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|* THi?
One^Yttr, ... 81.50
Six AXoaUitf. - - .75
Wednesday, February 8, - 1899
We thin* t -e p'tih l>itio ^ witl
have a sn**' 'iia' ' > *vi:i a <tl no:hing
to lose if the/ will j ?i.i forces wiih ihe
h!<;h licea-.rf inerab of the general
as-'-tubiy, and support ? br,l to leave
it to ei?:li c.->Q:it7 to d. c d whether it
wants prohibition, big') liu *H?e or dispe
This p'an i< attractive because it
ns'ho principle of local self-government
at the bottom of It. I seems just
th:.c each community should bea'-lowed
to ~ern it^lf as far a? possible, aud
c ?C.L jiir miuded men will take kindly
to I he plan.
Many prominent prohibitionM* oppose
any alliance with tbe high license
members of the lieoerai A^semoiy
becaase they say it will be oupromtsing
"their principle." If tber
car.rt have prohibition over the whole
State, then they wont have it in any
part of the Siate. This argument.it
seem to ns 13 obviously fallacious A
relisious denomination might with
eqnal soundness of reasoning say that
it would not have one or two or any
? given nnrnber of churches in every
county in the State then it would have
thena io none. It might go still further
pursuing the *ame reasoning, and say
that if it could not have a church io
every State then it would hive no
church ia the United States. Under
the bill the prohibitionists would
certainly win iu many counties of the
State, and in all thsy have the same
chances as the high license people and
the dispsnsarifes.
We believe it is generally conceded
/ that unless the prohibitionists and
bi<rh license members do agree to
unite forces anJ support the bill, it
can n^t be pissed. The consequence
will be that the dispensaries will continue
without a union.
We are not undertaking to play the
manager of the prohibition campaign
.1? /-> > * ,?v..-.wMief
iU Lav vxw:ieiai n^tcujuiv, uui ji? uiuov
be clear to most p9op!e that the cold
water people are about to make a very
serious mistske.
The Cshi-ubia State has beeu calling
attention to tu-e neglccted condi
tion of very important historical documents.
In Wednesday'^ issae of the
State, iu i-s local columns, it is stated:
"Scattered ia indiscriminate disorder
thsre are numberless old records
originally intended for use by the engrossing
department." It is farther
stated that these papers, mmy of
thpm doubt'esi invaluable to the State
historian, are "piled in all sorts of
wave around fhs roors," and "lying
^^^ggteioosQ upon the floor vr piled wiihont
~ a;.?"5arwt order in dry goode boxes
and old trunks."
To say that tho jieglect of theae
papers is s. shame hardly expresses it.
A great deal has been said recently in
reference to the importance of local
hicfory of different communities and
oi: the importance ol a history of the
S?ate, and yet here in a tieglec.ed spot
or the Stale House are thrown away
possibly the only source from which
th^s faithful hi-torian could procure
^c?urate and definite intormation. It
is folly to complain of the want of a
written history of the State when we
are daily destroying much of the
valuable material for this history.
The trouble in the Phillipioe Is
liads has ja*t began. The fighting in
Miuiia between the Americans and
the insurgent* starts a war. Tbe
breach has been made, and we do not
believe tbe bretch can ever be mended.
These people are so ar.like us in everything,
in manners, customs, and laws
chat it is oat of the qnestion for as to
attempt to assimilate them to ou^
ways. They will have to be treated
r* iha Indiana ware, if thi United
Stat?s ?ha31 determine to hold tbe
"n i'hillipines. The warfare in ihe
Phillipines will closely resemble the
Indian wars iu thi? country, and it is
impossible to teii when it will end.
It is not likely to end until the insurgents
*r? practically exterminated.
Extermination doubtless can be accomplished
by this powerfal nation,
but it cannot be done without the
- sacrifice of many lives, and we doubt
very serion*iy whether abs:rac? just:ce
is on our .-ide.
A CnviiLESvON ca'tle dealer on
oath before the Recorder stated tvat
he k*8old more drseased cows than any
man in Charleston." He sells to
batchers and batchers sell to the
housekeepers. We can imagine how
mach the steak for breakfast was enj?>
ed th^ morning this cattle dealer's
ltaorjv appeat\:n ri ias i>ews ana
Courier. Charleston beef ?nay not be
attv wO'?e than beef sold in other
cities in mis Scats, but visitors to
Charleston will probably order something
else. An inspector of meats is
needed badly, and we hope that he
will be in office and doing active work
before the Confederate reunion.
Shake Into Your Shoes
L Allen's Foot-Ease, .1 powt' r for the
f-et. It cures painful, swollen, sniarting,
nervous feet and instantly takes
t i:e sting out of corns and bunions. Itjs
t crr^-ifi'nmfnr*. ri?sf*rtvr?rv- of trio
V o* " * V.WWW . VMV
:;;c. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight
or new shoes feci easy. It is a certain
cure for Chilblains, sweating, callons,
tired, aching feet.' Try it to-day.
Sold by all druggists ana shoe stores,
2-3c. Trial package FREE. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted, Le Kor. X. Y.
Politics should not destroy human
syoopathv, and we fu;l cprNir. thai
ihe whole itate will hspe f ..r (iiver- <
i.or Ellerbfc's speedy recovery.
This whole community wbere Mis.
C. L*dd tpent so muny years and
which *he served in [various wavi will
sincerely d?p!ore her dearb.
! Since 1 "bear mv cross no longer,"
j tbe I am no longer "cross as a bear,"
I sincerely ask my accuser to relieve
j me should I ever be so unfortunate
j again. Though if I was a "bear" I
j should try first of all to coine in con- '
i tac" with my accoer.
1 Mr. M. >1. Clinkscales visited Colum|
bia one clay this week.
The railroad company ha* disposed
of al! the operators. I suppose as a
! las-t resort ha# sent "Scraps" lotake
! charge of this offi:e,
Mrs. Sirah Wooten has returned
J home alter having spent awhile with
! her brother, \ir, Ariour na^s, uear
Rockton Mr. Hays, like many other*,
lost the dearest friend on earih. Ic is
hoped that his loss i3 her g;;io.
Mr. H. A. Brown and wife returned
j last week after haying visited relatives
! in Batesburg, Lewieiale, Columbia,
' J T 1/3^U ^A1] kAnr m ni< nlooae
| ^UU JL UUU>UU b t<3U UU TT UJUUJ piwvyy
I they didn'r visit. .
Mrs. Beckie Jones has moved to
Edgefield, where her husband has be en
clerking tor Mr. B. B Jonea for several
Mr. mikI Mrs. J. A. Ballemiue have
for the present vaca'ed "Hoffman's
Hotel" a id are spending awhile in
Belfon, S. C.
There is a great deal of sickness in
this community; nothing seriou?, only
cold* aud a few cases of measles.
Misses Lois CHoktcales and Lillie
Hood, two of oar charming belles,
pent last Wednesday with friends st
the college.
Mr. Clifrou Wilson was in "town"
Friday as cbarmiDg as ever.
Cvto young men from Twenty Creek
called 011 their best ^irls la-t Sunday
afrirnoon here ia town. "The cat
came bacl; he couldn't stay away." 1
Mr. Andrew Rimer is seriously ill.
We hope be will ??on recover.
Mis* L zzie Liuhon returned last
week from Rocfcton, irbere she has
been staying with relatives.
Dr. Langford lias a new cletk,
"long-, td I Jae" th^y call him, and I
don't know now many rrorc.
Mr. J. II Uoffinao is spemtiug some
time with his pirenU.
Mr. A. L. Dunn is visiting his j
brother at Greenwood.
Air. L. C. Deal and faiaiiy are visit- *
iog their parents.
Mr. Da rnam Boney, a yonng man of
this comui.'. ty, is a of Mrs.
Bell at Blackstock.
Miss Mae Wooten spent a conple of
day8 a# the guest of Miss Mar Hinnaut
at Ridge way,
Rev. H. K. Ezell and son Boyce
pent one nigbt last week with Mr.
Jonn Woo tea, neat mis town
Mr. Arthur Hays is visiting relatives
in this community.
We regret to have to say tint the
beloved p?stor of Sandy Level Church
has resigned on account of his afflicted
" wife. It is boped tbat Mr. Watson's
successor will fill the posiiion a? acceptably
85 he has.
Mrs. A. M. Black, after having
?pent -everal weeks with her father
Dr. Bookhart, returned to her res-i
d-jnce in Columbia ! .*t Sunday.
With be>t wishes tor The News and
Herald, Taffy.
February 4, 1899
quarry fabrications.
Everybody should visit Mr. J W.
Heatb, ar. Bundrick- before he kills
that hog Many guesses have been <
mideati's weight. He has offered a
prize to ;ne one comiog trie nearest to
it. Mr. Heath still advocate* z dhpensary
at Bundrick an > has made
application to the State R a I ;o hue
on?. 1
a I i. i 1_ _ t t I 1
xuc gc< mail mat luufc p sua uii iu?
27th at 'he quarry, the president in- j
forms me, wa? a succ?-:s. On account :
of the blizzard north, Gilmore's bi ud
did not como. President Jamison,
n?v?r found nappiLg, immediately
telegraphed the leader of the band at
Simpson's and secured their services.
So much for having a night operator i
at the larnoat. j
Another oyster sapper on hand. 3
^!0:ily?. few invitations have bfen ex- t
tended so f-ir. 1
Mr. I. Yoangaton ba9 surely ?ono. |
The piece of calico wrote him to come j (
a! once. j;
Capt. :">m fliaDant say? the Paeoiet; 3
Astonisber is mistaken about tbe dave i ]
of bis m;:riage, as it surely wi.'l not | [
take p!ac-i until uext wi:ter.
Will some one kiodiy answer this ; <
quern : It a man agrees to kill a c t!f, |
cut it up, salt same down for the sum j
of 50 cent*, ha* be any light to slip off: (
and take tbe skin and bead of the cilf t
without saying an\ thing to tbe ladr of ;
the house? . \
| R. T. Roberts goes every afternoon
I with his single wagon to Rucktou for I
j his fre*h supplies of groceries. He J,
1 aratz tKflm Ht? err?rooc Pk c
gVI<9 HiVlii V f V.OO V V/ iV
Master Woodward Rutland ba3 been
quite unwell lor several day?.
Mr. Win. Boyd 'telephone superintendent,"
paid the quarry 'phone a flyino
visit. The nennlft horn lore to <-f?e .
his smili >? countenance. j
Rev >a\ Bri:CO? is visiting ii, oar '
section. He spent several clays at the L
qua-ry a guest of Mr. and Mrs. t
li T. Rob rt?. We are pleased to say \
that Mr. Briacoe will preach to the t
quarry people once a month. The I
public generally are invited. S^ats g
free. e
We are informed that the Southern g
Railway proposes to make Rockton a J
dinner station. S. c
January 30, 1899. - i,
For La. Gnppo. 3
j Ti'OKa- Wbiifield & Co... 240 Wa
&Ck- II ^ T , ','Ul IlVi UaiASVM Ok J \Jlie Ul y
Chicago"-oldes'. and most prominent b
(Jruggisis, recommeud Clumber Iain's e
Cough Remedy for la grippe, as it n
net only gi?e? a prompt and complete D
reiief, but also coan'eracts any ten- 2
dency of la grippe to result i:a pnen- g
monia. For fale by McMaster (X a
For The Xein and Herald.
>ic tiiera were two school girls
Gentle, kind and brave,
i hat \s i>iitd to ?0 to a boarding school,
13 it bated their friends t > leave.
At ia-t M:ey boarded a northbound
li'rt ill,
After lii.iding as ail farewell,
A'xi .-is t > when we'd meet again
N>? one i ha" diy ooald
Swill.iy iiie train ran -lu vard,
U;.c.Mt3cl?JUS of liie fait,
Fr.at m jasf. a fo-v s'lO 't week*
It won Id briDg i'ie echvil ijirU bick.
Ah, sojii over the wire from h:>m-;
A ?VA C? ? 1 1 XT
A Ul,3>*a^C o* iij gigwkaivu)
Telling of a dying mother
Of which she'd never dreamed.
Soon a3 she read the message
Sh* huniwd :o 'he trai",
Ha'ing 111-jive her tchooltnate,
l?ut anxious tog t ho ne ngnin.
boon rtSe wms b :ck to her h one,
Qaick'y t her <11 1 tier's t>e-l.
Scarcely ie*iiziui that
'TiVha* <11 ?thir >ieiriv de-id.
S> ? ? the det"i ;figei cune to tlia*
Flaop 11/ its wiiig< ?Vr her breast;
Bat tr-in tu*r talks ?n her death-bed,
We know tha?. she's peacefu'ly at
And now to the rest ot' her loved oues
We extend our sympathy aud love,
For we know that we will meet ber
a ?iun
In the betfer world above.
While her mue that she left at school
Long a motherless girl had been,
Andot coarse in all this sadness
Her deepest sympathy could iend.
Now she is at home with friends again,
And for what reason, let's see!
For no reccnt rifa'h has called h?r
Bat there's a wedding to be.
So one of these school girls
A motner uiu gain,
Bnt the dearest links of the other
Were rent In tvtain
The cold wave brought us a three
inch sno-v last Saturday, but a warm
sun Sunday carried 'he most of it
away. The last week has been very
disagreeable, as generally a jnew 13
followed bv tnud a:id rain.
January has been a bad month for
farmers' outdoors work; very little
plowing d.'tie. The majority of
farmers will turn their attention to
sowing oat? in February, and March
will be :he corn month, provided the
ground be comes drv.
Otfino- to the advance in mice of
c.)tton, there ha> been about fire
hundred bales put on the market here
recently, but most too late to do the
counirv people any good.
Ther/ has been an eiegaut and
spacious boarding house opened here
recently,x W. M. Patrick proprietor,
and W. L. Jkid e'erk . Cuisine and
servico fir?t class m every respect.
There seems to be no s'nmp or
falling c-ffiu ths f-rtilizer business at
this market this year. Mr. A'. M.
Patrick has already sold s-veral carloads,
and the other merchants are receiving
large quantities of it. It appears
that the farmers are going to
make more 4 cents cotton than ever
od les< acres.
Owing to the rains and hauling
fertilizers the roads are cut up and are
in a deplorable condition.
Hea'h Springs & Co.'s popular and
congenial coiton ou\er, ri. ueorge
Brice, has resigned and accepted a
lucrative position as bookkeeper
with the Charlotte Provision Co.
Luck to bim. Mrs
M J Blair, of Union, S C, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs R W
Mr# R J Brice, formerly of Woodward,
now Rock Hill, is visiting relatives
at this place.
Mr W L .Reid speut a few days in
Rock Hill and Charlotte this week on
Mr J R Craig, of Blacfe&iock, was
in town a iew uays ago louKiug aner
Mr Jno R Thomas, cf Chester, was
in town Monday on bnsinesi.
Mr W W Brice, of Cheater, was here
with a drove of young mn'es last
VV S Danbar, a papular conductor
of C & N W Ry, was in town Thursday.
Miss Kate Nicholson, of Rabb, S C,
is visiting Mr A R Nicholson aod
family of this place.
Success to News and Herald,
wishing a prosperons year to it.
Feb. 6, '99. Democrat,
Damgcrs of the Grip.
The greatest danger from La Grippe
is of its resulting in pneumonia, If
reasonable care is used, however, and
Jhamberlain's Congit Remedy takeD,
ill danger will be avoided. Amonj
:he tens ofthonsands who hare used
his remedy for la grippe we have yet
:o learn of a single case bavins: resuUed
in pneumonia which sbow# conclusively
that this remedy is a certain
L .V .1 .1 II
Drevt-nnve ox mat dangerous uisease.
[t wili cure la grippe in less time than
my oiher treatment. It is pleasant
md safe to take. For ?ale by McMaser
Some of the figures just published
ionor>rtiing tho different-religious deloraiiia-ions
in the United States are
rery intere?-tiug. The total number
)f church members is given as 27,714,
>23, a grain of 862,300 for the year.
The increase uf the white regular j
3a; ti?td is pat down at 199,170, while !
Kof r\f r?alnro/l Ra r?? lit * ic oiron Qt
UMl V i. ' li U UV/1 Vl V vi l?tO A. yj f(,l > VII U l> ,
>,?03. The Cumberland Presbyterians ;
Vhite) hare gained 2S preachers, 106 j
:hu ches and 4,998 memb?rs.
The other leading denomination* j
lave the fullowi-ig figures: Tbt Methc- j
Irsta (north) gained 282 preachers, j
19 churches and 1G.1S2 members; :
ile the Methodists [(soutn) gained 1 I
>reacber and 1J5 churches, while thry
ost 24,320 members. The Presby-!
crians (norih) gained 293 pieachere, j
2 churches and 14,648 members; while J
hs PmbvWi ,i s (?outb) gained 55
Treacher*, 57 u.thi-^nd 5,331 metnters.
The Discuses rained 142
ireachers, 59 chnrohea and 34.536
number*. The Epts^opalifciM trained
6 preacher, 262 cLurohes and 20,964
oembers. The 0':gi egaii nmiists
:ained 70 preachers, OS chnrehes and
0,669 members. The Roman Cathoics
gained 1^0 preachers, lost 181
hurchesauri gained 219,791 members,
irge!y by immigration. The Lathe.??
/.ill rroino*' 07A r\y*
aua ^aix m?\J yi ovjvi ? ^
44 churches au<1 36,000 members.
The JJtvedenbjr^ians ^hivn lost 23
ireach?rs 50 cbnrchrs and 972 rrenaers;
the Unitarians gained 16 prjaohrs,
lo-it 1 church at d gained 5.000
lerabers; the Universalists lost 15
>reacbers, 62 churches and gained
,169 members. The Mormon? have
aitied 1.300 preachers, 106 char;hcs
ud 43/269 members.
, ? , , . ... . r^... -tt ? -.,
i The director cf the Arkansas AgriI
ca;turHi Experiment Stanou has been
: iin.kin?r experiments in the above line,
j llis e^iraate 13 that pork can be raised
j at Uc. per pound, and often times less.
: Hie ho? is estimated at 250 to 275
i pounds and to be killed 10 months old.
; ?1experiments as to the food necesi
sary wete nnde on worn out cotton
j land. One-fourth acre in each of following
yielded in pork as follows:
i Spanish peanuts made 313 pounds
| p'jrk, chufas 148 pou d< and corn 109
jp'unds pork. . Tue yield?and tbis
I \-,v >ciuct gathered by the hog himj
si;!f? was Spanish peanuts 90 bushels
j t- the acre, and chufas 184 bushels to
i tho acre B-side* the two above ci ops,
j sorghum? both stalk and grain were
fed?and cow peas were sown. Toward
the end, 5 bushels of corn wore
ic i 10 u.e nogs. i>ui mo aoeve consi
i'U'cd ihe successi >11 of crops. The
cow peas ami Spanish peanu s l"fr the
ground in a bett.-r condition thin before
planting ?Augn-ta Chronicle.
He hul bean going to see her a long:
time, but never stated the object of his
visits, and she was desirous of knowins
some thing of the future. The last
night he called he seemtd sad, and
after several well developed sighs, he
"Life is full, very full, of bitterness,
isn't it?"
"Oh, I don't know," she lesponded,
cheerily. "I haven't much cause to
"Possibly not now, Mary, but the
bitter cup has been placed to your
"Yes, Henry; my parents are dead."
"And is there no bitterness in that,
Mary? Is it not very, very sad to be
an orphan?"
"Of conr=e it is, Henry, but you
see?and she blushed vividly?"it relieves
you of the embarrassment to
ask father."
Henry's heart was touched.
PvvAb-Un'c AwviIAA
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Braises, Sores, Ulcer3, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chillblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cent* per box. For sale
by McMaster Co.
All Commissioned Officers of Confederate
Company Living.
A very remarkable fact wa< called
t) a Herald reporter's attention yesterday,
in regard to the civil war ol
'Gl-'6i. It is doubtful if there is a
paralle' in the history of the war between
the States.
All of the commissioned officer? of
Co. C, 13th Regiment, McGowan's
command, S. C. V., C. S. A., are still
living; aud all of these officers, except
one, saw active service from 1861 until
ihe surreuder at Appomatox in 1865.
The names and addresses of these
officers are: T. Stobo Farrow, Gaffney;
D. R Duncan, Spartonburg;
Johu W. Carlisle, Spartanburg:; Cbas.
Petty, Spartanburg, and A. S. Douglass,
of Winnsboro.
Regardless of Age.
The kidneys are responsible for
more sickness, suffering, and deaths
than anv other organs of the body.
A majority of the ills afilictiDg
people to-day is traceable to kidney
trouble. It prevades all classes of
society, in ail climates, regardless of
a_e, se* or condition.
The fivinntnms of lcirinfiv frnnh'r
are utimlstakable, such as rheumatism,
neuralgia, sleeplessness, pain or duii
ache in ihe back, a desire to urinate
often day or nis^hf, profuse or scanty
Uric acid or hrick-au&t deposit in
urine are signs of clogged kidneys,
cmsinjr pofcose-J and germ-filled
blood. Sometimes the heart acts
' adly, and tube casts (wasting of tbe
kidneys') are found in the u:ine,
wbich if negleotert will result in
Bri^ht's Disease, the most dangerous
form of kidney trouble.
All these symptoms and conditio;-*
are f-rompilr removed under the influence
of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root. I
Tt Viuq <1 tunrlH w/iilo riannfatiftli ifa
wonderful cures of the most di?tre.<sing
No ODe need be long without it as it
is so eisy to get at any drug store at
fifty (ents or one hollar. Yon can
hnve a sample bottle of this wonderful
discovery, Swamp-Root, and a book
teliingall about it, both sent to . you
absolutely free oy mail. Send your
address to Dr. lviltner & Co., Binghaicton,
N. Y., and kindlv mention
that \ ou read this liberal -ffer in The
Ne^s and Herald
andsicknessfrom 'I
which ^>.,^^1. ?
suffer is caused ^
c Dy weakness or
the organs of (1
| menstruation. ' j*
I when a v/ornan is not well the:o ;.
' 0 '
5 organs are affected. But when f
s thej are strong and healthy & R'
woman is very seldom sick. K.
I Is nature's provision for the regu- |
lation of the menstrual function. ?
It cures all " ferrjale troubles." It S
Is equally effective for the girl in ?
her teens, -the young wife with do- ?
mestic and maternal cares, and |
_ "the woman approaching the period ?
known as the " Change of Life." g
They all nqed it. They are all |
benefitted by it. |
For advice in cases requiring' special ?
directions, address, eivir.? symptoms. S
the "Ladies' Advisory Department," 3
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chatta- g
riivipa_ Trn. S
jg THOS. J. COOPER, Tupelo, M?S5., says: |
' My sister suffered from very Irregular ?
ijij and pa^ul menstruation ar.d doctors g
[S could not relieve her. Wine of Cardul ?j
jg entirely cured her and also helped my %
Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored
uti-c- to Cnre Inscr.inia, Fits, Dizziness. Hysteria,
sC?rvous Debility, Lost Vitality. Seminal Losses,
failing Memory?the result of Over-work, Worrv. I ,
Sickness, Errors of i euth or Over-indulgence. I
Pricc 50o. and $1: S boxes So. t ;
r<'i quick, positive nnd lasting results in Scsu.-:! h
Weakness. In::?ntencv. Xervo:js TVKJitv and l.< (
Vitality, use YELLOW LS??i_ SftCIAL-douMe I
streiiL';- ^ivc strength and torw 10 everv r.-.: n
ar.d effect - ^crtnanesst cure. Cheapest and b-si '
;oo Pills 5a. by msil. '
FREE?A bottle of the famous Japanese Li
Pellets v.-ill be Riven v/itb a f: box or more ot i
aetic Nervine, iree. Sold c:iiy by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
| |j||^~^ HAPPY HOMES. 8
%p Br!f /iJ/^i^ f\V TTOWcan a woman be cheerful cad O
?% flpy v<//r C r TT happy when she is weak, nerrotu, /V
TP tfl/lfiiVC / ( /(' I or>H fVA Ar/nriiAie^?? 4>A?. aF
. 1UIU DUMVtUlg WO 9AV?U w?UUIJ W4 tures
of Female Diseases? It should V
not be expected of her. When ehe Ifl ??
suffering from Deranged Menstruation, JL
Whites, Falling of the Womb, etc., ihow v
your sympathy for her in a practical a
way by providing her with JL
Female Panacea. ?
traoc(G. F. P.)"*** V
/% 5 1 This splendid tonic will coon relieve O
\ \y her and cube the disease, thus q
%f \ producing the desired result through If
/% natural channels. Only $1.00 per bottle, w
X If there is any costiveness, move the bowels gently with inlld A
y doses of St. Joseph's Liver Regulator. Price 26c per package. If
my wife was Almost a complete Wreck v
?% witn temaie troubles, &ne nas taken su bottles of GcRSTLE's Piualk A
Zz Panacea and it has cured her. She is now on the last bottle and 5 feeuna as tr
irk well as she ever did and weighs more than ever before in her life. m%
W sold at drug stores. B. R. LEQGETT. Broxton. Ga. X
O L. QERSTLE & CO., Proprietors, Cfa&ttanoogs, Tenn. O
WINTER STOCK in all lines and offer all heavy
----- o-oods at - - -
We have some special values in Dress Goods, especially in
Patterns and Dress Flannels, atloweut prices. We
offer special bargains in Wool Underwear.
And foa a little money will give a great many gyods.
Try it and see.
"5ji 1 -.y-l l A Well I
I JL A & n Dressed.
Man I
/! \ pA \\ | ] f/T\ Depends largely
//l Mf ; V/ I u V/^Cf / upon his foot-wear
\ \l/l * * M 1 \/ v^f/ I' SteJ *or **ls ***"
?p\X> /-Lai * /-y- 4/ / f I P7 pearance as well
s5T* I'/l / t At/ ' 11 /1 1 1 as his comfort.
wr'/i?A \ rt \ sbUz^
y/ ifn h (?I" you will always be
h li* 11/1/ "P *n 211(1 al"
II - I 1/ I I |v ways'be comforti
/ I i I r r" aWe^^
The creations
of Selz' 5 factories are always up-to-date, and the STb? W j
universal verdict is that in "Quality, Style and
r lnisn nicy <?rc uic 1UK)1 diiu? uiv ?IVI?/ B 1
which the markets of the world can show. 1 I
The prices are fight, the goeds are >1 I
right. What more do you v/ant? j
For sale by
~~ ?1 HAVE? ?######
I w mt iTi 1_1 _
m pnpm
u U kJ 1 IlJjUjjI i Li! Jof the United States.
j f|| The management of the
J Equiiable Life As.-urance Society
Asprottya Stock of Goods as Jf in this terrify is desirous of seenr$$$
ing the eervicc of a man of charhas
ever been brought to ||| ac:er and abilitv to repreieni it?
fVl_ interest with Winnsboro at headtowa,
|p qaartera. The right man will be
fH thoroughly ?dnca'edin the science
Consisting in part of Eogers & of life inscrance and the art or
Bro.'s celebrated plated wares X c?e69ful . lher. Is n.
r n ~ r-r - -n i isi business or profession not reLadles,
Knives, Fork s, quiring: capital which is more reSpoons,
Carving Sets, &c. munerarive than a life sjency
IP conducted vwih energy and abilJfe
it v. Correspondence with aae?
??ALSO who de?ire to sccore permanent
w employment and are anabitiens te
: f?| attain prominent in th* profesHandsome
China Cake Plates, ^ ?5ot is invited.
Born* and Salad Dishes, ' W W. J. KODtfEY, Mjjr.,
Vases, Cracker Jars, &c., <fcc., j K0?* ^
and invito an inspection of
them at vour earliest conve- ]
? l For Sale.
itespectruiij, j i
f land, on L't; e Kiver, t;elt?i giii# to
^ I ^ M. Broom, and bounded by Iaod?
lj i\ DERTAKING j ^v?dofbe?R G- si"">n,?"'s""
? For terms apply to
with a fall stock of Casksts, Bnriat| 1M' AUoro.jWionaboro, 8. C,
Cases and Coffins, constantly on hand, j'
ana us.- or nearse wnen raquesweo.j gAUUL. LIJ^ySAr, jj|. U.
Siaufcful for past patronage and aoUoi-i
ion for a share in fcbe faHKt, i? tb? i WINNSRORO, S. C.
>id sfaod j
( aJts attended to a: all bsnu. : officcatMre. Ellen Cathcart's, ?cxt 1
THE ELLIOTT (iLN i door to Jno. H. MeMastar ACo.'s Drug
' i Store.
J. M, ELLIOTT & OO, j jgpNight call at Winmboro Hotel.
4 17-1 y 1 12-#-3m
! Jci Mi
A Fresh Lot of
Garden Seed
Onion Sets.
entral Time Botweaii VeliipbUaod jMk*
Mnrille. Eutirn Time Between CoIambi*
and Other PeloU.
Eftf^tive Jsmiarj 16, |889.
Ar. Colombia I 4 ?i _ 7 8?p
Lv. Char' ton |SCA<5HE. 7 09 a 6 5CTp
Ar. Columbia..11 0^3
* MfcoTn!* 3 20V jfjfij fist
" Trcotoa S?1 HtW ^^fP
" JohBjtons M? I CP
Ar. ColuabUUa. dep'fc MW * 12 ? S JO p
EvCol'bisBted'vR- 5JP 8#j>
: stag** is? is:-jibs
zm^.m mm
*? Pmitlfr.. i'V9 EM?
?t. Rlc^moad <
ir.Wuhmto}.,..... f#f ?<gp 0 46*
" .9?A -4J?f *i??
- wSj eil 3 ??
rasa?" iriflli
lit, ^f?h'toa. 8?. jjy^ t Mp 19 g> UUi
It. Riohiaoad...._. 13Un? ?2 0ixa
Lv. DmtUI* 12 10 a 5 50 a 6 C2p
* Ck?riqtl? ; SUm 9 8S* lOSOy
" took Mil 4 25 a l?Sfi? II Up
" CW?r iUa, 1?1? 11 43 p
- Wttjubw. liti Mi B824
Ar Qpl'W* SU*4'frt... cWiTtfm 187ft
Lr. 4if I. 8 Ma I Up 4?a
- O^^SSufrilllllllll 840a 8?|j ?!
At. Aiken 9 20a 8 C.p ? 30*
M Ortmit?TUJ# 9 Co a 3?p 7 07*
AogofiA. v ?j a 4109 ws
L? asas?^-*: \u lis iS
Ar.JadSSftei. lOlJt ?&? 9T$j
il*EWsi MB inti^T
ttto4?i train wi<hdial*? citi ud tut clan
eeacbw north of CkarltfJU.
Paliwam drawUj# ro?p^plng<*ribat#wa
Tjmca. JarkMianUe, Satinnaa. wHaaitH
3d Rrw York.
>u ln-.au S'.aevlag Can between Charlotte
and Ki-btnond.
Pni:nii?' drawiag-rooa aleepiaf car* bot*?*i<
t-rrvnsboro od^rfpl*. C3pfe,oo?a#frtiou
in Norfolk f?r OLD POINT CSutOKT,
arri* inte tWr* in Un( tar breakfast.
Nog. it liinl 96?V. S. Fyt MoiL Through
PuJJwac dfowiag room buet aleeging ?ufc botw-eu
Ja^kaucnUe sad xvrr York and Pullman
liFtomir cara ba?totan Auraita aid Char
lftte. Dining cart terra all maatt earoafa.
Palluijm xleepiuz grs b?t>re*n JacktCnrllla
ana Colunjpia. e&route dailr tetwtec J*ck*oarffie
and CipciBitati, via Asneville.
r* AS- E/J? A*y ON. J. M. GULP,
Tmrd T-P. & Gen. Mgr. T. M.. Washington.
G. V. A.. Wajfelqjgton. . ii. P. A.. Atlanta
time we are prepared to
These Wheels are in
No. 4 Condition,
and are offered at reduced j
prices, being shop worn. <
2 19 *
TIE EASY Mffl'5 ~~ v
foil ^
?%?? * /it^t/1 4 w /%n mm*
BKAUUNtx Aljl.i t?r XIZX*
Uneqaaled for
Range of Work.
. ':--r
Old ?inf Machines taken In ex
Dealers wasted is unoccupied tevri* ^
tory. Correspondence solicited.
; r:
.. .if*
. ^
KENTUCKY MULES at mystabies
in Winnsboro, from three to five years
eld. These males can be boogbt cheap
far cash er on good bankable paper,
payable in the Fall. Come one, come
all who need geod males. I will exchange
them for broken down mules
r plug males.
I also have a few good Mares and a
ooaple of good Saddle Hones, one
new Two-herse Wa^un and one good
Seceni-hand Baggy/
I also keep on hand a few
and will sell them cheap for cash or
exchange them for dr*- cattle. Always
ready t?r a trade.
I bare engaged Mr. S. B. CRAWFORD
for the ?e*8on, and be will ho
pleased to see any and aU of his many
Wi?nsb#ro, S. (J.
that we hive Frait Cake in one
?nd five-pound tint. Raisins
in every shape. Cm-rants,
Citron, Figs, Date*. National
Biscnit Co.'* Cakes 19 end leas
Soda Biscnit* freab every
tbre# days
When in ne*d of asvikia*
{ od to eat c*ll on at.
Pay torus M99 j
The Auditor's officc wil! be open to
receive tax returns from jHiinary ihe ->
1st to F?bruarj 20;h. Ail persons
filing to make returns within ibe
above menuoned dates will incur >he
54 per cent p?i>a!ty. All male citizens
bc:weeu the age ot 21 and 60 are
liable to poll tax unless exempt by
*w. Thf Auditor or hi< deputy will
he at the followi <r places on ?j&ja
specified and the bafct.c? <?f lime to
KVhrnarv 90?k in i in Wi 7i n:Kr ?a
Albion, Tuesday, Janusn 10.
Back head, Wednesday, Jaauarv 11.
Wollin#, Thursday ,_January 12.
Crosby vilie, Friday, January 13. y
Woodward, Saturday, Jaooary 14.
White Oak, Monday", January. 16.
Gladdens Grove, Tuesday, Sajusry
Flint Hill, Wednesday, J&onaiy. II.
Bidgeway, Friday, January 20.
Longtown, Monday, 23 " i
( ntreville, Tuesday, Jannary 24.
M. L. Cooper?, Wednesday, January
Bl} thewood, Tharsdar, January 26* >
Il'-reb (P. M. Carl, e's ptore) Friday,
Jai.n:iry, 27.
Mouncello, Monday, January $ .
Jenkiniville, Tuesdar, January SI.
N otice to Voters
The Bo<>ks of Re<;i>tr&tion for tht
text Municipal Election, to be held on
ipril 3rd next f^r In'etidaiit tad four
Wardens for the t-.wii of Winnsboro,
3. C., will be open for the ref Uteiint *
>f voter* at the store of Stmp?on k
Sttbcart on J*?n*rv 1, 1899, aud 4
:!o?fd Apul 1, 1899. All totrn ia
hi* elitesiou are required to rHtaf %
rithin th;? time.
J. E. < OAK,
SaptrrUor of Begiitratton.

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