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i_ .- TAlJC.
M. .V ( A.S0 iiSiU LD COMPANY.!
... fl.-jO j
I* X?au<, - - .75 !
^"!NiVS;>? >KO. v. c.
We?la?sday# February 22, - 1899
Ali '>r- prop ??iti ?iis i?cf<>re ibej
??n*ral \ w ii. h W'UiUi navel
p#rtnittc I the p-oji!e t? p**s upon and |
/ dttle the 1 q jor p-ob'un hive been |
Nata ally :here tniy br wry different
opinion! as to h-?? the liqnor
traffic sb">u'd be regulated. We can
oonctire how some will f*r?r the dispensary
s.i item, some prohibition and
one high license, bat it ?-eetr.< o ns
that it was a lair proposition t? submit
thi whole bnsincis t> the pe p'e.
?nd let them;d?ci<ie what Jhev wanted.
If Fairfield wants a d'spen-ary, the
people should have the right to say so,
tod if she dd?$ not want one, but prefers
hig^ i:cense with the good features
of tLe dispensary adde i, il en it
ttrik?3 uj as unjust that the dispensary
heuld be forcod upon the C< noty
merely because Chester, for instance,
should think a dispensary a good
The issues-high license, prohibition
r dispensary?have never beeu submitted
to the people. No candidates
have made these the distinct i-sms in
r~ ~ any campaign, and if the people are
to rule thta it should be left to tbem
to say what they want. Whether it
was so intended or not, the action of
the General As.-embly can ba construed
as meming that that body intended
to fasten the dispensary upon
the people, a: d did not intend that
the voters should have any *aysj about
The dispen*arv system has succeeded
in convincing many people that some
* of its regulations are admirable, but
they are opposed on principle to the
State's being iu the business. They
believe if is against the genius and
spirit of our form of Government to
50 into s-uch a business, ar.d that it is
wrong on pnnsipie. iney oeiieve
that individual under the ?ame restrictions
aod filiations should be
allowed to enga-re in the business.
Still thousands of others beHeve that
liquor tratSc is not legitimate, and
vtbat the trade should b<- prohibited.
No fair test of the strength of the advoca'e3
of the*e different views his
ever been made i<> the State, and the
General Assembly was merely asked
to give a chance for th; test to be
UictUC \J\ lUw ^cu^.c. U IVlua\.u. ?.uv
people wili have the chance at tbe next
ejection, we hive no doubt, and they
will not th^n have to ask the General
Assembly's permission.
The vole in the General A^scm'olv
is not eveu a fair test of the strength
of tbe dispensary in that body as it is
stated that many members were under
^ campaign obligations. By the time of
:he next eiectlon, these obliga'ians
may have been satisfied, and they wi!l
probably be free to change. It is impossible
to say how much th? vote was
aff?cted by th:3. Nevertheless, it is
not hard to see that tbe liquor qaestion
will be the issue in the next campaign.
Candidates for Governor are
already looavn^ up, and next summer
you may look for interviews on the
liquor qnest'on preparatory to enterinff
the race. i
Never miod, the people will have a
_ _ I
Senator Dale, of Maine, made the
statement that ''more Phillipiuos have
been killed by the guns of onr army
and navy thin were patriots killed in
^ Wa*41ao fc aP f ka pA*?AlnHAnovw
Mjy 0iJL UAllICO _VI (ug liviviuuvijui;
war." Tbis is oar way of teaching
the Phiilipin03 what a glorious thing
liberty is. At tbis rate, the subjugation
should be accomplished very poon,
bat the gorilla warfare has not begun.
When toe fighting in the jangles begias,
Americans will be killed well
at Phillipinos.
A few stray *hoats tne-atidering io
this locality made ;*n attack on the
potato b%uk of Mr. W. H. Jameson.
They beat a hasty retreat on being
** ? *- %r T n.
discovered ov air. nc pronounced
the benediction on the h#?
family in his own way.
Trie roids from the B)ro (o Rock
City are in a lamentable condition.
It is much to be regretted that wc
^ cannot hare our county road* macidav
. aizedj
Mr. Char'es Pr*user and ba?>j? true
conspicuous in our city a few nuhts
#?:o. He is under the tuition of Mr.
J. B. brooks.
We regret to say that Mr. Brooks is
undertk? care of a physician for some
ailment of the kead.
Block making has-been resumed at j
11-. ttt: 1. P...:.. !
. ins 13I18UW1U UldUHC uouipanj o
"wotks on asuiall scale. No orders
are ^ofr^hand only furnishing a few
wiih work in an accomodating way.
Some seem to think the manager very
partial in his charitable offerings.
Mr. Charles Praiue, we learn, has
resumed the acquaintance of a popular
young lady residing not fifty miles
from here Rumor says Uj is mueh
elated over the prospect* of a new I
sfart. If we can judge, 5!.-. Boyd or'
Rocktou has coth:n.' to ft *1: from the j
^ H*wly acquired friendship.
Sunday School will ronrene ?u 1
Sunday firs*. Some officers hare|
been chosen but not all. When ihel
teachers h*re been elected we will *
notify y?>a of all. I
The Rev. Briscoe will preach here J
on the 4:h Sunday morning and even- j
ingatll a. m. and 7.2o p. in. We
Ide3ire to sec a large attendance.
The United States *nd tin- P.'ili:iplne Is. J
lands?Some Historical tacts With j
Reference to oui^ Possession* or j
Forelgh Territory.
Mr. Editor: I am more intercutin j
T* -> . . ... f
"De people 01 tne .cuKeu oia.o i .? ?
am in the people of tb<5 Ph:!:ip:nc Is- j
lau<?, and un'ess I am ru'stak-m in |
jadiui^nt, onr gfovern'nent i< ctied ;
upon t) cottle as imp riant probeuiS
i? pre-entel for our con>id jntiort
daring the <Uy of rec-tj truct'on. I
Some of ihete problem* wtr - au-li r |
Ui'cnssion before hws iiiiies began; I
thrr< have been thrust u^n u> ~s a
re*u!' of i he -v&r wiih Spain.
Taking u;j the subject of im: erial:?m j
I believe the President ha- misreprel
seated the sentiments of .'he people;
or pnbape the peopli do not. fully j
understand the President's fu are in- i
temions concerning th* di*po?*l of the
Pbillipiue*. Ii lelt to AIr. ;
I believe he would do whatevvr he believed
to bj f^r the he*t interest of
i"\.r peop'e. The Americau people are
op??sad to giving the Philiipine Island's
bick to Spain, i;?:t they have
not a? yet declared in favor of embarfcinj
upon a colonial*pe!-oy, aud thereby
c?rerting the Snaffsh American i
war from'a war of s!I?Yiat;on as it
wa? intended to a w^r of eonqneit,
aad !her?bv obliterating to a jreat extent
the ancient landmarks of constifuti??a!
government It i? trne that
rrnie of onr leading rep:e5^uUtire
American statesman have made
?tremi nis effort* twist and warp
the c-MJstitutieu of the LToit:3 State*
to ?nit ?rery political exigency ?:'at
ha? arisen since the war between the
States. It behooves oar D-ftnocratic
leaders to meet our adversaries at
[every public meeting in the United
States aud discu?3 with them brfo:e
the people the advisability of main
uiamg a COnsuiuuuu&i gutcruiucui,
I as Lincoln aaid by the people and fv-r
j the people.
Referring to President McKiulev's
icqniry who haul down tie flag, evidently
meaning the flag that has been
hoisted in the Phillipiue Island?.
Those v/ho think oar flag has bee-:
hoisted in Caba and tin Phillipin-. *
with thi ostensible purpose of Holding
those sections as c?nquered tc-rritory,
should refresh their minds with same
historical facts concerning our former
possession of foreigu territory, Tt,e
flag was raised upon <-a;)adian e >il
daring (he war of 1S12 and it was
hanled down when pc&ce p*'as rci;or*d.
The stars and stripes were planted
apon thapultepBC during ibe war
?--L u._:? - - J . 1 1,
Willi ajeiiuj auu tiicj ?vif u .ui*A.
down when tbe war was >>ver. I
might also add that on Marc'.t 17. 1S12,
we ?eiz?d Amelia lsi*i:d jimi
dina, F;a., then nude1* ft"? Spanish
government, raised our flag asid established
a custom-h -use, Uien h%u'ed
down onr flag and restored th? territory
to Spain on May 1G, 1815. Dari?uf
Jackson's administration iti lfli v, t
to#k St. Marks in ?pauish Florida,
and a snort time aftcnvard* we
haul?d down onr th? ami wit?".<rerr.
Daring the Coin nh hh rebclir-n
Admiral Jonett raiie.i ourfl ig on the
Iitbmns of Panama and traaied the
country at temporarily Amanoari.
nly to haul down our flag and ?un:
the country over to thft Colnc. iiai
i Mr. Bryan, that incoruparable
leader of Democracy, tav? fie American
people raised tbe flag an-! they
can haul it down. He says the fh<:
was made for the people arid not the
people for the flig. Thar i? good
enjcratic doctrioe. The President
and his advisors wilt r.ot deny the aptness
and accaracy of Lb is assertion
nor the7 cannot esc>j>3 the lojic Ox
Bryan's solution of tht qaestion.
Thare \s something snore man eloquent
rhetoric?tbei\s u historical and
lundauiental truth Mr. Bryan's
"? - ? r\ ji .j. i...
ueciar*uon. uur 1134 -iiaum iui au
indettmctable union of imiestruetible
Slates. Erery State * represented by
a star, and every te1; tory -?oe? in the
censtitation a star ?nope that will
tome day take its place in ths constellation
apou an equality with the
otber States, hoping to govern itself as
kest suits the inclination of its people.
[ believe our government should propose
to the Phillioioes to pay us on.$20,900,000
and ler us give 'hem their'
independence. The que f r n nataralh
arises, who is it that is c > ?rin?r for
a coaqaest of territory, ? industrial
classes or the capitalist, the Democrats j
or thr Republicans? The wrkiugj
people have notning tog^aln by annex-!
ing this conquered territory to 'he
United States. Perhaps th* Republicans
see some advantages that they
miT derive from holding tb?m. If we
hold on to them the Phillipines could
be cut op into three or four different
States; Cuba could be euf into two
Statoi. In the course of tins it
would give us ten or twelve more
Senators and a number ci Congres*meu,
and would thereby increase our
namber of votesjin tho Electoral College.
The Republieans evider.fly r.v3
I ?ftm?lhinor in this
know enough |of cur people coul . t'O
th?re to initruet those p?opi'- i?
icieuce of government, and succeed in
being alect#d thecmelve- to loc'**i'v?
pr?fciiio>/3, both the-e aud as repr -s- illative*
to the United Stolen Cr-n^r-' <s
Thoie people are not :.ear so int-i i
g#ni as ourjpeoplo (.'onyequent!) trie
Republicans aoi capitis"* know ::: ;t
if ihose sections are h i'< b. roive n-d
cut up :nto sep?r.!p States us i g - fn
representation in h: lTn;ie.'. -trt ? |
government, it wouM rnacio Hx-m t
n*a ?nnnai* i n !
U Vy UiUUV> LO*. ' V Ml IJ^4 , VM *.
elections tolhede?rim utoftbe ras- s
audio the benefit o= ;he clars^ a*
tcey have nsed i: !:ere;v>f->:o i-i r:e
United Stages
I hive not raad n a single newspaper
nor *p?ecL aiu s:ul "f<- 1 u
the oiks I have set forii: in ibis ;micie.
If our opponcn's cnter.'ai :.n
idea of carrying rue!. in;o i r-c i':.!
operation they w<uM no: pr claim
their ii.tentions to rhe tor ?1 !c-?i i..e
Democrats caig^ii >>< *ui?a! (?.? the
emergency by d:l ring it.e.M a > i j
therebv check the on ><. ii'd or-jgre^*
centralization. If fuel. le^is!-^u.n us
I hare mentioned fcbcntc b: euacte. >'>
would enable the Republic ms i
petuite th?ins?lves in pow^r for t e
next garter tf a century, \e? perhaps
indefinitely, and then l!m <c ?vernmenr,
which was intended for a !)ie?;in<r to
all our people, would soon become
aimo?i an absolute Mon-.xhy. Tr.e
priiciples which were inculcated !'?
Jefieru n, enforced bv Jackson, advocated
oy Calhoun, Pwis, and raary
other sminent Am* -san Statesm^.i.
won!d be trarapieu in the du-*.
M'-n-y would hav* absolute sw*v,
crippling the inda-t-lsc, stifling tie
energies of onr peo. >, ta'<iug nw4y
tin righ s of the i dividual citiz?:?.
If >i:ch should eve> :>i thi cue, tne
lib r?y b-ill that ri'_- --'at at each r*jsarrih^
annivtfr?ar\ f Atc> rican indgpenderce
to remint' us of otir liberties
won d not h*ve tbst. aspiration to the
American youth thav its chiines f>r
mcri :iau.
Yours truly,
Robr. II. Jeffare*.
February 16, '99.
The co'.?J wave bap caused u? to be
.Trapped u^'.io in a rmntie of
an* he. Tha wave oi lbs blizzard
jt'rtick'bis sectiou Jast week. Sno*'
a id - '?;t beja-i to fa!! Satarday inoru j
I u/ ill co J tin 113d irregularly unti j
\f ?1 ... m .niioff /?rn.*erinar tJift'
.4 M.U*> ... e ,
j md a'jou* six incliss on a lerel j
t r,'u *eatiur \Tit uniHinl c^id. Monanl
Tuesday imrniag wa.>
u r-:o:J br?akir. The therinomete' 1
I ^oiii^ a? \.)n zh\>. Ic was the- J
jol l-.s: tr*Mb:r ever expetience-o
Th; ^fvmjrs arj awir behind in
pi-epiring iheir farus owing to th??
cntinael Wei weitLtar in January
a \ i now th; cold sps'.l mak#1! ic wor?e.
? rt-'-i deal and sa'i
are s?rion-.lr dim age 1.
R >bt. "Pfob^r" Rjseborjn^h, an
a^ad u ;gr , \rn f *oz3> to daath
>4on l*v at hi* h ?ms neir Woodward.
Ha: n> wjoJ, n #r scarcely any bedf
d ag. O vii\i to h's and feeble1
na<* h? wis u ubh to?> oat to got
1 ? ^ ^ " ?*n ttt'f K Kim Kn t
| 7J JUsX* VisI \J U? O VT1VU uim vmv
| bis dwghter aid son-in-law, both of
t>iem osiug alunst .hilpless, one lame
and the other blind. Tw\> negroes
waat to his home Moaday and found
him frozen stift.
Too business and guano trad* which
hai bees so brisk here has baen brought
t > a rtand still. The people are stayi
ig at horns It will ba soon time
before the farmejs can kiul, for travel
it almost imposiible with a wagon.
Some of oar peeple hire been eni
>ying slei?h rides, although it was a
little severe.
Tk; public school uader the able
and efficient maa&gement of Prof.
A. E. Craig suspended work this
week bat will resume next week.
Mr. W. L. Hdid made a fifing trip
onth?-12ih inst to somewhere. Look
Mr. J. L. Bricc, of Rock Hill, has
b?en visiting bis parents Mr and Mr?.
a. rT . uriytj.
Mr ? Go Brice, of Charlotte, spent
last Wednesday in town on business.
Mr J Mc Brice, of York County, w
risitingf hit parents Mr and Mra C
Mr Jno R Ttoooopsos, of Chester,
was in town to-day Jookine ter
cotton. Democrat.
Daac?rs of tk? Grip.
The gicate-t danger from La Grippe
is of its resulting in pneumonia. If
reasonable care is u^ed, however, and
(Jh^mberiaiij's Cougk Remedy taken,
al! danger wiil be avoided. Arnon.?
tho tens of thoe?and3 who have used
h'S remedy for la grippe we have yet
ro learn of a tingle case hnvins: resu
fd ii: oneumonm bbich showi con-1
clu>>va!y ti.at this iemfcdv is a csrt.in
pf;v. u'.iye of hat dangerous disease.
It will cure la grippe in less time than
*ny oiber ireH'metjt. It is piea-am
ai'?l safe te take. For lale by McMasrer
Th'4 siiow was very severe at on>
little "bug,'" I don't imagine there
Trill be many "Chrysanthemums" for
awhile, a-id the rabbit? are all securely
protected from any more "freeze."
Th? greetings from morning until
ni?ht (while the suow iaited). wu,
"How many rabbits you caught today
?*' "I got 50," etc., and now they
*re salted and packed away for "the
nmmar's supply of meat." No more
lieas while the rabbits last.
Mr. A. L. Dano, after a visit to
relatives in Ninety Six, has returned
home. Listen! what is that I hear?
Ah! the distant sound of wedding
Rev. W. T. Carrol, ot Columbia,
preacked his .first sermon, as pastor,
at Sandy Level Baptist Church last
Mrs. Sarah Woeten has been very
sick for several daya bnt is no* slowly
Mr. W. E. Moyer (enr nigbt operator)
and wife are residing at Hoffman's
Aim Liiiy iiooa ana juoi? wigsacales
attended an entertainmeit given
a few miles oat in the cosntry last
Friday sight.
We art glad to announce the convalescence
of Mrs. Belie Blain and lister,
Lucile Price, who hare been the victims
of measles for the past two
Miss Xlla Moore returned last Friday
aid will take charge of her school
next Monday.
Miss Minnie Bookhirt has returned
home after having spent several
months in Spartanburg.
"ItPHAAI* nwAnfl m mtklti
1 TTCUIV (?5?iU
last Snuday. Tafij.
Feb. 20, ''99.
5 has demonstrated tea thousand ?
A times that it is almost infallible |i
irresjnlaritias aild derangements. ?'
It has-become the leading remedy t
IXVi wros V4 kiVUWA^a* A* K
a wonderfully healing, strength.- f.
ening and soothing ir.ftiience upon fp
the menstrual organs. It cares f,
"whites" and fallmeof the womb.
It stops flooding ana relieves sup- ^
pressed and painful menstruation.
f? /T1 4*- Am 4Vn K
n rur vuru^ vx jui*c; 10 mw wwcv k
I medicine made. It is beneficial R
a taring pregntncr, and helps to B
y bring children into homes barren
g for years- It invigorate?, stimuli!
lates, strengthens the whole system.
This g*esc remcStj lroffert i
I to all afflicted -women-; "Why wii
any woman suffer another minute
with certain relief within reach? H
Wine of Cardui only costs $1.00
per bottle at your dmg store.
For advice, in cases requiring special H
directions, address, giving tymptcms, g
the "Ladies' Advisory Department,"
The Chattanooga Med.cine Co., Choi
tanooga, Tenn.
Ret. J, W. SMITH, Camdtn, S.C., says:
"My wife used Wine of Car iul at home a
for falling of iht womb and It entirely
-cafgfl her." |
9 mnaBtm mnnnui HiEiHiniiflR&nia
I 11111
5 *' I am still selling The " Best" Tonic, and
C reiterate my former statement as to Its wortb.
S U every one could know it as 1 do, you would
E be unable to supply the demand. I believe
?. It *aved mv wtfeNi life-"?Joserh H. LutZ*
5 Druggist, Bridgeport, Cons.
At all drug stores.
Neiei and Cour nr.
Some very pertinent refections w?
printed a few days ago, by one of t
Florida papers, the Times-Union,
Jacksonville, before the advent of t
"cold wave," which, as ih-3 repo
ahrnr. h*r? ingfc overwhelmed tl
State, carrying ruin in its train in t
most important interests in the State
for the aectnd time in tbii docac
Speaking of the known effects
"drouths" and extreme "cold" on t
conditions of countries subject to tbi
invasion, the Times-Union said:
Florida should take timely warni
from the history of semi-trepical i
tions, which destroyed their forei
and were too lethargic to restore the
From Spain westward through t
Levant, to Palestine, to Mesopotam
there has swept in a broad track "t
scourge of God," which was not
much the hordes of Alaric and Att
a8 the axe of the half-baroarou* far:
er. Such devastating drouths as i
experienced last spring, as well as t
extraordinary rainfall preceding
and again this winter, are a silent b
solemn admonition of natn'e whi
we shall do wisely not to disregard.
The Germanic nations which ha
destroyed their forests hav;- had t
foresight Mid the courage t? repla
them. Pruasia learned the bitter 1?
son of tb ; effects of the deferestatit
ir u yaaaantry benumbed and stupefi
by cold, and the sandy barrens
Brandenbnrg hud Fomerania we
planted ia rovat I'orests. So stern
are they ^uardsd that a peasant worn
has to obtaia a permit to go on h
knees and gather a fa^ot of fall
? - ?J T.~ *
twigs no larger man icau peuuns.
But seini-tropiral indolence ba3 n
profiled by thes^- latest teachings.
Tije point of all inis, ot c>urse,
i'-at the *ame causi'?ttje destruction
the tore*ts? .% hioh produce* drout
also uredaoes or induces tne vi*ic*tn
of '?av^?"ot extremely cold rveatrH
and this (suggestion should be kept
- '1 ? rt..o/1'.nrr T?V?ot fAllnWi. * 1 Pi* V
Llll i; W in l.a.V4(li^ ? Uw.v IV4.V t, V. ? . ?
?>a," \\f *re toid. learned t
i-itter lesion >? ih; ^1' cu of defores'
(ion in -i :ic: ?iiiiry benumbed ai
nuipeGcd b? c -id,'' suni we may app
it* ic-sii;'i5 in the case of our "pej
antnwhich ar^ now similarly i
fecte.i. The Florida paper contina
it? eff'eciive apukal to the le?iou taog
other countries, rs to'Iows:
Wnen first discovered, th# island
Saint Helena had heavy forests, b
the introduction of goats and otb
causes finally deitroyed them, nn
the island was rendered olmo^f barn
of tree*. As a consequence,^he recor
of the lasc century give accounts
repeated visitations of sevei? druutl
alrernatinsr with Hoods, whicb occ
sioned great loss of cattle and crof
Late in theceutury the Governor pe
ceived the necessity of restoring t
arcoreal equaiizsr, and protection, *1
nurseries were established, expei
enced gardener* wereplaeed in ckarg
and trees from all quarters of Iheglo
% ? . -a ?_i_ . j A .
weae pianiea anu nuurnucu. a?
result of these plantations being mad
drouths were greatly mitigate ?, almc
ceased, and the precipitation was a
vantageously distribnted threa?ho
the year. Unfortunately, after tl
ICast lodia Company lost control <
the island, in 1836, the forest plant
tions are said to have been negleste
and twenty trees were felled for eve
one replaced.
When the interior of the inland '
Mauritius was "densely woode-t," v
are told again-, ,sa large proportion
the waters of precipitation was r
taiued and filtration was so gradu
that eve i in the dryeit place?, ti
lanrrvnna ricnlir
* WW . ? ?n
pare water."
"But when the forest* were ci
down*in order that the land might t
cleared anci culttvated iit au^arcam
the greater part of the rainfall w
carried a way to the *ca, and in d
wrather th? sun beat down upo.j ?lirn
fetid rnarahe*. Once noted lor i
solubrity, the island became a botbi
of malaria, and tho mortality fro
ferers was much augmented."
And ayain. fifty years ago <rtl
Khan^e of Bokhara was one of tl
most fertile regions of Asia.'-' "B
within the la?t half centu'-v a aan
for clearing seized up>n the inbat
tants, all lb* git at forests were 4
s'.royed aud t:ie littie ihat remain*
>?a? ravaged by fire during a civil ws
A? aiesnit ;he '.vater ccurses becan
drird up and the irrigating cana!? we
empty when i.e.ded. The coantr
was ttv.n&f ftu d into an arid deiet
tqe moviiij/ sand? enrroa?hing u;k
b?ar-bl- ii.;d, and tne C'?nulrr ra|
iui? j.pptoncf ed a condition of d?si
utioi-." The pifvin?9 of Tuni
a^aiti, i\ n< oii .'f the Kranjptfi 0f -k]
lioman Ear-ir-1, but to-day it u
liacrni dt- eii. -Mri the traveler behoJ'
?i;ie liuiiiftti bridgrP of siooe, tio
h? fttijii-.fr iN2 <irv river b?ds. Tt
Times Union conclndos:
Gov i-Miucni ecuida kept
J?< k>ui-7ilie tti - twenty six ea
b nv iba^ a!r* adv a, tiigbt ilist*! D-n
t:ircnr ba^ bcc ii;it>-(Tuceri ii.to ;t
o'iinato. Ti>? dnMuh* aic mora a<
cere, thj. ?=t?>r:ns !"^ freq*ent an
?s?:>re vioi<Mi', givifz a heavier r?;i
ia-i wi'.tiin uvoi-t--four boors. W
atts-jb little vaiu to the fw&ts as
?rotec'i<?n a?ainst the vist continents
;ir movraen'.s from Manitoba; but a
an equalizer :f cv-poration, of ?Iotu
formation an?! of rainfall, they are (
the highest imp >rUnce.
The fact is notorious that th
"forests" of tLe South h^ve '?ee
nearlr swept out of exiatet.ca in th
past fifty year?, and that ex-rem
"drouths" and "cj^d wares" t>!loi
other, summer and winter, :
certainly as the keasous come aud ?
both extending to areas of the couutr
which weie practically extmpt froi
them so lately as in the time of ou
grandfathers. It is a pertiuent an
important question for us to comidei
urelr. whether er not the 2ene:*l d(
traction of onr forests is not re?p>n
sible in large meature, at allegad b
the experts in fuck snbj-??U for oa
rtc< nt novel and now oft-recnrrin
wpsrience of deitructive "drouJh*
in summer, and no lees destrnciit
"freezes" in winter.
A FR1CANA irll cure Rheumatism tsu
C\ Scrofula to Stajr Cared.
H Mr. Jantea Shannon and Mi?s Alice 3i?- j
Daniel Happily Married.
S The State. i
s Thft home of Ex-Sea&tor McDimel,
S mhicli is situated about eight m;!es
2 north of thin pUce, was made tf>- 0-B
cisiou of gr?at py and bappino* on j
5 :be afternoon of February 15, T-'i;?rn j
*" *?- t ? _ wm .-.r 'nurtb-cf.-plr 1
2 Jlr. OdLLl'if. guaun ;il ui i/mvnS
claimed Mi>* Alicc McDiuiel roc a
a bnde.
a Despite the cold weather and the !
3 *now, which was about 10 or 11 i:ieh#s
5 ieep, a iarge crowd had assembled, J
? Hnd at a quarter past 3 o'clock the
2 wedding march "Christmas Be.li*''
a | was efUf.k up, with Mi*s Strauss Mills
a j at the piano, and the expression aoo
a ' etnpba*is which she gave to it en:id
? , hardl> be excelled by anyone
3 As her fiugers glided over the k?rvs
S with a fairy-like touch, and 'he
3 ' crowded parler was filled with eer.
S strains of music, there appear *
? J the door Mr. John Barber wi'h Mi*a
a I Hattie Morris, who advanced U> iha
3 ; centre of the room and formed them
3 i ielves facing, and at the distance o* a
3! f?w feet of each other. The uert
3 ! couple, Mr. Arthur R. Craig wi.b Miaa
a Janie Caldwell, separated after enter1*3
ins: the door, and going behind th?s
members of the first coapled f--.-med
themselves a? did the first Nex. p'
peared the greom on tho'trmot Mr.
W. J. Simpson as best man, and the
bride on the arm of Miss Edn<
at maid of honor, who on entering the
?e door separated, and going bacfc oi tne
other couple completed the semi
The bride was beautifully drc.isod
"e in a cream silk, neatly trimin^i, a. d
rts her youDg lady attendant? were us-e!at
fully attired in white organdie3.
be ltev. Jno. A. Wi'ite, apai^ed by
? ? ? - - 7?i ? ?> /
lievs. I'. B. insfraoam ana d. u-. ua e,
*e- performed tho ceremony. -
The bride ii the elde3t dan^h^r of
Ex-Senator and Mrs. J. 11. Mci>*:i5 ?,
e'r and is a charming and excelJenc .* sun;*
no The groom is the youngest <.d:i of
la- Mr am) \f r?j HV M". ^hftnilOIl. HO
,ts will be .emembered as Woffard's line
left end of a few roars ?g*.
P? The present# were manv ainl beautifnl,
cousiptinar chiefly of sii*^:- i^d
"e chiuaware. The bride a?d groom left
}? shortl> aftei for Mr. E. M. Shannon's,
lla ^ere thev will make ih^ir future
3Q* home
j1? Parsnip Gomplexion.
ut It does not require an exp:rt t.- ucch
tecc the sufferer from kidney J rouble
The hollow cheeks, the sunken cyos,
ve the dark, pnlfy circles under eyes,
Ii? !he sallow parsnip-colored compic-x;on
ce indicates it.
(8- A physiciau would ask if ycu had
);i rheumatism, a dull pain or ache in the
ed back or over the hips, stomach trouble,
of desire t-> urinate often, or ? bur-Ving
r? ' ? ? * ?? i# n <?.
? v, \Jl ^l^aiu4 " o 111 XX. , ??*. * ??%.
iy ing t ere i- an uusatisied tVeliny a- if
an it most be at once repeated, or if the
icr urine ha- a b; ick dual depositor strong
en odor.
* When these symptoms are pro-cut
?t no lime should be lost iu remoT ng t!iu
is Ddlay may lead to graye'i, catarrh of
<?f thy bladder, Inflammation, ca.isms
>^s stoppage, ami sometiaae> requiring tiic
an drawing of the urine with instruments,
:r, or may run itto Brigbt's Dis?a^e, the
in most dangerous stage of kidn=y troui;.
he | Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Roar, the tire-at
!*- discovery r>f ihe eminent kiducry and
3d blad'Ier specialist, is a poeiiire lvmedy
}' f->r such diseases. lie reputation is'
is- worid-wule and it is so easy to get at j
it- any Hrug store that no one r ?ed sniTer
es *nv length of time for want of it.
bt However, if yon prefer 'o first test
its uonderfut meries, mention The
of News and Herald and write \o Dr.
ut Kilmer & Co., Bingbamton, N. Y\ for
e? a sample bottlQ. and book te!;in:f\all
til about if, botb sent absolutely fr?e by
en miil.
ds -
:a- ||r ^ rktmf.s V !TAL. T i
5 J VVeS tf*n
j" the crr^c.
; ' r^-T?fiat i?S7
o DRENCH REMEDY produces the i.novo result
in 30 days. Cures tiervous Debility, . n.- /:&.
it) Varicocele, tailing Memory. Stops ill -i ruins .-.ad
>gt <->sscs caused by er-rcrs of yosth. !; wv '* o'i inj
. mity and Consumption. Voting Mer ri Manu"
ood and Old Men rceover Y<.n:!:;v , :t"Ci It
lit .ives vigor ands'.ie ts shrunken ot.:? >? ?. -x .its
i :r.an ior business or tnarriagc. ??sii;- cu: .;<i fn
'-.e vest pocket. Price Pfj p"^P C iJoxvr J.2.g?
DX ?. mail, i:t plain pack-CU y I Oj.a ?r* with
vritten guarantee. BR. JEAn 0'HA;-.k. . r'ans
d> Sold only by J. J. OBEA71, Drugry
gist, Wiiinsboro, 6. C.
'6- BMP * loxariaot
a' KWwiffiaiK MyMT Ttula to^EfgU-r^ Gray
as Shines
[7 Silverware
"is Surprisingly
}nd without
ie Sample sent if you say so.
ut ft's unlike all others,
ia Box, poet-paid, 15 ct?. in stamps.
)[. It'H a?ld Hrerywher*.
c- The Elfccto Silieon O., 40 Clill. Street,
New York.
aje ?I IIAVE???
rjt Asprottya Stock of Goods as
has ever been brought to
the towa,
'* Consisting in part of Rogers &
u Bro.'s celebrated plated wares
? ?Ladles, Knives, Forks,
d Spoons, Carving Sets, &c.
Handsome China Cake Plu tcs,
JUCJLIJ ttUU uaiau jywjjooj
e Vases, Cracker Jars, &e.. etc..
ii and invite an inspection of
them at your earliest conve'*
[s Respectrnllr,
For Sale.
I land, on Little Kiver, ben --giTy t?
" D. M. Broom, and boindod bv- Vd?
S I nf Hip ABt??p nf R. H-. Simoi:!\">:.. fe!</T
I w*. ?wv w ?V w ?
I ?n*on and others.
For tenn? apply to
d i A. 8. & W. I>. DOUGI^ SS
11-17 Attorneys, Wintaaor*, ?
- ? _.
arid Re^ula - ^
tflfttteStottfirig-andBowels of W
EmmoteSp^estioTY,Cheerful- 8
ixiStffSififetContiins neither |
! toufelQiphtiie cor Mineral 9
wntXiscoTic. IS
? 7>4WnZFJ7Z2X& 8
# 9
APQXv54fipwlFVj tui a
fi*ISq$St(mch?Dia$ite a. m
?5fe^fWulsioas>Feverish- \m
acssandLdss of Sleep, s
Tac Simile Signature of fl
We have some special values i
Patterns and Dr?ss Flanni
offer special bargains
* . rrz<
And foa a little money wil
Try it a
, 1 f . =
is reached by the shoes we
of a good constitution. The
the outer sole is solid leathe
half sole that too is solid 1
solid leather and the putting
Your shdes will steytejet
er if they are the kind we
free from foot-fretting, yoi
as complacent and happ)
friends in the corner when 3
self reach a good old age.
For sale by
Q. D. W.
Mackiie Sipplies aid Repairing
MamfactumV Aaciiis f<>r -l.e
Hill wu'
Our MK.S. C. McKEOWN is a Telephone
crank t o.
Pnwne in our (.'OBNWB LL, ?. (' j
offi?e on WLnmboro
aud Cbwter Mae. 4-6-ly
ot'C N iipgCa
'p .? , r 5 ; "? ? $ *0 M ,r
J or Ini* rug and Children.
TLa rfmr! Yftii Hsraa
HkU b vfftfeU IVU liUbU
Always Bough!
Bears the / ?
Signature / /a y
of m
j\ The
(\f> Kind
\J You Have
Always Bought.
II lines and offer all heavy
Is at - - -
t~\ ~
LIA J^ICSS UUUU3; C3pc*-iaJiV lx*
sis, at low cut prices. We
in Wool Underwear.
1 give a great many gyods
md see.
L & RUFF.8?
A Good
Old Age
sell. That's what comes
i inner sole is solid leather,
r and if vou have an extra
? J
eather. The counters are
r fno-pfher is done for keeos.
her teaj
with a fall stock of C&fckets, Burial
Cases and Coffins, constantly on ha/id,
md use of hoarse when reqwtfd.
FnaoMfcl for past patronage aai solicitation
for a sfaare hi Ifae fatwc, >n tfce
sia stand
Galls attended lo a: all fao?M.
j. M, eixioxtt & oo.
OfficcatMrs. Ellen C'athcart's, Bcxt
loor to J no. H. MeMaster & Co.'a Drug
l^Xight call at Wiaasboto Hotel.
12-6-3 m
- ' "*
W.1,.. | ," , ,
1 Set If! .
... SOLS....
Every Article *
okI no Wrtnp vraioh nrftrlr *n^ iaV*
elryjobs; wear better prepared tk&n
ever to render quiek service.
-??**JUST IN.
Eojrliah Dairy and Pineapple Cbeete.
Evaporated Fruits ef all kinds.
Prunei, 3 lbs. fer 25c.
new variety of N. Y. Biscait Co.' ^
Fine Cakes.
Pickert't Mackerel in toaato saace.
Early Jtoe Peas, Corn, String Beans.
Salmon in 10 lb. kits.
\ Try them. ^
Finest Soda Craskers is every three
days. f '
Ci??#la!?8 sad Bsaboss r'rtik ts?tiay. \
ot - Danaimii
JUM luuululL
A Fresh L?t of
- ;
' ^
Garden Seed
,r '
Onion Sets.
Tnmin T flnum
mm j. mm,
S The Equitable
? Life Assurance Society
!of the United States.
The mauigcuiMit cf the
K%ai:*b:e Life A s-uranc? Society
in this terti'y i? dt^irot* of ?ecurine
the ?-rvic* of a mm ol eharac
cr ai.d absiiiv to represent iti
immst .villi Wintifboro *s headq
>?rtei*. The ri^tit ?r:ar. will be
sjjorcnghJv educated in ib?* >c'ence
of life iusnr^iice md th- art of
successful soliciting, 'there is no
hii?it:<i?c ar n/?f fA.
M quiiiDg capital which is more real
muneratire than a life agency
w conducted with energy and aliilffi
ily. Correspondence with men
2? wbo detir# to secnre permanent
V deployment and are ambitions t?
attain prominence in tht- pro#??4fc
aiov is invited.
W W. J. ROD t)EY, Mgr.,
^S-19^oi Rock Hill, J8. C.
N otice to Voters
?-? 4
The Books ef Rejristraiuu for tha
next Manicipal Election, t be beld 01
April 3rd next for Intaodanr and four
Wardens for the town of Winaiboro..
S. C , will bs opc? for the reriiteiinf
f vuiw- at- th? s-t r<- i f iiibpton 4b
C-tfccan cm .Inr.Htrv 1, 1S$$, a?4
clawed. April 1, 1S99. All voura is
this alaclioo are reqtired t? registerwithin
this time.
J. U. <OAN,
Sap?rTii?r of Reg i?*atUn.
OmI111 &nd whiskey Hablta.
Dill HA ctwditbowwith- 4
XuZ&SOflce 1M N. Pryor St.
A FR1CANA w*i care CMurti^dtiou aefe
*?ji*wo*dej#alLiwMfciidnt. Trrttr.
' ^ ....
. V'l
^ - >
5 -- 'JZ-'arS.

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