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Wednesday, March 8, - - 1891) j
?Read "Notice" ci.-e-v..
?See advertisers ' :-Uwler j
fciti Poiif uer" elseu h*
?Mr. W. S. Hi. a?v- ; cottonseed
for r.le. Re:.n * ??? uo *avs ,
?iters3 Williford'- " ?o convincing
ar^ameuta" io favor or S:.z s^oes.
^ -Ou Saturday morning ar about
m te.; o'cocfc a special train carrying the
' ' of th8 Vanderoilt family to I
* P> -rM* pissed through here.
?A1J business having been completed
court adjourned ou Thursday.
Judgt Cary went from Winnsboro to
Lancavr-r where court convenes next.
?A t'reah lot of Nunnallv'? candies
^ has beeu received by John H \IcMaster
& t. 'j. They have the^e candies In
differ**?-, -s zed packages. See their ad
for price*.
?Tfc? Caldwell Dry Goods v'om'
pony are receiving the, first spriag
goods ard are selling tbese goo is very
cheap. They wish your trade and
would like y<~n to ^i?e them a call.
See tae;r list of goods.
?We had a taste on Monday of the
blizzard now prevailing in tne West.
For a few minutes snow fell quite
heavily uuring a heavy rain storm.
The SH<"'ur and rain f'aliing together j
was rat!*ran uuusual sight.
?Mi i-isrer Co. can supply you
^ with br-n.6eed, and as these seed are
scarce :< i? year those who want them
would do well to buy them a: uue?.
Many of :he best varieties of potatoes i
can JfcK-. bought from McMaster Co.
Gardeners should give them a call
when p ^paring to plant. ?The
report that Kirk McDonald, a
Hock I;':H boy who is in the First
North C arolina Regiment, had been
killed on the streets of Cnba was
withnnt fonndation. His father has
1 received a letter from him stating that
be was trie livest corpse thare.?Ruck
Hill Herald.
?A bard fight has iast been waged
in North Carolina over the dispensary
?- !aw. It was proposed to pat Charlotte
and .Mecklenburg county under
tbe dispensary and this resulted in a
bardfigbtin the legislature. Tbe bill
did not pass however sud the North
Carolinians have reason to congratulate
themielyes upon their escape.
?Daring the intense cold of week
before last the water pipes in the
cotton ware house recently built by
7 the back, burst. Mr. Strickland, of
Providence, Rhode Islaud, who sup^r
intended *ue patting in at tuese pipes
is here now to repair ih^ (Kmage done
by the cold, and th2 wa;e<* woiksjn
the bnildii g will 80oti ue >.n working
' order again.
?Measles has made it? appeal aace
in town and members i?f several djffe- ,
rent households in town hs*'t fallen
^ victim* to it. The disease has not
really become epidemic and as yet it
has not interfered to any great extent
with the attendance at Mt. Zion. It
13 sc&rcsl} probable that we will have
very many cases as it has not been
long since tbe disease was epidemic
?it win paraaps interest many iu
p- ' know thai the first college Y. M. C. A.
ever organized was at the university
tof Virg uia in 1858 or 1859, and Rev.
John Johnson, D'. D., who was at that
time a student at the university, was
the ?; < ? president Dr. Johnson is
now rector of St. Philips church in
Charleston. This ^information about
the Y. Vt. C. A. was given by Rev.
Mr.' Kershaw at a recent Y. M. C. A.
State convention at Spartanbarg.
?Thi members of the Winnsboro.
and Rid^eway Baptist ?'barches were
so mach pleased with Rev. Mr. Freeman,
01 Lowrysville, who preached
^ both here an^i in Ridgewav on las
Sunday, .'hat ihey have caiieU him to
v the pas> crate of these churches. It is
not known yet whether Mr. Freeman
- will acc;the call. Since Mr. Ferris'
departure for another field these
church - have been without a pastor.
-^The effect of the recent severe
cold cau be seen . upon some of the
live oak trees growing abou' town,
y The .leaves have turned yellow ^nd
show plainly that they have been hurt
by the cold. There are not many of
these tries here bat those that are here
have never before been injured by the
cold. Tne fact that these large trees
fc- have beea injured is a proof that never
before fcuve we had such cold weather.
?Senator Tillman's resolution authorizing
the Secretary of War to
lend cots for the Confederate reunion
has passed. The following articles
S" will be lent to the veterans by the
Secretary of War: 10,000 cots, 10,000
aafctresses and 2,000 tents. Thi3 will
be a great help to the executive committee
of the U. C. V., who have snc.h
& great task in providing accommodations'forthe
veterans dnring the re^
--Georgiana Seott, wife of J~an
Scott; an old colored man who lives
near town, died at her bonnon Thurs-;
da v. She was about ?even:y-two years
^ of age and she and her hu-band had
. ' lived together for fort>-:w<? 3 ears.
The old man says lhat she was "one of
th? b^st women that ever lived," and
says that their long marrierl life was
baopy and perfectly harmonious.
Very :ew of tbe colored peopie of o!d
times are left, and the death of one of
them i<3 always deplored by the white
^ people.
BL ?The reports that have come from
all over the State since the blizzard
Ott^re confirmed onr tears tnat the
IS^ph bods were killed. The tender
MHfesat. aMBBBBBM??Bp TV
>Vj2Qe 3
j^fc">Y Tiroducec trie shove result
Hu Kennus Vct:!i:y, Jnipotenry,
Wbinnory. S:c:.<<ii; cirai::s ai.u
<~' yo' ij. ?: -.vrfrds of! IriVeers'
Men r. ,:->in Mfaa vir
v- \igor. i;
van:-.- a ctt.-.*.". ?.uci iits
Ss-E: 5 :v .-nrried is
Sm-1"v* "*>?xes;"?y
ki -'."Rs. -with
ftkear. Drug- j
1^1^ ^ssemiEty^
Makes the food more de
young branches w?i e kilicd and there
will be no p aohcs, eveu in that part ;
of the Sta'e where iij:s> fruit is usually
so abund r t Th? r^ir aad plum
trees, how< wr, oeeai to hare escaped
and are now oeginning to bloom, at'd
if they are not hart by a late cold
spelJ we sha.l probably have as good a
crop of these froits as ever. :
?Only one disaster res uiting from
the he ivy rain has been reported. A
small hon*e occupied by negroes, and ;
resting upon a very unseoure tounda- j
'* -? -r11 V-i/% Km aIto '
liOLl Ui urich., cuuap&cu. l uiiun? i
probably of very poor cunl.ty gave {
way and the house fell. No one was j
hurt. The wonder is tbat this thing |
does not happen oftener. Tbe foundation
of so many small houses about i
here are apparently so flimsy ihat it!
seems strange that they ali do not!
meet the same fate as the one men-!
tioned above.
?In acknowledging the money collected
in Winnsboro for the Bine
medal Mrs. Serevin says tbat Winnsboro
is one of the first towns that has
responded to the call for money for
this medal. A very nice little sum
was collected here and it win always j
be a source of gratification to those *
who contributed to the fund that they <
have helped to reward one of the
heroes of the State. Editor Gonzp.ies j
now suggests that the Patriotic As- j
socialion shall honor Major Jenkins as j
well as Lieut. Blue. The ladies wili j
no doubt act upon this suggestion.
?The illness of Rudyard Kipling, j
th3 celebrated English author and
poet, has caused deep anxiety aud
sorrow all over the world almost.
Thia oriffpfl ma-, has made a ffreat
name for himself and has won the j
love and admiration of people wher-1
ever his writings have reached- The j
bulletins from his physicians are read j
with the keenest interest, and in many j
churches prayers have been offered'
for his recovery. It is to bs hoped j
that such a man as this, for whom |
there seezos to be such a brilliarnt i
future, will be spared. Kipling's j
death would cause unusual grief.
?Th? bicycle riders are hoping that j
whi:e the work of improving the :
streets is going onilnt they will not:
be forgotten ana !hat tne authorities i
3 I
wi!i have a bicycle path made through i
jrtam street, lqis is su-ueunui; mn
tue owut-rs of wheels have long felt
the nead of and taev hope that if j
possible they will have a bicycle path, j
Toe prospect of having the Main ;
Street pat in good coadition is a most
delightful one and if the town council
succeeds in carrying out their plans
they will have the gratitude of every j
one. We ho^e that they will take the i
bicyclists into consideratiea and will
discuss the matter of a path through
Main Street.
?We think that it will be a good j
plan for Winnsboro to follow ths example
of several towns in the State
and chaDge tbe date of Memorial Day.
The 10th of^May is the day set apart
for Memorial Day, but this* year it
will coaae just when the Confederate
rpnnirm ia nf ifc hMtrhfc ?r?;l most of
the veterans and probably a great i
many who are not veterans will be in .
Charleston at that time- It seems; j
therefore, that the only thing to do j
wiil be to select a day either before or !
after the reunion for the memorial i
exercises. It wQuld' seem a pity to;
have the exercisee at a time when so
many are absent. This is a matter fcr
tbe Ladies Memorial Association to
attend to, and they, will no donbt arrange
things so that tbe two celebrations
will not clash. ?
?The wa-m weather of last week j
was brought -to a close by a severe j
storm on Saturday night. For several !
days during the past week the weather I
was very warm- and on Saturday the j
mercury was up io the eighties cau*- j
ing winter clothes to be discarded and j
summer clothes, to b2 brought oat. j
The storm on Sitardav nigh', how- I
ever, cansed a great fall in the tempe- j
ratare. This Lstorm was unusuaUy
severe. The rain fell in torrents and
was accompanied by high wind and
hail and very severe thunder and j
lightning. Although the storm was ;
such a severe one no damagr was done i
in town excepting to the telephones, ;
and nearly every phone in town was:
ournt oat. .A heavy fro3t whitened j
the ground on M?aday raorniDg, bat j
nothing was injured.
?President Woodward, of the South !
Crrolina College, has recently d?!iv-j
ered a lecture cn Timrod in several |
different towus in the State. This lec- i
ture is said io t>e thoroughly interest-1
ing and instinctive, and just uow whe.j |
the people of the wboie State are feel-.
ir-g a deeper interest in all that con- j
cerns tue life of the poet this lecture !
wnnlrl hn delightful. t'onld noi: those :
creotlemeu who were instrumental in I
geitiDg President "Woodward to de-;
liver one of his lectures here same time !
ago imke an effort to have him deliverj
his lectnre on Timrod in Winnsboro?!
We feel snre that every one who has j
once heard President Woodward I
would be very gla^ of an opportunity i
to hear him again, and we hope that j
that opportunity will soon be given us. I
It is very bard to stand idly by and 1
see onr dear ones suffer while aw aiting i
the arrival ot the doctor. An Albany j
(N. Y.) dairyman called at u drug |
store (here for a doctor to cocie and j
see hi3 child. then very sick tvitn
croap. Nat finding the doctor in, be
left word for him. to come at once on ?
his return. Ue also bought a bottle of;
t himberlain's Cough Remedy, which;
he hoped would give some reiiet until |
the doctor should arrive. la a few |
hours he returned, saying the doctor
need not come, as the ehild was much J
better. The druggist, Mr. Ofto Sbolz, I
says the tamily has since recommended j
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to their;
neighbors and friends until he has a j
constant demand for it from ihaf part j
of the country. For sale by McMas-j
ter Co.
Baking 1'
^ Powder j;
Hjke j1
! i
ncSocs and wholesome
A Correction | *
In the communication be.'Jed j,
<!B ?dgc Builders," published in the ;,
vVeikiy News and Herald dated!
February 22nd, an error was made. *
Invesd of township No. 12 it should ;.
have been township No. 1. The pec- i
pie of township No 12 have no canse i (
for complaint, while those in No. 1 j1
not satisfied with the way their j |
.was-liip board is managing thiDgs. j j
We regiet that the error was made.
26ars the j* The Kind You Have Always Bought
Free?Hyacinth, Tulip and scveial
o:her vareties of bulbs.
<\dv McMastor Co.
a sad deathAlter
a ;<>rg and painful illness Mrs.
J. E. Gladden peacefully passed away
? -- 1 iU. w) A AA I
at JUer Iiuilie UU lUU x. liiLuau p.ai^c
February 24, 1899.. Iler death is in- ,
d'^ed a sad one to her husband and j
four little children and many friends. (
She was a consistent member of the ?
Mt. Muriah Baptist Church. Her j
husband has the sympathy of the en- (
tire couimuuity in his sad bereave-' ^
ment. T. L. J. (
?Tuesday the case of Moore vs. j
Spu.'iier, Admr., was tried. J. E. t
MeDonaid for plaintiff: J. W. Hana- (
han for defeudant. The defendant ?
demurred to the complaint, which was r
sn-t!tincd, and this ended the casa <
Ben!ware vs. Scottish Am. Mortg. ^
Co. resulted in a verdict for defendam. c
Ragsuaic & Ragsd&le for plaintiff; ^
R, W. Shaod for defendant.
Traylor vs. Fairfield County was in
progress of trial at time of going to
pre?s. J: E. McDonakl for plaintiff; ]
Ragsdaie & Ragsdale for defendant.
Dr. Cady's Condition* Powders,
are ju->t what a horse needs when in ^
bad condition. Tonic, Oicod purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
bnt medicine ana the best i:i use to 1
put a fcorsr in prime condition. Price
25 ce!;ts per package. For sale by jMc
Master (Jo.
ax c americanzj ? d spaniard 1
Tlie Spaniard referred to in the following
local taken from the Charlotte j
Ob-erver i3 probably a son of Mr and j
Mrs. Delleradorawho lived in Winnsboro
for sevsral years and bad a pho- ?
tograpli gallery here: ,
W'ede DeKeradora, a Spaniard, who (
is dwelling at present in this part o 1
Unde Sam's domain, .was recognized ?
a= a. belligerent yesterday afternoon I
on Mint street. Re was very drnnk
and proportionately disorderly. He
smashed windo w glasses and raised his
Satanic Majesty in general. Before he
was landed i" the Tombs four officers ?
naa lsia nanus on mm.
How to Know Our Wild Flowers
Beginning with the March number
the Ladies' Home Journal will publish
serially during the spring and summer
the month's pogeant of wild
flowers. In each month's issue will
be pictured, classified and described
the wild flowers then in blooom. The
ucv.riptions, with the aid of photographs,
will give every one an intimue
acquaintanceship with tge sum.
iner waifs of "wood and field, and a
pleasant, useful knowledge that >vi'l
make their identification very eay
whenever met with. The series will
bring to all a keener appreciation of
the beantiful flowers that grow and
blossom in Nature's garden.
The town council is doing splendid
on the streets. For several
days a force of hands has been
nf. E7>rk tinon Main street, and tbe 1
w-u k is being doue thoroughly. The ]
heavy and freqaeat raios of the winter '
almost ruined the strests, and where J
were once hard smooth roads are dow j
a ^accession of deep hole?. The town ,
authorities are doing their utmost to i
epalr :ne streets and to fix (hem so (
thaMhcy will remain in fine condition. J
Tf iliw <nnnpv is fnrfhr.nmincr fhft conn- <
cil intends fixing up all the principal
streets in town. By so doing they
will have the gratitude or the community.
A quantity of granite is being
used in filling up the streets.
While out driving with several (
friends on Monday, Mi>s Gussie Des- *
Fortes was shot vvith an air gun. As v
ihe was driving p^st a group of small ^
boys one of thein, evidently not realizing
what a dangerous thing he was 1
doing, aimed his air guu at the young
lady nnd *fbe ball struck her in the
e\e. Fortunately- the ball did not
strike the eyebail, .but. buried itself in 1
the eyelid. She was taken to Dr.
Buchanan who [removed the ball from
the eyelid. It is almost meracnlous
that the shot did not enter the eye and
the yonng lady very narrowly es- *
cr.pod losing the sight of one eye. 1
This should be a lesson to the boys
A i ?n fho nco r\ f f I
"T l\.f ill r igUIViOOO .lli IUV Ifc.TV V4 VUVX& J
air guDS.
Remarkable Iiescue. 1
Mrs. Michael Curia n, Plaimield,
111., makes the statement, tbat she
caught cold, which settled on her
lungs: she was treated for a month by
her family physician, but grew worse. 1
He told ber she was a hopeless victim
of cw.sumtion and tbat no medicine
con Id cure her. Her druggist sag- '
gested Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption; she bought a bottle and '
10 her delight found herself "benefited ,
in"?i first d >se. S':e continued its uss <
a?d after laking six bottles, found hersc^S
sound and well; now does her
ewu housework, air! i? as well as f-he "
ever was. Free tr:ai bottler of this
Gre-.t Discovery at McMaster Co.'s
drug !?tore. Large b >ttles 50 cents
and $1.00. 6
The visit o" i .-: 3o Clera-on cadet
to the 325 gi 1- at Wintbrop wa
tnoronghly enjwed by both the cadet
and the young laJie*. A special pro
s<ram had been MTaiigt-d by ihe Win
ihr.-p ohis for The euiertainnient o
f-he.*i? or.io.f; -M-rl n most fl- -?S51*htfll 1 d-i1
ivh> -ptjmr. An idea of the quatuir
:>' f jod that ?va* required for so man;
*i?*is and boys wiil oe g-?en by th<
following 3xt.rM.ct from Augu>t Kobn'
w-'.'um of ihe day. This is the dinne
hi was prepared:
Fot insiance, there were CO ducks
I'-j. iiams. 350 ponnds sausage, 101
sounds of cheese, 35 gallons of milk
50 pounds of butter, 60 gallons o
joffce, preserves, pickles aod jam"
lud Mr Barber, the baker, bad 35i
pounds of fine bread, 275 pounds o
iake, and SO pounds of biscuits. Th
arge dining routn had G50 places.
We have saved tnanv doctor biili
inc<* we be^an using Chamberlain'i
^oujih Remedy in our home. We kvej
i botile open ail the time and when
iver any of my family or myself begii
o catch cold we begin to use ?b<
Jon^h Remedy, and as a result w<
lever have to seud away for a dr>cto
md incur a large doctur bi'l, fo
Jbamberlain's Cough Remedy neve
ails to cure. It is certainly a m?di
:ine oi great merit and worth.?D. S
il? . Pa.,A?AI lifli.Ahi.nl on/
xL?AKilL.r.?j UCUCia' Uigi V/uotui auv
Parmer, Matiic, Bedford county, Pa
Por sole by McMa^ter Co.
This month will enter with pleasan
leather over nearly all of the Unitei
States, but the rainfall will increasi
)ver the South Atlantic States. Th
jguinoxial storms will be late in ai
'iving, but will make their appearanc
>ver the Golf of Mexico by the 25:h
1st and 2d, pleasant; 3d to oib, show
irs; Gtb to 7ib, blustering; 8tb to 9th
)leasan.; 10th, a heavy storm wil
form over the lower Mississippi Val
ey, extending np the Ohio Valley b;
be 11th, foltowed by blustery weathe
>n the 12th to 13th; 14th to 16&, pleas
ml; 17th to 18th, showers; 19th t<
Mtb, very warm and pleasrnt; 25th ti
?8th, cloudy and threatening, followe<
>v heavy rains and strong southeas
jales; 29th to 31st, colder and bins
Dr, Samuel Lindsay was in Chestei
ast week. .
Mr. a. u-eng nas retarnea to
)ca!a, Florida.
Mrs. Samnei Ward and children an
risitiug in Orangeburg.
Miss Marie Lee left on Weduesdaj
lor Chester to visit relatives.
Mr. Oharieton Y^nce has returnee
tome after, visiting Mr. J. L. Beaty,
Mrs. Thus. Ga Robsrtaou, who ha
)een very ill wiih pnearaonia, is no^
Mrs. Ttnmas Bryau, of Columbia
3 visiuog ber parents, Dr. aid Mrs
MibS Maggie Douglass is at lnm<
igain. She spent several month:
prith Mrs. Charter, her niece, a
Uedar Springs. We missed her an(
lII are glad to welcome her back tc
Fairfield.?Chester Lantern.
The foll^-'ng is taken from Th<
State of T'.u :
A verj -?1 '"fl 'i is that of Mr. J. C
Yilsoo, wh.oii occurred at his home or
klain street, near Elmwood avenue
yesterday morning at 10 o'clock.
A few months ago Mr. Wilson was i
itrong, robust man, in apparently ex
:3llp"t health, bat a paddeo malad*
>efi ? n, a:id he suffered from th(
ei; -y ^right's disease. The imme'
lis ?e of his death was paresis.
h. . as one f the most popular mer
n th employ f Lhe Southern roa-.l
lavi.tii be?" n :i o inductor on the Char
otte, Colombia and Augusta divlsioi
or nearl- 15 yrars. Many will re
aemb-r I int .< tbe handsome an<
)blig i\4 couuiio'.ur on the morniD?
rain f.*)m Charlotte to Augusts.
tit a man universally liked b;
til v 5th vrlnm he came in contact
^uiet ix.:d unassuming, he made manj
fiend?, and his familiar form will bi
nis8ed by travelers over the Southern
Besides his wise, he leaves a mom
sr, Mrs. M. C. Wilson, one brother
F. M. Wilson, mayor of Ridgeway
S.O.* . ? ).
For Over Fifty Tears.
Mrs. a inslow's Soothing Sybuj
ias been used for over fifty years Jr
millions of mothers for their cbildrei
svhiie leelhiDg, with perfect success
[t soothes the child, softens the gums
illays all pain, cures wind colic, an<
s the best remedy for diarrhoea 1
??ill relieve the poor little sufFere
immediately. Sold by druggists i)
jverv part of the world. Twenty fivi
;ents a bottle. Be sure and ask fo
'Mrs. Wioslow's Soothing Syrup,5
rod take no other kind* 1-1-17
Formers aru very much behind will
?eir work, owing to.the heavy rai:
ind snow storms of the past iwi
nonthe. We would suggest to thos
>t a aesponaent disposition me ok
proverb: "Behind the clouds is th
;an still shining."
No doabt, as sooq as the weather i
'aaorable oar farmers will push for
ivard with renewed energy, and ma;
he year 1899 prove a prosperons one
JIYC WU15 UUUUU id vciy uiowuia^iu^
[ hope the farmers will realize th
lecessity of raising more "hog am
lominy" and less cotton.
Most of the hot house plants wer
ost during the recent cold spell.
Rock Creek Church is still without
jastor, but it is hoped that the door
vill not be closed much longer. R.
March 4, 1899.
Save Your Money.
One box of Tutt's Pills will save
many dollars in doctors' bills
They wiliSurely cure all diseases
of the stomach, liver or bowels
ar i A a?
No KecKiess Assertion
For sick headache, dyspepsia
malaria, constipation and biliousness,
ainillion people endorse
n S g g g. jg an^WMa^ey HabUa
9 H 1 H M oatpain. Book of parflll
w 8 w I tlcularBseot KBKE.
S855J^5rOffic9 lfc N. F17M St
! Constant
; Coughing
f Constant coughing is not only very
annoying, but the continuous hacking
and irritation -will soon attack and in7
jure the delicate lining of the throat
7 and air passages. A simple cough is
a bad enough; but a chronic cough is
" really dangerous. Take advice and
3 U3e the celebrated Dr. Bull's Cough
r Syrup at on^e and be cured.
(Cough Syrup
0 Cures a Cough op Cold at once.
f Doses are smaU and pleasant to take. Doctors
& recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all druggist*,
R Tntafo rvAfotA nlunlinnr nr<aHAm!noloi
Ji*iou pvttiv piaiuiii^ pi vuvuiiu uLv?
3 in oar locality at present.
We have not learned of any da n*gc
i from the hail storm we experienced
5 the other night.
? Miss Lizzie May Hutchinson, of
? Moniicello. has been the gaest of Mr.
r ?
r and Mrs. J. P. Brooks for some iim<j. J
Uapt. Torn Hinnant has been uu.
usually well for several days past.
Last reports say he is improving.
Mr. N. Tioman ba3 resumed work
with a small gang at the works of the i
Stewart Contracting Co.
One of the out houses of the W. G.
t Co. wa3 burned recently. A. sura
3 method of isolation.
A cotillion was announced to # take
e place last Tuesday night at the Rion
hall. Not one representation of our
better thinking class (the fair sex)
was present. Future efforts in this
line will no.doubt be based on the
" merits of the above occasion,
j We are guessing at the name of the
young man who asked for the loan df
" a broom oi one of our neighbors to
Y sweep out the hall for the dance and
r nearly met with insult.
Now that oar Sunday School is
fairly launched on the good rosd we
5 are in need of a little money. Any
> kindly disposed persons who might
1 coutribute to the fund will please adt
dress same, or deliver in person, to
Mr. N. Tinman, secretary and treas"
urer, Rion, S. C., o* J. B. Scrosrsie,
superintendent, of the same address
' Religions services will be held here
at the Rion hall by the Rev. W. R.
Briscoe on the second Sunday of this
month at naif-past seven o'clock p. tn.
Por Infants and Children.
' The Kind You Have Always Bought
1 -pearstta, !
signature 01 n&x&wv.
8 |>r
Spring, gentle, balmy spring ha9
' come at Jast and dispelled the gloom
of winter. How refreshing to have
such weather after the hard winter we.
hare just experienced?a winter which
? was perhaps the coldest ever known in
, South Carolina. How all nature seems
* to rejoice over the coming of-spring
* when everything seems to spring forth
to a newness of life. The birds vie
with each other in their songs, which'
seem to be sweeter than ever before.
s I can hear a mocking bird singing now
oat in the flower garden. How sweet
. this bird of the Southland can sing;
1 how perfectly it can imitate the notes
' of all other birds. Down on thea
branch can be heard the son? of the
- red bird and others of the feuth.-red
7 tribe. I fancy they are r'eiuniiog
3 thanks to Him . who doeth ail tbi-gs.
ttoI i i'nf rvrocofTratirm fhpir liVPv.
*? V/i * 1VJ, VUV A VWV * V WVAV u V* w *. . V ? ,
i The recent cold weather certainly
> proved fatal to a great many birds
perhaps hundreds of them froze tu j
J dea h and others died from hnnge'i. In
" walkiug over the fields during and 1
* after the recent snow we noticed a
' great m&nv birds that had been frozen, j
mostly sparrows, though there were a I
7 great many, others, notably doves, red I
* birds and mocking birds. We haven't
7 seen many blue birds since the cold
e winter of several years ago; they have
' almost become extinct. It is certainly
a pity too. Birds are great insect de*
strovers and thereby render the farraf
ers valuable aid, which they slionld
n/\f ftTTorlrtftV Tfurmpra. rlnn^fc allow
allow ibe birds to be nnnecessarily
killed, for by doing so you will kill
? one of your best friends.- Boys, doa't I
y kill the birds ja?t for fan. Kemember
a that tbeir little lives are just as sweet
. to the n as yonrs are to you; besides,
, they destroy the insects-that are so
^ ripctrnctivp. to the crODS.
?vv?* s
t The weather has been very unfavorr
able for farm work this year. No
i ploughing bas been done yet. It will
e soon be time to plant March corn,
r This is the third of March and not a
" furrow has been ran. The ground is
entirely too wet to plough now, and
all indications point to another rain.
Nevertheless we won't despair, bat
hope tor the best.
h Nothing has 1 re i done towards gardening
Q We tbink the fruit crop has
o been injured my by the recent cala,
e as none of the trees had put out. We
3 noticed that some of the plow trees
were in full bloom to-day. In the
e flower garden the jonquils, hvacintbs,
bridal wreath and golden rod are in
s bloom.
We certainly enjoyed reading the
oeaumui piece ui pueuy whi-lch uj
' Professor Durham to Maj. Woodward.
!* The sentiments therein expressed were
. well worthy of the one from whom
e they emanated, and were certainly
a well deserved by the one to whom the"?
were written. If there ever was a
man who was loyal lo his country ar.d
e fellow man that man is T. W. Woodward.
Fairfield certaiuly owes him a
lasting debt of gratitude for the active
part he bore in the redemption of the
8 county and Stale from Radical rule.
We with many others admire him, and
as our coantv hasn't had a Governor
for years would suggest that we run
him for that office in 1900.
March 3, 1899 E. H. D.
s Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident of which Mr
TaU*, AKmam Innio nrfio tKn
UUUU \yUVCi Ui 1 iiliaucipuio, I? UO vuv I
5 subject, is narrated by him a1? follows: '
"I was in a most dreadful condition.
. My skin was almost yellow, eyes
snuken, tongue coated, pain c.?nt'u'
ually in back and sides, no afpeii<o? ,
gxada lly growing weaker d w oy day. I
Three pbyticiins bad ?ive>i me up.:
- Fortunitc-jy, a friend advised trying i
s 'Electric Bitters,' and to my great ,j.>v |
* and *nrpri?e, the lirst bo*tie made a,
y decided improvement. I continued!
th;-ir use for three ^eek>, and am row j
a well m?:;. I know ihev *aved uiv '
life and robbed the grave of anoil-erj
victim." No one should fail to try j
them. Only 50 cents'per boitl" a'i'
McMaster Co.'s drag store. 6
')( cou.'-' vc : have ; ! ? ; a flic*
-no'-' t'nl lain, w-: h.r
uol'.t r Vvxu we ever exosries u-d <
*.ve. as.ii t"ir fruit and triga ?T-re
i - i?; hikI oar flo<e.* >k.
? f a fire had p:*stcl over f&em ;?1 .
i?rob:ftui of ke^piiig warm "v<i?
O" * i Cr" H tl Oil', V<St We of liiifl
? >
i survived it aii and Are now
. jiwciicnug and feel iastined to e>!?I
ir.a e ihe b!es=ing* of cold weather
{ Snow and cresm would be relished
' now motv L::an it wa9 two week
since We have ?om-j giceo r>eiS
growing i>icelv?p'otect^d by the
snow they were read/ to spring np
and luxuriate in the sof' spring a?r
we are now having.
Fruit trees are b2Simii>?g to bloom
i and tlie farmers havo be :u at work
during the iast few days. 3.nail grain
look3well. Have heard ot very little
fcrtilizere being hauled.
Mr- D. L. Gleun has been appoirted
tx'idl jastice for this township.
I: is rumored that we ar?; to h&ve *
change in our postmaster buc t.othi r.g (
definite has been heard concerning the
removal 01 present mcumoent.
Vlrs. Effie Eichleberger and her
ds-igbter Mrs. Grace, residents c,f
VV nston, Miss., recently visited relieves?the
McMeeuiftS of thi* vicinity.
Mr?. Eicbleberger is 74 years of age
and "was a Miss Hngbey, of Haghey's ?
Ferry. We have heard our mothers <
and-jrrandrnothers tell ofherweddiug ,
to which the residents of two counties,
Newberry and Fairfield, w^re invited. 1
The guests thus bidden 'did not, like 1
some of which we have rtad, "begin
with one accord to make excuse," bat j
came In troops to partake of the wading
feast, and tljere were .not many .
fragments left of the. houseful of
cakes, and the enormous quantity of J
barbecued ' meats, befcide nbe' many i
other articles ot food ab lay-shlr pr*
pared for the occasion.
With the Rerr. Mr. Hodces nresid. 1
ing 'the" first quarterly conferenbe of i
the Fairfield circuit was held-at Shi* 1
loh church last Saturday and Sunday.
The preach ing was excellent and tht
attendance good considering the con- i
dition of the roads at that time. i
During the absence of Mr. C. JB? ]
Douglass and family on Sunday last
some hungry tramps effeete i. an entrance
into bis dining room and J
helped themselves to the good things i
there provided. Mrs. Douglass had <
made some extra preparation for the ]
entertainment of delegates to (he conference,
and I daresay these se f-in viied '
guests tared sumptuously and went <
on their way rejoicing.
Dr. and Mrs. J G. McMeetin have ]
been quite tick but are now improving.
Miss Eveline Goings, who has 1
h.. en very il! indeed, is uow convalescent.
An infant of Mr. W. D. Shann has .
aI/*lr ^ah "Atvirt lima e %<? >mni*'.l7nir *
UCM? 1ivi uuiU) aiju ;uiyi?Mwo
?erv slowlj. 'i
The death of Mrs. N. ftibb, a mem- i
ber of Litue River Baptist Church. (
while not unexpected, was a sore be- .
reavemeotto her family. For many
years she had been an invalid, not 1
ab'e to attend cburcb, but we felt that <
ler gentle chastened spirit was ever i
with us when we met for worship ia .
the church to which she and her
family were so dfevoted- She was '
fortunate to have snch a fsdthfal nur^t <
-- ?-? J li 11: - T :
uer uauguici ;
- Mrs. W. T. Glenn, (nee) Mis? Ida j
May McMeekin of Cbappells, S. C.,
lately visited her parent, Mr. and <
Mrs. John McMeekin of (his com- I
mujity. ... . , ? i
Misa Hauuie Ch^jpell went over to .
*** *' 'AM i^M?a ? *?!? U Atl AAnOllt
epcjiu a icw uajro nuu uci
Miss Challie Trapp, of the Crooked
Ran section not long since, bat the <
''beautiful snow". compelled her to i
| lengthen her visit into weeks. She >
j reports'a very pleasant time indeed, ,
j and does not regret her enforced stay
in 4hit hospitable community. 1
j Miss Eunita Enff is spending some j
davs "at die home of her uncle,"Mr, .
[ D. G-. Ru'ff, of the Bethel section.
March 3,.'99. . Y j
8ucklen's Arnica Sa've. .
. > :: - ; i
The Best Salve in Jh&worfcLfor Cats, j
Bruises; Sores, Ulcerl; Salt- Rheum, ?
Fever Sores, Tetter,. Chapped Hands, i
j( trilbiains, Corns, andall Skin Erup- J
| tions, and positi vely-cures-Fthes, or no i
i p&v required. IL lH-^uatauiccu i?si?g -j
perfect satisfaction, or money refrind- <
ed. Price 25 cents per box* For aate h
by McMaster Co. - . i * . \
_?- 't ?'j
The 'following' letter fr;oul Col. 1
Roosevelt teetifyiug to; the gallantry ,
of a son of an old Confederate general -1
will be of interest to all. Tb6 letter J
is taken from the Augasta Hera$: . j j
State of New York, j ;
. Executive Chamber* / .
. Albany, Feb. 23K189?. ,
Col. Jj-H.',Tillman, Edgefield, 6. C. - ]
M/ Dear Sir?I take peculiar pleas- |
ure in writing in behalf of Major ,
Micab'Jenkins, formerly of my regi- ]
ment (Rough Riders) First Volunteer ]
cavalry. ?
I have been endeavoring to have j
Major Jenkins pnt into the regular j
army. I do not believe tbat in the (
whole service could be found a braver {
or more gauant soicner. ue enierea i
my regiment as janior captain and |
handled his troops so well in the ,
Gnaaiinas fight that at the request of ,
all the other -.captains, at the S*n Juan
fighi I made him an acting nnjor, and
he was made major because of the
gallantry and efficiency he ihere displayed.
I have also recommended
him for a brevet because of his gallantry.
He was beside me when we
charged from Kettle hill to the second
line of entrenchments and he afterwards
went on practically by himself
until he ran into the Spanish lines and <
had to be recalled. His hat was ehot
irorn ms neau ana uis cum aiuiu&i. iu
I tattere. At do time, by night or day,
did be fail in performing his whole
dnty and more than his duty.
Danger seemed to act upon him
! literally like wine. In short, my dear
! sir, be showed himself in every way
worthy of hi? gallant father, the Confederate
Although irrelevant, I cannot retrain
from mentioning the fact that I
carried through the campaign the
field glasses used in the civil war by
Gen. Drayton of the Confederate
service (also a S u h '^rolinian),
l fVinoa rrlococo havino iu>. tO
I MM wv - v. ? w - ?
me by bis daughter, Miss DraytOD, of
the Navy department, at Washington.
With great regard and assuring you
tbat it has been indeed a pleasure to
write on behalf of my gallant com- *
rade. Major Jenkins, I am very sincerely
Theodore Jloos?u*l'.
Totter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting iucid<
nt to these diseases, isinsiantU, !
ai laved by applying Uhami'wri*:irs
Eu- and Skin Oiniment. Many very
bad cases hive been permanently cared ;
bv ) ', It is equally efficient lor itching
pile- and a favorite remedy for *oire ^
iiip.'.es, chapped bands* chilblains,
'ro>t bites and chronic .sore- en-8.
2ocis. per box. For sale by McMaster
A FRICANA vJl cure ShenrnatHm end
Scrotal* t? stay Cowl.
XFrom Girlhood
I m tL
!^t en there is any cortiytsneag. move t
fr liubtcr Tunfiriiffmi i emn 1
r Hi" luiek-Mke lirtu ktr guitfclj
??< s we*Iiar ailrerli* tMjnUii m
I fAHACEA (0. t. P.) ail MM* STJHiri
ler. All Dtlu ui fciUtisiesa wtrt mm
jkl erer ui for yoing glrli.
iMgSTli & CO*, P^rtofr
1 Most Interesting Article on the Yalae of j
Birds tut Destroyers of Insects?An Intelllgent
Plantar Gives Some Valnable
Iaformatlen and Advice.
Mr.. Editor: Feeling that the indij:rimiaate
killing of birds 80 freely in- 1
in)ged in through this section of the '
jountry is dne either to thoughtless
aess or ignorance, the following is
respectfully submitted. Yon can use j
part, or all, or none, as yon decide ]
jest. ' i
In Pennsylvania a few years ago the !
Legislature placed a bounty on the i
beads of owls and hawks. These ]
popularly are. recognized as our enemies.
More than $50,000 was paid .
out in these bounties. The next year 1
the-crops of grain were almost com* "
pletely destroyed by field mice and (
5th?r rodents and the loss to the farm- ^
srs amounting io about $4,500,000, <
showed conclusively that owls-and*
aawks were friends, not enemies. '
In times past we are t.->M Germany 1
paid a bounty on the heads < f birds of 1
many kinds. Result?destruction of !
iropK by pests to such extent that the 1
bounty was withdrawn and the people 1
:axed to import birds to replace thbse
a - -x ~ j
lesiroyeu. j
Here we notice robins, meadow j
arks and blackbirds freely killed for 1
jport and to supply the table. A few !
jyordi as to each: : i
An examina Jon of the stomachs of
obins sLowed that over 42 o r cent of
ts food is animal matter, principally
nstcts; 58 per cent of tbe fo>d is
referable, of whbh only 4 par cnt is
3f the cultivated varieties; Grass- j
aoppers make np one-tenth of tbe <
prbole food, bat io August comprise j
aver 80 per cent. All ttoe gra?KDep. j
pers, caterpillars, boga and beetles are t
njariou3 to our crops. The robin
lakes ten timer as much wild fruits as sf
cultivated; and it is also a fact that* \
fce mass of the wild fruit used by him j
it of the kinds that man neither gathin
for his use or adapts for cnltiw
ion. All birds prefer fruit that is 1
insipid or has some bitter astringent
The meadow larks are almost enirely
beneficial to the planter.. Their
itomachs showed of animal content*
'8 per cent, of vegetable 27 per cent
Che ineeets were ground species?as I
relies, grasshoppers, bogs and cater* j
pilars, with; a fevr flies, wasps and
ipldars. The'stomachs showed a large
sei cent even wben ground was covered
witb sno.w. 29 per. cent of the '
reaWy food is insect*, while in Aogxzst
.be^constitnted 69 per cent. Next to j
irras^hnnnorft nred&ciotis eroond beetles
jOD'titute ?1 per cent. One stomach
ihowed the fragments of. 37 insect*. ._
Souie of ihese birds' best Work is done 1
anon# the cat-worms. Of the grain \
found, corn was the principal, and.is j
sa>> a mostly in winter and early j
ipring. ,CiOTer. seed was .found in
?ni lit stomachs out of 2S8 collected
for cxam.nartoii, 'AlthoughjU fleet is ?
wifftAtned for fee tables this fe the noor*
set way to use this valuable species.
- Seven hundred and twenty-live atomieht'
from the red-winged blackbird
ire re. examined. The?e b ho wed thai
per'cent of its tood Is vegetable i
matter. Of the Insect matter 10 per ;
tent exists of most harmful beetles;
reevils amounts! to.4 percent, but in
June reached'25 per cent.. Ab weevils \
are among the most harmful insect! ,
fcnown Some idea.'of. th6 value of wis ,
birr! may be reached!; Furthers of the ,
weds used as food only.cornt wheat and
oati were found, anil of all combiokd
only 13 per cent?of these oat* .
formed one-naif, while" weed-seedr
forms the whole of the food in jrin- '
ter and 57 per eeut of the whole year's
in pply.. The principal weed seeds ?
laten are rag-weed, barn-Trass, smartweed
and abont a dozen others.' The
S>!rd begins to eat (hem in August
when other foods are accessible, show- ,
==g , = |
fie f pre'
M jr.-; "sromen lose tli&r ?:rlisa forms Jtftet j
they become inoik-rs. This is due tc neglect.
The figure can fci preserved bcyocd
^ . question if the ex
fpectant metier will
constantly use
1 friend;
during the whoU 4
period of ^reg3*aqr? j
i he earlier its use is ^
begun, the more per
- tcUxcs the m-.-jde*
during the great strain before feirtk, but helps
the skin to contract mtci^y afterward. It -'
keeps unsightly wrinkles aw*?j and tin (
muscles underneath retain tfce^ofebiHty. (
niOtlKf5} is that farfco-HS external
iiairrent which baiJshes "morning ticknea ?
and nervousness during rrcgnancy J shorten*
labor and makes it nearly painlcs; tailJ*. up
tie pniient's constitution J strcnj^ii#r??vt5&.t '
six crnerrfs from thi crical wfcucat danger;
Tfce little onet s':ows the effects cl
mother's Tri-itlfi by ils rofcustcess and vigor,
Sold et drug stores for S! a bottle.
Se.Tl for our "finely illustrate J book foe ?/ j
pectant mothers.
to Womanhood.^
have a wrong merging into womanhood. j|
The greatest crisis in every girl's life iiO
at this stag* when the menstrnal func-JL
I are being established, and she should V
I every provision obtainable for establish;hi?period
properly, without which abeY
never become a perfect woman. Mothers. A
--'J teach your daughters to confide in 1|
you. Explain their condition toO
them and watch over them as you X
\ would the moet delicate plant, and V
as this most critical age draws
near commence giving her w
^/Female Panacea.! |
f T"*"(Gr. lF.JP. )"***- A
' It will establish the menstrual jC
functions, restore the strength and w
give life and energy to the entire A
being. PXfCI $1.00 MB B0RLB.V
be bowels gently with moderate doses of A'
liliraa ?UMk, ImtkK TiU crest l
rfwfeto. ?H tofrMm Hrmiqdli
utka. f *MC$t ? Wttl* ?f GfMTirS F1C9
ra UTUlMmtM u4 wwicM tow**
>ra, Chattanooga, Tenn.X
iog a preference for i^iera. Near-y
ieren-e>ghts of its food is made up'^f
leeds and ineets injurious to azricdllure,
aud the amounts used bv them
ire enormous, where tLey are allowed
to lira unmolested.
We will refrain from noticing other .
rarietie* for fear of wearying your
patience. "* X 1 v"%a
March 4,1899,
MlVki A 9UKU Ui liiuo
Sires nine.. Hughes' Tonie (new its*
proved, taste pleasant), taken in early
ipring and fall prevents Chills, Dengoe
irid Malarial Fevers. Acta on the 4
iTer, tones op the system. Better than
3aimne. Guaranteed, try It. At* \
DroffisUr. 60c. and $1.00 bottles. *
?The new year directs attention to ; ^
leme of the cariosities of the calendar. .
k centary, for instance, can not begin ^
in a Sunday or a Wednesday or a
Friday. Again, the same calenders
an be nsed every twsnty years. In
rears that are not leap years the year
begins and ends on the same day of j
the week. So January begins on the ?
- --J.
lime day at October, April as ?Juy,
September as December, while February,
March and November begin on
[he same day.
Suec?s?~ Worth Knowing.
10 years' success in the Sonth, proves
Hughes' Tonic a freat remedy" for
Chills and all Malarial Fevers, Better
than Quinine. Guaranteed, try it. At
Druggists. 50c. and $1.00 bottles. *
A Nor and Complete Treatment, consisting of
SUPPOSITORIES, Capsules of Ointment and two . . .
Boxes of Oiatmnt. A never-JkDist care for Piles
>f every nature and degree. ft makes an operation
?Hh tie knife wfcjck is p*inful, and often results
<- A?? mbm (kit WritU
Mliitwf ? put a Written tMwtte* hi ?tch .'-Vi
It lM* No'Care, Ne Fay.- soc^acd ft a box, 6 for ^
(5. Spat hy. nail. Staples^
OlHTHmT, S6e. aodWv
mat LIVE* a?d STOMACH. REGULATOR ai- 7^.
FLOOD PURIFIER. Small, mild and pleasant '
: take: especially adapted for childrtn'scse. 50
ioees 25 cents.
FREE.-A rial"o(the?e?uBota little Pellets will
be rpreu with $$1 box or more of Pile Care..- ' Ao
. None*?TjfX GENUXME neH jAfAKESi^ . ILK
Cvu for iak only by ,
J. J. OBEAB, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C. y
Cai? CO In %
, " . '
SSED. price 50 cents pet bushel,*'* - :>|p
irti. at railroad.
S.HALL, SR., .
3-7-St : Mitford. S. C.
V- - ~~ ~ - . %i%
i now in complete operation to Jjq ?
tnd poiiih rice ready for maket aii-l
table we. The patronage of the pub
Ic iawli tiled and will be appreciated- >
. ; T. T. BOOKMAN, &7'1
;V... Sharp'*, 8.-C. - ' ' Notice.
if my interest in the firm of Garig
Kigler to Mr. Jeo* W, SKgier, wbo
prill eontinnetheboBincsi at theoM
?taud. -*x%?&
: According to the term* oi tub, ali
iccouhti due Gerig k Seigler'ccico
nto tay poinuioQ, tod if not settled ^
rt pi!oe will begiveo to an attorney ; g
for collection. -
Mr. Jbo. W. Seigler is authorized to
tolleciaecoaote for me.
btcatriz for Estate of Francis Gerig.
: March 1,1899, 3-7-2t
. - '-T1
.. * *
T- Al. *_ _1 IT I
v SHI. i v
-? r!
Every Article i
jUAKANTEED as represent- . \?|j
k BAUGAIN. FOR WE have tue
soods and we have cut the
Scud at yoar watch work and jeir>lryjok?;
wear better prepared than*
iver to reader qtrct service.
8. IA1T,?

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