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r-:* v
Wednesday, Jami ir.r 25, 1899
?Sec Soprvisor'e report.
?fen or twelve goods mules fo
sale. T. K. ELLIOTT.
?Dr. Huehftnan it hflwincr an t-fFn
built in the back of che store cccupiei
_r by J. J. Obear.
?Bead advertisement of the annua
ML meeting of the Farmers' Mutual Fin
It Inturance Compauj.
* ?Ground has been laid off for j
large oil tank which is to be built b;
the Standard Oil Company. The tan!
will be built i.ear the freight depot
?Mr. Hawes has moved his stocl
ofsroods from the store in the northeri
part of tosrn that he has been occupy
ing for ojae lime and i- novr occupy'
ioj one of John Ru^ei's new store
^ ?The crossings on Main street havi
been vaitly improved by hayin<
crashed granite pal on them. In we
weather tbete crossings a re in a dread
fill oondiuon. but this will no longei
be the case since the granite hag bee:
put down.
?The marriage of Miss Uosa Jones
daughter of Justice, Ira B. Jones, tc
Dr. Pint B. Marion took place 01
Wednesday at the bride's home ii
Lancaster. Dr. Samuel Lindsay vrai
^ a g-poonssmj.il and Mi?s T. C. Elliot
^ was maid of honor.
, ?Building at the factory ftillgoe!
oo, and there still setms to be a de
mand for additional operati?#s' houses
^ as m?rz are going ap. Id addition t<
the new cottages, a standard ware
bouse his b?en put op iu wkich th<
cotton now oa hand has be?n itored.
? "If you are well shod with Sel;
hoes you can perform your daih
duties in safety and comfort." Sc
reads Q. D. "Willifored's new adver
tisement this morning. He has reducec
Lja the price of Whiltcmore?s best gilt edg<
?jfe ?hoe poli?h from 25 ccnts to 15 cents
S| Give him a call.
?H. Rr&ndfc is makina a trernendoai
redactioo in his goods, and now ha:
great bargains for his cnsto Jiers. Hii
entire stock is offered at from 10 to ~2i
per cent redaction. He has a beauti
Lfnl stock of goods _and you would d<
well to read his new advertisemen
and give him a trial.
?Tfc? Southern Railway commenced
this week to run its Florida vestibule
train*. These trains run at tte rate
-ja -1.1 m , .. , _-l -j.
ei aoouc xorty miies an nour ana uc
not make a single stop between Columbia
and Chester. The southbound
train pastes here about 6 a. m. and the
northbound is due at about 9 p. m.
?Snow fsll quite heavily tor several
hours Thursday morning but the
ground was evidently too warm as the
gL lakes melted as fast as they fell, to
th? great disappointment of the
children, who were expecting a heavy
snow Btorm. The mercury fell several
dsgrees ?n Thursday and the cold
was very severe.
rrn. a T?*i O.J if
?iuursu*y, reuruaiy a:;u., jo
Candlemas Day, and it is said that il
the weather - ou tbis day ie bright and
90^ ~ clear a'rftarn ai severe weather may
" be expecteil, ba: if Candlemas is dark
m and stormy warm weathsr and an
iff early spring wili follow. We will
-11 1 - ~ ? a r
nv a:; nupe i /r a sicimv uauuituiw o.:
By we have had sufficient cold wtather.
BT ?Those who hare valuable dogs
^ had better ke^p a close watch upon
tbesn as a cumber of doge have gone
mad recently. We have not yet heard
of any mad dogs having been seen in
town, tut on Wednesday morning one
^ w*s shot at Rockton and another was
t?en there while a number of mad
dogs h\re been killed in the Hcreb
^ ?J. J. Obesr will sell internal reve
^ nue stamps. There is no place ir
?/\cc-n otIiom nonnlp fJLN tll?*sf
stamps except at thy bank and tae
bank does not really keep them lor
sale. The p -ople generally will be
jlad that they can procure these
r* ~ stamps without having to go to the
bank. Frequently the bank officer;
are very bu?y and it is inconveniem
to them and inconvenient for the
buyers to buy stamps at the bank.
?Ia the Carolina Spartan, of Janu
ary !5tQ, a mosi interesting aiumc ut
r tbe "Rennion of the North and South'
aDDe&rs. This article was signet
Marion Moblsy Durham, Slackstock
w In this article the writer shows hov
tke recent war has been the means o
bringing nearer together the people o
the North and South, and how afre:
thirty-fire years these men who fongh
against each* other have joined hand
in prettctifig our country agrinst !
common foe.
Mr. Elisha Berry, of this place, say:
he never had anything do him so mac!
f ~ good and give such quick relief fron
rheamatisni as Chamberlain's Fail
Balm. He was bothered greatly wit!
shooting pains from hip to kuce uati
iie used tHis iinamen;, waicn auuru
prompt relief.?B. F. Baker, druggist
St. Paris, Ohio. For sale by McMas
ter Co., druggists.
Mr. Editor: Piease be so kind as t(
publish the following report of thi
i v Weir school near Avoo, S. C :
L- ?Cora McKeown 99, Jimmie Castles
i 99, Hoyt Banks 9S, Fitzhagh Dove 93
Johnnie Dove 93, Willie McKoown P3
fe. Annie McKeown 93, Lizzie Banks 93
L Ephraim Banks 92, Samuel Banks 90
Nannie Taylor 90, Mattie Dave 9-;
H. R. Chapman, Teacher.
** H J ?J? PO
jfrk, nssfOHEs v\TAL!7
\ " * * Made 3
\ Weil Man
THE^ffi^gr of Me.
GREAT a*-?- " ?
! T7REXCH REMEDY produces the j-bove resr
* " ia 30 days. Ct-res XitrvouT Dability, IftPptenr^
" Varicocele, Foiling Mrr.tory. Stoj'sail drains an
iosses causes by '.r-t rs of vouth. Jt \va;ds o'T Ic
jv. sanity and C"vRsu.;.i.>'.i<.-n. Young M-n regain Mar
V lood a.-.d Old Meti r-.-cover Youthful Vigor. 1
||L Hives vigor and s /: to shr*:n>vn organs,ami fit
limy a man ! ?r business or marriage- E.s.Iy earned i
sj|j^ the vest pocket, .''ricc rfj PTC 6 Boxes 5f-5
oy mail, is ;.iain racV- jy 5 O.^Se. wit
writtenguar-nti-;. -S. J?Ai% O'HASPA, Paris
Sold only l>y J. J. OBEAR. I>rug
gist, Wiunsboro, b. C.
Snbhm ~ *
' i
Makes the food more del!
. ~
j Well breu ?i. ?r?.we.: or pointer,
B one to two yea--- Write Bx. 62,
Winusbor , s C
1 HY>i Jcls EAL,
j Married at the maose, Salem, on
Tuesday, December 20, 1898, by Rev.
. W. W. Sadler, Mr. John Rose, of
j Wolling, to Mi?3 Mattie Broom, of
Tjiftlft T?.ivpr_ A fow olr?ce friends
accompanied the bridal ccaple to the
manse wr erj they were united in the
holy bonds of wtdlock, after which
a they proceeded? a merry party?to the
* home of tte groom where they will
? *oou go to housekeeping. Frieuds of
_ j both the contracting parties wish them
happine>s in their new relation. S.
Saccess?TVorth Knowing.
40 years' success in the South, proves
Hughes"' Tonic a great remedy for
Chilis and all Malarial Fevers. Better
than Quinine. Guaranteed, try it. At
Druggists. 50c. and $1.00 bottles. *
On Sunday night the store of Mr.
s L. W. Hawse & Bro. wasenteied by
. burglars and the amount of money
f taken by the thieves was about ll.SI in
> pennies. The^burglars have not been
. captured. Within the last two years
> a number of burglaries have been committed
here, and a number of stores
z have been entered at different times
r durinsr this period. Th? merchants
> would have a much more necure feel.
iog if tbe burglars could be found and
j punished, but they manage their work
? too well to be detected.
3 T?ov .Tflho? Fprria hjm received a
' unanimous call to the pastoral of the
? Baptist Church at Kershaw and has
' accepted it, and will take charge of
the new work on February 1st Tor
} over seven years Mr. Ferris has been
the- pastor of the Baptist Churches in
"Winnsboro and Ridge way and during
that time has lived in ou<: town and
' has made many friends outside of his
5 congregation who will regret exceed*
ingly to see him leave. His leaviDg
" will be a great sorrow to bis congregation,
whose love, respect and admiratioB
be has won. His many
} friends here wish bim great success in
" bis new field.
, There will be a meeting of Caitp
Raine3, U. C. V., in the Court House
in Winnsbero on Monday the 6th of
I "KVhrnarv nevL to fftkft action On the
resolution of the executive committee
, to which attention is called by Major
T. W. Woodward, executive commit[
teeman, in this issue of the paper. The
. meeting will convene at 1 p. m. Please,
comrades, let us have a full attendance.
This is an important matter and we
ought 10 give all the aid we can to the
i good people of Charleston in this cause
dear to all our hearts.
( R. H. Jennings,
, January 23, 1899. Commander.
f William Brice, a colored porter at
the Winasboro Hotel, was arrested on
Friday for stealing some shoes from a |
drummer's sample case and also for a
theft committed about teo days ago
when he took some collars, shirts and
' other articles from the same drammer.
J He was detected on Friday, when he
1 stole the snoes, by Mr. Beaty, and was
carried before Magistrate Cat heart to
1 answer for both thefts. He pleaded
! guilty, and wa3 fined on tne first count
* $10 or twenty-five drys on the chain
5 gang, and on the second $5 or twenty
days. As he has no money he will
1 probably serve the time out on the
cuaxu gau;;.
1 From the following item token from
. the 3arnwell People w? learn of the
r good fortune of Dr. William E^leston.
f Dr. Eglestoc is a native of Winnsboro
f and his fi fends here are gratified to
r hear of his having been elected to a
t professorship and wish bim much
I tuccess in his new position.
i Dr. William Egleston left on Sunday
evening for Suwanee, Tenn., having
been elected Professor and Demon
strator 01 Anatomy in me university
8 of the S^Qth, of which he was a
3 student several years ago,
3 Dr. Egleston's stay iu Barnwell,
i though short was vastly beneficial to
3 those in sickness, and he will be re1
membered pleasantly by cur people
s for bis high character aud personal j
, attaiumcnfs, and wbile sorry to see j
bira leave, we wish hiui a'l the good !
j success in his new field of labor that
j he so worthi'v deserves.
> ^ ,
a On Thursday morning two negroes, I
Rufus Ford and John Cason, got ii.to
o difficulty on the s'reer near the
court house. Eu-lier iu the morning
' some words had psssed between the
? _ > 1 J H U-J
tWO SDU it is suppuacu Lust nicy uau j
' gone off and armed themselves pre- j
* paratury to a second meeting. Rufus j
Ford, vrlio had two pistols, dred at
John Casoc, who had one, but b-fore
another shot could be fired bv either
of ihe c eu the police and other officer?
! of the law had arrested the men.!
They wore carried before the couucil j
j but bailed themselves ont until Friday j
wnen luey were sgaio i3*.en Leiuie
the mayor wbo fined Rufus Ford $20,*
but John Cason vwts dismissed. It if |
it a fortunate thing that the shot fired
d by tbe nrgro did no damsge for such
j; reckless shooting might easily have
!t resulted in a seriou3 hart to some one.
a ? ?
t A A Habits
mm ?L$ S I 1 cored a: bcaa withH
M V* fi IB Bwa out pain. Book of par
Hi IWIIi tlcmtn*ent FBEE.
j ^^Sti55tsT?arOffice 104 N. Pryor St. (
L Baking ;
Icious and wholesome
;n CO.. NEW YORK. ' <
On Sunday night, between twilve j '
and one o'clock, Mr. G. A. White's ]
bakery was discovered to be on fire. j1
T'ae bakery was a double frame house 1
jnst back of Mr. White's dwelling-, and
was very near several frame buildings,
and there was grea- dujger of the fire
spreading. The tire companies responded
verv promptly to the alarm {
and splendid work. The fire was ex- J
tinguished before the flames could s
snread arid onlv one-half of'he hou3e t
was barned. No one was in the bakery | j
at the time, but it is supposed that the j
fire originated from the explosion of
a keroseue stoye which bad been
lighted at eight o'clock. Abon: thirteen
barrels of flour were lost. Those
Jiving- near the fire were packed and t
ready to move our, as it was not \
thought possible to prevent the fire I
from sprc dirg. The firemen deserve i
great cred t tor iheir epiendid work. I
? -? ]
Wben > on can not sleep for coughing
take (JLamberlain's Congh Remedy.
It always gives prompt relief. It is ?
most excellent for colds, too, as it aids i
expectoration, relieves the lungs and r
prevents any tendency toward pneamonia.
For sale bv McMaster Co.,
drnggistf. *
Mr. J. C. P. Williams, postmaster 1
at Ridge wa , was arrested on Friday *
by Deputy U. S. Marshal Thornton on *
the chargc of embezzlement. Wil- ^
liams is cbargcd with appropriating *
$SS to his own use. For some time ^
past the people of Ridgeway have c
been suspectiDg Williams of dishonesty v
and the postoffice inspector has paid
several visits to the office lately for =
the purpose of finding out the truth. c
Williams was taken before Commis- 1
sionar Jennings in Columbia and gave *
a $500 bond and was released. The
case will come up before the United c
States Supreme Court in April. Williams
was appointed postmaster when
McKinley became president, and is a
Republican. He was postmaster at
Ridgeway several years ago and gave (
perfect satisfaction then, bnt since he
was appointed the last time has not *
attended strictly to the office and has c
given the Ridgeway people ranch (
cause for complaint. He is a lawyer I
by profession. *
The Deadlv Grin C
Is again abroad in the land. The air .
you breathe may be fall of its fatal 1
germs! Don't neglect the 1 Grip" or 8
you will open the door to Pneumonia ^
and Consumption and invite death.
Its snre signs are chills with fever, J
headache, dail heavy pains, mncous ^
discha-ges from the nose, sore throat }
and never-let-go cough. Don't waste j
precious time treating this cough with 1
troches, tablets, or poor, cheap syrups. 8
Cure it at oncc with Pr. King's New .
Discoverv. the infallible remedy for 1
bronchial troubles. It kills disease r
germs, heals the longs and prevents
the dreaded after effects from the
malady. Price 50 cts. and $1.00. F
Money back if not cured. A trial 1
bottle free at McMa-ter Uo.'s drug 1
store. * ^
Mr. \V. L McDonald, of Charlotte, c
is in town. J
Mrs. C. A, D-?ugla5s *ent to Columbia
Mr. J. D. Harrison, of Longtown,
was.in town Friday.
Senator G. W. Ragsdale spent
Sunday with his famih.
Mrs. J. J. Creight and Miss Fannie
Creight spent Wednesday in Columbia.
Miss T. 0 Elliott will visit relatives
in Hock Hill before returning home.
Mr. Lawrence Porter has returned
to Taunton, Mass., to resume hi3
work there.
Mr. T. C. Steveuson, who has been
on a visit to relatives in this county, r
returns tr? Charleston to-.lav.
Mrs. M. M. Ross, of Oxford, Pennsylvania,
arrived on Thursday ou a
visit to her mother, Mrs. P. Ivetchin.
Miss Ray (Jammings leaves this
week for Rock Ilill. From Rock Hill *
she will go to New York for several e
weeks. ^
Miss Isabelle Bratton left Thursday ^
of last week for L03 Angeles, Callfornia,
to visit her aunt, Mrs. Edward
Noble. Miss Bratton has Deen visiting
in Abbeville and left for California
from '.here. (
mi| jiiii ipin nu
These pains are symptoms of
g dangerous derangements that
j? can be corrected. The menstrual
function should operate
i painlessly. j
h*r. vc
makes menstruation painless, ?j
?nd regular. It puts the delicate
menstrual organs in condi- I
tion to do their work properly. B
And that sto^s all this pain,
why will any woman suffer 8
month after month when Wine I
I of Cafdni will relieve her? It f
<$3t? $1.00 at the drug store. ]
Why don't you get a bottle I
Pqx advice, in cases requiring |
special directions, address, giv- g
iag symptoms, "TE& Ladies' g
CepartffliSt," T^e
Ehftt&iiooga Mediciiie Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn. g
Hrt. BOZBWJfWS, ? . g
Texas, ttyti ?a
'it irtS tfObbtfa tit monthly IrrtirytU
wlthteWbfefSfflin my h?\a ana biOk, g
address on mormoxism.
Mr. E'.'iUj.: PIca?e allow "mc to call
:he u.'tiii'i ;i. of yoar readers aronod
Fiide'i-'.vit\ i?> the masterly adilrc^s on
Monii'- i >ii! that the Rev. A. C.
. O D , <>f Columbia, wi 1
ieliv-.-r in the Baptist Church on
Minouy. ? :a zy.n n?i., at na. m.
ilormo*:. one of the recognized
jvi's ; v,-:;ch our country is periou?l)
i-xjoied, and too much impoitaice
cuinot be put upon tbe
arous'.go. public sentiment against
it. Vv ho v< r bears this addrssp, or
influences someone else to beer it,
fvill ui- a patriotic deed.
KeSj.-jctfaUy your?,
E. A. McDowell.
MoMtkcI' --, S. C., Jmuary 19, '99.
Look! A Stitch In Time
Save? line Hughes' Tonic (new im
proved, pleasant), taken in eari?
.prim: and fall prevents Chills, Dengue
md Malarial Fevers. Acts on the
iver, ones up the system. Better than
^niuine. Guaranteed, try ic. At
G>rnggists. 50c. and $1.00 bottles. *
One of the enjoyable occasions in
his commuuity during the holidays
nrs.8 the beautiful wedding of Miss
Minnie Jackson to Mr. J. C. Clark,
vhich occurred at the home of the
jride's father, Mr. John Jackson, on
December 28th. Just as the last rays
)f the eveninsr sun weje kissing natnre
jood night and night was drawing
ler curtains of darkness aronnd, ibe
quests nnd relatives^.began to assemble
it the home of Mr. Jackson.' Thev
vere promptly snown into a beantiiully
decorated parlor to await the
ippearaucc of the contracting parties.
V rus'Ie outside told of the approach.
Tirst came Mr. R. Richardson with
kliss Hattie Trapp, followed by Mr.
I. E. Kobn-and Miss Anna Jackson,
hen came the bride and grocm. Rev.
r. P. Issuhower, after an irapressire
eremony, pronounced them man and
After ihe usual congratulations and
:ood wishe? we were shown into the
lining lvom to behold a table groaung
uudtr its burdens of good things,
o whion al! did ample justice.
Th<; best wishes of the entire comnunity
coes with these young people.
Jennincs, S. C., Jan. 21, '99.
JharJeat:^, S. C., Nov. 22nd., 1899^
Dear tsr:? At tne meeting m uoambin
ftt, (he 16ih lost., of the mem?ers
outoirtc of the city of Charleston
if the executive committee of the
Jnite.. C 'iifederate Veterans Reunion,
be following resolution was unaninonsl*
"Whereas, The executive committea
>f the U. C. Y. reanion from the
leveral couu'.ies of our State, meeting
n Co umbia, and having under conidem
.-ci the. entertainment of the
reter.ins of the Confederate army at
^har'estcr. in May next, hereby excess
their hearty desire to co-operate
vitb'ne citizens ot Ubarieston in exending
the hospitality of South Caroina
\o the qonored representatives of
he elc-rions army of the Confederacy,
md w..old express this desire by asko
sb aro with our Charleston brethren
n the honor of entertaining the veteans.
Resolved, That the members of the
ixeC'Uive committee and the comnanders^f
' '^.al camps U. C. V.
n each f- .?> '??* appointed a coojnittec
i-' >'i-r resistance in prorisioq.^,m
i- .ku thereof money, tattle
entertainment of the Confederal
feterans in Charleston, daring May
Oflfl A ?? uonVi rt/Minfr ft A
Oi7C7 . A''"l tuai 1X1 cauu vvu-ufejy W'?v
;omm;?'ee shall nse the best means in
heir judgment to interest the people
n coi. -Anting to this laudable underakm
T- i e committees in the re-p?civc
i: ,?utie& communicate bv Febuar
he first, 1899, to the chairman
>f th- executive committee in Charleson
whai iheir county will probably
l/\ *Amor/l J Ooeiefmrt1 ?n onfortfliniTiCT
?v/ vvnctiuo aooiouti5 AH vuwt ?0
he veterans.
Tha; be secretary have a sufficient
lumber of copies of this resolution
>rinted asd sent to the varioas county
uember? ot the executive committee
vith tae request that they place same
n hand- ot commanders of camps
J. C V. and furtbar that they request
ill papers to publish same."
I take pleasure in transmitting the
esolrnioo as instructed.
Very truly yours,
John A. Smith,
In accordancc with above resolution
! respectfully call upon the commaadira
of all camps of U. C. V.'S in the
lAMnivr AAriTTflWQ oo nfiT>o ofr OQ
UUUI-V tu tuu V tuu iiibi k W.V
sarly a day as possible and take steps
oward aiding the good people of
Charleston iu this worihyand laudable
T. W. Woodward,
Executive Committeeman Fairfield
llackien'a Arnica [Salve.
The Ben Skive in the world for Cuts,
bruises, Fores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
fever .Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Jhillk'ahi*, Corns, and all Skin Erupions,
(.-nj-itively cures Piles, or no
>ay required. It is guaranteed to give
>erfect h&tisfaction, or money refandsd.
Price 2o centf> per box. ^or sale
>y McMftdter (-o.
Thirgs generally have been q*ite
lull ?it>cc ihe Hew year came in.
farmers generally have secured labor
nfli/.'AMf *r\ ? 4h**i? r>nrrvAta; V^7a Qro
> UiU uIV< t * ! ' V/ ' KiUll pill pv?v? '? V
lopiny for (he best this year by the
tid of a kind Providence, and will
ry and do our part towards redeemng
our pledge?, which we failed to
lo la?t ? ason, on account of low
)riccd cotton. I (hiok there is more
:orn a id ;ough food in the country
haD La? bean for some time pa?t.
rbe"" hua baen a considerable area of
ivhear and cat? sown, and more oats
o be sown as soon as tbe ground
jets in eor.diiion to work.
There Ins been quite a slaughter ot
logs in ibis neighborhood for thft
>ast few weeks. We bave bad the
risiiation of two rabid dogi in the
:ourse of tna last few weeks both of
wbich were killed, wbieb propergaieri
be disease. All that were known to
je biitnn were immediately dispatched,
rhe second slaughter took place two
lays ago, when the last deg made its
ippearance, which caused the dispatch
)f about fifteen in one small circumference,'
among th?<n some valuable
I have been called upon on two oc
Lnnc fronblea. finch as t>lenrisv <
acute inflammation of the lung
should be carefully treated to avo
serious consequences. These ailmen
are quickly overcome by the promi
use of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, a wo:
derfal remedy, which always giv
relief at once, eases coughing, alia;
all inflammation, and by its healir
influence soon effects a thorough cui
Cough Syrup
Cures all Lung and Throat TroubU
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctc
recommend it. Price 25 cents. At all druggisi
Ep????g?pfc?inaao?rx. *
ca?'ons recently io extract L>aH
c&usrd by the earless hindlm^ <
pistol.-, all of which were mccessful
dODe?one boy on Mr. A. E. Rob;;
ion's place, which came very nc;
proving fatal. He was struck i i ft
breast and the ball ranged downwai
and was distracted from near tii
spine, fortunately missing the vit
organs. The other occured on tt
place of Mr. W. N. Mason, who w;
wounded through tke calf of the ?e<
Thi9 should be a caution to those wl
carelessly handle fire arms.
Mr. D. H. Robertson has rccent!
moved into the neighborhood to tak
care of his parents who arebo'hver
old and infirm.
Mr. J. B. Blain will move to C<
lumbia with hie family to try h
fortune there. We wish him eucceii
** rrr -mr n i l. J ?e
liar. *y. m. .Vyuriou uau oue *ji u.
laborer's legg cut eeverely last Satui
day by the careless dropping of an ax<
The wound had to lie stitched up.
iitr. M. L. Banks preached his fin
sermon for ni on Sunday last.
Success to The Nevvs and Hirali
January 16. J99. T. B. McK.
Afr. Editor: I desire to wiite a shoi
piece explaining my connection wit
ii - tr v a 1 1 T A I
me upper ijODgiuwa scxiuui. i iaugi
the above mentioned school from tt
twelfth of September antil Christina
Being apprised ef opposition on tt
part of some of the patrons, I went t
one of the trustees and conferre
with him; he suggested the advis;
bility of calling a meeting of tL
patrons in order to ascertain the:
lentiments in regard to the oppositioi
The patrons met and eleven of thei
voted to retain me as teacher, fife <
tbcm cast dissenting votes. Dtirin
the Chilstmas haiidaye, I received
letter from the trustees in wLieb the
stated that tbey had concluded to su
pend my school until tbey could g(
the patrons harmonized. Tbinkin
perhaps my friends were not aware c
the trustees decision to suspend tt
school, I felt that it was my duty t
tafce tue irain, go deck ana couk
with my supporters, and inform ther
of the action of the trustees. I. talke
with my friends and told them tbp.t
was enough Democratic in sentSmer
ind principle to believe that ibc mj
prity should rule in all questior
pertaining to the public wc:far<\ bi
at the same time I was too ::;d<
pendent to push rnysJy on an or
posing minority in school mat?srs.
Siuce ray return hotne I have wri
t?ti to some of the paa-ons witn wboi
I did not have time to talk in referenc
to ihe subject nuder cuusi'leraiio::.
tola my friends tin' 1 did not intcn
to des?rt them, but I wis frai-k t
say that; I was perfectly wiHu.g 1
tender my resignatiun-if it would b
insirn mental in DriDging aDonr tijut s
muth needed harmony. 1 fell thai
had been unjastly criticised and rci
represented by one or two of f.L
patroDS. Had I continued to teac
the school I thought perhaps some <
the patrons who were opposed to n
as teacher would keep their childr-i
at home. I did not wan; my pre*ent
in the school to be the cause ot sotc
ofthepatron9 keeping their childre
at home and thereby deprive them <
an opportunity to improve their edi
cation. Though I had beeu mistreate
by odc or two of the patron?, I fe
that I could rise above tbe plane <
selfishness and tender my rejignatic
in order that the patrons might, :
poesible, elect some one who won!
be acceptable to all who are intereste
in the school. Some of the patroi
told me that they had had some of ft
best teacbsra in the county and som
ef the patrons were opposed to thei
and did not send their children. Ths
beinj the condition of affairs that ha
existed heretofore I felt that the litt]
ntinnolii'nn o?o? nAf an*? n
Vp|/UOUJVU II A?vv j * vu?vv> v.. ?
my?elf. I feel very much indebted t
most of the people of that communit
for the kindness shown roe during m
stay in that section. I have mad
some good friends in the Lon*tow
community, and I regret that I did nc
Its Coir.::: z is Looked Per ard 1
"With. Botli Joy and rear and its
Safe Arrive! is Hailed With
Pride and Delight by AIL
The arriv.nl of the lirsi:. i;ai:y in ti
household is the happiest and most i::
portant event of married life. The your
wife who is to become a mother ucMsch
to think of the happiness in ? tore for hf
when the little one shall nesile upon h<
breast and latterly she snail hear it ii?
the sweet and holy name, "mother
Buthr- '\innv anticipation quickly vai
ishes when she reclines the terrible pa
and suffering through which she mir
pass while bringing the little one ;;ti
the world. An indeseribsible fc:ir of 11
danger attendant upon the ordeal see
dissipates her joyfulness.
Thousands of women hnve leavnc
by experience that there is absolute]
no necessity for the suflerin^s wiiich a
tend child-birth; they know I
the use of "Mother's Friend"?a s-'c;
tific liniment?for a !*?iw weeks Iv:'e:
the trying hour, expectant ?r other? <* ,
so prepare themselves for the fin
hour that the pain and suH.. nr;;: "f ll
dreaded event are erthv'y obviated & :
it is safely passed ti r ;ugh with cc.:
~ * n+tla r? Icr.i!!! for-?
v *Si.j jliuwx& * %.
All women are interested. and e
pecia'ly expectant mothers * .'for tl
first, time* have to undergo ti::s tr:.:!.
such a remedy; for they kn-ow fi
and suffering, t<? say iv-tle'is* f :!.
ger. which is in stores for th "S*iot
er's Friend" is womrnV- blc
sing, for it takes her s-.-.l't !y thr??:.g!? ?]
severer.: orde::l of her life. Kv-ry woms
should be glad to rjr.il tho l'ctle b^c
"Before Baby is Born," which com ui
information of great value to all.
will be sent free to any one who *er<
their address to Tiie Bradfi-jld ileg
lator Co., Atlanta, Ga.
visit the people more than I did
Tliinkiiir t!iit I would couliuue tc
t-' .cii th: if?cr Christmas and woulc
vi-u nil of iliose who had invited mc
^ to p'.rtak^ of the'r hosoi'.alitv, her.c
B if c n%'.?o:i I did not vi'it ihe Iioircs 01
& ail who irul invited me. I re:u.T
or many if.it-.ks to the families wit!
?? whom I '.nardeJ. I shall always lee
id vo-j i;rat,-ful for thc-ir hospitality.
In concision' i-.-t me say "to th(
P" eicvcii parous who so zealously supa"
ported me iu ihe content jast hefty-:
Chvicfmaj. that I shall alwavs verv
I? bighty appreciate the obligations undci
Ppvbich yon have (hereby placed me
Should tb^ ^" "ortunity <>ver occur ]
[email protected] will take pleasure in doing
whatever I can tn reciprocate fo:
favors thu* conferred. It is my earner
I pi aver to God that I may never prove
recreant to my iriends I ha^e nc
{.ii-s 'ial animosity toward those tfhc
\t. < k-'d and voted against me. I h ive
II1.. ire to retaiiate for any :njustice,
^ la *hi !angu3geof theirnmor u! Blain^,
a j Ir*>-nc were to nap out course oj
s ?c;ali5ition and c.-.rry i' iiuo practice]
j aeration they would not live I-?ng
0I!enDash tu reap the rcwjnl of hoi:Iv
I ofr'it?fa Tf tbcv !n f isi
n-j that respect I imagine that the rc[
ruor-o of coijscienc . it': ro hstl n:iy3
vrouid be a great punUhinan
:0 I mi with best \rishe* for yood
d will, barmonv and prosperity Jin.ona
e all lir; people
ai Your? tru'.v,
* Ja?j. 19,?99. R-ibt. H. .LIT.mc-.
is j
?. I Prevention
10 better than cure. Tutt's Liver
y Pills will not only cure, but if
e taken In time will prevent
T Sick Headache*
dyspepsia, biliousness, malaria,
is constipation, jaundice, torpid
? liver and kindred diseases,
is TUTT5S Liver pjLLS
rMZ\ ts I
A New and Complete Treatment, consisting of
SUPPOSITORIES, Capsules of Ointment and two
Uoxes oi Ointment. A never-failing cure for Piles
of every nature and degree. It makes ar. operation
ft with the knife, which is painful, and often results
, in death, unnecessary. Why endure this terrible
" disease? Wc pack a Written Guarantee in each
$1 Box. No Cure, No Pav. 50c.ar.tl ?i a box, 6 for
^5? sent oy man. oumpicd uwv
te OINTMENT, 25o- and SOc.
15LOOD PURIFIER. Small, mild and pleasant
0 to take: especially adapted lor children's use. 50
j doses 25 cents.
FREE.?A via! of these u:nous tittle Pellets will
1- be given with 3 ;i box or ir "ire of I'iie Cure.
Notice?The cekuine ? *ksh Japans:. ~
l? Cure ior saie ou!y by
tr J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
j. Winnsboro, S. C.
)f ?sb?rnps
<J Acjnuta, Ga. Actual Business. No Test Books.
Short too. Cittp board Scqj fort^alcne.
J ?a? ".? ? * 7 *i?- i i "' .
n ratgaWpfP^ >*i< niwiiOT and beautifies the hair,
n Ha Promotes i '-xuxiant prowth.
yf* 3? ever Fttii to Eestore_ Gray
0 a<es i^hair
5 trymm mm
it A powder to be sbakr-n into the shoe.
At th;s season your feet feel swollen,
nervous and damp. If you have smart1
i ing f- et or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot:
. Ease. It warms the feet and makes
j. walking easy. Cures swollen and
sweating feet, blisters and callous spots.
5" Relieves con <3 and bunions of a'l pain
and is a certain cure for Chilblains and
t- Frost bites. Try it to-day. Sold by
n ail druggists and shoe stores for 25c.
,c Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
j S. Olmsted, Le Rov, X. Y.
a( Shake Into Your Shoes
o' Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder fort lie
>e , feet. It cures painful, swollen, saiarta
in??. nervous feet and instantlv takes
I the sting out of corns and bunions. It's
3. the greatest comfort discovery of the
iC : age.~ Allen's Foot-Ease makes light
j, or new shoes feci easy. It is a certain
cure for Chilblains, sweating, callous,
0 tired, aching feet. Try it to-i?ay.
Sold by all druggists and shoe star's
2-5c. Trial package FLEE. Address,
:c Allen >S. Olmsted, Le Roy, X. Y.
c - ? Notice
to Greditors.
n the estate of Fred Scruggs, deceased,
if are hereby notified to make payment
d to the undersigned, and al! persons
d holding claims against said estate are
is requested to present them duly attested
ie to the undersigned.
3 I?. A. ME ARES,
11 1-10-3t Administrator.
d ?
5 Notice ol Annual Meeting.
y T ? *?-*-? ' TWT 4-11 r\ 1 rA Tt^ni r
y r iuuiua. rug auoule
suranee Company.
the Directors of the Farmers' Mulua
" Fire Insurance Company will beheld
in the Court Hou^e in Wiunsboro or
the first Monday in February (the Cth),
0 JNO. J. NEIL, President.
Secretary and Treasurer.
^ amine onr mc.V of DRUGS a;.d
r- MEDICINES. \VU i.a.c jast newi
lv equipped our
SI Prescription Bluest
with a fall cct of spparitn?. : i
j cvor_\ thing trusted to our ciro v/vi
v !
revive the attention of I):- T. E.
DOWLIKG, an exrerienced pharie
iji macist.
/ '
??Dryqan? ? mmbmbw????
| Coimiy "iieniscf ;
i I Claims Approved at tuj last :
I - ? r
'| JM LETIxr. Oi" THi. ; .kd ui- uju i i |
ComnssroxtES ei.d on J an j]
; I 2, 1899. I(
. i j ]
! Ti;e follor."t.gc!ainii wrre exaii..,ec |
land approver ou State Case fur.'.! of!
"j 1893:
? i
[ Xo. Amount. i
; 21 n e ?:n.r?i): s 12 35j
22 .Too W l> 'u!-.Vai e, o 00 |
: 23 J C Buct v.ian, $30 claimed, j ]
a ! >wed, 5 00 . J
? 24 Jl E Ellis n, 50 20 !
' 25 H U lief", 10 00 j i
! I 2o Joo I) Patrick, 10 00 j'
- - ?.. i i
. j zt .ias l- fiCi<eu, w 'J
r! 28 J -j (Jhaoi-.eu, 12 00 j
:; 29 Ji.o ? Catlicn!'!, -2 00 i
: I 30 M M Cliokscalcs, 10 DO j '
:j 50 Jnu vV l/. e\ 10 00
I GO I* H : "r?rnvre.I. JOOOj
! uL S r> ucrv, 10 00 i
! 62 .1 A Mi'i-- 10 00 j
, 0:5 J v.' :;Urk. 20 50 1
1 6-L A i. D^vi?, . 3 00 |
Go .la (r Mc-Jiii;-, G 00 i
j CG \V;:i -boro !>.u;k, .662 SO J
' G7 i > :? Iloberiiou, 10 00 i
r>s 10 00 I
'*0 .: .S '.v% 1- 00 j (
7(W. ] !uv0:0, 12 50
! 7i i't r.roam. !-50|
j 72 .7 < VifiM-.'kin, 10 001
J 7.; i iJro*.vn, 19 00 ;
7i A J iJrown, 1:jG5|
?lot "V GSo'!.'!. 12 50 |
; 135 ISiair, 8 50 |
! ISO J L Ktif.cr / , 50 ,
107 J* .V >'eve?so:i. 12 50 r
,13b T I'yo-i?s;:ier, '2 5") j
.aa . in ?n !
. ioy li-joei r. warier, -- -jj
140 \ b.ooin, _ 1- 00 J
141 j > A Lroom, ' 12 50 1
142 .f ?e Mcllcekin, 12 50 |
143 Vv G ttankteic?, -- 50 i
144 11 i' Coleman, 22 50 j
145 E Kohn, "2 50
I4G E II Heins, 12 50
, 147 T P Youngiuer, 12 50
148 J K Hamilton, ]- 50
149 J;io M Bonlvrarc, 10 00 <
150 K E Ellison, 300 00 t
151 K t? Ellison, 300 00 \
152 II E Ellison, 300 00
153 K E Ellison, 300 00
154 E G Tennant, 1C2 50 i
155 S R Johnston, 150 00
15G J S McKc^wn, 12 00
lo7-Samuel McCormick,' 12 50
15S W A Cock, 12 50 <
159 A J McGiil, 10 00 (
160 F M Clarke, ' C 20
1C3 Ii F Uuechei, 12 .30 j.
154 J C. Buclunau, 5 00 j
1 Go T M Cathcart, 37 50 j
16G J D Biair. 12 50! I
1S7 J L Ralterce, 12 50 j"
1GS John ( ra'.vfoicl, 12 50
ICS' W G iiir.i.ani. 25 00
170 I) L S:.^vi ICO 00 j ?
171 J \V liarriso:), 10 GO 11
172 D L Stevenson, 31 00 I
173 RagscbJe ic Tl.s-ilalc, 50 00 .
174 Jas W I5:.<:k:.c-:U. 1 I 00
K5 >Jctni II C.'Ojjt i", 12 50
175 Jas r> Sie-fjj-o:;. 12 50
177 Q D Wili;io:?J, 125
178 DA Broom, 1-'50
170 'x S Hinuatst, 13 75
180 JL Richmond, 100 00
1S1 DcsPorie- Merca.-nile Co, 2 20 |
182 W H Run; 4 DO j
183 David Dickey, ' 2 60
184 A A Abe'I, 10 CO
1S5 R B llau;.i;au, 10 00 ]
186 R B Han: jan, 10 00 i
1S7 H R Fiar gan, 10 00 c
190 M I) C Cjlvin, 10 00 t
191 M D C Colvin, 7 65 I
R S Sp?nce, 19 00 2
Ti e following claims w?re examined c
and approved on Road aud Brians
fu d of 1898: c
1 No. Amount. S
j 11 J M Steele, $314 00
! 12 A M Park, 1 35
13 W U Creiglitj 3 36
l 14 A J) Roo-I, 32 71 fl
i 1." .T M^.Crorov. ."9 55 ?
| IG Lazr.ru? Johnson, G 00 r
| 17 J no 6 C;:-Lca;t, 2 00
! IS i-1 n 3 50
i 10 A ,1 II5:man?, 3 20 I
i 20 '.v v: Aifcan, 9 00 j
! SS V. Miggh:?, 15 00 f
> :i!) E ; tjnruni, 00
; 40 >i ' > Ki '.HTUli v.; I? CO
j 4.1 i 11. ^0
i> '! \,l L KtSwcuc, 10 00
j ?' S:c<ii'', io 75
i 41 ;J U .ibb, 6 00 \
! 7.r> 0 T> iiabb, > 15 ^
I 7G E27 80 j
j it J'v i j1' ' 1.' 0 V. S. '' ?? 7t
! 78 Ii 15 T -u;.!', ' 6 10 g
j 79 1> Bo'.cv, -3 00 J
I 80 *" J L'-muiou, 8 50 \
! 81 i[ S \Vvlie, 1>42 |
82 I M S:eele, 4 48 ]
83 J M Steele.. 13 25 <
84 J::0 P Matthews, 3 75 ^
85 A F Raff & Co, H 75 ,
86 'J' G Patrick & Co, 6 55 *
87 J C Stewart, 1 50 5
8S J A Martin, 12 30 1
89 c S Pixley, -3 50 ]
90 D McDar.iel, 1 29 5
91 V7 F Buulware, 5 75 *
92 A D Hood, 30 75- a
93 John Wishert, 100 1
9-i G Y Langford, 3 43 {
95 P G Ten~ant, 3 25 ^
96 Vv R Doty & Co, 210 55 {
97 Gerig & zeigler, . 03 20 1
98 Gerig ?fc Seigler, 67 9-i \
99 W M Patrick, 12 46 ;
100 M WDoty&C<\ ' > 4) '
101 Mc Master Co, 6 00 ^
102 G L Kennedy & Co, 3 90 |i
I 103 Sa.n Mack, ' ' 2 00 f
I 10-4 J F McMister, 15 351!
1 105 U C McKeoTit. 100?!
106 DA Broom, 100
183 R B IlaliiSi::.. 13 00
Ti.- I'ow:ncr elates wore examined j
ami .\:;pruvcd on Poor House fn:ul of i
: o. Amount.
1 ii McCIi.JtOck, 4 QO
J Wade M';Cliiiiook. 3 50
3 J W liaises, . 4 60
j i Charlie Taylor, - GO
5 Butler B?lton, 3 GO
fi Levi 2 SO
7 B G Tennant, IS 00
j 3 Rev J E -Tone-, 50 CO
0 Green P:.'wer, G 00
J 10 T G Can.eron, 4 95
4j 5 C Bro in, 2 OS
4G Ed Carter, :3 -J5
47 Levi Wi ':iugbain, 3 40 '
IS BQ Mon-gomery, . 9 00
4'J Saliis Iv ichin, 15 85
50 T G Can 70 00
51 A B Cai:?ca?t, 8 00 i
52 W E Ail cn. ~j 35
- ^ ' * - ' ' i* AA
03 iJ L? i? w
54 S ii KoberJc. -3 00
5?*> Wut.o IjilcCr' S?. 5 i-J
5G T i' iiitchei. S 75
57 .7 G V?'rkl!; * sr, 00
j 5$ ?' -J . u; . 3 75 I
i <>7 L'ti-xv i:-os, *0 75
J 108 i!?r & Ci::gicr, 1 25 ;
! I?i9 1 f" rho rt:i?7 '2i 00
; I?0 .Jt.o II yc-"a ic: & Co, 2 35
i 111 .7 Ji McMs-iier? i-s^ate. 4 CO 1
j 112 *V .i -J.J: >r>r. ' 12 CO
I iii .v .r .i o-. o co
Hi) !' * D *\J.: r .rv & Co, 12 00
I as . ' -170
| li7 v'* J ';OU! S ;i. lo 00
his * J , , 12 00
[ 119 ? . Hac . i-i .n, .3 00
1 iil) ' '' V t"Oi 5 GO
i 1-21 . v= : V.f ii,-k & Co, o0 U
1122 -v* .. i Vi :V [2 00
j 12o ?. i>. <N: 72 31
j 121 V- V?Ti: i.o:?'f 1 10
120 ilcilasscr Co, <* 4
126 WC Bcaty, 35 70
127 L Landeckrr, 2 .SO ' - ^
128 D Lauderdale, 2 08
129 Dc.-Porles Mero.'iili : <\>, 1200
DesPurtes M'vV?, 154
131 R Y Tnrner. . 42 25
[?!J Jiso U t'A!:ne:\ <7 <v
The following ci tims were cxamiu'd
u;d approved ou Pub;ic Building fa "1
)f 1S9S. .
.. i_ ,
So. Amount.
31 Preston Rion, $ 2 76
'.51 Preston Run, 5 Si
33 R T Matthews, 2 75 ^ \'x
"i 5 R Johnston, 6 17
"<> J 0 Boa?, ii
3G i? G Tenua::', -4* 8
07 McMaSter (Jo, 4 />0
!32 Gerig & Seller. 13\b
33 Walker, Evan? & Ueg.?w c'l, 31-40 ? - ^
I do certify thai tbe a' uve statem* t
? a correct copy of clsiai's appro- I "
it the last meeting of 'he (Jon%i/
Board held January 2, 1?90.
? ~
MO County S*pevi?or r.
ilit' |
\rii PTTSfOMERS Want Ui TO
1 avc NEW GOODS wiJli eveiy reason,
t! eretore we find it urn
wi?e to cut- mi." ?tock
over to a sccmd season.
^ Prices Cit to Pieces J ' f
( Will move ii. ) M
{10 to 25 Per Cent) , -;''i
i .. MMi! . . f j|
> the entire stoct, wild closer pne?* ?..
o start with, brings this une array of "
jeaatifai goods down cheaper thtn
iver Chester saw them before.
We mean ousmess auu ?m si>c
iverv customer GENUINE BAR*
j A INS."
B. BRilT^* . |
KENTUCKY MULES at my staWr* \ __
n Winnsboro, from thres to five yetrs >id.
These mules can be bought ch?*p '
or cash or on good baukable pap*r,
lavable in the Fall. Come one, cowe
ill who need good males. I will ?x- ,
ihange them for broken down mi e?
>r ping mules. ;.<0
I also have a fes> ^nod Mares aoia
;oople of good Saddle Hordes, n?5
lew Two-horse YVayun and one good
Jecond-haud Buggv.
I also keep on hand a few
.nd will sell them cheap for cash ??r
xchange them for dry cattle. Alw*\s
eady tor a trai>.
I have engaged Mr. 3. B. CRAW
TORD for (be season, and ha will b?
)lea?ed to see any and all of his mmy
?. - ;'
Wintitboro, S- <J.
jjf The Equitable /.
?1 Life Assurance Society
H of the United States.
H Tbe manage r :nt of the
|| Equitable Life As^r^ce Society
If in this territy is desirous of seccr
jp ing the service of ?. man of cbar||
acter and ability to represent its
H interest with Wino-boro as headW
quarters. The rig't man wil]
|j| thoroughly educated in the scion- c
?of life insurance &r>d the art of
successful soliciting. There it no
|| business or profession not re?||
quiring capital which is more i<|if
munerative than a iife agency
IP conducted ^i!h energy and abil^
iiy. Correspondence wi:b nj> n . ,
twbo desire to secure permanent
employment and are ambition* to
^ attain nrorninc'Siea in tbt oroft-- '
m. sioa is invited.
W W.J. ROD JEY, Mgr., *
H 3-19-3m K ck Hill, S. C. f
zr zsr z?" 7?r S73 tF*
A N T ? Q f j
, ^
thit we have Fruit Ca;*e iu one
and tive-poun<i tins Raisins
in every sh;;k>. Currants,
Citron, Figs, Rites. National
n l-z >:? Ar./Il?C?
Soda Biccnits fresh every
ihrea days
When in nerd of anything
good to eat call on us.
vsr- zsr sr 'w
with a full ?'ock or Oskefs, Bsr'M
UiKeS OlI;::S. COIlSrViiiy on
and us- of hoarso vr'rcu nqueU"'.
T'mnktfai for pa?t patronage and ?olic>
ta his for a si-arc- m the fn;t:re, in the
old statu'.
t 'alis a:te^did { -> ?: h?nus. C
TliE cAA. i OTP (J L\ S[POP, W\
J. i.EI.LIO'.TfiOO. ' i
!:r-" -
SAML. MX I) SAY, 31. V.
wixxsr.oRO, S. c.
Office at Mi*?. Kllen Cm heart's, lext
door to Juo. 11. McMastor <fe Co.'s Drug
call at Winnsboro Fto'fl. |

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