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a???Mini ' i iiiiimi ^
.?. ? _=c
?81 ?
* vm hsra T.T) (10MPANY,
va ' j .1.1 \j iiuiu ? ?
Oae^raT, ... SI.50
Six i&onths, - - .73
Wednesday. April 19, - - .1899
The Keeiey Motor ha? found a ?uccessor.
Charles Tripler is rrporlod as
having claimed ihar th ee ?ull>n8 0t
liquid air 0-111 pro*tuce-t and has pro- i
duced power eaouih u uuke "en gallons
more. If tt?i? i< true, th u the
theories of scientists wTTT be upset, for
perpetual moiiou will be uoo uupHsbed
The American Machinist (Ma-0*123)
is not inclined to believe the inven i >n
- ^ * T f OuirC
ox iripici* ;i
"Perpe'ual motion is no more to be
found in liquid air than i> anything
else. . . , Although the anicle (mi
McClure'i) was evideutly prep ired
with Mr. Tripler's knowledge and cooperation,
i: is,-after all, mott evi
^ dearly tte work of a professional i
'writer-up' of newspaper a^icle*
who piles up words with equal fa?v l-tyi
upon any eubjecr wiilnut ever embodying
accuracy of statement i?r reliability
of information. Mr. Tiip:cr
is made to sav: 'I hive actually made
about tea gallon*} of liquid air iu my
liquefier by the use oc a'u>ut three
gallons in my engine. Tbere is iherelore
a surplusage of seven gallon* that
has cost me nothing, and wnich I can
use elsewhere for power.' If that is
not perpetual motion, as popu'arly
understood, :hen we do not know
what it is. It is sufficient say ot the
statement that Mr. Dickensou, Mr.
Triplet's moAf. fPKsfed assistant, was
compelled to acknowledge, at * recent
meeting of the Frankliu lostimtf, that
the statement was untrue.
4{We are br no means disposed to
belittle Mr. Tripler's wonderful work
in the prodoctiou of liquid air in practically
unlimited quantity. He tus set
a Dew sjeppin~-stane for the aivatoa
of physical achieDement. We can not
easily believe from what has been revealed
that Mr. Tripler sees much
more than any one else of the path
beyond. The talk of the t?e of liquid
air far the propuUion of steamships
and balloons and similar service is
purely visionary and unwarranted. It
is much to be regretted that Mr. Tripler
baa rowbere given any accurate
information, such as is certainly in his
pDSsession. For iustance, it i? certainly
easily ascertainable h^w much
liquid air can be produced 6y the ex'
penditure of a jive 11 amoant of power.
What objection can there be to letting
the public know this simple fact? Iu
determining the possibilities of liquid
\ air, miking all necessary allowauces
for the cradity of present appliances,
this single fact would give us> a Irnstwcr:hvidea
of the first cost of liqaid
air. Knowiuif a? we do the cabic
capacitv of the air cvlinder of Mr.
Tripltfr's compressor, aud accepting
Mr. Tripler's own statement of the
rale at which the liqaid air is produced,
it is easily demonstrable that os air
compressed 10 1,500 pounds or so, not
one-twentiei]^-aJL|he weight of it is
reaiized asliquidalr.- faat isyof 20
pounds of air compressed, 19 pounds
oTthe "air are thrown away to satisfy
?- '!>? oAi^IfiAno on/3 1 rvnnnrl rvf
LUC bUVUUg WHUIUV-UJ) uun |fuuuv> v>
liquid air, i r less, remains, This
gives an idea of the power economy
of liquid air so far as tbe production
of the liquid is concerned.
"As to the davelopment of powder
from l:qaid air, we only know that
Mr- Tripler has used an unmeasured
quantity of 1 quid air to cause a steam
engine to ran without doing any apdreciable
or measured work. This
' simple experience and a restive imagination
"seem to be all the buiis for
the promises of ?ne rature wiae U9e or
liquid ?ir for power development. If
Mr. Tripler can give us any precise
information st variance with the
?.. above, we will gladly welcome it and
aid in its dissesrnation."
The possibilities of suclMiB-i'uventiou
will occur to apy intelligent reader:
If a fraud, it can very
" eo5Hy~be demonstrated. The Keeley
motor fraud was exposed by testing it,
and all frauds can be pnuctared by a
similar test.
The Germ in pipert think that the
United Stales want the Samoiti Is
lan*s. They are mistaken. TI23 McKin.ey
administration may ?orce the
islands upon the people of lue United
States just as it i> forcing the PhiUipha<?s
upon theoa. In this connection
it may not be oaf of place to recall that
President 'Cleveland during his fir^t
terra and daring bis last term referred
to the Samoan Government and
warned Congress against eutangling
alliances. He predicted that the form
_ _> of government there would n3t prove
stable, and that it would require
warships to keep down a rebellion.
He seem3 .to hare been right as he
generally is when he ventures upon a
predictioa. Mr. Cleveland may have I
besu *rong in some things, bat in
most thing# his judgment has been
Col. brrax'g speech at the one
dollar banquet is one oi his besl. The
war ha* left toe R {publican? in a vu'nerabl*
condition, and Mr. Bryan
made the best of ii. Already the
people are tired of paying the war tax,
and Mr. Bryan struck a popular chord
whe *! he referred to the inouie tax
decision. " iiVhen I waat to be severe
I quote, and when I want to criticise
& supreme court, I quote from a member
of the court," said Mr. Bryau,
"and I am so cautious that I even prem
_ n 1? l
ier co quote s nepuouu&u mwuiuwr i
who cannot possibly be an anarchist,
I because he is a Repuolicau. Justice
| Brown, in his dissenting opinion, used
R thess word*: "I fear that in some
hours of national peril this decision
will rise np to paralyze the arm of the
m m
?L The Best in the World.
K We believe Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is tbe best in the world. A
few weeks ago we suffered with a
severe c*>ldand a troublesome coagh,
and having read their advertisements
in our own and otber papers we purchased
a bottle to see* it' it would effect
us. It cured ns before the buttle
was more than half used. It i? the
best medicine out for colds and coughs.
?The Herald, Andersonville, lad.
For sale bv Monaster Co.
. _ naai?BJMSii?iiiii?ii i iinai
A Cbicigo man interestel on the
s abject of trusts has collected sum? very
interesting statistics, aud the News
ami Courier furnishes the substance of
'hem. A very striking presentment
of the statistics is made as follows:
The Chicago man wears shiits made
by a $100,000,000 trns?, underwear
made by a $30,000,000 trust, shoes by
a $125,000,000 trust, collars by an
$8,003,000 trust, socks by a $30,000,000
trti3i, aud the thread used iu making
his clotbes is mule by a $30,C00,'
000 trust. The oat meal that he eats
is controlled in the markets bp a
n ,nn i ? -fits onnrap fhflt hp
5<J,4W,VW U~U?L| J*uu but/ cu.
spreads over hi3 oat meal is in the
hands of a $40,000,300 trust, and tbe
milk he use3 is controlled by a $10,000,000
trust, crackers by a $55,000,000
trust, and the cost of his flour
bread is fixed by a $150,000,000 trust.
The spoon with which he eats his meal
is made by a $50,000,000 trust. The
lumber in his house is put on the market
by a $20,000,000 trust, bricks by
aa $8,000,000 trust, and tbe paper on
tha walls of hi3 hou?e is made by a
$50,000,000 trust. The bedstead or
which he sleeps is made by a 812,000,'
000 trust, and the carpet on bis fl )or ii
made by a $10,000,000 trust, bi^
! watches by a $20,000,000 trust. Tn<
paper on which he writes to his local
paper a statement of these thiogs is
wale by a $40,000,000 trust. H<
closes his statement by saying thit.
when he die-1, lie expects tJ be buried
in a cofiSu made by an $1S,000,00(
trust, aad t ) have hi? grave markec
by a heii!>*one mad* by a $20,000,C0(
Surely the country is in the tiatid-s <>i
the trusts. The list given above i;
only a few, but it illustrate h jw ripidly
the power of trusts is growing at
the expense of the individual citizen
About the only thing that has not fallen
iuto the hand* of the tru3t is^the
afmosnh'ers. Thsir power is alarm
ing, anl tbe fight against them canuot
"begin too soon.
If we mast have a Republican
President ;n 1S00, we would like tc
see Roosevelt elected. Of course, wc
would prefej a usmocrai ana uuys
that one ^iil be elected. For a clean,
honest administration free from al.
jobbery, R >oseve!t would coni3 nearer
to it than any man in tin Republican
party. While hejis a Republican, b?
is very de.nocraiit> in h:s life. He has
proven himself a big man. He is
bold and brave not only in war, bu
in the affairs of life How aiUcreiii
for instance, was his testimony befon
the beef commission. Many witnessei
seemed afraid that they would te!
something on the ad minis! ration. He
told wbaii he knew and all he knew
Eoosevert-isi j>ne o? the biggest mei
in the country. ^
The Charlotte Observer deyjtes
considerable space, to the great beuc
fits derived from building and loai
associations in Charlotte. It is ih<
experience of all growing towns thai
such organizations are indispensable,
Wh^iwiU*?iausb'Vo make the dis
oorerv ?
Only a beginning having been made
? monntar>tni>in<r i 11 ITjl 1 rfi Alf
iil V.HIVU uiauuiavu ittuQ v..-?-County,
the clipping published else
wher? on the profits made in Green
rille and (hs general good effects o:
the mills maybe eicouragiag t) onr
own people.
Th^ Utvi.'ed Stales Civil Servic<
Commissi n announce* tint a spccia
examica:ion will be held by impost
offioe boa:d of examiners in Columbia.
May 6, commencing at 9 a. m., tor th<
gositions of clerk and carrier in tht
postoffise i;i that c!ty.
Oiiiy citizens of the United States
mav be examined.
Tne fx-imination will c nsiet o"*
spelling arithmetic, lei?? vrititijr,
penmanship, copying from pi i c??p ,
geography of ih&United Sia ant]
reading addresses. The arithmetic
will consis' of tests iu the fundamental
principles, extending as f a as com
mon anu ntjcimai juaunuus suu cuibracing
The age iiraitatio?:~ for I' m examinations
are as follows: (Jlerk, not loss
than IS years; carrier, between 21 and
40 years Applicants f^r earlier must
weijrn at ieast 125 pounds, must be
uot les-i than h ft. 4 m. in neignr, anu
mas-' file -rith their applications a
medical certificate, showing ibem to
be uot nndrr the required weight and
height, and to possess the required
physical quilifications.
j No application rcill be accepted for
I this examination anle-s filed iu^corai
f icilli *V?o Qf fho naof
iV/1 HI IbU IU V ?* l V* MV biiv p vwv
office in Columbia befoietnc hour of
closing husiuess on May 1, 1S99.
Applications should be filed proinotly;
in order that time may remain tor
correction if necessary.
This examination is open to all
citizens of the United States who may
desire to enter the service, a;.d who
comply with the requirements a!l such
persons are invited to apply; but at
reuuuu IS iUVllfU IU WiV laub IUUL ii I?
tlu practice of the Pos'cfibe Department
ira making appointment* to the
grades of cleife and carrier to give
preference to those eligible* who are
legal residents of the city and vicinity
where ihe examination is held. Subject
to this preference applicants will
be examined, graded, and certiGed,
with e:?tire impartiality, and wholly
withoir regard to any consideration
san. their ability as *hown oy the
grade they attain i'i tin examina'ion.
For ap:?iicati >n blanks (For.ns 101
and 119). full instructions, specimen
examination Questions, and informa
lion relative to the dalie* and salaries
of the different position?, apply to the
secretary of ;he board <>f examiners at
the postoffi'ie in Coiuuibia.
Julius A. Krentzlin,
See. Loci] Brd.
Dr. Cady's Condition* Poavders,
arejn-t wnat h horse noeds when in
bad condition. Tonic, b! ?od purifier,
and vermifuge. They are noc food
but medicine ana the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Pi ice
2t> cents per package. For sale by
McMaster (Jo.
On Monday night Mr. J. \Y. Todd
Grand V:ce Picta'or, assisted by Mr.
; L. M. Zetly, Grand Reporter, organized
a or Kuighis of Honor at
this place. The tallowing officers
wt:ru elected:
Past Dictator?(.has. J. Smith.
Dictator?R. B. Lewis.
Vice D.cta'or?Cbas. K. Rabb.
I Assist;.ns Dic'ator?Dr. Henry \V.
H ?uver.
Reporter?George J. Di-riick.
Financial Reporter?A. T. Moore,
i Treasurer?Jas. C. Coleman.
Chaplain?G. Logan Rosborougb.
Guide?John A. DesPortes.
Guardian antl Sentinel?Oliever F.
Trustees?Furman H. McEtcheru,
. Chas. J. Moor:?, G. Logan Rosbor
o 11 x h
At a sccund meeting 1-eld Tuesday
rii4ht several application* for members
ship were received. TLe mc-tnbeis are
vers much intere tvd in the organize
tioi! and iiiages^av win juuh ua?c v/?i&
i of th'j lodges in t!;c State.
We underpaid '.bit Dr. David
i M. Provence. wh,<> left this cimmunity
. last year uiui located in Dirnwell, is
i to return at an early date and resume
s the practice of medicine. Two peti
? tio:is largely signed have besn seat
birn recently urging bis return, and
i his many friends are delighted that he
? has decided to do so.
, | Air. H. \V. DesPories was, on Apr'l
[ 4 h, appointed postmaster at tais
) place. He will take charge of the
| office at oyce.
) The Easter meeting of St. Stephen'?,
iiidgeway, was held at the church on
:! Wednesday, April otb, at 4 p. m. The
; election for officers restated as fol.
t Wardens?N. W. Palmer and Sam!.
. P. Thomas
Vestrymen?I. C. Thomas, R. H.
. McKelvey, H. W. DesPorles, Sr.,
. T. M. Rembert and J no. D. Pdlmcr.
N W. Palmer vras electcd secretary
aud tieasnrer of vestry.
Dalegates to Diocesan Council ?
N. W. Palmer, S. P. Tnomas, Jas. R.
? DasPortss, R. H. McKelvey.
: -Rex- W. N. Tilliughast is speuding
s this week with hi.* parents at Easti
I Mr. Juo. Haynes, who has beeu
f.-k tiii nnm for gr;v<?ral davs.
V'*/JJ UUUV? C" 14 A V ? V . ? ,
is improving.
Capt. T. J. Careton, of Winnsboro,
> was in (own o;i Saturday.
i Mr V II. Ruff went to Columbia on
t Monday.
, Mr. I. C. Thomas ?pent Monday in
; Colombia.
5 Mrs. W. II Hoorer is visiting friends
in Winnsboro.
1 Mr. and Mr>. J. A OesPortes came i
down Sunday on a visit to their daugh- j
. ter, Mrs. J. B. Boyd.
j Mr. Fred Green, a popalar young |
man of Colombia, spent Sunday in j
.1 -c \i? t1 IT P.iKK
10WD, ilJt; gUCSI UJL ."II. ?->. iv. iuuu.
April 11, 1599. J.O.N.
"I do not mind doins away with the
j editorial 'we,'" said Editor Cutting,
?ont when a fellow comes into the
' office with a c!nb and tries to abolish
t the editorial eye, it U a very different
, matter."?Ex.
Our business Budget.
5 Some late figures on southern cotl
ton mill profits are interesting. Mr.
. Hammond, banker, of Greenville, S.
C-, in a published letter, tells of the
remarkable success of the mills in
f tbat section of the Piedmont belt.
Some of Mr. Hammond's stalemeRic;
and other facts regarding miUe-' elsewhere,
are exceedin^ijj^hteresting.
the monntain raDge was the Piedmont,
near Greenvirfe. It cost $100,000,
* plant ancf workiog capital included.
[ .It-now' has a plant cofting $1,250,000,
has paid oat dividends amounting to
more than the capital stock, and is
[ continuing them at the rate of 10 per
CBUl per auuuui. X S suuucsa U15 iu!
spired others, among; them the Reedy
Manufacturing Company, which in
5 ten years has grown from 3,000 to
12,000 spindle, and paid for crery.
tbinsr out of its surplus earnings.
' The Riverside Mills, at Danville, Va.,
, Oig;st? business in 1883, with a capital
-stock of $5,000, and to-day are capi-"
! ralized at $2,000,000, of which $1,000,1
OCOisia preferred stock, which pays
5 per cent semi-annuallv, and $11,000,[
0C0 is in common stock, which pays
. 4 per cent semi-annually.
Af. unmfi nmnfs in ih1? Carolina? tha
' managers will not giro oat thbeir
profit6 for publicat'en, since they don't
eare to tak^ the world into confidential
, relations concerning their business.
There may be such a thing as too
r.uch diviiieud paying and too much
investment of stirp'us in extensions of
: the basinets. Some of the best mills
in the Si/iith bave found themselves
much embarrassed for want of a surplus,
&er aside for tiding over a dull
HPhof rrifko mnnov lon/^*ro
y'AAVL*. iWVljits.0 vuv ~
vi chanoe to "skin" the factory of a
go&d part of its profits, by tacking on
a high rate of inteiest. One or the
grear mills at Columbus, Ga , was
hart in thai .&ay, and in like manner
some of them at Augusta. Thire is
not eucn 'icute demand by stockholders
for a divide of all the profits, as there
was a few years ago, but there i3
quite too much of this, which will,
with time and the t-xperienco time
br.ngs. eure itself
O.ie pari of Banker Hammond's
letter, tha* relating to :he effect the
mills round Greenville have had on
the fanning business, is interesting.
"The building up of tbeco mill villages
has made .-i home market for ?h;
by-products of t!io farm?, >uch as
vege'a^les, poultry, arid so forth,
which heretofore hare not been prolit- !
able, 011 account of the limited demand
for such products. As the resuit,
-oniiijuou* farm lands have doubled
and trebled in vaiue I know of
some instances in the vicini.v of the*e
mills wherj lands that were formerly
worth from $5 to $6 per acre, are nowworth
from $33 to $100 per acre, and
tind increased sa'es at these prices,
while before it could not be sold st
lh3 lower pric^ Another indirect
'a#t that ins i !he price of
lands in th' vie. ?i v ui iii> tni!N is
that thrifty families, e&-.i\nz ^.?od
w^ges a: th; o tton mills, so>n a-xunm- j
late a surplus sufficient bur a good j
farm. Of course, under th??c r.oidi-1
lions, the value of onr bi'sine-fi his
heen ir-creased, an.!, not only !hi.<, out j
farm meihod- have been improved, j
lands ino-c cuvfully tended, belter
| h-mes ere3tei, bDt'er stock and an
| improved condition. generally exists "
I . M Q *
! F 'i frostbites, barns,ind 'leu s>rep, j:
[eczoma, skin disease, and especially |
i Piles, DeWitt's Witch Ilaz -I
stands first and best. L?"??Jc t>ut lor
dishonest people who try jo imitate !
1 anri oanierfcit if, Ii'iS their emior-e- i
rneut of a good article. Worthless <
g.iods are not imitated. Get DeWitt's ' I
Witch Ilazol calve. McMaster Co.
Tiia TTin.-l Yah TTotta Alirars T
In use for over 30 years, lia
?rf and has
| LTowno1
All Counterfeits, Imitations an
periments that trifle "with an
Infants and Children?Esperi<
What Is 0/
j Castoria is a substitute for Cas
v and Soothing Syrups. It is H;
contains neither Opium? Mori
substance. Its age is its guar
and allays Feverishness. It ci
Colic. It relieves Teething- Tr
and Flatulency. It assimilate
Stomach and Bowels, giving- 1
Tlie Children's Panacea?The
genuine CAST*
The Kind You Havi
In Use For Ove
Wfflffl I llll !! ! I1111 II
When many years ago I landed in
Ireland, on mv way to Scotland, Eog- gf
land, and the Contineut, the first thin? ci
I told mv Irish guide was that I wanted 1);
- " - m . 7 . 7 T1. i
to bve an nngusn ruuiu. ne icpuou
that they didn't have any English p<
robins in Ireland; they were all Irish pi
robins. sc
I think I should properly say that a?
what we call the English sparrow i3 p;
not the English sparrow at all, but a to
bird which is found all over Europe, y<
and psrhaps over a large part of Asia, g(
aad has been so found since the days tfc
of Christ, and perhaps some thousands y
of years before Christ appeared on w
earth. r sa
Th& sparrow wa3 first brought to th
this cfeuntry to destroy the loathsome fe
worms which swarmed in the trees of fij
r.nr r>ifioc Tho cnfirrftTTS ?nnihi'j|Jpd I
them, and we have not bad (hem in
cities to any considerable extent since,
though if the sparrows were all killed II
very probably we might have them ca
again. The fparrows iu our cities are Id
at present amuns: our best rcivengers h*
picking up all manner of refuse in the H
street?, which might endanger public of
health, and a good many thousands of cc
children have, flrst and last, obtained gc
much happiness by feeding them on C<
old wiutrfdays whin the gcuiod ri.w to
OjCu coV''r:;d with s:*ow. fr
In ie^ard to the methods proposed ar
for destroying them, if poison is used se
tnere will be much danger that rats ev
will eat the poisoned birds and go into ev
some of our houses to die. Tbere will G
be considerable dauger al60 that cats di
will be poisoned from eating them, ar
and perhaps stray dogs, and aaffej^-1?
| very painful death, .and it is aorfm-J
pos'-iVe that seme oM^wrr^oisou-d i
hirri^ inav flrwl theic^-^av intn snmp. nf I i
oar retail ra^t^T If* on (he oiber ar
hand, it-Hi' propose 1 to kiil them by
sho^Juhg, then a :;ood many other 0r
bird-! will bs likely to be shot, and an
perhaps some cats, dogs, cattle, horse*, tb
and possibly hnmau being*. ]i(
It h is been charged tbat epnrro-.vs
kill other birds. I do not believe any- 8U
body ever >aw any other bird t'iMt had an
dtjcu kiiiea oy a sparrow, jl nive re- i ap
ceived many letters from people who ^
tell ins; that sparrows live happily with t0
other birds, an 1 that where there a e bc
no sparrows other birds are quiie a? a9
scarce a* in places where the sparrows an
livr1. My impre-cioa is that the scarci- m
ty of sotig birds is caused by (he bird- dr
hunters who kill them for millinery dj
purposes aud for f ^od. I have before ??]
m3 at this moment a letter ja?t received
from a jrentlcmaa who says
tV>.*? hA CO ..r !n XT yrrr ill ntiA
morirng more than one liuudr. (1 dead fe,
robins offered for ?ale by a c ?Innd in
boy. th
Another poini worth considering is th
that the sparrows eat many moths, mil- ag
lers and microbes before the other birds or
'jet here in the spring, and continue eat- cu
ing them to a greater or less extent tir
thtoiuh ihe summer. I ihink the So
Alini^h y erca-ed 'he sparrows for a ^
good purpose and thnt ihey are useful, P*}
and 1 f.-ed thrm everyday in wiorer
w!jc:i I think they need food. - Geo T.
A'ige!i hi Oir Dumb Animals.
Parsnip Complexion. j h"
Ii do :iot requite ail expert to d : I* j
tect me MifTert-r fV>vii fcidncv trouble r..
The hollow c'?cck.c, thn -unken e\ ?;p, t-=<
the dark, pnffv circ!e-? under the eyes, an
the fallow pirsni /-olorert c unplexion o!
indicates ir. in
A phveioian would ask if you had ?
rheumatism, a dull pain or acbe in the
back or over th;: hip?, st-m jch trou- j
bio, desire to urinate nftsn, or a bnrn- (y
:og or scalding in passr.g if; ir arter
paesiug (licre um u isa:i-Q 'rl feeling (C j
as ir it mu t i>e at o.'.-o repeaed. or iJ ^ <
the nriue has a brick diw ?S?p >>ii ur
Str ng odor. J
Wfi??i t.hes-! *yri?pr .m? arc present, ^
110 turn.- s:.onld bj loai in removing the ^ (
caiis-i. Mi
De:>iv ma Itvul 10 gr.vc', catarrh of T (
the L'i.ifltiv.r, ififi iminuiuii, causing
tton-KiL' . ;i:.! s )::ie imes reaairi.Mjr ;ho 4(
d:'u?ivin_if ! ili-11 ilit- a :th instruments, | jf 1
or mi1. Uri^tii's Di-easc, the I N *
m<s <! ; <j: roti' ttige of kidney trou- ft 1
b;? " k J
l>i. Kiiuierr!t Swamp-Roor, ?th? j lc
groat d' -covftry of Hie eminent kidney ft I
an ! bi i'kler specidisr, is a positive k*
remedy tor >uch diseases. Its repata'ioii
i* wo:-i(!-wide a.id it is a) easy 7 i
to get ni any drugstore that no one '
need suffisr any length of Urns for J c
want of it. f k
However, i:' you prefer to fir.-t test ^
its wonderful merits, mention the J
X--ws and Herald and write lo Dr. ?
Iv lmcr & Co., Binghatmon, X. Y., """"
for a siiu;;I" brvtlo :i? d book telling
ail abouf it, oo'h te ;t absolutely ;ree
is the man or woman who ri
can eat a good hearty meal without ^|j
suffering afterward. If you cannot at<
do it, take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. ^
T.t uigests whal you eat, and cures all sici
forms of Dyspepsia and Indigestion. Pr'c
M>.Vfasfpr Co. vva
, , a ^ Vit:
For a quick remedy and one that is and
perfectly safe for children let us recorn- :ci
mend One Minnie Cough Cure. It is Pe^
excellent for croup, hoarseness, tick- neti
ling in the throat and coughs. HeMaster
? mm i?a?waga??ec?a?
ngkt, and Tviiicli iias "been
s boriie tlie signature of
7\rt/v-*\ 'rv>n/I r\ nr^.'l <\t? fiiC T\AT*?
MvV;ii iilltKV UUUV^ JULAIC7 ?/v* ,
jcrvision since its infancy.
one to deccive you in this,
d Substitutes are but Ex- 1
d endanger tlie health of
incc against Experiment.
tor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
armless and Pleasant. It *
jhine nor other Narcotic ]
antee. It destroys Worms
ires Diarrhoea and "Wind ?
oubles, cures Constipation J
s the Food, regulates the
lealthy and natural sleep.
Mother's Friend. (
) Always Bought
sr 30 Years.
?n??- *. ?*
wnxr th ttkt p vniTR T()W\.
Push it, lalk about it, write about it,
jea'< well abont it, help improve it,
lokn the croaker, beautify the streets,
itronize its merchant?, advertise in
a newspaper?, prefer home enter- i
rise always. s;>eak well of its ciiter- 1
rising men; if yen can't think of
>me good to say keep quiet; if \oa
c rich invest in something to em- ,
oy somebody; be a hustler, be cour
ous to strangers that come among .
;u so that they will 20 away with a '
)k1 impression; always cheer np ]
le men that go in for improvements,
our portion of the cost will only be
hat is just. Don't kick about neces- ,
try public improvements because J
ey are not a*, your own door or for
ar that your taxe3 might be raised
ftcen cents.?Edeefisld Advertiser.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curta:n, Plainii;ld,
1 mol-flc- fKa c^olomonf fVisf 1
1*4 tuaa^o tuo oiuiv/uivu^ UUMW VMW
,ught cold, which settled on her
ngs: she was treated for a month by
:r family physician, but grew worse,
e told her she was a hopeless victim
conspiration and that no medicine
?nld cnre her. Her druggist sugisted
Dr. Kind's New Discovery for
jnsnmption; she bought a bottle and
her delight found herself benefited 1
o;n fijs' close. She continued us use
id after taking six bottles, fonncl her)f
sound and Well; now does her ^
Vii housework, and is as wejLae-?iTe^
er was. Free trial JbotlTe? of this f
reat Discovery-at""McMaster Co.'s
ug store. J^tfge bottles 50 cents
id 6 1
Do \ouknow any one who is a
rge fruit consumer who is a drunkd?
If you do, I do not and wh' ? t
I9 a conversation with a physician
1 tbis^nKr^ he admitted the fact
id justitie-./ ii x t'u this reason that
e desire among horticulturists for '
lu-r is, comparatively speaking, un10yn
io those liviug largely on
bacid frn't, that one of the mildest
id speediest cures for the liquor
petite is a habitual fruit diet,
notber fays that the eating of tomae3
wi'h salt by one addicted to a!c>die
beverages will soon make liquor
a beverage offensive, undrink&ble
id ungrateful to the stomach, so
nch po that it wiil nauseate wliar
n?;k. If so this is the chcape?t rcme
yet offered and should supplant the
iceley cure "
Shake Into Tour Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the
st. It cures painful, swollen, smartg,
nervous feet and instantly takes
e sting out of corns and bunions. Its
e greatest comfort discovery of the
c. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight
new shoes feci easy. It is a certain
re for Chilblains, sweating, callous,
ed, aching feet.' Try it to-day.
>ia Dy an druggists anu suoc swres.
T mail for 25c. in stamps. Trial
ckage FREE. Address, Allen S.
msted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Tm c*'ch a srecp, te zi wirh the
jfit hand by the iiiud leg above ihe
ck The rress.m e upon t h-i sinew
jve 'he lnck j?ir:t partly z-r* the
r lor a ino:nenf. and the sheep will
p!v f:riu*g e Toe loft hand >>h?uld
:ii be slipped around the breist,
d the shp|ph?rd has perfect control
the 1 oaviest sheep without pulling
the least upon the w??
98. (
The above figures tell a remark-^
ible story: they represent almost k
exactly the percentage of cures j
nade by v
Rheumacide ^
he wonderful new constitutional r
>ure for RHEUMATISM. Thetk
)ther two per cent, were not cura- 2
)le, or failed to take medicine ac- r
:ording to directions. Thousands a lave
been cured. In view of the 1
act that many physicians think r
:liat rheumatism is incurable, and k
hat most remedies fail, it must be
rue that RHEUMACIDE is the f
greatest medical discovery of the (jv
tge. Particulars and testimonials v *
>f many well known people scut r
rpptonll annlicants. A ''
ifilSctief %" THE BOBBITT DRUG } *
CO., fialeigli, N. C. r ?'
Sold in Winnsboro by McMastcr ^
Co., and by Druggists generally. ? ,i
Price $1 per bottle. ^
S?S 5?^ th
sily,Quickly, Permanently Restored fo
:e to rire Insomnia, Fits, Dizziness, Hysteria,
vous Debility, Lost Vitality. Seminal Losses,
ling Memory?the result of Over-work, Worrv,
:ness. Errors of Youth or Over-indulgence.
:e 50c. snc si; o coxes so.
01 quick, positive and lasting results in S^'-al
afcr.ess, Imootencv. Nervous IVhilitv c id i.nr-t
ility. use YELLOW LAPEL SPECIAL double ^
ngth - v. ill give strength an<Mo:ie to every part -W
effect \ permanent cure. Cheapest crd best r.j
Pills $*. by mail. i
REE?A bottle of the famous Japanese Liver _
els will be given with a ?t b.?x or more o: Mzgc
Ncrvire. irec. Sold only by
J.J. OBEAR, Druggist,
Winnsboro, S. C.s,
" ?.The demand for our new m<
^resenting more radical impro\
prices bring these standard ma
T<- VAO/^ I* 4?/\ VlJ A
xl is Always lcauv iv> uut wv,v,
jle or scil the clothing because
lever cramps or twists under s
lave improved frame conneetic
Vi6th-inch chamfered chain, b
Price $50.
:ontain many improvements, ii
panders, and crank-shaft const
ire built of excellent material
nrear of a new bicycle at a mod
See oar artistic Cataloene. Q
Booklets, Folders, etc.
ihould see what we have to offer.
;han ever. We hive a Urge stock and
One of thebargain9 is in Black Gold I
Medal Dress Goods under the usual!
price. Also a fine variety of Colored j
"v--? t* i - o:tl r : ? ..j
Lrres? VJUUU?, 011** iui is auu
Trimmings, China Silks* Tiflfeta Silks,
?onr de Soi Satin for skirts. ^ ;
This department is more complete th:
ityiiah and up-to-dae. We offer yon t!
New styles in Li'lies' Shoes, Oxford
ma saaa&i*.
New stock of our splendid $2.00 and
fS 00 Shoe " men.
An) thing, you want in Shoes and
he best at low prices.
We are better prepared to please y?n
rude with us. We sell th? best goods j
The Caldwell Dry
to pay. Our business is
money's worth, no matter ^
what we do. We are i
ceited, exactly, but m
we have put all the br
have into securing the *
shoes in all the differen
-i ? i
ana we Know 11 your s>u</
is spent here you get t
for your money.
650 Pairs Mens Pant.'
150 Pairs Boys' .Pants
230 Pairs Knee Pants
Q. D.
. +>mmwrwmmmmm*mmmmmmmmmmm> ?
W. A. W.
The rfgisteied sialdon W. A. W
i'l be at the Mab!e? in rear of Mr.
cnry Kefo's store Fr'div and Sarnriv
of each week ; balnitc? of time 0:1
le farm lie is seven jesr* c!d, bay, ]
ith black points. Ha3 trood b ?ne
id muscle; no blemish or defect- He [
kind in disposition and a pcr/ect j
uulster. His sire is the celebrated i
ed Wilkes His dam, B->sy Baker,1!
as -ired by Dictator, who was the I<
re of Jay-E\e-$<*?, 2 10, of Direc'.or,!
07, of ihe invincible Dirermm, 2.C4,
e grattd?ire of Nancy Hank', the
ietn of trotters, and f e fire of m*DV
- ,
new ('XTPrrie sfitru.
Terms, $15.00 to in<nre roan with
a). For extended pedigree and ceried
record address
4.4iilauyl Winnnb ro, S C.
On farming lai d?. E-?t>r piyOKntg.
n coronm-ious >ar^ed. Borrower;
lvs actna! <vt of perfecting loan. I
iterest 8 per c*nt. l_
Columbia, S. C., I
or A. S. k W. I). DOUGLASS, |
10-4 Wion^boro, S. C 1
^ Vei
xiels is entirely without preced(
rementsjin cycle construction tha
chines within the reach vf all.
ause the running gear takes can
it has no chain. The best hill
trains. Price $75.
>ns, specially cut syrockets whicl
lack and gold rims aud other
lcluding frames of the latest de
ruction which does away with th<
and are in every way adapted
erate cost. Men's, $25; Ladies'
IH & DAVIS, Apt)!, Tiuita.
- t
We have a greater variety of geodi
many bargains that wiii pay yon to sef.
This it a griii season for Wash
Goode. We hare then in great variety
and very pretty. Fiqnw, white ana
colored, price 8c. and np; Organdie*,
Dotted Mall, Madras. IriHiants,eti.
?Vn"r rinor Print* a* Sc. mnd 40-inch
Baiiste Clotb at 6*e. are good b?rfiiaa.
White Gfods of all ?orta and pretty
Embroideries, Lacei' and Braids t?
match them. "
1 QPl 1
&n ever before. The good* *re new,
be beat at reasonable prices. !
New styles in Negligee Shirts tha?
are pretty and cheap. New style Col*
Tars. A beautiful line of Gents' Tits,
and Bows in Spring colon. * ^
We bare a room devoted entirely1 Ur
Clothing now. We can please th iif
a suit from stock or take your measure*
and bare it made for yon.
than ever before. It will pay yo?-to
it the lowest prices. ...
Goods Company..
I 'lgg=^l
may be limited to a dollar
and a half, or it may reach !
rt ? <
the tive dollar mane?
that's your business?you know
what you can afford '
to see that you get your
vhat you pay. Axvi tWs
aot con- n ! |
5 from 25c. to #6.50. !
num iv c
from 200. to $1.50. c
Don't Worry \
four next meal* )
Mid year worry will be ortr. Toa
;au find everything you want in a
Always keep a nica lint ?f
and |
and ^
Give m? a "rinf-np" and yonr order
rill be promptly filled.
J, S. McCarley. /
_ _ - v5>^(nBBh
; ; J
int. This is because we aM
,n ever before, while our neS
; of itself. Nothing to eataa
-climber because bevel-gearioj jj
LS )
i prevent sliding of the chain *
new and distinctive teatures
sign, flush, joints, internal ex*. y
e keyed-on crank. Price $3$
to those who desire tiie first 3
ro$2e. v
[artford, Conn. J
An Ordinance
?. . *
Grant nsr Permission to the kmtdmM
TeUphene and Telegraph Covpofcy ^
of Bcath Carolina, its SaMessoft aM ? ^
tsifna, to Construct, Operate ail >
Maintain its lines of Telephone an4
Telegraph upon, along, orer aid under
toe Highways and Streets tf
the Town of Winntboro, Oomty of
lairlkld sad State of tenth Carolina.
Section 1 Be it crdairud by tie Tows y
Council of Wlansboro, Cosoty of
Fairfield and Suit of South Carolina,
that the Amercan Telephone aad Tele*
graph Company of South Careliiu.itp
successors and assigns be, aad tfcf r&
tame it hereby, granted the right; *
privilege and authority te construct,
operate and maintain its lines ot teItDhone
and telesrrsnb. inefedlng the -i
necesiarr pole?, wires and fixtures- -?
upon, along, over and ondcr tfce highway*
and streets of said town of
Winnsboro npon the terms aid coniK
Hons hereinafter provided. - .
Section 2. The said Company shalK ^
establish eeooeotionin said tow* wife
its Haas end saifttaiu same as tag *e'
the net expense of maintaining ?*ei?
connection in said town doee not ?*- ,
eeed the gross receipts derived therefrom,
Sectiou 3. All poles sball be erected j
tinder the direction and laperrisfen of ^
the Committee on Streets, whieti committee
shall designate the strcetsuptm ^
which sneh poles shall be ertptsd*
always allowing Mud Cempeaf re*' (
sooable facilities for reaching toel =*
points as its business may rrfuirt; ?
and all streets and sidewalks that tatf y'be
disturbed or damaged, In theco#- ^>1
struetion of the said lines, tfcftll M ^ promptly
replaeed and repaired by tie -% 4
said < ompaav at its own espenset and ^ #
to the satisfaction of tfiesiid CswlK;
im ou Strtett, a?d til pofe*
ne*t, lymmetrical and ?o ^
not to infterfera with tha pablte
?aid highways or itrteti.
Section 4. Said Company fbatt M J
aabjtot to ordinaiae^-^&sJfofeilMt fr^gj|
that may heraaftar piiinrTiilltjTl
to lh?oa? of the public Mghwatji pr 'M
itfMt* flf thft t?y lA*n ryf WiinUAHL -H
Seetfon 5, Hotting in thiaOrdiianee- P
contained shall fee eonatraed |d knit X
to the said Company an axciisiie: <?
franchise and the said Town Coinefl !?
hereby reserves the rifht to grant Jt?' -J
like aoniMt to any otLer cemjpajr,; y.[
person or persons for like parpeses. * * *
geefion 7. Said Company shall bold ' U
said town free and harmless from ail ' - i
damages, or claims for damages^ aril- '
ing by reason of the erection or aegtt*
lent maintenance of said line*.
Seetion 7. This (Jrdinaooe shall tp
In force and effest from and after i%?
passage. *' .
Done in Conncil this fifth day otf
April, A. D. 1899. " -
[r. sC] J AS. E. CO AN, v.
Iotentett. * I
At'eit: JNO. J. NEIL, " J
4-8 Cleric of Cotntll.
mm 1
KENTUCKY MULES at myttiblec / 'N
o Winniboro, from three to five year%J
>l<i. These males can be boaght cfceaf ~ \
or c&sn or on ?ooa Dansaoie paper, < .
jayable in the Fall. Come one, o?m?
ill wbo need good males. I will ex- >
itanze them for broken down su'ei t
ir plug male'-.
L also have a few good Marts ttd *
x aple of good Saddle ilor>*s, on* ^
if* Two-horse Wa^on an4 one jo?-4 ;
xcond-band Boggv. ?
I also keep on hand a few
u<l will sell them cheap for ink or
x-ibangt them for dr* cattle. Always
cady tor a trade.
I bare engaged Mr. 8. B. Cft4W?
'ORD for the season, and he win bt
leaded to sea any aid all of bis ?ai>j j
Wiautb*ro, 8. C.
rilk * fnll iterk uf Pulr*ii
&M8 ud Cofi*a, WMIMUTAB hied*,
nd Tiiw of bow* whca
Makfml for^^i p*u%>utx<t **4 toS?K
ttio.n for a AtN Hi tfrt ia U?
Id ftasd
Calls atUnded (o %: iY. lem*.
? /
TH flLLI?7T 9W ?BP,
"" y3

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