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local; intelligence
W#dnesday, Febntarj 8, - 1899
?See advertisement Leiters of Admimsh-&;ion.
?Read artrcrtisement uf teachers'
txarrt- *-iou in this jaonirg'* ;t?-ae
?Th?" letep^one line b?tw?e" Wioiisbsro
and Ridgeway was down on
?Send ns yonr job work. We are
prepared to do all kinds and as che-ap
as anywhere in the State.
?Mr. Landecker has moved his
teck of snoods into the new itore
owned by Mr. J. L. Bryson.
?R. Erandt advertises that he will
tell his stock down cheap. Set his
'cnt price" advertisement.
?On Friday aii the teachers of Mt.
Zion Institute dinod with Professor
Witherow and family al their pleasant
home j
'4T ' ?Monday being the first Monday In
February, was sales day. In ipite of
the bad weather quite a number of
people w?re in town.
?The friends of Mrs. Henry Refo
and Mrs. Hari>y will be glad to know
that they hare returned to Winmboro
and will make their home here.
- ?Mr. and Mrs. Williams who hare
been occupying the Rion cottage are
going to leave Winn&boro. Mr. Williams
has been bnying cotton here for
some time and their friends regret that
< - I
they are going away.
?McMas:er Co. ask that all who
wish to get early cabbage plant*
tojet them know how many tbey
wish so tliat they can have enough to
supply the demand. They expect
the plants ;n ten or fifteen days.
?The cotton warehouse i# about
completed and cotton is bein* stored
in it. M:\ Strickland and his men,
who have been putting in ths system
of waterworks and ire extinguishers,
will leave in a few days, their work
feeing finished.
?Snnerinfendent ShiDD and family
hare noved into the house recently
built for the superintendent by the
Fairfeld Cotton Mills. Ths new
house is & comfortable two story
building and is conveniently near to
the cotton mill.
?TK? Vow Vnrb Snn sfc&tSS that
'AUV AtVlf A ?
the world's consumption of cotton
duriig the year 1899 Trill be 10,750,000
bale*. It also states that the business
.. omtlook for the year 1899 far the
^ farmer, artisan man*facturer for
every American, was never brighter
than it is to-day.
?Tha only tract of lane seld on
Monday was the J. K. Davis planta
tion sold in case of S. A. Mciieekin
rs. W. D. Davis and o'bers. It was
boaght by W. D. Douglas* attorney
for Farmers and Mechaoics Bank for
$4,600. The Sheriff sold considerable
personal property, priacipally mules
and hordes, on Monday.
?At the regular semi-annual elec"
tion of the tiro societies Koi jsurmau
University which was held on the
27th two of Fairfield's representatives
were among the officers elected. W.
F. Scott was elected corresponding
secretary #f the Philosophian Society
and D. E. llellichaiap was elected oae
of the associate editors ot the Furmxo
sgd ?In Tuesday's session of the House
Mr. F. II. Weston introduced reso
lutions welcoming tne unuea o?ifederate
Veteran? to Charleston and
to Souih Carolina. The resolutions
were unanimously adoptei. The
veterans may feel sare of a warm welcome
and they wil/ be the recipients
of the hospitality for which Charleston
i? so famous.
?The ladies who are raising money
for Victor Blum's uiedal are working
under the ^ame of the Association for
Patriotic Award, and all who contribute
to the fund become members of
tie association. Perhaps, after tke
medal for Lisnt. Blue has been purchased
the ladies will raise core moi.ey
* - ?- ?n?v,at.
ill oraer icso msy way vkuvt
South Corolina heroes with tokentofj
?The vt-ry warm weather on Saturday
wai followed oa Saturday night
! by a thunderstorm, which, though
qaite ?ev*re, did not last very long:.
It wa* acoompani#d by a tremedous
rainfall which continued until latej
Sundav morning. So much rain ha?
fallen this winter that we ought not
to suffer as we did last year from a
warcity of waer. Th2 wells should
yield an abmdance.
' * II
?lne D?Q weaiuer mat we uavc
had recently interfered to some extent
with the work on the new depot but
in gpi?? of these interruptions the
work is getting on nicely and judging
by the progre6? that is made from day
to day it will not be long before the
building will be ready for occupancy.
It promises to be a very neat, pretty
building and will be very convenient
ir. every respect.
?Thursday was Candlemas Day,
so called because in the Uoman Catholic
Church an offering^ of caodles is
K made to the church and iheie candles,
which must be made of vrax, are
blessed and distributed am.vig the
congregation. These bie^ed candies
ar? used in titnss of danger and ?re
I greatly prized by the Roman CathoK/Mi
i iM^Ap^inrr f-n tKa rtl/} 5>r?ncr a?
/AVV-V/4 IV tuw ViVi *v6'
<3anu;emas was dark and rainy we
will have an early spring.
?Ches;?'- is to haye .a pubiic library
K aud application has been made for a
Kr?- charter. Ths name of the library in to
pa be the Patter?on Public Library of
Chesttr. This public library will be
of great benefit to the p#opl? of
Chester and we **i$D very mucb inat
Winn:boro w&s to have one sooo.
? Evert oce feels the need of a public
library aod it would be a great ihicg
for as if we could follow Chester's
?Oc Thursday afternoon Mrs. J. F.
McMaster gave a delightful afternoon
^ reception in h>nor of Mrs. Cha*.
Stevenson. Tbe guests were invted
W from balf-pist four to six o'clock, and
* althongh the weather was unfavorable
a number of ladies were present.
Delicious refreshments were served io
tbe daintiest style an.', tbe following
young lalies assisted in ?erving ths
p||W a/
Makes the food more
guests: Misses Jessie Jennings, Agn
Rice, France?: Oeight ;ind Chariot
Allston. Thet.rob'urs passed mc
pleasantly sn 1 a'l ?? ! a cbarmii
- The Sumter Watchman and Sout
ronsays that small pox is gradual
rtr-a*^i tier nror i>nnnlT
Vf Vi VUUiWV4 wv?vn J
pile of efforts to stamp it oat. T1
epidemic his been prevailing f
nearly two months and there no
leems to be danger of it spreading
the adjoining: conntiea. Only t*
nhT^i.MAn* &ri? work HDOQ the C
se&se and the Watchman thinks th
unless they have assistance that tl
disease will certainly spread, Tl
condition of affairs in this part of tl
State seems to be dreadfol and it
hoped that something can be done i
get the dreadfol disease under contrc
?The ladies of Coltmbia held
i meeting ?a Monday for the purpose
[deciding npon the best way to rai
moaey for a medal to be presented
Lieut. Vietor BIeq. Since the legi
lature refuse* to present the bra1
yonBf officer with a sword the
lftdie3 have felt that be sheuld recer
I tone gift from bis State in recogr
i tian of bis g*llant behavior daring t]
I war tad bare g?ne to work to rai
the iccessary* fundt. At tbis meetir
| a lady was appointed to collect mom
' for tbt B!g? medal and Mrs. W. I
Douglass waa appointed to collect :
Wiansbero. No doubl. there a
many wbo wisb t? com;ribate to tb
fund and who would like to help tl
ladies to do for Lieut. B lue what tl
legislature was not willtDg to do.
is honed thatZWinnsboro will not 1
behind her sister towns in contribute
to this fand.
?r. Cast's Condition Powder
arejast what ahorse needs when i
bad condition. Tonic, bleod purifii
and vermifuge. They are not foe
I bat medicine ana the best in use i
put a horse in prime condition. Pri<
! 25 cents per package. For sale t
j McMaster Co.
ttbathkr forecasts*
Readers of St. Joseph's Four Se
j sons^Alinanacs will find the astronoi
ical calcslations and weather lorecas
of Prof. Gathright ve:y intarestiD
It ii wonderful that a man con ma!
these forecasts so far in idrance. Pre
Gathright claims more verifications f
his forecasts than is or^iinarily foun
If you hare not bsen so fortunate a?
secure a copy of St. Josephs Fo
Seasons Almanac, it Trill be mailed
you fret by L. Gerstle & Ce., Chati
nooga, Tean. Writ? to-day, befo
their supply is exhausted.
The good roads question is beii
agitated by the Greenville News ai
'L In fkw n*nai> that f
it 19 ^iUpUACU iu luia ?m?? v.
Stat* farm be afcelished and that t
coavicts in each connty be hired e
to build food roads. This plan tH
gested by the Greenville News w
meet the approval of every o?e wl
has to trarel orer bad roads. T1
roads in this county art at present
great nted of improvement, and fro
the different ceanties comes the sac
/ nmnltinf Kr* mni>k l? ?*if? On tt
WUJ^IIUUW wv uuv* ?? ? ?
subject that some good ought to coo
of it.
A negro who says his Dame is 3
Hawkins was arrested here on We
nesday afternoon with a horse ai
sarrey in bis possession. Sheriff El
son hearing that the negro was tryii
to sell the horse and surrey fer fif
dollars, it once suspected that son
thins was wrong aud proceeded to 5
restigate. The negro claimed to
from Augusta, but when qnestiom
about the city knew nothing about
so the sheriff bad him arrested. It w
discovered that the negro had stoli
the horse and tarrey from T. H. Pin
ney io Colombia. The m*n was tak
to Colombia on Thursday uijht.
As will be*aeen in a co*iBauuicati<
published elsewhere in these colom;
Mrs. C. Lidi died at her home in tt
county on Monday. Only a ah
timft we nnblished a sketch ef tl
remarkable old lady at the request
tome ef h?r friends. For >ears Mi
Ladd lirtd in Winasboro and durii
her stay here she conducted a ?chc
whick was attended by many who a
till living here. She was in mai
respects a most wendarfnl woma
anddariag the last yesrs of her lil
wken she was deprived of her ej
sight, Ker patieuce and resignatii
were the admiratiop and wonder
those around her. Tit entire coi
manity has keen ?addenei by the nei
of Mr*. Ladd's death.
is the fairest flower in the gardeg
g of humanity. Every woman tnay
S be lovely after her own style, with
? soarklins eves and rosy cheeks,
EE and witlTevery line of beauty fully
2 developed.
= Pabst Malt Extract, The " Best"
s Tonic, will bring out her beauty,
S ^11 in the hollows, cover up the
EE bones and angles, rQund out the
g curves, and develop all her lines
s of beauty. It is a nesk and tissue
2 builder that will make any woman
5 plump and round and rosy, as she
as was meant to be. Try it yourself
s and your mirror will show you a
S pleasant surprise.
At til drug stoits.
i niffiiHHffiUffflmMiiittMUQBlHia
k| ftMilWi
f Pure
delicious and wholesome
,st I ood manners cannot bt learned in
sg a moment. There are certain forms
which society has agreed people must
b* confers: to if they with to appear
ly well bred, and these are often not at
all what th? natural inclination would
he prompt one to do nnder the eircnm- <
?r stances. Children must be tanght
'w these contentions, and*we must not
to b* HurDriKftd if?ther are sometimes
? ? ? , J
f0 slow iu learning them, nor de?pair if
after much teaching they at time? rela^ae
into natire barbarism. Patiant
per?everance in training them will at
^ t last produce the deiired remit. The
"jg: couslo.nt repetition tfcat teems so irKr0
i suwe, combined with the silsnt force
>1. i of daily f xamnle, wiJi effect the end in
a i view? a well-'-red child.?February
of. Ladies' Jlome Journal.
tQ Totte;. Salt-Rhcnm and Eczema.
[8. The it t- ->e itching and smarting in_
ciient U? liiese diseases, is instantly
Allayed b/ applying Chamberlain's
? Eya and Sfein Ointment. Many rery
re bad cases hare been permanently cared
ti. by it. is equally eficient lor itching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
ripples, oaapped hands, chilblains,
st Jroit Lite? and chronic sore eyes.
)g 2octs. p*r box. For sale by McMaster
ij Co. _____
re The ^>u:hbound freight train was
is wrecked . n Monday night near Blytheae
wood. The engine and three box
it cars were thrown off of the track and <
*"* * ? ^rrv -3 . ?/>* **
J.t HBOUf zsv varus ui iue uaua. vrao iviu
)e tip, the iraouot of damage being about
>g foar ha^'.ii-ed dollars. The accident
was eans.d by a negro who deliberately
opecf;u ;ne switch in order that the 1
[n train be wrecked. Two negroes,
sr Paa' Snrp *nd Elliott Jeffries, were ,
>d arrested u the charge of malicious
mischief and attempt fo injare rail1j
road t;roi ferty. Paul Sharp was re- (
leased but Jeffries was brought to
Wionsboro and put in jail te await
trial at tie next term of court. The
a- accident to the freight train delayed
11- the nighi passeuger train and the
its northbound train Tuesday morning
g. was delayed several hours. No one
ke >vas injured in the wreck.
^ The redisricting bill has pa?sed the
house and the arrangement of lh?
ciuntits will be ae follows. At will
be ?een, Fairfield County ia in the
* Water#? District:
Pee Dee District?The countiei of
lrnvi^ann nurlimrtnn.
Marlon, Florence, Horry.
Sao tee District?The counties of
3j? Gporgetown, Williamsburg, Chsrleiton,
9 Wateree District?The conntiea of
he Fairfield, Kershaw, Richland, SRMter,
n* Clarendon
Bdisto District?'The counties of Orangefcurg,
Barnwell, Bamberg, Mamp*
ton, Beaufort, Colleton, Dercheiter.
Saluda District?Tie counties of
10 Aiken, Lexington, Edgefiald, Saluda,
111 Greenwood, Laurens, Newberry.
Q.e Keowee District?Tha ceunties of
116 Abbeville, Anderson, Oconee,Pickeis,
09 Greenville.
Catawba District?The counties of
SE Spartanburg, Union, Cherokee, York,
Cbe9ter, Lanc-ater.
ill * ~
, Look! A Stitch in Time
Saves Line Hughes' Tonic (new im"
proved, ta-te pleasant), taken in early
"* spring fall prevents Chills, Dengue
ag aud M'.iaiial Fevers. Acts on the
tv liver, tocos up the system. Better than
' " * / > i.?3 Af
la- uuarautetju, irjr n.
brueeriots 50c. and $1.99 bottle*. *
it, Tu? / l owing persons have been
a9 drcW:i ?;ij the grand and petit juries
9D for ibe I-Vbrnary term of which
conv(.r.c.? on the third Mp' , :
J. R. Pickett, J. A. Richardson,
E. L Mobley, C. L. \Triy, H. D.
Coleman, Thomas W. Lewis, T. D.
Wix, V, B. Slmonton, Howell Trapp,
H. A. MoMetkin, Samuel Branhara,
. L. E. O-'^ns, A. E. Davis, W. Y.
11 Colema-i T. E. Clark, Jesse L. Hill,
. T-J. Kibb. M. L. Braswcll.
. The s,x last named grand jurors
hold over from last year.
T. M. Boulware, J. M. Steele, J.
Leonard Robinson, J. B. Frazier,
r# E. M. Melhchamp, I. M. Traylor, Jn#.
D. Rose, W. Watt Brice, D. W. Tidf'
well, T. A. J. Mobley, David Bran1
ham, Jr., J. C. Coleman, J. M. Boulwar?,
John Wi-hiri, Robt. Bankhead,
P. M. Spenco, A. T. Moore, J. H.
Aiken, Jno K. Ragsdale, J. R. Del32
leney, G. B. H.igood, J. C. Stone,
TS D. L Glenn, Jr., F. P. Hinnant, J. B.
? Harrison, J. M. McDonald, A. D.
I Rose, Jno. D. McDowell, A. W. Clay
I __ _ _
'g ton, J. C. Mackorell, J. U. Wiiiingnam,
a T. R Sterling, J. M. Young, R. B.
a Lewis, J. W. Crowder, R. B. Smith.
? Tde farmers ire quite blue owing to
|2 bo much di*agreeAbl? weather.
? Toer? was quite a pleaiant avoning
3 spent at Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. B. F.
s CaBse!8 last Friday. A rery large
| crowd attended and a bountiful
3 supper wai spread and everybody
? presuit seemad to enpy themtelves
S very much.
g I wonder what has become of the
a [yoar g nis.ii troru itiogeway w no u?ea
3"to visit Bucklick so often. He inu?*
2 be woinif iti another direction.
- The followi"? letter was banded u?
?> rccentlv:
s I am ba'c and htarty. Flinty of
s mouey to burn and go p?crkin. Am
2 d%ing for some ons to lore and some
wot "
S one to love me. Girls, if you want a
= good has-ban l answer quick. Addresi,
\ Robert uojd espige-, Box 9, Bucklicb,
ttff 5. C. Pamy.
A no^ro named Bill Jobnaon wai
.-3 n i.. . ?|nA1
arreted on rnaa a.iuiujuu i? ncai
ing a pistol from Mr. Joe Poteet
When be was arrested he was foam
to Lav? a razor that be bad takei
from Charley Goins and about fifty oi
sixty cents in pennies were also found
fie^had spent some of bis money
From his Laving sloleD a razor fron
Mr. McBride Smitu'ashop, and h&vio|
so many panniei abont him, it may to
that he is the thief who recently
atered Mr. Hawes' 6tore and wh<
has been making frequent noctures
risits tc Mr. Smith's ahop.
Chief of Police Gilbert i? convince*
now that the negro arrested hen
? ? " A.t U
on tf'rittsy anernoon is me uce ?u? ui
been taking tools from Mr. McBridi
Smith's shop. It will be remembere<
that on this negro was found a raze
that had been taken from Mr. Smith'
shop a^.d a number of pennies. Mr
Gilbert determined "to investi^at# tb
matter farthw, so on Saturday hi
Trent about five miles in the countr
and searched the house where tb
b?y's moihe.- lives. In the house Mr
Gilbert fouad ail of the articles tha
bad been taken from Mr. Smith's shop
*. -fireman's rnbber coat that had beei
taken from Mr. A. J. Hiunant's rbop
and some clothing, evidently stole;
from some ene.
There is every reason to snppos
that this negro is the one who haa baei
entering so many atores lately, and h
s undoubtedly the one who attempte<
to enter Mr. A. B. Catbcart's store
The negro has been placed in jail, am
on M ^iay afternoon was given a pr<
liminary hearing.
Amoig the pennies fonnd on th
negro on Friday was one that Mi
Hawes identified as having belongei
l- T4 c ?a
19 U1 JULl It TT AO UCUi IU c? yvvuiiui iih
and Mr. Hawts it sure that it is tb
one that he bad among those tbat vrer
taken from bis drawer.
Ab Honest He4ici*e for La Grippe.
George W. Wait of Soath Gardiner
Me., says: "I hare had the ^wen
toogb, cold, cnni8 ana grip ana uay
taken lots of traib of no account bn
profit to the vendor. Chamberlain'
Congh Remedy is the only thing tha
has done any good whatever. I bar
sad one 50 cent bo:tie and the chilli
cold and grip have all left me.
c?ngratalate the manufacturers of a:
honest medicine." For salt by 21c
Master Co.
Mr. E. W. Haaahan hai gone ti
Richmond, Va.
Mr. Henry L. Elliott was in Colam
bia en Tuesday.
Mr. I. L. Withers, of Colombia, wa
in town on Monday.
Mrs. Boulware and children ar
visiting Mis3 Lilla Beaty.
Rev. T. D. Brattoa returned oi
Thursday to Spartaiburg.
Mips Bessie Qaattlebaum left Than
day to visit relatives in Edgtfteld.
Mist Hurtelene Robinson, of Orange
burg, is visiting Miss Loniie Ellisot
Mr. and Mrs, R. A. Stevenios kav
returned htrne after visiting Mr. an
Mrs. W. C. Beaty.
Mrs. C. A. Dsnglass and childre
return this week to their home i
Washington, u. u.
Mrs. Mfi?- ". Rion leaves to-da
for IV n !ii?i v to visit her d&nghte
M3?8 C'i li-uil.
The Charlotte Observer says thi
Miss Christine Elliott is visiting he
sister in Pineville, N. C.
Mr. Elliott Ketcbin returned trot
Baiting Wtrtnesday. Mr. A. ?
Cm ho. , vh? is under treatment i
Sa.ii: will remain lome tim
lon^;- r.
Mis; D. D. Gailiard aud Pierre ar
visiting1 Prof. R Means Davis in Cc
lumbia. Mr?. Gailiard will rannin i
8#uth Caio i - until Col. Gailiard ca
arrange for her tejoin him io Ciei
ieugot, Cuba.
Remarkable Woman Fau ? Away.
V aau. w.
Mri. C. Ladd died tbia ereniag i
B?ena Vista about ire o'clock. Fc
tbe last week she has beem quit# tic
and the end was not unexpeetti
Mrs. R. L. "Wilki and Dr. J. I
CaretOH of her immediate Tamil
its re with her. Miss Jesephine i
ret quite ill with pneumonia, bat ho;
of her recoTcry is now entertained
I suppose Mrs. Ladd will be laid t
rest beside her son Dr. C. H. Ladd i
Salem Presbyterian cemetery.
"The lark-like roic? that sang so lon(
Throagb bitUr day? or bright,
Has found the source of deathless son
Beyond the night.
Tbe loyal heart that beat ?o true,
Unchanged by earthly ills,
Has reached tbt everlasting blue
Of od's ewn bills.
The poet s>onl that clearly saw
la every nscrtal thing,
Twin miracles of 1<;t? and lair
flaa taken wing.
The eyes Wy stress of tine made dii
Death's mystic border passed
Beyond the far borizen's rim
See liibt at last."
This beautiful poem vas writte
by W. M. Hayne, E*q , and as it is i
applicable to oar friend Mrs. C. Lad
I have copied it as a tribute te k<
mamory and hopa that you will gn
it spaca in your columns.
?A Boston paper tells of aConne
ticul farmer who fed ?awda?t and coi
meal te bis hens wiih sacc??6 *atil 1
sat a hen with 13 the malt ?eir
12 chicks with wooden pegs aid 01
woodpecker. The farmer should hr
known better than to set on 13 ejj
Tried Friends Best.
For thirty yearsTutt's Pills ha\
proven ablessing to the invali<
Are truly the sick man's frien<
A Known Fact
Forbiliousheadache, dyspeps
sourstomach, malaria, constip;
tion and all kindred disease
I ?%?
? :
r A stubborn cold fa easily taken; it j1
sticks to some people all winter and i 1
' very often develops into bronchitis or j
consumption. You should cure a cold
i promptly by taking Dr. Bull's Cough !1
y Syrup. This celebrated remedy is ac- !
knowledged to be most efficient and
s reliable for all affections of the throat :
t and lungs. It cures a cold at once.
; Cough Syrup
Promptly cures Stubborn Co!ds. ]
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors i
9 recommend it. Price 35 cents. At all druggists.
1 1
KUB11 LUIAI,5. |
Mr. Ricbmand, the county auditor,
. was in this community last week,
e Miu Janie Lsmrnon has been upend- ]
e iog i?me time in Wionsboro with hor ]
7 sister, Mrs. Jat. Catbcart. . i
ft, Mii?ies Agnaa and Mamie Ande^un, j
. who have been in North Carolina with <
t their aun^, NJrs. Clutk, liave rec<*irH ,
, inaJc a vier to their paren s.
n The following is the honor roil ol <
i, Milling Academy: |'
a 1st honor?90-100. j,
Jamei Hicfir, Hugh i'lilling, S-:l!ic ;
e Younsr, Bertha Timms. i i
q 2nd honor?80-90. (
e Etta Park, Lizzie Puk, George
1 Timmi, Agnes McNeal, Mary Paul,
l Florence ^Timma, Ro?aY?ung, Mary
3 Park. J
y Fob. 6, '99. C. -
g mnp a juaraee* umomica, i
So much miwrj and to many dtaths i
' have been caused by the Grip, that \
3 every one should know what a won- '
jr derful remedy for this malady is
e found in Dr. King's New Discovery.
That distressing stubborn cough, that
8 inlames yonr throat, robs you of <
sleep, weakens yonr srstem and paves i
the way for Consampiion is quickly s
stopped by this matchless care. If i
'? yen have chills and fever, pain in the
t back of the head, soreness in bones i
? and mnscles, sore throat and that
* cough that grip3 yonr throat like a
? vice,vou need Dr. King's New Dis,t;
covery to cnre your Grip, and pree
vent Pneamonia or Consumption. !
! Price 50 cts. and $1.00. Honey back :
1 if not cured. A trial bottle fr?e at j
B McMaster Co.'a drug store.
Capt. A. P. Irby died at bis home
3 near Hereb, this county, January 3rd,
1199, after, a lingering illness. Lie
.. was born 28th November, 1333, and
aI/1 o* iVio firma nf
rras utci vc viu u<. iuu nu.v
,s hi# dtath. He married Mary WaU ot !
this c?uity, who with five children
e survive him. Though his illness was
protracted he bore it patently and
a seemed aware that the end was near.
Just a few days before his death he 1
i. wid to bis devoted wif? that he would
not be with her much longsr. The 1
. morning he died, as the family knelt
around his dying bed, he glanced
e from one to another and seemed to
d try to say something but was too
weak to utter a word.
n Capt. Irby was a gallant old Con
n federate soldier aid delighted to taic
of those days. He was w?aided
Y *t Drtwry's Blufl May 16th, 13 4, was
,r ensign at the time and aftei wards
promoted jto Capt. ior his gallantry.
^ He btlonged to C?. G, 7th Batallion,
Jr Hagood's Brigade.
Aside from Capt. Irby'a bravery as
n a soldier, he was a man with many
5, nobl? nnd p^easin? traits, no'pd for
u hi? hoipi'alify and entertaining nmne
('apt. Irby was at tbe time of Iii? i
e death and for years a mem lie:- o?ir.ej
>- Methodist Church, and while in1 -t>r>ke
n not of his hope beyond we tuvtit i*
n "will with hi<? soul."
j. "Tho' monumental stone should never
To tell th? world whert fallen valor
Each heart trects its own immortal
Aod tkere ioxcribci him attribute!
M Feb. 4, '99. 0.
k Succe???Worth Knowing;.
40 years' snccess in the South, proves
>. Hnghea"' Tonic a great remed? for
J -11 PATMrci Rnttor
m UQliiH anumi miiauAi i tiw <>, uwtv
* than Qoinine. Guaranteed, try it. At
Druggists. 50c. and $1.00 bottles. *
>? ^
* As usual the party on ihe27ilault.
at Mr. J. C. Pickett's was a great success.
The guests began to arrive at
r 7.30 o'clock and at 8.30 they were all
" there. After a few moments of pleasg
ant chat the big hall was cleared and
the first game commenced. They were
our isme old pames ihat are always
new. The fir*i vra9 "Steal Partners."
They werr ul first rather slow iB getting
to their places, because all seemed
" ?? v. iv,:,
too wen sau?ueu wiu iuca iwiwcn
in conversation to join in a game like
this. In fact, there were some who
were ?o satisfied they would not. The
2 music was furnished by Mrs. Pickett
on the organ and Mr. George Moore
on the harmonic*. It was most excellent,
and of all the evening's players
n we thought them best. Oar mandolin
' and gnitar players did not bring their
^ instruments and we contented our'r
stives with the organ and harmonica.
re The first game started, the whole scries
were gone through; each succeeding
one being carried ou: with the greatest
c. amusement, especially the one called
n "Going to Jerusalem," in which the
girls please the boys to ihe utmost.
Then came the game "Clip," and alt
J# whirled to their heart's content. Some
re liked this game better than "Steal
g< Par'ner#," as they never did like any
? nf the little stealing games that are
I often practiced, beiides thert were a
| few who wouldn't play it becanee it
re I was too tnocb like dancing, ard that
J j out of their sphere.
. i Promptly nf 10 00 o'c'ocx -i1' -rex
* j invir?<i to refreshunfs ;?? th-1 h-j-j 01
. a regular supper. I: s m thifg o
j a odd irirlr o?-il the tr" cfIO
i fer- uv-t arcep'able. '.'-['cc a!!y t
| rai-coil.Bis A wild T. ikc\ Inri*:- !' c'.
S. | part of the repast, :u;d in-e i ot us^rt
g to this kiimJ of me-: rccot/n zf;' *!j":
especially sweet flavor. Tne turkey
?was killed by Mr. Ira Scott, the re
cott ried turtyv bnnter cf our :tion,
Aft-r the *u ,.er t^cgne-t n urr.ed
Lo i: eiiJiil to i.slen to s von.g ,*
m-is? c.'jar ting ri-v-in lad7, Mh* ' talii
Mc' o-:: ick, >: . n^ti-w . rc-T
Df the ga,:na< c-ore then p ay- a and
sonic were repealed. All ifi.> while
Sar. Pickett and Mr Scott, looking on
from a corner. tf=ok turns Sin joking
! wo certain young ladies who it appears
axe after the same young uian.
It was one o'clock when the pariy
broke np, all haying enjoyed themselves
to !l:P n'most; the enjoyment
beinsr due, we feel sure, 'o Mrs.
Pickett's good management .';idper
sonality. Wiibcut naming the ^uest?,
T will only ?ay they came irom the
jountry in general?from Oakland.
Fiint Hill, one from Edgemoo-. Bucklick,
Longtown and Ridge wa/. All
had a pleasant Lime and say l ave another
one there. B. J. B.
Flint Hill, February 1, 189?.
?The report that Governor Elierbe
L?*d died on Tuesday was circniafed
ncre on Tuesday evening, t:^
:javit>g beeD brought by pa.i :iige>:irou,
Columbia ou the G o'olo' ": train
A.j' v^rv on? Inrt Mear<i or im *
;r serious iil!!?ss, nt* - :n-|.
i>ed?.i. the ne??6, and ?!. . * w:;
iv*f.r#"a* mi ! o be lieve th^ riiw
rho pi-.rrs f-n Wechc? V.y, 1 ?v:
;o .! i e^ tic ik-ws iii&t t* 5*i p?v
kv.-.s a am; ti a: the C: V"v
though quite , ;ck. is not thong- r to t:
ilangeiously ill.
Ko'obed the Grave,
A .lABlllrt/y iriAf^anf r\ ? XX7 Vl 7 ll Ml
XI Oiai UiU^ luviubui v*. ti A.. ? ? - John
Oliver ol Philadelphia, \ as tbsubject,
is narrated by him a3 i'ilows:
:<I was in a ir.ost dreadful condition.
My skin wa- almost yellor*, eyes
sunken, tongue coated, pain oonticnally
in back and sides, no ap< ^tlte?
?radu Jly growing weaker day = >- day.
ihree physicians had given :;ie up
Fortunately, a friend advised trying
'Electric Bitters,' aud to my gr- at jo;
and surprise, the first bottle made a
decided* improvement. I continued
their use forth-'ee weeks, and urn now
n well msn. I know they ea-. d m>
life aud robbed the grave of ;.r.otber
pif.tim." No one should fail >o try
them. Only i>0 cents per bo tte at
McMaster Co.'s drag store. 6
? It it canned that ?. New T "gland
preacher of t! olden times v- pir
ilvzed durin? sermon by disc criny
bis rode offiP'i g in the ga!'?* pelting
rhe hctrc--in the pew beL witu
peanuts. Bui while the good <" ! man
was nreDariny a irown of rep of the
Yonnghopef'm cried out: lY x tend
fo 7oor prevAuug, daddy; I kr-cp
'em awake."
? Dr. B. H. Teague, of Aiken, calls
tttention to tbe fact thar Tennessee
helped Nashville to entertain V\e Confederate
veterans, and Georgia helped
Atlanta Georgia's assUUncj to Atlanta
rrx% not especially generous; bat
ob tb? occasion of .'he Naslriiie reanion,
one Tennesiee county alone
contributed 2,000 hams. Dr. Teague
promise* that Camp Bee, U. C. V., of
Aikeu, and Aiken U?uuty, vill contribute
their thare in money p;oriwna
to Charleston.
JMade a
-4 We4 Man
THE ^>2^ c? Me.
GREAT *??" ?
?.7P.ENCH REMEDY produces t:w *"v? rc:u:*
i"* :- S? days. Cures Ner-jovs >:bi'.'<; / pjlr r:
.'rvc?te, fcilixc Memory, hi3?-s
Cursed ry v.rt-5 of /oats'. :: v- > o>; .
;:.y nrjd C>."*"?rr .Jon Yon:.;.;
-.d _n<i C'i r.'-.j r ?' - .'ir-T.
only i.y J. .T. ORE/. . 1:-::
sisr, Vvinns'urro, >?. <J.
Atlas en, ba. 0r2c? 164 h. Cry ox L:
Teachers' Examination.
will bo held on the third Sain?dav
in Febrmry (18th).
2-4-2c Superintendent.
0 :o: f
f ^
^ Parties wishing 1
( . * ^
^ obtain Early Cab- 4
^ bage Plants will ^
f ^
' > please let us know $
f ^
h?w many they
^ will take, so that ^
f \
^ our order may be f
t r . ^
^ sufficient i^r the 4
* S
^ demand. Plants j
i * ^
^ expected in io or $
t \
^ 15 days. f
! McMaster Co,
I O:: ' ircainjr l2!:d-. Eisv 1 it ir
X i lulls arjoii ,
'p:-? i?rts:;i! c- of pcrfct:* '?
: i. t-' r S per cent.
i ; n"tr* b: ^
01 A. 5. & ">V. J). D0UG1.
104 Winnsboro, S. C.
9hbk a?cea im? m i ? ? ^'.-rrzaBM
j . -yrf-- -fl
jfc.Hy 'i j&iiji
i .No y'O". l'iI : careful
j her coaci.Lon >.: g the period bej
fore her li^tio;:c.". re born. Xeg.ect
j or improper tr-r*. .-st the:: enclaaI
gers her life an * .1 of the child. It
lies with her \\\ix. .r she- shall suffer
unnecessarily, or '.vr;ether the ordeal
shs.ll he made comparatively easy.
She had better do nothing than do
something wrong.
is t-ie one and the only preparation
tha: is safe to use. It is a liniment
tha* penetrates from the outside.
External applications are eternally
rig^.t. Internal medicines are radically
wrong. They are more than
humbugs?they endanger life.
Mother's Friend helps the muscles
to relax and expand naturally?re;
lievjs morning sickness?removes
i ilie c-.'.isc of nerv' -.-sness and headi
ac* j?;>:vvcrts I.ard and rising
b" st:? shortens labor and lessens
ili< -?::n : . v/js tnc patient 10
... .cm lot* :' 7 r eve-port, La.,
vrc v: . 0 Ltcu using your
wo.. ivrful '.'ether's Friend,
r, , i .
:0. ili.U lli.'-l 1l
Dross?.-.'-. r Lottie.
AVL'.ri. . CA.
Send for our ?.-ec i iusiruted book.
"Before B&l. v is Horn."
**_ | <
I / *1bL& -5?=? ? U /K*
A Xcw and Complete Treatment, consisting of >
SUPPOSITORIES, Capsv.Ios of Ointwent and two !
Boxes of Ointment. A never-foiling ctire for I Jes
of every nature an J decree. It nj;*k?s sr. operation
with the knife, which is painful, and ok**, ranks
in death, unnecessary. en4%rt this t?rrH>le j
tiissrsc? We pick a Written G?ars?H? in oech j
$1 B: x. No Core, No Pay. s?c. ind $: t k*c, 6 for
?5. Seat by rcail. Samples free
OINTMIrJT, ZBm- rad S*s.
^rer : LIVER ana STOMACH RV i.'.TCRar.d
aLf OD PURIFIER.. Small, b. s"'. p!vs*si?t
to t.".'?e: especially adaptes for la's see. 5a
des-'; 25 cents.
FV\E?.?A via! a! ike?* far.-.;s:e fotle Pr-tc'.s will
be ; v-en :th a f; eox or 130; c *: Pile Care.
!>. ti-tk?the c2s';:m rs.au japaysak ~il;:
Cu : L ' 'air ->r.l : by
J. J. OB EAR, Druggist,
Wiunsboro, S. C.
Sample sent if y?u say so.
It's unlike all other*.
Box, post-paid, 15 cfcs. in sta*aps.
It*? Sold 5>erywh?r?.
Thi.- Electo Silieon Co., 40 Cliff, Street,
New York.
By S. R. JOHNSTON, Esq. > Judge trolaXe,
O/'HEREAS, R. H. Jennings, Clerk
t v of Court of Common Pleas,
bath made suit to me to grant him
letters ol administration of the estate
4>k oflects of Mar.' Ann Elkin, de!
oeu ct':
hes-' :ir.- ihcicf re to cite and ad|
x. :ish xh:;ndiii :r<.':ai-the kindred and
cr- liro.? of ibr- fa-d Mary Ann Elkin,
| ' a ib i I \v 'be and appear
b- :v nv.*, i:. V- "... urt of Pro..
be !:?' ' Fairfield Court
= S ' " :na, on the 25th
i after publi)>i:
uiT" a; i! V < k in the fore:
to * /::.y A a ay they have,
tv? .i.i .-.d., !?tration "should
i uo'. be graced.
( ivcL u :*ic: n;; ' aid this 9th day
i of February, Anno ^omini 1899.
2 4-21 Judge of Probate.
Have You Seen
: pfflif'S Jill I
Tli q /kgeqey
I \_/ A V JL i X J. %*J X V->- Jt J-? A i JL ?.
60c. per lb.
iJ fl Mdfeto H- Ci
un. iviumuuiui v,a. uu.
i _ ___________
Machinery I
Macliso Supplies aifl Repaimc
Manufacturers' Agents for tbe
GiiiFG uonini.
i_ I"OILERS, &c
: : <VN is a Te'.c
. : :.XWEI.L,S.(
o' c ov Wj'.iris*: 4-6*1y
" -* VgpsfSi
No Oliect Now I
... SOLD.... i
Every Article
- M&Uif
IpnrJ 119 vnnr vcstr-.h wtirfc r? i.->:c
elryj-jb-; wear be"er prepared thm
ever to reader qu ck --ervicc.
- -: '0
B. 4
Mertsape's Sale. I
virtue of power cqxtained
in a chattel mortgage;
bearing date 14th day of December,
1198, executed and delivered by A. Y.
Milling to tbe Virginia-Carolina Chemical
Co., and recorded in the ofiic8 of
the Clerk of the Court for Fairfield
Conty, on tbe Uth iay of December,
1898, in Book Q, page 483, of Cbatf?-S
Mortgage, I will offer for sale, at the
store of A. Y. Milling, in Winusboro,
S. U.', on rfllDAY, T?iJ<; lUi'fcl UAX
OF FEBRUARY, A. D. 1*99, at U
o'clock A. M.; the following property,
to wit:.
All that certain stock of goods anil
! merchandise consisting of staple and
fancy groceries' earthenware, wooden
ware, tinware and hardware, new
in store of said A. Y. Milling, in
Beaty building, in the town ?f Winn-'boro,
in the County of Fairfield aud
State aforesaid.
Terms of Sale:?Cash. -V
Agent and Sheriff of Fairfield.
' '
NEWS ***
. cm
' mm
and 1
' * >153
, -'m
. ' .
" -^SgSSj
. yJzSt
. &9
! -Jg
. -M
Tri-Weekly $3 a Year in Advance
Weekly, $1.50 a Year in Advance.
j:a,t - *. ^ ^
ns ?
I ' jl
I ' _
' ll
|| and everything in job line i**t
IP *
i as cheaply as anywhere el*?
^ theS'ate.
c i
i ' J 's'-x't
- 'y$zs-'*1
' ' &?3J
- VI
: . ' iH
; Every penny ^pc-nt at
home ife kept at norn#.

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