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LOUaL IE Li L(jE j* UE.
Wednesday. January 29, : : 1890
2*ew Advertisements.
?1 f. Laudecker.
_?jLftiiVCvu l/vn..
They Have Arrived?D. Lauderdale.
- Citation?J. A. Hiunant, Judge of
Fresh Garden Seed ? McMasler,
Brice & Ketchin.
The Columbia Phosphate Compauy
?It. E. Ellisoo, Agent.
? Watch for the happiest hits of Jed.
on Thursday night. *
?D. Lauderdale has just received a
fine lot of popular books.
?Mr. E. ~\Y. Goley is night watchman
at the Oil Mill, vice Crosslaml.
?There is some taik of a whist
party being gotten up in a few days.
?Fresh garden seeds at McMaster, j
Brice & Ketchiu's. Head their adver- i
?Mr. S. B. Crawford is now in the
employ of Mr. It K. Ellison in ,the
sale oi'stuck.
' ?If y*u have not paid your taxes do
so quickly. The books will positively
close on the 31st inst.
?Several car loads of stock have
been shipped from our town within
the past week or two.
?The molasses candy men of last
spring will open this week with a
panorama of the Johnstown Flood.
?There are three hundred bales o::
cotton at the depot awaiting shipment.
The buyers are holding them in expec+
rv-F liicrlipr uriees.
lUCiVU V*. J
?The fence around Mr. T. II.
Kitchen's residence has been completed,
and adds much to the ap^
perance of the premises.
?The following- is a list of tke letters
remaining uncalled for in the
Postoflice January 27. Miss Ilattie
Bettsal, Mrs*. J. A. Brown.
? Twenty-three more negroes left
this place on Thursday for Arkansas.
Several have also left within the past
day or two for Mississippi.
?Mr. McBride Smith has set out
several shade trees in front of his
residence. It would be a good idea if
others would follow his example.
?The Oil Mill presses, on an
average, seven barrels of oil daily,
and the company will ship two car
loads of 3,200 gallons in a few days.
"r. ? Winnehoro
?u.is niuu\ t ...... ?
will be gratified to learn that Dr.
II. B. McMaster has been elected a
member of the Council of Waynesboro,
?Mr. W. W. Ketchin is moving au
otU-house in his yard to the lot just
north of his dwelling lot. It bas lour
rooms and will make a very good ten*
ant house.
?The total sales of Arkansas tickets
to date amount to $1029.85. Although
the rates are comparatively small the
railroads are certainly greatly bene ?
"? t J
ntea uy me x*xuuu&. I
?Several persons have complained i
that the Happing of the weather flags
disturbes their nights rest. If this is
really a disturbance the flags should
be drawn down at night.
?Mr. Jennings found a watGr
?- bucket on the top of one of Ms out
houses, which he supposes was left
there during the fire at Miss Gaither's.
The owner may call and get it.
^ *V? tA.HlO'llf +}>p
?Lominviiciug >v nu iv-iuguv ?Oil
Mill will run at night as
well as day. XI ic day force goingon
at 7 a. m., and working till 7 p. m.
when the night force relieves them.
?lit. Ilev. W. B. W. Howe., of this
Diocese, will make his annual visitation
to the Paiish on Sunday, February,
2. The rite of confirmation will he
administered at afternoon service of
that day.
?It gives us pleasure to state, that j
"" T> li. n-CCnnvton. I
til6 JaCY. 111CO. XJ. JjlUliUiij viOiMnuuburg,
has signified his intention to he'
present on the clay of the Bishop's
visitation, and will officiate at tlie
morning service.
?The total number of liens recorded
in the clerks office to date are seventyeight.
Up to this time last year 120
had been recorded. The clerk informs
us however, that quite a number of
mortgages have been recorded.
?Though nothing definite has been
arrived at. it is rumored that the Railroad
Company intend to build their passenger
depot vm one of the vacant lots,
along the railroad, between the present
depot and the freight depot.
?I leave to-day for the "West. Par
tics desiring stock will do well to inspect
my lot. Every sale guaranteed
or money refunded.
11. E. Ellison.
Jan, 23 18D0. *
? We have been informed that one
day last week, a negro in feiling a tree
on the plantation of Mr. Burdell, a few
miles east of Ridgeway, the tree fell
on the axeman's brother and injured
him so badly that the boy died. The
unfortunate boy, who lost his lile, was
quite small.
?D. A. G. O. treated the readers of the i
World to a very interesting pen picture
of Fail-field County seat in the !
issue of the 23rct oi January, it is
quite a treat occasionally to "see our j
selves as others seo us*'" particularly if j
the specs used are those of brother
?The Postmaster some time since
received a letter from one Charles
B. Oil. of Dover, 111., asking if lie
knew of any farmer who -wished
a "good trusty man with good
recomendations/' and what salary
would he pay. Here is a chance any
one wishing such help.
?About 9 o'clock Thursday night
"Wade II. Williford, hearing a Mcp on
his back porch raised the window and
discovered a man throwing lire wood
out in the yard. Mr. "Williford got
his pistol and fired, but failed to hit
the rogue, who scampered off at the
- "? 1 . Ttrt
rate of two-forty, .uorai: nueu uul
of wood let your neighbor's pile alone
until you have completed arrangements
with him to borrow some.
?A young gentleman, who has a
room up tow!;, and who on his own
word never had a very extensive wardrobe,
excited the pisy of his many
friends on last Sunday morning, when
with desolation and agony depicted on
# /
^ L
' /
his face, he gave publicity to the fact
that some thief had stolen his drets
?uit. He is a regular attendant at
church, but he didn't go last Sunday.
?A negro was arrested on the southbound
morning train on Saturday,
who was suspected of having broke
into the store of Mr. bimmont, ui
Chester. Mr. Simmons anived on the
evening traiu and identified his goods
in possession of the prisoner. The
thief was carried back to Chester 021
the same night. The negro had au
abuudaut supply of candy, toys of all
kinds, etc., in fact, he was a traveling
' 'racket store."
?"Watch for the modern Shakespeare
in the personage of his namesake
Joe, Thursday night.
?A bold burglary was committed at
Mr. G.A. White's store on last TuesTI\o
nritiMMW CmfU'd Of OllC
ua> in-iii,. J.WV, ,.,~v a
of the windows had been taken off, and
the bond broke the window pane
and stole about a peck of apples. A
daring attempt it was to do this on
main street and actually to make an
opening- into the store on the front.
These thefts, as we said in our last
i-sue, arc growing to be very frequent
and it would be well for the policemen
to keep their eyes open.
?On Saturday night last a little
darkey, Wade Moore, about 12 years
old secreted himself in Maj. "Woodward's
store at llockton, and was
locked up. when the store was closed
for the night. The clerks remembered
having seen him about the store
before it was closed, and went back to
investigate and found him, and arrested
him. lie is the same one that was caught
in Mr. Skinner's oflice a month ago,
in the act of burglary.
?As the matter of "mails on the I
night trains is not generally under- j
stood, we give the following infor-'
-PufiMiiirxl hv the Postmaster.
JlUUblXVia - _
Mail is despatched only 011 the northbound
train at night, and only for
points in North Carolina. Virginia,
and the Northern and the Eastern
States. No mail is sent 011 the
south-bound train. Mail from points
beyond this State is received 011 the
5 a. m. "train. Xo local mail sent or
received at night.
?Mr. McMaster. who, as is
generally known, owns a considerable
quantity of property in Florida, loft
Wednesday 011 his usual annual visit
to that Suite. We are glad to hear
that lie has reasons to believe that the
much-talked-of phosphate boom is
something substantial, and what is still
belter, he thinks he has phosphates on
his own lands. We hope he win unci
it ail true. Land adjoining his has
recently sold for fabulous prices. We
are pleased to Mate to our readers that
Mr. McMaster has promised to write
us an account of his trip when he iclurns.
?Our wide-awake and efficient
clerk of the weather, Major Jus. Pagan,
has had affixed to the weather flagpole
a very neat and useful arrangement.
This consists of a narrow backing,
fastened to the pole, and open
on top. Through this opening the
ropes hang into the box, thus affectively
preventing their being tampered
with. A small door, locked, 'gives
access to the inside. A. glass is inserted
in the door against which on
the inside is fired the weather report.
It can thus be easily read, and is
protected from *;he weather.
?Sheriff Milling telegraphed to
W. II. Hood, Sheriff of Chester County,
on Tuesday to arrest W. L.
Wooten and hold him in jail until a
* ?*-- *. a
deputy cou:u uu sent jui
him. Mr. D. E. McDowell brought
his prisoner to this place on Wednesday
and lodged hlin in jail. Mr.
Wooten is charged with obtaining
money under false pretences. It
seems that Mr. Wooten borrowed
money from the bank' and gave a mort- j
gage of some stock us security, and it
is now alleged tbat ihe never possessed
the i-tcck mortgaged- A preliminary
was held before Trial Jusiice Cathcanton
Monday and Mr. Wooten gave^
bond for his appears ncc at the next
term of Court.
Nutice.?The annual meeting of the
stockholders will be held in the Town
Hail Tuesday, the 4th of February, at
7.30 p. m.
Death.?Mr. "William E. Robivson
died at his home near Ridge way.
South Carolina, January 2o. 1890, aged
eighty-eight years. He was for many
years a consistent member of the M.
E. Church, South.
Marriage.?Mr. R. E. Brown, the
depot agent at BLackstock, was married
to Miss Salli-; Sampson in Blackstock
on Wednesday. The ceremony
was performed by tiie Rev. SiOi II.
Browne. We vrish ifcem many years
of happiness.
Death of Mrs. Mary Brice.?Mrs.
Mary Brice died at lie*' home near
"White Oak on last Monday morning.
I She was about eighty years old. She
was the mother of Mr. Jas. A. Brice,
of our town. The funeral ritei" took
place at New Hope oh Monday.
Gratifying; To All.
The high position attained and tbe
J universal acceptance and approval of
I the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Svrnp
of figs, as the most excellent laxative
known, illustrate the value of the
. qualities on which its success is based
and arc abundantly gratifying to the
California Fig Syrup Company. *
1 mm
A Reception to Miss Ida Suar.sheimkr.?"We
clip the following from
J tii- Baltimore American of the 20ih
j inst.:
i La?t Wednesday evening Miss Lena
: Snssman gave an informal at her resi'
deuce, 417 West Mulberry street* in
| honor of Miss Ida Sugenheimrr, o!
; South Carolina. The guests were
j sumptuously entertained. Miss Sugeni
heimer, Miss Bertie Kaufman, Mr.
{ Edwin Frank and Master Louis Dsni
enberg entertained the oompany with
vocal and instrumental music. Aaio?|
those present were Mr. and Mrs. &
Frank, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. -Neuhaur.
Mrs. P. a:id It. Dauenberg, Miss ii
Jlosenheim, the Misses Levy, the Misses
Snssman, Mr. J. and A. Su^sman, Mis.
Sugenheimer, Mis? Kaufman, Master
i Louis and .Toe Dane nberjf, Mr. Edvii
Frank and Miss Edna Danenber<rv o
i Now York.
j Personal.?Mr. J. B. Crosby re
turned from Charleston Monday
Mrs. E. P. Dwight left Snnuay lor ,
St. Augustine. Florida, where alio will (
spend several months with Lieutenant j
L). L). UrSJiJara. I j
Mr. S. R. McDowell and wire, oi'1",
Eidgevay, spent Sunday !:i u>V7i?. j |
Mr. V?\ It. Doty ba? returned irum j.
Kentucky, where lie !i:ul gone lor ihe ,
purpose of buying stuck.
Mr. Joseph Groesehe! was i:i town
on Monday.
Mr. E. M. Wilson is in town.
Miss Ilattie Smith, oi' Cmndcn,
and Miss Matiie Mackorell. of Clackstock,
are visiting at Sheriff Milling^. ,
Dr. John Gilbert, of Kentucky, after
a short vi?it i:i town, returned Monday
to ills brother-in-law's, Mr. Jas.
T ?
Messrs C. A. Douglass and II. X.
Obear left Monday morning for Columbia,
to argue their mandamus ,
against the .State Saperintendant of
Education, before the Supreme Court.
This involves the question of the j
validity of the rules now in force j
prescribing the method of apportioning
school funds.
Mr. McBride Smith returned home j
Monday. lie had his arm badly j
bruised by a turning lathe, while j
J at work i i Chester and it may be a i
week or n. re before he can return to |
Mrs. M. L. Sims is visiting the i
family of Mr. S. S. Gibson.
Mr. D. A. Crawford left on Wednes- j
day for Augusta. Ga.
Mr. J. S. Cnthcarf, Sr.. who has i
been s-nlleriiig for several vv.^eJcs with
a severe at:acfc of r' eurnatisiTi, is on i
i be streets again.
AVe welcome Mr. Mullinr.x Lack j
Mr. Davis Uefo is visiting his
brother IT. II. Itefo.
Mr. John A. Desportes was in town
on Thursday.
Gen. Uratton returned home on
Messrs J. A. llinnant and J. "\V.
McCreight returned from Columbia on
Frklav. i
_______ i
?All who shaii so v> '"Green Menu-1
tain Boy" on Thursday night will j
fine! Hiss Squeamish a poetic lover, bnt
a true realization of life. She is a
Messrs. Editors: What has become of
the County Couiissiouers? The roads in
the Bear Creek section need looking
after. Some ot them are in a bad
condition, not having been worked in
tv.'o or three years. x.
2TEET1SG. or TZZE G. X. /.
They Are Going; to Richmond?Tl:c Li- i
brary Scheme.
?* ?* '? T _V.l T...C i .... 1,^1.1 (
1HC uomaii -L.]^rm. liUUinn mm a- :
very important meeting on last Hon- \
day evening1, at which two very impor- \
ant matters came before the Company j
for consideration. One of these i
important matters was to decide |
whether or not the company would at- 5
tend the unveiling of the monument j
in "Richmond next may. it will be a, j
pleasure to the jfricnus of the Com- j
pany, who always feel confident that |
the G. L. I'S. will do credit to our \
town, to know that it was resolved, j
to attend the unveiling of the inonu- ]
ment. j
The other important matter was
the library schcmc, wliicli has already
been outlined in these columns. It.
was determined to allow contributing
Timmbfirs the nriviledsre of using the
books. The armory will be opened at
nights, and we hope this privilege vail
be appreciated. A few* hours may be
spent very pleasantly and very profitably
in the library. The fee, three
dallars. is a very reasonable one and
"within the easy reach of every one
who desires to improve himself bv
good wholesome reading matter.
Sir. Traylor's Ginliou.se Set on Fire?Discovered
in Time to Save It?AScward
of One Hundred Dollars Offered for
Arrest and Conviction of the Incendiar.y.
"We have had one of the quietest
neighborhood* in the county?less
<m,l o-onfvfil trouble?until last
Mi4Vl o ~
Thursday night a small house which
I used as a gin?house was set- on lire
by some unknown person, or persons. ;
The walls were charred and the lire
made headway into a pile of seed and I
moats where I found it on Friday;
morning at 9 o'clock, slowly making j
its way to the light?wood frame!
upon which the gin was mounted, j
It would then have taken only a few
minutes to consumc the entire building
including gin-head, feeder, condenser
and presses, and probably would have
resulted in the loss of? 38 bales of
cotton piled near the house and seed
of 20 bales.
For what and for why should any
one on earth wish to do me this
private injury? I work hard.?stay
at home, pay my just debts and
accommodate my neighbors as well
as I can. only asking every bod v to do
what they promise. J am always
vonrlv i<> accommodate anv working
needy man. l.>lack or white, whenever
I can see a cliance of a return of my
favors. When a man makes a loan,
it should not be taken as a gift?and
why should any one expect it a gift?
I have been angry and hard np, but
thank God that .1 was not mad.e of the
house burning' and private) injury
I will give one hundred dol lars for
the name or names of the person
or poisons and evidence sulii rient to
convict, and upon conviction I will
pay the one hundred dollars to the
I 1 have always sympathized with
those who have "lost by lire, bi't couhl
; never realize their feeling un til now
j T. W.Ti:a vloi:.
' \Vixs;/.>Ws Soothing Sykui
r >' s!s.ou!d always !v. used whon chil ah
. ! uttir.ji teetfi. It; relieves; the littit
::t ?ntv; ic :.rodue^s natural, qui el ->i?e]
h ' i?y r'.'Iievi'.i-i the child :rum u, ai:?i'In
* 1 c;i'.Tui> <iv.-ak*es us is ? ' ?i?
- L to:;." It ;> very pleasant to 1 i
= souths the "h;iv:,"?fii'tcr:s th<* ci:n ffefait.u
s t :2;i pan-, ryiunes wiiid. re^ul: itr> *'i
i j Jxiwcis, and is tho best know:' re DiH\ : >
f diarrhu.':;, v.ii;-t!:er:-rishjj: fri-ra tv <i
uiisf r causes. Two^ly-iivs ccnts. ^ Loiti*
j June25txiy * . *
A charlcr lias just been issued by
;he Secretary of the State for a new
corporation. The South Carolina Mining
and Manufacturing Co.. whose object
is primarily the mining of kaolin,
iiid the manufacture of all classes and
kinds of articles made out of clay. ?ucn
:is high grade fire brick, tiling. drain
pipes, terra cotta etc.
The Company will devote the larger
part of its energies to the making of a
high grade fire brick, and other fire
proof materials. These fire brick are
in constant demand; being used in
fi welling houses, in all furnaces, in
every coal burning locomotive engine,
in the country, in glass works, smelting
furnaces and the like, the demand
being constantly in excess of the sup- j
ply. In consequence of the scarcity of i
kaolin and other fire clays?of which
kaolin is the highest grade?the price
of fireproof bricks is extremely high,
thoy being quoted in Charleston at
from $33 to $30 per thousand, while i
the expense of manufacturing these I
bricks is not much in cxcess of the cost
of making ordinary bricks. Thej
difference between J be two classes lies i
in rlie ini'usibility ??t tbe kaolio brick.
The Company bus leased the mining
privileges upon twelve thousand acres
<?J land, from six to twelve miles from
Columbia, and extending from the
railroad to the "Wateree ILiver. Ilcnce
ihe Company has an outlet not only
upon the railroad, but also upon a
river navigable to tbe tea. The usually
troublesome question of transportation
is consequently greatly simplified
for this new company.
Mr. J. G. McXulty formerly of
New York but nov; of Yorkville lias
been elected general superiutendant
aiul engineer. We learn that he lias j
just made his report; and that he finds j
the kaolin deposit five times as extensive
as he expected to find it, and of
as tine a quality as any in the world.
Prominent capitalist, of Rock Hill, J
Black's station and Chester arc I
interesting themselves in this matter? j
and the Company expects to commence
its operation in a very short
lime. [
We arc pleased to see that several
well known Fairfield gentlemen are
interested in tliis enterprise. Messrs.!
C. A. .- Douglass, J. E. McDonald,
and S. It. Ivutland arc members of
the Board of Directors: and Mr.
C. A. Douglass is President; Mr. J.
E. McDonald is Solicitor, and Mr. II.
X. Obcar is secretary and treasurer.
Mr. W. IL Kerr and Mr. Arthur Hays
arc among the stockholders, as well
as those above named. Dr. B.
Burney of the South Carolina Uni"VIr.
Jos M. English of
Columbia arc among- the promoters
of this important enterprise.
The stock of the Company is fixed
at 8100,000. divided into shares of
8100. each. Of this amount S8S,o00.
has been taken.
"We welcome this new factor in the
industrial progress of the State
Messrs. Editors: The Theatrical Club,
consisting of several of our young
men and ladies, propose giving an
entertainment 011 Thursday night for
the benefit of the Cornet Baivil.
The Bancl and }It. Zion are conspicuous
marks of our town, ami should
be maintained by all our citizens.
Whenever we have a public meeting
the band willingly gives its services;
whenever a distinguished citizen comes
in our midst the band is read.y to welcome
him with a serenade; ivhentver
there is an election of intent lant and
wardens the band ushers in tlieir holding
of office with its .-wee', strains;
and whenever memorial da.y comcs
with its ?ad memories the band is
rc'idy to play a hymn in memory of
those we have loved and iost.
During the summer evenin gs, when
Pagan continually displays the
white flag, the band with ?its music
makes us hope for the rain r.nd abundant
harvests and gives us r, pleasure
which ihe price of cotton can neithei
give or Jake away.
Let's keep up the band. "While olc
iilt. Zio n gives us the "feast of rea1
son," the band gives us the "flow oi
the soul,*' and with its music stealing
from minor to major, andante t(
aliejfro, assures us that the world o
: music is where man associates with th
j "immortals- Any man who is in favoi
of popular education should give some
i thing1 to the cause of music. %*
71? TOUJi JiA CK A CIll'S
Or vou arc ail worn out. really ^oor! for nothing
; it iafrencrnl dcliility. Trv
jtitonys utoyr hitters.
It tvill cure you. and give a ?ocxI appetite. Sold
by all dealers in nic-djcinc.
.Messrs. Editors: As you like to hav
short communications occasionally
will with your permission give you
res dors an occount of my trip in th
?.. vnctmrljiv afternoon. I wa
I Ui'l. il U J" J v vcvy. ^
J accompanied by ?Yongue, one o
tne descendant? ol' iiain, who prove
to br a right intelligent travelling com
p.jnic >n. We discussed but not at lengt
evolution and else., and finally con
clndecl that as nobody else knew an
moro .about the creation of man tha
we ourselves, we would not allow th
subject to make us any bigger fool
than wo already are. After a drive (
less than two hours, in which Yongu
played Je hu, we tcok up at >?. (J I?ol
ertsoirs net much worsted by the rai
and freezt. I spent an hour thei
quite picas mtly, transacted a lilt]
matter of bus.nes-j and left at 1 p. u
My o!u frienc' Nathan was in goo
spirits and I really think shows sigt
of improvement, has good hopes <
[ his recovery. His good wife too seen
. very hopeful now rhat he will get wel
* "* > ^a,.a t r\,
! I met another oiu menu muit
S (not old in years however) Mrs. Emu
, j Cook. On our return I called a "in
t incut at Dr. Smith".--, who reported b
wife no better, bnt very low. i
p friend Rutland^ f rjiu i:i 10 sec t)
' sick. l\>iiiid them convalescent, Mr
s Raff was sitting up. Sberid was o
I I suppoce looking after the kao!
* business and Mrs. It. was bu-y in t
store. When we were near liocktt
wc observed t be quarry engine stan
WE'VE 5*
belter than our brag-.
go like hot cakes. They'll soon be gone
what we can do for you. We do .up our
or condition.
ysirs? setters
to miss a chance of making money, and 3
we offer of getting goods at ACTUAL C<
Don't think because yoa have seen 6<
left. 2sot so; we have got quite a large
you want an Overcoat; we will do you g
a p. ^
ingat the crossing, and not knowing!
the effect the smoking and fizzing!
might have on Daisy's nervous system j
I got out and waJKea ancau ana wiu iue =
! engineer our situation who kindly j
backed out of our way, and we passed j
without accident to man or beast. Let I
me tell you about Daisy, she is young j
j and a little awkward in harness and i
I somewhat nervous, but the way she j
j can snatch a buggy is just charming,
j The road was good and my "Jehu"
did not try to hold her in much, but
j just let her roll.
| I noticed marked signs of life and
push among the farmers. Several fine
fields of oats. Considerable plowing
! done, and some clearing up., and sev- ,
! eral neat little tenant houses built since
' I passed that way before.
T. "W. Ilnfi has piles of lumber lying
around where he contemplates
building his dwelling. There is life
in the old land yet, but I must stop for
I am back in town. scribbler.
January 24th 1890.
Messrs. Editors: G. "W. Shell has
lifted his voice as "one crying in the
wilderness, prepare ye the waybut
he does not intimate who will be the
leader of this great reform. Will it be
Mr. Tillman or Mr. Shell ? Will wholesale
denunciation of the Democratic
party charging it with barbarism, injustice
and fraud be commenced again?
Gov. Richardson was renominated by
the last Democratic State convention
to prove that the charges made against
the democracy which we passed
through so much to establish, and
which we will honor afid maintain
j were untrue. lie was not the choice
of the people belore is. Li. liiman oegan
his denunciations, and I do not
believe that he would have received
the nomination had this not been the
case; but every true Democrat in the
S'-ate saw that the abuse of our government
had been carried too far for any
change to be made at that time. Shall
the organization of a ring of office
holders (provided they be good and
true Democrats) bring about such a
tirade against our government? Any
charge brought against it for fraud is
i'tlse and should be promptly pronounced
such by any true Democrat
lu our State. Not since its victory in
187G has a single stain been upon the
Democratic party.
Then, Mr. Editor, is this cry for reform
when everything is pure so far
as the government itself is concerned
right or proper? J. Hcndrix McCiane
- " * "? ? * -i i- -
be^an in tins style ana now uiu ne euu;
By proving himself to be a Republican
ot the very vilest type. The "ins" pre
seated a solid front and have managed
by combinations to hold the State offij
cers regardless of the wishes of the
people. Every charge of fraud and
;: cry for reform after the spirit ot Mr.
; Shell only increases their strength and
places every true Democrat in line to
defend?not them, but the Democratic
! party. Our people can concentrate
' their strength and elect officers to suit
themselves; but can this change not
I; be brought about quietly?ana with
prudence? I, sir, have seen the ablest
men who were the choice of the people
f defeated by the machinations of poli;
ticians and the powerful bearing of
) political machinery. I feel that in the
r condition of our State a true Democrat
should denounce any charge against
5 his government and should vote ana
r work for his worst enemy on earth,
. before allowing one vote to be lost to
the democracy.
Let us resolve that never by exterI
nal pressure or internal division shall
we countenance any man who strikes
a single blow at ali that we hold dear
viz: while siiprem?.'\v, independency
of our State and freedom from the heel
of its North'" . vagabonds who held
ollice over us prior to 1876. If we desire
to elect other officers let us be
e wise in our selections, determined
j in our action to nominate them; but
never make the mistake of bringing
r false charges against our own instie
tutions. John G. Mobley.
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^ By J. A. H12TNANT, E?q., Probate Judge:
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ters of administration of the estate and
effects of Alexander Young deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and admon
]a ish all and singular the kindred and cred
itors of the said Alexander Young, de?*
ceased, that they be and appear before me,
s in the Court of "Probate, to l)e held at Fairi
Pmirt TTmvcp s c.. r>n the 5th dav oi
^ - February, after publication iiereof, at 11
lie o'clock in the forenoon, to show cause, il
any they have, why the said ad ministry
3," tioii should not be granted.
H", Given under my hand, this 20th day ol
jn January, Anno Domini 1890.
Published on the 21st day of January
180'J, in The News and Herald.
?" Jl-21x2 Judge of Probate.
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urt House door in Winnsboro, S. C., on
xt, within the legal hours of sale, to the I
jhesfc bidder for cash, the followingseribed
oronerty, to wit:
Ill thaf pieca "parcel or tract of land#
ii?, beiug and situate in the Countyet.irfield
and State of South Carolina/
ues, more or less, and bounded bv lan^s
Thomas W. Woodward, T. H. Ketchin,
10s. L. Richardson, Giles J. Patterson
d others.
Levied upon as the property of Thomas
Robertson at the suit of N. C. Roberttu
Administrator, and Others.
eriff's Office, S. F. C. ;
Winnsboro, S. C.,
.nuarylO, 1890.
? ?
ephen G. McConnell and Sallie D. mcMcConnell
vs. Jane A. McConnell etal.
N pursuance of an order of the Conrt of
Common Pleas, made in the abore
ated case, I will offer for sale before the
iurt House door in "Wlnnsboro, on the
:xt, within the legal hours of sale, at , ;5
lblic outcry, to the kighest bidder, the .1
llowing described property, to wit: 3
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
ing, being and situate in the County
' Fairfield, in the State of South Carolina,
mta-ning -a
J73) Acres, more or less, and bounded by 4
.nds of X". C. Robertson, W. H. Robinson
ad others, being a tract of land of which
. M. McConnell died seized.
One-half of the purchase money to be
aid in cash, the balance upon a credit of^^^^gl
ae and two years, in two -eq??2-*i?ad!il *
istalments from the day of sale, with in.
;rest thereon from said day of sale, payale
annually, until the whole debt and invest
be paicL The purchaser to gjve his
end, secured by a mortgage of the prem?
-a1j tvott oil nwfioirv
ses, ?UIU auu iaj jjaj JLV4. uu ? J
Jlerk's Office, C. C. ;. P. F. C.
Witnsboro, S. C.,
anuarv 10,1890. -'r&j
L C. Robertson, as Administrator, vs.
Kiflfiliae Kembert, et aX.
LN pursaaaee of an order of the Court
of Common Pleas, made in tht
ibore stated ease, I will offer for
lale, at the risk of the former pur;haser,
before the Court House door
n Winnsboro on the
ae-st* within the legal hours of sale, at ;
inblic outcry, to the highest bidder, _
:he following described property to
All that-pieee, parcel or tract of land
lying, being and situate in the County
and State aforesaid,, containing
(440) Acres, more or less, ?ad bounded
by land of T. W. Woodward, Estate ?
of O. Woodward, Wm. Dunlap, and
lands formerly belonging to Thos G-.
Eobertsoa, and more fully described
and indicated on the plat thereof on
reeord in the office of Register of
Mesne Conveyance in Book XX, page
578; i*eing the same tract of land
deeded by Thos. G. Rebertson to Emeline
Eembert. by deed beax&g date
March 16,1868.
One-thirds 'tfie "purchase money to
be paid in cash on 1 ^
balance a credit of one and two years
P ~ onla irttafac*
irOULL ?iiC uav vi cckiVj rrivu iuwiwov
from said day of sale, payable annaally^
until th.e whole debt and interest
be'paid, the purchaser to give his
bond, secured by a mortgage of the
premises sold, and to pay for all necessary
papers. The cash payment must
be immediately made or property will
be resold.
Clerk's Office, ?C. C. C. P. F. C.
"Winnsboro, S.
Januarv 10, 1890.
James G. MeCants, as Administrator
of the Estate of James B. McCants,
Deceased, Plaintiff, vs. Jno. "W.
Smart, Mary A. Kerr, Thomas E.
Smart, Thomas A. MeCreery, Berrie
B. MeCreery, and Charles "W. Mc- Creery,
as Co-Partners, doing1 business
under the firm-name of T. A.
MeCreery & Co., Defendants.
IN pnrsnance of an order of the Court
of Common Pleas, made in the
above stated case, I will offer for sale,
before the Court House door in Winnsboro
on the
nrroom im-KT\AV TNT "CE'R'PTTAT?V
next, within the legal hoars of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder,
the following described property, to
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
lying and situate in said County and
State containing
more ol* less, and bounded on the
north by the C. C. & A. R. E.; on the
south and east by lands of U. G. Desportes,
and on the west by lands of
Laura JVL L. Scott. >'
teems of SALE:
One-h ilf of the purchase money to
- - 1 At. ^
De paid 111 c&sn, me oaiance uieicui uu
a credit of one year from day of sale
with interest thtreoa to be secared by
the bond of the purchaser and a mortgage
of the premises sold, or all cash
at the option of the purchaser, the purchaser
to pay for all necessary papers.
Clerk's Office, C. C. C. P. F. C.
"VYinnsboro, S. C.,
January 10,1890.
AS Attorneys for the holder and
owner of a certain mortgrge,
executed and delivered by Simon J.
Hood to W. J. Johnson, on the 8th
day of March, 1886, recorded in Book
V. in the Register's office (which said
. _ - J xt_ - . J
I mortgage ana me uuuu seuuicu iucicj
by have heretofore been duly assigned
; to H. M. Hood), and by virtce of the
^ower oi sale contained in the said
.jsort^age, we will offer for sale before
!tfce Com House door in Winnsboro,
on the fir.it Monday in February next,
within the legal hours of sale," to the
highest bidder, the following described
tract of land, to wit: All that tract
or parcel of land, lying, being and
situate in the County of Fairfield and
State of Sonth Carolina, containing
Thirty-three (33) Acres, more or less,
and bounded by lands of Andrew
Rimer, Simou P. Faust, R. A. Heod
auu uiucis.
Terms of sale?Cash. Purchaser to
pay for necessary papers.
Mcdonald & douglass,
1-I4fx3 Attorneys,
Fine Seed "Wheat fcr Sale.

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