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" ^
l HJjOlNTk1. ugence.
Wednesday. October 17. : : : lim
MAIL COJ.? cnoxs.
Letter# will ivillected Irow u e
I.-tter boxes at 1! 15 a. m. and 9 p. m.
g*ing eonth, and 5 30 p. m. md 9
p. id. guiug worth.
New AitT?rUMiueut>.
20ii?? W. E. Aiken.
Lkcker'a Buck wheat?A. B. Cathcart
Clerk's Sale?li. H. Jennings, Clerk.
Sheriff's Sale?U. E. Ellisen,Sheriff.
Mntafr Assignee's Sales?G. W. Rag?dale,
a aci/vnoii
Mortgagee's Sale?S. W. Parker,
Jganager* Federal Election-J. M.
Galloway, Chairman.
Did You Get Your Texas Lands?
L Falton, Denton, Texas.
Mauagers State and County Election
?Haynb McMeekin, Chairman.
Local L'ri<? <
?Hunters bhould remember that the
*^^^-bird law docs not go ont until Novem?The
Ladies of the Baptist Church
who served dinner at the armory on
Thursday realized $26.
?The enterprising firm ot J. L.
Mimnangh floated their advertisement
on the balloon on Friaav.
?Another big lot of Thompson's
r popular glove-fitting corsets, all styles
k and numbers, at popular prices, now
ffi on sale at Lauderdale'*. adv
?Capt. W. G. Jordan, ot the Gor|||
don Light Infantry, has been euspcodftk
ed until turtbrr uotice as a result of tbe
mL investigation by the conrt of inquiry
V in the Darlington matter.
^ ^The Democratic League c*ndidates*?oinvited
to Monticello on Saturday,
th^Oih in*t., for the purpose
of a joiut debate on the political issues
of this cousity, tfovi is the issues upon
which they are runnfc^g.
r ?We have been requested to call
attention to two places the public
roads in this county?-one near the
" Tom Owens place," two miles oat 011
the Monticeiio roaa, ana toe ouier n.i
MeOulIev's bridge. The dirt 'abut-meats
are gone. Four bales of cotton
^ were overturned at each place on
f Thursday, so we are informed.
?Young man, it don't pay to send
off-for your clothing when von can get
sack & good assortment to select from
as Miujnaogh keeps iu town. adv.
. Don't be talked into having an operation
performed or injections of carbolic
acid used as it may cost you your life.
Try Japanese Pile Cure." Winnsboro
Drag Store. *
Heaviest Bale Ever Known.?
Woodward & Eabb shipped the heaviest
bale of cotton ever known or heard
of. It weighed over 1600 pounds aud
was packed by hand. We have this
from reliable source.
Dropped Dead.?Bob McCullough,
a colored man who~ lives near Blackstock,
dropped dead at his house about
S o'clock on Tuesday. He had just
_2Dne home for dinner and, had .
op one of his children on his lap when
he fell over dead. Heart disease is
supposed to hare been the cause.
Sunday School Woek.?The Sanday
School celebration at Baffalo
Church wa* a very interesting and in,
strnctive meeting. Rev. H. K. Ezell
|&? delivered an address on Sunday School
B work, and there were a uamber of
recitations by the scholars. A picnic
Bp was served after the exercises which
* was^greatly enjoyed by all present.
" Boys Like to Imitaie.? We heard
of two boy? imitating Sheriff Ellison's
execntiou last week. One -war giving
aT)kth-day "dinner, and the turkey, was
put on a scaffold with a hangman's
knet tied around bis neck, some/rocks
rooks were tied to his teet and the trap
waa >pru<ig< iu? ucck ??j >u
two aud the boys were satisfied with
^ ^ the-execution, but more so after the
mrkej was cooked.
' ^ " >
Dsatu of an Infant.?Mr. and Mrs.
A. \V; Eargle, near Wallaceville, lost
?litfle three-year-old girl on Tuesday.
The death was from sicklies-; the
nalure of the trouble was not stated in
our source of information. Both Drs.
A MV-KS-VJ 41 A TA^AM Knri in
\Aiu^it ibiiu ucici uau yttii iu anvuuBy
ance bat the trouble overcome human
skilL The remains were buried at
m Salem on Wednesday. Mrs. Eargle is
r a si9ter of Mrs. W. j. Elliott.
?Do you feel like a new wrap this
morning? Lauderdale has the largest
assortuipui of capes and jickets in
town. Stylesand prices to snit every
one.. .. adv
k. " ~~ "ZZI
r * c* ?wb?ip.
Mrs. It T. Frew, of Rock Hill,, i*
visiting Mrs. Q.I>. Willifovd
Mrs. John McMeekin and daughter,
Miss Ida, are visiting relatives in town.
^ Mrs. C. B. Robertson and hergraud80n,
Mr. W. .J. Robert.-on, of Charlotte.
are visiting relatives here.
I Mrs. SaNie Dunn, of Fort Worth,
Texas, is visiting relatives in town.
Sfe Mrs. Dunn formerly resided in Winnsboro
and her many friends are glad to
tsee her.
Every mother should know that
croup can be prcveuted. The fi kt
symptom of true croup is hoarseness.
This is followed by a peculiar rough
cough. If Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
i? gi7eu freely as soon as the child
becomes h?arse or even after the
cough has developed it will prevent
the attack. 25 and 50 cents bottles for
9ale by all druggists. *
The residence now occupied by
& Thomas P. Bryson. Possession given
within fire days notice. For farther
particulars apply to
adv. Jamks L Brtsox.
^ Political Speeches to bo Made at Ridge.
O i the 27*h of this month,Governor
Tillman, Governor-elect John Gary
Evans and other distinguished spe?k_
ers *vill address the people of Fairfield
^ Coauty at Ridgeway ou the political
. statu--.
' %
v ; ." '
Highest of all in Leavening Powe
Democratic Executive Committee, Attention
The Democratic Executive Committee
will meet in the Court House on
Friday, October 19, at 12 o'clock m.
By order of Jno. W. Lyles, County
Chirman. J. R. Curlek, Secretary.
Johnson's Magnetic Oil cures cramp9
and colic and internal neuralgia and
headache nr.d backache instantly. 25
and 50 ets. Winnsboro Drug Store. *
Attention, Democratic League!
The County Democratic Executive
Committee will meet in the Town Hall
at 12 ui. ou Saturday, October 20,
1894. A foil attendance iB desired as
business of importance will be transacted.
Jas. W. Uanahan,
County Chairraati.
His End Came at Last.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Friday were in
Winnsboro several months during tbe
summer with a 6ick child at the residence
of Mr. R. H. Jenning*, father of
Mrs. Friday. It lingered between life
and death for a Ions period, but improved
enough to be taken back to its
home in Florida. Mr. Jennings receive!
a telegram on Monday stating
a. t_ - - -'? ii*.t . .mah l.a'l nac oq^
lliai int; 111 lie ?uu;ici naa (jwovu
avvaj. It was about two years old.
The parents hardly hoped for a final
Institute Notes.
It is estimated that about two thousand
people were present during the
two days of the fair.
* *
The stock, sheep and cattle exhibit
was very creditable indeed. The
"home-raised mule" was on hand iu
great numbers.
* *
The ladies, who are never behind,
had a splendid exhibit at the County
We are proud of our County Fair.
While some departments were not as
well represented as last year, upon a
whole, the fair was a9 much of a success.
We will certainly have another
next year.
Itch on human, manse on horses,
dogs and all stock, cured in SO minutes
by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. This
never fails. Sold by W. E. Aiken,
drujjgist, Winnsboro, S. C. *
A card from Rev. S. W. Reid,
brings us the sad intelligence of the
death of Mr. ..Coan, of Wellford.
Bro. Reid says: "Mr. Coan was taken
from, as yesterday, /Monday} 7 o'ciocfi
p. inland will -be buried Wednesdey.
He has, as you know, been
sicl^for almost three months and .has
not been well for two years." Mr.
Coan was one of the charter members
of the Wellford congregation, and
tttqc aanfor? oti olrtar at thp ftraanizft
tion. He was a good man, one who
loved the ^ates of Zion, and will be
sorely missed by the congregation.
To the bereaved wife and children we
tender our sincerest sympathies.?
Young Worker.
Mr. Coan was the father of our
esteemed citizen Mr. J. E. Coan. Mr.
Coan left several days ago to be with
his sick father.
A Sadden l>eath?A Sore Bei-eavcment.
Early on Wednesday morning the
terrible news of the sudden death of
Mrs. Jane L. Bryson was aearaided
over town. It was more unexpected
on account of Mrs. Bryson*.? general
healthy appearance. The facts, as our
reporter gathered them, are about as
follows: Mr. and Mrs Bryson retired
early, about 8.30 on Tuesday
night. About 3 o'clock on "Wednesday
morning Mr. Bryson was aroused
by bis wife's labored breathing. He
at once called and tried to find the
cause, but got no response. He immediately
dispatched for a physician,
and some neighbors were sent for.
The Doctors Madden and McMaster,
ministered unto the patient, but to no
avail. They stayed until the end
came, which was about 6.45.
Mrs. Bryson was in her thirty-seventh
year at the time of her death. She
was a daughter of Mrs. David Lauderdale,
and her early education was
given her in Winnsboro. She finished
at the Due West Female College,
standing high in all branches of study
and graduated at the head of her class.
Mrs. Bryson was married to Mr.
Thomas P. Bryson, of Laurens County,
soon after graduating, and leaves one
son, a boy probably twelve years of
age. She was an unusnaliv intelligent
person, a ready conversationalist and
an entertaining associate. Early in
life she connected herself with the
A. R. P. Church in which she was
She leaves an aged mother, four
sisters and two brothers. To these,
and the sorrowing hnsband and son,
the heartfelt sympathy of the entire
community goes out.
The remains were interred In the
A. R. P- cemetary on Tharsday morn-'
ing at 13.80 o'clock.
The fallowing gentlemen acted as
pall-bearers: E. B. Ragsdale, T. K.
Elliott, W. J. Elliott, H. E. Ketchin,
U. G. Desportes and J. E. McDonald.
A Household Traasare.
I). W. Fuller, of Canajoharie, N. Y.,
says that he always keeps Dr. King's New
Discovery in the house and his family has
always found the very; best results follow
its use; that he woalo.'hot be without it if
procurable. G A Dykeman, Druggist,
Oatskill, N. T., says that Dr. King's New
Discovery is undoubtedly the best Cough
remedy; that he has used it in his fan>ilp
ivi exguw jreors, auu eas ucvci iaiicu. \aj
do all that is claimed for it. Why not try
a remedy so long tried;and tested. Trial
bottle free at Mcifaster& t'o.'s Drug Store.
Regular size 50c. and $L.?0 *
Johnson's Oriental Soap imparts s
delicate odor and leaves the skin soft
and velvety. Try it and you will
never use any other. Winnsboro Drug
Store. *
x.?Latest U. S. Gov't Report ,
Powder j
after three o'clock on Thurs- t
day evening the balloon was seen (
straightening up from the ground and 1
in one half hour from the time the .
fire was built it left the earth and j
darted up in the air like a thing of life, t
The ascent at first is straight upward 6
from the earth and after going from a {
mile to a mile and a quarter it takes
the general course of the wind up at
the point where it is. The balloon
left the hill near the A. R. P. Church
and commenced to drift toward the fi
Presbyterian Church. e
The dog, "Miss Daisy," landed about 1
one hundred yards from Dr. Quattle- f
baum's house and was picked up by a
colored b >y and taken along. The t
canvass fell right in the corner of the j
Presbyterian churchyard. It appeared
to get faster as it neared the earth and ;
made something of a smothered report e
as it struck. t
The man, Professor Thompson, was j
the only object in the air at the tim?, t
and it seemed as if he was going to- |
ward Alston before he would stop to r
those who were following near, but to *
parties further off, it seemed as if he
was dropping in town. It was soon 8
coon V>rvTt7ot7<?i* fhftfc Vip wmild flroD in i
ov/v" **vf? w? v* ? r ? some
place, on the right of the road, c
bat by kicking and exerting himself ^
other ways he deflected the course of jthe
parachute for more than one hun- \
dred and fifty yards and landed in the J
"old Frasier field" about three hnn- 1
dred and fifty yards from the Presb\- ^
teriau Church. c
Professor Thompson made a com- a
plete success of the feat and every- 8
body was wild with excitement.
It is certainly an interesting sight, >
and would not grow old to a great a
many or us even lr it went up ever/
day in the week for qnite a while. t
The dog has a bandage around it's .
body arranged so as to let hang in a I
natural position. ^
Professor Thompson sits in a swing- ?
ing rope. The p u-achutes are tied to c
the balloon and at the signal of the ?i
pistol firing he jerks a slip-knot right ?
at his hand and lets the dog loose. 11
Then at the second shot he jerks another
slip knot and lets himself loose. When
he first cuts loose from the balloon he (3
darts straight toward the earth and by '
the action of descent the air gets un- *
der the parachute and it resembles a c
large umbrella and they both glide as i
smoothly along as if floating on water. e
On "RYidav t.hr? hallnan went un -
about 4 o'clock. The anxious crowd j
fields in the line of the current was ?
lined with people running wildly after
it. The little do# landed in a field in
front of Mr. Ellison's house, and Prof.
Thompson landed about two hundred b
yards from there a little nearer the ?
road. The ascent was not quite as c
high apparently as on Thursday, but ?
the landing would have been more t
difficult had it gene further. ?
The exercises of the Fair came to a ?
close yesterday evening and every one t
feels repaid for their trip.
Euglish Spavin Liniment removes {
all Hard, Soft or Calloused Lump? and
Blemishes from horses, Blood Spavins, C
Curbs, Splints, Sweeney, Ring-Bone, I
Stifles, Sprainp, all Swollen Throat3, 2
Coughs, etc. Save $50 by use of one
bottle. Warranted the most wonderful
JJlemish Cure ever known. Sold ^
by W. ? . Aiteri, aruggisi, wiunbuuru, n
S. C. * I
? I
Mr. Editor: You will please correct
a mistakement in your last issue relating
to the death of a negro child, f
The facts are these; the jury found *
this verdict, "that John Henry Jones
came to his death from a fracture on
the head from some unknown cause to
them, or by the hands of some person
or persons." This child, one year and .
four months old, was left in *
charge of two brothers, ages about
seven and four years. I examined the
older one who appeared reticent, shut ^
mouthed, and ceuld only get out of g
him that the child fell from the chicken <
coop. There was no other develop- j
ment in the matter that I know of ex- <
cept unreliable "nigger talk." There 1
was other wounds about the body of
the child, bnt I know not the real
truth about it.
This occurred within two miles of
me and I think in justice to the jury
and myself it is best to have the facts
as we know them under the circumstances.
Dr. Arnett conducted the post mertem
and Mr. T. E. Belle was foreman
of the jury. Jso. D. Blair,
Acting Coroner.
[The article referred to was headed i
"Was it murder or accident." "We ,
charged uo failure of daty to the acting
coroner or jury. Our information
was to the effect that after develop
LucIIL diiuncu IVUJ x fi-uu^Mvvk I
the jury found a verdict in accordance |
with the facts as presented to them at
the time. But, if rumor afterward,
says the child was murdered then the
matter should be looked into. Mr. j
Blair says he hears nothing but un- J
reliable "nigger talk"; of the nature I
of this information and its value as
testimony, Mr, Blair must judge.
The manner of the crime was most
j horrible as represented to our reporter
i and he just felt that the facts had been
' suppressed before the jury, and was
j merely giving tne community notice
j in order that the guilty one should he
| punished. We believe the facts were
suppressed, for Mr. Blair Bays in his
article that there were other wounds
on the child's body but he knows not
the truth about them. Then the only
important witne?s wa? shut mouth,
sullen boy. We did not state that Mr.
j Blair or the jury had heard the rumor
of foul play afterwards, but from his
;ard we suppose he has. If he regards
them insufficient to act on, then the
matter rests. We meant no reflection [
-~ ? "?- ? PAA 6?tt -frnm nnr I
JI1 llit5jurj UUU will t an; a *. v *** j
iccount.?Lgcal Editor ]
There is more Catarrh in this section
?f the country than all other diseases
,?ut together] and umil the last few
ears was suposed to be incurable.
For a great many Tears doctors prolonnced
it a local disease, and precribed
local remedies, and by constantv
failing to cure with local treatment,
>ronouticed it incurable Science has
iroven catarrh to be a constitutional
lisease and therefore requires consti-|
uiional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Jure, manufactured by P. J. Cheney
e Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only conititutional
cure on the mirket It is
aken internally in doses from 10 drops
o a teaspooutul. It acts directly on
he blood and mucous surfaces ot the
ivstem. They offer one hundred dolars
for any case it fails to cure. Seud
or circulars and testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toleda, O.
GTSold by Druggists, 75c. *
"Those newspapers which claim to '
>e Democratic," says Irby, "and which I .
intagouize this great reform (a con-1
iiiintional convention) are either blind
eaders of the blind or the servile tools
>f the conspirators." To which we
nvite the attention of the Piedmont <
deadlight, Yorkville Enquirer, Lexing-- <
on Dispatch, Lancaster Review and !
Abbeville Press and Banner.?State.
There is no medicine so often needed
n every home and so admirably adap?:d
to the parposes for which it is inended,
as Chamberlain's Paiu Balm.
3ardly a week passes but some mem>er
of the family has need of it. A
oothache or headache may be cured
>y it. A touch of rheumatism or neualgia
quited. The severe pain of a
mrn or scald promptly relieved and
he sore healed in much less time than
vhen medicine has to be sent for. A
prain may be promptly treated before
nflamation sets in, which insnres a
:ure in about one-third of the time
>therwise required. Cuts and bruises
hould receive immediate treatment ^
>efore the parts become swollen,
vhich can only be done when Pain
5alm is kept at hand. A sore throat
nay be cured before it becomes serious.
troublesome corn may be removed
? ? *1 A ^ A wirAftlr
>y applying it twiue a. uav i.<n a wccn.
>r two. A lame back may be cured
ind several days of valuable time 1
aved or a pain in the side or c\est 1
elieved without paying a doctor bill,
'rocure a 50 cent bottle at once and
ou will never regret it. For sale by s
11 druggists. * 1
? 1
We think Samps is right in believing ]
bat he will get a square deal from the ]
itatereturnins: board. Farley,Tindal,
Sllerbe and Blease?a majority of the
?oard?have all lost their stakes by the 1
old deck rung in on them by the Ring, ,
,nd they will hardlv be disposed to J
otint Samps out. No one, therefore, 1
ieed be deterred from voting fcr
Samps by the tear that his vote ?vill
lot count or be counted.?State.
... - ... j
Relief In Six Hoars.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder
iiseases relieved in six: hours by the
'.new lireat feouth american j\1j> ,
:ey Cure." This new remedy is a I
;reat surprise on aecount of its ex- J
eeding promptness in relieving pain c
n the bladder, kidneys, back and c
very part of the urinary passages in 5
aale or female. It relieves retention J
>f water and pain in passing it almost f
mmediately. If yon want qt^Vtk. re* ]j
ier aua ~care tms is yoar rearedy.j
told by W. E Aiken, druggist, Winns>oro,
S. C. * cc
For Over Fifty Tears
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has c
ieen used for over fifty years by millions j
f mothers for their children while teeth- ,
nsr, with pei feet success. It soothes the f
hild, softens the gums, allays al! pain, ?
ures wind colic, and is the best remedy
or Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor lit- 1
le sufferer immediately. Sold by Drug- s
:ists in every part of the world, f wentyive
cents a "bottle. Be sure and ask for
>lrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and
ake no other kind. 5-2Gfxly
Jhamberlain'* Eye and Skin Ointaemt .
Ib a certain core for Chronic Bore Eyes,
r ran elated Eye Lids, Sore Nipples, Pilea, iVwama
Toffor Rait "Rfipnrn and firfllrt Womi, t
Scenia per box. For sale by druggists.
For putting a horse in a fine healthy coalition
try Dr. Cady's Condition Powder*,
ihey tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
MS of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
ddney disorders and destroy worms, giving
tew life to an old or over worked horee. 25
ents per package. For sale by druggists.
Japanese Liver Pellets are the best
amily medicine for liver complaint
md constipation. 50 pills in vial 25 cts.
tVinnsboro Drug Store. *
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Uuc>:i.Arnica Salv#-.
The Best SALVk in tin* world for i'uta, (
Jruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheuiu, PVver ]
tores, Tetter, Chopped Hands, Chill, lains,
}orns, and all Skin Eruptions, and post- '
ively cures Piles, or no pay required It 1
$ guaranteed to-jive perfect H:.t}sfacti?.n, ]
>r money refunded. Price "-Tit* oer <
>ox. For snle by M>**Vi'er & O"
W!ien Baby vras sick, we garo her C&^torla.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
TThen she became Hiss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
'buojsbq Sfiaqojy joj ?jq uajpjiqQ
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Hi BR y A rocent dliooTery by an old
I Wf ^ J physician. Buoc?4tf*UTt w*d
W? 7 . vumtAhf t* tkou4tmd? cf La
X / I? tii? on^r perl?ctly *afe
Ty and reliable medicine flltcorcred.
Bewareof unprincipled
dmxrilW Who offer Inferior
nedlelne* In place of ?Wj. a?k for Coor*? Cottos
Root Coktoubr tab* no rubititvte, or lacloeetland
5 eenU livpoetaco In letter, and we will tend, sealed,
ky return nail. lull aealed particular* la plain
envelope, to ladle* ?air, S itampe.
PARTIES indebted to rae as Assignee
who desire to avoid legal
proceeding must come forward and
9-29-3t Assignee.
IS hereby given that the Semi-annual
Examination of applicants t? (each
in the public schools of Fairfield County
will be held at Winnsboro on the
third Friday (19th prox.) in October,
commencing at 9 o'clock A. M.
A. Y. MILLING, S. C. F, C.
Wir?nsboro, S. C., Sept. 24,1894.
There's No Choi
The Victor Pneumatic tire 1
rival. It is more durable tk
other and the inner tube can
moved in case of puncture i
than five minutes.
The only inner tube rem
through the rim.
All Victor improvements are :
with the times and meet eve
^.,1 ^ <>
Rheumatic Remebv! i
Has sustained its reputation for 18 years
as being the standard remedy for the i,
quick and permanent cure of Rheuma
tlsm, Gout, Sciatica, etc.. in all its forms. O
It is endorsed by thousands of Pbysi- ]j
cians, Publishers and Patients. It is o v
purely vegetable and builds up from the # ?
first close. It never fails to cure. c
Price is one dollar a bottle, or six t
bottles far five dollars. Our 40-page Pam- ^
pblet sent Free by Mail. Address, + J
Durang's Rheumatic Remedy Co. t I
1316 L Street,WasHinoton, D.C. Z ?
Durang's Liver Fills are the best on ? g
r>nr! <i Thr>v a/-t with nn prior* that makes y
^ tho.:i a household blessing:. J ?
J* TV.ZZZ 25 CT3. PEi BOX, or S B0XE3 TOB $1. T J
IVholeSale Agents, Atlanta, Ga
3-Sfxly a
- a
I offer lor ?a'e, now, to the farmer,
nacbinist, or an> body else who inay t
iced them, the following S
?OILS, f
ind at reasouable prices I think, viz.: 1;
. Barrel Machinery Oil, at 35c. per gal. \
. Barrel Machinery Oil, at 50c. per gal. ,
! Barrel Machinery Oil. at 75c. per gal. (
Can Lard Oil, at $1,00 per gal.
?Also? I
. Can Pure Wbitc Castor Oil. Medi- p
fMnaJ. r
' Can Castroline Oil, for buggies.
Can Bleached Sperm Oil, for sewing (
machines, in 10c. vlais. Warranted t
not to gum. 1
I hope this will suit every purchaser ^
11 the county. ,
W. E. AIKEN. b
, n
Assignee's Sale. ?
PURSUANT to power contained in a
a deed of assignment executed to p
ue by W. H. Wiliiford on the 18th o
lay of January, 1894, 1 will offer for e
ala, before the Court House door in
RTinnsboro, on the first Monday in
November next, all that certain lot of attd,
lying being and situate iu the ^
ii?ii orYtiiiribbot'opin the*"Oouuiv uf--J
^airfield and State of South Carolina,
iontaiuing Oae Acre, more or less,
ioaipo8e i of lot numbered (2) and
jarts of lots numbered (1) and (3) on
he plan of said town, and bounded
n the north by lot of W. K. Turner,
leceased, and lot of the estate of G. "VV.
Sarber, deceased, or by lots lately beonging
to said parties, on the east by
fanderhorst Street, on the ?outh by
otof Mrs. M. C. McCreight, trustee,
md on the west by lot of John J. Neil.
Torme of SaIp!? Cash.
g. \v7ragsdale,
1016fd Assignee.
Assignee's Sale.
PURSUANT to power contained in
a deed of assignment executed to
ne by Q. D. Williford on the 18th day
>{ January, 1894, I will offer for sale,
>efore the Court Kou?e door in Wiuns>oro,
on the first Monday in November
lext, all those lots or parcels of land,
ylng, being and situate in the town
)f Winnsboio, in the County ofFairield
and State of South Carolina, confining
Two and Three-fourths Acre?,
nore or ifs?, and bounded on the
?afct by Congress Street of said town,
>n ihe north by Fairfield Street and
he lot of the Associate Reformed Fresjyterian
Church, on the west by VanlaohArcf
Slroaf on/1 cnid r>hinv?h Inf.
IV& UViOl IwlAVVfc UIIV4 WMIV4 .? ,
ind on the south by strip of land be
onging to Dr. D. M. Provence. 1
Term? of Sale:?Cash.
10-!6td Assignee.
Administrators' Notice.
ALL parties having claims against
the estate of Dr. J. R. McMaster,
lecea^ed, or against the estate of Mrs.
H. R. McMaster, deceased, are re- ]
juested to present the same to the
andersigued duly attested, and all
parties indebted' to either of said
jgtates must make immediate payment.
J. R. McMASTER, M. D-, J
and B. F. BOULWARE, 1
9-29-4t Administrators. <
To Call the Atter
Few Sp<
We offer big jobs, from 10
We will astonish you with
value from $1.00 to $3.00. Lac
finest material.
Novelties too numerous to
we will guarantee big value in e
Country merchants will do
bound to be sold. Enquire for
ce in Bicycles. '
las no
m any J
Victors ]
ovable are v
? best.
ay reI
:lpk:a. oetwoit.
). DENVER. f
- 1
A ?_ C<?1 ? _
Assignees Qiue. I
PURSUANT to power contained in
a deed of assignment executed to <
le by A. Williford on the 18th day of
amiary, 1894,1 will offer for sale, be- ?
?re the Court House door in Wmusoro,
on the first Monday in November I
exr, the following described real
stute, to wit: '
All that certain plantation of land,
(ring, being and situate in the County 1
f Fairfield and State of South Caroina
(within one mile of the town of e
Vinnsboro), containing One Thousand *
icres, more or less, and bounded on t
lie north by lands of William Weir, t
Irs. J. W. Bolick and lands of tbe
state of Mre. T. P. Bryson, on the
ast by lands of H. N. Obear, attor
ey, and W. R. Doty & Co., on the Z
outh by lands of James A. Brice, d
fannie E. Cummings and others and I
ames Cathcart, and on the we*t by 1
mds of Mrs. A. M. Timms ami J. F. I
dcMaster. I will sell the same in sep- B
rate tracts, as follows:
The Owens tract, containing 252 9
The Aiken tract, containing 227
The llefo tract, containing 210 acres.
The Jordan tract, containing 300
Also all that certain plantation, lying,
>eing and situate in the County and
State aforesaid, containing Six Ilnntred
and Ninety-two Acres, inore or
ess, and bounded on the north by
ands of Samuel G. Harden and Hamp*
on Sims, on the east by lands of
Joseph H. Cnmmin^s and Joseph
)avis, on the south bv lands of W. J.
Crawford and wife and W. J. L?m
non, and on the west by lands of
). Y. Timms, formerly the" Hastings
ilace?to be sold in a body or in sepaate
tracts as maybedeemed advisable.
Also all that tract known ihe
iamble place, containing Fifty Acres,
ore or less, and bounded by lands of
r. G. Patrick, F. Elder and B-sfj unia
Tflfme r\f SCo !o hiPrl (
balance in two equal aauual instal- j
nents, secnred by bon.l of the purhaser
and mortgage of (he premises
old, with interest from the 1st Jjktkiry,
1895, at 8 per c nt ptx^annnra,
iayable annually, or cash at the
ption of the pyietirfstr. Possession ?
iven 1st Jan^7y% 1895
G. \V. GaGSH \LK,
A?oigii-*e. J
New Orleans ;
Also ]
12^ Law Range, Columbia, S. C.
Solicits business in his native C'cunty? <
Fairfield. 2-27-1 y (
J edby
j-lfxlv JfTininrs; S
itiart nf the Trac
eciaities to be Fc
c. to $2.50. We offer big i
our prices for Ladies' and Ge
lies' Dress Goods trom 25c. to :
mention and at the very lowes
:very transaction.
well to give us a look before p
Did You Get Your Texas Lands?
T know of ovi^r a million flC'PS of
and in Texas awaiting the rightful
wners Jo get it, and if }*on ever bad
elativos or kindred who went to Texas
Trite L. Fniton, Attorney, Denton,
?exae, and lie will inform you free, if
on own land In Texas* Nearly all
ier?or?8 w ho went to Texas in an early
lays had lands granted to their heirs,
lay attorney havir.g- h-g.il directories
an tell you as to L. Fnnton. A. S. &
V. I). Douglass, Wintisboro, S. C.,
vill act as mv a.^en'S in v??ur countv.
10-1G 4
?ederaJ Icliitop,
Diyihewojd?\V. W, Smith, F. E.
lood, U B. Bonev.
Ridgeway?G. E. Rcmbert, S. 31.
tf-lR'S, "W. G. Hinnant.
Woxlward?J. I> Morrison, R. G.
liller, J. C. Lewis.
Bear Creek?John Arlcdge, H. liV
i^annigati, A. A. Abell.
Gladden's Grove ? David Higgins,
-V. S. Hall. Jr., Frank Isenhower.
Albion?W. W. Rosboroogb, C. S.
Jrice, Jr.,R C. Sterliug.
Feasterville?H. A. Stevenson, R. Y.
!lowuev. D. P. Crosbv.
Horeb?E A. Cloyd, A. L. Scrngg?,
J. B Ilagood.
' Winnsboro?S. W. Broom, J. F.
jyles, W. J. Leraraon.
Durham's?R. W. Fcatherston, E P.
enkii?8, T. J. Robinson.
Monticello?J. II. Aiken, M. T. Miling,
A. J. McGill.
The above named have been appointd
managers, and each one is required
o meet in Winnsboro at 11 A. M. on
be 30th inst. to be qualified and to
ake out bi>xes.
10 lGtd Chairman.
)on't Forget Us During the
For We Are Still At It.
arger than ever before, and wca<e
letennined to sell at pri.:e< ' ? sui? the
lani times even it' cotton ioi^c.
When enr connty friends come to
own don't forget to call and inspect
hat line of fine Lamps or ours, ah
tyles and prices. We have them very
Don't forget oar line of Toilel Goods
iitd Fancy Articles, Soap? and Perumery.
This is a small item, but we
ire almost giving them away. Prices
ire very chcap.
Remember xe still keep School
Suoks, Book Bags, Slatc?, Pencil?,
Stationery, &c.
Aji abundant supply of Atlantic
Lead, Paints, Oil, Varnish, &c.,always
>n hand.
-Aaiother Tiling.
Don't forget that little bill you owe
a-. It is only 50c., possibly it is $1.00.
Maybe it is more, but remember we
leed money as badly as other mer?hanfs
flnri wonld be aiad to have it.
Wiaasboro Drag Store.
Prescriptions carelally compounded.
Money to Loan!
Money to Loan!
THE undersigned hav this day
formed a copartnership under
the firm-name of Davis, McDonald &
Douglass, for the purpose of negotiating
loans on first mortgages of farming
lands, in sums of not less than
5300. Rateof inteie=t low, payments
easy and time of loan not less than five
years. For further particulars apply to
j. e. Mcdonald,
Winnsboro, S. C.,
or A. E. DAVIS,
8 14 MonliceJlo, S. C.
ling Public to a
>und at
/alues, from $2.50 to $5.00.
:ntlemen's Shoes, ranging in
$2.00 a yard?latest styles and
it prices. Come and see us,
mrchasing. as our goods are
, Manager.
rPHE taxes arc due and payable frcm
jL mc iotn uctoocr 10 aisi December,
Every male citizen between the ages
of twenty-one and fitty years, except
those incapable of earning a support
from being maimed or from other
causes, is deemed a taxable poll.
The levy is for S'ate, - o mills. ' ?3
For ordinary county, - 3? mills.
For special county, - 1 mill.
For school, - - - - -2 mills.
There is a special levy for schools of
4 mills in School District No. 16 and of - ^
2 milis in School District No. 17.
All taxes shall be paid in ihe following
kinds oi funds and no other: Gold
and silver cjin, United States carrcncy,
national bank notes, &nd coupons
which shall become dae and payable
during the year 1894 on the consoli- .....5
dated bonds of thU State known as ;
"Browu Bonds" and the bonds of this
State known as "Bloe Bonds," and
any other State bonds which maybe
issued by authority of an Act of the
General Assembly, the coupons of J.
which are by such Act made receivable
for taxes. The Jury Certificates -and
the per diem of State witnesses in the
Circuit Court are receivabte for County
taxes, not including school tax?s.
For the convenience of the taxpaw
ers, I will visit the following places ?n
the days named:
Woodward, November 1.
Gladdeu's Grove, November 2.
Buckhead, November 7. ,
Feasterville, from 12 o'clock on the ^
8ih to 12. o'clock on j&e 9th of Novem- ??ber.
D. G. Raff '8 Store, November 12.
Ridge way, November 14.;
Blythewood, November 16. Bear
Creek, November 17. . .; 'V,
Longtown, November 19.
Centreville, November 20. "
Jenkinsville, November 23. Monticello,
November 2i.
Winnsboro, when not filling engage~ments
in the Conntv.
10?i County Treasurer F. C.
Wives, %
' ? v''"55?
Sisters, o
Mothers! ,
&VC\~~ I
Do you like the Suit yoar husband,
brother or son wears? Send him to as
and have him outfitted. We are old
hands at the business and knoiTju=t
what he needs. The line cfst\li*ft
Fall Suits which we arc showi- g
this seasou i* the most complete
Ithat has ever been brought to this city,
and we are satisfied that we are giving
bette.-value for every dollar spent witn
us than will be obtained elsewhere.Our
linp nf Mpn'ft Fnmishinorfi rnntflins
[all that will contribute to comfort
and personal appearance?Underwear,
?.aundried and Unlaundried Shirts,
Neckwear, Hosiery, &c.f and oar
establishment is headquarters for latest
shapes and styles in Derby andToarKfc
Hats. " '4
will be found complete in every detai',
and there's an endless variety of patterns
in Knee Pants Suits, 4 to X5 years,
and Youths' Suits, 14 to 19 year*, from
which to make your selections. We
are showing the most extensive liue of
Boys' Hats and Caps ever brought to
this city, together with a complete
stock of Shirt Waists, Neckwear, &c.
We have removed from our old
stand, and are now iocated at 138 Main
Street, next to Lorick & Lowrancr.
If you do uot reside in Colombia,
write for what you want. Prompt
and careful attention given to mail
orders, and yonr wants areas carefully
looked after a9 if you came In person.
'N / '-?\
The Leading Clothier,
mr.nuRTA k n
10~ 9?6tn ^
The Place
School Rooks, Tablets. Drawing
Books, Red and Blue Lead
Pencils, &c., all of which is
just in in large supply.
Johnson's Chill and Fever
Tonic, Asthma Cure, Vegetable
Electuary, Hall's Hair Benewer,
Blueing, Baking Powd
e r. Household Syringes,
Fever Thermometers, &.
Fresh supply of Medicines
received weekly at
?of? : '
ii^innmnri ft, no
161AMM &,bU
For surveying, terracing
Leveling, Drawing, Etc.,
Apply to
7-Sfxly 'jfood ward, S.C.
WINN380R0;,S. c.
? ' '-.-J
\ 4j
. A. - mm

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