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Wednesday, iiay 7. : : 1^90
>ew Advertisement*.
W..rr^.? WrtvL'C
4th Arrival?D. Lauderdale.
W Siierifl ?s Sale-H. Y. Milling, S.F.C.
Fr Citation-J. A. Hinuant, Judge of
Notice to Creditors?R. U. Jennings.
Sugar-Coated Yeast Cakes? J. F.
McMaster & Co.
Notice for Final Discharge?W. N.
Mason, Administrator.
l.c c:ti Itrietn.
-Sngar-ooatect yeastcafces, tuetatest
novelty, at J. F. McMaster& Co.rs.
1 ?The grocery stores commenced
closing at ux o'clock on Friday afterfnoon.
?At meeting of eouwil "Wednesday,
Messrs. Gilbert and MeMaster
were re-elected policemen.
?Ladies, we ^ee D. "Williford ?fc
Co. are getting in another large lo: of
those fine Ginghams and Flouncings. *
k ? J. M. Center has accepted an ei:- I
gageuient with McMaster, Biice &\
K>rr.hin. where he will be pleased to j
f ' ,
serve his friends.
- ?A horse left carelessly in Mr. Des?
ported lot Wednesday ran off with the
p wagon a!id broke one of the shafts*
I No other damage was done.
?The G. L. I.'s were out drilling
on the College Green Tuesda) afternoon.
The company will exercise in
the held movement every day this
--Two more deaths reported at the
Poor House: Billy Liuderdale, cause,
senile gangrene, and Milissa McCrorey
abceas of the livet. The former died
on the 13th and the latter 011 the
19th ult.
? Out of the registration far
.Major Pagan has put down oil his
^ books fifty-seven, of which number
only one is a white man. Look out,
Mr. Braxton is working under the
ground like the mole.
?The Gi* Company held its annual
meeting in the Town Hall at eleven
o'clock on Monday. President Ketchin
made a full report, showing the standing
of the Company, which will be
^ published in our next issue. ;
B ?The hot weather ha* come with a I
vim. Milk shakes, soda water, ginger
aie. will dispell the lassitude brought
on by summer. It will also bring the
aparkle to the eye, and smile to the
lips of the girl whom may treat.
?News reached I his place that
Willie Leaphart, over whom so much J
lass has been raised, svas riduiea wun
* bullets. Monday at 2 p. m. bv a uiob of
1 about one hundred men, who entered
the jail at Lexington Court House
?A very pleasant entertainment
was given at ihe residence of Dr. T. 1).
Madden on Friday night, in honor of
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Crawfoid. There
was quite a number of young people
p gathered together who spent the evening
in a most generous way and kept
up their fun and frolic until a late
?We are requested to announce that ,
r liev. T. W. Scrubs will prcach at i
Union Church on Saturday night be- ]
fore the 2nd Sunday in May, at 8,36
o'clock. Alo at Fairfield Church at
11 o'clock a. in. on the second Sunday, <
and at Union at 8,30 o'clock p. in. of
the same dav. The public are invited '
1 i
to attend. (
?Capt. I. X. "Withers received some
time ago an invitation to deliver an |
address before the Jefferson Daris .
Curru-Ai-J A ?oci:it.ion of Fort Mills,
' but we are sorry to announce that the
Captain has, on account of his health,
been compelled to decline the kind
invitation. The survivors could not 1
have made a better selection, and tiiey <
? will miss an excellent speech now that
P- 2io cannot be present.
' ?Master Ross Brown, son of our
- ? ?- A W Ut*ATrn
esteemed tuwwMnau .t. ...
was presented with a nice new base
ball bat by his father a few thys ago.
Like the average small boy, when
through piaying with it, left it out
doors, and a litUe black street urchin, :
taking a faucy to it, picked it up and <
carried it away. Ross shrewdly snsL
peeled him, so he made his father !
m (Ross') collar him and recovered the
Ibat. Moral: Boys, watch your bats. :
? All mail matter must be put nuo i
postolfice at least one-half hour}
before the arrival of each train. The
following extract from the Postmaster
General is the cause of this change: <
The department desires to obtain :
statistics from evey postoffice in the ;
I'nited States showing the number of :
* parcels and weight of paid matter with
p the amount of postage, therefore, to- '
r gether with the statistics of free
k uiatter mailed during seven consecutive
?days beginning at six o'clock on Mon- j!
<dav morning, May oth, and ending at
six o'clock on -Uonaav mormug, -u<*>
The object of this is to obtain data
for the census which will be taken
^ this summer. This regulation will
continue until the 12th of May.
> ~
Fourth Arrival.?D. Lauderdale
is again ready to supply tou with a
beautiful lot of millinery. Call and
give thctn half a showing, and see if
they please you.
A ueivedix Wixxsboro.?Our young
friend, Mr. S. B. Crawford, returned
to town with his bride on]J Wednesday
.afternoon. A reception dinner was
;<jiven the bridal party witn a no>i 01
friends ai the home of Dr. T. B. Madden
after the arrival of the weeded
pair. We welcome Mrs. Crawford to
cur town, and extend to both the well
wishes of The Xkavs am> Herald.
f The Pulpit ami the Stas<*.
lit* v. F. M. Pastor United Breth- j
ren unurcn, mue .moujhi, ivuii., i
feel it my duty to toll what wonders l)r.
King's Sew Discovery has done for me.
My Lungs wer*. badly diseased, and my
parishioners thought' could live only ;>
few weeks. 1 took live bottles of *.'r.
King's New Discovery and am sound and
well, gainings; lbs. in weight."
Arthur Love. Manager Love's Funny
_ Folks Combination, writes: "After a, tiior*
ough trial and convincing evidence, I am
confident Dr. King's New DiscovNy for
Consumption beats 'e:n all, and 'cures
when everything else fails. The greatest
kindness 1 eaii do ray many thousand
friends is to urge them to try it." Tree
trial bottle at McMaster, Brice <fc Ketchin's
Drugstore. Regular sizes 5fle. and Sr.00*
I- :
A Pleasant Sociable.?Mr. Lewis
D?tv, of Kentucky, who is a student
at Mt. Zion, gave a sociable in honor
of his South Carolina friends on Friday
night last at the residence of Mr.
W. II. Doty, which was a grand success
in spite of the inclemency of the
weather, judging by the number present.
Lewis has put in some good
work bince his sojourn here, not to say
anything of the smiles he received
from the milder sex. This sociable
will be remembered by those of the
"younger set," whose fortune it was
to be present, us one of the pleasures
of their life.
Personal.-Mr. M. \V. Doty left on
! Wednesdar morning for I'ousibkeeDHe.
N. Y., where he will take a full course
1 at the Eastman Business College, lie
j wiil be away about four months.
Dr. David Aiken left on Monday for
Iowa. Tne Doctor will probably remain
away the whole summer.
Mrs. William Girardeau, of Col urn- i
bia, is spending some time with her j
I father, Mr. K.J. McCarley.
Miss Carrie and Sal lie Cat heart. of '
! Columbia, are visiting in town.
Maj. Theo. DeHouc, the represents- !
five of the Charleston World, paid the
Bor?. a llyin<r visit in the interest of
that paper, on Friday.
Miss S. E. Crawford has gune on a !
short visit to friends atlliehburg, S. C.
Miss Mallie McMaster isspendirg aj
few days with Mrs. Susan Robinson.
Mr. Robert Pope ha* returned from
Clinton, after an absence of several |
months. Mr. Pope has been taking ai
course of studies at that Institution.
Capt. J. R. Bovles, of Columbia, j
was in town on Friday.
Mr. Joseph Groeschel was in town i
Mr. \V. J. Elliott has returned home \
after quite an extended tour of the ;
Kev. J. G. Glass left on Monday i
evening for Charleston to attend the j
Diocesan Convention of Diocese of !
South Carolina.
I have no hesitation in stating that j
in my article published in The News
and Herald of April 29 it was not
my intention to reflect upon Mr.
Meare?? private character, nor to criti- J
cise him olleneirely--especially so, as I
Mr. Meares told me lie had no objec- j
tion to the publication of (he article j
after having read it, in manuscript,;
before publication, and my offering to !
suppress it if he objected to its publi
cation. T. W. Woodtvakd. i
The following is a copy of a petition I
being* circulated among the real estate j
owners of the town of Winns-boro lor
?ro r< iooa
1T C. V., lOJV. J
7*'./ ///? Total Council of Wuutsboro:
Gentlemen?The undersigned, reU i
estate owners in the town ot Whins-'
boro, S. C., and interested in the!
schools of the said town, respectfully {
pray jonr honorable body to order and j!
hold an election for the purpose of j
submitting to the qualified voter.' of \
said town the question whether the I i
town of Winnsboro shall issne seven j1
thousand dollars of town bonds, paya- :
tn'univ vp!)ra henr/* ivifh i
at seven ner cent, for tbe purpose of j j
paying off the present 'bonded indebt- j ,
eduess cf the said town, and appro j i
priatin^ the amount ii9w annually;
applied to the principal of said bouded
3ebt (six hundred dollars) to the use
of the schools in the said town.
Quite a number of signatures have j J
been obtained to this petition, and the ! ]
probabilities are that the election j >
prayed for will be ordered.
The Hidgeway Alliance has j?a.??etl J
the following resolutions, and requested
them to be published. ;'
"Whereas it has been brought to the ; 1
notice of tliis Alliance that "whiskey is ! i
being- extensively advertised under the } i
brand of Alliance whiskey in this and J i
other portions of the county and State, .
presumably with a view of making- i
Lhe said brand of whiskey popular i
with the Alliance membership. I
And whereas, our declaration of i
principles distinctly states that oik; of ! i
the chief objects to tiio Alliance is to '
elevate our material and moral condi- j !
tion, either on" of which the use of ]
alcoholic liquor* >s not. conducive to: j
licsolvcd, 1st. That the advertise-!
meat of an article of liquor under the i '
name of Alliance whiskey is not only j
a snare and a delusion in our judge- j
tneut, but dishonoring to our orgaiii- ; ;
2d. That we will not use liquor at i1
all more than Ave can possibly help,! {
and when we do, we will not patro- ;
tiize the brand as above stated, ncr any
dealer who advertises the same j
for sale. 1
Ud. That a copy of these resolu- *
Lions be inserted in the I&idgeway j '
Advertiser and in the AVimisboro nfws |
\xd Herald for the information of j
ill concerned.
Done in Alliance meeting Saturday, i
April 12th, 1890. F. B. Austin,
R. A. Meares, President. I
Mttsr#. Editors: a brief reference to j
the occasion of onr visit to this place!
will not be withdut interest to vonrj
many readers. We owe the pleasure !
of this visit to this picturesque but j
nnnonnPAnc fr\ kormiocf '
^/iVO^lVUO VIV* IV V ? UM* '
in the life of the handsomest of the j
bachelors?the marriage of Mr. S. E.!
Crawford to Miss Carrie Shell, t3>e
beautiful and accomplished daughter j
of Mr. G. W. Shell, of Laurens.
The groom, accompanied by hSs j
mother, Mrs. Dr. Madden, and lus j
ancle, Mr. John S. Cat heart, and. a i
number of young friends, boarded the j
south-bound train on Monday last, aoo? j
were joined in Columbia br sevwai*
other friends equally interested iit she
lujyuiuvni auvui >v ?.. j
An uneventful ride of three hour*-and r
we were registered at the "Hotel I6*en-:|
dellu,'' whtre we were royally eiiier.- .)
tained until the following evening,.!|
when we drove out with ;hi kfippy. \
but trembling groom f<> the h&utlsome
country residence of C*pt. SheLh. Wirotf
miles trom the Court Iloti^e.
A host of friends had already v?em- ?
bled, the parlors resounded witb tairtb ?
inspired by the happy ,occask>?. The i
bells and beans of Lau'rens, ih* elite, of j*
the county were assembled to do the \
honor of the evening. There was but: j
little delay, a few moments of prepa- ;
ration and the wedding neareh- wa^ i
played, and at 8 o'clock p. uu the?<
llllflll III II !! Mill 0MllB f
t Kf?/I a rrrrtnni %/? Ki? n i-i *n ^? _ I
i uiiuv, aim vvui yj > i
i eus attendants filed into the west par-!
j lor and in the presence of a host of
I friends were made man and wife,
j The ceremony was performed by tlie i
i llev. J. D. PitU, of Laiiivus. and" the [
j bride and groom' received with calm ;
! dignity the congratulations of their!
j friends.
At 10 o'clock we were invited into i
i the dining room where a. bountions
! repast was spread to which it i> need- j
j less? to say we did ample justice.
The bride was attired in cream cash- j
mere and surah silk t rimed with laoc: j
pearl buckles, natural flowers, onia- i
ments, diamonds.
The attendants were Miss Lou Shell, |
sister 01 the bride with Mr. K. I. i
: Crawford, of Milledgeville, Ga.: Mis?; j
j Sarah Cathcart, of Columbia, with i
J. II. Cathcart, of "Winnsboro: Mis* i
Loulee Lark, of Laurens, with Mr. i
F. C. Shell, of Laurens, a brother of
the bride; Miss Lulu Pitts, of Laurens,
with Mr. T. W. Lauderdale, of
AYinnsboro; Miss Clora Dial, of Laurens,
with Mr. L. B. Ra^sdale, of
I Winnsboro; and Miss Maggie Martin,
! of Laurens, with Mr. C. K. Doug-lass,
of Winnsboro.
Tlie bridesmaids were all beauti-'
ful and were handsomely attired in I
cream dresses. They J wo re natural j
flowers and miscellaneous ornaments. j
The party broke up at about two j
o'clock in the morning'.
We leave for Winnsboro tlii.< morn- J
ing, and will bring- with us many j
pleasant recollections of the occasion, j
of (.'apt. Shell and his family and the
people of Lturens. iiosrxs. j
Laurens. Ypril CO, 1890.
Columbia, April 29.
Editors of the Xtics and Herald:
As I am unable to meet in :t more
satisfactory way a scurrilous uttaek
which has been made upon me bv a
correspondent of The News and
Herald, sheltered in the ambush of
anonymity, I feel sure that 1 can justly
claim space in your columns for the
following* statements:
the stjng ok a snake.
("Fair Play" in The AVim and Herald. Ajuil 30.)
" 'Fairfield'quotes from .tome reporter
that Capt. Tillman said 'he \r:is the
only man who had brains enough and
nerve enough to lead a winning fight.'
Yet who ttiar reporter is, even he
blushes to name. But for tiie benefit
of the public we will do so for him.
'Tis the correspondent of that spotless
and immaculate journal, the Xcus ami
Cornier. As nearly every paper of
any importance wag represented in the
press gallery on the day of this
memorable convention, we hardly
think ic possible, at least probable,
that such a significant remark could !
have escaped their hearing, only
to seel: lodgment injhe ever ready
ears of this wily Spaniard. to :i
Question of veracity between Capt. ;
Tillman and ihi-> man of treacherous j
breed, the pec-pie will not long hest-|
tate.'' ;
n. j
(According to the Xwh ; (According to the
and Courier.) vtlle Xctrx.)
"If you ask me to ; "If he was sliced
lead this fight vou j to lead this fight lit
call upon me to lead would regard i? a* j
a. forlorn hope, but leading a forlorn
you will have at I hope. lie was the
your head the only j only maj? who had
ban who has t4ie ! had courage a 11 d
bra in and the nerve ' brains to array the
md the ability to common people
wganlze the coru- against , the anstomon
peopl# against i cratic ring which
"he aristocracy.i had been oppressing
C'-- 7 /T?.< I >* s:ao
?tjc JZGCCX UUUr l/U(Cm j fcllCili ?jrv?/w?- J
rier, M<tr. js. I title yean, Mar. Js. I
:he files of the two Charleston morn-J
ing1 .newspapers will show how such a ;
question, raised at the Blackville cam-1
A /- 1 OOO (
paj?L meOUDg, ^VUSUSl U, JOOO, >vuai
settled. w i
[ArcMau&n Farrnr in the Forum for
*'It is no infrequent event to f-ee
auonyraous remarks and criticisms so j
uaworthr, and dictated by Motives so ]
transpareutiy base, that wc may be
sure they would not Lave beisn written
if their anJiiors had not been sheltered
by anonymity from ?pen shatne.
Anonymity., which to a good ?ian
make?: no difference, becomes a strong
temntation to a bad or comi Q?m>iace I
man. .Tnst as dastards who La.re i>een |
paid to do it, shoot down their victims
from behind a hedge, so base
writers are rendered more unscrupta-?
Jous bv concealment."
v- i
"faik play" and foul play.
C'l'ais l>lay" \in The' WlNXSBOEO, S. C., j
.Vctrs ami Herald, Anril 29, 1S90, ?
Apri' -20.) j/r. j$. (}. Gortzale*, j
"However ' much Columbia, S. C: j
wc xxjgivt having; Dearbir?Weliave j
been dra gged int0 been requested not j
this disc ussion, if to reveal the identi- ?
discussion it may be ty of '-FairPkiy." j
called. Ye t if 'Fair-; Respectfully yours, j
Beld' would so elect \\\ Jj. Douglass, j
we wourd prefer, if Editor News and i
it is to bft cr ntlnued. TTpmlrt
ihat it t?e tlone un,Ier
oilier t li a n
noinme* cfe* p him**-" ii
I sutwcit. these statements for several j
reasom;. 11. Because the Xcira ami j
CW-uvV report of Capr. Tillman's j
speech been challenged. 2. Be- f
cause, astono who loves an open fight i
I also lore ti? pillory a "bushwhacker."
3. Because I heard Capt. Tillman's
speech, and wheu I read the Xeir.< cud
CmirieS* report of it next day considered
it a wonderfully accurate one.
Bat X really had nothing' to do with
making the report,' nor did I see it
until It- appeared in print. Quixotic
then to fltefeiid it? Possibly; but that j
is the watural instinct of "a wily j
Spaniard" of "treacherous breed."
N. G. Gonzales, j
.Vw, j?wiors: Please say in to- }
morrow^ i-seue of TriE News anj>
Herald tiiat I assume responsibility
for the rtcc'ut communications in your
paper signed. "Fair Play".
James H. Tillman*.
Winn?boro, M*v 2, 1800- j
A Lavky "Mail.
"VYni. Klebi, of Enterprise alley. I
Vkjutol Hill, was the holder of one- i
Undent ieth of ticket Xo. which |
H?ew the first capita! prize of ?.*>00.000 j
fii^Jie drawing of The Louisiana State '
.Lottery Company. on the 11th of this
n&OTifh. Learn Dig that his ticket drew i
rr -jkrize. lie gave it to the Frst Nat.
liarfilk. for collection, and iu a week's
the chock for the amount duly nr
iTVit:'!.?Mrh'zssp<>rl (Pa) Xcws, FobXttaey
Many Persons
! As? broken down from overwork or household
i CBse*~ Brown's Iron Bitters
! rebnl^ds the system, aids digestion, removes ei1
ec?e-oT^ik, and cures aaalaria. Get the genuine.
?if , I
'JLJtlJC/ fit I L> JL JLU+* JL& SL L JU XV A X
A Tillman Meeting1, of Tillman, for Till- '
man an<l by Tillman at Ridgeway Prove*
the "Gravity of tlic Situation" Appalling?The
Aggressor Shifts the Ground of
Attack from his First Standpoint?The I
Public to be the Judges of the Situation.
Messy*. Editors: In your reply toj
my article in your issue of 16th ult.
you endeavored to show lliat the procrrdimjs
of the March convention were
appalling. You then said: "The convention
nominates a man for Governor,
rehiikes the Democratic organization
and declares that the candidate
for Governor v.*iil be put in office for
the purpose of purifying the party,
thus implying corruption in the party."
Iji my reply to this in your issue 30th
ult. my protest that the foregoing"
statement of the proceedings of the
convention did not show such facts as
to warrant you in the use of "that
word appalling" appears to have beon
sufficiently effective to cause you incontinently
to change your base. Since
in the issue i?0th ult. you assert that
you intended to characterize as appalling
not the ' 'proceedings," but "'the
gravity of the .yitooHoa caused by the
proceedings," etc. Very well. I score
victory, no one for myself, and pro- i
ceed to reconnoitre your uew position.
T ni II< whflf. lhi.< "OTMVltV of tilt* I
situation" is. Is it not in one word, j
the coiulidature of Cupt. Tillman for I
the nomination for Governor by the
.State Democratic Conventian next
August, or when convened, together
with the arrangement of the campaign
machinery, or organization, if you
prefer the word, requisite to systematize
his own, and his supporters'efforts
for success? The tendency, we may
say the design of this is, of course,
to cause a general, perhaps, a lively
interest in the selection of delegates
x +]?of H'll)
IU lllC WilV MJkVlSJUiJ Uiat )MU
be ordered later to send delegates to
the State Convention. This precipitating
a lively contest in our own lines,
deserves commendation, as being1 a
manly way of ascertaining the
choice of the majority. If, in your
judgement, this situation is appalling,
then, of course, you would be puzzled
to fall on jl term that would litlv express
your feelings 111 the ease of its success.
But should Capt. Tillman, in
this way, win a majority of the delegates
to the State Convention, assuredly,
in that event, you would not
regard' his nomination for Gavernor
by that body as appalling? It would
be manifestly absurd and disloyal to
the party to do so. As the whole includes
all its parts, I conclude you are
ready to agree with me that you inconsiderately
"employed "that word appalling."
I confidently leave the
decision of the issue between us to
an intelligent public but in doing so
I desire to thank you for ottering the
challenge and the opportunity to call
attention to the astounding and almost
unanimous attack of the politicians
and the State press on the peaceful
assembling of democrats in the late
convention. "They will split the
party;'' "theyhave split the party,"
are some of the rallying cries against
the Tillmanites. Do they believe any
such balderdash? Is not this the milk
in the cocoa nut? They see the hand
writing on the wall, portending the
downfall of the wire-pullers and slateBiakcr.s.
That is the true issue the
eawse of all this flutter and isbest,
illustrated and forcibly brought to our
impartial examination aud apprehension
by contrasting "Tillmania" socalled/
with the present conventionninii
nf nommatinsr for State, congress
I-?- ~ w . x
ional au<I some of the judicial officers,
and wlik-ii from lack of a better name
I dub ring-mania.
Take ring-mania first. There is to
be a. State Convention for the purpose,
we will suppose, of nominating' candidates
for the State offices. Aspirants
for the positions, if there be any, fail
to declare publicly before the people
their laudable ambition. The clnb?
assemble to elect delegates to the
County Conventions- The members,
with minds ivot fixed by previous agitation,
blindly select uniust rooted delegates.
The County Conventions composed
of each delegates, assemble.
Here a select few may have an inkling
of what is coming, and some of the
handiwork of the wire-pullers dimly
discloses itself. Then follow* the
State Convention composed of material
plastic to the manipulations of the experts,
who, having previously arranged
the slate, readily secure the
confirmation of their own appointees
The same is true in pari of congressional
and judicial conventions.
Apathy and unrest arc the consequen
ces, and, but for race-aiiegiancc ana
the single issue, the preservation of
honest government, the party well
advanced in the rrocess of disintegration.
Tillmania, so called, on the other
hand invites aspirants to office, to deeiare
themselves, go before '.he people
ujkI discuss public questions, and then
arcmse public interest, increase the
political knowledge of the people, and
ascertain and confirm the choice of
majority* A strengthened party is the
Candidly scrutinize "Tillmania" and
"King-mama." wnicn tne irne JL?emooracy?
W.bicii the ''Ring?"
Arc the politicians afraid of the people?
Why do .nojt ihose opposed to
Tillman hold a State Convention and
announce their choice for Governor?
It is no answer to say, that it would violate
Democratic methods. The Tillmanites
did not hold a State Democratic
Convention, but a State Convention
composed of Democrats.
The Antis may do the same, and so
far from this being a violation of
Democratic methods, it is a true Democratic
way cf bringing candidates
before the State nominating convention,
which should be merely the organ
to give authoritative expression of the
wishes of the people and not their
dictatorial master that says: Do this!
and it is done.
Yon correctly onote me as saying:]
You denounce as unwise the ignoring
of the regular Democratic machinery
in organizing campaign eluhs. In this,
I fully concur. Such action is not the
legitimate result of the proceedings of
tne convention, and manifestly tends
to subvert the party supremacy."
[ freely reiterate the foregoing, hut
cannot agree tor it to be confounded
with "the ordering of a 'campaign
meeting' in different parts of the
State under the control )f an organization
different from the Democratic
party and over which the Democratic
party h i? no control,"* for the latter is
i Incr?i?m11? ;i!'d nronar result of those
" L i
proceedings and eminently consistent
with Tillman'sm, which you will bear
in mind, denies (lie management of the
Democratic organization To be in accord
with Democratic method?; but
on the contrary assorts it to be in
accord wiih ?it:?r method. That Tillmuniiin
owes its lite and strength to
the I net thai it to set this, wrong
; right. It would therefore tv* simply
J suicidal to plan th?: movement under
| the control of the Democratic orgatiiz|
alion, although it in no manner an|
tagoni/.^s the organization itself, but
! the management of it.
IIayxe McMeekix,
Monti cello, S. 0. May 2.
O T) W
% ? * '
Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing ou
Gents' Furnishing Goods in all the latcs
prices in this line defygcompetition.
A great many novelties in Ilats. Unsm
this department.
Last but not lea<.t. You will find that
LOWEST. All Goods guaranteed to gi'
please you.
Q. IV W (
j SG
April 28. It has been a long time l'o
since I have seen a niece in your paper ^
from Cedar Cieek. So I shall ask ^
space in it for a few lines. i;
The farmers of this community are bi
through planting their cotton crop and tr
some are done planting corn. Small
grain is not doing much for the time
of the year. I think spring oats will w
make a full crop if we have good rains m
in May.
i * tb
We are having a great deal of sick- ^
liess in this neighborhood at present, tb
Mr. Frank Brown, of this section, lost It
1.:. K*?l~ I?ef Wa/lnserlnv T*6 S1
Lli9 illUC iiUAlll iaoi v? *.v. ^
remains were interred in the church- w
yard at Pine Grove. fii
We hare learned that our honorable ^
Senator Maj. 7. W. Woodward, has ^
declined to m?ke a speech. So I think w
Cedar Creek Wi 'et Mr. Tillman make th
his speech at Ridgeway and go on his tli
way rejoicing, and some day in the
near future perhaps we may have the ^
honor of having Maj. Woodward or 6C
General John Uratton placed before St
the good people of South Carolina as ^
a candidate for Governor. Then we
will extend an invitation Lu Maj. jn
Woodward, and we will all go to hear cc
him and take our wives and children ?*(
with us. Sol say, hurrah for Maj. ju{
Woodward. ar
April 30. Mr. It. A. Patrick re-: th
turned yesterday afternoon from Char- I*1
lotte, where he had been to hear the ^
great evangelist, Sam Jones. th
The residence of Mr. S. R. John- w
ston narrowly escaped destruction by
lire last Monday about noon. The ?
root of the kitchen, which building is jn
only a few feel from the dwelling, Tl
caught from a epark, and the fire had f*1
made considerable headway when dis- ^
covered. There was no one at home w
at the time except Sirs. Johnston and en
her two daughters, but thei*- presence
of mind and quick work saved the
The stockholders of the canning
factory held a meeting last Monday
night. The chairman stated that sev- A]
eral shares had been taken since the
last meeting. The committee, ap.?Awt/\nc
niflDlinnr fA COP ^<
puiuicu at a. |jicTiuuj uivbiiiig tv wow
upon what terms a boiler could be pro- ^
cured reported. On motion, it was Hi
decided to use steam instead of any ^
open furnace in preparing the vege* Sh
tables, and a committee of four was ?
appointed to further negotiate in re- je
gard to the purchase of a boiler. The I M
meeting adjourned subject to the call (j(
of the chairman. '^V
The Prize Club will meet 011 Friday
April 29. Farmers are through ;
planting cotton here and it is coming
up pretty in places. The fruit crop is
a failure here. We are needing rain to(
Justice Bookman has been right
busy here lately keeping the peace in i
his district. w
We were favored with an excellent ai
sermon on last Sunday at Crooked
Run by Ilev. A. McA. Pitt-man. We c
heard some of our grand old hymns M
most beautifully rendered by their ?
ftvornnisf.. "MY-. i i. W. "Bl'OOks. As WC
listened to this sweet music our souls A
were enraptured and we forgot for a ?
time the strife and turmoil of this life, to
Miss Lula Trapp, who has been Pj1
teaching school near Rock City, has
returned home.
Miss Ella Doty and Miss Lucy "White ?
were visiting relatives here a few days
ago. I
Mr. C. E. Lightuer, of Marion, is up Ti
looking after the interest of his farm, a
? cs
j. xxaijej jj j:xi a. a v.t i a.
It seenn> to be fan for the farmer ?
boys fo go to the city. I will relate S'
one incident of three farmer bovs?
trip, Tobe, Scale, I'edfoof. ^
T?be was to go to the city on the ^
account of the Farmers' Alliance, and le
was to take Scale along with him for
riM? ?: ? ?
CUlUp&IIV. X I1C II1V1 lJUJ^ uurrn, uuu
the cloiuls looked vcrv watery. Ther
gave out the notion ut going, being Cc
| very seared of rain; but about 10 jj1
i o'clock the clouds seemed to vanish
i away. Tube said he wanted to go, o'
| said Scale let's go, we can mute the ^
j trip yet to-day, you know my mule
! can trot. Yes, said Scale, tint's all so, ^
' we will go then. Just about that titae in
I Iiedfoot came up and said it was too
i liite. its no iii-e to run your mule to _
I death to-day. Let's g-o together and
! stay all night, we may get there time ^
; enough lor the Alliance. Weli, Tube w
said, I don't care just as Scale tavs.
j They all agreed to go in the wagon, di
; and went over to Redfoot's house and
j got ready to go. The distance was
j about 10 miles from Iledfoot's house,
? r-?mi, i? iiinir i ~i?
I You will find a gi
r great specialty. , >j0ti0n3 aua manv
t stvlcs. and our i t ?n"t
- - . / iJUUICSj *VU CI.4J u
i without our telling
. i AXi
passed values in!
You caunot help i
our goods are made by the very I
re satisfaction or money refunded.
ring on with their fun, the road
emed not so long,, and reached the
ty about 3 o'clock. Tobe's and Redot's
mules did not trot very fast,
tnr ivflfthinor the f.ifv. Tobc and
:ale concluded to go and see the;
mal, .vlrich they had never seen, j
bey wanted Redfoot to go with them, j
at he would not. He seemed to be:
ying to be a merchant. He said that,'
; had to go and do his trading (as |
c idea was to get home by 11 o'clock |
e next day.) but Tobe and Scale i
ent on and enjoyed their trip very i
uch. After seeing several cars and J
.ilroad crosses in different forms,!
ev next came to the canal. Where !
iey first saw it was at the bridge of;
ic new railroad through Lexington, j
was a wonderful thing for Tobc and I
id Scale to sec. Then marching up i
c vjuuui iijc) niV/ig iuu u tuno
ere working, wearing stripes. The j
*st guard thai they came to was Mr. j
ickle. Jle was very kind to them. I
ime seemed to pass loo fast for Tobe j
id Scale, everything was new; it!
as night before they knew it. When !
,ey left to go back to the city, 0:11
ieir way they went through the j
aveyartl field." I tell you Tobe and
:ale never saw as many graves in
,eir lives. They seemed to be a little
eared. After they reached Main
:reet tbey met with Redfoot, and he
id met with his friend, Sam face and
After supper there was to be preach2f
in the city. They were going, but j
mid not find the way, marching J
>wn the street the crowd of five in a j
?w was a show. After a few min- j
es a little flat-nosed uegro saw them i
id said that there was a balloon to j
) up jus? fceloTv the State House, j
he five all anxious to see such a!
ing, wanted to go. The negro said j
at he would like to take the crowd j
>wn in the hack, but all were in the j
ibit of walking in such $ p&ce. So i
ey took to their feet. jjTp galloon |
ent up, but they heard a barm some j
stance off. Ts'be said let's go, right j
>wn in tha centre of the street. |
fter finding that it was all for noth- j
g, they ali sat down befGre' a store. I
!icre was but one clerk in it that!
uc. They all said that he must have j
icomc sceareol and closed quickly, j
lien they all marched back to the lot!
here they stayed all night. That j
tc?ed the trip for ike farmer boys.
Pleasant, S. C. April 17.
ist of Secretaries Sul)-Alliances
Fairfield County.
ilianees. Secretaries. Postoffices.
mgtown L. T. "Wikls Ridgeway.
osby Inst. .T. D. Owings. ..Feasterville.
dgeway....R. A. Meares Ridpeway.
iw Hope....J. E. Stevenson Albion.
eenbrier.. .T. "W. Robertson.. .Rockton.
onliceilo.. .A. B. Rabb Monticello.
/v.rftTTT V ToAfrfAM Wni?sl\ArA
ICK. IJVjriU> C ?* . JL 9J a\, aouii. .. n uihjwvw. i
aion J. M. Steele Winnsboro.
ythewood..W. W. Smith...Blythewood.!
tady Grove.J. B. Morrisou..White Oak.
oreb 0. A. Robinson Horeb.
im Spring. .T. C. Leitner.. Blythewood.
nkinsville. .\V. J. Yarboro.Jenkinsville.
ossy Dale.. .J. L. Cauthen Horeb
>olBranch..M. C. Feaster..Cro.sbyville.
>ntreville...Jno. E. Flanigan.Ridgeway.
hite Oak...S. R. Johnston..White Oak.
ik Grove.. .T. 31. Jordan Winnsboro.
President?T. S. Bnce, Albion.
Vice-President?D. P. Crosby, Feaster-!
Secretary?R. A. ileares, Ridgev-ay.
Treasurer?L. T. Wilds, Ridgewav.
Lecturer?J. B. Turner, Winnsboro.
Assistant. Lecturer?S. R. Rutland, Rocki).
Chaplain?W. G. Smith, Rock ton.
Doorkeeper?J. B. Morrison, uiacKstocK.
Assistant Doorkeeper J. B. Patrick,
hite Oak.
Sergeaiii-atArms?W. W.Smith, Blythe30d.
County Organizer?W. L. Rosborougli,
Business Agent?J. B. Crosby, Winns>ro.
Chairman Exccutivo Committee?T. B.
itehell, Woodward.
, LL persons holding claims against the
L estate of N. C. Robertson, deceased,
ill present the same, properly attested,
tlift undersigned for navment; and all
irties indebted to X. 0. "Robertson will j
alee payment to me.
5-:3flx3 Executor. j
Notice for Final Discharge.
WILL apply to J. A. Hinnant, Judge
of Probate for Fairfield County, on
iiu.-sday, the 5th day of June, 1890, for
final discharge as Administrator of the
tate of Elizabeth Wyrick, deceased.
j-Gfx4t Administrator.
- . T'l tTir J UTTT Ty? _ T> 1. m 1 ...7.
y ,) -I- JU-UyiVJllY 1, ?Mj., jr ruuuict/ w.iyc.
rV hath made suit to me to grant Jher
tters of administration, with will anjxed,
of the estate and effects of R. B.
niston, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite andadtnonli
all and singular the kindred and credos
of the said R. B. Boylston, deased,
that they be and appear before me,
the Court of Probate, to be held at Fairskl
Court House, S. C\, on the 21st day of
ay. after publication hereof, at" 11
clock in the forenoon, to show cause, if
lythey have, why the said administrajii
should not be granted.
Given under my hand, this 3rd day of i
av, Anno Domini 1S90.
Published on the 6th day of May, 1800, j
The News and Herai-d.
5-0x2 Judge of Probate, j
?E are prepared to negotiate loans on |
long time in sums of S-^OO and up-!
ards on improved farms.
Paaties having lands to sell will do well
i address us. For full information adress
IS Law Range, Columbia, S C.,
OrN. W. BROOKER, Esq,,
2-2Gxf?m Ridge Spring, S. 0.
) & CO, i
and display ot Dry Goods and Fancy
good bargains to offer yon.
:now our reputation on White Goods
Irorn falling in love with this line.
>est manufacturers, and FKICES THE
Drop in and see us, we will hustle to
\ P__ /
) 05 v.- ) .
Mary A. Chambers, Plaintiff, vs. Mary
A. Bookman and Others, Defendants.
PURSUANT to the decree and order of
the Court afoiesuid, duly rendered in
the above entitled cause, I will offer for
siile at public outcry, before the Court
House door, in the town of Winnsboro,
Fairfield County, and State aforesaid, on
next (being the 2nd day of said month)
between the legal hours of sale, the following
described real estate, to wit:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land, i
lying, being and situate in the County of i
Fairfield and State of South Carolina, containing
more or less, and bounded and abutted
by lands of E. E. Craig and U. C. Trapp
on the north; on the south by landi of
H. L. Elliott and S. Gardner; on the east
by lands formerly belonging to the estate
ot Jesse Wyrick and lands of T. C. Camak,
and on the west by lands of R. H. Jennings
and U. C. Trapp.
One-third of the purchase-money to be
paid in cash, and the balance on a credit of
one and two years with interest thereon
from the day of sale, to be secured by a
bond of the purchaser and a mortgage of
the premises sold. The purchaser to pay
for all necessary papers.
Sheriff's Office, S. F. C. ,
Winnsboro, S. C.,
May G, 1890.
Itli ABHIViT. lilt
supply our customers with a
lull Lot it Flows,
having received a large invoice on Saturday
afiemoou. We know that we
have as choice a selection as caL be
fouiKl in Winn&boro. Also another
supply of
vau vaiij auu j vui vuvivv* ?i v
are having a big trade in
and know these goods wiil not remain
with us long.
Also, tinware, hollow-ware
Jars, Flower-Po';s, and general bouse
hold furnishing goods.
A* work guaranteed first class. Every
thing at prices to suit tlie times.
When in town give me a cali. Oi e dooi
north of P. Landecke r& Bro.'s.
r to .T_ H. Cnmiriin <r?i.
1 WINTNSrBORO, ?. '<
II I Ilk. ^
NEW ' 1
t ??
ffinf IT ? ttC
1 fi $? tt ii. JH S*
Sea Island Homespun, ^
Towels, and many other
Goods received and to
our handsome line of
Spring Cravats, Collars,
Cuffs and Shirts. ^ .;
"We wish also to show
our New Idea Slide BackSuspenders.
2 lb. Canned Corn at 10c.,
3 lb. Canned Heavy Surnp ^
Peaches at 20c., Canned
Apples, Blackberries,Condensed
Milk, Reyal Baking
Powder, Cheese, Macaroni,
and all Staple Groceries.
Try our Teas, 50c.
to $1.00 per pound.
i ijii t i?. ~
X does as good work as the northern
shops. What you spend with this
establishment remains at home. It
you want
Buggies, Carriages, Wagons, Road - - ?-?
Carts, Hardware, Oils, Paints,
Pocket and Table Cutlery,
TT 5-1 TTT-i n.1
y armsues, water v^uiuis,
Whips, Leather, and
first-class Blacksmithing
Tie Mm Vwi Worts can
surely accommodate yon. liepairing
of all kinds done at our shops.
We employ competent workmen and ...
guarantee satisfaction.
Wa have incf a hpanfirnl
stock of Summer Lap Robes, which
will be sold cheap.
Josh Berry Grain Cradle,
Damascus Chilled Turn Plow,
Buckeye Mower,
Buggy Umbrellas.
Sole Agent fbr the'" above Cradle,
Plow and Mower.
I ""
Condensed Schedule in Effect April 20, . A
North Bound. No. 5L Nolllj;?ij?
Lv. Augusta, |6.15p.m.
Lv. Graniteville, 7.53p.mJ?.30a.i?
Lv. Trenton, .7.55p.m.l0.05a.m
Lv. Johnston's Z 8. L3p.m.l0.23a.Tu
Lv. Columbia. 10.35p.m. 12.50o.iu
Lv. "Winnsborb, 12.16"a.m. 2.35p.m
Lv. Chester, 1.20a.m. 3.42p.m.
Lv.KockHill, 2.03a.m. 4.24p.*i
Lv. Charlotte, 3.13a.m. 5.20p.m
Ly. Salisbury, 6.22a.m. 7.05p.?i
Lv. Greensboro, 8.00a.m. 8.40p.?i
Lv Richmond, 3.30p.m. 5.15a.a
Lv. Washington, 7.13p.m. 6.50a.m
Lv. Baltimore, 11.25p.m. S.2?a.ai
Lv. Philadelphia, 3.00a.m.l0.47a.nt
Ar. New York, 6.20a.m. 1.2dp.?
South Bound. No. 52. No. 59.
Lv New York, 4.30p.m. 12.15ng
Lv. Philadelphia, 6.57p.m. 7.20a.* d
Lv. Baltimore, S.30p.m &.45a.m _ *"
Lv.Washiagton, 11.00p.m. ll.24a.*i
Lv.Richmond, 2.30a.m. 3.00p.*i
jut. la-reensDoro K.ouit.m. y.nt ?
Lv. Salisbury, 11.23a.m. 12.32ugt \ A
Lv. Charlotte 1.00p.m. 2.20a.m T*
Lv. RockHili, l.57p.m. 3.17a,m
Lv. Chester, 2.40p.m. 3.53a.m
Lv. Winnsboro, 3.39 p.m. 4.59a. m ^
Lv. Columbia. 5.30p.m. 6.55a.m
Lv. Johnston's- 7.39p.m. 8.57a.a
Lv. Trenton, ( 7.55p.m. 9.14a.id
Lv.Graniteville, 8.24p.m. 9.80a.n
At. Augusta, J. 05p.m. 10.30a. m A
Ar. Charleston
(via S. C.R.R.) 5,30p.m. ll.Ha.m. c ^
Ar. SaTannah ' *
(via Cent. R. R.) (6.30a.m. 5.40p.*
thbocgh cae service.
Pullman Palace Cars between Augusta
and Greensboro on Nos. 50 and 51. .
Pullman Buffet Parlor Car on 52 and 53
between Augusta and Charlotte.
General Passenger Agent.
Columbia, S. C.
Traffic Manager.
uge, Hood's and AVer's Sarsaparilla, L
Electric Bitters, King's Discovery, Arnica U
Salve, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription,
Wine of Coca, Iron Bitters, WomaD's
.Li^ena, 5. a. C5., r. r. i\, j-ieuion rjiiir,
H. II. P. and Ayer's Vita Nuova, for sale
and Manufacturer of
23T"Plansand speciScations for dwellings,
factories and store-houses furnished J
at reasonable rates. J-2lfxly Jm

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