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Xew Complication*-Stonr and Mc.Xaiiv Doiii I
Said to !>? Under Iarfictaicat 2i? this -tatc.
(Atlanta Const:: ;tioi5, pr.i - -..
The iaterc-st in the Blackwood case i> increasing.
Owiag to th-?- illriC-- - G r: Gor .on
no action has yet : ?n -a Gov.
Richardson's requisition for Mess* Stone !
and McXulh*. I: is pr-.banV ae Governor
will turn his -:ti :: :;> this tnat'.er
as soon as he i-s able o be ;' hi-. "ice.
It will be remtnil creu tL:;:. H i. ^tone. j
who is an Augusta police oh'cer. and W.
P. McNally, a bank tScial of tl e same
city, are wanted in .ukcd county, o. v.. ;
answer to a charge of kidnap;.!::/ one F.
A. Blackwood. Several other charges are
made against them. Biackwood. w-iohasa ;
penitentiary record, v.-ts c: ; p. 1 wi :; p: -- ,
ing forged cheeks up -a the Augusta, Bank
with which XeJN; . y > ; cr d-ai. The
work of arresting Blackwood was : at i:i .
Stone's hands und he and 3IeXaIIy went
over into South Carolina after their man.
They found Blackwood at his h-.tnc and i
brought him to Georgia. They say that '
he came with them of his owe accord, say- j
ing that he would no? p-.:t tLern to^ tiie j
trouble of getting requisition papers. This, j
however, is denied.
Blackwood is now condned in the Au j
gusta jail, For some time past Governor j
Richardson h::s been endeavoring to secure j
his release, but, failing in that, he h ss now ;
/- made requisition for Stone and McJSally.
One peculiar feature of the ease is the
fact that Stone is al>o under indictment i::
this State, and if the court in which the in- j
w-r-, scpuml interferes. South i
Carolina will probably haw to wait until j
he is tried for the ilrsi rfflV-.-c. It is xiiti j
that 3k0vnlh* i> ai-o under indictment for j
sorae offense committed in Augusts. If |
this is true, mailers arc likely to become j
even more complicated.
Some S'>uth Carolina papers devote col- j
umns to tins "outrage," as they >erm the j
arrest of Blackwood, while others are dis- !
posed to treat it facitiouslv. Under the
caption, "The Letters of the Two Gov
crnors," the Caro inc. Spartan, of Spartanburg,
gives place to the following:
/x t,.i r>
Don't you sec.
Plain as A B C.
That you actc-d very foolishly and" somewhat
rash and in exceedingly bad taste.
To grab up good -Mr. Blackwood and rush
him across the river in such unceremonious
johxxie to .iouxxie r.
Dear Johnnie P..
Of the Stale S. C..
Noted for chivalree.
Hearken to the old adage, "!. :i v.-oil eaough
alone." and in matters of >:utc g^siow
and never worry;
Blackwood you. can't have, so what's the
use of fuming and fretting and of getting
in such a flurry'?
Our Mexican Trade.
The large and growing trade of Mexico
ought to be controlled by the United States.
Commercial intercourse between the two
countries lies been hitherto hindered by a
Mexican tariff which practically excluded
t.hosa articles which ih<; U "ited States could
best have supplied. There was no benefit
to Mexico from this tariff. I: did not protect
any considerable- home industries, and
it was laid principally upon articles which
are not now productd in Mexico. As no
effort was made to supply the -ionic market
with home manufactures, these taxes bore
very heavily on the Mexican consumer.
A new Mexican taniT schedule has been
arranged to go into effect on the first of
July. In the opinu n v.-' - arc most
familiar with the condition and m e is o<
Mexico, the new tariff will a ive a decided
? impetus to our trade wh a tLa c.:::mry.
The Mexican reciprocity ir< ::;y now pending
has for its object the e./.-.;j:i?ament of
closer and more extensive commercial relations
between the United Stales an:I Mexico.
It has been ratified by the Senate, but
the House has never pasv.-d the legislation
necessary to its enforcement. There will
not be so great a demand for this treaty
now that Mexico has so revised h".r tariff
as to accomplish, at least in pa-t, the ends
aimed at in the treaty. Mmy o: the principal
articles which our mercLa:.-.- and
manufacturers would have exported to
? ?fc- Mexico if the treaty had been rat hied, will
be found on the Mexican .Yee lis: after :he
first of July. So far as 1: gees. the new
ATpviVsn tariff is better for us than a recio
rocity treat}* would be. It gr:a;ts us some
very valuable privileges and exacts ia return
no concessions on our part.?AiiajUG
Have tlic IJrltoiis Jlavkoii Dotvn?
The Toronto, Canada, Globe,* referring
to Lord Salisbury's proposition for a
settlement oi tie fishery question, says:
Lord Salisbury proposes an abject surrender
to the Washington government,
not a surrender oi anything belonging
to the English or Great Britain, but the
surrender of an immensely valuable
properly belonging to the Britons oi
Canada, and the surrender of every main
contention hitherto upheld by the
Canadian people. V- o pointed out the.
other day that the issue between Canada
and the Cnited States was such that one
or the other must yield absolutely unless
a general settlement evading that issue
could be arrived at. One has been
It consists in giving everything to the
"United States, and in disgracing and dishonoring
the people of this country as
they could never be ciisgracea and dishonored
by manfully defending their
rights to the poiai ox war. 'ihe offer oi
the tory premier is cowardly, despicable
and treacherous to Canada, and should
it be ratilled by the dominion parliament
it will never again be possible to assert
rights to exclude American fishermen
from our inshore waters. Conkling'*
i*rofes?:ojial Success.
There is something remarkable in the
professional success which, has attended
Mr. Conklmg since he was forced out of
politics. As a general thing, the lawyer
who is long in political life becomes a
* lawyer only in name. Jie may pass lor
one when among those not learned in
the law, but among practitioners lie
passes for a politician. The reason for
this is obvious. The laws of Parliament
or Congress are not the rules of Courts
. or the decisions of the Justices, end only
the natural lawyer follows the laicer after
the necessity lor doing so lias passed.
Conkling never abandoned the custom.
\Viiiie :n puonc me lie pursued ii:s ;
studies as diligently as when only a I
struggling beginner, and the result was
that he was not a generation behind the i
age when lie resumed the practice of hio
profession. Few Xew York lawyer
make naif as much money as he, and it;
is said that few savi: more than he has
saved in recent years.
A Scheme to Sob th? Govcrnmeir..
The Pacific Bailroad Commis-den Las '
hardly been organized b-i'ore the rum r
is put out that the stoc'.hold r ; of the
Union Pacific, one oi the companies to
be investigated, will turn ov.r the main
line, stripped of its branches and business,
to the government for an elephant.
The government will thus, it is assumed, .
practically lose its debt, and the men
who have swindled it will iurm a new
transcontinental system out of the roads
built, it is alleged, with Union 'Pacific
funds, but not consolidated with the
Union Pacific lino. The invest! ration
now on foot will show whether the
scheme will work. It may tarn
the government will be ubie to truce its
property and find itself entitled to control
the branch lines.
i'osterity vs. Auvf-.ty.
It is no longer questioned, it is ad- .
mitted, that the blood of man is improving.
The children of to-dny are
better formed, have bettor musc:o and
richer miads than our ancestors, loo :
cause of this fact is due more to the <
general use of Dr. Earter s Iron Tonic |han
any other source. *
PffTTVxfi 11 **ir.fBr3atzr~*zMF?<^r-^r T - vr-^MHX-CKgic?
I 1
Iic"inm , j iiitefcut <;athtcrd from \ariou? ,
Don; Pedro. Emperor of Brazil, is seri ' :
jusly ill. j
A dangerous flood prevails at Evansviile. :
The mo;:!;'.: 'n- near Lynchburg, Vs..
were covered with snow Tuesday morning.
A lunre anti-coercion meeting was held
in CiLiCianati iu>i nigiit.
Koscoe Coiikl'.iig i- talked of for the presidency
of the N'.vv York Athletic Club.
Fire suited '22-i to 2*27 Canal street, New
York, 3i?st niirii;. I\o 1'atalities. Loc.s not
stated. i
James G. Biaine and family passed:
through Albany. X. Y., 'Wednesday, bound i
Bloxham 19. Perry 23, Pasco 16, scattering
12. Goodrich 13, was the vote i';
Tallahassee '.V edne^day.
Thirtrxn Irish eor.siauk.-. " ho have recently
resigned, will sail for America tomorrow.
Lieut":: .nt .JoLa W. Danenhower was
buried Sun;lay with military honors at Oswego,
N. Y."
The trial of >'. il. Vincent. the default
ing State Treasurer of Alabama, has been
postponed to July.
The Russian government has decided to j
recall Count SehouvalutT, Russian ambassa- j
dor to Germany.
The Hungarian primate will present to i
the Po[>e, on the occasion nf the Jailer's;
jubilee, a bemitifcl gold chalice.
Fifty of St. Louis' "best citizens" have j
been indicted for election frauds, and t!:e '
end is not yet.
E.\ Secretary and -Mrs. Planning will be j
presented to Queen Victoria at the next'
drawing room, on jiay lb.
Senator Hawley has iefr "Washington for |
for several weeks.
Murat. Ilalstead has gone to Chicago to
: call on Mr. liiaiae, in !lie interest of SenaI
tor Sherman x candidacy, of course.
The works of the Vosburg Manufacturing
Company were burned last- night in
New York. Loss ?100,0<j0.
The First National Batik of :5ta'esviile,
X. C., has been authorized to .commence
business v. it a a capital ot $50,000.
Samuel K. Highland, cx-Tre.isurer of
Corroli count}*, led., has been arrested for
emuezzlenu-ct. mid Lis bond fixed at $15,000.
Major Inaes Randolph, one of the editorial
stall" of the Baltimore American, died
i Thursday at his residence in Baltimore,
i Water in the St. Lawrence river is slowly
j subsiding, and danger is gradually passing
Teasers and mixers in all window glass
factories of the Pittsburg district have
struck for higher wages (10 per cent.) and
the mills are closed.
Two men were killed on the new aqucduct
works in New York Wednesday. Oue
fell down a shaft and a rock weighing a
ton tell yi'.oa me etner.
j The Troy, X. Y., stove moulders want
to return to work. Manufacturers, how|
ever, will cot resume till the boycotted
: pattern trouble is permanently settled.
Record-d Tro ter, whose slow recovery
has occasioned alarm amoDg his friends,
: was t_ken to his home iu Boston on Monday.
At a recent reception in Boston Senator
Edmunds kissed three little babiec, and a
: ribald paiagraplicr says that they all died of
; congestive chilis.
The general :l:,cer< of the Knights of
Labor have boyt- '.:-*d till The labor papers
which i:re not iu accord with their administration.
On the passage r.f the coercion bill, the
Right It;-:; I [lull il< lines. Attorney Gen*
: end for Ireland, - i l I be raised to the judii
cial bench of in l.ad.
The Pope has sent confidential notes to
the French aia; Gc iuau ao%*cruiiierits, oiler|
ing to act as mediator in the Schnaebeles
i affair.
Canl. Roberts and three of the crew of
the British ship, City of Ottawa, which
arrived at Newcastle on V. ednesdav from
i Mobile, died from fever during the voyage.
A f- \ cf ot?'> tli-it
the iiiive kiiled seven Turkish
; soldi;:-- i. r isteru-ria.vr wi:.u the tomb oi
their n tc i leader, iiib D-da.
Three you;;g i::ea were drowned at St.
Rome?; .It!, Oar., on Sunday by the upset1
tiag of boar. A fourth man saved him:
self by clinging to a cake of ice.
Alio:: G. Ti;urman insists that lie won't
be Governor ;i? OL;o or hold any other polit!
ieal office whatsoever, and it does begin to
; look as if he had realiy gone out of polities,
j A jury has been summoned -o determine
the mental condition of Lambert Cil'mgs,
: one of the wealthiest men in Baltimore.
; His prop rty is estimated at ?2,000,000.
The Iceked-out silversmiths of New
j York have decided '-ot to surrender on any
: conditions unless the wsses withdraw their
' obnoxious stipulation in regard to the union.
JLz attempt to make stove moulders work
by St. Lowis^.atteins, v. hi'-h have been boy:
cotted, is causing st'-ikes by workmen of
i that trade in various North and East.
rr>* _ r _ ' ? - _ ~ r
J.no ;nou>>n ior u oiuu^c ul vciiM.^ xium
1 Cook Couniy in 'the Boodiers' ca e has been .
! overruled, and the trials will, therefore,
take place in Chicago.
The 3Iobije, Ah., Ciifcu.If:r of Commerce
wants the temporary order suspend
I ing the long and short haul section of the
; Inier-State Commerce bill made permanent.
Capt. J. L. Strong, 01 tii? schooner Carrie
Sirong, late from BostOD, v.hile out
! shooting visittrday ai'trnoon .shot and mortally
wounded hi.HJ^I'. The shooting v.*as
; accidental.
James II. Slarr, chief clerk to Ho First
; Assistant Postmaster-General, died yecier-;
lay. Had he lived until June 1st he would ;
| Lavs in continuous public service 5o
Frank Mullen : reived in Sing Sing
prison Apnl 3.1:. to svrv- ^ sentence 01
i'.-a yeirs for ;:u assault in iLe r;t~. .decree.
Wednesday -aorning he was found dead in
his ct-ij, hanging by the neck.
The water is gradually receding at Montreal.
It is believed the worst ic over. The
greatest suit'erei's are residents o? P^int
j-:. Charles and v?r:iiia. iue tomppump?v,
Lave again bevr. si-aned.
Edmuad Pendicle?*, of Cincinnati, a tail
and slender broiier of "Gentleman u^r^c,"
: ;ad a itch man in Lis own right., is tjuietiy.
looking ui :u l\cx York lor bargains ia
Billy Cooler, a brakeman, \rat> killed
iiad Conductor 10. .itus-soil badly hurt in a
wreck !\: the Vail'"..' Branch of <he Baltimore
and Ohio iiaiiroad. JN'o passengers
hurt. Cause :.f the accident uuknown.
Fhe President La? dirt-oteJ the appointment
of Surgeon Ceo. Mr. Sternberg, L". .
h. A.. t:> hivcttigivie the merits of iaoculaU
;n ior the prevention of yellow fever as
practiced ;n -ie;vico :;ud Cruzd.
The .\:lvei-5>in;ib-i employed at the Gorh.im
3iarii?iuciuruig C->:np.;ay's Works
h'tve voted to ui>baad the i< c.-d 4-^*-'ab!v
01 the Knights of Labor iu Providence, U.
X., L) i.h'li tbeV belong.
"j'be vd.-' of ?. li. Vincent, the defaulting
^xabimaiSEg.surer has been postponed
to the J'dv ltr;a o~ w 'MJui of the absence
of Cravv.oid, Yintw ? cLrL yoien the default
Arrangements are being made to iioia a
mass meeting ?*?. vi$lona> Park, London, oo
X-iy 2;. to protest a^ai.ui fhe crimes bill.
* ' ?- s-/-. ?'- ? I w? 7 r?.rocf o"/.r
A lie nr.".. ilULC [JLVimzC5 %HZ ;uv?vci V*V4 .
hold i.; tha t'ark.
Hearj- F, GUlicr. wliose suits sg&inst |
jLawridnee 3&urett resulted i.; .ruin;; that;
?c:or : ~ ; .. '.v;:u*-:ce, h:;s com*.' 10 |
]:' ; oc '. in Bugl&sd to enforce the
i! . ' .v ?i . ... )'(--il iL'Ci Cif.illi.
"iVii-iam J Florence, the actor, h:is >;ur-!,
I:?_ (.! two iarg? lots ;;t the intersection of |;
P ei y-first street ssd Connecticut avenue, [.!
Washington. for A 15.600 suai wiil build a !
line residence on the ground at once.
A Fort Monroe, Va.. dispatch, saj-s that
:':"i ':itc 3Iinlieid S. Miller, Company G. (
Mi: artillery, was drowned while returning (
:'r ni the :: :"-rs' Home Theatre. His .
:r w&o x.Lovered.
Sir Edward Thornton and party have I
;rrivcd in Kiclimond, and made the ac-i
juaintance oi the members of the commis- \
*:on /pointed by the Virginia Legislature, 1
flie joint commission is now in session. J j
It is fortunate that the war horses of:
famous soldiers are dying off so fast. It
svould have been only a question of time 1
when some Congressman would introduce
i bill to pension them.?Phil. Toms. ,
A dispatch from Cookton, Australia, an- ,
Qouuc"- that the steamer Benton, I'roni
ShiLuiwas sunk in a collision with a
b.'.rk the Island of Formosa, and that
;.-; sons were drowned. No Europeans
wv. ro lost.
T!u- Denver Labor Assembly No. 3217, ;
Knights of Labor, adopted a resolution J
censuring President Cleveland because of s
his action in ordering troops to Dakota to ;
evict s filers on the Crow and Winnebago
- *
The anti-Sherman pjen at Washington all'
claim to think that the Ohio leader's Southera
trip v.\is taken too early in the canvass
It would hav-- pleased them letter if he had
cot gone before the spring of '$[>.
Lieutenant Governor Iliddle, Secretary
of Slate Allen and State Auditor McCarthy,
of the Kansas hoard of raiiroad assessors,
were injured and narrowly escai>--d death
by the wreck of a train on whijh they were
Eight "scab"' patterns were put into the
sand ?l each of the three stone factories of
Detroit Wednesday morning, and the men
went to work upon them without protest.
More of the St. Louis patterns have been
A calf jerked the props from under a
scaffold on which three men were at work
in Mansfield county. III., Wednesday. J.
H. Burns, a wealthy farmer, who was on !
the scaffold, was killed and one workman
fataily hurt.
W. P. Fowler and JVIr. Slivers, rector of
t3: j Kni>copal Church, had a difik-uliy at
Grci'ud-J, Miss., in which Stivers was mortally
wounded. The cause of the trouble 1
has" i:ot beeu asct -tained, but Stivers says
thai Fowler's act was justifiable.
A resolution was introduced in the West
Virginia Senate Wednesday to provide for
the >ef lenient of a claim of Virginia against
West Virginia for $8,000,000 as the latter's
Miar<* of ttie Stale 01 v lrgima ai me inne
the state of "West Virginia was created.
If the income of 21 railways is decreased
in one week, through the Inter-State Commerce
law, the sum of ?160,000, how much
wiil be the decrease for a year of the earnings
of the 1,200 railway companies of the
United State*? Kespectfully referred to
Senator lieagan for tin answer.
Jacob Sharp, of New York Broadway
surface railroad notoriety, was called in the
Court, r.f Oyer and Terminer for trial on
the indict me at for bribery, on 21 counts.
The dependent was not ready, and the case
was set for trial 3Iay 11th.
A a cast-bound freight train on the Atlantic
and Pacific railway fell through a
part ially burned bridge over the Arroya of
Canon Padre, and the fireman went down
with the wreck of 15 cars :.nd was crushed
and burned beyond recognition.
Tiie acting-comptroller of the currency
has authorized the following banks to betrzu
business: Birmingham National Bank,
of Birmingham, Ala., capital x250,000;
Merchants' National Bank, of Tuscaloosa,
Fia.. capital ?100,0U0.
Br. A. J. Grant, a noted bigamist, died
at Cambridge jail, after an illness of several
days. He wa? awaiting trial for robbing
and deserting 2 Cambridge lady immediately
after marriage. Other charges of a similar
nature were accumuwjjng against him
Acting Secretary Thompson lias appointed
James II. Wheeler, of Virginia, a watchman
at the Treasury Department. Wheeler
is t iie man v.-no was so oaaiy mjureu ai
Richmocd, Ya., last year by the premature
discharge of a cannon while firing a taiyte
in honor of the visit of President Cleveland.
The Boltcu Dyeing. Printing and Bleaching
Company's mills ut Bronxville, X. Y.,
took {"ire "Wednesday idoming and. after
bur::i; fiercely a short t.roe, were*ea?tered
to i Jour winds by a -cries of explosions,
v. h h shook the neighborhood Hkc earthquakes.
The mills were totally demolished.
Loss, $150,000.
A special dispatch from the City of ]\Icxieo
triumphantly announces the discovery
of the seven lost Mexicau bonanza mines
by an American party of prospectors. JN'oveliits
speak of the fabulous wealth obtained
fron: these mines by the Spaniards. They
wero worked up iu tlx- middle of the lusi
2\ow that so many railroad companieshave
undertaken to serve the interests of
passengers by substituting stc-am-heating
appura-.us for stoves in cats, they should
also strive to save the lives of thc-ir employes
by discovering and using some kind
of c-ou:-kr that will not kill those who op.eratc
it.?A*. Y. Times.
Keport comes from Cincinnati that tlie
national association of distillers ami wholesale
liquor dealers has taken alarm at the
look oi things ia Texas and is going to send
a hig sum of money down there for the
anti-prohibition campaign chest. That sort
of atsh.4a.ace from outside has been known
before cow to hurt more .than ic helped.
A local option election was held in iiar
risouburg, Va., Monday, in four of the
live districts ia the county. Harrisonburg
district gave 221 prohibition majority,
Ashley district about SCO and the other two
distiieis are claimed by the Prohibitionists
by small majorities. Everything p tssed ull
4*s important meeting of lumber manu-.
facturcw r.';is held in Montgomery yesterday.
Alabama and Mississippi were represented.
A petition to the Interstate Commission
was adopted asking for suspension
of the fourth section of the icier-State law,
as the iwsbfjr business is terribly demoral-.
ized by the increaii :pr the freight tariff.
I The biter State commission La^ made an
! order suspending the 4th section for -i'Z.
i duj >, subject to revocation, and with a
! pro*, iso that intermediate rates shall not be
i raisi -1 above those in force on April 20. |
; This applies to the Northern Pacific, i
I Sotj'h.vrn Pacific. Atchison, Topeka and
I Santa tfescd St. Louis and San Francisco i
T-.e Berlin Volte Kelt any brought action
for libel against Prince Bismarck ou a?r:
cou>'t of an attack upon that paper made
by the Chaneelh r in a speech in the Reich-1
: ski*. The court has just decided that it
j has so 'jurivj j^tion in the matter, as the
Prii.c^, lidi.g a general, is only
ame;-ab!eto a military tribal,
The Consolidated Coal Company's mme?( stuiv
z?d offices'at Danville, Ya., were j
closed iioput-y, ?nd all of their employes !
discharged. Three -,Vr"?dred men were:
thrown cut of employment. T!rc only i
c.;:;;: known is that the company liad i?*.
some f .alrsct*. and had no orders which
could cot be micJ from their other mines.
J. mes "Woods, of Harletu, was buried
in ii-jv York on Monday, leaves an
valu-.u at. ^l\"O0,000. lie came to this conn- i
try from Ireland la 1?><j and made his first
thousand* dollars in truck driving. Then
he i^f-o real estate, buying up all tlic
lots Lefould in the upper pah of Xew York, i
ultimate] v amassing *fip:jo:mous fortune, j
which hi-. widow sua or-.e son will divide j
JiMi Bingham, the ppr* Chief .Justice of
the District of Columbia, 1b live feet ten
inchcs in height atm well proportioned, liehas
keen blue eyes, a straight nose and a
high for-'head, while his in>u gray beard is
w m V/itii the exception of a slight
fricgo </f hai> aro.^i.d tijp lower part of his
iiea-i h? - entirely i>alU au-I ' orxaanv years
t *j... _
wort; V Iiroi loii^ i>?Aeu iiuii.
dis?-?r-:t>i this vanity. ' ;j
G. ii. Mason ana wife, of New Orleans,
have rived at Louisville, I\y., on their;
tricyeliJg tog; having covered a distance I
of nearly ^,000 mitw ?.t vn average of 30 !
miles per day. "When they ie*?tl;sir Louis- j
iana plantation 3Irs. Hanson was suffering';
v, ill: rheumatism, but not a twinge of ft j
nr.-,-.- i,.. r The route takr-n was up the j
west y.'-l- ? *' *Lr Mississippi, the return .
journey will be down ,-.-Stern s^e- !'
A special from. Jefferson Cily, 'S-io.. ;_ya ' ;Lhc.i
ex-Supremo Judge John W. Henry
and SiaLs Auditor Walker had an altercu- i .
:ion on the sUeci between 0 and 10 o'clock \
Tuesday morning, iu which Judge Henry j !
was shot, once in the right ar^ ^nd again j '
n the breast, and Walker was severely ?.u? ! '
:;n ike head by a blow from Judge Henry's
ane. Botii "inen are now in charge of j
physicians. The ajtfair ?rew out of the i j'
ate investigation of Auditor* "Walker by a 1 '
- T>nfl) ?rA ftlri TY1?~ ! f
James A. Marcum "sv^ hanged Friday at' 1
Louisa, K}*.. for the murder of Lis cousin, >1
'isher Marcum, on February 10,1S86. J *
UN \iew.H Regarding the Duties of his Party. |?
At a reception to John G. Carlisle, given
by the Kentucky Democratic Club in Covington.
Mr. Carlisle made a short speech,
from which the following extract is taken:1
"I want to say to all Democrats that we
would be unworthy of our name if we allowed
any number of reverses to dishearten
us. The growth of the Democratic party !
in the last *2o years has been wonderful.
At the close of the war we were entirely
out of power, we had no office or patron-' jj
age, and were practically ostracised from a
share in the air urs of the government. The : ,
t-? o f.iith fmmrlrv] nn
AVfUJUV.l.AV^V itau ivu* ;u..u
tie principle of JeHerson. aiid thev fought;
for it -without Lope of reward. There h: s b
never b;-en :i time since l^TG when the ma- i
jority of the people "were not in f;:v.-.r of n
the principles of the Democratic party. 1
wan* to impress upon you the necessity of ^
standing :o your principles in any e-ner- j ?
geney, .-.ml at all elections. no matter how
small :m'1 unimportant they >eem to !*.*.
No party c-tn be successful in any country ^
unless it has principles upon which it will t
stake i:s exisu nra before the people. This i
country i- full of vagaries on the powers of s
govern meat. aime want it to become a a
great e'eemosynnry institute for the care of j
every;>,)(ly; s-.me want it to purcljase the ;
railroads and Telegraph lines; some want it a
to interfere with the people's private business:
some want it to ioan money to indi-: .
gent people. It is impossible to enumerate '
the schemes to rob the taxpayers for the :
benetit of somebody else. We must overcome
the Socialistic theories abroad in the 1
land. We must stand everywhere for toe 1
rights of men to do business with their own j
money in their own way. If the D;*mo-: 1
craiic party does not do this it might as ' \
. well cease to exist."
t ?.!?. fCBuKinnl IntrrvirW.I a Drux.
A half-dozen Congressmen, when once j
J interviewed properly duringjijxcess of j '
: Congress, etui make the country "briieye
i there are a million of them here. They !
enter the office of the newspaper con*- ; i
snondeut at all times of tLe day or might J ;
| and sit for hours wailing to be interviewed. .
i If the correspondent does not take the ;
I hint he is given one, in terms often like | .
'"I can give you some information about:
; some political "matters you and yor.r paper
are interested in. How much sp:jx-e can
; you uive it?*' .!
i If any encouragement is given the statc-s-;
man he pours out enough to fill a page of
an ordinary newspaper. The general bent!
! of Die interviews at this time is to solidify
the gentlemen interviewed with the admin- 1
j istration. Almost any correspondent can
| gel a sio/.en interviews every cijy, praising ;
| the administration in general terms, but no ;
I one wants to print them. The bnlk of the
! statesmen at the capital nowadays are not j
; heavy weights.? 1 Vuvh. Cor. Indianapolis
Jour ml.
i"ii? Kuufao JJkclioii.
Tiie Xcw York Ecening I'osi, ana other .
I paper?, ever since the Kansas * cl.ee.tioh,
, have been delining the "lessons of that \
election." In Leavenworth the scenes are !
j described as borderingoa disgrace, and tLe ,
J hostile editors are still making g?ett a/io.
The Springtield Republican, however, ;
comes to the rescue of the'fair voters in this j
! way: If the misconduct or wrong judg-1
! ment of a few Kansas women is to weigh ,
i against the rights of the whole sex to take j
pari, in the government of the State they
hiiipi'd to found and maintain?for Kansas j
i was maue .? free State more by its women .
j than its men?shall we fay of the I
; male sex there? In the ?rst Kansas elee- j
tion.-, from 18-14 to IS-!9,'gossip ar.d scold-;
; iiiyC '.rcrc cot the weapons most to be feaied;
: bulieir. izy! bowie knives had a foremost
placc, and wh?u vute seemed to be going :
against one party or other, ir, was a i
| favorite method to steal the balk? box or I
shout the inspector of elections. The nr&t;
campaign in which women prepared to cast'
their Ic-^ai ballots will contrast very favor-1
i ?hlv v.-1rii anv of tiia election campaigns in |
| ivansus before the civil war.
A Woman Co bs llaa^ed.
Asnr.viLLK, April 2G.?At tlie present!
i sess:or. of the 2V?itcheil County Superior !
] Court a woman by the iiiaje of Crewson !
j has just been tried and convicted for one J
of tue most fiendish and brutal murders;
j ever in the hi-torv of this sec;
tion. She is a vLii.c woman and her child, ;
I bora of a colored lather, v.as i'our yea:s ;
old lii Jaiiuary, the time of ilic "murder.
; Tired of the constant reminder of her:
shame, this woman took her offspring of ; ,
i her unholy passion and carried it to To\v ! ;
Kiver, s >me four mjies from her home, on :
i a bitter eoid day in .January. The evidence j ;
i was t!;:i? the diabolicaj outcast t^d the
, hands ami feet of the child ami, breaking : (
! away t!:v ice, plunged the helpless thing , [
j into the freezing waters, unheeding its i '
plaintive entreaties not to be put in the cold i
1 * ? '? ? 3 .? ...?i
river, i r>e cnuu s erics h:ju j?uiuipiuvv:i? i
i were heard I>y another woman who had !
j accompanied the murderess interceding for j:
; the c/. ld. Tlie w-^njan is sentenced to be
hangei!. ;
Free Trade and I?roisctios. ;
Our broilier of the Eonw Courier thinks : '
; that we are on the wrong Una i;i being in , 1
favor of a protective taiiif. Well, we are :
. of opinion that our friend of the Courier j
j is on the wrong line in being in favor of s
! free Trade. lie is entiiied to his views, and I
' ve ai'vuys respect an honest difference of !
I opinio;;. The Democratic party is l.-irge ji
| enough anfi patriate o^ough for its mem|
bers to entertain different viecs pn eco- i ,
no uric questions. We warn cur frfends ,
1 that ;.lv: part}* will he handicapped if iigoes i j
into tl:? ne\t Presidential election with i i
anything iilie a fids iJV'dc uia'form. In our
judgment, it cannot win'witL a laritl for j
revenue only. It is an open secret that we ; ;
les: the election of 1SS0 on that issue. We '
wen ir. li?4, because, while promising a |
t-.rijl for the needs o; :he government hu!:- J
estiy administered, we promised, at the!
same liiJ.'tf, IU piUtUUt UUi :uuiu>ciivO u? ka i
lit bo..?Augusta Chronicle.
??- -y 1
The trrhouJ Term, '
The Constitution requires at least one
school to be kept open at least six months I j
in each year in each school district. It oo I <
c^rr;."1 to us that it devolved upon the j >
offieeV v.uo iz jb"' ]-'W the superintendent of ; <
schools to see thal'thi* retirement is car- i e
ricd out. But a correspondent, j*r. Ceo. ;
13. Cromer, v;ho is a lawyer, and a'good
h'wycr. takes a different view, and insists *
that U.^ Uiip^r'niendent has no powers or
duties b:-yoi~d vjw*. <^n**TTcd upon him by c
the General Assembly*. If that view jseor- l'
rect, then the Gcuerai Assembly is to c ?
riot mukmg it the duty of the Superin- *
tend* at i-. -dry out this requirement.?
Newberry Obserter. ' f
' ?i . cs? !
lie Derllats 'liieia A!'.
1 C
A genueisiA.: ?rho v.-as at the White ^
House yesterday to invite ih'j President to 5
yisit his city next fall and attend a f;ur
says- "it is my judgment that Mr. Cleve- n
land msk.es a mistake in the way he receives c
aj^Jisiks to'persoss who extend these ia- P
vitatloun to vU>i-> them. He lead? them all! u
to brieve he will ij>.> I'jere, ana uteygo u
and make preparations to reccivc Li:n; tiicn
he doesn't appcar. It is'rtiy belief t hat be t:
doesn't intend to attend any of the fairs or b
other public occasions, but to go out pretty tr
zoor, .?<1 "'.vjnic round an entirely unex tr
pcC'to(i"oii'Ci.o. i?0 v;-!l ?;U be disappointed.'' w
?OmaJui ties,
Fire. small-pox and a boj's shoes are al-\ as
ways "breaking out.'' ;iS
: like a potato?never sure when 1 w
be vclA'giJ: ' rXr- ^.a'er." I ""
The men who ttm vo:Tpde? 'l*
press train 01 the Southern Pacilfc Voad,. ?
Wednesday night, have been spotted, and ] he
:t is thought will soon be captured. ; c,j
The piylic of the Literary Society of the i st;
Sumter ilcieetric CiCegc will have an ad-! -d
ircss from the Rev. J. 0. Wilson, cf frin-1 fa.
ty Church, Charleston, on the evening
)f June 6, as part of the closing exercises
Z>\,LLV\JX. ,
If you eApe*i:^cp a bad taste in the j II;
nouth, sallowness or yo-Iicw ^o- of skin, j 0f
eel stupid and drowsy, appetite unsteady, , e;(
requent headache or dizziness, you are ' a i
'billions/' and nothing will arouse your 1 th:
iver to action and strengthen up your sys-! tio
em like Dr. Pierce's "Golden Medical j toi
discover}-." By druggists. 1 sti
ow sweet and welcome come the rains of .
summer, I
When on the dry and dusty earth they I
fail: i ,
ut if you're out in ihem with no um- ;
brella, i
They're not so sweet and welcome after
all. !
Beats awl?The shoe machine.
A rough calculation?Betting on a light. |
lias good staying qualities?The girl with '
je small waist.
They arc all "head clerks" in the barber's !
flflTV i
" -J Yes,
Americans arc fond of horseflesh, '
ut the French love it. They eat it.
The poultry farmor and the carriage j
inker know !io\v to make a coop pay.
Professor?Give me an example of a!
iguiy compressible solid. Scholar?The j
emale form.
Young1 men, learn to wait; if you set a j
ieu before she is ready ynu will lose your i
ime and confuse the hen besides.
"What is an epistle?" asked a Sunday-j
chool teacher of her class. "The wife of j
.n apostle," replied the young hopeful.
"Pa. they ain't going to have lamp-posl.- i
my longer." "Why not?" " 'Cause they I
tre long enough now."
Jlany men act as if they believed the j
joru of plenty is nothing but a glass of j
Is a man who pokes his nose into other j
people's affairs entitled to call his proboscis i
i great business scenter?
A lesson in physics: Teacher?What is i
celoeity ? Pupil?Velocity is what a man j
'1 a r*loto
An Australian naturalist has discovered j
he r.ervous system of sponges. It lies in j
Lhe viciuity of the pocket oook.
Plantation Philosophy: "De bery man {
what kaint stan good luck is de bery man j
vhat grumbles 'case he aint got nothin."
A colored boy the other day swallowed j
three quarters he had in his mouth, and is j
no v.- "u cloud with a silver lining."
Snail farming is a leading industry in j
Switzerland. A good many men farm in 1
that way here. too.
y,r. Isaacs (whose son has fallen over the j
railing in!o the pit)?Jakey. Jakey, come
up so quick vol you c:in. Dey sharge a
dollar und a h:def down dere.
An authority slates that ' "an atheist cannot
he a mason." There seems to be no
rel'gious disqualification for their being
ca.r-:Irivers, ho <vcver.
The season for taking perch is open in
the North until July 1. In the South the
season for taking the perch and all the
fowls ou it is open all the year round.
The query is asked: Can a red cow give
white milk? Unless the experience hereabouts
is exceptional, it is known that she
can give blue milk.
Coffee was first used as a beverage in
Abyssinia, then in Persia, Arabia and
Egypt, and in all before the beginning of
lhe fifteenth century.
"Yes." sail! Jones. '-when mv wife sets
mad she reminds mc of a T/esssl under
weigh." "How so "^'"inquired Smith. "Bpcause
she'has jot her rancor up."
The !fsag? of the best .society shows that
it is net irnpr.gpej' to attempt to overhear
what the wiid waves are saying either about
you or your sister.
Mesmerism consists of subjecting tte
mind of one person to the control of another.
The less mind a man has the easier he is to
A reunion of tbenurscsof George Washington
will be held at Mount Vernon, October
1st. It will be an outdoor meeting.
iforiy -i-- per cent., of all the school children
in Austriahavi eyes. This speaks
well for the discipline.'
In Baldwin County, Ala., according to
l::e Judge of Probate, there lives Sylvia
Lambert, 112 years; Mary English," 110
yeurs; and Peter liali, li.jj j-.ears.
"What has become ol Richard Cork? He
lost his balance about a month ago. What
asyiuCiisheinV Oh, I don't mean demented,
lie is in Canada, you know,
An exchange explains that it costs 42
cents to stop a railway train. That depends
upon Iiow it is otoppch If stopped j
by another train it costs considerable more.
Teacher?What did Solomon mean when j
be "Ail is vanity and vexation of J
spirit*?" Buy?Dunno, "ess it was'cause
Lis 700 mothers-in-law visited him at once, j
I; was somewhat embarrassing for Aunt j
Jane v/hen Johnny, a few evajinge since,!
at a gathering of friends' at his mother's!
bouse, asked: "Didn't you know the real j
Xoah, Aunt Jane?"
A Hibernian traveller, expressing how j
;hAc?iiig' s&d comfortable the roads are j
rriucie L_v iiCo f .t would
be a great improvement if they were closer
toget her.
There is a limit to everything but the destruction
that follows the course of a man's
biii toe when he gets it in a hole in the bedrjuilt
and is suddenly attacked by night"The
man v,vo marries for mcney sells
i.: "tc " 7 ><_ ?
u -MI. uiuuri>jidaj, iiuv*iuoaiLi? j
ijis son. :'Then if you vrcre in my posi- i
ion, fa'her, what would you do'/" "Well,
r>4 sell myself."
A giri, ma*quei&rimg lz hf<y'c sjoihing,
dipped and fell. Slie said "Ouch:" and
;his gaye her away. A man would have
teen just a? much hurt, but he would have
made a different remark.
What's the matter? called a mother, turnling
to her little boy, who set up a howl. |
zrp yo'i crying about? I want some- j
hing. What do you yajit? I have forgoti
ivhat it is, an' that's what makes me cry. j
Room clerks of summer hotels are now
going from city to city doing the great "diagram
act." instead of "Can't I sell you
- me fur-lined suspenders?" it is "Please
ook at the diagram and select your room."
Belter a pair of brogahs and jeans overills,
my son, and a dump-cart of your own
;o boss, than dude pants and toothpick
iho-.s and an office rrithal"where all the pubic
can and will'"s:usv you, and the civil]
ervice i-ules lyill noi^llow'jQU to jay back.
The agricultural editor of an art publicaion
s:iys "the new building of the institute |
>f Technology' looks like a huge tomatovorra
lying on its back." It is by criticisms
uch as these that the taste of the public is
to/7 ir\ tho ctori/Tov*'^ rtf liirrTi ort !
;um. JIUU utu tuv oi.c*ax*u?a.v* tii v.
Vfii, are arrested, remarked the judge to
he tr:i:-Vp. for stcaii^g ,.n iccordeon. Are
ou guilty? Yes your .Sonor, 'r aatr.it the
harge. Did you steal it to piay ou it? I
lid not, replied the prisoner, in a hurt- tone
yoiy. I hope your honor don't take me
or a musinau.
A man was arrested recently out "V7est
or killing a hog that belonged to a neightor.
When he "was brought to trial the
barge "assault with intent to Kill."
'his' was a serious mistake. Ths charge
Liouid huve been killing with intent to salt.
Wc have taken to pitying everything
cw-a-days. Yve pity criminals, pity s?iiides,
pity murderers, pity dafaulters, and
ity dninkarus, and they seem to thrive (
nder it. There is such a thing as being
50 soft-hearted. !
It is said th?,t brass subjected to the%c? j
on or smoke for a long umc will become '
rictle and rotten. This is a matter of :
aascendcnt importance to commercial :
avelers who are accustomed to use the J
eed. 1
-\T~ TTnrTTTorL'Amar cAvl in o ro/^flnf
+1LI, Al'.i UV.IU iiUi avuiWi OllllL XXX a, 1
u.u,-c Cat whenever a young person j
kc/I iiioi' ^ ixstcter ix should t".k3 up art i
a profession lie felt like saying, in th.e .
ords of Socrates relative to marriage, !
Whether y;u do or not you will repent .
Delicate diseases uf either sex,
iweve:1 iuuuccu, sj^eCil** rnd permanently 3
red. Book of particulars' cculc in _
imps. Address, World's Dispensary .
edical Association. CG3 Main street, Buf- t"
Lo, X. Y. J
In the Democratic priaiiiries held in Ken-1 g
cky hist Saturday it was practically de- j J
led that General Simon B. Buckner. of 1 p
irt county, would l>e the next Governor 1 ^
the state. Out of the 767 delegates i ^
:eied o7o were elected by his friends, and 11]
lumuer of oiksrc have since announced j
r?f tllflTT trti * 1 AlVWMAvf in flirt I
tucj >YIII Oojppuii, uiui iu OIAVJ wi;TgiA j
'ii. State Senator Bryan leads for Lieu-! ?
lant Governor. The other contests are j ^
11 in doubt. \ *
Forest tiros have done considerable daoiige
in Anderson county this spring.
Nature never builded so perfectly that
fashion did not try to improve the work.
"Will the coming woman taik?"'inquires
Estelie. Will the coming duck iwim?
The authorities at Marion C. II. arc perfecting
arrangements to purchase a si cam
tire engine.
The work ou the Turkey Creek Canal.
C.. ^ iM-/\rrrc.cci n cr ranifUv ?"i T1 ? I
oil ill LCI WUUl> , 10 J
will be completed in two weeks.
Celia Kibler. colored, dropped dead in
Newberry on Wednesday morning about
half-past S o'clock. Heart disease.
The subscription to the building fund of
tbe Newberry Young Men's Christian As
sociation amounts now to ?2,104.
The Newberry Cotton Mills is putting in
another set of boilers like those already in
use, thus, doubling the steam capacity.
Seventeen of the younger members of
the Greenville bar and lav.* students have
organized a club for their general improve .
ment in their profession.
Several farmers who were iu Newberry '
Tuesday said they saw plenty of frost on
low lands and on pine.straw covering Irish
The State Holiness Association wii: meet
in Newberrv fiom the 17th to the 22d of
May, inclusive. There will be about <> >
delegates in attendance.
The marriage ceremony of Miss Bcssk*
Cash and Dr. Trippett was performed i
while the bride and groom were on horseback.
In digging a well at the brick yard near
Sumter last week a bed of sea sheiis of considerable
thickness was struck at about 20
feet deep.
Mr. E. y. Chisolm. of Orangeburg, says
a hen on his place laid an egg ihe other
duy that measured of inches one way and
7i inches the other way.
May Stevens, residing on Wacoanaw,
was found in a dying condition a
field bank last week. He expired soon
after. Stevens used to be a prominent
Radical politician.
The Methodist Church at Ciir.toa now
has a very handsome and durable pulr'r.
! the carpenter-work on which was done by
! I)r. Woilord and the Rev. Mr. Boyd.
: *%r? r?... J
.VI rs. 1JUI1.il;. Ui LUU^av, iu am
to climb a raii fence last, week, received ;
; what are thoucht lo be fata! injuric?, by th::
; fence breaking and faliiiig upon her.
I Mr. Iicnry M. Hunter, a farmer living .
; near Cliiilun, Laurens county, sold from
| his dairy during the past \ car over 1,2CG
: pounds of butter. At no time during the
i year did he milk more than six cows.
The boiler, engine, stamping mills ar.d
| other machinery f*>r the working of the
! Stevens's Gold Mine, in Lancaster county.
] have arrived. The mine is located about
! seven miles east of the town.
| A Boston doctor, who has just retired
with a big f< r une, says he drew remedies
; for corns ard consumption out of the same
i keg, and most of his patients got weli.
i This is believed to be the first physician
| vho ever confessed.
The Division of Sons or Temperance
! which was "formed in Darlingt'oh several
j weeks ago by Messrs. Douglass and Carswell
j i? in a flourishing condition, ana now lias
i over 60 members on its roll.
i v
| A cutting affray oc^urreu aj>oijt four
! miles below Prosperity' on hist Saturday
: evening between Bonks Domiciek and Dan
; Lever. Dorninick was severely if not fatally
cat, the knife penetrating to the hollow"
in the region of the heart or lungs.
Lever is not much hurt and is able to be
A clerk in an eminently respectable dry-,
: goods store was instructed to prepare an ad1
veitl^^nt and have it inserted inthenewsf
papers. He prepared oiic which read: '"The
j pot scooped! We hold four aces to the bob-,
i tail flush of any other house in town on fine
i table-cloths."
Two stores iu Campbell Jon. Hampton
i pourity. were destroyed' by pre last Tiiurs -j
! day night. One was occupied by 2>Ir. W. j
j E. Brabham and the other. belonging to
i Ifrs. Elizabeth }>arber, was unoccupied, j
! "VI ? r*r\4 *t?a pc '/I tA
i Ji:. uiuijiitAUi iwi xi io oiw* ?>, o*iiu i V
| nave Deen wortir atronr^.TOO. T&e DuilJ-'
j ings 'were valued at about $500 each.
! While }Ir. Jeff. Adams and Mr. J. J. '
! Phillips, with seven or eight of their
i friends. were trying to settle the boundary j
| lines between their lands near Taxahaw,'
j Lancaster county, on Saturday last, a dis- '
, put5 aross between them and a difficulty I
! ensued in which Mr. Adams was snot by ;
! Mr. Phihips twice.' The wounds are not j
! dangerous. ' '
! A colored woman, living about live miles ;
from Conway, in the Pot Bluff section of
Horry county, was instantly killed last Fri- i
day arteniJon by lightning. T;;g atmos-1
phere seemed to be surcharged with elec
tricity, and when the rain cloud came over ;
from the west the electrical display was'
sublime. This woman was sitting near the !
hearth, and the lightning flashed down the I
chimney and enveloped the woman in the ;
flame and passed through the floor into the i
ground beneath.
A Matrimonial Conversation.
Mr. Topnoody sat with his wife by i
their feading-table the other night in rcflectivc
silence, with a book lying open
ana useless oetore mm, ana -urs. J.op |
noodv was busy with a piece of that :
restful kind of needle work all women |
resort to as a mental and physical relief, i
"My dear." said Mr. Topnoody after !
awhile, "if I were to die would you mar- j
ry again?*' ;
"l)o you think of jlyiag?" she asked, j
as if a new interest had come iiuu iire.
"No, my dear, not particularly, but it;
just occurred to me to ask the ques- j
"Well, Topnoody, to be frank with i
you. I think 1 would."
"Why. my dear; that is very iucon-!
sistent," lie said, in surprise.
"How?" she asked, sharply. "I'm not
usually inconsis^enj; am IV'
"y'o, my dear, bpt'in'ihis you are, for
you "are always railing against married j
life, and regretting Ih'aj you ever tried it, '
and all that."
"But what ha> that got io do witn my
marrying againV*' " ,
"You don't want to repeat your i
misery, do you. my dear." ! i
"Of course I don't. You see I would j
not Imiw vnn TrmnnrirK- for inv snrrmri ;
liusbh&u.- i j
Topnoody looked across iue iuble. j ,
her, but she kept straight ahead "with hei \ K
work, and he relapsed into silence.? j '
Washington Critic. \
. . j
The Clothes of Japanese Girls. | j
Japanese young men of fashion visit *
the girls just as they do in this country, i
take them ort to restaurants ar:..i llll
them up with he cream. They hare ;
balls and parties where waltzing is in- j
dulled in ad libitum. 'J'lic waltz. how- .
syer, is a recent innovation, but is ilu.cC j
by the Japa ' so exceedingly. The costumes
of the Indies in Japnn ayp'mor?.; d
iii consonance \vitli' '.lie dress' reform;
moyepenl th:?? those of .^mericau and: _
European gills, j irsi of at: no corsei
is worn. The long silk sash supplies
the place of steel and whalebone. This
?ash is wrapped round and round the
(vaist loosely, and the ends hang down
behind. There is no large, elaborate *
bow oinned against the hack, lik^ Those I
iteiuia the representation of the "Mi- i I
lado" on ofci' i'ago. fioni^ -J. ;i;e :.?tra- !;
'aeliioniiljle g;:'is or -'i'oUo. i.uv*Wgj\j |
lave adopted ;i m.I of making their |
Taists look smaller, according to tlie 1
European modes. Uti t:o coiv-t i.s used g
?simply a belt buckled around tbe;|
*aist. " !?hc tedtez srg fend of picking j??
he strings oi the banjo, au.i mo to > |
he times in a fashion which has been I
jeatiy ia vogue among American girls. ! 8
apanese girls attire themselves ;n prot-; 8
j rr-'ivl: the same underwear as Arneri- |
an women, but their stocking* arc S
uilt more on the order of a lnHteii-for ' |
ae hand, there being a separate recepla- |
le for the big toe. A very curious fact: ?
ig reporter gleaned from the interprc- i |
ttqj tiMc Tnr. rliinlr thnf i H
s* M **0 kU?>7. ALU 'J vukVI I N
11 Europeans have very old types of
The Sioutli {*1111 "Sh>!i<2."
The South is. and will continue to be.j
solid for good government throughout the
length and breadth of the Union. In the
Presidential contests or tbe past, misled by
Republican party leaders, who taught them
in believe that the succ?ss of a Dcmoen-.tic i
candidate fer the Presidenco meant the re-, j
establishment of slavery, the colored voters i
i:> the South gave their suffrages to the Re- j
iiublican candidates. But two years of ;
President Clrvelaud's administration and of
Democratic control of the House of liep-, \
resentatives have sufficed to convince every !
intelligent colored voter that, instead of
hnving anything to fear, they have every-:
thing to hope for in Democratic rule. This
fact? is daily becoming more pateot to our ;
colored citizens. The result wiil he that, I
vi 1SS8. thousands by thousands of them :
will cast their ballots for the r <rular Dem
T>., VW 1
CCiiliKJ liUJUiUC't^ i ?v. ... . ..ww ;
President.?/. C;>r
in ! -i^.7.
Goo. i\ lU'.veil cz Co., of Ne?v Y; rk.
will issue on Monday. May 2cd. the 19th
annual edition of i;r-ir standard publication.
the ' American Newspaper Dircctofy.
The i. ;w volume o-ntains ;in exhaustive :
list of iiii class publications "so admirably
arrac 5 *!i -.t :::.y of ? .: 3.0;;0 pspers lepresenti-d
re c in be readily referred to
r.i-d r.'! important fact? coac-ming it, together
v.irli its circulation railag, easily
The number c.i papers published it; tI.e.
Unite;! Stati >. Ten'lories '::c!u?i:rg
ka) s:-d <' v.;;t at M.-J'iO: and ?a-!
crease of 5-^i I:: ) ear.
Tbcgrov. := newspapersi?i >; ;.:e of the ,
Western Statui would i>e a mailer of '.von
rk-r, if it v.v-re not that this year is no ex-'
ccption to the rule. In Kansas the increase j
is S'J and in Nebraska G4; \vhil<; the Key- j
stone State allows a smaller advance of
and the Kuckeyo State of :)0. Pennsv*'a-j
nia exhibits the inrrest increase in dailies, i
17: Kansas in weeklies. 81. and Xr-v,- York ,
in monthlies, -)2. Seven States shotr a de-;
" ' ' <1\r:crc ;
New Hampshire and \ irginia six each/
mi u Lit r '
From me Aitict Who Took G- G-.
Hcfman's Photograph.,
hicsqk?, V.
I sena you to-day halt dozen photographs
of G. G. KoSman, of Conover. '
X. C., and I must say that your medicine
lias done wonders for Mr. Hofiman. It.
seems like raising the dead to life; he
lopfs fat aid hearty now. and they tell
in'e whei* he coinme^ccdyour r^cdicine
he v.'as nothing but skin, ana bonc-s. The
soro on his breast is healed over, and you
can see the one on the forehead is healing
up from the top. I wish it had been
so that I could hare taken it when be
was at his worst, but I could not leave
my oiiice and he lives some distance from
here. Yours respectfully,
A. McIntosh.
This xaa^j G. G. Hon man. has risen
by the use of lioturiic liiccd Balra . B.
B. B.) to his present wonderful improved
condition. In a sbort time his boneless
| forehead will be fully healed, rind he will
$tacu a monument or numauity raised
from tue verge of death. Few persons
ever recover from such a low state, being
oa n. djiog bed IVcLa iLut fell ae&tro.yer,
blood poison, with the bone of his forehead
rotted and taken out 2. inches
by the doctors, and given cut to die.
From skin and bones, wrecked by blood
poison, to health and sound iiesh is the
work of B. B. B.
Xot many such desperate cases may
be found, but when th^y are they should'
not despair or recovery, as B. B. B. will
cure them.
' YThen this medicine can cure such ex
treme ea?cs. is it not reasonable that it
will cure all cases of blood poison of less
violence, as it has done in thousands of.
The Mayor and doctors of Conover
will verify the awful condition from
which Mr. Hoifman was raised.
B. B.,CO. ;
rScifM ^"ill purify the SLOOP regalato
the LIVER arci KIDXfcYS and
i Rf.stoei: tho HEALTH ccdVIGOR
of "STCUTK. Dyspepsia. Want
of Appetite, Jndigestion.Lackof
^ivj??5?iA Strength and Tired Feeling ab^^SligigSk
cis* and nerrcs rocaw ae*
force. Eniivens the raird
-ind sapplies Brain Power. .
a r> xk ? or-1 JST~ .Sot;-Tin;: from "complaint*
& ??i STfc 8 peculiar to their sex will find
TONIC a safe aad speedycare. Gives a clear, healthy
complexion. Frequent attempts at counterfeiting
oaly add to the popularity of the original. Do
cot experiment?>ret the Original and Bkst.
flCnre Constipation.I<iccr Comolair.t and Sic.: a
gHe3ft?ch?, Simple Dose and Dream Book3
^malieu 02 receipt o f two cents in posture. B
8t. LoaiSt Mo . .
n?j A T> 1 nTTi; ~
JL>* in the South has advantage". saoe- c
rior to those offered here in every depart- 1
i:t?Cate; Art and Music. Oniy _
experienced ahd' accouiphsmut iouiibeii.; -*
fhe building is iishtf.l with ens. warmed 1
villi the best viOiight-iroii furnaces, has
lot and cold water baths. anu first-class
iPi ointments as a Boarding School in
?very respect?no school in the South has n
iupe^ior. *
Tor Board and Tuition in everything
in fuli Collegiate course, including
ancient ar<i modem languages, per q
session of xo weeks $100 ^
I?eduction for two or more from same ; o,
>ir?>:'y or neighborhood. Pupils charged
Hiiy iron: date of entrance.
For Catalogue, with fail particulars, ad- pi
Iress RiiV. Wil. K. ATKINSON, ai
. v../.
n IS
; -VT.ft ' .. . j5?*
' 'V ^ | / Potash
Victim Cured bj S. S. S. j
5. S. S. vs. I
I have hr.d b'ood poison for ten vears. I know
iodide of potash in that time, bat it d:d me no goc
en?. i ^bs were covered w;;L sores, cr.d I conid bcs.:
rr.shsm :r. my shoulders. I took S. S. S., and it baa c
ernes I have takes. My face, body and neck arc
malum is entirely gocc. I weighed 116 pomds when
152 pocnds. My first boUJe helped ine"greatly, and
I wcrUd cot be without S. S. S. for several times ita
_ j
invalids' Heisi 3 Sargical Institute
buiffcfEisiifssa ^r^ericuccd and Skill*
TaX ??u jizians ami Sunceons.
Patients treated bote or at their homes. Many
ircaied : it home. through correspondence, as
successfully if hero in person. Corne and
see us. or sc::;l ten cents in stamps lor our
* invalids' Gxde-?sok,r' wliich ffivos ail partie
:u"5. Avi ii'ocs: Vt"oltr,d*s jdisi'exsakx .uiuiZ.VL,
Association, C83 Main St., Builaio, >t.y.
| ^
For '" wom-onr." " run-doxm," debilitated
?cbool teaeners. milliners, seamstresses, housekeepers,
and- overworked women generally.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the best
r>iall restorati ve tonics. It is not a " Cure-all,"
but. admirably fulfills a singleness of purpose,
b -i'ng a most potent Specific for all tbo6e
Chronic Weaknesses and Diseases peculiar to ^
vomen. Ti:e treatment of many thousands M
t.r such eases, at the Invalids' Hotel and Surg- %"
al Institute has afforded a large experience V '
adapting remedies for their cure, and
Or. Pierss's Favorite Prescription
i. ihe result of this vast experience. For
internal congestion, inflammation
and ulceration, it is a Specific. It
is a powerful general, as well as uterine, tonic
and nervine, and imparts vigor fnd strength
to the whole system. It c:?ves weakness of
stomach, indigestion, bloating, veak baclr.
nervous prostration, exhaustion, debihty aT.d
sleeplessness, in either sex. Favorite Prescrip"
" undo? nnr rfixitive
guarantee. See wrapper around bottle,
Send 10 cents in siimps for Dr. Pierce's large
sary Medical Association*, CSJilain Street.
Sulfdlo, N. Y. z.
^El^\g a s axvt; LIVER
sis?; mmm, g?&
52?Iio::s Ilcadaelkc, W^loHP'
Kizziizess, Co::stiys- ft. 2H&X
tio::. luaiecstioii- >**<. ,
nridJSilioasAttceks, :Ji v^f J7||yv
promptly currf by 3>r. i?a\ rfe/ &j55?
Pierco'* Pleasant ;3?-*
Pc^-gative Pellets. 25 ^7 ?k
cen:s a viai, by Druggists. '
P11IS and OK
From the World's Best Makers?
Easiest Terms of Payment
light Grand Makers, and Ortr
* Thre? Hundred Btylei to
' Sel$ot Froxa. A*
Cbickering, Mason & Hamlin,
Kathnshek, Bent and Irion*
Mason & Hamlin, Orchestral and
Bay State,
Pianos and Organs delivered, freight
paid, to alipoints South. Fifteen days'
trial, and Freight Faid Both Ways, ii
not satisfactory.
Order, audi test the Instruments la ^
your Own Homes. . j
Branch of LUDDEN ? BATES'
. ; ^ x
H. W. TBTJMP, 2fans*6r.
Child-Birth Easy!
The time has come when the terrible
agony o' ttiis critical period in
v man's life can be avoided. A dial
'ilnguLslied physiolm, w?'o sjent U
.years in this branch o 1 practice, left
t;ie child-bearmjj vroman this lezacy,
jhj ilothers Friend, and to-day
f*ioro othonconhc r.f tttattiaw chn
having nsed this remedy before confinement,
rl-e up and ca'l Ms name
blessed. We can prove all we claim
by living witnesses, and anyone interested
can cr.ll, or have their husband!
d') so, and see the original lettera,
w&ch we canust publish.
All druggists ;e'.l it. For particulars address
Bjudfieu> Keg ci. atop. Co., Atlanta, G*.
wmv X. PiVv ri'DYTTPDr P. riTTnopo
>1 .mil, u. v.\.\n. 1 tit-til t lit/ llAll!Ui??ftt
Ask for Illustrated Pam^ilet.
FOH l.VFA.Vis A.Nii
An instant relief for colic of -infants.
ures Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Cholera
nantum or any diseases of the stomach
id bowels. Makes the critical period
: Teething safe and easy. Is a safe and
icasant tonic. For sale by ail dmggisi?;
:d for -wholesale by Eotaio, TVarzi ^
Co., Augasia, Ga. W
^CAUIIO^. """"I
Consumers should nol conf'W. our S/xciJlc |
in iPut numercnz tmitaiions, rM>slitvUt, &
task and mercury mixtures tcJuch are gat- S
; *jj> 'jo tell, not on their oitn merit, but on a
; merit of our remedy. An imitation, is 9
icays a frcrid and a cheat, and they ri . ;;
iv as -J: v car, tico! from tU article iantcted.
"i-ecttsecn istocd ani Skin i/ucatx au.di?
te. Far caU by ell druggist?.
Draper 3, Atlanta, Co.
'i mi1 'ini iBBag?wa
vTASH. |
r I bare taK^n one hstdred bottles of ?
d. Last s&mmcr my face, neck, body S
rce'y use my arms on account of rhec- ?
lU,ic uu.c 3.1 otaer raeui- B
perfectly clear sad clean, and my rliea- ?
. I began tie medicinc, and I now weigh. I
gave rae an appetite lice a si-rong sen. S
weight in gold. . ... B
ELL, W. 23d St. Ferry, Uew Tori
I Mi

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