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The Fairfield news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1881-1900, August 25, 1897, Image 4

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atvJ'vr: j \rrr! r4:N o "r- ?
K f ; "h iSj J (\?, ; 5 5; ; j ? r% 5
-%.i v a-.? >. V L * LJ ^ ?
' ,-in Ox. co 5:aa?ti-Ci'; t>* r'-i' Uvi] .
Xsflossosp of I.: 15?'?> ' Co~xx- ',
ward Patix?SswhtOb c>>" fccnf.-:';- f-j.c- !>,- i
Cus try.
Dr. I?ia.age,:a a;s scraoafor:'-?:i'uaiay i
saovr? hew ruaaiaj iato hopdc?.-: ueht3 as-i j
skepticisms have tadoae yor.r.? mea in j
iowa and country. The tex: is i'rcsr'"5 ~ii. ;
22, "As *a ox to :ao slaughter.' i
There is nothing la the v?-ce c~ n^aaer of |
the butcher to iaiicate to the o:c 'h.-.c thcr- !
ie death ahead. The : - : think? he is gci:?~
oa to n rich pasture f.eid of clover where !
daj long he villre7e: ia che herbicecu? lux - j
uriaacd, but after awhil* th? nor. bo/? :
* *- -*T *" uf."P.'! i
close :a upon arc.-fiu: ? ..? ;
and shoucing. and Ir:~c- :::u '.hrc-gL i
bars and into a doorvrav. he is :'a-- j
tened, and "srira well aimed t:r .'<. .be an
fells him, and so tec aaticlp.'-.ticu '. :* ;u-? r !- :
olen: pasture field is completclj iisappoij-ed.
So nanv u -;a:i been driven
on by temptation :o yrhzi he ti.ou^h: '?culd
be paradisiacal enjoyment, lu: -f;er <inhll>
induenecs with darker hue and swarthier,
ami close La upon hi^i. tsi lie Sj-Is iLar :a'
?< w.^t-:nT inio
otva'- u. he
hw be-m driven "iiS an : "< Us ;he hl^.*: ~'rter."
m"2 are apt to blame young men. for ' ::: >?
destroyed when we ought to blame the intiuenceo
that destroy them. Society slaughters
a great many young men by the behest;
"Ton must keep up appearances. V-'u tever
be your salary, you must dress as v.eli a.j
other?, you must grre Trine and brandy >15
* 1 ~ ac nr
many irieuas, ^ v.
gars, you must give is expensive entertainments,
and you must l->e in as fashionable a
bearding house. If you haver:'; the money,
borrow. If you can't borrow, make a false
entry or subtract here and there a bill from
a bundle of bank bill?. You will only have to
make the deception a little'while. In a few
months or in a year or two you can make it
all right. Nobody will be hurt by ir. nobody
will be the wiser. You yourself will not be
damaged.'' 3y that awful process a h undrei
thousand men have been slaughtered for
time and slaughtered for etemi-y.
Sugpose you borrow. There is nothing
wrong about borrowing monc-v. There is
hardly*a man trbo ha? not sometimes borrowed
money. Vast estates have been buili
A Art: iv ?;.*t tberft are two
kinds of borrowed money: Money borrowed
for tie purpose of starting or keeping up
legitimate enterprise and c-zpcn?eau?l money
borrowed to get that which you can do without.
The firs: is rigLit. the other is wrc;;g.
If you have money enough of your own to
buy a ocat, however plair, ?nd then you borrow
money for a dandy's outfit, you have
taken the first revolution of tae wheel down
grade. Borrow for the necessities, that may
be well, Borrow for the luxuries, that tips
your prospects over in the -wrong direction.
The Bible distinctly says the borrower is
servant of the lender. It is a bad state 01
things when you hare to go down seme other
street to escape meeting some cue when. you
owe. If young men knew what is the despotism:
cf being in deb:, mora cf then would
keep out of it. What did debt do fcr Lord
5acon: with a ir.ir.-_L lowering abo?e the centuries?
It induced him to take bribes and
convict himself as a criminal before all ages.
What did debt do for Walter See*.:, broken
hearted at AbbotsfordV Kept him truing
until ha hand gave out in paralysis. to keep
the sherltf avav from his pictures and statuary.
Better for him i: he had minded the
nwsim which he had chiseled over the firepiaoe
at Abbotsfcrd. "Waste not, van: not."
The trouble i?, my friends, that people do
not understand the ethics cf going in deb:,
and that if you purchase goods wiih no expectation
of paying for them or go into debts
which you cannot msec you steal just so much
money. If I go into a grocer's store and I
buy sugars sal coffees and meats with no
capacity to pay for them and no intention of
paying for them, I am more dishonest than
if I go into the store, and. when the grocer's
face is turntd the other Fay, I nil my pockets
with the articles of merchandise and carried
olf a ham. In the one mse L take tuer
client'8 unie one i ta^c- tne tu^e ci -'-s aw
senger to transfer the goods to civ bc-u?2.
while in the other case I tike none cf the
time of the merchant and I ^ait upon myself,
and I transfer tie goods without anj trouble
to hits. In other -words, a sneak thief is not
so bad as a man Trhc contracts debts he =e?er
es?ect3 to pc-y.
- Yet in all cur cities there are families ~::o
move erery Maj day to get into prosimiry to
ith.^r rrwvw-* ov<rf rriaatslion^ and Et'Otheca
ries. They owe everybody within half a
mile of where they^new live, aid z?z'.- M-.y
they will ~ove into a distant pari of the
city, Ending a sew lot of victims. Jfean- j
while you, the honest family in the ne?r
house, are bothered day by day b*, ;Le
locking at the door of diaappointei'^akers !
and butchers and dry goods oeslers and j
newspaper carriers, and you aire asked where :
your predecessor is. You.-do not know. In
w&5 arranged you sho/ifTnet know. Mean-,
while your predecessor has gone ro some Jistant
part of tiie'oity, and the people ~ho
have anytpisrg to sell have sent their wagons!
and Stjobped there to solicit ths valuable'
* eu=*cm of the new neighbor, and he. Lh-: ne~ ,
'-neighbor, with great complacency and an air:
^" o: adiuence, orders the dnest steak-? ani :he j
highest priced sugars and the best of the
/ canned fruits and perhaps all the ne^spaS
pers. And the debts will, keep cn accumulating
until he gets his goods on the SOth or
nest Anril in the furniture cart.
"" - * * J
.No voider lis; so many o: our merchants ;
fail in business. They are swindled in!o j
bankruptcy by thess wandering Arab;.!
these nomads of city life. They cheat the I
grocer out of the green a?ple3 which make j
then sick- the physician who attends them j
during their distress, and the undertaker;
who fits them out Icr departure from the;
neighborhood -where they owe everybody j
when they pay the debt of nature, the oa:y j
debt they ever do pay.
Now our ycung men are coming up in this ;
depraved state of commercial etnics, and I j
am solicitous about thee:. I "ant to vrarc 5
then against being slaughtered en the shsr? \
edges of debt. You vnnt many things yon j
have net, my young friends. Ycu shall ha^e.
thorn if you bave patience a?d hones'- end i
industry, Certain linw of conduct a;~s.ys I
lead out. :V' certtdn successes. Ihers i* &j
luvr -which con.tr .If ever, those thing? that J
seem. haphazard. L have been tol l by jee j
vho hs?e observed that it is possible to calcu-:
lato just hcvr tasny letters vrlli be sent to :h-: \
dead letter ofSce evcrj ye&r through misdi-\
rection; that it is possible to calculate j u.?: |
hoir nuny lett-ers vill bo defined for lack of \
<-*n-r>-a ?Vi~?I. a . r < .--*2
WO'.Q^-v -- ,
the senders, and thatit is possible to teli 5
just hot? many people "ill :&U in lie struts S
by slipping on An * orange peel. In other;
words, there are no accident". The most t
insignificant event you ever heard of is the \
link between ?^o eternities?the vierniry of J
the past and the eternity of :hc fnture. I
Head the right w&y. young mac., and you}
ttIII come out at the right goal.
Bring me ayourgnan and:cU.ac ~hst |
his physical health is and That iris menial g
caliber and ~hst his habits, and I v.*:": :el! *
you ?rhat Till be his destiny for this Tcrid !
and his destiny for th<. -world to ecn?c*. acd I i
Ti'i not make five inacoiirate nrorbeciv-s "at J
of the ;30C. All tils Tr?sicCi a;e solicitous in
regard to joung a:ea. ana : ran! to make ;
thea: nervous in reaar'l u the ccairaetici; o:";
unpayable debts. I S-L~e you s p-.regrp.ph ;
from 2:7 ova csper'cace. *
Mj Srs?, setUemon:. as r^tc* *?cr Ir? a "i:-;
lag*. My salary vus ->rX> aaa a p:--r;oar^x. ?
Tae amount seemed cnc -.laous to .-as. I sii-i {
to myself, all tab? for one ;'e:-r!" I g
-asatraii of getting xorM'y un :or rv an'-icL ?
prosperity. I resolved tc iavite the -.on- ?
gregaiica to my -cusc ia crt-aps ct'. j -a.'a
We began. sad as tbey ^ere tae best con
grcgatics ia ail tiie ~:r;i sa 1 rv fcl: ac;ii:sg \
~us too jc/.-I tor '.hen; ?r- piled ail luiu \
ries cn the tabic. I ne^er ccn;p>::c'* the
undertaking. At the end c: fir v-.onlhr : \
was in Snancial despair. 1 found :h>: -.vc- 5
not only had no: the surplus ?? iusuriss. out r
had a struggle to go; -.hs nc;e??it:or, and s
I learned *ha: every ycung *n:ui i-inrns. in (
times to sa"e himself or ;c-0 '.xc, 7 ri ?
must measure the si:2 of a men'i U-J- j
for you begin to cut :ht- clc-ih for hi- ;
Vi'hcn a jcur.c uisn srillfdliy zz>:, :'
ohoioe> having the comforts of I5fo. - >: ? into {
lie contraction of. unwjoble debts, ho ksc^s ]
T*-.. ,*>^.v " r 1 ,-J: * > "*. ?
?1V* Al?W ? Ulll. ? - XVA. - V - - "5 -
-iid, diw. *? :h*c r^iu.-u.-?r.' They jingb aia I
Vt>i '-'.*iv- _- ..j irc-i, . >- t 'v |
' ; '*" ir.^-v iiis it,ori-v-":. '.tVc; he ha? jrm- :o {
ainighr. Ihev tried ?-: ?-. h? >:ac? Mr
21: fro^t sTh-;-y scs-l siii u rojta: csr-i |
or . i'.-iivr ii cuxivs: -;v*c. L:r. tc p*y I
' v- ' " " i?i -' - :-'i eoo li. i - . >' vraTit .
r i. "yto a . ij i >.<: u oa 'iercnii-i. ?
They ciil him j knnv.-. They ho iief. j
*hc;.' ~n * dis-dsiined :h? church. j
; hoy ^\.n: -::r. c;.:z.-d vf the bsak. They j
- ... hit:: :rc:<. til? r.:-ieai:J from tiai side j
; ss; '-cut-* wi :.* *behind and from j
:' tbove s.lJ. :"r :. r.T.-i " t is insulted ;
j utd g;:>be:?d wsd .?uc>i *nd dunned and j
| iwcrn ul un::I he g-ets the nervous >tyspcpsia.
! g"-s r.^uia'.g::, gets Hver comr-laln:, gets
j n?iri ii.'iw;, jets ccxiTuisives disorder. ire:*
J ';c?i?uapt:os. Nov if* is dead, and you
! riy. *Oi cc-:riO ihoy iil ]; ; hie: alone."'
, No* they are watchful iv nee
i v. li -tLvr :h-.; c.~" any unaecesi&ry expenses
~ *"*' *"V?a?V, - ?* v -,?-n ^ C?I?
. ju:cs, v s-;c v ?.v ,
i useless h&sdle on the casket, to ?e- whether
j tr.vr-- -::y -v. -plr.s piait ozi the shroud, to
! -whether the hearse is cosily or cheap, to
| tee 7>'Lcih?r iht- lowers to the casket
bees b -ucbt "r">y the r'amily or donated,
[ sec .n v.-hos?.- r.asc the deed :o the gruve U
! made wit.
Thea thv;-'r the tx'-rei'r household,
; ib j bo^ks, '.hi piciursa, the carpels the
| ch-'.-', the sofa, the piano, the mattresses,
| tie pi he*- "a ~hich he died. < "urscd be
| debt! for the sake cf your own hsppicess.
| ibr tie s^ke of your good morals, for the
j sake ct' vour iuiiaortal soul, for G'V.i's ?;?ko.
: your, j r,? far -;s pos?:Me ksep oat of it.
| L'u: I taiak more young men.are siaugh1
tercd through irreiijzioa. Takeaway a young
< man s religion aad you sake him the prey
j -ji'-.-vii. -Veaii know that the Bible is the
I on y perfect system of morula. Now. if you
want tc destroy the young rain's morals,
j take his ?iblc bw?.y. How will you do that'.'
i W'ci:. you will caricature his reverence for
| the Scriptures, you will take ail those inciS
dents of the Bible which can be made ;nirt.h
| of-?Jonah's whale, Samson's foxes. Adam's
"r?rhc" von will caricature eccentric
Christious. or inconsistent Christians, then i
? you wili pass e:: as your own all those hack|
Keyed arguments against Christianity Trhich
j are as c;d as Tom Paine, as old as Voltaire,
{as old as >iu. Now, you have captured his
; Bible, and you huve taken his strongest for!
tress. The way is comparatively clerir. and j
? all the gates 0: his soul are se: open in in vim- i
; tion to the- :-:n:> oi' earth and the sorrow of
{ death, that they may come in and drive :;;e (
' stake for tiieir encampment.
| A steamer l.oU'j miles from shore vith j
j broken ru ider and lost compass and hulk \
f leaking SO gallons the hour is better o:T?
j than a young n:an w hen you have robbed !
5 him of his i>ible. Have you ever noticed 5
' mean it is to take away the I
J uu , J
j world's I'ibi? without proposing a substi*
tuteV It is meaner than to come to a sick
[ man and steal his medicine, meaner than to
; come to a cripple and steal his crutch, meanf
er than to come to & pauper and steal his
1 crust, meaner than to come to a poor man
\ and burn his house down. It is the worst
5 of ail larcenies tc steal the Bihle which has >
2 been crutch ani medicine and food and eter- j
5 nal acme ? so :nany. What a generous and J
; magnanimous business infidelity has gone I
5 into! This splitting up of lifeboats and!
taking away g;1 fire escapes and extinguish- j
J ing of lighthouses, i come out and I sav to j
? such people. "What are ycu doing all this!
i for?", Oh,' they say, justforfua!" Itis such |
I fun to ?ce Christians try to hold on to their ;
>> ? ' "ni-ji.l .-.avi ?
I JLSlCiCS. .Ud-7 yi UlU ii.S't .w> ?v> v- V..V. J
| asd have been told that rhero is !i rosu:-j
| rectioa, and it. Lr ?uch fun to tell them there j
| -.rill b? 20 resurrection. Many of them
? have believed that Christ came to carrv the
?burdens and to heal the rounds of the vorld,
| arid i; id such run to tell them they will bave
* to be their orn savior.
' Think of the meanest thine you ever heard
? of. then go do~n 1,000 feet underneath it
J and you ~:il rind yourself at the top cf a
stairs 100 miles long. Go to ihe bottom of j
| the stairs, and you will find a ladder 1,000 j
* miles long; then g? to the foot of the ladder j
i and lock of:'a precipice half as far as from J
nerc- to China, and you will nno. tne neaa-1
j quart-ers of tie meanness that \rcu-d rob J
? this' world of it-? on'.y comfort in life, its
i only peace in death and its only hope fori
j imracrra'ity. Slaughter a young man's faith j
' -n God, and there ? not ranch more loft to
- slaughter.
( 2\5v, -ahai has become of the
| Well, some cf them are in their father's or
: mother's house., broken down :u health,
I waiting to die. Others are in tee hospital,
? others- are in the oeneterj. or rather their
J bodies are, for their souls have gone on to
| retribution. Not much.prospect for a young
jl man vho started iife with good health and
i good education amia Christian example set
i him and opportunity of usefulness, who
* gathered all his treasures and put them in
f one bcz ami then dropped it into the sea,
? V^tt ?-r.tr is th'.c wholesale slaughter to be 1
5 stopped'.' There is not a person who is not
interested in that question. The object of
\ my sermon is to pu: a tvc^psn in each of
I yuur hands for your your owe defense.
i "W&;: net for \oung Men's Christian aasocia|
tic-ns to protect you cr churche* to protect
"t you. Atraealing tc God for heio, rake- care
j of yourself.
j rirst, have room somewhere that you
can call your own. Whether it be the back
I purler of a fashionable boarding house or !
a rcooi in the fourth story of a cheap led cr-j
? inc. I cure not. Only have that, one room j
** T - - t n? .-?>? ' 1 ^. 2
your ionr jss. *ui v. j
: clean r.ep ever the threshold. If they oome J
up the long flight of stairs and knock at the f
; doer, meet them face to face and kindly jet j
Srtuiy refuse then admittance. Have a few
far:;lj portrait5 on the "wall, if you brought
them ~:th you iron your country heme.
Have a !?ible on the stand. If you can af- !
:'o:d i: and can play on one, have an iastruj
meet of music?harp or flute or comet or
| meiodecn or violin or piano. livery morn|
inz before you leave that room pray. Krery
| night after you come home in that room ?
i pray. Make that room your Gibraltar, j
| your Sevastopol, your Mount Zion. Let no j
: bad book or newspaper ccme into that room <
! ,rr von would &llovr a ccb'n to (
coil on your table.
Take care of yourself. Nobody elee vrill
take car-v of you. Yoar help will no: come
up two or three cr four Sights of stairs.
: Your help vill ectue through the roof. do~n j!
| r'roiu hca-on, from that God vho in the J
o,000 years of :he world's history never be- j
trayed a young man ?rho tried to be good i
and a, Christian, '.e; rr.e say in regard to |
your adverse worldly circumstances in pa.-;- j
thai yon arc- vU a level nor with those |
vrho arc rinaliy to succeed. Mark my j
v-'or-i.-;. yvung nvis.. .in ^ 01 :: -'-'J "car* ;
from now. V-va v'il f:ni Lliut those who 30 :
ysars from new arc ths millionaires of this?
country, s-ha are the orators of the country, j
~Lv arc the- poets of the country, vho j
the -.rctic n-ercharrs of the- country, who j
-are the groi- philanthropists cf the country 1
?rt-:Tnfi.->cr >- .vMirrh end stato?ft?e this ?
morcing on a levsi with you, aot an iiich. i
abc"i\ ?Lrt.d ycr. in. straitened! circumstances S
CO-?. {
iierschcl earned uis living hy playing i-1
violin ;>* parties, and in the interstices of the ?
play hv would go out and look up at the ?
midnight heavens: the fields oi his immortal
ccr. Miests, ?>eorge Stephenson rose from s
being the foreman in a colliery to be the }
most renowned of the world's engineer?. No j
Ciitf.:. no enpitiil ;-j start - ritii! Young j
mm. go .Ic.vrn to the lit.rary and get seme '
i-voxs *nd read o: what wonderful mechan- 5
ism Gad gave yon ir. yr.hand. in your i
fcvt. in youv eye. in y;-.:r var. f-nd then ask ;
scr.- do::*r take you into ti:e dissecting!
Toon: <ind Illustrate to you - rLaj vou have j!
read ah,u:, and n>vcr again a^ci: blasphemy
0:* saying you h??ve no capital tc ;
start w!:h. :1 .nippedl '?'-"hy. :h? cocrcst!;
y -us;: :\a3 '^r-; e i ?? >.2:7 iau voa 0; ;
liiv t.'> ' salvers? could aiibrd :?, e;.:ip }
hr::. The: hie body?a v-ry poor alihir
corapar-j'i bi-* wouaderful soul -oh, ;
?.i&; ic 'Fliut rr.alrcs 210 solicitous! i am noi i
50 u.uci "ri:::oui abou: you, your;; n:au, be- i
cftuse you h.;vo so to <i? Kith as I an }
isxious ubou: you becausc you hare so much j
risk >\z-l .c;0 or gain. I1
There is no class" 0:' persons that so stir j
jv vvuii^ x.i uttii vu^j. j
Set c'iitc ?2?ngh salary to live on and all i
the ; n^ptuticn- :har c:me fro31 that deficit. !
!n~::cd --r. all hrv::ii *c drink. and the:r er-j.
br4u?tvd n~rvcn3 jvswta seeming to demand |
-;*ir.u"..u'. Ih'.lr religion caricatured by ihe j<
.r ?< *h- cicrks in tie store and mosi of I j
:hv vpi? : the factory. The rapiJ- of? <
:er.r..j;*vi and death rushing against that j 1
you:?-- r.;=n iO -die; -he hcv.r. and ho :u s } <
fr .\vM; htfi'U'.i ur ?ir?am wh nothing j'
;: rcken e-?r :. --;-k <i:h. "nlcsf a;- 5 ]
r.:'.* ~ ?hcf ~-ii <0 nr. >er. ?;
A a. c*^iGn i luiJi V'?u io< co*kt; ol* j 7- r- |
cO;: rou in^uaJrratoo-i rnc- it' y;u iLou^hl : j
lution, l:;cfc may to dissolved in the loam j
of .he ^ine e-p or may be Mown, out Tritc. j
the f.rst ex:-: - f ?t-r2y,ii *iv := il.n b-.d-!
Met, ib'j i-'norJ of tlie L-rd Cod Al
:;lj*L-- T' -.rivi: :ri that panoply. na-l jsz j
shall -:-t j-u: to Sir n%y- ttcI?
neither in thi- -v.,rid r. a-.;-*. : rigl:
thinking right i-vilvvir.g rk-ht !
ii:g ".fill t'.kc ;ou ir..V-ty ihro-^L- : h: = j
?sJ in tranfpert U;rougi. '
1 n?vcr ?hnll :Vrg'.-: s pray..-;- i heurd s
y?.:i2<: mar. ian:<c son;e ] "> years ?.go J: rx* j
r*ry shor' grayer. ":-u: it wi. a trtjnandeus ;
plUTCl-. ?) Jy.Tii help '.It.' V,\. :;cd it so v^ry i
easy tvi dv wrvng an ! *c Iiar-i to do righ'. |
Lor i. kelp Ui."': That pray*;! . L v..,rran: j
you, reached the ear o: God ea i reaciied Lis j
heart. And inert ;:re n hundred m-.u vh*.<j
have found out?a thousand young rutn per-1
h!\ps?who hs^e found en: ihai very thins {
It is so v&ry easy to io wrong 1 * > hard j
to do right. |
I got u letter out- duy.cu'y one jiarag: *.?b, j
^ 'aick I shall tl-c.'J:
!:Hav:D3 moved around waewbui. i nav-.*?
ntn hc: o.-5 acny youn^ men c? iatelligvacv. j
ardent strikers after that, '.vill-o-ihi'-vriip? \
fortune? and or'or tif tkes* I wuM . !
lie V'is ft young Kngiishnj&u of '.'-J '.r ]
years rbv oanie to Sow York, vrh?-re he had :
no acquaintances. vuh rarely : :
kocp tic: a ccupi? of *resk*. lie L.??i b*ei.?
tcr.flerly reared, perhaps * t say :>'0 j
tenderly. and *:?s not used to parr.ir.fr 1.1!
living and found! !: extremely dltTiCulc to ?<.: ;
any position that he was osici' rilling, j
AftQr n.any vain efforts in tLlii iirvc'i^n no j
ibun-i timsclf on a iv.tniny f.v..-cing in j
Brooklyn near your church Tith u:> '. J
left of bis small capita!; I'rovidonee seeme-i j
to lend bint to ycur door, and deicrtninvd |
to go ic and hear you:
"He told nie his going U; ht-ar yja that |
night 7ra--' undoi.todiy the turning point in 1
his life, for Tvh-:n he went into your church 5
* *? In ?.MI- '
u-? ..v.v Mvoyw.'itv, -V .
discourse his fcetfer ar.ture g-jt the miistery. ?
1 truly beiieve from vhat this young :!:ati {
told me that jour sounding the depths *jf 5
his heart tlia: night alone brought him i
to his Gou. vbom he tt is -j near lea vine ' \
That is the who of rnu'titude.?. I am 20: j
preaching an abstraction, biu grent reaiii/.'
0 friendless you:;; mam ' r.rodigi: ycuag ,
urn::.' 0 broken hearted young mas, j
couragcd young man, ?.mutided young mart,;
1 commend to you Christ this day. tut lost,
friend a mun ever hud. !Is meets you this ;
morning. Despise not :h;it em*>tio:< visirg ir. ?
your sou!. It is divinely lifted. !><?:; in;:. j
the face ?f Christ. Lift one prayer :o your ;
father's C-.d. to Vcur mother's r-od un-i t..h-:
morning ge: the pardoning blessing: Now.
while 1 sr-eak, you are at the fork.-1 c:' tho '
roai, and this is tho right road, and that is 2
the wrong road, and 1 s&o yon starf vn the t
right road.
One Sabbath morning at the close c:' the
service I saw a gold -watch of the world renowned
and deeply lamented violinist, Olc
Ball: You remember ho died in hie island
home otf the coast of Norway: That gold
wr ?U'r. **?, * V, ? . J f^OTT f> ?? .* * I1 1 T*
through his lost illness, and then he sai l to j
his companion. ">'e-?r [ want to -prini this ?
vatch as long ua I can. ami then when I am ]
gone I ^ant jou to keep it wound up until j
it go?r tc my -'riccd. Dr: Dcrsmus. i- >V~ \
York, and then he Trill keep it vround up j
until his iixo h done, and then I '.van: the \
7.":itch to gi to his young soi. n;y especial;
favorite:" j
The ??eai musician ~ho more ihfin an7:
other arsis: had made the violin speak nr.ct f
air.g and weep and laugh and triumph?for
it sceincd when he drew the bow across the !
strings as if all oar;h ani heaven shivered 5
in delighted sympathy?tho great
in a room looking oil' upon ihe sea aai sur-;
rounded by hi- favorite instruments 0:' ;r.u- 5
sic, closed his ejes ir. death- Y>*hiie ail the j
world was mourning >*: his departure Irf!
! crowded steamers fell iato line of funeral ]
procession ic carry his body to the main;
land. There were 50.000 of hi? countrymen )
gathered in an arnpaiih eater of the hills >
I waiting to hear the eulogium, tad it was
said, when the great orator of the day with :
stentorian voice began to epeak, the 50,000
j people on the hill sides burst iato tears. Oa,
| that was the close of a life that had done so
raucii to Ctiie lie vrcria nappy. x>ui l nave ;
: to tell yon. young man, if yea lire right and j
| die right, thaT vras a tamo scene compared !
i Trith that irLich ?ill greet you ?hen from j
! th? galleries ox heaven the one hundred aed j
j forty anI four thousand shall accord -vrith j
; Christ ir. crying, 4-V? oil done, thou good and t
: faithful servant!' And the influence that
on earth yc-: put in motion will go dewn
from generation to generation, the influences
you wound ap handed to your children, and
their inSueuocs ground up and handed to
their children; until ^atcb and clock '-ire no
nore needed to nark the progress, because\
tine itself shall bo ao longer.
T'.vo Hundred ?n<5 Fifty Collars /tew aid ?
OSfcrea J or His Arrest.
The Atlantic Coast Line o iters s re- J
ward for the arr&st of the eevardiy \
a?sassic who rr-urdercd one of its em- \
? ? Cl ei-.'*** t~ S* -f Inf. ?
P-U.V CJ> jLLw ayj: j o i vuti ;
assassination is ss follows:
The victim is Mr. Jam^s BiaekwsiJ, 5
one of ike flagmen of 1no rc?d, who ;
lives near Forester, ^*here he recent-1
ij purchased a farm from his sarins :
and located his fathe1* upon iL 2?r. I
Black77eli vras the iisgznan on the Atlantic
(Jossi Line's southbound]
fast train. Ail night the train crew ;
had been having trouble Trith severs! ;
tramps vrho vrere heating iheir vvay.
The engineer ran them ol: the top
ci the train. W hen the train shopped s
at the Mingo Swam? water tank, bo- i
tween Dunn's ar.d Beason, the Hag
men ^rent back to the end of the J
train to see that the tramps, who had j
just been put off, did not get on f
again. Stooping down he saw one;
of them under the last coach. He |
went round to the other side to get ?
under easier. Just as he stooped, 5
the tramp reached out and ssid. \
"There, you s. 0. b., take ihat.";
With this he pulled the trigger and?
Blackweil fell mortally wounded ?
with s bullet in his bowels. The rest \
0: the- train crew hurried baci: to him >
X'h<~y could net catch the murderer r
7,-r.o tied. They say he was so smutty >
and diriy that it vreuid nard 10 e-;
? V. I?v. 0> /-V- I/; rt.L>TT <??iO ?
'J'v'lc ?*! r viU t.?' ^ * >)V>w .A.*. '. -?i .
again- f
Mr. Bi&cicwell was tasen iuVo Lne;
trail: and all sleam was put on for ]
the next station, a re?-- miles distant. i
A doctor -?.-as summoned, but. before
he arrived ;he wound-xl liagm&n hzo I
breathed his iast. He died in about
?f:een minutes aft?r he vras silo:. Tno j
remains ?rere carried on to Ifsyetie- \
ville and left there. |
The young man vras about 27 years j
n* tM arwi urmarrTA/? TTf w*ff hplf! 5
in the highest esteem bslb by the I
railroad authorities and his 56ilow ->m-j
pioyes. \
Ins following -Qls^Turr. has bean?
sent to all ajenis of r.he A. 0. !>.: \
Wilmington. N. C.. Aug. ir\ ISG7. \
A^enis: $2-7j regard vriil ;.?i ^
by tbe Wilmington and vVcldcn Iv*:L-?
read Company for "he arrest and osn- S
viciion of :he parry who ihoi. o.r-d rr-or
jAiiy yo uncle a J. IN. Bi^ck~?i2. lia? 5.
man of southbound pass-io^ur train, j
!>o. aT. or ne?r Micaro v&tcr uvji, =
lf?:~eei Bos son and D->rn. cu ihr;
vV iiSiJji ~?ju rfcjS'.iCa;: v. ;
las; SaiurcAv nisfh:-. >Le liib, ins^r.:. {
J. Ivrf^.'Cr; . *
Genera: Hasr.gsr. j
Governor Eiieri.>9 ou^hi re heavily f,
upplem^nt this re~r.rd. Tho aisas- J
sin ou^ht to by caught and v '<
?xecu ted. ^
Ki?le<l by rvynsm! te. i
TV 15 T. Hjwc 4?. r-aolf'r'? f?rrrs<??' i
!i?h:g three c-.iies ~est of Rcckrcart, \ i
3-*., vras killed at 5 o'clock a. m. Vv ed-;:
aesday by the accident?.! explosion o! 1? >.
-ynamite cartridges. He had placed j s
the box cf dynamite under the xitch-:;
in stove for the purpose of drj&g. '
Ib.% kirch-:n and dining room ~r?re j;
sadly wrecked and the bc-Jy horribly f >
ir.utns.t5d. Dzris 'JO years old. \:
THAT ?Vr.A~ *? t->'v Of *!*:5
-T_K'. Zsnr.ott: i> :,- - n~ Gt..rtpf. Wiio
That ^ryj.?* >>- ijr??
>IfcaJ?:d .--It C!< i-jic?:* ic tii? *\--rT.
John Te^ipie f^ro?es. ot Gieorg'S.!
7?i*i:es as follows to lbs Atlanta j
Journal: j
Aftev a;i tb--? i>jrnccmti'j nai'tv reerr.:. '
tc be inde^truciibis. and -.lien j
for';u3ss ebb iiid :.ta rsksios sc-ems ]
spent, bit: always Lr. the tour o ' iis:
ippiiront dialer,-he soeus of the poo- j
Me revive U, or lj~ iSitisLiiecS uiid i
kcticiuJism or ;he li^pu biieari p&riy \
:i-.-&riaoiy "wa:-:*} i: to ><Iory ;
The Korabiican party :z ezplciii&g I
*?o-r the ? ":!: raJiy every-!
"hire the brcvi^n bs.tUiicr - of r>c-^j.- I
erc.ey. r.r.;.. sc. - r ts ' e % concern-;
sd, 'b'j Xlzivnz adirdiiirtrjuio:: h?s j
&t ? . srrciro the orddjsg prou:is< 1
of ? respeciahlu llepubircas r.s.rr/ is j
ihv South.. -*c Hc-p-il-iif.'a president I
;i*"." : '.hr" '-rtr !'.$? fr'". j v*-i lit"4:;*? i:
such in. op:>;>~::;a,r:y
ss iisc bi-es to;
Wi.Ulara iTcKteUr.
The Kouih *??2 fairly j
to V. divided Claahisg cvnvietkmi; I
on ;eG?v:uic issues divided the people, j
The currency question rae like u i
?*edgs. id^is? the heart c-t ihc s-rcdon. j
The t;j,-;;d'. urr,? ar.d always a locui |
question had its Jiitetre adhereti:? o.t; J
ei&er theory. The vu*.e of ring pod j
lU'-s iisa leiiuvrsii n sutsss a x*.rgv -jo-i-;
vln^At of the fpithful. an?l net ?. f?.~
of philcspl'ie mind hud re-v/aod the
cca'clusic-s that grc&c ?.rd R<safi?r
eou&i par:iei> ~e:-e essr-^utti! V; bsUer
politics in ihe South.
And be.?-: :o tlvs of partiopportunity
coai'--1? "VTil:tarn Me
s"'r\leT honc?t. sise-ie minded. ar.d
estoetr^d all other ;
ov tfcs rr.atc.rial interests o? il;s south. i
steriicd ihc xii^o * : ?:l rnvu for;
thij : isssioa cd ^ivisirn. luidcn the :
rv.?u &?.? the 0'{;p0!-uv-*iiJ7 to;
hive ic.u-- A.fid it is n-'.'i sfr^c^u iha*. |
sr.ivzny- i;x '''i~yi'.." ;.;rc,">a * ; ?.:j j
or -wc-gn triors in t;:-s old r-r^riifzAtion. |
:"~cu;d h>iV3 risked ihfdr fidib ar.d j
t; cir future upc:. this ttc-U founded j
and pvomiz? of Dsrucsra'dc dis- j
If ihe isIcXiruey liJruini.-! ration had i
??-? K-?.a,5 '1/3 < >o.~ -i~ 1
ed the opportunity; if ii tad been j
prudent and politic, if it had ecncili-'
ated the south zswas wisely coun-;
seiled to do; if it had. distributed its |
oSices with. some duo and ;politicai re i
gard for the ^rand array of the besi-!
is.nl 1 do cot hesitate to assert I
that the lispublican pariy would I
have been recruhod f-.om the b?st i
blood of the south. lis rein force-i
men: would na?e bees mighty, jv?.d j
out sf these ecoiiou:io and i-aaaciii:
vrranglei there woaid surely hare
trooped s staseiy c~edus to che promised
lA;id of rrusperitr.
Bje Mr. McKinley ha? ansg his;
golden chance o^ay. has not!
only failed tc conciliate tlie south, out
h'i has issuiLec' it. U,r:dsr the shadow
ol iiis adminis'iraiion the usee vri;G yc
bisind Mark Hanji&'s bidding have
yerl'ected a sejiish a~ou sectional and
trust-bleeding tar id". He has lavished
| the "seduction of 5-poiia" upcii the old
n*.rrv3ih'A!- ST.n s?? lawyer r.^TTiA which
: has boen hoverin/? hunerj over the!
!southern oiKces since the war. He;
: has ignored and alier-ated the new and |
' resectable eleven, ready for a change |
I cf economic faith?and to crown it
all be has reopened the sacrificed sere
i of cur body politic, resurrected an is
| sue which limeaud circumstance had
; soothed, ana llfilsg nigh his horn of
! patronage, has emptied a swarm c:
negro appointees upon the choicest'
; communities of the south.
it does not profit us to discuss here
the animus o: such a poiicy. \v netaj
er it ?>e to feather the senatorial bon!
net of Mark Kanna in Ohio, whether
' it be a bid for a soud black vote lor
MeKixUey in the next national con'
wntion; whether it be an ebulution
of the eld desire to humiliate the
I south, the effect is the same. It vivifies
the race issue into vigorous life.
It ant?.gon:;:So" the perpetually superior
race; and i t once more solidifies the
souih against the party of negro domination.
Of course there can be j
but one auswsr from the south to Mr.:
ifcKiniey and Mark Joanna. To the j
trust trimming protectionist and the!
political negrophillst there can be but
one response from the reordering followers
of southern Democracy.
Close lhe : &z^iz, s.r.d nnrcu In solid i
rile to the ballot box in 13001 it does j
no: matter novr <vha: v?e ha^e thought;
about protection, I: does net Trai^b \
'71& us ihfct vrebiive UiJfcrea honestly ;
on ih-i cu:rfcncj. I'hese things >ire j
matters ci judgment and can weit its2
arbitrament of lime and trial They j
are diifeiences thai can be and must;
be compromised. But the rcboer rid- \
iariir must be riddled. The race issue ?
must be vindicated. The thorough;
hypocrisy thai fo~oes upon this section j
a color o: olliciai life -iiat vrould net;
be ioisrsied in its OT?n must be rcbuk- 5
ad by the solid bsulot cI the people it *
hc>s insulted, ihs issue of issues has ?
been raised, and i; must 03 met c-s i:!
has cu7,r2-& been met, calmly, nrroiy, |
and in unbroken r&nia* jj
We hsve dwliieu maeo ~ith pciisi- ?
cal possibility during these tranquil!
and seemingly economic limes. vVe jj
:>TV.r? division. and ?
locked upon n&w vrithoul ?
aiarii. But :oe blick ilsg has beer. ]
lifted by tbc old P-ody oi secticujii^.,"
the blars or "-ha cr-kay's busies has ?
dnog our faces u:osl serious 5
ihrsat of mcr>,; poli'd-js. vv c know ;
ovr posit:or; ;ic " ^ui ou.r ^7 is j
Vv'-j ui~o no portion wicb the Hcpub-;
ii^ins. '-To il^Tw no icheriLf.nc? #ith ;
tiis f-ou.s of moucpolj. To jour IrUJls, i
o.a, Israc: c: Desociraoy i
5u:cifics- j
la York on Tuesday &n ua j
knOTtn mem ?bov.t 50 years of agecortt- *
nJtted suicide in Central Park cy I
shooting himself in the .enipia. Tue j
report of the r: capon v.-at heurci by a |
policeman. v?ho found the man dead, i
John Hunter, SO years old, a cable I
car ?ri?:nan, was found dead Tuesday i
afterncoa in Mourn Morris park, vr::h 5
a bullet hole in his head and a reTcl-;
ver bciid? hire. Ha had committed?
suicide acd wies .Useovereti been ;
dead iivj or sis Lours. At the timej
bus ndr: i'j of oiiiicLsa were p.lajiugJ
abous the raoon-l.
James 20 jesra o;<?, jurtp ;
ad fvtiui t.v;? roof ot <:. four stcry cuii ; ;
c.Rtlr xzn:;r si : ./?. nft?.r a '
?un?vyi -.vi'.c hi/, rviic. s.i?i "*as iast&ni- ]
iy "' 1''ru.
*.'. ilsrtl;;. 2" "Cars old. V?5 i
found Tucs'Js-t -i^Lt in he? bwi-"
r.v ? '.: :; ?rs' TM.V i
xiii-c-c suicide by inhsilrv- <??$. ;
Arilen Pi;r?h:-" >. s t&Ucr. cut of
?crl: aud d?*pr rates:, c5?iait;ej *ui-;
ciJe in Brooklyn Tuesday ^ilh car- 5
bOiic acid. j
??-- ? '.* -v UroisJr.^
A c&rr.&^c c^ntiiriing E. 0. Ciauen-j
ten. a ws:} kne -a attorney of "W?sL- f
L2gtcn, and His? Villa Oustis. a'
j.iU'rh'-or of Dr. "V. G. N. Custis, rras
run dovn -jj & train, on "be Baltimore
irtd Foicmac railroad at Dsa?.TCod, s f
;hcrl dist^n;;!; :'rom Wasainjrtos,;
ibcu: 7 o'clock Friday itisrat. Bold I
iiiso serious]v .list ths" '
ii^u "ru;t ccin.;* Drou^iit to znt city. ;
Slaua&icn. \?hc Vfss - ~:dc>*. teavcs*!
A >? OA:** vO . n, ;
~.'< U H'.-.-C.
'ih? ^ of T- iiccr
ps>vy o-' covth r.i-- vL-- fc-1i.*>T*i:.7
'.ii? Uoicoi"
;.r.3H7 lection.* O;
C" *- "**'** ' ' "
Zjvioles, 1 Fr.r iLO purpose of
T-'orrrir.r.tis? csnui'iAiss for governor,
iieuisaast t*o?e2 oc-r and all ether
otste oSicers, including1 soiiciiors In
r^ic.ii "a their respective districts ar-.d
"tfaittsd S'.a'.es Senators and hi] county
clncers. r::cect magistrates and mas
Vers aad supervisors c: registration, a-j
d;.rcci uriu.a.77 slecticn shall be held j
on the last Tuesday in August oi caca !
t ytw, and 2 scccad anutlklrd !
primary each tvrc vrseks suc;*ess:T?;y j
I thereafter if seoess&ry. ?L:. ihis aioc:
tion only ~>ezaGs?a?ift tpLUs voters
| who r-avd >^-a residents oi iho Stab |
; la rstov-.hs :?::d '-j>? county 0.; aiiys j
! y.^-ccdizz the sxcxi ~tva3rn. c:cc;icn, !
; iac! iuah iK-grous &c voted the Usnso- S
: cnuti-.; licir^t in iS7o ar c nave voted it ]
; the 0Cvu::CRte of while Dsuiocraiis |
; v.r- r^ who v'ill 'chdz/i tUwssoI-rss iu j
support thft jiorninees of sv 2b. e:yc- i
lioijs. may vote, provided z^c tx.r?cu I
srusii be allowed to >ro*e isc^pc his |
| c-c enrolled on i;:e purlieu:*r j
j ci ab list at, which he cfi-.-rs 10 ?&.$. at j
| lent nve days before iiu> d&j of che j
; lirst wiiaar? election. Each ei?b 1
[ shall hare ? separate polling place for j
i pillar? elections.
: I he club rolls of the party shall j
i coasts lute th3 registry list aacl si:Ail lm> ]
cp-'a to isspecticr- by any mstaber of I
! the party ?2d the ele-crioa under this |
i claus-r snail 5b held and regulated ua-;
! der the act c: the gersersd assembly ci" j
! aero-ored Ds'e. 22.1858. and i
I subst-queni acts or' ih? legislature j
| of this S-aie. The- -St^ts oxscmive com- j
[ mittoe meet on the Friday after j
| v'toii i--r:i:va-*7. or sucb oiber time as I
; nu.y bt tics ^-:hted by tic chairman, j
; -c: vet-: SLU.C-. dcc:?ra the reisf.lt
as to ail St*vi c-iiccn. ecagress:
&zid Ui-iiCd iiiaie? .soniters. All j
i ? ~ f.-~. ' ' 1- i
i sry elections shall iirst bo hoard by]
: the county enecutivc committee of the i
i county in which such irregularities may j
| have occurred, and msy be reviewed j
i by :he State executive committee, j
i wbose action shall be final; provided, ;
; that no veto shall be counted for any ;
i candidate >ho does net 21s ^ith the j
I chairman of the State executive con;- j
* miltee, or with the respective chairmen!
\ of the county executive committees, a \
j pledge ic. writing that he will abide;
> the res.at of such primary and support;
j the nominees iherecl', a.ad that he is I
? not, nor will he become the candidate!
of asr faction, either privately or >
pul'i-ch- sug^estsc, other Uian the re-j
galw Iv'rscjrstie nomination; pro- ;
vidsd "urther ihas no casaiusts shall j
be declared. nominate.! utiicss he ra- j
ccivjja a u&joriij ol the votes cast for i
thfccfueo for vrliiei he is a caD.aivH.te: ]
! prcTidcd lhi: the pleogc of s.-cb c?.n- i
| dldfite shull be Hied on c? before the;
; U.v> of the ars: CHmrsi^n of the coun- i
; ty or State respective!v.
joules one and iwo ssjs who arc en
: iiileu to vote. They resd as follows: ]
I Thr roles saj: j
i Bale X. The qualification for mere-;
1 bership in ar-y subordinate club of the ]
i I>emocratic ?c-rty in this State, cr for j
5 voting at a Democratic primary shall j
; be as follovs, ~iz: The applicant icr ]
j membership, ot voter. shall be 21 j
j v-'eare ox age, or shall become 50 be j
i fere the succeeding general election,\
\ and be a vrhii* Demeci-at, or a nes;ro j
; who votea i'cr General Hampton in j
; 1S7'3 and v-hc has voieu the Democrat- j
ic ticket continuously ever sines. Pro- ]
| viced, thai 110 Trhite man shall be ex- j
I eluded froea participation in the Dem-!
5 iw'ati,". ?>r-?ho sh&'i tr?k.'i the I
| pledge required by the rules of trie <
jj Democratic party. The managers at S
I each box at the primary election shall *
5 require each voter in a Democratic
! primary election, tc pledge himself tc:
: abide the result of the primary, and j
tc support the party, and to take^tlie;
' following oath and pledge, viz: i:I do {
j solemnly swear thai I am duly quali-!
5 ?ed to vote at this election according j
I < ? * fViti fiiliso .-if 15: a W!*t*sr i
and that I have not voted before at
this election, and pled.se myself to j
support the nominees of this primary.'' I
! Buie 2. Every negro applying for j
! membership in a Democratic club or \
I offering to vote in a Democratic pri I
; mary election must produce a written
! statement of ten reputable white men i
i who shall 5"/ear that they know cf!
! their c -.rn knowledge that the appli- \
1 cs.m or voter voted f or General Ilsmp j
ton in 1S75 ?nd has voted tho Demo-;
nratiri coritinuoiiSiV ever since, i
The said statement snsli be placed in j
I the oaliot box by the managers and j
rotiirrjed Tiib die poll list to tie coua- ?
ty chairman. No person shall be par -j
milted to vote unless ho has been en- j
roiled on a club list at least Sve days \
befor3 eaid primary election.
Tire club lists shall be inspected by i
tnd cor tided to by the president aud
secretary and turned ever to the mansgcrs
to"be used as the registry lists.
r'ovcr and
In ti communication in the Statesvilie
Landmark.. I)r. John F. Foard
jiseu5ses fever? and malarial diseases
and their cause;. He charges them to
;.x: V u.:, c.Ju K'^'c ?
tabic matter, and thir.;:5 that a fruit-j
j'ul source c: these dishes iu the ru- j
rai districts is the i?-iiic? of trees in ;
sir cams, causing1 their osorliow, iha .
decsyiss timber a:?o siting cl? pci-!
serous vapors. Ho sr.ys that from
i.640 to IS3Q. "many ibeusati'is ot
lives ~cre th'-s prernsTiurely sacrificed
aonuaiiy in that ruction bsi^een
Charlotte aacl G-re^nsbcro, vraere!
health and happiness had previously
veiled. tome of the counties employed
from 20 to 30 physicians each
constantly, ind they usisg *>cm one
to ti^cs hors-oc lo c-o tueir riding." >
In the conclusion cf this article \
he refers to ar* interesting: and nota-jj
b la fact of history ihus: Soon after;
the isr-C' srsr, Si n-cii from Wilkes
county clienacd jr'ederai court a; Salisbury
And campse on the rid#e betwcea
the hiTZo'l'lcOoy raiJI noad and
the tc^n. On their return home 17 c:
c: then: soon died of 'ercr. Since
;he nth?.: pond r.as been drained, tLe ;
creek sbo7e nnd beloTr straightened, *
ar.d thr;u~cndo of acrcn of the very:
best lino put in isu.ccsssful <
cjiIti~i;Uon. vf'jieh biu greatly i.
itr-.proved tnc health o: the 1
lG~-r- 33u CC\lZ.liy. V.-CSC^
iu.d :i:aiiy other cose.'- prov*. thai ?.Ie-;.
T':tio^ is ro ?U?r?ntse a^airrt tho^ j
P?Isoacvs vapors. B-zside-. :ho *^cs: \
h'JsJzxiz zinc c^ss cf fsTC" cc-1
cu."ih-3 rar-untsins. In this I%st;
cj.cucc^or, ~~ refer io the feel cbst a j
tneaabor o- LLo slaS oi The Observer* j
Is sn ?rtic>: trozn Asheviile appear '
:' * > ihis r:.ir.'-r L-'ith&t tvr>hoid fa- i
ver has invaded 2-Ir. Wjiderbiit's S
mansion at Biitmcre. Th^ crater vrith ?
^hich it is supplied is the purest, the j
plumbing s~.cf ?:e?sri^-3 arc perCcot,!
i.nd It rus be depended upoa thai Lhc?
drains;?e of the ?hcie premises is j
tauiil^ arid that ncvrherc in the vi-:
ovilty is there iorkirxz p. esusc of dir.- ?
esse rrriieh aoj ordinary intelligence 1
caa driver. Typhoid fever is -ike the j
wind, ^aich blo^eis. ?here ii ilsiela 1
?it is; hard tc tell -^her-.oo :: comcth. i
.Vodic:;i science has ye; rracb to icarn t ;
aV.u::% - 'vi-vjoi.O^wrvcj. i
! 5rryrWi*is<J? Oi S*vi ii iltt t.-X'vI i
*i??2irs '- 'to '
S The iaroscrs at Sumter on
Sfcirirda*' ' rvie-i ;.- . s ?*' *.&? ausxpcc;1
cc rsuimsr a^-jon'u :u s?0ie2>
; ^oii Lact * -!eff:is= of i;- course by
r*/"C*?:--ST;t Cr?'i-h-,\1;: At Uv cscciu- i
sior. of r.is addrees sarrv.' orte ir. the '
: iiuuic-nce asked if 1: vors true, h? some !
: ilairaeU, that Oiai^soa ^as Deir.g j
rurned into a iit^rr institute. Zar. j
Craighead -spiled tauJ sued was aot!
the case, and h'- -J:d ~r?t sec how any !
inteijisent man who knew anything i
of ihe work Clst-soo oc-uld form i
such aa opinion. He said there were ]
no literary studies In the college cur- i
ricuh-m but Ss^iLsh arid history: that j
be did not think that a student should j
be allowed to graduate ireru the col- j
i-?^o without a knowledge's!'the moth- \
or tongue, and no man could clai^n to j
be educated "ho did not bare at!
i -fcii-t a .9-f.nG-ul kaow:^?i-o ox the lead- i
I i-f: iciclz of history. He raid that no ]
= -nosey bad been spcst on the literary i
| department but tn&t tan* of thousandsj
; h?J been ivc-iii cr. ihe :udu,uiud and j
i scicalillc. such fcs :Us dairying. horii-j
! culture, e^rkul-ure ii-d veterinary i
! cenartsaeni?: to cq'iip ths machine j
j shop, feujviar* ??a /ore-?, the eiecirii
cat. geotc.^icii, botanical ?yd cbenai|
ex. laooraxrves. In short. the iitcra
! ry features of iho colkso had been
| completely overshadowed. and if any i
j mistake had berr-. Ti-.sdx it was not!
! given enough pvjtsineoce, perhaps, !
: to the Eeglish literature and language.
| Gym care Cicmscii *vhh the two lead-i
iri^r agricultural usd iriechanical colleger
in the south. that of Alabama |
and of Virginia, over Tchich latter j
McB.'ido, has so ably presided. There j
"were only two general course in j
| Clemso.'i, while. iH Alabama or Vir-1
i giua there were seven or eight. In j
both these institutions a boy could !
grad uats without taking any agricul-j
tur&l or industrial studies. For ex-!
ample, in one of the four year courses j
at the Virginia sehoc-I, tad aJao i-a j
Aliuama. rise following studies were 1
included: French,' German, consti-i
I tutienai history, astronomy, political I
| economy, ethics and psychology. In \
other \7ords, j ist such a co irse as is j
I given in the ordinary literary college \
' ior the B. 3. decree. In short, Clem-;
' son has been doing her ovrn legitimate \
I Vvork and is not duplicating the Trork \
; ot the South Carolina college or the j
i denominational schools. Further ]
I more the industrial feature of (Jiern- jj
| son was more prominent than that of \
J any other southern agricultural and i
j mechanical college, except that of j
[ ilississTppi. Some one in the audi j
! e:iee askeel President Craighead ^hy 3
i he telegraphed that there was malari- j
j al lev* r as Clemson. v/hen ;he state 2
I board of heakh had declared it to be j
; an epidemic 0: typnoid. In reply, he |
| said he virod that they had 30 cases of
; malarial fercr 2nd only one 0: ty- ]
' ? - : 4. -~r\~ -f t- ?? r? _ i
; jiuicii, iC fcusti i
tion furnished him by the collage surI
^ees, backed by two or three protnii
sens local physicians. He did ict
; kncvr vrb'-iber they had an epidemic
i c: typhoid or net, and it v?a3~ not of j
much conccrn a", this time. What \
vras or concern was the promise of the I
trustees to wake sanitary conditions I
I ss perfect as possible, acd thereby
prevent fever or any other trouble.
bre would not on any consideration
reflect on the state board of health,
but that i: appeared a Mule singular to
* ,
; a pism man uisii me ?wv uu& u. ;
i eases of lyphoid fever treated by the ]
! most modern raechcds should die; j
| whereas 50 or CO other cases dosed on
quinine and eaiarsel, the old fsshion|
ed malarial treatment, should recover |
! in thre-~ to fifteen days. That, however,
T~as a question that concerned
th? doctor?:, and the only question of
i.r.porlance now before the trustees
? . p ... j> *
; v^as to assure vje peopis ci pei iecs aixu-1
! iViTT conditions for the future. Ia||
ccrcluoir.^. ho puid a high compli-j
morj. to th<? faonUy, ehcir- he srcsid-1
! der-.d sb-s and eoersoii'j. The insii- j
tute "C.s conducted by Professors <
SIiivGr. Connor ard Craighead and j
aLd ~ei: attended, considering j
the -itiie adreriisia^ it kad Lad. .cVes j
iu?r>\ Craighead's address on the ag- ;
ricultural problem was element acc j
~ 'CTj iMrroo :Vio lc.cf r>* S
this x???k '"or Missouri
r. ?3t of C2 ?lctarc-?.
"Vv hen the children '.vho have u ikd;
(or coikcuri^ e:g '.r9ite pictures., as a j
r i&jority of them hS7e. come to realy/.b
ihi. iijvt urdev o; things, tatir pro
tes-t -?.*iii doubtless be heard, col at
W:;ih!n.^:tcc. perhaps, but in atauy a
home asc in ib.^ various foruais sheve
they ?.; 3 vrc-nl to -.liseu&s their srrevanc-j
es. Tbene?* rejruiaticn reads: "Nor.sj
0: the acka?e::of s.r.okir>? io&accoard j
i;u- cui cbewiixir ' o';aoc : and curare'ts<
1 - - "" v - 5
cy i*>w [.T:j
t-.j have packed fr, cr oiiuched to, cr :
cccnccled vjiiti there, siny article or 5
tMsg T.-haiscever other ihsa the :naa-1
ufccUiiev-'s -uppers and labels, tee in- j
terrui icvcnue stamp and ihe tobacco ]
or c-sarsttcs, respectively, put. up j
therein, on Thich ta~ is required to ]
b< paid under tne internal revenue
lavrs; nnr shall thsrs bo atiixed to, or
n-randc'J, sta:apcd, lis:k-ec, v.-riiUn or
printed upon said package* cr cteir
con tints any promise or ci?er of, or
?n~ nr>r .Tv't S
i.-.v UJ-ViiO. W. W.A1WVB.V J?. ? , j
p- -xe pr^iyrn. .v-ymsrit or reward/'S
~ce I-:^? !ji 'STlitat.
The prlc.; of wheat issie&dily cii:r:bicg
up. The farmers "^hc have wheat
to sell will got f; betior price this 5ear, i
because the" n rest bread -mating owsn- S
tries are shorl of whe*t. But "-bis re- J
lief v.'iii orJy be temporary. If use?
crop in other eouatrice hsd net been
shon wo would hare had wheat at ZZ
cesis rx buihc-I this year. Vye are *iad
for anv relief from 'o~ rrie??, though.
We wish to say tiaat (be- farmers of |
71 ?! ?.? S?*o^a s?h? I
wheat bus rises in pries. It iz ;?^c*use i
o; k fe.il a re of crops on the* other con j
tir-eat. Llxzti* niti prohibit the ship *
viv.i' of. v? heat. She bas not enough 'or jj
heroin people. Tnis ^ill givo the 5
America# farmers a fair market in 1
?uropc._ And -.he prie.- will be fairly j
good, jyut for this the prioo 0: wneaT.!
would ec dovn vo about the price of j;
app'.es But Earope is SO^OOfyOOC \ j
DUSliviS Siir.rt 5
? ?* ?<
i :: 4/. i y
/i special d:':p?.tch S-ifoik. 5j
Tt?.. v> tbo 1vj-ts art! C-u-ier says 11
ih>\v while cr"?s:n.s ih-i &nu j;
Z>A:;?liIo Railroad tracks at 10 o'clock ?:
P-iJr.j ~-crr.:-.*:ir. J W. ii-iJ, *1 { <
L.'biir: ?:. 01, S. 0 , -vs? crasici j v
Ul? :.'jd.V hip-.:. lie i^s^uishei ! ;
27?. a.vu\- ji-.d i:i _i- anw-ai.>? ; |
:-ji: ilr. iv-:d ? ?id bad h
fcwt> dv.i-'b:>-i-r ii\*:r.v in At 1 v
acta. Th-- icoc'ic-d %*."; bo :*5 2
resrs t;id. H-* -srorti iv 2r?ev be^-rd Hid |
5ad i? po iarcs&l appearance-. |
A M^yr>.s? Scorcher. *
I?r? Gvissie Ca 1:1 pb^l -6 penoerr vYir-~- "
:ovv .ias jus; e-iCoea 10 a;-.on, au., ana c
<-cmnrriai her first husband, ?
IVL: iJpf-ncer. She had been di vorcod |
x:t ivTO days irom Dr. J sou vv inflow, |
p heri she made her'ktes: move in her f.
'ei?ogres?:Te g&rce of m^triinanj. |
ti.^r second husband ^ddsd ihe rc- ?
jcutiy divorced -rife cf Waiter ila?- ?
icr. of iJjeMr-ruer Lu,^ Type Foundry ?
r'is; at City. The engaging *
Jvsaie has beea t-^isr- di ^orced &nci j
vice r;:*rried in the ihre-3 months. |
A i.iy-o ?"2IJU?.
n wtj^C ' fi/i* '.lit;
t speeds* relief and cur-.- oi L>k.-riiea,
| Dvsenx&j, Cholera iiorbus, Blooey
Flux and Ooiie. I: is a sure cure for
I rhese complaints. Taken at the com;
inecceznentef the disorder,a szcaii dose
: may bs &;i that :s required- i?ven in
i the advanced siajres of the disease, ?
i dose or tro. or a ?e~ at most, is certain
i to check the bowel?. No need of a
i rapidly veakenicg diarrhea or dysen|
tery, resulting, it nay be, in a ioag
I spell of sickness. '"Hilton's Choiora
j Cure" is a ready remedy. Taken ac;
cording to directions it never fails to
i eli'eci a care. Have a bottle of it on
iiaiiu., ill .ui LL:ci^c
troubles. Fail directions as to dose
and diet on every bottle. Price 25
Sometimes the most careful -women
are the most careless. Many a woman
bundles herself up, to keep out sickness?when
she is neglecting the very
worst sickness that can come to a woman.
She alL ~s a slight disorder to
become worse, to slowly sap her vitality.
The little pain and other
slight indications of "trouble seem to
| ixer ummpcrian;. bne goes on, vviih
| increasing suffering, until life itseil
i becomes ?. drag. Nervousness, "sinkling
spells,'-' digestive disturbances,
I and fifty other complications may
i arise from th* derangement of the or-!
gans distinctly feminine. Over thirty
i jears ago, the need for a relia[
bie remedy for so cailec "-femaie
' complaints" was recognized by
; Dr. R. V. Pierce, then, as now^ chief
eonsnliin? nhvsiciim to the vv or id's
; Dispensary and Invalids1 Hotel, at
| Buffalo, N. Y. He prepared Dr. Pierc!
e's Favorite Prescription, the most
| wonderfully silective remedy that has
j ever been used for such maladiesBo.r
d 21 cents in one-cent stamps and
rocei^s Dr. Pierce's ICuS page * 'Common
sense Medical Adviser," illustrat:.ed."
^0%^ wor.cS1 it is
women are so
\ tidies* about the
/aJ&^XSJL thm^, ^ -?*cerc
then most
?; K*^y" 1 Zi They endure all ;
X ' ' ' V sorts of pain and !
k& M JIP1& :nisc"'Wlth -cart' |
lessness ~nicn :
fw?k would never be |
A? 'iaiT possible if they i
the |
consequences, j
_t- Comparatively few j
<F^ women understand that i
^ when they neglect their i
^ health because they are j
** busy or overworked j
Slll^'rlli or, ,*be:r_ i
/ft uijstrn up wzta trtocr ,
concern?, that tbey arc j
~ ~^r" ?g^gK? balancing cn the edge i
^=- &S\ia of a fatal precipice.
Any weakness or dis- !
ease of woman's special j
?v|S organi?m is no trifling ]
\>'\ matter. A woman who |
\V* N* through Indifference !
neglects these troubles is having the foun- i
cation for life-long wretchedness.
A modest woman naturally recoils from I
the mortifying ordeal of fxstnioations and
local treatment which doctors insist upon.
But there is no necessity for any such repugnant
alternative. Dr. Pierce's Favorite
positively ar.d completely. It is a medicine j
devised for this particular purpose by one ]
of the nest eminent of living specialists in j
woman's diseases.
Dr. Pscrcc has beer, for nearly ^o years j
chief consulting physician of the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, cf Buffalo,
N. Y. During: this time he has received
fully ninety thousand ^letters from women
who have been cured by the "Favorite Pre- j
scription." Some of these letters are j
printed by permission in one chapter of Dr. i
Pierce's great thousand-page book. "The )
People's Common Sense Medical Adviser." \
It contain advice and sngerestions for self- \
treatment which every woman ought to J
read. More than half a mi'lien copi'es have j
been sold at 51.50 each. An absolutely free ]
edition ir. paper covers will be sent for e (
limited time to anyone sending 2: one-cent j
stamps to pay the cost of mailing only. Ad- S
dress Worm's Dispensary Medical Associa- J
don, Buffalo, N. Y. For a handsome: cloth- I
bound coov send 31 stamos.
- 1
^ Cy I
If 30. I am prepared Uj furnish sunerioi !
iacoi and for less money than yen T*iil |
likely are; elsewhere.
. c s
of the following niakes: Chick oring & Sons, j
Sokmer (not Somaier), Mehila, Fischcr, j
Smith & Barnes and Mathuskek & Sons. |
A37 of the above are thoroughly reliable j
and rill last a lifetime.
I represent the builders, hencc sell at verj $
reasonable priocs. Correspondence solicit- |
ed; catalogues furnished on application. ?
Those the dc not know of e; responsibility j
will plcaae refer to any bank ia Columbia <
especially lac Loan & Ezcliango Bask.
Address, I
i?T. JL MAisQNE, |
* 1 * ?**
i M&TilDSREJi ||
? Ths Plaso for a LlletusA,
ri Ttc Piano ci tie South,
5 Piano SoiC SIss; EeajciaM?. I?
? ' Igg !
5 j!
1 11
t T^olcuorifTiiialStoviGJibck. soldbytis I 5
2 for over & quarter ofs centcry asS ih* 8 I
% ?alighi of Uiousaate ofSoutaerii homes. 1,
5 More .Mathashe?cs cseC Sou'-i. tiiar. of | j
2 Civ otf*wr one make. * " * . < 5
> S '
3 I/O vol" X ew Kt.* '.tG ot Fricse. ;
; choapcr tliaa evoe t>efori kucwa. | |
Sty les zzes $iiS, s<rw $323.
| 4IOO ?7J4 every Sz^crJ
Mcjt, ixx^.ssc vre p.rc ao*1* Interest/Ofi Is jj j
j :Jve McthushcK fec*or7, supply J ?
: purcxia^rg aave wseis. &JLi n> j 5
5 t&noedi&te proi-ta. "Wkits U3> J |
z.rDos:rr & bates,
] Ssvaajtab^ Ga-, cr?<I ?*?vr Tori C:?^. s |
a w as ^g
: "T"3 T7*-*4"-ruvv* a ~r at Anriro r> s. ^
! Lv V jtT-.Sji \j x < L:A. ?"
! T7T?T*T TSTT T^r^r^TmTTnnTS
i .&&&JLl?? I llvulll U1L
j so::Til CAROLINA |
| July 7&, 1897,
I ^ |
| The Liquor and Morphine Habit Thori
| cughly Cured without discomfort. The Columbia
Institute is closed. "Write for infor
nation, etc., to GREEJSTILLE, S. C., the
i healthful Mountain City. Perfect Sewerage.
! Pure Water.
| : j To tfee Public. : : :
I i : : V T sale until August 1st, * ;
| : : : as fo will have to know :
j within the time above :
: : : stated in order to arrange our ; : g
| : : : business for another year, : j
| ! : i whether or not we will be able : jw
j : : : to dispose of this valuable real j : Jm
j r : : estate. Having decided to go :
| : : : more extensively into the mer- :
| : : : cantile and rice mill business, : ^
| and to reduce our farming in- : *
; : : : terest, we have decided to place :
j : : : upon the market one of the tin- : : :
: : : est plantations for general pur- - - :
j : : : poses in Orangeburg County, j - J,
: : : This property is situated in j . j.
: : : Pine Grove Township, one mile : ?
: j from the toTm of Lone Star, asta- j :
j : : : tion on the Manchester and An- i
j : : gusta E. S., and containing : :
: : : twenty-five hundred (2500) :
: : : acres, more or lesa, with a good III ^
: : : part of same under a high state :
: : : of cultivation. On the place is a :
: : : good saw mill, grist mill, gin and : j :
: : : cotton press, a fine pasture, 8 or j
: : : : 10 good tenant houses, and ev- ; j :
I : : : cry other convenience a good : : :
j : : : farmer would want. We oiier : : :
j : : : also for sale two lets and the : :
| : : : oesi store nouse in i<one star. : : :
| : : : This is undoubtedly a tine open- : : :
: : : ing for anyone wishing tomer- : ]m
i : i chandise and farm in connection : : J?
: : : with each other. All of which j j :
| : : : we ofer you very cheap and on : : ^gl
j { j j easy terns. Of coarse we won't j :
: : : be able tc tum over to the pur- j j :
: : : chaser the farm before first of ; ; :
j : j : Jan., 1S93. The store we can j j
i : : : tum over fcr the fall business. :
! : \ \ For further particulars address | : a
j : : : TAYLOR & BULL, Lyons, 8. C. : : : _
-April 21-5E03
Mfice to Mothers. |?
- / &
I - '-&rJ
i liTo ?
; (?'?; woaw 3 c. Li
! ilea to a remedy so long needed la carry- Jjj
j "eg children ca'eiy through &? critical ill
| stags of teething. It !s an Incalculable ?^n|
j blessing tc mother ind child. II you sreljg
| iizSirfced at night vritia a sick, fretful^MHHH
| teething eiiiid, use Pitts' Carminative, It ^^*5?
girs instant relief, and regulate the
t?*?els, and maie teething safe and easy. j
It will cars Dysentery and Diarrhoss, Jt'
! Fits: Carminative ia an instant relief for '
| xiic d Infants. it plli projacie digestion,
075 tons and energy tc the ctcmach and
bevels. Tli? e-ck, pnnys snSering ciiid
<*111 eoon becosnc the Sat and frolictlng Joy
o? fee ion^bcld. It !s ?*ry pleasant so
Vcs taste and only cost S3 cents p?s boliis
Sc3d fey drn^gtets and Sy _J
1522 MUSCAT D3^y CO., '
Oolsmok. B. O.
I: the most complete system oi eie7ating
handling cleaning and passing cottonImproves
staple, saves labor, makes you - Jt
money. Write for catalogues, no other - .
equals it.
i handle the most Improved
to ?>s foiled on thn rr..srfe"AL- -
My Serjeant Lc^ ii&v Kill 5?, in J
simplicity anit efficiency. a wornlcr. "
and all wood working machinery.
are Site test
Write to me fce'ora baying
?, 0, Badhais,
General Agent,
is ~<J gigB
fH|j Will euro any c-^se of
ji|||l Diarrhea. Dysentery, ^
?Sg| Cholera Morbus, ?g|
|p|| Bloody i?!ux, or Col- |1 J||
' 25 cents a bottle. M ^
Sold by dealers generally and by H
grprV'StiV fttSb-o J? A A ^
AE#*53ta. Gau Aofraivl t=?ta?55. Not?rt p ~g?
bottii- Stsn iUna, Cjics? Iwari- 3?a<l to: cftulcgao. /jg

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