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?fc?in . I.i.iii fjr'i-jfiiMawMtt
Wednesday* March 22, - - 189*
?Mr. W. C. Bsa-y lost bis fin<? grey
^ hound last Monday. It had been bit
tsn by a mad dog.
?Friday was St. Patrick's Day bu
the day passed without a celebratioi
of any kind by the sons of Irelani
who lire here.
?One hundred and fifty dollar
$p*>~ worth of spring and summer ntc'
wear jilt opened np and for sale a
Q.D. Yilliford's
?H? hear that Mr, Buff McDowel
intend.'; making Wionsboro his home
We wzil beglad to have another Ridge
way family in our midst.
?Poles are being distributed alonj
^ the railroad, presumably for the lonj
distance telephone line between Ne?
York and Southern cities.
?M. W. Doty & Co. is still anothe;
t Btw advertiser added to oar coiamns
Fifteen males sre offered by then
- cheap for cash or on time.
?In the revival of railroad bailding
Wt hope Winnsboro will have thi
lack to get at least one of the man}
new railroads. Another railroad ii
' badly needed
/?Mr. 3. B. Crawford has taker
room* in the house occupied bv Mi*
Mary P<>o?, nod Mr. R. T. Matthew,
will m >v. into the Raff bonse recently
occnpsed by Mr. urawiora.
& ?Mr. H. T. Williams, who for thi
pact rv-o seasons bas bought cottoi
here, hi? moved his lamily to Cbe^er
where ihey will reside in fatnre. Mr
Williams, however, will bay cottcc 01
thi* market occasionally.
?The farmers in the Wateree neighborhood
are feeling the effects of theii
recent visitation of mad dogs. Mr.
H. G. Wylie lost, last week, two val
table cows from hydrophobia. Mr
Hngh S. Wyne was aisu ? *u?u.
?Bev. H. K. Ezell will preach a'
Harmony at 11 a. m. and at Sawney''
Creek at 3.30 p. m. on the first Sunday
^ in April. He w&i to have preached ai
these cb arches on the first Sunday ii
March, bat was sick with the grippe.
Wkn? winr??hftro ia imDrovinsr,
? ft UUV 4
there is still much room for improvement.
The want of paint it abont the
^ first thine a stranger in Winnsborc
notices. Jno. H. McMaster & Co
will sell yon paint. Consult then
about the Hammar paint.
?A severe storm occurred on Satur
day night. The wind was unusuallj
high and there was a tremendous fal.
of rain. After the storm the temperatore
dropped several degrees, aiic
on Monday morning there was a ligfci
frost. No damage was done by th<
?Henry Lee went into W. C
- - ? Ttr.j a.w h(
jjeatys Biore on vrevuicouaj,
wanted a cheque for for $1.S0 anc
fare the saoney for it. He qaietlj
pat & seven before the one making ii
71.30. He was arrested near Blackstock
and is now in iaiL His home
is near Langford, Chester county.
. ?The last vestage of the recent firi
will toon be removed, as Mr. G. A
White has purchased the Lumpkin lot
' J ??T> fhi
on tfain street uu wiu ci?v>u ??
near fnture a handsome store bnildini
thereon, and then the only objec
which man the beauty of this portioi
i ; of Main street will soon be namberec
among the things of the past.
?Bev. Mr. Freeman and family ar
- rired in town od Thursday and an
settled in the Baptist parsonage, ark
Mr. Freeman will take charge of thi
Wlnnsboro and iRidgeway churches
These two churches have for "som<
time been without a pastor and thi
congregationg are delighted to hav<
- ?*? ?Kla rraan thfii'
KC0T6U suuu au *v?* ?? ?
?Stonewall Jackson'* birthday
May 10th, which is always observe (
as tf emorial Day in Charleston wil
lSe observed this year in such a way ai
to make it long remembered by al
who are present The rennion wil
be in foil blast and the presence of s<
many veterans will add greatly to thi
enthusiasm and the memr ial serrleei
will be unusually- impressiv e.
?Lsna McDaffie, a highly respeci able
coloredwoman, died at her bem<
hQreon Wednesday, in the 81st yea
of her age. She belonged to the clasi
of n^roes that is so fast disappearing
and that will be so sadly missed
Good, faithful, humble and perfectly
1 trustworthy, she was an example t<
all who knew her and to the last sh<
?dftvoiion ti
ucivt ?
those to whom she belonged in ante
bellomdays. We can but ill affon
to lose colored people like her.
- ?It is highly probable that an invi
tatios will be extended to Presiden
Woodward to deliver his lecture o:
Tiiarod in Wionsboro sometime in tb
near future. The matter is being con
sidered by some of the gentlemen am
as all who hare been approached o:
the subject seem anxious that Presi
dent Woodward be invited he wil
probably be asked. If he consents t
come to Winnsboro then we have
treat In store for us and it will b
anticipated with great pleasure.
?At the first annual celebration c
the Adelphian Literary Society c
Due West Female College on Frida
^ night a very interesting program m
m was cattiM olil. U1W UI 111U JU!
interesting features of the eveniu
was a debate upon the subject: Re
soiree, That the fine arts are mor
valuable id education than the sciencei
^^Affirmative, Laura H. Martin, Mami
L Brice; negative, Jennie S. Can
ISfcie P. Flenniken. The judges d<
fid in faror of the negative.
Ipjfrork on the chapel for the factor
m^es will be begun soon. Tb
Ke committee held a meeting
ago* and deeided to begi
Hice. They hope to ha\
R^e chapel by summer, an
Kkat In this work they wi
j?k all. The land upo
jjfei will be built wi
0&B. Creight and tt
llkhsnd towards tl
Wk been subscribe
jgtety to be orgai
BBJ help a gre;
iiWTiiTiiTTirr iT^ Immirntnttrrmmr I
I I II llllli^VH *MI II I II
> J
I TMffEjBr
Makes thefood more d
? One day l*:4t week during school
g board at Mt Zi >n {imitate a little
c doff ran iavo the school room and one
t; of the boy* p'rkec! i it> and pat it j
oat of the school room. The dog then j
I ran aroand the neighborhood snapping
at everything and finally ran into Mr.
. J. M. Beaty's house Mr. Bealy saw
tbat the animal was mad and ebot it
f before it bit anybody. The number
r oi mad dojs about is increasing and i
_ thpnwnpn of dopg should keeD a close i
watch on their dogs and EOt let them j
r roam about.
?The effect of the ceid npon the
j peach trees can be very plainly seen
now. Usually at this season the
. peach trees are a mass of blossoms,
3 and now, a peach tree in full blossom
. is a rare sight. The valuable trees
5 seem to have been more injured than
those that have sprung np in old
j fields, for the latter have bloomed a
i, little while very few, if any, of the
3 valuable trees have bloomed. This
j same report come* from all over the
State and all of the peach trees Dire
3 met with tbe same fate,
j ?Smallpox ha? made iU appearance
in Edgefield county and there are
nearly one hundred cases. So far the
} disease has been confined to tbe
negroes but the white people are very
. much excited orer the appearance of
r the disease. In North Carolina the
smallpox has spread to an alarming
. degree, and if has made its appearaace
in twenty counties of that State. As
long as this awful disease continues
t to spread it would be well for the
, town authorities to use every prej
caution to keep it OQt of "Winnsboro.
I We have been fortunate enough' to be
i without a single case so far but unless
it is strictly guarded against it may
appear hsre.
[ ?The greater portion of Tuesday
? was taken up by Magistrate Calhcart
, in holding a preliminary examination
in the case cfthe State vs. Alma
t Mack. The defendant was charged
with burglary. The State alleged that
. on the night of March 11, abont 8
r o'clock, the defendant broke and
j entered the dwelling house of one
. Carrie Robinson and stole therefrom
I a number of articles. The crime of I
t burglary is not one often committed
j by womeD, and a woman burglar is
truly a rare aris in South Carolina.
After a prolonged .(ezananation of the
, case the defendant was discharged.
I Mr. J. E. McDonald represented the
r prisoner.
3 Oar school (Beihel) is progressing
t very nicely under the care of a forget?
fal teacher, who came to school bright
2 and early Monday morning without
I the key, and had to send about five or
six miles to get a icrew-drlrer to take
. off the lock, in order to teach school
> that day; in the meantime she sat with
\ aome of the pupils on the wood-pile
? to watch the passers-by. Bat this will
I be looked over, of coarse, as she is
j one of the best, sweetest andtneeasi?
est teacher we have erer bad. The
3 school will last about four months
r longer, and by that time we will all be
graduated. S. and M.
March 15, 1893.
1 High School Department.
! Samuel Banks 95
FitzhughDore 90
i Intermediate Department.
s CoraMcKeown 99
Hovt Banks 94
Ephraim Banks 93
3 Nannie Taylor 51
r Lizzie Basks 90
3 Primary Department.
> Maltie Roberts 97
Viola Roberts 93
Willie McKeewn..... *....93
> Annie McKeowc 9S
9 Lc la Banks 92
> Mattie Dove 90
E. R. Chapman, Teacher.
1 Halsellvilie, S. C.
a il VJ1 u
' to Doctors
Q We have the highest regard for tha
[ . medical profession. Our preparations
[] are not sold for the purpose*of antagonizing
them, but rather as an aid. We
0 lay it down as an established truth that
ft internal remedies are positively injuvi9
ous to expectant mothers. The distress
and discomforts experienced during the
months preceding childbirth can be al,f
leviated only by external treatment?by
. applying a liniment that softens and relaxes
the over-strained muscles. Wo
Y make and sell such a liniment, com*
e bining the ingredients ir. a manner
hitherto unknown, and call it
o iuuuici 31 n&uy
'* We know that in thousands of cases
? it has proved more than a blessing to
!? expectant mothers. It overcomes morn*
?. ing sickness. It relieves the sense of
tightness. Headaches ceasc, and danger
from Swollen, Hard and Rising
y Breasts is avoided. Labor itself
shortened and shorn of most of the pain.
We know that many doctors recom4
mend it, and we know tha'. multitudes
a of women go to the drug stores and buy
>e it because they are sure their physicians
have no objections. We" ask a trial?
d just a fair ?e^t There is"fl?> possiM?
11 chance of injury being the result, bc_
cause Mother*a Friend is scientifically
compounded. It is sold at $i a bot13
tie, and should be used during most oi
ie the period of gestation, although great
_ relief is experienced if used only a short
time before childbirth. Send for our ild
lustrated book about Mother's Friend.
mm mm i " r i i ijga i mm
l| &AKIN6
alirmcc anrl w(inlA<SAmp>
VIIVIVUvl WIIU naawiwwviii.w _ u
" a|
The first presbytery meets in the
A. R. ?. Church on Monday, April
3 c, and wi!l be in session two or n
three days. About sixty delegates 8'
wilt ve in attendance. A committee
of arrangements has been appointed
by the session, consisting of Rev. C. !
E. McDonald, and Messrs. H. E
Ke chin, W. H. Flenniken and J. E.
McDonald. This committee is charged
with the work of securing entertainment
for the delegates, and agsigniDg
them homes while they are among ns, _
. d
It is very hard to stand idly by and ^
see our dearone9 suffer while awaiting i
the arrival ot the dctaror. Ad Albany
(N. Y.) dairyman called at a drug
store there for a doctor to come and
see his child, then very sick with
crottp. Not finding the doctor in, he o
left word for him to come at once on
his return. He also bought a bottle of
Chi ruber!* 5 n'* Cough Remedy, which
he h ped would give some relief nntil a
the (i should arrive. In a few 1
hours he ictarued, saying the doctor e
need cot come, as the ehild was much
better. The druggist, Mr. Otto Sbolz,
says the family has since recommended c
i VnnrK Pnm 1.1 r f A fVlOTI* 1$
% .UdLLl UT3K iam o vuu^u JLk^ui ^a; VV buvi?
neiin>hor8 and friends until he has a ij
constant. demand for it from that part j
of the country. For sale by McMaster
Co. 81
Mr3. Juo. Lemmon, who has been &
suffering with very serious ir.jariies b
reoeiveel from & fall sometime since, ^
is now convalescent. p
Mrs. Jas Cathcart and little Jas. c
Riley have recently made a short visit A
to her mother. b
?\ii?s Bessie Milling spent last week |.
at uuLu^. p
An entertainment was given at the o
Milling Academy, by the pupils of ?
that school, on the evening of March g
3rd. Those present pronounced it a
succsr?, aid several^ requests have
been made for its repitition. It will
possibly be repeated in a few weeks.
The proceeds will be used in getting
books for the school library. X.
March J 8, 399. *
For toe purpose of selecting an appointee
and alternate to West Point
ho TTVmrfh nnnorpsfiinnftl djfltrict
of South Carolina, I shall have an examination
at Spartanburg court house
on the 25th day of May, next, be- D
ginning at 10 o'clock a. m^alid clos- ?
isg at 5 p. m.
The physical examination will L'ilL
held at the office of Dr. DeFoix Wilson,
at Spartanburg, upon May 24th.
The qualifications are as follows: v
Oariet must be between 17 and 22 ?
year3 of age at the date of his admission,
which will be Jane 1st, 1900;
must be at least 5 feet 3 inches in P
height, free from any deformity, disease
or any infirmity calculated to
render him unfit for military service. \
The branches embraced in the ex- 8
aminauuu VJil ue lr-ttuiug, nnuug, .
spelling, arithmetic, grammar, de- 11
scriptiYe geopraphv, (more particularly
of our own country), and his- v
tory of the United States, including 0
its political history.
It will be 6uffieieut *for the applicant
to simply personally report to me
on the 24th of May.
Stanyarne "Wilson.
Beats the Klondike.
Mr. A. C. Thomas, of Marysville,
TVr.. haa fonnd a more valuable dis
covery than has yet been made in the
Klondike. For years he suffered untold
agony from consumption, accompanied
by hemorrhages; and was absolutely
cured by Dr. King's New
Discovery lor Consumption, Coughs
and Colds. He declares that gold is e
of little value in comparison with this ^
marvelous cure; would have it, even
if it cost a hundred dollars a bottle. 1
Asthma, Bronchitis and all throat and a
lung Affections are positively cured by v
Dr. Kiug's New Discovery for Con- E
sumption. Trial bottles free at McMuster
Co.'s Drug Store. Regular
size 50 cts. and $1.00. Guaranteed to
cure or price refunded. 2 e
Of Mt Zlon InUItntfl tor Month finding
March 17,1899 t
Seniors-Daysie Brockington, Helen 1
Stewart. a
I * Juniors?Marie McCants, Mary Mob- 8
| ley. c
I 7ih Grade?Leila Brockington, Kath- 8
ariDe Flenniken, Nell Gooding, Janie
Ketchb, Eloise Propst, Johnnie Ten- *
Bant. *
6th Grade?Chas. BrIce,Theo. Rabb. ?
5th Grade?Geo. Lauderdale, Moffet c
McDonald, Joe Ketchin, M. E. Qaat- *
tlebanm, Ethel Ragsdale. *
4th Grade?David Lauderdale,
let Grade?Margaret Stewart. a
Post Seniors?Lizzie Beaty, Sarah ;
! Beaty, Mamie Ellison, Mattie Martin, 1
Mary Matthews. *
Seniors?Louise McMaster, Jeanuette
Stewart. ]
Intermediate?Sasie McCrorej. 1
Juniors?Nannie Mobley, May Ten- r
nan:. j
Srh rJrarift?"Rpfisie Milling. Annie c
Belle Stewart.
7th Grade?Jas. Brice, Gaiilard Eili- :
son. !
6th Grade?Lanra Donglass, Rosa
Tennant. j
oth Grade?Jas. Douglass, Shaw
Kotchia. Palmer Matthews, Ernest ;
j Propst, Ella Beaty. ?
4th Grade - Willie Brockington,Wililie
Doty, Spencer ilcCants.
3rd Grade?Tom Stewart.
2nd Grade?Inez Kagsdale.
2st Grade?Dessie Clarke.
1 m
Look! A Stitch la Time i
Saves nine. Hughe*' Tonic (new improved,
taste pleasant), taken in early ,
sprinsr and fall prevents Chills, Dengue
and Malarial Fevers. Acts on the
liver, tones up the system. Better than
Qniuine. Guaranteed, try ic. At
Druggists. 50c. and $1.00 bottles. *
Mrs. T. F. Davis relumed to Kilians
on Monday.
Mrs. Chas. Gooding returned to
laeon on Fridav.
Mr. F. C. Withers, of Tbe State,
pas in town on Monday.
Mrs. O. W. Buchanan and children
rriyed here Tuesday to spend the
Mr. David G. Ellison came up from
Columbia on Monday for a few days
tay at home.
Mr. A. W. Brown left Wednesday
lornin^ for the north to purchase
priDg goods for Q. D. Williford.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bostic, who
ave spent the winter in Winnaboro,
5ft on Friday for their home in
Mr. T. K. Elliott hasjrelurned from
Washington and other points north. '
[is mission wa9 in the interest of
'he Winnsboro Bank.
Miss Watson, of Connecticut, has
icitJed (o try the Winnsboro climate ,
)r a ttn mouths. Sae will be wi?h ,
tr. Geo. H. Mc Master's family. ]
Mrs. T. P. Youoginer, of Wallace- ]
ille, alter spending a delightfnl visit (
3 the family of Mr. J. Frost Walker, ^
f has returned home. ! <
Rev. Knox Montgomery, of Cinoin- |
ati, Ohio, arrived liere on Monday j
nd lectured in the A. R. P. Church ,
londay night. Mr. Montgomery was ,
ntertained by Rev. C. E. McDonald. (
m XT T o nrnmlnAnf
iUl UUiiU i.> JUbiUH9Ul) M ,
itizen of Ridgeway, was in the city .
ist -week. Mr. Lemaster formerly ,
ved in this county and has many
riends here who are always glad to j
ee him.?Union Times. . !
Free Pills.
Send your address to H. E. Backlen [
j Co., Chicago, and get a free sample i
ox of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A i
rial will convince yon of their merits, j
'bese pills are easy in action and are
articularly effective in the cure of |
Constipation and Sick Headache. For i
ralaria and Liver troubles they have I
een proved invaluable. They are j
noronfited f a hf? nArfpnf.lv free frnm
deleterious substance and io be
urely vegetable. They do not weaken ^
y their action, but by giving tone to <
tomach and bowels greatly invigorate ,
le system. Regular size 25c. per box.
old by McMaster Co., Druggists. 2 ]
Farming operations ia this section
re very much delayed on account of j
;> much rain. Owing to the few
rarm days the small grain crops look
ery [promising, and more has been
lanted in this section than for years. (
The temperature has ranged very
igh since the recent freezes, reaching .
[) in the shade.
Woodward and vicinity was visitea
y a moat severe storm on last Saturight.
It struck the town at 1.30
'clock, cod tinning for some time,
'he railroad switch signal was blown
cross the track and struck by the
^nthbound Florida and torn to atoms,
'he only damage dene to the engins
ras the number plate and lanterns
rere broken.
The railroad water tank has recently
een painted, adding much to the apearanceof
the town.
The many friends of Mrs. R. W.
tewart, *ho has been critically ill
3r some time will be glad to know
be is imp^-V < * very rapidly. j
Mrs. T. w. i; ice spent a few days ,
a Cbeste* Jus visiting relatives. I
Mrs. J M. Coletnan, of Cheeler, is j
isiting Mr. J. T. Coleman and f?rnily (
f tbi- place. Agricola (
March 20, '99. ,
Tor Infanta and Children. '
The Kind You Have Alwajs Sought;
uearstne f
Signature of
Jast as we were watchiDg with
ager interest for the swelling bads to
at forth their fresh ?reea leaves and
he warm, balmy air reminded ns of
pproaching spring, then it was that
winter dispelled the vain delusion and
aade ns feel most forcibly her presnce.
The prospect for a fruit crop in this
ection is very poor. Watermslane,
ilackberries and a good garden will
tave to make up the deficiency.
An interesting account of the celeiration
of Mr. and Mrs. Arp's golden
vedding anniversary appeared in the
ast issae of the Atlanta Constitution,
nH 'Rill Arn'a a.?r?nnnf. of his court*
hip was amusing indeed. His humor>U3
letters would cause a smile to flit
across the most sober countenance.
On Friday night the 10th inst. Mr.
jr. C. B. Counts' kitchen caught on
ire; the flames reached the roof but
hey were extinguished before any
lamage was done. The fire originated
rom a box of ashes which had been
eft under the room.
We regret to say tbat Mr. Counts
icd family are to leave 600n for Union
bounty where they expect to make
heir home in future. Mr. L. M. Blair
8 to occupy the house vacated by Mr.
The infant son of Mr. R. L. Wilks,
yho has been quite ill with pneumonia,
Messrs. Tommie McMeekiu and
rhos. O. Blair, of this neighborhood,
jaid a flying trip to Jenkinsville re;ently.
March 17, 1899.
To those living
in malarial districts Tutt's Pills
are indispensible, they keep the
system in perfect order and are
an absolute cure
for sick headache, indigestion,
malaria, torpid liver, constipation
and all bilious diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pills
A ffl 111A A ?? "WhUkej Habits
WDIIHM enzod at hom? withHrlUIW
Sore lung3, pain in the chest and pain- j
fal breathing are quickly relieved and
cured by the old reliable specific, Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup. This remarkable
remedy breaks up a cold in one
night and is, "without donbt, the very
hAsf. medicine for all affections of the
throat and lungs. It has cured thousands
and will cure you. It never disappoints.
Try it at once.
Cough Syrup
Will quickly heal Sore Lungs.
Doses ara sin all and pleasant t? take^ Boctor*
ircomiiicnu it. rncs 25 scan, aviiuuim^w. |
DEATH OF MRS.~r7m. gTuOWA V. j
From the Lancaster Bovieio.
After an illness ?.f ahoat three
weeks, airs. Matik- J. Galloway, the j
3avo:ed wifeuf our fi-'low-totf.-ixrnan j
Dr. 11. M. Gaiiotvay, died la-t Snr.da? {
night at 2 o'clock, m. their ne-7 re>i- j
loni^Ain VV7?sf F.nrJ. FTftr n TVili? fi l
particularly $ad o:ic. (Jp to toiee |
sveeks ago sag was a pertee: picture of j
jood health, handsome in face and
Form, happy and contented in her
attractive new home and in the loving
companionship of her faithful and
affectionate husband and bright little
3aughter just beginning to prattle,
and had every promise of a long Jife
Df ?ontinued happiness before her.
But her untimely demise is but another
reminder of the uncertainty of life and
Hip p.*?r+Aintv of death.
Mrs. Galloway was jast in tbe prime
yf her magnificent womanhood, having
been only thirty-one years of age
the 14th of February last. Of charming
personality, dignified bat amiable,
sociable and generons-heartod, loyal
In Vior frionrtahin qnd fondlv attached
to her loved one?, she 5?as indeed a
favorite with all with whom she came
in contact and an idol of her household.
She was self-sacrificing iu her
Sevotiou to her bu3band and child,
iver on the alert for something in her
power to do which would tend io adrancc
their interests and contribute to
:heir comfort and welfare. Bv her
watchful care, genial nature, uniform
cheerfulness and unbounded love her
borne was made an ideal one. She
was a consistent member of the MetiiPU.-.>.aV>
rJ TTT03 flTlt'i 7.P.nl
JUlsii Vjuuii/ii auu if j mwua.w ---
ous in the performance of ail her
Christian duties and charity work.
Mrs. Galloway wa3 a daughter of
Mr. J. C. Mftckorell, of Blackstock,
and wa3 born and raised in Fairfield
LJounty. She wa9 married lo Dr.
Galloway the 2t5th of October, 1892.
But one child blessed their union, little
nunJnHn vii-vttt laec fVion f crn vpfirp old.
L/Uai iUtlC/} -UVTT VUMU wvi V ^
Besides the heart-broken husband and
the little daughter, she lea7es surviving
*her the following brothers anu
pisters: Messrs. 11. J., J. B. and Jake
Mackorell and Mrs. Margaret Milling,
Df this place; Mr. "W. H. Mackorell,
Df Winnsboro; Mrs. Frank Barford,
Df Atlanta; and Miss Pet Mackorell,
)f Blackatock.
Her remains were laid to rest in the
new cemetery Monday afternoon st 4
D'clock, after solemn and deeply im-'"
pressive funeral services ouunc'ed m
the Methodist Chmcu. Rev FI
Boldridge, of the Bapti-t Church,
Weisted by Rev. Oiuim-r-s Fr??*r, of
the Presbyterian Chur.-h, officiated,
the pastor of the deceased, Ri-v J E
? - - i . ? .1 I
Carlisle, being toy sics to ai-euu
Nbtwifhstanding the inclem^r-cv ol the
weniher, a iarge coucour^e of <r. mpathizing
friends wtre pr.;sen. a> (he
church services and followed the corpss
to its last resting place, where the sad
obsequies were concluded.
The following gentlemen acted aa
pall-bearers: Maj. J. M. Kiddle, K. E.
Wylie, Esq., Mr. T. S. Carter, Mr.
J. L. Poag, Mr. E. C. Secrest and Mr.
C. T. Connors.
take the following from the
Baltimore Sun:
Orders have been received at Fort
McHenry from the War Department
- r? _? I
instructing uauery x>, ui iuc
United States Artillery, to prepare to
move to San Francisoo as soon ? possible,
tbere to take a transport for
Manila. Two light batteries of the
Sixth Artillery are already at Manila,
1 ^^kflwn Knar*
ana me remaiaiug utmcnoe uan,
ordered there.
The Sixth Artillery was organized
last spring, and its headquarters were
at Fort McHenry. where its commander,
Col. E. B. "Williston, now
brigadier-general, was stationed for
several months.
Battery B has many Baltimore men
in it. The battery will go away uuder
command of Lieut. K. H. McMaster.
Th* other officers accampanyin? it
will be Lieat. John K. Cree and Lieut.
.T. C Starbi^ Tbere are now 174
men in '-.mtsry, but it will be recruited
up 10 tbe full strength of 200
men within a few days.
Prof. Carl Mindt's Sixth Artillery
Band will go with the regiment to
Manila. "I intend to give a farewell
concert before leaving Baltimore,"
said Professor Mindt yesterday.
Lieut. R. H. McMaster is a son of
Mr. R. N. McMaster. From another j
item in the same paper it is possible
that one of tbe batteries of the Sixth
Artillery may be stopped in Hawaii.
It is stated: "Two batteries of the
Sixth Artillery are in Manila and tbe
remainder of ihe regiment now distributed
along the Atlantic coast is
under orders t0 proceed there. Although
not yet settled it is probable
two or more of these batteries will be
utilized lor military service in Hawaii.
Iu that case they will be detached from
the expedition on its way to the
Easily, Quickly, Fsr-marenf S v ^estcrec?
? s r a c t i r- as ? s y i % > * soa^ *
^9QL ft SS 2*38'* ? iS I* v.:.-.cu jcusi.
f tee to Cure Inscninu, Fits. Kystena,
' .irvous Debility, Lc?t Vital!'. -. '-/-Ir-' L^cts,
.Memory?the w.?i; D\ zr-wy'z. Worry.
\-kncss. Errors of Yorth Owr-in^c'ccscc.
f #:C2 50c. ar.d 51: 6 imss 55.
F-". quick, ;>05i!ive and ; n S?xi.a!
Weakness. ?r?r<ot<-r.rv. V ? *- - ; and Ir-:;
Vitality. YELLOW LAECi. SF?C?AL-d ?ublc
Strength will give strengiu an'i tout >o even- oart.
and effect a permanent care. Cheapest snd Sest.
too Pills $j; by mail.
' f:REE-A bottle of the famocs Japanese Liver
Pellets will be given rvith a $: bos or mere of Mijj
uetic Nen-ine. free. Sold only by
i J. J.'OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
Mr. Editor: I :p.oi< he )! cornn:?-nd
(he txiag p a- >n.f . .-<* of <?or
ruftrch.:riti. R"- ooilec* ? : Sis old
p'ti&rH *il> >' >*? -.Z ? S;u; "iv? *fcc*Tl
tm *s? .3 I
;0 ms hor;. iniise arc ujs>ijuuicu iu i
hi operatives from '.he faciorv, whea
they are up town. This is a very
smali to do; it ccfts neither
time, nor money: it only requires a
lit-ie thou?htfulne33. Bert :s small a
matter as :t uiay seem, h may have
very far-reaching results. The best
thbg to <le vit!i the printed page is to _
pass it o: to others. T? s far sur- f
passe* des roying or stor:: g away in
the garrets. Oihers would do a good '
thing by i.nitating this excellent example.
Right iu this connection, we might
say that it was just :n f.V way! hat |
ho Lend-a-iianci libraries were iirs>
organized. All books una iodicais
ih-v had been read and that were no;
were collected iu'o i common j
ro'-.n and mad? the f- u i on for & r
pMbiiu library. TbiscX&rnpi' has bte.i
instated bv bnudreds of o^tr cities
I'i msny eases these libraries have izottc
large numbers of <!npiic:ue copie?.
A i ^acb copies by a fixe i rale are '
tjas-< d on to other lib->? vrirfion*.
tuem. |
It may also be added tbu;. there are
several o:'^auizations for the distinct
nrirnose of collecting oki >ooks . d
periodical";, which arc sjp omati.^!'y
diatribateu among tenants > ~ U:e ciiies
and the lui-al schools. But the pity
of it is we have to add hat nearly
every sacli organization is 4>;ip North."
However, :hey can exist r^nt hers at
home and they should.
If those who have old papers or
books that tbev are making no use of
and that they would like to see placed (
in the hands of others, I wi'l, through
the aid of the merchant, who has set as J
all such a worthy example, be pleased (
to nass them on. Yery trulv, <,
J. Frank Fooshe.
March 20, 1899.
Success?Worth Knowing.
40 years' success in the Sou:a, proves
Hughes' Tonic a great r'tnedy for
Chiils and all Malarial Fevc *. Better H
than QoininGuaranteed ry i: At J
Druggist?. 50c. and S1.00 h.'ttlep. *
?gp ]p I 1,^ 8
W'' U'.IB
A New ana Complete Trertinent. .otisisiinjr of
rUPPOSITOF- 'ks, Cs"3?!ss 'JQ-f r.t ar.j two
Doxcs of Oint-.-.ent. A aever*fallifig ' -re for Piles
of ev cry natt: r?- .v:u decree. 11 rsak , ir. operat icn
with the knife - - .-icsi is pairful, anf. r/t?n results
in death, w:n- <*es.?ry. wcy cc^yr; ifcfs tarrifcfe
disease? We pacK a Written Guarantee in eacfv m
$1 Bos. Nc Cure, Xo Pay. 50c. aad y. a box, 6 for
*5. Scr.t by t-v'. Samples iree
OINT2SS2ST, 25o Aiid :Oc.
nnW^TIPATinM Care<3- Pi;iS r.eventec, ay
OUilO 1 Irn : iOlli japanose Lircr Feints, the
BLOOD PURIFIER. Small, mild and plcasat.t
to take: especially adapted for children's use. 50
doses 25 cents.
. FREE.?A vial of these famous'.!e Pellets .vr:!!
be given with s Ji box or more cf I'. ; Cure.
Notice?The genuine fsssh J tanesk Pii?:
Cure for sale auly by
J. J. OBEAB, Drnggist,
Winneboro, S. C.
Office at Mrs. Ellen Cathcart's, acxt
door to Jno. H. McMaster & Co.'s Drug
jgfNight eall at Winnsooro Hotel.
For Sale.
1,000 BALES PEA.VWE HAY; 65c. .
r,er bnudred; $12 0!) per ;*.-u.
10 ions "MIXED COW FEED"; $7.50
j.?erlon. Take? the p; cs> ot cot
ion aeed hulls and ijae^i
3 14!f H. L. ELLIOTT
For Sale, j
1 * . 'A .''mW I
Which. We Ofier
or on
- - - TIME. - - M,
W. DOTY .1 CO.
the interest of the - state of F.
Gerig, deceased, in the ate ck of goods
of Gerig & Seigler, and solicits the
tride of the people of Fairfield County.
Plows, Hoes, Harness, Mies,
Filill Initials
?f all kinds, and everything found
The trade of the friends and customers
cf Gerig & Seisler 13 felly appreciated,
and the underpinned hope*
t:>ev may find it to tiieir interests t"
f.< Mfnine meir pusjne?^ ai-'iui:* ?vuu
For Sale.
land, on Little Rivert belonging to
D. M. Broom, and -bounded' by land*
of the estate of R. G. Simonton, Stevenson
and others.
For terms apply to
11-17 Attorneys, WiiiLbboro, d. G,
II \ 7 Til TO
r a i ii 1/
paint your h ire 'till yon
have seen
fie Haii1 Fit
It goes further and lists
longer than other paint on
the market. Warranted
riot to eh'.scale or peal
off like si* other eo calltd
ready-mi.v 2 paint.
Remember, don't paint
. 1 -i mfTP
uiuji you muvo KiBii ina
:anned peas, beans,
columbia river
dessert peaches,
condensed milk.
Prr Johnson's Praia Picto
Totnake soup delicious get
i can of Succotash.
J. S. McCarley.
v i ??<* "S
jflsi peiM
? Fresb.-?
iVJUNfcrS UariiUYX-U 'oUiivn
SEED. Price 50 cents per bushel, delived
at railroad.
*TT ci IT i T T CD
? . o. aixuu, ol\.j
3 7-3t Mitfr.rd, S. 0.
ilP 11.11! FO ID s
1.1 ?WHL?
^ s
i ? a?xc??gMM????
On farming- lands- Easy payments.
No commissions barged. Borrower
oays actnal eft of perfecting lots,
[merest 8 per cent.
Columbia, S. C.,
or A. S. & W. D. DOUGLASS,
ifl-il Winnahftro. S. C.
a tt j j
Spring and Si
ti r/^
^11 the Latost 5
ulap ?
Q. D. WI1
l\In flhiant 1\Innr I U
m UUJiiil ilUff! j
... SBLB....
Every ArticI? if
a xrn ttvh-pv pttst?\i ET?. GETC
Sead as yoar w&lch work and jewelry
; we ar better prepared !kt?
ever to reader qu'ck service.
t: "
I Hi U!
lateness of the season, if
you prepare land well and
plant seed bought from
us you will probably have p. |
a better garden than
usual this year.
t\ r? Ati n ?\ A n A tt
Nil DIM 51). ML
They are scarce and the
price will go up. .
?We Sell?
'' V*
^ ^
' "5
- 1 = y ,
KE^TUUKy MULES at my etab'es
in Winnsboro, from three to five years dMea
old. These mules can be bonght chesp ?^
for cash or on good bankable paper,
payablt in the Fall. Come one, com# JH
all who need good mules. I will eat* c
change them for broken down moles ~
or plug males. ~
I also have a few good- Mares and*
couple of good Saddle Horses, one.
new Two-horse Wagon and oneg?tf;d
Second-hind Baggy.
I alto keep en hand a few
and will Mil them cheap for cash or 1
exchange them for dry cattle. Always
ready tor a trade. S?
I hare engaged Mr. S. B. CRAWFORD
for tlie season, and he will bt
tn mm anv and all of hla many
friendl. " -^|8
i Winnsboro, S. C.
! with a fall stock of Caskets, Boris I
Cases and Cefins, constantly ch hand,
and bso of hearse when requested.
ThaafaCml for past patronage and solicitation
far a share in the ftHm, in the
Id stand
A*?J-J 4.^ ^11 * 'i'^GtSk
?U?UUS? W ??? *?*
J. M, M/LSMfT A 0*.
4-iMr ^ * , :>
111! IB
rH OP #
ummer Neck- ||
>tyles apd ^op-^pf
. ..

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