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^ ** " 1 r '' ** *** ' **** 9
j - ~ ' 1 ^ - ?
? ???^ Ml II 11^ II I?m^BMaca?urnn^man^n??=???nc^^^? J
. Ts harbor. j bad brought her home,
r think it is over, over? j motherless babe, and his
I think it is over at last; j ;n;.s in whick she "would
Voices of foemiD and lover, ^ \ h5Cn firm friends e
The sweet ;md the bitter, have passed: . , T..
. . . ' r greatest sorrow and 3<
Life, hki a tempest cf ocean, ; , ,
> j / Hath outblown it-? ultimate blast. -c nad been lus exile ar
* <> ? ' There's but a faint sobbing seaward, l'erhaps, woispered hoj
While the calm of the tide deepens lec-ward, you, and all will yet be ]
jm And behold ! like the welcoming quiver gat the timid little VOH
S? 01 heart-pulse* throbbed through the river, ^ memory brought bacfc
Sk Those lights in the Harbor at last? ... ? j , , V
tv. v 1 rr v ?. *, lions, all kind, but none J
Wg The he&venlv Harbor at last 1 _ ' . , ,
did she Eit there, and
1 feei it is over, over- gcheme passed through
The winds and the waters surcease: , .. . , ,,
^ How few ?ere the d.rs of the Borer etealm? ?W mt0 w<
That smiled in the beauty of peace I ing John in possession of
And distant and dim was the omen " What is to be done 3
That hinted redress or release. quickly," she said, tC or h(
i^rom the ravage of Life, and its riot. -ma ir? Mia v^fnoal nt fV>a
? o ? ? - # iu uuo ^ v* vuu
What marvel I yearn for the quiofc j must g0 awav let
Which bides in this Harbor at last ? . , ? 6
Tor the lights, with their welcoming qaxTsr,
That throb through the sanctified river Then she rose, bathed
Which girdles the Harbor at last? stole down to the garden.
The heavenly Harbor at last ? geat was just outside th
I know it is over, over? dows, and it was here she
I know it is over at last: time to hear John's voioe
Down sail; the sheathed anchor nnoorer j " Ygg^ y?Q have always
lor the stress o* the voyage has passed: Q^h other in a cousinly fi
life, like?.gme* cttell P TOderthe
Hatlu?tb!own its ultimate blast rJ ,
There's but a faint sobbing seaward, never can and never wi
, While the calm of the tide deepens leeward, TTiaihty me* and, poor littl
And behold ! like the welcoming quiver for her that money, must
Q1 heart-pulses throbbed through the river, Gathering her skirts
Those lights in the Harbor at last? Winnie fled noiselessly
THe neaveaiy JiarDor at iass j i , ,, . , .
rr , ,, . room, but not this timi
?Paul S. Eayne, in Harper's Magazine.
weep. She was cat to th<
?~~ unknown to herself, sh
John Redmond's Inheritance. ,"':
? pared to. sacrifice herself
They were all assembled in the study f*16 ^7?d. For an hoi
at the old Grange to hear the reading heTBQU ln setfcImg_Jt^e c
of Gilbert Redmond's foL His widow y^n?ns ar^ers and box<
sat in the large, high-b3cked chair op- sPme 0 P
posite the groat square window. The ?~ c g "1'? a Bma^
sunlight fell oa a kind, sad face, full of ^en ^ ^owa' arL^> ^
motherlines!}, though she had never PaPer> wrote follcwin
known the joys of maternity. Near her, "Deab ann? Louise : .
and leaning on the mantelpieoe, stood * , * shall be lyi
v t_i__ t>_a j dark waters of the riv<
ser nusosmi s neoaety, tiuim. xtttuiuuuu,
. tall, Btrong-bnilt man of thirty years, Iiabs0lutfy refn
"with kindly, bright bine eyes, and sun- m ,, e ermf . 111
By brown hsir clustering over a fore- not; a oamer gre*
head a3 fair and smooth as a maiden's. , ^
Bos battle with life had left some lines think kindly o. me, and 1
around the firm month, which in his 0 '7 0 ^is li
boyhood must have been singularly tt T, . . ..
sweet, thongh nevor effeminate. ? " It is better &ey she
Seen now with that grave, set expres- ea^! ? 83
sion, he gave one the impression of r Mentions they woul
strong, true manhood. Bat the power *? seek for me." Then, s
of his face lay in his smile. Itwasirre- a *00^s^y tender
sistibly winning. kissed Jo^'s name where
Seated at Mrs. Redmond's knee was 11011 ^ an<^> sealing tn9
her niece, Winnie Barton, the adopted ^ere they wonld find it.
danghter of the house. A slight, Putting on her hat and
graceful girl of eighteen summers, she down *rom sIie^ ^er
was a perfect picture of blonde beauty? ari^ ca^7ing that an
reminding one forcibly, in her grief, of sto*e *f?mJ1*16 roo:n* ^
the sorrowful face of Beatrice Cenci. Pal*fc6<* 411 l??^ec* back.
Her great brown eyes were full of tears 50 here?so happy
and but for this she might have been ^er 80^s s^e ^c*7n ^
carved in marble, so motionless was avenne *oos ?atk
she, river\
With, the addition of a dozen old ser- 8? dsck
^^_.y3nt3, standing in sad and respectful Poor little Winnie
silenoe at the further end of the apart- mom?nt before she need
meat, my group is complete. They sPee^^E8 away from her
were awaiting the old family lawyer, SOJ"eaheart. John Rean
Mr. Weston, and dreary as the stillness 3 ^ove 6<lTlal to ber
i'.ca no one was in the mood to wor^? ^bat s^e heard
break it. , * under the belief that ?
. Ten years ago, when Winnie was a ^h oc^ a sisterly affect
child, and John Redmond a youth of too noble to play upo
twenty, his uncle had endeavored to in- ber become his wife,
duoe him to give np his scheme of en- Percy had to return
tering a medical colleg >, promising i-im 411 ^ bis friend determinei
a liberal allowance, and to acknowledge him as far as the statioi
him as his heir. But John refused to bad become cloudy and
sacrifice his independence, and the s^orrD> aa<^ the former v
uncle and nephew parted?with sad de- TOth the road. He was i
termination on one side and a command ^d just as Winnie's figur
never again to enter the Grange on the ^rom *be gate he caught *
other. at once reoognized her.
*'Ii you are sick or in trouble you "Where can the chil
will send for me, uncle?" asked the boy, 'bis late hour ?' he solil
? * wistfcrily, as he turned from the stem 86ems ^honorable to fo
old impertinent to questioi
Bat though he returned no answer beaven! she must be v?
the words rang in his memory years si?6?* any case, I i
afterthe bright young face had passed i>LXJ*=v? ??
from the old mansion. ^ very little watching si
^ John Bedmond won fame if not for- ^at 8^e was a4 *east
??. ^ane from the world which he had en- so ?n walked, tl
tered, A year before he died the old man ^eeP"1g ^ the deep si
sent for him, and when he came could trees, so that she did
hardly trace in the bronzed, bearded
man the boy he so well remembered. ^ *aSu *ksy reac^e<^
But he was proud of him, and won a ^6re 8^f paused. A t
reluctant consent that he would make cause^ to hasten h:
the old Grange his home. n0? Wirmie'8 was t00 no
* " It will not be for long, John. The <keam _ of self-destruct
ft . grave will soon claim me," he said. now r^nm^ heavily, and
- And it was so. One short year and %ktning showed him th
the restless heart was set at rest for- *Den<^ ov.er str?am ^
ever. Now for the last time would he g u 1 afc
utter the wishes that had alwavs been ^sn away "ow a
as laws. yards farther down.
, Steps were heard approaching, and in ?oi^essI7' breatl
another moment the lawyer *vas bowing ?n^!rae *
gravely to the family. Then, without " ^ ?n 8 n &
farther introduction, he read the will. *y the next flash
Like most other actions of Gilbert Bed- agkt beneath the ^
- -? m a It was the work of a se
monCTS ilie it was eocensnc. xowaru
the aid ho had conceived the notion of a*t6r ^er' CIir?rig' k
a marriage between John and Winnie, ka^g stopped her befc
Although never hinting his reason to nnconscious form as i
the young people he had contrived that sur-ace* He was a good
they should be much together. His 80011 gainec. the bank, i
property was now to be equally divided k*s ^conscious burden,
between them in the event of their union. 83 ke supposed, d
If either of the parties refused to com- 6^10c^* Si3 pro
ply with the conditions his or her por- eaabled hiri to use the 1
fcion was to go to the other. In case of Pr?mote he:r recovery, a:
both refusing the whole went to a distant warded; for in a few
cousin. With sundry small bequests to ?Peii?d her eyes, and re/
friends and servants this was the sub- exclaimed, its in the old,
stance of the will. "Dear old John!"
The lawyer, taking off his spectacles, Then, as he raised her
approached Mrs. Redmond and com- murmuring tender, lovi
menced a conversation with her in a low remembered all and
key, kindly abstaining from no- break from his hold; bu
ticing Winnie,who, with burning cheeks, too much and she sa:
mr left tho room soon as possible, John's i^g* They were only j
V face, too. was flushed, and his manner mile from the house, a;
tinged with embarrassment as he re- her home, never leeung '
plied to the few questions put tc him by the joy of having her
bis viTint, who told him they would look darling, after those fe"H
for bis ancwe- in three days; then he ments of despair. Carr
escaped to the library with his friend, the library he quickly s
Percy Norton. There we will leave him aunt, and the girl was so
k and follow Winnie to * 3r room. When, after awhile tl
On entering she had liang herself note, John could not nn
into a wide, deep arm-chair near the although, with rare trust
window. T~. rajs of the setting snn felt sure that whatever
touched ?'ae .-v~3d, golden head and selution of this strange
lingered there, lighting it into still uie was still the noble W
brighter glory. Shame, resentment and Mrs. Itedmond being
wounded pride were struggling with deeper, and in the few cs
softer feelings iq ber heart. Kind as words read the whole
( her uncle had always boeo, how oould story and the true womai
he cow be so iaconslderate ? How dared young girl who was now
' he fling her at any man's head; :md fever, and raving of w
least of all John Redmond's! John rivers, and repeating o
f?hc had been her hero ever sinoe they again the words she bad
a poor little j library, which, in one of his visits to MORAL A>*D RI
were the only j the sick-room, John chanced to hear
i rest! They i and recognized as hi3 own, making clear Sncscnivc to Fan
ver since, ana j to him what had been dark, and causing "Now, deacon, I've
jj of her short a sigh for what might have been. For say. I can't bear our p
id return. ! bright little Winnie, the household no good. There's so n
?e, ha may love j darling and queen, lay apparently dy- want that I grow lean
right. j ing. time and pains."
ie was silenced Many nights they watched, despair- " Mr. Bunnell, come
; a host of ac- ing; at last she was pronounced out of my cow, 4 Thankful'
[ovelike. Long danger, and one day soon afterward saw j you theology."
many a wild j her in the old sunny window of the li- i " A cow teach theoJ
her head of brary. She was only a pale little shadow j you mean?"
>rld and leav- of herself, with all her life and spirit j "Now see, I have 31
the fortune. crushed out, and it became apparent to j forkful of hay. Just w
must be done all that the burden on her mind must j now! She has fouri
i will be before be removed or she would never recover* j know sticks will get in
property; and So John carried her downstairs, and as | see how she tosses it
fchem think me the golden head lay on his breast, he ' goe3 on to Gat what
could not help thinking of that night | again I She has foun
her eyes;, and w^en the curls were wet and storm- j she throws it on one
Her favorite tosse<*> and he bent to kiss her as he 1 on eating. And thc-re
.e library win- ka? done then. The caress brought a relish that bunch of d;
i went just in wave ?f color to the pale cheeks, making them and goes on e.itin
?? her look more like the Winnie of old ! ing she will have clear*
oaYUlX* j
been fond o! '^Len k?r on the lounge , all save a few sticks an
ashion but I and arran?8^ the ekawl and pillows, she will give milk. Tnere
circumstances l??~ed wistfully at Aunt Louise, who, ! hav, and ehe knows he
11 ask her to RrmllT1? kindly at her, went to attend ! albeit, there may be :
* 1! to sa some household concerns. j stick or weed which sh
refuse her " " entertain you dear," she she refuses to eat, and
around 'her sa*d' M s^e ?*osed ^e ^oor- scolding about the f
back tc her ^or a moment ^eitiier spoke, for both would ' grow lean,'
a to V or were tkiBk&g of the explanation which -would dry up. Just so
3 heart, for all mus^ o0019- Then John, see- j ing. Let the old cow
e loved John shame on the dear | all the good you can oi
fcreneth of her ^ace' went 07er ber the old win- j the rest. You will fim
j., ning, tender smile, and kneeling down ! nourishment in it."
e, pre- ^ one took both the cold, treml> !
ior tne
lr she busied little hands in his warm, strong | Reiieion* News j
ontents of the ones' ^ ^ *ow# tender tones j There are seven Baj
>s in the room, ^ which he always spoke to her: in California. They c
lainer articles "We ^ let ^ ^ g0' Winilie seven churches, with
bundle She dear' 1 never wil1 ssk the reason o{ and 3.824 members,
king pen and that night'8 story; but?Hfctle one'1 want are employed by the as
g noteV y?ut0 f > t0?", Lha'9 lr"e,t 7?? | The emigration of H,
Ere yon have "long while dear, and Uncle Gilberts , eara Dakota has beoom
ng nnderthe '"^nne eomd be no temptation to me. M C0mmitte9 ol
sr. Tell Mr. ^I faowjnBt what you mean, as 3,?ssis o( Illinoi8 haB t
se to oomply she mte^ptedhim;"! know what yon | ^iatthem in thefom,
. , t heard that night, but, dear, you did not _ _ , ?
hear it all. I wonld not ask yon to! Doctor Deem,, of *
rter than yon ^ me x believed yon dia j stated it as hisopmi,
. .J . not lore me; bnt now, Winnie, will yon j en0T1sh Cnns nans in
tell John not be my ^ I lected church letters 11
? She had meant to be brave and digni- : make two of the larg
>uld think me fied> bnfc her mness had made her ! N?*Y , , ,
* weak as a child, and his tender trust ! is proposed to h<
aey snew my _ * . _ _
d never cease "Dro^e down the last remnant of Snnuay-sohool eelebra
fcooping down, ^er P^de and self-possession, tals of every civilized
thought, she ^ c^asPe^ arms around j world October 31. A
? she had writ- nec^> and> laying her head on his I cuss the plan and ma!
note, left it Moulder, cried softly. Neither spoke a i bas been held at Naw '
- *ord'vbnfc fch s^ong arms around j Bishop Simpson ann
cloak she took ste feit tJiat tte old bitter sorrow fcor Scott Stewart in h
pretty garden tad gone ,orever> and a future fnll of 000 for the establishme
:d the bundle ^aopmess was before her. hospitai in Philadelphi
the door she wten she calmer she insisted on the Philadelphia conf<
She had been telling him all, and then he knew that a board of trustees for
I But stifling lf ?he had erred her fault was at least a Th presbvt>riim
10 old onerous one. ooard has sp/at' ?592
leading to the *<* answered my qnesbon ; J<ar- it has now acef
f \ , S I missionaries, mostly j
to the library, mtotteblnshmg happy face nusedso ^ ^
; ba: ??ae 4 ^ ^ to his; ? do yon love me, my | ,'ear it for ,m ad;
no now be ?- ubore cnstomaary recei
home with so I have loved you all my life, John,*
iond loved her gh? said, conquering her shyness in the ! rePor_t o:
own, and the endeavor to make some return for hia ! llPP0^n^to examine 1
were spoken uoble trust. j -Presbyterian board of
the loved him c* Thank God, dear!" he said, rever- j ^e general asseml
ion. which he ently, bending to kiss her lips. l.ollowiag figures : I
' , # ' i .ljOVO JLU10C51UUOJLHJO JLH.UO
n acmS = i in 3,000 places, and or;
Eccentric Congressmen. | day-schools; 153 chur
^?f " A Washington correspondent writing izecl, and there w*3 an
about some eccentric members of Con- bership of 11,485 per
i, as e night g^g saj8; ?n eccentrio fellow was the in the West is advancL
threatened a delegate from Idaho, three or four con- mittee thinks that a line
ras unfamiliar gresgeg jfc was ^is pleasurable and mission stations
low returning, habit on warm days during the sessions Arizona would eolvf
e had emerged 0f House to take a nap. Back of question more rapid I
sight of it, and ^he seats in the House, as everybody line of soldiers s.nd v<
knows, are sofas, wide and luxurious, lation. A work of
be going at placed at short intervals all around the will be undertaken th
oquizea. it The honorable genileman from committee reccommem
ow er, an T^aTinwrvn'M h^crin hi<? ATif.prf-.ainTnAnt bv iion of S500.000 for th
nodding in his seat. Then, more asleep !
f ^ fr than awake, he would shnffle to one of | Queer Happ
nus o ow those sofas. First he would pnll off one E. "W. "W ail, of Niob:
boot, then think over it a moment, and on a wager, at one t
amced to show finalIy pull off the other on6i Nexfc he whisky between each (
wi e awa e, wou|(j xinbntton his vest and nnloose I'^itor ate ninety-threi
bis cravat. Then to sleep and to snore Charles W. Knight, c
... I once had the misfortune to board at j sixty-seven years of af
no discover & ?a ^r5t-class hotel. My little , since childhood. Rei
. , family shared a very desirable table in sleep his hearing was i
tu0 nvGr? &n& f j .
, . . a corner witn an honorable Senator. It I now as sharp as anybo<
hnll of fear . , . . , _ , ,1
is steps. But was in thedaysof Andy Johnson, and Three acres of land
ble a soul to the Senator was 1x1 favor- He was grove of trees, at Bell:
ion. It was very Sood-natnrea? verJ honest, very into a valley. The tre
the flashes of ^ran^ and ver^ 8reen* He was temper, perpendicular positior
e slight figure ate' dressed in broadcloth, and never seem3 to be thriving i
- ^ would bore you with too much talk. In- fton.
> carried, and deed-1 would have been Thete ms reeenUj
bridge a lew Tery agreeable bat tor one bad habit. Horaiain) Vermont, i
He followed wonld blow bis nose on the i.Javes lasting all day.
lless from as- DaP^in. The first thing he did tt clear sky and from
- ? J ja i/v /% "U7 a I nil * t 1 | V ,
g revealed her uuwu m mo w>wd iney naa. prooauiy uee
), which was was to spread f.r.t the snowy linen and whirlwind.
and she sank "whoop it up'' like a house afire. H Jn intCl a h
'atera. there is anything in the world that is 5,U(jh ie had chased
oond to spring revolting and cowardly it is an anonj- I)onaldgon of Merriw(
hnself tor not 13000 Ietter> bnt Senatorlwiote Uo twosqain.,
ire, and seiw containing simply these words: ' ,,d ? awarm o? fcM8, ,
it rose to the "Wh? dont bIt J * n?80 j honey.
OTTT,-^,^^ on yonr handkerchief instead of I _ .. ,,
ffhere he laid jour napkin?" Ithad the desired effect |
qi.. _.a you may be sure. That Senator is still Mead s pon
j^Jd^ living, though he is not now in the
fessional skill Senate. If this paragraph ever fails ^el8 >an nn
>est means to nncler his eye, he will know who it was a other fish were so
id he was re- ^at did hint one of the greatest favors nPon tiie surface,
moments she he ever received. A hen belonging <
,. , Bangor, after rearing ?
sognizing him, J ? ' ?
childish davs: Jay Gonld-'s Time. lings, ate e anes o.
m. ., , . , immediately led the fl
. .. Time is money. At least an Arkan* aDd.becominge5aSpera
in liis arms? sas man thought so. The Arhansauo j +>,?
^ - " w I WUUiU uuu aVTXi-LL, UiXi.
ng words, she Traveler says several weeks ago, when! drowned the whole brc
endeavored to Jay Gould was in Little Rock, he was i .
t the exertion visited in hi3 special car by a strange- I Coring e grea o(
2k. back faint- looking, oddly-dressed man, " Mr. ^here ^as 8?e? ?jie
i quarter of a Gould," said the visitor, "will you be ! a*3*e3 ?^8^a owani
cd he carried generous enough to give me ten min- ^ oat *r.ees' W 030
the burden in utes of your time?" "Yes," said the j 8reen 100 0T ? v0Ja
S3fe, his own millionaire, in a dry, last-year sort of j 80.1f?twenty ee ong
r terribi6 mo- voice. "Tenminuies, thank you, sir, ^ ^ .... 6 v?WSf.
Ting her into write the check!" "What check ?? said twenty holding her chi
ummoned her the millionaire, in a kind of last month *er - ere wa^ * e*&
, , , . .,t* , T,,i u i * fnrmture. Behind tl
on put to bed. voice. "Perhaps I d better explain. A
iey found the noted mathematician has calculated ! ' *e, ?ans',
derstand it all, your income to be SI per second. With j Wlt s e* ure* axK
' J , .. . r were four deer noun
in a man, he you, of course, time is money face .. ,, ,
, ? , . * them, resting on tne b<
might bejhe nta?. Now, you have given mejeu j ^ ^
enigma wm- murages, amountine, you see, tu i ,, , , , tt
? , A, ~ J m i I the husband. Hardly
mme of old. Have you got the money about you or i , _ , ,
J ? , 1 A? * water, the flat moved ?
a woman saw will you give me a check ? The mil- ^ g.
irefully chosen lionaire looked at the man in silence. ,,, ,
pitiful little "I'll do the fair thing. Make it fi79 worldly goods of a yon
i'b heart of the hundred. Hanged if I don't be easy j .f1 . no.
i .? . eight miles to go to
lying in a high with you. Make it four?blame it, say : 6
ilia and dark two hundred." Mr. Gould looked long oine* _
ver and oyer and inquiringly at the man, but didn't \ ^he Buckingham go
heard in the smile. j gink is valued at 32,00
it-Finders. 1? Germany even the smallest watch Sm
just one word to now maie from paper pulp. If possible ha
reaching! I get The recent census showed that there separate from yo'
mch in it I don't are 9,945,916 families in the United is a Poor plan to
on it. I lose my States. berries, etc., aloi
Bock* crystal, being found abundant- | i? 8X116 ^
inhere. There's \j ^ Brazil, is commercially known as ! There ai
?she can teach Brazilian pebble. j lacking in frcft
. , , Emory is so called from Cape Emeri, j ^
logy I vviiat ao ?
in the island of Naxos, wfcSre the best ~?- ? v
.st thrown her a iet-V is oblaiBed- -' Itw' "f C?n6'
atchher. There . A 'hennoineter bnried'fonr inchna tkBro
id a stick?you ?an<^ i*1 South Africa will
:to the hay?and r^se to 159 degrees. A gnc
to one side and The Athenians used to beat on brasa ! A heifer or co<
is good. There kettles at the moment of death, to i habit of sucking
d a bnrdock, and lighten away the Furies. ; v of it. A method
i siclo and goes ^ An oxalis, growing in Angola, Afrioa, *ows: ^Q-t a strc
I ^ She does not is so sensitive that its leaves close on a?onil<3 the cow, ]
";?;oa l**. * the armroach of footsteDS. * also a headstall o
g. Before morn- The snake can stand erect, climb as ? i
3d the manger of well as an ape, swim like a fish, dart ?n - eEQrciD??
d weeds, and Bhe forward and do all but fly in seizing its aVi^& a snap c
) mi ii j A P<IS8111? D6tWGGIl
ys milk in that nrey. . u
jz J nn?5A r?niiar hfivi1
,w to get it out, The ?orC8t9 of raonjcWp ZjZe Z.
now and then a the banks of the Madeira ?nd its tribu- stout wooden roc
e leaves- Bat if tarje3 yi^ over 1,600,000 pounds fastened to strap
spent the time ^ bo ^ ^
odder, she. too, - , ,
arid the milk *8 es^ma^ that at the present head around.
with our preach- rate ?*the population of the
teach yon. Get United States fifty years hence will be The^mmcan
at of it and leave nearly 200,000,000. _ a correspondent,
i a good deal of Belgian miners can perform a large I a number of yean
amount of work almost without food, ian hay without
their strength being maintained by their We are now feed
md Not*#. habitual use of coffee. * ! v
down horse with
Jtist associations Onica, a liquid which in Peru is hand- ) in iact he prefers
iontain seventy- ed round like coffee after meals, is pre- I hay, and notwit
forty-six pastors pared from maize moistened and for- i worked quite har
Ten missionaries rented by mastication. flesh. Cut up an
>s?ciations. Ia Cambria county, Pa., there are ^ave *onnd Hu
Dllander3 to E ist- tw? springs only a few feet spart, one of flesh-producer f
e so great that a which finds its way into the Atlantic *00<* uP?n which
the reformed ocean and the other into the Gulf of amount of work.
)e(;n appointed to ^0xico. | as a second crop
ition of churches. In the time of Julius Casar quarries I rje' oatB or ea:
VnrV lofejv of white marble were opened on the | enahling us
~? J
>n that there are coast of Etruria, and thenceforth Rome xu ?<?
aai city with neg- drew her supply from this place to the Possession of a g
1 their pockets to exclusion of Greek marbles. manure to apply
,-esfc churches in The amount of horseflesh consumed 7?Ur Hunearian<
in Paris last yea* was 1,670 tons and of j [aimnS a saPP1J
)ld simultaneons donkey meat about 418 tons. The offal i *Z6r' for :t *3 a ^
fions in the capi- of neither is reckoned in these figures, < heavy crop' and 1
country of the thongh it was utilized all the same for j trifcl0ns fod(3er.
meeting to dis- makiag prime country sausages. j Manajremer
ke arrangements Authorities agtee that the earliest The greatest"
r?rk* dafce be Sivea Pictorial represents pigs are subject i
ounces that Doc- "10n3 011 ^ndow glass is liter than the weaning has a ve
is wiil left $200,- year 1(^00- All colored windows before very limited pow
nt of a Methodist ^afc time ornamented by small I these young ani
?j -_iv pieces arranged in geometrical pat- j gorge themselves
I*, - : meal slops as soc
>rence to appoint * ? | nntil their sides i
tha hospital. ^ A Rotable Meeting. feeling produces
^nnn^-a .P*88*01* "The most impressive scene I ever j or(*er the
' a *?. *6 ^ witnessed," remarked Colonel "Boggy" ! Bers; b?1 118 <3i
jp e lr y new j0jlns0Elj one 0f the best known men in j 01 ?p^epsy; the j
oung men. - the Southern country, "was the meet- breath *s
ise o wcr ^ ing at Fort Ouachita, in 1845, between som'
luiona , Colonel Harney and the famous Semi- believe that
^ nole chief, Wildcat. Asiietory of the..?ra doing it alL
E the committee meeting has never bean published, those | out a 8tone 4
;he report of the witnessed the same preferring to j n_fr' ^ mox3
home missions wajfe another generation or two before r 1
>ly, we take the giving it to the public. Colonel Har- ^en r covers *ro
>uring the year ney anj Wildcat were bitter enemio3, ^at remova^
,ched the gospel an(j on onQ occasion, a few days before i ^ J16 rea\ c
sranizpd 196 Sun- ?.i.~ t i This is precise.
ehes were organ- "4Wucu.fc A aiAi 6""? - *??, .. ??increase
in mem- ?w ?UrSQlt ?f tfce 00101161 was so teeth do not can
sons. The work distinguished military man wns of it on
agj and the com- t0 S m a river to avoid capture. is Z?od tee:.'
3 in scbool-hons-s WJlldcat disaPPeared. One day, the P^3 been fee
from Idaho to ?ogg7 depofc>1 wa3 swprised at the ! &Yen all they *
) the Mormon . aPPeaiance of Wildcat ar.a ten j wo^ have been
7 i;han would a a courteous gesture, j at a time of sw
>Iumes of leeis- it i advanced> and through his ?sufficient meal i
.js. z::iKhted iatn- i _ H..
is tie ap"opria! [Zn&r ^ ^ C?'0nel HaraeJ : of
j ;;WI* __
" Are you gooa inenas r i journal oj tut not
enings. ((t Yea,' j Ucullure, of the I
raTix, ate 102 eggs ? extending his hand, which I j that plants in po
iitt:.ng, drinking ije Baj^; < qq tell him that Wild- ! hot water when c
lozen. His com- cat jg no jongsr at war; that he desires j remedy for whicl
3* to shake the hand of Harney. Go now; He says when i
)f Delaware, now I will wait oyer there,' pointing to a acid substances <
;e, had been deaf grove. in the soil, and t
cently during hi9 " I knew tliat Harney was bitter, thai roots, it acts
estored, and it is when the blaze of enmity was once small roots wil
iy'fl* aroused no waters of solicited forgive- action, consei
on which was a ness could quench them. But I went, per and young sh
aire, O., slipped I found the colonel and delivered my yellow, and the f
es retained their message,, but, darkly frowning, he re- leaves are covere<
t, and the grove plied:
? its new situ,- J^II Wildcat- that I do not wish to LTtr^aptat t
'? Dear Barton "I went back to Wildcat and ao !
a shower of dry qnainted him with Harney's reply. Ho u
They fell from seemed furiously angjy, but' said he e*penenee '
a great height, nothing. I went back to the fori; and ofYhl ,
n caught up in a the next evening, when all cf the ?, , 81mPle.r 1
officers, including 11 * were Jtt?g
ollow tree into ="der a beanHfol arbor, near a spring u,o v \
? rabbit, P.iley ? ?*water, I happened to look 1 the soil 'of ?
Jther, Ga., found toward the ravine. I was thrilled mi kt u
3ls,anest of owls, w^cat and his ten warriors came twL wT
rith nine callous marching toward us. Wildcat marched runs freely from
up to H&rney, who stood in amaze ment, periments the wa
and stretched forth his hand. Hirney, afterward it was
^ v?>t it6 with majesty, waved him off ana ex- brown, and gave
Norwich, N Y., cla.med. acti0E. After t
"V ,? 3 "'No!' the pots were 1
3fl? "Wildcat stood, arrayed io his loath- the leaves of Fi
on floating ea ^ ^ mogt pSrf2Ct specimen of a ceased to drooj
man I ever saw. He was grand. Beside spots on their lei
;o a farmer near gtood Uncle Abram, black as the three days after
l brood of duck- nf a hnrnA.i tree. Tho "warriors t.Vio nlanf.ct had
f chickens. She 9t0?a i&0 statues. Not a nmscie of look of healIth.
ock to the water, on0 m,vccL Harney, tall and cew roorf, am
.ted because they Jje9tic, looked like a state. The .igoions growth,
ew them in and officers stood abound in admiration o j Snmi
od. the scene. I The enlightenc
)ds in Louisiana "< J am at peace,' sa'.d "Wildcat. '1 finds plenty of n
moving throngh cam0 to offer you r-eace. I am at tjal t0 the succet
iongthe tall gum peace with. your fathsr. Yon belcrag to His pasture is fr.
foliage made a your father. -? havu offered you my and thistles, who
gern, a little raft hana in behalf of your great father.' by timothy, Juui
by nine feet in ?? Then, in a deep, rumbling voice,
_ ujavfe vw?v-j
i a young wife '.of Harnev, still lite a statue, replied: makes grass shor
Id. In the cen- ?<it is true that I am subject to the 0fttSj grass or coi
>f plain, country orders of the ruler whom you tern my and he often add
lis were piled father, but, sir, my hand is my own, hay when the co1
On her right, and thus exhibiting himsolf like a for milking. Ir
1 doleful faces, Douglas, he turned and said to the some of our moH
ds, and behind officers: 'Gentlemen, you do as you that a little dry
sds, an old shot- please.' Major Boa Boll wa3 the first ^sable when <
r at the oars was to advance and extend his hand. Then succulent food.
> _ ^ m J TT7* "t 1 '
t.wn it.nf ? -*
au 0I iae oxucers xuxiuwca. vvuucai ] reljgh and it abst
ilong and passed r0mained for several dajs and ate with ture wbich mT1{
>resented all tbe the officers, but Harney never extended throngh tbe exci
ng planter saved tdg band."?-Arkansaw Traveler. jew believe a litt
bad some forty- , it helps to kee
reach his formei ^ jjissonri man says his wife works the milk and
like lightning. By this we presume hs the animals: .
Id mine in Vir- intends to convey the idea that she b? in reaob> 60 1
0,000, never strikes twice in the same spot. For cnttin
AE31 AXD H03E. , eke out short pastures, 110 grass is con* | ? Terrible Tr
sidered better than orchard. It thrives ; The mardes ?
all Fruits. ^ on^a yariety 0* so^g} gr0wing anywhere J J}*?ighT, the A
,ve your fruit ga? en comaudit gets a good j Clark, from Sine
or vegetable gar en. t earjy ^ ready lor use when j by the steward ai
put blackberries, rasp- wantedi I; cnt eaily, before even j ^1, both Malay (
lg fence rows, wfcere the beaded, certainly before it blossoms, j ble affair. The
3 poor in quantity an and pr0pSriy cured by piling it in cocks j been ordered to ;
re too many large farms ^ avoiding eXp0St.re to the hot rays ; ag made them i
^ So Httle of the sun as much as possible, it ;a ! Unties. They dif
i lire tu viiie? uuu oman ,T , , , , , . , , .
conduce so largely to D0".e the Jf TaIrable for eit" !?ei cr ' Captain D flight <
eqnantly to happiness f ^7 be of cotn- in their possessio
should fail to cultivate ^ which should not be cut un . ( This was done, a,
. they are 121 fciossom, and *hich should ! been the illcenti,
* be 80 88 t0 a00683 | published accom
Ha, Beirer. t0 the roots and stalks in the develop-; mnld9r i8 a3 fo
w that has learned the m<m? of the nntri ions elements. No : ^ before g(
herself is rarely cured P0rtl0110 ? that is white be-! Dltigh(.
I has been used, as fol- efclnd1ed ,aIld 8mscK1? j feel tight. He
, . , is fit to eat.?JSeio York Farmer arid
)ng strap or surcingle . and had no aenn.
having a ring on it; put r^7nari* I Nevertheless he
n thecotf, and conneot i countably depres
Cora Fodder. ( t 3__x_
leadstall with the ring . .... arn j ne ien me aac*
by a stiff hickory rod, v 4n M"da 1,1 th? ^Uanmrror em- ^ cffl(Je!
>okat each end and \oies 80me Prac^ca! sn8Scs'I0M I .hook bands wild
thecowTforelei. A growing police among progr?si
sg a few sharp spikes 'armere oJ 5'r? 6?e ?T" uf themntinyhad c
a,ew ? p f f crop tosupply the needs of the "dry -.
n, or a collar made of sll? comes with every season. " , , Is
sixteen mcheslong, Tjje question as to which of the various
s and put around tte tbe demand quite j
animal cannot turn the ,, , . . ? . _ ; officer toofc a c
0112 generaUy answer, d in favor of corn, ^ ^ ^
and of the different varieties the . early !
arian Hoj. Minnesota is recommended for first cut* j ' ' a^ont ft
Cultivator, replying to ting, Moore's early Concord for sue- [ ^f8 a
says of this hay: For ceeding ones and the Evergreen for the j hitch Y*1*
s we have fed Hungar- ia8t. These will fnrnish a continuous < ** a , f ^
any injurious results, supply from July until winter, and if ; ~u'e'wen 111
ling it to an aged, run- prcperly cared for by protection from j c f11 8
, . . ,, ? ! commander to de
fVin tynrrr Viofit. T^ornta* l*nof frnm ** RtPPftt.lTlfl' TTiaV :
Vifcw UUPU OiiWi ~ 0, w . at
i it to the best English be used in winter. In regard to meth- i
hstanding he is being oda o? cultivation, the writer says: jthe ^into First
d he is rapidly gaining After testing the usual method ot 'orwar<^ ^rid
mixed with meal we sowing thickly broadcast, then in drills, ^ J10 was arou
ngarian an excellent i now drill the grain thinly, bo that the head from one oi
or onr horses, and a stalks shall be able to form ears; and as *ae C00^ ra^
tbey could do a large from fodder thns grown better success s ano"1?r b a 8
We generally raise it has attended our labors The cows have ??' *ho had been
after winter or spring given more and richer milk, and work- ithe .mate'a cr:
rly-sown fodder corn, i^g 0xen have perform ed better label ^be 838
to obtain two heavy and at the came time have rapidly . togeti
on. If you are not in gained in flesh and weight, even faster I deck. In
ood supply of barnyard than on good pasture. The horse teams i ??cer Lowry
when ready to put in also get one feed at night each day i ^ snd saw the
seed do not fail of ob- stalks and ears as grown, cut fine with ?^or kslp ^
of some special fertil- a feed-cutter. They are very fond of jfound comm8
eavy feeder, yielding a this feed, and taken with their daily j kne8S b? his bun
rill prove a very nu- rations they do well while the corn fod- j ^ moaning.
der lasts. The other stock, cows and " J-'116 capiam
it of Yonng Fi*? calves, are fed daily. It will take a Mr. Lowry to th
anger towhich yonng *eekor ten daJS to get tho 8BimaIs Mdh6ti6nda9il
a overfeeding. A pitr at nsed to the chan?e of fooi ^ 213
ry small etbmach and sho,Ud be 817611 a UgWl 'eed at flrst. in" attention ?' c
era of digestion, and day titt they are fed all . Lowry crying:
mals are permitted to t^TlUeaUt a time' and eat ? "P !" Lo"
. with sonr milk and . , i tarns room and
in as they are weaned The first and secocd portions of the j sword. Banning
ire swollen. This over- crop 416 U?Ual]y cnt fed green, the I deck he found th
indigestion, with dis- latest 18 cut and put ** Bhock? while i officer clinched.
iin, or so-called stag- tlle ears are in a good 8tate for boiIin?? jtwic0 07er the sh
?before the corn becomes hard, as I and the mutineei
auiucic,^ Yriiu think it better for feeding to cut thus Williams. A
gr?'! . "f63. ' ? early than to have it stand till later. I Johnson, who h
, the teeth become j followed the cul
0 persons ignorantly I steward's head
the black tpefh Reclre*. !8 8
mu * 1 i_ t, ^ a ? , , Charles Johnson,
The teeth are knocked Ginger Snaps.?Mix a tablespoonfnl ^
:>r bolt in a rough man- of ginger and a teacup of butter with a seized
tth is made so sore that pint of New Orleans molasses. Boil fej2ed the
;o eat for a while, and these together for three minutes?no I ^ied in about fifi
w* flo 1/in f*A? 4-Vio rvf colflvo- i _
ixi??? ??u0u?uu?l^uvu??.v..1.1>,1- , ideanwhile ?'n
. of the teeth is claimed tns and a quarter of a teaspoonftil of I to Mr TS
arise of the recovery, powdered alum and set aside to cool. : 5
ly your case. Black When cold work in enongh flour to ^ ^peate^s 8ae
disease ; they are a make a stiff dongh, roll ont very thin, 000^
ly, and when the health cnt small and bake crisp and brown, j jia(^ eiU(je
h are all right. Had Keep them in a cool, dry place, and they ' Francesco. Th<
L moderately and not will remain fresh and crisp a long time. ; ^ aft de^ whi
rould eat the trouble Spiced Gsapes.?Five pounds of nice : pursuer, and boi
i avoided. Half a pint ripe grapes, four pounds of sugar, on^ other with their
eet skimmed milk is pint of vinegar, two tablespoons each of time. Francesc
'or a weaned pig. cloves, cinnamon and allspice. Boil . head, and he g?
tor for Plant*. slowl?until done* | severely. The i
n known that the roots Tomato Soup.?Skim and strain onft . ward and was hi
1 in earth would stand gallon of stock made from nice fresh j by another sailor
3 be quite uncomfort- beef; take three quarts tomatoes, re- ' &nd almost instai
M. "Willermoz, in the move skin and oat out hard center, pnfc J Mr. Lowry, th<
:iety of Practical Eor- through a fine sieve and add to the ! seamen attempte
Shone, France, relates stock ; make a paste of butter and flour, | tain D wighfc. B
ts may be treated with and when the stock begins to boil stir j three hours anc
rat of health, the usual in half a teacup, taking care not to have ! gashes on the ba
i has been repotting, it lumpy; boil twenty minutes; season ! his face are da
11-health ensues from with salt and pepper to taste. Two j frightful. Four!
contained or generated quarts canned tomatoes will answer. j flicted on his b<
his is absorbed by the Best gx^.?The new beets must be j His right thumb
as a poison. The thoroughly boiled?nothing is worse in | posed that, awal
iher and cease their the way of food than a half-cooked j he seized his rev
ijuently the up- beet. When done, cut them, while hot, his head, but bef
oots of the plant turn rather frhin slices and marinade them weapon was struc
3pots with which the ?that is, let them lie for an hour the murder the i
1 indicate their morbid t^Q ^ & mixture of two tablespoonfuls ver and pointed
ases the usual remedy oil, one spoon vinegar and a small pinch during the stru
iito fresh soil, clean the of gait. Of course more than this must ever, he did not
secure good drainage, be used if there is to be a large dish of could not disch
he best results. But 8aia(j# When ready for nerving put Williams'wound
of several years has them in the salad dish with some very was not very sev
l, the unfailing efficacy y0ung and tender leaves of uncooked two Chinamen w
treatment, whioh con- dandelion. Dress with oil, vinegar, without ceremon;
abundantly with hot salt and pepper in the usual way. body was revere
* _ ?_ 3 _ - _ i_.
mperature of about Dcean s aepsns d
Dg previously stirred Household Hire*.
be pots so far as ^en molasses is used in cooking it A Ed'
5 without injury to is an imP-ovement to boil and skim it 4 ?
r is then given till it before Ifc takes ont the A 'T
. the pots. In his ex- sant' raw taate' and makes Jt almost as ?n? of ^ '
ter fir-t came out clear; *o?d as sugar. debt. Atla*tto
' m. . . , . . , he one night can
i sensibly tinged with J-^e easiest and best way to prepare an
appreciable acid re- tomatoes for catsup is: First wipe them ^ ^t^wfhe
;his thorough washing ^h a clean towel; then place in drip- ^ ^h^r *b '*
:ept warm. Next day ping-pan and bake them until they are n 0
cus elastic3 so treated tender. Then you will have no diffi- ^he^ma'*
>, the spread of black cnlty in rubbing them through a sieve, themselves at^"
" will (.otto timo >1tt nnf. Hoirxr nK!i<r<?i3
aves was arrested, ana w"* oaj* ~j ?? ?~- jonraai to-morr<
ward, instead of dying, to cut them in slices and cook for seve- form a linfi a
recovered their normal ral hours. sini, Rue Chanel
Very soon they made If encumbers are not plenty and yon Boulevard Haua
aediately followed bv tiave trouble to get a supply of pickle? ffergeant-de-ville
for winter, you maybe glad to know jIarseilles will n(
that a very nice, sweet pickle can be Rt tt;g he went
inerFeed. made by using the rinds of watermelons. , , ' _ t
iddairyman of to-day Pare them, cut them in pieces three or ^
ntntiens grasses essen. im{ ^ , team them {or flve orders .hat the
is of the dairy business. snd then hot ^ into next morn m
ee from weeds, briers _ q?aaior> ot,j ar,:na untli tte momen
, over them. Sweeten ana spice to youi -j;*.,,. ;
se places are supplied t t ttafc sub-editor (
b crass, orchard crass " been made the vi
when dry weather Eeeipe f?>' datable whitewash-Slack which was inteno
t in the pasture, he has the lim9 wi!h boiIi^ Bki? add
nstalks to cut acd feed for ever7 tllf'bn3h31 of i!cie threc Another great,
s a little meal and dry <1?arts salt' ooe-bal[ Ponna ot whiting |y t0 break ont o
are put in the stalls ?d a pound of white glue, previously West Africa. W
- - ----- - di?u?nlcAd in water. This wash to cro od ruia rwaf. w 1,
ideerl, it is thought by " " " "" . _ ~ w*
I successful ddirvmen smoothly must be about as thick as stores of treasure
' bay is almost indis- good rich mil6- AW* 0R a bri8ht ing recently hav
20ws are gorged with _ tales abcst the vi
Cows eat it with great LittIe Dcnmark> which has a popaia. tUe graveI deposj
8 s?me of the mois tion of about l.SuO.OOO, and a national "e Pr?P*nD8t0
?t otherwise pass ofi (Jebt of $28,000,000, is going to spend ,?^.C 'ma^'
vtory organs. Not a lgj 500,000 in forts and new ships o* mons wi i
le meal ne?er amiss, as war land and from th
p up the richness of * ? where the mines
[ the strength o' Lately in London, Ecgland, a medi- very poorly. Th
Salt should always cal society obtained evidence of severe the sands of the
bhe cows can lick it a:- ;ead poisoning having been caused by from half a dolla
g and feeding early, to the use of fashionable "bair waahea." in gold.
?zed? or me aea. ! THE FAJIILY oocrou.
<t Captain James 8.
merican ship Freeman Bromide of potassium is pronounce!
;apore for New York, b-7 me5ical ??"*?? ?
id the cook of the res- remedy for neryons and near*,pc headJhinamen,
was a terri- ^e, many a headaohe. it is declared
> two Chinamen had being kept in ch 01 and the seizure out
cfjir* emntinn Am-nm short if a full do*e be tsien as discom.
stop smoking opram, fortisf6l^ sioa!arly a the tieBl
mat to attend to their , , , , , , . . .
, , , , can go to bed and obtain sleep. Aga:?.,
.obeyed the order, and ? ? , , , . . , . .
? . .? . ,. . if compelled to be about, twenty grama
)?dered that the opium , , . ..... . .... .
, ,, , , taken in a little sal volatile and watex
n be thrown overboard. . ,
,. , ... , , , will lull the nervous centers, and so
ad is believed to have x, . , . . .
?'m t.V>A r.Arfihral circulation; or tec
e for the crime. The ?
it of Captain Dwight's P*13 <*oses> carbonate of ammon:*
Hows: On a Friday in ?5er7escenc8 with citric acid, will
ring to bed, Captain s?metimes 1x376 611 equally good effect.
ned that he did not ^ effect < are ever known to ensuo
? wa3 not at all sick from bromide? when aamlnisite
cause of complaint. *0re(* ^ cons^Gra^^e doses.
seemed to be unac- ^r' Fcote's Health. Monthly has thi*
sed in spirits. When ^7 on ^e causes of headache:
for his cabin he called ^mon8 the causes are long continued
James M. Lowry, and stra"1"1g ?* the eyes, sudden excitei
him. The incident ment> ^ ^ exposure to heat of the
led by Mr. Lowry after sun? remaining too long in bath, going
?ccurred. Second Offi- without a meal, alcoholio drinks, rheuoff
duty at midnight matism, long hair and false hair bo arfc
on Saturday mora- as to increase the heat of the
(resumed. The second aca^P> 8tovepipe hats, tight boots asd
up of coffee from the *&<**> ^iangtion from ferain-work, 6
n wAnt forward about I 0 dock dinners, tea and coffee _ - vi
going without sleep, and excessive exer- - v
lis time, it is supposed, 0186 01 ?W Action; "but by far th?
1 and tie cook, each lMSet 6,1816 oI he*d*che *"
dan ordinary batcher ff1 * ** *" J1 *
;he captain's room and
. , x' . , and bowels, caused eifchor by bad dietetic
)bed the unfortunate .... , ' . _ . . . . m
,, , habits or by insufficient elimination of.
ath. The murder com- ... J ... . , ,. ^
.... , . , morbid matter through the bowels, skin,
villains went through . .. _ ? .
? ? ttt-,,. , lungs or kidneys." Those who are sub*
Officer Williams'room, .~?. , , , ... . ,. , ,,
, ject to headache will probably be able
Williams was sleeping, . , , . ... . ,. '
sed hy a cat over the J?**0** """ 'Tg T?
I the assailants. Just the one which properly applies t> their
, , , . , . a., own individual cases; and when once -?~~
1 his hatchet to inflict , . , " "x
eaman named Frances- saHsfled fte c,n8e 18 in0WD' ?' 00,OTa
. attracted to the room fte rationai * ?Jyis its removal; bat.
r oi "Murder 1" grap- bedds8tllia one important thing, it i?
aaajn The four men, recommended to try more exercise, wetier,
got out on the for- of tha ,0rehe4d> m>n^e taUu'
the meantime Second Pitting the arms or feet into hot water,
I wionmri'atiniT fTlA flAay? Vr7 m?J5T?flfcia
1 heard Mr. Williams'
struggling men. He **** md> whenneeded> more***
e captain's room, and ^TUe^* < i ?^
rader crouched on his yjsh Farming1,
k. bleeding nrofusely _ ? , . .
By attaching a pump, propelled by
. the wind, to a well, says the St. Paul
's murdered!" cried p{oneer.presSi you can supply a basin
e man at the wheel, ^Qm ^ to ge^ty-five feet in diameed
back to the forward ^ ^ ^ to eight feet d6ep> with
earance attracted the water sufficient to raise several thousand
.ook, who ran toward 0r other fish. The cost of the pond
"I will kill you, you an(j appurtenances need not exceed $50.
rry fled into the cap- rj^g bottom and sides need to be cesecured
the captain's mented throughly. When the basin is
; around to the forward compi8t0j p^e in it a small quantity of
e steward and the first or floating weeds. If yon intend
Lowry cut the steward ^ ^p not place other fish of
at*?An* w.fK Vi-*a , . t , _ . . 3 niL.
UlUUOi IT4V4* unv*\*j | a predatory cnaracter in ine poncu xne
: released Ms hold of spawning will occur during the spring
seaman named Andrew months, the female laying from 50.00G
ad reached the spot, 500,000 eggs. The eggs will adhere
ts with a blow on the to whatever they tonch, and will soon
with a capstan bar. i^tch. The green scum of a partially
the ship's carpenter, stagnant pond is fine food for the young
on deck only a few jjud in the bottom of the pond is
an iron pump handle |5en6flciaL The fish will-feed readily on
steward. The latter kitchen-garden refuse, such as cabbage,
teen minutes. leek,lettuce,hominy or other substances.
incesco, who had first ^yater seldom becomes too warm for
rilliam9' assistance, on Baring freezing weather they
:un after Ljwry, ran to ^ury themselves in the mud at the ' }
hop and secured an ax. o{ the pond. .While in this
ng that his intended Q^tion they should not be disturbed.,
d him, rushed toward a 0f given dimensions several
3 latter was chased to tj10Usand fish have annually been taken.
are he turnel upon his weeds and grass grow profusely about
h"h mAT* fltmnlr at " 1 11
--- th6 borders ot tie pono, so mucn me
weapons a e same |or jn $wo yfars> tints
? "rr S Cn. ,0n, 6 yon can have a constant supply of sport /
^ ? V00 ' <SCe and food, and the advantage of a.pond
nutaneer then fled for- . .
t . , to assist in beautifying yonr home.
,fc with a claw-hammer J
The murderer fell
ltjy di8i k Loving Wife's Terrible Death.
^ carpenter, and several The most distressing death oi the
a . _ Monticello (Miss) cyclone was that ol
d in vain to revive Cap- ,r _ J '
,,. , - +tT,? Mrs. Carroll, because of the manner in
e lingered for two ot whiehitwaa bronght aboat Heiting
en expir e approaching, Mrs. Carroll,
ckof 010 head and on ^ rnahed to
scribed as something ^ ^ who
;een wounds were in- , . , ,, ,
, , , his arms about her neck. At the same .
xly by the murderers. . ., ,,, ,. , . *
J . ~ T, . moment the wind blew the timbers of
was cut off, It is sup- x, , , , . ..
, , the house down upon them and crushed
Ling under the assault, A, . - ,, ... ,.
.... them to the floor, the mother with the
olver, wmcn nung over . , . . .
ore he could nee it the mfaDtmller ae hn9band
* withe hatchet After \Ml. f'
steward took the revol- there he ohok6d h? 40 dMth- ^
it at some of the men j?S 'tabe^ did >?'eeem to tart her,
zgle. Evidently, how- b?t lockea the doctor's arm so closely ^
know how to nse it, and about her neck that he conld not more
arge it. First Officer He was conscious that he was kill:
received in the affray ing her>bnt 1111 his efforte to throw ?a
ere. The bodies of the the timbeM were fatile' As3i<rt*n?'
ere thrown overboard ^ 111 tw0 bo^-too uts!
v, and Captain Dwight's spirit of his beautiful and loving wife
intly consigned to the- had teken its %ht-?I? was in death's
y his crew. 001(1 embrace> husband felt that ^
he was in a measure the cause of hex
tor's Fright, death. For days he was almost a raving
f . ,, maniac. The babe was also killed. '
was much bothered by
who was constantly in, Horscs starapedc(i by ris]u the
gentleman's horror! Among the most peculiar and least
:arnt eiehtof the follow-1 t_ ??u ;? *ha mra0A? ?
? ?_> - j liiiUWU UOU. Ui uofauo W ?*?w W?V??V) ?
type for the next morn- Lative of snd found only in Pyramid ?
s creditors of M. X \ aD(j "Winnemucca lakes. One of the
formed that he has m0it striking peculiarities is a mane
>aying his debts, and lending along the tack from head to
r, therefore, present tail, which renders the creature so
the caisse of this unsightly that it is always sheared by
dw at 2. They will tlie fishermen before being sent tc
long the Rae Eos- market. They swim at the suriant,
Rue Lafayette and face 0{ the water, and in
semau. A picquet of ^ ear]y days ascended the river in im?
will keep order. The mente schools that filled the river from
:>t be allowed." Agiiast bank to bank. They make a great noise
to see the chief. He wilen thus going up the river and can
be city, leaving express heard at a considerable distance
ruHfmrfb shrmhi en i *
r 0?c? 0~ | j^nrn me stream. iuuii^ow *wv,
g's paper. It was onl/ | at tbe time of the Indian war, they
t of going to press that stampeded the horses of a company ol
iiscovered that he had soidiers camped on the bank o! the
ictimof a piaetical joke 8trea:n and came near causing a panic,
led as a lesson. it being supposed that the Piutes were
" charging upon the camp.
excitement seems like
ver the gold fields of Leaders of fashion?ladies of taste
hat is known as thi and refinement?have in no instance
img been credited with adopted the crinolino of other days
2, but travelers return which is said to be in fashion at che
e told such alluriDg present time; still, there is no doubt of
ealth and richness of a greatly increasing fulness of skiri*
its that large numbeis which, if kept within moderate limit?,
brave the dangers of jg far preferable to tho drawbacks and
It seems probable that ungainly lank line3 o? the other ex?
start botii irom i^og- treme. The modem crinoletto is nci?
e Cape of Good Hope, versally woru, and is both useful and
are beginning to pa graceful. The old-fashioned wire icone
native women wash strosity known as the hoop was neither
i seashore and obtain * " _
r to four dollars a d^7 Hard workers are usually honest. Is*
dustry lifts them above temptation.

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