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Bruary 15, - 1809
pr^'C' yon va ..'i ; . Ait^pTiar?>
insare : ? ,. -
<- "! fc'-oounto? t.-i-. :o:u - ><J
v hear? s? t s:f-;ias.
?Mi D. L. Stevenson, of rhi?
Kisft cotm-; , *o!d 18 bales of cotton on this
WSr mark ?; 6 IS? round on Thursday.
J. Robertson is quite b:ck
at her b -me near Kockton, butsoe was
report' -J i?rter on Monday. She has
pneurr <- i?.
T* . ^ o^rA^MfflirtOnf .'if O. D?
*~H'" >U cuc avi ? gi ?. icviuvu % v* ^- ? ?
kWilli;',i,,i neidtd "A Poetic Frat,"
and tu' u try a p*ir of the celebrated
Setz s;-?'-? cJc by him
?rC'-'c*3, <'Vi,-ora*ed froit of *11
kind: aurt aai - other good thing*
^ are. enumerated in Sirs. Habeaicht's
adTerr:-emeut this m^rningl''
-W tvat is 'ne jiffrrpnce vb8tween
atabbh'g amai --id kuiiug a h-g?
One i? ussv.uuic--; -vith indent to ki.i?
the otij? r i. ku ii.^ wxiQ intent to salt.
3!agis*-:;te T V Yoairginer, of Judicial
Di.si.rjcf 2s . 12, resigned fee
office -I'd i1- hr~ bean nocep ?cl br the
Govern r. Bi> ue?e??->r has not qualified,
Jecik.juvillc Township
withou nn. kgal ofEher.
?Tii? n.f?r.. (jj-.n^hter of Dr. and
Mrs. E G. Qu4\:'cWrc, ?f Olumbia,
died a1; . r ir huuae iu Columbia oi>
Tuesday. me lunerai cwrvicct* -u
place on Wednesday afternoon. Mm.
E. G. Q.i' ttlebaam Is a si3fer of Mrs.
B. J. Qu; t-ebanui of tbi3 place.
?Rev. T. D. Bratton will be editor
of The L>iocese which until recently
was published iu Colambia, Bishop
' N Capers buing the editor. The paper
will be published in Spartanburg :nd
Rer. M'. Holmes will be associate
editor. This paper is the organ of
the Episcopal Church in South Carolina.
?The transport Saratoga which
sailed fom Charleston * on Friday
carrying the 3rd Regimeut Voinnreer I
Engineers reached (Jienfuezos this
morning unless something unforseen
occurred. The engineers will be em- !
s ployed improving the condition of
Cianfuegos, and inmak'ogit cleaner
and hea'ihier.
?In Tillman's spcech in the Senate
on Tuesday he read some iinea from
Rudyi-rd Kipung'a lar?j>t poem, The
White Han's .Burden. This po^m has
been qaoted quite often acd has been
a number uf times published In con.
aeetiou with the Puiil pine qncsti';u.
It looks as if this pcein Uto become
as popular as the beautiful jRecessioual
by the same author.
?The fire bell rang on Sanaa? about
2 p. tl.and brought out a few peop;e in
thesjo*-. Fortunately only a few
itrok^ of the bell were mada, and
this indicated to those living at a distance
that the fire was of no serious
congrqaence. Thefirewasin the fire
engine, but not exactlv as it was .intends;
jo be. The heater used ta
keep the -rater in the boiler ...from
freezing got out of order, and made
I qaitc t blaze in the engine room.
?is the opinion of everybody
sfc- _ _ who h.\s tr*-e:ied over the country
* roads luvlag tne past week that they
are in a w-->"?e condition.than they
have h^n f .i- \?ars. The continned
raiD3 hare rawle . .a:n in 301m p'aces I
almos imf>a?sib?'; a?id che* are so cat
up fciur j! v?ii! be ; lo. ^ tiuivj b'.furej
they ae in ^->>'1 ahaue ajrain. Tbe?
street? in uivn sis ?riv>; not presented
such a - app--" a. :cc ia a, long time.
ThecruiiiPu granite i-uc Of the crossings
wa-.pui uoto j'.isi in ti.ne, for
u witbo?ft " th fotii'l pave been
much vo."? if" '! 'fcev are.
SuWorth Knowing.
40 yea.'>' t--.;cces> in In.1 ifoutb, pr ves
Hughes Tonic a ^reat remod: for
1'p ' /% ; J V!., fanJft! T?iitrare Raffov
Viilild <2,1 ?l au 1UI Ot -vvvbUi
^ than Q.'i i?ie. Guaranteed, try if. At
Drugg <: > 50o sud $1.00 bottles. *
The*-; e ot Mr. A. Y. Milling'^ stock
of good attracted quite a crowd on
Friday. Manv of the articles sold
fairly >v oil. aud it is hoped that enough
will be left o c:iable Air. Milling to
resume busi-iess. The sale was adjourned
nniil half-past ten o'clock Saturday
uiorni: und continued until
enough was recuizeu to satisly ibe
claims on toe stock.
On Wednesday last Mrs. J. A. Hinrtant
received a telegram announcing
the death of her brother, Mr. John
wniinarTmm. ?t hia Jmme in "LaGranfire.
Georgia. At tLe breakiog out of *he
civil war be j/iued Company F, 12th
K^'-nsnt, S H. V. He lost his riarht
arm ? ihc battle of Ga: ^ Mi.i, June
27,1SG2. Soar: after in:; war ho left
hU old *?&.; in F i:< d hm| v cm to
Georgia M r. W i' > * : ^ *v n w a. a - acC9s?ful
farmer, a j;om! * r an..\ citizju
ft^.d a 'JoristU-.u
.luim'* Churoli. Winmhnro. Rev. EOIli.
Allston, Kector.
A r-Yv>dnesday, February 15?Morning
Prayer, 10 a. m.; Evening Prayer,
5 p. *j).
Snnd^ys?10 a. m. ond 5 p. m.
i K-Comoianion?Firs;, third and
fifth Sundays.
Tu *su"'.ys and Wednesdays?10 a. m.
* Ttiar?days and Fridays?5 p m.
G .od Friday, March 31?10 a. ijq.
and 5 r.m
j>ueciHi .o-ice for oth r dors.
For Ov?>r Fifty Years.
ha?, yeoii u*ed lor over fifty ye*r* by
mil!; of mo;-fur 'heir c' iidren
wbi.<j'.s:<h ?ir ? >: p*rf--ct nicces-*.
L. It s ln?s ;j- cn d, -<.>" mi* th?? sums,
W a!le\? a i p*?:u, -lire? tvin-i ca*:c, and
is t-' be>t r.i-ly to- d a rh t-a It
^ wii- v.itv^ '!;o pco- lime ?-ulIer??r
\ lUlUi U " I u
ever ' nu- f v-o * i Twenty fire
cent ' Be -dr; :>nd ask for
"Mr Vi- ivw's ~-f.Li.it -r Syrup,"
and liifco no o:Ler kind. 1-1*17
j ^UNMtvxEnrl
Makes the food more d*
Calhoun Library Society of
Clemeon C?>npge *<a? i?ened handsome
invitation* i n?i?- 'tn^I annnal contest
which come* off on the evening of
Friday, February 24th, io memorial
hall. Fairfield i? well represented in
this society and the students from this
county will take a prominent part in
tbe coming contest. Mr. Edgar id.
2M 6 i W* AMAf^vr c A# tha
XIAUilCWB 15 ViUD Ui tuo Vi awi? V& ?uv
evening, bis aabject being "Soctth Carolina
in History." Mr. Sisaon H?
Lompkio is one of the debaters and
i Mr. J. Gregg McSlsster is one of the
| marshals.
' For Lm Grfpp*.
Tboca* Whitfield k Co.. 240 Wij
bash ar., corner Jackson at, one of
i Cbicagu'* o?de?t and most prominent
VrncsnsiR. recommend Ch mnenain^
Cough Remedy for la grippe, &# it
I net only gives * prompt and complete
I raliel, bat also eountaracts auy rau
dency of la grip?? lo resait in puea;
monia. For tale by McMaiter Co.
The following is & list of tbe pttit
jurors drawn lor the second week ef
UVHl t .
James T. Howell, W. E. Walling,
G. Y. Langford, Cbarle? Abell, W. M.
Patrick, A. Maxcy McMeekiln, . T.
Scott, J. E. Dongltsj, K. C. Ste7en?
?on, W. L. Reld, 8. G. Huey, Robert
H. Wyiie, 8. T. Simp?on, J. R. Feasttr,
W. A. Baaty, W. W. Brooks,
A. L. Scragfs, W. S. Douglas#, Saul.
DaBose, J. S. Stone, J. L. Brywn,
D. R. Elkio, .7. A. Crawford, C. K.
Rabb, C. E. C. P. Wray, J. O.
Brown, Wm. T. Jone6, A. A. Dann,
R. R. Jefiares, John A. Bakej, T. J.
Douglass, R. C. Gooding, T. J. Robertson,
J. 31. Baown, D. H. Howell.
MissJanie, daughter of Mr; W.J.
Wood, died at her home Sunday night,
6 Feb., near Crosbyrille, this eonnty,
after a few days illness * She was one
of our brightest prospects; always kind
and gentle. She was a member of
Cool Branch 3aptist Churci. She
leaves a host of friends behind who
feel their own persons! loss In the departure;
but who rejoice to know that
she is "not dead but sleepetb," waiting
the retnirection. Her remains were
laid to rest at Cool Branch Cemetery.
TTinrt wf>rds can never die.
God kcowr-how. deep .they lie,..
Oar ecrols cap never die. - '
TSw* in the tomb we all must lie.
.A Friend.
The saiaii bays armed with air-guns
invade every yard and every lot in
town in pursuit of robim, and in tbeir
eagerness fo shoot a bird they forget
entirely that they are endangering the
the property of the people of the town
and are making themselves a nuisance
to every one. These air-guns' are
really dangerous, and unless the boys
are more carefal in the we of them
something serious will result. N? one
wishes to deprive the boys of thii
amusement, ;but we only wish to.im
press upon them that thty should,not
be reckless in the ase of them, and- it
is for their good that we: urge tbii. t?*r
if many complaints are made to ho
town authorities they will probable
prohibit the use of air-gans and alingshota.
Orcan ?t EpiscopsiiCi^roh to b# r?t1v?4
ana FaK??hed Hex*.
Tbs church l;pi^er recently discontinued
became " its editor, Bishop
Capers, found its publication too great
an interference with his Episcopal
dntie*, is soon to be re rived. The
Greenville Convocation of the Episcopal
Cbnrcb9 ritb the Bishop's approval,
will in March issue tke paper,
guaranteeing its publication. The
j new editor is the Rer. Mr. Bratton, of
! S[ artanburg, Rer. W. S. Holmes,
i being associate editor an4 Capt.
Edmund Bacon, ageai of tbe Sabscription
Department. It ie felt by
the Bishop and many others that this
paper is too essential to the life ot the
Diocesan agencies to be permitted to
die. The is'erest of tbe members oi
this church, whose organ Tbe Diocese
is, is most earnestly invited.
Dr. Cabi's Condition Powders,
are juit what a horw needi when in
bad condition. Tonic, blaod purifier
ao& vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For tale by
McMu-ter (Jo.
mrs- james pagan dies suddenly
Mrs James Pagau died Sunday
iiigb' fr om a stroke of apoplexy. She
had bteu suffering for the past few
days from rn attack ol neuralgia, but
i teemed to be recovering when the
stroke came. Tbe faneral took place
at the Episcopal Church yesterday
afternoon at 4 o'clock.
lire. Pagan wu the daughter of
Copt. Peter Fayssoux, of Charleston,
and Miss Rebecca Irvine, of FhiladeJphia,
and nu born in 1814, being at
the time of ber death in her eightyfifth
year of age. In 1844 she vai
married to James Pigan, of Chester,
S. C , and they past the fifty-fiftk anniversary
of their marriage a short
time before the cleath of Msj. Pagan
last November.- Mrs. Pagan was a
devoted wife and|motber and her lon?
life was one of-*elf-eacrifice and devotion
to her family.
H action's Arnica Sal re.
Tf" e Hesfc Salve in the w<;r-d for Cut*
SrniiLf, Sores, Ulcers, 3a>t Kheuu>.
Fever <ores, Tetter, Chapped liaoaChiKblains,
Corns, and aii.Skin Eruption*,
and positively cnre< P:ies. o? t.
pay required. It is ?U6r*nr.eed to ^
perfect, satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cent* per box. " For sa:?
by McMaater Co.
ilicious end wholesome
j Of the WMt Oak High School for Monthi
of December and January
lit Grade.
TJoV'or. Patrick 96?
ilirnie Patrick 37
Snni F^.riek 9S
' : 2nd Grade
i Ficnnre Patrick 99
j Killongh Patrick 97
ria-rit Patrick 95
Lsxii? Patrick 94
3rd Grade.
Helofl Patrick 97
Ireue Patrick 97
Qtaee P-trick 94
, ilsdcUri Mitchell 94
4?h Gr^de.
j MnMibW PKt'ick 96
, Fiki'I; t'atrtk 92
[ Hai'Pce i'r.iyjor SO
j E .z-i .90
* < ixitnutu ICO.
K-.terprising Druggists.
Tlnjii: i.-4 few men more wide awake
and .rising than McMaster Co.,
wh - no pains to eecare the best
ot c. rv.ning iu their line for their
m&m a* omers. They now have the
] agency for Dr. King's New
Discov.-y for Consumption, Joughs
:an3 < ;s. This is the wonderful
reire'-.. i at is producing mcli a furor
o.li o*vi the country by its many start'liii
C'l-.-s It absolately cures Asthma,
Bsoi.c' 'tis, Hoarenessandall affection's
cf :b- Tn oat, Chest and Lungs. Call
at sbtrug store and get a trial bottle
fr f j* a regular size for 50 cents
and $1 CO. Guaranteed to core or
price refunded. 5
Aircng the more important of the
naw Industries reported by the
Tract^uisn duritg the week ending
Febrr.a:; 11. are brick and lime works
in Alabama; brick arid tile works in'
Arkansas; coal mining developments
iu N'j) ?h Georgia and upper East Tennenee;
cotton mill* in Georgia and
North Carolina;?ihe latter a $500,000
plant ; a 30- ton cotton seed oil mill in
Texa?; a fertiler factory iu West Virginia
; a large flour mill in South Caroliua;
a 100-stamp gold milling plant
and another gold mining companay in
the Dahlonega district;a $10,000 hardware
company in J'exaa; ice factories
in Kertucky and Virginia; a $100,000
lumber company- in Florida! a nail
mill in West Virginia; two planing
riftnroia ai\r\ ftno in TvPntnctr
j UllilO| 11? V* WiglMI l*l?M Vl'V **- J
saw iriiiJs in Tennessee and West Virginia
; a saw works in Virginia; a
spvkfc aud handle factory in West Tennessee;
a large tannery in Ea*t Tennessee;
two telephone companies in
Kentucky and a wood working plant
in Aiabama.
A red sunset is an indication ot a
floe day on the morrow. "When it
i* even! ig ye say it will be fair
woath?r, for the iky is red." Matthiw,
xv, 2. A yellow or gray iunset
is an indication of wet weather,
also one green or yello .Yiih grew,
A *v.d v d lowering sky at snnriie is
an indication of a wet diy. "In the
Tcornias; /esay, it wil' be foul weather
to-d* y, Tor the sky i- re-l and lowering."
w x~'\ 3 A 2ray morning ii
i aT-iadic-iiioa of a fin.- day, A haae
{ar^auri iha sn-; wuilcaies rain. When
j this a rail, ot live or six hoort'
dorj.L*on ma} be ex.-ected. A halo
ar^on-; ihu ?un, occurring after fine
weau-fw. indicates a storm. A hale
aron?j.i'be moon is a sure indicatiea
f The larger the halo the
'-irain clondr, and the ?ooner
th<- -'j; may be expected. 8ma!l
j co oncircles which are frequently
i ifx'.L truud tbe moon or san are
ieru-. .t corona. A corona jfrowioff
| srr.i'i..;- indicates rain; growing larger,
jf . r . .* her. It ia?aid tbat rain will
j fo' i - . halo withiu as many day a at
; t :e' - c stars within the circle.? Roy?j
it?r> A.'manac.
I Mr- V. D. Douglass has received
I tbe f allowing letter, wbich explains
Columbia, S. C., Feb. 3, r99.
Dear -rs. Douglass:?On Monday
afternoon, January 30, a meeting of
Comrabia ladies was held at the home
o* Mrs. Ellison Capers, when Mrs.
C*pets was duly chosen president and
Mrs. E. W. Scr veil secretary and
treasurer of I he Association of Patriotic
Awaid then formed, having for its
j present object the procuring of a
I suitable testimonial for Lieut. Victor
! Blue. it was decide -.1 that the proper
j testimonial would be a lnndsome
! medal.
I was instructed to write to a lady
in f-ach fo* n, ai:?i your name has been
given me for Wini?>boro, asking her
to form a like association to gather
fundi for the testimonial. We have
agreed 'o name no sum, desiring the
| ofFerijg to be as gensral as possible,
J what each is ab'e to give, however
j small. We want a voluntary and
?cheerio' outpouring from the whole
j Sta'.e. If yon are nut able to act iu
the matter will you kindly find some
|onewbo.,can do so? But we hope
, | y ;-u can take charge.
i P.Va-.e give tbe substance of tbi*
i to you county paper.
Very trnly yours,
Mary P. Screven,
j Secretary and treasurer Association
| Pa^rlot'c Award.
,i ?
Dangers of ih* Grip.
| Tii# greatest danger from La Grippe
is cf 2is resulting in pneumonia. If
I reai^nro'e care is u-f> ?, however, and
' m .. l n j- i._i _
! ly'LuUi' rjj.'ii * x^ctucuy laieu,
jfcli.dduger will '.voided. Amoux
I?.)if f?n* c ib.'/ira: db who bare used
: his rr'ot-oj f ?r * y^ppe we have yet
>! '. or' s ?:ui? case haylnsr rt'
T"-an' ?i m ^hich showt con J
.-'it:- \t' at tt?is o?xiedy is a certain
j or;-\ : iwo* .hat ^ngerous disease,
i i: ; u:e a gripu- in less time than
o'.?r ;reatmeiit. It is pleasant
i i a ; ' - v to take. For sale by MoMas* I
I iu* C--. I
c0ld wkathkb
The reporter frr The Tfzws aju
Hibald did not ar official repo:
from the Governor <it t.? coorinoe hie
that the wetther vr?? uoainaily col<
darinjr ?be paet tew day?, bat h(
tbongbi it would be of interest to th<
reader# of Thb News and JBebsuj
ind called on Mr- J W. Seijfler for th<
official Sgnr*?. *lv. Seifler haa ib<
doic t< instruments btlooging to tbi
trovf /nmentt and tiey may b* <!?
p?nri?r<l ob to record the temperatari
accurately. The thermometer refit
ten the minimum and maxieom ten
peraure. Sunday the minimaa wai
12 and the maximum 20 degrees. lion
day was the ooldan day this year, anc
the official thermemeter registerat
Binimun 3 dogreas abete zero will
the maximem 12 degrees.
"With the mercury playing aroucc
tero In tt :a section it hu broofht i
frt&t deal of diaeonfort to animalt
tad birds. We notice that in Vary
land an effort is mad* ta fead part
ridgea by placing whtat along branckei
where tbt* birds are apt to wefc oover
Wiib atf-i-i*ich (inotv *rd such tarer
cold, ci# will hav? a har<l time pro
curiDg rood, and it ironfd be .?-all foi
iports-cei. as wel? eg humane peopla U
UUC6 i't 1KCU U UU1 AS xa< am pw-wi
Horsts, tons, hoja &nd *4eep wi:!
affdr iatemaly during tbi> kind o:
weather, and tieir owners otfhfc to dc
what ihey ran (o mike them comforttbfe.
We are tot fanaiici on the sob'
ject of cruelty to animali, bat it oftei
rears to as that tht people are to
tirelr too negligent of tht comfort)
f dumb aniraale.
Since the above wai written Mr
Seigler reptrte the thermometer or
Tuesday at 3 degrees below zero.
The intense itching and smarting in
cid>nt to these disea?B, Uimtantlj
allayed by applying Chamb?rlain'<
5> e and Skin Ointment. Many verj
bad cases hare been permanently enrec
by it. It is equally efiaient lor itchioj
piles and a favorite remedy for sor<
nipples, cbapped hands, chilblain!
frosr oitea and ehronic sore eyes
25cts. per box. For sale by McMastei
M< <i T. C. E i.'tt returned bomi
Miss Sallie Garrison left Friday ioi
Mr. D. A. Crawford his gone tc
Ricmoad on bnsineu.
Mra. Preaton Rien returned Thuriday
from Bljtewoad.
Mrs. H. N. ?bear left ou Saturday
for C heater to yiiit relatifea.
Hjti. Jno. G. TfolliDj, ol thii
county, apeut Friday in town.
Mrs. Walter Till and children aw
visiting relative* in Orangeburg.
Mr. R. C. Gooding left Friday
moiuing for Richmond on bonnes?.
Mr. X. W. Laederdala returned
Friday from his extended trip cortb.
Mr. F. C. Withers was it town on
Taeeday in the interest of Tie Stata,
Mr-. E.Y. Finlay*on,a popultr drummer
from Charlotte, speat Thursday in
Dr. H. DtsPortee, of Virginia, ii
Tisiu'ng his brother Mr. U. G. De?Portei.
Mrs. W H Kerr, of Greenwood,
S. C , i" viniiiiig her lister Mrt.
Mr. J. Vf. Hanahau left Friday
night ior Columbia on professional
Mi E G D<rigbt is doit oo a
isii t relative and fneud* in th?
c ,-i .< ?ty.
ii . ? v. R Birford, of Atlunt*, Ga.,
is v' ?.;aj l.cr aunt aud anc'e, Mr.
and ?lr?i. J. T). McCarl??y.
Mrs. B-.Joktcr who ha* oeen visiti^
Mrs. W. .T Herron returned to hei
home in l u u.nbia Thursday.
Mr. H. W. Strickland, who ha* bear
here for several weeks, has roturnad
to bis home in Providence, K. L
Mils Mattia Till has returned H
Orangeburg after spending ?erera]
weeks with her brother at Rockton.
Mr. Fred Stewart, of Baltimore, oat
of the moat popular drummeis on tbi
road, was in town Tuesday shaking
bands with his many fnesds.
How to Look Good.
Good looks are really mare than sklr
deep, depending entirely on a healthy
condition of all the vital organs, ll
tbe liver be inactive, you have abilioui
look; if yourBtomach be disordered,
yon have a dyspeptic look; if youi
' *j 1 -am a
uc aiicubcuj yuuuavca^Auvuw
look. Secore good health, and you
will surely have good looks. "Electric
Bitters" is h good Alterative anc
Tonic. Acts directly oq the atomacb
liver and kiune>s, purifies 'he blood,
cur--# pimple*. blotches and boils, anc
gives a good co.nylexion. Every bot
tie guaranteed Sold at McMaetej
Co.'s drug store. 50 cent# per bottle.i
A hew invention for passing awaj
the time pleasantly on a winter nigh
i? called, "A Winter Part?." It ii
an organized club really with a beac
person or President, wbo i? lopposet
to watch the tiuaoj and appoint meet
ings whenever it b8 fit, first beifii
certain it is agieeab'e to all parsons
The club consists ?t a President wh<
IL. _ ? ^ . V
appUlUtS IUH P?HJ auu liiC LUVU4U**
to their dntles. Tbc duties are ?acb a
readings, orations, recititicni, jekes
ai.d essays. Tho first Winter part;
w*s beld al Jit R. V. Bray'* ob ib<
10, inst, and considering it beinjr tb
first was a complete success: Thi
piecies were excellent, especiallr tb
one read by Mr Bray called "Zek
Scroggins, tbe Embarawsd Lorer.'
T. l.n?K.kU m>,
It >YW U lie VI liUC UiVI* lOUg UHUiV ??'
ever beard, and to the question
"Does Bell Zora Ann love too, Zeko
* Z?ke startles us with the uniqat an*
quaint answer of, "I dont know; b*
she do like eho do." And we al
took ijoinfers fr^m Zeke'# Ourt?h: p
Tb- music for *he < cmiO'j wa? for
nis'ifc'J by Mr R>>bi Brawk*y wi b hi
mf >- :oii?: anrt Kobr H*lfor<1 ?*uh hi
haernouica, It is pxce'ient, and wi
inv:ro ?>:ber iiiusicians and tingers ti
I oltnii^ Or.r tvintwr sift 01.PI
to every bod}, ana I close wkh invi
tations to all to com*.
11 ? )lll
51! w M T t ifasaC-'
; Out in Kansas
Jives * happy wife. She crites: vt 1
) Ittve used Mother's Prien<3 before
I twc confinements. The last tune I hid
twin*, and vas in ftSor on!/ a fe?r min*
tttes. Suffered v*ry little." The rctsoa
! Mothp.r'?? ihriend
does expectant mothers so much
good Is because it Is an external liaiment,
* be applied upon the o?& _ vhere
I ?uch of the strain W> ?icr. '
.' <ause the pores of tl' j v .lii rcao .v < ?
! tt, and it comes into direct co ; :! ?> vvl?h
j -and is absorbed by the ^arts >r;
' Morning sickness is q'liokij :cJ.
. j and nervousnessrs??Dt':o!np;-'./ v .? uv.
! The sense of dre?il r.n.i f^rcJ s r: :
*; txperienced, c^-n
| Confinement is rh^r- .-.n! ai.rr"..
J pain. Recovery is eu c?' %,".u ' .r . " :*<
I j of all, Mother's <1 li- "
! , unbom ;uct ns r*n:*;i ?.? ;>o <. :
f i mother, and when xu
> vi!l be strong, Justy and 'tealr'..;*.
Orufgrn* Mil movwra rntso wjia wuic
, S*ad for car frc? Wok on Ir.t subject,
fiaety illustrated.
atlaxta, ga.
1 ????
Febraary thai far has proved (o be
? month of rain and bad weather generally.
Farzoers are bekind with thoir
work, plowing especially, bat are much
eneaoraged at the prospect of the oat
' crop.
1 A mad dog earned quite an exciteI
merit here last Taeaday n^g'jt It bit
; dogs, cowa and hogs from Rocky
i Mount to Blackatock. W? bear that it
? waa kllladjast beyond that place.
! Mr*. T. T. Lumpkin, of Winnaborv,
ia with her-laaghtar, Mrs. A. M. JacV.ton.
Mr. and Mra. Clarence Douglass,' *
Blackatock, vlaited iheir p.^ents, Mr
and Mrs. Yf. J. McW* er*, iint -ek
lira. J. A. McCrorey U viaitict? iier
danghter, Mr*. J. T. Carter, at Cedar
( Spring#,
Miss Mattie McCrorey left a few dare
? ago for Aogosta, where she expects io
take a coarse io trained nurBing.
Mews. Major Pye, Sam Ghduen,
HaryeyFord and Thomas Kilgo left
, federal weeks a^o for the business college
at Macon, Ga., where they will
, bef?r several months.
JRer, Mr. Miller's congregation at
Bethtada expected him Sunday, but
9ere disappointed to bear that he bad
j ?ot returned from Tennessee.
Mr. Daviu Dix<m and Miss Janie
> Gladden were married last Wednesday
t At Mr. J. J. Gladdon's. Mr. Dixon is
?n xemplary yoangmsnand th* bride
Tcry lovable yonng lady. To theo*
1 we oflar oar bett wishes. C. S. F.
February 6, 1899.
Look! A StlUb I* Tta*
S&rea nine. Hughes' Tonic (new im?
prored, taste pleasant), taken in ear jr
, iprinf and fall prerents Chills, Dengue
and Malarial Fevers. Acts ou the
'*?" iDifum 5att>r fh*r>
UTV) IUIIOI up luo
Qninine. Gwrantecd, try it Az
1 EJrmpjistf. CCc. sad $1 <W *
I :
Dr. H Y JL>c-F\?r?f?, < f Ri-f -oa ,
, V-., spear We1fr?dttv tu ' T?in.--^o
. wjth bis bioi&er, *U H ?. f'tPor'es.
Dr D*-P?n'">? <iv J no ^
; a boy *?uii hi? - Id f:? -*? ^ vwic
' glad to tap aim a
There was an eotert&i; ciciu
t at the residence of Mr. R. T. Bkir
I last Ke?k, the preceeds of which went
te the Methodist Church.
i Several new streets have recently
[ been opened up i? town, which add
znnch to the appearooce ef thiags in
> Central.
? if n. Hogan'i residence on Coleman
: street is Bearing completion.
Mr. Joe Celeman is boi'dia? a very
nsat cottage on Coleman street.
The negroes of the commuuity will
i soon commence the ereciion of whit
, they claim is to We a masonic hall,
r Mr. Geo. Derrick, our popular snd
; efficient denot ajent, has been called
I to the bedside of his mother, who is
I not expected to live. Mr. Mowver,
i formerlj agent at Leoaville, S. C.. is
here daring Mr. Derrick's absence.
Oar town it soen to have a nice n- w
' achool balding. Bonds whrch wee
I floated for this parp-se hare all b-eu
taken by the T> v?k of Pid^eway
Mr. anl Mrs. C. 3v. Rahb visitea
frieiid-* aud relatives in aud around
Winnsboro last week.
Mr. J. T. Barren, of Columbia, ao
. comfanied by several officers -if th?
^ First Rhode Island Regiment, c-ine
t up on Saturday and hid a big Yossum
j hnot that night. Several nice one*
j were caught a-;d the crowd re urnett
to Columbia on the midnight train
r Mr. Barron wa? the only one who had
* ever been on a bant of i h'.s kind, and
j 'twas quite anaa3ing to tee the soldier
bo?? climbing, cutting and shaking
tree*. The Rhode Inlanders are a jolly,
8 gentlemanly ?et, and Ridgeway will
, evtr b? ready to welcome their return
Y Fobrnary 9, 1899. J. O. N.
' ' !
? Twenty Years Proof.
? Tutt's Liver Pills keep the bo w?
els in natural motion and cleanse
the system of all impurities An
; absolute cure for sick headache,
j dyspepsia, sour stomach, cont
stipation and kindred diseases.
,! "Can't do without them"
- R. P. Smith, Chilesburg", Va.
9 writes I don't know how I could
-!,x -U Allf th T li n Tir?r1
E>| V_i V^/ VV VIA A 4 AM V V ??V%V?
o [ Liver disease for over twenty
a'] "ears. Am now entirely cured.
jTutt's Liver Pills
BY .T <E IN 1 A V? B: ..LrTI>: i
: ?- v ? i
Hi! - i. . < C'i I
j A; ' Viv- - >n' '< k :
I Awi > >!;= h:- ?v.<?s <i ."i .? i
I An-.i nukes hf*!p lrm us ? h-'d; i
J Wbi:e -Si* st< ' P.-- \ run :o it
! L'c* ?-.-.? ? .= to u.T -.iSf '*: = .
: A -i- I en? ;*z :?c ?ioct ?rq ?
| We iiaveio j .up when . Ap? jk.
i When papa'> tick mama has stand
j Right side ^d &ud hold shaad,
j v- bile Si* h.- L>ds to fan aoJ J n,
i For be ears "a dviu' ma
And wants i ? children rou. aim to
Be there w rtn "au Serin' a geti
He lays he r :.uts to say got ye
And kiss as : !l and then he' lie;
Then moan and ?aye bis ' sathin'i
thick" It's
awful sa i when papa's sic*.
When papa's sick he acts that way
Uc jl he hear;- the doctor *ay.
; "You've onl? tjot s cohl. y:;:i -^ow,
i Y u'.?: bo all r-ght'u a davV r
S A-iC .f.en?! yc>;'-.:i . i' - <,j
1 /l.fferen' h' ca ? be, ;
| .* "c .TfTeJs .'iTifi *vre.j:f f>. <? > ' > j
j night,
, Ji>' 'c-'Hi-e i;ia c!im;er u ' :<* kv''
; Vv'.' -.i no ?1Ae- i* tU" u k
i ?4]1 i;Sc .! IVj p.;^ ' S ok. i
| _ j
| **{ S< '1 l ' ' \ |
!-i v.-./:- ' i
i V>aV, fe 'l- i
THE 1 |
GREA' ???
UXENCH St;. fEI;V prodjicti tfc .- r
la SO daji T4i Htr-j*us D*'.it'-y siVaricocele,
/W. y Mcas y. Steps i Jrkat
loasaa eauicd b; :rtcso: -ooth. It da or >
Co"- .-npticn. Votise M?ti ;*ia in.vv
bo*c and Old ' ra recover Y iutb.'' v'ig?r. It
fives vigor a:' se to .tin-on k?i or s, p r.d -.a
taoofcrbBsi. * or marriage. E?; cairk a
the v?st poclcc* Frice CO PTf,' oxu: jt
*y ti.Jiil, ia pU. . pic'c Jy V> I ~
*rittea fjttreu.iue. i?A>. 0'tit.. .. Pariv
Bold only by ;J. J. OBEA X, Dri-<jgint,
Wiansi.-oro, S. C.
g g B sad Whiffy Hao't'
M|B aU| ? C apJB cured at ircev. -ii
>5 fs ar ? 3 5 Sslfe outBsJa vjli of - r
a B g ^ |y 8 ycuiaT5> sni
MflTT 'TTTfflTTl b/alwu. ty.v >.
^ t?? Qfflcc 1W.... i'lyor ct.
j tnriuU. G&- Actnal Eiislaass. No i ?xt Book*.
1 Sm!*? f!he?.o board. Send f?* <2h^''okW?
LETTi] * Of Aijilii.i Jii.. :1
| STATE (> V SOU .'U A ?.' . IN \.
By&RJOHXSTOJ, Esq ,/-/. PM.' ,
v:> IIFPJ. S. li i. if .; '7: k I
of C nrt -f ! oi.iin F
hth in:.do -nif f- me to p nt h :j
It (ors i?;' .- .omini.-vtraK'.-f. f ?' o>' re
*nci eflectr vf il-.-v ;> i'. i;;n, - j
I hwsc ar. iljeief re ic> ml ?.d-j
moiiisb all and iiu<r>i!ar t :< kindr-d ;:-d
creditors of : u -e&id Mai*v Ac.n Eikju,
i defied, !lint they be .-r.d appear
bcJ'ore me. in the Court of P?\>bate,
to h(- held at Kai; d Cu-i
House, Sol.:! Caroliiia, on ;ae 23.e
J? EV.K..,-,Qr.w noTt ?-f .r nnhl?
Uivy UJ. r?>utu*4 7 ?. .. ?
cation hereof, at 11 o'clock i ibe foreaoon,
to sho--? causc, if anv :iey hive,
why the s?H Administraf 2 should
not be grau'- d.
Given um >r ray hand tiii 5th day
of Febraarv. Anno Domini "399.
2-4-2t Jndge of k*obat?.
131 LE
ciLy-tB |
A %\tr and Complete Ts.-st;.:* ity. i
;r ;csiTO r < i
J v.?; ">f Oint^tit Aiiev'.: ;r . .:?-<?> - j
j ?<. <;(;*nsttsr.-.- , ! dcj^rc-e. i" . i
>. th : lraif- A-l-li is ;?*>
. cr-!i .f: iy -* ? . :
j W?" ?jc:. a W.ir v. C * ;
? No l.i -c, :' iy. J3".
I * . S.nt > ;a-. S>-.. :.v?
i oi!
T^STIFV. ...
Jiw- efO'"'-.' : .as-;* .* . . s . I
ff ll'v
-.'gf-.-A : ' .If.*. i
! * . '.'i -u ?it * ' * *>"
. ICS?" C'MT?U S.itril ,
j C'JR-: :jr saJ. '/ ./
j- obi:as, njt.-.trifsr
WiBESb , S.'
English Dairy and P;oeapp Ch? ??
I Evapo-t-.ted Frnits of all ;.inda
T7> ... ? O 1 L . . ftS,.'
rrunes, a jus. iv;t *<.>
A new vat i f y of N. Y. B -nit ?'
Fice Cakes.
Pickert's Mackerel iu torn?.! ? sano
Early Juno Peas. Coru, Sf; g Bf ui.
Pjckie-1 Salmon in 10 it> kits.
Trv them.
Fiuest Cruckei* ? ? c ^rv i' rce
da* f
( ?>;5 5 ?." i *? . t. ' ti- i7, '
1/ Ik 3 H I *i? ^ ^ ?** ?
iMMiim&j i
i i
t j
I " If ' 1
I B L'J*. 2 S
i o (M!1
i JL i> 2
i i
i i
?r , .rv
s|j*n 'iS ".
ibiiMwi ii-j.,
an?camawatrg ?? m i??1
TT?o?3 Girls
' 't j1 'jRt it. ?h<* s'e?:cl?.r j-Irl J
" ' e',; sr.<! 'lie
--e>;k' j of
,, -J if tie
? i .'I* . is ,
.j ' .; ? \M ? $? 3
B ,hers, when your children are at-1
t. ced by tfc3 'dreadful croup, von
. i - T\_ T~1,? TXT T3,,11Ja |
n & not> cissp&ir , ur? cumi juuu o
C igh S- rup will rc-lisve and ear?
t > disease at. once. You can always
c end on this marvelous remedy; it
n er fails to cure. For whoop'ingc
gh and measle-congh it is the best
r-- .edy in the land. Children like it.
3 2r.BiilTs
cure Croup v/ithout fail.
V sn:-?1I nril to take. Doctors
: .iiii.ejci it. I'ilcc 25 ccuts. At all druggist*.
??- i T-T a VK
_ .'*> jl ~ U JjJLiiE
As protty a Stock of Goods as
has ever been brought to
the towa,
C-insisting ia part of Rogers &
Bro.'s celebrated plated wares
?Ladles, Knives, Forks,
Spoons, Carving Sets.. &c.
Handsome China Cake Plates,
B^rrj and Salad Dislies,
Vases, Cracker Jars, <fcc., &c.,
ind invite an inspection of
them at your earliest convenience.
litiki] . I ii ui .
,Aivro\ei> at th-; last
.ve;.trx<; ok fHK i;0 ibl1 of couxtt
commisitons-rs o eld on j ax.
1*. lCS;S
' ;?e ^Isinis wcrn ey.^ruined
>. o aDjjrowd c-: State "Ca^e f::ad of
1803: '
>* . ' Am ?unt.
i 'V J L W?V. $ 10 00
l: i J J O^-ear. 22 85
3*' " .? A ilartiD, 10 00
1. > Joo R Li^a:. ton, 2 00
' Jno R Hamilton, 2 00
; News aac? Herald, 44 35
] ) JE Stereo-sou, 12 00 .
2 > \V B Smith, 5 00
2.) Samuel Catkcart, Jr, 7 50
2 I J W Pope, - 12 00
2 i J C Stewart, 10 00
2 ) Geo H McMaster, 9 50
2 3 GFAndrews, i 1480
2 3 WHTimmerman, Treas
cf Sinkiosr Fund, 7,686 88
CLc following claims were examined
s l aoprored on Road and Bridge
t. .do: 1898:
: Amount.
v. o' -if. $ 5 95
2:^ .1 J Ou..a- 13 2?
2-2 J 4 3 45
"2 K-r i i-i '-!f cit'tile Co, . 17 45
'l\i> ; ?\ i j (}*( . , 3 00
217 -CD v.- .mile Co, 7 00
hi- ] rx-t.v oia> -ii were examined
J ' nr V'M ii P u. iiouse land of
i IS:
U > J .? $3 85
_ J v, . , 24 00
- ! G ... i 1100
, !> i.J 12 00
j L J >b:. p, ? 12 00
The i'A'orfi ~ f \rr.& *reie examined
> d approved on i'ubiie Baiidinj fund
c 1898.
Kb. Amowit.
i)0 E H J'-M.iinoc, $3 50
'iUJ.TObar. 8 60
I co certify thai the abore statement
i % correc copy of claims approved
the laj; westing of the Coaoty
Hoard held January IS 1399.
5. G-TEOTAffr,
2-9 Connfv 3upevisor F. C.
- - - " ' ? i
?| The Equitable
| Life Assurance Society
t of the United States.
J? TL'C mar:HgenQeni of tbe
& liqui-ab^ Life />s-ur?rtce Society
la ibi- tor - i-' y i? Gceirous of zeenr
"$ ing t' c 'rvioi- of a iu&?. of cbarU
n. Mnvna.nl ?t?
'UiCi XI ' Z*;J; 'i? \j ? ?
fonsbsro ?s, heed*
.? < !."' - ri'-l't v ill be
i :? . --. - ?;ca ed is: tr-* -clence
d -,'Tv '? _<;.\ uoc and ta art of
"' * * > Siting. There!? no
r '.n-:'.! v ijrofcjgios: ii <t rewhicil
is a. 're reuiie-'i*
v a lifo * r-gency
v i h r2ergv siuc! abil^
I >. - #-?rdc:?-< ; me a
( .. ...jcj:-' p* t. -anent
* < -trrl arc arob't on# te
. :< a?j? n nu n< ill ii.- -rofes<*0"?
) ' v '''(1.
vy j j 'Qt) l.'?Y </r
' I 3 19-3.- '' Rock H-i '.Vc.
J-W;: ^
iv.?> v?- w'??? ->
ibh a fali sleek of Caskets, Buria4
a*es *r.d Coffins, ^oqs^aptJy ot hand,
id us;1 of haars? whi*n, requested,
iaatofid fov past pairontje anc solieiition
for a share m 1fine in tha
:d St&Bfl
(Jalto attest t? *t *11 kttirt. :
T c?'hc: s' Examination.
1 . K N X . Ku HEIiS' iSAAJU
v. .vi' :: . -on the third Sifnri>
L. ?"-T EVEN SON",
2- ,2 Superintendent.
t r - * v*
jCj~.;a ..*.4Y:u Fa-s A! .'aysBought
" of
1 ???p.
1 Diet If! I
" "U
... SOLD.... ia
Every Article
ScDd n? your wttch w.>:k and jewelry
j b-; we a- be-ier prepared ihin
ever to reader qu ck ervice.
fi. BMIET^J*
NEWS *** ;|
* ' "'i
- :''M
and "|j
;. p
z==!=E= " ;lS
* ?
In-Weekly $3 a Year in Advanct,
Weekly, $1,50 a Tear* in Advance. , "*.
1 ? i .'i7 li JllWIi.
and tytrythinf in j?b Ha?
m cheaply a* anjwkirt !** ?
^ theState.
.- "Issii
:' '":M
Every penny, spamt at
horn# is kept at noma.
______ .
N otice to Voters
The Books of Registration for ih?
nnvf Wn?iiA?nQl t?i KA hAlr) Al
uvai iuuiiiw^ai vvivuj t / vv i*v*v?
April 3rd next for Intendant and four
Wardens for the town of Wiruwboto,
S. C., wilJ be opeu for ibe recbteuoc
of roters at the stox*e et Simpson k
C&tbcart on January 1, 1S93, *?#d
closed April 1, 1899. AiJ ?ot??r? in
this election are required to register
witfciu tliis time.
J. E. < OAJi.
In tendont.
Sn^ervifor of R^istratton.
TnE Editor :?I have an absolufs /
remedy for Concitmptjon. L'y its timely us* / .
thousands of hostess eases have been already
permanenily cured. So proof-positive a.-n j
of its power t hut i consider it my duty to
s/nJ fao "boitUs free to tii. :e of your readers
who have Con2uxp3r?,Throat; Bronckial or
Lung irour.'^ir i::ey t.m wrne me tucr
express and poet. rZ] :r. sdc'recs. Sincerely,
I. A. StOCUK, tt. C~ m Pacrl Kew York.
8&* Tho Editor:.il >.r.? liasiuMS Minagemtat W
ttaU P*nr tauraaUie '.M? ges?ret? Propoaftfc*

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