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^ Wednesday, Vcnru ir; 1, - 18C9.
I-OCAL UliiLl'S.
?Sec s&ie eise .rhere/
?itead tne o jveruor's proclamations
r?IV i or twelve goods mules for
sale. T. K. ELLIOTT. "
; 1-17-2w
?Mr. G A. White is rebuilding h;3
bakery w. ich W'is partially destroyed
^jj&L by fire re< ently.
-*-Se!z = -.'8=, hiudledby Q D. *ilm
liford, ar * >aid to be firsi-class. See
what he *?.> ? about them.
$ ?The regiment' U.S. Volunteer
Er^-I^oori. '^iilsailon Tfaur?day
from '?ha?Ie?t a on the transport
S ?John .vtoMasier it Qo., are agents
fhr Xnnrai-v^ oi .ilifts. This cand7
is delicious a;:d they have it always
fresh. Sy^ thi*?r ad.
?The northbound yastengor train
w dne here sojut h'df-past six o'clock
in the cuniiiig >vas eight hours late
on Moad .y, re ;ching here at about !
two o'clock.
?The State of Thursday contained
the following executive appointments
for Fairfield i..-on::?y: 2s. W Palmer,
Eidgewav, a- * E. P. Matthews,
"Winnsboro, notaries public.
?Rev. Jabt-z Ferris preached his
farewell serraoa 0:1 Sunday night, and
in spite ot the disagreeable weather a
^ good congregation was present. Mr.
Ferris *ritl leave this week for his
new charge at Kershaw. ?Rt.
Rsv. B:iison Capers, bishop
of the diocese of South Carolina,
preached both morning and afternoon
in St. John's Episcopal Church on
Sunday and confirmed two persons.
Bishop Capers returned home Monday.
?A dog supposed to be mad was
killed on the street near the Episcopal
Church Thursday morning. The dog
acted in a peculiar way aud frightened
the people in the neighborhood and
4 caused a great deal of excitement before
some one shot it.
?A "Mistletoe Party" for the bene?
; fit of the college library was given at
Mt. Zion on Friday evening. In ad^f
dition to the ';Mistletoe Party" some
delightful music, both vocal and instrumental,
was enjoyed by the audience,
and refreshments were served.
?On Monday morning a child of
Mr. Tom Le^i?, of Chailotte, was i
buried iu the A. il. P. cemetery, Revc;i
? T-V VI - A* mi
<J. ?j. Mcujcaiu otaciauiig. 111c
r body was brought down oaths noon'
train and the funeral took piace imm?diat6iy
after the arrival of the train.
?Retiearsals for the concert to be
given by the ladies- of tbev A. R. P.
- Church have commenced, aha there
is every reason to suppose that it wi)l
be an entire success. It ,was at first
proposed to have this just after Christmas
but it was impossible to,get it up
.r before. v'
?The vsind stdi'm that we had
Tuesday, though not severe enough
. hereto do any damage, was a small
cyclone iu some piaces in the State,
- and we w^re fortunate enongh to get
only a la-ce of it. .In Greenville it
was quite an alarming storm, and in
^ Rock Hill il'tva* mficb more severe*
^: than here \
? An 9lcc-tion of penitentiary direc-tors
vras h-sd <*.n Tuesday ia order-that;
three racaacit-n:5gh.f be fuled. Ther-e^
"v~?were five ca ;didaies fori ?he pdscfts,"
0? *v one of tuem being Mr. John W. Lyl?s,of
Fairfi who nominated by
Mr. AIcD>w. " Tlie:-three successful
candidates tfere Messrs. Sauders, Cunningham
ami v
?Tv70 out of the three aieri elected
_ _ I
to succeed Messrs Evan?, Weston and
Sloan as trustees of the South Carolina
College were f-om Fairfield. They
are Messrs. Jas. Q. Davis and 1. L.
*- "Withers. Mr. Davis was nominated
by Senator Barnwell, seconded by Mr.
Stevenson, and Mr. Withers by Mr.
Means, seconded by Mr. Ashley.
?The Charleston people are making
an effort to have several of the big
warships visit Jh: rle-ton at the time
r\f fKa nmni^n in Arkril
vi cjav yvuiv?u?.;:uv i vtunwu
If they suece?d it: getting these ships
they will r.o doubt prove a very great
attraction and many people will have
the opportunity of soeing the battleships
that they Lave read so much
about since the war with Spain begau.
?The State has recently published a
list of the survivors of the famous
Palmetto Regiment. Mr. J. L. Cantr
well, yrho was a private in Compauy
H, ha? for several months been at work
noon this liat and thinks that lie has it
correst. There arc in this list of survivors
only two frcm Fairfield County?B.
H. Robertson, private, Company
G, of Horeb, and oamuel P.
Newman, private, Company G, RidgeTray.
?Toe cold wave '.hat was predicted
* for Saturday brought with .1 one of
the heaviest snow ste;rm? that we
bare had in a long tieo<\ The snow
began to fali a: about mida-ght 01
Friday night and continued falling
haavily all day ifaturd&y until it was
about five iccues deep. On Saturday
morning the v? hole face of the earth
as far as one could sec was covered
with a dszzlii'g mass of snow and it
was a most beautiful sight. On Sunday
the sum came out and the . sno w
pi meltsd v<. rv rapidly, making walking
very iLS.It and disagreeable a:.d
leaving ?!r streets in a fearful state.
tTbe snow, however, was a gr?at delight
to runny and tbe b?auty of it
" makes a? willing to endure the dis.comfort
.ha: th-; -now brings.
i Hmmpo
-V 35* eesios-S VITALITl
y* - r \ - r/^S
\ * ^ ?
f%- ' y/'? - *?" ' Mace a
L'V. 'v. \ -7 W&g Msil
' THE > of Me.
_ IJfRrXCK 1.5:." \ i>: 3.' .:c- s ;he above result
in 30 Cars. O - "ri !:/}, Impoieuc?*
w Varicocele, r . * r.;:cry. < _.; s ii' drains zrA
i _ tossescaus-. ! . of vo::.. k wards off In
v lily sr.l v. .. *-r ; v. Yo_..;
IV ia p -<JrO 1 S.aRe. v7it^b
.-. i:u:i ?U^:'/ .o. Jc.-.?: ; H.iRRA, Paris
Sold only bv J.J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. V.
Makes the food more d
The fol'ovvi.ig letter from the posti
office department hn* been received by
; the postma- .--i:
Washington, D. U., Jan. 25tb, 1898.
Sn : ?You are hereby authorized to
j change the location of the po6toffice to
i room in DesPortes Block as recommended
by Iuspecior Balls.
" Very respectfully,
Perry S. Heath,
A T)AA^fyioo4Aii rianoro 1
I 171151 A59i9iaiu x uoiuiaoui v* wuvi
J UJ think I would go crazy W'th pain
were it not for Chamberlain's Paiu
Balm," writes Mr. W. H. Stapleion,
Herminie, Ps?. "I have boon afflicted
j with rheumatism for several years and
have tried remedies without number,
but Pain Balm is the best medicine I
have got bold of." One application
relieves the pain. Fer sale by McMaster
Don't Sell Without Information.
We have been informed that persimmon
and dcgwood timber i3 being
shipped from this county at three dollars
3nd a half per cord. I has been
stated that at the North this wood
brings very fancy prices, and we advise
those who have this kind of timber
to investigate and find out what it
i3 worth before selling. They may
get three or four times as much as they
are now selling it for.
Oa Monday night Mr. McBride
Smith's shop was entered by thieves
and a half side of leather and some
tools belonging to Charlie Coins W6ie
taken. The thieves made a second
trip to Mr. Smith's shop on Wednesday
night and took the brace that was
found near Mr. Cathcart's atore on
Thursday morning, thus proving that
the burglars who entered the shop
were the same ones who attempted to
enter Mr. Cathcart's store.
Meeting of County Pension Board.
Chairmen of township pension
boards can get necessary blanks from
McMaster. The county board j
meets on the 6th of February (first
Monday) All applications f hould be
made before that date. The Governor
thinks the amount paid annually to
pensioners is double what it ought to
be. However it may be in other counties,
very little reduction can be justly j
-j: j _ >,QO i
maue in rairiieiu, a wuuij n uivu u>9
been always since the war assessed and
taxed out of jast proportion with
other counties. .
Amoiyjihe many pleasant hostesses
for which Winnsboro is renowned,
ilrs. Wilfiam Davis Douglass deserves
prominent mention. An. - afternoon
tea given' by her on January 26th, assisted
by Misses Dwight and Allston,
pr-oved-one 'of' the most delightful
"social functions of the new year, me
informality of a formal tea was most attractive
to the many friends who responded
to their invitations, and we
are sure pleasant memories will long
linger in the minds of those present.]
A Gue3t. i
The Sure La Grippe Cure.
There is no ase suffering from this
dreadful malady, if yog will only get
the right remedy. You are having
pain all through yoar body, your liver
is oat of order, have no appetite, no
life or ambition, have a bad cold, in
ftict are completely nsed up. Electric
Bitters is the only remedy that will
give you prompt and sure relief. They
! act. directly on your Liver, Stomach
and Kidneys, tone op the whole system
and make you feel like a new being.
THpv aro cnaranteed to cure or orice
refunded. ?For sale at McMaster Oo.'s
drug store, only 50 cents per bottle. 1
Gn Saturday, January 21st. Mr.
W.B.Thompson died at his home at
Biackstock of paralysis. He suffered
| the first stroke in Match, 1591, and
since that time has had several and has
been confined to his home for months,
until death relieved him of his snffer
Thompson was an old Confederate
soldier and foaght nnder Genera!
Wheeler. The funeral services were
held ou Sunday at the Blackstock
Presbyterion Church, Rev. Mr. Kirkpatrlck
officiating, and the body was
ioterred in the graveyard of Catholic
Presbyterian Church.
The siioirshot fiend is a^ain at work.
We notice that two panes of glass in
the rose-window in the front of the
I Episcopal Church have been broken
and one of the side windows has also
been brokeo, It is very evident that
these windows were broken by a
slingshot, and while we believe that
it was done through thoughtlessness
and not maliciously, stili such reckless
shooting should be stopped before
other property in town is injured.
Complaint3 are often heard of the
reckless shooting of slingshots and
I air gun? by boys around town, and
| we hope that in the future they will
be more careful in the use of them.
We believe that if their attention is
called to it they will have more regard
for other peoples property and we
irusr. inai a en^gesuon win na suificient.
About one o'clock on Wednesday
night John Russell heard a noise and
thought that some one had entered
his store andsot npto investigate, and
he and his wife looked all about but
saw no one. John then raise-d the
| window and looked around bat saw
no one. He knew nothing firther
uutil next morning. It was clisccrered
on Thursday morning that som j one
had taken an aagur and bored a hole
in the back door of Mr. A. B. Cath
cart's store. The hole was bored just
LW.UM. .n? .
ki baking
P Powder
1 i* ?
tenuous ana wnoiesome
] above toe bar thai goes across th*j
j door. A* no one had entered the
| store iL i> supposed that the burglar
fri?L?eued away by hearing John
Ru?scU moring about in the adjoining
h^use. The burglar left behind him
the to )? fh&t he had used to bore the
hole wiih. If. is a pity ihat those who
a? e guilty of the many burglaries that
have been committed lately should be
allowed to go free, for the attempts
at burglaries are becoming more frequent.
Prof. DeVoe, the great weather
prophet, predicts the following for the
month of Febrnary:
This laonth will enter with showtre
iscilowed by warm, pleasant weather
over the Southern States. The rainfall
will ? e very light over the East
Gall States, with unusually kigh t?mpera'i-rc.
-tonus will travel over the
extreme >< >rthern part of the Unittd
States. 1st and 2nd, cloudy, followed
by rain and blustery weather until the
4th; 5th to7th, mild and pleasant; 8th
to 9th, cloudy, with showers, turning
warm and pleasant till the 11th; 12th
to 14th, showers; 15th to 17th, vary
warm; ISth to 2Lst, cloudy, followed
by showers; 22nd to 26th, unusually
warm; and the month will close with
high temperature over the whole country.
Look! A Stitch in Time
Saves Dine. Hughes' Tonic (ues? improved,
taste pleasant), taken in early
eprins: aud fall prevents Chills, Dengue
and Malarial Fevers. Acts on the
liver, tones up the system. Better than 1
Quinine. Guaranteed, try ic. At
Druggists. 50c. and $1.00 bottles. *
Of Mt. Zion Institute for Mouth EndlnS
January 30, 1S99.
Fourth Grade?David Lauderdale
Fifth Grade?Mollie Smith.
Seventh Grade?Katherine Flenniken,
Grey Neil, Johnnie Tennant,
Eloise Propst.
Post Senior?Chas. Neil.
First Grade?Dessie Clarke.
Third Grade?DnBose Ellison, Tom
Stewart, Ka'herine Beaty.
Fourth Grade?Wm. Brockington,
Spencer ivloCants.
Fifth ^jrade?Ella Beaty, Moffet
McDonald, Shaw Ketchin,
Sixth Crade?Chas. Brice, Tom Center,
Maggie N?il.
Seventh Grade?Wm. Beaty, Gail
lard Ellison, Leila Brockington.
Eighth Grade?Bessie Millinsr, Annie
Belle Stewart.
Junior?Marie Mc-Cants, Mary Moblev.
Intermediate?Susie McCrorey.
Senior?Daysie Brockington, Helen 3
Stswart, Jeanetle Stewart.
Post Senior?Lizzie Beatv, Mamie
Ellison, Mattie Martin.
Bncklen'a Arnica Salr*. ]
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, ;
Jruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, <
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chill blaii>s, Corn6, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no
i r>av rennired. Tt is Qmarantefid topire i
perfect satisfaction, or money refund- :
ed. Price 25 cents per box. For sale (
by McMaster Co.
Mrs. J. R. McMaster.has gone to
Mr. J. Q. Davis returned on Saturday
from Columbia.
Mre, D. A. Pressley, of Columbia,
is visiting relatives in town.
Mr. Wm. Rocha has gone to accept
a position in Richmond, Va.
Mr. Gtorge McCants has returned
to ihe Ruck Hill High School.
Mrs. H. B. Refo returned Friday
from an extended visit to Chester.
Mrs. T. F. Davis and children have
returned to their home at Killians.
Mrs. vV. R. Elliott has returned
from a visit of several weeks to her
parents in Union,
Mr. Andrew Catbcart and Mr. Elliott
Ketchin have gone to Baltimore.
They left on Monday afternoon.
Misses Sus and Cora Owiogs, of
Fairfield County, are visiting Mrs. It
A. Milam.?Laurensville Herald.
Mr. E. Palmer Davis bas returned
from the Sonth Carolina College and
is confined to the house by sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Harrison and
children, ot Amherst, Virginia, are
visitiug Mr. und Mrs. H)IbroDk Rion.
Mr. Herbert Ciuthen, now a telegraph
opeia'or in the Western Union
office in Arlacta, Ga., is on a visit to
relatives in the count v.
Mr. J. W. Poovey, of Fairfield
County, and Mrs. J D. Wins'.ead, of
Tennessee, ere the guests of Dr. and
Mrs. G. 'A*. Poovey. Lancaster Review.
Mrs. F. R. BarforJ, of Fexchtree
j Park, Ga., is visiting her brothers and
j sisters here, Messrs. R. J. and J. S.
! Mackoivi' and Mesdames Galiowar
j and \iilling.?Lancaster Review.
1 Qflv*
iy v/vtvi j
Bilious and Intermittent Fevers
which prevail in miasmatic districts
are invariably accompan!
ied bv derangements of the
I v CD
j Stomach Liver and Bowels.
i The Secret of Health.
The liver is the sreat "driving
O o
wheel " in the mechanism of
man; and when it is out of order,
the whole system becomes deranged
and disease is the resul*
Tutt's Liver Pills
| Cure aft Liver Troubles.
Mrs. J. A - DesPortea, of Winnsboro,
is visiting- her daughter, Mrs.. J. B.
Mr. J. W. Todd, of Seneca, S. C.,
ha3 been in town for the last week
organizing a lodge of Knighffi of
Mr. Caldwell Robertson, of Columbia,
spent a day or two in town this
There i* a vacancy in the postoffice
at this place. Many petitions are
being circulated, bat no one seemi to
able to "pick the winner."
Mr. C, K. Eabb ?pent several days
in Savannah last week.
Master William DetPortes has been
quite ill for several days with grip.
Mr. Preston Rion spent Sunday in
town. His many friends were glad to
see mm.
Miss Anna Thomas, of New York
city, is fisiting at the home of Mr.
I. C. Thomas.
Rev. Jabez Ferris will preach his
fareweli sermon on Sunday next. Mi.
Ferris has made a host of friends darng
his stay at Ridgeway who regret
to see him leave, He has accepted a
more lucrative charge at KerBbaw,S. C.
Jannary 24, 1898. J. O. N.
Tetter, S?lt-Rhcam and Eezem*.
The intense itching and smarting in*
cident to these diseases, is instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many Ter>
bad cases hare been permanently enred
by it. It is equally efficient for itching
niion and a f/iTorite remedv for sore
nipples, cbapped bands, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic tore eyes.
25cts. per box. For sale by McMuter
Mrs. Harriet Hay*, the wife of Mr.
Arthur Hays, died at her home, near
Rockton, this county, after & few days
illness of pneumonia, on Tuesday
night, January 24th, 1899. Mrs. Hays'
maiden name was Lauhon. She was a
ear relative of Joseph ana samuej
L&abon, formerly of this county, and
of Silas Lauhon who went wast from
this State and county ferty or fifty
vears ago, when this writer was a
small boy. She was a consistent member
of Greenbrier Methodist Churab,
in whose Christian character her neighbors
had confidence. She waa for
ibout forty-five year? the faithful and
loving helpmeet of her husband, whom
jhe has left in his old age in sad be*
? -* if I
reavement ana JonennesB. m*j uur
Eleaveuly Father in whom he has
trusted comfort aud sustain him in his
jreat loss.
Mrs. Hays was about sixty-nine
pears old. She leaves, besides her
imaband, a host of frienda who feel
keenly their own personal loss in her
ieparture, but who rejoice in tbe
aleiiad thought that she "is not dead
3Qt sleepetb," and that in tbe morning
>f tbe resurrection there shall be a
nappy reunion in that home where
;omes no parting. A Friend.
January 30,1899.
CharleitOD, S. C., Jan. 21st, 1899.
- - ? C? J ? ? TIT ^ k^wA Ko/1 innMip*
U0*1' >311'.? ii o umrm uau lutjun J
from a number of county chairmen,
[ quitting us to state to them, the
imount and kind of provisions repaired
from j It- respective counties
Cor the :v >.?<, . i veterans entertaincnent
in ii-v ua. We have, therefore,
thought it would h?lp them and
70a to suggest tbe amount in detail
whicb, ii you can secure u, wm make
np the qunU of your coauty.
To pm^crly feed the Tehran? who
cati in. lhiJ board, who will require
sucli - e, we will need from yoar
conn; :
950 pounds of meat, composed 01
bam, beef, mutton, pork, eggs,
1 barrel grits.
2 barrels flour.
3 barrel* pota'ue*.
2 barrels R eal.
1 barrel rice.
170 pounds butler.
Pickles, &c., as you may be able to
If you can not send in kind, Ikeir
raloe in monej will bean equivalent.
Yonrs respectfully,
Wm. W. White,
Chairman Com. on Commissary.
The several camps of tbe comity
will please take aeticn on the abort
circular letter at at early a day as
T. W. Weodward,
Ex. Committseman Fairfield Connty.
Despite the fact that oar last two
entertainments came so near together,
there was no lack of interest in either,
and both were?largely attended.
On Wednesday night, 18th inst., we
?- " ^ " 2 n ii V>rt /v# 4 Via
CUJU'CUa UCttL ill UJL1C IUU91U VI lug
Benedict Concert Company. The
harp music by Miss Benedict wa? particularly
enjoyed, aod Mr. Benedict's
marvelous power Over the violin had
a magnetic iofluence, and . held the
audience spell bonod. Mr. Benedict
responded gracefnlly and obliging
to the repeated encores; bis Sne selections
made op for the vacant numbers
of the Saprano who was unable
otnnr rtn JWIMlTlt r\f h'l?r?pn05a
On Friday, the 20ih, we were again
visited by Charles Underbill the great
Shakspeareain reader. In a monologue
he did jastice to each character
in the play of "Rip Yan Winkle."
All present were highly pleaied.
After the entertainment the girls were
permitted to see their friends in the
The next number of the Star Coarse
will be the college concert in March.
There was a meeting of the Winthrop
Literary Society on last Saturday
evening. The selections were intere?ting
and instructive. Winthrop
society is doing a good work tnis year;
it has a membership of about one
hundred and twenty-five girls, most
of them earnest workera. The society
will give, in a week or two, au
entertainment which it hopes to make
a success. Nflle.
Rock Hill, Jan. 25, 1899.
Dr. Cadt's Condition Powders,
are just what a horse needs when in j
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier j
and vermifuge. They are not food
but nedicine and tbe best in ase to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For eale by
McMaiter Co.
A hackiner eonerh is a srave-var
cough; the sooner you get nd of it th
better. Don't wait until it develop
into consumption, but use the eel<
brated Dr. JohnW. Bull's Cough Syru
at once. It is a wonderful remedy fo
all throat and lung affections, and wi
cure a deep-seated cough or cold in
few days. Good for old and young.
Cough Syrup
Will cure a Hacking Cough.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Dodo:
m H if nr />Anlc Af a-11
Sir- Fooche's Effort to Interest His Pupi
In the Subject is Ommneded.
Mr. Editor: The effort of Fro
Fooche to te.'.ch ihs children som<
thing ot local hi-tory s oulri inter li
approval ?iut only of the trustees an
pairons of ilt. Z'ou but of the con
munity also. Too much Las it bt c
the practice in our southern schovls I
neglect this very important part of
cmiQ's eaucauoo. x reuau my cj
perieace when a school boy, and th
scbooli I attended were quite np t
the standard, how I had at Stiver enc
the Dames of the kings and rulers au
grsat battles of Kome, Greece an
England; how I was familiar with tb
itorj of the Trojan war and the shiel
of Achilles: how I could tell aboi
Leonidai and his brave Spartans an
had nerer heard of the battle of Mol
ley's Meeting House, fought by tfc
patriots of Fairfield in their strnggi
for liberty, the scene of which, ws
not more than ten miles from tb
place where I was born. A chil
should be taught something abont tb
etrugglea, the successes, the tradition
and the institutions of the coinmunit
in which it is growing up, and the
will It be better fitted to enter upo
the broader stndy of the histories c
state, nation and the world. I hav
read with much .'pleasure the compos:
tione on the college oak written b
two of Mr. Foccbe's bright pupils an
published recently in your colnmnj
I trust we shall have the pleasure c
reading more on the same line.
I woQld suggest, disclaiming how
ever, all spirit of criticism, that sow
of the facts given in these compos:
tions are not as I have always hean
them, an I call on Mr. G. H. McMaste
and Dr. W. E. Aiken, who are ou
best living authorities on local history
to let U3 hear from them through you
columns as to Cornwallis'encampmei]
here and tie house he occupied; als
whether Mt. Zion was organized b
Fairfield people for the education o
the children of this community,
feel sure something from these gentle
men would not only be of much as
sistance to the children but prove
pleasant diversion to us grown u;
folks in these days of four and a hal
cents cotton and this season of Christ
L.lt_ Y
mas dius. a.
In Egypt the custom is for Princesse
to hide their beauty by coverin
the lower part of the face with a vei'
In America the beau'.y of mony c
our women is hidden because of th
"tyeakness an
ian custom pre
n| country, man
f\ be glad t
Til (f^Pr em atu r
ArvV 7^\l \ Tw"n^^es' ^e;
V^\ \ sunken cheeki
^ their unnealtb
complexion, from the eyes of th
world with the veil of the Orient
Female Re?ulaio!
brings out a woman's true beaut}
It makes her strong and well in thos
organs upon which her whole genen
health depends. It corrects all mer
strual disorders. It stops the drair
of Leucorrhcea. It restores the worn
to its proper place. It removes th
causes of headache, backache an
nervousness. It takes the poor, d(
V? o nrorofrl
UliilclLCU, VY <_CHV,
woman and puts her on her fee
again, making her face beautiful b
making her body well.
Druggists s?ll it for 51 o bottle.
Send for oar free illustrated book for woae:
The Bradfleld Regulator Co., Atlanta, G;
la ILE
A New and Complete Treatment, consisting <
e?TQD/>cTTAt>TL*c /^r^eiiLic rtf Din?n*.ent and t\V
Boxes of Ointment. A never-failing curc for Pili
of every nature and degree. It makes an operatio
with the knife, which is painful, and often restil:
ia death, unnecessary. Why endure this terrib
disease? We pack a Written Guarantee in eac
$1 Box. No Cure, No Pay. 50c. r nd >1 a box, 6 ft
<5. Sent by mail. Samples free
OINTMENT, 25c- aiid 50c.
PDM^TIPATinW Cure<J. Pi,cs Prevented, t
wuno Jlin I IUr* japmese Liver Pellets, t!
BLOOD PURIFIER. Small, mild and pleasn:
to take: especially adapted for children's use. ;
doses 25 cents.
FREE.- A vial of these famous little Pellets \vi
ivi, 1, a ?i Kaj: or more of Pile Cure.
^Notice?The:*genuine presh Japanese j'u
Cu re for sale oaiy by
J. J. OB EAR, Druggist,
IWlnnsboro, S. C.
arg-yg-g'y sy ITG
ihat we bavc Fi'U't Casein <>nc
and five-pound tins IJaiMcs
iu every sii-t|)c. vuuwic,
Citron, Figs, Dales. National
Biscuit Co.'ci Cate; iu endless
Soda Biscuits freaii every
hre* days
When in ne.d of anyiliing
good to eat call on us.
BT g?-W !y IT fT ir ty ^
?It is rumored ih-ir the tow: council
is u> hive i s: 'e'.vaik from
Mr. \V\ U i're?jjht's resident; m Mr.
H A. G-ti'lifd'- If. U to ;?o .;oped
r tint this wii: t'ft done, for a sidiwa.'k
I is badly ueeded. After a rain it is
slmAci inu-\ntiiVilA tr? n<) ;a a'r.-. rr this
Ci --r? - r ? =>
g road, and a sidewalk would be a
? great improvement.
p FerO-er Fifty Year?.
q Mrs. Wxnsl<?wjs Soothing Syrup
a has been used for over fifty v irs by
millions of mo-uers for their c lldien
while tee:!:;> ? with perfecr ccess.
| It soothes u.e iliiid, softens tb guins,
fc allays all pain -Hires wind colic and is
the best remedy for diarrhosa. It will
relieve the poor little sufferer immediately.
Sold by druggists ir every
part of the woild. Twenty-five cents
a bottle. Be sure and est tor "Airs
Wii^Iow's Sonthing 'take
s. no ; ;her kind. 5 *J :fTly
Success?Worth Knowing.
i? 40 y. irs'friiccc.?S in- the Somh. n.vcs
.Hu^h^s Tonic a jjrea: rm i?>r
Ciji: s htuI all Milariai F- vrj s
^ :h"ii Quiiiine. Guara?ti;f?i, : . A*
' | 50o. and 81-0'' bo:? - *
,d! miiin]asus&: "i"'
! I5r||?^-OTZtp^.I^ DP.rn
jr ? i 5S "caters ac-n t ; ;iS.
0 ZiSaiatofaaTO^ca 1W. ifJPij../st!
c' ^r0SB0RNE'Sr^' / "
la Aturuta, Ga. / cttal BuJiwss. NqTc:.: Boot#.
: Start tifti Oi?p board. S?
d i i ? ? . .-r-^eaigr---?=r=r
1 Notice ol Aanuai Meotiaif.
d Farmers' Mutual Fire Insur'*
suranee Company.
the Directors of the Farmers' Mutual
18 Fire Insurance Company will beheld
e in the Court llouee in Winnsb >ro on
d the first Monday in February (tli Oth).
~ JNO. J. NEIL, President.
Secrctarv and Treasirer.
y l-18-2w
Jt For Sale. .
d land, ou Litt'e River, bclofi :i? to
D. M. Broom, and bounderl bi lands
' of the estate of R. G. Simonlo- . Stev'X
r\ atirI /*\f
vU'iwu auu viLivi
For terms apply to
A^S. & W. 1). DOUGL AS.*
e 11-17 A-'o.iicys, Winrsboro, S. C,
! Mortgagee's Si.
1 i r> o />V*o f f nl mA^CfflCA
f bearing date l itb dav of December,
I 1898, executed := nd delivered b?. A. Y.
Milling to the Virginia-Carolina 'hem'
ical Co., and recorded in the < Uce of
*" the Clerk of i!.e Court lor F Irfield
a Conty, on the 1-ith day of Dec aiber,
p 1898, iu Book Q, page 483, of battel
f Mortgages, I will offer tor sale, at the
- store of A. Y. MilliDg, in Wini;3boro,
* OF FEBRUARY, A D. 18&D, at 11
o'clock A. M., the following property,
to wit:
F A'1 that certain stock of gn^-sand
f * merchandise consisting ot nap!*-, end
groceries' earthenw-:ro "voods
enware, tinware and bardno-v
g in store of ?i:d A. Y. Mil" g.
? Be;u.. building, in the ton*n of . 1111^
j bnro, in the "otv.-tv of Fslrfi d as;<:
Ste-o afore?ai<:.
A Terms of Si;e: -Ca-h.
d it. E. e*,uso;;.
A?ent a;.d Sheriff of Fairfield.
c- 1-S0td
L- ?
J T v w Z ^ n * C ^
nctvtj i uu ofsn
c -?jr/
I Illilf'S [lift
^ ..T^^l
TPl i o A cr?> n e i i
e ~ ~ 1 ~ i ? < j
60c. per lb.
IE. Mister I Co.
i XMASe^
: ;\ @hoieQ
. Seloeiion
i >
/V ^ / n T \ ' \ / \
VI ^
ai \ ci Loo'v
11 1" 1 ,ra"
MJT ' rsi|l
^ i
'i'H:-: UO.-T iiOl -.r:X SEWING
i\: iiINK </iF T;:L AGE, E.MI'.IiA-.JlNO
Uneqna.ed for *
Range of AVork,
01J Sewing Machines taken in ex
Dealers wanted in unoccupied terri.
| torv. Correspondence soHci'ted.
I Address,
! General Agent.
! I
~ fryJ
J :xl TJni^ )>i'tvr< i":!' </r. viola find .TriCaC"
sc:ivn'?-. Ka>t-m . ?.o between Co- ,
Js!:nl)i:i' >;i-er i-'oints.
E:;'f-i:ve J..J1-1-13 7 I-\ 1590.
I ^7..., ; j 08;Xo. SSjNo. 32
j Daily, jjbxsun j
Lv. .1 vi2!c, F.C.&P.R'y-J SCOaj S 00;> 12 10p
44 y ,v&ujjull ' 01 P : 1 ~ C*?f p *J 5i P
Ar. ('.uiuixibia j -i vJ5pj 4 45 a 7 S9p
Lv. ( :ar'ron.SC&(JRii.i TOOaj 5 SOp
Ar.< ! H C0&I lO.IOp
7. i 10pj '9 SOp 5/4$p
( ar.itevHie j ~30p Ju-I5p 6 0$p
./ . ;keu j 2 20 p .10 10 p 5 55 p
" 'x ?ulon I 3 M p 6 34p
" -1 hustons o
Ar. ( itunbiaUn- dep't. 4 olp ~ *2^ f rSp
LtC ."ola Bland' g sc.. A 515p 5 55 a 8 49p
" VNinnsboro... j ?07p 7 00a 9 SOp
' C :eeter 6^P 7 45a 10.-17p
" K:?ck Hill *" 8 17 a 10r45 P
Ar. <,' iarloite f S 15;>| 0 15 s 11 34p
" !' .jiville j H 51 pj 1 22p 8 lOp
Ar. i :jhmond C40a! 0 25p
At. ' nsbiuzton 6 42 a 9 05 p 9 45 a
" i ItimorePa. R. R.. 8 Co a 11 Sop 11 05 fk
! ;hidelpbia 10 15a 2 50a 1 08p
*' I <;\v York 12 43p 6 28a 3 58p r
c ? . , 'Xo. ZVSo. 37 No. 33
Southboau-J. jEsgUfi Pally! Daily.
Lv. I o-.v Yorir.Pa. K.K.; 1-i SOp 1316nt
" hia I a 2|p 6 55 p 8'60ft \
- ; 1 wwy v ** ?
I.v. ' . >! t-ui, !Jo. i.y.. 5 fr-Jpj 1Q jfip 1115a
Lv. iiiclnoond j ! 12
Lv I nuviljo.- j l.'ICaJ 5 502 5 G2p
| " ( ;i?rVi{)/> j s 4-5 a 0 35a IG-SOp
- i jvk Kill ! 4 -5;i JO 20 a 11 34p
I " OestT I 4E;.iil0 55a JV'43p
i " Vinnsboro 5;.ia;I141a 12 32 a
| At < >"?>:& nift'i.l'p st... -0 a S! 45ns 1 S7a
Lv >' oJuiifoia.Un.?.:ep'C. f/SQa 1 J5p ? 00 a
" .l-'iiErtoDa s? ?!"? a 2 53p (JOOa j
" VreDvon | o ?0a 08p 6 25a
Ar. -'-'.Uoa ; .' 3 45p 7 SO a
' < ranifovilie : :'0Sa 3 28p 7 07a
" uK>*9ta I 0 a 4 15p 8 00 a
I,v. V il't'ia, S.C.&U.Uy.! 3 53 p . 0 45 a
Ar. Charlestoe 1 8 17 p -Jl 00 a ,
. r
Lv. Col'bia, F.C.&P.R;.! 5 40 r. 11 53 a. 12 47 a
j cnvaau&n i ws ? owa
; Ar. .l.->ofesQnyiiIe i COpi 0 2Qp| 9 00 a
I No j. 31 nnd 32-NS^T YORK AND FLORj
IDA LIMITED. SoJid- Yestibuled Train of
; Pulli.-.an Drawinp-Iioom Sleeping Cars. Ob*
j serva uIog and Compartinent Car?, and Dining
Cars running through without change between
I St. Augustine Fin., and New York, via .Tack*
j Bonvl je, Savannah, Columbia, Charlotte and
; "Washington. Pullman Drawing-Ream Sleep!
ing < between Aiken and New lork, coni
necf, :/g with this tram at Columbia,'or th?
; accommodation el Augusta audA5'ien travel.
Excellent daily passenger service between
i r jor;ou* {iQU ?ocw xorx.
N os. 37 and 38?V a'shin gtonand Southwc ?tern
I?imi ted. Drawing-Soom Buffet Sleeping Cars
between Augusta and NewYorK. Solid VestibuKd
train with dining cars and fixst class
coac s north of Charlotte.
Pu mat: urawiofrrooinsleepingcars'between
Tan: a, Ja<'k?oim'ie, savannah, "Washington
and ' ov Yorlt.
Pr. man Sleeping Cars between Charlotte
and "iohmond.
Pr .mi: room sleeping ears bet\w?
( iif .nsl;i,ro ::n'l Norfolk. Close connection
tf for OLD POINT COiiFORT, ;
j arri axr ti.?-;?: in tiino forbreakfast.
i N' . So a;i?t :iii?I". S. Past Mail. Through"
' Pull an (lir:\viuc room br.ffet sleeping oars beJ
twe: Ja -k>onvilie and New York and Pull!
e:.; i^-ping ens* between Augusta and Chari
lott< D -iiJK I'lrs starve all rneals ^uroute.
j P<0 .1:1 :l<ie]ij!: ,* - between '.Taeksonviilo
! an'l ;i!.?nVia. < ?r<-?.t- v ' ?: aei.-;: .Ju-'k-ioa
vi:'< :u'.v.u .
fr. ri.p.
Ti .1 V-P. A iiczi. . Y.'.v-hiii?torL I
W.-. Ti'BK. It. li.'.'s.! ;*.*!('K.
i-. V, C. 1'. .V. Atlanta.
| 1 :: v r.?
I mi iiiiuuiiuu
i As prottya Stock of Goods as
has ever been brought to
the towa,
I Co: sisting in part of -Rogers Sc
3>ro.'s celebrated plated wares
- -Ladles, Knives. Fork s,
Spoons, Carving Sets, See.
i 1 i*andsomc China Cake Plates,
; iJerry and Salad Dishes,
| Vases, Cracker Jars, See., <fcc.,
I a.id invite an inspection of |
j tlicm at your earliest conve- <
I r.iencc.
:v J. i XJ -I-/ i*. j > VJf
| I\* ALL IT-; hi.i' -jh'^LXrS,
(will; s fail >;ov r. < , vJ*}'5al
i Ca- ? 'i! u f'- lli -. f. w oil ; .>.?id,
and u.- ii i: -c. ? v.iu:i ^requested.
; TVukfn! i"r ;:a;-? an s >oiicii
fu.i >u i'rir a share . ; tito future, in the
! <*Jd -laud
I ftifendeJ ti' r. hour?.
J. 51, ELLIOTT & OO.
' 4-17-ly
v ilii
l;avc NEW GOODS with every
?eason, therefore we find it an*
w^e to carry our stock
over to a second season
( Prises Git to Pisces )
*.< tttmi *x b\
^ Will MB 11. }
>10 to 2 ? Per Cent)
{ . . Redaction . . )
>n the entire sioclc, with closer pric*
io start with, prints this 2uft array vf
beautiful goods down cheaper tnsn
;ver Chester raw ihoni before.
We u?ean bn>iiu;e^ and will giveivery
NEWS ***
Fri-Weekly $3 a Year.in Advance.
Weekly, $1,50 a Year in Advance.
$2*3 rvn-nrv^
|? and everything in job line
as cheaply as anywhere el??
- |! theState GIVE
Every penny spent at
home is kept at home.
N otice to Voters
- v?. *?
'me liocks or ue^^trauon xor toe
next Municipal Eleciion, to be beld on
April 3rd next for Iutendan? and four
Warden* for th^ town of Winnsboro,
S. C-. will be'o^en for the iej?i?te?b't'
of voters at rhe ft.>iv <* f Simp-on k
Cathcart on Janturv 1, 1S99, &i<d
cioscd April 1, 1-S99. Al! voters in
this oleciion are required to register
*rv * * Wi t r> 4 V?!a IY1 A
J. E.' OAN,
Supervisor ??f legist ratten.
On farmi?? <1*. E-.sv payment
N'"? c^mmis-ion? f arsf-d Borrower A
ps?vs actnal c ! of perfecting lo?n.
Inu-rest 8 per ct'iii
t'n'umbis, S. U.?
or A. S. & W I \ DOUGLASS,
10.4 Winnihnro. S. C.
A FRICANA wilt cere Constipation and
wonderfulLiverMe.lirint. TrrIt
* +r v."'

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