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fM? j
On*^Year, ... 81..>0
<lx 3Ioath<. - - .75
WiV.ViB- )*o. s. c. j
WedoesJay, February 15, - 1899
Tbe war -.vUh Spt'M omit* up>n|
th* blowing' up <>! t .e Mtiue aroused |
tbi' enthu-u-m a;? j pi'i'o i?in ot a1
suited co'i'iti*v. Lr A-iped ont bitter
pa tv line-; ir ob'Itcr.tt6d all sectional
Jiii-s. The wh ?le c >nnt'-y with one;
vo'^e, whsn once war wis d'dared,1
supported the a hninistradon onr
The war in (tbe PQiiIipit.es is q*itej
different. Tbe average citizen can
not help reeling thit be his n-> interest
in it; that it all c^raes fron meklhng
with other peoples' badness, and
however low these people may be in
civilization tnanv Americans, and we
beiieve a vast majority of them, feel
that they are as uitich entitled to li^ht
a for their freedom aud liberties as the
E?5gfr:' v
1 - Americans did in the Revolution, or
as the Cubans have so recently done.
People in th8 S-utb know wbat
reconstruction means. They know
whit it means-for a military government
to be established as a mean* of
br nging ab.-Mit 'stable government."
They were once under such
a government. What Agoncillo, the
Pbillipiuo representative, who has
r~ been in Washington, is reported to
have said may not be trae, bat it
sounds very much like some "reconstruction"
history, He is reported to
have said Monday, 6;h iost: "I thiuk
the Pbiilipinos were goaded into
fighting by some ace of the Americans.
Fv>r months they hvre been doing
tleir best to drive the Phillipiuo? into
revolt. Gen. Otis has *ent men to
s#?ft7v?h r>ric?.'o and tha
property of onr peaple has been
turned inside out in searches instituted
by bis orders. Acts like this keep
the spirit oi the Phililpinos at fever
heat, and made such affairs as that of
Saturday and Sunday possible."
The trnlh is ihis Government has
Dever made known to these people
what policy it intended to pursue io
reference to them. The administration
refused to take any notice of
their representative, aod it seems to
u* tnat th *y had good reason to believe
that this Government intended
to raa over iheui and subjugate them
by force.
Of course all Americans, loyal to
t.h-;ir Government, will rally to the
support.of our arms, but it i* not
treason to say thit the righteousness
of the slaughter of these half civilized
p?-ople,st:ugg:ing for their independence
wili not appear to most right
thinking: people in tins country.
A. g:ea' blander has been made iD
not declaring at ooce what i? the
po icy of the United State3 in the "far
E st." The failure to speak, and to
^ st ^ak candidly, aud our whole cond--n
with reference to the Pnillipine
Is ?;:ds liave certainly bej.n such a3 to
ar a-?e suspicions of these people*
e-.>eciai!y wbeu remember that
tb-;y have been the subjects of Spain,
a government so ofren guilty of bad
f? th towards its subjects, if not even
- tr acnerojs in dealing with Ihero.
T'^e Phi'lipii.os have lived in "the
scjool of 8Uspi;ioa" and allowance
m;ist be made for i-tU.
The ladies of Oolambia have
formed an association for the purpose
of recogsiziBg the valiant services of
Y ctor Blue at Santiago, and they bsve
remitted ttm the ladies of the difife
rtut counties co-operate with them by
forming similar organizations. The
primary object of the association is to
raise fands with which to purchase a
gold medal to be presented to Lieut.
Bine. The fact on^ht not to be made
too prominent, for *3 we said once
before the least said about it the
better; but we merely wish to remind
those who may feel interested that
the General Assembly thought the
State of South Carolina was too poor
to present a memorial sword to Lieut.
_ Blue, and refused io pass a resolution
making the appropriation. The ladies
have taken hold of it new, as they
have so often done.in such matters
when men fail. We tru?t that the
ladies of Winnsboro and the County
ct Fairfield will.meet with euconrage
me.it. A small amount from eacb
county will accomplish the purpose.
Akhoogh a branch of the a*rociation
miy rot be formed in this couotv,
i contribution* can be made, and that
? is what's wan;e3. Every one can
give a litile.
The Columbia State has discovered |
that there is a wholesale dealer in
Columbia, which very few people
knew before the State's discovery.
Tne find was made as a result of a
discussion in ; ''olumbia paper on
thr* importance of Colombia's entering
into iL'c wholesale trade It developed
that the wholesale dealer never advertised.
ILjw many people in Fairfield
A?,nrp name oil <"lf fVlA mAT
V ' UUI.J VVU1U 4iUU4V Wlk V* vMV *? v*
cha'it* in Winnsboro? Some of them
do :ior advertise, and we venture to
s-- ? that a great many people do not
know tbai they are in the mercantile
business. Advertising keep* a man
at t his business always in tli?- public's
and when goods are irmfed the
au ertiser is generally ihe man who
w i!i sell ;hem.
In consideration cf his 1od?t ser-j
vi'-eintfce arm and hi? gallant conduct
in battle. General Eagan's eente:ve
hns been co n mmed by President
McKiniey. lust ad ot being di?I
missed Jrom the urnay General Esgan I
will be suspended for six years.
The Vfiv? of th? Pt 11>:e, >: Sjv- j
K-?rrp. HIP kin/' Of the lec'tti" oi ?Joo- I
1 w c- o
ffi-eismai Sfrait addressed >o i tie I
pe>ple o: S.mth Carolina, fajs: '
* 'JicLaari i hw thiamine of b/i-i* a .
nry slick p'jlitistau, "and if. b.*ii is to
l>jk like h? Ins no ueea named1
uiii. IfhaJf of whit is^ta'ed on- !
i c h:n h true, he Mi>ald not be!
a love I i? -u:c:ed hirrne f i-t tbj !
Cuit.id 3 at-ss Smite. We propose j
t) g ?i hi n j ist:C), nn i :f tie can show
jt iaths is w.'o igfally aecn.id :h-e iu- j
j form lit m vi 11 be give a our reisers." j
i We do i! ?t propose Id d- leml Sen*- j
tor McLfjrin, or even t> hint that
* I
"he is w ongfully acued," but our |
purpose, ui referri'ijj to what the j
Voice of ue People sa.s aV>ve, is j
?4 * % tha crrt.ii/P. I
msrety t?uvi . i-r
a >11 o i 8)10 pe>ph hive of what
'giyiD^ t:j;Htice" mean?. Tot Vroice
of the l'j<o'e is not aloae in its pacaliar
po>u!on th*r wh-m a rain i3
laccnel, he mast "shw tint he U
wrongful!* accuse]," aad tie mast do
tbi< bjfore som3 peop c Till "give
him justice." This new ide* that the
| burden is >n the accused as soon as
the acian'ion t3 raaae, *ainex considerable
:A7>r ia 1890, a-id it still
obtains in places.
The fa!!a;p of it is obvious a id can
b3 easily demonstrated. The be^t
citizm it? HVirfbld miv b; publicly
ac^uii-l or invio^ d>ne some crime,
aid ve: t'-nt d.>e3 int establish his
gailt. Fo instance, this uewspipar
any reoeivj a-? article charging that
soTie one iu t its -tomamaity, perhaps
a vjrv ro< >e;!ab!e ani hoaordble citizen,
is hv-'tuilly guilty of committing
crians; it %v>uld manifest'y be very
uujast for p.iblio jiJgmiat 'o condemn
h;<n merely apoa th) biid assertion
ctrained in the article. No
fair mind I mm, waan he on3iders
the nutter. would say: Well, I shall j
hold hi n ru'ilty bat "prop:>;e to give
him justice, if ho cm show tbit he is
wrongf u.: accused." Sad a view is
robbing ti ) accused of jmticc.
As a're. :iy stated, we arj not de- i
fending Mr. McLaarin. He may be
"a very wick politician," aud all rbat's
eaiti by AT \ Strait "concerning h m" !
-- " --- t-~ J. *.,ll nf !
may 03 u;, wr tut: oi?.c ? ?
"very sii '< politicians," but let's
"g-ire him j.mice/'not by requiring
him to "s.iow that he is wrongfully
accused," bat the ?mi j notice that
we ought 'o give to a clicks a thief?
that his .j.con*ers shall uvujne the
burdeo ot' proof. Ceriaialy a United 1
States Setutor is entitled to as much j
as a ehick^u thief.
Senator McLaurix 1* unfortunate
in having made np his mind at the
last moment how he wuld vote ou
the peace frexty. He has had a strong
pull with tt,e President, a-id we give
him credit lor having used it on a
nu-Hber of occasions for the interest
of his people, but the fact that the
President has favored birn and that
foolish remark of his that McKinley
ought to be re-eleeted without opposition
wil: create the suspicion that his
vote was flavored with a desire to
please the administration.
Says tl.e Anderson Intelligencer:
"We knovr ot $150,000 that is eeeking
investma'. io & cotton mill in the
Piedmont belt. Whr can't Anderson
take advantage of the oSVr and baild
another t-i? mill?" Fai.field cotton
tarns ont ;.n nnasually tn ,erior jrr&de
of cloth,; ud the pre-e :t ;uill doeso't
toach the coancy'a snp;>Iy of cotton.
If the i. /e?tors want t?? put their
money in * cotton mill sn rounded by
the finest cotton in tha Fiedaiuut belt,
they sho i d come to Fairfield. The
T_ .-!i: ?:il n|nh-ft fham
XUlCUIgCi:v;T will piuuoc it.ii iucuj ov.
The P^ton redisricting bill, it ia
reported, <vill meet witb a great opposition
in the Senate. Mo<t of the
Congress :eo, we ar-? inf nntd, are
opposed .o the bill besan - it will
dftarb their ieterest*. Th?? "ocui to
think the 'linnets have been formed
for their i pecial benefir, and ihat they
fhoald h* consul tad instead of the
conveniens of the people.
The reci-nt snow and raim tozetber
hare so ?^o!len the sireams lhat the
river a no tfateree Creek haut been
oat of th i:- banks.
The laimers ars impatient forth?
greund t?> dry off enough to permit
the sowi: of grain. Grain is Using
more !ar?<jiy planted in this ?ection !
than ever .' eforc.
We ng: hiartily with the brother
who wivl * in I'he Ne\vl a>-d Hera.ld J
gometirue a^o on the subject of plant-j
ing more grain and iess cotton. Wei
have trier cottoD to find 'hit it won't!
pay the expenses of nua'-*i'ig it. Now
we are tr uiz srrain, ami hope tct realize !
a nice p/cfit from that crop.
Since *e wrote Ja?t tbe yoar j peo- j
pie bave been very i;riui-..u:oa3ly cc-!
iertained ;tt the homes of Mrs. W 0 |
Peay? M>?. Jame* Pickett and 14re. j
B F. IVsels. We hardiy kaOT thar'
Christmas is over.
Mr. T. E. Smith is building a fl it a; |
Peay?s Ferry which will make it more <
convenient- to comraurnc-Je with Lib-!
erty Hiii.
it- t? it rw~ai.
jXLL ?J. k' . Wl^cnio, V* W y .
opened a store at hi? place. Thia;
makes th:ee stoics now in the Back j
Lick socti n They &1! compare ftvor-j
ably witi Lbe fashionable SLorc, 2x6, j
st the qua: ry that MS." speaks of.
We liko to bear from the qcurry |
through His wit and humor arc j
much enjoved by us all, and impresses !
us with ihi idea that the quarry is a |
lire up-t(.-date place. Write oftener,!
"3.," wc know you have an inexhaustible
s-upply of wit, ar.d there will j
he no Junker in your ge?tiu:r oot of it- j
Mr. iiobc-rt 15rawiey, or tnn^ter, is;
on a vi?;t to bis sister, Mrs W. C. I
. Mr. McCormicl, of Lon^towo, ?
J w |
speut Scmiay in our nsi^uborhood. (
Mrs. J >jnnie Gibson is quite sick!
novr wim grippe. Wa h ?.>e the will
jsoon be entirely well.
Best tiishci to The News ano Herald.
M. C. P.
Febraaiv 10, 1899.
I _ I
ftUBeft' i?nic .??
5 Taken at niehtstoos the eter- 5
3 nal thinking by putting you.%
3 to sleep. It feeds your brain 5
S so that it recovers its tone S
5 for the next day's toil.
I S3
5; !1 drujrjists sell it.
j The Whole Stato Is Interested in the
Charleston Reunion, and Should Help.
Mr. Editor: You have been uniformly
courteous and kind in publishing in
your paper from time to lime notice#
and communisn ious for the U. C. Vs.
that I he>i*a'e to ask another favor of
the kiad; but having a matter of grave
importance to communicate to the
comrades aad friends of oar county,
I will risk the strain on yoar generosity
once more. The good people
of dear old Charleston have undertaken
a Hercu'em task of entertaining
next May th-i entire army of exC-jnfederatt,
veterans. Such a thing1,
has never before been attempted by a
city of her capacity. That sbe will do
to in errand style h an assured fact,
bit sbe should not be allowed to bear
tne burden alone. It seems to me that
we should couat it a privilege, not to
pay a duty, for every county, town
a.id aamlet in the S'ate to aid in this
noble work. The old veterans are
fast crossiug tne river one by one, to
?si with their immortal hero. Stonewall
Jackson, under the shade of the
j t ree a? and such an opportnnity to do
| fliem hoiior will hardly ever be prejsinted
to u<* again. Oh, ye battle?carrad
v-iteran-, who yet survive; ye
mothers, wive* and sisters and daughters,
uiid ye so.>s :;tid brothers of those
rho have gone, will ye not rise to the
i il^nit\ ^nd iiuDortance of the occa-1
-ion ar.d rally ?o the ai 1 of this grand
f-aterprse, and by jour liberal contributions
fnlp the grant ild city by tho
ea, around whose turrets and spire?,
j batteries, fort.9 and sea-girt isles clusrer
p'e;is<uit and sad memories of so
many thrilling incidents aad daring
<'9ids of our lost cau-e?
At a meeting of '.."amy Haines, held
oa she G:h ia-.t , it was suggested ano {
:evolved that I, as commander of said
Damp, -h-aild prepare a commnnication
i'oc The News and Herald, caning
upon all thejcamps, as also upon
ill friends who feel an interest in our
cause ia thy county, to assist tn this
matter. An estimate of tbe money
rains of the articles of provision suggested
in the commnnication of Majur
Woodward, our county executive com- j
irtitteeman, in lac wesk's pap^r, was j
made, and it was fnun that about one
hundred and fift&doLars would cover
ir, and it i* thought best aud most convsnient
to take contributions in monev,
Charleston being a cheap market, and
let th?i committee there purchase what
they need. The following named gentlemen
were suggested, and they with
any others who may be appointed by
the severa1 camps of tin county, are
respectfully requested to act as a committee
to solicit contributions. They
are selected from the several rosvuships
of the county. Any amounts handed
' r sent to Mr. G. H. McMaster, Mr.
John J. Neil or myself will be promptly
forwarded to the committee in
Camp Raises will mee* on the first
Monday (6th dav) of March Dext, and
vre hope the amount asked for lea6t
will be in hand by that time.
Please, friends, act promptlyFeb.
11, 1899. R. H. Jennings.
Township No. 1?Cheeley G. Boulwaic:
Henry 0. Celeman, W. Walker
<>08by, Walter J. Keller, James K.
rjkephetisoo, John G-. Wolling.
Township No. 2 ?Thomas S. Brice,
Thomas W. Brice,Thom*s P. Mitchell,
Jthn A. Stewart.
ToTfoship No. 3-James W. Bank t
sd, William S. Hall, James M. Higa
.is, Edward D. Mob'ey.
Tovr'?ahip No. i? Richard V. Bray,
William S. Durhim, John Hollis,
hou^s Ij. Johnston.
Torvn-Mp No. 5-John Boulwar?,
Jo'ad I) rlai-rfcon, Robert C. Reeves, j
l)*?id V/ Tidweli.
Town hip No G? Morri< L Cooper, j
T. Osca:1 Duke, E'der II. Heinr, |
Tjrlie 're^m
Cow^hip N.. 7?T. Loo. Bu^ow ;
villiarr* J. Johnson, W. Herbert Ruff,!
I'-itrick ??f. SpcD'te.
Toifuship No 8?ijharnel B. Boney, j
J. William Hr-wn, Geoige Y. Licg- j
fore!, WlJliam \V. Smiih
Township No. 9 -Je-so II. Dalleney,1
rbomr.s " . McK ir-try, OnrrelG Ruff,!
v. W. St. Arjinid, Uriah C Traop, :
'Choaias v>, Woodvard
T ?wL-Soip No. 10?Thoraa* Ander- j
.ii;. Joeepb W. Clarke. John D. Leit-j
j>er, Natba* D. Robert.
Tewaship No. 11?I lurlei D. Cbap-1
p*Ii, David L. (mt.iii. Williun II. Mc- j
Coimel1, J rpii Mcut:'1 in
Township No. 12? Wiirais .T. Craw-1
:<'rd, James R. Har*e*. John !! Nti', l
Jimcs B. Turner.
Tovrn*hip No. 13-G. Frarklin An-1
d.ew8, John W. Lyles, James I. Long, \
A. Wellington Ladd, Ephraim R. j
Township No. 14 -William C. Beaty, |
Alexander S. D.M12I&S.0. Robert E. !
Eilissii, Henry A Gaillard, Robert H. j
J? nning-, Samuel It. Johnston, Tho.-na? j
Ii. Ketcbin, George II. McMaster, j
John J. Xei', James T. Tinara*, George
A. White.
A FRICANA wll cure Rheumatism and
Scsoftla to SUy Cured.
O -.st Sunday event;-ST We e. joyed
. -i' i;:' d rii?couss (leiiirer2(t; by the
::-v. :J i-coe. Ii is, I bt?:ief", "fai-j fir?j
v a L:,:- '.-iac *, biu flA intrrnis'to
*?>i li :i<4 fit 1c '< L>Mfy*ii.LQ >u\b His i
r. '[ ! ron* vriJ ! ? oil :!ie sftCitnd
.% 'f h - *n-?.:!h a'r rir: Hon ha I i
a ou lie;- i> iai >:eYen o'clock.,.* A )
-""'Mi?... wx i I b?, Y?; Ji.u'.z^d'sjii!
u>a' fia- ii:< efi v'.~, we ru-?, wli: j
;>t c.uv- ir. '.S . : h ?ui:ce?> :*> t-> a !
* -,-2?
ja'c.*.' in our.auG>t.
The :nv'fae,?;r of tho Wiuitslvo Gca'i- j
h- v. :ui' u! . ar this wri ioi, is absent
; u!i nis v^-.ek'v vi.-Ut-j L:xi?j>toir Couq-1
1 ty xV-~. rn jiot a ware liac Mr. St.
, Ins n.:y usar re>a?i*es!'loevef1
; iu that county. . Mr. PeVr }<$ !.' js"niiiy:!j
gi-r pro. iQm, ...... . ,, .# ..
i. VV?.enjoy(?l the -'coir-pinv-'i,t<t Tiics
; day of Mr. .1 -h i liro.vj:, Sr., for
rhort lim . lie :n*as tbe s^uest 01 MP'-:
. ?, >? - "t J"
Roberts. fbo host had the pleasure o.
aaowirg Mr. Brown ills newly erec-e i
s'ore. and, "contents, one 'side of bacon
and two packages -of oigareues. Mr.
Brawn was q-n e carried awa5' b?the
It is gratifying to say that Mr. Pearson
is able to be at his post of dnty
again alter several weeks ilfnesa.
Hickory Ridge was well represented
at nrf achin? la?t Snndav. Mr.-Roberts
contemplates building an "L."
Madam Kumor sajs that two of car
young men are about to give an oyster
supper. Written invitations are'to'be
issued. None, vie Jearri, are Id b:e"invited
but the select(oO)V-*Tfte Ywo
young aspirants. .we :are .-afraid,rlafckthe
essentia; prominence i-n the above
realm to command a fairly 'giM>d"a?
teuda:ice. Wu hope the receipts will
be on the right side. .;. . :;^ui
The well fever has .somewhat sub-;,
sided. The greeting, nojvj "Is the.r
, TV Alvl gUUU >9 ?:
While writing, Mr.:"Willie Crawford.1
Las arrived iu his carriage lo be tbe
guest of Mr. and -ftlrs. Nicholson.
Chickens and cgsjs ar.e.the issues. .
We wish to tender an Invitation to
our friend-* of Winnsboro to ipin us
next Sunday evening. Mr. Ilenry
Waliing, Jr.r loads the.chnr.
Humor has it that the new. railroadbet
5ve*'n this place and I he Anderson
rock is being seuously disputed by
Mr. St. Amand. By his- advi^WQ
learn h^ has b^en instructed. to iay.ofi
ttie routo. In sympathy with the man-,j
ager w?, would say is he too much of-.a
| busy .nan 10 have to bear the brunt of
i ?>uch :?n aidur-us task as surveying a
I i-ailcAi/t Wo huno Mia fiTpriian mi>v !
no- dev-iop se.iou> results a? Mr. $t. j
A man'I U now under treat ment wjth a!
I -ueciali-: in "incinuati, 0. lie .reports j
'>is..ifi'idicii-so c ><nhg SIS p&r.l oz. via/. j
Feoru iry 7, 1S09. Observer. }
' t
. Au Honest Medicine for La Grippe.
(ie-vg vV. '.Vvt of S uit?) jf^ruin^v!
\jp. -avs: "I iuve ha<l" the worst
o nij> i, ci-ld. ciii:!s aad ^rip'*aud Irife'j
i.-ikrj . k.-snt iiaih ot n-i auouun* -'but-j
.fi! : ibe vendor. C&aui&Qrlahj^J
;Ux . II -n-.' !y i-, ih'i on y tbias
iiai dun- auy jjoc-d wnaicver." I hare}
us?1 one 50 cent bottle ana the' chillW]
and {rrip bave aliv letf
.congratulate the mnnufacrafprs'of
bonnst medicine." For 3aJe Zw f
Master Co. ... _ r.
_ - Setc-i and Couzicr... .?,J
(\ The Mil whic^ has been in cpducaij j
rAirnlotn f ht> TXT.lf. Ll i
4 11 to IJ 5 ./'ly 11 O \y f IV V* <Wli V? ? U W 41 tvw. W
of tires of v<hic'e>, and to ejj39u? age'the
use ot broad tire5," has bfcen. aTvtv<?
ably reported bv the committee;oc..
agriculture, and appears tv.be gucU-?
measure as should pas* hoih houses
without objec'ion. As The subject.to
which it relates is one of ver large
ioterest and importance to the pecple
of the State we print the main section
of the bill in full and give the tubstance
of the other?.
The preamble ivciies wry truly th:i' j
"the use over the public highways of i
the S'.ate of the narrow ti;-*> wagons
dow in i^eneril u-e i< injuivus to said
highways and against tne pub'i: we!?,
fare," and Sec'.ion 1 read# a> foi'ow?:
Section I. That .-ifter Jauusry Is,
1901, it snail be unlawful f-u* anv.p,>r
son or p rsons, Grm or c /t>yiv?t:;>;\, t&
import into this, state, or sen, oro^o^v
wise dispose of, for use in ?'hi?_fciait\
any was^on ti-.yiiag less width r>r" tird
thabelow spcaiSed, .viz': : t)w ' air- wagons
hayiDg standard iron orsieei,:
axle*, not exceeding .one aijd three-.
eight hs inches, tubular 'axles','not ex-'
ceeding one and' sevDn-eightti^ihcb.o.^,'
or thimble skein axle?, not exceeding ^
two a;i<i three-eighths, iocbep, . <h?.,
width of the tires shall he ??t less
than two inches; on all ^a^ohs having
standard iron or steel axtesexcaedone
a-i'.l three eighths i:?ches-', out-not
exceeding one and fivo-cighths inches,
tubular axl.-s exceeding one and i-seveneighth'
inch. s, but not excreding.two.
and one-eighth inches, thimble skein
axles exceeding two .?nd 'hr-ie-eightUs
iticlie-, but not exceeding iwo- ana.
Jure. -*!)urt.iiS i.-.ches. :he widgi of ures
sh ill 'n-t be if.au ihroe.and oneua!i"
idche?; ?,n :?li 2vs<6iis fi'aring
stinkard iron <?! steel axles exceeding :
o.a -.Ma iv-: eighth* iuciies, but exceeding
two micIh s. tu u!ar uxvsexceed-,
ing no ;i!! > on^-eignih indie?, but not
'xce?<tii)^ mo a:i; 1 live-eighths inches,
or thi'uble >!:cia axle? exceeding two
wJ i-irre-foai'h^ inchi**, bir not exwiediusj
hrtc .iud one-fourth inches,
Mr of I lies shtii i r.Ot be le??
s;: -,u ali wt::on* hav-'
: a ?* Hii'.iin'l'u or et-el axros ex(,-uiii-?u
'Vo inches, tubuHr ux;rs ex?.
. r -oaud tive-ei^.', bs;mcb*;p, or<
im'i e -keiii axl<;s exceeding turee
iiiu w.-c t'?n?th melius, ;he tsiufh of
:r- ? ?!,a- Ot n:>t Its* inun f>ur and
O iP'halt inCiu'S. '' j
r-qni euv-ais ippoar to ;foave'
t. v* , l ii.'viuiiy ordered; and w]
t : v !.. vc pss-c.i i!?v in-jjvciiou of the
-..i'- e i v- :arinC'S <>:i t-^e .coin
ii c -u: p>.-,e 11 c% Wi'ii'.cf be;
> !! '.re ;j*a?.?le
^ ctio 2 provides that from 'and' :l
( .cj jiassagre of the Act? and
nit ; ihe r 1903. an. person :who.pr?<daccs
a certificate o!'?.he township'
hoard oi assessor-, or a majority of
theui, that such person owns'-'iatid
habitually uses at ieast one road ve;
hide cvith lir^s not le** than fotifc"
inches in width, fhall be cxemplrfrQJti 1
? ^~ ^ ^ ? ? ?? ft .. J /? /-? rw t l^a ?>o t* inot?f /vf o !
I UclU UU. y, (i'JU a vtu IUU J-Uj Uivui v/x a
comi'i>! tion road fax," to which is- <
added proper qualification th<u.-.-ihe- <
provisions noted "shall not apply* to *"
log carts or log wagons.". The pectin
is well calculated, to encourage" the
premnt and general u^e of w:de trdes:'
Section 3, provides that attcr 1903. '
it "shall be unlawful" to u:e upon the
highways of the State "any wagor>
having tires less width than above
designated," but qualifies ti.e. ru^c tn
the proviso that ilie provisions of i hi- ]
Act (section?) shall not apply to ;
pleasure vehicles r to ti c u-e of j I
parts of tho public highways bv any
person or person- i;. transporting ai.y^
crop? or prodnc* orrj pa-t' to
another of their pr*.mises; afid tba^
i M
?a wa- (fir c?) new :;) u~e or
car ma J-.;:uary 1, 1903,
>f ivs .. i ju p. nb >"?s rie^'gnared,
m' ?e'l V> !? V rri on- " We d*?
I.nfc -c" exceptions aj.)
rt? c tt#'-- f.s o h-avy
c ij'.-aj. -,i? j-sjtiitui ?-.?ro!hftt p>.5isar??
v-.-iiicIc, . ; ; a: v. tir will cat
up"* * . ?"??: ; -t- n iis?hr
| ; i.'l 0 :!? f 'HI*
= Na' p:f. !,<" -.v. e.t 'j 1?wC ai.vi
J !-';u *..J !>? :* 1 - ?'!? f-n< ugh
i;i .iv-' an*. p-T? ^.
VV :Jir^il * c-:. to Ulafee I ho
| J * 1 ~ ."Li" !?*" " ti , ft jj u;? **
v >j-"s ? *!; t- :o* mvn -i w?L'oii an.;
it .ti. ab >. i" bu. a nc-<'
f-i'.- ;.j^ ov;:i u'lvanUi^-?,
.4 ?[ ' '< f ; ''. ft' ?.'0(i, Mi SODi:"he
j*! Xl-fmir N
Stci-i6!#c;.4 ami 5 direct !b;.i "ibvivj'ailpi;.i|}M!
provisions" "1
.Ji? ? "Ac?. / jjaJj,. b i a nmde;i?c:M' r
j^uiiUiiabi'- b;/V lin? ?>:' uf>t leni lhaa
to >t men* tbi:i f-frten
Ub>ii*u,Sv' < by 'inpn*onm?-n: for not
?"?re ib'i'y .us" a^d ir
[ <> !;. ?!.! b ' si! coniit> fcuper
?> C'UI1 V 0 )-;rci
& (SWaST-si n.er-. to ? o tb-u v-3 Ac
i- eaioiwi--:i?d t-o pr?.?ecate al viukof.
X TUc^.oi.Mii g-'t i>r" impi\iVovs"iji*
J::< par iculars wt- hsva
bti 'rf .: .Tyoiifl one a* it i.f and
i]r i- b - d--in:d. in the pubrfcinrtTQ;r.
!?u' 'ie Legislature v*Ul
pas? i[ c": !v. r. in its present cr -.n
a,' it'iiufkl". 'o tn. We are doio^' very
itftric fornix- improvement of our very
ttad-roa.k-. We can at least 5.: . vent
ignoran. or ?:;it>ugh'less vehicle.- o?vu?rs
from i':y thr-m and steadil trnkt;.en>
? ? -e-?
Parsnip Complexion.
* I V ; : a;
icqnire :?!! c-xp:; -retecr.
1 !n;"r'ir' "From r.ichiev" bl
Tbe hollow cKc'cffcs. ?lte sunken cy?s,
Uin*!??*rte.-sr circ'o* under pr*rS,
ihe *ajiusv,..pats91 d coiore l cou: ^!vx" >n
iitdi.ca;ca,it_ .... ...
? A ph>'?;cia"ii would a~k if .\;u
rhciuaaiUtn, a dall pulor act }:. ?!).;
back or fc'r;;:- ifie hips, ?tomach : rouble,
desire to . ariiiAte. often, or a burning
(fr'Ecaicling jn parsing it; if after
iijg- tuere'i? nn unsatisfied feeling a4- ;f
i? must :;e at once repeated, (. :? J.hs
T^rinp ha- a Orick'-dnstdepositore'.roiisr
r-:' sv'ui'p'tonn are present
130 Hnse>1iou'd bsjo^tin remwing the
f* j>oUv iita-.- i-.-ad to gnvel, ca'arrh of
?he "oh-lder, . jnfluutuation, causing
stoppage :u..I s'nnotirces requiring the
divrvnTg ;i?'rh_'j urine with ftatrumeists,
or i.Ay *!U:> i'ido Bnjrtit's Disea-c, ue
ui0si (1 a*!igef0tf5' stage of kidney irou
' Dr. Kilmers Swaiart-Iioj:, ihc j:reut
disc -very of ffte :tjminent kidnerv and
L-$Uid'Jer is a po?i ive reineuy
j fcr "siic?; tii-ebscs. I s reputation is
! vrorld-w tie and ii is so easy to get at
! any - '.on.* that no on? i ced-suffer
'in. i.Mijrth ?/' iMii:.-for want of it.
i. IJowevtfi.jf ;im prefer o fir^t te$'.
it- xvoiitk-; :ui series, mention Tha
New- and Herald and write to Dr.
.Hiimu! & liin^rnamtou, N. Y., for
a-: svLmp'.n b'jtt'c ami book telling all
ub/ut l'. both ;tnt absolutely free bT
. ^ ^ # ^ ^
& ; Uy/ ' ~~'Restores
jz ; 7- ;* " * .. ?! ' i.l??\i?'? 'u is s - .I With a
49 < > ' v-:;5!:ni. v.:met; guar/
...... . \ Hysteria,
1 0? 5litv. Sv:r:;-ni Losses
. rf.' efOv.T-w<>-" Worrv,
,. V c.'
2?:'. C ':? ? 55. .
..... :. J'.i- t?:srresults in Scn'oal
?. ."rv .-: rv< :: , ritl;l ! >'?
's'-.i- f.. *V .v;"'.hi-vl ton,; ioevery :
v : C>?rr3t fnd H<st.
:rr>rp ?'vrot:.< jar.T.cr Live?
?o;.--is"v7!.':. V,>.>r?. o: ?
"J. J. OBEAR. Druggist,
c-*' Wiunsboro, S. C.
* ... bctu&fic*
wps mime
v' Scratching-.
Sampje sent if y?u say S9^
; rt'sAmlike.all others.
' Box','"po.-t-pKisl'. 15 'Ms. in "'.i*: ?&."
y< It's S.?Id!Svcryw!isrr. ;
.i'kn c;i/.v> mifl r
J LrK\- \_,w. , tv uu. v,
/ . . New:. York,.-.
Have You Seen
|nil!'? [iff
; . K 1 > -v * A /- r x?v > /Tv i n
. L J ^.y-VJ^^JL^y
'r i3;0c; per lb.
r S{.
I!|T finite? ? Pa
ifjlL 'ifiuMalllui "(X UU.j
' :For Sale, !
?___ . ..
A-;Tll\L-T;y.F .176 Af'HES
lat"}-," oij_ fytwe.. JJ'voi', h?r?i?? to
' .v .'P', &:id .oonnded bj 'aitd;
jf ? f o- .i f: f'f G. ..'i sonton, StfcTi
i-..;- ?r>?] f/'itnii S:
For iei<a.Ss.p^h io
: ?A- ?: &-W-V' DOUGLAS3
11-17 Ati'Tcevc, Winasbor?. >5
nTr-.^i???rt?Bsi mmwi?????TWP?MW?
0:i farn.n-a'! it il?. Easy pay: tti: <.!
N":> ce'jisri;--:. !']< harmed. Bo:: v*er j
c r of perfeetia:: '<> n. I
[i;t-.re*f 5.<;r>nt.
jonx b. pa x^'iER k so:;,
Columbia,!?.;'.. <
o: A: SI & V,VL>. DOUGLAS, ' ?
10-4 Wion-boro, 5. C.
Hi - . f
f? If your case :1s complicated, w:
g formation regarding the nse of thi
I gist. If he does not keep it sen*
\ all charges paid.QERST
..... goo<
We have some special values
Patterns and Drtss Fltnn
offer special bargains
And foa a little money wil
Try it S
t w
J^h?. t
It's quite a feat to mak? gla
With shoes beth cheap and tn
But as that's the very thing yc
Here's what you'H have to 4?:
Bring all your feet to our st<
We'll fit them with SELZ She
So you'll possess tea happy to
That never have the Hues.
For sale by
Q. D. W
Mill PS
KENTUCKY MULES at my stable*
[ in \Vinw?boro, from ihree to fire yetri
i old. These mules can be bought cheep
for ca*h or on good bankable paper,
j payable in the Fall Come one, come
all who need good mulee. I will exchange
them for broken riowo om'ee
"or ping mnle*.
I also hare a few a.nod Mares and a
ftnnrii#? nf pood Saddle florae*, one
pew Two-herie Wa-?n and odc jjo kJ !
Secondhand Buggv.
I also keep on hand a few
and will sell tht-a c'.o*p for cash or
exchai'ge'.t-bem for dn cartln. Always
ready lor a trade.
I have engaged Mr. S. B. CRAWFORD
for the *e<i8on, ?nd lie will be
p!ea?ed 10 and a*l f his m tny [
Wiunsb'?n\ S. (J.
afrvvCJDADA g (*
VV 1*^ ODUllU, V.
Offiec at Mrs. Ellen Catbcart's, next
door to Jno. H. McMaster k Ca.'s Drug
a^Night call at Winn#boro Ho'el.
the First 5ymptoms of \
Failing Health in a Woman UB
ou erer think that there 2* ehrqjrs ft ?
)T this malady? In woaeftNerreos- ,
generally the foreronner *t some
f female disease, roch ee Whites, ^
, Proftise or Irregular Mensse, etc.,
)f which will prodtioe Henrewsee 7
its distressing intensity. If yon use iL
tie's Female Panacea 71
[1 very soon be csred of Nerveus? f \
d ell other flmele tronblee eeweli IB 1
itire, meve the bowels with mild P
f5t. Jeeepb'e Urer Refulstor. \ j
ir stomach, nuhinsof blood to the head. ?
re nerrotu sptlla aadheart habitation so g
anale remedies for a lpnx timebut fonnd ^ '
hen I commenced usfe*yourCfrstla's H ;
aT1X RBWLAf#*, ana they are dorns me V*
LLI uc mcu u0^t
rite us acd we will give you full In*
is medicine. Get it from your drag* \ i
1 na il and we will send a bottle, 1 j
LB?iCO^hett&teeca/reaii. JT !
rp p
II lines and offer all heavy
is at * * RICES
ia Dress Goods, especially in
at lowcut prices. We
in Woo! Underwear.
1 give a great many gyods
tnd see.
I Poetic
-eat .s>K
? i ' * "
"here are old feet and youo^fiSet/- '
nd little feet and - great;
retty feet and homely feet, .
jid feet that do not:mate.
here are tender feet and tough feet,
nd narrow feet and wide; .. .
."hubby feet and bony feet,
,od feet yo? try to hide...
d feet.
time we are prepared to
. (
* 4
These WJieels are in
No. 1 Condition ]
md are offered %t reduced
prices, being shqp worn. |
i I
Atf*NT?. 4
' ' ;.
The Auditor's - .flier: *... be op' * to
^fceive tax reiur..* f\>ra J.n-?ry 'he
"l?t 'O F':broar\ 20<n. a!? ih- .s
to make reion.* vr.iiiii? r .e
above i0' !^ dates *? . t..-.or
M per ctat ally A <
edu* be<wef? hf a*e < < 21 -6. 60 ro
liable to poiJ tax n:#!e*> ex-<cjp.* ?7
Uw The Auditor or hi* deptu> *111
be ' lbs fol'. wirjf plac*> *.>a w*y?
ant th > t alaf c? ol time !o -
February ?0t!i in ofllce in jx?nb o. ?^
Al"on, 7 u-'adty, J^riuan 1#
la kWd, fc'eruc^tay, Jat-w il. ^
!hni?iay. January 11.
' *> ' wis e, Pri'-'nT, January IS
"H'U'day^JanoAi^r 14.
^ h e OrSc. ndi>, Januarv. II.
<?.. dd.-i-8 (tr^r*- Ta<>?dav. Sa**ary
F ?it H'l. *v#dt? *d?v, J&oaaxy, II. A
R tig* wa\, Friday, January 30l
Moudav, 23
ttrevill#, Taendiv, J#i?aarv 14.
a L. <;oop?r?. Mre(Jotid*v, J?im*ry
Bl?thewoo4, ^haridty, Juatrjll. . ^
Eoret> (F. M. Uirtee'? stort) Fri4aj,
Jtntur?, 17.
Jfoatiaallo. Monday, Jtoivy H.
J?ckiMTilie, Taewiy, Jtattrr 11*
jh rat i
- '
; !
' "*?si
A Fresh Lot of
| *
i ^'SSl
Buist's I
: m
Garden Seed
Onion Sets.
' SI
Tacit i tt T firm in
. jj
Uneqaaled for
Range of "Work,
and. Simplicitv.
Old Sewiof. Machines taken iu ex
Dealers wa^ed in anoccnpicd territory.
Correepbu^enoe eohci'H'i.
Machinery I i
lacMse Supplies ail Hepairail- J
Mtnifactnrere' Agents for tbe ^
Mil MIBl j
RW/iTMno n/\Tf tjna a?
nr* wiiN XiO, jdvjju&AO)
>tr MB. S. C. McKEOWN is * Ttl?- A
phone cra-.k too. |fl
If. i. MOTS i SIS, I
?honein oar CORN WELL, S.C
ifl?e'on Winmboro
|4 Cfatttor Mo?. 4-Hy

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