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Wednesday, March 29, - - I89fl
? Kcad B. J. Emerson's ad.
?Lou^e and lot for sale. See adveriiseineat.
r? Read advertisement of The Farmera*
jiatual Fire Xnsarance Association.
Aj^gL ?Heioz's pickle at Mrs. Habenicht's
&s wel1 as other things to be found in
? good grocery store.
?There will be a meeting of the
County Pension Board at 12 o'clock on
the irsr Monday In April in the court
?Sviowatiila is a line toilet ereaja
^ for sale fay John H. McMaster & Co.
It is '.excellent for chapped or roughened
skin and is a deligbtfnl preparation
to use.
/tzroU Xr. in?nr*npa
commission ageats, have moved the:r
office from Washington street to the
room formerly occupied by Simpson
& Catbcart.
?J. J. Obfar has for sale a poison
for ibe destruction of bugs, ants,
roaches, and all other insects. Thi?
poison will exterminate thuse troubleir^
some iusocts and will saye much annoyance.
Give it a trial.
?Spring h long in coming. Usually
at this time the tress are in full foliage
fci and flower are abundant, but things
still bave a wintrv look, the trees are
1^** just beginning to bud, and there is
scarcely a flower to be seen.
?Th? pupils of the South Carolina
Colleg8 fot Women are to be given
Easter holiday. The young ladies
from Wincsboro who are attending
this college will come home Thursday
afternoos and remain until .aionaay.
?A meeting of all who are to take
part in the play that is to be presented
bere waa held on Friday night. The
iseeting was held tor the parpose of
& deciding upon what play should be
selected and to make other arrange~~
?Camp Bookter. one of the Richland
camps, has selected Miss Bessie
Bookter as their sponsor at the reunion
in Charleston. Miss Bookter is from
^ Fairfield and her friends will be pleased
Bp to know of the honor thai has been
conferred upon her.
?Mr. C. M, Chandler is selling
-A -V
suver-piaiea ware at cusc. rui&?,
tablespoons and other articles of
plated ware he will sell at cost, and
anyone in need of silver ware would
W do well to give him a call. See his
ad for farther particular*.
?Tiia Standard Oil Company, which
recently put up a large oil tank here,
now has a handsome delivery wagon
**- in use hire, and the oil is delivered to
their customers. The wagon al30
carries oil to Ridgeway, White Oak
and other places in the couatry.
?The 40# voub2 ladies of Wintrop
College will celebrate the birthday of
; w Robert Winthrop, which is the 12th of
May, by attending the reunion in
Charleston. This will be a most delightful
outing for the girls, and will
be a day long rememberedby them all.
?Information as to the rates of
^ board and lodging in Charleston at the
p time of the reunion has been officially
^ givsn out, and all who expect to be
aresoat at the reunion are urged to
W write at once and secure board, for by
-a*!-? >4- m?it octto fhft
UUiLlg bv iu iiu?auM ib nn* ouiv v?.
fe committee in charge much trouble.
PlF ?The passenger depot is fast nearing
1 completion, and the days of the old
i? depot are nnmbered. The roof of the
new building is coTered with slate,
, v and although the situation does not
show the building off, yet it it very
pretty and convenient and adds greatly
to the appearance of thai part of town.
?The Clemson College Chionicle
for March contains two articles by Mr.
Edgar M. Matthews. One of these is
the speech made by Mr Matthews at
"an oratorical contest recently held,
and the speech was highly spoken of
oy tne judges. mr. .uttLiavYvo nuioa
well and the articles reflect great
credit upon him.
?Card# are out announcing th? approaching
marriage of Miss Daisy
Wright, of Columbia, to Mr. J. H.
Robinson, of Lexington. The wedding
is to take place on Thursday,
March 80th. Miss Wright is known
here, having visited Miss Esther Jen
x nings, and is pleasantly remembered
by all who met her.
?On Tuesday afternoon, Rebecca,
the youngeit daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. D. Y. Walker, met with a pain.
ful accident. She was playing on the
" v- fcteps of Jadge O. W. Bnchanan's
house and fell off breaking her left
arm. Dr. Samoel Lindsay was called
in and set the arm. Both tones were
broken just above the wrist.
?W? call the attention of the pubmtripnmarvr
_T T"V \|
Carlev & Co. For rears Mr. McCarley
has been in the grocery busi''
ness and always has on hand a complsie
stock of the best and mo?t np-to
date groceries, and gives hissnstOKers
.perfect satisfaction. His prices are
1* and he can always be relied on
fre Mm a trial,
F-The Second Son th Carolina Regifet
has returned from Caba and is
V encamped in Georgia. The masfcf
oat of thi3 regimeat wa3 most
come to the majority of the men
l> composed it, and they were jabift
at thi prospect of returning to
Btver Pills, an abso ck
headache, dvs
gtomach, malaria.
Btundice, bilioustrou.^e:
HKker Pills aroHB^hall
Bgaicry:: that
1 feel
^ MS&jun&p
Makes the food more del
???????a e >
South Carolina. The life in Cuba evi- [
dently was not a* vieafaot as some of j
tbe men expected ir to be. I ^
?At an eft ruii*me?> recently given ! f
in Chester by the camp of the Con- j
federate veterans, a most interesting ?
program was carried oat. One of the j
most interesting features of the cveriog r
was the presenting: of the flag by Miss ((
May Davidson to the sponsor for the f ^
WUip. .Mies vaviu*uu maue ? yciy : j
graceful little speech to which the |
sponsor, Miss McF&ddei*, responded |
very prettily. |
?The great musical feetiral given I
every spring at Converse College will I
take place during the latter yart of:-,
Anril fhi? ud*p intfporl in \f*v. S
The reas3D of the change is that if it (
were given at the u?ual time it would ^
would conflict with the Confederate ?
reunion in Charleston. This festival j
is attended by music-lovers from all ^
over the State and is the greatest eveut ^
in the year for the Spartanburg peo- F
pje, This spring the concert will be \
given in the great auditorium recently j
built. It is probable that several peo-;
pit from Winnsboro will attend the j 3
festival. J
?The people of the A. R. P. Church J
are looking forward with great pleas- ^
ore to Presbytery, which meets in the j
A. R. P. Church of this place early in e
April. A number of ministers and ^
lay delegates will be present ana, ai- j
though the congregation of the A. R.
P. Church is a large one, it is probable
that their friends of other denomioa- a
tions will open their houses and as- c
sist them ia entertaining the visitors. ?
The meetiag will doubtless be very n
interesting and will be well attended p
by the members of all of the churshei. si
The delegates to presbytery will be g
given a hearty welcome and we feel 1
tare thatfon this occasion Wianskoro a
will sustain her rep*tati?a for great li
j hospitality. a
???. 0
Bears the Bfltigfet g
Rakes, Potato Hooks, Oniou Hoest .
_ _ a
Hoe and Rake, Trowels, Spading |
Folks, &c. J. W. Seigler. |
millxxeky opening.
Yon should see this fine display of 0
Spring Goods. It will interest and g
pay you. a
The Calomel Dry Goods Co. u
? I
Postofflce Robbed at Blackstock ^
On Tuesday morniig fat about 2 ^
o'clock burglars entered the postoffice
at Blackstock, blew open the safe and a
j stole the contents. In the safe were .
$110 worth of stamps and about $120 c
i m money, and the money order dook, tj
i which was also taken. The burglars ^
have not yet been caught, bat the ^
government will no doubt use every
effort to bring the offendern to justice
| and make them pay the penalty.
captured a wheel.
?? ^
A few day? ago Chief of rolice o
Gilbert had a long chase after a",thief.
The Columbia police had telegraphed
to Chief Gilbert to look out for a
negro who had stolen a bicycle in
Columbia and was coming this way.'
Mr. Gilbert made inquiries and found .
that the nogro had already passed ^
through town. Getting on a horse
Mr" Gilbert started in pursuit and ^
saw the negro pedalling away from ^
him as fast as he could. The Legro,
with Mr. Gilbert close behind him,
made a good run until finally, when
Mr. Gilbert caught up with him, the
necrro left the wheel and took to the
-o- ------ ^
wood3 and [escaped. Mr. Gilbert 89- ^
cared the wheel, which repaid him
somewhat for the race, bat t.he negro j.
is still at liberty. g
Tetter, Salt-Khcum and Eczema. C
The intense itching and smarting in- ?
cident to these diseases, is instantly 1(
allayed by applying Chamberlain's s
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very a
bad cases have been permanently cured
by it. It is equally efficient for itching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore v
nippies, chapped hands, #hilWain3, s
frost bites and chronic sore eyes, b
25cts. psr box. For sale by McMaster ?
A meeting was held by the ladiss on j
Wednesday afternoon at the Methodist
Church. The object of tbe meeting
was to organize a Home Missionary
Society for work among tbe factory
operatives and their families and
to relieve any suffering and destitute j
person. The meeting on Wednesday 1
was simply to organize tbe society, j
and the following officers were ap-'
President, Mi68 Francis Ci eight;
vice-presidents, Mrs. John J. Creight,
Mrs. Hessie McCarley, Mrs. W. D
Douglass, Mis3 Elizabeth W. Curetoc;:
secretary, MiS3 Charlotte Allaton;:
treasurer, Miss Mattie Hariis. The
tociery win noiu. hs uieeung
every montb, aud the nexc meeting |
will be held on the first Tuesday in
A Clever Trick. !
It certiinly looks like it, but there i*
really no trick about it. Anybody 1
can try it who has Lame Back and
Weak Kidneys, Malaria or nervous
troubles. We mean he can core himself
right away by taking Electric*
Bitters. This medicine tones op me
whole system, acts as a stimulaut to
the Liver and Kidneys, i3 a blood,
purifier and nerve tonic. It cures!
Constipation, Headache, Fainting |
Spells, Sleeplessness and Melancholy, s
It is purely vegetable, a mild laxative,
and restores the system to its natural!
vigor. Try Electric Bitters and be.
convinced that they are a miracl.i!
worker. Every bottle guaranteed.
Only 50c a bottle at McMascer Co.'sj
store. 3
fcious and wholesome
Oa n'edaesday afternoon a do^
supposed to be mad caused somi
tiarm and considerable excitement 01
Jlsin street. When the dog appearec
;ev2ral men . started in hot pursuit
fKa /^rtnr
UpU.'J IU& iJ i t VI CUV uvg
rbe cro rrd grew rapidly and weapon*
>f all kinds from a pistol to an airgui
i7ere brought oat. Several 6hots wen
ired at the terrified aaimal withoul
sffect, until finally he took refuge
mrfer a small bridge on Main street
md could not be gotten ont. He thei
nade his way into a more secure hid
ng placa and it was qaite a whil<
jeiore tbo poor beast was discoterec
uid shut. Many people think that the
log wae. not mad and that the whole
own was chasinsr a aosr that wai
>erfectiy harmless aDd ODly frightenec
>y ihe u-.?-oar it caused. However, ii
hvr<\ wv nnv doubt, the safest plar
wtr ;o k1-! him, ae it is too dangetous
i ma'iec rr.n any riiks about.
Becklea's Arnica salve.
*?ticr4- Qoltro ir? fKfl rrrnrln fnr Pnft
Jruin;:, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
rerer acres, Tetter, Chapped Hands.
yb:!ibia;:is, Corns, and all Skin Erupions,
and positively cures Piles, or nc
>&7 required. It is guaranteed togire
(effect satisfaction, or money refundid.
Price 25 ceniA per box. For sale
y McM aster Co.
Mr. W. A. Turk, general passenger
gent ox the Southern Railway, is
ollectiug information for Summer
lornes' Folder for the ensuing sumicr,
%ivbig the names of proprietors,
ostofBcp addresses, at or near what
tation, conveyance used, number ol
ae6ts, terms per day. week and month,
'his information will be printed in an
{tractive term * large edition pubshed
and distributed by the various
gents of this immense system throughut
all sections of the country. Ferons
contemplating taking boarders
Dr the ensuing summer are requested
d apply to the nearest -railroad agent
>r blank to be filled out giving the
bove information, and forward at
Dee to W. A. Turk, general passenger
gant, Washington, D. C., so that it
ivy reach him not later than April 1st.
The Confederate reunion will occur
n the 10th of May next in Charleston,
rreat preparations are being made
nd expense incurred to entertain the
umerous visitors expected. The
<?gi3latnre, by resolution, extended
hs hospitalities of the whole State to
ae visitors, and it is therefore a State
fair. Charleston should not be
Ilowed to bear all the expense and
as pro.'-aied the cost with the several
ounties. Our part being $150, of
iis amount wc have on_hand about
40, mostly contributed by a bait
ozen men. I earnestly call en Con'derate
soldiers, sympathizers and
nr noble women to aid in raising the
d-.iitional amount ueeded, so the
aunty can appear ana De on & par
dth the other counties now contrintiD?
all over the State.
T. W. Woodward,
of Executive Committee.
Rev. J, Knox Montgomery, of CiniDuati,
Ohio, lectured in the A. R. P.
hurcli on Monday night upon the
jbject, "Help Somebody," and a
:rge aadience was present to hear
im. The lecturer held the undivided
ttention his hearers from the beginiag
of the lecture to the end, and all
rere rry when the lecture came to a
lose. Mr. Montgomery impressed
pou bis hearers the fact that it is the
nty of every person lo help others,
Dd of maDy instances -where the
ves of men and women who wers
teeped in sin had bsen cempletely
banged by the kindness of some perou.
It; illustrating his points the
ccture told most interesting anecdotes,
nrrte n, ihf>m amnsin? in the extreme
nd others full of pathos.
After the lecture, Mr. Montgomery.
7ho tas a fin? v?ice, sang several
DDgs, and this closed a most enjoya
le evening,
Bii. T AV &A1VJL 4^* g
Cj^HS ciscom- H
putp*them in i
cogjiWon to do their work B
penectlv. That makes preg- ?
nancy leas painful, shortens g
[ Intend hastens recovery after fl
child-birth. It helps a woman I
bear strong healthy children. S
| has also brought happiness to H
I thousands of homes barren for a
I year?. A few doses often brings N
joy to * visg hearts that long 8
for a d ic'g baby. No woman
should neglect to try it for this
trouble. It cures nine cases out i
of ten. All drujoists sell Wine
Iof Cardui. ?i7co per bottle.
' lirtco in cases reSUtriS? special |
The CbttaaOQC* Medldaa Qg., Cbatu- a
Eoosa,TecS. g
Hrs. LOUISA HALE, - . ?
of JeflfeMon, Ga., says: K
" When I first took Wlce of Cardnl
if w* h?4be Q married tbre? years, but *
S Wal<L?ot have any children. Bice jf9
iitor I had a Had girl baby.** ?T
Judge O. "W. Buobanac was in town ?
last week.
Rev. M. M. Ross, of Oxford, Penn.,
arrived here on Friday.
Mi^s Ross has returned to Colombia |
after visiting relatives here. <
Mrs. H. L. Elliott went to Columbia ?
on Wednesday for a short visit.
J Mr. Christopher Atkinson,of Colam- }
bia, was in town on Wednesday. i
Miss Anna McCants has returned j
from Datonia, Florida, where she }
% spent several months.
* Misses Esther Jennings and Bertha 1
. ! Rnhinson returned on Friday from ft ,
l ~v
visit to relatives in Florida.
5 Miss Kay Cammings returned Saturj
da7 from Baltimore where she Went
t to purchase the stock of miliinerr for
, the Caldwell Dry Goods Company.
i. Mr. A. W. Brown returned on Fri?
day from the Northern markets, where
he has been buying a stock of spring j
' and sujamer goods for Q D. Williford. |
Shake Into Your St oes (
; Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the ' ,
j feet. It cures painful, swollen, smart-1 j
ing, nervous feet and instantly takes J j
1 the sting out of corns and bunions. It> j }
! th? greatest comfort discovery of tho I j
j age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight I t
, or new shoes feci easy. It is a certain
\ cure for Chilblains, sweating, callows, \
' tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. \
i Sold by all druggists and shoo stores, j
, By mail for 25c. in stamps. Trial <j
package FREE. Address, Allen S. ]
Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. t
>I There will be an entertainment in a ]
' few weeks at Mitford for the benefit of (
! the Methodist Charch.
> Miss Susie McCrorey, of Mt. Zion !
> Institute, is at home for a few days.
' Miss Laura McUrorey is rbiting
Mrs. E. L. Mobley, of Alliance. r
Mr. S. B. Crawford, of Winnsboro,
was here last week buyin* cattle.
lira. Jj. A. McCrorey is expected r
home eoon accompanied by her daughter,
Mrs. J. T. Carter, of Cedar Springs. n
Miss Lizzie Douglass is vbiting Miss *
Lilla Beaty, of Winnsboro.
Miss Mamie Biggins is wilh her
'f sister, Mrs. Smith, of Camden.
Mr. Joe Smith and son, of Camden,
were at Mr. Dave Higgins' last week.
1 Mrs. John Johnston and Misses
Ethel Jackson and Maggie Gladden ]
have been appointed by Bev. Mr. Miller
to secure contribution* lor tie
Epworth Orphanage for Bethesda *
Farmers are quite busy. Grain looking
well. C. S. F.
March 24,1899.. h
For Over Fifty Years. - c(
Mrs. WinsloVs Soothing Strup *
has been used for over fifty years by T
millions of mothers for their children l(
wane ceeuiiDg, wua penect suvccbs.
It soothes the child, softens the gums, .
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and 1E
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It pi
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in n
every part of the world. Twenty-five
1 cents a bottle. Be sure and* ask for i"
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup*," d
and take no other kind* 1-1-17
? a
The retirinsr colonel of Richland ir
regiment is a-splendid old gentleman,
Col. Jqo. B. Davis of Killians. Being E
: 72 years of age and quite infirm, he oi
was compelled to give np the office,
although h''ivs the regiment well, di
and wii' "t.i i i<?> I allegiance. ]o
At tfcc v/u j. c-k of the war between x
the States he was elected captain of ^
Company I, First regiment South D
Carolina volunteers, Col. Gregg. This E
regiment enlisted for six months, E
SUte s*rvice, and remained around oi
4?i it. /.n
i ii'ir - >a uuiu luo iau ul uuuiici
a., i i cu went to Virginia to serve B
ont. se balance of tne six months. At il]
the end ot that time the regiment was
disbanded. Capt Davis then, in three it
Weeke, raised a company for the df
Fif^enth Sou.h Carolina, Col. De- 01
Sans-nre, assigned to Drayton's bri- Ui
gade. Tbis brigade was engaged at m
Boonesbaro andj Sharpibarg under h<
Gen. Drayton, and was then trans- to
ferred ro Kershaw's brigade. Pickett'9 fc]
?m/v trtAnA MUiiiAna f kan f Kflf M.
ULiai'g? ?T?3 UU IUUIC giunvut iu?u tuav xi
of Kershaw at Snodgrass Hill, Chlcka- b,
manga. Iq that battle Capt. Davis ar
distinguished himself for gallantry, tb
Again at Kooxville bis bravery was bi
conspicuous, and Gen. Kershaw made jD
kim colonel of the regiment, promoting
him over the lieutenant colonel la
an$ major, "for valor and skill ou the
battlefield" se
Col. Davis is a West Pointer, and M
this training addf-d efficiency to his in
gallantry and courage. But the in- b<
firmity of years has come upon him, n]
and be thongut it best to leave the
command of the regiment of mrvivors
to younger men.?The State.
? tt
Look! A Stitcb in Time
Saves nine. Hughes' Tonic (nes? im- p
proved, taste pleasant), taken in early
spring and fall prevents Chills, Dengue
and Malarial Fevers. Acts on the
liver, tones up the system. Better than
Qainine. Guaranteed, try it. At
Druggists. 50c. and $1.00 bottles. * dl
The school at A6bury Academy
-"? -i '--i mi 1 j J3 ? ik? U,
ciOKeu iasi inursuay, auu uiium mo u<
excellent management of Miss May J,
Hinnant wbo has had charge of that fc
school two sessions, the exhibition c;
givej Thursday evening was a grand le
suecess and vastly enjoyed by the
large attendance. U
After spending a few month? at hi
home Miis Mamie Hood returned to m
Batesburg last Saturday.
Miss Ellen Bookbardt is visiting t(
relatives in Columbia. ~
Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Ward are visiting
relatives at Wards, S. C.
Mrs L'zz:e Gibson bas been visiting
her daughter. Mrs J W Bro;m, i
near Blythc?vood. >
Mia? Ella Moore spent last Saturday . (
and Sunday at her borne in Kidgeway. t
Al>: L 0 Deal, af^rr spending awhile t
with \?rG P Hoffmann and family, g
is now at Elbsiton, Ga. ^
Mr RV Macon is now the night | ?
operator at this place. ' e
Mrs F R Hood spent last Friday b
with friends out of town. ?
Mr and Mr? J W Blajn spent last ^
Thursday in Colombia.
Mrs Sarah Wooten, who has been
visiting her brother, Mr Arthur Have,
j at RocKton, returned home last Friday,
accompanied bv Mr Hays.
U Messrs George Moore and Joe Cole- r
- man, two of Ridgeway's fascinating r
VmmS IH 53GUBL3.
Ehe Approach, cf LlotiorJiocu is
Occasion of Much. Anxieiv to All.
Every woipan dreads the ordea
throcgn which tho must pass in beccming
a mother. The pain u::d su?erinj
which is in store for her is a source c;
constant anxiety, fear ->nd dread, tc
say nothing of the danger v.hic'n the
jorning incident entails. The joyous
mticipations with which she looks forward
to baby's coming gives way to ar
ndescribable dread of the rrionl wher
ihe fully realizes the critical and trying
jvenfc which will soon approach and
lave to be endured.
Women should hail with delight c
remedy which insures to them iis
nunity from the pain, suffering and
langer incidental to child-bearing,
Such a remedy is now offered, ;<.nd
ivomen need not fear longer the hourol
jhildbirth. "Mother's Friend"?is ?
scientific liniment?and if used before
jonfinement, gently anu surely prepares
;he body for the great requirements
md changes it is underscoiui.-, insures
safety to boLh mother aiid c;.i!d, and
..1 T a! 1_ .t - -
/HKesiier uiruu?u liit* t . ' U.L cyirt'
iarative case and comfort. TMs wcv.lerful
remedy is praistd by everj
voman who has used it.
What woman is not iuiorrsud in
'Mother's Friend ?This wonderful
emedy has been tested and ;,= v..-:cr?
ess value proven fc: u>o errrv-vb-icis oi
ihousands c? hr.( ,-y moi'.ors v.h;i
lave use<l it dm-h-.g :;?> t e:-i;?ml
period of woman's lift?the- appro:..
tnd culmination of i:;otl;erhe<xl.'
It has won their everlasting prai...
'or it gave them help end "hope i i
iheir most trying hc*.:r and v. hen
nost needed. Every woman may soma
Lay need "Mother's Friend." The
ittle book, "Before Baby is Born."
jelling all about it, and when it shock]
>e used, will prove of great interest r.r.si
jenefit to alf expectant mothers. t:J
vill be sent free to anv address upon
implication to the" Bradneld Eegulatei
ompany, Atlanta, Ga.
oung men, passed through our town
ist Friday afternoon.
MxyJoe Brown and family, after
esiding several months in Columbia,
lave moved back to their home near
Miss Xugenia Hagood is visiting
elatives and friends near Colombia.
The unwelcome visitor, measles, did
nfr in Rlvfhp/nrnnrt verr Inner hnf
re are not out of daDger yet, a3 there
r? several caste right near cere.
March 25, '99. . Tafiy.
for Infants and Children.
Tie KM You Hare Always Bough;
Btars the
Signature of
"We are to have a new brick school
ouse. The building, it is said, will
)st about three thousand dollars, and
ill be erected upon the Davis lot.
he town is to be congratulated in
jcuring suck a desirable lot for the
&w building. This is simply in keepig
with the constant growth ot oar
regressive IOWU.
The new bank is doing a good busier,
and will likely erect a new brick
nilding for their business at an early
Messrs. English Rembert and Chevis
oozer returned from Cuba on Friday
it. They were in the 2nd S. C. Regaextt.
Dr. J. \f. Team, president of the
[miters' Union, will likely i?sne an
rder dissolving the union April lat
) the law prohibits hunting *ft?r that
ite. Tbe union consists of tnrfo^iwing
active members: Dr J. W.
earn, Capt. W. J. Johnston, C Pfray,
J. K. Bolick, Chfts. R?;>b, -J. A.
'eaPortef, Jr., H W DesPorle.-, Jr ,
t. A, L. Ott, J B Boyd, unci J S.
dnmndrf. The a?sociaf,ion hw some
f the finest marksmen in the Srate.
We are glad to lea.n that M13. W.
nrivell Hogan, who "has been qnite
I, is rapidly improving.
a^ma4-a TaimooUh KqH nnifo ?in
UVUiU*^V/i uwu ^U4iv wm*m
iteresting- case before him on Satar17.
A colored man wad charged by
le of bis colored lady friends with
>ing lasgaage "unbecoming a gentlean"
in her presence., It so shocked
ir sen*? of modesty that she resorted
1 the law to discipline (be erring
:other."* Attorney Smart appeared
>r the Stat? and Attorney L. L.
olick for the defendant. After able
gmments by counsel on both sides
it defendant was found not guilty;
it he will doubtless be more guarded
i his remarks when in the presence of
The old veterans are preparing to
nd a big delegation to Charleston in
'ay. It is gratifying to see so much
tterest -maniiestea by tne surviving
sroes of the "Lost Cause" in keeping
p their organization.
March 25,1899. More Anon.
Eheamacide is not recommedcd for
le care of every ill, it does not care
rerything. Bat it is a certain eure
>r rheumatism, and is a fine blood
arifier and laxative; try it.
Mrs. Annie O. Thomas spent several
iys in Columbia this week.
Mr. Jos Coleman went to Columbia
1 Tuesday to stand an examination
>r the civil service.
A lodge of Knights of Honor will
j organized here on April 3rd. Mr
. VV. Todd, who ha? been at work
>r some time, i* meeting with sncAn/1
^Anofl fn Arnrarr/a ccrh fit
SCO, OU? * " " ?
ast 30 members.
Mr. Oliu Sawyer has returned from
harleston where he has just finished
is first year at the South Carolina
leuical college.
Miss Hallie McCormick, of Lons>wd,
has been visiting in town for
0?U IH
)ne of the most distressing sjghts, ia
o see a child almost choking with
lie dreadful wnoopmg-cougn. u-ive
lie child Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the
neatest pulmonary remedy, ana reief
will come at once, the coughing
pells will re-occur less frequently,
nd, in a fe"S7 daysk the sufferer will be
ntirely cured. JNo other remedy can
oast of so many cures.
Cough Syrup
Cures Whooping-Cough quickly.
Joses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
eco^mend it. Prise 25 cents. At all druggists,
' _
V -I.
beversl clays. While rpre . lie was
tbe giifst of h? Misee^ Eihb
' >lr. Ii. A Mearts and family leave
ibis week for Wilmington, N. C.,
[ whicb, we understand, will be their
I future borne.
' Messrs. Chevis Boozer acd Eoglish
J Rembert, wb; went to Cuba with the
| 2nd S. C. Regiment, arrived ic home
this week, b'oth seem much pleased
[ with the country, b*t are no' in love
. with the Cubans, who thev report as
. being dirty, tazy and thievish. :
Mr. Cba* -T Smith has had ais resi.
dencefrcsb^v paited.
Work win soon be commenced on
tbe new school building, ffhich is to
I be erected oo Church street. This
II building will add much to the appeararce
of this Dart of town.
And still we have no postmaster.
V:\ Williams' successor ha-, never
b?;f:' appointed, although v'"V nud/.rfc.^Ldihat
Lis daughter, Ivli-s Nel'ie
Wiliiams, will be the,, succei.-ful applicant.
J. O. N.
| March 23, ?99.
Dr. Cady?s Condition P; wders,
: atv. ju?t ivnat ahorse needs ;wne?> lo
' had condition. Tonic, bl<vd purifier
a?-tl vermifuge. Thev are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
nut a horse in Drime condition. Price
! 26 ceDts per package.; For sale by
| McMaster Co.
The Sunday News has bsea publishing
pome Revoiuiionftry records.
xoe rouowm? company roil will
possibly be ot interest to mam* of our
Still another company from Camden
District wa* that of Ca^t Robert Eldson.
The following is its roll:
"Direction on cover: To Mr Robert
Ellison, between Wateree and Congaree
rivers, on Simpson's Creek:"
South Carolina, Camden Dist: We,
the Subscribers, seusibieor trie uanger
, to which all the Rights and liberties
of this Colony are Reduced to by the
Violence with which all America is
Threatened >3y a Wicked. Ministry, do
freely unite odrselves a Volunteer
Company of Rangers, as Soon as onr
number amounts te thirty, to Chuse
and Subm> to the Coram of ?!;ch offi- '
cers as the Majority shall agree to ;
hereby. -E.'.gagiog' to obey .-uch offi- ;
cera punctually in Subordine ion the j
Commanding officer of trie Regt in <
this District and,Undr I be Direction '
of the Counsen o't Safety; master and
exercise Under Arms as ofte as neces- I
sary. and to hold ourselves in ready- ,
ness to march to any part of the
Prcvincs to defend it s^ainst the ]
Enemies of the Liberties; at an hoar's
Warning. G'ven Under our hands
this 2d,-Sept, 1775.
Rt Ellison, Captn.
James Sanders, 1st Lieut
jonn JMiison, za uient.
Alexander Boves, Eleazar Gore,
JohD Asbford Gore, David Hamiltoue,
Sauil Armstrong, his x mark; James
Kennedy, Wm Martin, his x mark;
John Martin. Lis x mark; C?uo West, '
Edward Bland, tAIexr McDowle, bia
xmark; William Penny, James Mc- !
Dowell, David McUreight, J imes McCreigbt,
Robert Gray, Samuel Dod3,
James Dod=, Wilm McCales"er, Kobt
Potts, William WcLvey, Janes iloriann
Alo-rAr T?nViinc-n hia v mnrlr*
James McQuoio, John A?fle;7, James '
McMallen, rVm Young, James Bamin,
Thomas Saint, Wilton Wilson, Alexr
McQaaters, John A6ken, And McDole.
"Endorsed on back: We the Within
Subscribers Most Earnestly Beg the
(^ohiicil of Safety to Grant ^mansions
to the Within Mftntioi.er! Geniieme
, (Viz:) Robt Ellison, Jame~
cl-irs and John El'.^oo, Witn i
, Proper Instructions h.?v* t-j Proceed ]
ij Raising avid Training Out ?aid Com
paiiv autl Petitioners as in Dnry Bonnd :
W;1 Ever Prav."
????? ii ?? I
h It is an easy matter to claim that h
J a remedy lias a wonderful'curative J
f power. The manufacturers of f
^ Rheumacide <S
^ leaves, it to those who liuve been ^
d permanently and positively cured m
k of RHEUMATISM to makeL
claims. Among those who have j
p recently written us voluntary let- &>
k ters saving they have beeu cured k'
^ are: Bev. J. L. Foster, Ilaleigh, ^
p N. C.; Mr. J. E. Robinson. Editor, ?
k Goldsboro, jST. C., Daily Argus; K
^ Mr. A. Daus, a prominent mer- ^
A. t _ j Jir. TTf t> /
cnanc, ^a.acon, ura., anu ^yir. vv . xv. my
fvDuke, a" railroad man, Kansas v
y City, Mo. 2
5 Manufactured iy THE BOBBITT CRU& 5 .
f CO., flaleigli, N. C. r
^Sold in Winnsboroby McMastcr^
/ Co., and by Druggists generally. ^
^ Price $1 pei; bottle. I
"j*" v,taut*
*| lade 3
THE of !V!e.
iPJENCH n^MEL'V^prcdncos the -.bove r-itilt
in au oayz. c>ires JX^rvo'tz i/ecu- .. . jvtfnirtisff,
Varicocele, Ueatary. Stops X. drains and
i sscscaused by errcrs of yc::th. 1: psrds off Ia> t
. vi:ty and Ccnsvmpiion. Vc:p? M.-.. regain Manhood
and Old Mtu r-:covi.-r .-.I Vigor. It
srives vigor anc' s.zc to shrrt'een organs, ana fit! ]
a man for business or n;.-rria:". F?.~ \y carricd ia
:he vest pocket. Prccgf^ f3 "i'C - Poses ,-2 5?
iy mail, in pia;n pat-Jtj ij 1 y. ..ze. with
?*: itten guarantee. LK. H:mK ? Paris
Sold only by J. J. O'oear, Drug- *
gist, Winnsboro, S. C.
Silmr-Plalial Warn;
? AT COST, j '
-24 ; Sots-'
| Silver-Plated Tabic Spoons,
Teaspoons and Medium Forks
' that I will sell at
: Cost for Ca?h.
: To letter them, at cost prices,
Come and see them.
104 N/?y? St
fie C^vell Dpi
We are now receiving the i
You people- who want to get
asked to look at our Prints, Pe
Some extra bargains in these g
We have also received a beat
Lawns, Checked Muslin, Dim
are marking these goods extra
Another JBapcrc
A good size Linen Towel at
Turkish Towels at 20c. and
Damask Towels.
New Lot Gents' and Boys' G
and pretty pattern.
We want your business. W
goods at low prices than ever b
the Northern markets in a fe1
an elegant Spring Stock. Our
you in the best goods at lowest
The Caldwell Drv
A New ana Complete Trcatsa *!t v?isisting of
SUPPOSITORIES. Capsules?.: i t'-eut and two
lioxes of Ointment. A ncvcr-fu.!::cure for Piles
of every nature and decree. It makes an operation
with th'c knife, which is painful, and often results
in death, usaccessarv. W'.:y ensure this terrible
disaase? Wo pack a Written Guarantee in each
}1 Box. No Care, No Pay. 50c. and $1 a box, 6 for '
S5. Sci.t by mail. Samples tree
rtrv-mxrrrrip OC. J
4ruv cm&u wvv? i
rflNQTPATIfr-] Cured, Piles Prevwited, by i
uUnol It n. lU.t Japanese Liver Pellets, the f
P.LOOTS PURIFIER. Smaii, miid and pleasant '
!o :ake; especially adapted ;or children's use. y i
dcacs 25 ce!!ts.
, FREE.?A ol thesa famous little Pellets will
be given -with a $1 box or more of Piie Cure. ,
Notice?The genuine fxesh Japanese 3*ilb
Cure for sale only by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
For Sale.
per hundred; $12.00 per ton.
10 tons "MIXED COW FEED"; $7.50
perloa. Takes the place of cot
? -3 i ii
iuu eveu uuus auu mcai.
314tf H.L.ELLIOTT.
Ilfi Ifflrf Mutual Fire Iiwe.
8, ,
Some Facts Gomected With It.'
ibe past year commencing Fibruarv
1.1898, a; d ending February 1,
216 policies aggregating in
?* ?1?*Q10 OA
Yi;uO? * w
Ibe oss by fire for same
period was . .524 59
Ibe report of the Secretary. >
and Treasurer filed
March 6, 1899, shows?
Current expenses for the
year ... 120 00
[ndebiedness of the Company
'.<179 00
Assets of the Company.... 261 21
The assessments levied by the Com-.
pany dnring its existence to coyer '
losses and current expenses have not
=xeeeded sixty-five cents (65c.) per ;
annum on every one hundred dollars/
vP if? inenr?nr.<?. a rfttn ahnnt, onfl-half
the premium charged annually by.;;
foreign corporations,
The following list compri?e3 the offi?ers
of the Company:
JifO. G. Wolling, President.
Thos. L. Johjcstoit, 1st Yica-Pres.
Jas. M. Higgins, ,2ad Yice-Pres.
Jko. J. Neil, Sec. and Treas.
<na i t?t\ aw
lurv^axxir vr
No. 1-M D C Colvin, H A Steven- :
;on, W B Wright.
No. 2?J E Stevenson, C S Brice, Jr,
W A Patrick.
No. 3?Jas M Higgiu3, Jas W Banklead,
W S McDonald.
No. 4?Thos L Johnston, F A Neil,
[I G Wylie.
No. o?Samuel McCormick, R C .
beeves, J W Poovey. 1
. No. 6?Jno P Jones, Levi Moore,
ft B Lewis.
No. 7?F M Gadsden, Samuel DaBose,
Preston Rion.
No. 8 -T L Billow, Francis B Ausin.
No. 9?Jas R Ccirlee, R Y Lemmon,
J Batter Barley.
No. 10?Jos W Clarke, Ja? M Steele,
Jno D Leitner.
No. 11?Jno K Ragsdale, Jno. J.
Kv 12?Wm J Crawford, Jas R
H . v.'y, John Ramsay.
No. 13?F C Lapo; A W Ladd, G F
No U-W.B ? Weir, Thos K Elliott,,
W K Flenniken.
Tha Directors and Policy Holder*
;>f this Cotnpauy invite their brother
farmers to protect their homesteads by
nsuring with us and respectfally refer
ill parties desirou* of so doiug to the
viiaiiui^u vi iuv; icopgvuTv j.vn ujui^
Board of Directors.
Published by order of the Director!
and Policy Holders for the informa:ion
and benefit of the genera! public.
S-2S Secretary and Treasurer.
? i
EIELSZ'S Chiii Sauce. ^
" Pick led Onions.
1' Celery Sauce.
" Tomato JJalsnp.
" India Relish.
" Salad Dressing.
u Sweet Mixed in bulk.
" Sour Mixaa in bulk.
" Spiced Cacumbcrs
" Queen 0:ive8, all sizes.
" Deviled Olives.
Fine G-r?ceri#s.
. #11
. 3?|
- ~ ^ ^
irst items ot spring Vjoocs.
an early start for spring are
!rcales; Duck, Colored Piques.,
oods in short lengths.
itiful line of White Goods?
.ity, Pique, and Welts. We
cheap to start the season.
. . >
air) ir^ ToWels.
ioc.; extra large aDd heavy
25c.; full stock in Huckand
' ' ' - ' 1
olored Shirts; extra good value |
e are better 'prepared to sell
efore. Our buyer will siart to
tv days and we expect to show
constant endeavor is t? please
prices. Gome and see us,
Goods Company.
occupied fry Mr. I. D. Robertson, in
the town of Wlnn?bor6. Possession
given 1st January, 1900. ' 7 - *:Apply
to '
II/) flhiaot 1\IqwI
m tisjibi m i
SDB lie MM m II ..
. l:&k
? . y ;.-i
Every Articl*
* C -- -7* - i-ji
Send at your watch work and jearelryjobs;
wear better prepared th?
ever to reader quick service.
I 5!Js
-r-" THE 0!?D-??
- . .
II H I? 11
Cues to tterM ip..
' t
He is a hustler in thk
grocery line?buys and s-'l?
more jfooda for CASH 'than any other
itore in town. He believes in
Qui Salts Mi Wits
is Ins motto. If yon want FINE
GrEOCEEIES give him a call and be
convinced. His
Porto Rico Molasses,
Hot Biscuit
and Butter
Would make a man strike his mother.
]. i. nam t a
LN Ad lept Toilet tel.
0 4
WThe finest prepara!
tion for chapped hands,
A! lips, or other roughness
I of the skin.
r ! Removes freckles,
Y tan and sunburn. Is
I- .not greasy or sticky,
Gloves can be worn immediately
after using.
] j | Makes the skin soft
| and white.Excellent ^0
A I to use alter shaving.
I . . .
riTT \
oiivy ? t rv * ijujj v
for sale by ^ 11
UcMasler & C i !

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