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0n?^Ycsr, ... SI.50
il: Hue til*, - - >75
"WefJaesiay April 5. - - fcl899
Every citizen must admire t e gallantry
&nil braver) ?>f the American
toluicrs in t.':e Phi lip: tie*. Tt.e coraman-Jing
offic-rs t-eem 10 bo fur superior
to those al Santiago, ?nd ibey a-e
conducing an admirable campiign.
WbiiC Ameiicans admire ihe conduct
r? ibe American toMier, tJie thought
oJ v.hat effect this war will have on
the fature history ol :he ablic is a
very serious one. The avtrage man
doubtless daes not stop to lb?nk
through what changes we are passing;
h? does aoc r?.iiiz^ that we are uprooting
principle* which have been
our guides since the formation of the
Republic. Many superficially inclined
looi apou it merely changing
the colors on the map of the
world, without stopping to consider
that we are violating all of our traditions
and enteriug op in a course
which threatens the Republic
Too much can not be said on the
subject. It is an i>sua to the settlement
of which all other questions be?
tween political parties and factions
should be temporarily put a ide.
Every citizen should be made ao.
. > . .. .. ., ,
qaunted wild tde true SMuauoH inac
h? may be tlive to the great events
now shaping; the destiny of the Uniwd
Annexation has gained some strength
in this couniry, originating we believe
in powerful syndicate* which expect
to operate in th* new possessions. Notj
satisfied wi;h oppressing at hem*, they
demand larger and greater fields.
Others deaiie it merely because they
like io see a change, and thiuk it a fine
thing for a great country to own and
control possesions over !he world.
Bnt sober and reflecting people must
ask themselves: Wbat are we to gain
by territorial expansion? What have
we gained by annexing Hawaii? Some
say that it was needc-d as a Mrategic
point, for by its being our territory
v we have command <cf the Eastern
Pacific, Mud onr sou-hem and western
coa-t- can thereby be better protected.
Many tor a similar reason want Cuba
as it commands the Caribbean Sea.
Affi'ii-ica i? already strong:, a-id it is a
question whether Hawaii does not add.
weakness to our strength. Comp^t-it
authorities always nameJRs?siji and
America as exc^pnoually strong
against p.ttack, becau*? neither of them
have^uv insular territory to defend.
AST* of the territory cf the United
iS'ste*, icept Alaska, is continuous
la:d territory, hence no naval power
ca : cut off one part from another, but
it is quite different with a lot of islands
scattered over the face of the earth.
No ccnirry woa!d think of invading
R;i*sia or the United States. Tbey
h?ve too much conti^uons territory.
W h islands ssp*rate1 from the United
S .es, the Govern aieut mast have a
lvjeand powerfa! fl*ct to protect them
They will be the first c'ojact of attack in
case of *var. G. c?a Britain has vast
insular territory, hence that Government
mast have a great fleet. This
explain* why Brita:u is the naval
po^vor of the world. If the United
States, therefore, i* going in "the
island basinet" the Government will
be forced te follow the example of
Britain. James Boyce, member of
' Parliament, whom we have bad occasioj
to quote before, writiug in 1897
in ihs Forom, and that too before onr
war with Spain, says: ''Britain has
to defend not only Ireland, bather
va*t colonial and ^Indian dominions,
Fiance has colonies which are practically
hostago? to England or to
any other naval power tint might be
able ?o drive France ->ff the sea*. * *
* Smilartv. the even les* valuable
colonial possession? of Germany are
hostages both to France and England,
as both these countries have fleets
stronger thin 'he Genain. Jest in
the same way, Cu':>a and Hawaii, in
the hinds of the United Statas, would
be liable, at tho outbreak of war, to
be seizs I by any < ucmy stronger at
sea; ana ens oniy way 10 preveuc iqis
would be for the United States to
main:aiti a Ihet in tha Pacific and
anotber in the Gulf of Mexico powerful
enough to defend bota i-iauds. *
- * But is it worth h-*;r while to
do so? Why shon:d sh* s,juiid Jhe
hundreds <-f tnuiioas of dj'iars that
would bs needed? Ot all the great
powers of he world, -he is the one
least likely to be attacked; not only
became s i5 ha* icw occaisi as for
quane' ^ith oth^r -t-v.??. but aiso because
^ther s-'au: uw auviiing to
win bv lighting her. * * *'In
other orcb, a gre*t navy would be j
to lu"r a luxury, and very costly
luxprv. We in England are unluckily
obliged tv ji.Tea formidable nary,
because ^ ?> confronted by formidable
s?)d not always friendly rivals.
* *' * We deplore the gigantic sum*
that w<- i annually obliged to deTote
y or fleet,?sum# all the larger
becHUfe iashion in naval matters changes
fa?t that a ship which has cost
some nnilirina dollars may in a few
???: J a nrAnnTiiiPod fthcnlofp tt ?a
C 1. V ^/4VUVMWWV4 w WWV.??V .V
how^.Yt^ supposed?whether u.htly
j& - or w *-oi:giy I need riot er.quire?that
Brit * n cannot h~lp herself, and rcnst
IrT^ "S. go ' i increasing her nrinnal naFal |
I- the Pliiiipines wes<e prepaiinjn
to fO w the ex*mp!e of Britain. J
Wii tpi}?
li you have a coii^b, 'broat irritation,
weak lungs, pa.n in the chest,
diffiealt breathing c-osp or hoarseness,
let us suggest One Jlinute Cough
Oar?. Always reliable and safe. McMaster
& Co.
P - '
No ose doubts that thr Uuited S;a:>.-s
will ultimately conquer in the Pb">iipines,
but it seems tar i ;?i: sm rn.;:American
lives should ;os! |
against a people etruggliu^ tor
liberty and self-gove'-na.e.-t I .
people of the United States luve L*-:
o heart in this war. It s iou d ue
~ war ni t5 p iidininletrati m
carried on for the purnoses of gree.i. |
Sometimes we think ib;it imperialism
has foand favor io .the United Spates
merely for the sake of iroit3ting- a\
wvalJing great European pjwer<
Some people have a pride in centemplating
the larga space c^vere t by onpossessions
on the imp, without stopping
to consider how trem ndou? wili
be the cost. Great Britain 13 run to
ke envied in manyofber pos3essiois.
Of all of her colonies, Canada, South
Africa and Aastraliasia are aoont the
only pessenions snitabu: to receive the
overflow of her own population. It is
ivorth remembering that tbes-. colonies
are in th9 temperate zone. - Possessions
in the tropica are quite different.
Th? Rt. Hon. James P. Boyee, a member
of Parliament, wrniog for the
Forum a few years ago .7rote: "India
constitutes a large market for Euro
pean goods, bat a markr. equdly open
to the United States and to Germany
or to Britain; for no deferential tariff
has been imposed. Sr .ar as drawing
any revenaa nom Ino ?,, the state of
the Indian revenue is s < source
of dipqni??tade to a? ^Ve are proud,
not unreasonably, ot what *?e hare
* a */?*, U IT *U ,%?M4 \nrl " rt anrf
UUUC UJ OWl(JU?U jcauc auu UI?1V.\ auu
to promote edocition thue. Bat
Iadia is not a source ?">' otrength 10
Britain. Tas responsibilities which
our control of it imposes are tremendous."
The sama writer states that
Brita'nN tropi?al p^ssiessiooa hive
been a lead. It requires a large army
and navy to protect territory, and ir
does uotjpay.
It is not intended to revive the old
factional feelings, bnt it mnst be noteu
by thousands of people in this Statu
that no such state of affairs existed in |
this State from 1S76 to 1890 as Ihnt
disposed by the commutes now
in768tigitio? the Sta'e peoitentiarv.
"In iipient rottenness," something ro;ten
in Denmark," "reekinsr wit
fraud," were the terms used to describe
the condition prior to 1890, bu:
after nearly ten yeais no'hnig >.?ai de
veloped !o saslain the charge. Look
at the recOi-d from 1376 *o 1890, and
compare th3 record si rse 1S90. Wu
make no farther comme:it
The Farmers. Mutual InsuranceCo.'s
state;neot which pubhci CJ
* % ah* Jacf 'ccna oV^rkar^ ur of /? :n't? l~tP
done br home insurance c jus panics.
Winr.tboro pays annua!iy ' ver $10.0^0
in fire insurance premiums\o:
never has been a $10 >.00 ioss
Winnsboro. Off-hand >e :w:>u!d s.ty
for the past twenty years ihe RVcragy
lo?s has not reached.'over 8-kO to SSOO
per annum. A home company wim >
capital of $50,000 woa:'d be ua>p!s \>i citation,
moke a bi* prril and -a*r
money to insurers.
Thb discovery of coal i.i Ilamptvn
County by the boring of an arte^n
well and resulting in the owner of tue
form oecni-!nc an /"kffUn r>f <6100 AA0 for
an ordinary cotton p:ant%tiDn will
donbtless stimulate the arlesnn well
bnsiness. Somewhere and somehow
we have been informed ILat the
character of the soil in the neighborhood
of Blythewood indicate* that oil
is there. An artesian wHl might
prove a fortune in that joctlitv*.
It is all rery pleasant?to the sponsors?to
be thi cerrtre o^ attr ction at
the Confederate reaii. uut we
think the United Dan liters of the
Confederacy and the and Conrier
are right in insisting fh -.: the old soldiers
be gir^u a chwce.
Georgia is not lacking in advertisement.
President McKinley. Sneaker
Reed, Ma^k Hanna, and otbe- ,?ri)ininent
people til! a great deal of newspaper
spu.cc every day t> say nothing
of the |base b%ll clubs and the troop*
in Georgia.
Columbia U getting ?o many good
new thing* that her friend-* nardly
have time to congratulate her upon
on* before another ~ood one for Columbia
is announced.
Easter was a beautiful day, but
nearly every white person in the
conntry went away to spend the dry
with friends in Ridgoway :ind
Mitford. Therefore it was exc-^e.I- j
iugly qaiet for those of as woo r^-j
maiocd at bome.
Mr. L S. Meliicharane, Williiton,
paid his brother here fl,, irtg'
Tisit last week. It has co^.n S'-verai;
years *ince he was in oar c -nnlry andj
we were al delighted -e-.d i-i>t
In our list tows wc a;: ou;i x-i ;:?e|
Peav's Ferry was opw >rav i !
Dai w#> were a nine i>i. v;uts^ au.ui
the matter as our frieu<:, Mr. L !>. ;
Rubin?on, of \Vinnsbo?-*>, ! \
Yoacan cross now, Mr. . <:?i
Mr. David Crawford f.v s-d *;.croj
Saturdnv with bor?e?, ;mi!: uii !
Mr. Wray, of Ridge wa} > luhioled
out oq the way to hh p! :chere
with the view of luvi'iu a te e-1
phone line put up from Ridirewav to :
h:s place.
A good many from here ur ended u j
picnic S.ttnrdav just acr-jss >hc rivet J
from Mr. i>. F. Camels' p'.asu.
Mr John HoId< hai been c-.?:n;niisioned
Magistrate ior 'liis Ui trier.
He ha* hidsom; work 10 do m tr.at
capacity already. M. C P.
April 3, *99.
The Best la th? Wor-d.
We believe Chamberlain a Cough
Rerced?* i< tho best in ih8 wcrlu. A
f. w weeks a?> we ?uff* ed with a;
tvere cold an:i a troubles ;:i: cc agb,
an<l having re*d their adw-'tise^ients
in our own and other p*p r? we purchased
ab ttle jo aeo ii vrooll effected.
It cured m be.* ? ie D)ttle
was more tban half use-*1 i m the
best medicine out for coloa nd coa?rh<.
?The Herald, Andf-rsynv lod.
For sale by McMa?rer Co.
p.a M Jlo Wooteii.
Sa uutory?Seurge Raines.
Wa.'ii I aoi M*u? Robert Rey- j
nM*. |
vv*:iu*c vh^ ixir's??Lia a Lorick. i
..le a ;.l Jiin-L Iv L">r-c*
Siiii-vji'ie or 5na3>:v (Tableau) ?
L;n:ib Bras^eli, Laura L"?rick, Ben- ,
Iih Wo-ten.
Dijiant ioi -Rjb^rt Biizzir.i.
A B >v's Ojjinl >:i; of Joi'iio?Brocks
R lined.
Objwmi (jrior.- ? Wi;iie Buzzard.
vV '.o i I Wi* Youtg? Cirrie Braswail,
Liiy Lo:;ck.
Fortune Teiiar (L'abieau)?Henriocta
Blizzard, Bjlle Reynold?, Jno.
Aileop at tho Switch-John Miles.
Oj Lives aid a Life?Minnie
AU Quiet Along the Pjtomic?Belle
Tin Yonu* De <::>t (Tableau)John
Blizzird, L^wis Neally, Julia
Thj VVa oh i? Billjyille ?Jame*
Tired Oat (Tableau)?Robert Blizzird.
Conquered Banner?Beu'ah Wooteu.
A Slight Scare? Julia Miles, Henrietta
Blizzird, Juo. Miles, Carrie Braswe'I.
Ia lha Mining?Alice Woolen.
My New Slate? Hampton Lorick.
The Gitnb'.erU Wife?Oarrie Braswell.
Raise the Gated (Tableau)?Jessie
Poctor, George Rimes, Laura Lorick.
Eraaesceut Glory?Capr. James
Lorick, Soldiers: Lewis Neally,
Brooks Riines, Roland Reynolds,
Ge >rge Raines, Jesse Nwtlly, Hampton
Lorick, Willis Blizzird, Robert
Reynolds, Robert Blizzard.
Nobody's Child?Lmnie JBraswell.
Hopeless Farmer?James .Lorick.
Kate Shelby?Julia Mile3.
Antony and Cleopatra?Alic:) Wooten.
A Family Not to Pattern AfterMr.
A. L. Dunn, Miss M. M. Hinnant,
Willie Blizz-ird, Brooks Raine3, Renlah
Vfootea, Gsorge Raines, Robert
and Ro'and Reynolds, Hampton
L'.iri.ck, TJ. BiizziM.
Taq Maniac?Lily Lorick.
Ereuiug Pi aver (Tablaaa)?Chilu:
Mi-'-is WoAen; A' <pi: Benlab W.
Bly:hewjoJ, April 1,'99.
Before the discovery of One MicuU
Coa^!.' u: misters wera gr?ativ
:i>tur ;ecl bv c >ughing convocations.
No excu-e frv it now. McMaster Co.
A MOilAX TO'.Y>\
Chute*4 Ln. dim.
You hnmo'e scribe ii iviusf returned
frotfi ?, irip to Wiunsbaro, where he
j weitt to yatb.r aud shio some cattle,
I wi:l try to gire Tee Lantern a few
iiera* B/th? way, Mr. Editor, I can
-s.iy th-u A'in?>boro is the most moral
towolh-.v^ viciieu in tms Slaie or
any other state, to it* ?izand I have
boen in taunv tofti?3 ia this state,
Georgia, Florid* and North Carolina,
j I and so tne of the host people there
that I hiVti aver ni.*t anywhere. 1
find strictly jast ana honest men very
scarce but I find some in this good old
town, on* mist assnrcdly. If your
scribe felt inclined to go to t^wn to
raise and euacate his children he
would go to Winaelwo, as they hare
* good school, carried on by Prof.
Wither>w and other very efficient
< eachers, and ber church facilities arc
<?ery good. Although the churches
*re small and behind the times, they
.re reat and cornfortabls.
Waile this lovely lit'Ie town is far
oebiad as to modern conveniences and
modern improvements, she can boast
of a very fine cotton mil: and an oil
mill, etc., and they certainly are far
ahead in morality I know whereof I
speak, as I am thrown with all classes
of people in my business. We did
not intend savins so much about this
iittle towu, as* we are not writing it
I have had the pleasure of meeting
many of my old school mates in FairMnntv
old friends of mv
father and grandfather, which
minds ma that oar family name was
at one time very numerous ia, this
dear old county, but it is almost ex .iiici,
a? I know of but two of the
name. I bad the pleasare of meeting
one of these, but as business was
pressing me I saw bat little of him,
| bat I hope to make a visit to old Fairfield
some time ere loDg.
March 27, '9?.
As the season of the year when
Diieumonia, la grippe, sore throat,
oug'is, colds, catarrh, bronchitis and
inng trouble are to be guarded against,
:,othing "ig a fine substitute," will
"answer ths purpose," or is "jast as
o >od" as Uuo Minute Coogh Cure,
hai is the one infallible remedy for
T;i iUDg, wivoat or bronchial troubles.
Lisist vlyjrousiy upon having it if
'some^ing else.1' is offered you. Monaster
'Jo. j
scheme TO abo Mill headaches, j
Chicago Times-Herald.
I i3 rejvn-e-J fr >*n At n Arbor that1
Mjrg. im5 iuih/. town has roscle au j
; a^mica5 discovery t-nt may reanll ;
codi a: oUs.'i con of head-'
':r l-fl u- > 'J-IVV 'iffCOV^P.d
i..ai y u vos cO'Ui' m 'he biouu
vc-s-eN o:t v; bra;;j, a theory tLat is
-o iMi* CtL.-ti ?>L :be books
ae:'C(j pii ?-ats Ui1 il-v lup ait
atof-^a1 ; r c-s ;?> *q?: ck'v coins'
;? o t.it' <:q-"i:;** ' ' fi'.o fi;o-\v,?rk? t?\
'".CI -y ? tl' 1 *; < M'.-iV: of -Uptiiy
I ot.'.c - i"!.-. i' ma b p-rs.-i'oie,
'! <f. ; ,, u> ffea; a
r . upwh.i; I ho hr^n.M' KCtrv )?P; v??
in iK-i: s i-",m ,i5 to completely iv- J
; Vf ;t!! 1 lOwit-.L'e '>f iue exi* e :ce
uch 'hia? as a tic .<J. It is un
i; <sur., vu sa.? mat au device which
wi:: v'.ecreass the number of broaio- i
S'.izt b%i!- in this -.rav win be a|
p i- rless b >"-.i to hu ;i. ity, althouira !
n vvi 11 be a he'ivt !?1 -v. o <h<* powJer |
Ui-!!s thai arc tilling the ? >'?u .ciiS of
tr? j>e?>pl! "iih all th<: v*ii u- c un-'
bin iii<>ii? ol coaI tar prvduota tn?:h |
q;ii e oiten care the hea-.i.tet.e by killi-'irtho
vVe welcome the senary nerv* pro- '
c^<3 of controlling the blood ve-^teU
of the he^d as a happy relief trotn the
to 8 of taj.ets and powder.*. A? a resu
; o: this discovery the time will
co ne wheu a man wi'. only need to
p" ch himself m tproper place or
to:.ch .i juttou s nueivhei e ou hi? ana-:
tomv 0" destroy all conecioa^iKfcS of1
ih(- possession of a head.
"Give a tm-r legnktor aud I can
regulate the world," said a geiius.
The druggist handed h:in a bottle of
De Witt's Little Early iiiier*, the
famous little fills. McMssterCo.
i ?
I 2* tSPW E ^ *38
I ffim
j The Kind You Have Always II
in r-^o for ever 30 years, I:
S~/9 , and Ira
t All Coiinteifeiis, Imitations a
poriments ;Lat trifle v. itli a
Infants and Cliildrcii?Expei
?_ - ? /Ov
What is u
Castoria is a substitute for C;
\ and Soothing1 Syrups- It is ]
contains neither Opium, Mo
substance. Its age is its gui
and allays Feverishness. It
Colic. It relieves Teething 0
and Flatulency. It assimilai
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea?Th
genuine CAST
The Kind You Hai
in Use For O
?????? ^?? E
1st to 2ud, fair and warmer; 3rd,
partly cloudy and warm; 4(b, local
rain?, thunder and wind; 5th, fair and
coo'er; 6:h to 9th, very unsettled
weather; about the lOLh and lltl1,!
cold rains ar.d wind, followed by I
clearing skies and cold northerly vvind. j
On the morning or tne iztn or iouj, i
look out for a heavy frost f<;r the '
season of year. r>ke carc of a!s
tender plants that arc liable to be j
hurt by :"nc- frost. From all proba- j
j biliricp .he temperature vili fall nearly j
to (he freezing .point, j-i'h, nearly j
ci ">cdy and warmer; loth, local thunder |
! shower; 16th to 20th, fai.\ warm and !
ibemtifir; 21, cloud; and loc?l |
i sho.vor3; 22rd to 26'h, fair and pleas- i
'3;?t wca i"'!. b:it warm. fr'rom the j
14th :o 2Gli will be vcv propitious!
for j.usftiug ;;I! atrial" tm a! worn |
Abou. ttou 2G !i :o 2Sth, ;oc.-.i liiu^der >
shof. * . j.; 20 ti a u f>0ii), n<: iri lair,
i" I said i February ioic:irt :hat I
i would givo mv view.-' <>n ih? general J
I c;,.ario*Gj- <-f i!k> we-it'u.-!* oi ;he sprintr |
' and ?nmvier nnnth- in Marc'jo:- April j
j f * ( at. it i> as foi.ov-?:
W.i\ tl;.. iWt liAif Lie very j
: chan., i >il>v. fivn.ver) vvarin to coo. j
i and Lj 12cli cloudin( -s and frlnwers^
i wj;l-on.j "savy local downpours ot
rain and some bail. The last half the
rain fall will increase. Prcpire for
June?to the 20th, we may look for
plenty of rain with some heavy local
| rains &nd?some h*il with much light.
nic# and thunder.- After this date
the rain fal! will be in the minimum
Upon the whole, I believe we will b*vc
a heavy rainfall tLroogh portion of
May and to tbe 2u:n or jane-more
than we will eee in several months to
Jaly?the first week rain will be
needed in many places?in places vory
dry. From 7th to 12ib, gocd raias in
places with storms of wind; probably
the rain3 will be general by the 121h;
scattering .showers abont the 21st to
24th. After this the rainfall will be
I lijfht until about the 18fch of August.
There will be some good local rains
fall 'within this period, but they, ^riil
be scattering and far between.
J. Martin Grant.
Bears the /O Kind You Have Always Bought
Mr. W. A. Turk, general passeiger
agent of the Southern Railway, is
collecting information fur Summ r
Homes' Folder for the ensuing summer,
giving the names of proprieos,
postuffke aldnsses, at or near what
etatiou, conveyance used, nnmber of
' guests, terms per clay, week and month.
This information will b? printed in an
&ltracii\e form a large edition published
and distributed uy the various
ag^nt* of this immense system tbrougiiT1
- AAI ! A,>n aJ *I,A rt^nr. f ? ?* Pan.
irukciJi rcuuum c?io wui?nj? JL w eon*
cout(inpl.i!in^ taking boarders
far me eiisr.ing ;u nmer are rcqnasted
to a; p!y to the r.?iiroad gent
fur to ' > filled ;ut givitiz ihg
ab.'V? jui'o ion, a;i i forward at
otjce to *.V . i ui k\ iirral passenger
flgp\> ci-'r.iM^to >. I) C . >0 that it
mar i . 1 i::i : ?j( lct-rlb -.n April l?t.
The OoM That liters.;
Tho richest man cannot always be i'
said to*bo liiG most successful, for true , ;
success is rot possible without happiness.
Many a wealth}7 mat? would give
all he now possesses to have the health
and happiness of a young athlete. '
Health is not hard to get and keep if J
good judgment is used in caring for and '
supplying the needs of the system.
Nature often needs assistance; you 1
sometimes abuse nature by overtaxing : i
your nerv-your brain, or your body, I \
and you haven't time to relax, and
take the rest that you need. You must
have ontside help. Pabst Malt Extract,
The "Best" Tonic, will supply the extra
fuel, food, and strength; it is absolutely
pure ? an unequalled assistant to 1
nature in giving health, vitality and r
strength, it will make you eat and t
sleep well, and cause you to feel like I
yourself again, or perhaps, better than a
you ever felt in your life. The "Best" i
Tonic was awarded the 100 points of <
perfection at the World's Fair, and was ;
the only Malt Extract which received e
that honor. Your nearest druggists car- ?
ry Pabst Malt Extract, The "Best" <
Tonic in stock.
"i'jt zc'.xT.'~ !
... i1
ifi- ' :. " !
W- i -" v ' r
Is mmsmmm s
tor1. . \vl;lcli " *~" "rt-r-.
.u*i b-ii'ic: tiio sitrari i:re of
S boon '?'Hicr Ii;;; ?orsince
:0 -i":~ io decc'vo yov: i-i
Hid r/UlfiilitiiccS arc but E?
v.<: <?:;<< t 2-or t3?'- Iiealib <;?
:ienc<- against *
istor Oil, Paregoric, Broi
Harmless and Pleasant. J$
rphine nor other Narcotic
irantee. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoea and TTincl
Croubles, cures Constipation
tes the Food, regulates the
liealtliy and natural sleep,
e Mother's Friend.
Signature of
re Almjs HwgjK |
Jar RCi Vp^p.Q
* f a v vj 3
South Carolinian Deserves t:*c Credit
for it All.
Camo Michie, Matanz a,
March 25 ?It ha? always b* c . : nuine
pleasure to read copies .. -le
News and Courier, which oc -.n- ? :\'w
titid ih-Jr way inio our c-.:n. Ik* c
Perched upon the reckn of . v.-rlooking
the beautiful b".v of zi ,
on-* thoughts run often to our
and as often to our State,
the News and Courier comes : ? >e
in ;i while, it is in such deman i h it
i-; .^oon too oicrrea 10 reai.
W h-n \^e road of t-ic poi\<-:: f
lho fi:.i .South Carolina, ; .? 11 v
pc, pi rhdps, foi- the lira? ; i
bow grea! ?*ur 1 >-.? in no' ' v m
tiiff S a e uyjpi, for hero 'it u h
Carolina member.? :ire fe.v ;.n
b.'twpe.'i. Ye: Sotrh Ca'vli:: receive
S/jne ?:x*i;Cl:r irom our-c/...
-&-I: bough *e are "o.i'y United
II iwevcr, the iiir-pectoi* gene, i S .\ s
ic are the best and vac.sr (fiiciiTtrne:;t.
in the service. Ir \7-, at'.; (i i.i,
rf curge, we beiieve hiui absoiuri.)
a S. ufn y;> cjc.u i r
:i all.
In June. 1898, Ca;.;t. I). D. GaMn.i,
of the ensrin c*r corp?, was mil.- :i
col'Hj*! "f vo!n:itetr engineer?, an i
auihor z-til i > recrul'. his regime; t?
the 2r 'L' liteJ Slates voiur/eer c! g't;
c:-. The officers were eho-cu *>v
cui?;pi;i'{iVi* < v.iuiu A few w- rc
* Aviong ibe officers thus so: c r:
were many whose kuowledgc a>-d
skill, combiccd wiih their Weal'h. ?> "sition
and family, are well k'lown
over the entire country. Tee onl^'ccl
men, the rank and file of the regimcnr>
itrp ?lifT'pn?nt from those of a!n):,'-t
other regiment in tbc service. Ti.-ere j
are many men in ihe rsnbs v. i:ii ii
gree> from Harvard, Yale, Prince;; n,
Coln'.nbia, N it < stern, Califor.iin,
Gcor^et >wn and .other college* an::
training school?,' et these men use ?:k
pick and shovel, carry the chain or
rod, ard do their military duty as t?Mi
if not better than many w':;; J.avc
done nothing else in their live:. This
regiment has made for itself a record
as well disciplined soldiers; as skil!*:!
and accomplished and proficient engineers;
as a body of men who hav*;
been social lions on all occasions.
The Secretary of War made a v/'.se ;
choice when he gave the command to j
Col. Gaillard. Every South Carolinian I
knows of his work oj the Wex;< iir |
dotindai'v survey, tne iviasKan ?",v?v-i
p.iid his trip to Manilia prior to
war. An innor :.va.'nate of '-'.'os; ;
Po'-it, uis work in toe ji-my ha- ! v.-. ;
such as fulfilled the promise . ' -!
youth. To those who have snt4 !,i? j
family in York Uou&ty it is u :> - ssary
to say h^ is a gejial, xvlioie--o*- ti
genietnan. Ail who have kno^ ::
fay that he is \ tireless worke- v a
man of wonderful brain and rvj .
To nil v\ hi; i;?.va served under hi:.
is tho be-i friend tbev have s ? |
service, or.e lo whom they can ;v|
appsa: tor redress of anyrc-.i u- .
a'tce, yel one who ip always *sh
m-uidii.g officer." Baing but 35 c.?. ?
of asre tie has a wonderful -j
fore hi ip. i
major UENRr.C. DAVIS.
Wuin :nc regiment wa* id a-?;?i >u ,
Henry <Davis, or the reguter -m , j
wa' th? majjr com'nandinfr ;;:ij i' l j
batf-li >:i- He also c tu fr-jw W rx i
County anils a West I\>i:iu;
gc:v:(I iess thin on nonCt ?v
cotnmat.'i, reo -i:.xl to r
Uulies a?; 'S:SU'UCtOr :;t \S"eit < "
where hi* previom work -uul r
ha>l ni'.de ind spei;cil.?;e ' .
safe to sj.y that no officer v. a- :*
more miasoj. II-j c.emct' fJt'l ;u
from his in-;'-, hut guv? n u *,y ;
a liioton^h t\ pc of ih*- :<lca
ulli : V- r i:.ci> ?-Hi or, 1
n\>0'i :'h Jr--iuse w-rk "f a
A" ll);i?t. Louis :ar - :
"A tnp'?t vo:ni rid! : cj.j x; ku !
rcjr'iii'-nt f..c!v ins ..eve"
:> 11 i p;oJ);!?iv' v. ii! never b-1, :iiio i*. . j
?: ?! li :!i- -^"vke " i'h ': rriOit . !
:tv .' ' { i re : ? (! tor d. C: i
*:c MI-.I . ill "V lit: Ic -h:?: t j
;*?2! vrk" i;} :! :??* ; tJv- j
; ii h . -k?!: Lic.t: ;>:/ (: . ;! (J i
' I
a :1. v i-I ? ":* "j<i ; ;i nici" -: i
i r ;>> , .vhicli lu- won ; ;= in |
\e.i:' c.-.-j,itr.t:;on oi'f-vcry ofiircr j
i:; ! ;<;ii* :.i!he re-x'ini r.t i
A Jfoutis (Jaroiiuian w>H? til"1 3/-1.
Tue ab ve i* t<ar: of i M.tur w iteu
>y a iu ;:ibc" of Lhe 3rd Volunteer
Enjjk.eers .to ihe News and Coui.er.
rbe wriirr c:i-.kc.? a mis:nk-n in s&yii>?r j
hs? Co! Gail a<<! ar.l M?*j >r Darii rjf- ;
l-.iivis >f Yu-k C'?u"tv. a-;hey are j
)o:h '.r ... Faiilljid County.
i j
For Over Fifty Years. j 1
ia< been used for over fifty year.-. i>-> I
nii!i)[is of mothers for tbeir children
vbi!e teoihing, with perfect success,
t sooihes rhn child, softens the l'nui*?
lIIhvs a'i pain, cures wind colic, ad I
5 the be-t remedy for diarrhoea I- i
viil reiievr the poor )ift!e f-nfferfi* j
mm tliaitlv. Sold bv druggir-rc ??
:very part of the world. Twenr.' tiv;
ents a boti'e. Be sure and ask ?;.r
'Mrs. Win ?low's Soothing Syr-v.v'' i
,nd take no other kind. 1-1-17 ^
- .wmmnrn* P?
Whereas, God in hi? I: H?ii(c ivisdoir.
tias se?n proper to -re f; >m on
midst oui e : e.;i- . id worthy burner,
J. R. Broom, v.*e l -el deeply
loss of our brothe-'. 1.: cei;:2f one of
our laiihful member -. la-.?u;b h wn
iu feeble health for -? : = m ?ntb?, he
was a patient and ti -c aipia!.?:*?z sufferer.
He was x: ki.i; his
dealings; out, a'a-. a.- iwe
mourn the death of oar br-rhsr, but
not like (hose thnt ha* > >;o hope, for
while bis body rests in t;--; silent grave
we hive a responsive hope ilia* his
spirit is in the beantifal N*>ine jf tho
soul where sickness and ?pain
and death are felt and f-nicd no more;
and we trust he is now feasiingon the
Unnnfiao on/} rrlrtrioa rtf fho h^ov^lllv
U^auugo auu Qivnwo vt miv wv<?* V*r
world. Therefore, be it te-olve ;:
1. We, the brother cotnraib* o'
Camp Hood, No. 1163, do *it.cere;v
lament the departure of one wt on'
members, endeare-i to us t?y hi<
nniform good deDortment and tii?
kind and gentle way.
1. That in Iris dea'h the camp an 1
comrades have lost a worthy mem'>- r
and the community a $;ood citizen.
3. That as a mark of respect to the
memory of car deceased brother there
be left a blank poge in our minute
4. That we deeply sympathize with
liis relatives in their bereavement and
5. That these resolation3 be sent to
the Winnsboro News and IIeeald to
be published and that a copy be sent
to his family.
XI L. Bias well,
A. Dunn,
W. J. Hagood,
In almost every neighborhood there
i$ some one whose life has been- saved
by Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
nioi.i.t-nn? Ramoilr rtr tchrt hft? hftftB
JL/iai 1 uv^o xnuuiwu^ | v? iimw .???
cured of chronic diarrhoea by the use
of that medicine. Such persons mak*
a point of telling of it whenever opporiunity
ofiers, hoping that it may b?
ihe means of saving other lives. Foi
?a!e by McMaster Co.
Mrs. Mary E. Williamson died al
the home of her son-in-law, Mr. Geo,
W. Fant, in this city, last Thursday.
She was sick only about forty-eighl
hour?, and the announcement of h.ir
death was a great shock *.o her fri#nd?
! and relatives. The deceased was s
native of Fairfield County, S. C , and
was in the 87th year of her age. Hei
maiden name was X?vit, and hei
j parents moved to Anderson Comity ic
j 1832. She married Ilenben William'
son, of Laurens County, and he pre'
! coded her to tue grave years rjo sm
| was the mother of three children,
loiily one of whom Mrs. T. .J. Webo,
| of this city, sarvivco her. Mrs. \Vil?
j iiarasou was a most excellent woman.
: and had long bs n a devoted merabei
of tbc Baptist t hiuci:. Ou Fridaj
! morning, after appropriate funeru
! services conduc ed b . Rev (). L. Martin
at the home of Mr. Fani, tbe re!
maiue were interred in tie ^i.vei
j Brook cemetery.?Anderson IdfelliJ
gencer. ~
Regardless of Age.
The kidneys an? responsible for
I more sickness, euffe.-ing, and deaths
than any other organ- of me body.
A majority of the i!i> .iffl-ctiug people
to-day is traceable to kidn-y troable.
It prevades ail ciasie-. of society,
in all climatis, regardless o
age, s?x or condition
The symptoms of kidney trouble are
unmistakable, tnch a? rheumatism,
neuralgia, tleeplessi:o=s, pain or dull
actio m tne oacs, a aesire iu unuai?
often day or nigh?, profu3C or scauty
Uric acid, or brick-dust deposit in
urina are signs of cloggtd kidneys,
I causing poisoned ana germ-filled
blood Sometimes the heart ac's
badly, and tube casis (wasting of the
kidney?) are found in the urine, which
if ueglested will result in Brighi's
Disease, the most daDgerons forjj of
kidney trouble.
All ft-Aaa ocmnMmj in/1 />
XX 1 I b. OJ UJ^/bUUi J ?uv*
are promptly removed, nnder the influence
of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Roe?.
It has a world wide reputation for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing
No one need be long without it as it
is so easy to get at any drug store at
fifty cents or one dollar. You can
have a sample bottle of thia wonder fnl
.liCAnrroi-r flnH ft
iui w icuv ivi;t ^ ?i wu?^ avwwi. j ?
book telling all about it, both sent to
you absolutely free by mail. Send
your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Bingbamton, N. Y., and kindly mention
that you read this liberal offer in
The News and Herald.
Easily,Quickly, Permanently Restored
.r.tec to Core Insomnia, Fits, Dizziness, Hvsteria,
Nervous Debility, Lost Vitaiitv. Seminal Losses,
Failing Memory?the result of Over-v.ork, Worry,
Sickness, Errors of Youth or Over-indulgence.
Price 50c. and $1; 6 boxes $5.
For quick, positive and lasting-res-.ilts in Sexual
Weakness, Imnoten^v Xervr>:is IVhilitv and I.ot'
strength will give strength tone ie every t>:?r:
and effect j.ermancnt cure. Cheapest and best
:oo Pills by mail.
FREE~^ bottle of the fesi:!;s Ju, ^r.csc LI-?r '
Pellets will be giver, with a *' o' r.'.orc of 5!igQctic
Nervine. irec. Sole c:;:y by
- J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
wi-:..': 'L'.CLSARa
Cisa^a > . l_ : ; ; ? the^hait
i. >.;r'-Jv^S >-?,- ;X'o?c? I'-"'*-: to i'.oirtoro Gray
' > -rfr> ?T?ZS&'''' Keir tr- - -th:"cl Color.
*?*? . ':. ...: *,?&?"* ]
vj^~~. ? ?,* 'm.V, .. ? . M .. 3C.'
^ ^ YANKEE ]j$\F
Kecond-band "Wheels, all makes, f*3.^)0 up,
Shipped C. O. D, on approv:il.
Write for catalogue and fu l! nr.rtioTilars. I
2T South >"inth SU Philadelphia, Fx
1 HAVE~2\
: Sets-1
C<:1 rp ."U1., o I
Qiiver-jrKiieu xuijit; opuuus,
Teaspoons and Medium Forks
:liat X will sell at
Cost for Cash.
To letter them, at cost prices;
Come and see them.
- /
f In the Privacy <
4 iilTMlik
111 which th
A IP mcanbetr
i? !i \home- 1
Ifiy I it r?m?eme
gk | m i or any oi
Is IIf ! !r * ~^i^r 1.. becompl
il| nil L Spftffl 11 restored
: I P^l'-G
Ify wife was taken sick and I at once <
thought best to call in another physician
m% medicines for two months I found she was
abottleof Gerstla's Female Panacea
she had finished taking the second bottle s
y enjoyed in years previous. I then recomn
neighbors with good results. * H. J
jf Remove all costiveness with mi!
O Regulator. If your case is complicat
you folly how to use these great ren
You can accomplish the
effort by ric
: v&r
i I
35*dels 59 and 60 f
1898 are entirely
new. Price
: Cilia Cbi
. ! For scientific design, thor
t ! tion and elegance of finis
unequaled by any bicycles
Hartfords, Pat
( "
I .
i ; Possess every advantage of m
11 F>j?rcF
Vedettes, PATt]
Best for the
Prices, Men's, $2f
T-onr fa < fn r*o nf m O n
JL-rf V X y lUiV V4 AA4MV
in our New (
fie Caldwell Dry
JL 4 * J. X \? W A
We are now receiving the fir
You people who want to get ar
asked to look at our Prints, Per<
Some extra bargains in these gO(
We have also received a beaut
Lawns, Checked Muslin, Dimit
are marking these goods extra cl
j\r)ott}0P JBapga:
A good size Linen Towel at
Turkish Towels at 20c. and 2Damask
New Lot Gents' and Boys' CoL
and pretty pattern.
1 ?
We want your business. We
goods at low prices than ever bef
| the Northern markets in a few
an elegant Spring Stock. Our cc
! you in the best goods at lowest p
^rtMurnll H mi i
iiic ufliunoii ui| >
Mb, it I1
cbased the interest of the e?tate of F.!
Gerig, deceased, in the stock of goods i
of Gerig & Sc-igler, and solicits the j ,
tr-dc of the people of Fail field County, i '
Plots, Hoes, Harness, Sales, j
Farming Implements
of all kinds, and everything found
The trade of the friends nnd cus- F
tomert of Gr-ig & Staler is fully ap- j
predated, and the undersigned hopes j
thev mav find it to their ir?twes?s?oj
continue :h? ir buMie^* xvlaMori* witbj
him I
of the Home, d -<
E is no need of women subject- V
themselves to the mortification ?%
caminations by doctors for the JS
tment of the various diseases to yg
ey are subject. These troubles O ^
eatedjust as effectively at the
iVhenyouare affected with" de- V
nts of the menstrual functions A
;her female disorders, you can X
etely cured and the organs folly V \
to activity and strength if for a A
;hs you will use regularly X
ADC (Or. K. F9.)"**"- *
jailed our family physician, and h% A
for consultation. After usin*.theif
very little better, so I then purchased ?% S
and commenced treating her. Before W
ilie was in better health than she hid
lended the Panacea to three of ?ajr
. THEAILKILL. Thrailtill. IfiK
Id doses of St. Joseph's Lirtf jt
ed, write us and we will instruct O
tedies. Sold by all druggists. A
most with the least
ling the
ypr \
Bevel-Gear ,
" $75. .
, MILS 9 AID S8. '
"oughness of construch,
these machines are. ~
of the chain type. ;d
i $50.'
terns 19 and 20
\ <
fl^of o/\cf mnro i|
USL UiQl. V-UJV. Hiwiv. j
Z $35.
ERNS 21 AND 22.'
i money. ''' .
Ladies', $26. . '
Tiirtpt; ic fnllv illustrated ^
-"'V u
eats, WmtooJ. C. WM~
!. UJf.fr AoAo IUUK
I AGE. '
st items of Spring Goods.
i "^trly start for spring are
:ales, Duck, Colored Piques,
xis in short lengths.
iful line of White Goods?
y, Pique, and Welte. We
heap te start the season.
in in ToWels.
T t T - ioc.;
extra large aDd heavy
5c.; full stock in Huckand
ored Shirts; extra good value
- f~
are better 'prepared to sell
ore. Our buyer will siart to
days and we expect to show /
i i 7 _ _ i_ _ 1
msianr encieavor is 10 piease
rices. Come and see us.
Soods Company,
SINK'S Chiii S?uv.
" Pickle.l Oni-?ns.
" <"#!?-rv Sir.cv
T'iUiMt- < a si p.
lisd a iit'iioli
" SaJad Diesrij.jr
" Sweet Mix *d in bulk.
" 3 >ur Mixad in bu.k.
" Spico.1 re
" Qa?c.. O i?e* all sizes.
" Deviled Oiivea.
Fine G-roceri?g.
bmn t? w wmirrv u r?
" jRBSShttaTOffiee KM V. Pry Of tv

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