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'S-~r:- ' * .
OaeSTwr, ... #1.50
?Ik - - .75
Wednes lay, April 26*. - - 1899
Englan-i has been ia the expansion
business & l>i??f tluie, a id wlut the
Eagli.h Netr-ipape-s hive tosav about
it is to a xrea' exte.i' aath xitatire
because ih^ opinion* are expre3sjc!
noon experience. *Tne London Tiinis
says: 4\A innc'n graver mttt? r is the
reports 1 (ii-fejntent of rh: African
soldiers, but here itls? a I countries
pursuing a foreign policy, hive hid
?.?r, 1 ?;,h
the same atiacauy iu wucum m-u,
and no donbt the United States will
? soon flud it advisable to imitate European
mtaiures and to enlist a regular
fore j for the ptrpose of "holding
the Philippines. Foreign possessions
cannot be held by volnnteers " This
is doubtless correct in the uiain. No
one djnfrts that t^e American volunteer
will dj hl<s duty wherever placed,
bat a? tiev justly say tbey enliated to
free the Philipines and not to fight
~ " . .. . . 1 1 i
gjg)^ them. It is natural mat mey snjum
P^Qt feclauy interest io these islands on
Blether tide of the world, and when
jet away from them, it will
be sMrd matter to get them back
there a) soldiers. A cabinet member
is reported as living thit a call will
not be made ju?t uov i'-*- vJk&st&rz
to g?to the Philippines, and thit in
hia pinion, the inurgents will soon
find it quite a different thing fighting
Americans from 'fighting Spania: ds.
Contrary to this we seem to be following
the late of Spain in the islands.
Gen Lawton says that he could march
with bis brigade from one end of the
Taiand AfT.nyym tr? the other, bat that
he could not hold I be positions captared.
Voluiteeri will become tired
; of boldiug pDiit:oo9 merely to gratify
the greed of the land grabbers. Iu a
year their lerm of enlistment will have
expired, and more volauteers will be
^ required. For the Philippines alone
it w estimated thit 100,000 troop3 will
be need to hold the islands and keep
down rebsllions, even after Aquinaldo
hw been conquered. Where will these
wnlan.'Mrj from? We do not
thiak tbey will be easily obtained, and
in consequents & standing aruiy of
100,000 irill have to be maintained to
hold oar new possessions in ihe far
oast, and Porto Rico will hive to be
cared for. We shall likely fiud as
England has done thit it does not pay
to own territory in the tropics. That
jt. they are a never ending 8oarce. of
triable, and instead of paying the
home government, they are a dead
5^~expfeav#. lj'jrtunately some power i?
left with the people in the United
States, and tiny may have something
to sav about our new foreign policy.
The Columbia State under the head
of "Give Us,a Rest," asks the News
and Courier not to publish 'Suggestions"
for ^office jast now. The people
of the State, excluding all of the
politicians of course, will join in the
protest, agaiust starting a political
campaign now. This is an off year.
Tt ! a? been a Ion? time since we have
bad a real off year in politics, and the
people ought to be allowed to make
this a real off year and enj >y it. They
have more profitable things to think
about than politics. It is all right to
discuss the important federal questions,
for they seem tar off, aud we can talk
about tbem without gettiog mad. Bnt
by ail means, let's have a rest on State
politics, and especially State candidates.
The newspapers can do a great deai
towards giving the State a rest. They
should not encourage the prematare
announcement Of candidates, and
should try to interest the people iu
soaaethiBg else. We have plenty of
-* ! - A ~ _ iu.
lime co onog out esuumaws iur me
Goremor's office and other desirable
place*. They can tbe found cn very
_ ^ Short notice, and it will be an easy
matter for the candidates to find
friend* to suggest them in 1900. In
the meantime, the people are interested
in the wonderful revival of railroad
building and the growth of manufac
J j - t -l! at
caring mauscrzes, auu auuve au tucv
are interested in the solution of the
problem of 4-cent cotton. Newspapers
will always find interested
readers on these subjects. There is
another view of the matter. Newspapers
too often give politicians free
advertisement. Why should one, who
is hardly known ootside of his immediate
neighborhood, be given a
column or so in a newspaper circulating
his views with'the real object of
announcing hi^ candidacy for office.
If newspapers would charge "for such
things just as they do regular advertisers
fewer interviews "with prominent
politicians" would appear, and we
would be spared a surfeit of politic3.
Yea, give us a rest.
I A Narrow E*cape.
4 . Thankful words written by Mrs.
? Ada E. Hart, of Groton, S. D. "Was
\ taken with a bad cold which settled on
* my lung6; cough set in and finally
terminated in Consumption. Fonr
doctors gave me up, saying I could
live but a short time. I gave myself
up to my Savior, determined if I con Id
not stay with my friends on earth, I
wonld meet my absent ones above.
^ My hnsband was advised to get Dr.
1 _ - King's New Discovery fc r Consumption,
Cough# and Colds. I gave it a
trial, took in alJ eight bottles. It has
coied me, and thank God I am saved
and now a well and healthy woman."
Trial bottles free at McMasrer Co.'js
dru?r store. Regular size 50c. and
$1.00. Guaranteed or price refunded. 1
f It is hard to believe thit the Araeri-!
j can soldiera who write hoim that they j
| are killing women and li Ue children !
j ia the Philippines are telling the truth, j
i The burning, we easily believe, for;1
'hat was done by the American i
j soldiers a little more than thirty j
! vo?ra aorn on Americansoil. One j
soldier, writes: "We bombarded i
a place called Malabon and tlien >
went in and killed every native ,
j we met, men, womsn and children, j
j It was a ^dreadful sight the killing of !
the poor creatures.'* A large element J
J ia the American army are sensation-!
alists and there may be no truth in j
sach statements, bat when Gen. j
Shatter savs that one half of the popu
lation of the Philippines mast De i
killed before they can be ruled, we j
are aom?wbat prepared to believe that ;
i this policy is being cirried out. We '
I mu?t sot forget that the pretexc tor j
J fighting Spain was that the war iu j
Caba Tras a shack to ihj civilized j
* * ^ * ? * l\M^ on I
j world, ana we iaieri.eicu w ^u<, ,
i end to it. If the statements of our i
own soldiers are true, then the !
McKinley administration is guilty of j
just a? ba-baruu3 methods as Spain.
What a fall! The United States once !
posing as '.be great"peacemaker of the i
j world now murders women *nd j
children to satisfy greed.
Suppose some European power :
turns on u6 for sake of humanity and j
mm I
Thi report published ia the News >
and ('our er recently to the effect thv :
T.Mmork >i f .rin?ll ft COill
OCUA' \J I 1 filiUMU M kM > >
binatioa with Gen. M. C. Butler to :
defeat Senator McLaurin for tbc !
senate four years hence, is generally j
disbelieved in South Carolina. Till- j
man is too shrewd a politician to be- :
come a party to snch a clumsy scheme, !
which would inevitably eveuuate iu !
biS OWU UOVVUia.l. oiUiJitui ui ui't; .
have hurt himself politically by voting J
for the peace treaty, but he "has too
many friends in South Carolina to be J
easily vanquished fmm tha political
arena", ana s man with Tillman'a experience
and judgment would hardly
undertake the job.
Well, really hasn't Senator Tillman
about as much as he can do to attend J
to his own election? Et-Senator j
Bntler is about out of politics in this j
The official statistics of the weather
contradict the asserfcioa that the climate
has changed, bat i he average
mac fee! that the winters last longer I
and are severer.
Ocr correspondents have not been
?1? Wa nnnrkACA f V* Q t tVlAV '
WrillUg laiCI}* MC OUJk/^V3V IUMI.
are busv p-epariag for a croj>.
If you suffer from tenderness or
faliBess on the right side, pains unier
shoulder-blade, constipation, biliousness,
sick-headache, an! feel dull,
heavy and sleepy your liver 'n torpid
and congested. "De Wilt's Little Early
Risers will care you promptly, pleasantly
and permanently by removing
the congestion and causing ihe bile
<ir>M-a in onp.n and flow naturallv.
They are good pills. McMaster Co.
A pleasant occasion, and one that
will long be remembered by those who
"attended^ took place Friday evening at
tbe Hop school house. Qaite a crowd
assembled to wituess the c'.osing exercises,
which were well conducted.
Each child acquitted itself well, refleeting
the carefal training throughout
of their efficient youug teacher,
Miss Allie Kerr. The stage was taste
fully decorated with evergreens and
flowers, and with the. pretty costumes
of the players made apleasim? pictnre.
The priz* offered b.* Mi-s AUie for
good deportmsMt wa* w?m by Snsie
Clownoy. Wfth a fitting s^ex'iMr
Clowney presented the b mtifol
album j-i?: before the curtain t^ll tor
i tho Jqot t-ma S^mo interested ner
sons who could not a-lend miy appreciate
the program, wbich# we give
be!ow: j
Vacation Song?by the school.
Vacation Days?Robert CI >wncy.
Schoo] Diys?Dialogue?^lsie and
Leila Bolin, Callie Crowde * 1 W^?ley
"Mr., Mrs. and Miss Humbug" Dialogue?Sallie
Bjlin, Botiire Crowder
and Eunice Clowney.
"Blind Man's Buff"?Eddie Crowded
Dennis and Robert Ciowncy,
Robert Yongue, Wa!t?r Jeakins and
Rannie Bolin. 3
"Forcing a Conversation"?two oid
maids?Clara Estes and Ju'ia CIowney.
"Sketcbcs from a May Scene"?
T? l J- T> /i_ TT<:^..
rier&iue, ijeuiiie uiunuui , uuut, x jw.rie
Wilkes; Hebe, Sallie Bolin; Iris,
VictorinYo-'gae; Diaua,Lu!a Yongue;
Vena?, Daisy Crowder.
Three Graces?Mary and Cornelia
Yongae and Florence Jenkine.
Flower Girls?Forget-Me-Not, Leila
Bolin; Hyacinth, Clara Estes; Ivy,
Susie Bolin; Saowdrop, Julia Clowney;
Bine Bell. Callie Crowder; Rose,
Maggie Clowncy; Lily, Llettie Clowney;
Violet, Grace Jame*.
Seasons?Spring, Lizzie Stephenson;
Summer. Mamie Crowder; Autumn,
Pinkie Bolin; Winter, Susi? Clowney;
Flora, Eunice Clowney.
Song?Tra !a?by fchool. S.
April 32, 1899.
How to Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with
your water and let it stand twentyfour
hours: a sediment .or settling
indicate?! an unhealthy condition of
the kidneys; if it stains your iioeu it
i* evidence of kiduey trouble; t">o
frequent desire to pass it or pain in
the back is aUo convincing proof that
the kidnevs and bladder are out of
! There is nomfort in the knowledge
so often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy
fulfills every wish in cnring rheumatism,
pain in the back, kidneys, liver,
bladder and every part of the urinary
passages. It corrects inability to hold
water and scalding pain in passing if,
or bad effects following nte of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled
to go often doling tke day, and togtt
np manv times daring the night. The
mild and toe extraordinary eff?ct of
Swamp-llcot is soon realized. It
j 6ta.iici^ t tie tvgaesc ior ns wonuenn; i
carcs of U>r moet distressing cases if
yon i;eed a mtdicitie yon should hive
the b^t. At druggi.-ts fifty cents-or
one dollar.
You m iy have a sample bottle and a
book that tells more about ir, both
sent absolutely free by mail, if you
send vour address to Dr. Kilmer Sc
j Co , Bicghamton, N. Y. When writj
itiir be sure and mention thit yon read
| this generou-offer in The News and
Herald. ?
It is always the aita of Prof Brown
and the icaohers of the music department
to make tha annual concert one
of.the beat ot the year. Thi3 year,
the*.), it was the usual success.
The Cecelia Chores always has an
iaips>rtant position on this occasion,
a:;d the girls belonging to the Chorus
sh nv that the/ arid Professor Brown
have not been idling daring the weekly
r/i.-etrSiS* whicli they have been h}ldiu?
throu^hoat the year; they show,
too, ih-it iheir director has considered
n^it'cpr n-itienc-i ncr time in his careful
"V'",v* r ?
and tlnrougu training.
The selections this year wore parlicalarly
pleasing, and the Cborus was
repeatedly encored. The gir's were
pleased when after ihe last son/ Prof.
B.own di-unisjed tbern saying: {,You
sr.*y ye now; Pen proud uf you!"
F,.rih.i m>uo held up to theClnrus
throughout tbe year says: "Nothing
fchort of perftc i ?n." And Mr. Brown
is. S'iraewhat responsible for such a
mono! Th2y iud kept this motto in
mhid on this pa-ncu'.ar n'ght. Tae
audience was pieavrd, PiOf. Brown
was gratifi;J aid (he girls delighted
w.th the gratification and p'easure
th-y Ir.d given (md a little pleised
Tire following is the program for
the eveniBg:
Two Pianos. Overture ? Merry
Wives of Windsor. Nicolai. Misses
Roach, Elil}, McArthur and Jones.
Chorus. Cridal Chorus?from "Rose
\iaidei " Cowen. Cecelia Chorus.
Violin Solo. Reverie Op. 22. Vieuxlemps.
Miss Mary C. Davis.
Aria He is kind, be is good (Heriodaide).
Ma^sanet. Mrs. Wade R.
Piano Soli. a. Goudoliera Liszt.
b. Pierrette?aii de Ballet. Chaminale.
Miss Sophie Dwight Whilden.
Chorus. The Three Chifers. Than.
Cecgiia Chorus.
Aria. (Barber of Seville). Rassini.
Miss M&E*^Iarcella Souther.
t""~ riano Solo. Spanish Caprice Op. 37.
Moszhowski. Mis3 Margaret Hope
Roach. x
Violin Silo. Hungarian Dance, Nj.
2. Brams-Joachiai. Miss Davis,
rih^rn^. Th-? Rustic Dance. Re6ch.
| Cecelia Chorus.
j Songs, a. Glim i* iha N'glit. Bohm.
: b. My Laddie" Neidlinger. c. WithI
out Thee. d'Hardelot. ~Mre. Brovrn.
Piano Solo. Polonaise B flit major
Op. 9. Paderewski. Miss Ethel Vernon
Songs, a. How cm I forget you!
| Deuza. c. Burst, ye apple bads,
i F.marr. Miss Sonther.
Chorus. The Gypsies. Schumann.
Cecelia Chorus.Accompanist
for tho Ceceiia Chorus,
Miss Sophie Whilden.
The first number on the program
was much enjoyed.
Mi^s Davis played the '"Reverie"
with grace and beautiful expression.
The piano pieces by Miss Whilden
were artistic aod well played. Siae
deserved the applause which wa3 lavished
upon her.
The beautiful songs sung respectively
by Mrs. Brown and Misg Souther
held the audience spell-bound. We
seldom hear better or more pitasing
voices than Airs. Brown's beautifa!
rich contralto and Miss Souther's clear
The "Polon-iise" by Miss Nance was
1 enjjyed, as was als) the piano solo by
I \tz? r>^ .
Afier the concert there was a reception,
which every on? enjoyed.
Daring the past week the college
was visiccd by Mr. McMahan, our
Slate saperinienaeni 01 Ji-aucauon.
He visited the class-rooms and took
the greatest interest in the work going
on in the collegc. The address he
made te the Winthrop Literary Society
was enpyed bv all. The deep interest
be fakes in schools and education gives
the assurance ot better schools and
belter advantages for education. The
Fairfield eirls Doinled to him with
pride saying, "He is a Fairfield man."
Souie of us are counting the davs
before our next holiday, which is the
12th of May. We hope to have on
that day a pleasant trip, of which more
anon. Nelle.
Rock Hill, Ap-il 19, 1899.
m m ??
The Sure La Grippe Cure.
There is no ase suffering from this
dreadful malady, if you will only get
! the riffht rsmedv. You are havinsr
pain til through your body, your liver
is out of order, have 110 appetite, no
lif?> or ambition, have a bad cold, in
fact .are completely used up. Electric
Bitters is the only remedy that will
give yon prompt and sure relief. They
act directly on your Liver, Stomach
and Kidneys, tone up the whole system
anu iuaK*j you iee? iiKe a new ueiu^.
They are guaranteed to care or price
refunded. For sale at McMaster Co.'s
drug store, only 50 ceuts per bottle. 1
Farmers have been quite busy during
the pretty weather preparing the
; soil for seed. Grain is looking well.
1 XJ n \ VT kn A A KftO n ( 1 f n 1
ixii. xx. jjl. uas a ucauuiui
field of wheat. Cotton planting
has commenced. Upland corn has and
is being planted. Gardens are backward.
Irish potatoes are oming up.
Miss Ethel Jackson has just returned
from i visit to Chester, bnt was called
a lew days ago to her sister, Mrs. Tom
Jackson, who, we are sorry to learn,
is quite ill.
Miss Kathleen Hall is visiting her
brother, Prot Hall, of Gaffaey.
Miss Bessie Birber. 6f Oak Ridee.
spent some time with Miss Pattie
Mr. T. T. Lumpkin, of Winnsboro,
spent last week at Mitford.
Mrs. A. M. Jackson visited her
mother, Mrs. T. T. Lumpkin, of
"Winnsboro, last week.
Miss Lnura McUrorev has i-ist re
tarned irom several weeks' stay is
Wiansboro with her sister, Mrs. M. H.
Mrs. J. A. McCrorey cam? home
from Cedar Spring not long since
accofnpanied by her daugh'er, Mrs.
J. T. Carter, and baby Eunice.
Misses Florence and Julia Nichols
vi.-ited .-In \Vinn?b >ro Tuesday and
Rev. J. P. I~c;.h >wer v. i:l reach at
M?. Zion on the fifth turtday.
AT?ri? 19, 1899. L. 6 F.
Remarkable Cure of KlieuiuatisaJ.
Kenxa, Jackson Co , W. Va.
About three years ago my wife hid
an attack of rt.enmatism wbich confined
her te hsr bed for over a month
and rendered ber unable to walk a j
s'ep vTithou'. assistance, her limbs i
being swollen to double their normal j
size. Mr. S. Aladdox insisted on mv j
using Chamberlain's Pain Balm. T <
purchased a {iitv-c3nt b-jiile and used!
it according to "he direction and the)
nfxi morning >he walked to breakfast j
withont assistance in any manner, and
( he has not had a similar attack "iiics
?A. B. Passoxs. For sale bv Moilaster
f (Muron 1
|| ^ (M ijjjj
AVege [able Preparationfor As - a
simulating tbeToodandRegula- ?
thg-Stomflchs artdBoweis of 3
! PromotesDi|esiiQn,Cheerful- W
messaftdBfetCofltafns neither &
Opium>forpIiirLe nor Mineral m
wot Narcotic.
p-A. ~*/rrj 7V- <:AJ<fTJKL PITCHER I wt
|J ?
\ jfbcSetxna + 1
. AtUUSJb - I
JfnittSetd- '*
fbpernmt - > [email protected]
iBiCarima&SoIa* I
ffSrmSetd - I j?3
CLvinpd Sugar .
Aperfecf Remedy for Constipa- 9
' tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, gj
Worms .Convulsions jeverish- <8
f ?t ncq np st/eep. ?jj
Utoo oirjAivwk'
Tac Simile Signature of
ygw VORK. ^
exact copra? wrapper,
I ?
Interesting Tbinfcs About This Live Little
" City
Last night I witnessed for the first
time a North Carolina election. People
from a distance arc prone to laugh
and belittle the elections ef Sonth
\_iai uima ? us ,
methods and the- suppressed vote of
the negro. This election here was a
Democratic primary?participate*!! in
only by whites?and it was a disgrace
to Anglo-Saxons. I didu't see the
sense in their cry of white supremacy.
Men were voted, bought and sold, and
many a man couldn't swear for whoru
he voted, because his tickets were
taken from him and changed six er
e^ght times in as many feet. In the
fi> st ward the sccne at the poles ret
minded me very much of Tillmnn's
campaign in 1890. The second pri
mary comes off*next Friday, and #ne
, is a whiskey candidate, the other
i somewhat ?on the drj side, and one
can imagine what a "monkey and
parrott time' there wM bo.
The Mecklinburg Historical Sx-iery
ia an organization here whose purpose
is to compile all matter pertaining to
the history of the.'coanty for future
generations They have many docui
ments and relics pertaining to the
earlier history of tbe county, and iu
tbe city lave placed iron tablets mark,
inv all historical spots;.. There is one
on i he fcquaic where the famous Meckliubnrg
Dec'iration of Indep< ndence
v?as adopted May 20lh, 1775; another
marks Uorowailis' headquarters;
another tin si^ht of the -Qaeen's
Vfiicinm* annfhAi* tlio ennt ecH<?r<?
I Jtffjraon D^vis was standing when be
hc*rd of Lincoln's* assaesination. In
front of ihe new court house- is a
granite shaft erected to the memory
of the signers of the Mecklinbnrg
Declaration of Independence.
The court honse here is an ornament
to the city and a credit to the people.
It is a l-irse braiding near the centre
of the city, and presents an attractive
appearand. Inside it is up to date in
every re;pect. The furniture is abont
thedbest that could be bought. The
clerk's office has a large vault adj ?ining
in which all books, paper, &c , are
kept, and are always safe. Agiin, the
house i.< kept clean. In the lobby,
posted in conspicuous-, place*, are
signs warning everyone that there !
will be a fine of five dollars for. spitting
on the floor. The Seats in ihe
courtroom are opeva cbairs, contrasting
with the usual straight back bench
Speaking of the courthouse, I tbink
they administer justice much better
here than in South Carolina. It is
harder for a white rnau to escape here
than there. Again there are not so
many delava; and new trials are raie
indeed One day la?t week a negro
was caught hiding in a wardrobe of
the Arlington Hutel. lie was arretted,
?iven a preliminary hearing in
police court, sent up to tbc criminal
court for trial; tneil, convicted and
?A f ].A AMrtl H /V .1 n fl? f l> HrtA
OVIJ < i; i i U v. u vv iu<; V/uaiu^an^ l\j : iuuu
years?all within 2 hours. Can vou
bea*: that in any court in Fairfield?
Charlotte, being enterprising and
ahcid of all nearby towns, has managed
to get up a genuine casu of smallpox
The victim i3 a drummer, who it i;
supposed contracted t&e disease iu
Vi-ginia. There is no excitement and
no one seems afraid of it spreading as
must of tne pa^pl: were vaciin v'ed
las! summer.
One srteat help to Charlotte iu the
vr>iy ot improvement, &c., is the several
bailing an 1 loan associations.
There fire-fine or four, and all seem
to t).i doing a 11 business.
Th ough tiem no:i on small salaries
hav-; been enab-ed to bay homes with
mon^y ihtt is generally spent in foolishness.
They are regular (own builders
and iiave proved* a wondtrtal
blessing 10 Charlot-e. While there is
noilrng lik-i a boom here There are
many business houses and handsune
residences going up and real estate,
alway.-? is advancing rapidly.
There is t>ie usual talk of a $100,000
tourist hotel, bill ihere are more prospects
of getting it now than formerly.
The one great drawback t-> Charlotte
is, it has no through freight i\Ups from
any where; everything is local. Bat
there seem* to be no wav 10 b^rter
[ affairs. The merchants make no concerted
kit k and onseque- t'y the bus>
ne-s i- (I bv Virginia cities.
Clu: .j April 19. IJ.
For Over Fifty Tears.
Mrs. >\ ikslow's Soothing Syrup
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect ^ucces?.
It soothes the child, softens the sums,
allays a'l pain, cures wind colic, and
is the be-1 romedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve^ the poor little f-nfFerrr
immediately. Sold bv druggists in 1
every part of the world. Twenty five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for 1
"Mrs Wiuslow's Soothing Syruo," '
and take no other kind. 1-1-17 1
fg is Cs'triifll M
i 11%, | J* f If ill
t- Ufc 8:i.?on
For Infants and Children.
Ik Kind Yoa Have
Always Bough!
Bears the i t
Signature f hSk
ft JV The
/ft Jh l^inrl
f ^ V' IIIII u
\J> You Have
Always Sought.
There has been no rain for (en daj
and the farmers have kept the ploi
bu<y, getting the land ready for plar
leg. A good deal of corn and cotti
has been planted, Jtbough some of o
farmers arc waiting ior warmer wc
therto plant cotton, thinking it w
come np better and grow fast<
Gardens are right backward owing
the cold, wet spring, though we ha
chelloits and radishes.
Mi?s E-telle Lyleshas returned frc
Aiken Connty, where she has be
teaching siHce la-t fall. Her frien
i aha 4/\ hrtmo
aic g'aui LU <TV>vv/U?V. -r,?
Mr. and Mrs. JohD Fee, Jr., occn]
Bnena Visti. While Mr3. Ladd
sorely missed, we are glad to In
such good neighbors.
We enjoyed a visit recently fro
oar friends:, Hon. John J. McMah;
and sistere. We think oar new sapc
infonrtoi>f f\ f tYp. PllOrht ni:
i<i (he right place." Knowing t
truthful, honorable nature, lelieve
will discharge his duty fearlessly vai
impartially to the satisfaction of tho
Democrats who believe tbat "pub
office ia public tiust."
Misses Clara and- Geneva Fee hi
returned from a visit to North Car
linn and Chester
Mi>s Josephine Ladd is on a visit
her brother, Mr. A. \V. Ladd, II
friends are glad to hear ct her reel
ration t health.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Counts ai
family have removed to Union, ai
Mr. and Jdrs. L. M. Blair occupy the
Rock Orok Chnrcb has no pa-t
yet, but h ..I wis held on Sundj
last for the purpose of securing or
and we' hope ere loBg to have sen
ces regularly. Rev. E. A. McDjwi
kindly filled the pulpit on two occ
cim.a V*nt n j>inor to ftlmrtar imnascih
roads, had very small congregation
April 20, 99. N'importe.
Tho Beat in th? World.
We believe Chamberlain's Con;
Remedy is the best in the world,
few weeks ago we suffered with
severe cold and a troublesome coajl
am! having read their advartiseraen
in our own and other papers we pa
chased a battle to see if it would e
feci as. It cared ns before the bott
was more than half used. It is tt
best mediciua oat for colds and coasb
?The Herald, Andersonville, Iui
For sale by McMaster Co.
April is here with its sunshine at
showers. The dogwood tress ai
laden with snowy blossom#; the
seem like banks of snow among tl
' freso green leaves.
Fa- mers are taking advantage of tt
dry spell aud are busily engaged pr?
paring far planting. Very little cor
his been p'anted yet. We hope, a
ording lo the old adage, flA bad b
biDning mikes a good ending," thi
idecrop yield will be more ab.indin
this year.
Gardens are doi'ig nicely, thong
they sre somewhat, late.
It is reported ibat the. blackberr
bushes are killed to (h^ ground. Frul
will b2 scirce iudaod if such is tt
Miss Mattie Sitgreavej, wh > ha
? 1 r>
Dsen le&cnmg uie oruau iv vu tnuj
returned to her home i i Winasbor
last week, a'tfr *pe iding a vreek <vi.
h r pupiU.
Several of the yonng people of ihi
- tho nlatoitrn r\f a)l*nf
? UUUiU I1LJ U?v| iuv>
ingajconcett at Hopp, S. C., gbe
by Mbs AUie Kerr, at the cloae c
her gchooh on FritJay, ths 14th insl
To {those &equa:u>d with Miss Keri
it is useless to ?ay that th<? c >ncci
was a decided success.
Mr. Tommie Blair has be:n qiite i;
with catarrhal fever, bin is no.v on
Mrs. John C. Feasler leaves in
few days for Columbia, where si
will visit ihi horn? of Mr. J. J. Mc
Quite a number speak of aitcudlii:
the Confederates reunion. It will b
a pleasant, interesting trip, beside
the unbounded pleasure of beholdin;
the " 'me-worn" veterans. We ca
but J\<-< a thrill of gratitude and ad
iniratiou as we think of these brav
- - * * " ? L * ? ? oAahaJ 1 k A* n ] ! rt/1
sojcrers wnu unue uucicu lucii jivc
for their country's cause.
The pub'ic road* are in a terribli
condilion. The services of tbe chaii
gang would be acceptable in this sec
tion dow. R.
April 21, :99.
J D. Bridge, editor and proDrieto;
of the Democrat, LaBcaster, N. II.
savs: "I would not be without On*
Minute Cough Cure for my boy, whei
troubled with a cough or cold. It is
the best remedy lor croup I evei
used." McMaster Co.
timeod's roasts.
The State.
The Memorial edition of the poems
of Henry Ti n-"!, the conception of
the Titnrod Ucuunai Association and
long in expectation by the poet's admirers,
has at last been issued. Published
fir the association by Houghton,
Miffliu & Co , of New York and
Boston, it cones with the impriot of
the famous Riverside Press and it
worthy of that fountain of good liieratare.
. A handsome volume of ov*r 230
pages, bound in blue and silver and
with dainty upography, it makes ?
thfl rr-mu it ^nnfuini).
UlllU^ V?CAV1 IUW v WU?? J
and ends the long reproach that our
poet could not be read by those to
whom he *ubg save iu acme thiu and
shabby booklet, rarely found, of a
generation ago. This Memorial edition
is complete and well-arranjjeo. It
contains poems never bt&re collected,
and embraces all the known product*
of Tim rod's inspiration. There is
fine engraving of the poet, reproduced
from the oil portrait ownel by the
Hon. W. A.. Conrtenay,and a memoir,
written with true insight and graceful
skill, which we assume to be fr< m ti.e
same friend's hand.
The book is most creditable to ibe
associatior whose demotion has brought
it forth. It gives to the English- '
speaking peoples of both hemisphere!
Ine opportunity to know a South Carolina
poet whose verses rival the best
in our language. It meets tbe desire
of many of our own people, Jhitherto
unattained, to possess a fitting record
of poems conceived in tbeir spirit,
born of their hopes and sorrows and
instinct with tbe beauty of their land.
But beyond this it has a mission which
mnst peculiarly appeal to the pride ol
South Carolinians?it is designed to
- ' ?l ?iiL
I arms q toe means wuerviritii m?ro
may be^erected in this State a memorial
icf the poet wboie genius has
brought honor to South Carolina.
We hare the Memorial volume.
What will we do with it? Shall the
I iecerd be that we rested content with
the mere fact that an aiiociation of
| gentlemen at their own risk had this
edition published? Or shall we so
receive it, so express by onr purchase
m of It onr pride and our gratitude for
Timrod'sgenins, that from its memorial
of paper and ink and cloth there
r?, will rise a memorial of marble to proNi
claim to the stranger that here lived
. aDd sung and died one of the world's
truest poets?
oa The book is on sale in this city. It
nr may be ordered direct from the Hon.
Wm. A. Courtenav, at Newry, S. C.,
... the president of the memorial association,
or it may be subscribed for
r? through The State. The price is low
to and within the means of many thousve
ands in South Carolin. Every dollar
resulting from its sale in excess of the
cost of publication will go to the Meim
mortal. We appeal to all South Caro- 1
en linians in this cause, and especially to
Columbians, in whose city the poet
n labored as editor of The South Caroli.
ian, and where he died and was
Py buried. He sleeps obscurely in Trin- ,
is ity churchyard to-day. Let it be the
ve pride of Columbia to contribute to
this cause as no other community can. 4
Let tbe city which Timrod last honm
ored be the first to honor him! <
^ The above figures tell a remark- 4
, J able story; they represent almost L
Q 7 exactly the percentage of cures ]
*e ^ made by &
lic} Rheumaclde \
^ the wonderful new constitutional w
ve J cure for RHEUMATISM. Thek
F other two per cent. w ?rs not eura- j
^ ble, or failed to take medicine ac- r
to J cordiner to directions. Thousands ^
er ^ have been cured. In view of the j
o- Ih fact that many physicians think w
A that rheumatism is incurable, and (k
ad r that most remedies fail, it must be ^
id ^ true that RHEUMACIDE is the w
ir J greatest medical discovery of the tk
? age. Particulars and testimonials j
or ^ of many well known people sent f ]
iV 4 free to all applicants. tk
e, I MamMiiref by THE BOBBIT? DM ]
'i-5 co., fiiisisi, H. c. r
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a- k Co., and by Druggists generally. d
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Clean** aai Cu Ml
Promote* * IsmtIAI* pmh.
je Shines ^
' Silverware (
Surprisingly ,
Sample sent if you say so. j
rf It's unlike all others.
Box, post-paid, 15 eta. in sUntpc. ,
jg It'? Sold Everywhor*. J
The E lee to Silicon Co., 40 Cliff, Street,
New York.
e- hikdipo
I r^^.^v.TALm
8." Made a *
t VM Man
THE of Me.
E7RENCH REMEDY produce* the xbove result
* " in 30 days. Cures Zvervous Debility.Imttolcncy.
Varicocele, Failing ! ternary. Stoj.-s ill drains ana
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'-.ood ar.d Old Men recover Youtbini Vigor. !t
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a man lor business or nurriagc. E-si'.y carried ia
:l:e vest pocket. Pricc Cfl PTC 6 Boxes$2.36
3y mail,, in plain pack- QU Lj | C?.age, with
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gist, Winnsboro, 8. C.
t. 25c. per peck.
ir 1
5 ^ "*
e A full supply of
and other
i Hiisltr Cl.,!
\ t
Gerstle's Fem
T"**l(Gr. K.
Which is absolutely the best female Tem<
been nej&iient and allowed disease.to fas
spair oTbein* cured- This medicine is
those ingredients intended by nature as *
A rnal? Panacea will not fall. Ifthei
w d iaestion or biliousness. move tbe bowel!
A Joseph's Liver Regulator. If your c
write as and we will send them to you. aJ
A Panacea. $t.OO per Bottle. Llv
boold He what we bare to offer. 1
than eYer. We hire a Urge stock and m
Une of tbe bargains w in Biac* <x*ra (
Medal Dress Goods u4der tbe nsotl a
' . c
price. Alio a fine variety of Colored j
Dress Goods, Silks for waists and j
Trimmings, China Silk*, Taffeta Silks, ^
Pour de Soi Satin for ekirts. n
This department ii more complete thai
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Ne vr styles in Ladies7 Shoes, Oxfords li
ind Sandals, a
New stock of onr splendid. $3.00 and
|S 00 Shoe for men. C
An> thing yon wjint in 8boes aad a
ike best at low prices. a
We are better prepared *opleas*y#n tl
irade with as. We sell the beat geocts At
The Caldwell Dry
made expressly lor my trade, an
you can afib:
Every one that has seen this i
my beh
Something new for skirts?
DORDEROYS. They are th
nany novelties in this departme
Come and be convinced that
>lease you.
Q. D.
CilniMa Bt?sl-Gear Clainlcss.
It is always ready ta
takes care of itself. rJ
soil tiie clothing becau
best hill-climber becau
or twists under strains,
ftlmfeio Sid Uartfoi ifflaii Wiio
uviuaviu us uiu uu? - vausc tvsvu
The 1899 dririig get!
sprockets in comt>ma
fered hardened p& clii
exhaustive laboratory j
chain wheel mechanisr
Vedettes are of hands
material and are in eu<
who desire new bicycle
PRICES: Chainless, $75, Co!i
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BARGAINS: We are offering
bias, Model 46, (iadie$7 $42.50 ;
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male Panacea g
M All Diseases of Womtn. |f
JY women are under the impression a?
hat the diseases peculiar to their sex flj
ire natural and incurable because, so lac
uneracnstantlyfrosatheni. This is a fm
? * Ko^lw rin*MsH W
av?beentheresult. Nowomanahowd
Slectherself. Whtn the monthly pe^he??m?itbofrequent,painful,pro
S.oW^rMriDiu^. jZ
iale Panacea #
F*.)"*"" A
dyever offered her. Even if she hM V
ten itself upon faerihe should not de- ?B
a purely vegetebfclonic, containing ^
i remedy for suffering women. It mat- n
?n^ nwiwn failures?Ger*tlo ? F?r ^5
e is any tendency to cortrreness, indi- ?
i tently with a few miJd doses of St.
irnsgist does not keep these medicines A
I charges paid, upon receipt of price, w
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l ever before. The goods are naw,
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New styles in Negligee Shirts that
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A beantifnl line of txents' Ties
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e WAISTS, --id
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line has a word 6f praise in
_ . >
c very latest, xviso a great
nt. J
I am always on the alert to
-? I
?' I /
ride because the running gear !
?here is nothing to entangle or !
Lse it has no chain. It is the j
ne bevel-srearin? never crarnns i
<-> IT ~ \
ir, consisting of specially cut j
tion with, onr B-block cham- j
iin, shows better results under ;
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s at a moderate cost.
imbia Chain Wheels, $50
a limited number of ColumModels,
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i a; -pjv,
" I
tooklet*, Foldera, etc.
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