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u calIntelligence
Wfcdn?s?*y, March 15, - - 1899
~Bead "want" advertisement els-eWhera.
?Columbia and Hurtford wneels.
8?s advertisement of 7>rda>- & Davi*
r rtootriatb h?v ftnrl mixed COW
feed read H. L. Elliott's advertisement.
- ?A? effort is DeiBg made to have
*11 of the veterans of the Mexican war
preaen' *tt^Confederate re-nnion in
Charle- >a i*? May.
?Tht Ketcnin Mercantile Co. have
moved iuto their hai;dsome new store
on non'- \-ocgre9s 9treet. It is ??ne of
the pM est stora buildings in town
?i:Where there's a way there's a
*** shoe to walk in it." Thatte the heading
of Q D. Williford'? .-.dvertisement
&..n A ?t or. A cMTTd him 'A
VIU9 uiyi ''lug. x'. ?'iw 511 v M*?* w
?Mr. and Mrs. E. G Scruggs have
moved trom WiiiOnb-ro tr Chester
where .^ey witi make thcU* tiome in
fature. fheir friend* in Wiuusboro
regret hat tbey have moved away.
?All survivor* of Companies B and
C, 7th S. C. Battalion, who expect to
attend the reun;- ^ ia Charleston, are
requeued to no?;fy Judge W. M.
Thomas. 92 Br ?ad trert, Charleston.
?Th - students of Winthrop and
Clems*" College* will he carried to
Charl^s-v n in May to enjoy the fes?
tivitit* of the re-nnioru a?id it will
probab>ybe a most deligbifal occasion
for the students.
?A very short time is left for the
sportsmen, for aftsr April 1st their
fun will baover until November 1st.
It is a fortunate thing that so short a
time is left to the hunters, for the
birds have had a hard time this winter
and it will take a long time for them
to recover from it.
--Columbia is in great lack and in
her good fortune she has our good j
wishes and congratulations. The
peeple of Fairfield county hare every
reason to feel an interest in all thai j
concerns the capital city, and especial-j
ly as there are so many Fairfield peo- j
pie, botn colored and whitd, who now j
make their homes in Colombia.
?A design for a monnment to be
- erected to the memoryAof Miss Winnie
Davis has been accepted and the monnment
will be erected very soon. The
design is a kneeling angel and is said
to be very beaitifnl. The erecting of j
this memorial to the Daughter of the
Confederacy is the loving work of the
United Daughters of the Confederacy.
* ' -JJ.J AX1.
g ?ADomer new uauie ouucu iu vu*
advsrtiilng eolanrn is Mr .-J. Scott Hc
Carley. He begins business on the
rigbfc lins?advertising. Fresh bread
and cake3 will be fonnd at his store,
as wall u canned goods. Mr. McCarley
is a young man just starting
business, and he will be grateful for
patronage and give full value lor your
?The Fairfield Cotton Mills is the
x busiest place in town now. All of
the looms and SDindl8S are working
night and day and the mill is doing
splendid work, and the outlook for the
will ee^ms very bright. The success
of thia mill will, we hope, encourage*
^ * the buil-Jing of another mill, then our i
town would be on the high road to1
?A 'rain carrying: soldiers from *he j
southern camps to their northern
htmes passed. through on Tuesday
aftemrou. -Several of the coaches
were decorated with baaners bearing
the names of the companies on
board. The cotd weather probably
made the men more anxioos than ever
to leave South, and this climate in
which they mast have been sorely!
?Sank Liston, the only colored
volunteer from Winnsboro to the late
war, has returned home, haying been
mastered oat of service. He was a
member of the 10th Iramunes and has
not seen, active service, the regiment
having been .encamped for some time
in Macon, Ga. The retuened soldier
figures as a hero in the eye3 of his
colored friends and his return created
some little stir among them.
?Julia, the ten year old daughter
or Rev. and Mrs. HcNsely DuBose,
died at her home in Asherille, N. C-,
last week of menengitis Rev. Mr.
DaBose is a native of Wiunsboro and
it well known to many people here
who wll sympathise deeply with him
? and Ms family in their bereavement.
* The little girl was unusually bright
and attractive in every way and her
death is peculiarly sad.
?The Caldwell Dry Goods Company
are makiDg great changes in
their store in the Winnsboro hotel
building. The partition between this
store and the one recently occupied by
Samuel Simpson is being taking down
and these stores will be thrown into
one. Thii will^add very much to the
size of The Caldwell Dry Goods
Company's store and will improve
the look# ef the store very greatly.
RBeumacide is not recommeded for
the cure ef every ill, it does not cure
everything. But it is a certain cure
for rheumatism, and is a fine blood
purifier and laxative; try it.
?We welocme Mr. J. W. Seigler to
UUl aurciU?iU? UOiULUUB. ac uao
bought th-' stock of Gerig k Stigler,
and wiU continue the basiness in his
own Dame. He will greatly appreciate
your trade, and yon may ue 6ure of
good neatment. He will be found at
{he ok: stand of Gerig & Seigler. The
Ub firm of Gerig & Seigler has enjoyed a
ft most excellent reputation for reliabilit y
R in every rsspect. Its reputation will
Br not sulFer in the keeping of the surviving
member and successor.
M 'oates;; Wd* ^sld a! Glemson
?j^ou the night of March 3rd to
Hoaii to repre22ut ibis college
ter-oreiria-e oratorical con^
Bheld at Due West in April.
Hi Several contestants for
|ji nmoug t- em wa~ Mr
ffiy?of Vfiansbu^o, a inemflfchoua
Society. Mr.
?Lwas S?9Uih Caro ULthe
judges wore
Bn their remarks
Ire Moise was
Makes the food more d
?An old r.cg-o man from nej
Woodward iva keJ, djwu to Winn:
hnrn to sea Couutv SilDervisor Tei
nant about having Htnse'f put in tt
poor house, iie was eighty years ok
Mr. Tennant sent him to Simpson's o
the tram. Although the oid man hs
iived all of these years within soun
and sight of the trains be had nevt
ridden on one before, and this tri
from Winnsboro to Simpson's
probably the greatest event of bis lift
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders
are iu-t wiiat a horse needs when i
bad coudiiion. Tonic, blood purifie
!a:'d venn:fu^ev They are not foo
bat medicine ana the best in use t
put a horse in^rirae conditiou. fric
25 cents per package. For sale b
McMaster Uo.
?Recently improvements whic
have been lonjr needed and which ha\
greatly improved the appearance (
the place have been made in the Epi:
copal cemetery. A drive ha? been co
| through the grounds and a large gat
I hoo haon Tint An ffflO SO that Veh
cles may be driven through the cemi
tery. Tnis will do away with tfc
inconvenience caused by not having
driveway through, and also beautifif
the place. The walks are being grai
eled and the appearance of the plac
greatly improved.
? V* e announced some time ag
that the Baptist Churches of Winns
boro and Ridgeway had extended
call to Rev. J. L. Freeman, of Lowrys
villa. Mr. Freeman has accepted th
call and will move here this week ani
assume the pastorate of these tw
churches. Mr. Freeman has ha
charge of two churches heretofore an
mAmKawa e\t tVioco r?r?n(rrp?rftfinn
( ui9 uaguiuwio VA. ww0.vnOT..v_
regret to give him up. The people o
Winnsboro willba pleased to wcleom
Mr. Freeman to their midst and h
will have the best wishes ot the com
munity in bis new field.
?A quantity of telephone pole
have been brought here and depositee
below the freight depot. No on
seems to know for what purpose the
have been brought here, and it ha
been impossible to ascertain for wh9
purpose they are to be used, but tb
general opinion is Chat a long ai9tanc
telephone is to1 run through towr
Several ot these telephones are to b
pat np connecting different towns i
the State with Northern cities, and i
may be that one wili puss throug
? It is expected that aD order wi
soon be issued by the war departmec
removing all of the volunteer troop
from Cuba and leaving reg ular troop
to garrison the island. The sickl
season will soon begin and it i
LDOUgQt loai uy IUC -L3U Ui may aix u
the volunteer troops will be musterei
oat. The list of volunteer troops noi
in Caba includes the 2nd Sonth Care
lina, upder Col.. Jones, and the 3r
Regiment Volunteer Engineers, undc
Col. D. D. Gaillard. The friends o
members of these regimonts will b
relieved to know that the dangers of
summer in Cuba will not have to b
Bears the ,4 The Kind Ybu Have Always BohJ
Died in Lancaster. S. C.. on Mor
day morning, Mrs. R. M. Galloway
third daughter of Mr. J. C. Mackorei]
and niece af Mr. and Mrs J. D. Mc
Carley, of our town. Her death is
very sad one. She leaves a husbam
and a little daughter (two years c
age), four brothers and three sister
and hosts of friends who mourn he
untimely end.
The following changes in the schec
t.!e of the daily trains and in the co
lecticn of mail from the street bose
will take place on Sunday. The train
will be due at the following hours
The south-bound train at 10.21 a. m
and the northbound at 6 38 p. m.
The mail will be collecfed from th
boxes at 9.45 a. m., instead of 11 a. m
at 5.30p. m., instead of 5 p. m.,an
at 9.00 p. m.
' ( C/v
is only a symptom?not a
disease. So are Backache,
j: Nervousness, Dizziness and the
i | Blues. They all come from an
i | unhealthy state of the menj|
strual organs. If you suffer
from any of these symptoms?
| if you feel tired and languid in
I the morning and wish you could
I lie in bed another hour or two
I ?if there is a bad taste in the
| month, and no appetite ? if
l there is pain in the side, back
| or abdomen?BRADFI ELD'S
| bring about a sure cure. Th*,
* doctor may call your trouble
| some high-sounding Latin
| name, but never mind the name.
| The trouble is in the menstrual
organs, and Bradfield's Female
Regulator will restore you to
| health and regulate the menses
| like clockwork.
' ' SoM by druggists for Ji a bo::!e. A free illustrated
, book wiilbeseattoinv wosnnii imjuecbe mailt-i to
maipgtt? mt y? i.3BaaMg?miaw?ii
li Smuno
^ Power
lelicious and wnoiesome
It appears from the following item
that the smallpox situation in Sumter
'e is still serious:
Judge Buchanan started this inornn
for Conway, says the Sumter Item of
lS j Saterday, where he was to open court
d; on next Monday, and after having
.r purchased his ticker and while awaiting
io take the S 15 train, he received
p a telegram from Mr. C. P. QuattleLS
baum, at that place, saying that owing
5. to the prevalence of smallpox in the
eonntry Dr. Evans, of the Slate board
n' of health, the local physicians and
;r town and county officials and others
d deemed i; inadvisable to have the
,0 peo .le congregate in court, and a*>ked
;e ti.at the Judge adjourn court, which
v request Judge Buchanan complied
i wiiii and returned to his home.
h j ?
re j It is very hard to stand, idly by and
f 1 see our dear ones suffer while awaiting
j IJJU aiiHll VI LUv . 4AH AAivma;
3" (N. Y.) dairyman callcd at a drug
it. stor^ the ' f.<r a doctor to come and
e see h:s < nld. then very sick with
croup > i finding the doctor in, be
left worn ior liim to come at once on
his retniu. He also bought a bottle of
ie Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, which
a be hoped wonld give some relief until
;s thd" doctor should arrive. In a few
' hours he returned, sayiog the doctor
7~ need not come, as the ehild was much
:e better. The druggist, Mr. Otto Sholz,
says the family has since recommended
Q) Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to thenneighbors
and friends until he has a
l_ constant demand for it from that part
a nf the countrv. For sale bv McMas
i- ter Co.
? Nr. Editor: In the annual contest
J: of the Calhoun Literary Society of
Clemson College, it was Fairfield's
? lortnoe to have one of her representatives
win one of the medals given by
e the Oilhonn Societv at that contest.
e The Fairfield boy to whom I refer
(Mr. Edgar M. Matthews^) won tbe
orator's medal over two opponents of
? i no mean distinction. And we feel
assured that our "Winnsboro repree
sentative will not be forgotten in the
y hour of his triumph, but that he will
receive in his absence from__home,
the silent congratulations of his friends
and associates.
e Yours very truly,
L Simon Lumpkin.
March 6,1899.
Lt I ?
Kev. W. H. McMaster, D. D., of
Alleghany, Pa., lectured here on Tueslt
day night in the Associate Keformed
lS Presbyterian Church, and on Wednes8
day night in the Methodist Church.
y Both of these lectures were well ats
tendei and all who were present were
delishted. The lectures were very
J I ?'
interesting and instructive and the
,v lecturer made a delightful "impression
upon his hearers. Dr. McMaster is a
^ representative of the National Reform
r Associa;"on, the object of which is to
make civil law conform to the rules
e laid^ down in the Bible, and It is for
a the purpose of furthering th? work of
e this association that Dr. McMaster
gives these lectures. Daring his stay
here Dr. McMaster is the guest of
Rev. C. E. McDonald.
At different times a wish has been
expressed by a number of people that
a branch of the Society for the Pre.
ventiOD of Cruelty to Animals could
I be established here, and there ia certainly
need for one. There is so mac'i
a suffering that could be prevented by
j having one of these societies here,
and so much cruelty to animals pre8
vented. We fee! sure that if some
r one would start this work that every
citizen who ha* any kindly feeling for
dumb animal would join with them
and help them in every way. There
is no estimating the good done by these
I -?nnmKflf r\ f th<T
A* &UU1CUCO auu iuv uuuiwi v? -w?
I- brsnches has .grown until almost
>s every town of any size in the whole
is country has one. It would not be a
: difficult matter to have one here and
i. we hope that some one will make tl )
e ?
For Over Fifty Years.
d Mrs. vVistslow's Soothing Syrup
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
" while teething, with perfect success.
rt i],n
cAffon? f V>a cm in c
It ByUlilCO L1I^> V/JUilU^ cc* ivug vuw ^ u u?w|,
| allays all pain, cares wind colic, and
I is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
! will relieve the poor little sufferer
r immediately. Sold by druggists in
| every part of the world. Twenty five
| cents a bottle. Be sure and aek for
| "Mrs. Wioslow's Soothing Syrao,"
| and take no other kind. 1-1-17
* i
I *"
| ?
| In accordance with a notice given
| out in the Methodist Church on Sunday
| the ladies of the town are earnestly
f requested to co-operate with the ladies
| of that congregation iu .foiming a
| Home Missionary Society. There is
I much work that can and ought to be
I done in our midst and the waya and
v means will be discussed at a meeting
| to be held at the Methodist Church on
? Wednesday afternoon at o o'clock.
| j All of the ladies in town are requested
5 i to be present. The need for such
| I woik i- especially apparent since (he
| ! opening of the coiton mill, and much
is ! suffering and want coaid be alleviated
a by such an organization. We hope
- this r.ew work will meet with a cheerI
ful response from the ladies of onr
| | town?and 'hat our hearts may broaden
? i with the opportunity wbich God in
? '.his mercy i3 spreading oat before as.
Tetter, Satt-Rhctim and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting in*
cident to these diseases, is instantly
i illayed by applying Chamberlain's
k Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very
| bad cases have been permanently cured
| by it. it is equally efficient lor itching
? j piles and a favorite remedy for sore
jf [nipples,, chapped hands, chilblains.
| j frost bites and chronic sore eyes
J j 25s'.s. per box. For sale by McMaster
v It.djeway has a^aiu suffered at toe
hands of ir.cendiaries, but fortunately
they have up to this time cot fined
the rune Ives to burning barns and no
dwellings h;ve been set on fire On
Saturdaj night the stable? and barn
| beloL'_""cg to Mr. J S. Edmunds were
i bur!. A;J of the ?oro ana hay in
the bam wore lost, bnt the btock -a-'
The n-?xt victim of the incendiary'3
torch was Mr. George Moore, who
lost his barn and stables on Tuesday
night, the fire occurring shortly after]
midnight. It will be remembered ihat
Mr. Robert Biair lost two biros a few
months ago by fire.
There seems to be no doubt that
these fires were ail tne work of incendiaries.
aod it is hyped ihat before any
more lires occur tnai tus gunwy pcisuij
or person? will be apprehended.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the.
Signature 01
Mr Marion Boyd Jennings is at
home from WofFord College.
Mr. J. J. Gerig returned on Friday
to his home in Ocala, Florida.
Mr. aud Mrs. Thos. S. Bryan returned
to Columbia on Monday.
Mr. J. D Douglass wa9 appointed j
postmaster at Blackstock last week.
Miss Bessie Quattlebaum has returned
from a visit" to relatives in
Messrs. fl. W. DesPortes, Sr., and\V.
J. Johnson, of Ridgeway, were in
town Friday.
73 * -? tt*- * ~ z"' ? o tt
311SS rvaie VJ&31UU cpcui Uaiuiua;
with friends on her way from Snm'er
to her home in Chester.
Mr. Chamberlain has returned to
his home in Bridgeport, Conn., after
visiting Major T. W. Woodwurd.
Mrs. Ma*y Phinney has returned
from Florence where she has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Anna
By an Operative Named Mabry, and Preliminary
Held Monday.
A preliminary, in the case of Mabry
charged witb having shot Superintendent
Shipp of the factory on Friday
evening was held by Magistrate Cathcart
on Monday.
From the State's side of the matter,
it'appears .that Mabry was-provoked
with ZJy,j for having fined his
brother, aud finally invited Shipp to
fight him, which invitation was declined,
and drew hi3 pistol and fired. I
Mr. Shipp said that be thinks the first
ball struck him about the ear. "One
of the wounds is above the ear just
under the edge of the hair. The ether
one is on the lower part of the neck.
Another is in the neck. It seems to
be the scrape of a pistol ball, bnt I aji
not positive about that ball." This is
what Mr. Shipp said as to the wounds.
After he was shot Shipp went for his
coat in the office and got his pistol,
Mabry pa-" with his pistol and
shot.^ w:> *?<-: "I had my pistol
up in a position." Several
ehnts were exchanged.
Mabry was arrested Friday night,
and will be tried at-the next "term of
Look! A Stitch in Time
Ssv ' e. Hughes' Tonic (new impru
taste pleasant), taken in-early
spri? - ind fal1 prevents Chills, Dengue i
and Malarial Fevers. Acts on the
live<, loncs np tne system. Better than
Quinine. Gaar-an'teed, try ic. At
Druggist?. 50c. and $1.00 bottles. * j
At a imeting of Camp Raines,
U. C. V., held on Monday, *tn Marcn,
1899, the annual election cf officers
was field, resulting in the choice of the
entire corps of present incumbents
with the exception of 2nd lieutenant
commander and 1st color guard,
positions held, respectively, by Comrades
Francis Gerig and Thos. P.
Ligon, whose places were filled by the
election of A. S. Donglaes 2nd lieu-,
tenant commander and D. G. Rufi 1st
color guard.'
Commitlees were appointed to draft
suitable resolutions in memory of our
deceased comrades, Francis Gerig and
Tho3. P. Ligon.
A resolution was passed inviting all
? ~ ~ Annnln tn a irtint mpdt l'nff
1U I Li Vs UUUUiy iv t* jviuh
with Camp Raines, to be held in the
court house in Winnsboro on the first
Monday (3rd day) in April next, for
the purpose of perfecting a regimental
organizition. Let every camp in good
standing send delegates to this raeeting.
The following resolution was unani
mously adopted by a rising vote:
Resolved, That the thanks of Camp
Raines are due and are respectfully
tendered Senator Tillman for his
theui?htfol and timely action in securing
through Congress the aid of the
War Department for onr executive
committee of United Confederate Veterans
in the entertainment of visitors
at .he reunion to be held in Charles:on
in May.
Camps and committees and individuals
are again respectfully urged to
aid Charleston in ths coming entertainment.
Up to this date only about
thirty dollars of the one hundred and
fifty requested are iu 9ight.
R. II. Jennings,
Juo. J. Noil, Adjutant.
^5 Weil Man
THE * of Me.
GREAT jm?S?? ?.
pREKCH REMET.Y produces tbc above result
* ' in 30 dcys. Cur es Nervous Debility. Impotency.
I Varicocele, s-si:iir.g Memory. Stops all drai:is.ana
losses caused by errcrs of youth. It wards off Inanity
and Consumption. Youns Men regain ManI
;;ood ar.d Old Men recover Youthful Vigor. It
;ives vigor and s ze to shrunken orjrsns, and fits
\ i men lor business or marriage. Easily carried ia
he vest pocket. I'nce TO PTQ 6 Boxes J2.sc
, >v mail, in p!ain pack-3U V I *^t_a?e* w>tb
vritten guarantee. DR. jcAN O'HARRA, Psril
Sold only by J. J. Obear, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
Bronchitis is very prevalent. It generally
begins with a common cold, attended
with cough, hoarseness, soreness
of the lungs, tightness of the chest
and difficulty in breathing. If not attended
to, it becomes dangerous?thousands
die from bronchitis annually.
Dr. JohnW. Bull's Cough Syrup is the
best remedy for this disease; it relieves
the cough at once, effects an easy ex
pectoration, ana. cures in a iew cays.
Cough Syrup
Will promptly cure Bronchitis.
Dose? are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
re on-mea? it. Price 2^ cents. At all druggists.
February 22, 1899, was the occasion
of a happy and beautiful rnarriag at
the Poplar Springs Baptist Church, in
this county. Tne contracting parlies
were Mr. J. Woodward Durham and
Miss Hattie McMaster Boulware.
They were near neighbors and when
Knrran t/\ nnAn fVio"r ViPftrfc
VU?/J.V4 UVgUU IV JUJ^/VM vuvii MV?.? .
they were drawn to each other as a
magnet to the pole, so foben they
stood'at the hymenial altar and the
Rev. H. K. Ezell made th?m one, it
was evident to all that theirs was a
happy union. Now they start down
life's journey hand in h*ud, to share
together whatever fortune may await
them, and they carry with them the
best wishes of their many friends that
they may be prosperous, useful and
happy, and that they may enjoy haalth
and long life, and that an ever-raling
providence may deal kindly with
After the marriage a number of invited
guests, both of. the bride and
I groom, aesemb.'ed at Prof. Wm. S.
Durham's, the groom's fa4 her, and
partook of a sumptuons feast at which
all did ample jastice. With all the
occasion was most pleasant. E
The Sure La Grippe Cure.
There is no ase suffering from this
dreadful malady, if you will only get
the right remedy. You are having
pain all through your body, your liver
is out of order, have no appetite, up
life or ambition, have a bad cold, in
fact are completely used up. Electric
Bitters is the only remedy tbat will
?* ? ? ? ? maI'AP ThfiTT
give yuu pruuipL auu euic icu?. j.uvj
act directly on your Liver, Stomach
and Kidneys, tone op the whole system
and make you feel like a new being.
They are guaranteed to. cure or price
refunded. For sale at McMaster Co.'s
drag store, only 50 cents per bottle. 1
On Friday nigbt last Mr. J. S. Edmonds
lost his barn and contents by
fire. No one seems to know just how
the fire originated, bnt Mr. Edmunds
does not seem to think it was the wprk
of an incendiary.
Mr. G. E. Moore,.who lives near
town,* had tbe misfortune to lose his
I barn on Monday night. He succeeded
I in saving his horses, but lost all or his
com, fodder* and bay. A calf "which
was in the stable was badly burned.
Everyone seems to feel the recent
cold spell mnch more than the beav7
snow and freeze ot February. On
Saturday last the thermometer regis,
tered nearly 80 degrees, and on Monday
it was below the freezing point.
These changes coming suddenly as
they do cause a great deal of suffering
among the poor and those who arc unprepared.
Miss Mamie Ilabb, who has been
spending some time in Atlanta, returned
home last week.
The depot and all property of the
Southern Railway has recently been
painted, adding much to the appearance
of that part of town.
eawfifol r>rnrr.inonf r^anfers Of this
community contemplate the planting
of tobacco this year. Should their
plans materialize an expert will be
secured to superintend the planting
yid earing, little of which is known
by our farmers.
Mr. J. M. Wilson went to Colombia
last week to attend the faneral of his
brother, Mr. John Wilson. Mr. Wilson
was for a number of years a conductor
on the Southern Railway and
wai very popular with the railroad,
and in fact with all who knew him.
He leaves a wife and a host of friends
who mourn his loss. J. O. JT.
March 7,1899.
J. JEI. M. Beaty, director of the
Clemson Textile School in South
Carolina visited ns a few days ago.
He was emoute North to select ad
ditional professors to tea?n tneir growling
number of students. They now
have over 40 enrolled, and had to*
turn down twice a3 many more applications,
because the school will not
be in full s'lsye for this work until
the fa! i ol ;ui8year. This great rush
for textile education in South Carolina
is of wonderful import. It shows
an intense eagerness of her young mill
men after greater knowledge of cotton
manufacturing, it shows a great
rush after that business, and as a sequence
a great manufacturing state.
The indications are that in September,
1899, when the Clemson Textile School
is fully ready for work that about a
couple hundred young men will wish
to enter, and there will hardly be room
for all. This school is an annex to
the Clemson Agricultural k Mechanical
College, and it is therefore note
D-rtf Roafn tollo n<! his
wurilljr luai 1IV1I
advice to North Carolina is that she
ihould establish an independent textile
school, for the accomplishment of
the greatest :good.?Textile Excelsior.
constitution underminedby extravagance
in eating, by disregarding
the laws of nature, or
1 * i ?i -ii ;r
| pnysicai capuai cm guiic, i* av,
lutt's Liver Pills will cure you.
For sick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaria, torpid
Miver, constipation, biliousness
and all kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pills
an absolute cure.
X *
wokd ol truth.
To M a}. T W Woodward.
A loud xud patriotic cry
W*s r^ach d the heart of such as I;
Fairfield's brave men jow ask me why
Not write of Major?so I try.
Drem nor, ojy friends, the boon you
Is rendered as unwelcome la-k.
In tri-tbfu'ness I do confess,
E'eri'dlty wisii Lrim tue-iess.
Fain, if I c- usd, mv pen control.
rhe deeds of this great and gallant
i Would be recordedoiow?and this
j Would bring- l;5m everlasting bliss.
I On? shonlii wait ior friends to die
Dg their praises to the sky;
. Liif 'of them sound wbile life remain,
: '"'wi.. bring th^ra pit-t?nre, 'f no **in.
I- oraising >Iaj >r could av?i?
I > * . iiin^r verse 1 would i!??**fail,
j Lik?: some sonjr-bird on 1 >fry winy
I Or' all his goodness gladly ?>ug
>!-.?re knowing friends nuv swts*p -he
: l)re
I As fancy aod the Muse iuspire;
And other friends may write him
With heavenlit ordor more sublime;
But none can come with truer zeal
i rtr tinker o?ich fhftTi nftff I feei 1
0 uone more willingly relate
How he has risked his "life for State.
Ia 'seventy-six, on voting day,
1 saw the Bed Shirts' grand display;
I saw the Major lead the tarong,
To deed of right?not those of wrong;
I heard that Democratic cry,
"We change oar government or die;
We change?oar thraldom now is brief,
Let noble Hampton be our chief;
Too long we've stood Republic rule,
Experience sad been oar school."
I heard the charge be gave his men,
Which roused their Sjtuhern blood
and then
Amid&t that h>wii?g vi?ious rn)b,
Who well he knew our S'ate would
We bravely inarched them to the poll,
And voted every honest soul.
Since then, some: people judge him ill.
This man of strength, and man of will,
,His noble deeds and actions rang
The "critic's pen, and gossip's tongue."
Here I forbear?'tis not for me
To judge them, though they evil be.
But justice ever by my side
Say, *'flurl them curses far and wide."
But men, of Fairfield, I refuse
These erring creatures to abase;
I will not waste my time or ink,
Or of such people even think;
But write of Major?for oil hinj,
I'd shower praises with a vim.
? ? -I I Sw.W*
Tftia noDieman wun uueniaun^m,
Predestined always to be right;
With dignity and learned leve,
Above tie fellow-man can soar,
Famous when sent by State to sit
In Senate, fall renowned for wit.
They knew his nobl#, generoa3 mind,
Knew he was born to bless inankl nd.
As first in rank and first io fight,
Oar Major always led aright;
A patriot with steady nej^ve,
From duty he coald not swerve.
Believe me, for 'tis honest truth,
To tear him speak woald fire each
jouth; ? ^
True patriotism thrilled their breast,
And tbey pronoanced the Major blest.
JBacb noble boy desired to be ,
Like bim and make their country free.
Sure deeds like his make men renown,
Most snrely he will win a crown.
Ob! men of Fairfield, can there dwell
? ? J L '13
sucn nooie spinis uuwu iu u?u
A Saviour in Etheriel Sphere,
Search for good deeds everywhere.
He knows tbe men he helped in bank?,.
Tbe Major never cared for thaDks;
He knows the widows whom be fed,"
The orphans whom he kept in bread.
I hear His voice from heaven clear
Sav, "Major has a place np here."
'Tw known He said in ds.)? of yore,
Tiiose who have fed and clothed the
Ho.vever sinful though they be,
TLe same hath done it onto me.
I trast that when he leaves the earth
To enter into heavenly birth,
He will not linger long 01? wait *
Impatiently at heaven's gate;
But bear the One who died for sin,
Sav meekly, "Let the Major in."
Z, Z.
Backlen's Arnica saive.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chillblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box; por sale
by McMaster Co.
Succe*??Worth Knowing. ^
40 years' success in the South, proves
Hughes"' Tonic a grea- remedy for
Chills and all Malarial Fevers. Better
than Quinine. Guaranteed, try it. At
Druggists. 50c. and $1.00 bottles.'. *
/7|\ OAfAN?rS?#
A New and Complete TreatmeHt, ceuaisting of
SUPPOSITORIES, Capsules of Ointment and two
Boxes of Ointreent. A never-failing cure for Piles
of every nature and degree. It makes an operation
with the knife, which is painful, and often results
in death, tmnecfcsary. why endure this terrHrie
disease? We pack a Writton Guarantee in eaeli
$1 Box. No Cure, No Pay. 50c. and $t a box, 6 for
<5. Sent by mail. Samples free
OINTMENT, 25c an* ZOo. '
BLOOD PURIFIER. ISmall, mild and pleasant
to take: especially adapted for children's use. 50
dose;. 25"cents.
FREE.?A vial of these fa?aca*little Pellets will
be fci ren with a Ji box or more of-PfUCure.
Notice?the cenuine^aess japavojt 1'il*
Curb for sale only by
J. J. OBEAK, Druggist,
Winrtaboro, S.,C.
3 11 2t E. T. MATTHEWS.
For Sale.
per hundred; $12.00 per ton.
10 tons "MIXED COW FEED"; $7.50
m_i it*
per ion. j.a&es iuo pmuc witon
seed balls and meal. <
3 14tf - H. L. ELLIOTT.
For Sale.
SEED. Price 50 cents per bushel, delived
at railroad
3 7-8t Mitford, S. C.
is now in complete operation ??> '.mil
an3 polish rice ready for m i' i and
table use. The patronage of tt?e pnbiic
is solicited and will be appreciated.
3-7-1 Sharp's, S. C.
Office at Mrs. Ellen Cathcart's, mcxt
door to Jno. H. McMaster & Co.'s Drug
agyrNight call at Winnsboro Ho{?l.
! 7* Climbing Upj
' m umb^Ijs 2?
Gerstle'*!Female Panacea hi
i wife of one of out tenants., She had be
M medicine has cured her and 8he is loud
Get this medicine from your <
ff send us $1.00 and we Trill Bend yoi
\ L. GERSTLE & CO., Props.
lITH i n jhbl H9W flH
* h a&fpji 111
shoe, tl
fuL We try to make your ^
of shoes and keep your purs
of our prices. Maybe you
Well, we don't find it so eas
back our line of shoes ag
comers, for steady, e^ery-d
year satisfaction. ' Anditnu
whether it's ^a form shoe,
shoe, a dress shoe, a house
a street shoe. The wear
|| pair is worth the price we
For sale by
Q. D? W
Mm i.
the interest of the estate of F.
Gerig, deceased, in (he stock of goods
of Gerig & Seigler, and solicits the
trcde of the people of Fairfield County.
Plots, Hoes, Harness, Saddles,
- Farming Implements
of all kinds, and everything found
STORE. , .
: The trade of the friend* and customers
of &erig & Seigler is folly appreciated,
and the undersized-hopes
they may find it to their interests to
continue their business relations with
Try Jotaii's. Mil Mies.
To make soup delicious get
a can of Succotash.
J. S. McCarley.
You know them. We keep them ia
different sized packages.
Sweet Chocolate, . . 5 and 10 cents.
Chocolate Creams, ... 10 cents.
Chocolate Boo Bon in
one-half lb. and one
lb. boxes, ... 30 and 60 cents.
Come and see for yourself. Don't
be deceived.
I Ulster & lis.
AHIIIII trw*ey E**1*
nUlllAi eaati at home wtthliriUIB
~Z8HBT?Sroaof ism. Ryot st
?^???? .
I Down Stairs d
rQ heavy burdens, washing, Iron- 7
ubblng and other la&orloasjduties fa
luctive of an enormous amount of m
ted^jy the ravages of femaledis- ^
penonnance 01 wiese ceavy i&uura m yto
many Women, but the suffer- \
this feature of the household bur- ^
>on be removed if women will only H
uble tolearn how. A few bottles of ff
1"(Q\1F. JP.)~ABK /
? all menstrual irregularities, and \
> entire female onanism to its J|
dition Take St. Joseph's Liver M
in small doses if there is any ten- \
mstipation or ingestion. .A
m x^e^e ^ost^ wond^^c^ j)n_the ?
en ptCKtnior vweiyemuuuis, uui>/uu
mSlfe,tecWbonle,Ala. P
Iroggist If he does not keep it \
a abottle, all charges paid. H
Chattanooga, Tenn. "#
, , ' - ~>sdi
Tim* ' I.
lcrc's a Way
lcrc's a Shoe
in it According to the
le walking fa easy or painvay
easy with the right kind
e heavy with the smallness
tkink that's easv to do ?
y, but we do it. We'll
gainst all
' ' -S^lfj
- : ' .. r"M
j i.
... SILB...
Everv Article
- _ .. . m
- # - |
Send as year watch work and jew*
eiryjebi; wear better prepared tkas
eirer te reader quick tervice.
i mm*.,.*
Hi BlUUHIX,4B,'mw>
CMCTB.!.*. . -J
:*- ^ r - a
KENTUCKY MULES at my stable* v*
in Winnsfcero, from three to fire years
old. Tiesemoles can be bought cheap
for cash or on good bankable pap<r,
payable in the Fall: Come one, come
all who seed good mules. I will exchange
them for broken down mu es
or plug males.
I also hare a few good Mares and a
couple of good Saddle Horses, one
new Twe-horse Wagon and one go^d
Second-hand Baggy.
I alto keep en nand a few
and will sell them cheap for cash or J
exchange them for dry cattle. Always J
ready ter a trade.
I bare engaged Mr. S. B. CRAW. ^J|
FORD for the season, and be wili to vT
pleased'to see any and all of bis many v
friends. ?
Wiaasboro, S. C.
"r "yp^M
.with a fall stock of Caskets, Boriyp^y,... Cases
sad Cofins, consrantly on h?'.
and asr ?f hearse when re^ueuu '.
Thtak^al for pa?t patronuje aad so'i-*tation
for a share ia the fouwe, in u.?
Id atari - /
( alls atte?4*i r? a: ai! hsws.* J
vm wLumvr via amr, v A
A PUCAMA wtt cote SfcetnuaiB and
** SapMat* 3*W Cars*. ^

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