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? ?
TIJ^ | j
On^tMU-. 'I*30
Six SKoatfty. - -'S
Wednesday, April 12, - - 1899
vfobsinc fob the south.
? ?
We hive received a copy of tbe
Southern Field wbieh is wu?d from
the offijb of ttie L-md and industrial
Agent of the SoutiiC:u Riiiway. It
contains much valuable information
concerning that p-r ion oJ ihe South
traveled by ?he SoatLern Railway,
and when it is remembered that thousands
of copies are distributed free
over the entire country, it is ; ^und to
do much good towards developing the
South. While, of course, railroads
like all %a>iness enterprises are iun
for the money that is in them, jet a
corporation like the Southern Riilway
COUiU DOt ittturu IU UlNCluiuaiv uuiv
liable information about the South.
Its information, therefore, will be received
by h'jine-svekers in good Iniih.
The principal object of the Southt-rn
Field is to develope the section through
which iba Southern Railway pa^sea
by inducing capitalists to invest their
money in this section and by showing
to the farmers of the East that no section
oilers <mch advantages to them as
the South.
Southern people will appreciate the
^ truth of this:
- ?? x
There is no section, every aavannge
considered, that offers as <Je*irable
land for tt.'C same amount of money as
the Son'h A farmer recently advised
"us that he considers general farming a
most pro*p?r.?nsi avocation in the
South, that he i* making mon> y on
bis farm; hae made as bfeb as 120 per
cent frowii-s wheat, aod seldom Jess
than 100 per cent i# his profit on that
crop aione. He does thi< on lownriced
Tbis farn.er performs do maunal
labor him elf; leaves that for farm
hands wbo are paid $8 33 per month.
He indies tbeqae^tious pertaining to
tbe farm and manages his place upon
prac:ical lines \ We can select fhoagaiids
of farmers in the North wbo
would find the greatest success in this
Southern country. Let them visit a
farm like the one so ably managed, be
convinced of the possibilities of the
ccuntry, theu secure a low-priced estate
in tnat viciuity and begin work.
They will be successful and their
families will become thoroughly eon
tented. We eoutinue to urge those
contemplating a change to examine
the Sooth th:$ spriDg. See toe coantBf
now, select a place before the prf?es
advance. * yv
We learn from tbe Souther ' Field
tbat there are ten millions .of pasture
and forest land in S^3th Carolina;
. that ! 18,500,000 acris ouly 5,000,000
are under cultiaption although almost
evt-ry ^tce^can be made to produce
abtgartftnily. .
. - -?
Iodividaals may not feei it so much
but tbe fgores will show that the de
velopment of manufacturing in tne
Soa'h Is wonderful. It is tmd to
appreciate the activity iu tbe construction
of new euierprises and the enlargement
of oid oees. The revival
of railroad building is almost as great
as tbe manufacturing.
Says the Manufacturer*' Record:
"After some years of weary waisiog,
the South once more begins to
^ feel the thrill of industrial activity.
The promise of wide-reacmng aeveiopment,
and, necessarily, of general
prosperity for ibe whole c>outh, which
this paper continued to predict even
daring the time when the business do^
psession wa^ the greatest, ia now being
more thsm fnlfiJied. In every diree%
^ tion, from Maryland to Texas, there
are signs ot increasing business activity;
manufacturing entsrprises are
generally crowded with orders; the
iron interests are not only turning out
a larger product than ever before, but
are making larger profit* than at any
time in the past; ootton mills are runAr.*
Inmhoi* intopofllC
UUJg UJ^Ul auu UUT y iuu?v?*
are becoming more, prosperous, and
the etir of new life and eothusiasi is
everywhere felt. It is difficult to make
a summary even of the more important
nterprises that have been definitely
organized with ail of the capital secured,
during the hst three months,
and yet a lew of the more important
undertaking* reported by the MannJacturtr?*
Record daring that time
will akaip how general is the upward
" '?t?nde??y.;'
Tb? investment in cotton mills alone
since lbs first af January amounts to
$8,000,000 or $10,000,000. The South
is attracting the attention of the world.
It is bonnd to become the greatest puit
of this groat country.. The
Proclamation to the Philipines,
it is hoped, will end hostilities. Col
Deabv, a member ot'he commission,
/Ti "reported as r.aviug that it is the
j, mo>t import an t proclamation since
/ the Declaration of Independence, and
/ which ie?ds the Cb*rlotte Observer J.o
At say: "Yes, Colonel, it is It repeals
^ the Declaration of Independence."
The proclamation is important to
the ppi'ple ( e the United States. It
shows t" wbaf extent we are going
into th? expansion business. First of
ft all it settle* thit the policy of the administration
is to hold and retain ihe
jllg Pbiiipine?. A!1 doubt as to that is
removed br the first article, wherein
|j& it i* proclaimed that "the Fupremacy
|& of the United Slat.8 must and will be
|?| enforced thronghont every part of {he
llow to Look Good.
Good looks are really mare than skin
|& deep, depending entirely on aualthy
m condition of all 'he vital organs. If
B *.. the liver be inactive, yon have a bilioo^
B" . look; if your stomach be disorO^fl
B yon have a dyspeptic look^^B
W kid uey
fwftfttnii l00k^tfM
Examinations ror tne s<*co m mjx jui
are over, the girls have gotten their
reports and have entered npon the
third and last term of the school with
renewed resolutions and energy.
At th? close of the last term was
given the quarterly concert by the
papiliof the musical department.
Prof. W. R. Brown is (and may
{well be) grannea at me guuu
done by the pupils uf the music de- j
partment He, as well as the other j
music teachers, is pleased to note the I
general improvement, and they had j
every reason to be gratified on the |
night of tbis last concert, when the j
girle so deservedly won the applause ;
of an appreciative audiense.
The following is the program:
rr'?~ VftwaloK-ft F! ifoiir. oo.
JLTTV piauv/Oj -- ; -c SI,
No. 7, Schumann. Misses Jennie
Russell, Marian Williams, Lalia Black,
Annie Marshall.
Song?Stop! Sleep! Ilawley. Miss
Ilia McDaniel.
Piano Solo?Waltz?A flat, major, j
op. Si. Cnopin. Miss Nan Hill.
Piauo SjIo?Concerto ? & minor
(Finale). Moscheies. Miss Margaret
Song?A Dream. Lassen. Miss
Florence Dve. _
Piano Solo?a. Nocturne, E flat, op.
9, No. 2--Chopin. b. Minuet Celebra
Pian > Sv^lo?a. Bircarob, G maj >r ?
Rubenstein. b. Traumas Wirren,
(Elal' ?ei nations) ?Schnman n
Voca! S >li? i. Four Leaf CloverCoomb*.
b Your Sweet Sake?Brown.
Miss Annie Marshall.
Piano Salo-Am Lively?FjIs, op.
131 Brown.
Piano Solo?Rondo Capricioso, op.
13?Mendels >h?. Miss Addie McArthar.
Two Part Songs?a. ?reeting. b
O, Wert Tboa in the CanJd Blast.
Misses Dye and Marshal.
The second numoer, a song oy jaisa
McDaniel, was enjoyed by all; it wa*
anD? well and with expression.
The wal'.z by Miss tlill was pleasing
to the lover of Chopin's beautiful
mnsic. An<l the piano solo by Miss
Roach showed remarkable skill in
The sonsr by Miss Dye was pleasing,
COlfitttlDg la ueiweeu u:c uru piauu
Miss Marshall has a very promising
voice and sings well for one whc is a
comparative "novice in_vocai music.
Her s >ngs?were mt'cb enjo\ed.
MUs 'Joiies did herself great credit,
and her piece was remarkable for its
beautiful quality T&fjoae.
In the "Rondo Catyricios" Miss McArtLurs
brilliant toach vr&s marked,
and she mustered with apparent ease
her piece, which is quite difficult.
/ Nelle.
Happy i iMS man or woman who
can eat i-^ood hearty meal without
suffering afterward. If you cannot
do it/' take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.
>ts wha: you eai t and cures all
of Dyspepsia and Indigestion
FMcMaster Co.
Owing to the inclemency of the
weather farmers are very badly behind
in the planting of their crops.
There has been but very little laud,
even, prepared for planting, and, as a
consequence, all crops will be late.
There will be equally as much fertilizers
used a3 were used last year.
Gardens bsre received all proper attention
a? far as the weather would
permit, although it has been so wet
all tbe spring until farmers hare been
unable to make the proper preparations,
Some of our farm^s were so unfortuuate
&3 to lose n-me of their
stock recently. Toe prevailing diseaie
seemed to be distempe-, which
is lh)D?ht, was cause3 by feedi <g too
much damaged coro, for a large per
cent of last year's corn crop wa?
seriously damaged.
Oar popular wheelmen have organized
and formed a special run to be a
regular cuce-a-week trip from Brown's
mill to Toukoodoo and from there to
the riclnily of Blylh9wo \ wbere
the* take, afler a stay of ?ev. r ' Mont -,
a direct course for home. Tje day
generally taken for the run is Sunday,
although Mr. J. A. Brown, president
of ths byeicle club of this place, who
runs a prominent repair shop and gets
a splendid cu^toja, spends rao*t of bis
valuable time in riding around for tbe
purpo-e of picking out ihe best roads.
We are glad to report ihe convalesence
of little Rutb, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Brown. She has
been very seriously ill for some time
with pneumonia
Mr James Brown and family have
been very much indisposed with
measles bm giad to report their improvement.
Mr B B llogan his beeu indisposed
for several days with grippe.
It was wiih the profonnde?t sorrow
LU^i- wc UXCiVCU tuc UI?W? UA LUC UC&'U
of Mr Robt McKay, which occurred in
Havana, Cuba, a week or so ago.
Before he enlisted he was a very
prominent and prorperous farmer boy
of onr section.
Mi?s Mav Smith is vi.-itin^ her sister,
Mr- C A Ileins.
B-iSt wishes to News and Herald.
Aprii 8, '99 FritzS
V << * - - A S
i m all Conditions or ?
| Debility |
| ^*"7 i
? whether from overwork, in protrac^*
S ted illness, or in eonvaJes?ggj|3
S the digestive orm^H
~ general weakneflj
5 to assimilate ?jB|l
S "P the
? ggflMgi
?a??n?>?aKafaftTflllli illii I
The_?ejple of our community are
somewhat behind ia their ploughing;,
- - - -
bat have kept np whenever tney couiu
and have little cause for uneasiness.
The wheat and oats are looking fine,
and some of the wheat has been jointing
for some time.
Most every one has planted their
_ ~ imion/i nftpn ftnH are
SUg&i Uiiuc auu u^iwuu w? M ?.
only waiting for it to dry off to finish
preparing cotton lau-t. Some of us
have planted early c-">rn and expect to
be hauling in about the last of Jane.
The gardens are doing well, except
a few, which was not planted when
the chance was had, and the rains
hare kept them from being planted
ever since. Such things as onion?,
Irish Dotatoes and beans are
coming up well. The beans were a
lit tie damaged by ihe frost the other
| It seeais as if we will hive v<ry
: lit' le lruit tbie? year. Tbe peach, pear
I and wild plum trees have very few
f blossoms on them. The apple and
- j
cherry ^rees, however, are covered
pretty well, and these u,ay be expected
to have a goad crop.
The farmers of our neighborhood
are goiLg to try something new in the
shipe of a forage plant and land
renovator. It is the very common
Florida plant cilled "Giant Beggar
Weed." It is c'aimed that beggar
weed pats into the soil in one planting
| 80 ponnds potash, ,160 pounds acid,
and 400 pounds ammonia at a yield of
teu tons forage.
vVe have a new neighbor in our immediate
vicinity, Mr. John R. Picket^
who is now living at his brother's
Miss Hettie Ezell, of Poplar Spring,
is about to leave on a trip to Greenville
and then on to Atlanta.
Miss Leatie Durham, of Oakland,
?o wTaifJnor rplaiivi*,* in Columbia.
April 8, 1899. B. J. B.
Shake Into Tour Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting,
nervous feet and instantly takes
the sting out of corns and bunions. It s
the greatest comfort discovory of the
age.Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight
or new shoes feci eaay. It is a certain
cure for Chilblains, sweating, callous,
tired, aching feet. Try it to-day.
j Sold by all druggists and shoe stores,
i By mail for 2oc. in stamps. Trial
I package FREE. Address, Allen S?
Olmsted, .Le Koy, jn. x.
Tbe weather continues rerv bad and
the farmars are feeling somewhat
despondent over the situation. No
work to imoant to anything his been
dooe, and it has been several years
since so little was done up to the same
time of tbe season.
Wheat and oats are looking rery
well. A fereat many of our progres
- - c ?^ J
si Ye iarmsrs are using imraie ui wun
on their grain. This is the first, of
this fertilizer erer used in this section.
Hope it will be successful and
benefiting to the formers.
The peach crop will be a failure.
Gardens also behind.
ilr. Thomas W. Brice, Jr., had the
misfortune to have a cow killed by a
south-bound freight train on the
Southern Railway a few days ago.
Mr. L. C. Caldwell, ex-railroad commi*?ioner,
ef State6ville, N. C., bas
been spending a few days in town
looking after the interest of bis firm.
Mr J Means Siminton, of Atlanta,
wai in town one day this week. *
MrW L Reid was in Winnsboro
la>t Tuesday attending the A R P
Mr Jno A Stevrar left for Charleston
last Thursday to serre as a grand
juror in the Unit?d States Circuit
Court. '
Miss Bessie Mobley, of Blackstock,
spent a few days in town.
Mrs R W Stewart and daughter, of
this nla.ce. is risitinfir in Union.
Mrs J F Coleman has returned from
Ch iter. Democrat.
Aprils, ?9P.
As the season of tbe year when
pneumonia, la grippe, Bora throat,
conghB, colds, catarrh, bronchitis and
lung troubles are to be guarded against,
nothing "is a fine substitute," will
"aBSwer the purpose," or is "just as
good" as Oue Minute Cough Cure.
That is tbe one infallible remedy for
all lung, throat or bronchial troubles.
Insist vigorously upon having it if
"something else" is offered yon. McMaster
An exchange corrects its reports of
a sermon thns: The sentence "It is
not difficult to be happy in hell,"
should read "It is not difficult to be
bappy in health."
Parsnip Complexion.
It do^s not require an expert to detect
the sufferer from kidnev trouble.
The hollow cbeeks, the sunken eyes,
the dark, puffy circles under the eyes,
the sallow parsnip-colored complexion
indicates it.
A nhvti."ian rornlH ask if i?fin had
rheumatism, a dull pain or ache in the
back or over the Hip?, stomach trouble,
desiie to urinate often, or a burning
or 6caldiDg in passiog it; if after
passing there is an unsatisfied feeling
as if it. must be at once repealed, or it
the urine h*as a brick dust deposit or
str-ng odor.
When these symptoms are present,
no time should bo lost in removing the
Delay may lead to gravel, catarrh of
ti>e bladder, infUmmation, causiog
toppage, and sometimes rcqniritvg the
drawing of the urine with instruments,
or may run into Brigbt's Disease, the
most da"geron-? stage of kidney trouble
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Roor, the
great discovery of the eminent kidney
and bMder specialist, is a positive
remedy tor m h i:i?ca?es. lie reputation
i? wo:*!d- <.:d - n .?1 it is easy
I to get any (Lug store ?' at no one
need puffer any length of t:m-? for
ifiyeyer, if >? u prefer tc liret test
Andcrfal rne/rls, mention the
Herald and write 'o Dr.
B Co., Binghamton, N. Y.,
Rple bottle and book teliing
Hit, both sent absolutely -free
people who call themselves
K put a battered Dickie into
Roollection and pav a Pul'Atr
25 cents for b'acking
B^nd Yen Have A!v.*ajrs Bought
^ *** ?'!:i ~ iiii
I Jp^ippS ^ ill
* -" i l *?f I .:3s!
EromoteslSgcsHoaCheerful- ?
^sgMBestContains neither m
Opnim>Iorptiifi0aor Mineral. '9
wot Narcotic.
J2cape c/OldBrSAl-niEKEER 9
JPum/ax Sai"
Jtv/uIHSJti- U
ArdnZc*<l * ttj
ift CartxxxzttSo&u*
fOtmSccd ~ 9
CmM'Suggr <
hSafryrfta-ftorar. / ??
A^/M^Tp^rnpHv fnr fY>nslioa- 9
ni/yuwi- j ; ,
hon.SourStoniach.Diarrhoca, X
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- g
nessandLoss or Sleep, 3
Facsimile Signature of
yrew iroBK. ?
1 ?RB
She Is the Mo?t Charming:, Happy and
Biassed of Columbia's Daughters.
In concluding an editorial inspired
by a Southern girl's regret that she
cannot g > to eollsge. Edward Bok, in
the April Ladies' Home Journal, has
tbis to siv or ?dc giris or tne somnI
land: <k'fh* Southern girl is surroundj
ed by a ii:e far truer and more ondujcive
to selMt ve;o:>menr ihan girl#
j living in oiher sections, bee?use socia'
( conditions are more noYrnal. Iler life
i is Se&I'hirr because it is Faner, and her
mind, by re**o? of it, is clearer and
more constantly at rest. The rash of
life of the North aud West is not .-o
(.titntilatiiJjr as m mv Southern giiliuppo?i?.
On tbe contrary, it wears
wom^n oat. as of/en as it develops
them. In no part of oar country do
women irok younger at maturity than
in the Sonih. To the Soatheru girl,
too, Pi at lire uioolus hi a proiusjun a>
she does towhere else. Tbe natural
history which the Northern girl mu.-t
get oat of books the Southern gir; g^ts
direct frcm Nature's ownhmd. She
is born of ? soil 8s rich and colorful in
; romautic history a* is the literature of
Spain Tins she receives as a na'ural
heritage. Her parents are, and her
ancistors were, among tbe best
of American chivalry and American
womanhood. She bears but ods ian
guage*suoken, and that is her own.
If there is tbe introduction of another
tongue it is French, 'aud wish these
two she can travel the world over and
never be at a disadvantrgs.. *Theieligion
which she learns from her
mother is tbe highest aud -best because
it is untainted with modern 'revelations
' Tbe truest friend and safest
[ acucr ill uigueai living a g;rri;au
have is her mother, and in the South
moibfre have a war ot finding time
for their daughters and being coinpinions
(o them. The Southern father
is fond of his children, and proves it
? bj bis presence a', the dome-tic hearlh
after his tiay's business is over."
Remarkable Care of Rheumatism.
Kenna, Jackson Co ., W. Ya.
About three years ago my wife had
an attack of rheumatism which confined
her to her bed for over a month
and rendered her unable to walk a
step without assistance, her limbs
being swollen to double their normal
size. Mr. S. Maddox insisted on my
using Cbamberlain'6 Pain Balm. I
purchased a fiftv-cent bottle and nsed
it according to the directions and the
next morning she walked to breakfast
without assistance in any manner, and
she has net bad a similar attack 3inc2.
?A. B. Pabsons For sale bv McM-.??ter
It is believed in Waebisgtou that
JIcRinley and Hobart will be almost
unanimously nominated by the r.'ex'
EepabHcin Nation*! convention.
A pneumatic horse-collar li-.ds
favor wiih many horsemen, and tbe
animals themselves s?em t ? appreciate
it, as it adju9tfi itself to every motion of
the neck.
) proofT )
f t
(v It is an easy matter to claim that
jt a remedy has a wonderful curative ,
f power. The manufacturers of f
^ Rheumacide }
^ leaves it to those who have been ^
?) permanently and positively cured $
kof RHEUMATISM to makek
^ claims. Among those who have ^
d recently written us voluntary let- ?
[L 'cers saying they have been cured L
^ are: Rev. J. L. Foster, Raleigh, }
? X. C.; Mr. J. E. Robinson, Editor, p>
(v Goldsboro, X. C., Daily Argus; (jv
^Mr. A. Daus, a prominent mer-^
,\ 4. nr. w t> /,
My uiiiiui/, .?ntv;uii, uuu ~u.i. ?t . av. pDuke,
a railroad man, Kansas k
j ^ City, Mo. ^
^ Manufactared by THE B0BBITTTJEU6 )
r co., fiaieign, n. c. r
^ Sold in Winnsboro by MeMaster^
if Co., and by Druggists generally. /
|T Price ?1 per bottle.
hi ?f ra P sr-a ^.r> g^ivi 5: ggu
Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored
"'* h P M CT 5 P K ?0US is ?? "? sold ttith a
HuliL! cif F$2?!!e[i;l? written gr-a.r.
ce to Cure Insomnia. Fits, Dizziness, Hysteria,
.tvous DeLIIiiy, Lost vitality, Seniinnl Losses,
iling; Memory?the result of Over-work, Worry,
.- i ki!v>s. T" - rs o 1 Youth or Ovcr-indulgcnce.
Price -?u Z:; 3 Soxes So.
For quick, positive and lastinjr results in Sext:al
Weakness. Imr>r.,'*ncv; Nervous Dehilitv and Lo<;
vitality, use iclluv* laccl bftuial?aoume
strength - will give strength and tot:e to even- part
md effect a permanent cure. Cheapest and best,
oo Pills $2\ by mail.
PREE?A bottle of the famous Japanese Liver
?cllets will be given with a ?t hex or mere of Msgnetic
Nervine, irec. Sold only by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C. ?
For Sale.
per hundred; ?12 00 per ton.
1*1% | |jsp|ffl
?? &' a uia L= & 3 B <^i
-& vz ts <as*' rs t>i sz ks
For Infants and Children.
carjcrv car.-rrAaPTj"'^ ^^raur* ix^-wjs-Aa
Tr f* 'Tc 12 ^ 7 2 3
h8 mn foa nave
Always Sough!
Bears the / a
m fa ? v, > ,
f\ iP' The
\\y Kind
1/ You Have
IpiiiiiS hASli^BALSAM
Clerics ciU beautifies tho hate.
aSyl'romotcj i '.axurixnt procth.
*jjg3i:ever Pail3 to He-tore Gray
Hair to it.* Youthful Color.
? ^ ^ YANKEE \K\r
Tint ClansJ & ^
U ' tl^TM l( >? )j "WithlTicfceM Si I
\=/^ V/SS^!^") LU
Second-hand "Wheels, ail makes, 83.00 tip.
Shipped C. O. D, on approval.
"Write for catalogue anil full particulars.
27 South 2sinth St. PI?iladelphia. Pa.
: ipjlt
chaspri the interest of ihe e^tat? oi F
i Gcrig', deceased, in Hie stock ot goods
of Gerig & Seigler, and solicits tb(
i t ride of tbe people of Fail field C-?nnty
Plows, Hoes, Harness, Sales,
Fanniiifl: Implements
of all kind?, and cyervtbin^ founc
The trade of the friends *nd customers
of Geng& Seiglcris folly ap
preciated, and the undersigned hopes
thev may find it to their interests tc
continue'iheir basiness relations witl
Comes to the Bit Again.
grocery Jir.e?buys and soils
more jjoorts for CASH than any othei
store in town. He believes in
Quick Sales aod Siali Prolits
honesTy and square dealing
is Lis motto. If you want fine
groceries give him a cu.ll and b?
convinced. Ilis
Porto Rico Molasses,
Hot Biscuit
and Buttei
; Would make a-rnan strike his mother.
; I. MM i H
| W. A. VV.
j The registered Maliioii W. A. W
will be at the c-tabli* in rear t-f M?\
Henry Refu's store Frithv mud Samrday
of each wrek; baianee of iUn?* o.<
the farm He is seven years old, bay,
with black points. lias eood bo? c
and triu?cle; no blemish or defee; . He
ic kind in diso.)>iii n and a iKrfvM
roadst.-r. His sire i? the cclebta:ii1
li (1 Wilkes, His dam, B~i<sy B.iker,
was t-ired by Dictator, who was ibe
sirc> of Jay-Eve-Ser;, 210, of Dirc^'or.
2 07, of the invincible Direniam, i.04.
the gra?id?ire of Nancy Hank*. 1; e
queen .f !"-Mers, andt-e frire of many
others '.f ? \ r> me spprd.
Terms- $16 00 \c ;n*nre si-ar. vvirij
fo^L For exieutii d p'dijrree ^r=;I
f fied re<y>rd address
4.4-iilangl Winnsbaro, 6
Carload Dealers.
! (Jc.il i! . Wcampr-Bor.rd'n'jf and Lnmi
ber ii. lets, and can make close
j pria^s.
Full Stock of Groceries,
as eheap as any house '
m town,
We try to handle everything the
' farmers needs. Give us trade and we
; will guarautee pri?63. We are here to
meet compeHtion.
M, I, DOTY & CO.
Tl^is Season or)@
leeiod Stoel-^s
Goods [email protected]
Black.Henrietta, Black Serg<
Black Nun's Veiling, Black Brilli;
Seeing is free; it won't cost 3
I have-also some special valu
will arise in your mind, How can
T T '11 J2 3 ? . J
nere you win una a. grauu. m
Plaid Batiste, Irish Figured Piqu<
Corded Madras, Solid Colored M
ured Chambreys, Solid Colored C
Figured Sateens, Solid and Figu
See this selection before you
Linen Lawn, Victoria Law
Mulls, Checked and Striped Mus'
&c. In this line I anticipated yo
If you wish to see the latest
me a look in this line. Ladies at
them that I am in the lead in thi:
Inspect this department am
celebrated W. B. Corset when yc
Corsets. They are the right qual
I have some SPECIAL BA
I have a great variety of Sil
. you are in my store give this stoc
3 will save you much trouble and n
1 RIBBONS in Silk and Velv
of fine Silk Ribbon you can buy i
T mti int^rocf irnn urlipn vnn
X VCV11 illbvt VWb ^ vv* fl 4AVM ^ V ?
. kins, Towels and Sheeting. I ha
niense assortment I have in stoci
better fitting than 3<*ou can find, fo
t '
Something nice in Silk Suns
of your dollar, try me when you \
! shoe:
! Compare my stock and style
) cess in the shoe business. You v
Men's fine goods in Tans and Bla
; shoes Honest Quality; Fashion
Very Low Prices. See the Infan
styles to offer you this season in
Crash Hats in the latest shapes, J
\ ' GENTS'Fi
This department is well filled
wear. See my line of Collars anc
Come and get some of those Silk
full stock of Screven Pat. Drawe
* * *
push and lionest prices ana oesr s
I carry more Clothing than i
i dress of thought, and to be in sty
; goes ta make up a perfect and inc
that I can produce better values,
than the whole combination of co
See my stock of Carpets, Ma
1._ r-\? A/T,*.j-,-. n?
1T1UUKS, WUUI lVIctLS, V-cupcu umi_uij
A full and complete stock of
trunks Am Yl
j the State.
Follow the procession and vc
|FR P m
H CO Q5 s n
'r *' Z.
i i?* Fi &a
i t: ===
-v. C os
An - r
of tl~|@ Lapgest t
of Sppir^g aqd
Bpougl^t to tl^is
C WORK. 3?=
LSS &00DS m?AW
CS, JDiiiCii OclLlSUC, UI?U.K. V^iCUUliO(
mtine; Black Albetross, Black A1
/ou a penny to look through this ]
es in Colored Dress Goods and
such fine goods be sold for so litt
rray of styles and prices.^ Frencl
is, Satin Finished Madras, Perca
ulls, Solid Colored Lawns, Indiai
'overt Cloth, Plain, Fancy and
red Duck, Fancy Cheviots, &c.
make any purchases.
n, Corded Piques, Fancy and 3
lins, Plain Swiss, Checked Dimit
ur wants and wishes, then made
novelties and newest ideas for
e not asked to believe, but are
s department. The fairest prices
5 AND H0<!
i you will be well paid for you
>u want anything in this line.
;ity, right price and right style.
RGAINS in Ladies' ana Gentle
ks, Velvets, Braids, Gimps, Ornat
k a few minutes of your time;
lonev too.
et?-the cheapest ever offered in 1
From me at half price.
want anything in JTable Linen,
ve some new things to. show you
\\7 A TGTQ. oW T QWrfc
TV i JLl?w/ X w/j UIOVJ JUUU1VU Wi\tl VOI
:. I guarantee to sell you better,
r miles around. No shoddy tra?!
.hades; and if you want to enjoy
rant to buy an Umbrella.
5 with others and you will Jnot wo:
i/ill find' as -nice goods in this dep
cks; Ladies'and Misses' in the
pronounces them Correct Styl<
ts' Kid Soles in various colors.
for Men, Boys and Children. I
Stfff Hats, Alpine Hats in an>
den's, Boys' and Children's Caps
I with everything new and up-to-d
1 Cuffs, Hosiery and Suspenders, ^
T-T -rr\ r\ f Qkii-fc T Viotr/a fin A-m
, JL i Vllb w/iul x iiavu v-ii vi u \-xviiv
rs, Night Shirts, Gauze Underve
tyles that is swelling my patrona;
ill the merchants in Winnsborc
le you must come to me. I am
omparable stock or Clothing. 1 I
better styles and better fitting g
mpetitors In this town.
tting, Rugs, Window Shades, Hs
;g and Fringes, Curtain Swiss anc
Domestics. My prices are alway
LLXSES. You cannot buy t
?u wil) land in the Mammoth Stor
3. D. WILL]
Hc=i (
M ?9 ' ?
w o ? s
!j=|2. t
-peg f1
arid ]3est Sev
; M
ouriqrqGP ^
^lapl^et. ?
) DO THE .
* y
- ' 3s?
. . ? J
: i-?s
, Black* Tricotene Covert,
paca, &c.
tine. * # /
Patterns. The qaettion
ie money?
" V *'"
' K a
i Organdies, Figured arid "
,1 es in Solid ana Figured?
a Dimities, Solid and Kg- "
Striped Crash, Solid and
v jq~
Dotted Swiss, Organdfes,
it Tnrtinor? Anrrm#?
the prices irresistible.
.ACES. $
the season come and give
shown goods to convince
i ever made for such quali- A
r trouble. Remember the
See my line of Summer V 4
imen's Handkerchiefs this
S. ;
nents and Buttons. When .m
it will be well spent as it 1
Winnsboro. I have a line
JOil Cloth, D_oyHes,1^"^
in stamped gboas.
Don't fail to see the immade,
better trimmed and
i, all- new and fresh.
the full purchasing power
- RS.
nder at my marvelous sucartment
as in a city store.
same. Truth brands my
ss; Economy recommends
have a great many nobby
r shade, Men's Straw and
in Crash and Duck. See
late. See my line of Neck- / '3
Mite and Colored Shirts";
:r in white or colored. A Jf
ctc Rrr Tf- ic an/4
ge in this line. M
NG! ^
> combined. Style is tFp i
showing everything thft
boldly and truthfully stalt
arments at lower pricesHS^
issocks, Lap Robes, Haml
Fancy Drapery.
s at the bottom.
. * 1 ; ' v,-5|s
hem cheaper anywhere in
e of
^ m \?
A ^3
0 pxq $
? ' ' 1 H (I i
5 o -3 ? I
l] 2 * >?S 51 | 1
^ ,2 . . S
L < ^ g
0 ^ ~ 9

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