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. . * -
Wednesday* March 1, - - 189S
?Seod Irish potatoes at McMastei
?For seed Irish potatoes read J. J,
Obe?r,8 kdyertiaement
?From to-day the bank hours wiij
be from 9.M a, m. to 2 p. m.
?The County Fensioa Board . will
meet on the f th of March (Hist Mod%
?Mrs. Dr. McMaater, of WinniK
boro, who is a: Or. Tryor's saDitarinm,
is reported much improved.?Chester
- - ?The County Auditor closed hia
SLv" ' books on the 20th, Those who hare
c- - : not made their returai will have to
, pay tbc peualty. .
?A large oil task i* being built by
the Standard Oil Company near the
freight depot. The work on the tank
|.v * has just recently bbgnn.
" ?A south-bound train carrying
twenty, hree passeDger coaches passed
through Winnsboro on 3anday. The
*" coaches f?eemed to be empty.
?"Shoeing the feet of oar friends is
- - .L M
" the most pleasant easiness on oana. 80
says Q. D. VYilliford in his new
N. ; advertis-ment in this moruiog's iwac.
?Mr. S. B. Be:o has bought the
f " Hall & Crawford property on Congress
Street, And has remodeled and improved
the property for the purpose
of opening a grocery store.
?Foa.- deaths have occurred ia a
L family in Yorkrille within four weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Barron and two
r daughters have been the victims, and
they have all died of typhoid ferer.
?The town ooanoil has a quantity
of crushed granite on hand acd they
are having it put on all of the crossings
about town. This has improved
the condition of the streets to a great
^ ?A delightful musical was given by
the young ladies of Due West Female
College last week in the college chapel,
and Miss J&nie Flenniken was one of
the romog ladies who took part in the
? concert.
- Rev. Mr. Ferris, the new pastor of
the Baptist Church who was installed
ei the ?tk instant, has not only mad* a
Ysrr line impression, but many friends
already.?KershaW Cor. Lancaster
. Lodger.
?The portoffloe was meved on Tuesday
from the old offlee near the passenger
depot to the new quarters in
ike DeaPortes building. The new
offiee has been nioely fitted op and is
ery convenient in every respect
. ?One of our exchanges suggests
that a law be passed requiring all
witnesses to be in the court house
.. when court opens, so that tke? would
. not have to be called in when_ needed,
andjnuoh trouble would be saved.
* ?It has been announced thatvtlte
r*" ' Southern Bailway intend? patting on
; oethfr passenger train The throigh
passenger train to the North has to
carry so many sleeping cars that it has
been deemed advisable to pat on as*
titer train.
? ?The Chester Mills were sold on
( Monday. This was the third time
that the property had been offered for
' aale. The new owners are going to
build a spin4ie.mil! to spin, their
-- yarn. Tbey will probably start ?he
m Cheater railla to work very soon.
& ?Joe Phillips, colored, met with a
- __ painfnl accident on Friday. He was
' working at Mr. E. T. Matthews' shop
and got his hand so badly lacerated by
the planing machine that the third and
.. little fingers of his right hand had to
r\_ T> T?
U* ampuiiueu. Lfl'? JCV. x?. nauauiui
^ performed the operation,
n ?The salary of the eouuty super
visor of Fairfield County bad been
m &re? by the legislature and is to be
' $650, provided that the supervisor
k shall speed his whole time on the
|b> roads and in the coanty. The county
1| commissioners are to receive two
HI dollars per day, not exceeding thirtyfive
?The Laurens correspondent to the
State states that Mr. Frank C. Shell,
k son of Eon. G. W. Shell, is critically
B ill at bis home near Laurens, and
great anxiety is felt about him. Mr.
& ; Shell is a brother of Mrs. S. B. Crawford
of this place and 'we hope ths.
more favorable news will soon be re
-1 - - - -
Cfiyea hi 10 ma 09cuuiuu.
?After seeing tie reports from the
. . different counties of so many animals
^ t having frozen during the blizzard we
H|, feel as if we, in Fairield County, have
gg been very fortunate. No reports have
B come to as of any loss of cattle from
the cold and it is certain that the
r birds, did not die by the hundreds
( from the eold a9 they did in tbe lower
part of the State.
?Coagressman Wilson requests us
to s'rate for the benefit of our readers
thar the supply Qf seeds tor this year
W " ? "
it ia&dequate to furnish all of bis con titu3Dt??
and in order tbct they may
. fo to those wishing them, he asks that
uab partita drop him a postal eard at
Spartanburg, S. C., expressing theii
dwire for wed, and their request will
reeeiye prompt attention.
?Those who are interested in gardening
who wished to have early gardena
have had a hard time. Tnc
weather ha? been so bad that it has
been impossible to get gardens in the
proper condition for planting. If the
weather continue* good, howover, the
gardener, wi.i be kept busy planting
l . u_:_ .. J 4.1,^;r
ious to ataloii,
biy qaars
tuat time
;ment* bi
- caoacity
od if any%
room i;
r Kiiliau*
gualion ai
camp o:
held tbinow
i to enablt
' j?
-V / /fgr
. * ??
"7? ? '
Makes the food more de
of the camp reg eircd very greatly to
lose Col. Davis bat J hoy accepted his
resignation. A new colonel will
shortly be appointed ? > Si! the vacancy, j
?A report that Dewey bad stmk a
1 German ship wa3 circulated about
town on Sunday and everybody was
wondering what the result would be.
As toe daily papers coniaine 1 uuinmg |
aooat such an occurrence the report
was of coarse a fake. Eridentlv the
report originated from Dewey's cablegram
published in the daily papers
last weak asking that the Oregon be
sent trim at once.
?"Wednesday was Washington's
birthday- but the day passed without
any celebration. As it it a legal holi- J
dav Mt. Z;on is usually tlosed on that j
day, bat as the bliszard intarftred!
greatiy with the sohool and several j
davg were lost last week on account of
the wear her, it was thought best not to
close the school on Wednesday. The
pupils were greatly disappointed at
not having holiday.
?A new organ has recently been
purchased by the congregation of the
A. R. P. Church and Mies Pai Elliott
Is organist. This is the first time that
an organ bas ever been used in the
-nf rhnreh as some of the
memoers of this church were opposed
to a musical instrument in church.
The majority of the congregation,
however, have long been anxious ior
an organ and are pleased that their
desire has been gratified.
?On Saturday afternoon Ed. Simpson,
a negro man, was arrested for
disorderly conduct and was locked np.
He has }ast been released from the
chain gang, where he served a term of
two years. ms experience uuriog
that time evidently failed to break his
spirit and he Trill probably be put on
the chain gang for the offence cemmitted
on Saturday. When he was
arrested a pistol was found in bis possession.
?Columbia and Greenville people
are exceedingly loth to part with the
soldiers, and are deeply regretting that
I the volunteers art to be mustered out.
I During their ensampment in these
cities the soldiers have, with very few
exceptions, made a good impression
upon the citizenf and have behaved
themselves in such a way that they
have gained the friendship- and good
will of the people. Their encampment
in these town has been a benefit,
financially, as a good deal of moc?T
has been circulated.
?On Sunday night a tremendouily
heavy rain fell and the rain wa3 acnnmnnniflfl
hv thnmler ann lirhtmne".
WUIC-MLV-. ~ J ? --O n
This heavy rai:a coming whan every
one was hoping that the deloge was
over will reduce the farmers to desperation.
The frequent rains of the
winter have affected many of the wells
very seriously, causing the water to
be so muddy that maDy people have
had to have their wells cleaned out
-before the water eoaldbe used. For
numerous reasons the quantity of rain
*? ? ? ? J *L IvAWA/) kfl f
is a ienoub maner *uu n is uupcu
we will after this be granted the blessing
of sunshine^
?The ecws of the teirible tragedy
which occurred in Columbia on Saturday
night caused some little excitement
and every one was {impatient for
th? fJolnmbia DaDers in ordir to ?et a
correct account of the affair. The
greatest sympathy is felt here lor the
injured man who has suffered so deeply
.At'.tho kandi. of a state constable.
The billing of Mrs. Stuart by Constable
Crawford is a blot on South
Carolina which. can never be wiped
out'. Indignation against ths murderer
is intense all oyer the State, and it is
scarcely probable that he will escape'
severe punishment for his awful crime
if guilty.
?It ii said by those who have investigated
the matter that the stars
and stripes of the American flag were
adopted from the escutcheon of the
Washington family. The family arms
of the Washington family were stars
and stripes, and it is probable that
when the General was hunting tor a
device for the American flag it ocfn
him nnnri fhp
escutcheon of his family would be a
good one for tht flag of the new
country. Mora atars and stripes of
conrse were added, and thRs originated
our star spangled banner. A part of
the Main house of the Washington
, family is still standing in England
, and the escutcheon may be seen there
?In the New Soath, a magazine
published at Naahville, appears a
sketch of Iyea*; Shipp, by Mrs. T. C.
; Roberteon, of Columbia. This maga;
zinealso contains a history of Rocs
Hill with views of the town. Thi?
I article on Rock EliU is from Mr-.
Robertson's pen and the newspaper
A?% UAM *TTAt?l? ] % XT Kflj?.
wuiiuoum vu u^i vvvia uavw vw
. mo6t complimentary. Mrs. Roberti
sop. spent several days in Rock Elil! n
i few months ag<> taking views of ihe
! towu aud gathering data for tlie arti
I cle which has since appeared in thi\
new magazine Mr?. Robertsor-'*
; talents are well known and her friend*
! are gratified to hear of Let* succcss in
, the new work she has t&k?ti up.
' It is very hard to stand idly by aud
see onr clear ones suffer while awaiting
; the arrival ot the doctor. An Alban(N.
Y.) dairyman called at a drug
[ store there for a doctor to come and
5 -jee h.s child, then very sick with
i croup Not fiodiDg the doctor in, be
I len wora ror mm to come si uuuu uu
. his return. He also bought a boit'e of
(liMnberlain's Cough Remedy, which
5 he hoped would give some reliet until
tbe doctor should arrive. In a few
hours h^- re:urned, saying the doctor
' need not comc, as the ehild was much
het?er. The druggist, Mr. Otto Sholz,
f tays the family has eince recommended
i Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to their
t neighbors and friends until hs has a
constant demand ior it irom mat part
J of the country. For sale by McM&s?
ter Co.
. Banno I
? Powder
ilicious and wholesome
Vacant lots seem to be in greaier
I rlomonfl nAm fVion -Fat- o 1Anor time
We have heard of several people who
wish to bay lots and baild houses.
Another good sig>i is that almost
every house in town is occupied. It is
encouraging after the many years that
our town has b^eu asleep to see signs
of a real awakeniDg aud although ber
I growth and enterprise are not as great
as we would like to sec, still it is good
to see that sora^ r.-rogrpss is being
made. It is rumored that one or two
, enterprises that will bs of benefit to
! the town are going to bo started here.
We have allowed most of the towns in
(he btate to get ahead ot us and it is
lime wc should awake to a realization
ot how far we are being left behind.
A. R. I>e Fluent, editor of the Journal,
DoykOhio, suffered for*
numfcro* years from rheuma'ism in
hirrij:ht vi.???ilder and side. He says:
"My uk-,! arm at times was entirely
useless, i tried Chamberlain's Pa?i
Halm, and was surorised to receive re
lief almost immediately. The Pain j
Balm has been a constant companion J
of mine ever since and it never fails."
For sale by Mc SIaster Co.
At a recent meeting of the executive
commitee'of t^-e State Fair it was decided
to increase the premiums. It
was also decided to sivea prizs for the
best county exhibits, the first prize
being $350, the second ?250, and the
third $100. The first premium ?ould
easily be won by Fairfield County, and
if the farmers would only tike enough
interest and begin early to do all in
their power to get the interest of
all the farmers aroused, the prize
would be carried off by this county
next November. It is the best way to
A WAflrtn A f fVilQ
Uitih.U M1UW1I IUC icouut^co vi IUIS j
county, and even though it will involve
a good deal of (rouble it would
certainly be worth while for the farmers
to unife in working for the first
prize. The other premiums will be
worth trying for, and our farmers
ought to determine at once to carry c-fF
the lion's share of premiums.
Mr. Nick Myers, formerly of this
county, but who has for a number of
years been living in Florida, is to be
tried for his life on the 1st of March.
He has been accusad of killing a man
in and is fn hp. friftd for the
crime. Mr. Myers was a gallant Confederate
soldier and served daring the
war in Gen. Bratton's brigade. His
friends in Fairfield are fully convinced
of bis innocence, and after hearing of
the trouble that he 13 in some of his
TVinnsboro friends have contributed
money to help him out of his difficulty.
All of the money that is needed
has not yet been collected, but
after the facts have been brought to
the notice of the people others will
probably come forward with contributions.
It is hoped that Mr. Myers
will ne aDie 10 prove ms innuceuee,
and Ms friends who deeply sympathize
with hiin ill await anxiously the
result of the trial.
? # o? ?
A memorial edition of Henry Timrod's
poems is now out. This volume
contains a complete collection of the
beautiful poems and a portrait of the
author. The Timrod Memorial Association
are working in order to raise j
a monument to the poet, and the proceeds
from the sale of the book will
20 towards the monument. The price
of the book has been fixed at a moderate
sum, ond this book, which should
be in the library of every South Caro- '
iinian, is within the roach of everyone.
The Century Magazine says that
"Timrod wa3 a true American poet
and worthy to stand in the narrow
space that belongs to the best."
For many years it has been almost
impossible to buy a copy of Timrod's
poems, but now that a new edition has
been issued it is to be hoped that the
association will realize from the sale of
the books a large enough sum to enable
' -? x - - - ?? ^ n t-? s\ f -no ioinrr I
II1C1U uj can/ uut tuon yjrtu ui nunug
a memorial.
T770MEN used i
t0 "f"; *
cal^ esamina- j
HIL cians- ^rea/of 1
???? 7 such treatment !
IjgT ) kept thousands of ?
jgfepggff"*? modest -women | :
|ro silent about their j
I Wine of Cardui has now demon- j
sfrated that nine-tenths of all the ;
cases of menstrual disorders do j
not require a physician's attention
at all. The simple, pure
! taken In the privacy of a woman's I
own home insures quick relief and |
speedy care. Women need not i |
I- hesitate now. Wine of Cardui re- I ;
quires no humiliating examina- j i
tions for its adoption. It cures any %
disease that comcs under the head i j
of "female troubles"?disordered ?
menses, falling of the womb. \ :
"whites,"change cf life. Itmakes | I
women beautiful by making them \ '
. well: It keeps them young by 11
I Keeping tseia cssiia/. n
the "drug store.
For advico In cases requiring sp?c!*l |
directions, address, stftnptqsns, I
tha "LadRa Advisory Department." ?
Ti^hattiffl&OgaMoaiinsCo., Ch*ita
coogZi Tcsfi.
W. I. APQISOHi SJ.D., Cary, Kiss., says: \
"I use Wine of Cafdui extensively in g
my practice and find it a most excellent g
Miss Rot6 speut Thursday with Mrs.
P. K^chln.
Mrs. G. A. White has returned from
a viiit to Florida.
Mr. C. A. Matthews, of Charlotte,
wss in town Sunday.
Miss Maggie Aiken is visiting Mre.
3. E. Pier-!iss in Barnwell.
Mrs. T. F. Davis returned to her
home at Killians on Monday.
Mr. I. L. Withers, of Columbia,
was in to Friday on business.
Messrs. A. E. and J. J. Gerig arrived
here on Tuesday from Ocala,
Mis3 Maggie Gladden, of Rocky
Monnf, is visiting Miss Jessie Jennings.
Miss Elizabeth McDowell, of Oxford,
Penn., is visiting Miss Susie
Miss Ray Cummings is ia New York
visiting her sisters, Misses Nannie and
Womift PummiiiM
Mr. and Mrs. Beverly E. Harrison
and children of Amherst, Vs., have
returned home after visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Jlolbrook Iiion.
How to Look Good.
Good looks are really mare than skin
deep, depending entirely on a healthy
condition of all the vital organs. If
the liver be inactive, you have a bilious
look; if your stomach be disordered,
yon have a dyspepiic lo6k; if your
kidneys be affected, von have a pinched
look. Secure good health, and vou
will surely have good looks. "Electric
Bitters" is a good Alterative and
A AM afAmA/kU
JLULliv/* UUOUtijr \ju iuc OLviiiavU)
liver and kidneys, purifies the blood,
cures pimple?, blotches and boils, and
gives a good complexion. Every bottle
guaranteed. Sold at' McMa^-ter
Co.'8 drug store. 50 cents.per bottle.5
The following letter by Mr. P. J.
Berckmans which appeared in th?
Columbus (Ga.) Enquirer-Sun will be
of interest to those who are in doubt
& to what tbey should do with their
roses since they have been injured by
tbs eold:
There is r Uurally mnch speculation .
in Columbus as to the exact amount
of injury done to the fruit trees, flowers,
plants and vegetation in general ]
by the recent freeze. 1
In this connection, the -following (
letter, received by a Columbus citizen,
will be read witn mucn interest Dy an
who raise and love flowers. The :
writer of the letter, Mr. P. J. Berck- .
mans, is a famous florist of Augusta, ,
Ga., and his opinion is valuable. The J
letter is as follow:
"Augusta, ?a., Feb. 215 1899. <
? ? : "Replying to your let- i
ter, we find that a large proportion of ,
oar lea and Marechal Neill rosea were
iniared to the snow line?below that,
however, tliey are perfectly sound. 1
The only thing to do is to out back all ]
damaged parts, and no doubt they
will soon recuperate.
"As regards banana ehrubs and tea
olive3, however, that is another ques- !
tion. Our old plant, 15 fe8t high, the I
body of whieh is IS inches in diameter,
we believe to be killed. A few dayi (
longer will settle the .question as to
the extent of damages. We do not '
intend cutting back anything until
sap begins to rise. Your verv truly,
(Signed) 4'P. J. Berckmans."
Township No. 1?W. B Wright,
T. E. Dye, CWIps Faucett.
Townehi: >. > 2?W. J. L. Weir,
J,E. Suve <? '?. .1 S. McKeown.
-t - .' o r_i n
lownsnip o?joqu jo. rainus,
E. D. Mobley, T. W. Traylor.
Township No. 4?Thomaar L. Johnston,
W. S. Weir, J. C. Willingh'am.
Township No. 5?B. F. Cassels,
P. B ? ' ?? veil, J. (J. Stewart.
T " -I. p No. G--J. M. Boulware,
Jam*, a .?n, H. R. Flantean.
rPi-v?. . U: "NT ^ T T* /2 Polrriflr
suip liy. I JU# \JI A aim\,Lj
E. M. Mellichiuip, Robert Spence.
Township No. 8?G. Y. Langford,
M. M. CJicJ?caIe3, J. A. Martin.
Towi ship No. 9?D G. Ruff, A. J.
Brown. J. C. Chappell.
Township No. 10.?N. D. Roberts,
Jus. "W. Clatk, John Leitner.
.Township No. 11?Joe HcMeekip,
S. S. Carry, P. M. B. IToiley.
Township No. 12?Moses Clark,
John Ramsey, J.W. Pope.
Township No. 13?James H. Aiken,
A T? T\??*f*n TAKM \%T T.WIao
iiuiue XJ. viOj u\jiiLi TV jujioai
Township No. 14?George H. Monaster,
Samuel Cathcart, John S.
town assessors.
Winr.sboro?James A. Brice, F. M.
Clark, T. H. Ketchin.
Ridgeway?I, C. Thomas, D. W.
Ruff. C. P. Wray.
For Over FJfty Tears.
Mrs. Wixslow's Soothing Syrup
has beeu used for over fifty yeara by
millions of mothers for their children
while ten thing, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
rtllftvro A'.I rvolrt />na rrinrl Qn/1
cina v o cid i yaiuj uui n?uu wuvj
is the bcct remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
imm^dia'ely. Sold by druggists in
every par* of the world. Twenty five
ceuts a !>;i:le. Ba 6ure and ask for
"Mrs. Wioslow's Soothing Svrnp,"
and lake no other kind. 1-1-17
Mr. Editor: it was reireining 10 S6e
something a;?ain over the familiar signature
of T. W. Woodward, for we
have !o:ig missed him from your columns
Ii has been, as tfce Major seems
to intimate, that since the advent of
the present political status Fairfield
stems for ihc time beitie to have forgotten
some of her eld landmarks.
Certainly it is not even doing justice to
Maj. Woodward to say that he is not
only one i-.f the landmarks of our
county, but al30 of our State. Mr.
Editor, believing that "honor should
be rendered to whem honor is due," I
suggest th&t some one of Fairfield's
r.itirpns. whn r?an r><ill minrJ fhp> r>APt
that Msj. Woodward occupies in the
history of our county and State,
should jiive as a sketch through The
Ne.vs and Hekat.p of the part no took
in those days of secession, of war, of
reconstruction and radical iu!e, during
thope daT3 of '76, and when white
supremacy was restored to South Carolina.
Let us remember the noble and
disinterested deeds of some of our
citizens while they are ret with as,
and not wait merely to ca3t flowers
Sore Throat
Hoarseness, sore throat and constant
coughing indicate that the bronchial
tubes are suffering, from a bad cold,
which may develop into pleurisy or
infla.Trrma.tinn of the lungs. DO not
waste health and strength by waiting,
but use Dr. JohnW. Bull's Cough
Syrnp at once. This wonderful remedy
cures all throat and lung affections
in an astonishingly short time.
Cough Syrup
Cures Hoarseness and Sore Throat,
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
recommend it. Price 25 cents. At all druggibts.
upon their grav?3 when they are gone.
if. Mellichamp.
Brvant, S. C., February 22,1899.
Rheumacide is not rccomraeded for
the care of every ill, it does not Gure
everything. Bnt it is a certain cure
for rheumatism, and is a fine blood
purifier and laxative; try it.
Anotn?r landmark in Winnsboro
passed away when Mr. Francis Gerig
died at his home in Winneboro. on
Saturday morning about C o'clock.
Mr. Gerig bad not been well for
nearly a year, bat possessing & most
remarkable constitution together with
wonderful determination he continued ,
to attend to tha datiea of life, and bit
will power doubtless prevented bis
succumbing to disease sooner. On
Monday, the 20th lost., be was stricken
with paralysis, and no hope was entertained
of his recovery.
Francis Gerig was born February
56th, 1817, at Sondershausen, Germany.
On Julv 4th, 1847, he landed
in New York city, and settled in
Winnsboro July, 1343," entering business
with Mr. Mason Chandler, deceased,
the father of Mr. C. M. Chandler.
On November 9tb, 1848, he was
happily married to Mis3 Mary S.
Btankenstein, of Colombia, to which
marriage were born twelve children
five of whom, Mrs, C. T. Gooding,
of Macon, Ga., Mrs. E. P. Wolfe, of
Puerto Principe, Cuba, Messrs. J. J.
and A. E. Gong, of Ocalo, Fla., and
Miss Laura Gerig, of Winnsboro, together
with his widow, survive him.
A.ItUoagn Dorn in a Toreign coauiry,
and devoted to his native land, Mr.
Gerig, landing in New York on the
1th of July, 1847, became a thorough
American citizen, at much devoted
and loyal to his adopted country as he
lovcS Germany. He was always for
liberty and against oppression and
tyranny, and as true to duty in public
affairs as any native. He baearne a
South Carolinian a3 much so as aiv
man in the State, and when South
Carolina called for volunteers he j
promptly offered his services against
the invading foe. On January 1st,
1862, he entered into the active service
of the Confederacy as a member of
"Lyles Rifles," Jai. H. Rion, captain;
prior to that time Mr. Gerig was engaged
in making accoutrements for
the Government. Mr. Gerig carried
with him into camp the same faithfulness
to duty that marked his life to
the end.
' After the war. be resumed business
as a merchant, and a number of years
ago Mr. J. W. Selgler entered into
business with him under the firm name
of Gerig k Seigler,. which continued'
up to the time of Mr. Gerig's death.
Mr. Gerig was a man of magnificent
personal appearance-& striking resemblance
lo Bismarck's pictures, but
kandsomer. Tall, ereot and distinguished
in person, he would attract
attention anywhere. He was courtly
in his manners, and seeing him once
you would look at: him again. A man
of strong convictions, once ha conceived
his duty nothing could deter
him. His death removes a personage
lonsr familiar on oar streets, and on
every band is general sorrow that he
is no more among us. He has been a
member of the Lutheran Church sinoe
he was thirteen years old.
The faneral services were held at
the Presbyterian Church on S?jnd&7
morning at ten o'clock. Camp Raines,
of which the deceased was a member,
ii*. Cm m hr\Arr Ttia nail hotrPl*]
ablOiiucu iu a wwu; jiuv ^v?* ?? v?
were: T. W. Lauderdale, Jas. E. Coau,
J. N. Center, E. C. Gooding, L.
Landecker, F. M. Clarke, P. RIon and
J. M. Smith. j
Eucklen'g Arnica S?! .
The Best Salve in the world for Cats,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chillblains, Orris, and all Skin Eruptions,
and r> iuvely cures Piles, or no
nexT ronnii'p/1 Tt. ic fmaranteed to ffive
F"J *v^ua.vv.. ?-n- cr
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cenii. per box. For sale
by McMaster Co.
?It has been a long time since
Winnaboro has had any amateur theatricals,
Jbat the probabilities are that
soma tim? soon- aftor Easter the
people of our town will have th3 opportunity
of seeing a play presented
by some of the young people who
have had experience in that line.
Those who have the matter in hmd
have not yet corae to a decision about
what the play will bj but that will be
decided very shortly and then the rehearsals
will probably be commenced
immediately. We bave somj fim
amateur actors and actresses among
the young people who have aireudy
maoe lUBir UUW3 '.U Hiuueujiu ouu<ences
and whose talents arc well
kuown to all, and who will take part
in the new play. The name of the
play will be given liter.
We have saved many doctor bills
iince we began using Chamberlain's
Cough Remedv in our home. We keep
- i 4i??
ft UUUIc UjicU ail liiC anu vmicuever
any of nay family or myself begin
to ca'cb cold M*e begiu to use the
Coubh Remedy, And as a result we
never bare to send away for a doctor
and incur a large doctor bill, for
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Dever
fails to cure. It is certainly a medicine
oj great merit and worth.?D. S.
Meabkle, General Merchant and
Farmer, Mattie, Bedford county, Pa.
For sole by McMaster Co.
Tbe case Di State vs. Isaac Mack
charged with breach of trust was
trip<l ami ^nclnded. and the defendant
wa* c3nvi?tcd. He was represented
by J. W. Hanatnn. Sentence 12
Henry Thojaas and William Brown
plead guilty of housebreaking and
John Gladney plead guilt; of housebreaking
and larceny and sentenced
to 12 months on chaingang or in the
penitentiary :Cui a like period.
Wiini<? Thnmns ?nd William Rrnwn
vj-pre arraigned Joi arson, and Mr.
Hanahan wan appointed by the Court
to defend the prisoners. They were
William Johnson plead guilty oL
housebreaking and larceny, and sentence
The case of State vs. Jno. L. Harrison,
Claris Harrison and Herbert Harrison
was begun after recess, charged
with assault and battery with intent
to kill. The defendants were represented
by W. D. Donglai3.
Wednesday the case of State ts.
Jno. L. Harrison, Chris Harriion, and
flerbert Harrison was concluded. The
jury remained out several houri, bnt
were nnable to agree. A mistrial
wa3 ordered.
The case of State vs. Charles Tucker,
* ' ? ?" ? A*>4^ iVlfl
lur i&rueuy wu uui ^iu>scu, aim <u?
defehdant discharged.
The next case tried was that of
Rnfns Ford and Reuben Ford cbarf?d
with assault and battery with intent
to kill and conspiracy. Tbe defendants
were represented by J. W.
Qanahan and W. D Douglass.
Aw/yo rrtiA oil Hov
1UC UUlUb vvaa Qiig mii ~
Thnrsday in tryina: the oa?e of Henry
Davis for marder. Thi9 is the 'iiird
time it "has been tried. Tbe jary
found a verdict of guilty with recoio- j
mecdation tc mercy.
On Friday the cafe of State rt. Wm.
Lyies was tried. He is charged with
murder. He was reprwented bj
Ragsdale and Ragsdale ?Verdict?
Guilty of manslaughter.
TI>o frtlJ/vminar nri?nn*ra Wftrfi ?en? I
ill? wv.v?^ r
t teuced od Saturday:
Ilenry Davis, ranrdor, lifetime in
the penitentiary.
Henry Thomas and William B:OW.'?,
housebreaking and larceny, thraa years
in the penitentiary or on the chain
1 Rnfus Ford, assault aud battery with
intent to kill, Ihrte months on the
chain gang or $19. Fine paid.
William Johnson, housebreaking
and larceny, one year on the chain
pan sr.
: a
William Lyles, manslaughter, two
years on the chain gang.
Elliott Jefferson alias Elliott Mobley,
wrecking train, eight months on the
chain gang.
Court of Common Pleas opened on
Monday. The first and only case
tried was Riordan & Co. v?. W. R.
Doty. Nonsuit grrnted. J. "E. McDonald
for p!aintiff; Ragsdale & Rags
dale lor aeisnaani.
A druggist in Macon, Ga.,, sayr H\
have sold a large quantity of Mother's
Friend, and nave never known an instance
where it has failed to produce the
good results claimed for it. All women
agice that it makes labor shorter and less
MAfhor'fi IrflAfirl
is not a chance remedy. Its good effects
are readily experienced by al! expectant
mothers who use it. Years ago it passed
the experimental stage. While it always
shortens labor and lessens the pains of
delivery, it is also of the greatest benefit
during the earlier months of pregnancy.
Morning sickness and nervousness are
readily overcome, and the liniment relaxes
the strained muscles, permitting them to
expand without causing distress. Mother's
Fnend gives great recuperative power to
the mother, and her recovery is sure and
rapid. Danger from rising and swelled
breasts is done away with completely.
Sold by druggists for $1 a bottle.
Send for o:n free ClmtKied book [or ezpectacc
49 i Made s
^7 Wetf Man
THE Jf^Tn C*? of Me,
GREAT s^S- ?
I7RENCH REMEDY produces the Lbove re?uk
* in 30 day j. Cures Nervous Debility, hnfioteney.
Varicocele, Foiling Memory. Stop* aL drain* and
msses caused by em rs of youth. It wards off Insanity
and Consumption. Voiin^ Men regain Maa:.ood
and Old Men recover Yrutblul Vigor. It
;ives vigor ftudsze to shrunkcu orjrans.aad ?u
i man (or business cr marriage. Ej-s.1v carried in
hs vest pocket. l'rice J"fj jPTQ t>Eoxes$?.5c
-y mail, i:t plain pacU-%/U u t O.aze, vrith
vtittcnguarantee. CR. JfcXtt ' t-?KK?. Poit
Sold only by J. J. Obear, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
Officc at Mrs. Ellen Cathcart's, next
! door to Jno. H. McMaster & Co.'s Drug
' Store.
{?"Night call atWinnsboro Uoiel.
J with a ?g11 stock of Caskets, Burial
! Cases nnd Coffins, constantly on hand,
and use oi hea ae w&en requested.
Tbaofcf e! for past patronage and soEoilation
;or a share in the f attnw, in the
old stand
Calls attended to at all bouw.
the miAovr Gitf &a?p,
,T M. ?S?AjkOW & OO.
To the Hon. Ernent Gary, Presiding
The grand jar? be? leaye respectfully
io report.'
That we have act id upon all bills of '
indictment handed to us by the Solicitor
at the present term of Court.
We have made such examination or
the jail and the public ?ffices as the ;
limited time at our disposal would per- j
mit, and find everything connected
therewith regular and in good order. 1
A committee of our body visited the
poor house of the county and report
the same in good condition. The in*
mates, seventeen (17) iu number, are
satisfied and well cared for. There is
on hand from last year's crop about
250 bushels of corn, 40 or 50 btsLct* of j
peas, 6 bales of cotton, abont 4,000 ;
pounds of fodder, 600 or 700 pounds ;
of meat, and fifteen hogs for another j
year. The manager, Mr. Cameron, <
earns TiavA riiarliircrod *11 of hii 1
duties faithfully.
A committee of oar body hare also I
visited the dispensary ana find same ,
under good management and doing
We call to the attention of the Court
that neither the Sheriff, ncr the Auditor,
nor the County Superintendent of
Education bare complied with the Aet |
of the General Assembly requiring
county officii* to keep an itemised ,
accsunt of the income of their respective
offieos and to report the lame to
ibe Coanty Supervisor.
Wc pre?ent lob Crosby for wife desertion
and vagrancy, and name as ;
witnesses Lou Crosby^ Mary Gather, J
S. Pw. Johnston and J. E. Coan.
All of which is respectfully subm'lced.
T. J. Eabb,
Cnwsmmmmmmmimmmmmmm*' *
i . jss
heS h-d tl
V indigestion
V ?*u Liver Refti
2 oou&?^nokL"
? tryCerstle's Female Panacea. ac
? For Sale at Drug Stoi
9 L? OBRflTLE & CO., Props.,
' . - ?
- ^wu
We have some special values i:
Patterns and Dress Flanne
offer special bargains
we NEEi
And foa a little money will
Try it a:
the shoes are poorm fit an<
that there's only one way to
and that wayls proved by. t
of shoes you'll find at thisrSj
ive store. '
Give us a chance to fit you,j
do it to the Queen's taste, - V
taken no chances. Our sh<
from America's foremost foo
T?r> eola Imt
x kji oaiL ^jr
Q. D. W,
Tott*r, Salt -Rhcuaa and EcMaa
The intense itching' and smarting incident
to these- dieeaseg, is instant) v |
allayed by applying Chamberlain V
Bye and Skin Ointment. Many v<?r>
bad cases have been permanently cure 1"
by it. It is equally efficient lor itching ~\i
plies and a favorite remedy for soie >
nipples, chapped bands, chilblain 3!
frost bites and ehronic sore eye*. asH
tfcts. per box. For sale by McMastv
A New and Complete Treatn-.eru. consisting- <-f - '
SUPPOSITORIES, Capsules of Ointment and :vrr?
Boxes of Ointment. A never-faiiing cure for Pile jf
every nature and degree. It makes an operatic-. _
with the knife, which"is painful, and often rest:'.
in death, unnecessary. Why endure this terri->'< ^
litMSQT Wa pack a Written Guanntea in ecc'
11 Sax. No Core, No Pay. $oc. and $i a box, 6 for t>
Sent by mail. Samples free
OWTMENT, SSo. aa4 EUc. ?
to tike: especially adapted for children s use. 5-J -, .
doses 25 cents. -~r&
ppcc ?A vial of these famous little Pieilets ?" ' - 4,
be given with a $i box or more of Pile Cure. ^
None*?The genuine fsesu Jatansse < - ^
Cuke for sale oaly by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist, -
Winnsboro, S. C. " /J||
farming laud*. Easy payments. 3?j
No commiesions barged. Borrower .
pays actual c<^t of perfecting loan. -Jig
Intereet 8 per cent. .
Colombia, 8. C., * :isw
or A. 8. it W. D. DOUGLA8S. M.
10-4 Winmboro, S. C- :'^|||
>ven disastrous to manywomenw Z
Mt and damp dotting chili <110 J
system and the delicate female w
a axe at once effected. PtSafld, A
repressed or Obstructed Menses, 2
flfcff of the Womb, or some other V
roving disease is almost certain S |
acn exposure unless proper prere
takes. When any of these dis- w
eut women should begin the n?e of ?'>
erstle's .lpj
aie panacea, i m
r**?e((5# F; ,p,}?A*K- ' - '
late the menace, cure all forms of * 3
ftae, and give health and strength. W
the privacvof the home. No con- ? "- 23
No^hmnlllattog emmuigtionfl. j
A. J. MACS. Jamestown. Term. 2 \%s?&
m. ii.oo mp Bottle. W viaa
Chattftiiooga, Tesa, f ^
I lines and offer all heavy fl
a Dress Goods, especially in ||
Is, at lowcut prices. We
in Wool Underwear.
. - iff
. .;/j
give a great many gyods j|
L & RUFF.9*'
_ :
die feet of our friends is the - ' %|
nost pleasant business on
iarth if we fit them with
shoes that give comfort? J 4
hat ' 'make the feet glad."
fust the opposite is true if
i. quality. We've learned
success in the shoe business
he class , | j
IC^ll I
t fitters.
~ j
imiFORD. m

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