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Wednes4ay, Apr5 12, - - 1890
~ "
L. ?Bead Letters of Administration,
p ?Don't forget the play at Ridgeway
on April 13.
?Mr Hany W. DeaPorte* has been
apposed postmaster at Kidgevray.
HIb friends here are glad to know that
he has receded the appointment.
?J. J Obear is sole agent for Lenoir
oBr tablets, which are a &ure care for
^ rheumatism Read his advertisement.
?J< .:ti H. McMaster & Co. have a
large tnpply of smoking and chewing
tobacco, and Lave a number of different
briotte See their ad.
?"S9?eli opeuing" at Mrs. J. D.
McCarley's on 14th and 15th of April.
^ Just about that time 6pnng hats will
be needed. Give her a call,
j?Hog jowls arid turnips at J. D.
McCaiiey & Co.'s. Tney go well
Vs ' together, especially in this wiuter
'>? weath?r ibat we are having in springtime?adv.
?Mrs. Wiiliam Brice, mother of
Mr. White Brice, of Chester, was
stricken with paralysis on Saturday at
E. the home of her daughter, Mrs. John
M.Turner, aod is in a critical condi
I tion. i
"Giva a liver regulator and lean
regnlare the world," said a gewas.
The druggist handed him a bottle of
DeWit'"? Little Sarlv Kisers, the
famoufc little fills. McMasterCc.-;.
?Ad .ther fall of temperature oc^
earred on Saturday, and Sunday and
Monday were both more like winter
than ?pring. A heavy frost was seen
- * Monday morning which damaged
early vegetables to some extent.
?Prot. Fooshe of Mt. Zion Institute
expects to have a well known pro*
fesaor from one of oar neighboring
town to deliver a lecture before the
v pupils of Mt. Zion sometime soon.
The notice of the lecture will be given
later when the date is decided npon.
?The Fairfield Oil and Fertilizer ^
Co. intend to add to their plant a large
up-to-date flour mill. This will stimu
late the planting of wheat in this section.
The flour mills in this country
disappeared because people stopped
planting wheat. The machinery, we
understand, has been ordered.
J. Sheer, Sedalia, Mo., conductor on
electric street car line, writes that his
little daughter wa9 very low with
cronD. snd her life saved after all phy
lieians had failed, only by using One
Minute Caugh Care. McMasterUo.
?The friends of Mr. F. E. Hinnant
will be pleased to hear that he is advancing
in tbe educational field.
President Lake, of the Johnston Institute,
has resignod, and Messrs F. E.
< Hinnant and H. D. Holland have been
elected co-superintendents of the" in-1
y The housekeepers who are con- '
tinnally worried orer what to get for '
?;!? ?n?f mliot fVlOV W*.T)t
at J. 8. XcCarley's He keeps fruit, ;
vegetables and fresh bread, and his '
{ -r- groceries are the best. He makes j
it a rule to fill order* promptly. King
jLv * him up.
$&? . ?The iODg distance telephone which
^ . .... , is to ran from New York to Augusta ,
It being rapidly pat up and it will
probabiv not be long before it reaches
"Winnsr oro as it has been pat up as
far as Rock Hill. The poles to be
wp ~ used for tbis line hare been here for
V n several week?
v__ ?If yvn wish to have some idea of
the immense slock of hew and beauti
ful spring and sunnier goods that
Q. D. Wiiiiford lias, read his adver^
tiseaen-;. Me is determined to get rid
of this stock and has fixed his price* to
* auit the people. He has everything
that you need, from ribbons to shots,
i; "x , ?Elsewhere in these columns is a
notica by Intendant Coan warning
owners of dogs to muzzle their dogs,
I and insisting apon the killing of dogs
supposed to have been bitten by mad
dogs, 2ow that there are so many
t: * mad dog* going about, it is important
that dCo" sneuld be watched and should
be earefn! to keer> .hem muzzled.
If yen have a cough, throat irrita>'
tioa, weak lungs, pain in the chest,
difficult breathing, croup or hoarseness,
let us suggest One Minute Cough
Cure. Always reliable and safe. Mcf.
Master & Co.
?There was another mad dog excitement
on the streets Friday morn
Ing. Tlie dog that caused t&e sur
belonged to a negro boy who indigv
nantly denied that the dog was mad.
Before anything could be done to the
dog it ran away in the direction of
Mr. JF. E. McDonald's. If the dog
continues to act in a queer way it will
rery soon be dispatched.
?tertral reasons it has been
best by those who are to take
part in the concert for the A. R. P.
Church to postpone it, and therefore
inwaad of its coming off on the night
of Friday, the 14th, it will be gifen on^
r the night of the 21sr. In addition to
the music, both vocal aud instrumental,
there will be readings and
recitati?ns and a treat is in store for
those who attend the concert.
?The inside work on the new passenger
depot is being rapidly fiaished
and it is expected that the depot will
be completed and ready for occupancy
^ by the 15th of ApriJ. The building
has beei> painted in pretty colors,
light brown with trimmings of dark
f 'brown *ud red Instea 1 of having a
gravel platform, as w as at first decided
upon, the plantform will be of
plank. The reason for the change is
cot known.
Fci frost bites, barns, indolen. sores,
eezem?.. skin disease, and especially
?- Piles, ?eWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
tands first and best. Look oat for
dishone*t people who try to imitate
and counterfeit it, It's their endorsement
ci a good article. Worthless
goods are not indicated. Get DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Saiva. Mcilaster Co.
?The weilki.ovcn jeweler of Chester,
?K'| Mr. Biandt, will be in Winnsboro on
Wednesday, April 12tb, and will
K will br.og with him a line of samples
Hmp ' of his >tock. Ooly oi>e day he will
' be here, those why wish to be fitted
(_ in spectacles or who want their
watghes repaired should take advantage
0! this opportunity. He will
have with him many beautiful articles
of jewe ry, and all of his prices will
be red uced. Hem e mbe r t he day.
A hacking cough is a grave-yax<
cough; the sooner you getnd of ifcth
betcer. Don't wait until it develop
into consumption, but use the_cele
brated Dr. John .V. Bull's Congh Syrn]
at once. It is a wonderful remedy fo:
all throat and lung affections, ana wil
cure a deep-seated cough or cold In;
few days. Good for old and young.
Cough Syrup
Wil! cure a Hacking Cough.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctor
recommend it. Price 25 cents. At all druggists
?Gussie, the little son of Mr. an
tX7anrl *nnf wifK on ftnm
JU1?> UAUIUOI naiU| tuv/u nivu ww<
deDt in Swansea a few days ago. Th
child was riding on the handle bar
of a wbee! and io some way fell of
striking his bead and broking him
self badly. He was unconscious fo
some time and great anxiety was fel
about him, but he was examined by :
physician who pronoanced the injur;
not serious. The latest report fron
him said that he is well again wit1
the exception of &. few cuts am
?The fire alarm was sounded oi
Saturday evening at about half-pas
seven o'clock %nd the engines weri
quickly brought out and the firemei
were ready for a fight with the firi
fiends when it was discovered tha
there was no nre. a cmmuey in mi
house dow occupied by Mr. and Mrs
W. H. Porter canght on fire but i
was soun out and amounted to nothing
There seemed to be great difficulty 11
finding ont where the fire was am
various reports were circulated as U
the location of the fire. A number o
people ran to the freight depot, think
woe fKara
lug lUChl UiC Jiio TT Cio iUVlV!
Rheumacide is not recommeded fo:
the care of every ill, it does not cur<
everything. Bat it is a certain cur<
for rheumatism, and is a fine blooc
purifier and laxative; try it.
Changedto RIdgeway
The Sunday School convantion of
the Fairfield association" will mee!
with the Ridgeway church April 23-3(
J - * O JC-IJ __
lUEieaa 01 ai oauuutjiu as auuwou^cu
in the program already sent out 10 the
churches. Ttoee interested will pleast
note the change. H. K. Ezell,
Chair, of Com.
Best Method of Ventilating a Room.
The best mode of keeping a roorr
constantly ?entilated without draught
is to hare the frame of Ibe lower par
of 'the window supplemented by ai
additional piece of wood about fiv<
inces deep. This admits of tbe lowei
gash being raited without "draugh
from the bottom of the window. Aii
is admitted in the middle, where th<
lower sash is railed above the end oj
the top one.?April Ladies' Horn*
Of Milling Academy for the Months o:
February and March.
James Macfie, Sallie Young, Lizzii
Pari, Hogh Milling, Tom Bryce,
Hanahan Park, Glen Park, Florence
Jennie Milling, Etta Park, Rilej
Paul, Eo?a " Yjoig, Mary Timaas
Mary Paul, BirthaTimms, Mary Part
Bears tfca The Kind Yen Haw Always Bo#
The following notice of the ap
proaching marriage of Mist Loaisi
Pressley is taken from the Stata. Mis
Pressley has friends here, harinj
visited in Winnsboro;
Cards hare been issaed announcing
the coming wedding of Miss Emmi
Louise, daughter of Mr D. A. Pressley
and the Rev. "William Hayne Mills
The ceremony is to be peformed at I
o'clock Tuesday afternoon, the 18tl
inst., at the First Presbyterian church
Miss Pressley is one of Columbia'
most accomplished and talented youn<
WULLieu a Liu Lias a laigc v
Those who live on and .near Maic
street have beea very greatly annoye<
lately by the frequent shooting ol
pistols on Main street. The shootinj
is done at night and is not onljr dan
gerous but is extremely annoying t<
nftAnlo in f}x> rmicrhhorhrtfkd _ Thi
should not be allowed and if it con
tinaes steps should be taken to punisl
whoever is gailty of the offence. Or
Monday night a nnmber of shots wen
fired, fortnoately, however, althoug
the shooting is done in the m^bt reck
less manner, no accident has yet re
suited. If it 13 allowed to continui
some serious ir.jury to some one wi]
be the result. It is hoped that th
authorities will look into this.
For a quick remedy and one tbat i
perfectly safe for children let ns recon
caeod One Minute Cough Cure. It i
excellent tor ?roup, hoarseness, ticl
UDg in the throat and coughs. M<
Master Co.
rr?t _ r. 11 fj ~
1 ue IOllOWlXlg ilCUJ ITUIU i lie cyai Lai
burg correspondent to the August
Chronicle will be of interest here, s
Mr. Chapman is well known hen
Mr. Chapman married Mize Rachel I
McMasler of this place and the:
friends wiii be glad to know that the
expect to return to South Carolim
The many friends and acquaintanc<
of Mr. J. A. Chapman, of Middle
boro, Ky-, will be pleased to taarn c
his anticipated locatior ijx this cit;
Mr. Chapman attended WoCoi
College, and on leasing the city l
complete his education, c-ir-ied tl
universal respect ana regara cu mar
A.fter grc1 mating fnm Harvard La
school with distinction, he entered tl
office of ouc the largest law Urn
in New York, and while ?o connect
represented the large English synd
eate which at the time was developii
Middlesboto, Ky.
Mr. Chapman will move to this ci
with nis family from Kentucky abo
the first of May.
Mi*. John W. Poler is a Hew England
man who has purcoased 40 acres
of iaau at VasS N. C., and is going to
r use cbuker.8 and live stock lor the
Nortber.-i markets. He has already
haiit part of the -outfit be will require
tor his cnicken business. Mr. Poler's
I sons wi'l live at Vaas to look after
- ? "? - 3 - i - ? 3 1
i | me ousicess id uetan auu uiajtc me
e ehiprneuts. It is thongbt that ia time
a j may be deve'^ed by which
! . ,;vi-1 ivceDS might be shipped from
? jNcnh Onroliua to Washington, Baltip
! more, Philadelphia and New York, in
1 h?:ilt for this parpose. This ia
* i none r: ;>m some parts of the West,
jiL?; ca.r3 being divided by platforms
, |-r.w?tr: 18 inches apart. Mr. Poler ex
11 pe-.ir- '0 extend His operations at a
f j I- 'nr period, and will raise cattle and
(hookas well as chickens. This new
Ur:v.r Ci'-i seems to be a promising
e c. j-.-xd there is no reason why it
.-h.-Ui'T .:ot result profitably. The
Ob?er wishes Mr. Poler the fullest
? ron;' of success.?Charlotte Ob^
3 It wiii rake the enterprising yankee
. to show us wnat a great country this
e is. Ai:fc? a few "f libera more down
g here and begin puch business as rais f
iug chickous and ii;u?r?ate the money
. in it, then southern people will begin
nv'hw hoo mo^A OA
j> IV nwuuci rr uy cue kjuuiu uoo iu?uv uu
t little oui of its opportunities.
^ For Over Fifty Tears.
a ilks. -\ inslow's Soothing Syrup
l has beer, used for over fifty year3 by
, millnrm or mothers for their children
whiio tectli.'ig, with perfect success.
It soo hes th-! child, softens the gums,
j allays a I p tin, cares wind colic, and
t is the be>t i erntdy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
5 immediately. Sold by druggists in
1 every part of the world. Twenty-five
> cent? a bottle. Be sure and ask for
. "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind* 1-1-17
' Isaac N. Frazler-*Who Knows Him?
A man apparently about 55 or 56
1 ' ' * n t.J T_ J
* years oia was Drongni oeiore juuge
* of Probate Johnston on Thursday by
) Mr. A. L. Scruggs for the purpose of
' having hiiii committed to the lunatic
* asylum. The old man had spent Wednesday
night in Mr. Robert Brown's
? gin bouse. A verv casual examinar
i tion of him would have convinced anya
one of his insanity. He stated that his
1 name was I. N. Frazier and that he
had been to Charleston to hare an
operation performed upon his eyes
, for cataract, and that he has been
: living in Pendleton, Anderson County.
J While his conversation was generally
t coherent be seemed to have lost the
, power of being able to go where he
' wanted to go. Shut up in a room he
would walk round and round, asking
to be sbown the way out. He further
slatod that he was a Baptist preacher
and his rcind seemed to dwell on rei
ligion. While he appears harmlei*
; yet he i9 perfectly helpless Dis.
t Hanahan and Buchanan examined
1 him and gave it as their opinion that
? ? ? TT^ UtB W' (a
? I 116 YY&5 IliOailC# Xic saiu tuav mo tiiiv
r has been dead for a number of years
; and thet he has children living some
wher-i it. Georgia. It may be that he
j has "wandered away lrom home, and
E we siTe ihie in the hope that it may
? lead his family or friends to discover
h;<? whereabouts. He was taken to
the asyinm^on Friday.
t In almost every neighborhood ther?
is some- one whose life has been saved
by 'Jhan.berlain'a Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, or who has been
rnrad of chronic diarrhoea bv the use
i oi (hut nirjuieiue. SncL- persons make
> a point of teiiing of it vrheneyer opportunity
offers, "fcopiug that it may be
thf; means of savins: other liyes. For
eaie by Monaster Ce
Mr E W DesFortes has been appointed
postmaster for Kidgeway.
Paarl -Tahnofnn
| & vaii irvuuQWM MM** fc??
Thomas* came up from the Female
College (o spend Easter at hoae.
Mr W H Ruff, Jr, returned from
Hock Hiil on Saturday last.
Mr J T Barron, of Columbia, delivered
an interesting lecture to the
5 Masonic fraternity on Friday evening.
5 Dr Devaga, ot Chester, was in town
^ FriJay on professional business.
Dre Linfler, ofUnion, and Proviice,
^ of Barnwell, were in \own attending
Miss Elaynes a few days ago.
April 8,-.'99. More Anon.
V ?
J I ?.
g The farmers are greatly behind.
r Very little ploughing has been done,
f Very littie March corn was planted.
The corn that was up wa? badly injured
by the frost.
Gardening is backward owing to the
1 wet weather. Grain is looking very
* well. More grain planted this year
1 than ha* been known In reventeen
* years.
The fruit trees have been greatly in*
iured by the recent cold.
8 Bethel school is progressing nicely
under the efficient managcmsnt of
3 jliss Sallie McMeekio.
1 Mr. Edgar Trapp, of Crooked Run,
J has enlarged his store. He is running
k a large grocery.
There was au April Fool party given
at Air. John R. Boyd's on the 4th inst.
J The Apvi' Fools wore read by Miss
Saille McMeekin.
e Rev. M. L Banks, Jr., preached a
(delightful sermon last Snnday at
Retool Chnrak.
i- Bethel Sunday Sshooi Is progressing
is Diceiy uuder the manasemant of Mr.
> D. G Geranium.
J* April S, 1899.
Lawyers should propeily be par?
ticu'arssto which bar thev practice
a a*.
18 "C""~
Secret of Beauty
ir i 9 health. The secret of health i.
I *he pewerto digest and ass: in
;s Hate a proper quanity of foe
fj This cm never be done vlv
fj the iifCr does roc act it's r~.r:
? Doyou know this'
Tint's Liver Pills are an
JJ pepsin, sour stomach, malaria
*.d constipation, torpid liver, pill
ig jaundice, bilious fever, biliot
tj n-.ss and kindred diseases.
nt Tutt's Liver Wiu.
A Wife Says:
4t We hare four chiMr-.T- "\7ifh the firs!
three I suffered alaaoit unbearable pains from
12 to 14 hours, and h.vs iy be pkxxd unicf
" r < ? - T 1 ,1 _
the inilaence ot cnioro-onri. i usca uircc
boitlci of Moihe/s Fr:':r.d bdcrz our lad
child came, wl^ca
is a strong, fat and
healthy boy, doing
my housework up V*- fj[
to v,-;.fun two hours
of fcwth, and suf- Jy\
feredbutafewhard (\J ^
iyy \ Nd // a* c/#
est remedy ever jjf
Friend ' n\
will do for evcty>vz-rr.z:i wfrafc ft did for f'.'i
Minnesota motf-cr wl:o *./?;.. .? li e abovi i<r,j
ter. Not to tise it iwvl:- pregnancy is ?
mistake to be paid for ir. r..i:n and suffering;.
MsitUs**'r. ZT? !,->+* rf "fT"? > t*.-*! TTr?+f"i ^
*wii/cr o x' r 11*/ (u ??*?* ?*
strong body and clear intellect, winch in
turn are imparted to the child. It relaxes
the muscles and allows them to expand. It
relieves morning sickncss and nervousness.
It puts all the organs concerned in perfect
condition for the final hour, so that the actt&j
labor is short and practically painless. Danger
of rising or hard breasts is aitcgethef
avoided, and recovery is merely a matter oj
a few days*
Druggists sell Mother's Friend for 01 a bottle.
Hie Bradfleld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga,
Send for our free Hlus'.rated book.
Mr. M. A. Moore, Jr., of Union,
was in (own on Saturday.
Mr. Edgar Matthews is at home
from Clemson College on a farlough.
Mrs. F. Gerig and Miss Laura fferig
have returned from a visit to Colombia.
jQdge O. W. Buchanan arrived hero
on Saturday for a short stay with his
Rev. Davidson Douglass returned
to the Theological Seminasy in Columbia
Mrs. H L. Elliott has gone to Piatville,
N. C., to visit her daughter Mrs.
John McAlpine.
Mr. Will Simpson and Mr. E. L.
Craig, of BIa?k9tock, are vising fnenda
on the campus.?The State.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bostic win
return on Wednesday from Charleston
and will spend a month in Wincsboro.
Miss Elizabeth McCocnell, who has
been visiting the family of Mrs, P.
Ketchin, left on Thursday for her
home in Oxford, PaMrs.
D. Wyatt Aiken ind her
daughter Miss Nannie Aik?n are expected
to arrive to-day on a visit to
Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Aiken.
(iapt. C. 5. D wight is 111 unester
County where he has gone to see about
rebuilding the bridge over the Catawba
River. The bridge was recently destroyed
by fire.
Itev. C. E. McDonald went to Columbia
Saturday, and on Sunday
preached in the A. R. P. Church in
that city. In the A. R. P. Cbtireii
here Rev. McElwee Ross, of Oxford,
Pa., preached both morning and evening,
ana hi* <3< f]irnt sermons were!
greally ?i i -<1
Enterprising Druggists.
mi:n more wide awake
and e.-i'erDri8ing ibau McMastcr Co.,
who spare no pains to secure * he-ben
of everything in their line for taeii
many < n -'onaers. They now hare rhe
vain a'I -.ency for Dr. King's New
Disc v? for Consumption, Jonghs
and <. .. .a. This is the wonderful
remed.. thai is prodacing mchafuror
all ov< r/the country by its many start'inor
fitnes. It absolutely cores Asthma,
Bronchitis, Hoa; cuess and all affections
of the Throat, Chest and Lungs. Call
at above drag .?i< re and get a trial bottle
free or a regolar size for 50 cents
and $100. Guaranteed to core or
price lefnuded. 5
uppkr lonctowj*.
Death has again visited our section.
The death angel lias come and boroe
another spirit away to that boarne
from whence bo traveler e?er retaraeth.
Mrs Z H Haynes died at their
home in Lor.gtown yesterday morning.
She had (been ill for only a short
time before her death. While all
realized that the was very ill, death
came,' nevertheless, a severe shock to
I all. The deteas-id was a member of
the Ridgewav Baptist Church. The
faneral services were conducted by
ftev J G Herndon assisted by Rev J E
Jones. The services were held at the
Longtown Presbyterian Church and
her remains were interred in the cemetery
at that place. The deceased was
a daughter of Mr and Mrs D G Smith
of Upper Longtown, and besides her
- A _ 0
husband ani Jparents, leaves a dosi oi
other relative# and friends to moarn
her loss. How sad death is. especially
to see one cat down ia the bloom of
youth. However, wo should not
murmer, bat remember that our God
is too wise to err and too good to ba
unkind. To the bereaved ones we
extend our sympathies in this their
great affliction. When a few years
are come then we too shall ?0 thi way
from when?e we shall not retarn.
Atmm17 :c)9 E. H. D.
? ?
1 Jor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the //
- Signature of
W'-j'r B-5I?R?* V'TAUTi
\ x"* y'%^i *9 j.', ~
Js*&* *% '^?2
\ Wen rviaj?
the of iVse.
GREAT >?? ?
URENCH REMEDY produces the tbove result
* in 30 days. Cutcs Nervous Drtuit;-. jinictexep.
Varicocele, ?'*il*ug Memory. Stops r*K drains and
losses caused by offers of youth. It wares on insanity
and Consumption. Vout.s Men recs-in Manhood
and Old Men recover \\>utbl?l Vigor. It
sjives vigor and s ze to shrunWi organs, and fits
* man for business or marriage. Ers.lv carried in
:he vest pocltet. Price Cfl PTC 6B0xesJ2.se
iy mail, is ;>Iain pack-3y u I Cr.ag'e, with
written guarantee. DR. JfcANO HA8RA, Paris
Sold only by J. J. Obear, Druggist,
WiBDiboro, 8. C.
Of the Fairfield Baptist Association, to b? ^
Held ^Tlth the Kldjeway Chnrcli. April ,
10 a m Org&oizatioi.
^ ? J3 v.Ua'vIi I r
| xwjpwrts irum ouuuay cKuuuia.
11 a m Sermon. Rev W J Do well; *
a;t#ruate. Rev E A McDowell. t
1 30 p m?
I Topic: Tne Sunday Schiol in histojy.
R N Pratt, W R Briscoe, C A
II The Sunday School in its relation
to th3 Church. T W Mellnhamp, J E
Jones, W G Hinnant, J L FrreoaB. E
10 a m? I
III The Sunday School a sueneia. ?
How to make it so?
1 Superintendent wide-aw^ke, with
system, order, punctuality, Jij
Rabb, OP Wra/, L i Ca i J
2 JViiO&l proutri/ .ra n <i a :?l -1 :
J P JVeubower, J '. ? Qua: neb. u -X. I
U XiinuSHv, J EJerinsjroM. r
S Teaches *ud (tupi-s .%ih ! sjoii- ^
well prepared by previous stivi---. -ind
taught and recited with i-.teie-l and
enthusiasm. JBCnrry, W J Dosce'l,
Newton Kelly, W HJoyner.
4 Music. J L Freeman, J N Eutzminger,
W R Briscoe.
Sermon at 11 30 am by Rev R N T
Pratt or Iter C A Stiles.
IV Importance of developing th?
missionary spirit in the Sunday School,
and how best accomplished. 1 A
McDowell, A C Osborne, W H Sari in. ^
XT T ataAti VIAYMA nflA^ naf _
V 4JCQ9V1I UtVU auw UV? ?vu*?aa? Ij
W J Do well, FNKBailey. 6
11 a m Sermon by Rev J L Freeman
or Rev A C Oibornt. #
H E JExtll fer torn. t
Before the diseovery of One Minute C
Cough Care, ministers were greatly f
disturbed by conghing congregations.
No excuse for it now. McMasterC^. j
The reeeption given by Mr. and Mrs.
TT. CJ. DasPortos. in celebration of :
their crystal wedding, eame off on I
Wednesday evening and was a bril- f
Kant affair. A number of invitations
had baen issued and about sixty guests
w?re present. Two large reception e
rooms, beautifully decorated with fc
flowers, were thrown open to the
guest?, and in one room were displayed
the many beautiful articles of cut
gl?93 presented to the hostess by her (
frienda. a
Mrs. DesPorte3, who wore a hand- c
some deeollete gown of b'aok satiu t
and violet velvet, was assisted in re- e
eiviag her- guests Dy icnr raaiu3 01 i
honor?Misses Annie Aiken, Frances g
Creight, Ada Cnreton and Elizabeth e
G. D wight. t
The dining-room was tastefully and t
lavishly decorated with white flowers s
and smilax, and the effect of the white
and cToen wag lovelv and dainty iu the c
o - - - *
extreme, From the chandelier to the t
corners of the largo table were stream- e
?rs of white satin ribbon entwined s
with smilax; the centre-pieee was an \
oblong mirror, bordered with white. _
Iilac3 and smilax and sarronnded by ]
fifteen wax candles, representing the ]
fifteen years that Mr. and *Irs. Dos
Portes have be?n married. m
A tnoit eleg&nt .-uppe.- w-? -e.-ved h
toibegaesLt who ft' vtnaJi ruM*.. (
wh:le ihe boute?s and her maid.* <. ?" ?j
honor -at at in? wge t*b!c- Tin- copper
was servec' b> fair v
Tbis reception wr<? ojc ?f ine i^nrt
somept ami nio5t ei'j.?vaDlt; affair* eve." I
given in Winnsboro ".nd ?va- &u r.cca- c
sion that will be ion* rememoeml i
with pleasure by all who were present.
- i
The Best In the World. T
We believe Chamberlain'* Cough
Remedy is the best ia the world. A ?
few weeks ago we suffered with a j
severe cold ana a troublesome congh,
and having read their advertisements 6
in our own and other paper* we pur- 1
chased a bottle to see if it would ef- t
feet us. It cured ns before the bottle
was more than half used. It is the
best modicine out for colds and causrhs. 1
?The Herald, Andersonville, Ind.
For sale by McMaster Co. i
Camp Raines met at 12 m. on Mon- ,
day, April 3, 1899. ?
The eommitt?e.appointed to draft a j
memorial for Comrades Pagan and
G?rig made their report as follows. <
I This camp has learned with pro
found grief that our our two oldest
~^ mmparlfij ViftTP dronDed
from our thin line and will no more
answer to the call of a roll fast dimiu- <
Maj. Jamea Pagan departed this life ?
on the 25th day of November, 1891,
aged 89 years. '
Mr.Frantis Gerig departed this life
onthe2ith day of March, 1899, aged i
82 years. .
Our dep*'-"it comrade?, as soon as
the issues dutragtiog the country *e:e '
removed irom the legislative hills to 1
the battlefield for settlement, answering
with prompt and equal alacrity to ;
the call of daty, at once stepped to the
front in defence, the one of nis native, 1
the other of his adopted country, it
iB tribute enough to both of them to
6ay that within the personal knowledge
of some of us and upon the undisputed
testimony of all in the long
period of storm and fiery trial that
ensued, they bore themselves with
cheertul and steadfast courage, fidelity,
devotion and efficiency that reverses
and calamities could not shake, and
proved themselves ia the unequal
struggle worthy soldiers of the Southern
army that wrought deeds of heroism
the story of which the "world
Kill not willingly let die."
At' the close of the strife they applied
themselves with the same cheerful
spirit and patient fortitude to their
private affairs and the duties of*citizenshio
under new and perplaxiag
conditions, performing these duties
with the genial temper and i:nfa:ling
ourtesy that made ?hem winning pe?*sonaliti'es
As citizens in tbeir icia
tions to public duties they both possessed
sireng ?< nv ctione, utiii flu<f.iced
by selfish consideration, ai d fo :neii<
they were ever trne wi ll inflexible
De.partiug before us, the-, have
borne tn their honored grive; ihe respect
of all, the aumiration ofminv
and the affection of a'l who kne<v them
Resolved, That this camp desires to
bear testimony to affectionate and
reverent regard for these deceased
omrades, who a* soldier* and comrades
#nd friends were true and tried
and honored.
Riiolved, That the State and the
community have sustained a loss in
l;e i\"iQov.i! of cit r.a>niit <o
lerpand r-i duty ?.rd ,>11 ' n:s're?i.
Llid tbe i:?CUllit:JS or til' -.iSiJ) er
)'>nod to Uiem bv lies of . ieudsb5:
aid tae memory ot trials d .rne Tfitb
Resolv.-d, That fbey reverently teD'
lor trt th." tamiiiftK of on dessased
iriends and comrades their s .mpstby,
iDd request 3he Adjutant ' > farnisi
hem with u copy of ihe-c r solutions,
?i. A. G* 'lard,
6. A. W;-ite.
S. R. Joh <8tOD,
The c-->mtr,;Ltee od the dev of Tho*.
\ Ligon m le the followirc report:
V-'herca^; it hath plea?eu ?..od to re?
aove front our ranks ou- comrade
.rid loved brother soldier, 'Thomas P.
j'.gon, and -.uroll him iu the oompany
it those of our number who naregon'e
icj'ore us to ihe Grea.t E[???;- "rer. Be
: ; :"oived:
1. That in the death or: ra r.mr<-'.V
x: e we humbly ho-v io '\v*.
' ' ot aa AH-W ..i- V
iv i Kuowiug tLac '*Ht; < -At a>well,"
(Ja?*;p R.ifv. ?\S ,o>- a
valued member
2 J" ~t >i hiank pNgA t?: 'j ,n:nn .
? - k I*o ascribed to ;ue<p r..
o .at & eopy ol 'tjvc^ m *-'j:u?;,#-.?
ie e- grossed find fo. warded to tn-;
a-uiiy of our deceased bother.
T. B McKf-.strv,
r< T>n4T
?y. v;r. jliujo.,
J, D. Lei trip r.
A committee was appointed to drn.i1
asolations on the death of C pi. A. P.
Miss E G. Dwight wat choseu epcnor.
The iollowiug delegates we e elected
o represent Camp Raine;- at the
Charleston reunion: J3. A Gaiilard,
?hoe. B. McKinstry, Jno. J. Neil.
S A _
"he delegate* were empowereu 10
elect their own. alternates. The
followingnamed comrades were
elected aa a committee supplementary
o the committee already appointed by
Jommander Jennings to ru:?e facds
or the Charleston reunion: i'bos. W,
Vnndward. H. A. Giillard, Jno. D.
IcCarlev, \Y. C. Bealy, R. H. Jenlings.
Bac-Ul?o'8 Arnica Sal?:*.
The Best Salve in the work1. 'or Cnts.
Jraipos, Sows, Ulcers, Sal Rhe^m,
^erer Sores. Tetter, Chapp'-: Han is.
yhiilblaius. * urne, &?>cs ail S:<-n Enip^
;ons, and positively oarer- Pii z, or no
lay required. It is gaaranf.r; d to give
.erfect satiafaction, or rnou<)-, refundPrice
2o ceoift pt?rbox. 'or sale
i/ VfcMastfl- f'30.
The Firs' Presbytery of :h A. II. P
)hurch hdj'!Lrned ac C o'o *ck fu^na?
jternooflj uiur n ui itv*.
lays. Most of the delegate Isft or
be north-bound train. Ma:;v of ibc
lelesatea expressed them-:elvi.>3 as
ueling that it was iheons; pleasant
ession ever held. They enj'-rcd * hei?*
lay in the homes of oor p-.ople, act
heir stay was thoroughly c joyed bj
he people. Most of the wo: ': was o!
i routine character. ^
The subjo-f which prov. :ced mo?-l
!iscns-ion v.ii< ihe propoua o dividt
he Prebb) (cry into (wo. E T.est auc
iloquent spoechcs were mv: i on bott
iae? of tin: subject, oat ir-ai scuoi
vas deferred until the next meeting.
The n?rt meeting will be heid ir
[j-.ccsBter, ard Rev. A. Rogers, o
Rock Hill, will be the mooen-ior.
Rev. J. P. Knox, of Hickur Grove
r?:s appointed a niembe' of ill yo-rr
; .. 'tees of Er kir?e tk> I s f.sk'
i!r . j?re of Rev. -las. JBoj . e v ?ho l.-?<
>cr?-p?. <\ the pres:d?u?y or . >? L>u*
t - JC uunv-?u.
Th-j resolution pr?*etiieJ i-v Rev
-.1. Esvarc-on urn'on with ;; Unit
.Vftwyterhn Church was ) el- rr-;d o j
^ujutitiee-to report at the \> xi. iiif-et
pg . v' . .
A commitise was also app* i-jted v
epoct at the next meeting the Ro
rised Book of Worship.
A commission of ministers aru
ilders was appointed to or< i;;ize tM
Second Church in Charlotte. A hand
lome building is being eroc ed tber<
ier this church, and the p^oppfCto
he Swond Church is bright. '
Mr. J. W Carson, of Pieg^h, If. 0>
ivaa received as a student of theology,
uid preached a trial sermon, whbl
Fra3 sustained as a specimen of pro
troaa Mr Trft flftldtrftll. who hai
?. ? , ?
recently returned from Cu^a, when
ie was a priyate ia the 1st N. C. Vol
mteere.also preaehed a tria. sermon
-vhich waa sustained as a specimen o:
Mr J. AT. 'Rior'ham. of Chfiste
County, proaceed two sermons an<
was licensed to preach the go pel.
Mr Dale, the moderator, preside*
tvith ease and grace, and mi e an cx
:elJent presiding officer.
This is the oldest Preibyierv in tn<
Synod, and will celebrate its r-ue hun
vedth anniversary in 19Q0
The commirtee of arranges nts asl
as to extend 'he thanks of th. congre
jation to the brethren of fie othe
:bucches who so kindly e. ertainet
some of tee delegates.
Having these ministers an- .i-?Iegat<
among u? has been a picas' ro to lb
citizens of Winnsborot_ and the iotsi
est taken in the Presbytery was mad
evident in the ?rowd that was p?-esen
at each meeting.
Dr. Cadi-'s Condition 1'gtvderj
arejas-t what ahorse need? when i
bad condiiiuii. Tonic, blood parifie
and vermifuge.. They are not foo
bat medicire ana the best nse t
put a horse ia prime condifi j. Piic
25 cents per package. Po_- pale b
McMaster Cu,
Tctt?r, S?It-Rhcuin and Ec::en?a.
The inte/le itchiDg and smariiDg it:
cident to these diseases, is instantl
allayed by applying Oba>nberlain:
Xije ano osm viii Tci
bad cases bave been ;??..j'.ly core
by it. It is equally efficient roc- itchin
niles and a favorite remedy for soi
nippies, chapped bands, chilblain;
ro.-t bites and chronic s'-re o\e.
25c- ?. por box. For *a'c by >>cMastc
wi;h a fall eto<*k ot Ca^e:?.- Bar:
Cases nnd Coffins, constantly --n han?
and. nst? or nearse "wneu qRCMt'
for padt patroaaire r.-R?t seize
laiion for a share is th? futv-re, ia ti
id stand
Calls attended to at all benra.
TBfi SLLI??T $ *?F,
rtJe&gS'ifc'-" ' ... ,.-vi.SEr? ... .. Tig?-.;.
T:.i?amgMaanc -,t w '.ac????
; 4 4ff Severe Pai:
'I / DE
I M ^^^?5- ,^X ?1
, y aiew
f ^Gerstle's Fen
m T"A0C?3-. 3?
1 Are taken regularly as directed.
P* tion or constipation "with St. Jose
With falling of the womb and ulcers of 1
% physicians hut they did me no good. I h
i a I find that Gorctie's Female Pana
treatment. I shall continue its use, for
used oniy one bottle and am better alrea
L. GER5TLE & CO., Proprie
' A New '! Co;r>n'w Trciiiment, .c:isisting of
?<JiJFOSi'!'OkIES. Capsuicso: Oiatment and two
E >xcs of <j;;U:.:.. rit. A never-failing cure for Piles
of every nai.urcr.nd degree. Itmakcs an operation
\v th the knife, wuich 15 painful, and often results
ir- death, unnecessary. Why endure this terriM*
o. *easo? VYe rack a Written Guarantee in each
$> Box. No Cu*<\ No Pay. :<<z.and $1 a box, 6 for
Sentbvmoi! Samples free
OINTrSStfT, 25c- and 50c.
f AW^TIPATIfilM Cored, PN?? Prevents, by
\j JKOl Irfl { IUPi jap,acSe Llw PtIHU.tbe
l:iX)OD PURIFIER. Small, mild and pleasant
to take: especially adapted for children's use. 50
k coscs 25 cents.
. FREvial of these famens little Pellets will j
be given with s $1 box or more of Pile Cure.
Nottck?Thk genuine fresh Japanese File
, Cure for s?k only by
J. J. OBEAJR, Druggist,
Winusboro, S. G.
Take N otice.
keep them confined at home or secarely
dazzled witb wire muzzles. Ail do$:8
1 t at have been bitten or suspected to
1 j h ire bean bitted by mad or sup
' p >sed rnad dog*, mast be ifmuediateij|
i killed by tteir owners o*. ibe police
v: ill be rrqnirsd to do &o. . i
' j 4.8 Intendact.
' Lifspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificiallyjtiiges ts the food and aids
ETature in strengthening and reCOn*
1 structing the exhausted digestive or
r gans. It is tne latest cLiscoyereqqjgest?
f ant and tonic, No other pMBKlon
c?.n approach it in efficiency^Mtostantly
relieves and permanentl^^fck
t Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartbornjll
? Flatulence, Sonr Stomach, Nausea,
1 all otherresults of imperfectdigestion.
i Prepared by E. C. DoWitt A Co., Cjjleoflo.
-i f
' i for our
> j w ,Lh vriil .'akt phc-: Friday and Satn.divj
A.p.-i] li'.h asd- 15th. Our
s-"Ck i- ihe largest and best selected
. -wr br<;U2iit to town, embracing the
i 1. tvsl ;:r.vetties iu Trimmed and Uni
t irami'd An^jidless variety of
' . i!drenrs Heidwear, Sailors' Walkii
'i Ha^' ano Bicyc?* Caps.
Xever refcre nave Millinery Goods
^ ]; jke^.
Miss Sug-eaves is a trimmer and
"? bay?r eecond to noae, and will be glad
| to have her friends call and examine
1 h(>r stock. " , -. -
i Do
f Smoke
i or
? * V/ ? iW *? *
: i
* Also a nice Jhe of Pipes and Sraok .
in,' T cco.
o ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ j
r Tnone 39.
d ?
^ ^ ^ i
e I'EINZ'S rhi.i S ane.
" Pickled Onions.
* " Celery Sane?.
" Tomato ra'-sap.
" India Relish.
* " Sa'ad Dressing. y : : 4{
Swegt Mixed in bulk* < i
" SoiJs in bulk.
" Si>l;-eu '"a^urabers ?
^ " Q.ie?n O nes, all sizes.
" Deviled Ol.ves.
se Pine G-rQcerl?s.
SH8S& # aail Whiskey H&bita
curad at home wldZiMr
Sfl6?f cretpein. Book of par- ?> 1
l\g?f a tircUaieat FBKK.
WSSBi^bSrOffi^ lWW??7erSt
ns itt the Back, L
AEEsG-DOWN pains and symp- \
x>ms of a liko nature are forerunlers
of the most distressing and |pj
me most; common. 01 iemaie ais- //
i, Whites and Falling of the Womb. f
cs is often the resnlfc of neglect, \
^hen permitted to'continne fre- zj
tly causes inflammation of the ^
b, the ligaments are weakened \
relaxed and Falling of the Womb aa
other complications arise, pro- H
ig general debility and nndermin- f
n'hftoa lAofhfiejATM/i Mm*
LIC JL ucov Avavuvovu&w ?uv* v?
:ening diseases will be cured and B3
mtire female system built up if \
r bottles of the great female tonic h
lale Panaceas# S
Remove any biliousness, indiges- mm
ph'? Liver Regulator.
;he same. I have been treated by two
ave tried many kinds of medicines and IB
cea benefits me more than all other ^
I wish to recover my health. I have \
IfosAN E. DAVIS, Imboden, Ark. W-,
tors, Chattanooga, Tenn. /'
. i
R. Brandt
in Winnsboro
Wednesday, lj
April 12th.
(Lt&vet on the afternoon train.)
Wlljii iirtJLWU- i? (J Li Li LiLCHJL vr
samples of his stock.
mmw Sash Buckles, 1
nlPiHlnfji) , Shirt Waist Sets with
Pins, in plate and gold, and Link
Parties desiring Spectacles can be
fitted as usual.
ByS. R JOHNSTON.. Esq. Judge Probate
TT7HEBEAS, Mrs. Maggie B. Tari:eVr
hath made suit to me to gr&n:
her letters of administration of tbe ?jg
estate and eilects of John M. Turner, %
deceased: " " '/.
These are thereS^e to cite and ad- jg*
monish all and sing-ala? thgjyndred ai d /
creditors of che saidJofin M.^^umer^y?'
deceased, that they be and agpe&ir
before me, in the Court of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court
House, South Carolina, on tae 21st
day of April next, after publication
hereof, at U o'clock in the foreif
onrr <hnv Kqttj*
UUUilj tu luurv li au; ^uv; awiv?
why the said Administration should
not be granted.
Giren under my hand this 5thr day
f April, Anno Domini 1899. S S.
4-6-2t Jad?e of Probate. .
' . ' i
Don't Worry
your next meal.
r ;
and y#ar worry will be oyar. Ton
mb and ereryimng yon wane in a
- - - . - '
Alwari keep a nice line of
#\ |
Give me a "ring-up" and your order?^?>
will be promptly filled.
J. S. McCarley.
lateness of the season, if I
you prepare land well and
plant seed bought from
us you will probably have
a' better garden than
usual this year.
They are scarce and the
11 irrt nn
?We Sell?
AFR1CANA wfll coze Rheamatism and
r* Scrofcla t? Staj Cnrs*.

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