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WEDNESDAY. October 11, : : : 1882. t
- *2fO.
S. REYNOLDS. editor.
S. UK ASS DAVIS, CoXTiuacnSQ Editor. ,
For Governor, |
HUGH S. THOMPSON, of KlchbndFor
JAexdenant Governor, ]
JOHN C. SEEPPARD, of Edgefield.
For Comptroller General,
W. E. STONEY, of B'-rkoley.
For Attorney General-,
For Secrtbvi'y of Stu;e,
JAS. N. LIPSCOMB, of Newberry.
For Sfv'e Treasurer,
For Adj?tard o. <l h-s^dor G?t<er"!,
A. M. MAN1GAULV. or (-eo'jetown.
For Cor<jr?.s-Fo.'.:h Jilsfrldy
JOHN H. IA jXS, of SiK.- unbitrg. {
For Si'pcrin'- y'oit of Fv-ic'i'.oa.
aseury COWARD. otYorK. '
way to re-tore I?;?dVul domUm-,
p-~ liou in Fairtield is to vote ilie Green-:
? back county ticket.
If any white man wishes to remand
his wife and children, or his mother j
and sisters, to tbc rule of tho uc^ro,:
let him vote the McLane tickei.
If t be Greeubackcr> do not mean to
restore negro rule, why did tlicy make |
-a compact with (he lowest negro gathering
ever held in Sou' h Carolina? i
Are the good people of Fairfield;
P willing to remove ;lie times when
Ilenrv Johnston, Israel Bvrd and others
lorded it over the county? Jt' so j
let them vole the so-called Greenback
* ; ticket.
j|: The election in Georgia resulted in
fa complete victory for the Democrats,
t he hiiest return1? iudicating tiiar |
Stephens is elected by between liity oik! :
sixty ihou-aml majority. General
Gartrell. the Independent candidate.!
seems io h-.;ve nuute a very poor run.
Fciitiikr accounts from the Lam-a? v,
ter riot establish the fret that the
ucgixxjs were the a?ruTC>>or?, and that
n B? 7
two or three ot their leader* >cemed
determined beforehand to do mi-chief.
? , There appear* to have oeeii no pretext
for thisr,omlnd. and i lio-e who brought
on the difficulty assumed a d reactt'u 1;
responsibility.'The white people a?*;ed
purely 011 the defensive.
The Greenback meeiing ac Ander- j
son was a failure, and the one appointed
for Abbeville was abandoned. The
efforts of McLane, Russell & Co. will j
be directed exclusively to the lower j
counties. If the-Democrats i.i ?i?c-e i
show the Greenback-Negro leaders liie [
same spirit that pervades all <he counties
where the latter have .spoken", the
result* will be very discouraging to
the "reformers."
Tun Greet:back leaders are a most
Z disinterested set of fellows. They all
want offices? offices, too. which fliev
v l;uow (hey are nnllt to liil. Compare
the Gi'eeubarkOv-gro SiitJe <i? kei. and
we see, that each of 'he nominee-; ialtogether
inferior io the rorvespondr
- ing candidate on ihe >.raig!ii out riadieal
ticket of 1870. Taken as whole.-,
there is no comparison?the Cham5erfeg-j|^|?-;^v
progress which wiyl be plea^inar (o iis
Mniom>wi.,P;0, Ti.o r/, -/,.,;,./,, Alin
wui ^uiyvt UI..U. a iiv /M v/f". iv i ' vuv
|J?K' of the ver? best newspapers in toe
South, and it is. no wonder that j<s
- prosper! I y should grow wnh the progress
of iho*e interests winch it Iuj.s
labored ?-a long and so eficclivelv to
IIP advance.
In the absence of anything else to
write about, some of the county papers
. ' have resumed tlieir on>]auuhi on the
State University and >he Cii-dcl.
Meanwhile, these inj-liiuiion* open
? ?* - with flattering prospects?the latter
with as uiuiiy cadets can be aeconi
modated, and the former with consid
sS- '
erably over one hundred, being (he j
?. largest nmnberin the College-siuce li- |
war, exeepf when the institution was i
overrun with negroes.
Tbe Xew York Society for the Pre- j
mention of Cruelly to Children, when i
not raging against fancied wrongs, |
doe? good service, as is shown by jis j
report of work done during the pa-1 j
four months. It has irceived and in-,
vestimated nearly a thousand com-1
plaiuts; pro^ecin'ed more than (hreej
hundred offenders securing convictions
in n4l but live ca-cs, and sent j
more vh.m >i;c hundred children io;
liomes or public institutions.
3Ir. Feaxk Jajiks, brother of the
fate lamented Jo-^c James, has surrendered
to ihe Governor of Missouri,
and the good people of the Stale seem
to be iu eotacy about it. We are told
that a number of the best men iu tiie
State shook Mr. Jarae* by the hand,
that the Governor want* to make a
noble man ot Dim anci. tuat ue is me
general' subject of conversation. This*
perhaps, is the way the Missouri people
have of showing their sense of
- * relief upon the captnre of a desperado
'" who has long defied them.
Thk number of commercial failures
fevi; during the nine months euding
?| with the close of last month shows a.
heavy increase over the figures in the
Egfr' corresponding period la>t year. The
fev- liabilities are also fur greater. Bu>i-!
ness throoghont the country is generally
souud, but at the same time it iv
f~. evident .hat there is a tendency toward
jjSgg? overspecnlafion and overtrading, par- j1
2**' ' in ? !?/% IOIHI-6 /.Al^l'Aw Af nAUIl. .
IbIUUlUi IV ili tut \>VUI?VC VI J/VJ/M J
lation. The "Western and Middle j
States are 1 he largest contributors to 1
the broken firms. Prudent business i
iuen cannot faij to read in the figures I
?- tlius presented a lessen of warning and i
caution. 1
The connection between snakes- and" <
whiskey has just been freshly illustrat- ; i
ed in a new form by the capture of a J <
i\orui v^aronua muoiismiier, wuo was j i
tracked to his hole in the ground by i
the revenue oSfcers, and there exposed .
to such a fire in the rear from rattle- j i
;V . snakes that between the. isy;o evils- he t
^ - considered the officers to be the less, s
and:surrendered. It was found that, t
|pb he had fought the reptiles vigorously j
?||p by poaring boiling liquor on them r
Bpls fbomhi&still, killing the lire>t party,.11
|> ) till others re-enforced teem ana can sea : i
Mm to beat a. retreat Whether he now ?.
regrets the choice he made between a
Ei|; &?iu and the officersdpes. cot appear..^ \
' v
Thompson and McLane! It is hard | li
a compare them?so far apart are j v
hey in every respect. Thompson a j ii
iuished scuolar?McLane inculpable of j t;
;peaking or writing good EngfisiK!
Thompson well versed by study and ; r
ixperience in all that concerns the j t
welfare of our people- -McLane's j 4
<now'edge limiied to a superficial I
rehash of newspaper articles on Green- t
backism. Thompson willed against 1
his will to lead, and acknowledging Ins
responsibility?McLane impudent- i
ly thrusting himself forward and claim- t
ing an office for which he is scarcely <
more lit than George Barber was for j f
Senator. Xo honesi: man can deny the j 1
statement already made in these col-M
umns?that McLane would disgrace 1
the Governor's office by sheer ignorance
and weakness. i
Tiie situation in New York is de- (
oidcdlv encoar-ging (o ihe Democrats. ,
The iioininaiiou of FoTger does not j
.-ccm at all Jo suit the belter class ?C s
the Republicans,, w lio are protesting^
against the methods tued by ihe Ad- j
ministration politician*. Prominent ,
among those who thus express their ,
di^-alisi'acfion i< Mr. George William ; <
Curtis, the editor of Urn-per* Weei.Ii/,! <
and a very influential Republican. The ; j
IJev. Henry Ward umaier aimticu 10 .
the subject in ?'i? sermon last Sunday. |
mid advised his hearers not to vole lbr i
1 he Republican nominee for governor
or lieutenant-governor. The parly
manager* are evid? p':ly Iroubied. On !
Hie other hand, the Democratic candidate,
the Hon. Grover Cleveland, :ifc
present mayor of Bufi'ulo, is a man of
acknowledged ability, and las recoid
is without a stain. Jn his present |
position he has ?!:own himself to le
a genuine reformer, anil has done much j
to improve the municipal afiyirs com-!
mirted to hi* charge. He i-i>er.>ooally j
popular. and wish the n;-i*cd Deiaoctvt- j
cy at his bark !>e i* Mire !o v. * t.
a'iii.Cr; is !c-s proicxi for (tying to.
dosbyt iS;c Deino<*raiie. liokct in J'airiieid
ronfsiy il>an in alino** p-.iy other;
in !i;c Siaie. In every department ot'{
ibe pa!?iio a Hairs ore con?pi? tion-!y !
.s?-on ilie nood efl'Ms ofhoinst govern-1
lucni. The county is entirely out of:
debl: the .schools are pi*oper!y man-!
aged ;)ti< 1 tOii>iau;ly improving: there |
lias not been a single instance of offi'-ial
nil-eOsiiIui'i jn ihc-pa^t six years; tne
laws are impartially admini-lcred;
crime Is peiccpfibU on ihe decrease;
the <use- have been reduced k> ?!ie
Jowom l uiu pra.-tR-aoie, ami > tic c-iarr \
government ln:? shown a tine rcgaro|
for allthe righ:s and linerr-t^ of flu* |
people# liot of ail, there i> profound |
peacc and general good-will among ;t!l j
cl;i>ses of on r c-Iiizen-hip. Tho-e who ;
seek or consent to impair the unity
and supremacy of the Democracy here, j
can only expect to injure the best in-1
tercstsofall the people, and destroy |
t bat peace so essential to our welfare.!
either as individuals or a* a coinuumi-1
ty. The man who, actively or passive-1
, ly, aids in the election of the Green-[
back-Radical ticket, in State or county,;
does his part to ruin atrtl degrade his j
Tce New York Times, strong Re-:
publican paper as it is, does not take j
a very buoyant view of 1 he situation
, in Pennsylvania. Here is what it savs: !
Though it is perfectly evident <o !
, good judges of political weather in i
i Pomisvlvauti that the Cameron o-ai'r is !
"diQJim UudUil.. Uoopcr i? ?IH
Iteming otu majorities with hi* magic
slate peii' il. and by various desperafe
j deviecs he and h!> aids are striving to
! Jl 1 T ,1 . !
mi- jihh.-ja i;i!i:iii Jibuti iiiill mu tnc
regular uVpt'bllcan heart willi a ;
fartory amount o1'enihu>iasm lor Mr. j
, (..'aineroirs candidate. l>ut ii i* like
' kindling a lire nncJer the ribs of tlcaili.
i T':C revnhsr campaign i* discouraging-*
i iy t-idii ami pulseless. Genera! Iieaver.
i >?Jico he ilea lined:o di>cns> the i-sito
! of I'.y rOM-e-t willi Mr. Siewarl. ha
??? **? "ii'e aboui ;lie ^Sale, making it:
:il! > >i!ie ihi'-o-n we speeches. but he j
: rally J be pu ri y. Jlis >pefvhes
; are the icve'. -e of inspiriting. The j
i oi'ii'o ?-::se i-ompel him t<> i
! .:v?>irt ?!if topics u*hii !i lie nearest i he :
I liearl of :lie Pennsylvania voter, and '
| \vi?h ail h;> oilier eng-ging and rotn- j
: uiondabie qualities, General l?eaver i
' li.-~ ;;ol t'io ma-icrly oratorical ability !
lo .-lira political fever in the blood of:
lis- ]]"arcr> by a discourse upon remote j
and moribund Appeal* for;
out.-ide help do not meet wit It a favoi-!
able response. i^enator Edmund* ha? !
declined to ^o into Pennsylvania and!
-peak for Heaver and General Ben
Harrison, 1hon_h be i- giving spb.-ian- i
lial aid to the Republican cause in
Ohio, eannot lind lime 10 come to
Senator Cameron's a??-ianre.
The Comet and Irs Course.
So much has been said about 11 itgreat
comet now visible in the morn
skv iiuic uie cieurer weataer wui !
* i
bo welcomed by those who would like ,
<o get a glimpse at the celestial visitor J
be lore it has got so far away on if?
journey inJo space as to I>e beyond the j
sight of dwellers on this globe. According
to all accounts it is a much
tiuer comet than the one seen here in
the summer of 1SS1. Wherever it has j
been seen it has awakened wonder by j
its great size. Although it is a south- j
ern comet,.and has been and will be
best seen from Ihe southern hemisphere,,
it only requires ihe sacrifice of a. ;
n....UU .... (. i '
JIIIic cuaujc sjuv iv gci <i guuu look
at it in this latitude. It has even i
been well*seen as far north a* Toronto ! <
at four o'clock iu the morning. When i 1
=> j
the Paris astronomers caught sight of.'i i
it a few days ago they callcd it superb. ! 1
The latest report of an observation of i
ths comet comes from Vienna, where ,
its place in the sky was measured i
shortly after five o'clock ou Wednesday ; f
morning. It is worth the trouble for 1
anybody to rise an hour or so before (
^ I /
llic 5?Uii IV1 UIV JJUi VI* dCll)l? I 1IC j ^
comet. It will be seen lo;v in the , i
eastern sky,, rising ahead of the sun. j ]
Such a phenomenon-is not often be- ; 1
held, and ptvnliar interest allurhe* to j
this comet on account of the specula- I
tious of*, the astronomers t-onrcitiiiu;/| c
the possibility of iis returning and t
lallinjc iuio the snn at no distant day. ;
Besides, no man in his time can see (
I. 7_... _ C i.l._ 1 4
w im.cu ui lue wuikiui> ui uiu iieuv- i
ms. In becoming familiar with them ; ]
leassures himself that not only is this j ii
jarth a more speck in the universe, but v
it is far lrom being the only part of a
creation in which he is interested. 11
Prof. Kd^ar Frisby?who is conduct- j v
ng the observations of the comet from 1
lie Naval Observatorv in Washington,
siys the impression of: some observers ; 11
hut the comet si ruck i.he sun in its
omaiey through the heavens i? incor- j a
vet. He says from the observations s,
iKtuv; i-cutJiivijr ciiu nuucu? v;u *.v *?
>e from fifteen decrees to twenty de- J
frees in the direction of the tail and 1)
tbout three or four seconds broad, and; n
'.en; bright.. The tail appeared, ftboat.i 5
fteen degrees long. It terminates
erv abruptly, and is about 1 j degrees
[i cross section. The outlines of the
ail are sharp and well defined.
Professor Frisby says the comet was !
tearest the sun September 11. Attbst!
itne it was not more than 300,000 or j
00,000 miles from the sun s suriace. j
t was then moving from the sun. On '
lie 19th of September it was about
7.000,0o0 miles from the sun; on the j
1st it was about 26,000,000- miles, and
t is now about 60,000,000 distant from
he son. The Professor says its motion '
Jecrcases as it gets farther away from
he sun. "When last observed it was
noving in a southwesterly direction.
Ie says it is now about 110,000,000'
niles from the earth.
Professor Frisbv produced several
llustrations and calculations to prove
.hat the comet lias not yet come in
contact with the sun. As shown by
he figures above it is traveling awav
rom the sun a* fast as possible. He
;ays, however, that it went very close
o the sun. The Professor siys when
t was first observed, September 11, it
svas moving north of east, but it is
iow going south of west, thus indicating
J hat it started from the west,
circled around the sun, and is now
;roing back over almost the same
course. He said it was almost impossible
to calculate exactly how long it
will remain visible to astronomers.
Foliticai Notes.
is said thar General Gart roll, (he
defeated candidate for Governor of
Georgia, will content fiie election. On
the oilier hand (he !Xew Yo,-k Time
con<-ede? that liiu eledion was a JV"e
aud fair one.
.1. W. Gordon, .volcred mail agent
in Xoilh Carolina, said in (lie IlenubUcan
rouvemiou, that at first he was
opposed to coalition, but after mature
re Section ami ?:;ii-orui con-iucruuon 01
lite ^'nation. he had changed hi* mind.,
bocan-e lie thought f he Liberal move111
cut mount tor the liepnblican
parly. i> very much tlie idea of
i lie Kauii-tK in Suuih Carolina in joining
ha mis with Mcl.ane. Iius>cli & Co.
The New York Timvx -ays that a!
lea>t one-half the Jiepubiic;:ns in thai
Stale emphatically repudiate Ihc nominee
of !hc Sai~ito<.':i convention.
Charlotte Ow/w/ : The coalition
game in Georgia had the endorsement
and material encouragement of tb?
Administration at Washington. Bui
it col)ap>ed all the; same. Xow lot n?
see what administration paironage and
Ilubboll's assessment plunder will dc
in capturing the people of North Caro
Una. North Carolinians arc ijoi ea>iet
humbugged, driven or bought. that
J lie people of Georgia, and ibc- re>itli
will show ii .
Controller PaUison. the Democrat it
noiniijceTor Governor of Pennsylvania
li:i> >et nn excellent example lor 0U101
candidates by positively refusing h
permit any oi'the clerks in his depart
men!, oi'either parly, to be as.>os>ei
for political purposes. lie says it' Ik
rati not be elected wii-kont resort. U
*n?-h devious ways lie pre&rs defeat
Unfortunately men of Co;*.!roller
soil's moultl arc scarce in these days o
modern politics.
The Atlanta Co/>*fit at ion says tin
clei.-t'ioii of Siephcii.s was largely dm
lo the zeal wiih which i!ie youug: mei
espoused his cau>e. The young met
pulled and (he roller chiir went 1 it:h
rr !uuo m c*s ir
eeiiHy ix-civril. iliui':e<o fib
Jii'j IX'ir.ori'iiiis 1 iOtis: ibr Cotl
uiiiiiii^t E. "\V. M. M.s< key iu :'n
black dNiri.-t oi' Sout'i Oiio'iiiii. II<
!ii> >u fioriu^ sU'irr i !- wcv<
' ul, :t* well bei'orc, Ciiiiilo hii'i fo ;
iroud, t;;t ofl] e. The i'cpi'.bn I'l: n::; i\
does not ::^ix \vi; 1? bini. he
Jy 11;>j to c 1 >r!!:;s. ?*::-ic i:- i!,i
isojK! it tii;'V <1;lro::? ii< 1*1 V.; 1
]:s '-lie coiii'.-e of ilis- l:!>r IV?v works 1?<
!i:r- been o:i the DcusocrnMc M'.Mxij!
tis::\5i;tr hi- <?i ir ?li;*e bv d:iii:iiil?i
'*]>'? > Cr;?.ii,?r Ih:yc-y
"Aecidi'ixy ArMmr." lie ibbikbe
is ;tU ifbe-Iiouki be noui;litis
cd She ti's'e tbat bo WOldi
not i'li<i 83we!! ;i:> Tom ! :.".!!iii!on, a
black nir.ii who Juts been a Democrat
sin- c 1S76, and who is spoken of a*
M;': kcy*s rival.
Voles wii! i nn ::i a preii.-iiun iii Now
York i?t ilic ? OiiiiMif clci-.ion,l!;e liepublican
sii*I\v;:. ;> -;iy <Ley wiii s-priitl
a million dollars to c lc-f. J'olirer.
Governor Vynue ]?ut il in a md-hell
when he said if Hie republicans
were aiven ihe UniJed Sinlf- Senators,
member? of Con^r^s, 6t't>rcuie ami
i> u pe.: or Cou; >' >, a: d ! he ^1 ai u re.
ilicy would iT've Mie people ?he privilege
of eh-diny <!,e nu:^is;rale* and
county commissioners.
I*vjiubijraii jasper* admit that a
sweeping Dcmo<:r:i'5e viciory in New
Voi K won HI of'il>elf cluinjiC live po!".;iual
eomijie.'v'oii of Hie Ilon.-e of Ilepjc-eniaiivc-.
Ben Butler pro(V\??r> 10 believe (hut
he will be elected Governor of Ma\*achn-e!i>.
JIcsi'so predicts that ;intimonopoly
wili be (lie winning card in
the nest Presidential cloeiion.
The Chicago Tribune ha* 110 hope
apparency for Republican sncco-s in
New York,. Pennsylvania,. Ohio and
toe Soulh. ArJluu'i* ac<-u<ed of. murileying
the party by playing the busybody
and de>pot. The Tribune admils
that the-lie::t House of Kepre~.cnulivc<
will be Democratic, and sends
,ip a wail accordingly..
The Philadelphia Press think? (here
imst be a .v i ew loo>e somewhere in
lie New York Republican machine
ivhen such men as. "George William
TSonrv W-nvl
lore L. Cnlyc*. Shennau S. Rogers,
tnd (he whole body of the high-minded.
Srooklyn Republican club*'are ittopen
evolt against. it.
General Leach, who has recently
>ecn in New York, expresses the
>pi?!ion tt:e Democrat's will carry
hat S'aic by at lea-t ?0,000 majority.
When Chalmers was turned out of
Pongee ?s Oil {he allegation of l'raud, j
he Republicans compiled and had a
>amphlct prinied.as a campaign, docu-:
nc;jt, to show the means by which he j
ras declared elected. Having since j
dopied Chalmers as their candidate,'
hey liiid the document a very incon- i
lenient thing-to have around.
Parson liav-ey thinks he will carry j
Virginia by 20,000 majority, bu: this is
iot Mahone's opinion..
Senator Bayard- calls the revolt j
gainst the Republican bosses-in Peunylvania
and Xew York an "aw-akcur
ugof the public conscience."
The anti-Monopolists of New Yortj
ave endorsed Cleveland, Democratic |
ominee, and accepted the Democratic |
A Calm Review of the Affair- The Negroes
Confess that the; Brought the Trouble on
[Special to the News and Conrler.]
T ? XT' t CTL'O rw/vfv?i? *>?Thfr distur- I
bauce on last Wednesday was iioexpeetedly
precipitated 011 the people.
The colored people came into town
eirly in the morning in great numbers' j
to hear Colonel Cash speak. They |
were on mule and horseback, some j
four hundred colored men. besides a i
large nnn.bei' on foot uniformed in I
blue and <rreen shirts with blue sash,
and although there are no licensed
liquor shops in Lancaster, yet the colored
men had procured whiskey and
ma.:y of them were intoxicated. The
1 excitement among them was great, the
men 111 Hie piouessuwi ?eru \ (.-milj
continually and the women on the
i pavements were following' them dancj
ing to tlie music of tine- brass bands.
; They rode and marched repeatedly
right by the coart.-house where the
Circuit Court was in session, screaming
| at the top of their voices like wild
Indians, making such a loud uproar
that the court twice for several minutes
had to stop business until thev
| passed l?v. The women appeared to
; be as much excited as the men.
The whites were quiet, and witness- j
j ing the fact that whiskey was abundant |
I and that the excitement was extreme j
! among the colored people, determined j
: in the interest of law and order not to
! ask a division of time and to stay away
! from the place of speaking. The I
j >tand for speaking was a half mile i
! away from the main business street, i
i whereon the riot subsequently ocj
ctirred. I>ut Mr. Carter, the editor of
' the Ledger, went down to the stand
| at his own instance to report the proceedings-for
lis paper, and probably a
half or a dozen white men also went
down out of curiosity. After the procession
had reached tiie stand Colonel
Cash, it is said, addressed the large
crowd, abusing, in unmeasured terms,
! the Democratic Legislature, and rccitingimaginury
wrongs which he charged
! were inflicted on the colored people by |
j ihe Legislature, bv the courts and bv
1 - - ? * * r i
: (he larmers unci mwcnamsoi me cwuu- j
i try. The crowd was t!;cn addressed i
by i wo or three colored men, follow- J
I ing in lhe s:iti-.e strain, and during ail j
| fiii.- time liquor about the stand was j
| drunk freely, and it is said that a jug !
'j of whiskey was on ihe stand.
| Tiie excitement ran very high and !
, many of the negroes could not control ]
; themselves and could not he controlled.
! Mr. Carter being1 invited to reply at- }
tempted to speak, but was refused a ;
.'hearing, lie was then struck on the 1
j head, sliot. at and was drag-red away
i fro.n the sta id, and but for a few ;
friendly colored men would have been J
i murdered. A report just then coming i
.jinto town to the sheriff that Carter I
had been killed and tliat a riot was j
going on out at the stand, the sheriff i
' ordered his posse to collect their arms j
11 and to <ro down to quell the dLstur,
i bance. Pursuant to this order several
1 ? > 11-- t- i ?
' ii'Oou ciiizeus d:ui coiieutcw ::uu^,
'I when Hampton MobIcyy a turbulent.
' j athletic coJorerl man from the \\"axi
j saws,, frantic-with raare and- whiskey.
; I attempted. to wrest a aim from one of
j the guards ordered by (lie sheiitr, a
I very peaceabl? citizen. The sheriff at
'! this juncture determined with his i)o.?se
, i to stop this interference with his <ru:ird
[ 'and to arreft Mobley, but Mob ley:
) j luiiirht them furiously, allh uiyh they j
i finally succeeded in carrying him oil'to i
"jjail without hurlinjr him. This oc--1
I; curred in the business part of the town, j
. j which, as before stated, is at least half j
I ? f'm of.mil !!!< !
II luiit; ciu tn jiwiii 11 iv .-ntuxi. ,
; brother, Mack Mohley, who was after-1
1 wards mortally wounded, made a de- j
-! termined effort to rescue ilar.ip from j
i- lhe sheriff and las pos<e. It is said j
i that the guard wrested from him before
I he was wounded two pistols, atid lie
s ! l)ad possessed himself of a third, try- |
(J i ing still fx) shoot the givrd.
)j 'in the course of a tew minutes. "Wil(
; Ham Crockett, at the head of a large
| procession of colored men in uniform.
' . armed with pistols, came charging
j from the stand, having heard of t lie I
?r~-o???mi innig-~npoffTfie i
-1 guard, and thus one nod the riof. i-i?hr !
{'! i:i iiivj business ]>art of the town. The
_! liaht rasred \vi:h wild li:ry lor ilirec or
I t'-v.r minutes, when hv t!>o pro nip! a<>
j tioii of the slier:fl* and his deputies ;
? j ol der was restored, whirh ha> been |
i umiuinined ever since. Then for lhe|
, I baiaiiuc of the evening whiles r.nd j
Marks without further irouble in:cr-|
. nin^led. !-?;:Ui:i'_r ai'urr l be dead and i
- ! i for Tlie Wounded.
. j rl he ir?JI>;wij:ir are I ho ikisisos of 1 hose i
kiii' ii us. J he >];.){: William Crni-ko.!. i
' j Thomas and Xai ii:ni ('lire- ;
!nt:, and M;i; k Mobley died the next i
. d;>y from liis wounds. The following j
, were tearfully but nut mjitrvd: :
in-owi:. Joseph Foster and I
j William ('i:ret-:>n. About or ten j
' ; were ly wounded. The wounds j
! of !i:e wIdles were very sli<rhf. There ;
i \ were Uvoorlbree tasiles kilJeil on:-j
( | right and seven:! wound'd.
1 ; Ti;e wife of Mack Mobley {csii!i;'d j
j before the iuqnc.-t ti::iL Mack staled i
; j in-fore be died thai the white people!
j were noi fo blame for I he (rouble: thai i
i I lie blacks had brought it all on them- !
i selves,. :uul it is-said many othersul'the |
' j colored people say the same thing, and |
' i ?:rir?irt c.ii- *5i?>f /./vl.I '
| .7VIUV, 144111 !U; tUiVMCll U Jlti'Jll 4 I'V; j
j largely responsible 1<>;* the trouble, i
| Bat who will not believe that The
! >;>oaki:;g together with i!:e whiskey
1 j had much to do wiiii thcaifair?
i ("on'MiiiA. October 2.? Tbe siJuaiiou
in Lau?-a>ler is still somewhrf
| lied, a:iti although there is no inline- |
i diale <-au>e for apprehending any d:<- i
i turbant-e of the public peare the people ]
j arc a liiile nervous and have made j
j application to the Governor lor liiei
' ni-utiiir/oiiMii ? ?{' .i ?" 1
i 'H *i liiliiidl t t l/iiJ ^<ISI \ |
The matter lias been re furred to the
Adjnl ant-General who has taken step>
to secure flic proper organization and
equipment of :i company under the
laws in such case provided*. For tiie
past year there lias linen no military ,
company at Lancaster. Tlie riot of
last, week showed lite necessity of a
well disciplined body of citizen sol- <
diers, and the organization will be ,
perfected without delay. General Manigault
will go to Lancaster to-morrow
?'i- the next day to carry out. the organization
and arms and ammunition will 1
be issued. J. C. H. 1
The Charlotte Observer of Tuesday J
says:: ''From a gentleman of Lancas- ?
fir, who was in the city yesterday, we j
learn that the whfce people of the town t
have been considerably alarmed the '
oast few davRover I he snrlv <wir7 .-threat
oning behavior of the negroes, and*
{they deemed it not only prudent but i
! necessary to picket the town last Sun- ]
i day nurht, as they had reason to fear i
that, the negroes would make an at- <
tempt to burn the town. Armed men i
patroled the streets all night, but the- i
negroes, it' they entertained any inten- i
lion to burn the to\vn..madf; no attempt
lo carry it out. From the same source
wo learn that the number of deaths; j
i resulting ivorn the riot has increased j
I to- twelve in all, four more of the 1
i wounded negroes haying died on Sat- 1
I lU'-tlay and Sunday last. In the riot j ?
, twenty-eight negroes were wounded j!.
j and.seven mules were killed." (
A Story ti> be Continued IViroiiilily.. J l1
At the usrli Gr.-nd Monthly Drawing ot The |
I-ou'.sijn;i St.<t? Lottery at Now Orleans, on ! ?
Tuesday, September wh. 1 - li. Fortune reward- u
re. ller favorites most ?l!.?era!ly (the wheel wn?. | li
turned under the sol supervision of Generals G.
T. Beauregard, of Louisiana, and Jubal A.
Early, of Vl'jrlnla.) The following will servo as I1
samples, the names of other winners are with-; u
held hy request.. Tl^t: No. 42.101 (tiio tirsc: _
cap'tal prize) drew$T3.00?>; and sold In fli'ihsal > a
on ? dollar each. sent by raall on appUtaUon to ll
M. A. D.mpliln. New Orleans. L?-, as will be |
done to anv other man on appilc uion made be- j 1
fore Nxvemhrr 14th. the date of til'* ISfttli draw- , L
I ? One-fifth (;15.00j) went, to D. P. Blair, ' n
Pres'i East Mlis. Matrnl Ass'fl; Go! ambus. Miss.; j J
another to R. R. Deacon, collected thr.-ugli i "
Bates Co. Nat'l Bank, of Butler. Mo.: another li
II P. N John<oa. of Houston. Tex. No. 22*30 ! ..
(th* second capital pri/.o of $2.VW') also sold In ; '
tlt ths?one of $5.noo to lvter O. Johnson, of No. q
ill Seneca st. leaven worth City, Kansas: an- ]j
Other to Mlollupi 4_ TThinfcrnn nf V<-> 1 flrt. r
place. Boston. M;'SS. No. G.frll; (the tlilrd capl- ; 0
til nrizeof $io.noo> was sole! to parties residing j si
In New York Ciry and New Orleans. Nos 12.ru ;
and S2.216 (the Tourrfc capitals. c~ch of $'"..?ou) i n
sold ro residents of Pet-rstmrjr; Tenn.. and Now ; O
York City, and so or. c l infinitum. Next, month I c<
toe names nn(j numbers will be changed. *mt ; f.
the story wUl.bc the suae. - (Adv.) j11
h S.Si^^silg.^ss'ig.^S
: 2- rK r = ~ ? ? ?S2.2^2 = "*:?
= =(*? ? O = I jr ? r o - J.S'W - O O
-"'J P 2; < < 5* w- 5. ? ~ 'S
< ~ -: = < ~ ~ x: O a= ? rj x ?
= = ? r , - ~ - ? ? , cxo? 2 ~
? ? x" " 3 r: ,~
I C o
i ' , * , ?
I - < I I I 1 ? ? ~ t
. I ~
I '
?, i i
,i . r i a i i i ii i i i I
1 o
. 1 ' S
O '
~ r
Ci KS ?:? ? cc?is-~;'iit<sc3c5ts?? cscatctOwi i
j C i CCiM
{~ . 1?1 >-> CC t<5 |
tcl fOi05C5CS03'"Kl<SMliI'*l,tlCCi!S?JS j
C [ - Ii " ? ^ -? WM
F? I W C y U C. ct' C ^3 ^ o C. t' U I U S -
i fc f >? i_i i? >i-?-i-'i<;icicia j
? ? 5< ^ C. Iv C. a C r- is j
j I K i. i o - ~ M ^ 14 Iv K tc l: 13 M 13 I
i tC IS 13 SS IS IS -1 OC a- K. IS it it A. 15 15 i- IS !
j i? 1 ?i^N5iCS^-?-OlvCii;KCJOOtr. it O !
j ~l j ??! tC Ci <1 IS i1 i-4 _ ~ S3. C. 5t
j it | o n i S h m >) r. ? vt ? ^ *1 it ot it c j
i C< I IS i-" rr* "f" lv w LC vw
j QC. |l O *"1 Is* vm tO f-*- v' ** ! ?^ r~ ?w w w- vi 3 IC CC
! I
SS I ?<? ?S *-' ~ W t-S t? -j
; ? I c is = ic is n it tc ?. c ? is oc c. ic
!n" 1 -? ? l-i ? is Vi SO 1
. 5: I c ? <i x to -? Ci yi w-> c <i?- ~ c x j
' r- j ^ ,3 J
, ? ! a x - i; 2 x r. ~ ^ ^ ^ ^ j
i _ I
? u m _--iwccjrrry-i? m r-Tvag?.rjML^z^o:?-T ^ r
.S O t/' ill CA It OLIX A X E irs. "'1
! rest or
?The Ilngncnot cotton mills in Iron J
Greenville are no>v lighted bv elect ri- ;
? * i:k;H
<-it} riiftu.!
?The coifon-sosiT oil mill at Greenville
is rapidly approaching couiple- j,nn to
; ion. cijr'aty.
?f!nl]o<'c oncncd vflii sev- \lIuI'3*'
outy-five students, and iur<:e additions ! A Vn
are anticipated. j "So?*
?A ten-year-old boy En Anderson
county picked two hundred pounds of
cotton in one day.
?Barrett's circus exhibited in Anderson
on Monday, and there were
eight thousand-people in ilie town.
?The corner-stone o&thc new Metftr I
odi-t cliurch now in course of erection !
:it Ridge Spring was laid la>t Thursday |
morning, the Rev. Mr. Roger* otiiciai- J
?Senator ITampfoii will soon return j
to South Carolina to participate in the j
Democratic canvass. He wifJ speak;
:tl Camden, Sunjrcr. Charleston and j
other places.
?The Chester LnlhUo savs: :<Chill* .
and lever are raging in every sect in:.;
of the county. Several deaths have;
or.cnred from congestive chiils in tLej
lust lew weeks."
?The Abbeville Press anl Bonne.'!
jtavs that Dr. D. S. Benson and hi*'
; ijiiniiv are sorely afflicted. Two ofj
GiiililtieVia. unci weve^uid.in one ?r;?vc.
?Alt rod Caller, colored, was shot
Abbeville on Monday by 2\Ir. J.S.
Norwood. :iud died on Vv'cdiif-diy.
The dlfiieulJy had no cornier.: ion what-!
ever Y\ i h polllIc?- Sir. Norwood h:.-<'
uirrendered him-elf Jo irlie :u'.l!;Oi if ic-. i
?A noiio, wlio-e name not iriv.vn,.
wa- >!jo! and morally wounded bv
Iio;.c'i, lit a quanvl over a I^j
I?i!-i!ie<5s fr.iiwi?;<ioii. 31 r. I*o;:<*h claims g j
ii> uavu anew pi;ivi\ in
and ;>!1 flie fuels appear to n?>laiu this !
view. oL J he <:i?e.
?On Wcilne-dav evening, about ; is j
( iglit oYiork, two voimg men. Joseph i f
Knopf ami Jc?ft Xevei.-. bo!h dorks { A s
??[' Mr. (J. 10. Gyle?, at IJIa.-kvi!i?>, j Tin
playfully boxing, when JliC former I
ri;rk (he -latter a blow in the s-omadi. j
Xevel* lV'II to I he floor and died in live j j>r*
minute-. Jt was t?-e merest an idi-nr. j pc
?Mr. Jo!:n ] '. Gordon, of York ! j^y
?:on;iiy. :v_ed twenty years, m-entiv &Oc.
nii kcd pound? of seed t?of*ou ini G ^
his ibihers tield. near IVth-Siiiioh
There was no dew on Ike roHon the
previous night. and consequently ihi- -^''r
weight was fair, dry cotton. fJ
?There will be a grand Democratic*. gg&S
rally at Camden on the ll;!t, t He day
appointed; 1>y the Greenback apostles
for ilit-ik mass inecnng. Senators
Hampton and Duller and other prominent
.speaker- will bo nrescnt. The
Democracy are expected to do their "
of th<
?MV. James TT. Davis, who lives Cuf?
near Bowling Greeu, in York comity. SICKiniorms
the Enquirer that his cornfields
are unusually proliljc this sea- TpTT
>on. In one of his fields on Beaver
Dam Creek lie stood and wiilioui
i*!::in<>'ihit (racks pl.iced his band on
Hurl ecu large ears of corn. Ersrfi
?The citizens of Johnson,.in Edge- ???_?>
field eountv, are agitating the building O
;>i i u?- liuu tiiiu irour uiwii- j
villc t;?VrXiucly-S)x to Jolmsion osi to My'pii
Port ttoyal. 3ies>rs. W. S. Alien and "?co"
T.!?. Denny have been ejected dele suto.a
to attend the meeting at Ilonea my ?at
Paill on the-25 th instant. a?ais
?I)r. P. II. Sloan, an excellent and
iniversalJv approved officer, ha? been car.M>
enioved lrom the postoffice at Pendleon,
and a man named Maxwell, said ufceei
o be a Radical, substituted. Dr.
>loan don't cure, as' he kept the office ns^'s
o>accommodate the pubfii;* Ilis only gfifi
;in ij? being a Democrat. f
?The Aiken Recorder says: "We bs*ck
ire assured upon competent authority
hat. the Edirerield, Trenton & Aiken j of"on?:
tuilroad is now a fixed fact. That the
neeiiufr which will take place in forty | g jnjr<
l:iv? tviJl ntiniwlli' m-it-A I
Iairood I lie president an:l that he will
emain until the lull connections arc T TT j
?yir. Trvinif Fuller was sued last U U I
veek at Laurens for $10,000 damages
>y Miss Belle Jones tor breach of
narriagc-promise. The parties lived
lear Cross Hill. Mr. Fuller, while
nira^ed to Miss Jones, suddenly mar- ovp ,
ied another woman?hence the suit. 3 e 1
'lie plaintiff proved the promise and
he breach; the defendant put up no On
L'siimony, and the jury found for the
uaniiiu nj.uw uamaires. I -r^ i
? Fresh
?The second meelin* of the Greenack
canvass in Richland- county was
eld at Camp Ground prcciuct on the
Ih inst. About thirty people .were
resent, the majority of whom were pr.T T
egroes. Six while Greenbackers, , ^LL
csording to the best estimates, consiiuted
the total attendance. Wheihrorih,
the mongrel candidate for the
,o:rislature, made a speech and was
ut 10 flight by Col. John C. Haskell,
ho rtftliveivd a scathing, rebuke to Rubb
nn and ins v.*lute associates. A ne<rro j
!so spoke for the Greenbackers. Elo-1
nent speeches were made for the
>einocratsbv Col. Wm. Wallace, Colnel
fJasfcollj. and Messrs. C. O. Mar- 5
iall and T. j? Eaiv!'c?tte. The meeting
as a Democratic success, and thereenbaekei^are
becoming more dis)ura?red
at every attempt to mislead :
le people. " J.
g if. w.
W i
o _
= c
? bd
A. S. Douglass. ?! JT
|^ I- respectful!
J. S. Gunnell. h? , , , *
^ the public to m
A. J.Lamai. j-J ^ j supplying cvcj
T. B. McKinstry. i^j j superior qualit
5? ' W i
G. II. McMaster. ;?j bg I Winnsboro in
Hayne ilcSfeekin. ] | g, j time given the
I n business and c
K. !
| | j establishment ]
r?\ | Drtrticular. I
-i He ' "
John Boyd. :?i ^ | the l)ast> hol(
~! mv customers
I r.| L -* |
James Douglass. 2 ; that can be pi
! PC '
j" { i I shall stand n
? j every article I
"5 ! I invite an ii
~ f0^ !
= i ^ j ^ "1csj Liquoi
J. R. Bo vie*. * ^ |
jf| C I MS
h Q ! .
? j ^xsa j Scotch
L. C. CIiappHI. jj O A. Bin L;
I C'
Ii. "\\. Cry:*4- ; j p*3* j.
D.O.I)?ke. !:i 53 Eon?
J. Ii. Harvey. :2j ^ Koss's ]
! ? i ?*
J. A. Iiiirr.aiii. ; ' [ j j Jules Maim
' -? ' |
! v 1 ! Pnuta**! Av l
YT. T. JV.^rctt. (X
T r T>. , i i'? Ol. Apoilitiu
J. L. IIiHnnouu. ; t t 1
6.V ,
I). II. Cobeii-on.
I i~~i o:
| Total Von;.
;crsr>r^r=?wju.j^.iu. J ujkuj.'JA
ivalid wives and mothers quickly
{ (I lo heal'I) by n-i 1114* Brown**
jitiers. A {rue tonic. *
iT-Five Dor; \--s Lost.?-Yon <"o nor 'c'.\
1. yoiir i-= iin cni i-tir. il 1
u lucili'-ino '..:s l\iri:n-*s Ginger
" "Yes. ltuicf.!. 1 mo," S'i.l MiJ i.p- Old C:'J
lior '-it v.c It ; ! lo.-,:
five (10li;?!> ! ) (Id'os's bills .!! '. JUtSi Vip- /\i,l y > ,
Sow my lsiteh.srifl I.- !- :is wll c.? f." * uul
TOKors Okowtii of Ht? Ji.tirN otc-n }>vo-I 1 lie Hon
l-y llnillCf Pili'J.'.T'S Ilitlt" E ll S |
s ihc-jomM'ri colorful liwre to jisay Old Golde
Ivcsit cew 3l;e removes all !v?on ;
r""UiT' ' KC1I0\VI1C<1
4BF* ,l-V j Jessc Moore
^ jOidX. C. Sa
!;-S 2.1 i Old Stone}
?2'J. 1
I WcSt(
izG) i
' g;| Virginia M
"V"' ff. ^-Jvw
North Cs
tm/# ?tes5 fS ttpe 1
&1 i-rja Pu r<
Bft^S^gP ' ' ^
iii Jill.1 *
Ill iS i _
miB i Ber=ner&$k
|l K-fev | patent stoppt
?ir -F^
y.rrj.y: ,->-< "S^Jr I -^c ^' Jd'SCV
i Tola lioek &
SllSf feW ^ | *;
:or XUTESrTAL 2nd EXTEEi-TAl Lisa. I
;nre ami speedy cure for Soro ] Sv.ulii
oat, Gonitis, Colds, Diphtheria, [ k"ITs,
Diarrhea,Dysentery,Cramps, j ,,
)3era, Summer Complaint, Sick j -*,!C
idachc,Neuralgi a, Rheumatism, ;
tises. Cuts, Sprains, etc. I Madeline Cil;
rfictl'j safe to use internal!!/ or externally,find {
in to afford relief. No family can afford fc> Doll (ii,?? ('
ithoutit. Sold by all druggists at !S5c?? j "" v'
,and SI a bottle. * 1 M.
ERRY DAViS & 50H, ProorJetoro, 1 isicrva K VSJ
Proyider.ee, R. I?- I
I Check Cigar2
n [2 n i Our Const Ci
U ^2 H It r"^
^ c : Lucky IJilCi
/rJ-Td ; T - .
53 S3 - ?2 L r.icuui
nyjj 1
p. ' ,T"
n :is p*d i The Pick
?3 THE , I (>hu<
3 pTecens p:cu?rtt;.iE>a. in ivr my : T>. 1
of tJiT3 dir?a?e r.nd us etteg-daats... ; iUC\l
KjSAE-ACZS, EiLIGuitfEaS, DfS- (Li
IE CTfin?A5TG^rgSS^5TaSt !
S PILLO hft^v! f,u,:v?d ?. v/orld-V;do j
ntioa. Ko Kciaedv hf-3 over been- t 1 ^ O-M..I
vcred tiaat c-cts so gca'-ly on <??. p ^t?i
?ve organs, giving fee^n Tiger to c.sit-i
fc.ccL As" a caravcl rc-su.lt, tno
y.is System is Braced, jie Muscles.
svelspcd, and the Z'ody JRobust.
2=.iiZf3 C.120. Povor.
VAX., ft ?!o.ntor at 5.171*.: ciarri. In., save: J
^station '.a In a E3?laricl district. For
.1 years I conlrt cot siaicfl h&lf a crop or.
at of bilious Ci9er-3en acd chills. I woo
dlscourajrod u-hort I'oes"m the use of A n ? 'hi nA.
3 PIXELS. The result V3?.a marvelous:
tcrers coon became hoarty reboot,
&J-6 hid. no farther trouble. ! f ]lO use of- niv*
to? Sere tbceaerorsedl.I'ew, clears*? L- n o ?iinnli
l:?od from pcisuiiouK haKivn, and A ' .
liie boweb load natar.illy, witb"
uo one^us ?"eci welK ^ ... pAcf.
hlirfned.Vfairl.r,uat!yo?5 irii! <ra!n '^1 ivCSuUl
tlty Birrcmt fcirt Vbor?"M Bod.*. Pare
. SirojssJfervea, ?.:>?J?Sf5?tJES<! ?.iT?r. .Vom fhpliiNt
25Cc=H?;.Offiso,25Karra7St,K.y. i4UI" Ult 111 bl
3 ? ? 0 &3 i ghaii enc|
Hair or 'WjnsxKRS changed to a Glossyby
a single application of tbis Dyk. If ,,
i a natural color, and acts instantaneously. 21VC H1C'& Call
,y T)rn?gists, or sent by express on receipt
Dollar. TTorv iv*
S3 Murray Street, New York., ^ - ltr
TT7TS ItTA-Vf.4Z. of Taliu3ble\
irmntion <inri l'?ef;:I Receipt* 3 Jr a fi ? J
be mailed FZZS on apylicaiion. ?
B Sv.Utles the nwt fs
i 9 IVevsiug. A??a:inrtl 1
fi >'eTer Fails to I
3 w the yoctaful color.
ind Barley for seed, j
t Meal, ! ' ^fSS
i Crackers, and Cneejc,: fe
Hams, and a j JSatjg
Stock of Groceries.^
I gGiDgc^Kachi
I gtnnny of tnebcst i
"D^U- ! B biocd in:o a niocici
Cr -DClLin^}. ; fipo>reri,as
| Bast HeaUb and
bber Facking, | L&'SKi
S Kidneys; and'all 1
I 8 If V"U arc vcastii
Lotary Harrows, |
; HEi>encesofOin^cT
Baling and Ties. {
00 & I BsignatureofHi-co:
y?Y yv 1 w large SAVING I]
F. ZlcMASTER $ CO.! jLJurjltM,
1882.1 rfVA
Ktm m ? where to buy their winter snpplies
HLfl T C n T find men copying after 4,Delan:
U?Uw<UiWjJiUa eg. But to-day the name of
Is a household word in "Winnsborc
everything in his line. We bear t
of our wonld-be competitors. It i:
hanls in the big bargains from tm<
I iove snch competition, but when
Aork nti the dollar. I tre;1
y call the attention of and in challenge to the field thunc
100 Unlanndried Shirts at 50 c
iy superior facilities for $1.0*1 250 Undershirts at 25 cent
mirket for the money. 3.00;? yard
rythiog in my line, o tucky Jeaos at !?$. 20 and 25 cent
_ # new. Lubin's Cashmere, all wool,
y. Starting business in | oialty of these goods for the past ti
,, . ? . sets, "Brookaide," 50 cents?a gen
18>6, I have in all this i>e beat
, ...... FROM AUCTION?2,000;jlei
closest attention i > ray ever 0g_re(i in the place?25. 40 ai
rmleavorcd to make my ** <*>?** I propose to ambtu.
FIIiST CLASS in everv
shall in the future, as in
I myself ready to serve ~TVT~ Li H
with the best articles i -L ^ JP-i V V _1_ '
rocured in any market. I
jady, also, to guarantee
SC"' J&. A
ispcction of my stocfc of jg,^
?, Tobacco, Cigars, etc.
YEivr lsgs5?s,?'583'
F. W. HA.BEXICHT- liS^^S ij |
"Iiiskey (Ramsey's). | IS
rdam Fish Gin.
Joyal Ginger Ale. chromos, at cheap a? Ihe cheap
f _ . * "food a? auv in the market, am
n <? Co. s Champagne. repaired, and anv part or attac
Cochran's Ginger Ale. 'I""''1 alKchmenU for al! Sc<
will be a great relief ?o the mi
lis Mineral Water. treadles, and lo tlx^e who.-e si
musrle?5. Genilemen ran aid i
rustora Bitters. hands 1o rest their I'cei. Lear
.1 _ <;? T?ni?aniKni> v/m
) Cf ^ ... - V" ' ! iI,U' 1UII. Iltuiwuui . v..
i Micrrv w me. j a< (]Csjm]> without changing i
U1 Port Wiue. | une- LOW JN Al
Ginger Ale.* ??
Soda Water. THE J3I
binet JLlye Whiskey.
ivlkill Rye Whiskey.
orable live Whiskcv. ^
-ST" /~NJ A
n Grain Rye Whiskey. 1 /-%
Standard Rye Whiskey. IS J o K?J/ _-ZTjaL
: Vollmer Rye Whiskey. . COXGKE
veet Mash Corn Whiskey^
. ^ . , ' Who has novT oil hand the J
iloiintain Corn whiskey.
jrn Corn Whiskey. ^ A.LL -A.^*
[ountain Peach Brandy. has ever haa in store.
land (French's) l?um.
v ; DRY
Li'olina Apple Brand v. ,
[Sackberry Ilrandy. ^
- Chevr-v Enmd-y. In Ladie^ Dross Goods I h
j Ginger Bnuidv. I ... ^
! In Gent-- Funnshinjr Good
.j.... i*.... pr.. .. .x?,l u:^K M.i ilUi' 1*01111
>siou owuu vannv kiumiijs" ...
My Cloihuig ha* been nio>;
BjJ$Ju2>. _ All inv good*-have been- ?a
^ ^
^ Swavs KVgfcuMo of^e (heir Ix
Jveola Bittern Tbs patroiiagg. of the public
better's B?(ei*s.
Engel'-j- Lnger Eeor. in
;r bo; J lea and on draught. ^WfjfSlPi
S'veet.. Sparkling Ciler.
- -
tr.cs> Cigar, 2-h cents.
ar- all Havana?10 cents.
S"ub)-all IIavar.a-10 cents. ^*?*sks*??&'
r?Havana tiller? 5 cents. Manufacturod by ISAA
? Havana tiller? 5 ccius. :?
gar-Havana tiller?o cents. __ ^
gar-Havana fiiIer-5 cents, j ? **
Self-Lighting Cigarette, >: ^ |fy
mouth-piece to every x ^ ^
j:i packages.) 2 "" ^
wick Qlub Cigarette, ? > ^ >3
tk inoiuli-pieccs.) ^
moncl Gem Cigarette, r: ** fr=?3 <
gilt Siaokiuir.) I ~ ^
| ' M & Q p
-OIL IX TOWX. ^ | V ^ f
b ^ ?3 a
? V ?] fe}: L
E=cJ &'
, IbJi '
5 S! ICS! g *%? H k
V p
nee always on Land for ^ ^
customers. I will also p? *j|. M ^
? * ?cH H
" of Fish, Oysters, ctc., ^ 6?j
rant, which will bo open jPj| | ^
of September to the first ^ j ^
* ?|5?d
easor to please all who > ^ K p<
5 ? ^ t3 w
spectfully,. ^ q jeg M
RZABEXICHT. ? 5 k ? ?
titi<Jions*snpMpftf<-tIIf?irR?t^irTftn(] J a A L_J
r?r ltsc^^Iiutrsi and e!can:j?rrlame. B * fcv<3 MRestore
Grc7 or Faded Hairg ^ J. ?j rsi ~p"
SOctfeMdfl ?lzr? ct all ilrucyiiti. J "* |, j
mM $ W ? ?
mmyrnml i s fit a y
I r 5 e j
JbBtftSkA}8tllliagi& and j \ " ca g^j ^
nedicines known are here com- i ?i t t
neof such varied and effective ; ]3
the Greatest Dlood Purifier&the i ^ M wj
Strength Restorer Ever Used. | ^ ^ J=4 ?
;ia, Rheumatism, Sleeplessness, | S 9
jtomach, Bowels Lungs, Liver, 1^2, vd
female Complaints. _ 1 ^ 2 M
lg away with Consumption or j j ~ LU
it ToN'Ctr>-day. It will surely I 53 M '
iber! itisfarsupenortoEitiers, I ~?.
and other Tonics, as it builds 8 j & S3
out intQxicating. 50c. and $18 ?
n drugs. None genuine withoutg j X<&Co.,NY.
Se-^d for circular B ; Jf- IW\
<ETO<GTCm^sia| j H' mm
-DAY 1
in Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Shoes, Eta - j,"
one of the honored Dry Goods men^of Augusta*
?, Chester and Lancaster, as the headqnarters i<rt
be cry, "No shoddy, no auction goods, from 8on?
s only the m-m of judgment and with the cash that
ierneath the hammer. When Greek meets Greek
. ni'-n accnmolate wealth by paying less than one . .. iffij
Lt them with siient contempt and seek a nobler foe ~ vXjfl
ler such guns as these: |
:ents. 200 Uaknndried Shirts- at 88 cents, 'worth
i? Af\ rr/xn^s in tVi?*
S. Unaersmrui IU. i-ruio, w.,.
s Eectncky -leans at 12A cents. 250 yards Keni.
3 pieces Ladies' Flannel Sailings?soD&Bthinjjj
at 5 >, 62 1-2. 75 and ifi.C'i. I have made ?? sp^? . '"^fU
vo years--. There is none to equal them. 150 c:>*V '^tR
eral favorite, ily 75 cents and 51.00 corset canno
n's. Boys'and Children's Hats?the "biggest drive- '
ad GO c'-nts, up to the fire^t goods- at $3.CO and
i my unrivaled reputation as the TJFTADEB.
Until yon have seen my stodc* which
is the largest, handw>meslr
and cheapest according
lo quality, and for designs and
workmanship unequaled.
Everything- warranted to be as>
represented. You will getjast
'g&zS&k. what you buy. Furuitare- .
neatly repaired at moderate Srf
prices. Mattresses of my own
manufacture. Spring Beds and
wii*e mat treses that can't be
beat in Quality or Prices, A.
new supply of picture frames*
wall pockets, brackets,mirrors, '?mk
A neu- supply of Sewing Machines aa - *?8
I I can't be UNDERSOLD. Sewing Machines'hment
iurnWiod. Needles and oil for sale.
ivfn?? Machines. Thi? mu?-h-nooded improvement
tny ladies who weary of ihe constant n&e of theale
of health forbids an undue u^eof one set of
n rhe sewing, and delicate females use their
iter? can u-c 1 he hand ro help the feet acquirei-iin
use bolh hands and feet together, or? either
he al fachnaent. Come one, some all, and get
TO CALL OX i -?||
This Stock comprises all the Latest Styles of
Live the finest and fullest line ever seen in mauy a -ig
? and Underwear I have an assortment that ftfr
i??t be-surpassed anywhere. /
; carei'uUy selected. aud; is sore- ti> give entire ret
ally bought, and I shall sell afc the lowest. J~
; is fespeclfoUy solicited.. f
Fourteen different sizes and kinds. Five-. "1f5?
sizes \rith Enameled Kcsorvoirs. Adapted toall
requirements, and priced to suit all purses,
Double Wood Doors, Patent Wood Giatev
j[jg|jgg||; Adjustable Damper, Interchangeable Auto?
' matic Shelf, Broiling Door, Swinging Hearth. --^j
Plate, Swinging Flue-Stop, P.eversible Gas- -2
Burning Long Cross Piece, Double Shortj&
Centers, Heavy Ring Covers, Illuminated Fir?
JJoors, Nickel Kn?bs. Nickel Panels, etc.
Cneqaalcd In Material, in Finish, aatf la
C A. SHEPPARD & CO., Baltimore, Kd t '
>CKIEVY <fc FAST* Wixuuboro, ft, O.
~ FiMoTirnWiWr
ksd ilMud & UMniiO I
COiI?S IN- ^
T lion sands of musical frmilic-s through- \-;3
louttheSonth fire intending, to purchase
; Pianos and Organs in the f.tll,. when c.?t!
ton;comes ia. Why wait?. Enj* .it once,
| and enliven the long,.hot'sammer months- 1
| with mnsic, and make the "Harvest
! FlAm6,T cftll invinl TKa pn? *.
. j wkitt JWJ ?u*. XUr i>U .UUulCi
>^3 i ss wiih.a tremendous- stock of In- r': .. %
,, strnm?:nts at- SaTunoajii at oar NIXJ?
t . BRANCH HOUSES, at oar countlessAgencies,.ami
witb as m.inv mor^ to arpri
! rive before October-1st, vrh ch we are un^
J tier contract to take. We cannot curry
this immense stock until full, It must ha
sold. It will b<\ C. fib buwrs will want
many Instruments-; Instalment buyers~Sj
-will take more. a.n<l thosA arho at. tVii? f ma.
of the yearcannot conveniently meet oarInstalment
payments, will gladly come- ?j
in nnder.our
imidsummfr special offek. jjs
$35 r.ASJJ JDOir.V OX A P7AXO,
I And the balance November 1st-next with|
out one cent of interest. liock Bottoiu.
j Cash Kates. No interest or advance in.
! price. If balance can't be paid in the fall* ' ?
longer time will-be-given, with a rwwnaj
bin increase of price. All Instruments of
I every jjra.de and piice incln.led in t^issale.
Tell yonr musical friends
Wgjfea Write us lor- Catalogues, Price Lists, Cir
i culars- and full particulars. This sale\fef\
closes October 1st,. 1882. Early purchase
seen res cash thtcmk smti pmv tame
^ Ludden & Bates'
Tke Great Eia ao and Organ Depot of tlxs S^otb. .

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