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Wednesday, AprH 19, - - 1809
?B. Brandt, the Chester jeweic.-,
will be in Ridgewaj on Tbur:*dav,
April 30 Read hi." ad.
?Prt!**.riptionb tilled prompt L- at
John H McMaster k Uo.'s Fer nrge?t
calls insr np telephone No 39.
?Md?wter Co. are selling Irish
potatoes and seeds of rarions kind*.
rA TQli lappij or garden seeusaiwa/o
^ on band.
?Mr. S. Brandt, ol Jbester, was in
town on Wednesday with samples 01
his Jarjfe flock of jewelry, silverware,
kz.y from his Chester store.
"Gri*e a liver regulator and lean
^ regulate tn? world," said a geoius.
The druggist banded him a bottle of
DiWitr'n Little Earl? Risers, the
f*81006 iiitie pills. McMasrerCo.
?M. W. Doty & Co. haye a number
of farm iopiements which they will
sell cheap. The*e include cotfoa plan
tera, grain cradles, etc. A leu buggies
ani other vehicles. Read their ad.
?Milliner y, pattern hat?, latest
sailor'* trimmed and untrimmed hats
in variety, with a miliicer fully pos.ed
in styles, etc., and prices to suit the
times. I wait your trader
Mrs. Boag.
?Q. D. Vfilliford has a large line
of paats for boys and .men, all sizes
ani at all prices. He alio hsi a supply
of overalls. If yon wart shoes,
it both biack and tan, call and see his
?-Mrs F. H. Habenicht has on band
a lies of goods from Kalamazoo.
These are eelery in every shape and
form aud aro put ap in the most attractive
way. Get a recipe book and
sample of gaods.
Before the discovery of One Minute
Cough Core, ministers were greatly
disturbed by coughing congregations.
No excuse lor it now. McMaster Uo.
?Ob Friday night, at the Thespian
Hall the .musical for the benefit of the
( " A. S. P. Church will be given, and it
A is koped that a large audience will be
present The hear of the concert and
the programme will be published
?Card* ire; outj'annottnciog the
marriage of Mist Mary Edna Mills to
? Mr.Garnet 2bea Fryorafc Blackotock
^ on May 3rd. The ceremony iwill take
place in._ the Fresbyterian Choreh.
Miss Mill# iii a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. K. S.Hilli.
?Lieut. .'Richard McMaiter, U. 6.
k, A., is now oa his way to San Fran*
cisco, from which placets will sail on
the l$tk iast. for^M&nila wiih the
Sixth U. 8. Artillery. Lieut. McMastsrhaa-been
for some time stationed
at aaaray post near Baltimore.
. e*
??jtanx isroms, a bob oi i^u?ruo
G?irs, a highly respectable colored
citizen oi this piece, died at his borne
here on Tnursday and was buried on
Friday afternoon. He was a member
of the fire company and hit fellow firemen
attended the fnaeral in a body.
J. Sheer, Sedalia, Ho., conductor on
electric street car line, writes that his
little daigkter was very low with
crohp, and her life sated after all physicians
had failed, only by using One
?Minute Caugh Cure. McMaster Co.
W-?- *??!? W?i/?W arkft il V?ll
| ""?? AUU1V II il{UII| Tl ?w ?? 11
known to .oar townspeople, has charge
of the department of the Angela
. Chronicle deroted to woman and eom
, clity and i? making a great snece:3 of
her work. Her writings are bright,
L clerer, and entertaining and are highly
creditfeble to the joiog writer.
?The Chester Lantern says that Mr.
W. L. Dickey, oi' Biackatock. think?
that the blackberry bnsbes have oeen
trills fhi* ia nnTOttVrtma TIOW8 fdV
AUIV uu n V4WIMV ? ? ?
>v since &11 of the other fruit hat been
killed, blackberries would hart been
more appreciated thai ever before.
We hope that Mr. Dickey is mistaken.
Col. D. D. Gaillard and Mr). Gaillard
who hare been in Cienfaegoi,
Cuba, hare returned to the United
State*. Tha Third Regiment U. 6.
Volunteers of which Col. Gaillard was
ia command has bees disbanded.
Before being ordered 10 s new post
Cel. Gaillard will be greeted a leave
of absence.
?Baring engaged the services of
^ 3?iss Callan, who has had several
years' experience as milliner in Baltimore,
I will be prepared to olfer upto-date
hat-J and novelties of the season
in the millinery line, and respectfully
solicit the patronage friends and
patrons have heretofore given me.
Mrs. Boag.
?The News and Cearier announces
that the beautiful volumes of Timrod's
poems will be out in a few days and it
is to be hoped that Fairfield will not
!be behind any of the other counties in
the State in the number o 1! volames
aold. Thete books are said to be very
pretty and all of our people should
. get them'
?Mr. Theodore Qaattlebaum, son of
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Qaattlcbaam, has |
raceatly graduated from the Nashville I
Medical College and is now a full-j
tedded M. D. Dr. Qaattlebaum is a
youag man possessed of many fine
4oalfties and his many friends wish
him great success in the practice of
his profession.
?A little, negro about ten years old,
^ named Jehn Wesley Rileigb, was
?i?t? ?
(Ha/lug wuu ft UlULUi uu eaiuiuaj
afternoon, when it went oS, the ball
going through hi? left eye. A pby"
sician wae summoned bat the child
kr was dead when the doctor reached
|| him. The negro lited on Mr. Ladd
Milling's place.
?The house occupied by Rev. J. A.
^ Tillman, pastor of the colored Presbyterian
Chttrch) came near beiDg destroys
1 by ?r? early on Monday morning.
1 >r|nnately the fire was discor red
in .;me and extinguished before
it had i xde much headway. The
V \ - origan of e fire is unknown, but the
opinion of Tne is that it was incec
diary, while others attribute it to rats.
?Cards are out announcing the approaching
marriage of Mr. George R.
t- Rembert to Miss Annie Iredell Jones,
f Columbia. The wadding takes
place on the 2oth inst. in Trinity
Church. Miss Jones is a daughter of
Capt. and Mrs. Allen Jon 8 and is
well known here. Mr. Rembert is
-a nephew of Mr. Thje. Rembert, of
A stubborn ce'd is easily taken; it
sticks to some people all winter and
very often develops into bronchitis or
consumption. You should cure a cold
promptly by taking Dr. Ball's Cough
Syrr-.a This celebrated remedy is acknowledged
to be most efficient and
reliable lor all affections of the throat
and lungs. It cures a cold at once.
Cough Syrup
Promptly cum Stubborn Colds.
Doses are cnall snd plet?ant to take. Doctors
recomnesdit. Price 25 cents. At all druggist*.
?The Caldwell Dry Goods Co.
have bought a large ftock of spring
goods and they invite yoa to inspect
their goods before yoa do your shopping.
Their millinery department is
complete, the goods are beautifal and
styiish, and the prices the lowest.
Shoes for both men and women at
low prices and everyone can be suited.
They are prepared to please, and you
should give them a call. See their ad.
If you have a cough, throat irritation,
weak lungs, pain in the chest,
difficult breathing, croup or hoarse*
ness, let as suggest; One Minute Cough
Cure. Always reliable and safe. McMaster
& Co.
?An oratorical contest is to be held
at 2Erakine College on the night of
Friday, April 28th, in which the following
colleges will be represented:
Clemson, Furman, WofFord, Clinton
and Erskine. The speaking i? to take
place in the large auditorium and a
tremendous crowd is expected to be
present. One of the judges is to be
Hon. James Wileon, a member of
President McKinley's cabinet.
?A sensible husband said to bis
wife the other day, "Jane, don't spend I
a cent with merchants who don't ad- j
rertise." The wife who is a business |
woman, replied. "You oid goose, Ij
learned better long ago than to go
where I was not invited. You would i
be an old bachelor now if you had
not inyitecMfre to be your wife. Catch
me going to a store without as invitation.
T cness not."
?A North Carolina camp ot Confederate
Veterans is making an effort
to raise funds for the purpose of defraying
the expenses .of veterans who
wish to attend the great reunion and
who ean not afford to go. This is
real charity and some of the camps in
this State should follow their example,
for there must be many of our old
soldiers who will be unable on account
of lack of money to attend the
?We learn from the Lancaster
Ledger that the bridge of the L. & C. J
Railroad, which was recently burned, |
is to be replaced by an iron bridge^
and it is hoped to have it completed
within ninety days. Passengers are
now being transferred across the river
by means of a flat. Capt. C. S.
Dwight is to'have charge of the rebuilding
of this bridge, the one burned j
having been built by Htm a number 01
years ago.
Bheumacide it a thorough, permanent,
constitutional cure for rheumatism.
The acids in the blood which
cause the disease arejthoroughly eradicated.
Is also the, best blood purifier,
laxative and tonic.
? WehaTe received a copy of HeCall's
Magazine, a fashion magazine
published in New York Ci'v. It is a
valuable paper, containing handsome j
colored plates, and io addition to j
fashion notes it contains household {
hints, fancy work, notes on current |
topics and populir fiction, and the j
patterns that are illustrated are sold at,
the ver? low prices of 10 and 15 cents. |
This magazine is published by The
McCall Company, 1S8 to 146 West 14th
street, New York, and the price is 50
csnts a year.
?It was reported that a mad dog
ran through town on Tuesday. It is a
hard matter to learn the real truth
about these so-called mad dogs, for
there are always some excitable,
nervous people who are ready to believe
that every dog that appears on
the streets has hydrophobia. It is a
dangerous thing for a dog to show
himself on the streets now, for all
dogs are looked upon with suspicion.
Itjs, of course, best for people not to
ran any risks, bnt if the orders of the
intend&nt is obeyed there will be very
little danger.
?A meeting of the Womans' Home
Missionary Society was held at the
Methodist Church on Tuesday and
much fcusiaess of importance wa3
; transacted. A number of ladies were
present and great interest in the work
that has bcsn undertaken was manifested.
After the roll was called the
ladies discussed way a and means ot
doiDg good, and committees were appointed
to take charge ot different
branches of the work. The ladies dts
fcll'B IU Iktxp tuc laULUljr upciauic-) oup
plied with good reading matter, aud
they ask all who have books, magazines,
religions papers, and any other
good reading matter that they don't
care to keep, to send them every
Saturday morning to Miss Francis
Creigbt, who iwill Bee that they are
distributed. As a way ot raising
funds to assist in building the chapel
it bas been decided togi"e a missionary
for Over Fifty Years.
VT?e il'Twernw'o SArtrnrvn Svprp
iUIW* '? Aiiown u wvJkUMiv %. *
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes ths child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor little anfferer
immediately. Sold by druggists iu
every part of the world. Twenty-fire
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing' Syrup,"
and take no other kind* 1-1-17
Cam? Rlon, U. C. V., will meet on
Wednesday, April 19th, at 3 o'clock
u. m. All members are requested to
be present, as this will be the l&st
meeting; before the reunion in Charleston.
Business of importance to be
tranacted. George W. Moore,
Ridevr&y, 8. C. Adjutant,
\ There will be a basinets meeting of
(lie eur?iv:>ra <> iae sum uegimeot
rtn iSstnrday, April 29rh, in Wionsl)or<?.
Ths members aie earnestly requested
to be on band, as important
b:i*iness ?ii! be traneaeted.
1 T. W. Woodward,
Prtf. Fairfield Div Gth Regt. Snrvii
Tors' As.-ocistion.
I Bea?3 tio /> Tbi KM -3 Have Always Bought
! o:?.... /Tr //<? X
; TT*
The annual election for iuteudant
! and w*ruens for the town of Biack!
K?.ck waa held on Monday, April 3rd.
j The election gave promise of being a
i v<-rv quiet affair, but very ?oon after
iopening the polls it became evident
j that two tickets were in the field, and
until (be official count showed tbat the
old copncil had been re-elected to a
man, it woald have been hard to tell
which wonld be the successful one.
Tie council is composed of the following
gentlemen: A Ivlacdonald, in'tendar.t;
wardens?J. D. Mobley,
! Victor Ward, D. M. Mobley and H.
A. Holder. X. Y.
In almost every neighborhood there
i8 some on" whose life has been saved
by liian&b r Iain's Colic, Cholera and
Dlan W? n^mt-dy, or who has been
cared of chronic diarrhoea by the use
of that mecl.cine. Such persons make
& poinl of telling of it whenever opportunity
offers, hoping that it may be
the means of saving other lives. For
salo.by McMaater Co.
0;i Saturday night at about nine
| o'clock the large barn on Mr. A. WilliI
ford's plantation. about two miles
from towa, was destroyed by fire. In
the barn were about' fifteen males,
fifteea or twenty head of cattle, 1,000
bashels of cotton seed and several
hundred pounds of hay. The people
who diseovered the fire succeeded in
saviog iha mules and cattle, but the
hi; and other things in the barn were
[destroyed. Mr. Williford does not
know how the fire-originated, bnt does
not think that it was incendiary.
The fire was a very large one and
the whole town was illuminated. The
bam was not insured and the lost is
Robbed the Grave.
a dtflrminor incident of which Mr
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him as follows:
"I was in a most dreadfol condition.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes
sunken, tongue coated, pain continually
in back and sides, no appetite?
gradutlly growing weaker day Dy day.
Three physicians had given me up.
Fortunately, a friend advised trying
'Electric Bitters,' and to my great joy
and surprise, the first bottle made a
decided* improvement. I continued
their use for three weeks, and am now
a well msn. I know they saved my
life and robbed the grave of auother
victim." No one should fail to try
them. Only 50- cents per bottle at
McMaster Co.'s drug store. 6
Hon. E. B. Ragadale was in Columbia
on Sunday.
Mr. A. E. Lsgare, of Columbia, was
in town Monday.
Mr. E. W. Hanahan hai returned
from Richmond; Ya.
Mrs. Henry Hoover returned to
Ridgeiray on Thursday.
Mis? Eleanor DesPortes has returned
io he- home in Ridjre^ay.
Miss Besaie Booster, of Cola.- ift,
is visiting Miss Luuise Herron.
Mrs. A. G. Brice, of Chesttr, is
| visiting at Mr. W. H. Flenniken'a.
Mrs. W. H. Raff and Mist Isabel
Ruff returned to Ridgeway on Monday.
Kov. J. JJ. uroni ana iamuy i?it uu
Monday for Lexiogton where they
will risit relatives.
Mi?s Bes?ie Cnllen, ^"Baltimore,
arrived Thursday to take charge of
Mrs. Boag's millinery department.
Mi9s Mason, of Connecticut, who
h_s been spending some time in Winng*
boro, left on Monday for Tryon, 2ff. C.
Misses Lnla McLeod and Rath Dor
man, the popular teachers of Lebauou,
and Mr. and Mrs Robert Stewart, of
Greecbriar, spent Saturday in town.
These were visitors of Mrs. J. D. McCarley.
Bears the Kind Yen Hara Ahrays Bought
It is a sad and sorrowing message to
all who enjoyed the friendship of oar
dear beloved friend Mr. Johu Turner
to learn of his sad death. He wa9 a
noble young man, fall ef all good
qualitias and one of the best of husbands,
sons and brothers. His place
will be hard to fill. It is so hfcrd to
realize that or.e so bright and active in
business of life should now be numbered
with the dead. His memory
will ha enshrined iu the hearts of all
that knew him, for he was a noble
specimen of man.
"Johnnie, thou w~s mild and lovely,
Gentle as the sammer breeze,
Gentle as the air of evening,
When it floats among the trees.
Peaceml by thy silent slumber;
Peaceful ia the grave so low;
Thon no more will join oar number,
Thou no more our song shall know.
Dearest Johnnie, thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
Bet in God that hast bereft ns,
He ca? all oar sorrows heal,
i Y=t again we hope to meet thee,
When tbe day ot lire bat ilea,
Then in heaven with joy to greet
There no farewell tear is sbed."
ApiillO, 1899. M.A.U.
Remarkable Curesf Rheumatism.
Kenxa, Jackson Co., W. Va.
Ah^nt three years ago nay wife had
an attack of rheumatism which confined
her to her bed^for over a month
and rendered her nm^hle to walk a
step without assistance, her limbs
bei>?g swolien to double their normal
siz?. Mr. S. Maddox insisted on my
using Chamberlain'Pain Balm. "I
purchased a ?it>-ceut bottle and used
it-according to the directions and tbe
, ntxi morning she walked to breakfast
without assistance in any manner, and
*>he his not had a similar afe&sk since.
?A. B. Parsons. For Bfcjhg McMaster
Co. MA
bas'often been styled the cause of d^tb j
in persons who Have long lingered in
disease. The amazing work which the
heart regularly performs would certainly
pre-suppose its breaking down. The most
active climber can raise himself 100G
feet in an hour, the best locomotive
4000 feet and the heart
20,000 feet. To preserve its wA
energies in full glow and force,
Pabst Malt Extract, The^^?Mgjp
I ttagm V? f
er without rich supplies ef blood. The
heart is the great engine of the body.
Keep it going, steadily, easily, persistently,
unto a ripe old age.
Philadelphia, Pa.
I bare used your Malt Extract where a " Best"
tonic seemed to be Indicated, and the results have
proved ouite satisfactory. Where a malt preparation
is required, I shall not hesitate to surest the use of
INrpKcuuta. THOS. SHRINES, M. D.
At all drug stores.
Of Mt. Zion Institute for Month Ending
April 14, 1898.
First Grade.
Diitiugulahed?Deesie Clarka.
Highly Distinguished ? Margaret
Second Grade.
Distinguished?IiabelJe Wylie.
Third Grade.
Distinguished?Campbell Wylie.
Highly DUtinguisbed-Tom Stewart.
Fourth Grade.
Distinguished?Willie Doty, John
Harden, Margaret Simpson.
Highly Distinguished?Ja?. Bryton,
David Lauderdale.
Fifth Grade.
Distinguished?Jas. Douglass, Eraeat
Propst, Ella Be*ty, Maud Willingham.
Highly Distinguished?Geo. Landerdale,
Leila Beaty, Isabel Gooding,
M. E. Qaattlebaam, Ethel Ragsdale,
Ammie Sitgrcaves, Mollie Smith.
Sixth Grade.
Distinguished -Floride Martin, Willi*
Highly Distinguished?Chaa. Brice,
Laura Donglasi, Btssie Porter, Theo.
Rabb, Annie Robertson, Rosa Ten
Seventh Grade.
Distinguished?Bratlon Davis, John
Hinnant, Edwin McDonald.
Highly Distinguished?Jas. Brice,
Gilliard Ellison, Leila Brockingten,
Kctherine Flenniken, Margaret Flenniken,
Nell Gcoding, Eloise Propet,
Johnnie Tennant, Henry Robertson.
Eighth Grade.
uisiin^aisueu--.auuje J-'uij'i ocbsig
Milling, Anna Belle Stcwarl.
Distinguished?Robt. Gooding, G?o.
McCanis, Anna Beaty, Carrie Lyles,
Nannie Mobtey, Pearl Perter, Mary
Highly Distinguished?Mary Mobi
Di.stinguibhed ? Louise McMaster,
Jeannetie Stewart.
Highly Distiiiguished-Daysie Breckington,
Helen Stewart.
" Distinguished?Mamie Ellison, Matj|
tie Martin, V ry Matthews.
Ae the &easuu of the year when
pneumonia, la grippe, sore throat,
coughs, colds, catarrh, bronchitis and
? ?o r>rk t r\ Ka ar* <itrQ ' r?Cf
1UU? t" WUUiO aic i\7 uo uai v4s.vt
notb rig "is a fine substitute," wiil
"answer the purpose," or i# {'jast a?
goo-:'* i1 One .Minnie Congh ^.ure.
Th i the one infallible remedy for
al> ii ir. bmator bronchial troubles
Infci . vigorously upon having it if
"som thing els?i" is offered you. McMa^ier
C >.
Council Chambeb, ?
Winniboro, 9. 0. $
Th following statement, by th?
Clerk of CoaQcii, of the receipts and
expenditure? of the town of Winnsboro,
for the municipal year com*
mencing April 12, 1898, and ending
April 12, 1899, was presented to the
Council on the 14th inst., and ordered
to be published:
John J. Neil, Clerk of Couneil, in Atcount
with the Town of Winnsboro.
1898. Dr. '
April 12. To cash bal. on
hand $1,516 23
To ami. received taxes 1895.. S 55
T? amt. received taxes 1896.. 5 98
j To amt. received taxes 1897.. 756 19
To amt. received taxes I8y?.. i,3ou va
To amt. receiv'd from licenses
and rent of market 258 55
To amt. received from fines.. 179 75
To amt. recaived from Dispensary
profits 518 08
MGQZ & 13. JZ *~1
"We have three chPtJr-n. Before the
birth of the last one is v v.^iod soar bottles
of MOTHER'S FRlzKD. ) iyou had tie
pictures of our children, yen could see at I
a g ance that tte 1 .zt c:::
is healthiest, prettiest mi \
finest-looking of ihe..:..!;. !
My wile mints jnKuc Friend
Is the ?reaU :
and grandest /-t\It
remedy in the U
world for expect- cy^^. jjjjjllf I]
ant mothers."?
Written by a Ken- r\
tncky Attorney-at
rniryD prevents nine-tenths of the j
8 18 a L B 0 suffering: incident to child1 M
birth, '^h; coming mother's
disposition and temper rcmJa unruffled
throughout the ordeal, because this relaxing1,
penetrating liniment relieves the
usual distress. A gcod-m-ured mother
is pretty sure to have a gocd-n \ turcd child.
The patient is kept in a s;r:::g, health}
condition, which t'je child al>o inherits.
Mover's Friend takes a wif: through th<;
crisis quickly and albeit pai^icssiy. II
! assists in her rapid recovery, and ware's
Off the dangers ih..t so often follow
! Sold by drufjists for $! a bottle.
Send for our free illustrated book writtefl
expressly fof expectant mother*.
To amt. receiredfiom miscellrneoui
eourcrs 122 85
Tola! $1,711 16
By amt. paid regular police. .$ 831 85
By amt paid improvement 011
streets 679 52
By amt. /and appropriated to
Mt. Zion College 6t0 00
By amt. iuterest on rown
bonds,1897 490 00
By amt. interest on town
bond?,1898 490 00
By amt. supplies for fire department
489 34
By ami. street lamp?, etc . 140 72
? - % i * . . i i;a aa
By ami. cierK'? eaiary.. .. ?ov vu
By amt. part of Intendant's
alarv 65 00
Byamt. salary engineer and
assistant steam fire engine. 150 00
Byamt. counsel's salary.... SO 00
By amt. extra police 60 30
By amt. printing 47 50
By ami. keeper town clock.. 35 00
By amt. improvement park.. 57 93
By amt. lamplighter 108 00
By amt. street worker 108 00
By amt. racciae virns and expense
quarantine 3G 10
By amt. registration and e!e?>
UVll i. WW
By aijnt. aii'cereueons 52 92
B* amt market teiepbono.... 10 00
April 12. Cash bal. in bauk.. 47 OS
Total $4 711 16
John J. Nei!,
April 14, 1899.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hava Always Bought
Bears the
Slgaatnr? of
Rldgeway Enjoys a Delightful Comedy.
TWwxp/^fltf ninrVif fViO flf
V/u muioua; uiguu vuw ?..>?
Ridgeway were delighted by ihe performance
of "Finrigan's Fortune."
Tha play was produced by ths Ridgeway
Dramatic Ciab, which by the
way is a bright aggregation of theatrical
For a long time expectation wag on
the que vire and great interest had
been awakened in this play, and the
1 " J A. 11 ? ,-a
enorc 01 muse eugagcu iuht a fapaid
by the large audience which
greeted their appearance on Thursday
It was perhaps the largest audience
that has assembled in Ridgeway on
such an occasion tor many a day. The
home was crowded and enthusiastic,
and well might they be; the play was
in itself a strong one, and was in
every respect all that could be desiied.
It was a good play well rendered.
One ieldom has the good fortune to
see so much good acting among amateurs.
Taken all in all this rendition
of "Finnigan's Fortune" reflect great
credit on the psrformers and the town.
Mr. McEachern, in the title roll, was
eminently a suscess. jus every worti
and geatare showed his thorough appreciation
and comprehension of the
character he was impersonating., At
times he became pathetic and held his
auditors by the spell of his fart, and
yet again he tonched the springs of
wit and hnmor, which brought forth
Jake, the keeper of a first-claes
Dutch saloon, was without doubt a
most happy and artistic impersonation,
and Mr. George Moore, in this character,
gave evidence of histrionic talent
of the highest degree. Jake's advent
was from first to last the eignal of
mirth and applause.
And now what can w-t say rf preny
winsome little K*ty thai ti-1 doev.n
faint justice to the cnnrmbg p->: tray.' i
of rhis character ?* aor^i by
Miss Sarah Co!?ina:i? We wi onbsaj
that when she ?tsppp '> before
the footlights she S" wr-n t-e heart*
of the entire andierico 'hat
when the curtain tell ou Lue h?; act
the whole house, like Patrick, vrai in
love with the sweet little Dutch girl.
Lady H&nna, coo, won laurels for
herself, and it will be long before
those who saw Miss Marie Moore in
this character will forget the thrill of
pleasure they felt whenever she appeared.
Messrs. A. T. Moore as Raffety,
Ed. Boyd as Patrick, R. M.
Bolick ai Count de Morney. sustained
the different parts in which they were
tcifh craat skill and are de
?? ? O -
serving of the highest praise. Bat
when all were so good, if it can be
said that one excelled, it is to Mrs.
Blair the palm belongs. In the role
of Mrs. Finnigan Mrs. Blair gave
evidence of theatrical ability of the
highest order. From the moment the
curtain went up until its fill she
caught aiid held the eympatny oime
audience. This presentation of Mrs.
Blair's was indeed the perfec:ion <?1
art assisted by beauty. It was difficult
for the beholder to decide whether
to art, beauty. r>- grace was du; to tli?
sensation" of p.easare, wonder and
ajmirai o t which crer and ano t took
possession of rh*i fnind as we baheid
the fioe perlorramc? Lw, anger,
i pride aad disappointment were ei :h
' in tnra touched and portrave 1 bv ibis
gifted performer. Neve- over done,
never nnder done, bnt aiways true to
nature and to art sbe was.
The play was a tine one -.ve I rendered
and all praise is due Lo rh who
carried it to such a successful fi.iish.
The success won in the past should be
an incentive for efforts in the future,
and we hope thit "Finnigan's
Fortune" will not be the last of the
entertainment* which we will have
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Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
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pay required. It is guaranteed to give
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9Q. rrice za ceo it> per ul-a. : w?. oau
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Totter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense itching ?iud smarting incident
to these diseases, isins'auth
illayed by applying Oha?ntierteiii'i
E\e and Skin Oimnisn:. M in? v^rbad
casc-s Iv.ve b^e-i i)frmancntircnrr>:
bv it. It is equally efficient 1ori chim
piles and a favorite remedy for <-or<
nipples, chapped hands, chilblain?
frost bites and chronic sore eyes
25cta. per box. For 6ale by McMastei
xo w a y
ill - I A \\F?
j 1 u %% ^
| ?|| After you have tri<
@A other preparations, ai
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gX ""'(O. IT
fi IT WILL c\
| @? L. GERSTLE & CO., <
' Sole Manufacturers
?1The l?f of May \vil!fe> toe
dip:>tinu?e. It was a; fhsr thought
tiut Mr. okinuer would nu've iu and
i tike possession of his new qiarfers on
tio 15th of this month bU' -h'S plan .
ha - been changed.
?Messrs. White and Walter Brice i
were summoned to their mother's bed- ;
side 0:1 Saturday. She was sufferiog ;
from a stroke of paralysis. Just how '
serious is the nature of the case, tfe J
have not learned. Mrs. Bdcs is at
the house of her daugb:er, Mrs.
:? T.onforn
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A Vigorous Body.
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Hair to its Yo*. 'afal Color. ,
(Vjr.s f*iip etttn*.-, hair telYLLfr Q
YANKEE) 1(1 r 0
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Shipped C. O. I>. oa approval.
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"Winnshorn. S. C. L
For Sale. j
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i * * ij r t?t t rn?t
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By 8. Ji. JOHNSTON, Esq., J edge Probai* :
WHEREAS, Mrs. Mag/.e B. Turner j
hath made suit to oae to ijrant |
her letters of administration of the i
estate and effects of John M. Turner, j
These are therefore to c te and admonish
all and singalar the kindred and ,
creditors of the said John \I. Turner,
dccaased, th*t they be nd appear {
before me, in the Court of Pro- ?
bate, to be held at Fairfield Court
House, South Carolina, on the 21it
day of April next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore- t
noon, to show cause, if any they have, i
why tne said Administration should
not be granted. 2
Given under my hand this 5th day t
of April, Anno Domini 1S99.
S. R. JOHNSTON, . ! 3
4-6-2t Judge oi Probate*. !
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of of tb^e goods from Kala(
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Call for recipe bookai.fi =amp!c.
i I
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Chattanooga, Tenn. 92 1
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1RENCH RUN: .".: V ;-rocnces the i.bove result
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ajan for Lu^r.SsS or .'e ??si!y carried is
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posed mad dog.*, most be immediately- ^
tilled by their owners 0'. tbe policM^
(" ill be required to do so.
J AS. E.JS)A^m
3. Brandt . lj||
in Ridgeway
fhursday, :Jjj
April zuin.
(Leaves on the afternoon train.)
ft samples of his stock.
DPPTilO* Ladies' S.^h Backlrs,
iiSvlIflLuU . Shirt Waist ifet* with ^
ins, in plate and gold, and Link v ^
Parties desiring Spectacles can b? -J
[ted as usual.
TTnmliirntin T!tn
uraG, mii.
lased the interest of the estate of F.x ^
erigf deceased, in the stock of goods
r Gerig & Seigler, and solicits the M
-3?* 1?Z2S
sue 01 me peupie ujl jc&uuciu uvuuir- 1m,
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Faraiif Mplemts j
f all kinds, and everything found l|l
The trade of the friends and ens- %
uners of Gerig k Seller is folly ap?
reciated, and the undersigned hopes >.
ley may find it to their interests 10 .,J?
jntiune their bnsiness relations with
Otfles IJte M Again. >|
-X grocery line:=H^8y?-^-Md-~edl? .Vr^i
lore foods tor CASH than any other
ore in town. He believes in x
it Sate ail kli Profits:i
is his motto. If yon want FINE >
ROCESIES give htm a calhand be
Dnvinced. Has ^
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Hot Biscuit '
and Butter -4
IToold make a man strike his mother.
i n ihPiDinv ir pa
j. 1/. uilj'jiihlm a m -||
irish potatoes,
25c. per peck, >5
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jolden ".1
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BEANS ; ;|
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ri'- - v
|| The Equitable
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k of the United States. J
Sjl The management of tbe
m Eqaiiable Life Assurance Society M
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& Ahilifv* to renreaenl ite mm
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' successful soliciting. There nofl
jj? business r>r profession not rfl
quiring capiul which is roor^g|fl
j|? rcuner*::ive than
SP conducted
& ilv.
^ whodjA

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