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zx.<HSD sfATSr ;r# 0xYJBUUr i
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v i \S i) H ?Ri Li) COMPANY. |
?9n???*art - JI.60 !
4tx Auti'ii. - - .751
? "~~r * j
W i NTJ\ S b J ,<O? S. C.
WedQes lay. March 8. - - 1809
We hi**e <>fif?!i e?l atal>i ious
yoatig ni?u n*avefv?!iii?al life alone,
.vid n ps;i*e l:v ?:ivfn examples
of h>w u U ??fieii tie
ercd of a political circei*. If -he special
c'Trespou Jei>t of the Nsw? and Couri* r
sps'ifei with g-toA found t-io:i for far*
reoort Sccreia'-y of War Al^er will
stnrd ati'l auother example of tue
unprofitableness of politics from the
standpoint of the tjou ?r ? mm ga:t<*
by it.
A. tras;ed friend of the Secretary ?9 j
raoarted to have said: {,S? etary |
Aider's ret ire toe-?t from the Jabioet is
only * of tuae " It i farther
ad led th<u the rumors of his retirement
have b^en thick f .>r several
rjoatbs. This sime close tripod ef
ths Secretary ti reported by the vVasbin^toa
correspondent of the g&Wi and
Courier to have farthered : "Until
recently it secm^/ffrThoagh the periiszent
attacb</aD:>n Secretary A!g?r
were %ij?pfred by a few seasatioaal
nftjygpapers Sfow it ha* gone beyond
/tne newspapers and has been taken np
s hy some of (he mon inflaenria' tn^ni*
bers of the RspuMican party,. who
insto that thego>& of the par:y demauds
tba sacrifice of Alger. With
inch a pre8-mre behind the President
It i* doabtftii whet-jjr he will be able
to withstand it, for the President was
deeply impressed by the nnfo. tnnate
InnManl Jr? i>nnn.W:n>1 With htfl rCfifcOt
^uv/1uoov tu w-vumvvwivm ?* ?- ?- ?- w?trip
to Boston, when the Secretary of
War m& hissed ou the streets "
This U a remarkanla state ot affairs.
Here is a man cla:tning to have done
his vboJe doty, to have the endorsement
of the President and his fellowcabinet
m*mher* in all things connected
with the-late war, and yet he mast
bs sacrificed, not becanse he has done
anything wron*, bat because a great
fuss has been rai<ei, and to satisfy
the angry protests of tne co np'.aiuing
and save the Republican party from
attack, AUer must be sacrificed. -Such
s politic?. Elere is the President,
under .vrhom A?gt*r ac s, supporting
the Sec etary ofrWar 0:1 the ground
tha- the_Sec-eraryv ha' done right* bat
becaase it is made bot for his administration
by aivarse criticism ba and hi?
adtni nitration mast be absolved from
Kv -f."irrMJIOr fhA pssicriiflfjlin Of
Alger. If Alger has discharged hit
duty faithfully a? I<* c'aiined for him,
- then the President s^oa'd stand by
him let it cost what it may?even if it
cost him the Presidency or even if it
destroys the Itepnblican party. Poor
- A'g^r! be mint retire for the goo J of
the Dartv, becauss ns i> hissed, on the
atr^ets of Boston, snd became his
farther coutinuaoce in the Cabinet
will endangei the President's chance
of e election. Why doesn't Mr. Mo
Ki jley rise to the iisUchc of the occa lo:i
sach a* he professed just before
the war with Spain was declared when
. h.c declared thtt he would not throw
this country into an anjast war eran
if nis conduct should result in the
death of the Republican party? We
are not defending Mr. Alger, bat it
teems to iii that if h:- onght to re?ign,
then the head of th? administration to
which he is only a subordinate ought
co precede him in retiring.
It is time to develop manhood in
nolitics. Ateer mav not be euiltv of
the charges ma-le a^alosfc him{ boi.it
#trike3 as as very peculiar that protesting
that he has managed the e ffairt
of the war properly he is now willing
to compromise th? right. The right
ought never to be compromised, and
if Alger resigns, then McKinley cannot
e*clj)e condemnation.
The war with Spain may gi~e the
country a Democratic President. We
believe that a large majority of the
people of this country are not only
opposed to Mr. McKinley'a colonial
policy, Dut mac mey ueneve mat cue
Repablie itself is in danger from imperialism,
and they will support a wise
leader representing local self-government
the world over. Congressman
Talbert said in a speech iu Congress a
few days ago:
<4I am not a pessimist, sir, I repeat;
^n the contrary, I see in the near
future a political millennium in the
revival of Democratic ascendanoy in ;
rery branch of the National Government.
But for the nope, Mr. Chair
man?and I cherish it with all my soul
?that the next commander-in-chief of
i ike American army w>ll be a Democrat j
L whose name is now a household word!
fn this country and whose principles;
I stand for all that i* worth preserving
ft in oar form of government and the
| administration of our home affair?, and
9s atand for all that tbe Republican {party {
V i? opposed to (applause)?I should
0L despair of this Republic out for this
Comforting reflection."
The Democrat? can win, if they will
* poll together. It is doubtful whether
Sbey will act sensibly and pull together.
The party has never used its
advantages. When Mr. Cleveland
?ra& President, it had a wise leader,
I find control of the government.!
| The only Democratic President iD
| years hs was abased by members of j
S& wi < ?n mrtv. and finally the party1
Lfest -*oth branches ot Congress and the
Bfce^aency. Bat the new doctrines of
tfce ^?pab!ican party, cr to speak |
L a&ic Hccarately imperalism which is J
ft the result of old Republican party j
idef-s are so foil of darker to the very)
iife of the Repabli? that minor difF*r-1
decs between Democrats miy be
koried for the next election. The
Jfot?* Md Courier, a atron? soaad
money newspaper* intimates that ii
will tolerate a free silver platform
rather thao the expansion policy.
Speaking along this lit.e it ;a^s: "But
vhom the gods would destroy i&ey
irst make mad, and the Kepuoucan
party, drunk with victory, reckie?? <=t
consequences, has by its coarse bared
he i38ne of h:>ne3t auney on whch ir
oame into power, an I oa which it
might .always have been as-ured of
victory, and ;has forc:d upon the people
a higher and more solemn issue,
iha perpetuity of the Rjpubic. Indeed
it has cast odiam u<>om the i^ue
of a sound currency by associating ir
in the minds of the people with combines,
trusts and political corruption,"
and our contemporary coacinles that
ti-.ll iKincra oivp! hftne tO lli6
ait bUVCV Democratic
party"; and that even at
the "riek of the general unsettling of
values for a few years by the free
coinage of silver", ao effort ought to
')6 made to restore constitutional gcv
(. rnment onder Democratic rule. Re
public against an Empire will be the
gr fight in 1900.
Senator Tillman ha? r>3eu hammer:
ing away at the Armor Plate Tru?t for
I a loDg time and succeeded iu having a
j redaction made of one hundred and
I fifty dollars per ton. We hope that be
| will continue his fight against trusts,
j Be may be snre that the people will be
in behind him. The Arm.?r Plate
Tr*st is not the only trust; there are
o;her*. Tbe oil Irnefcs- of various
kicdc, the coai^iftfiiiraGd hundreds ot
othex?-s5*oul(t be bandied.
Ad InterestLetter Showtag Difference
B?tw?.en OoraelTM and oar ^eignson.
: Charlotte, N. C., March S, 18J9 ?
Being only 70 milts from Wiuoiboro
on# wonld expect the tame cuitoms,
people, &5., here as there. Iq the
aain this is true, yet there a--a differences
that one e&n'fc help noticing.
The whites cntnumber the b!acks to
a considerable extent; again, there
are mora working white farmers than
with von. and most noticeable of all
there are %o many illiterate white men.
In this respect the South Carolinians
ar<) ahead of this State. It is not s
rare thing for an intelligent locking
man to teli yon he can't writa hig
nan*?. South Carolina' has put her
money in schools. Mecklenburg pots
hers into road building.
When^it coin?s to Foads we are uo<
id it at all in Fairfield Ev*rv public
road leading froia Chariots is u>ac*d
mized for 6 or S nai'e^ -it U a so
graded. Oae horse can pull ou ;hlr
road in winter mare tn.vj 2 -a a:
ordinary dirt road. Xowr 't i-a!in;>-i
impossible for a man, "ft rV ?ra 'Ih
macadam, to come to wvn; wnilthose
along it find it smo ? :? an ? ha d
at all limes. This comity ha- spet.t
thousands of dollars ojv i;< roids- 1.
has a special. road tax of 2 mi-is a -'t
is now asking the legi-'a.ure" tor authority
to issue one buodre.I ; ho i .d
dollars worth of bond*. cjh v on
road improvemant. Wh> c. uid- 't
Fairfield do something like this ou a
smallerseiie? Itiailieouly wtytha;
shows wh.-re at least part of yoar
taxes go, and it is lasting, proving not
nly a blessing on this genera: i >n bat
he one to cume. It cai't be wring to
tax a coming genera'ion when they
derive the benefits fsom the taxation.
The work fcere is all done by the chain
gang ana South Uaroioa darse^t help
it oat considerably.
Speaking- of South Care in* ne*raei
?one finds a ereat roan/ ?-f mem hsre
and he always ?ays, i%l oOi??e Jrom
down South " Almost: vaiiably he
leaves o2 the Carolina tbr he kuows
then the next qae tion be, "what
did yon do lhat yon h.?d .0 have?"
I noticed one at work * f ?w davs ago
and said to him, "Jim. what i* your
name?" "Barber, air." 'Wbe.e are
yoa from?" "Down South 6ir."
"What did yoa do that .caa3ed yoa to
come here?" llis reply was, "Bless
God, boE8,:{fcey?done got me for thai;
they made me work six months in
Chester; I got enough 1 left."
M et of them are In Barber's 1 ?Had
to leave.
Charlotte'was visited yesterday
one of the largest tires in its history.
Theol4 C. C. & A. depot, the com*
press* and warehouses, over 4,100
bales, of cottdn and 200 tonfe, of fertilizers
"were destroyed. The fire extended\>ver
one and a halt blocks and
.was a grand and fearfai sight. Ten
streams of water were playing oa it
i?n/1 A Cnnt)iAi*n T> o ? J m n i* ?%rk WA/) A
auu a^uuiuuiu uau a
stream plajiag on the depot. Everything
was completely covered by insurance
except guano. The loss of so
much cotton is] greater than appears
ou its face, for it was to a great extent
iiiteuded for tbe milk here and would
have in the enrt cac&ed a considerable
amount i_> have been turned loose
through mill operatives. The tire
was not without it9 blessings. The
old compress has been looked o? a
"8re trap and its destruction will c use
a new one which will be built out of
cuy proper.
South Carolina is not alone in its
troubles over the, dispensary. The
ministers ot Charlotte opened fire o^i
the bar-rooms about F<tb:uiry 1st.
They circulated petitions a^kiag titlegislature
to grant Cfcaris tre a dispensary
in liea of the 18 bd>-r ?oms *!-?'
J1UYY ilttVtf. 111C Uttl U?CU VL
got oat a counter peti;io:r The Uis
pensary people got 3,160 n^mes fit tt
bar ocen tfbjnt 2,000?nue:) leelitur
was aroused. The bili passed ti:*hoa-e
unanimously. G<ea; hoaes
were raised but the bil! ?*tuck a ?r*ag
in tbe person of Seuator Prank I
Osborne, of Mecklenburg. He wa>!
opposed to it and said he rogaru'e i b j
as a trick to ran him, a jd in op j
posing it demanded of tfee sena-e it.-J
defeat Hi3 plea was rbat h* ua-^!
ntood by other senators i*j j i?ir dis
tricts and seuatorial cvu:* esy de
manded tbat tbey should support bim
Telegrams were sent biai, lexers, petition?,
and last of all, a committee of
100 of Charlotte's fees'; citizens went:
Raiaiirh fn t.hnhftl. hrv nnr !
senator stood hia ground and demanded
It was lhe fitter irony ot political
,grati?ude. I coaldn't help bat hink
of it yesterday wbiie watchiD*: the
fire: Tbe w:;ole world seemed to be
/vm _fl"o?nr.a nrorn laoninar nfrci* fhn i
UU ^ UBIWV3 nv*v wtv wuu
doomed -bnriding, great clouds of
imoke from the burning otton were
drifting against the building and over
the platform, and in the utdst of it j
all, standing <?nt on the side of the old
dep >t as bright looking a-? if it bad
jast be;n painted, was a *ign, "No
ifmobiug" Anon.
I ? |
[. RheumacMe it not recout.oeded for
I the care of every ill, it do-* not core
Icrer* thing. Bnt ii is a c-r&in eure
I far rheumatism, and is a tint blood
! pirifier and ataii?#; try it.
" V r "li t r fa ii iifi mmm in
j a nanrnia imm- a mmwji ?Ma j 11
j^Jonvalescing! '
S |
J B is more or less a very slov process, s
j ? according to tbe severity of <be ;
? sickness. Vitality, when at a low i
g ebb, works at a great disadvantage, 9
E and more time is required to regaift gj
I | the lost strength and power. g
I MariSi^fli i
tKBwnenic I
I produces marvelous;results fo sucb | !
i 5 cases. The richness o? the ffitlt s
c gives life to the blood and the top s
principle gives tone to S
1 the stomachs-creating 1
c /Jrw k?lb 2 desire for food 3 i
1 8Q^ thC tb'^ t0 1
*? Jj
imraanniaaiiHiiiraiiiaaiiuBeBi ^
It is needless t j say that holidays
are rare thing* at Winthrop, and it is
probably because of their rarity they
aro so universally appreciated when
they come.
Our president ever bearing in mind
our welfare and pleasure, devised tbe
means of making our last holiday
(24th iost.) ooe of tbe most enjoyable
we have ever spent. The invitation
ha sent to the Clemson Cadets, a few
weeks ago, was accepted by President
Hartzcg and "heartily approved" by;
the cadets as *ell as the Wintbrep
girls. It being more convenient for
the cadets to visit Winthropon Friday,
we postponed the celebration ef
Washington's birthday until twp days
later, when tbe boys could be here to
3hare in o#r pleasure. There were
some fears that the weather would
? *? 4UAMA kAnin/v VvfkAn ft
IJUb UC lBVUlikUjc, lucic ua?:ug Utij'- w
much recent rain, but these , fears
parsed away with the glorious riaing
of the sun on Friday morning \
Why did ihe girls rise so early this
morning? Was it the thought "the
* -lemson boys are on the road" that
interrupted their morning lumbers?
At any rate there was little sleeping
in the d<imitory after six o'clock.
Tht boye vere expected at 10.30,
but a 'eiegmp *as received early in
the morning fo the effect that tbey
would {.or reach here until abont an
ht nr later. About 11.SO the train j
.e-chei R.?ck Bjll and was met by:
c prf;s?dert st?cl a civumittee of the <
M.TintifC'}? lVciu'y, who ^sconed :bc j
m-mber* '>r toe CIo:o*yi> faculty to !
oiir c iie^r- g<it?-, where th?y were ;
ushered i t b> 'be "Ocicty marshals. ,
The; t ad n t oec-o I>ing b^re when '
tat- .-ouur* .-f -h- 'Jiemson bana greeted ;
the eager enrs ot "i (ift girls in blue" j
who "were ;:ss ?x o-ed on the esiapus to J
VCiCimit " he .toys in grnv," ibose!
pays, >Ah ' ar* coble in om eyes, a\et :
'tis nob^n h? any so'diers wiio evtr j
went f.rt'? in sejich u conquest.
b'or what had ney iut endured thai j
m >? oing4 jast for oar sakes"? They
-.d risen at three o'clock, taken as
eiriy breakfast, had a !oug march to
C alhettQ station, a tiresome journey
oa the iriiin, and another long march
from the depot. There they stood at
].<tet, in front of our college campus!
The parade was a pleasing sight, and
tr,e girls looked on with expressions
of admiration and delight. The boys
proved, in the drill, lhat "military
training" is by no means neglected at
Ulemson. "When the boys were
a'lowed to "break ranks" they were
greeted with a cteer of welcome and
b fore long sisters had greeted brother
s and friends had greeted friends.
There was a reception in the hills
and parlors and at one o'clock all adjcarned
to the auditorium to enjoy a
pleasant concert.
Before the opening of tbe concert
there was an addresa of welcome by
President Johnson; he told the visitors
that they mast consider Winthrop
College as their home that day and
..a .1 it. ~
graoiea mew me ngm. kjl a uruiucny
acquaicfance to Ms girls. Then Presid?ut
Hartzog maae a few very pleasant
re-oarks in acknowledgment of
the hospitality, &c., &c.
Alter the concert the ^dinner gong
wat sounded, and it mast have been a
welcome aonad to the boys who had
had such aa early breakfast. Presi-:
debt Johnson had said (in reference
to going to dinner): "Wb do not
want Ctemsoc to go first amd Win*
tarop last, nor Wintbrop first and
Ulemson last, bat Clemsoa and' Wintbrop
P Tba suggestion was not
nrtde without effect, and "Winthrop
and Clemson," ''Clemson and Winthcop"
filed, two by two, to tbe diqing
room. The dining room looked
pretty, decked in college colors, and
here," there was served a well prepared
and boon'iful repast.
Shortly after dinner everybody went
the campus to witness "tbe planting
-J.* the class tree." It being agreed
to at every year the graduating class
?t> ;uldbe allowed to plant a tree on
* * #?r?i ^ if Art / a
tr:0 campns, ine "ua's-ocw," u:si
e .joyed 'tis honor. -J' '
The Srruioi^ (sixty- hi number) '
marched on the sceae.'tp the ma6ic of ;
the CIem>on- band. There was anad- J
^ress bv Miss ;Lilla; Johnston, presiof
tb-; ciass, fill lowed, by aa.ode
on the cla>*.composed by Miss May
B. -v.s, and fating to the music of "The
B ? uue Bin^'.FJag." The spade with
vi-wi^the r-ee,w?-< plan<ed was pre?:
ivd :o .Mis. : E iose Scbafe, presiicM
V,f the -Joiiior c&*s, who is to
p-.^erve U for rte *a.n<s office of plaiitinjr
the i.ex-y*iw. 1
The remainder or" the afternoon was
nprntia -howi?.cr onr .visitors around
Luc grounds and iii<o;:gh thi.ouildiiig".
Th v ki??diV exprrs.vjd adjuration and
?;1 fo- a'i t'f. saw. One Ji'tie
cad ! rot/iarke ; v.- :i? a siirb, "Will, i
hx"ft ?In oes .college, and J
tii . i .'-crv'- ??!" vVe appreciate 6ncb (
I<\rrfie:u tvss RtJ 1 represented by
01- in <on boys aDd Winthrop girls, all
of vviiom seemed to enter fally into
tb< pleasur? of the day.
On .the coat of one Fairfield b' 7
glistened a handsome medal, won
twv nigbts preMoti-, a 4ue oratorical
cortest of Tbe Calhoun; Socioiy.
Vfe owe much to the'facnJtv-^r tbe
pliv.sur^a of tbe dav. Profs. Tboitoon,
K'liard, Breszeale, Buist and Brgwn,
a committee of the lady teacbm^verp
untiring in their efforts to make every
one enjoy themselves. President
Jofcnsoii could not have arranged a |
mere pleasant ard satisfactory progrenme.
/-.tail o'clock p. m. refreshments
were served in the iining. Then the
play "The Mouse Trap" was repeated \
(it havicisr been acted by the girls of
'The Wmtbrop Society" & fevr weeks '
before) and the concert gir*u by the |(
damson band was enjoyed by all.
After the play there was a reception
daring which the library, parlors and
halls were the scene of animated confutation
ftod nerry laughter. Softs
of the town boys were present and an !
expression on their faces teemed to
say: "Wbat is the attraction of brass
battoDS anyway?
As we glanced at the clock we were
*euii:;dt;tt that the peasant day was
near irs <*loee Promptly at 11.30 the
igi?ai of "(dps" was jfiven, acd fiv?
uiiuntej Inter the sai v ord %Vo*"di)ye"
i\w* t-eeu -poKeu a'idrh-"- b >ys m.-\rcneu
*w-is carrying memorifc* anG leaving
infni??rie> o; rhe napn d-i.?.
Kock Hiil, March 2, '90 Nelie.
Our town has been greatly improved
-iiKe m> last writing b\ tLc repainting
t Pei ry'r< Mansion," a:?d a fe?7 other
-tdjoi.'inir buildings.
T&e most charming event of this
season VV3" a* en;eriainment given by
JJie? Loia Clinksc.-.lea last Wednesday
evening. The crowd began to gather
at seven o'clock, and by 8.30 the
naalz-kt. ttraa nr-niM rinrl with vnnnc tlftO
Fa?*V4 " I. J - o f
pie of Blythewood, Myrtle andRidgeway.
After pleasant chats and music
famished on the guitar by Mr. J. R.
Hoffman various fruits and cake were
elegantly served. The evening will
long be remembered by those that
were present.
Mr. George Moore and Miss Ola
CrumptOD, of Ridgeway, spent awhile
at Hoffman's hotel last week. Mr.
Moore was on a hunting expedition
bnt we fear that he realized the scarcity
of rabbits and birds in this vicinity
before he returned.
Miss Hurtelene Robinson is visiting
relatives in town.
Mrs Cynthia McGrady, of Lewisdale,
is spending awhile with her
mother, Mrs Sallie Wooteu. Mrs
Woolen ha? been very sick with pneumonia
but is improving.
Mr J C Crumpton was in Blythewood
last Tuesday evening transactinj
Mr R K Hoganpaid a visit to friends
in Columbia la9t Tuesday.
There was a dance given at the
county asylum last week. The fitting
band belonging to the painting force
and several of B'ylhewood's yonng
men attended.
Mr C B Woo!en, of Co'umbid, spent
a few houre witti his mother last
Sunday evening.
Mr Hampton McLeau, of Newberrv,
?aid a short visit home a few da} s
W9 regret to know of the indisposition
of Mrs F E Hood.
Tbo tigers sronni Blythewood are
gcriousiy daLgenua if they are blind.
It is "ho: lirne^ in the old town" at
night for cat*, especially if they visit
Mr. Lem Wooten.
Mefe-rs Clifioa Wilson and Wade
Htius vKi'ed ?>wn ia?t .nuday. ''The
c'it jht).- ;-a .gain."
Feb. 26. '99 '?ir\>a>:t^eo]um.
A li Di* F u ill. ed; ?he Journal,
Ohio, u2h e-i i'-.ra
>' i'. ~..r. ill .nmu ijin i ?i
bis r:ght -honi'ler and side He .say":
;Mv right arm at '?rn^c "va? eoJi-ely
I tuftd .-Jam's Pair.
BiXHii. ar.d w ^ j?Q' price<i o receive reI?
1 ii:? 'i^dia?a?\ The Piiu
B !ui u?i brai: :i co:ij-tb t c arp<sniou
of ciiut evei- since and it never fails."
F -r salt o- McMasler Go.
A correspondent at Fodder sends a
statement of the recent death near that
place of Nelson Dixon, an old negro
who lacked bat a year of being 100
fears of age. He is reported to have
been born in Virginia on March 10,
1800, and he earae to Sooth Caioli.a
in 1S07 as a slave of the late Colonel
Edward Avery. He served Colonel
Atery until ihs .lose of the war as a
fireman. Dixon w?g the father of 13
children. Oe had 87 grandchildren,
147 great grandchildren, and 7 greatgreat
grandchildren. The old fellow
K&s blind daring tne iact 10 years 01
lite. He continued in a good state
of mind, however, jip to the moment
of hie death.?YorkVille Er.quirer.
? M
Women Should Know It.
Many women suffer untold a?ony
aud misery because the nature o* t5eir
dieci?^ i< not correctly understood.
Tbey have been led tejbelieve thit
womb trouble or female weakness of
some sort is responsible for the many
ill lhat beset womankind.
Neuralgia, nervousness, headache,
puffy or dark circles under the eyes,
rheumatism, a dragging pain cr dull
ache in the back, weakness or bearingdown
sensation, profuse or scanty supply
of urine with stroog odor, frequent
desire to paw it with scaidingor
burning sensation, sediment in it after
Btandi;i? in bottle or common yla^ for
tfreoty^four hours, are sig. s of kidney
and bladder trouble.
The above symptoms4'are often attributed
by the patient herself or by.
her.physician to female weakness <>r
womb trouble. Hence, so many fail
to obtain relief, beciu?-? tbey are tr(;i t
A ^t_ - J? !. ?1? U ...
ing, not me ujsbii'sb usen, uui a icmw
tiou of tfir ptimary caire, which is
kidney trouble.
Iu fact, women a3 well a? mon are
made mi?erable with kidney ai.d bladder
trouble and both need the =ame
Dr. Kilmer'* S.wuropK)Ot is the
great discovery of the eminent kidney
and bladder npecialist. and is easy to
get at any drag "tore for fifty cents or
To prove its wonderful merits you
IvAlitrt KaaI"
LUttjr UUVC H uu'.nc uuu wwva
telling all about it. no b s^nt absolutely
free bv trui). Ki idly mention The
and Herald and tjnd your adores'
t;- Dr. Ki mer & Co., BinglKmIf.u.
N. Y.
5'3-S': -iS
:I ii WB>?>?**.%$?%&'>?
Ouk'V'A ?'r-rrr: -r. ".'v M.sio: -" i
? :" * <7*?** ? /' v 'i'i-; ' ="!'.! u 'th ?.
I'o. T- '*- . \'.Vj ?:wsitt. n ; \.r.
? . - ir. . ^ts. Hvf'-rj?.
' - ,il:.:. r.t "ita"iv " *. f?C? t.-f.ics.
t A: : -r? \t o O ? :nric. Wmy,
' .. *= >. ' " "'irr -I v.t:th <;? Wcr-itid-JgeJicc.
aCe. ar?:' = 3 boxes SL.
;?iick, po.-;uve*ndlasting rcrults in Se*i:?.l
W < ;s .uxs J a.-v rntw, Nervous Drbilitv and
Viwaii v ujc YLJ.L0W LABEL SFEClAl-doublc
ttrer.git*- *:!!. give strerjfth snd tone to even- nart
End effect 2 permanent cure. Cher.pes; and" Se?t.
iOO Pill* $2; tn mail.
P3?E~A bottle of the famous Japanese Llrar
PeDets will be given with a $1 bo* or more of Mignetic
Nervine. Jree. Sold only by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
?r n..1 ?
I7XIB a ran etocit ui dkmui
Cases Md Coffins, constantly on hand,
iod mc of hearse when requested,
rhanhfrl for past patronage and solici:a?ion
for a share in the fatnoe, in the
>ld stand
Calls attended to at all hoars.
_ _
j Mil'I i in asgsy; !
i t!
| || :
! I |lPt?|
j I
i fofcge fable Preparation icr}
j sibilating ihcToodandRegu.'n jj
tir? the Stamps anaBov:e! 3:'
i III fc'W IM BUM IF I llll' IBM i ,..
I BjK?aS3LS^?^^S^,^
; : i
j EromotesDigesUon^kerr.^
JfTT--t/n^'*^?nc naifr - '
I iDSSSdnQiifc^lvuiiuuuoiiuu.Opium,Morptiine
nor Miner 5
Ivot Narcotic.
Jbetpe c*mi)rSAl<iCZLEmirL': ;1 -'4
Jfaaisi Sad'
jtbctauia * J ; (
JtodUZU&Jts- I -M
Aritt&td. '* - I
I 'igiziJ
ApcrfecTHemedy forCons .i- - ; riori.
Sour S tomaeh.Diarr'
Worms,Convulsions,Fever;^ J
ness and Loss OF StEr;
lac Simile Signature of
f exact copy 57 wrapped,
| Vjfrpv- I I - .
The icany ndmirers of Go; '<
Hampfen will read with int' ic^ . e
j following account cfarecsu' . t
I of his which we clip fromTh? >
j Tnesd i\:
j ThnigbGen. Wade .
[of the few surviving iieu'ena;?i
j rol> of the Confederacy, is w : i
j few o'a\ s of celebrating his Sis
I <iav, he performed a cliarac * :
! ft at a few mon iugs ?>iro, show!
il?S lost t:n::e Oi 'iis old tilT)'. C<:\con?air*'
i?:? 'eat was n:delike
thut. "f Wlseeh'.r's at S.u;
thongh ta-sre difficnlt of psrf.?r:V,. :
by n-sson "f itact iha; ?h .
Warrior hs?> a Cok !(?g, a:i!.4 '
ree limb.- to ni<l him. ]r vrr;
ver> ? a si * n Snmi-jN moi';;^;;.' '
one of the -c; vaut? a" Gun ?'a
; resilience ii?art.V.e oiryc-.ir.c '<
ami i*if-?rui2?< :.un t5:at -p si 1; i
frt!It-ti up*ii a t u *i'e?l !ue r v
} thu !??' ?tfc. vrfckh vThft hei- hii:-'
j Ti.L- old g-?'-eri;l. without r
. at<y (?f the m n?rhold to i>e w > .
J ha^tc:>ed -at and him-df pr
t>> ciitu^ oui npo:i th'i r.'iOf. 1! <
! iug tiie b'i. z-i b?-, wim *t-e :
i't his sotvaiit, ilia :nged est sj
>h*; fl'.-tJ -i. It tv-.? nor un'ii ;i
t) ." kf a.? r h -i-t fiat any of LLC !.v
J wore Hwan; of t.Sc tire or of ?
! ~.geci .?. -..ier's rhkv bu: < ffeca-. :
npon V (? roof.
I'ha incid^.t y:as net kno^n i-i :
few of the general'* friends u' _
\esteri-2". and thev are as p/oi.
V ? ? - / ? - his
fea<> as of any of those < i!
chargcs he led during the civil
In a few days he will celebrai
81st birthday at his home, and :~*
doubt the occasion will be m ?: very
bappv one-for him by his i i i : t
and admirers. "V
1 PROOF. )
2 Itis au easy matter to claim tu. .
: ? 1 emeuj uas u, nvuuuiui vui?.
power. The manufacturers oi' f
I Rheumacide #
J ^
7 leaves it to those who have Le N
^ permanently and positively cvv. r,
2 of RHEUMATISM to m a ,
P claims. Among those who h.v.
? recently written us voluntary * - fi
J ters saying they have been cim- <
r are: Rev. .T. L. Foster, RakL" f
'fcyN. C.; Mr. J. E. Robinson, Eoui^ ,
JGoldsboro, N. C., Doily Ar. "r
Mr. A- Daus, a prominent m/- :
chant, Macon, Ga., and Mr. Y\'. I:. '
J Duke, a railroad man, Kai.rv
? City, Mo.
1 MaraficM 117 the bobbiit eu.
T CO., Elleilt, N. C.
(fSold in Winnsboroby McMr.sr.
k Co;, and by Druggists generally.
2 Price ?1 per bottle.
Asprottya Stock of Goods ?.s
has ever been brought to
the towa,
Consisting in part of Bogers <v
Bro.'s celebrated plated wares
?Ladles, Knives, F o r k . <.
Spoons, Carving Sets, &c.
Handsome China Cnke Plat'1?.
Berry r.nd Salad Dishes.
Vases, Cracker Jars, <tc., kc ,
y.nd invito au ic "paction o;
theuu at your earliest convo- '
J tiience.
Oifice..f Mrs. Ellen Cathcart'.s,
door to Jno. H. McMaster &Co.'s Dr.; :
JBSTNigbt call at Winnsboro II'/
On farming lancU Easy paymfi:
No commi3>ions harged. Borro
pavs actnai c^t of perfecting io .
Io!? rest 8 per cent.
Columbia, S. C..
I or A. 8. & W. D. DOUGLASS,
10-4 Winnsboro, S. C.
ft i c -nzm i
ki '; ii/Vi ,'
For Infants ;
-WW,.: j
Ul*4 - < j- ~
1 fiB niiil]' 1 as RdfS I
Always Bsiini !
a W i
# i
Bears the / &
/A/ ? i
ij' * y 119
NirvnQ-hirc 0 JC\ **\
v t-u. ^
h Jv The
ifi/ Kind
jvF You Have
( t \
Alwouo Rniiorhf
nivvujv? uyuguii
Cleanses a-^d beautifies the * - Promotes
a lcruriaat growth.
Never Falls to Odeetore Qs*y
Hair to Its youthful Color.
Cures fca-p diseases S; hair tailing
60;, and $1.00 gt Drogpstt __
Silverware *
! . without
. Scratching.
Sample sent if yeu say so.
It's unlike all othsrs.
Box, post-paid. 1"> ets. in stamps. J
It'? Sold Everywhere.
i The Electo Silicon Co., Cliff, Street,
New York.
i '
' *
? Presli?
_1' .. /
' of? 1
JnsiAH J.. Obbab.
-KENTUCKY MULES at tnynab'e!i
Winn.-boro, from uoe i" fiv.-; ye-jrs
hi. These mules can be bought cbcnp
. u-caah or on good.bankable psper
, ayable in the Fall t-onc one. come
:! who need good inn s. I will exininsre
them for broken cow? aiu'es
i' p'ng rauie*.
I a^o have a few good M?re3 and a
np.'e of i.'0(?d Saddle M r e-, on'i?'7e
Two-horse Wa^'";- a>id cmp tot a
coi d-'mnd Bugjjv.
I :?lt;o k?'ep O" hand * 'ew
<1 will sell ibt 111 clie-p for cash o>
:<; ;u'ge them for drv caulf. Always
ad - r 'i' a trad<\
T \j? < Tt /'RAW.
L lia^c 1 *t?i . v \. ? ,
\>RD f<>r ihe season, and h- w ill be
i >.3afed :o sei- an> and a'l <-f hi> m iwy
VVii.nsboro, if. C'.
For Sale.
\ TR \' T OK 176 ACRES OF
d, on LH"e River, lelonginp 'n
\i. Broon. and J??a?iled by land*
* f ;he e<!a e <?f R G Si'nnn'o-*, Stev-on
and (?'hei8.
" nnr.lu frt
i i UI 1CI me apH1; iV
' / A 6. & W. D. DOUGHS* |
; il-17 Attorneys, Wioasbor?, S. C,
" 9
flu pGll Dry 0
We are now receiving the first i
You people who want to get an ea
asked to look at our Prints, Percales
Some extra bargains in these goods
We have also received a beautiful
Lawns, Checked Muslin, Dimity, 1
?1__ ~ i-Lyv^A MAA St 4*
are marking uicac ^uuus cau?i
y*\r|Otl^ep JBa.pga.ir)
A good size Linen Towel at .ioc.;
Turkish Towels at 20c. and 25c.;
Damask Towels.
New Lot Gents' and Boys' Colorec
and pretty pattern.
We want your business. We are
goods at low prices than ever betore.
the Northern markets in a few da;
an elegant Spring Stock. Our const
you in the best goods at lowest pric<
The Caldwell Dry Go
Two y
Convincing /
? / fk
Arguments i
in favor of SELZ SHOES ( j/\Zi
1. Their thorough reliability
?they are always the ^jS||S
/ same. There is no guess- *
work in their construc- \
tion. Twenty-seven years
of shoe buildlncr has
placed SELZ fa
2. Their price?is
ing numbers, and tfe
them?to your lastinj
For sale by
lis limp
lateness of the season, if ? !r
you prepare land well and S ^
nlant hrmo-ht from ' Sf ii
us you will probably have j? J
a better garden than S o
usual this year. S ?
II BEAN 111 Mi, 1>
They are scarce and the 5 w
price will go up. S
?We Sell? - H 15
lifi Hns iir fill- et
A ucn
Calf! Can?!?
. CbOCOj
You know them. We keep them in M3jj?|
different sized packages.
Sweet Chocolate, . . 5 and 10 cents,
Chocolate Creams, . ; . 10 cents. ??
Chocolate Bon Bon in j
one-balf lb. and one |
lb. boxes, ... 30 and 80 ceuts.
Come and see for yonrself. Djn't rvr
be deceived. JaWI*
Oar M
A FRICANA wili cure Cwutfprfm as*
*? fc woadoAJ Lir*r UbUai. Trr It ?nd Cb
it CiB ^
?? v/.
tems of Spring Goods, ^dh
irly start for spring are
Duck, Colored Piques,
in. short lengths.
line of White Goods?
r^ique, and Welts. We
; to start the season. in
extra large and heavy
1 Shirts; extra good value
i better ^prepared to seH
Our buyer will siart to ^
ys and we expect to show
ant endeavor is to please
is. Come and see us.
iods Company.
* hfewmd thlt.
far below what other raanu- .
salers ask for corresponding
sell them in ever increaslat's
whv vou should WMT
I satisfaction. JJ
s >. _ > "
'he Equitable x
rife Assurance Society.
f the United States. ,
The management of th# ' ' v
Iquiiable Life Assuran<Jfc Society
1 this terriry is desirous of secor*
ig tbe servicc of a man of cbat^
eter and ability to represent rJ?%
iterest with Winnsboro as bexK '
carters. The right man wiUrjg^.
loroughly educated in tbe science.
f life insurance and the art of
iccessful soliciting. There is ao
sinew or profession not .n<;
nhnntr mnUi! wKi/?h is mnri'V*.'
innc-rative (ban a lift afeney
inducted with energy and abil- 7
T. Correspondence with *ea
rho desire to secure permanent
tnployment and are ambltiona ta
ttain prominence in ttuf juttjfe- .
on ia inrited.
W. J. KODDEY, Mgr.,
-19-Sm - Rock Hill, S.C.
8B1 5B? TTC:w
-sfaeJUST IN.
U Dairy and Piceapp'e Oheeae.
apcratcd Fraits of all kind*.
Prone*. 3 lbs. for 2oc.
variety ofN.Y. Biscuit Co.*
Fine Cakes.
rt'.- Mackerel iu tomato Mnce..
June Corn, String Beans*
skied Salmon in 10 lb. kits,
Tr^ilr-m. .
Soda Crackers in every thre#
ates and Bonbons iresb to-day*
[achinery I
lie Supplies aid Hepainua
mafacturers' Agents for the ^
pbone cras.k t ??.
. umi mM
in oar COR^jfl
a Winnsboro jM
Mttr line,

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