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T (
Wednesday, April 5, - - 1893
?IVre -was a ir.eeiifg of P*ntion
Board on Mon??av
?Tbo oid tow i < 1 oi' r?*
elected on Mond>i; A zh
vot? w?8 poll* 6
?If 7-011 want su^-i cu; : Jonii
H. McMa?ter & o. cau *nppi> you.
Txiey l.avo the Earl* Amber ana Early
O.'apge varieties.
?Tnewiay, March 28th, wa? Gea.
fe H*iapr>n's 81st birthday, and tho
ft Columbia Chapter of the (J. D. C.
presetted the General with beautiful
W frywero
" J. Steer, Sedalla, Mo., conductor on
rele?i..x street car line, writes tbat hi*
^ia^htcr was vsry low with
croup; .id her life saved after all phy?ician=
aad failed, only by using One
Minute <,'aagh Cure. McMaster Co.
?M. '<V. Doty & Co. buy lime,
8h:ng!^ . flooring and otber things
- * -s. 1- i
nff-a ri/ ouiiamg, in car loaas iois anu
se?l ibeio cheap. They carry a full
liae of such articles and wish your
patronage. See their ad.
- No v that spring i? coming, the
spring rever will attack many psopie
and the-- will require a tonic, Pabst
Mult i-^ffuci is a line ionic and is just
wba -one need* n --w. J. J. Obear
keep* i' jn lia^d. Try it.
?"V laiu Lhurs'lay night interfereo
wreath with the piaasof those
^ who a.->ke it a rule to plant certain
vege; ->.*8 on Good Friday. The rain
was <r*?aenu0U8ly fceavy; and made
outdo /r srork an impossibility.
?TLo town of Ridgeway has ?uf.
fered a locain the removal of Mr. K. A.
Mearea aod family to Wilmington,
X. C. Mr. Meares has for a number
of years been a resident of Riigtway
and the people of that town regret to
lose this family.
For a quick remedy and one tbat is
perfectly safe for children let as recommend
One Minnie Cough Care. It is
exeellent for croup, hoarseness, tickling
is> the throat and coughs. Mc
Master Co.
?R Brandt has on band goods which
he is selling at a great bargain, and
tliese bargains are going rapidly. He
is strictly honest and fair in his dealand
to this is due bis great success.
If goods ordered from him are
not satisfactory yon may return thsrn
and your money will be refunded.
See his ad.
?We understand that .Mrs. H&rby
^ who Las been here for the past few
wests has decided to remain among
ns and resume her business. The
ladies of Wiuniboro and surronndiug
country will so dcubt be pleased to
learn that she is a modiste of no mean
ability. She is at present stepping at
" the Hotel Duval.
, ?The millinery o^eviug of the Ci-.ld
well Pry Goods Co. on Fridav tnd
Satarda^ of last week wa? beautiful.
The millinery department was dseo?
rate^ artittically and the beautiful
^ spring and snmmer hats were dis
played ro great advantage. They nave
everv kind and description of hat9,'
JL?wer*, &c., and all can be suited at
this place.
?Jordan & Davis, who are agents
for th> Hartford bicycles, are making
a ^rsa- offer, and now i3 yonr best
opport u.iity to get one of these wh?els.
Ths pr '-e is wonderfully low and the
V terms * & >?. This is one of the be3t
L an.J popular wheels, and any on8
who vsuta u good wheel will never
have a better chance. See their ad.
for oncee.
Happ ia the man or woman who
can eat a good hearty meal without
suffering afterward. If yoa cannot
do it, ike Kodol Dyspepsia Cuke.
It digests wha: yon eat, and cares ali
forme of Dyspepsia and Indigestion.
McMasier Co.
?"We .learn with pleasure that Prof.
W&o : v ard his accepted the inritation
to deliver his lecture on Timrod, iD
"Wininijoro, and will be here either on
?he'26:h or 27th of April. We hope
tbat erorv one will feel a deep interest
in this itcture and that a large audience
T^r*r\t wnrvrl ?tq nn thd
YT JL4A Jk iVAt II WVill M&W vu
night t;- it he delivers his lecture. The
exact d '*# of the lecture will be given
?Frop. the Charleston News and
Courier we learn that a book sontaintaining
a history of Kershaw's brigade
is beiiu prepared by a Charleston gentleman
and is almost ready for publication
This book should be in the
hands yf many a Fairfield person, for
Fairfie:d was well represented in that
brigade, an<l the book will doubtless
be greatly in demand all over th6
?Mrs. Hughes, who was tried last
week iu Greenville for the murder of
her husband, is out on a $1,000 bond
and will be free until May, when she
will be tried again. This trial has
created the deepest interest all over
the State and the result of the new
trial in May will be iawaited with
interest During the trial Mrs. Hughes
-? eeemec to nave no auxieiv as iu inc
?Work has been coaimcnced upon
the loc. on Main street where Mr.
G. A. White is to or<.et h The
Dew building will i" up nu tin-iglitiy
between the store occup:?ri br
Forter Bros, and hst it' V. r G. A.
White, 4ud will be an ornament. It.
wou'd be ix good tfciiig if cm her* woaid
- follow Mr. White's exsmpie, so that
m 8 une of the vacant lots on Main etrait
won Id l>e built up.
aR^ ?Th . Columbia State of Thur?dav
pubJ. hed the marks of the students of
the South Carolina College for the
last quarter. The students have rerv?nt.\
ippn deen in examinations and
th*-1 -inpenie ends witb the publication
c he marks. MUs Annie F.
Davi-\ or' Winnsboro, made the fel?
lowi;t-: Highly distinguished in
rm*.ra< ?,i d ;ne:t?tl science, political
aud Spanish; distinguished
ii! ; pr< rlcie t in pedagogy.
# 1 **
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
'! DnV/i
Makes the food more?
??? ! i - ' ?* 11 iM'Wnia'r ? -J?I
?Cards hnve '>e<n issued to a swell
reception to b^j.ivo:i Dy Mr. and Mrs.
U. G. DesPorrei *t their handsome
home on Oak H EJ. The reception
will be Leld on Weducaday evening
from 8.30 to 11.30, and is jjiven in
celebration of Mr. and Mrs. DesPortef-'
crystal anniversary. A cumber of
invitations have beea sent oat in town
and also to friends in New York.
Charlotte and other cities. The reception
will be ths handsomest function
of the season.
Foi frostbites, barns,indolenlsores,
e?eema, skin diseaie, and especially
Files, BeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
stands first and bost. Look out for
dishonest people vbo try to imitate
and counterfeit it, It's tbeir endorsement
of a good article. Worthleps
; goods are not imitated. Get DeWitt's.
V?it?h Hazel Salve. McMaster Co.
?A negro has recently been caught
near Rock Hill in the act of throwing
rocks at the windows of a passing
train. It seems that the negro had
been at this dangerous work before
and tbe authorities were on the lookout
for him. He was lodged in jail in
Yorkville. It i? a pity tbat tbe person
who bos several times thrown rocks
at trains near Wiunsboro could not
be discovered. Such malicious mischief
should not go unpunished.
?A terrible rain and wind storm
aceompanied by thunder and lightning
occurred on Tuesday afternoon.
The day had been sultry and warm
and the storm was expected, but the
telegram from the weather bureau
predicting a heavy frost was a ?urprise
to all. After the storm the
temperatare dropped many degrees,
and by Wednesday morning there was
a plenty or ice to be seen. The high
wind which blew all night prevented
frost. This cold snap has probably
finished up the fruit crop.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting,
nervous feet ar.d instantly takes
thp qf-incr nnf, nf norns and bunions. It.S
the greatest comfort discovery of ttie
age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight
or new shoes feci easy. It is a certain
cure for Chilblains, sweating, callous,
tired, aching feet." Try it to-day.
Sold by all druggists and shoe stores.
By mail for 2oc. in stamps. Trial
package FREE. Address, Allen S.
Olmsted, Le Koy, N. Y.
We have been requested by the State
Secretary ot ma King's Daughters to
publish the following announcement.
The proceeds of the above expense?
will be for the benefit of -he work of
the order in Charleston:
The Kiog'6 Daughters, of Charleston,
S. C., will open a dormitory for
women at the High School building,
northwest corner of Meeting and
George streets, during the Confederate
reunion, May 8th to May 13th inclusive.
Cots may be engaged before tie
reunion by sending money in advance
to Mrs. Robert Wil*on, Secretary of
Commitfee on Dormitory, 571 Meeting
street, Charlwtoo, S. C.
In a well illustrated article in the
last number ot The .Hew souto, Mrs.
T. C. Robertion entertainingly telli of
Columbia "befo' de war and now."
She briefly gire? a history of the public
buildirjf 8 and institutions and then
tells of the social side of the city Nor
is this the only interesting article Mrs.
Robertson contributes to the current
number of this magazine. She tells
of "Three Real Daughters ot the Revolution,"
and under the head of a
"Daring Scout" relates Lieut. Victor
Blue's part in the war with Spain and
the effort being made by the womee
of the State to present him with a
medal.?The State.
One of the Real Daughters of the
Revolution of. whom Mrs. Robertson
tells in the sketch mentioned in the
foregoing article is Mrs. L. C. Gaillard,
of Winnsboro.
Rev; C. B. Botts, who was pastor of
the A. R. P. Charch here about thirty
years ago, preached at the Methodist
Charch on Sunday morning, and his
sermon was a very able one. The
church was prettily decorated and a
large congregation was present.
* <- > !? T>?L_I?nL...k T>?*t
l\i> rllie X" IB&Ujririlttu Viitii^u
R. M. Sterenson, one of the viiitiDg
A. R. P. miDisters, preachtd.
St. John's Episcopal Church was
very simply but prettily and tasteful] ?
decorated on Eastpr Sunday, and
special music was sung by the choir.
Visiting minister* occupied the piU
pit or tne a. it. r. tjrmrcD, ootn morning
and evening, on Sunday, and large
congregations were present at both
Th;; foiluwi ;;: is DeVoe's weather
forecast for April:
Is- to 4;h, cloudy, with local showers,
gales and h-avy rains over the
Atlantic Coast States; 5th to 7t'):
pleasant, with oiustery weather in the
North; Sth to 10th, cloudy, with locil
sUowers and heavy utonns over the
Ohio Valley aod East Gulf States;
11 - i x - *iul ? IUA
Jiiia lu izfcu, ueavy raius uver mc ixijo
sissipp: Valley, and cold bluster}
weather over tbe Northern States:
13th to 15'.h, raild anil pleasant; 16tt
to ISth, loc*l rains and a severe storir
over the Atlantic Coast States; 19
to 23rd, northwest gales, followed b;>
wanner and pleasant weatber; 24th t<
28th, a heavy storm will form ove;
the Gnlf of Mexico moving north anc
causing taavy rains and gales over the
Mississippi and Ohio valleys and ex
tending to Canada; 29th and 30ih
warm and pleasant.
Kacklea's Ardca
The Best Salve in the world for CuN
3ruises, Sores, Ulcers, Sal? R'nenni
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hand*
Cbillblams, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cnres Piieti, or n<
pay reqaired. It is jfaaranteed toiriv<
perfect satisfaction, or money refund
eii. Price 25 cents per box. .pnr suit
by McMaster Co.
i?KWgaBS?II111II I i
kg Baking
ieiitious and wholesome
Of tho White Oak High School for the
Month of March.
Class A.?General Average Abov? 95.
1st Grade?Robert Patrick, Minnie
Patrick. Alice Mitchell.
2nd Grade?iiil longH .fatncK, Jb lorence
Patrick, Lexie Patrick.
3rd Grade?Irene Patrick, Helen
4th Grade?Matthew Patrick, Frank
5 th Grade?Gladys Patrick, Julia
Patrick, Macie Wihon, Paal Patrick,
Norwood Goza, White Bankhead.
' ry % a ?_ ? A AA
j uiass is.?general Average auuve
and Below 95.
1st Grade?Sam Patrick.
Sod Grade?Harris Patrick.
3rd Grade?Haddori Mitchell, Bruce
4th Grude?Horace Traylor.
5 Gr 'e?Grady Gwynn, Bertha
Ye.low Jaundice Cared.
Suffering humanity should be supplied
with every mean3 possible for its
relief. It is with pleasure we publish
the following: "This is to certify
iaat i was a lerriuie buucrcr num
! Yellow Jaundice for over six months,
an<3 wa? treated by some of the best
physicians in oar city and all to no
avail. Dr. Bell, our druggist, recommended
Electric Bitters; and after
takiag two bottles, I was entirely
cur^d. I now take great pleasure in
recommending them to any person
i snuoring from this terrible malady.
I dm gratefully yours, M. A. Hogarty,
Lexington, Ky." Sold by McMaeter
Co., druggists. 4
A comia drama in three acts is to be
given in Ridgewa\ on the night of tbs
13th of April, and a number of the
young people of the town are to take
part in it. The play is entitled "Finnigan's
Fortune" and the following ie
j the east of characters:
! Oliver F. McEachern Finnigan
| Gsorge Kloore, Dutch..Jake Fifzaimon
! A. F. Moore, Irish Friend of
Finnieran Rifferly
Ed. Buvd, Son of Finnigan,
Irish Patrick
Mrs. !J!air, Irish Mrs. Finnigan
Mis.s f<arah Coleman. .Katie Fitz^imon
| Miss Marie Moar??
Lady Hanan Lovejoy
j Xi. M. Bolick, Frenchman?
Count de Mornco
The play will bo well worth seeing
and a large audience should be present.
We hope that a large delegation
from WInnsboro will attend the play,
and that the young actors and actreises
will play to a large autfienee.
Miss Ransom, a trained nurse from
Colombia, is in towu.
Miss Patti Elliott went to Colombia
on Thursday for a short visit to friends.
Mr. W. A. Ellison left on Friday
for Colombia "where he has aoacpted a
Miss Bessie McMaster spent Sunday
with her narents. Mr. and Mrs. G. H.
?- f
Mr. Wm/ Roche, who has been for
fieveral months in Richmond, Y*., has
returned home.
Miss Marie Lee, accompanied by
Miss EileD EllisoD. leaves to-day for
her home in Sumter.
Miss Watson, of Connecticut, is in
town and is staying with the family of
Mr. G. II. McMaster.
Miss Nettie Sitgreaves has returned
from the North with all tbe latest novelties
in millinery goods.
Mrs. It. A. Buchanan and Miss
Rabecaa Buchanan have returned from
a visit to relatives in Georgia.
Miss Tirzah KetchiD, who has had
charge of a school in the county, has
returned home, the school term having
Miss Nannie K. "Watt left on Mon1
day for Washington where she will
enter the Garfield Training School for
; Nurses.
Rheumacide is not recommeded for
tbe cnre of every ill, it does not cure
' everything. Bnt it is a certain cure
for rheumatism, and is a fine blood
purifier and laxative; try it.
The many friends of Mr. B. R. Scott
i will bi.- deeply pained to hear of his
death, which occurred at his home in
. upper Longtown on Tuesday last at 5
o'clock p.m. The deceased had been
, i sick for about a week prior to his
( death. His friende, however, were
j not alftnnad to a cousiderable extent,
ilitile thinking thai ihe end wa3 so
I near; in fact, if came wholly unex
pee'ied some of us, not having heard
that he wa? seriously ill. The deceased
: wa= ar>i;u{ 72 years of age.
: j The funeral services were held at
, the Longto^i) Baptist Cburcb, of
s which h2 wa> a member. Rev. T. W.
[ Mellicbamp conducted the services io
5 a most solemn and impressive manner
; By his death Longtown has lost one
of her best citizens. Be was a gentle
man of the old school; so refined,
; digni3?d, amiable; one whom to know
i was but to aimire. Yet withal, we
i bow to the supreme dictates of Him
! j who dofith all things well.
I We extend our heartfeit sympathy
) j to tbe bereavod ones ia this their great
r affliction, and poiut them to Him who
1 19 able to sanctify to them even their
i I deepest distress. E. H. D.
March 36. 1899.
f |
Totter, Salt-Bhcum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting ini
cident to these diseases, is instantly
. flayed by applying Chamberlain's
. ? e anJ Skin Ointment. Many very
. i>ad cases have been permanently cured
- by it. It is equally efficient for itching
> piles and a favorite remedy for sore
J nipples, chapped hands, chilblains,
-1 fro-t bife< and chronic sore eyes.
' j 25c?s. per box. For sale by
Mr. John M. Tamer is very ill at
his home. On Wednesday night,
while at supper, between 7 and 8
o'clock be said to hisiamily that he
waa going to visit a sick neighbor, and
getting up from the table he started
out of the gate. ^otniDg more was
heard from him until about '.en o'clock.
His family became uneasy about him
and went v-ut to look around for him.
a tnoMVim/ir Vrvr him Fnr sninfi
LCL e^aiuuiug ivi
time one of the members of the household
heard groans coming ^from the
direction of the horse lot. When^they
reached the lot Mr. Tarner was .found
lying on the ground in an unconscious
condition, and he remained uneonscions
until ten o'clock the next day.
He is still in a semi-conscious state and
his condition is critical. The doctors
attending him are Dr. James Douglass,
Dr. Lindsay, and Dr. Pryor, ot
Chester. Mr. Turner is not paralyzed
from the wound and this is considered
a favorable sign. Mr. Turner stated
on Thursday morning that after going
oat of the gate he concluded that he
would catch a mnle and ride to his
neighbors. He went to his stable
where theie were four or fire mules
and opened tbe door and attempted to
catch tbe mule as it came bv him.
The mule knocked bim down he states
and stepped on him fracturing his
skull just over the ieft ear. An operation
was performed on Friday.
Mr. John M. Turner died at his
home on Snoday morning at ten
o'clock. As soon as the physicians
performed tbe operation on Mr.
Turner they stated that the chances
for his recovery wire very slight. He
was buried at J&cksons Creek on
Monday morning. Mr. Turner was
a sen of the late A. Y. Turner and
was about thirty years of age at the
time of his death. He was married to
Mies Bries a daughter of tbe late
William Brice. He is survived by
his widow and three children. Mr.
Turner was one of the most success
ful young farmers in the county. A
young man of floe character, the
citizenship of the oounty losis fay his
death. We extend oar eympathiei to
the bereaved in their peculiarly sad
Bears the yO Kind YOO Ha*0 AlWjfS Bfltigflt
The first presbytery ot the A. R. P.
Church came down in foil force
Monday morning The opening eermoj
was to have baen preached by
Rev. J. S. Grier of Sharon, York
County, S. C., the retiring moderator,
tol-nn ill
Sunday night at the home of Mr. T. K.
Elliott and was unable to preacb.
Rer. B. H. Gn'er, of Yorkville, consented
to meet the emergency and
preached a scholarly sermon on John
Rev. C. 15. Betts, the oldest member
of the presbytery present, called the
presbytery to order and constituted it
' ' --H- 1 . V - T>
wild prayer, ne lueu uaueu mc j.k<=?.
J. G. Dale, of Columbia, the moderator-elect,
to the chair.
Revs. aud Sadler, of the
Presbv'"-' u < i.mcb, R?v. Rosa, of
Oxford P- , i I'.r U. P. Charch, Rev.
Freeman, of tbe Baptist Charch, and
Rev. Croat, of the Methodist Church,
were introduced by Rev. C. E McDonald
to the moderator and by him
pre?C"'--d to tbe presbytery and exter<
' i o courtesies of the occasion.
Y n'-'ied business was largely ihe
ordv. t thp dav'8 proceedings.
J. M. i arson, of the Pis<{oh
Cha:ca, 111 n.ie application through
Eev.K >?. Sicvenson lobe received
undar :hp c..j> <>f ihe presbytery as a
laden ? of ttieolo^y. Mr. Carson
grad 'a'ed at Erskine College last
pamin>T with the highest honors of his
j elass.
Vf n n M a T7 T>1?rht WS9
I JUI^Ub SJ Viuva M4VUUMJT x>n.. ?,
j fixed as the hour for hearing th? trial
sermons of two of the students.
New Perth congregation asked to
have the time for which they have the
services of Rev. W. Y. Love reduced
from one-half to one-third.
Rev. Ja?. Boyce demitted the charge
of Hnntersville, N. C., having be?n
eleeted president of the Due West
P/vmnln f,-\l lofTQ ?1|1 Vl*WlT10r BlCmififid
X cuiaia VWJirjs,, t. .V. -"o
his acceptance of that work.
Mooresrille and Gilead asked for the
services of Rev. E. F. Griffith as stated
supply. Edgemoor asked for the services
of Rov. R. E. Hough as stated
supply; the congregation? of Taylorsville,
Amity and Elk Shoals, N. C.,
also asked for the servicea of Mr.
Hough; Back Creek, N. C., i? also
suing for him
The commir.ees were all appointed
and papers referred to ihem, and the
business of tfce presbytery besran to
j gel in SQape. i ne llieeuug ^lumncx iv
be fall and harmonious The elegant
and hospitable home3 of Winnibor?
are wide open and the entertainment
they are affording will not soon be forgotten.
Key. Mr. Dale, the moderator, is the
consecrated young man who at the
meeting of Synod in Chester last No*
vsmber made such x profound impression
npon that body by risiDg and offering:
himself as a foreign missionary,
asking the pledge of nothing from the
church bat her prayers. He will enter
upon his wotk sometime this sammer.
Lung troubles, such as pleurisy or
acute inflammation of the lungs,
should be carefully treated to avoid
serious consequences. These ailments
are quickly overcome by the prompt
use of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, a wonderf
i remedv. which always gives
reliei at once, cases coughing, allays
all inflammation and by its healing
influence soon effects a thorough cure,
Cough Syrup
Cures all Lung and Throat Trouble.
Doses are small and pleasant to take.- Doctors
rocoamend it. Price 23 cents, At all arBijjjut*
so ?
I Beautiful]
jWorniri I
? There are few women as beau- o
% tiful as they might be. Powder ?
g and paint and cosmetics on't g
b make good Iccliz. Ler."4y is ti
% simply an impossibility without ^
? health. Beautiful women are ?
? few because healthy women are o
" few. The way to have a fair ?
face and a well-rounded figure ?
is to take as
i BraiieM's i
! female RttfMri
2 This is that old and time-tried ?
medicine that cures all female g
troubles and weaknesses and 0
J drains. It makes no difference g
what the doctors call the trou- e?
ble, if there is anything the 1!
{ matter in the distinctly feminine |
a organs, BradHeld's Fe- t
I male R^aulator will lieln ?
^ and cure it. It is good for ir- [
b regular or painful menstrual ion; f '
b for leucorrhcea, for faiiir.:. of the t
| womb, for nerrcoaiicss, head- ?
? ache, backache and dizziness. ?
e Take it and gv^ well. Then ?
? your old-time girlish features ?
g and figure will bo :.~vs:~A. s
Sold by druggL?;j .* * 4 . 73
a?fl?a*iB9Z33 >&eae38
"One o' the Kind so Hard
to Find/'
W. A. W.
The services of this registered stallion
W. A. W. are offered those who
desire to raise horses for fifteen dollars
to insure foal in common mares
and thirty dollars for registered mares.
His grand dam (Mother Hubbard)
was the mother of great horses?eight
with record from 2.08 to 2.S0. Hi*
dam (Betsey Baker), 2.30 record, was
?ired by Dictator, who was the sire of
Jay-Eye-See, 2.10, of Director, 2.07,
of "the invincible Directum, 2.04, and
the grandsire of Nancy Hanks, the
queen of trotters. His great grandsire
was Hambletonian No 10, who
was the sire of Dexter, 2.10, JayGould,
2 21! and fortv others under
2 SO.
His grandsire, George Wilkes, was
the sire of the celebrated Red Wilkes,
2.30, of Harry Wilkea, 2.13, Brignoli j
Wilkes, 2.15, Mike Wilkes, 2.15, and j
sixty-one others lrom 2.16 to 2 30.
His sire, Ked Wilires, on tne com-j
pletion of his 20th year, had to his.
credit one hundred and nine sou? and
daughters ransing from 2 06 to 2.30.
No stallion of bis age ever nad that
number. But two 6tallions that ever
lived excelled biro. Great as this
honor may be, it is surpassed in his
aunually damoftstrating the capacity
to breed on. His sons and grandsons
and daughters and granddaughters are
every year making him more celebrated
as the sire of sound, intelligent,
produce that stand training and road
worfe. He has imbued his descendants
? - * ^ *1** TnA?/^rtr/nl AQnOAiftT A nrA.
Willi IliD TTUUUCiiUi uapavaj iv w
dace and reproduce themselves in
their prog?ny. A lire ie onlv great
when possessed of that shining quality
?that indescribable element which
beeps alive for generations the fame of
his family.
W. A. W. will be seven years old on
the 5th of April, 1899. He is bay with
black points; 16.03 in height and
weighs 1,290 pounds. He has good
bone and substance, is witLoat blemish
or defect. Is strong, frictionleis
in motion, kind in disposition and a
perfect roadster. Ee has never been
thoroughly handled for speed, bat has
a record of 2.30. He inherits speed on
both sides. His sire9 are speed-pro
dic?rs, his dams are equally as cele-J
brated. His breeding is certainly |
superb, and lie is a most superior ani- j
mal. Besidea his great power a# a
trotter ha poase?sis mo3t superior
saddle gaits, and some of his colts are
natural saddlers. Ilis get a:c all j
saperiorand they should show speed
wben out of good marea. When bred I
to common mares the produce will an- j
! doubtedlr have size, stamina ana s'Vie
to make good roadsters. A horae cf
value is no more trouble to raiss than
a scrub. His services eau be obtained
Friday and Saturday of each week at
the stables in rear of Mr. Henry Refo'i
store, Winnsboro, S. C. For certified
pedigree, address John G. Mobley,
Winnsboro, S. C.
[Advertisement. ]
The registered stallion W. A. W.
will be at the stables in rear of Mr. j
Henry Refo's eiore Friday and Satur-1
day of each week; balance of time on j
Ihefarm. He is seven years old, bay,
with black points. Hac eood bone
and muscle; no blemish or defect. He
is kind in disposition and a perfect
roadster. His sire is the celebrated
Red Wilkes, His dam, Betsy Baker,
rrroa airoH rotator, who was the
4 fT MO OtlWU WW J AVVV.WV . ,
sire of Jay-Eye-See, 2.10, of Director,
2.07, of the invincible Directum, 2X4,
the graudsire of Nancy Hanks, tbe
queen of trotters, and the fire of many
others of extreme speed.
Terms, $15.00 to insure marc with
foal. For extended pedigree and certified
record ? rus
4.4 tila toi Winnsboro, S C.
Discovered by a Woman.
Another great discovery has been
made, and that too, by a lady in this
country. "Disease fastened its clutches
upon her and for seven years she
withstood its severest lest?, but her
vital organs were undermined and
death seemed imminent. For three
months she coughed incessantly, and
could not sleep She finally discovered
a way to recovery, by purchasing of
us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, and was so
much relieved on taking first dose, that
the slept all night; and with two bottles,
has been absolutely cared. Her
name is Mrs. Luther Lutz. "Thus
writes W. C. Ilammick & Co., of
Shelby, N. 0. Trial bottles free at
McMaster Co.'s drug store. Regular
size 50c and $100. Every bottle
guaranteed. 4
A New and Complete Trcatmem. consisting ot
SUPPOSITORIES, Capsules of Ointment and two
Koxes of Ointment. A never-failing cure for Piles
( of every nature and decree. It makes an operation
with the knife, which is painful, and often results
in death, unnecessary. Why endure this terrible
disease? We oack a Written Guarantee in cac*.
$1 Box. No Ct:rc, >."o Pay. $c.c.a:u! j: a oox, 0 tor
"5. Sent by '.nail. Samples tree
QESTHEKT, 25c- n=.a r.Oc.
.C-oat LIVr.Ra.-sd STOMACH i:r:r.LXAToK.a;-:
HLOOD PURIFIER. ritrali, rniM ant! f.ltasa:.:
:">ta'-:c; especially adaptru lor children's use.
'ioscs =5 cents.
P'JF?.?A vial o: these famous ii'.tie Pelic'.r ".< !'!
be given with a Ji b?>x or more ?^s J';!.- Curt*.
Notice?The genuine rats:! Japanes:. . 11."
Cure for saie only by
J. J. OB EAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.
Kemarkablo Cure of Rheumatism.
Kenna, Jackson Co , vV. Va.
Auout three years ago ui\ wife had
an attack of rheumatism which conlined
her to her bed for over* a montb
ronrif?rprt hpr unable to walk a
step without assistance, her limbs
being swollen to double their norma!
size*. Mr. S. Maddox insisted on my
using Chamberlam'e Pain Halm. I
purchased a fifty-cent b'lttJe and used
it according to ihe Uir^i-.n-aod the
next morning !?be walkjd :?> breakfast
without assistance in any manner, and
?he has not had a uimilar attack since.
?A. B. Pabsons, For sale by Meld
aster Co.
?The Ctiarlotte Observer says that
Rev. John Chalmers aDd Mrs. Chal.
mers are visiting relatives in Fairfield.
Mr. Chalmers will be present at the
meetiDg of ihe A. R. P. presbytery,
and will be a most welcome visitor, as
he has mauy warm friends in Winnsbcro.
For some time past Mr. Chalmers
has been quite sick but is recovering,
and hopes soon to be entirely
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
are just what a horse needs when in
bad conditiou. Tonic,-blGod purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
pi;c a horse in prime condition. Price
25 ce^ts per package. For sale by
McMaster Co..
Miss I?abelle Douglass returns to
Columbia to-day.
Miss Clara Beaty and Mis3 Xieeves
re: rn to Columbia to-day to resume
U ainia ot fho "Prechvrorinn i^nl
Mrs. R. U. Jennings and M'.?9 Je?ie
Jennings went, to Columbia on Wednesday
to attend the wedding of iss
Daisy Wright."
Qk It is an easy matter to claim that (jk
' *? A U An *v nn* ?f I
1 a lVLLicuy 11 az *x vr vnucnui tuxau . >
r power. The manufacturers of r
) Rheurnacide 5
^ leaves it to tho.se who have been jj
d permanently and positive! v cured p
kof RHEUMATISM to 'raakejv
} claims. Among those who have
d recently written us voluntary let- ?>
[v ters saying they have been cured L
^ are: Rev. J. L. Foster, Raleigh, }
& N. C.; Mr. J. E. Robinson, Editor, ?
hk Goldsboro, N. C., Daily Argus; (v
} Mr. A. Daus, a prominent mer- }
?> chant. Macon. Ga., and Mr. W. R. v
f\ Duke,' a railroad' man, Kansas k
^ City, Mo. 1
t Mainfactared liy THE BOBBITT DSU& ^
t co? R'aieign, N. c. r
^ Sold in Winnsboro by McMaster^
/ Co., and by Druggists generally. /J
Price SI per bottle.
Perfect Health.
Keep the system in perfect order
by the occasional use of
Tutt's Liver Pills. They regulate
the bowels and produce
__ A Vigorous Body.
For sick headache, malaria, biliousness,
constipation and kindred
diseases, an absolute cure
4to*sKr HiMDiPO
:* - Mae!e a
S We*! WaR
THE ' of We.
G REAT *1=3*' ?
_,\.-NCH REMEDY prodsccs ii:o &jove rcsutt
i'" :n 30 days. CuresNcrz-ous Dcbi'ity,
'\?::oce!c, ] ailing Ucwmry. f *;; > "U drai':s and
>-... j taused by e:?rs ot vt.-jth. v.'-rds ofl 2-i
'iii'.y and Consun-.piioa. V^ar.s 2.1 regain Mao
f.nd 0!d Men rscovct V->.'ih ' Vigrr. It
: vi^or end s-rc t-> sl;:::iUrr. . _ .as. and Sis
for business or ln-.rrL'.crr. T?t :y carried ia
> r.t jjocU-zZ. Price ?(f| f- ;*S^ '> Coxe.- <2.=e
v i:i plain ;?ack-^sJ ?, \ .- -<e. v *?
. gua:ur.:ec. DR. J?/.-. v? '.'AiXk, Par.s
H->!d only by J. J. Obear, Druggist.
Wiansboro, S. C.
For Sale.
per hundred; $12 00 per toD.
(larload Dealers,
Ceiling, Weather-Boarding and Lnm
ber in car lets, and can make c!os(
Full Stock of Groceries,
as eheap as any house
in town.
We try to handle everything tiw
farmers needs. Give ns trade and w<
will guarantee prices. We are here t<
meet competition.
1W. DOTY & GO.
t:adt v 17 APT V
JL-.ZT. 1\-1?/ X x-tA. jl
fliifi Unniiiwi on
Uilb llUllUibil uu
Spring and St
just opened up fro:
Manufacturers i&
/\-lltl"j? Latest S
ulap F
q. u. wii
"jmjbm. '
canned peas,
Jin's Premim Pieties.
To make soup delicious get
a can of Succotash.
J. S. McCarJey.
HTn iPrnin T-nnt 1
11 lit MM
lateness of the season, if
you prepare land well and
plant seed bought from
us vou will Drobabl? have
y A #
a better garden than
usual this year.
They are scarce and the
price will go up.
?We Sell? '
Malt Extract
25 Cents a Bottle,
$2.50 per S)03en.
T n**T1 I
! mm j. uhmh,
On farming Iai'd*. Easy payments.
No commissions i-arged, Borrower
p&\ s actnal c^'t of perfecting loan.
Interest 8 per cent.
Columbia, S. C.,
or A. S. & W. I). DOUGLASS,
10-4 ^iinsboro, S. C.
l f| Mir |
* -'?W&
immer Neckar,
tyles ar^d F'op
'piees. -jj
Tie Sim
sty aba Uir treatment to ovary -7-^
on#. If our goods don't please
yon ratnrn them on used at once,
- and if we can't make it satisfac*
tory, yonr mocey will be cheer*
felly refnnded.
that every li?He piece of kjkN
chaidise in I hi 8 store is right.
WE KNOW - , 1
that every advertisement put
oat gives honest and trust_
worthy information.
you for a customer new aid
" -M
Our Reduction
Sale Continues,
and bargain are going every
while you wait, when necessary. ?~s
Cues to tie tot Again.
grocery liLe?buys and sell?
more goods for CASH than arty other
store in town. He believes in
Am/Jr CnUn rm/i Omn II Dnr.fi+o .
yuM m) diiu ohigjII HUM*
ii his motto. If yoa want FINE
GROCERIES give him a cali and be
convinced. His
Porto Rico Molasses,
Hot Biscuit
and Butter
. -*:3i
Would make a man strike his mother.
j. d. ftcmn k c#
nourn hoddc
KENTUCKY MULES at my stable*
in Winnsboro, from three to five years
old. These males c&n be bought chcsp
for cash or on good bankable paper.
payable in the Fall. Come one, come
all who need good mules. I will exchange
them for broken down males
or plug mulea. _____
I also have a fen good Mares and a
couple of good Saddle Horfes, on j
new Two-norse wagon ana one gor<i
Second-band Baggy..
I also keep on hand a few
and will sail them cheap for cash or
exchange tbem for dry cattle. Always
ready lor a trade.
I have engaged Mr. S. B. CRAWFORD
for the season, and he will b?
pleased to see any and all of bis many
Winnstoro, S. C.
with a fnli eto< k Oa>k<:s. Hot .
Cft?t * *nd O'ffitifi, constantly ?d \
and as of hrars?' when
Thftnkf*' forpa-f pat;oiiacv? at-.-' v-o!H
_.s .. ? ,un .... :...
l* l >n iwr a 9iiaic Jit cuv i? v-aw
Id 8mad
i alia titcndcil to a: all Uou^-s.
J. M, HiLmr & GO.

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