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' w - *'V
Insratitude. j my shoulder, and dai
Han's inhumanity to man ! as to let it playfully
r Makes countless thousands mourn, J Said, smiling and s
/ An adage true for all to read ! penny for your thong
- / As d.?wii life's stream they're borne. j forgive and iorget.
s~* And there are other tbou-ands, too, j pretty quarrel, now
t Who taste that bitter food, ! You know the makir
A cinker in th<_ golden fruit ; wweetest part of it.'
And called ingratitude. j wheel1 d my chair ai
Wfk - ! have put my arm aro
[4 1 comt this as a grievous sin, j .<Did you ever 8ee ,
RA If sin it be-and worst ; jf yon've no ides
Of all that falls unto the lot j then. Sne had bee:
Of men by many ctirsed; I and pulling at the <
To strike the hand which saves and ! attached my miniatur
T?ar???f iha ^71 T, y mil rwri ! f r\ Vnw Vinn akaq
* v4^v? k>uv v*v 1/v jwu V" v.j j w UUi lCOU| lid OJCO
It is not worthy of a man, an electric machine
Be it to friend or foe. | fcer whole COUHtenar
A viper is ingratitude, "'Unhand me, si]
Ti.at on some bosom, when dare von touch me aft
T5s warme<l to life, it turns and strikes mj ? Leave the house
? A.blow of death just then. ? ! had borne a g- o
Oh: he who walks the p^ths of life, going to endure any zz
^ Ungrateful iu his deeds dreamed that my ch
Or words, is' ^ be pitied sure, temper. I replied, hi
Or shunned by castes and creeds. u 'As you please,
-William 3. XeviL now, remember, I go
? "She became whil
THF Tire instant?I had spoke
lntl iirr. knew me to be resc
her lace grew redder
with a jerk, bre&kii
'* How are you, my dear fellow ? from its chain, she ca*
John, a chair for Mr. Graham. Excuse my feet.
my rising. Tou'see, I'm gouty. Beef- " 'I discard you as I
steaks and bumpers have done it at last, hissed between her te<
and, thongh I'm only sixty-seven, I'm here again!'
really beginning to feel old." "My eyes darted b"$
" What! and yet reading a novel ?" was, for once in my 1
" Yes'; 1 was reading of a young passion; but I remea
virago who, with the appearance of an a gentleman, and, the
angel, had the temper of a demon. I my tougue. I merely
felt the more interested in the subject her good morning, anc
Decau.se sue reminds me 01 xoe cerome nouse.
of that picture?th6 ore over the man- " And is that all, Je
telpiece?'The Tiff,'I call it." "All. She repente
" I have cften heard yon say, Jeremy, and sent a verbal mesi
that there was a story connected with it. took no notice of it. I
Tell me the tale.7' Yet it was long befoi
" Weil, s'ir np the fire?take a entirely of my passioi
cheroot. John, retire till you're called myself* on the point o
?and now, my dear lad, well be as to her ; but, in such i
cosy for the rest of the evening as if ness, I called np the 1
we'd ja?t eaten a Thanksgiving dinner, inflamed with passic
and had had cur firi of turkey and what a precious life I:
oyster f-auce. ; Blet-sed be the man,' wife was to treat me tc
as San oh n Par.za sava of sleet), that first svprv nnro and then.
invented turkeys?though, to my taste, Bella would if I ma
it would be batter if they allran about, actually did drive h
ready boiled, swimming in oysters and into being a drunkard
gravy. But to mv tale. was too tough for her.
"Wben I was about twenty?that was three wives, and knew
in the year 18 contemporaneous, 1 viragos. He said not
believe, with your grandfather's mar- sbe got into a pass
riage?I knew as pretty a girl aa ever qnently, in three years
sewed a sampler on week-days, or self to death. And no*
carried her pr?yer-book to church on take another cheroot,
s Sundays. j coffee."
"Bella Bel grave was the beauty of j ' And the picture wa
the <:ibtrict. Her step was such as a : mexrorate your escape
dryad'* might be supposed to be ; her i " Jast so."
eyes v;?re a3 dazzling as the sun at \ _
noon day ; her lips were as f?w grant as , , . ..
strawberries, and twice as sweet; and i Blannfacture of (*re<
her voice?sir, if yon could have heard J Manufacture can b<
it you would ha^e fancied that a night- soon as the leaf is pit*
ingale had nestled in her throat, or that more convenient to ma
St Cecilia herself wa3 come down from piucking at once, the 1
Heaver. At twenty, a man falls in love ing the day is allowed
as naturally as he takes co smoking ; the leaf shed, spread <
and he does bcth, I suppose to prove, four inches deep, ar
himself lull grown. "Well, I soon lost tnrned over to prev-nt
zny hearl to Bella. Nor was my suit The manufacturing ][
hopeless. 1 am handsome yet, as you lows : A larpe iron fea
see?don't laugh at me, you young six teconds diameter b
' scapegrace?and of coarse, I was hand- deep, is heated aim
some at twenty. I wrote poetry, too, when ready is filled
L which won girls' hearts then just as a which is rapidly turns
? mustache does now ; and I had a pretty vent burnin-', until it I
little fortune?so I was soon the accept- sc.it, and the mass r<
Pf& ed lover of Bella. half its former size. 1
fef ((DaIIa rv/ic-L-flvPod Vvnf t\r\?k fflTilf Qfia ohrnf* mitintno
had the deuce of a temper. Now. a little on the rolling table, ai
sharpness in a wife may occasionally be panful is being pre par
very excellent, just to spice the monot- tte tea makers. Asth
ony of matrimony, as mustard spices soft and flaccid, the ro
beef; but too much of it is as bad as j the same time as the p;
l. spilling the contents of a whole pepper j there is any sun, the z
box in your plate wLen you have jast thinly spread in it un
taken the last bit of wtiat was nice on blackish green and is \
the table. Not lhat Bella was what is ; touch; or if cloudy is
called quio* tempered?I?often wish ; over charcoal fires n
she bfid been?for it is better to blow | condition. It is theD
off superabundant steam now and then, ; iion pans, 25 seconds i
than to keep it ecrewed stubb-L/nly i deep, which are only 1
down, till: 5>ome dav. a grand esoioeion decree that ihe hand a
I takes place, that; t-ends everything to ; the iron. These pans
. kingdom ccm*. Unfortunately, Bella ; filled, and the leaf is ?
took ofience easily, and then 'nursed until it has become c
her wrath to keep it warm.' She had when it is again rolled,
been so much petted, that nothing batch has ail been roll
short of abject slavery on the part of a the small pans are fillec
lover would snit her; and i'faith, I heat being gradually 1
grew tired at last, as yon shall hear. leaf is cooked, being c
"One day I had been singing to her about as before for a
j. a ballad she had asked me to write* when it is almost dry t
some of her music, when one of ber large quantity of the tv
friends came in?a dashing little crea- powder are required, il
'V? frure she was?since a great-grand- up in' bags but this is*
^ wiw Tail *1*1 4-Vivoft of r\*o
riUVUJUCi) 9 TTiwu wuwv Xiiu&ou av? f loavio ?u ^/iv
^ and fifty lineal descendants, egad!?and powders do not bring
^ I, as in dnty bound, did my best to be as young hyson and h]
agreeable. Scarcely, however, had the of which classes becon
visitor gone, when Bella, with a face the screwing. The tea
like a thunder cloud, began: for weeks in the bins b
4"Mighty sociable you and Alice colored, but we will ?
Green are," she said; "I suppose yotfre next process takes pla<
half in love with her still? I always The small pans shou]
heard you were her most devoted ed the extent of burning 1
mirer." on the iron for a. short
du . "Now Belle," I said, "don't be jealous half filled with the tea
" rapidly from side to
"Jealus!" she exclaimed, stamping sumes a light greenish
her little foot, while her eyes flashed take about aa hour
fire; "it is time to be jealous, sir, when should be classed, fani
every pretty face you meet tempts you Before being bagged f<
to neglect me. Bat I'm not jealous? the same quantity is p"
I'm only asliamed of you sir." he ated to the same deg:
"My dear, lovely creature," I began is again worked rapid!
again, trying to take her hand. But about two hours until
^ she jerked it pettishly a*ay. all the bloom it will
f "Don't dear me," she broke forth? whitish green; but if 1
you know you don't love me; you never and old when plxxckec
come here .more tfcan once a-day, while turn out yellow green,
Harry Savilie, whom I dismissed for coloring matter, usual!
you?more rool I?used to be here stone. It is in this li
three times a day, and always dined the coloring matter is
^ with us on Sundays." * lieve that the Europea
"I began to grow red in the face, I do not use it unless rec
assure you, at being thus talked to; but by the native buyers.
I mastered my rage?you know I'm a tected by taking a ham
meek man; it's because of that I was ated tea and breathinj
chosen president of the peace society? will be found thai as t
and said meekly, 'Bella dear, don't be the bloom will return,
foolish! I love you better than all the disappear in adulterat
rest of your sex put together; but you is then packed hot in !
Hfiibv. musn't expect me to neglect, nay, in- ooeed of an inner clo
stilt by my rndeness every otner woman gunny Dag, ana is ai
I meet. Once for all, let this be onder- ?tate to market. In I
^ stood between us.' wood is always used, a
* "Women's rights were not yet efficient as and mm
? thought of, my boy, and wives were ex charcoal.
pected to obey their bust aids, as nature
and Scripture comnaad. I deemed it How to be
higti time for assertmgmy prerogative, Certain doctors affir
and spoke accordingly. 4Ies!' I re- a^d to their stature.
l peated, 'yo" are ntjast; and yon a3k too limestone water, like
much, my dtar B'lla ' an(j Tennesseeaas, ow
?She n ade do answer, but sat snllei) the fact that they ab&
and f-nlky la ao attempted to take her vrhicb goes to the mak
band, and, thinking I had spoken too o*tmeai builds up th?
r harshly, used a toe e of mild pereua-ion j j t^e Scotch.
Bat she only replied by jerking her Dr< Mott said: "Fc
land a^ay, and removing her chair good, healthy and sin
from me. I expostulated with her, I chance for gro
told her how idle was her jealously, Tallness seems somct
but, the more earnestly I defended trait, and ruDs along t
myself, the farther she hitched hei after generation; bn
chair round, until she brought its task, hand, tall children ve
directly against that of mine. short parentp, and i
"1 now * ave np explanations, and sat doesn't seem to ba
silent. Her pettishness began to open about it, and I don't ]
my eyes. She had always been un- any mode of ^eteri
rca5onabiy esasting; her vanity for ever height 0f a child at a
ran ah* ad of possible attentions; and it will grow to at ma
k the jtalousy, thus unjustly entertained, a beifef, however we]
yet continually smothered by her snl- tbat the height of th
Ien temper, wasnow finally come to a two yesrs is just 1
crisis. As I stole an occasional gJance wbich it will attain a
over my shoulder, 1 saw no longer any ^ good wa^ to feel
t; t- beauty in tlat sulky face. My love you g0> aD<j nightly
I was fast cianting to anger. I asfced scienoe t0 bed with j
myself why I had submitted so long to m
her tyranny. _
''Yet fearing that I might be also in Arsenic poisoning
jg " * the wrong, though unconcious how, I traced to green color
made my last effort, after we had sat for due to red wall pape:
some time in silence, to conciliate her. is found abundantly j
For thss purpose, I threw my band over mauve and brown
agling my glove so T>EsTERS SHEEP BERDERS. dnced in pre
strike her head, I ? and lapacity o
ipeaking gayly, 'A Their Habits and PrciiiaritiM-A Mierat- Often after 1(
;hts, Bella. Come, il,8: herder finds tb
We've ha3 a very ^ Corespondent, writing from Trini- Pu/ctases ^
let 8 make it up. dad. Col., g.ves an interesting account eaten
ig np is alwajs the 0f meri g^eep in that re- f again ge?
And,^ as I spoke, I; gfon# The writer says:?Shepherds or *eav? without
roana, and would sheep heiders, the men represented by wor^e^ himsel
nnd her as of old. ^he name, lead lives far removed from 67?r,,a5f rare'
1 ^resJ !,n a, 1 the ideal or romantic course of pastoral 5? .? the man
i how Belia looked vocations. Most of the herders are lable to be br.
n sitting, pouting MaTiAjnu* mcri finfl f.hft nnwuiif: ^ offence <
hain to which was too dull and monotonous, too full oif to a dose of th'
e ; shenow sprang discomforts and hardships, and regard enc?^ by ^ear c
emitting fire like jt as t^e ^ re80rt when seeking the me^ <^reac
in the dark, ana means of earniDg a living. If compell- cr0difc am,0D<j>
ice distorted with e(j circumstanoes to engage a* a. c?Qntry, he be:
herder, an American is apt to leave hie work expose
"> she cnea, 'how pia0e as soon as he has accumulated a dire want unit
;er having insulted little fund wherewith to subsist until keeper shall ti
this instant, sir." he silall have found other occupation. the herewithj
d deal; I was not The Mexicans are accustomed to the , _
lore. I had never work from their childhood up. It is A Convi
armer had such a 0B0 0f few industries which come o'clock
mghtilj: within the scope of their intelligence Harrison street
miss, but if I go an^ energy. Omitting the handful of there ent
forever. families of wealth, it would be haTd to deredman, abo
ie as death for an find a Mexican, man .or boy, who has eigb- years o
n firmly, and she not at some time been a sheep-herder, proached the
T* , .1 i? _? i !-*A A_J .. a mil
'ThanT "VTi ! 15111 oven lne Mexicans, nauiiuawu rG ?
rr ?na' the business and regarding it as their revealing a clos
ig the miniature natural calling, generally grow weary of small, infla:
in a oms afc of its tread-mill routine after a few bones, beneath
, , , , , months, and quit work until driven by Jows, parched,
cuBcara tnat, ehe want fco i00^ for m engagement, or else s^y mustache
3vh. Aever come tfc6y beoome negligent of their charge "What do yo'
, . . , , and are dismissed by their employers, station-keeper,
j nmg at her.^ I By Americans sheep are usuallv replying, relate
if' "run" in flocks of from 1,500 to 2,000 that held his hea
abered that I was head, or not greatly in excess of the "My name is
'if e,i Ci?n u j latter number. Native owners of large discharged Sat:
bowed low, bade flocks frequently have them divided in- (Ind.) ptni
*ea lrom tile to greater "bunches" than those of the fourteen years,
Americans. Occasionally a flock of months, which
*^7 . n 6,000 or 8,003 head is seen. To one of bavior. I work
tne next day, these larger flocks there may turning up his
sage to me, but I be three or four herders. Or- long, hard, big
forgave me, egad, dinarily there are but two men for each inspection of th
re I cured myself "bunch." One of these is, in Mexican inghard made
i. 1 often found parlance, "major-domo," and the other was given mewl:
going back to "pastor." Mexicans lay much stress on I arrived in CJ
noments of weak- these distinctions, the "major-domo,", beean drinking
fision of ner face 0r "boss," expecting, and as a rule re- went down to th
^ ? tnought ceiving, the greatest deference from his with a lot of
snouid lead'f my subordinate "pastor." The ordinary of my money ar
> : * ? "Would von ]
' I iUCil'.ai: 13 ao jcii a oia>o m au. u? xu.? i ?
, as I felt sure j stincts, envying, hating, fearing, and "No, I would
tmed her. She cringine to the authority placed over man arrested on
er first husband him. When fortune throws a little *3 a pl&C6 to sta
I, but her eecond power in his hands he is given to using Assuring him
He had buried ^ arbitrarily, and sometimes with station-keeper i
r how to manage malignancy. In accordance with the done to get so 1<
hing to her when greater responsibility supposed to rest "Manslaught*
ion, and, oonse- on his shoulders, the "major-domo" of was sent down
t she frettec. her- a dock of starveling sluep is prone to best frieads I e^
r, my de*r fellow, same an air of vast importance and started from nis
and 1 11 ring for digmty^ especially when dealing with control over him
his assistant. He issues his mandates l?s^ ^he clearnes
s.painfced to com- with a severe tone of majesty, and his "I never mean
-conversation in general is as rotundly piteously. _ "I
magniloquent as he can contrive to tilled him inten
? 1 make it. When the "major-domo" thinks eled together fo
To* in Acin. I 'hat he can do so with safety he may j and me. We wi
" i even thrash his "pastor," for very slight j together. we
3 commenced as infringements of his order?. The spirit f day, ana both
iked, bnt as it is of peonage is still so strong apon the revolver, and w<
nufacture a day s Mexican that the "pastor/' although a good. 'Billy,'?
eaf pine feed dur- man in years, takes his beating without it,' and we were
to be all nipht in resistance, comforting himself perhaps f had it in my h
out from two to with the hope of getting satisfaction I didn't mean to,
td is constantly out 0f gome other fellow's hide when he oar fooling, and
heating. shall himself have attained the position went through hi
process is &i ^ol- uf a "major dotno " When a breeder of rj3y arms. Poor
jai or pan t.iirtv- sheep has his herd divided into several day and night fc
T twelve seconds flocks he commonly has an overseer or and I've wanted
ost red hot, and foreman, called by Mexicans the "cor- I tried to kill ta
witn green leaf, poral." To him the herd bosses bow as lour times, but.
d about to pre- lowly as does the '"pastor" to his im- "io-day to get sd
las become quite mediate superior. American owners would sell it to ]
jdcced tO_i>baut almoat--ftlweys have wbifco .ffiaa for _ jjne WillJ
his process takes overseers, and the Mexican "help" anything of a m
It is then thrown while doubly hating doubly fear their nind the iron bai
:<3 while the next authority. With few exceptions, Ameri- shun him and hi
ed, is rolled by cang treat Mexicans under them with an only die. I se
e leaf is peri ectly undisguised air of contempt that must be j-ow just as he li
1 ' * *-- - ?:-i-?? nrv /vorincj/1 Vi
jimg ib uuio iii extremely exasperating to vicuuio. .1^ anning
taken. If It is a migratory life, that of the he couldn't help
oiled leaf is then herders?the flocks moviag hither and had killed hiE
til it becories a thither where grass and vater can ba partner. Oh, G
ery sticky to the found. Some breeders, by virtue of They said I shot
put in chalnees ownership of the waters, claim exten- to kill bim. TJ
ntil in the same 8ive tracts o? land, and hold their sheep convicted me. .
put into smaller 0n their own ranges through they tar, the worked in the
n" diameter by 12 herds shifting from place to place at they oughtn't to
seated to si ch a short intersals. Other flocks are moved How I suffered
mnot be kept on to considerable distances from their would lie awake
i are about half owners' proper ranches, returning home ner's face look:
ept ttsrning over perhaps for. the lambing season and didn't mean to:
luite soft again, shearing. And there are breeders in a 1o sentence i**
When the day's 8maller way who have no particular outcast. My?*c
ed a second'icce, ranc*. hnt who travel about the conn- iriends, no tome
I to the brim, the try,"grazing their herds on unclaimed that
owered, ana the land, and living in wagons and tents. away 7 f|A ?
onstantly turned The herders'camp equipage is carried want to tue.
bout four hours about on donkejs?two or more of those tho ce
o the tov.ch. If a Sturdy little beasts accompanying each ge=?y to i
70 classes of gun- herd. It is not an elaborate outfit that a P
; is then screwed the Mexican herder takes with him* He 1?okhoMof
iot necessary nor Sometimes he has a rotten tent, as often sor y, sent,
as the gun- rfjthing to roof him in from the weather, was again
the same prices . " or three sheep pelts and a [Cnicago
7son, a quantity threadbare blanket make up his bed- xhe Fo
ie gunpowder in ding. The greaser has an avereion to 0n Qne occasi(
, may now be left spending nis money on things that been traveli
efore classed and would really conduce to his comfort, so , ^ fashi0n
suppose that the he humps himself up and shivers under wag fo^ghtec
? next morning, nis flimsy apology for bed covering, and ^ & fimall.
Id btj heated to in 'summer and winter alike wears the I - ?
;he hand it kept scantiest and most miserable of clothing I s
i time, and about in order that when he shall go to the , t^ k8 pr
, Which is worked piaza he may have a small. fund tone? uwrnp
side unti] it as- whereby to indulge himself with the ^ down instanf
tint, which will horrible decoction known as ^ Mexican ^ ^ ^ ^
and a half.. It" wbisky," or "Sheep-herders delight, cne one the 1
aed. and picked. 0r in the society of las mugeres o* his nrfwonte<
Dr market, about acquaintance. The sheep camp commis- 7 ^ iettir
at into the pans, gary department is not luxuriously sup- Wg ec8tac
ree as before, and plied. In Southern and Western I*ew- , .. ^
7 to and fro for Mexico, where the herds .are pnnci- ' ? liRtene
it ha3 a sumed pally owned by Mexicans, it i3 usual to ^
take?usually a furnish the herders ^ith nothing but ' ever
-he leaf is hard corn-meal. Mexican herds always in- ^e'ina^EteiT111I,
the color will elude a number of goats, which supply ions to jjgte:
and will require milk, and of this and the meal is ^nade P sndd<
y pounded soap- a gruel, not objectionable at intervals
Dut rrT^bnt' ones?but not to be yearned for as ?w?> ??"
ns inthis district f ^quent dl8h* Thfl men are at liberty, rattle, calling <
meSed tod^so fco.^i 8 their meat, of which ready, gentlerr
It is eLit dl- ^ ?e C0rn-meal 8rael these herders' roared out an
ifni a# blU of fare con8ists. By the sale of disturber?the ]
i > P0118 taken from sheep that have died sengers cast a
he damn di?foff ?l ^ beeu to be eaten, Chopin started i
but wiU entirelv f*!i her<*ers sometimes manage to get a instantly surron
ed tea. Th* t*Z L 9?fee' s??ar. molasses, or flour; ^ho entreated
2001b bm Mm. then, indeed, is heard the noi-eof feasts ^e have been J
th and a?o~ter lng.- revelrJ in the camp. In the Chopin, consult
^atSed in thif ??*tnern Part of the Territory and due in Posen al
seating the pans 1U 4thern Col(?rado, wBfere there are noble joong t
-T?.. more American sheep-owners, the herd- master; "1 *v
* l4V~ A Vvaor.o OYlli ?nma. liorses if vou w
per t?uai t^es molasses-all generally of the ' lonsrer."
cheapest and poorest quality?besides "Do be perst
i j a l. the mutton taken from the herd. This master's wife,
extensive list of edibles is of recent artist with an e
m that men may introduction, especially beyond the do but resume ]
People who drink boundary of Colorado, the corn meal ment? When
the Kentuckians regime having lasted up to a very late servant appeare
s it prob?Dly to day. The approach of railroads and daughter serve
orb so much lime immigiation caused exalted ideas about 1he travelers, tl
ing of their bones, methods of living to creeo into the posed a cheer f
i bone and muscle skulls of the Mexicans, who ' kicked*' ell joined. Th
againfet the old-established system, and lude, filled tb<
?lks who feed upon the sheep-growers were obliged to vield ' he best eata'o
jple food have the And eo the herder of to-day has his contained, and
wing to be tall, coffee-pot. oven, and frying-pan; also ^osetogo, hia
lines to be a family his camp-kettle. He is even furnished in his arms anc
hrough generation with knife, fork, spoon, and plate ^ong years afu
it, on the other howbeifr all but- the first of these are tilth s little
t rhmcR w:th which he is little familiar, tmd declare tb
rjr uii/cu j^iuw uuui o- /
rice versa. There which he is apt to regard as incum Press bad neve:
any positive rale' brances. The most noticeable charac- than the homag
know that there is terisics of sheep-camp cooking are loving German
mining from the mutton-tallow and dirt, but the herder
my given age what deaily loves the one and has no decided The loss of
(rarity." There is objection to the other. Ralph Waldo
I or ill founded, A herder's wages may be anywhere years has free
e child at the age fr?m $15 to $20 per month. An excep- him in this co
lalf the height to tonally trustworthy hand who has been something of
t maturity. long in the one employment mny even remained with
. tall is "to pay as $25, but there not many such in- difficulty in t
take a good con- stances in Southern Color*do and still going out one
on. fewer in .S'ew Mexico. In the latter searching for
_ region employers make a practice of name. She r
keeping for tale stocks of such goods articles, to wh
is not always to be sis herders :reqnire?coarse shoes, over- tive. At leng
ing. One case was all trousers, tobacco, etc. For such of a twinkle in
r, and the substance these articles as he may buy the herder the thing that
in white, gray, blue, is charged exorbitant prices, and the at once brougl
II papers. purchasing power of his wages is re- all waa right.
(portion as the meanness A BLAOI'PRIXCESS. f Straighten1
f the employer increases. | "Now, my dea
>ng moilths of work the Pen Picture of a Hay inn Lady Vi?ittng at dy^e, ' if you V
iat the seemingly trivial Xeifc-Huven. and ink, I'll loo
ich he has made have Concerning thsi^rincess Sonlonque, aDd straighten 'ei
his wages. He may now the only datuhter and the oniy sar- your idea of kee
still more into debt and viving "de?cendaa$ of the celebrated daisy expenses is
notice before having emperor of Hayti^ who is now visiting did. It's bosine
f free. Such case?, hens* jn New Haven, ayriend of the princess, encourage you in
the Mexican not jet being who resides in Haven, says : "One 'Here s the in
lory of days when he was lovely morning, years ago, I was dyke, growing n
ou^ht before tue alcalde seated on the firoad balcony of the m*-'nt. " I had tl
nt +V.of and t.rpafpd a ut^rdav. Tjftfc me
uuau .IUUU ? ZlUlCIiCiiU lUmifCOIB uuasc, uvci- V"
slash. And if not influ- looking the befetiful bay of Port into her work-baa
if that or kindred pnnioh- au Prince, in Hayti, when a lady nervously nadtr t
Is the destruction of h:s oq horseback Bfifed up in the .do you
the storekeepers of the roadway, and inquired, in clear English split up my finge
ing at any time when out and musical accents, whether I would demanded Mr. * p
d to feel the pangs o! accompany her to$faecity, a distance of the pen. I want
}ss some friendly store- about seven milesyC She explained that ' put it so
ust him for the price of it was just twelve jnonths since she had >poopendyke.
il to live. similnrJ / preps reiL^iterself for a horse- Now, you s^e,- si
??? back ride to The Jady was what money I pp<
ct's Life History. the Princess Soutouque, daughter of ^3.Jour account
: last night the door of the Emperor Soulnipque, who was driven
station opened tlowly, from his throne years-ago. Her face What is this.
ered a tall, stoop-shoul- was of a dark coiorr-."but the features ^eut
thirty-seven or thirty- were softly molded^ and a fine ^ That s your a
f age, who, as he ap- set of laughing " teeth, nude her . -No, no,imea
sta-iion keeper's desu, appearance prepossessing, She wore m the second lme
e-brimmed slouch hat, a jaunty white^ inrban-i-hat, with T
ely-cropped head, a pair an immense card^^'-jC^tSa-her float- .77 porer, ,e,7er
__f_ v.:-u .vlu : l I with a tail 1i>a
Lii?u cjw, -uigu uiiccii.- j lug away uenmu i^;a ouijpa pejimtuiij. " ~
l which were great hoi- Her riding dress wis of sky-blue silk, S01DS to make fig
thin lips and stubby, very loner, and trailing in the dust. ma^e fignres ? W
). Aruund her waist jpas a gold fa-h, and a picture of a priz
a want!" demanded the in her bosom fchs wore a sapphire brooch accounts for? W
and the stranger in of much more than the usual size. Her doing here?"
d a story of his own life diamond earrincrs were brilliants of th9 think that's
irers almost spell- bound, first water, and WQfth at least $30 000, Spoopendyke, dut
William Hayes. I was and a necklace of the same gems, whose a ^ can ky
irdayfrom the Michigan value might be foughly estimated at "What are yoi
tentiary, where I served $100,000, edded considerably to the 7e count in this
lacking a year and two rjchness and spfeador of her apparel. r0.se hush and this
. I gained by good be- She was mounted on a Venezuelan D'ye add them in'
;ed in the cooper shop," horso, about sixteen hands high, , "That's a 6 and
bony hands, with their which was made Ja present to her by J*8*1 *s arJ The
-jointed fingers, for the the president of Venezuela. The horse and during the h
e officers, "and by work- was sjs remarkable-as the woman on his spent more than I
$800 in extras, which back, He was a ^lear cream color all together."^
ten I came away. Today over the body, wijfe. a long snow white "Haven't either,
hicago, and, like a fool, main and taiigjend most admirable ^is broken-down
; whisky. To-ni ht I shape.. The ladyjs- riding whip had a "That ain't a be
e Lake Front, got mixed gold handle, sodded with precioua
f.-.'n arVi a nnd ntrtnen nVioin tit a a r\( ! ' ; WelL this tran
id a watch and chain." solid silver. Shejwore yellow leather wben did I spend ]
jnow the robbers ?" gloves, with gauntlets extending as far " It ain't a tram]
not. I don't want any as the elbow. Jiffer voice had a ten- an(* ^ don't i
i my account; all I want deoc? to 'falsr-tt^iijd its tones were ps- ^ *or- Liok at m]
y to-night." culiaxly entertsi&ing to the ear. The " What's that ma
that he might stay, the princess, at the&me I met her, was " It's nothing of
isked him what he had twenty-fire yejaci old, and was living a f?r ^
Dng a sentence. with her mothfe the empress, under on'7 spent $22 in i
2r," wa? the reply. ."I the name of Kigie. and Mile. Lubin spent $184 '
for killing one of the The invitation promptly accepted " Y?u can't tell
rerhad." Here the tears and soon onefof the best pacers in done," ^ growled
eyes, he seemed to lose Minister Boss^t-s stable of a dozen 4' What's this rat-tr
iself, and his statements horses was sadSled and brought out. account?"
is that they had at first A.mite or so btgfcnd a shallow river that " That s fourtee
,t to kill him," he cried, fell into the ba||r>f Port :m PriDC?, we y?u w^re 81C^
swear to God I never strucic the Clump de Mars, a broad " ^D<^
tional'y. Wehadtrav- grass-covered on which the what has she got to
r eight years, Goodman" troop3 of the re^jjolic are semi-annually ".That^s no her
ere partners and always ! reviewed, andcjfchere, on the 1st of mean's S2 for ]
were at Kokomo one i April in each-^Jear, a great military mended." #
drank some. I had a i festival is hep: and every officer " What have yo
3 diun't think it was any j in the Hay tier;" army appears in the this old graveyard I
avs lie, lets go anci try most gorgeous iniform he can command. " -mats un.?eu c
going out on the river. It was on this 2?i$d level plain?level as r,'cs- The 15 ain't j
and, and it was cocked, any billiard Uolfc?that I got some id^a ifc ? "
, but it went on through of the prince&3*skill in horsemanship. "How do you m
it shot him. The ball The moment tie horse she rode struck *pent so much ? W
8v. a,Q(* k? died in the plain it Became evident that he Show me the vouch
boy ! He s haunted me had been higWp trained in cavalry drill, *' I donVknow w
>r these Jong, long years, for he threw iis forefeet in the air until Mra. Spoopendyke,
to die, oh, so much! his head wa^-klmoct vertical with his I pat down/'
yself in prison three or and waltijd around in the fashion " Haven't done ai
L didn t do 11. I tried peculiar to thSiv-ijOjses l>elonging to the Show me some vouc
me poison, and no one military offic Jfn^the;S|)ani9hand South all humbug. You
P2?* . American serSgse^ The princess kept Keep an account."
tielD. me; >??L_ .?r ?{rrx^.
lan after he's been be- possession, ana wlter^sfae' found her dyke, 'and I thmfi
s the way I have. They horse rath*1" inclined to indulge in the " No, you don't,
ite him. Oh, if I could wall 2 for too long a time, she gavo him getting up engrj
e his dead white face a vigorous touch of ter whip in the hand furniture stor
ly there. J picked him flanks, and, checking her reins, brought it's my account ? 3
im to the doctor's, 5ut him to his feet and isent him flying keeper, you are. A1
> him. He was ae*d. I across the Champs de Mars. I thought kuno between you 1
a. My best frigid, my my horse was a good one, but it soon 8treet to be a
od, I didn't ^ean it. vraa made clear that there was no horse I ever fail in bus
him be can& I wanted in the island that hac": any chance of 211 you up with t
ttey tried p? and they competing with that of the princess, night school. Give
And year-*fter year I've After passing the bridge and going Spoopendyke
old prip>u, feeling that down the main street, men and women aP the columns. '
have sent me there, flocked out on the sidewalks, the ?ight twelve and fc
, I fR>w in the night I men with their hats ofl and the women oQe to the next and
an* see niy poor part- waying their handkerehiefs in honor of this is wrong. Y01
[n? at me. He kt^ew I the prijices3. Though presumed to be for a twen'y here."
he knew it was wiong republicans of the reddest type, and } " Eh? " jerked or
y And now I am an the very men who turned her father off , \ ,
ineyisgone. I have no his throne and sent him into ezile, couldn't keep aceoi
i, not one in this world they appeared to have hearts to feel for add up.'
i. I didn't want to come the gentle and innocent princess, and " Tnat makes yo*
I want to go back,- I for her own sake solely this demonstra- ger," replied Mrs.
tion was given. I returned with the didn't think it was
and the officer led him princess in the evening to her residence Slam went the bi
11-room, where he wai? in the rear of Minister Bassett's man- followed by the pe.
provided for lodgers, sion, where dancing and singing oc<m- have^ gone too, but
the bars in a caressing pied the evening up to midnight, and cautiously placed 1
^emed to feel that he the princess made herself the most "Dodgastit! 1
acme. Poor fellow.? agreeable of all." dyke, as he tore on
f ? pared for bed. "I
Something for the Barefooted. pen a>.d ink. Next
wer of Music. Country boys, as soon as Nature kept I11keep em
)n, when young Chopin dg hJer carpet of green, usually beg yard, and don t yo
ng for several days in fcQ (?Q ^ref00t, and, inasmuch as rusty bear me
of German dihgencies, na-ls proiecting from old pine boards Yes, dear, sij
i and snrpnsed on stop- n6VeT ~et ont of the way of approaching dyke, as she sllPP
post-house, to discover ^arQ fee1. many aI1 urchin goes bound- mt0 a diawer. B
rte in one of the rooms, . 0g> one f00t jn the hand and a
urprised to find it in loob 0{ angaish on the countenance. A Inventors of
obably to the mu? Tal wrjter in the New York Observer comes TVinnah historv
t0 the rescue of all such sufferers, and nr^-I"V ~a as ly
!ih prescribes something which can be 4.0,-1. onnfnrws/i Vpp
Liarly happy manner- ? ~ "-B , * ? that equipped ves
;ravelers were attracted ? ** * a'Week passes" he sa'Vs femained *?r the
1 sweet sounds, one of B.I a wfeK passf?' ,^e 8373 harpoon, the xei
,ghis beloved'pipe go XmHnYX?. diSTS
y. The postmaster, his pPers 80me , ,, , , ?! 0 and with them o
o damthto joined the tetanus, commonly called locklaw f reTOtdillg the
18. Unmindful of his br?"8h' ?? ?>7 ?mo shaip instalment IoJed in the
.journey, the lapse of being stack m the body-uscalty a nail ^?4 airect w:
rthing but the mnsic, ?n the foot. Such wonnds will genet and ,. a3
;d to play and his com- f.11? P ve harmless if the following & the ape
a in rapt attentioD, when liniment be properly applied : Two ortioned t0 skill
inly roused by a sten- OTCCea ill0oh.ol1j two ounces oil of or- giscaTails at first
ich made the windows 8???my?nelbaB-o,uiiMtanctuiec>f cam- with -seeking whl
jut: "The horses are f . 1 was once <?>led to see a b^y 8e bnt ^ tll<
;enl" The postmaster ^ scarcer, the 1
anathema .against the f^t) m oc,t> Ee appeared to and eought
postilL?and the pas- be in intense agony, and his foot was home8> Bnt 8gIa,
ngry glances at him. considerably swollen. I opened .he abandoned the p
from his seat, but was ?ound so ttat serom flowed a little only sent ont ^
h* hi. audience. ^ I nine years later, i;
him to continue. "Bnt ooi?n cioin, eigui-pi,, ?au ;i.?uu8u.j togeth(P tMs B
here some time," said I'mth ""> liniment and they had b
ing his watch, "and are bonnd it on the wonnd, giving .netrnc- the Dntch tnrce.
ready.'* "S(av and play, ,tIom' t0 'enew the application eTery and
jrtiav cried the post- two honrs till rehef be given. In 8.x 9hips and 40,000
ill Rive yon couriers' houre I called to see the boy, and he Xh?T e7en fonDds
ill only remain a little "as oot in the yard playing, and suflered SjeereIlbl
no more from the wonnd. ^n?*7*nh*TOPn w
u>ded." began the post- "The liniment is good for any fresh * h iorth'po
almost threatening the f-? d ^ ch an abnndanc
mbrace. Whatcoildhe famUy onght to keep a bottle of t 1 ship3 were Bent ,
his place at the instrn- aow'i,?l 'hat "5 tTT v?borne the snrpins
at last he paused, the P?vent lockjaw; bnt I do> Jieve that, shj,iD? Tessel.
;d with wine; the host's if properly used, lockjaw wonld aeldom oronslT atticked.
id the artist first, then ?*? experience of nan? years lnrkin'g-place, ?
len the postmaster pro- ?>re ?ot known of a case where the ?blD(jonJa h, the
or the mnsician, in which hmment waa used. The linimen j. 0j gv e
e women, in their grati- ?n8h'?t0 bi n8ed tl]1 a cnre M e?" The plain harpt
3 carriage pockets with 1 M early Dutch wha.
les and wine the house Mrrk Twain and t he Pa;ro1. There have been
when at ^ last t^e artist Ma.kTwain a "magnetic ??*???*??
gigannc nost seizeu mm floctor?? jn Hartford the other day, and ~ , , n
bore him to his carnage. drawled ont. ..x ?J?v aU t.h
ward Chopin wonld re- ( maglletism. "What do yon lh?".?a?'
incident with pleasnre, h ? aollar8 a primitive Datch
at the planmts of the chr0|ic CMe,? 8add the doctor. Twain T
r given hiiD more delight -dit t' h d t away phootinS whales,
;eoUheserimple,mnSic. &%???Moo?apS "?? 1? fifi
6.?[Good WordB. 0Bted h t|e acct0]. Mid htm^ ^ attempts have
in the hail, screeched out: 'Go home h,m an.eiec
memory experienced by you old fool; go home!" Twain, who Wfr yet ,
Emerson during his last supposed that it was the doctor thus comparable to a
[uently been spoken of addressing him, wheeled around and dere,roJls arms',
nncction, showing that demanded, "What der yer mean, sir, vmted t0 * 8 .
the element of humor by such a reraark 7" The doctor bowed 8?em~ f,in-J
him during times of his i0wand repaid. "I beg vour pardon, of sufficient force
ius respect. As he was Mr. Clements, but it -was this igentle- ber the boat J
-loT.Vi.o^oTiBlifOTcnmhim /nnintino fv^ tha ^arrr.i.) ?
something he could not w^0 made tba remark." The doctor A concert at pt
5??k<?ea two?r three afterward said: "I wish Mr. Clemens Boston Common
lchhe returned a nega- couM work that little incident info one noo i in Summer.
M? aS * ^ ^ of his books. It would be funnier than tion by tne the (
his eye and said : "It is anything he ever wrote." pie at'first, but il
^ a i- r ?7? year it is fashions
brella, and A litt:e wator in butter will prevent it music on the waj
from burning when used for drying. services.
nsr the Arconnts. About Earrings. j A T7o
r," said Mr Spoopec- It is, fortanaiely, an obsolete custom ! The st
fill bring xne the pen to wear rings through the lips and in j writes a '
k over \ our account? the nose, says a French writer. I do ! come to
m out for you. I think not know why we should have main- J week, anc
ping an account of the tained the fashion of w< aring earrings, to call it
the best thing you ever An English anthropologist hes dis-i of it, a 1
ss-like, and I want to covered thaz the custom was derived j eminent 1
it." from the worship of the sun; in our j hnsbind
k," said Mrs Spoopen- time, at least, the fashion has no idol- S'ates ar
idiant at the compli- atrous character. It is now but a con- Richards,
le pen day belore yes- J ventional adornment, against which re- j went to Jj
tiia?.' And she dovf action, wnen ic comes, win De mucn r^mmuea
sbet and then glanced easier. The matter concerns the fathers brother, a
he bureau. of families; they have only to forbid When she
suppose I'm coing to the piercing of the ears of their young summer i
r and write with that?" daughters, and soon the fashion would terrier, a
oopendyke ' Where's fall into desuetude. For my part, I low, with
the pen." think these costly ornaments mar the ways witl
mewhere,'' said Mrs. beauty of a well-made ear; and as She carri
Ati! here I have it. pretty ears are by no means common, her arms, i
le continned, "I put earrings inconveniently attract atttn- her, carrie
end down here. This tion to ears which might to better ad- him to'bei
here, and this is the vantage be concealed. Perhaps it may It seeme*
du know?" be urged that, in such a case, they eccentricii
" asked Mr. Spoopen- afford an agreeable relief, and that the Three i
jewel is more observed than the ear the way tc
ccount; this?" which wears it. Well, there are few sick, and i
n this marine sketch evile that do not serve some good terror. S
?" purpose. who was
iat's a 7." Among many savage tribes this orna -v home imm
spent seven dollars meat is^reaerved to the male se^.- In He repliec
that to it? If you're the Pelew islands the men pierce one She told
;ures why don't you ear only; the women both ears. One ously llL
hat d'ye want to make may yet see, along our ccasts, sailors once she
e fight in a column of who w. ar rings of gold in the ears; bat messages
hat is this elephant the custom has never become general, will you ;
and is even now disappearing. "K. is dyii
. a 2," replied Mrs. The ladies of our day have main- best docto:
liously. " Miybe it's tained the fashion within tolerable refnsed to
adding it up." limits. One seldom sees, nowadays, She hired
fa/1 +Vio+ tttatiI/3 i niorl inef 1
1 LU auu up I 1 COHAUgO DV vuau lUOJ TTUUIU M*V%?| I
corner lot and that | pass mnster for antique vases. The She bough
pair of 8U3penders? elongation of the ear does not appear dead pet a;
?'' " to be desired, although this deformity weeping ui
that is a 5 and Ihe inevitably results under certain con- She wanto*
j come out all right, ditions of the tissues of the ear-lobe, friends wo
ist month you have which, in some cases, may support with on the sec<
and the joint account impunity a relatively heavy weight; in the rosew
other ca?es it develops immoderately; loved rema
When did I spend and in still others it has been known to bore it awi
gunboat ?" . be torn outright. tery.' I fc
at. It's $42 for your A lady of my acquaintance, subject to well, but d
frequent attacks of erysipelas in the great afflici
? ' ^ ' ?- - _i n \rA
ip nsamg on a rocs, iace, was compeuea to aoanaoa ice i '""w -? "
aim ?' wearing of earrings, because the irri- sequel I h
?. It's 850 cash yon tation produced by the ring brought on j sister. Afi
:now what you spen a recurrence of the disease. Dr. Saint* j remained
f account, now?" Yel mentions an affection of the lobe of after shedd
m pulling a gig for ?" the ear produced by earrings?a sort of fourteen p<
the sort. Tnat ain't! tumor, which increases in intensity weeks, shi
'iggin. You see I've after washing the face. The disease is gone to lr
a month, and you've found more particularly among ne- attached to
gresses. tells them i
by this what I've It was more particularly among the The captaii
Mr. Spoopendyke. aboriginal Americans that the fashion relatives ar
ap doing in the joint of wearing absurdly long earrings ex- mental co:
isted. The Peruvians wore them down what to do.
n cents for fruit, j to the shoulders, and similar customs canine rea
have been noted elsewhere. O'ok re- Pr* ate sex
ly-looking old hen, c-.rds the fac" that among the inhab- pose, in*t
i do with it ?" j itanrs of the lie de Paqae? the ear& were Greenwood
t. That's a 2. It j pierced with holes unffl -iently large about it on
having your chair j to admit of the introduction of the five i The lady,
I fingers. This dilation was obtained by i intelligent,
a charged me with a leuf rolled tightly and inserfcd into I a volume o.
for?" the opening, and when the ornamental ents
for sleeve elas were withdrawn the fars hung down j Treasures i
ilain, but that's what | the back like rags. It appears that the m. '
j inhabitants of the islanv in question .e ?'uac
ike out that I have ; have had the good sense to abolish this Pr^Tince
here's the vouchers? ! foolish custom. i ^"Hins
lers." ! Ia New Zealand the natives wear in i' 0
i?* ?? ? ? ?:i ii...: - r _ ! ai.c^d. Jarge
uaij jruu xucau, s?;u. cans pieces ui cium, uiui>, raius,iu , "but
yoa spent ail which are attached smail packages or ; <3.luri'er ?
bandies, seizors, needles, human teeth j e*cltei^ent
ay thin? of the sort, and nails, dogs5 teeth, etct, eta. It was \ cmi--? Ly
hers. Your account's no uncommon thing for the women of | S0D?e f
don't know how to these tribes to insert in their ears rings j ^atjlv,e> 111
'r0^ three to four inches in diameter, j
What do you mean Malabar pendants have been observed ! crna
Lyings of a second- which weigh over five ounces, the per- ^ EeU'hbc
e and claiming taat foratiin of the lobe ot the ear admit- ^ Sn0t ^
fon're a great book- ticg the pa-*eag9 of tbe fist. . eemeteiv a
1 you want is a sign The Neo-Caledonians irritate their nrdnet
and the other side of ears so badly that they finally lese all taitiea larprt
commercial college, human form. Among the'savage tribe
5ine?s, I'm going to the men atrach to their ears pieces of ta
lenches and start a wood, tortoise shells, which being ^ous^
me that pen." And curved into a circle before being intro- annuajj7
commenced running duced in o the holes, unbend like a t norj;ae
Two two's four and spring when left to themselves, and ^ere "th
tur sixteen and carry finally give to the aperture of the ear ^Uiou. j
I three is four. Here, an opening of nearly three inches in ^.gg' ^
1've got an eighteen diameter. The women also split the ^ro]^ re
ear"lobes aiming to transform ?hem into tjve an^qo
it Mrs. Spoopendyke.' strips or thongs of more or less unequal ^av0 pro^(
ot 8184. I knew you length, which are afterward submitted tion8 cf n,
ints. You can't even to repeated tractions, and are finally
drawn down to the base of the neck. t ^ ear
ar account even big- As a r?le the lightest earrings are the hammered
apoopenapKe. "x oest. m mj uuuwv upuiwu uu&; gired form
so much/' also more graceful than the ear bobs goarce
Dok across the room, copied frcm savage nations. And if a tvem are
q, and the ink would lady has not had her ears pierced I fail beincs
? Mrs. Spoopendyke to understand why she should load heads c
t out of harm's way. them down with pendants kept in posi- craY.fi3h b
lowled Mr. Spoopen- tion by mere pressure or otherwise, "jhe maiori
f his clothes and pre- The pressure is insupportable, and by eve}efc3- fo:
on ain't fit to have a this means a woman wrongfally de- J were
time I waat accounts prives herself of an originality that is 80Dai
i chained up in th6 not without its charm. tinent a
go near 'em; you ? * _
Concerts in Asiatic Russia. gtra
ajhed Mrs. Spoopen- Mme. Artot, formerly of the Grand Tu t
d the obnoxious book opera at Paris, writing of her first con- on9?8 0Wn
'ooklyn bayle. : cgj-t at Kislar, says: Just imagine _ a re]isbes be
1' I large hall completely crammed with gQr
Fishing Tackle. j men in the most fanta^ic attire?one 0| a
indicates the Basques wrapped m a snawi, aiower muiuou others can
le first civilized race ^ a thick fur, a third with an enormous That pe<
i?els for whaling.it bearskin on his head?all wearing broad erea fr0^
Dutch to perfect the girdles studded with glittering rows of t b
3l, the line and the daggers, knives and pistole, and most [nc?es exij
ae ax? of using them ; of tliem holding a lacce in their right Tfcafc D
riginated the system hand. Sactl was the full-dress costume ^ at eyer
officers and crews worn by our patrons at the concerts at 8n0t,trnsr
pursuit of the whale, Ed"- Their approval of our efforts 8t0 and
ages, but with shares wa8 signified not by applause, but by
they are technically shrieking and howling like wild beasts. flcW &nd
ils of the game, pro- The programme on onr first night was himcelf ^
and experi?nce. The fullJ esPlaiced to tte andience, and his own K)
contented themselves carried out to the letter; but when it That wh
lies in the adjacent w.as concluded not a soul moved from a dozen m
i persecuted auimals bis seat. We were in no little embar- f;]jemge]ve,
ooldest of them sailed rassment as to what we should do. My ^eive's jnj
them in their ow.n icy busband (M. Padilla) accordingly sang knowof hi
dually the Bixcayans several additional pieces, and the hear- That g(
ursuit. In 1735 they ers ever7 time roared with delight; but weatll<ar tl
or twelve vessels, and 8tiI1 not a soul stirred from hi* place. declai.Q tl
a 1744, abandoned al- At length my.hasband and X escaped ^ tii l
ranch "of commerce, from the platfo m. leaving our accom- never<> *
een first to open. But panist, Herr Sternberg, behind. At That h.
I the fishery to good breakfast next morning he related his . , '
. . Arrananrtiw 14a had never had. he .
early as i :?U fcud i ?
sailers engaged in it. j 6a*d, 80 much practice at night before. "Vilu*L a'
id a fishing settlement After our witlidrawel he went on play- e.nllfit3teni
irgh, on the coast 01 inS whatever came to him first?
ithin eleven degrees waltzes, marches, studies, finder t-xer- t f
lo, and took whales in cises?and could not satiny his hearers put ? *?.
e in its vicinity that 11M three o'clock in the morning! "Tue
out in balla-t to bring ! people of Kislar, bow-rver," cuntinn<s l?nn-s *
oil aud bone above the Moie. Aifot. '-are no mere Platonic ad- f?? :}aro
The whales, thns vig mirers of mn>ic. * After the second con- I {J ' c
apjain changed" their tert a deputation waited on me, and in \ ' are' .
.nd Spitzbergen was t^le same of the inhabitants, presented j 244 mos'i 1E
fishexman, so that the n-;e wi?h a jare helmet ornamented with j
renbargh is nnkuown. i diamonds and pearls, and oating irom I _
>on employed by the j founeeoth cen*urr. At our first. Oae by
lore in nriii ns6 ! concert at Baku, on the chores of the i motions ar
? i! exueri^nci
various modifications Caspian, too, one ot our semi oaioanau
as harpoons with one Patrons, who had bought a five-roub.e st>irve"
joints, others barbed, ticket, soon convinced himself that that ^afefe-vJ tfc
use, after having had was a totally inadequate aeknowleds- 1
iven way to the plain, of our efforts. For after the stc- c?we *? a
weapon. There have on<^ piece in the programme had been x
chines constructed for pe'fwmed, he rose from his seat, pro- f^r0ZeI1'
and contrivances to cee^?d straight to the cashier, and with a se:
up, and more recent tears in nis eyes, paid him down twenty- peE*? ^
seen made to conquer five roubles more!" * bas show:
trie shock ; but noth- 7] . ? ~? posed to i
fabricated that is at all AdvertiMUi,' for Office. gradually
pair of nervous and Here are copies of two advertisements twenty an
more especia:ly if Published the Washington Bepub- brought i
rr,,r jean : died; oft
nearc. xne aimcui*y 810o.-A ladv with good indorseconstructing
a fc.rpedo mectg ^ g[V0 S100 for a good, per- *ed-[D
: that will no- incum- manent p0fci ion ,n one 0f the depart
Ls tize and weight. Qents> r Address G. G., Republican Tee fax
' office. tector wa
iblic cost is given on Will give fifty dollars cash and twen- Williams,
every Sunday after- ty-five per cent, of salary as long as ancient V
There was opposi- retained to any person procuring me a of the
Orthodox Church peo- position under the government. Address create^
; has died out, a ;d this ?'Money," Republican office. His son 1
ible to go to hear the ? and took
r to evening religious The failure of one man is the oppor- well, tho
tanity of another, esafc of w
m. n?s Strange Infatuation. ( WA*HIX(rrc>"'S HOXE.
rauget-t case I ever heard of, ? ~ ~
Sew York correspondent, has ?fc Vern<? ^ T-day-Tbe OK 31m- Jg
, , , , r . hio:i ar.d Ii? Gai j<wttes?
my knowledge during the hst | A11 the afrtiirs of Mc. Ve?wm ^ at.
I I don c clearly know whether t^ded to bv Wi a cjrre3.
insanity or what. Toe subject wnd2Dt; The pn>* paid for th<M>lan~n7'
" ,t}Je aanfhter 5* '111 ration in 1860 <ra* S200.000, not a Lrge
jiu.ed Sta ?s senator, and her gam^ considering the v?lns of the ;>iace
is a captain in the United and accessibility to Washicgron, and
m \ Captain not on]y jjgg 6verv cent of the indebtedThe
captain and his wife negs b^n paid> b'uc it is more ,haE ^lf- J
ipan two years ago, and she supporting. Every Visitor is charged a . "|?H
8 yTr a;71 l?S--^+1, dollar for entering the grounds, which,
naval officer stationed there cnnR1-dftrinff the manv thou^nd visitors
iV>n ^ - t ? V- annually, is in itself a handsome income.
she brought a dainty-looking r-ftT1Arflf-' ft ^ Mt y^mon is 1<* k- >|
coal-black, slender little fel- ^eneral'7 a 7181,1 ^ Vernon is lot* ^
eves 1 ike beads. He was al - ^ Up0n vefV mQC> as a K to one 8
. A &reat atmt Which has more of daty than
ei bim abont the rtreete^ Plearare? bllt> without being either an.,^, M
? ? *v!'f m.?? antiquarian or a genealogist, there is an
3^??h?w!^?j25 eitreme intereet.tmlitethat string?JS
*>* muscnm full of General Washing- :M
J ? ^ ! clothe,, investing the plaol ;!
Ito ner mends a harmless So far has it been restored to its cmgiMl :jf
? .lTr. , .? ...,, condition that the whole bome tife of
? &&*,8 General Washington and his beautiful, M
kf 1 ' r3 ? ?ndden]y shrewish' wife is repealed. The hanse J,
e was thrown into great, jg ia beantiinl repair* and - $aB
he telegraphsto theoaptam, chaij. M(J table ?? 'M
absent in Pittsburg, ''Come r;.^ jn ..nt w;tv ''$ak
tuHakoiv WaWinlUihiA." ff*gispatw^icon^tionsregard /
. in uie exact pu*ce. & ocvuyw uui- saw*
[askmgwhatwstheBBtter. fc-?,V??W?cT3f'???
ton that Kuita was danger ae ^ with ita broad, open
*. vit j?no t^xn-ai stairway, (the people in those timeeh&d
sent half a dozen frenzied a royal diiregS^for spice, and did not
one after the other. mind capacious halls and innumerable
get? ilfere Come at once. 8tairs3) the first object to be observed
lg, etc. She sent for the ig a glass case hanging up, holding a
cs obtainable. Three or four great iron Ifey-thekey to.the buSL
mmister to the little sufferer. ^nt to Washington by Lafayette- Over
a nurse for him^ At last he tbe 0f the state dining room is a . - V5:
before the captara got home. brass bound field glass, laid on its
,a. 8.T?:doilar coffin for wooden perch by the hands of General
ad laid him out in white silk, Washington himsdf, and reverently alicontrollably
day and night. lo^J remain there ever since. No
,% r^ularft??ral? b'at her one has touched it, except to dust it,
aid not permit it; and finally, for ninty-eeven years. The state dining
ana day thereafter, they tooK joom c.-n tains the celebrated portrait of ^
ood box containing the be- jfcembrandt Peale of ''Washington on , ./j
ins of the hairy chenib and horseback," and the equally celebrated
ly in a carriage to the ceme- by Gflbert Stuart, I believe, of the
now the lady and husband 4'Court of Washington," in which the
id not see them during their general and Mine. Martha stand on ft
tion. Nor have I seen them ^ while the flower of the continental.
st of the above facts and the army and the beauty of Philadelphia
ave learned from the_ ladj's ouster around them. In this room is
fcer the burial Mrs. Richards a yg^y elegant antiqne marble mantel
unconsolab'e, and Anally, -^hich was sent to Washington, but caping
oceans pf tears and losing trued by Barbary pirates. When they
junds of flesh in these three found out for whom it was intended
e has left her husband and thev put it on a sailing vessel and sent
7e in a "mourners' home" it back to General Washington with
d a Catholic convent^ She ^eir compliments no* donbt, but
she has lost "a dear friend.' its vicissitudes the maxble got
i and her father and all her a tremendous crack down the
e in mnch grief about her middle.. In another little room, called ^ r;rja
ndition, and scarcely know Cuitiss' sitting-room, is the harp- . ^#3
I am told to-day that the gjchord presented to her by General
lains were deposited by a Washington on her marriage. The
ton taken along for the pur- harpsichord i s an immense machine, . as
;he captain's family lot in lavrr^aa o mni^flrn orn?)d tliftTin. ATld thfl i-.
& ** ?P/?ar <>st investing thing to' study in" the il
r 2tL?^?therpr0priet01;-- worid- ? hJ three banks of keys
fl-J hL'nt like an organ, and is set like a box
?, t;,? iii p,0^ec^ upon its frame. The-sounds that come
t ism Japan. from this ancient and wbeezy instrument
"j would nave frightened Jesse Jamfsirtto
in Sonth American Graves. C'smlaions. Besides this extraord-nary
iles or ancient tombs of the contrivance, the room is fall of beautii
Cbirqu, situated on iLe fciold ^ cushions and ail ttie ^
>nt 150 miles southwest of bric-a-brac that yon nsj ladies of a bun- '-;VJaj
Panama, have recently pro- area years ago fancied. There are two
quantities of golden images cbairs, ihe pale blue covers of
f a ceniurv ago considerable whlch were embroidered by the fingers * J
w;is occasioned in that vi- 0i poor JSeUy herself;, and in the
;he accidental discovery of Si,0U31ds is a btautiiul rosebush, now
SP valimhlft KTitifinities. A asmcst a rose .tree, caliedNelly Ccztirf -
passing a large tree which ffcsetusb. where it is saiu, bu.o rectivea hs
0 turned by the wind, ob- firsC ??*? and any vonng wcmm
a-h the roots an earthen- ^ walks arouni ib?* times ^ co*x
?i ?an offer frop anv man shefancies. The
mPTira. An ipTarnirifttinn of I ^c^Pb*^r ""' " ? ' '-'Jttl
irhood revealed the fact that Weil? when 0De S0K'S nP &taire' ^iere 18 a
nd thousands of graves were A?.a?(f st,^e ?f ^
1, nearly all of which con- ?hich the ladies hare laraM on Mfc
s numbers of these curious- Ve.rac!118 41118 =
1 objects. So great was the fn? *07m mder
ken from thesi repositories ^ ??. f"?? "?m. ont ?, ?"? "?*
mds of dollars worth were 7etra ?>?t elapsed from her dca-h to
> v j i. the time the place came into their
>r several years shipped to . " / ";
rn cities and to Biglahd, P"?*?"11 5nt ?nch scraps of them
CT were converted into tbat remained were obtained and sent
Some of the"to* ? w ,h? l^whereTnrteh
>weyer, have been rescued carpets of the samewere msde.
dncing fnrnace by aoprecia- general s room is, '
laries, and many of tbem Mia. 6tatel7 ??a ,ormal. "f,"1 aPK?B
5 to be wonderful Ulustra- fLIJrSrT^ innumeraUe thmgs.
ative American genius and kbtl6d '? Washington.' "n. the todLTmoUs.bw'Xmsrf
regular little hole-in-thTand
polished into the de- *?" 18 <ho r0?m Mme. Martha
?- - - - ?- . chose for hers after the generals death.
. TUe designs irom tms , , , almost
endless. Mauv of tke onlyroom from which she could ; ^
grotesque, representing hu- 866 hideous brick tomb of her lord.
sand fantastic creatures with Among her last requests was to be
?f unknown beasts, alligators, the window where she
ats, dolphins and dragons, c^dseethe mausoleum. Then there
ty are provided with small f^mber ? twhlca f"elT^
c attachment, showing that died-the^ery oldfour-poster; ^hich
probably designed as per- he ^d. Patchwork quilt t it covoents
or pendants. - Our Con- ered ^ dnnng his last sickness.
? History of ttie Tomato.
nsre but Common Facts. A good many years ago, a man who
. occasional meal away from bad recently arrived from the Bermuda -|f
bonse and at another's table Islands was sent to York comity, Penntter
than any at home. sylvania, jail for some Offense. He-had
ae men can get more fun out with him a few seeds which he planted
) income per annum than in the rich soil of the jail yard. Before
out of a $10,000 one. the plants grew to maturity, he was
>ple should ask to be deliv- discharged, and no one knew the name
" ?J or Tiatnre of them. They grew lnxur
"euaaea unuu auu ucioi
e spared a lingering die-by- iantly, bearing fruit of a large size and oS
h unusual appearance. As this strange -5|
aan will travel miles agoniz- frnit ripened, its color changed from .'M
y step from a bit of gravel or green to a brilliant red, and became an
re peg in his shoe before he'l objelet of wonder and admiration to all *
ike it ont. the inmates of the jail. Mrs. Klineoan
never knows what a weak, felter, the lady keeper, caationed the
. uncertain master he has in prisoners against eating any of the fruit,
itil he is at liberty to govern as she was sure it was poisonous, and
fe and do as he pleases. she endeavored to preserve specimens !
ien a poet or philosopher dies, of it for him, should he return in time.
en and women try to kitetail Just when the fruit was fully matured
3 to his name and write them- the Bermuda prisoner revisited the jail
;o fame by telling all they and asked to see the plant. .This request
m. granted, he next called for pepper, salt ^
) many people forgot the and vinegar, and to the horror of the
ley experienced last year and good lady commenced to eat the sup- '
ley "n*ver saw such a spring posed poisonous lruit with a relish that'
)jforeJ1 No, never. What, astonished the beholders. After enjoylo,
never. ing the strange repast he informed Bird.
istories written fifty years ago Klinefelter that the. fruit or vegetable
* - 1 ? OTt/3 it
' the people oflbhat time were *'as tno tomato, or iove ..
i.the apex of knowledge and wouid'be found wholesome and nutrinent,"
which remark is some- tious. Tae seeds were then distributed
?ated to-day. among the friends and neighbors of the
len a philosopher or scientist fady. thus introducing tnis now popular
s .me vew idea, all the wool- esculent into the ancmt aad goodly
, the gu*8>.ef, and his maun- b -rou;?h of York. For m&nv jeacs
ifterwatds written by him thereater it was cultivated an ori-aucd
and concerning that idea >asnf. rather thin for ta'oie u*e, bat toy
ir stmi'ruth, as the ca e mac 'Agrees its merits begin to b? more
;eu by his admirers regarded tally understood and av'prec ated, and
aportnnt and sacred words. then it grew into veneral public favor.
Exploded 2??,tions. J*alt in the S .nth.
one cur old and ill-founde3 Amonp: the stores c-f itinera7 wea'ih.
ft controverted. Dr. Tanner'*. ! which the S ?nth is constar.tlv discover- lij
i ? ?.?
e proved that a man almost ! i^sr. nooe are no e recc.irKa' JLC UUdU (UQ ,. T-.
death may eat ravenously with great salt mmes of Louisiana a few
lough the previous ;dea was miles south Of New I bt-ria. TLe fait is
should only be permitted to found in a solid rock n^iss which assays
full diet slowly. It has been ninety-nine per ceat. of pure material,
bat animals or persons when aQd the deposit covers an area of 140
d better be warmed gradually, acres, which appears in exhaustible. The
ries of very thorough experi- mines are situated dirfc,ly upon the
ried on in'Earope with dogs Ba?ou Teche and convenient to tae tera
that of twenty animals ex- minus of great railroad lines, and sift
low temperature, which wa/ though they have boen systematically
elevated, fourteen died; o' worked only three year*, the industry
limals that were immediately has already assumed great proportions.
nto a warm apartment, eight Salt from these works can be delivered
iwenty animals that were im- throughout the South at less than the
r placed in a warm bath, none i iPnce either of foreign importations or
r. Foote'tj Health Monthly. | the product of northern works; and
Mobile, which is the cnief distributing
-v rvnnt. eotmte upon soon becoming the
rraXcSSS.'S! ?' ^
Morgan Williams, of an j . ?. jga
folsh family, married the sister ^ marble church to seat 600 people is
famous Thomas Cromwell, be built as a memorial to his son by
iarl of Essex by Henry VUI. g, p. Bennett, a wealthy citizen of / ^|f|
iichard was knighted by Henry, Baltimore, '
the name of his Uncle Orom- ' ~Y n ? 3*-SB
ugh he retained the Williams vol|une of water cannot be QftHed ^^

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