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Wednesday, November lO,. 1897
y ?See "Notice" elsewhere.
?Soe "Notice t? Creditors."
?Read "Proclamation" in another
?Miss Maggie Stevenson has the
position of cashier in the Winnsboro
Dry Goods Company.
E|?Jos. Reynold*, a white convict
from Fairfield County, is dead. H"
death occurred on the State farm u*.
?Professor and Mrs.JWitherow entertained
the teachers of Mt. Zion College
at a most delightful tea on Wed
nesaay evening.
?The cistern near Mr. G. A. White's
residence, is leaking, and ob Monday
the wafctr was .aken oat and the leak
was being carefally mended.
?2?e? * was received on Saturday
that Mr. H. N. Obear had rallied from
the sever*, attack that he had, and was
a little better, thougn very weak.
At ?Mr. F. H. China, of Sumter, is
HP night operator in the telegraph office
here. He has taken the place of Mr.
-T "H. Jnr.A^ who left for Columbia a
few days *?o.
?W. W. I?user Js still making cabinet
photo* at $2.CC per doses. After
- November 20th bis price will be $5.00.
Now is thb season to have your borne
photographed. adv
?Miss Bessie McMaster has gone to
Laurens County wbere she will hare
charge of a school. Miss McMaster is
a graduate of Ccnverse College, baring
comp eted the course last June.
?Among the delegates to the recent
meeting of Synod was Mr. W. E.
Wilds, who represented tbe Longtown
Church in Fairfield County. Mr.
Wilds is a native of this conniy, bay*
ing for many years lived near this
place.?"Darlington Cvr. to the State.
?On Tuesday, the 2nd of November,
Miss Mary Beane Inglesbv, of Charleston,
was married to Mr. George Louis
Dial, of Columbia. The ceremony was
MA?fA?mAi9 ?? CMAA
pVUViiUVU iU Miawg vuu&vu|
too. Miss Inglesby is a sister of Mrs.
Arthur Simmons and has visited io
?At a reunion o.i the veterans of
Uichland County, which took place on
Saturday, at Light wood Knot Springs,
near Columbia, Col. John E. Davis, of
Killians, was elected colonel of the
Kichland raiment CoL Davis' friends
will all be pleased to learn of this compliment
to bim.
?Messrs Bertram and Willard, who
are the managers of the "Singin
Stale," arrived here on Monday from
Columbia, and will begin the rehearsals
at once. Misses Parmater aad Pixley
I are to take part in the entertainment
^ and will come down to Winnsboro this
tm week to be present at the rebevsals. ?Some
citizens bare complained
^ . that horses have been tnrned looae in
the eastern part of town at night.
This is very annoying to the people in
that part of the town and they are
tired of it. The owner or owners of
these horses should see to it that the
*- -?? ij l
k corses are doc auoweu iu rmuu awuu
?General Bosser lec'ared in the
Court House on Monday ni^bt to a
large audience. Tbe iectnre was illustrated
by pictures of tbe great leaders,
D which added a great deal to tbe interest
of what the lecturer bad to say.
General Koseer talked over two boars,
and tbe best evidence that bis aadience
enjoyed tbe iectnre is tk*t it showed
no signs of being worn oat.
?WiniHbGro will be well represented
at ibs Fair to is year, as it usually
is. Th< school children are to
Vio co (iaIMoi- a? Wnocr) atr Thnrfi.
day and Friday, *ud a number of them
k will take iu u_>e gayietr.e* of Columbia.
w Thursday i,- generally the Say wbea
moat of the Wiansboro people go
down, and a crowd will no doubt ieave
i?ere that day, if the wea?her is favor
?Ai the recent meeting of the Synod
of the Presbyterian Cbareh in Dar'liogton,
it was decided to send a petition,
signed offlciiliy, to the postmaster
i general concerning Sanday mails. Dr.
| McPheeters, of the Columbia Semi^"
cary* opposed this and protested
against it Synod adjourned on Monday,
and the next meeting will be held
in Lancaster in October, 1898.
Incontinence of water dnriugsleey
is stopped immediat3ly by Dr. Oetchoa's
Anti Diuretic. Cores children
Land adnlts alike. Price $1. Sold bp
W- E. Aiken, Druggist, Winnsboro,
W-J* Accepted a Petition in Columbia.
r Mr. J. D. Jones left on Wednesday
to accept a position in Colombia. Mr.
Jones was offered two places there,
and wben be left had not decided
I which ha woald accept. Mr. Jones
^ -rhas been the uight operator in thv tele-rgraph
offi ;e bere for about three years,
and daring his stay has made a
I samber of warm friends, who regret
very much hie leaving Wiun9boro.
Hwin>*sbobo granite company.
The Winnsboro Granite Company
Id its annnal meeting on Wednesday
it at the company's office in (Jhariesn.
Business only of interest to the
mp&ny was transacted. The follower
directors were re-elected: George
. Wagener, Maj. T. W. Woodward,
1. E. E. Young, Hall T. McGee,
B. Eeckley, William E. Holmes,
d Opt. Jamrs F. Roddirg. At a
bfequen' aaeot>?:g of the directors,
nr. Rftdc.re-clected Dresideut
& and Mr. L. C. Ferrell secretary and
T treasurer.
Free o i {jhirye to Sufferer*.
Cat Ihl- ont and take it to your
druggist n'- -ie- n sample bottle iree
I3P of Dr. Kis^ New Discovery, for
Consumption, Coughs.and Colds. Tbey
Hl do not asK you to buy beiore trying.
?P*s^_ This will -w y<">n tbe great merit* of
Hr this truly * <>xider:u* remedv, and sho^
rn you wha' c n be >c-t:mr'?i?h?.d b^ 'he
gM- -|p- regular si? wt.e. T?iis 1$ ?o expertment,
and *'-;i:d t?e disastrous to the
proprietory uiu iue> 4jui ?imn S(.
-/ r< would invariably cure. Man- of the
9B be-Jt phyf-ician* are now using Jt in
Hl'i '*: their prance with great refultg, and
Rfe >' are relying "n it in most severe cases.
fig|> - It is gaara".;^. Trial Dottles freest
McMasier V -Irtiir store. Regruiar
?;ze 50 ce;-ud $10> 1
rr????r?r?t?r?- r '
R171I mku tk? UoQ pur*,
vrholCSQBto ?sd MUM*.
Mr. W. W. Sadler, licentiate of
Bethel Presbytery, will be ordained to
the fall work of tbe ministry, and
installed pastor at Salem on Saturday,
the 15th November, at 11 a. m., by the
following commission of Bethel Presbytery
: Rev. M. R. Kirkpatrick, Rev.
D. E. Jordan, D. D., Rev. D. N. McLauchlin,
Rev. J. G. Herndon, Rev.
Jas. Douglass, J.nd Messrs. J. B. Frazier
and J. C. McAfee.
Mr. Sadler will also be installed
n?ofoi? *f Wiinah nn RutririlftV. the 4th
December, at 11 a. m., by Bey. M. K.
Kirkpatrick, Rev. D. N. McLanchlin
and Mr. J. C. McAiee. There will be
two service*, and diuner at the cbcrch.
Itch on homan, mange on horses,
dog* and all stock, cared in SO minutes
by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. This
nAWAii ?!aM ko IiT. Til Ai!ron
UCTW 1M?0> UV<U ?# " M*
druggist, Winnsboro, S. C. *
On Tuesday night between eleven
ud twelve o'clock, the gin-hoase of
Mr. Amos E. Davit, of Monticello,
was destroyed by fire. At dark on
Tuesday afternoon Mr. Davis went to
the gin-honse and looked around to
see if everything was as it should be,
and went away satisfied th&t things
were all right, and at ten that night
Mr. Davis' sons passed the gin-house,
as they were returning from a bunt,
and saw nothing wrong. In the gin*
! hoase were six bales of seed cotton belonging
to Mr. Davis and one bale be*
longing to a" negro, all of which were
lost. Mr. Davis also lost bis gin,
press and saw mill.
Mr. Davis believes that the fire was
the work of an incendiary, from the
nour at wmcn u uccarreu, *uu ua mere
ii no way in winch fire could havtf
broken oat. The loss is estimated at
about $2,000. This is a veiy heavy
blow 1o Mr. Dayis, and be has the
sympathy of every one.
- Oue of the moat pleasing events that
has transpired in Prosperity for many
a day was the marriage of Miss Willie
Kirtpatriek, daughter oi raiior iurKpatriek,
of Prosperity A. R. P. church,
and Rev. J. C. Douglass, pastor of the
A.K. P. church of Russellville, Ark.
The bride came in on the arm of her
sister, Miss Louise, and the groom was
accompanied by his brother. The ceremony
was performed by Rer. A. G.
Kirkpatriek, the father of the bride,
assisted by Rev. E? P. McClintock, of
Newberry. The church was very tastefolly
and beautifully decorated. The
coaple stood beneath an arch, from
which a large floral boll was suspended.
A very large audience was present
together with a larze number of viei
tors and ministers, to witness the nuptials.
A large number of the bride's
lady friends and acquaintances accompanied
her to the Southern depot
to witness her departure and bid her
bon voyage. Ocr congratulations attend
them.?Ncvbcrry Herald and Noes.
For Or?r Fifty Tears.
Mbs. Wotslow's Soothdtg Syrup
has been used for orer fifty years by
millions of rhotherii for their children
while teething,with perfect success.
t4 Au* ! ? ^Aaaha #vA mo
it owuico vug vuiiu) eviiouc mo ^uiuoj
allays all pain, cares wind colic, and is
the best remedy for diarrhcea. It will
relieve the poor little sufferer immediately.
Sold by druggists in every
part of the world. Twenty-five cents
a bottle. Be safe and ask for "Mrs
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take
no other kind. 5-26fxly
Weather Prognostications.
The Roanoke, N. C. News, predicts
that the approaching winter will be
one of unusual severity, and gives its
vAACAno -frtw I V?? cs\ Th? "NT-Try*
igoovuo xvi ?v? xuv ^vi*?
says that a heavy persimmon crop
means a hard winter. This year's crop
of persimmons is large. It is said that
a large crop of acorns and locusts indicates
a severe winter. The crop of
acorns and nuta it unusually large this
fall. We have always heard that when
the skin of apples is thick, that a very
cold winter is sure I o follow, and this
ingthe case this year, so all signs point
tsv a TK?e ?a n r\r o
iv (M icij uaiu n lui wa xuxo xa uub ?
ery cheering prospect, with cotton
selling about five cents. If the prediction
is verified, it means great 6uf?
feriBg for the poor and it is to be hoped
that the signs will fail this year. With
everything riling in price, excepting
cotton, the outlook is dismal enongh,
and a severe winter would make things
very much w?rse, but we will not
place too mRch confidence in this pre*
diction, and will hope that it will prove
tZ7L^ 1 _ . ~ ?_ 1-.? A i_ ...J
n ueu m prrsun is iosmg uesn sua
tracing away there U cause for alarm. '
Nothing so worries a physician. Coa umptires
w?old neref die if they
could regain their usual weight. In
faci there would be *o consumption if
there was ro wasting of the system.
Toe cau~e of this loss of flesh is a
failure to oroperly digest the food
e-tea. Nine-tenths of all our diseases
date back to some derangement of the
stomach. <
The Sbaker Digestive Cordial will
stop this wasting of the. body. It acts
by causing ifce food we eat to be digested
so a* to do good, for undigested
! frt/Mi /1/vQJ filn>-n Kovm than i#/v\n TKfl
1V#VU ' Wf 1UV1* UdilU IfUAU f;wu. A. LJV>
Cordial contains food already digested
and is a Uigetter of foodi as well.
Every mother hates to make her
children take Castor Oil. Lxxol is
sweet Castor OU. *
m * ?
A FRICANA wilt cure Constipation and
I u ? wonderful Lwer Medicine. Tcvlt
Mr. Jededlah Bobbins' Singin' Sknle
is coming and will hare their speeches
and singing in the Thespian Hall on
the night of Friday the 19th inst. In
every place that the Singin' Sknle has
been given it has drawn large crowds
who were amneed and delighted.
Meiers. Bertram and Willard with the
assistance of local talent will give the
Singin' Sknle, and Miss Charlotte
Allston is now bu3j getting the required
number of singers to t&ke part.
The entertainment is very fucny and
is sure to prove a great success here.
The following taken from the Columbia
Regi?ter of July SOth will show
what a success it was in Columbia:
The "congregation" which attended
Hyatt's Park last night witnessed a
very clever, clean and laughable entertainment
in Jedediab Bobbins' Singin'
Skule?ye congregation numbered a
great many hundred people; so many
in fact that the trolley cars "were tested
to their utmost capacity and then
failed to accommodate .all who desired
to witness it. The entertainment
which was given for the benefit of
Camp Hampton, C.V., was a complete
success in every way. The antics of
the "skollers" kept the audience in
roars of laughter, while the mtuic was
especially good. A return date has
been a. ranged with Messrs. Bertram
and Willard in September, which is
the first open date they have.
xo cure-xo pay .
This is the way all druggists sell
Gbove's Tasetless Chill Toxic for
Chills and Malaria. It is simply Iron
and Quinine in a tasteless form. Cbil
dren love it. Adults _ .efer it to outer
nauseating tonies. Price, 50c. *
Q. D. WilHford has a splendid line
of shoes, and of men's, boys' and children's
clothing He also claims to
have the best assortment of jackets
and capes in town. He says that this
year every one will have to practice
_ * *n t i . ?a al ? l
economy, ana wiu nave 10 gci mo ueai
goods for the least money. Go to bis
store and yon can get them.
Mr. J&s. G. Giobes, State land agent,
is one of onr new advertiser!, and he
writes that he is constantly receiving
letters from Northern and Western
people making inquiries about lands in
this State, and he thinks that he may
be able to induce many people to come
to the State. He desires that those in
the State having lands for sale, will
give him descriptions of their lands,
and he will call the attention of thousands
of people to it. There are many
people in Fairfield who have valuable
lands for sale and this might enable
them Indispose of them, and in this
way the land-owners could be benefited
and at the same time the county
would derive benefit by having Northerners
and Westerners come here to
settle. See Mr. Gibbes' advertisement
for particulars.
K. Brandt freely guarantees every
article bearing bis name in any form
whatever, aud his store offers great
advantages to those who are careful
about the quality and price of goods
Knn rrVif
h>VUf,UW? McMaster
Co. in their advertisement
are making some very good suggestions
to the public in regard to
making their homes more comfortable
and homelike. See their ad. for their
other suggestions.
Miss Alice Witherow went to Colnm
bia Saturday.
Mr. A. F. Ruff, of Rock Hill, was ia
town Friday.
Major Thos. W. "Woodward went to
Golomliia on Saturday.
Rev.C. E. McDonald returned on
Monday from Charlotte.
Mre. 11. M. McCarlev is visiting
friends aud relatives in town.
Mrs. Adam Stall and children, of
Greenville, are visiting Mrs. Bacot.
Mr. D. A. Tompkins, of Charlotte,
arrived in Winnsboro on Monday.
Miss Pixlev returned home Thursday
after visiting Miss Isabel Brat ton.
Mrs. A. S. Douglass has returned
from a visit to relatives in Shelby,
n. a
Miu Mamie Taylor, after an extended
visit to Feasterville, relurued home
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. MackoreJl, of
B!ack?tock, spent several days in town
tbis week.
Mies Mamie Brice and Miss Jaoic
Flenoiken have gone to Columbia to
attend the Fair.
Mrs. M. M. Blumenthal, of Corpae
Cbristi, Texas, is visiting Mr. and Mrs.
J. D. McCarley.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Douglass returned
to Columbia Saturday after
risiting* relatives at Albion.
Miss Madaiine Workman returned
Monday to her home in Camden, after
a pleasant visit to Miss Jessie Jennings.
Miss Maggie Thompson returned to
VorTf Ta*1? An rtrtir? a xr ofl6?* cnonrl
iog her holiday wiih relatives in
Rev. J. C. Douglass and bride arrived
here on Wednesday and went
immediately to Albion where they will
spend awhile.
Mr. James Johnston and Mis9 Clara
Barkley, of Roeky Mount, paid Judge
or rrooate s. n. donnston ana iamuy
a short vieit last week. Mr. James
Johnston has beeu ao invalid for a
number of years, and his old friends
were glad to see him in Winnsboro.
Mrs. C. Ivelyn Gilbert, M. D., of
Washington, D. C-, who has been
Tl6itiug in town for several days, left
ou Monday for Florida where she has
an iotere?t in some orange groves.
Mrs. Gilbert was a daughter of Mr.
Jacob Poteet, and lived for many yeais
in Winnsboro
To the Editor:?I have an absolute
remedy for Consumption. By its timely us?.
thousands of hopeless cases have been already
permanently cured. So proof-positive am !
of its power that I consider it my duty to
uad fwo bottles free to those of your readers
trho have Consumption,Throat, Bronchial or
Lung Trouble, if they -will write me their
express and postoffice address. Sincerely,
T. A. SLOCDM, &.&, XS3 Pearl St., Kew York.
9^ Tb# Editorial sad Business Management of
tkil f fcjxsx Craaraaleo tfcis gooerooa Proportion.
Tutt's Pais
Cure All
Liver Ills.
A Strong Fortificatioi
Fortify the body against disease
by Tutt's Liver Pills, an absolutecure
for sick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaria,
constipation, jaundice, biliousness
and all kindred troubles.
"The Fly=Wheel of Life"
Dr.Tutt; Your Liver Pills are
the fly-wheel oflife. I shall ever
be grateful for the accident that
brought them to my notice. I fee!
as if I had a new lease of life.
J. Fairleigh; Platte Cannon, Coi.
Tutt's Liver Pills
A Convict Is Cruelly Flogged.
, Oo Wednesday, a reporter for The
Ne?vs and Herald waa requested to
go to tbe jaiJ, and see Carter, the tramp,
who was put on the chain gang a few
weeks ago. Carter was found lying
on a pallet, and a more pitiable eight
the reporter had -*ot seen in a long
time. Upon an examination, this poor
unfortunate was found to have been
the victim of brutal and barbarous
treatment, and that too in a civilized
country, in the very custody of the officers
of the law. Oaly bis right side
was seen, and it was thick with large,
ugly sores. The reporter was told that
hie Ipf^ oir?p wnB pvati wnrRfl. Onr in
formation is that Carter was pat on the
chain gang for some pett> offense, and
that he had fever at the time. lie refused
to work, and the wounds on him
are the result of the whippings he got.
Whatever may be said of the necessity
of controlling prisoners and rendering
them obedient to their custodians,
there can be found no excuse for the
condition of this miserable creature.
He is now a very sick man. It is with
reluctance that we ever criticise the
officers of Fairfield County, who are
always efficient, but in this instance
the press cannot be silent. A convict
is a human being, and such inhuman
torture a3 was administered to Carter
ought not to be allowed to pass without
placing the responsibility, and some
one should answer for tbo conse
quences. Carter is now at the jail, and
the grand jury can examine him. for
Chief of Police Gilbert has received
a letter Irom Mrs. Carter, of Richmond,
Va., the mother of the unfortunate
youth now lying in such a pitiable
condition in the jail. Mrs. Carter
heard of the arrest of her son and
wrote to Chief Gilbert begging him to
be as lenient as Dossible to her wav
ward son, but she of coarse has no
idea of his real condition. Mr. Gilbert
answered her letter, and told her that
her son is here sick in jail, but told
her that the best of care is being taken
of him, and that he is receiving medical
attention and a nurse has been
provided him. The poor mother
seems almost heart-brokeu over her
son's disgrace.
ladies of the Presbyterian
Church served cake and lemonade at
the upper Longtown school hoose last
night. They realized $10.50, which
will go to help defray the expenses of
reDiiintinsr the church. We can't say
that none of the old bachelors have a
meal ahead, for one of them took advantage
of this golden opportunity
and purchased a whole cake. He
dida't care to specify with any one
afterwards, cut left immediately. He
took the blackjack road.
While some are complaining of the
light crops others are blessed with
good ODes. Mr. W. D. Harrison, lrom
the Waterce, cay? he made 500 bushels
of corn to two plows and cotton and
other crop9 in proportion.
Mr. L. T. Wilds, of Columbia, is iu
Longtown looking after his business
interes's here. e. n. d.
November 6, 1897.
The cotton picking 8?a3on is aboat
orer in this section. The crop is very
short and the price is so cheap that it
would seem to give most every farmer
occasion to complain; but the farmers
are taking it easy, staying at home and
attending to their business.
A few of our farmers have begun to
sow their small grain. From the present
outlook there will be more sown
this year than has been in a number
or years.
Rev. J. A. White has relumed from
Belfast, Tenn.
Mi6s?s Jenni-: and Rubie Brice, of
Avon, S. C., spent a few days last
week as guests of Mr. J. JR. Craig.
Mr. J. H. Buchanan, the editor and
proprietor of the Chester Reporter,
was in town last week on business.
Dr. and Mr3. Ilayne have retarned.
Uonils finchc. nnlnreri wa.% fnnnr?
dead a lew days ag*). The particulars
have not been learned. Billie.
Nov. 4, 1897.
The Coming "Woman
Who goes <o the club while her hn3band
tends the baby, as well as ihe
good old-fashioned woman who looks
after her horn?, will both at times get
rati dtfwn in health. They will be
troubled with loss of appetite, head
acnes, sleeplessness, lainuDfj or dizzy
spells. The most wonderful remedy
for these women is Electric Bitters.
Thousands of sufferers from Lame
Back and Weak Kidneys rise up and
call it bles?ed. It is (1x3 medicine for
women. Female complaints ind Nervous
troubles of all kinds ere soon relieved
bv the use of E'ectric Bitters.
Delicate women should keep this
remedy on hand to build up the system.
Only 50c. p^r bot'.le. For sale by McMaster
Col 1
Drummers Notice that TVinasboro Needs a
To the Editor of The News and Herald:
I am jast in receipt of my home
paper (The News and Herald) and
noticed your editorial on the sanitary
condition of the town. I met a drummer
to-day who was in "Winnsboro
last week, and very naturally I inquired
about my old town, and his
reply to me was, it looked like an old
[ town that had already received its
growth?things looked dilapidated
etc. -This city has a reguiar .-atiiiary
iispector whose duty it is to visit each
house once a month and so; that
proper cleanliness exists. Any one
refusiog to clean up their premises is
fined By this me:hod the city is kepi
in & healthy condition. The scavenger
wagon goes around cnce a day aud
rakes up all waste paper, trash, etc.,
from the streets.
I have heard several steak ot the
condition of Wineboro and it is not
pleasant to hear strangers speak disparagingly
of your <. Id home. It is to
be hoped the authoriti: s will wake np
and not have the town thus spoken of.
-J B.Douglass.
Gainesville, Fia., ^ov. 3,1S97.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cats,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chillblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale
by McMaster Co.
The Road Law as Bad as it la Could be
Made More Effective?The Dispensary
Assailed and High License
Mr. Editor'. I notice that ia our
county there are being organized what
are termed road vigilant committees,
or something of the kind. Let me
suggest that their first doty is to call
on onr conntv snDervisor and see if he
has received the commutation lax, or
the road duty doe the county. If not,
find out the reason. In every section
where the road law has been complied
with, by patting in the fall four days'
work, the roads ar? splendid. Some
few overseers deserve s great deal of
credit for the skill and push exhibited
by their sections of the roads; but in
uiauy places, iiic luaus aiv; aiuivot ^uipassable.
Not a day, no, not an hoar
of road duty has been pnt on these
roads, and in a few places thi3 was the
case last year. I Know that we have
substituted a very poor road law for a
most excellent one, yet this povr law,
the food of politician?, has not been
half enforced. The people are certainly
not responsible for the neglect
of our couuty supervisor; and his
right and left hand bowers are each
paid, and under contract with Fairfield
County to have the road law properly
enforced. The Ja-t Legislature took
away the little pay allowed to overseers,
and why should they not also
have taken away pay from all, and
treated them like the negro preacher
was treated. When the preacher was
asked how much his congregation paid
him, he said sometimes two dollar?
and sometimes not so innch. His
questioner answered: "That is d?11
poor pay." To which the preacner
replied: "Yes, bos?, it is d?n poor
Another thing. It looks like the
floodgates of hell are open, and cur !
county is going io be delnged in whiskey?as
the result of that miserable
dispensary law. the snbstilute for a
good, old time whiskey law. When
you find that you are off the track,
you h ui better go back. There is no
use of trying to enforce a law repugnant
to the Constitution ot the United
States. You might as well abandon
the idea at once. The better plan
would be to grant high licenses to
bonded sellers, half the revenue to go
to the public roads. Care must be
taken that the bonds are bona fide,
bomb-proof, and then yoar boys will
6top buying from negroes at the woedpile
at" night and on Sundays. The
dispensary law, as it is enforced, is
educating tha boys to drink, inducing
tbe father when he wants a drink to
1~ ? Unlf t?nininnr /ho 1 ahor im.
uuy n uaii'^iutj iuiu^ .M.
poverishing the poor negroes, bringing
to their doors crime, rain and want.
We know that a negro wonld rob a
setting hen to get a drink, and commit
the blackest crimes while under
ihe influence of whi6key. Our officers
seem to like the dispensary tine. Some
of them see whiskey sold and know
that it is sold in various places, Sunday
not excepted.
Move ycur chain gang to the hills
such places as are not likely to be
worked by 8-hour chaps. Enforce the
law and very soon you will see a
movlrn/il nlionfM in tVin pnftrfs " j
uiaiagu vuaugv AU ?.MW *
Nov. 8, 1897. A Subscriber.
For Liuuits and Children.
ISST ynj? L-c
A'^ - y/y^ t <r7^ i mrr
active gentlemen or ladies to
travel for responsible, established house
in South Carolina. Monthly $65.00
and expenses. Position steady. Reference.
JEnelose self-addres*ed stamped
envelope. The Dominion Company,
Dept. \Y, Cfciaag*.
KJ "1 A.LL Fervout Dittcatroa? Failing Menr
ory, Im potency, Sleeplessness, etc, caused
W ,.X J by Abuse or otter Hi cesses and India*
N jm cretioas, They quickly and surety
\ f^T featore Lk; Vitality ia old or younc- end
fit a man for study, business or xa&rriage.
Present Insanity and Consumption if
taken ia time. Their two shows immediato tiaprcwement
and effects o CUKE where nil ether fail Insist
wpoa haying the genuine Ajnx Tablats. TLey
have cored thousands and willcureyou. Weeire e positive
written guarantee to eCset a cure Eft PTC ^
each cr.se or refund the nor.ry. Price w w s Wtper
oacka^e; or six pkges (full treatment) for By
sail, ix? plain wrapper. upon recaipt of price. Circular
For sale by^TNO- H. McMASTEK CO.,
VYinn*boro. S. C.
We negotiate ioans secured bv first
mortgages on improved farming lands.
Not less than $300 and for i.ol less
than a period of 5 yearRales of interest
7 percent, per anum. Address
j. e. Mcdonald,
or W. d. douglass,
or j. q. davis,
Winns'uoro, S. (J.,
or A. E. DAVIS,
10 14tf Monticello, S. C.
Woman's Diseases
Are as peculiar as
unavoidable; and
cannot be discussed
or treated as we
do those to which 4BW/aA
the entire human
family are subject 7 W&sfy, ,
Menstruation sus
tains such important
relations to her ymfp.' *
health, that when^aS^ f ! \W'
Suppressed,Irregu- [M j> J u
lar o r Painful, Ml ll tt
she soon becomes :%?iy' \\ \j
languid, nervous
and irritable, the bloom leaves her
cheek- and very grave complications
arise unless Regularity and
Vigor are restored to these organs.
T . ,
g"*? | most noted
F CHlfllC physicians
^ of t he South,
sort prevail more extensively than
in any other section, and has never
failed to correct disordered Menstruation.
Tt rp^trvrps Ti^nltTi and
strength to the suffering woman.
"We have for the past thirty years handled
Bradfield's Female Regulator, both at wholesale
and retail, and in no instance has it failed
to give satisfaction. We sell more of it than all
other similar remedies combined."
Atlanta, Macon and Albany, Ga.
The Bradfield Rcgulatoh Co., Atlanta, G?
Sold by all Druggists at $1.00 per Bottle.
AIlMl'S Mil
All persona having claims against
the estate of James "W. "Wylie, deceased,
will present the same properly
attested; and all persons indebted to
said estate will make payment to
10-28-3w Administrator.
All bunting or trespassing on my
lands near White Oak by stock or persons
are positively forbidden, and all
violations of this kind will be settled
by law.
November 4, 1897. ll-10-3r
Notice la Crete.
All persons holding claims against
the estate of Edward Taylor, deceased,
are hereby notified to present them to
me duly attested and all persons indebted
to the said estate are required
to make immediate payment
11-9-3 w Administrator.
When a cas? is referred to a ?ourt
of final ar>Dcal its decision is irrevo
cable. When you have lost all
hope, in youi own case, of being
cured of Rheumatism or any disease
caused by impure blood, try African
Africana cures Positively,
Africana cures permanently.
Africana cores perfectly,
Africana cures quickly.
Read -what a prominent Atlanta
Broker wrstes us:
I was attaeked with Rheumatism
in my feet and knee joints, was induced
to try Africana, and after
using five bottles as prescribed and
not using any other remedy of treatment
during us? of AFRICANA, I
now regard myself as free from
Rheumatism. Yours truly,
I The Hand of Fate ?
Hovers over woi.ian whose health baa failed, >
and such a solemn admonition should not so r
unheeded. There is a -wonderful remedy 4
which will restore your health, renew your \ I
vigor, and bring back the beauty and fresh- 0 I
ness of youth. It it truly woman's best i
friend, and gladdens more hearts than a P
multitude of other remedies. Delicate ^
^ women, married or single, who need a K
true and unfailing, regulating, & \
beautifying and building S
* ^. up tonic, will find a 9
thousands as tho _ i
JM |
tT only safe and infallible \
a remedy known for painful M
\ or suppressed periods, ovarian J
9 pains, etc. During change of life it will 9
A wonderfully assist nature to a. speedy and Jk
\ happy close. Do not delay, order today. ?
m Price SI, or 3 bottles for $2.50, prepaid to any @
5 address. If your druggist ai.c not supply K
0 you, send to ^
t BELLAMY MFG. CO., Atlanta, 6a. 4
By S. R JOHNSTON, Esq., Judge Prolate
WHEREAS, \Vm. Egleston hath
made suit to me to grant him
letters of administration of the estate
and ellects of Mary L Egleston, deceased
These are theiefore to cite and admonish
all and singa'.ar the kindred aud
creditors of the said Mary L. Egles'
4Vtn4- Kn on/1 ftn. I
lUIJ} UUUL'd^Cil 1 IJU^L lUM kj\j <* uu ?*jh/ I
pear before me, ia the Court of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court
House, South Carolina, on the 16th j
day of November next, after pnbli-j
cation hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore-J
noon, to show cause, if any they have, j
why the said Administration should)
not be granted.
Given under ray hand this 1st day
of November, Anno Domini 1897.
ll-3-2t Ju^e of Probate.
^a??B i i i * qgp
Peisons with lands for sale are requested
to put them in my hand; for
sale. I am in constant recei; t of so
many.Jet'crs of enquiry about lantfs
from Northern and Western parli ,
that I in ay be able to effect sales 1'
those who will give nie accurate <'
tailed descrjp ions or wnat ineyii.. .
No chargc wi.l be made nnless satisfactory
sales are made. Descriptions
must be sach as can be guaranteed and
must give:
Number of acres, location, character
of land, proximity to railroads, postoffices,
schools, churches and town?,
kind of improvements.
Communications strictly confidential
when so desired.
Staie Land Agent,
11-Gtf Colombia, S. C.
1 I
Exf.cutiyis Chamber.
Whereas informs; ion Las been icceived
at this Department that on the *
first day of November, A. D. 1897, the*
gin nouse ana macmney or Amos
Davis, iu she County of Fairfieid, was1
burned, ar.d the>-e being reason to be-1
iieve tbat tht> burning wa* an act of]
Now,, therefore, I, \Y. II Ellcrbc,<
Governor of ;bc State of South Carolina,
in order that justice may be done
and the majesty of tbe law vindicated,
do herebv offer a reward of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for the apprehension
and conviction of the peison
or persons who committed the said act
of incendiarism.
r n t rtfl J m *? rr? ViftnAA^ T ! ? .> tta Vna<*a _
un:o set my hand and caused
the great seal ot the Stale to
be fffixed, at Columbia, this
[seal.] fifth day of November,
A. D 1897, and in the one
hundred and twenty-second
year of the independence of
the United States of America.
By the Governor:
D. H. Tompkins,
11-9-1 Secretary of State.
Executor's Sale.
By virtue of authority vested in me
by the Will of Dr. J. it. Arledge, deceased,
I will sell at the late residence
of said deceased, for cash, at public
auction, on TUESDAY, the 16TH
DAY OF NOVEMBER next, the personal
property not bequeathed in said
Will, consisting of one Two-Horse
Wagon, one One-Horse Wagon, on^
Buggy and Harness, Plantation Too's
and Farming Implements, Mules,Hogs,
Cattle, a lot of Stone. Posfs, quarried,
the crops of < orn, Fodder. I\ Potatoes,
Cotton Seed, &c., rai&c:! the present
October 25, 1897. Executor.
10 26-3t
n i mil
that 6ay8, "Give yonr horse
plenty of ten-penny, nails and he
will need 'oss c>rn."
We suggest that you give yourself
aud family plenty of Window
Glass and Patty. A little
Paint would also help to make
the hou-e more comfortable and
We have a few suggestions to
make also in regard to
T.AMPSrtfoll bJn/le "GHTTF
Ft r further iuformaiion apply to
Mcfiasisr Compaoy
Under Winnsboro Hotel.
Tbe laest styles, elegant in design,
strong in construction, perfect in work*
mftnshin. with PYwripnpf*.
beats the record for beauty, and never^
so low in pi ice as now." Everything]
guaranteed. What isn't right we will!
make right >
YYitn ail tee latest lmprovemants.
None better, made. You might as
well try to pat a quart of water in a
pint meesure as to buy better or cheaper.
So buy at home. Will meet all ^
competition. \
STOVES. .. .
Cooking and heating. Onr line is
second to none. ThorongLly np to
all imnrciromonto r??-i/*PQ
UiMdi Departmest....
Complete. All calls promptly attended
to night and day.
R. W. Phillips.!
'& 'I
-Do you need any Men's,
Ladies' or Children's Shoes?
Go to
Ketchin Mercantile Co.'s.
T'rtn n Ad A onv AT on 'i?
Boys' or Children's Suits? Go;
Ketchin Mercantile Co.'s.;
Do you need any Men's,!
Chileren's or Boys' Hats? Go j
to i
Ketchin Mercantile Co.'s. |
i piece extra fine Black Silk
i lot Misses' and Children's
bargain at ioc.; well-worth 15c.
We keep fresh, new, up-to
Best?P- " '?
Silverware m
Made !^
Ia the manufacture
an J stamping af Silver Piated Ware,
has been used for many years. THIS ^ . 7
TERM alone NO LONGER guarantee!
quility and is found stamped upon
quantities of goods of base metal and
of cheap make The clear stamp and
name of a responsible maker are the
true guarantee of quality.
bearing oar name >||
in any form whatever, is fully guaranteed
by u* to be THE BEST, and
rigid comparison is-invited. We
know tbat our store offers po^iiivo ' ^
advantages to those wbo are careful
about the quality of goods bought, and
more oarcful about the price paid for
Tie Jeieler aii;CjtiEiai,
Chester, S C. ' v ': $
>00000* ||
will do well to tall and see our price*.
We have a fall stock of Grocerie#,
Furniture, Wagons, Buggies, Pb?tons,
Shingles and Barbed Wire. We also gj?
New lone UaeMnes
The NEW HOME is one of the bett
on the market, and price as cheap at
some low* grade machines.
Come and see us.
M. W. qOTY&CO. . 1
uv II m, W. mw ? mmm ,
is a difficult problem to . ' 1
many people, br. t it can be
eanly solved by trading.a!
Alliance Casl Stare -
Come to tne Alliance uasu otore
when 70a wish to trader
For a nickel saved is a nickel made.
Bacon, Tobacco, Bagging and Ties,
That will cost yon nothing, if the clerk
Coffee, Sugar, Molasses and Lard,
Bat to mention all would be a task too
Bat I mast not forget, for (he chil- ig
dren's eakes.
To tell of the Apples, Peanuts, Candies
and Cakes.
(>nmp ?n?. r.ome all. little or bisr*
ADd get sonee of tbese good things, ,
and yoarll get as "fat as a pig."
AH rights reserved.
1 have just received a barrel of
H. J. Heinz's
jl uic duu i tau y :ui
all kind of vegetables. The
same as Heinz uses for put
ting up his fine pickles.
Also a lot of nice pickles
put up by him.
Will call special attention
to these goods;
J. L. Beaty.
i 1 -4
I t
Do you need any Dress
Goods? Go to
Ketchin Mercantile Co.'s.
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Flannel or anything- in DryGoods
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