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p ?;
The Country Children. And be'e to see her this
vjfd:-;- I can seethe happy children yes, indeed Be quiet
, *8 they wander through the grasses ment!"?tu25 to the bab
J ^ the fresh and dewy pastures, to come eariy. Well, h(
L ^rthe tangled forest passes. and so will I. I'll follow
* / f-a.n track them as they wander, out who she is; and I'll <
; By the trail of morning glorie.-; live. ^ Only he mustn t
r<^an read their happy footsteps, deceitful, false, ling
Wjb I can spell their pleasant stories. John !'
Here she broke down,
K1 Oh! I know the paths of children the baby close to her bo
wg Up the hills and down the valleys, an agony of tears and sot
WT~ Buttercups and faded daisies "When Thompson ca
Mark their sorties and their 3&llie3. evening, he fonnd hi
By the butternuts and beeches, dressed and smiling, in t
I can mirk their resting-places; thought, a'ter awhile,
And I know the mossv brookside something unusual ab<
And the wide, green, open spaces. [ooke<* n.ervoas ^dexcii
her chair very fast as
Where the wild, white plum tree blossoms, baby's carr? age-blanke
And the grapevine swiQg? and tosses, stitch new and then.
WSere the plumes of scar.et sumach "What 8 the matter, M
r Ware among the wayside mosses, well ? he inquired, ?
"Whore the golden rod in autumn the j^re? an<^ looking do?
Flames among the hazel bushes, 4 ,^?8 perfectly ^
There the gaJa army wanders, plied, with a toss of her 1
There the scouting partv pushes. P113? wo s es'
Thompson sat down, ax
Oh! but they are kings and nobles, evening paper. Then 1
As thev -wandfi-r thn* UD With a Smile.
Cloth of gold is all the meadow "Going to the theatre
| To i-heir feet in summer weather. '? there s nothing
Up ind down, in field and woodlawn, seeing and yon know I c
I can see their glowing faces; ^ 1 -a ai
. ... ?, b . ' "Dont yon, indeed?
^ And, by mottled leaves and hemes, Hked ^
I can mark their resting-places. ?Th had that lasfc r
-Hatlie Tyng Grisicold. to-night, I believe," sa
f ? glancing at his paper.
like to go ?'
^ Thompson began to r
Mr. John Thompson came down to of the Queen of England'
breakfast rosy and flossy, and looking Parliament. Mrs. Thorn
as happy as any reasonable man might broke in npon it:
desirer His wife fat smiling at the "Was it pleasant at th<
head of the table and his little daugh- sarcastic emphasis on *cl
ter, Maude Amalia, on one side, while, night V
to crown tne measure ot nis content, "Very; some capita
broiled spring chicken and water- speeches."
cresses?his favorite breakfast dish? "Oh, no donbt! Son
greeted his gratified gaze. able speeches. He, he!
"So spring has come already, ha3 cool and-pleasant on the i
it?" said Thompson, with a glance at "What balcony ?'
the vernal fowl and its verdant accom- ge was looking at h
paniment. little wider than nsnal; a
"Yes, indeed," responded Mrs. ghe ^ now. He
Thompson, as she smilingly poured out ignorance and innocence,
the coffee; and then, with a pensive j^ot deceive her again.
k look, she continued: "I was at Madame "What's the price of li
r Bobinette's yesterday, looking at the q^ed, fixing her eyes
spring bonnets"?a slight shadow passed though they had been a p
over Thompson's face?"the loveliest ^o pierce his conscience
things that I ever bsheld, and so through.
cheap I" "Lilies ? I really don'
iiivix rrv?,??at? ' *
i nam Auum^cuu, auacLLu*t "Oh, the consummate !
Eiunching a cress. cold-blooded deceiver!''
"I tried on one," continued Mrs. T.? But she only rtimarked, si
t*> "a most exquisite white hat, with seven "Ice-cream is good."
pmk ostrich tips. It really made me Thompson turned "a Hi
look ten years younger." looked at her. She perc<
"You're young enough," said her gave a triumphant, hys
husband, abruptly. " You wouldn't "Maggie, my dear," eai
Kant to look like a school-girl." 80Ilj gently, laying aside
" And then X just steppea. into Field speaking in a flattering v<
& Foster's," resumed Mrs. Thompson, "Oh, yeg j j>m 70Iir
"and really it was as good as a museum ijours' only/' of course,
to see the exquisite spring dress goods. mY t g0j ^ p
l There was one brocaded spring silk? "Thompson' was white
rosebuds on a dark ground?which so for a m0ment looking
exactly suited my taste and complexion wi{~ then started up and
that it really seemed to have been made ^ gioveg
for me. I thought I would go right "Where' are you goii
over to-day, and get it before it is 3Irs> Thompson, with s
snapped up by some one else. It's only while her e
thirty-five dollars." omSously.
r Thompson winced. He began to ?a , * i f
[, understand about the true inwardness ^ . A
IP"? ., &ww.u-u "r . ? " little business matter, he
K <01 the earlv spring chicken and cresses. ^ _ i - .
t wait a while? 'J-Qea 110 suppea into
VHfe ^ ^ave, just a- this time, a prams^ ^ ^.^^Tr-gA1 saT^r~T>rp
for every dollar that I can command. , Ma7'- A ' SJ?
v'eTfc week " down staurs and 8tay W1!h
Bat Mrs. Thompson had set down Don t leaZ? ^ *D!
her coffee-en and was drawing forth re^Iiri1* " possible, ge
to M^t-hMdke'cWef 8 She'8 *" mi Vm ?oinS '<
c.t u f ?> v Mary obeved. She f<
"I knew youd refuse, she said, n ' , .
>nsv;iv tress m Pan'ry? ^an(
,r . , herself in an nlster and
? " But, Maggie, a woman cannot "r,
t always understand what pressing need 7 " - 3
her husband mav sometimes have for "Lors "ra ;. """J*
E money in his basiness affairs. If you soever are you going Urn
will only wa-t " inS h? yourself ? ,
"And let that hateful Mrs. Mnrchie "?? SSJ
_.x xy,D _:1V ? ren!" said Mrs. Thompsoi
TrlcKiro fV,o \*ri TaT1(T Qrwq "I have a little errand ?
Jusu here the door-oeii^rang, and f.Qjj mam," cried t
ILiss Maude Amalia J mped down '"iiada't you bette
^ from her high chair and ran to an ^ muID; md get 0
attqt Tcno>. y
Faweric. / v.*? ..
"It's your letters and pape^^P^! son> aharply, as she but!
she cried, holding the^tj ulster on the way to the c
of c-m smalls so nic&?/~'^- ? . "Master said yon wa:
PrK=o^^ ?' the'missive to ? ?. 'h?'1 "f'<> *
??2>?so did his wife, and she get yon to bed, and that ]
^ .^SPthat it was in a lady's hand- ?5?r* . .
^tiug, end directed to Mr. John .'Gone for a doctor?
- Thompson. / cexxfnl villain!" thonght
? She watched him as he glanced over ^?n' s^e P^a2e<^ ker
the first few lines. Then he looked at co?r 7?? " , .
the signature, smiled?a constrained or was oc^e
and fnrtive smile?and folding the note, . ...
vsithont finishing it, glanced at his wife, ? ^r18 13 too?too mnct
colored a little, and slipped it tinder " ^ *?t ^ *otL
fc the papers beside his p3ate. 411 W0T1^ hi*11* &
w "Who is that perfamed envelope nPk own hou?e' and
o? ;?m-fo servants to set watch <
- nevar snbmit to it?n(
' Why, a sort of trusiness note," lie _ft+i
v__. ii_ 1101210 to my darling mot.
srs^-erea, icdinerentiy. i r. _ p>
"From a ladv V said Mrs. T., suspi- fv gt\ ' rv
cionslv 6 thought came like
"YpV?from a ladv" he admitted and she at once proceeded
ft f Ti admitted, When retT1
fc- "What business can a lady have with haU by
W _^ly a IiWe private business matter. dow
- IwillteU yonrna day or two. Why,'
g tocmg np at the clock, and then con- , * issM js ^
ttfitmg his watch, "its ister than I gh ^ aU j.
ihounht by ten minutes. I must hurry.' JL0_r __ j
And he did hurry; and in his haste to run away, and
? , i . , * ' ^ T~ , cious children along witJ
went op stairs for something he had ,.j t M d?,t
5 forgotten, leaving the letters on the SOIli with alook of agon;
Mik Thompson- did not allow the op- ^?for hwV^
po.-inmij ijo "r "Before I see yocr *
listed till she h?d her h^bands a deliberately, "de
footsteps on the top^sair, and then, ^ how (las
drawing forth the perfamed note, hur- * tt0_. rt>,ao,
' ri^lr opened it, and read as follows: . Kf* +h-* f
: Where were yoalasteven- t0^eb1?? tlU6 CTemBg
in3 ? Ilooiedforyon allttetime, tat , ,.Has a;ything
in rem. Borneo and Jaliet was lovel|^d t f, orba?Fect b
Someo reminaed me of yon. Thanhs %ot ,hat x kcow of.
jor yonr lovely lilies! Doyon remember ^ was dl ? nsBaI
wnat yon saline on Tnesaay, while , b Tas u.tl6 ,
eatingice-crllfron thebalcony? Well, EOt"bei].gab!e t0 ?nppi
Ihavethonghtitallover and oonelnde ^th money for a sprin
p that it will be the best, after all. Come ^ >? J
this evening, early, and we will make ?Ab,? 6aid tbe doct,
arrangements. Toddy gone away. No- <lTw0 st,cb casts in the
oocy at home tat L-and I. Yonrs lom Anything else T
- - "T "Nothing, except? 1
Thompson was naira coming down Httle veration abont a 1<
"t"" Hie wtfitilv sliDDed the w
note under the letters and disappeared in^ested^ * "*V
r by another doer. He put the papers in .$ioihiii of importau
his pocket and went away. to reoave a letter, *h:c
Sr. ?f'\ Th?mPs<m "P'1** ing, I discovered to I*
p.' to dress the baby. Her face was rosy 8nothor 1imm
T,k red and her ejes shone with an nnnat- ^h n of Cresswe"
Hk *>* Mi;-cy <he peremptorily dis. fe^ Me"d ^ud
BP E;!s?d !ie ":a- ,b0;.e5. tht P??ale:s could net gratify Nr
M? ears for affwhonately licking her hand, cariosity in regard to it,
W? and proceeded to soap, and scrnb, and vexe(j ?
sponge the infant heir of the house of Mre. Thompson cre?t
Thompson with an energy which con- head of the stSrs, and v,
siderably astonished that young gentle- down upon a lounge. ?
Ean*, , , . , .. Dut serene.
And as she performed this interesting ?How are yon now, c
maternal dnty she gave expression to her husband, softly, sea
her secret emotions in brief and emphat- ^er s^e>
ic sentences great deal bettor,
"So that it was which took him ont have had a nervous s
on Tuesday evening! Went to that over now."
- ball, when he told me he was goiDg to a few days thereafter
his club-snpper. Oh, yes! and ex- was excited and trine
pecied to go to the theatre last night? elopement of young J<
only something prevented, and he stayed with the lovely Kate
at home. Looking ont for him all crael and nari-hearted
the evening, was she? The wretch! had opposed their nnior
Borneo and Jnliet indeed! _ A pretty ?'I fully expected it,"
Borneo, forty years old, getting to his wife.
bald, and the father of a family! And And then he told hei
he sends her lilies. Wonder hCw much letter, which he said hi
they cost? That's his pressing neces- to deliver to his names?
sity for money just at this time. Keeps had been intended,
another woman in expensive bouquets, "Why didn't you lell
*nd refuses has wife necessary clothing, inquire? |3tlrs. Thompeo;
evening! Oh. "Because my dear, I knew that yon, A ROGUE'S CHECKS!
you little tor- or any otber woman, would have told it
j. "Wants him in confidence to a dozen friends, and so s0me of tin- nirsni Wori
; will, no doubt; have spoiled the lover.*' plan."?[Susan way th^Countei
7 him, and find Archer Weiss. " Tbe hj t f Wi]
expose her, it I = alias "B ll Spacer," ali
suspect On, How to Rake Children. who has figured in the I
U M F.ev. Robert A. Collyer, the New that of many of the cone
tA YorK minister, who in early life was a ;i& singular instances,
, ana ragging blacksmithj during a recent sermon "*ith suggestive thong]
som, oursc into gaid . Ic was oae of tbe secretg of my markable that the fas
l 1?* ,, . craft, in the olden times, when I wanted attaches to the '-busir
me nome that a. ?u ;? ?j _..?i ?j ?._ j "?oroiv o-uar i^vab t.v*A9i
3 wife nicelv 60 weiU iro" uuu a"u msiio a Kuuu I ?.w,r*
he narlor Ha ax an<^ ^aciQier> to begin gently, for 11 imaged in it. The case 1
that therp was *onE^ out in time that if I began to j11 striking illustration of
3ut her She strike hard at first I might make a bad shown a remarkable ada
ed and 'rnrfcpd w^ere ^ ought to make a good one. j^Qd of work ever since
she knitted he ^ '0Tm<^ it wag the first condition of job in New Haven, Cone
t droDninff a ?00<* to begin gently, then by-and- lyas apprentice to a print
? rP b ]^je j conld come down with a more for- printing for the New
ae"ie 9 Aren't cibie fitroke? And 1 used to notice this which institution thoug
itandinff before tronDle the great iron mills, and I secure against imitatione
ra at her found that the reason why the great directors of the bank wc
Peii T" 8re- hammers could come down so gently as *roni the vaults, carry it
lead and drot>- nofc t0 crac^ an eS?> and than come stand by him while
' ^ down like an earthquake, was that there impressions. They then
3 muse be in the machinery a combina- to the bank, where they
^ fc A. , , , -? _ 1 ? A tho M
ui.viuuu mio hoc. 01 iorce ana. gentleness to znase it w"w Z^*i7..i?w?rtii
lis wile looked effective. Machinery in the hands of was S?ft
the mechanic was his child in a certain t^e proficient kt the
to-night V sense. If there was a screw loose he Winter T>avint
much worth got a little purchase to turn it to the
lon't generally right, and so at last it worked well and ?)n. ^1S f** , ?l hl
there was no trouble. Gentleness was ?nd
Thought you master of the situation. 1,18 "J?V
I have watched the development of suggestion w]hicl* bron
light Hamlet little children. There must be a right following^^lfc .
id Thompson, way and a wrong way to traiu little directors had co
"Would you children. They must not seem to us which Plj**
like wrought irk or brutes that we can
with another break to our will. Children are tender, woe. to be used alle$
more stitches, you must lead them tenderly on. Solo- thatwhichl
ead the report mon's doctrine "Spare the rod and spoil T examir
e cnoooK ?o ouslv used, ine exa
M "vwuu I/JLIU VUUU J.O a 10. ak/uvnouu uvvviiug a m ?
pson's speech doctrine that I will not have about my but a moment, but di
house. I took it out of my eldest son Brockway secured a CO]
3 club" (deep, when he was a little fellow, thinking he in soffc metal, which was
ub') "Tuesday had told me a lie, and I felt as if some slipped it under his ap
one would take it out of me, and I found wards electrotyped it, c
1 songs and at the end of the week that the child second transfer, electrot
had told me the exact and simple truth. a ^ne copper-faced plate
le very agree- We should cultivate the virtue of the to perfection was the i
And it was wisdom of infinite love with little f?rees the paper was
Dalcony?" children. Children are not things, but 20,000 impressions?8
human beings possessing power we can- worked off. Brockway
er with eyes a not even guess at. We bend over these penman, and the bills w<
ndshethoueht ^fctle ones an(* see^ our image in them. executed were these
might pretend we detect a fault we probaby say: were taken by New Q
but he could "9bj he tas taken that from ^ mother." large numbers before it t
"o, indeed I We always walk softly when we don't that they were spurious,
lies V she in- know our way, and particularly when liable to fathom the se(
upon him as we walk shadows. The child is ten- to redeem the notes anc
- - J? ? -1 ? ?*n- TT-.U m-intinc. Eroekwav cot
air of skewers j uer? wo ?"uuiu icuu uu duiuj. cum *- 0
> through and yoar hand; if you must whip somebody the plate and printed t
turn the lash to your own shoulder the North Eiver bank i
fc know." A great many fathers and mothers lav ^aw York state bank,
bypoprite I the heavy burdens upon the backs of their troubles began. He vi
she thought, children. I remember when I was a ^9W York, capfcurcd in tl
ircastically: child how glad I used to be to get half UP the plates and sent
a day to go into the woods to cut hazel for six years. He
fctle pale as he ro<^8 f?r our master. We knew what before his term expired
jived this, and they were for, but we didn't care, pnsonment had only
terical giggle. Children will sometimes get into a little the more determined. I
d Mr. Thomp- mischief. Now, I have known children was ^in issuing spurious
his paper, and ^hen they did! wrong to go and tell bonds. This work was s
3ic9. * their father and mother. Well, i was S90.000 of the issue got
dear, am I ? sever addicted to that. Children, no Waited States treasury b
He, he! Oh^ more than grown-up people, like to be ^ong was suspected. T
caught in a naughty act. Sometimes the falsity of the notes wj
now. He sat people are inhuman when they detect Jay Cooke, but, while tl
intently at his their children wiong-doing. I said to obtained a verdict, the:
seized his hat Lucretia Mott once: "How do you w*10 still doubted that tt
manage your children?'' "Well," the The secret service undert
SLW mv t0Uch them with la3 m781 ei7 connected w.
!i ,5rce<! f7 ^.butteU them to go into the of the notes. It was a?
7 gbttered after reflection, tell me what Brcckway was the only a
f inS vriih rtf? In a110ttr d^- bad Perfecte* this art (
top out on a 1C^ with little chiloren we must be ^ face of a plate bv t?
HM?"' *5* 'tern process. Ho was tgaL 6
the nursery, ?"love and not terrify and repel was cleared. It has bee
athiessiy, go" Whim**^ .evfj-ainw hn? ?hj* ?Pfl .
your mistress. How Long Man May Liye. nif> wife backed Lis oona
jtant ixntil my It was Professor Huteland's opinion United States bonds
i her to bed. that the limit of possible human life ^ arr??^e<^ ^ ^ew Jer
)r a doctor." might be set at two hundred years. This t <^eC)sion was given i
rand her mis- is on the general principle that the life fw ,6' Brockway ws
;ically attiring of a creature is eight times the years of I , wor ?tve ^aiI
* ' to.-* ,-0 ?--nal came off no testimoa
a poke-bonnet its penoa 01 gruwui. ?, , th:lfc wonld C0I1V1CC nim
quickly formed quickly penshes, and t f 0 ,
[ary; "where-. ?* editor complete development h c,tsion8 ^ was arrested,!
i time of even- reached the soonsr botoly decay ensues. K he wonld . *
More women reach old age than men, * ''bxit in everymsts
irith tie child- ban more men attain remarkable Ion- iction One of the
^penoudy. gevity than women^Some animals grow SW" chS
attend to. to be very old. Horned animals live v.-0 frtT
he distressed shorter lives than those without horns, been regarded by the sec
r stay in and fierce longer than timid, ana amphibious as the most polished sc
7|rlt? longer than those which inhabit the air. bu8iness. He made eno
Mrs. Thorap- The voracious pike exists, it is said, first v2nture he hi
oned up the to an age of one hundred and fifty ^pendent for life.?r(
loor. years; the turtle is good for a hundred ^ , 1
5 undisposed, years or more; and among birds, the
atch you and golden eagle is known to have lived Pathetic Inc
ae'd gone for a nearly two hundred years, while the One day about fifty
sly and somber crow reaches the vener- town of Aberdeen, Scotls
Oh, the de- able age of a century. Passing up in into considerable excil
Mrs. Thomp- the scale of life to man, and skipping coming in sight of a whs
id on the hall- the patriarchs, we find many recorded had long been given i
instances of longevity among the classic crowd soon collected
"" * T?<->rvior>o Plin-p r,r>f.AG tVlflf fho rARt. was an (
d SDC1 tile Key wicoao auu jiiviniijiu. ^ ? ?? umyu^ .
in the reign of the Emperor Vespasian, particularly arrested
i!" she cried, in the year 76, there were one hundred She was neatly dressed
nd it all out, and twenty-four men living in the limit- sey, with a white coi
nd to be locked ed area beiween the Apennines and the around her head, and a i
have my own Po of one hundred and upward, three anund her shoulders.
>ver me*! Til of whom were cne hundred and forty, the very edge of the qu
ever! I'll go and four over one hundred and thirty- with both hands upon
her, and never five. Cicero's wife lived to the age of gazed with outstretched i
one hundred and three, and the Roman ships?but it was with a
an inspiration, actress Luceja played in public as late vacancy. They were s
L to act upon it. as her one hundredth and twelfth year, her, and naming the
rned in about Coming down to more recent times, that seemed coming bac
ailv physician, the most notable authentic instance of ?but that old woman ^
the bewildered great age is that of Henry Jenkins of a moment her gaze from
at the top of Yorkshire, England, who died in 1670, ing vessel.
a upon them one hundred and sixty-nine years old. As she came near thei
He was a fisherman, and at the age of ii]ce silence for a time, 1
sich a way! one hundred easily swam across rapid of eyes were scanning
rfcinfrc -in^ rivers. Another historic case is that of lover or friend, and t
LVi. VUAU^W <?uv?
carry the pre- Thomas Parr of Shropshire, a day burstings out and trei
a her." " laborer, 'who lived to the age of one gladness, and shrieks,
" said Thomp- hundred and fifty-two years. When ar d overfull hearts th?
j. "She's en- more than one hundred and twenty he men like children?but
Can't nothing married his second "^ife, and till one partook not of the emoti<
hundred and thirty he could swing the but seemed as if standii
rife." said the scythe and wieldt he flail with the best looking upon somethi
scribe to me as of his fellow-laborers. In his one hun- hor to stone.
sudden attack dred and fifty-second year Parr went up The vessel at length i
rved any symp- to London to exhibit himself to the &i;d the sailors leaped o
?" " king. It proved an unlucky visit, for erabrace of their friend
violating the abstemious habit of a cen- Every one was striving
pd during the tury and a half, the old man feasted so congratulate them up
r /' freely on the royal victuals that he soon re turn. Peals of welcoi
a?~ v.-aoVfocf died, merelv of a plethora. On exami- xiuon every side?but t
AU k/igoaiaow ?j V ^
except? Ah, nation his internal organs proved to be spoke not. She seeme<
worried by my in excel]ent condition, and there was scions of what was pass
y her at cztce 20 reason why he should not have lived took no notice of any
g bonnet and much longer, save_for this unfortunate herself through the
taste cf royal hospitah'ty. strength 'which seemec
?r, knowingly. Professor Hnfeland s roll of centena- Jujy age and frailty, nn
Midland Asy- rians includes many more remarkable the deck of the vessel, a
cases, among them that of Mittlestedt, around her for a mom
res, there was a a Prussian soldier, who served sixty- black chest lying near
itter." seven years under both Fredericks w ant up to it and sat qt
loetor, locking fighting many battles and enduring it and said, in a low, *
much hard campaigning, and who, after fcont it-1 kent it," anc
ce. I happened this, married successively tnree hand upon her staff an
h, upon open- wives, the last when he was one hnn- ?ont it."
s intended for dred and ten, two years before his death. ^n orphan boy, and
?young John 1 son, had gone to sea in
& Co. It was Indian Monkeys and Timers. h jrwill. Shewasabe
I, of course, Monkeys in general, and the above and had dreamed th
s. ^Thompson's species in particular [macacus] entertain several times, before at
and she seemed the greatest antipathy to tigers and p irture, and she had i
1 a?. ,-0 TTv,r,^<v,^ ?t the certain sij?n and f
J lCUpifciUOj WVA VUU7 w w n VMV4WAV\? MVJ
away from the for it is these animals odIv that presum d ?ath.
sry quietly laid to molest them; indeed, by the former, He died on the waj
Jhe looked pale, monkey meet is considered a high deli- body was in that very
cacy. When, therefore, their domain is she had instinctively ?
!ear?" inquired invaded by the stealthy tiger, and his sdlors shortly came to
ting himsaif by whereabouts detected," the violence of fully lifted the chast?i
their anger knows so bounds. High up lad?and bore it aws
iove. I sl Qst out of the reach of their foe, they" give woman followed ther
;ttack; "but it's free vent to their enmity, and with pro- (potions, and they offi
digious chatter assemble in all their tions.
the whole town strength upon tiae creiis .*>eaeath which The crowd fell back
phant over the j the tiger is lurking; shaking the branch- the chief mourner pas
^hn Thomuion i es with misrht and main, and patteriDg ^as a moving sight i
Lindsay, -whose down upon and abjut their would-be woman following taec
brother, Todd, aevourer sach a shower of dry sticks, ing neither to the righi
# twigs, and leaves, that the latter is but occasionally whisp
said Thompson, forced, with an angry growl, to quit his "I kent it," and to se
lair and seek other and quieter quarters, crowd coming up beta
' all about the But no peacs is he allowed so long as moments before ^
9 had hastened he remains in their vicinity; and should tumultuous joy.
&e, for whom jjit darkness set in. these sagacious animals ?
wiii, oa tho ensuing mcrning, search " Vaiiety is the sr
me at once?''I diligently to see whether or not their there's such a thing aa,
reproachfully. I enemy h?s rea-lv taken his departure. being too spicy.
* * * - . : ' Jr'A-'. 't ' . . - 'm ;j - -
" ^tYfis '* said &
* t> <* !/ The .lla&ic oDIdhIc l!lu?lY^tcd by a ]lemln. j 1 \t i -u
C Done b5- Brock- lsC0uce of John Howard Payne. deale,r> "people fa
ii -p John Howard Payne was a warn per- Y^cA^Tdpftl
.xam rocfiway sonaj frjeri(j 0{ John Ross, who \fill be
" i^iL remembered as a celebrated chief of * ?
)oyleca5;e, like the Ciierokees. At the tim(3 {he
ymen,aboTm s cherokees were removed from their thiria wa* fmrnd f
and ? replete homes in Georgi, iheir preseElt ttog was tamd
Nation which P?s66?i0?s. ot..the Mississippi """fTo j^Tatmy
iesa" never or ?. Pa?" s few week. , t d th '
r m Georgia with Ross, who was occupy- nnl. ? ?
of BrocSfway is i?g a miserable oaWa, harag been for- thel? bnt there I
this: He has from his former home. A lajd ^ Inhere
I iT'i'i. * i.TL- number of prominent Caerokees were
P,ta^-t??hlf i? Prison. and that portion of Georgia
&Sl ? which the tribe was locate,! was * fl5? m?
-m.185?j t?e sconred bv armed sqnads of the }' fjSK ,?
or who did the Qeorgia ^litiaj who jad orders t,, and to lookiat it 1
ht Sto to "esLSU Wt? r8fn66d t0 6e"3 th6 article has a value
and Payne wer,_seated ftMgftfcj
to the printer: ?otore tne nre m me nuj me ooor w?i h ? ;
i he made the bnrst 0Pen' =;0<r "F. or atht call : "Any iag
So^wasTSr.%*Z. ^;x4
shier. Brook- S^TnLT'money^d3 aflhe they get their mi,
i v -I small amount of monoT) &nd} fit txic A ?
lege, where he __ ?_??f ^ -f ?? Mow much cai
art of electro- LT^reamed to
Professor Sil- h ^ th Cheroke; jang^., *?? !"*??g
i his expenses. her ,0 be se3te(J) M eh^onla thn| that tWnake no
[e and willing the contents of the trunk, aid, as ^ h 3
information to she 5at down again, the intruders told
it wa3 his R th t b^?h^ d p people who place
ight about the -s ? ,ne an(J rayne wefe consider of no ns<
8 r^ _" under arrest, and must prepare to x ?
r work. The o omDanv +v.e onnad to Milledeeville mere son^
cm"f n a 9R nlata. a^comP^ny tne MllieagCVllie, ^ tfiken ^
he press" * The !!S.XrrtLTE ?'< . and assort,
for a moment ,ro Ross w other textures, th
of the paper ^Xo/hTown "^"^
was mounted on one led by a soldier. ?7 ?f ' p ? w
mdbeenpro7i-u th uttle party left the hovel rain
lation required ; be falling; aid eontinned nntil "fl -?'6 10 ?'
aiing that timo ^ f u ^yn-n i wliGtliGr it is s> stej
py of the plate ^ery. man f ^ switch."
J , j The journey lasted all night. Toward mu.-? nar,^rcn.6r
He'after- hSmSn? needed bnt a ^
*" LTtS "tt^eee^^o^ " I have a
fihioh worked ^!S??S.7?d^L a h t and dirty. Ther
J~u t>?aZ Little did I expect to hear that . f
?7 song under such circumstances and at , i
oovained, and _ l i. _ ?,An Lr,ATn xi. C6riu8? A mar? con
100,000--were tim0" Dc' Jm kn9W the pnts np a deposit <
was an expert , ? ' along, fits the loci
3re signed. So fa^. solcuer; <3o yon. an(j payS me ge
bills that they ' dyne answered; "I com- boots in pretty g
aven banks in Pose^ _ _ are worth from si
vas ascertained "The deuce you clid! You can tell From the looks <
The bank was that to some other fellows, but not to think nobody won)
or>^ Kaofor. mA Tjook hara. von made that sonar, is a brass bedsteac
I do its own you say. If yon did?and I know yon made by the whin
> possession of didn't?yon can say it all without in Europe. Ver
spurious Y's on stopping. It has something in it about When new it was;
and 2's on the pleasure and palaces. Now, pitch in valuable. You se<
On these his and reel it off, and, if you can't, I'll junkshop, and its <
as ran out of bounce you from your horse, and lead man wants a pur
le woods, gave you instead or n. hair brush or an a3
to state prison This threat was answered by Payne, cheap. I ask one
was released who repeated the song in a slow, sub- another. I take
i, but his im- dued tone, and then sang it, making give. I perhaps d
made him the old woods ring with the tender he goes away sati
[is next exploit melody and pathos of the words. It gees away withor
notes of 7-30 touched the heart of the rough soldier, wants. We take v
o artistic that who was not only captivated but con- one of the rules o:
back into the vinced. and who said that the com- "What class of
efore anything poser of such a song siiould never go of you ?"
he question of to prison, if he could help it; and c,Our custom ii
is contested by when the party reached Milledgeville stock. We sell
le government they were, after a preliminary examina- Chinese."
re were many tion, discharged, much to their sur- " Do you ever
tey were false, prise. Payne insisted it was because articles of value ?1
oc-k to unlock the leader of the squad had been under "Yes, at times
ith the issuing the magnetic influence of Boss's con- purchases at au
icertained that versation, and Ross insisted that they sales, while we r
ian known who had been saved from insult and im- of linen and oth
>f transferring prisonment by the power of "Home, things command
ie electrotype Sweet Home," sung as o^:y those who generally bought 1
a the toils, but feel can sing it. The friendshiji^5istat -jrIk
n a conjecture ing between Ross and P*r "Well, I cannot
nr-:i ? their appearance
A **" ?" ^ ? ?
n the case of One day a lobster who had been beat- Sometimes the ]T
ls arrested for en at old sledge went over to see the in, and then ag
en 1- ond fV>o torn nnnr aoills -ninVors The lat
, and when the ouars. kuuu? m, r-~ riV,-.? ?
.j was adduced talked it over, and finally decided to from the Chines
, and he again call a reform convention. A call was houses. Now, th<
subsequent oc- written out, signed "many citizens," tion of Chinese,
because, as he and duly posted, so that all might read, whom you see g
give up hush- When the hour arrived it brought the picking up rags, i
ince he escaped Shark, the Lobster, the Devil-fish, the thing nobody else
salient points Wolf, the Tiger, the'.Eagle. the Serpent their premises, n
: is said to be and the Alligator, and it was really af- fay?actually mai
igue. He has fecting to see their tears as they shook the refuse of the g
ret-service men bands and spoke of the painful necessity ."There is still i
oundrel in the that had brought them together. portant branch of
ugh out of the The Shark took the chair and an- will commence bi
id to keep him nounced that; he was a strong advocate snents of iron, co]
Chicago Times, of reform. He had heard of the Wolf bones amount to
eatisg sheep, and he felt that such in a month, and t
-. * things must be stopped or the country snipped to New Y
would be lost. goods of every d
Morn norn fhA 4t'a wnrsfl to eat sheep than For wrought iron.
md, was tlirown I sailors, then I want to know it!" re- turn, and rags are
;ement by the torted the Wolf. "Besides that, it is shape of horse
le vessel which the tiger who raises all this outcry by Old horseshoes ci
ap as lout. A his misdeeds. I mow yon, sir, that he fourth cents a poi
on the pier, be reformed." to Cnina, where t.
)ld woman who "Gentlemen," slowly remarked the into gun barrels,
my attention. Tiger, as he rose Tip, "I've been mali- glass that comes :
in linsey-wool- cionsly slandered. I'm a peaceful, law* and is used by th<
if drawn close abiding citizen, and I think it too bad their chinaware.
short red cloak that every murder committed by the one else, since i
She stood upon Devil-fish should be laid at my door. I know the secrets .
ay, and leaned hope he will reform." second-hand, com
1 .. i..iT J3 ..mr nv _ T'-A " TO. oATTAn AOTlfa nf
iier BDaii auu *?jvi rt ^jnainuan, iiu wwiuou^u, ux cc^u
leek toward the marked the Devil-fish, as he took the at times twenty
look of strange floor. "I supposed yon all knew ae to more valuable tfa
houting around be one of the hnmblest. feeblest crea- double the monej
name3 of those tures in the world. I wouldn't hurt Last, but not 1
kfrom the dead anybody for a cent, but it is the Alliga- chicken and dog j
rithdrew not for tor and'his doings that has made this, meat and other i
. the approach- convention necessary." large quantities t
"That's another!" exclaimed the Alh- is a money-makin
e was a death- gator, as he left his chair. "For years clusively cash. ]
while hundreds past I have borne the odium of crimes whom I loaned $1
the deck for committed by the Eagle, and I'll be now worth about
ben there were hanged if I stand it any longer. Re- .
nulous crie3 of form must begin with the Eagle." Selling
and fbintings, . "I rise to say," explained the Eagle,
it made strong "that I lock so much like the Serpent a traveling clc
that old woman that he shoulders his misdeeds off on CT1it, having a hn
jns of the crowd, my back. 1 hope the convention will started. Th9y we
lg far away ana h^rt ]iis feeiinss as ne nas uuru mmo. ue well ^new, on
3g that tnrned "Well, now, bat I am eurprised,-' ob- human natur'," a
served the Serpent. "The wicked L b- contrived to sell
reached the land ster has so managed that I must suffer and reserved the
n shore into the for his crimes. He comes on shore, rQfie, jje went 1
i and relatives, kills an ox or horse, directs the linger ^ad sold the first
who should first of snspicion at me, and then hxistles now how does
on their safe back to his water home and is safe. wejj' j guess." 1
ne were ringing Gentlemen, I ask to be set right ia the anticipated. "Nc
hat old woman eyes of the world." Well, I've fonn
1 utterly uncon- The Lobster' arose, heaved a deep 6eQj j aa(j one cj<
ling around her sigh as he looked around, and then a bad one; and I!
one?but forced said: 1 If the Fish-worm had been in- put that clock ai=
crowd with a yited to this convention I should have eeu 8UCh an M
1 incredible for had a chance to clear myself by charg- ^n't mind, and
til she got upon ing him with having committed crime others, and foum
nd then, looking in my name. Under the circumstances been sold some1
,ent, she saw a J move th&t we adopt a resolution to ^as, I can tell y<
its stern. She the effect that i;he Hare must be hung particular about
lietly down upon for highway robbery, and adjourn/' asked here and
stifled voice, "I Moral: Never begin reform at home, most, tow my cl
I then laid her ?[Detroit Free Press. said they'actua
d repeated, " I ? m? But I was deteru
, . , A Stravrbeny Patch in a Barrel. bad c*0(
her only grand- _ _ ticularly glad t
iU-i ~v?1 "D??c.?r>c liw in cities. and onlv lQOf V/vnr unr
ILL a L DUXW agaiUOU x ^IDVU^ *r MV ** * ? 7 ? v aocvi *wirj ^
lieverin dreams, have a small yard where the sun shines, clockleft, a very
e same dream can have nice berries enongh for family a matter of ten a
id after his de- use without being troubled by weeds, other, and I m
interpreted it as Take a hogshesd, or cask, and com- change, and I']
oreninner of his mence six inches from the bottom, and shillings differei
with a two-incti augur bore it full of annoyed with t
home, and the holes six inchei; apart. Then fill up by man who had th
chest on which degrees with rich dirt, and as you fill better to pay fiv
iat down. The ud set a strawberry root in the dirt:, with a good one. 80
her and respect- the crown or leaves out of the augur and then the mi
'or they loved the hole, and when it is filled to the top clock, returned
iy, and the old you can set a row around the top ; but ""Well, now, bo
a, and asked no leave a hollow in the center, so that Very well, I gue
sred no explana- when you wish you can pour in soap- the same story
suds or liquid manure, eo that yoa can gve shillings
till the chest and force them to grow very large, and they thus did h
sed through. It will be nice and clean. It would be clock for clock t
10 see that old more durable to have two or three iron extra five shillin
orpse, and look- hoops on the hogsaead. Parsley cau g^ld.
t nor to the left, be raised the same way. The above i9
ering to herself, more useful than a rastic stump in the According to :
ie the composed yard.?[Farming World. persons were an
nd, which but a ' - of Great Brita
?as aeitated with nru-. ~n/,ATilni. on V? at. anr*a t\f Vi/irln I lire? A nnrtbflT <
" iUO IMUilblUlU ouuu~-w vr* IWV ?vuj D
occupying about two-fifths the entire from shipwrecl
weight, is composed of carbon, hydro- males and 770 f<
>ice of life," but gen, oxygen, nitrogen, in distinction to whole number \
3 a variety ghow the fats which contain only cajbon, 471 were suici
' hydrogen and oxygen, dents, and 21 w
mHWiiiiii . SSSSSSEZZttZZ? j
ik Cosiness. Bigsrest Things on Earlh. a vast region <
San Francisco junk The highest range of mountains is the lending from tl
aow little of my busi Himalayas, the mean elevation being wea Jre.
?re is money in ic. estimated at from 16 000 to 18,000 feet. + q ma
everything. Every- The loftiest mountain is Mount a^ont ??WJU m:
eat deal, but it's a Everest; or Gaarisanker, of the Hima- al)ont JO J mues,
laya range, having au elevation of 29,- ^ .
md the place, every- 002 feet above the level. eigfct miles froi
o be there, from a ra: The largest citv in the world is Lon- roPn<1?<i t>y aes
? ~ A TrtW nftVR 1HT3T
imp. don. Its population numoers a.u^u,- ~"a" *~~r:
stockof goods here," 871 souls. New York, with a popula- ?n<* norm afe t]
Id man, '-you would tiou of about 1,250,000, comes fif:h in ?r^wan* , . f
ht as to purchasing the list of great cities. babara at -inte
i a great deal of mone, The largest theatre is the New Opera twejJty yearsyou
see an accumula- House in Paris. It covers nearly three in^ 7? ^ j1? e
I have paid cash for acres of ground. Its cubic mass is f10 ?: co1.
,ter what comes to mv 4.287,000 feet. It cost about 100,000,- someJ1E*
comes to me as trash, 000 francs. 'Ihe 8reates1
caded on a wagon you The largest suspension bridge will be
o bits for it. Every the one now building between New n_ . o1
i.-The stuff is brought York city and Brooklyn. The length ieJ? +V? t,;
tmen who scour the of the main span is 1,595 feet six inches; j: - h
^y; wh?m you have so the entile length of the bridge 5,989 removaX of the <
? te?. ... st?ne for the-dt
a, -- ?- ? . xne ioni?3H5 aciiYB vuicmiu i? xupwar consisted OtlglD
ey get a load they tepetl?"smokine mountain"?thirty- feet, and still
the load is valued, ?ve miles southwest of Paebla, Mexico, feet. The pre
3eyandgo."_ It is 17,784 feet above the sea level, and 450 feet, again
t they make in a day. lias a crater three miles in circumference and the present
and 1,000 feet deep. _ 746 feet, againsl
jerate when X tell you. The largest island in the world, which total weight of
t less than S5, and j [s regarded as a continent, ieAna- gtf^6}8K>,S00 toi
>10 a day. You se6, j fcralia. It is 2,500 miles in length frcm jg on the north
k from the houses of 1 ea8t to west, and measures 1,950 miles base, about
no value on what they from north to do ath. Its area is 2,984,- tral line. The
i, and who sell for a 287 square miles. _ _ feet 11 inches h
rid of the 'truck. The longest span of wire in the world wide. It leads
the back part of my js Qged for a telegraph in India over the of 320 feet 10 i
3d, the woolen from fiver Kistnah, between uezorah and chamber, and
e iron from copper Sectanagmm. It is more than 6,000 inches into the
on. Bat this is only feet long, and is stretched between two that it was intei
I h&ve to smass this hills, each of which is 1,200 feet high. chamber at th
>me to me direct with The largest shin in the world is the Th? ?AirninViral
1. I buy it, no matter ! Qreat Eastern. She is 680 feet long, 83 by 27 feet in W
im engine or a hair j feei broad and 60 feet deep, being 22,- 11J feet. Aoove
; 627 tons builder's, 18,915 gross and 13- smaller chambe
to be borne out 344 net register. She was built at Mill passages. The
*1 glance around the wall. on the Thames, and was launched m the pyramid
January 31, 1857. _ apartments, knc
bunch of keys, rusty The largest university is Oxord in ber. It is of re
e are three or four England, in the city of the same name, time contained 1
i one is worth ten fifty five miles from London. It con- which disappea:
aes to me for one. lie gists of twenty-one colleges and five were first opene
)f $5, takes the string balls. Oxford was a seat of learning as The greatest \
:, takes what he wants early as the time of Edward the Con- gical point of v
re are several pairs of fessor. University college claims to Gibraltar, beloi
ood condition. They . have been founded by Alfred. situated upon tl
i bits to a dollar, j The largest body of fresh water on of land upon th
of them you would j the globe is Lake superior, 400 miles Spain. It occu
.d wear them. There : long, 160 miles wide at its greatest jutting out into
I over there that was : breadth, and having an area of 32,000 miles loDg and 1
i of a rich gentleman j square miles. Its mean depth is about wide. One cei
j guuu. tuuuniuivD. j yyy feet, and. its greatest deptn aoout height of 1,435
a curiosity and quite ! 200 fathoms. Its surface is about 635 Its northern fa?
5 where it is now, in a ! feet above the level of the sea. lar, while its eai
jwner is dead. If a j The biggest cavern is the Mammoth dons precipice
np, a kit of tools, a i cave> ^ Edmondson county, Ky. It is terminates in v,
^ I can sell it to him ; near'Green river, six miles from Cave point. The we?
price and he offers j ejty} about twenty-eight miles from the east, and be'
what he i3 willing to j Bowling Green. The cave consists of sea is a narrow,
ouble my money and ! a stlCces8ion of irregular chambers, which the kwn
Bfied Nobody ever ! some 0f which are large, situated on The fortress is c
it getting what he ; different levels. Some of these are to military assa
rhat we can get. It's traversed by navigable branches of the rison in tim<
[ the business." subterranean Echo river. Blind fish are about 7,000 men
people generally buy f0UI1(i in its waters.
The longest tunnel in the world is Snperstil
3 as varied as our tjaat of Sti Qothard, on the line of rail- T Ireland it
to merchants and toad tetweOT Lneerae and Milan. The ^X^toaia
summit of fch? tunnel is 990 f68t below - at
cat wnen tney ai
come across any j the snrface at Andermatt, and 6,600 feet cially too, whei
' | beneath the peak of Castlehorn, of the Mr. Grej
we make extensive ; Sfc) Gothard group. The tunnel is nortiieast of See
ctions and sheriffs | twenty-six feet wide and nineteen feet domestic animal
eceive a great variety j }nches from the floor to the crown one mode 0f ctu
sr garments. These | o{ the axched roof. It is nine and one- gfcraw the contra
a ready sale, and are | tbird mlle3 iongj and one and five- en(3S) put
jy the women around j g- ^3 longer than Mt. Cenis tun- through the looi
jfiA-ionxiz^may have | nel< this means the c
exactly saj,-_ r~*?oTnggest trees in the world are the be transferred t<
and qua . . , j CaiitArnin? OriAof aeoai'o ^jfpj24SS.0
juses of the rich, : ^Zte Geological Survey, was shown tSI ^a was tBSS &Y
aost as good as new. j ^276feet high, 106 leet in circnmfer- for epsipelas, 1
ink men bring them j ba8e aI1d 76 feet at a point 12 paneh of Locha
ain the Chinese rag- , the ground. Some of the Highlands, con.
iter must get them ] 375 fe6t high and 34 feet in half of the ear <
e servants in these > gome of the largest that have blood drop on 1
5re is another illustra- i felied indicate an age of from luding, mora*
Thr "SEES : 2 000 to 2,500 years, . other items of .
rnn<r tnfi Sbxeeij .
3crap iron, and every- | Ingest inJand sea is tne Caspian, with tne cat, tnei
> would have around ! between Europe and Asia. Its . a May cat?a ca
lake from $1 to $2 a | greatest length is 760 miles, its greatest May?is of no n
:e a good living out of j breadth 270 miles, and its area 180,000 mice, but exerto
.Titters. I square miles. Great Salt Lake, in Utah, on the house th
mother and more im I which may properly be termed an in- disagreeable re]
the junk business. I !sea, is about ninety miles long, Mrs. Latham,
r saying that my ship- j and has a varying breadth of from Superstitions,"
Dper, "brass, rags and I twenty to thirty-five miles. Its surface supposed "to b<
i thousands of dollars | is 4,200 feet above the level of the sea, an<i to be mu<
hat tons of these are j whereas the surface of the Caspian is gnakes and bi
ork, and I receive new j eighty-four feet below the ocean level, house " I had
.escription in return, j The highest monolith is the obelisk country belief
, nails are sent in re- at Karnak, in Egypt. Karnak is on the and very lately,
returned to me in the ; east bank of the Nile, near Luxor, and jected-looking <
blankets, whips, etc. ! occupies a part of the site of ancient tage, said, in je
ommand one and one- t Thebes. The obelisk is ascribed to cat was born in
and, and I send them Hatasu, sister of Pharaoh Thothmes III., the owner of it,
he metal is converted j who reigned about 1600 B. C. The was her mothei
Every piece of white : whole length is 122 feet, its weight 400 sad-looking, an
in also goes to China, lions, Its height without pedestal is snakes and vij
i Chinese in coloring . 108 feet ten inches. The height of the Huntingdonshi
It is of no use to any ! obelisk in Central Park without pedes- saying that a M
- - - - - - ? -i ?J. ft mu*
10ne bet the Chinese : Ubdi.eleven,mcnee, ? ->
of its use. Hay rope, j weight about 168 tons. doubt founded
mands the high price The largest bell in the world is the was an
rand. Bags are worth ! ^eat bell of Moscow, at the foot of the bir^8 of any ^
-five cents a pound? ; Kremlin. Its circumference at the bot- is an old
ian wheat and worth i torn is nearly sixty-eight feet, and its ^
r of provisions or meat. : height more than twenty-one feet. In Baeast,
I have a cargo of | jta stoutest part it is twenty-three inches . t
teed, made oi grease, ! thick, and its weight has been computed 1? di1
stuff, which I ship in | to be 433,772 pounds. It has never been *nsr?eiy ^
0 the country. This ! hung, and was probably cast on the spot P on
g business, and is ex- j wnere it now stands. A piece of the ?
1 know of one man, to j tell is broken off. The fracture is sup- nT10te a
LOO a year ago, who is ! posed to have be?n occasioned by water J H .
$5,000." | ha * been town ?P?nJt whereat
? j by tne Duiicung ereuwju uvcx ah wciug
f His Clocks. ! ^ Thelaasee o: ]
, , , . I The greatest wall in the world is the ,.77r*Headers*
Kjk-maker made .? wall inilt by the flr8l emperor station,tells us
ndred clocks when he i t the Tsta dynasty, about 220 B. 0., as ??!Mn on ??e
* *!<k Te?? i j ! a protection again3t Tartars. Ittiav- '-It's nawondej
t 'by softsawdor and , ers*s ae northern boundary of China, off so faet, ye i
a ??? S1.lck h? and is carried over the highest hills, ""*/Te ??V
mnety-nine of them | thnnisli the deepest valleys, across to dream of a,
: '?r hls ^tended rivers; and everr other naturd obstacle. P^ralent in C
to the house where he ; Its length j, j 250 miles. Including a ?reamB of ? bJ
dock and said: "Well, ' parapet of five feet, the total height of ? a? om.f
your clock go. Very j t^e wajj jg twenty feet; thickness at during the f
The answer'was <f be; the base, twenty-fire feet, and at the nsfoKimjte.
>, very bad." "IndMd! :t }e4 Towe* or bastions aneez^ ttuaol
d it out at last You j 0^m t jntexrols of abont 100 yards. ??te tl>at ^
J Thus. we are i
dck wnicn was, 1 Know, . ,, , . ,.
said to my boy: -You jeinaikabie natural ^ ^ Stlssex
fide, for it won't do to fh?es \B of Eagle's Nes^ on the ^ u heard t(
tide. Well, the bjy bank? of Killarney, in Ireiand, which out of do
left the clock with the. repeata a bngle call xrntil it seems to be t the sne
i afterward that it had sounded froma hundred instrcmenta, thVwhoie fam
vhere. Mighty mad I that ?n the oanks of the Nana, conRha."?[Ge
)n, for I'm not a little j between Bingen and Coblentz, which 6 J_
my credit. Sol have ! a sound seventeen times. The
there, everywhere al- i m08'' remar^ahle artificial echo known ?nss
ocbs went, and they all > that ^ the Castle of Simonetta, about An eitraori
lly regulated the sun' ? two m^^es from Milan. It is occasioned corruption w<
ained to find out who ; tbe existence 0? two parallel walls of Petersburg th
;k, and I am most par- ' considerable length. It repeats the was Privy Cc
hat I have done it at i reP?rfc of a Pisto1 sij;ty times. general of the
l see, I have but one j The most remarkable whirlpool i3 the navy, who
superior article, worth j the maelstrom, off the northwest coast received bribe
. i,? j nf "NVvrwav and southwest of Moskensosol, department 1
mi-UEga mure tuuu tuc , ? ast
give it yon in ex- j the most southerly of the Lofoden one bunarea
.1 only charge yon five Isles. It was once supposed to be un- testified that 1
ice, as yon hava been i fathomable, bnt the depth has been head of the d
he bad article." Tho i shown not to exceed twenty fathoms, had been ii
e bad article thought it j The whirlpool is navigable nnder or- years, and
e shillings more to have j dinary circumstances, bnt when the promoted a s
the exchange was made, ! wind is northwest it often attains great payment in
an proceeding with the fury and becomes extremely dangerous note. One o
to the next house. ' Under strong gales the maelstrom has that he had '
w does your clock go? I been shown to run at the rate of twenty- ments?one c
iss." The same answer, : six miles an hour. his first pr<
repeated, and another i The largest libraiy is the Bibliothi^ne 1500 for pei
received in exchange, i National in Paris, founded by Louis irom the arm
a co round exchancina i XIV. It contains 1.400,000 volumes, peared that ii
:-t- ormnirif:i
mtil he had received an ! 300,000pamphlets, no uuu manuBcnpio,
gs for every one he had i 300,000 maps and charts, and 150,000 by the goveri
I coins and medals. The collection of Dr. Busch, (
1 j engravings exceeds l,3u0,000, contained enad to canc
an official retnm, 4 044 *n some 10,000 volumes. The portraits tLs snrgeoa
owned within the'limits ' DT>mber about 100, GOO. The building Mes. Tbesu;
in during 1880. This, which contains these treasures is situated 3,100 rubles,
loes not include deaths ' on ^ue Richelieu. Its length is his appointm
There were 3,274 j feet' breadth 130 feet. The
jmales, and 1,019 of'the " lar2est library in New York, in respect Jay Goulc
-- : ..t -trnrkfl is the Astor. About tonisthelar
Fere children under 12; | C"'V, * ? *. v i ? 1 >
?1* v.***!; ' 190,000 volumes are on its shelves. i contains the
ere'murdera The largest desert is that of Sahara,1 and flowers.
)f Northern Africa, ex-j The Honor of the Glove,
le Atlantic Ocean on the Gloves were articles of dress?for, aolev
of the Nile on the cording to Xenophon, they were worn
;th from east to west is by Cvrus, the Persian; ana Athenseus
ee, its average breadth speaks of a celebrated gourmand who
, its area 2,000,000 square came to a banquet with gloved hands
vrn of Timbucto, about that he might eat more rapidly than his
11 the Niger river, is sur- fellow-guests, who had to wait till their
erfc, but at a distance of viands were cool. In ancient times a
ney to the northeast and glove was employed as a token or pledge
tie oases of Mabrook and of faith in the making of contracts?a
falls in torrents in the sort of substitute for the band itself?
irvals of five, ten and being cast down by one contracting
In summer the heat dur- party, to be taken up, as sealing the
xcessive, but the nights contract, by the other.
"* ' " 1 ' t* - # ? - .i.I? Trxrlerirl and
in Winter ice tempera- x>eiore me umuu ui xiuSUUV>
es below freezing point. Scotland, the borderers, having once
; pyramid is that of pledged their faith to an enemy, re)f
the three pyramids garded its violation as a grave crime;
amphis gronp, sitnated and when such a breach of honor occurt>out
137 feet above the red the injured person rode through the
ghesl in the Nile. Its field at the next border meeting, holdre
been reduced by the ing up a glove on the point of his speai ... ___ .
outer portions to furnish ?as the pledge of faith?and proclaimy
of Cairo. Its masonry ed the perfldity of him who had broken
ally of 89,028,000 cubic it. To wipe out such a stain, the crimamounts
to 82,111,000 inal was frequently slain by his own
ssent vertical height is clan.
ist 479 feet originally, Apropos of the glove employed as
; length of the sides is the token of a challenge to fight, there i
764 feet originally. The is a story given in the lite of the Bev.
the stone is estimated. Bernard Gilpin, clergyman in the dio
as. The only entrance cese of.Dumam,wno aiea m xooo. ?
face, 49 feet above the appears that he observed * glove haag24
feet east of the "cen- ing high up in his church; and ascerpassageway
is only 3 tailing from, his sexton that it was deigh
and 3 feet 5i inches signed as a challenge, to any one who
down a slope a distance should dare to displace it, he desired
inches to the sepulchral that official to do so.
beyond this 52 feet 9 "Not X, sir; I dare do no such thing," ?,. :s;-?j
rock. It is snpposed said the brave m&n.
ided to excavate another Thereupon the worthy parson called
e end of this passage, for a long staff, and taking it down hunch
amber is 46 feet long self, put it in his pocket. His sermon
idth, and its height is denounced the barbarous practice, exthis
chamber are several emplified even in that facred place.
rs, connec ed with it by ?~Bebold, I have taken it down ayonly
sarcophagus found self," said he; and prodncing it, he exwas
in one of the npper hibited it to the whole congregation aj
>wn as the Kings's cham- a spectacle of horror.
id granite, and at one Passing over all mention of the gloves
the mnmmy of the king, wom by knights with their mail armor,
red when the pyramids or having over-lapping plates of steel, I . JB
dand plundered. will name a few of those of which some ^ ,
fortress from a strate- note has been made in history.
lewis the stronghold of A fnr-lined glove, worn by Henry VI,
lging to Great Britain, is still preserved in the old mansiofi
le most eoothern point that gave him shelter after the disase
coasts of southwestern trous battle of Hexham (1464). The
pies a rocky peninsula, son-in-law of Tnnstall, and "esquire of
the sea, about three his body," Sir Ralph Pudfey, kept him'
:hree-qaarters of a mile in concealment at Bolton Hall, Yorkatral
rock rises to a shire; and there, when he left his faithfeet
above the sea level, ful host, he also left a boot, a spoon,
8 is almost perpendicu- and a glove. The latter is of tanned
3t side is full of tremen- leather, lined with bairy [deer-skin,
s. On the south it turned over at the wrist as a deep cuff.
rnat is called Europe The embroidered gloves of Ccear de
it. side is less steeo than 1^0+ him Viio at cms time.
fcween its base and the and might have lost him his l>fe. He
almost level span, on -^as lying in concealment in an enemy's
of Gibraltar is built, country, and his page carried them very
onsidered impregnable indiscreetly in his pocket, though perL
- regular gar- haps for their better safety, when sent
i of peace numbers by his royal master to obtain food in tue
neighborhood of Vienna. How it happened
does not appear; but they were
Lions About Cats. seen and recognized as being only snitais
considered highly ble for a crowned head to possess. The
mily to take with them a same night the king was captured by . - - ^
e moving, more espe- the duke of Austria, 801(1 by him tc
1 they have to cross a the emperor Henry VI for 60,000 pounds
?or tells us that, in the ?*.s^ver* , x ,
ttland, if a cow or other Aime Boleyn 86611113 to 114761)6611 V617
was seized with disease, particular about her gloves, and it is
re was to twiat a rope of recorded that her royal predecessors
jy wav, join the two nsed to delight in making her play cards
the diseased animal without them that some little blemish
p along with a cat By ^ 1116 6haPe of one of her nails might
Lisease was supposed to ?^nd the eye of the king. _ ?
o the cat, and* the ani- mueen unary ana ner meter
cat dying, ta* Pjde in this article of dress. It is
ately practiced in the s^ed3^ ^t^JEaa^xiravaganl;
.rron, in the Northwest walnut shell. She even retained her
listed in cntting off one- gloves when playing the virginaL One
)f a cat, and letting the Pa7r of gloves embrawret with gold" is
:he part affected. Al- recorded as having been sent to her
rer, to the numerous sister as a New Year's gift bafore
folk-lore in connection ^er accession, and "ten payr of Spanyshe
re is a popular notion that glomes from a duchess in Spayne came
t born in the month of t0 I26* a year afterward," while at about '.':3
se for catchingrats and *^at time "a payr of swete gloves" were
3 an injurious influence a^so presented to her from Mrs.
rough bringing into it Whellers
utiles of various kinds. The degradation of any exalted perin
her "West Sussex sonage in the middle ages was expressed
says that a May cat is by the deprivation of his gloves?just as
3 inclined to melancholy, a glove was presented to him in the
;h adicted to catching ceremony of bestowing on mm lands or
inging them into the bonor.
. heard that this West ^ very remarkable pair of state gloves,
existed in our village woven in silk, with deep gauntlets, are
observing a most de- ?till in preservation that formerly
lat by the fire in a cot- belonged to Louis XIIL On the backs
st, "I should think that 816 the gold and embroidered initials
May." "Oh, yes," said UI* 2. S.," with the central elevated
, "that she was, and so cross surrounded by a wreath. The
:;and she wa3 jnst as gauntlets are stiff and fcpreading wide at
:d was always bringing the top on the outer side. They are
pers within doors." In handsomely embroidered all over with
re there is a common a close, rich flora design. The outer
ay kitten makes a dirty corners of the sloven gloves (at the
posed ill-lack attaching wrist) and those cf the gauntlets are
. the month of May is no decorated with rosettes.
on the old notion that The enormous quantity of so-called
unfortunate season for gloves is greatly in excess of the
ind, in allusion to which amount of leather afforded by the skins
proverb which says? ?- all the y^ung goats annually killed
j chets to supply the demand. There has long
1 luok beget?. been quite a trade carried on in Paris
curious notion, still ex- by the "gamins" in rat-skins, who have
;ed by our North countrv much profitable sport in catching them
?? v.,* mnntiifl nf the creat drains of the M
k cats are supposed to
good luck, but also c t7' 0ar real skms come *rom Tuccany ^
istration of which we and Switzerland, dispatched lrom Legjil-known
rhyme on the korn.
est o- tie house is black, A Disci?le 0f Br- 5 "nnerovers
will have no lack. Guatavus Theophflus Meyer, sixty-six
on, speakinprofihissuper- years of age, died in a New York hos*
that an old North country pital, having starved himself to death.
occasion said to a lady, H? *"as unmarried, and made a comr
Jock 's lasses marry fortable living as a painter of common
len what a braw black cat oil paintings. He bad worked for years
It is considered unlucky for a firm in New York, but six months
2at, a piece of folk lore ago. owing to his failing health, he was
irermany, where if one discharged. Since that time he had
ackcat at Christmas, it done no work. About four weeks pro
some alarming illness vious to his death he was prostrated by
ollowing year. Equally a severe attack of rheumatism, but
too, is it for a cat to refused medical attendance. He was ft ?^
; being supposed to indi- great believer in Dr. Tanner, and the
family will have colds, beneficial effects of abstaining from
nformed by Mrs. Latham solid food and drinking water, During
, "even the most favored h*8 illness he ate very little focd, but
d sneeze, is instainly shut drank a great deal of water. For nearly
for should she stay to two weeks he existed on a pound of
eze three times indoors, dried prunes and water, and although
iiv will have colds and constantly urged to partake of more
' l"? Tu?rciis*PTitIv refused
mtlecien's Magazine. norniemug muu
??? and repeatedly returned untasted the
ion fftmmCrtn meals prepared for him by friends in
Corruption. the hois* A week before his death
-insiy story of Russian Mr. Wichum, in whose house Meyer
is told at a trial at St. lived, became anxious in regard to the
e other day. The accused patient, who was growing weaker day
mncillor Busch, director by day, and made preparations to
no^orfmpnt of tota Tiim to the German Hospital for
3 LLLCUlVXa* ? kUav ...
was charged with having proper care and treatment. Meyer re's
from the officers of the fused to go, and Wichum did not be-,
"or their promotion, and lieve hit-self justified in usiDg force to
and twenty-sir of whom remove him from the house. On the
the practice of paying the Saturday before his death, however,
epartment for promotions frightened by the debilitated condition
a existence for many 0f the faster,"Wickum procured a earth
it Dr. Busch never riage and took him to the hospital. He
urgeon without receiving was too weak then to offer any resistance,
cash or by promissory and died the next day. Mr. Wichum
f the witnesses alleged said that Meyer was not actuated by
to make two such pay- motives of economy in abstaining from
>f 300 mble3 in 1874 for food, but was firmly convinced that any
jmotion, and another of disease conld be conquered by an
mission to be transfered abstention from solid food. He had on
y to the navy. It also ap- deposit in one cf the savings banks ovar
l 1877 a voting surgeon $2,000.
ed to a higher position
3or of Cronstadt, and that One of the principal features in dress
>n hearing of this, threat- trimmings is the garnitures made of
el the appointment unless cut-out edges, dents of various shapes
would pay him 4,000 ra- and sizes, <r round, square, or oblong
rgeon then paid Dr. Bu^ch scallops. ' Dents de loop" are lined
ii a j KooV fa show the bright
ana was auu?cu lu , ...... ,,
* tiilu LUlilO?-L Miitvt* w .
1? ? cjlor underneath. Some of these are -m
,, made quite brcal, and cot only trim
a conservatory at Irvirg- the /cot of the skirt, bat are set in foil
gest on the Hudson, an?f double ro*s around the edge of the
nnest collection of plants i ong-pointe 1 bodice in rejuUr Elizv '

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