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WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, : : : : IS SC. } (;0UncJI
Terms of The News and Herald.? j an amei
Tri-weekly edition, lour aonarsper annum, resrara t<
in advance. Weekly edition, two dollars! ,
per an.iurn in advance; two dollars and ! an(* otne
tifty cents per annum, if not paid in ad- j same up
ranee. cti_ofe
Rates for Advertising.?One dollar { slieeis*
per inch (solid minion) for the first inser- j be fonnd
tion, and fifty cents per inch for each sub- ?:*:_pns e
sequent insertion. These rates apply to;U["?enbv
advertisements of every character, and are j accordin
payable strictly in acfvance. Obituaries J
and tributes of respect are charged for as j Fairkj
advertisements. Marriage notices, and j
>Sinple announcements of deaths, are pub- j ec* to not
iislied free, and are solicited. Liberal terms last we
lor contract advertisements. i
- .Messrs.
:-v ? lilvmiiiemen:>. j Brice aC(
Land Sale?W. W. Crosby, W. L- j at the j
~ " I ;
ItoatlV. i
rTown Ordinance?I. N. Withers, | 0f the fo
Clerk of Coancil. ! monume
The Thoroughbred Lemington, Jr. i latter
?A. Williford & Son. friends i
Local Briefs. ' tiuued S
?Mrs. C. S. Brice, of Woodward, is ChAri
r visiting friends in town. Memoria
?It is on every lip that Hendrix {Q tj m
furnishes the best soda in the city. * Dratr0oi]
?The thermometer for the past few genator
days nas Deen ranging w uic f f. .
01 aIIOII ill
- -Mr. Matthew White, of Chester, -.
,,r \ . ?* ^he cc
was iu town on Wednesdav on busxof
the in<
"ess. ^ , ,
we niici i
?Mr. James Williford, of Rock ! nv
! ertson at
Hill, is visiting his brother, Mr. A.jnatiyeof
WilIiford- J ? I of the lat
?A colored gentleman had a fine I
turtle exposed for sale on our streets j Taken
on Friday. our office
?Mrs. T. R. Robertson, of Char- ! g00(j
lotte, is on a visit to friends and rela- j fess that (
|| tives in town. ' der the f<
?The Baptist congregation of White was gent
Oak hare purchased an organ for a dish of
their charch. season, a
?Fruit cars have been common on spring ti
our north-bound freight trains since the jshes ailc
first of the mouth. grown b;
?Mrs. W. L. McDonald is spending tainly sh<
some days with friends and relatives She will
in the New liope section. assured t
?The past few days have been ex- ciated.
ceeding warmly, and our merchants are
doing a thriving business in the light A
line. from Par
?"We learu from a number of farm- Thursda;
ers of the county, that the stand of
cotton is very poor in nearly every met
section. handling
?Strawberries are plentiful on the ^e **
market at twelve and a half cents per some w3
quart. The crop is exceedingly fine e
this year. an<* com*
?Thp tipw sonth wall to the store of wour
J. il. Beaty & Bro., is moving np J <3UIte
rapidly, and will be completed in a! an acc^
short while. J P*ace iJ1 1
?The new gasoline lamps for our | ?wUA
streets arrived on Wednesday, and a J exchan?-c
number of bands were engaged in "occasjo]
r putting them up on Friday. fhort \iu
?Our efficient county auditor who Three <jr
boasted of bis fine oats some time ago, ^rink v
informs us that his crop will be as ^^09 50
large as he at first expected. terest for
?The mint julep season has opened cent a(j(
and our artistic mixers are getting game
fresh mint every morning. Our office exDint(ie
is in rear of the bank building. t0 *he
?At a meeting of the Town Council fj,he jQt
on the 12th inst.. Mr. C. F. Glaaden an rtpr)l-n
f was appointed assistant police vice come>
Mr. J. "W". McCreight, resigned.
?We learn that an attentive clerk Fairfi
in one of our dry goods stores, says Henry C
that he saw the "red glare" of all the Artillery
bullets fired on Tuesday night, to has been
frighten the "Combination Troupe." for some
?The lumber for our new cellege commanc
building is being placed apon the sor of ^
grounds as rapidly as possible, and tural Co
everything will be put in readiness for class of 1
a brisk start, about the first of June. j nated am
?2iOW is tne umc to gei ? guw j ciass. n
Cincinnati Open or Top Buggy, Three- and is a
Spring Wagon, Turnout Seat Buggy, our coui
Platform Spring or Farmer's Wagon, i R. M. D
with shafts or pole, Single or Double j College.
Harness, cheap for cash or bankable Fairtield
apper, from J. O. Boag. * of his su<
?Candidates' announcements are
coming in rather slowly. It is time that Teach
the political ball was put in motion, , a mee
and we hope that all those desirirg to *10n '
^ seek political honors at the hands of Saturday
' the "dear people" at the next election }s a 1
will send in their announcements as \ su^Jects:
I Dr. Jo
soon as possible. ~ ~
?A severe storm passed over many
sections of our State on Saturday *
Mr T
evening last. In Greenville, Spartan- * * *
burg and other north-western towns
r considerable damage was done. In
our own* town there was a pretty I - r ra
* severe wind, but besides raising a a en .
cloud of dust on our streets no damage most int
was done. !ess attra
?Mrs. Boag has now opened her Death
stock of Spring and Summer Millnery, j Savilla E
to which she respectfully invites the j Col. R. 0
inspection of her friends and patrons inst., in i
generally. Call early and be suited, age. Mi
A full stock of Dry Goods, Fancy joved gn
Goods, Notions, Groceries, and every- body, bu
thing usually found in the general her phys:
merchandise line. All to be found at and her d
the store of J. O. Boag, as low as the funeral s
t lowest. * Church,
* terred in
Personal.?We learn from parties -
, r mg cem
who were in town are Satnrdav that _
,, _ ,, , _ * , womau <
Mrs. Faut, an old lady of the Strothers an(j ^
section fell from her door on Sunday, (jeare(j ]
the 9th inst., and was severly injured.
She was in her ninety-ninth year, and ^ jQgg
is perhaps the' oldest lady in the sjone^
T'rr*- "PoTCrVM* 4 t Pavvttvttav. The
-*-u?< j IUC UCiHl
r ^ Ninety-Sixth Diocesan Convention occurred
of the Protestant Episcopal Church ?he was
of South Carolina, met at St Luke's snmmers
Church, in Charleston, on Wednesday. ju the be
A full deigation of the clergy and inst., sh<
laymen are in attendance upon the was disc
sessions of the convention. from th
""""?7" diphther
Interesting to the Ladies.?Tne ^ -tg
ladies of Winnsboro will be glad to gowers (
learn that Miss L. A. Clarkson, of better ar
Atlanta, Ga., one of the editors of the ? . ?
. , eral sen
Dixie Cook Book, is stopping at the ^Qsc>cjat(
Winnsboro Hotel, and is here in the ?
, ' ^ . , pastor, o
v interest of ner book. It is a neat vol>
. . remains
-AA ?Jo
uiue WUUUUlUg IW auu 18 ^ cjj^
authority on all things in the culinary ^ea{jj ^}
art She will be in town for several famjjy 0
^,a-s" father, t
advice to mothsks. | sympath
Mrs. wissww's Soothixg Strcp should al- !
ways he used ror children teething. It soothes j Free'
the child, softens the gums, allays an pain,
cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for the chaii
Clarrhcea. Tvrenty-flve cents a hotUe. [
juiyi-tityi mittee o
ance Amended.?As will be of South Carolina, we mali
another column, the Town lowing announcement: "1
at a recent meeting adopted be a meeting of the Free Tr
idment to the ordinance in ciation of South Carolina in
:> the minding at large of cows on the 2nd of June at 12 M.
r stock, and to pasturing the the members 01 tne -tissuui
on plats of grass on the back all who are interested in the
The amendment in fall will of tariff, are requested to 1
[ in another column, and our Addresses will be delivere
should read it and be governed onel Edward McCrady, Jr
glv. \V. 11. Davie, Colonel J. \V
~ " X. G. Ganzalez, Esq., B. O
[eld Abroad.?We were pleas- v , , . 7T ?
. . ., 1 Esq., and Colonel Ilenrv A
icein an Abbeville exchange ot rp, ~ ,, *.,,,
, , Xhe Executive .Committer
e" .,at ?Ur -oun= fiends, hapnv to provide for a joint
J. t Douglass and W. 0. ou tliat occasion. shoulll
lo.tted themselves handsomely cate of p,.o!eclio? bc wim?ff
amor exhibition of Erskine Ws vie , he is assured of a ?
some days ago. The subject ceptiou and a careful heariu
rmpr mnior's effort was "The
nts of energy", that of the ? _
tv.,? n rru Train* Delayed.?The no
I rue nobility". Their manv
11(> ? , . , ' passenger train arrived at
II the county wish them con- , ,
?nnnr,r, about three hours lale on
m The delay was caused by
.estox Light Dragoons.?On being burnt for some thirty
Day :he monument erected feet near Barr's, aboul
emorv of the Charleston Light miles below Columbia. It
;S was unveiled in that city, a wood rack containing abc
M. C. Butler delivered the cords of wood had caught
u which he gave a brief sketch from this the cross-tics too
mpany. Upon the south face the iron warped from them.
>nument "to the heroic dead" man had to be sent six mi
hat the name of E. R. Rob- nearest telegraph office it)
>pears. Mr. Robertson was a secure assistance in repairing
/?r.nntv nnH wns 5i son I At Columbia as soon as it w
VUl WUUVJ ?? ? ? ?
e Judge W. R. Robertson. that the train would be i
_ special train composed of a
ky Storm.?It is not often passenger coach and a baj
s is taken by storm with the was sent out to Charlotte ft
lgs of life, but we must con- commodation of passengers
un Monday we had to surrdu- line. It is not known wl
5rt. A basket neatly covered fire was of incendiary origin
up. On opening it we found
' the finest strawberries of the The I. O 0. F.?The Grs
nd around it were packed fine of the Independent Order
irnips, oniors, beets and rad- j Fellows in South Carolin;
>fthe finest variety. They were i Chester on Wednesday, the
? 1 r? AOP. ! T.% (lia oti:aiif>o /-if fhp rtlfflld
y iUIfc* >T auu v/vi - | iu mv uwovmw w* v?.v
)ff her skill as a gardener, town, Mr. E. T. Atkinson
accept our thanks and be an address of welcome to t
hat they were greatly appre- Lodge. Mr. 0. W. Buchan
town, in behalf of the L
7 ~. , ponded to the address A i
;ful Accident.?We learned . ,
, . of delegates were present,
ties who were 111 town on , . ? . , ,r , , ,
r, that Mr. Pi M. Brice, of business ot the order hao. be
Hope Graded School, had ac'ed' a" electlon for offlcer'
i quite a painful accident by <he ensu.ng year wa,
a small pistol. It seems that O. W. Buchanan, of Wjnnsl
in bis hand working it in elected Grand Master. La,
y, when it was discharged, selected as the next place of
o?-> thtivennv f>vpnin<r a trr&n
nterinsr the heart of the hand ' ? " ngout'on
the back. While was ?ive" t0 ,he dele=atl
,d is not a serious one, it was 5 ,ize"s ?[ Chcs,er at th?
?fa! at first. His father had 5?te!< ,wh'.cl! was gl'catl>'
lent in ?lmost the identical The Order .s m a flotmshtog
the same way a few years ago. an<J 18 S?"?"S strength ev
t it Costs."?An interesting The Allyne Combinatn
; has calculated what an Allyne Combination Troupe
lal drinker" will spend in a tertajnments at Boag's Ope
De by an occasional drink, on Mouday and Tuesday
na,. viomiim- Kami hills had be
JIJKb a UiiV ill icu Vkuv^ ?/vi X iuiuiu^ u??v.
rill in one year amount to distributed around town sev
This amount placed at iu- before, but they failed to att
twenty-five years at ten per of a crowd. It was advertii
ied to what he spends for the number of presents would
g every year, will, at the away, but they refused to d<
nof twenty-five years, amount the first night, giving back
tidsome sntn ot of $11,814.18. present their prize tickets
est of which would support until Tuesday night. On
ary family for all time to evening a number of pres<
distributed among the anaiei
did not satisfv some of those
t ... " j
eld nosukti;. uicuicunui sn(j tue troupe was peneu i
). Davis, Jr., of the Third on (heir return from the Ope
, United States Army, who an(j we ]earn that several pi
stationed at Washington City were fire(J near t0 fl.ight(
time, has been detailed as \fhile we have no sympathy
lant of the cadets and Profes- a troupe, we do not hesitat
lathematics in the Agricui- dgmn the action of some of
ilege of Mississippi. In the zens of vounger years in acti
883, Lieutenant Davis grad- did To say the least of it tl
3 wasone of the starmen of his ^as shameful, and when the
ie is a native of this county, themselves to be hnmbugge<
brother of Mr. J. Q. Davis njaht thev should have blam
jtv treasurer, and of.Prof. but thmselves.
avis, of the South Carolina
He has many friends in Strawberry Festival.?
* ? - ' ^ A/1 4- /\ Vv AO T* I . . J A_
wno aremwajs giau ^ DceK requested 10 umuunw
:cess- will be a hot supper and s
ees' Meetixg.?There will festiral> S'Ten thc ladie'
ting of the Teachers' Associa- cord charoh> at Blackstocl
Fairfield, at Mossy Dale on 21st inst- The entertainmen
tho 29th May. The follow to raise fonds t0 aid h,.furn
ist of the speakers and their church. All the delicacic
season will be served at
hn Bovd-Pedagogics. Prices' and considering the (
ohn Gass-The Mind. which k is Siven il is W01
B. Hanahan?School Hvgiene. liberal patronage. A good i
E. Bell-Esthetics. ' is ?Pe"ted'
r. P. Watsou-Ethics.i as some of oar y?nnZ men b!
A. Oouglass?Civics. ^ ^
tins tine arrav 01 oraiuncai - . _
, notice from a number of or
i meeting promises to be a ? , .. .
? y , .? , . A exchanges that the Democr
cresting one, and will doubt- nfe.n??, ^ tU
, , of several of the counties ar
ct a very large attendance. ? . ,
3 , ? preparing to lor the political
: of Mrs. Cameron.?Mrs. this summer, which promise
[. Cameron, relict of the late very lively one. It is never
J. Cameron, died on the 11th to start in a good cause, and
the eighty-seventh year of her should not be behind in orga
s. Cameron had generally en- forces for any emergency. T
?at vigor both of mind and of lican leaders will make
t within the past six months a*e effort this fall, it is said,
i?number of Congressman in
H/iil liCcbllil iii?U iiUO l/ctll gV/VVi) w
exth was not unexpected. The ern States. "While we have
ervices were held at Concord ^ear anything onrselres
and the remains were in- nothing like being ready to
the family plot in the adjoin- efiort which might be mad
etery. Mrs. Cameron was a opponents.
>f strong traits of character,
, . , ., ' Bethel Presbytery.
qualities wh.ch jreatly en- An a(Ijourned meeti f
45 we" 10 frien<is a! t0 bytery of Bethel was held
-who now in common deplore 9tock on the nh and thc gth
which hei death has occa- corrcsp011c)ent 0f theChestei
gives a synopsis of the proc
t.?We are pained to announce The Rev. J. L. McLin wai
i of Freddie Sitgreaves which as a member of this Presbyf
i on "Wednesday night last. ca^ being placed in his hj
a bright little girl of five Pleasant * .rove and Catholi<
? j ? x- _ ?tx-od was accepted and arrangem
if UL1U up IU ik ncgjk Ugv niui
st health. On Friday the 7th for his installation. The li
; became unwell, and soon it Wilson received a call to
overed that she was suffering Aimwell churches, whic
at fatal disease to children, accepted. He preached a se
ia. In less than a week it had a view to ordination, whict
work and one of the brightest Gained as satisfactory, and
>f the family was takeh to a ments were made for his
id happier would. T)se fun- an(* installation.
rices were conducted at the call was preseuted to ]
e Reformed Church, by the Bethesda for the Ri
>n Thursday evening, and the Webb which, after some ve
of the little one laid to rest in discussion pro and con., was
This is the first hi3 hands for consideration.
bich has ever occnrred ia the The Itev. R. A. "Webb offe
f Mr. F. A. Sitgreaves. The Intion in regard to the appc
nother and sisters have the a special committee to solii
y of a host of friends. subscriptions to the amoi
. hundred dollars at least f)
Traders.?At the request of bers of the various churc
man of the Executive Com- Presbytery, to supplement
f the Free Frade Association gelistic fund. After some
:e the fol- j the resolution was adopted aud a com*
fherc will! mitte appointed.
ade Asso- On Saturday the Rev. W. G. Neville and
Colombia was installed pastor of Blackstock and ?ern
IS so
Not onlv Concord churches. The Rev. James iy
atiou, but Douglass addressed the pastor and the time
reduction Rev. J. C. McMullcn the people. The
)C present, i last part of this services wa very im- Bitfc
d by Ccl- pressive?the giving- of the right hand ston
., Colonel of fellowship, which was participated
. 1?. Pope, in not only by the members of this
. Duncan, congregation, but by members of every
. Gaillard. deuomination in the community, and <rrea
; will be by a number not yet identified with thre
discussion any church. This fully evinces the ^fit,
anv advo- hisrh esteem in which Mr. Neville is and
I T>.. ~
to present held in the community, both as a man
urteous re- and as a minister. reco
. sufft
& K
,1 Knl1llf? I The Illustrated Graphic Sovra.
ll.. . The Illustrated Graphic News of j
this place ,
Tuesdav week will be even a more remark- xi
the track a^'e PaPer ^an an^ ever before issued- in 1
f j It will contata pictures of the annual ho<x
?t / . I Masonic conclave, in session at (Jin- forr
we"tv cinnati this week, with views of the
seems that! 4, , . / ... , the \
fifteen I new cathe^ra^ Just comPleted? au<* __
fir -uid Portra*ts jea^ino thirty-third decree
' ' . Masons. It will give exciting scenes npl
- lie an from t^e terrj^ie Chicago riots, exhib- _-*
A brake- ... .. . , , , . . 4 boro
I ?? fVia fsO!>fi;l hfimll ?\nln?inD. 10
ler td ^et'ier Portraits of the sheriff, | next
1 mayor, prominent policc officials and I high
f ra? ' murdered officials. There will also be de4C,
as learned , ... . . ,. , AI
, ? a splendid presentation of the great lvins
?o late, a ? \ r _ f
. x , Kentucky Derbv, to be run on Friday, f*}11.
first-class . , .iU. ". tami
J the 14th mst., showing every promi>T
the ac neUt starter' trac^> buildings, noted Acre
horsemen and officials ef the Louisville of C
a?nf!? Jockey Club. INew York's police
- n'ot ? ^orce' ^nest ^)e ^vorld," are ting
treated upon with portraits of the
, . , I famous Inspector Byrnes, Captaiu w
111 _r I Murray and Captain "Williams. The
ui vuu fatnous Remington Rifle Works, at
i mot nt 7
l?th inst ^^on' ^T* which recently assigned,
an't of the an(* ^ disastrous fl??ds at Montreal y^in]
, .. , will be illustrated, ahd several other amei
delivered . . ' .. , .. VII
lie Grand interestluo illustrations, besides an
abundance of the choicest reading mat- out t
an, of our ? twel
0(3 ce res- " stx p
? Frank X.eslie'8 Sunday Magazine. aniei
all quota p^nk Leslie's Sunday Magazine furtl
After the for junC) 1S8G, is especially noticeable
;en trans- f0I, jts numerous full-page illustrations large
s to serve some 0f which are exceptionally beau- t0.wr
ield. Mr. tiful. The Luray Cave, in Page coun)oro,
was ^ ya } js subject of several fine con(i
igley was cut(?> ^ beautiful picture is a repro- ^etw
meeting. duction of a painting by . Agustin six o
d banquet Lhardy, entitled "Preparations for a
js by the j)av in the Country"; and a number
Nicholson 0f contrasted scenes on the two rivers
enjoyed. Rh;nc an(j the Hudson, give some j- -|
condition idea of the beauty of these two famous J-JJ
ary year. streauis. An antiquarian interest at- w
taches to the article on the first edition son 2
w.? The of the "Pilgrim's Progress" with re- jojjj
gave en- productions of its quaint engravings Ever
ra House and afac simile of the text. A beau- ?enfc
evenings, ^iful reproduction of one of Giacom:en
freely em>s bjr(j pictures shows the helmet- jsof^
eral days crested hnmming-bird and its nest. an(j j
ract much \innv Kpflntifnl ni^tnrcs fill the
;ed that a number, while the literary portion is up
be given to the high level of this favorite family Thos
3 this on raaofazine. Published by Mrs. Frank
to tho?e Lesiie) 5:>, 55 and 57 Park Place, New Gray
i to hold York
Tucsday ' = Albi.
;nt8 were mass mjsetisg of farmers. port<
nee, but it ty '
present Farmers ?f Fairfield Coun- stock
**.. A rnncc mnntinff nf thf> farmers of
ffith cCT2s ll,ajj "^""o ? ? -ra
House the county called to meet in the Wi
?tol shots Court House, at Winnsboro, on the 1st
fhAm Monday in June at 11 o'clocka. m. . ?,
with sucb MaySflxtd T. S. Bb,ce.
our citi- ? , , ;? . , f0rm
ngas they !Now and then thcre 1S a Solden hnk folio
,fl- " to break the dull chain of monotony A
ieir action J
y allowed that exists aIon? the dry sands of the Hare
i a second ar5cd desert of life* O" the 12th inst*> war?
a few friends and near relatives ased
no one x . and
sembled at Buena Vista, to witness mort
the marriage of Miss Alberta Cureton Cp.^t
We have t0 ^"r* ^atterrceione Chester's ga
that there most success^u'1 merchants. The bride thee
wore a handsome combination suit of Te
trawoerrv _
s of Con- *Q lmnS7e^ne and satin, with white
- fKo rose buds and honeysuckles which
on tne - ilay
it is given blended w^k ^er fair complexion. Mj
ishing the ^er beautiful and impressive
s of the c^emony by the Kev. R. R Yann,
moderate the Suests were invited to the dining- JJ1
)bject for w^ere they found an abundance Coin
rthv of a ^e^cate viands, such as would have tJle
delegation temPte(* appetite of the most cele- ^ ^
r-_ brated epicure. At 1 o'clock p. m.
cms piace,
ive a kind thehaPPy bride and groom departed for desc
l anyway. Ciiester where they.will reside. May ]yAj
lIgn.?\Ve cach day of their life be filled with Fair
ir county love and contentment tain'
atic cli^s Miss Isabel Lyles is visiting rel- . ^
e already atives at this place. She will leave Turi
campaign for Lexington soon to spend a while Trac
s to be a with her brother, Mr. J. Feaster
too early Lyles. Blac
Fairfield Dr. J. R. Coleman, of Feasterville,
h?s located here. He is a promising Marl
XJl?lilg JJCi
he Repub- young" physician and his numerous Sber
a desper- friends wish him success in the noble w
, to gain a calling he has pursued.
the South- The early sowing of oats have '
no reason gone to cheat, but the spring crop is
, there is good, though of a small area. This
defeat any will force the average farmer to pull
le by our "Gypsy" for forage purposes, of which
there is an abundant crop. J?se
Cuffie has given the merchant a lien
on his crop, and anticipates taking a W
the Pies- jean Qn tke blackberry and plum jg
.at bushes, which will no doubt assist him AJ
inst. The jn majjiUa his "lowance" hold out. ^
Reporter , frnjt crQp jQ secfjon wjjj
PPnillffR I
? I be very fine, stanwberries are as fine as -xti
s VAAAlTr/1/1 I _ * .... _ Y
"tTTT frnif JL
3 j I bave ever seen, nuw iuc acti<
ery, and a rjpens we are going to have peach pie the
mds from an(jappie tarts at our house, s. d.g. for1
; churches ^
ents made ?My liver was so fearfully disor soul
Lev. J. A. dered and I felt so feeble and languid the
Lono-town * scarcely took interest in any- clus
? thing. Tried all the so-called reme- ypu
a also w^s ^jes wjthout relief until I used Par- 1 *?e.1
rmon with ker's Tonic, which effected a permai
was sus- nent cure.?David Bash, Little Rock, j).
i A rk *
I arrangeordination
gjyCE the return of Mr. Davis to his To
home at Beanvoir he has been qoite
Presbytery ill. His physicians are of the opinion p:
bv. K. A. that ^ was caused by over-excitement
rv earnest dnrinS his extended' trip in Georgia, J.
y and are confident that a few days of and
i placed in ondisturbed rest will restore him to 0f t
his usual vigor, and that he will be Plea
rod s. rpso- able to fill his appointment at Mobile, ty,
, woi u
untment of ?What is more disagreeable to a
lit private lady than to know that her hair has _
mt of six not only its color, but is full of danrom
mem- draff? Yet such was the case with
, . , mine until I used Parker's Hair Bal- \P
nes in tne sam> jjajr jg now 5iact an(j per. ^ ^
the evan- fecrlv clean and glossy.?Mrs. E. as'a'
discussion Sweenp, Chicago. * * M
A Good Many Failures. TinU^sFlT
uricgthc year 1883 there were 10,569 IlUUOIili
ires In business in the United States
r-onodrt s^mp of these were bior con
s, and some were very small. Failure
rrowful business to any man, especialit
is health that fails. A great many
s 10,508 people fail in health in the
se of a year. Many of them might be
d if they would take Brown's Iron
ers.^the great^famHy medicine and reAn
Old Citizen Speaks.
r. J. M. Xorris, an old resident of
le, Ga., says that he had been badly /I fey
hied with Kidney Complaint for a 'jtf! war
t many years ancl with Eczema for Jf
e years; at times could scarcely walk
had tried many remedies without benuntil
he began taking Electric Bitters
anointing his hands and feet with WILL FIXD
klen's Arnica Salve. This treatment they wish in the Sto'
r/io/i liim rrrpnt r^iipf and he stronnlv nisliing line in my stc
mmended Electric Bitters to all who ne the follow ng nove
irwith Kidney Complaints, or need a Enterprise Iron Coffei
>d Purifier. Sold by McMaster, Bricc Victor Rotary Seive
etchin. * Slaw Cutters,
Towel Racks ar
Granite Iror
ie many friends of Mr. J. G. HERON, (lighter, nicer, safer
;he Monticello and Salem neighbor e
is, take pleasure in nominating him " YenowBakersf3'
e-election to the office of County Com- Self-Basting Broil
iioner for Fairfield County?subject to (fits
- - ? ^ Annie Corers, (
iction of tlie Democratic pnmanr. - Butter Prints
IE undersigned will offer for sale be- Baskets, Wood and
fore the Court House door in Winns- to close out.
, S. C., on the The OXE-HORSE
FIRST MONDAY IN JUNE J1'? PlowLt9. bed up col
.... .. , ,, , . and work it. louwi;
, wrthm theJe?al hours of saie, to the we]1 and not smok(
est bidder for CAbH, the following- from me aml run no
ribed property, to-wit: from ?11 up."
1 that piece, parcel or tract of land, - I
r, being and situate in the county of
field and State of South Carolina, con- ? _ ? _
ng (^ Li1 nc
!S, more or less, and bounded by lands
. C. Crosby, J. W. Estes and W. W.
by. To be sold as the property of m
V. Crosby for the purpose of liquida- I Cll
a mortgage debt due W. L, Rodav. m* wuvt
innsboro, S. C., Mav 12,1886.
iirKltvM "
a meeting of the Town Council of T .
nsboro, held on the 12th of May, an ANSURE your life i
idment to an amendment of Section LIFE of New York,
of an ordinance ratified on the 1st and most reliable Com
5f March, 1878, was passed, striking Try a
he words from "five o'clock a. m. to
ve m." and substituting "six a. m. to e F' UTT- TCt X'Ti
i. m.," so that the whole Section as "
ided shall read as follows: "Be it , . ....
ier ordained, that it shall not be law- n?n-forfeitaole after
for any person or persons to permit t S" t>
, goats, sheep, cows or geese to run at , .:f"s^re - ?1urr I i'?l)e
! within the corporate limits of the ,^e and hghtninj
i, except that cows are allowed to be r
2d in the streets of the town except
jress street, subject to the following ^ ieastern Tarifi
itions: that they be securely haltered v- *
lield while grazing, and grazed only aja^i?ixij
een the hours of six o'clock a. m. ancl ? - ?
'clockl"m' lELSOS'I
? rTT>r>T1T\
illJbJ I JtlUXlU t unuxvjCit/
SMINGrTON, JR., co,"n
ill be found the ensuing sea- rgr- XEAK TO BIT
it his stable in Winnsboro. Fee Ten
irs, paid in advance, or a satisfactory CIT1.
payable on the 1st October, 188(5.
y care will be taken ta prevent acci- "?t and Cold J
but no liability will be assumed for Situation quiet.
that may occur."
e description of LEMINGTON, Jr., . -pbeautiful
brown color, eleven years A"e 011,J *irsi"
ifteen hands and three inches nigh, Columbia run at
is handsomely formed.
:MINGTOX. Jtt., was bred by Col. Owner .
. G. Bacon, from his celebrated race - --;
Lynchburg; he by imported Leming- -? ,
(bee Bruce's American Stud Book, j\jftfinfl TO
iNorma, ) mc uaui u III I f s 11 i~s ill
ington, Jr., was Lost Cause, by Reve- 11 U llu U LU
out of Sea Breeze; she by imported
3n, out of Gray Xorma; she by im;d
Leviathan, out of Morgianna; she
Top Gallant. The celebrity of the
: mentioned renders further tracing
ie pedigree unnecessary*. ' TC< mTTT, n
nnsboro, S. C., May 11,188G.
A GEj\ T'S SALE. * IRftR i
the Agent of A. J. Salinao & Son, I
will offer f?>r sale on the
. at eleven o'clock, at the store-house T jVT P T , ?
erly occupied by B. Sugenheimer, the
wing-described property, to-wit:
general stock of Merchandise, con
ig of Boots, Shoes, Hats, Notions, SO NOT\ COME A?
Iware, L'rocKerj'ware, *jriassv??.ic, \ m- fniimvm"!,
Tobaoco, and a remnant of Dry
Is. Also, a pair of Platform Scales rvrmtio v,,a
small Show Case. Sold under a , * '
gage given by Clayton, Coleman & luxon s Patent
X)A. J. Salinas & Son, dated 17th day Cotton Planters
ebruary, A. D. 1885.
le to continue from day to day until Blue Grass S
ntire stock is disposed of, Walter A. Wood's R<
irms of sale?CASH.
JNO. D. McCARLEY. Tanner & Dela
iimsboro, S. C? AS6nt' r?rce r
5,1886. . Early Field
Hf-*- Early Garden
t virtue of an execution to me direct- Come d mak ]f
fid. i will offer for sale before the _ 7 f ^ ^ ^
t House door in Winnsboro, S. C., on Ul *lvc U1UC? ^
with manufacturers.
, within the legal hours of sale, to the Mar.JOf xtf
est bidder, for CASH, the following
ribed property, to-wit: ?
1 that piece, parcel or tract of land, p
r, being and situate in the County of ?j a
field and State of South Carolina, conNE
:s, more or less, lying near Simpson's
lout, and known as the "Crossland
:t"; bouuded by lands of Henrv HinMadden
Vaughn and John Taylor. B ftfjjtSLsll&sl
ed upon as the property of Martha A. Xhe t,est Cough C
k, deceased, at the suit of B. R. Tur- And thobest preventive^
eed, Administrator, against J. R. curc3 bodily pains, and aiic
k, Administrator of the estate of Bovck, tangs, Liver, Kidn
tha A. Black, deceased. Fcmal? complaints. n
tva t"\ AfrPAPT FY" gling against disease, and
JJMU. U. jJICL/AIUjIVi: , _ the grave, will in most ease
iff'S Office, S. Jb. (J. the timely uso of Faheer7:
innsborf), b. C., ' gerocs. Tako it in time,
g ] s.St i. lar^c bottles at $L00.
>y"txta _ HINDER
LTE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Bunions,'Warts, Moles, Callov
tiier growth. Stops ail pain. (
COUNTY OF FAIRFIELD. feet comfortable. Hindered
_ _ else fails. Sold by Druggists
ph Jennings, Plaintiff, against Alex- ~D A ~Dr
der B. Jennings, Ilattie C. Robinson,
aster A. Price, Charles B.Jennings, puaptvcti
illie Jennings, Cornwell Jennings, uiiAitijr.ox
hn M. Jennings, Jennie C. Jennings,
,mes C. Allen, Minnie E. Allen, Hattie The Largest ]
ilen, Claude Allen and E. P. Allen,
jfendants.?Copy Summon*. For Ref.?Complaint
not Served. .fsrtSL 1
ta ? ? a t>airr.vivrm- t? Snnth nffer fo
liUS JL/tiT rsXVA<a xo v44^
OIJ ARE HEREBY summoned and re- stock of Apples, On
quired to answer the complaint in this coanuts, Lemons, N
)n. which is filed in the office of sins, Potatoes, Cabba
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas and everything else th
;he said County, and to serve a copy of sale Fruit House shou
: answer on the subscribers at tneir ST" Country order:
e, No. 2, Law Range, Winnsboro, Novll;h
Carolina, within twenty days after
service of this summons on you, ex- ttti \i\TO"D/"\T
ive of the day of such service. If W I IN IN uJDVJjC
fail to answer the complaint within
time aforesaid, the plaintiff will ap
to the Court for the relief demanded
ie complaint. HpIIE UNDERSIGN
ated March 23, A. D. 1886. JL in informing the
* T " 10 * ''cr* att? Conntv and the trav<
OS Xt^vvjrujLy.ixjxj, y Plaintiff's
Attorneys. has taken charge of
the defendants Alexander B. Jen- an<* is now
ngs, Hattie C. Robinson, James C. hotli permanent and t
lien, Minnie E. Allen, Hattie Allen, Vie building has ;
aude Allen and E. P. Allen: aniJ P^ j1}
A.KE notice that the Summons in this that-Hip i(v??Y ami51!
m of which the foregoing is a copy, X^dropSSU
the Complaint were filed m the oflice sure the ^mioU of gi
he Clerk of the Court of Common A SampIc Room >
? at u mnsboro, m Fairfield Coun- lv arranlcd for theJ
in the State of South Carolina, on the nVovpipriT
day of March, A. D. 1886. rTT?1'P\r's t?!?
P128*6' Plaintiff's Attorneys. sptctMIy MiMteJ
having Gins to repair to send them
is work is slack at this time, but will, I nrnrc "DA "OTTO ?u
I ways, be crowded in August 1111D xBJrlliit P
aySxlin J. M. ELLIOTT, j
EVERYTHING Attention is callcd
vc and Kitchen Fur!itieSCa"
andexam' DRY GOODS, CLOT]
e Mills,
?are,arS' f^^My Store is being fil
i Preserving Ketttles, J ?
than brass or enam* f \ s-\ t \ p i i *11'
led, and cheaper.) Or GOODS, which Will
iers They are considered the
; the stove-liole),
i early inspection is solicite
t i vvu w *
Pans ar.d the
illed Cnion Churn.
. Oedarware reduced
i.' cimings. i buck-Thorn Feni
1 TZ) \ F Effective. Safe and Stronf
1 i?- f\ I 1 Easy to build. Simple to repair. Any bn
"Write for Sample and Circular.
THE above and Kibbon Wire (
Sheet lrcr; Black and Galvanized Ri
1885,?Eastern Standard Time.
,, _ ~T,Trr, & t> v "T7i Leave Augusta 9.1C
n the EQLITABLE Leave W. C. &. A. junction 1.12
one of the strongest Arrive at Columbia 1.22
ipanies in the world. Leave Columbia 1.32
Leave Killian's 1.58
Leave Blythewood 2.13
XE POLICY, Leave Ridgeway 2.34
Leave Simpson's 2.47
thrpp annual mv- Leave Winnsboro 3.02
three annual pa> Leave wwte 0ak 3.22
I Leave Woodward's 3.43
^ ^ Leave Blackstock 3.50
Pliable, prompt-pay- Leave Cornwall's o.o8
lowest rates allowed ijeav*f ? -^r 1so
I Association. Leave Lewis 4.33.
CALDWELL, Leave Smith's 4.40
Insurance A?en \ Leave Rock Hi 1 4.5b
Leave Fort Mill 5.20
Leave Pineville 5.40
T fi lil T. T Arrive at Charlotte 6.00
V H 11 I H I Arrive at Statesville 9.35
Leave Statesville 7.45
ilA. S. . Leave Charlotte 1.00
Leave Pineville 1.27
, Leave Fort Mill 1.44
SIN'ESS PART OF j feave ?0<*JIU1 ^.02
jueave omiiu s
Leave Lewis' 2.30
Leave Chester 2.44
iJatlss free to guests. Leave Cornwall's 3.03
Leave Blaekstock 3.12
Leave Woodward's 3.18
Leave White Oak 3.30
Class Hotel in Leave Winnsboro 3.48
$1.50 per Day. Leave Simpson's 4.03
Leave Ridge way 4.1b
and Pkoprietok. Arrive at Columbia 5.13
Leave Columbia 5.25
Leave W. C. & A. Junction 5.57
M n nm n TJ fl Arrive at Augusta 9.38
H At III HI \ "Connection is now made at Cheste
1 UliiiUlw. trains 52 and 53) for Lancaster and
mediate points on C. & C. R. R-, an
all points on C. & L. R. R. as far as
ton, N. O.
C. W. CHEARS, Assist. G. P
r> T> TAT PATT timan'ntonflor.r
vjr. jlv. j.r?.juvvi x ,
Butterfly of Mi
ONTS. /'gP^P,
;?three kinds. \\\
papers and Mowers. ?\ W1
ney Engines. / \l^
i Seed Cora.
on v;n^< Of my large assortment of Sprinp
Summer Stock of Clothing for*
iction from my stock, youths and boys. This is the best asi
, - , ' stock of Clothing you will find any1
it you need. I deal jn the State. Having purchased fro
leading and most reliable mauufaefcu
AWES PAGAN. ^ie country, enables me to show the
complete assortment in styles, desi;
patterns and first class in workma
that has ever been shown bofore.
garments are placed on the countei
aRKERS I ready for your critical inspection,
p BALSAM I variety of these garments are so grea
llax favorite for dressing 1 Will Only attempt i>u give vuu?ur
, Rcstorinpr color -when a few leading articles. The One-I
id preventing Dandruff. Cutaway will be the leader in cu'
inff.indfaeiSe^c^ fr<>ck sults- They are made from imj
uid slooatDruggists. Corkscrew, Whipcord, Cheviot and I
wail i" a11 the prevailing shades;
^ the Sacks are cut square, and round
ure you can use, eFS *r% ?ade of.th? ,s.ame, goods i
own lor Consumption it ?b^;e Cutaways including fancy pa
lisordersof the Stomach, ^ Orst6(i &nd C&SSlIH6r6S.
eys, Urinary Organs and My Ilat Stock is filled With choice
ic feeble and rick, strug- ties in the light weight Stiff Hi
slowly drifting towards PPar| Granitp Afixturpq "Rrflwn
s recover their health by ?, *' T. 'r? fixtures, ?>r?wn
i Toxic, but delay is dan- ? Black. See my Pearl Cassimere Bea1
sold by all Druggists ia $3.50, made in the latest spring shape
Gents' Furnishing Goeds and Sn?
m as#<i partment are complete with all the
d? O K Svv ^ of t*56 season. When in the cil
; and best euro for Corns, and .look through this eminent stoc
iscs.&c. Hinders their fur- will be a pleasure to show you tin
jivesnotroubie. Matcsthe whether vou purchase or not.
*ns cures when everything
at 15c. Jhscox <?: Co., K. Y. ?i6Sp CtfUll\ 9
TVF- T,. Tv rV ATJ T
-p (O COL JMBIA, i
Otard, Dupey & Co.'s Cc
[mportcrs of Brandy, Trible Flavor Ho
Gin, G. H. Mumm & Co.'s C
SU JSC r JSL^ pagne, Ross's Royal Belfast
r sale a well selected ger Ale, Pure Jamaica !
mges. Bananas, Co- Genuine Port and Sherry }
ges,' On?onsfpeanutej at F. W. Habeniclit's Saloon
at a first-class Whole
ifilled with dispatch m-VICIPAL TAX KOTICi
XIIIS office will be open from nov
?() TTOTFT the30th June, to receive returns 0:
JIv.IXjIj. and Personal Property for Municipal
for ISSO. All persons between 17 ;
years of ago are liable to street tax (
ED TAKES PLEAS- otherwise exempt) and will report a
people of Fairfield . 1 y wTn'rr^n
Jling public that he inS ^ L N. WI1HEB
the WIXNSBORO Mayll Clerk of Cou
prepared to receive
ransient boarders. * a a* a
just been repainted | f] ijijij
ondition throughout. iWi WW
;pplied with the best
leighboring markets Duke Durham Cigarettes,
Mil be spared to in- receh.ed at R w Habenicht
provided, convenient
use of Commercial JtJST RECEIVED!
S.SONABLE. One Cask Tennent's XXX
lie patronage is re- , T ,, n i t>
ter, Imported, one Cask Bass
E. GOODING, Ale, Imported, one Cask Mil
Proprietor kee Lager Beer, one Cask I
Royal Ginger Ale, Imported,
Cask Export Lager Beer, at ~
Habeniclit's Saloon.
led every day with THE BEST
be sold at RiiGULAR PRICES.
CHEAPEST in Town. An
?** A Plat Strip,Twisted. Plain to bo seen.
j. Handsome, Lasting and Cheap. *"
ght farmer's boy or smart farm hand can fcioss the jot,.
The Buck-Thorn Fence Co., Trenton, N. I
same sty.e without barbs), Grape Trellis Wire,
assia iron, Tin Plate, Valley Tin, etc.
j. h, cummisgs.
>ER 4 | Commencing Sunday, Itarch 14th, 1886, at 6:35
I a. m., Passenger Trains -will run as follows. "Eastern
i Time
i a.m.; east (daily).
i_ ? I Leave Columbia 7.00 am 5.27 pm
! i Arrive at Charleston 11.26 pm 9.05 pm
i t). m, I .
p.m.; WEST (DAILY).
p. m. ! Leave Charleston 7.20 a m 5.10 p m
I p. m ' Arrive at Columbia 10.35 a m 10.00 p L~
l p[ m. | TO AND FROil CAMDEN.
p. m. [ Leave Columbia 7.00 a m 5.05 p m 5.27 p m
p. m. j Arrive Camden 12.37 p m 7.42 p m 7.42 p m
? ?" ? i ? ** J? t ir. . w. iru.n 51Knm
y. iii. ijcave ^auiu?a r ?
p. m. Arrive at Columbia. .10.20 a m 10.35 a m 10.00 p m
p. m. east (daily).
P* H1- Leave Columbia 5.27 p m
p. m. Arrive at Augusta 10.80 p m
P> Dl. west (daily).
p. m. Leave Augusta 4.40 p m
p. m. \rriveat Columbia 10.00 pm
Connections made at Columbia 'with Columbia and
Greenville Railroad by train arriving at 10.35 A. M
and departing at 5.27 P. M. Connections ma do at
a. m. ; C.C. k A. Junction with Charlotte, Columbia and Aup.
El i gusta Railroad by same train to and from all points
D m ?n 1)0111 r03^8J
Passengers take supper at Branchville.
P- E1* ; Connection made at Charleston with steamers for
p. m. Ntw York; and on Tuesdays and Saturdays with
p. in. steamer for Jacksonville and all pointson St. John's
p m. River; also, with Savannah and Charleston Railroad
? m' to all points in Florida daily.
' Connections arc made at Augusta with Georgia
p.m. Railroad and Central Railroad to and from all points
p. m. West and South. Connections made at 31ackville to
D. m. and from points on Barnwell Railroad. _ Through
p E1 tickets can be purchased to all points bourn ana
f ' " West, by applying to
m* D. McQUEEX, A*ent, Columbia, S. C.
P* m- D. C. ALLEN, Gen. Pass, and Ticket Ag't.
p. m. John ?i. Peck, General Manage
p. ai.
rT'<Ey "MAJOR"
for May be found as follows, until further
New- notice: ?
Winnsboro, March 29-31.
. A. Blackstock, April 1-3.
Bell's Bridge, April 5-10.
. A. Winnsboro, April 12-14.
. Blackstock, April 15-17.
Bell's Bridge. April 19-24.
a vj Winnsboro, April 26-28.
Blackstock, April 29, 30, May 1.
Ills 'Rall'<* R. irirrp \fa.V :i-8.
Winnsboro, May 10-12.
Blackstock, May 13-15.
Bell's Bridge, May 17-22
Winnsboro, May 24-26.
Blackstock, May 27-29.
Other appointments will be announced
"Major is a beautiful red bay, black
mane and tail, nine years old, a good
walker, and works well in harness. He
h was bred and raised by E. Dillon & Co.,
Bloomington, Ills.; was sired by celebrated
St. Laurent, a horse whose reputation and
record as a breeder are not excelled by
those of any draft stallion on the Continent.
St. Laurent is also the largest, heoviest-boned
and most powerful Gorman
horse ever imported to the United States.
Notwithstanding Major's immense size he
possesses mrny nue points seldom found in
so large a horse?such broad, flat legs,
? ? ??-?? ?- ^ f>VrA?l/lQro
massive quart-eta, ?vuucij.ui ouuuiuuj
rising well on the wethers, elegant arched
. neck, a fine head well set on, large, expres>
anti sive eyes, for which his colts are all noted,
men, Terms?Twenty dollars insurance, or
sorted fifteen dollars season.
svnere Mares from a distance will be pastured
m on reasonable terms.
res of tt "r a n a
Mar23fx3m Wii^bSrt S C.
gn3 in
. J"1*? To be found at F. W. Habedea
of nicht's: Fine Ginger Brandy,
button | Blackberry Brandy, Old Whiskies,
sorteci i Pure Bums, Pure Gins, Tolu Bock
Broad- and Bye, Tolu Tonic, Cider, Port
"com- ^ine> Sherry Wine, Seltzer Wais
the | ter, Ales, etc., generally kept in a
tterns j first-class Liquor Establishment,
I ? t-i tttt tt I i j}_
novel- at h . vy. na Dement s.
its in
3c De- Good Cigars at 2|- cents apiece,
tycaii g?od Cigars 3 for 10 cents, good
:k. It Cigars at 5 cents apiece, fine Ci- "
rough, gars 3 for 25 cents, fine Cigars 2
for 25 cents, Superior Cigars 1 for
>, 25 cents, at F. "W. Habenicht's
c- Saloon.
lland sums of from ?300 to ?5,000 on Fairham
field County farm lands.
Gin- Apply by letter to
Vine, Apl21x6 Barnwell C. H., S. C.
E. Three times a week, fresh from
the sea. The best fresh Fish that
f p" al ^ar^es^on and other markets can
. furnish, at Winnsboro Ice Hons?
and 50 F-. W. Habenicht, Proprietor
unless ; '
s\ The Celebrated "Kentucky Bell"
nci' Whiskey, the Choice Old Cabinet
Bye; the Old "Golden Grain" Kentucky
Bourbon, the Old Silver
Creek Kentucky Bourbon, the Old
, just (Genuine) David Jones Kentucky
's. Bourbon, for sale at prices to suit
the times, at F. TV. Habenicht's
Iwau- Kinny Bros' Straight-Cut, Kintoss's
ny Bros' Full Dress, Kinny Bros'
one Sweet Caporal, Duke of Durham
F. "W. Cigarettes, Sitting Bull?Durham
Cigarettes, at F. w: Habenicht's.

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