! gerv, such as cutting the refractory life over 2gain. During tl
was cnly one j muscle or straining it by tension." term of his imprisonment not
iimilar ones, i This physician has recorded 150 cases mark was recorded against hir
,nd physi- Curious Fishes. A Cnrious Problem.
traced to The little shooting fish, a curious , correspondent of Know'edge having
the eye, specimen of tropical life, is an expert asked how mnch fpace would be xe
ilgia, epi- marrksman, and kills his game by a quired cn the earth, on the assomptii:
other vis- water-shct. An English gentleman, ; that, beginning with a single pair, the
y disease, who kept one in a baam, reports that it human race had multiplied during
eem to be would sw:im round and round, watching 5.000 years at the rate of thirty chilritation
in for a fly or ant to appear on the edge of dren to each pair, sons and dangbten
'ly arising the vesseL As soon as one was in sight, being born alternately, and each hns
n insanity the fish, noising itself, would shoot out band and wife be;ng at the time of mar
s doctor's a drop of water with such dexterity as riagerespectively twenty-one and twenty
cepted by to cause the victim to drop into the years old?there being also no deathsent
in the basin, where it was speedily swallowed, the editor replied that the population
:periences He also says that when three or four of taking thirty for each pair at thi
We recall these "shooters" are confined in a basin. avArqcrA nf frvrhv rears would b<
sorders of they will fire in turn, with singular 2.199,915, followed by 141 digits
headaches regularity. -which digits might be represented with
ve powers The beauties of ocean life are perhaps out appreciable inexactness by ciphers
y the cor- ?S endless and astonishing as its Now assuming that ten persons conl'
the hands grandearj and terrors. What could be stand on a surface one yard square, 30,
ilists. more fairy-like in real existence than t he 000,000 could stand on a square mile
creature?, seen in the .-aquarium at Na- and on the entire earth, whose surfaci
pies? Since this aquarium is the only is about 200,000,000 square miles, ?om<
er of San one which can draw supplies from a 6.003 millions of millions. Dividinj
bed in the warm sea, there are always some really the number just obtained by this, th<
who says lovely things in the shape of glass-like resu t is 3,606 527, followed by 12;
animals, which swim on the surface, to oiphers. It would require this in con
ed on this be seen there, which n-Jwhere else could ceivable number of worlds like our owj
ragon Dis- be exhibited, and which are dailj for the population on the assump
f ITltmOTIO CkTT7??/3 *nV> nn f 4-1 ~ 3 ^ a.tna AT" r
i^ugrr^u vmv t< ^ciuiiiwi LIUJio LLLukuu. ucu uo 'Ov?j oajo ini
i place of The Centum Veneris is one of the most Proctor, how Is-m a sia^I
passion, striking Df these transparent organisms,. globe would suffice to give standing
est to the being a band of pe*??ctly^ glass-like room to this population, ten to th<
nations, is consistency, Dearly a. yard ?& length, square yard. Such a globe mnst have i
e Chinese undulating like a snake, and slowly diameter exceeding the earth's as th<
moving through the water by means of cube root of the above quantity ex
the scene two rows of large, vibrating fringes, Ceeds unity, or ronghly, as seven fol
emperor, which glisten with all the colors of the lowed by forty-three ciphers exceed:
es. Each rainbow. Some of the^s are brought in tinity. (In reality it will be large:
province nearly every day by the fishermen, and considerably, but this is near enough ii
nors and hundreds of the long chains of trans- 8tich a problem as the present.) Nov
Each wife parent cal par, not to speak of beroes as the diameter of the orbit of Neptune
on by the large as lemons, glass shrimps, inhabit- roughly, exceeds the earth's diamete
nee of the ing the tmnsparent little tubs known as nearly 700,000 times. Hence the di
between Doliolum, and sometimes a LeptccepU- ameter of the required globe exceed
(S is com- alus (thin-head), a trae vertebrate fish, the diameter of Neptune's orbi
, and in a of which one at first sees only the black more than a hundred billions o
his elder eyes, all the rest of the body being abso- billions of billions of times. Sup
the river, lutely as clear and invisible as a piece of posing the furthest star visible in thi
accident- glass?a really laeai gnost 01 a nsn. great Rosse teleecope to lie some tmr
Creatures are foun 3 in the fossil :rocks, teen or fourteen millions of time
3 tragedy and even living in the sea at the present further from us than the nearest, whicl
eror. He time, which almost realize the animals lies about 70,000 times further thaj
I her son. of ancient fable, sush as the centaur, Neptune, the distance of that star
i kills her the triton, the flying-dragon and the 1.000,000,000,000 times further tha:
ruised his hippocampus. A picture of the last- Neotune (or a light journey of some 40,
save the earned monster will be found ander the 000,000 of years), would be but tin
r's person word in "Webster's Unabridged; and 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0001]
) wife es- something very nearly like it, a speci- part of the radius of such a globe a
that she men of the ribbon fish, was recently sent would be required to hold the popula
after, she to the South African Museum at Cape tion we are considering. A suhere JtaT
iperor has Town, by its captors. 'This fish iu be- ing a radius equal to 100 millions o
Dn of this lieved to be one of the -creatures whioh years light journey would not suffix
succeeds | sailors regard as sea-serpents. It is even to contain so many huma:
mt on the described as about fifteen feet long, thiiigs.
be fraud, without the tail, ar.d is colored like "
> child is burnished silver. It-has aheadresemb- A Cherokee Seminary.
id at the ling that of a horse, a large eye, iind a
"supers' ) mane-like fin down the biick. A correspondent traveling in Indiai
demands # Territory gives the following descrip
lelcl with Ihe Newer Arithmetic* tion of the National Female Seminar
but; when * strawberries of the O^erokees:
tCmilT with the bottom shoved tip half-way to , 4' The institutien wonld be callcd i
,?h The the top for twecty-fivs cents, how many large one in the East, and is mamfeune,
abilitv can he buy for $2? by an annual appropriation of th
heb and Bought i horse fonrteen years olid for natloual <***& ? baa foms ,for ,th'
MtaS. $65 and sold him to an editor for $120 accommodation of more than a hnndre.
lal aonse- a$ & How mn(A pupils, who are boarded as well as in
did I make ? strncted within its walls, and is in al
-eoertorv Ifit tab^ eighteen men to do the JWJ?* l^e a first-class seminary i
eJ ended bossing and four men to do the lifting the States. At the time of onr nnt i
twnnta when a street-car horse falls down, how al?nt seventy scholars nragmi
a Military many bosseB and lifters will it take to !rotn pnmary department
an roaJh pnt Ave horses on their feet? ?h|. chss. ? r J?""11
bv the Jolia has five beam and Emily has ?a!e8- J^cept the principal, I belter,
he killed three, while the old maid next doer has that all the teachers are naave Chero
velEimed "one. How many beam in all, and how ^ Senates of the seminary or o
"' ! T' many would be left if they shonld give ^ncational institutions in the States
I insole the old maid half the cr.?id? We arrived too late to hear any of th,
N.-,? C? Howmanvftre ?U8 1pm the S5 von classe8> for which I was devoutly al
bu st 3 lent a CowtreM^a.a^to. help,iim tbantf'*', haviig .
lizard! Pay his'feeU Iowa? " 3"^^ etw aSTSST:
,r Thar A certain city nas a population 01 azu,- , - - , . .
wh ?h? MO- The censns man can't find bat 3 8i.own 0Ter biding, wh.e!
7mm the 231,580. What is the difference, and e'ffera in no respect from similar institn
Sstra where did the remainder hide daring tl0?s elsewhere, having a school llbrar
Lke head the censns taking? and mnsic-room, and in the large an<
,Mend A. has an overcoat for which he paid handsomely famished parlor was enter
Jther M SIS, and his wife trades it off for two tained with some mnslo and singing b;
S red-clay bnsts of Andrew Jackson worth ">e yotmg ladies. Idesiretobe eqaall;
? man? thirty cents each. How mach money respectfal o the sanctities of refine<
h'D. TiL8 will she get from her husband to bny a society and-hospitality here as elsefall
bonnet? - ' where bat f may be pardoned for say
riDole of A man pays thirtv cents for three ln8 that J?0' T.a8 ??n8'-c of !
fais of poands of evaporated apples and gets Tery good. quality, bat that there wer.
a ?14 newspaper pnff for sending them ??aD? 8,rik!nS and beantiM faces u
w ir^SlhT 1,068 h6g^01 SthT^rcnfa^oa^Tatr
' peculiar How many peck peacli baskets, each Richly mantling dark skins of thos,
peculiar . J * . J;.,, , Mn.^, , with a strong ingredient of Cherokei
nth mach J?0'? 8 811 ,:le reqmrea to bi d Ad the charm and intel
wic hold seven bnshels of peaches, each . , ,
ad whose of which is short fonr qoa*a? ?.? c.nlt"re there J38 tonch o:
?s a v e i " 8* Who talk politics and dis- m'i od _ freshness and lithe grac,
s a year' nnte on biblical onesiions can bnild a and igor in them, whom I may b.rrov
wall in five days, how long will it take ?v^ik 0"UUJ3 iiU.u^ct> ^
, !,- as ' high-bosomed mauls.' If I conic
Slade. ., ., . , , ,, individualize, I could find inviting sub
, widow on the next comer to do the - . t , v~ ,7.
,f making k ?_[Deiroi|. Free jeets for ench pale sketchy as the pel
cposed in 1 can give, but I am obliged to refrain
siau girls . . An excellent tea with the pupils in th<
osity and Ueorgia snafies. refectory finished the entertainment
ces. The "0 were sitting on the postoffice then we drove home in the rays o
girls from steps at Ringgold, Ga., when judge the sinking sun illuming the wide land
id placed Hallan winked me around the corner scape, and the tinkling cow-bell soft
it curious aQd whispered : ^ ene(j by the distance and the notes o
ies found "The old chap oil that cracker-box is the birds taking farewell of the day tc
he matter Colonel Slasher, the biggest liar in the giye the final charm to the hour."
tie hair of State of Georgia. Ask him for a snake .
native or story.''
3s out at 1 slid back, looking innocent and un- The Original Home of the Horse.
in every concerned, and at the first opportunity There n0 ^ ^ origioa
lanner of <1 . home of the horse is not Europe, bu
>orcupine. "Colonel, are there any moccasin Antral Asi^ for since the horse in it;
e cemiinfi snakes in this State ? " Central Asia, lor since the horse m lti
ei genuine -p.,,. , , ? , natural state depends upon grass for lti
from the BJhonet>f em, herepked. nouri3hmeat ?a flertness for iti
is ceased. WJ. ^ , y . n t weapon, it conld not in tbe beginning
on maid- . "WeU, I reckon_ Ynm I Don ttalk h?f thriven and mnltiolied in th'
fefnpass7. " Colonel'iowloigasaake did yon 'ticklotMt-grownterritorj' of Europe
Deen pass- 6 . J Mucn rather should its place of propa
Science , , gation be sought in those steppei
ia Pirras- He rolled his qmd over and over and 6i. 6 , .
eat inven- got both hands over his left knee before Here ttw^ose3 the firet nation
lith this replug I'm afraad yon wonldn't ^^ereo^ 'whichweha hTeto
y a lot of <<v t " fhof is -ma t -arrini^ in knowledge?the Mongolians and th<
v, and in KyJ tnnTO that smkU ornm mwlitr Turks?whose existence even at thii
lead of a , ^on SJ1?,ke3 8r?w mighty , . .. combined with tha
a fast down here ?" f7- ' t ' 77 fr
a oircas- ,,Af?n1.roa.i of the horse. From these regions th<
erson. At |t ' horse spread in all directions, espe
is almost 9? swamps offer tnem a ciaUy int0 the steppes o{ SoTlthern anc
hair arose 3 ff ? Southeastern Rast-ia and into Thrace
lectnSed, _A_ ? nntil it finally found entrance into th<
fixedness. other parts of Eorope, bat not nnti
re ex pen- Je remarked alter a pause asne squinted after the ^,3^^ of the people
lwavs be left eye at a spotted dog acroas the Thia ^gumption iSj at .least, strongh
f Circas- - farnrfti hv thp f(u>.r that the farther i
dime mu- "How could I, colonel?" 7? "T
Circassian 3e rose slowly, stepped down over dlstnct ?f Europe is from those Asiatu
>w being the sand and paced off aboat forty feet, ?*ePPes> *,e-'*rcn? ,te ?,ngl2a* J10016 0
s said to going over the ground twice and count- v , , does the tamet
of these ing bis steps. When he had returned 1:86 seem . .fav? J03*36 lts J?340".'
said that and taken his seat I asked: appearance m it The supposition v
snot run- "Do you mean to tell me, colonel, ?urtlier .confirmed by the fact tha
it that he that Jou have seen a snake forty feet korse-raising among almost every tnb<
)r as fast long'" appears a3 an art derived from neigh
eason for Oh', no, no !" he quickly replied. "I JVrin* t^bes inJhe east or northeffc
1 by the was simply pacing off to see if there ^vef m_ ,?,I^e^ e ,ox aPPears. cxCjuind
hair was room to plant six liitching-posts in 81ve y,. ? draught animal in lane
ry that he there. The longest snake I ever saw ?P?Jatl?n8 at home and in the field
his nose measured exactly ten inches by the rule, whl*e the horde was used for purpose;
charm is and he had been de*id three dajs to ? War employment^ in mill
Circassia, boot! "-[Detroit Free Press. tary operations was determined bj
made ? swiftness alone. Tnat the value of th<
. . ? horse must originally have dependec
Tortnnngr fii Boy. ^ on fleetness can easily be inferrec
They have a primitive way in some from the name which is repeated in al]
f nr i Parts Hungary of proceeding against the branches of the Indo Earopeai
0 , persons accused of crime. Miksa language, and signifies " hastening,'
rond. oon- Trailla. a W of fifteen, emoloved as a ? nnick." The same fact is eiemnlifiec
d a man servant in the neighborhood of Temes- by the descriptions of the oldest poets,
1 out of var, was suspected of stealing abont who, next to its courage., speak most o:
ffife. He eight dollars from his master. He was its swiftness.
hanged, handed over to the police, and, being ...
rcomstan- suspended by the feet, head downward, ^ ?app ^rave.
d to im- from a hook in the ceiling, was bescemplary
labored for two hours with a wet rope. Should two Lapps be on a journe]
pears has The next morning the half dead boy and one die, the survivor must try tc
i is now was stretched on the floor, and beaten find a witness, nnle3S the deceased b<
and his on the legs with a cudgel. A few his father or relative. In such cases h<
ates that hours later a magistrate ordered him to is beyond suspicion. If no witness b*
[ain after be suspended again by the feet, and in within reach the Lapp straightway digf
that, he that position ne remau.ed until he was a hole in which to place the body, anc
much dif- unconscious. In the* evening, still utters the words, "Slimirom o' Boghe
Chief refusing to confess, he was held with hom," "At peace with God," adding th(
in his full naked breast and arms against a red-hot simple, reverent prayer, "Pomen:
1 able to stove. A brother of tie lad, who im- Gospod tsartsvoye nebjesnoye," "Ke
i he was plored the local notary to intercede m? mbar me, Lird?Thy empire is ii
increased and put an end to the torture, was Heaven," or this, "Gospod nie sabou*
lat he is thrown into prison by order of that menya da smierti," "Lord, forget m<
>eginning fcncHonary, and heavily ironed. On not, until I die"?a brief and touching
le whole th? third day, by order of higher ritual of the dead. Then he fiila in the
a single officials, the two brother were re- earth, leaving nature to cover over hit
Q. leased. friend with "moss and wild flowers
S Two Lovlnc llenrtn United After Many Extraordinary Ante
Yearns Condemned Enslii
* A Ripley (Ohio) correspondent of the The English papers p
Cincinnati Commercial tells this story : curious statement ^
5 Coming down the river one evening Thomas Fury, alias Vri
this week, on one of the palatial steam- d*ter being found gnjl*
3 ers that ply its waters, a Commercial Assizes Ox the willful
representative had related to him a woman, namt-d Mam F.
romance in real life, verifying the con- Sunderland, in 18by.
r stancy of trne love, and the old adage fifteen years penal serv
tliat truth is oft-times stranger than pery and attempted mure
? fiction. So remarkable was it in all its 1879, he voluntarily
3 details that he resolved to present it to "ie m^der
3 the multitude of Commercial readers, Fitzsimmons. He was p
I- Tvr omr tLlnm- 8HU fOUDQ gTllIty# X QTy
mcnts or visionary flights of imagination keenest anxiety to be
5 The scene is laid at Baena Vista, a received the sentence of
^ lovely little village on the Upper Ohio, utmost satisfaction. His
* about one hundred miles from this city, cal statement is a psyc
'? charmingly situated amid the pictur- B*ty uot withoutpub]
a esque scenery of that romantic region, contribution to the stu
3 i Baena Vista is much like the average causes.^ The following
S country village, situated away from the the main of bis st<
a hurry and bustle of the world, the in- "Although my past cai
5 habitants enjoying life in that contented thief and a liar, would not
manner so characteristic of rural sim- circumstances entitle m<
i plicity. The village has attained a credit in regard to my si
~ national reputation from its celebrated 88 ^ E0W stand before yo
1 ?J ?a---;? t 1 ?? ? i timfl as a dvincr. or rathe:
auu extensive iieesume ^uonica m?u - ??. e
. penetrate the ragged hills round about i- beg jour attent|pn to ti
it, the productions "of which being- sddrss to you?nol
0 largely used in erecting the magnificent benefit, but for jour own
a structures of architectural beauty that must have an effect, and
3 embellish, the avenues of our great antecedent cause, or seri
cities. To this rural retreat there wand- ^ stand before you now a
ered in the spring of 1873 a gentle- ot the forces ot persua
3 manly-appearing stranger, his attire and aD<^ compulsion. And 1
r speech plainly stamping 'him a native mons, whom I murdered
1 of England: ago, was another of these i
p He was called Farney. He was of a The injustice of the land
quiet, retiring disposition, seemingly caused my relations to
r not desirous of forming acquaintances. men, and leave their coui
- He had been in the place but a short induced my mother to co
8 time when he became acquainted with to meet my father. Per.
t another Englishman by the name of i hereditary in my case?a
f Tyndall, also s recent arrival, and the j strengthen Darwin's i
- two entered Into partnership and estab-1 a uu uuu
0 listed a nursery ior the cultivation of heard of* b-t one meml
fruit trees and small finite. They sue- fi^e ?* oar family that w
a ceeded finely in their undertaking, addicted to drinking. Si
1 especially in peach growing, which de- drunkard. My mother
o velop to perfection on those rugged become one?held down 1
'? bills. The villagers were not long in relatives while they pom
3 finding out that Farney was a gentle- her throat until shs pr<
man possessed of raro educational sociable. As regards m;
0 abilities, and in the fall of 1874, being that I was raving drunk
in -need of a principal for their high eight years old, and sevei
s school, he was tendered the position, I ^ was ten years of age.
' which was accepted. reasons for giving myself
Entering upon the duties, he soon ?* that craving for dr
f proved himself a master of his profes- hi my case, at least, extl
9 sion, and the inhabitants quietly con- only cure. I shall be qtj
1 gratulated themselves upon their apt to die a shameful and
selection. Among the pupils attending death?in fact, feel happythe
high school was a bright, lovely and ^ doom some, a few at ti
accomplished young lady of eighteen? warned, by the dreadful <
Miss Wooltan. She was a blooming become, to avoid that hal
3 brunette, petite in stature, possessed of have yet strength to resis
all the grace and virtues imaginable, "I was early initiated
7 and was a woman that would be called cursed habit, and it wi
saintly among women. Under these developed during four
? circumstances it was not strange that! anions seamen, who see:
* the principal became infatuated with I that drink was the summ
9 his lovely pupil, and the infatuation was j human life. After this
8 i ponaiiv rlpArynnnn her nart. As thev I to have to spend more t
* became more deeply involved in love's prison. Upon my c
: meshes, Farney proposed and was ac- obtaining another ship,
1 j cepted. not to drink. Upon th<
J | It is an ancient saying that there are me stare of beer I c
t I always obstacles in the way of true love ifc? receiving a storm of al
? i and it was exemplified in this instance, accompanied with an ord<
D! The parents of "the young lady, who ship and go ashore if I c
? were of aristocratic descent, bitterly op- dnnk. Thirty miles fror
e posed the attention of Farney toward 0T1t a poany hi my pocke
" their daughter, and she being of a weak to do ? I drank the be
and vaccilating disposition, they finally for being a man, and tb
* prevailed upon her to break the en- from, as if human blood 1
3 gagement. She declared that she loved to a tame tiger, was thai
only Farney, and would never marry that I lived for ; for thi
a another. Farney lost all interest in his work ; for it I neglected
* wort from that moment, tendered his myself, my mother and x
i resignation, and stated his resolution to ivt **1 i
1 : leave. He asked the privilege of a last money intrusted to me
" | interview wirh his beloved, which was mates ; for, by and thrc
P granted. What was said is too sacred stand before jov. as the 3
* ' to relate here, but as a last favor he woman.
" : requested her to sing that tender song "It would be only a wi
7 i -c v?Ao rttrat. detail all the other crim<
' j UJL ?J ILLLLO* J-LOA vie*
^ J the key8 of the piano, the words came g^i'ty ?* since February
* ! out as a heart-cry ill low, passionate ac- under the influence of d
" cents: crimes of violence, One
of drink ui>on me Is t
. "Had we never loved sao kindly, ^"T: /n ir^nrt ZJ
[ Had we never loved sac blindly,' desire to do inj ury, even
Kever met or never parted, may have given me no
1 We had ne'er been broken-hearted. Once I threatened my re
3 "Fare thee weel, thou first aDd fairest I knife, shame being the
9 Fdre thee weel, thou beat and dearest I not exiting the threat
. Thine be usa joy and treasure, . it. j.?
Peace, enjo) meut, love and pleasure 1 111 prisons more than ^ t]
3 Ae fond kiss and then we sever, extending over a perioc
Ae fare weel, alas! lorever." years. During that time
^ As the melody died away he clasped to, many hundreds of ]
3 ! her in his arms, pressed a long, passion- ?~y .one ^ ?,
7 | ate kiss upon her lips, and left the house abstainer previous to h
? ; and a broken heart behind. Farney ^ aD/ ?* y?u ^ave
! left the village on the first boat that ?e ri^ or comi
i came along, and in a few days the daily P?or unfortunate wc
1 i papers contained a brief notice of a? silled iu my stupid, mad,
----- - - - i on/i tnr nf.hAm. nnf. nnlv
I drowned body navmg oeert picKea up a ;? 3
j few miles above Cincinnati, which, from ^at of every other Cxas3,
J | the discripfcion, was identified bj the ^ou yourselves I
i residents of Beuna Vista as their former try, by Y?l-1 ^ an(
high school principal. The young lady, oaniah those habits, taste
j upon hearing of the suicide of her lover, w^c" ar? the sources
was inconsolable, and, to all outward CU8eJ7? 7106 ^0 crime.
' appearances, was dead to the pleasures ''%Poa my return fr
of the world. ' 1863 1 was reduced to i
Numerous suitors sought her hand, 111081 extreme poverty ; ]
bnt her steadfast devotion to her dead ?ome habitual criminals,
lover prevailed, and they retired from m7 necessities ana
1 the field bafiled. In 1876, while on a easily persuaded me
t visit to relatives in the famous Blue *?itu them I was concern
3 Grass region of Kentucky, Miss Wool- burglaries, eash of which
3 tan attracted the attention of a wealthy previously ty a man
3 fine stock raiser, who was also connect- ?an, ? cerJ_in ,
I ed with the United States Revenue ser- ca^e. * ' Patter up ana
3 vice. After a brief acquaintance, he man lcouced me to' brir
proposed, and was rejected. He took proceeds of one of the b|
- his rejection so much to heart, that he me in?? ~~T~: district, w
3 disposed of his farm end went South; apprehended me, by tnre
1 but in the summer of 1881 he wandered onment) promises
3 back to the old hom6, and, as it oppor- employment for me that
3 tunely happened, Mies Wooltan was he induced me
3 again there on a visit. Their acquaint- companions w?th their to
3 ance was renewed, and, by persistent mto his district, where 1
t attentions he finally won the consent of prehended. He did r
3 the young lady to marry him, although promises to me, oat s
she frankly told him that it was impos- inducement to draw o!
1 siblefor her to love him, as her heart *?t(? his dis.net m ordei
> was buried with her lover; but she their enmea I avoided t
3 would endeavor to be a true and faith-, obtain ^rk, but uusu
I ful wife, and would use all means to last took to burglarj
make his life a happy one. account. Being at last
7 mi. , , sentenced to penal semt
The wedding tronssean was purchased time t0 ?oid
regardless of expense, and the wedding ^ Fnt t Md th
was celebrated with great ceremony, SaDaeriand ?, meel
j being one of the most brilliant Md note- Maria Fitzimmon8 -
worcuy auaira mau evu wtuncu uj. iuat m
3 region, famous for its wealth and culture. ? r .. ^
3 The wedded life so auspiciously be- touitt le
gan was destined to be of short dura- "Is it not beautiful, sw
3 tion, scarcely six months passing by "What?" asked Ceorg<
until the husband was killed by a rail- looking tenderly into the
road acciaent in the southern part of of Daphne McCarthy
the state. The bereaved widow with- raised to his. and glanc
drew from society, and lived the life of nervous, steer-caught-in-i
' a recluse. "Why the sweet per fur
Three months after the death of the wafted to us on the sun:
husband, Farney, the supposed drowned the girl, shifting her chi
T man, unexpectedly turns up, to the as- she spoke. ' Do you nol
? tonishment.of his Buena Vista friends, ous languor that is all
I who had long mourned his decease. He subtle perfume that seem
, bears of the marriage of his old love, the air with dewv fragrai
of the husband's recent d^ath, and im- The wistful, fear-haunl
\ mediately makes a trip to Kentucky. He again into the man's fac<
seeks out the lady, and after a long and the air in several directi<
L: ? fhoir oamo nnr-.n +.Tia nprfpet \
I r.OUCQlUg iuidi ?ic rr uuua wuv i,uw> v?.v -t r '
| former attachment has strengthened Wabash-aver-ue face a
with the passing years, and goes away content. "Yes, darling,'
the accepted hnsband of his early love, ing over the girl, "I turn
Oar readers will join us in wishing "And what is this perf
tbem a happy and prosperous married the girl asked. "Can yo
life. darling?"
"You bet I can, my s
I Dr. William Draper, of New York, George, speaking in tone
said at a meeting of people interested tenderness. "They are
in the higher education of women, that corned beef for snppe
, so far not the slightest difference had house."
I been discovered in the nervous anatomy m
of man and woman, and it was absurd George I., King of Gr<
, to hold the doctrine that woman was TlnI ^l*3" mon
; by nature inferior in mental capacity. He seldom visits any p'
1 or institution or manxfes
in public affairs, but giv
1 Sir Henry Bessemer estimates that vided attention to his fai
k I he quantity of coai consumed in Great His subjects think th
' Britain last year (154.184,300 tons) Greece merely as a rente
> wi.uld build more than 55 great pyra- which ne is striving to
3 raids the sise of the great pyramid in money as possible wL
' Gheza. lasts.
SIORT; JKemorial Blocks for the Washington
<hmant!Phy ?f * Th6 Memorial blocks which were
nblish a long stor?d awa-'
m9l?? hv n-A work was suspended have been bright,
gkt, alias Corti ened op ^ m *?7 to be pot is
y at Durham P061tl0n* Between forty and fifty stones
murder of a ***ve been Put the ?
itzsimmons, at Pas8i?8.nf and dom in theeleT.tor
SAntA->pA^ in **e Studied to advantage by the aid of
itnde for rob- .Alxmli ?"? ?j'
ier in Norwich, the lapidanna yet to be pnt in the
mvnspd him! walls- Some oi these have been muf
*hltilated by vandal hands. The most
the woman . , J, , , .
nf rm his trial seriously defaced is that which was
manifested the Planted b/ the Temple of Honor and
convicted and Temperance. Some of the carved emdeath
with th? blems are badly broken ; done before
angiography Snperintendent HcLanghlin took
holoffical curi- charge. Conspicucrns among the atones
icinTe^tTa | ** will be put in the shaft thisyear
i ? 4.1 c TAm<n1? Af 3?.q/rn_
idy cf "crime ^ uuo itvm mo . ? ?
Ltrtnf* oiVfl lapins, on the island of P&roa ; a block
>ry He Jits ft'om *be original chapel of WiUSaxa; _ ">??
eer as both a ^nilt ^ on ^ja^e Ttiwim<V
nnder ordinary where he escaped from Gessler; and Ja' ^
) to receive any l^ge square of marble from the Greoian
Latements. yet archipelago ; sent as a tnbate from the,
a fo? the last "hinds of Paros and Naxoe. A finely.
r a dead xa&ih P^hed piece of marble, which to,
.6 few words I Panted by J A. Lehimn, has alra 5
for my own heen set aside. Imbedded iifite face ia
EvervUause a head which TO carved two or three
efery effect an J6818 ago -by the ancient
6s of causes, Egyptians for the temple erected in
s the resultant bonor oi Anguetns, on the banks of!
sion, example the Nile. The head ia of a hard daifc
laria Fitzsim- brown roc* ?* a granite grain, and from,1
thirteen vears its i"egnlar appearance was apparently;
terrific results, broken in its removal zrom us onguuulaws
in Ireland resting place. The stones from the
join Bibbon- Swiss Confederation, Turkey and China,
lfcrv- and then it is said, take precedence of the
me to England PieCGS of carved work &&
haps crime is have 1)6611 presented by the secret;
Dother fact to societies and other organizations. The!
md Huxley's ktest block sent to the lapidarinm,
nor have I 0013168 *TOm Nevada, having been'
o'er on either received bat & short time ago. It ?
as not strongly three b7 one and a half feet, and is enfc _ *
j father was a from granite. Its facer, which is.
was forced to polished, bears theinscnpfaojA
bv her nearest for onT country?1881." in gilt letters^
ed rum down The line "Nevada" extends across the'
)mised to be mi^^le in plain six inch letters of solid!
rself, I know silver- It is one of the most attractive
before 1 was stones in the collection and the only
al times before 0De *"as been received for a number
One of the of yefirs^-fWashington Post
up is to get "
ink, for which 1 Old Bottles.
motion is the The g^t bulk of old bottles in New.
f ueCOnC1ii York are furnished by hotels and restau-i
dHhonomble rants. When the accumulation reaches,'
if by my fear- ample proportions they send to the:
eleast, may oe ?*botfcle man," and he calls for the bot-f
example I have (je8 takes them away. The secondj
>ir. wnue sney buyers, who purchase of the dealers, i
- * iv send their orders to the latter, who filt
into the ac- them in the same way as a mercantile
as more fully house does. On one occasion a large
years spent hotel 80id cine thousand bottles to ?j
med to think dealer. Both are shipped la hogsheads;
turn bonum of an(j barrels. When pat in hogsheads!
it was my fate they are packed in straw, but wben putj
ban four years ra barrels no packing is used to project!
lis charge, and them. The barrels are not headed uai
I re ermined astheyare easy to handle. Hogsheadsarej
i mate offering ^ ^ ky that they cannot be carried, but
lviliy declined mugfc ^ thrown upon their sides and!
>use in return, rojie<j about, hence the use of straw. I
f* i6? ^ Jonk dealers buy bottles, but this pari
lid not like to 0j the business amounts to little. Tbeyi
a home, with- 0htain their meager supply mainly from!
t, whtt was I gmau hoys. If a ragged gamin finds s\ .
ir, was praised hottle in the street, he will post oft;
ie result there- it. to tire nearest iank shoo.
iad been given pjobablj receive a penny for his prize.
t dnnk wasi all ^ penny is lie standard price for a
a only did I bottle with junk dealers. The Italians,'
I my duty to wj10 ^ jjew yorfc as great scaven?v*
- ' &ers as the Chinese art in San Fran-!
i ? tVi n gtgftetH clftaiLJuid^knoy M'M
^ ship- th.e worth of bottles when theyciscover ?^
>ngn it, 1 now them. Monday is "Italian day" at the
aurderer of a bottle stores. On that day they swarm
. . .to the plac53 with their collections for'
iste of time ?o tj,e prevj0Tlg wee? and dispose of them.
53 :c^ve Not a few Italians display business enterr'.
f; . ' w , prise and tact. A good many of them'
n * m? 7 go abont among the lower resorts buyi
of the effects jng bottles which they sell over again.
?, 1"e?ia^, One Italian began by collecting wiii a
though they fack which he camed cn his back.
> provocation, j^lly, he secured a hand-cart; later,
iOtner with a another, which he hired a man to push,
ocly cause of an(j s0 continued, until now he has a
I nave been ^02en or more picking up bottles in al'
iirteen years, parts cf the city. Not long ago he
I of eighteen pUrctased a house and paid 819,000 in
I have spoken cash for iL when he landed on these
p71^n?rs' ^ shores he* was penniless. There arej
had been an similar cases, though none perhaps as
is conviction, striking as this. The Italian women j
the slightest their husbands, and go to thei
misM-atwn for _._5? AtJ 7
' tnurcs uruuiu^ iwvtvu. *v?uw w.
man whom I slung over their shoulders in bags. _ ~
drunken f ary. ^?_
of her class, ~~ ? ?
let me beg of Plants by Mail*
Englishmen to The following direotions are for the
1 influence, to guidance of those who receive plants by,
s and customs mail: Unfold the packages carefully,?
of so much and put the moss-bound roots into a:
pan of water quite warm to the band, j
om China in and let the roots drink to their All of it. j
i state of the It will not hurt them to soak an hour;
[ fell in with in the water, or until it become# quite;
who, perceiv. cold, aad if the leaves still look a little1
inexperience, crisped, turn off the cold water and add
to join them, warm water. Then take off the moss
ed in several carefully and dip the roots into fine
i was marked sand; if you only have white sea sand
in the employ for scouring purposes, wash it through 1
?'> ?? Alula Wan in a. dnlttndfiT n*i
>vuj winmvmj lwu VI iuuov nuw*wj m wiw^v
a ' nark.' This sieve, and dry it in the oven partly, j
tg part of the then roll the roots in it nntil they are;
arglaries npon coa'ted with it. Plant in good, rich:
hen the officer compost, of one-third decomposed1
iats of impris- manure and two-thirds garden soil,1
of obtaining good and rich, and well mixed together.
I might live Take small pots for small plants. Threeto
entice my inch pots are large enough for all plauts
ols upon them sect by maiL Pat a small bit of char*
:hey were ap- coal or broken pottery at the bottom
lot fulfill his and fill one-third with soil: Press in ' .
ave me every the roots and fill np tightly with the
;her criminals soiL Close planting?that is, settling
r to profit by the earth close around the roots?is r";
hem, and tried needful for success in planting in pots,
ccessfully, and as well as in the open border. Set the
r on my own plants in the shade for two or three
detected, and days, or into a well-prepared hot bad,
ade, when my* and cover them with newspapers.
the police, I Water freely with a watering pot-bafc
us jl was iea it sept in me uouse ao not give ouuugu
t and murder to sodden and decay them -and in a
week they will have taken root in their t
new home and begun to grow, and when
11. they have entirely recovered from a long
f, jonrney they caa be traasp'aated into ^
> w g __y. the border If they have only come a
a ' ui'm ' short distance, however, after a bath
deepbneeyes aad ? roll ^ th0 6an<Ji they ^
? planted directly intj the border, and
, ^ should then be well watered and shaded
StSTtoTSg *??thehot??*??"?><?*?. mer
air," said 1
pcin;y tmm as Facts not Generally Known.
t .eel the sensii- Qaiiiec discovered the movement of
about nf?tn? the contribation-box at a camp-meeting
s to have kissed jn jgi2, and said: "It does go round,"
'S look came for wtich he was affcerward a
u _ ,j rounder.
* ^d there was tot spnn by Noah on the
eatures of his Tlie gtQyg.pjpe j0te was original with
"he said, bend- Hamlet when he remarked: "The time
hip now" 13 0 joint. ^ $
nme Georee T Plug hats were intlodnced by Juliltt
_ 'f to conceal his baldness.
n not ten me, Tnft ^ laundry waa established R
,r,o.ai ? c. 1193; that is to say, they had Hector
?S?i?2?S MltoiDS and oniEog
5?in The bootjack was firet need as an of
? fensive weapon in the time of Cataine
the conspirator.
jece, is peihap8 Treating fras first introduced by
aroh in Europe David, who gave Goliath a sling that
iblie assembly j weDt t0 his headany
interest Fine cut tobacco was first used by
3 almost undi- j Chaucer.? Boston Bulletin.
rxa and horses, j
a? he regards' A daughter of the late president Johnd
estate, out of son manages a farm near Albany, Texas,
make as much wun such economy and success that a
ile his tenure prosperous future is already inanred to
: the president's two grandsons.

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