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???inw ~'rr i ?lar?bk
Wednesday, January 18 - " S39.
?See Sheriff's sale.
?R??d Clerk's s&;e ei-e^herc
?Tw mules for sale by A. Y. MUlieg.
P.-ad his ad.
?I?ii or twelve goods mules for
sale. T. K. ELLIOTT.
& ?Thursday will b " General Robert |
^ E. Lee's bir hday, and i8 observed as .
a holiday in this State.
?Head tbe Governor's pro .lama- (
tionsin reference to the burning of ,
R. T. Blairs's dwelling house and ]
^ barn.
? R. Brandt hr.s began the New Year (
by making g-eaier redactions than
ever tefor?, aud he advises buyers to j
call and see bis goods. These bar- (
gains will be continued until the ]
spring good* ate brought in. * ,
?By wearing Se'z shoe3 you can
have comfort, success and satisfaction.
7 t
Read Q. D. Wiliiford's advertisement j
and see wlia. ih?y have to say about ,
them. Th^v sel: these shies and have .
on baud all size1", styles and priceB. ]
?The senior clais of the South (
Carolina College held a meeting last (
week for the purpose of electing some
of the members of the class to* represent
it on o a3s day. Miss Annie FDavis,
of Winnaboro, was made class
?Sunday was a boantiful day and
was warm and spriuglike. As the ^
weather was such a pleasant chansje .
from the tsrrible weather of last week j
that everybody took advantage of the (
sunshine and the churches all had
good congregations.
?Wednesday was probably the 1
-worst day of the winter. We were *
treated to every kind of bad weather, ]
rain, sleet, and a little snow, and s
everything was incased in ice, and it 1
was just the day to increase ths nam- \
k her of cases of grip. \
?Caldwell & Raff, in order to ,get
P, rid of th?ir remaining winter stock,
are offering their goods at cut prices.
In dress patter n? and wool underwear
they have great .bargaini. It will pay
you to examine their goods and see
what bargains they have.
?The clerk of the State Board of
Tensions reqnests mac tae townsmp i
boards will cot meet until 30th inst. *
If Iho chairmen of these boards wiil s
send to r. H. Mcilaster, county chair- t
*1nan, their names and po?tofiice, blanks t
will be furnished to them as soon as t
printed. i
- Joim H. Monaster & Co. have 1
commenced the new year on the right *
line?advertising. They Invite the *
public to examine their stock. They c
have jest added a new and full set of
aparatus to their prescription depart- 1
ment. Dr. T. E. Dowling is with this
firm, and his care, skill and accomtaodation
are weil known by the pub- '
?Forty Kentucky and Tennessee a
males have jasfc beea received at A.
Williford's stable, and he advises all
H who need good males to call aad see
his. He also has on hand a few milch ^
cows. For terms see his advertiie- ^
[nient. Mr. S. B. Crawford has been t
employed by Mr Willi ford and he t
will be pleased to see hi3 friends. t
?There were several candidates for c
> the position or sergeant at arms of the t
| Senate, and one of the candidates for
this office was Mr. S. F. Cooper, of {
tbi3 coanfy. A? Senator Rsgodaie t
was absent senior iiiv, at me request
of the pcopie ot Fairneld, comi.j
Bat?d Mr. Cooper. iv!r. John T.
Gaston, of Columbia, received the
greatest number of rotes and was ^
elected. "J
?Pedestrians hid to be exceedingly *
' p cautious on Thursday, for the pave- *
; ' ments were frozen over and were as
smooth as ^laas Almost every one *
" WA*>fru.a/^ Anf Vtoxa Q ffl 11 t h P
TV UV TCUI.U13U VUW uum c ?v.
sight of th?-: m?st staid and dignified ^
L citizens mea-uring their length on Ihs c
jjgj ice was a "-eat source of amusement ?
to the 8moll boys who thought the 4
? freeze grea; fan. Fortunately none of ^
the fails resulted in any serious hurts.
?The State of Friday publishes 1
jgr \ tke 3ccounc of a meeting of the Press 1
Association committee whioh was held
in Columbia on Thursday evening. J
i The annual exeursion was discussed,
and various places were suggested,
one of the proposed places being Cuba,
Knf oa iriri ?a in Wtlffllfir. *
t 1 Wuw iUW tii 1 UiMvtv
vellow jever will prevent that being
chosen. Niagara Falls wa3 also spoken 1
of, bat the matter was left to a committee
to decide. 1
?The freeze lhat we have had for
the past few days, while making 1
i ? everything beautiful (o look at, haaj ,;
proved disastrous !o some of the I
trees, the weight of the ice having j1
broken off boegbs, and the telephone j
wires have also suffered. O j Friday j
t. no telephone connection coald be (
made with liocktOB, and the wi-e ^
f 1
- i connecting the factory with town, hs
well as several othsr wires were down.
causing consid rabie iuconvenience.
?A new popcr has j'ist been added
to ocr list of exchonges. This paper *
is lue High School Advocate, pat- J
; li6hed a: Syiva. N. C., and is issaed -
1 . semi-monthly. The associate editor*
are Mmes Leila Potts and Anna 1
Thomas. Miss potts at one time had 1
charge of the school at Muford, iu '
a this county, and her many friends will ^
be interested to know of the new work
Let that she is now engaged in. In the
editor's amiou'icement he gays that the 1
paper will be devoted to the upbuild- I
Ing of the educational facilities of
3 Western North Carolina.
i fc#^ssrv,TALm
5 \ '? &!. ..T
i Jt?v\ Made"
! jhe of Me.
> GREAT iK ?
ysEXCK R.E/CHDY vrodncrs iiie above result
* in 30 days. JVen-ous Deci'itjr. Iv^ >ta:ey.
Varicocele, dit-nsry. Slops ii! Jra:j?s and
iosses caused by cir~n. of \euth. 1: wards o3 In
I*" - sanity and Ccnsu:n;iio.-.. Your* * J?t rss;=ir. Mxu
W<jQy ? hood and Old Mca recover Vigor. It
t-M ', tives vigor C"d 3 1.2 t - ;hru:iVs.:i cr?a::s, and fits
"S -? man lor buu: cr ta^rriajre. E-s;iv carried io
*2 > :ie vest poc.e;. ?\-:ce 2! ft o Ik-xcsj2.se
- v mail, m j lain DO L .r?3ge, with
a--ittca guarantee. 21. J???k ./ ilAhfJA, Paris
4 Sold only by J. J. OBEAR, Drug
gist, Winnsboro, S. C. j
5 f
y :
Makes the food more d
?The Stfttp, a few days since, published
a reri.;; 'on I'e subject of the
petrified ma-i exhibited i>i this State a
few years It " ?* claimed by
the owners have bceu fouDd in
this State, aid they have probably
made a fortune out of it, but scientists
in Berlin have since examined it
and have pronounced it a fake. They
say that it it an artificial compound of
lima and clay silicate, No doubt
many in this connty saw the petrified
man whtn it was exhibited in Columbn
and will be surprised to h?ar
:hat it is a fraud.
?Usually, during the firtt part of
January, there is a great deal of m.=v- '
in? about and changing of hou?e? in !
iown, but this year thsre is not as j
much as usual, probably because a
cumber of people changed their resi1on/>o
?n Foil finraa r?f ohftnorpa I
:hat have been m&de are the following:
Mr. Tennani and family have moved
into Mrs. Sarah Robertson's house on
Main street. Mr. and Mrs. Clyburn
md family are occupying a part of
Mr?. Conner's house. Mr aud Mra.
R. Hiawfrird have moved into the I
Baptist parsonage. Mr. Lucas and
family who oscupied Airs. Robertson's
iou?e last year have gone to Georgia
;o live.
Mr. Elisha Berry, of i'Js place, says
:e never had anything do hi.m so much
jood and give such quick relief from
heuinatism as Chamberlain's Pain
3alm. He wa3 bothered greatly with
'hooting pains from hip to knee until
le us?d this linameni, which affords
>rompt relief.?B. F. Baker, druggist,
5t. Paris, Ohio. For sale bv McMaser
Co., druggists.
Reward Offered.
Tie governor has offered a reward
>f $100 for the arresi and conviction
)f the partj or parties whtsefc (ire to
he buildings of Mr. E. T. Blair which
vera recently burned near Ridgeway.
3n September 1st, 189$, Mr. Blair's
jarn was burned; on January 1st
mother bam was destroyed by fire
itI ?r? -Tonn'o^TT r??Ti his f?wf>!15ncr wfinf
W" J - O I
sp in flames. The firas are thought j
0 have been of incendiary origiu and i
he governor was urged (o offer a
eward which has been done. Mr.
Slair's friends believe that be has been j
1 victim of incendiaries and ibe regard
may result in the apprehension
>f the guilty parties.
Receipts of the Postoffice for the Past
Three Years.
The following are the receipts of the
^innsboro post office for the past
bree years, from the sale of stamps
ud stamped envelopes:
For 1896 $2,726 60
For 1897 $2,726 47
For 1898..... ... ,.$2,963 64
It will be seen by a glance at these
igures that the receipts for the past
ear were considerably more than far
wo preceding yeara, and the postmaser
attribu'os this increase to the fac
ory. The addition of about live hunIred
people to the population of the
own would naturally increase the sa!e|
stamps and stamped envelope3, and j
hn clearly shows the benefit the coron
mill has been to the town.
On Wednesday afternoon at a
[aarter past five o'clock iii-s Lizzie
?. Gerfc, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. '
i\ Gerig, was married to Mr. Edwiu
9. Wolfe, a surgeon in the Sth cavalry,
["he ceremony was performed in the
iVesbyterian Church, Rev. Dr.
Jordan officiating. The church was
rery prettily decorated xor Ihe oc:afioQ
and tbe following young ladies
tcted as ushers: Mi?ses Lanra Gerig,
jizz!e Careton, Fannie Ureight and
Lnnie Aiken. The bride, wore a
landeome tailor made suit with hat
o match. " After the ceremony Dr.
ind Mrs. Wolfe left on the six o'clock
rain for Hantsville, Alabama, where
Dr. Wolfe's regimentis stationed.
Mr. W. A. Ellison relumed om Sat- j
irday from Columbia.
Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. A. Stevenson
eturded from Florida Monday.
Mr. Palmer Davis returned on Sat
ivday to the South Carolina College.
Miss Bessie M?Masl?r spent Sunday
,vith her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G-. H. j
Mr. W. F.Brown Is visiting rela-j
lives in Fairfield County.?Newberry !
[lera'd and News.
Mrs. Baxter Moore, of Charlotte, i
:amj down on Friday to attend Mr*, j
Robertaon'.-? funeral.
Mif-s Jc?>ie Jennings returned on
Monday from :t visit to Mr. a"d M:s. j
Marvin Jennings in Camden.
Miss Minnie Sub?r and Miss Willie]
Counts, of Fairfield, are visiting the j
home of Mr. R. B. Dominkk in No. 2.!
?Newberry Herald and News.
Mr Lawrence Porter shopped ovc-r;
for a few days visit to hi* parents on j
way from Edgefield, whero he bas!
Deen for about a month, to Taunton, !
Catarrh Cannot be Cure-i
:hev cannot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or cont-timional
disease, and in order t? cnre it
rou must take internal remedies,
[lall's Catajrb Cnre is taken internally, j
md acts directly ou the blood and!
nucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cnre j
is not a quack medicine. It was pre- j
cribcd by one of the best physicians'
in this conntry for year?, and is a;
regular prescription. It i* comoo?ed *
>f the bes> tonics known, combined |
with the best blood puifiers, acting
iirectlv on the mnnnons surfaces. The i
perfcct co.nbinrtion of the twoingre-'
jients is what prodace3 socb wor.derFal
resnlts in caring Catarrh. Send
for testimonials, free.
3*. J. CHENEY k CO , Prop?.,
Tdledo, O.
Sold by Drnggists, pt ice 75c.
Miss Fannie Clark, of York Co?;:ity,
is visiting friends in town.
kg baking
Bmd Wrnummm
7 |
eiicious and wholesome
We >aice from the Charlotte Obse^ver
of Thursday the following
notica of the death of Mrs. E. C.
Robertson, who was for many years
a resident of this town. The news of
her dta-h has saddened many hearts,
as she was loved by many and the
sympathies of tbe'comrnunity are with
tbu family The remains were brought
fro n Cbarlotte on the noon train and
were taken from 1I13 traia to the
Episcopal cemetery, where the interment
'.ras !iia^e in the family lot.
Rev. Benj. Allston c<-M>dacte<1 the
8C:rviC 8.
E 'zabeth Caroline Robertson
d:cd tuddeaiy yesuTdaj afternoon at
5 o'clock, at the residence of her son,
Capi. nomas Ross Robertson, on
West Trti ic et:eet.
The ne>vs will be a painful surprise
to thofe 0;'Mrs. Robertsou's relatives
and fri vi s' who knew not that she
was m k. s ie had not been well for
severa' r e--, but her family thought
her sick.i; - atiendant upon cold and
the fee5 of age. She was able
to be up .uni about the house and did
not take her bed until 3 o'clock yesterday
afernot n. She died from heart
failure a* 5 o'clock.
Doceassd was born in Fairfield
couDry. < C.,in 1825, and was therefore
7-i vears of age. She was the
witi w of Judge "William R. Robertson,
Oi Wicnsboro. The- bad three
children?all sons. One died whco
verv* young, another was killed in the
Confederal army, and Capt. T. R.
Robertson, who survives.
After U? -t. Robertson's marriage
Mrs. Robertson came to Cbarlot'e to
live. Sh- WU3 a sweet, gentle spirit;
kind-hei.r'pd, strong in her convictions
and principles; charitable and
good Shr- -K-as a devont member .of
the Epi-copal Church, and died as she
had liVed, loyal to ker church and in
faith looking to Him the great Head
of the church.
The remains will bi; taken to Winns
DOl'O OHJC'ITU W UiUrUlUX iUi uunai,
the interment taking place soon after
the arrival of Ihs train.
Capt. Robertson, who is with his
regiment in Cuba, was cabled yesterday.
He will not, of course, return.
Mrs- Robertson has been sick} for
several days, and will not be able to
attend the funeral. Mr. W. R. Robertson
and Misses B.'ssie and Jolia
Robertson, grand children of deceased,
will accompany the remains to
Winnsboro. '
Success?Worth Knowing.
40 years' success in the South, proves
Hughes' Tonic a -jreat remedv for
Chilis and all Malarial Fevers. Better
than Quinine. Guaranteed, try it. At
T^rn rrrtI da onH ci nn ^T^a * I
JL-* I ICtO, WV? UilU V*4-* v^ VVIVIVV<
Editor: With the beginning of a
new year, we constantly form new
resolutions. Now let's see if some of
us careworn, almost rasted-ont Fair?eidites
can't be "up and doing" and
snetain not only onr reputation as
farmers, but the reputation of the
dear old county as being the fairest
field iu all the State. First, let us
mean just what we say about planting
less cotton at.d *nore grain, at least,
enough for home, consurap'ion. "We
wiii never cease to fee; tbe sting of
poverty whilst we persist in planting
so much Kiu? Cotton. For after we
have sioLfd the heat of summer and
carried a heavy bnMcn (debt) all
year, then V7e do?i't find the "king in
Lis counting house counting out much
mo:iey; neither the queen in her parlor
eating bread and honey." Them,
too, we h-.ve ifee mortification of hearing
tha'. .be poor, honest merchants
haverfi go (ten their pay for the hog
and hominy, and maybe a Jew clothes
to run thac cotton crop on. 7, for one,
am willing to plant no more c. tfonthan
my family can finger pick, thereby
savh.g re expense of ginning. Why
try to keep up with progress unless
we makj a j effort toward progress?
which c&-.'t be accomplished by planting
tour ocrvs cotton.
Wi hm^r The News and Herald
much snroess and long life, I close
with hopevi ior better times next fall,
and trusi ;o have something left besides
Nelson, Jvi. 14,1899.
Mr. S. K Hood, a former citizen of
this plaif'. bat now of Atlanta, Gi.,
and MiiS Maggie Reed were quietly
married at the bride's home near
Ridgew-y last Sunday, January 8:h,
at three o'clock p. m , Rev. W. II.
Harlin officiating. After the cere
mony Mr. and Mrs. Hood left on the
evening traia for Atlanta whero they
will make thoir fu'nre home.
Miss Lizzie Laubon spent last
Monday night with friends in ?:towu"
en route fo .Rock ton
Miss Carri-j Ci\>Wii is >pmdia2
awhile it; Cu!umb:a as the guest of
Miss 2vaii! ie De'le Woolen.
M:3S Josio I! .) :?], who lias boen
epeiuiioir awhile at Winnsboro, came
home :;i5: Sp.niia".
Mrs. Thorn** Wonte;;, after ppending
h fo.-r days in Colmnbu returned
home last Monday.
Mrs. J. N. Brown h.*s been visiting
relatives in Grcelerville.
Mr aiul Mrs J VV Blain paid the
capital city a short visit la-t Tuesday.
Mis* Minnie B^okbart is visiting
Secret of Beauty
is health, The secret ofher.ltl
!v to riio-pst and f "
" ~ J ? -- ?C?
lo.:e a prefer quanity cf loo
This can never be clone v.*!.
.)V ilvcr doc? not act it's r
XK-y^u know tb:
Liver Pills sre an
i';tc cure fcrsick headache, cl y.
sour stomach, rr.
constipation, torpid liver, rr1
.jaund'ee, bilious fever, Li:
n?53 a:?d kindred diseas::
Tail's Liver Psl.
. Moving is quite fashionable jast
now among the colore;] population.
Some hiv.: gone to FJorid*, where
they are w-inted to work in turpen
tine farm*, others h?ve gone to lower
counties, while !'m; majority of th tn
have j-.iM exchanged hom:s. Iiandi
ara scarce u;i sumo p.auiun yuo.
Tne Sfoiloh school entertaiumcnt
was well attended and the children
did we!'. Rev. Mr. Kirkpatricfc,
pastor of iln Brick church, (A. R. P.)
maie a good practical adire^at tho
close of the exerciser.
All the tigers that we have in this
section are blind ones, and we sappose
that the keepers are blind too, as
we hear of one having stumbled on
the railroad track with a two gallon
ing of the beastly intoxicant which he
was carrying from one rendezvous to
another. The result of thit fall was a
broken jag, spilled contents, and a
| busted busings, for thai was .his
J stock in trade.
| Rev. and Mr*. E. A. McDotfeil,
who boarded with Mr. B. il. Yarborougb
last year, are now housekeeping
at Mmiicello. Work on ihe
RanMsfc narsoua^e will 'be^in 'ere
Mr. Vf D. Davis, of Monticelb, has
mored to the Yarborou?h house at
Long Run. which he bought SDina
j time since.
| Miss Mamie Carry is visiting friends i
near Nowberry C H.
Miss Sadie Carry epeut the Christmas
holidays with Miss Ruby Ragsdale
at Dlairs.
Miss Sallie Gilraore, of Concave e,
and Mr. Frauk Spigener, a student of
the Neel-Hevels business college of
Soartanbars:, were the guests of Mrs.
M. D. Spigener during the holidays.
C. B. Douglass, Jr., ha3 retornod to
Clemson College after spending two
weeks at home. He entertained a
number of his friends at supper while
here which was quite an enjoyable
The Misses Chappell gave a "Phantom
Party" which was attended by
quite a number of lively ghosts.
Dr. and Ms8. C. N. Hoagh, of
Honea Path, ppent several davs
recently with Mrs. M. A. Chappsil,
thfi mother of Mrs. Hough.
Rev. M. L. Banks, Jr., the newly
appointed pastor of Fairfield circuit,
preached an Impressive sermon at
Sbiloh church on Sunday la-t.
Mrs. Herring and family now occupy
the residence of the late Dr.
J. M. Gleun.
We are 6orry to hear of the illness
of the Ragsdale brothers whose services
are eo much needed r.:win Columbia.
Jan. 13, '99.
for over iiicy lean.
Mrs. Wxnslow's Soothing Syrup
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the chiid, softens the gum?,
allays all pain, cores wind colic, and is
the best remedy for diarrheal. It will
relieve the poor little sufferer immediately.
Sold by druggists in every
part of the world. Twenty-five cents
a bottle. Be snre and ask for "Mrs
Winslow's Soothing Sump," and take
no other kind. 5-26fxly
Dear Editor: As ihe happenings of
oar little neighborhood have never
been recorded in yooc paper, I've decided
to undertake the novel, bnt
pleasant task of contributing some occasional
dots, fearing that should oar
silence contir?-* "inch loDger, the correspond^**
!ir- n.)joining localities
will conoiu i :l-? we cannot afford
any. Tliis, however, though apparently
so, is nut th3 case, and although
Oakland occupies so s?nali
and remote a coru*r of toe county
and m-i-os no pretentions whatever
pub'c: ill I think she can bo is l
suffiv vw3 for a contribution now
and U o .
Twi> .veeks of the new year have
passed on fleeting wings, and though
her greeting smile was bright with |
golden sunbeam;, today winter's
merry fairies dance gleefully without
ard seem to delight in their sly and
mforeeen appearaucc as a wonderful
joke. The holidays were quietly, but
pleasantly tpent in our section. Old
Santa did no extensive visiting, but as
that was not expected his presence
can't be said to baye been greatly
missed. Dinings aud social gatherings
were the order of the day, eo of
coarse the young people had a good
Rev. H. K. Ezsll his accepted the
call to Poplar Springs church, much
to the gratification of his congregation.
Poplar Sprites is tbe only ehurch in
! our un'dst ai d Mr Ezell bas filled its
I pulpit most acceptably for tbe past
two years. On new years day hi
j preached a timely and appropriate
eermon, hia tfceme b ing "(jo Fori
ward " It was lepieie \vi;h ins'rnst
ii'mi f,,r v-rvnnur ani oid. but oae im
pressive point was that while contentment
with our !'?; i i life should ever
be cultivated, <ve ought .never to be
content with our own attainments.
An excellent motto for tbe new year.
Our neighborhood has sufiered a
great loss in the removal of Mr. D.
H. Robertson's family to Mossy Dale. 1
We a^ few in number and can illv
spare eveu one. Mr. Robertson wa? a
good neighbor in every rc=pcct and
therefore greatly beloved. His family
will be mftch missed.
I Mrs R V. Dray his returned from
a farewell visit to her brother. Mr.
IN. A. Peav, whose family ha3 moved
to Greenwood, much to the regret of
their own as wfll as neighboring communities.
It is rumored that some of our
yoncg men will soon leave us to seek
'Dame Fortune"' . in other climes.
May she not prove fi :kle, Mi' willii-glr
yield hevself to their wooing*.
Miss Cynthia Durham i- vNiting
relatives at Kidgewav.
Miss Mxrion Meliichamp pt>i.l a
short \liii to Rev. Ezell's family last
j week.
Mr. Willie Dray of this place is
vMting in Columbia.
I close with be&l wi-hes to the
Herald for a prosperous new jear
Jan. 13, '99. Flo. j
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j disease? Wc psck a Written Guarantee in each I
! S1 Box. No C;:*rc, No Pay. 50c.and ! r. '- ox, 6 :".r |
j {> Sent by r;s:l. Samples irec
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BLOOD PURIFIER. Small, mild and plens.ir.l
to take: especially adapted for children's use. 5c
j doses 25 cer.ts.
FRE?.- A via! of these famous little Pellets -.vwl
be given with a <: box or more of Pile Cure.
Notice?The genuine fxesh Japanese i iln
C'jse fc sale only by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
1 In all Conditions of 1
I i
5 whether from overwork, in protrac- ??
= ted illness, or in convalescence, IS
5 the digestive organs partake of the 2
? genera! weakness, and are unable 3
E to assimilate sufficient food to buitd S
E up the wasted tissues. In such S
g cases is
i Rabst I
i Malt Extract i
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5 digestion of food, and brings re- ?3 .
6 freshing sleep. 1
riiaises3?S22s;;sioi5iisiSiiH:nsiiisnisiS3i?2isl^ ,
i;-r f-i.-tcr, Mrs W T Dciitux, a'Spartanburg.
Mrs J >Y Bi .i'i'* br;>;he\ Mr ;
Cliffon Price, of North, S 0, r>;H her i
a viit last.Su::uay.
Mr W J Hagood is now occupying
the parsonage.
Mrs II L , Baxter, after visiting
relatives iu Columbia, returned to
Biythcwood last Friday. Mr and
Mrs Baxter are now residing at
"Biaia';? boardine house."
Mr Jas A Bailentine, the night
operator, having been removed to
Iiock Hill, Mr Atchie Watson, of
tfidge Spring has accepted th? position
at this place. We extend to Mr
Bailentine our congratulations and to
Mr Watson our sympathy.
Mr J C Hoffman's many friends are
pleased to have him in their midst
again. .Chrysanthemum.
Jan J4, ;99.
A Clever Trick.
It certainly looks like if, but there is
realiy no trick about it. Auybody
can try it who has Lame Back and
Weak Kidneys, Malaria or nervous
troubles. We mean he can care himself
right away by taking Electric
Bitters. This medicine tones np the
whole system, acts as a stimulant to
the Liver and Kidneys, is a blood
purifier and nerve tonic. It cures
Constipation, Headache, Fainting
Spells, Sleeplessness and Melancholy.
It is purely vegetaoie, a mild laxative,
and restores thesvstem to its natural
vigor. Try Electric Bitters and be
convinced that they are a miracle
worker. Every botile guaranteed.
Only 50c a bottle at McMaster Co.'s
drag store. 3
Tn-o heads are better than oneexcept
in a sermon.
If you want to learn humanity,
study a good woman.
Tbe Bible offers no premium on
lazice?s or improvidence.
Sales of fine American horses in
Mexico now reach $100,000 annually.
Wheo the devil can't go to church
himself he always sends a hypocrite.
Six-tenths of the population of
Japan do not earn more than $10 per
Statistics show that divorced men
remarry to a greater extent than divorced
The fool seldom thinks of what he
eays, and the wise man rarely says
what he thinks.
The United States iroops keeping
order ia Havana are cncamped in ihe
heart of (he city.
Mormon tonrerls in pl'tsan* UliJ.
Ky., cairy t-holguus to protect therc
stives from whkecaps.
When You Have :i l>au Col*.!
Yon want :be best medici-.e ?li <w.i j
be obtained, sr-d thai, i* L'b -mircr a.-.:'- j
Conofh .
Yon wour a rcir.ruv t'ut vr'ii not j
ouly -ive q'lick relief but r-fl c- i {
maneut enre.
Yon wantremedy tbac will id:; vc j
the lungs and keep expectora'ni. ta-y.;
Y u want a remedy that will counteract
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Yrou want a rcmedv that is pleasant
and safe to take.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the
only medicine in use that meeia all of
thtse requirements. This remedy is
famous for its cure3 of bad colds
throughout the United States and in
many foreign countries. It has many
rivals, but, for-the speedy and permanent
cure of bad colds, 6tands wlthont
a pter and its splandid qualities are
everywhere admired and prais?d. For
sale by McMaster Co., druggist?.
The American ilig flies from the
wreck of the Maine, blue-jackets from
the Texas having unfurled the colors.
Honflffll WhOA'ap oc/Miliru Vna hirdi. i
hood to regular hour?. He goes loj
bed at 10 and ari.ei a! 7.30 in the. |
| morning.
According to statistics, women :o- j
day are t??*o inches taller, on an ave-i
rage, than they were 20 or 30 years j
O 0
In Hungary it i3 the custom for the |
groom to give the bride a kick after j
the weddinsr rr ; ;uony to make her !
feel her ?u' j ju,
Cai?mci, Milphnr and lard, mixed, is I
a certain cure f-?r sore heads in f^wis: I
cilomel destrovs the Insmor?sulphur J
a;x1 i.irci nra' the iore
Some alarm prevails among Ameri- i
<?.n3 at Havana, owing to-t-ho spread I
of contageons diseases. Three {iea.th? j
from Asiatic cliolera are reported.
One of the most distressing sights, is
to see a child almost choking with
the dreadful whooping-cough. Give
tfce child Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the
orronf/ict rmlmnnarv remedv. ana re
| lief will come at once, the" coughing |
| spells will re-occur less frequently,
I and, in a few days, the sufferer will be
I entirely cured. No other remedy can j
j boast of so many cures.
[email protected] fe 3 HI !
I Curac Whooping-OoL^gh quickly.
Doses are s:na!l and pleasant to Ink'-. Doctors
rcco:::uivuJ it. Price 25 cc::: -. At r.:: '".rwzj-.zli. '
\j //
Augusta, Ga. Actual Busiaess. 2Co Test Books.
Siiootei. Ctaip board. Staa for C^u!?jue.
Offl IS S A Si ??d Habits
U Big S&?| cared at home TritiiB
a Rf swl out pain. Book of p?.r- .
. IwliB tlcpjtfseentgREK. I
Sa5n?Sr?SrOfflcc 104 N. Pryor s:,
' Office at Mrs. Ellen Cathcnvt's, next
door to J no. H. McMaster <k Co.'s Drug
JUSfNight tail at Winns 1
For -Sails,
years old. at $75; one 4 or 5 yeiu'sold,
at $85. :,i ?food order atd ready
for the pic v.-.
Terms cash
1-17-1 Wiunsbor), 0.
Notice to Greditors.
i'r-.o -.- rate of Fred Scruggs, o< erased,
are hcvebv notified to make piyiiVjr.t
lo ;h? undersigned, ai.^ ".!! person?
vitli % claims a;rain=i ?s: are
vqii.-? <?u to present fociadu?v .i<.es <]
..i; <<i.: undersigned.
R. A. ME ARE.-.,
1-J0 3c Administrator
'>V?j+'Fi* R<c*
tiivWl / ' / 4: { '>>'? ?iL'&
State of South Caeolina, ?
Executive Chamber. S
been received at this Deprrtment that
on the fifth cay of January, A. D.
1899, the dwelling house of R. T. iilaii,
in the Connty of Fairfield, was burned,
and there being reason to believe that
the b&rniDg was.m act of incendiarism,
Now, tnerefore, I, W. II, E:ierbe,
Governor of I ho State oi' South 'Carolina,
in order ihat justice may be donff
and the,raaj^6ty or the law vindicated,
do hereby ofter reward of One Honored
Dollars for the apprehension and j
cur.viction 01 1113 peiw>i ur .^ nwu?:
who committed ?aid act of inccti- j
diarism. i
In testimony whereof, 1 hav? hereunto
.set my bacd and c .nsed i
tbe jjreit teal of the -;tate
to bv affixed, at C.ds.nhia, 1
[l. 31. s ] thi* 12th day of Ja; nary, j
A. D 1S99, and in t! one I
hundiud ar.d twuil hlrd:
year ot'th? independe -.e cf
"the Uuiiied State? of America.
Bv the Governor:
1-14 Secretary of 3ia;e.
State of South Carolina, )
Executive Chamber. $
been teccived at this Deparfrusn that
ov the first day of September. A. D
1898, the baro of Ii. T. Blair, In the
County of Fairfield, was burned, I
- - -" ? ? * *. r* i
ffiere- ? '" ;
hcmci- was ao act of ir.ccii'iia<"lj-iii? ;
~ . f t nr 17 \?\ ,l,n I
jN'tw, inereiore, 1, ?v. lj
Governor of the Siate of twiHh C.*?ro-|
i;>a. in order 'hat jastice ir<a> >>< do- e I
md majesty or the i-t?s? j
io -j-pbv . fl'-r a re wart* of Oj. :lu:>
dre:i Ooiisrs for the spj/reiw- . : ;;mi
conviction of ?ho per-o;- or . '- v.s
tvbo commitic'i said act m: i::c>*n
1. testimony t; hereof, j Lav Ii re
un;.o .;et iny handairl c ;
Ice treat sp-'d of ifcrs 55:a?e j
Jo to afficd, at C?):u;uVJa,.
[l ii. s ] this 12:h dav of Jsviary, \
A. D. 1839, and in ire one j
hundred, r*ud tweotv-third j
year of the independence ot'
the United Scales of /imcr-;
ica.- j
By the Governor: i
1-14 Secretary of Stat .
1 j
*sr siF ^ rg |
wantedi |
that we havf Fruit G?ke in or.e
- and five-Do :nd lin;?. Kahii.>
in every* .-lupc*. Curr-iuis
Ciiroo, Fig , Date?. NaHon-;
Biscuit Co.\ Oates in ei-dJc-variety.
Soda freab every
three days
Wheu in i;s;d of anythirar
goou to cat c.ii! o:j us.
eF"-ZT ZSFQF dF&rzs*
v v ^ .a.
nnr s;u::k f P'l'~rS ii'itl
MEDICINES. We have just lively
cqirpped our
Prescription E ptei
with .a fall set of spp u-dt;-,.. !
ev: t * tiling trusted t% < ur c.tre iviii
'.he ittcnlion cf D.. E
iM) "? L.UNU. an oxprnci!"vii .<tm-.cist.
II. IJttf K Cl
. ^
;-~v- / .
iiHII i i i i - - 1 % ,rt-*r 11 WCM
10 f?c dirccc1 -?nvc levied upon
ted \vi!i f-c.-: to iiic highest cas?: bidder
befc o :'ne Court HorJe door ia Winnsbi>ro,
S C . on the first Monday in
Feb narv, ore engine and boiler, one
u-r.,. __ ;_v^ ?1!
UiiCK UiWLJittlili a * IU >13UUU iiiJ?rJCrnec
i attach.'J and belonging thereto.
Lex d on as !he property of J. D.
Nea.' at the suit of Des?or:es Mercantile
R. E. ELLISON, S. F. 0.
YVinnsboro, S. C., Jan 13, 1899.
j Snse-i A. McMttikie v:-. Wiiliatn D.
D-vi?. in his owr. right, and as AdJ
in'rjj-'-.Vutor of ;h." es'ate of Joseph
i K Ds?vi', <l??- a?5d, Fannie C.
The Vv i.iiii-boro Bank and
j Tho F'-r;;;-jrs ??ci t'ecbanics Bank,
! Of Cvf iini S. 0.
?X ,/uio-ifcRce of a:i order of the
t ..* i!mi U^mru^n Pleas, nnde in
: u<i --s;ed c<-s\ I will offer for
-a'', ;'nr' fisc t>urt. iiouss door ia
. \? i? *s:> S. 'J , "n liic
f-: r : now -n february
.: x -.v.. : : - c^;-. ho^rs ot sale, at
j pub o.:t.. ,, tv- '.he- highest bidder,
: ; ;'.o,'.-.rix djecv.bcd property, (o
A! that tracf or par-e< of land situ'
a'.e i : the County Airfield, in tbe
Stati aforesai-i, "a H-t!e -outhof the
j village of iiloHticelio, containing
Aerimore less; being the same
trnrr r>f inrifl r.nr.r.>VAf! to Jo?eoh K.
' * v>vv V- ' ? ' 'J c
: Day deceascr?, bv John Bauskett, by
dead dated the 4;h day of April,
1-SGl, a?.d recorded in Book WW, page
246, in the office of the Register of
; Mesne Conveyance* of Fairfield Ccun!
t&, f:nd described in said deed as
i bounded on the north by lands of
' Thomas BeJi, William Blair, E F.
j Lyle?: and the said Joseph K. Davis;
I ou the east by lands of Joseph K.
: Davio and Jonathan liabb; on ifce
' sonl!i by lands of Dr. Thomas Fnrman
. and John Willingham; and on the west
! by Jjhn Bell, John Will Ingham and
; Tccmas Be!1, the ores^ci boundaries
of :i i s.iid lancLbenir w->: c r>i"iicu
1 larl-- indicated },y the pia1. ^nade by
Edgo'* Trapp, Surreyor, on (he 25th
oay of Angust. 1893. The said premises
t'? be iirsi r.ffereu fur sale in separate
tracts :>r parccls as indicated on a
plate iht:iVvf made bv Edgar Trapp,
Snrv vor, o:: the 24th anci 2oih Angn^i.
1898, which . l i" is <i!cd i'i th3
office of the Cli k c? be Court in the
record of thr c v. and will be ex
hibit d ?>.i <i.} sir.; the bid? of the
bi.->h(-t bidJj's lor d separate .nets
to be aceeMo.j by t 3 .'!e:k conditionally,
1 bat i:- up >n condition tnc.t ibe
premie? wbou eo'd as one entire tract
hereinafter dlrrcted, shall bring less
than the aggregate of tbc amounts or
(be highest b:&~ for Ire tracts as offered
separately.-: A:id ^vbeu all of said
scnarAte ;racts- or parcels have been
offered for sale and knocked down to
the L-.^bcst bidders '.uerefor conditionally
as above set forili, the said Clerk
shaH cflfcr the eiuire premises, made
up ol said parcels e?i masse, as a single
undivided tract. If the aggregate of
fhp -:mnnnu of the hio-hest bids bid
for ? ;d tracts or parcels offered separate;
shall exceed the amount bid for
the entire premises as a whole, then |
the (,:crk shall, upon compliance with
the t rms of shle, execute to each of
the respective parcbasars for said
separate tracts a deed for the tracts s?
sepat-Jtclv sold. Bat if the amouut
bid !' r the entire promises en masse as
a ein^ie tract shsl! exceed the aggregate
of the amounts of the highest
o;d? offend lor ;he said premise* as
cc>uc-?K>i:a!lv sol'l in separate tracts,
then the s>.id Llc.k fhall execute a
c!er:d 'o the enure r remises to the highest
uidde; for tae e.Uhv tract, and the
bids i' r :h trac* - as offered separatev
?haU ; *vhol!v '.i 'ejrarded, (Plat
0' s ?'irvi ran 'or- "seeu in Clerk's
iiftict c. an v iiino be;-:;re sale day, if
Or; -thi .1 t the psreuase-mouey to
i.'/ ) ii ca-h o!? lb cay cf sale, the
; in '-.vo' ..(jaai f.iihual iustaluiC::;
i.c<rir. .lr: <' f i>a!e, with int-n\
/rom ihe< a:, o;' -31a at eight per
: c 'istv. n per -vaism. ;o i-.e secured by
he b ad of the pure:: iser or purchasers
r Id a mortgage or mortgages of
;he p-emise? ?old, or i'or a!l cash at the
optica of the purchaser or purchasers,
i The purchaser or purchasers to pay for
I al! n'cessary papers. And if the purI
chases.* fails to comply with the terms
I cf f-a e, the Clerk ;-h.{ii resell the said
| prenc.ses on the same or some succeed;
/? - ?!./% nnrMA fr?1 f V* _
lng tuiwuav un inc oujic ui.) ??HU!
oat farther application to the Court,
and ?t the risk of the former parchaser.
Sold at fhe ri?k of the former purchaser.
Jan. 13th, 1899. C. C. P. F. C.
1-1 ltd
KENTUCKY MULES at rev srables
; 1!! Hi {i'.il'Oj ji'f'-1 <c: uvv ;c.hj
j u;'5. :.-c :x;u c r: bebontht cheap
"' r c ;'.i or Oi? ?>>r,u bauk&bie paper,
j .V:;ie in the Fa 11. Come cue, corns
; all ;v o need p<>jd in tries. I will exI
cbaiuo then; for broken down mules
j or pi-.ig mnies.
I n'-^c have a fev, good Mares and a
ccu{ :o of good Saddle Ilowes, one
now Two-horse Wai'on and one ^ood
Seco d-'?andBagK
I -o keep on hand a few
and rill ae!: lhcin che*p for cash or
? v,.5. ,icra fliotn fvir r)rv ra*tip. a'wftvs
I ? 'v"t Z>" "" ? J j
rea? lor a trad*.
! 11: ive engaged Mr. S. B. CKAW)
FOl'D for the season, and be will be
j plea* ;<I lo sec any and all of his miny
j frien .<?.
\Vi?jii*b'.;ro, S (J.
.. I: :: -kets, Baric!
, 21 - :tly on hand,
a-:tl o> f h > ivque>i<rd.
Th. : - i:: i\>r i: ?eami .-oiiei:
:a . fs a - fniore, in th?
i o.'v; -as-3
! ; r u s'?e cci: ? a!? hoc:?.
THE TTLLro:r.r.\ SH92?,
J. 3?f EJ.LiOTT & CO.
A Hearty
are closing oat onr eutir?- stock br yy-x
making Oreiter
Seiifiois |
I than have ever yet been made in r?er /
bargain? in everythihg >
until our
Spring Goods -':f j
begin to arrive. Shrewd buyers *r*
requested to call.
- : *-v-?$v^2
j\ ?t}oi?G
6onq? .> ; |j
arid LjooI^i .
Ml Dl '
?FOR A? . ?j
time we are prepared to
' S3
These Wheels are in
No. 1 Condition
and are offered at reduced
prices, being shop worn.
\ - .1* . '
' MS ' AS
? ? ";-W
tit Mi |
No. 1 d|
T? . -rv 4t 1
fOItl K160 M013SS8S .
, =
Captured by the First S, C. Regime** at
the evacuation of San Juan.
i. iiMiicm i
bi 11 ssisa
' " '* Jm
J.?. StCilUI i CO. I
A FRICANA w*H-cnrcRhcumati*aea< ..-vj
Scrotal* to Stay Qorai.

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