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Jit* Hoe'Jhi, - .75 j
Wednesday, May 3, - - - 18U0 1
The administration at Waahingtou,
we tnve a'ways be'ieve-1, ha* been
laying s-;hetnes f<? commit the United
States to fie i xp .n?:?n theur\, and the ; (
paople cm n?t wake np to? soon to T
their danger. |.
Tbe following extract tronn Harper's
Weekly, writieu by Mr. B?ss, who has
been in the Philippines, tnav prove of
iuterest to many of our reader1:
New cetner9 in Manila keep asking
where the bl&ms lien for this outbreak.
I< the responsibility, alike for '
' ' ?J Aary Hi.- ?ruh !
American auu cu^iuv , ..?
oar government or with the leaders of i
the Filipino people? At Mien n t'me
as this it is difficult lor a good Aineri- ,
can not to throw the blaaie on Agninaldo
and his followers. The Armri- '
can army has done so well ill i* <?ne
feeh like over.ookiug thj pist. Although
the trae came docs u t lie
within the scope of any generalization, 1
but rather iu a multitude of small de- !
taoWf far.ta. still [ believe tbat the i
fundamental reason for oar present
fight lies in an unrestrained race antipathy.
Americans differ so absolutely
in mind, bod?, and soal fiom
Filipinos that the two could not live
together in harmony nnder the then
existing conditions. First amoag those
conditions was an American and a
Filipiho volunteer force, both more or
less undisciplioed, and longing to
jamp at each other's throats; add secondly,
* want of any consistent policy
in our government. Moreover, both
American and Filipino leaders have
nAinf rvf
Deea SO proviUCJJU ill men pviui
view that at no time daring the military
occupation oi: Manila has the
least good feeling: existed between the
American aud Filipino governments.
We hive ignored Agninaldo aud his
followers in so far as it is possible to
ignare an army which for months has
been encircling Manila in a peaceful
^ siege. Aguinaldo has stack oat
. ^ tlirongh thick and thin for the independence
of his people. Instead of
getting what he wanted, he received
the hard and fast declaration of oar
president that the islands wire American
propeity, that the army weald
* * 1? - aw AC t Kftm (
proceecs 10 case pyssr^tuii vi mui,
and that any one resisting our anthori*y
would be suppressed by force of
arms. Since this manifesto was issued
there has been ho hope of a peaceful
The bone of contention is the sovereignty
of the islands. It is said that
the Filipinos will not be able to estab?
- -fiih a good government, but the same
_ argument wonld apply to many of oar |
own communities at nome. which have |
wretched local self-government. Much j
as one m?v dislike the native?and I [
may say thnt I nave never met with a
more unlovable people?it is important
occasionally to get his-point of view.
- No doubt the government which the
natives wauld establish v-vaid not
please the Anglo-Saxon, but would it
not be good enocgh for the natives
The natives sooa learned to dislike
us. We plastered the town from end
to end with beer and whiskey adver- |
tisement3. And so far Americans
who h-ve followed tha army have put
{heir time and money into saloons.
No other bnsiness attracts them. According
to native standards, the 1
American soldier has been rough and
tyiannicai, while from our point of
view the natives have been tricky and
dishonest. The eutreme east and extreme
west have learned to hate each
other. The importance of these things
is great a3 indicating what the fnture i
has in store. The immediate cause of
the outbreak was that the insurgent
officers and soldiers, being under ie*s
control thau oar men, became so
hostile and insulting tint we had 1
either to fight or to leave the islands.
The outbreak was hastened and made
inpvifnhle htf tha unsettled state of '
public opinion in the United States, :
the absence of any fixed policy iu
Washington, and the consequent con- s
tradictory and restricting orders on .
our ioc&t government in Manila. The
fact of the matter is that Jthe policy of !
ignoring th3 insurgents completely
has had its origin in Washington. It
reminds one of the altra-idealip'.li i
philosopher who iguored the hard <*nd '
fast w^rld of ;environment, and while 1
Ahsnrhed in thought buumed his bead {
against a stone wall. Tfee iusargent !
government is here, and most be dealt '
Formerly we might have compromised
with them; now we mast crash
them. There are a few men of education
and ability who are managing the
insurrection; the rest of the army follows
blindly, mislead by false reports I
obout our cruelty, and they look upon f
m now as a species of ogre. We have 1
fVlrt Keiths) fViwi
lancu uoii iv iuu uttiivv* ?? uivu
natives felt for the Spaniards, and the <
same stories are told abont as that >
were told about oar predecessor!. <
Tbe Spaniards and tbe priests have ,
done what they cculd to make .trouble (
by circulating false reports in both
camp3. These reports bave been be- '
lievt-d by th3 insurgents, and in man <
instances by our own officers. The ,
w Spauiard* are jabilant over tbe presstate
ot affairs. One of them s*id to
"Ispe&k to voq as a Spaniard and
an cn?tny of the United States. If ,
fifty insurgent* are killed, good; if ,
L. tbe insurgents. kill one hundred American^,
better; if the Americans in turn :
kill two hundred insurgents, be>t of
w an." - |,
He that thinks himself the happiest
man really is so; i>nl h* that thinks 5
himself the wisest, is generally the ;
biggest fool.
A camel will work seven or eight i
days without dricking. In this he dif
fers from some men, who wiil drink
seven or eight days without working. J
A German doctor has started a theory
that most drunkards can be cured i
imply by earing apples at every meal. {
TU a oa*/^ . ro a r? Afto if
x.iig aviu uv\,g it*
Toe ancients believed that rJ.euma-1
tism was the work of a demon within j
a man. Any one who ha=? bsrt an }
attack of sciatic or inflammatory rhen- {
ma'.ism will agree that the infliction is j
i demoniac enough to warrant the bck
lief. It h^s never been claimed that
Chamberlain's Pain Balm would cast
oat demons, bat it will cure rheumatism,
and hundreds bear testimony to
S the troth of this statement. One ap- 1
plication relieves the pain, and this ,
quick relief which it affords is alone ?
worth many times its cost. For sale j
| by McMsster Co. 1 i
Nothing new can be said about the
Georgia lynching. It differs only from
>thers in the cruel znanu-jr in which ,
he mob put Sam Hose to death. The (
- ?f 11 ??
lewspapers, 01 coarse, win tuuucmu
-he lynching as they ought to do, but
t "will do no good. Lynching will go
)q just as it has done iu the past. The
jreorgia incident, however, is full of
)bject lessons. It illustrates to what (
ltter uiadnes3 lawlessness will lead; j
t illustrates how mobs will have reason i
lethroned. Conceding that Same Hose ,
should have been put to death, and
;hat too by a mob, no justification
whatever cau be made for the shocking
and horrible manner in which it
*rs.a done. It is sickening even to |
read the details, aDd we can cot cod:eive
how ciriiized men could have
3ven witnessed such a horrible dea.h,
to say nothing of executing the plan in
ill of irs barbarous details. We boast
5f carrying civilization and Christianity
to the heathsn and savages in
fko #3orir r?ia^p? of foreign ?countrie?,
I UV w
and yet we set for ibem such exampl3B
as the Same Hose incident.
Bat granting thif. good ground existed
for tbe death of Sam Hose at the
hands of the mob, infuriated by ?he
awful crime committed by him, what
cau be said of the IycObing of the
cegro preacher? No proof whatever
that was credited by tbe unreasoning
mr?K was ftrtdnned to connect him with j
the crime of Sam Hose. Bat his
lieith hft'i to come. It was the logical
sequence of men having taken the lew
into theii own hands. Lvncb !asv was
at one time jusiiUid only for one ciime,
and it was then said thit it would not
stay there. This has proven true.
Lawlessness once staited ha* no end.
Bat it is cot worth while to say more.
The consciences of the people are ?
bltnd to an awakening of the fearful
consequences thai mast follow each
affairs as tha killing of Sam Hose and
ic? negru picauuc*.
Aside from tbe horrible plau of execution,
th3 Georgia mob does not difjer
from similar mobs elsewhere
Tae cheerful Bongs of the bircb aud
the sweet freshness of the spring
breeze and gentle April showers,
which have come at last, seem to be
eucoaragiag to tbe farmers, who were
somewhat late in getting their crops
planted, bat now seem to b* progressing
rapidly, with the exception of a
more succsssfal farm-work tbau last
The unpleasant visitor, measles,
has been in this comraanily for quite
a while, and are makiDg the acquaintance
of all who have not already experienced
their unpleasantness
T-x J iff C? W n
XJV. ituu jLlt.t O. ?T . JL> Juniiii ui
spsnt awhile, a few weeks Ago, with
their daughter, Mr3. A. M. Black*, in
Mr. J. R. Hoffman his been spending
a few day? with relatives at L?ver,
S. C.
MirS Emmi Browne spent awhile
with Mrs. M. Langford, who has been
indisposed with measles.
Miss Eilen Bookhirdt, one of Blythewood's
most charming young ladies
has accepted a position as bookkeeper
for Mr. W. T. Martin at Colombia.
Mr. F. E. Hood has been vary sick
with measles, but is improving.
A few weeks as:o, the storehouse
belonging (o Mrs. W. 1. Poovey, was
eet on fire by spai-ks irom the southbound
passenger trai". bat was discovered
and extinguished before any
serious damage was don-4.
Mr A L Dunn and M;si M c Woolen
spent last Snndav in Ridg.j w .v.
Mrs J W Bl&it) has been indisposed
for spvera! days.
Mr J A Bain, of Greenwood, -spent
- ^ ? -J ? a4 a amaa r\ f l*"rr
a lew UIV 5 kuu i.c3iucwtc w 11 ^
brother, Mr J W Blair
Mr Wtn Browns, one ot the sralJiiit
j-ouug soldiers of the Second S C
Regiment, i3 visiting relatives and
rriends near Blythewood.
One of our former citizen*, Mr.
Hampton Mel'icbamp, spsnt several
iiysiu Blythewood transacting business.
Mr. John McLean spont ; v d?ys
it homs la?t week.
Little Essie, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Black, is visiting her
zrand parent?, Dr. and Mrs. S \V.
Mrs Snsm McLean died Apri-1 loth
u the ho-re of her son, Mr. D. J.
McLean. She had been a sufferer for
i number of years, and yet was iu her
jighty-seve^th year at Ihs time of her
death. Thn funeral was preached by
ReVi L T (Jyrrol! at Smdy L-vel
Church Chrysanthemum.
April 28, "99.
farmers nave aooat goiten up wun
:heir wotk and are no w wishing for
some more rain. A g?od season
tvould be very helpful to the grain
:rop. OaU will be cut off considerably
anyway. Wheat crop will be vcrv
jood if sessjns suit it, although, will
not be as good as was fxpecled.
Hardens ar rather backward, owing
to the wiuit of rain. Most of the
farmers have about finished planting
;otton, and will now direct their at*
temion to the preparation of their
:om lands.
We are glad to report llii imprjvement
of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Brown's
r?rV?/"\ ho 2 Krto ?> f i 11 vr ill
ov ii) ir uv wvv?
for several days.
Mr. J. B. Duke, of Columbia, was
ap 0:1 a visit to his parents several
3ays ago.
Mr. Henry C. Davi?, oar popular
md efficient scJbool teacher, spent last
Saturday and Sunday in Columbia.
Mr. William A. Brown, formerly of
the Second South Carolina Regiment, 1
is home agaia He says the Cubans
ire a dirty, filthy set of Iszy people.
April 30, ?99. Fritz
m \
lor Infants and Children. i
The Kind You Have Always Bought '
Bears tie :
signature 01 /.
It doesn't mate a lie any whiter fo (
mtit on a tombstone.
TheAraericin nivy has practici'ly
ill been bui'i since 1883. i
Repeutaii^e never comes too late if i
l comes from the heart. 1
The farmers are very backward
5viih their work, owing to the con-j
Linuul raius and cold weather. Tlieie i
has been very iit'le'planting done yet. ]
We have had about two weeks of dry I
wca'her; tee land is aow very dry and
hard and it ii difficult to prepare it
for planting. We kad a nice shower
on the 25th and hoped to get a season,
bc^ it has cleat ed away and turned
cool. The prospects to-day are for a
dry epell. The feed planted up to this
time cannot come up till it rain3.
There will be scarcely any fruit this
year, particularly peaches. Even the
blackberries and old field plums will
be scarce, ouihes of the former being
Lillet! by the cold winter and the
latter was killed by the CDld spring.
Tne health of the community i9 very
good at this time.
Toe Rev. Mr. McElwain, missionary
!o Japan, preac-icd a very fine sermon
at the A. R. P C Mirth a few Sundays
ago bjth mornii.g antl in the evening,
lie lectured on Japan aud exhibited
many cariosities in t'ue way of dresses,
shoes, wooden gods, and tha general
customs of the ways and doings of
the natives of that dark and benighted
Communion services were held here
l.\st Sunday. 0:r pastor, Rev. Mr.
Smith, was assisted by Rev. J. A.
W niie,-OI j>;acKSiucK, iji; ujauj jcaio
a former pastor of this church. There
were several acc3ssions to the church.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Milling's little
son that was burned so badly some
iiaie ago has nearly recovered from
lr<3 terrible affliction.
The mother and sister of our popular
and polite railroad agent and
operator, Mr. B. R. Roper, from
Trenton, have moved here and will
make this their home with her son.
We welcome all such families in our
Mr. T. II. Patrick had a very fiue
mule killed by a south-bound train
some days ago; also air. uno. j\. uiusou
lost oue of his fine blooded fox
bounds the ssrae way.
Mrs. Brown and little daughter, of
Abbeville, is visiting her mother and
broth?r, Mrs. and Mr. Boper.
Miss Cora McDowell, of llabb, is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. T. Wylie.
The advance agent for the long
distance telephone company was here
a few days ago looking out a route for
their line. He struck an air line from
this place to "Winnsboro, which, if
they use it, will traverse mouutains,
hills, forests, and vales, but; will save
several miles thereby.
Mr. T. G. Patrick Ins a set of pipiug
and hose and is preparing to irrigate
bis bottom lands below his fine
* - 1 X -* ~ '? AQOA Af'
ia&e .1 pure bpi lug waici ill v/aog vi
dry weitber this summer. He also
expects stock this beautiful pond
with the finest of fi>.h in the near
Mr. Samuel Cathcart has several
fields of fine wheat and oale.
Mr. Sam Mitchell is home on vacation.
lie has a fine school in Lancaster.
Mr. R Patrick lost, by death a few
Hflva aorA a vftrr fine cow?one that
~ ? J
took first premium at the last State
The Methodist and Baptist colored
congregations of thi3 place are having
their churches nicely seated and expect
to have them painted soon.
There are ve-y few of the old
"Johnnie Rebs" in this section, but
they are all very anxious to attend the
grand reunion in Charleston as they
don't expect to have another such opportunity
This community was shocked when
it heard of the sad and untimely death
of onr kind, t:ue and gentle neighbor,
Mr. Johu M. Turner. It is a terrible
shock to any section to Jose saca a
kind friend and citizen. His bereaved
ones have the sympathy of this
entire commnnity. You Ivo.
April 27, ;99.
If you snffer from tenderness or
fullness on the right side, pains under
shoulder-blade, constipation, biliousness,
sick-headacbe, an<l feel dull,
heavy and sleepy your iiver is torpid
and congested. De Witt's Little Early
Risers will carc you promptly, pleasantly
and permanently by removing
the congestion and causing tbe bile
ducts to open and flow naturally.
Tnr.v are good pills. McMa?ter Co.
We came very near having another
cotton fire on last Monday evening.
It cmght from sparks of the passenger
train, bat was quickly extinguished
before much damage was done. Only
three bales were slightly damaged.
The farmers are needing rain very
badly agai:j. They are about through
planting. Grain is looking very well.
Gardens are poor.
Mrs. E. W. Stewart and daughter
have returned faom Union.
Mrs. Calvin Brice aud Mrs. T. W.
Brice, Jr., spent last Friday in Chester.
air. Jin. it. xaompsoa, coitou ouyer
fur Heath, Springs & Co , wa3 in
towu Friday on business.
Mr. Tbos. D. Waub, of Charlotte.,
the pojru'ar representative of Ibe
M. 0. Mayers Grocery^ Co , was in
town Friday looking after his irade.
Mr. J. D. Montgomery, of this
,j!ace, spent last Saturday in Wihnsboro.
Mrs. 11. Waiker Brice, of White
Oik, Is visiting relatives here.
Miss Annie Nicholson, who has been
visiting relatives in Chester, retnrned
home last week.
Much success to Tiie News and
Herald. X. Y. Z.
April 20, 1899.
By allowing (lie accumulations. in
the bowels to remain, the entire sys- ,
tem is poisoned. DeWitt's Little
Early Risers regulate the bowels.
Try them and you will always nse
them. .McMasterO.
Pigs fed upon cow's i:aiik at J he
Ohio agricultural staiiou wnv fonnd
to Lave developed bad cises u' t?jberjtibjie.
Surgeon Gen-r^l Vein 11-^ pen, of
iV?A ?IT'c vr*r\rv?*f a fiv*m Manila
-how that Admiral Dewey's Lca'.tb is ]
excellent. I
The pis'o: taken from Gan. Santa'
Ar.ua at the liauie of San Jacinto, was ,
recently p'aced in the Texas department
of Listorv. \
J D. Bridge, editor and pronr'.eior (
the Democrat, Lancaster, N. II., |
say?: <1 would n"t be without. One ,
Minute Cough Cure for my boy, whan ]
troubled with a co?gh or cold I; ie j
the bant remedy lor coup I erer <
used." McMaster Co. ;
? ? ii mill ? ii TWi 11 MMMMM???H?
The Kind You Have Always B
ia us? for over 30 years, li
and ha
All uounterreits, imitations a
periments that trifle "with a
Infants and Children?Expei
What is G
Castoria is a substitute for Ci
\and Soothing' Syrups. It is J
contains neither Opium, Mo
substance. Its age is its gu?
and allays Feverishness. It <
Celic. It relieves Teething 1
and Flatulency. It assimilal
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea?Th<
The Kind You Ha!
In Use For 0\
P I?^ I - 1IPI miM MM I
I take the time to write a few lines.
My subject here lately has been 011
making cur homes happier by raising
corn on the farm and other provision
crops, and of raising cotton on the intensive
plan?from one to four bales
to the acre.
I notice that Mr. Tarner, of Barges,
Ali6s., has a letter ?n the "Home and
Farm to a geutlsmar. advising him to
use eight two-horse loads of stable
manure to the acre, 909 pounds of acid
phosphate] 100 pounds of muriate of
potash, or 400 pounds ot kainit. Mr.
fnnnoi' crn-o fn rv?nnf? tn h'a farm and
see for yourself. It can be tried by
those having good land that is not'
needing nitrogen, for the fertilizer
will cost less than wage labor <5n the
extensive system of farming?a bale
in every three (o five acres. If a
man must have cotton at the lea-t cost
I think Mr. Turners plan the be-t.
I notice tbat the number of homicides
and wounded per (lav in tbe
United States is stated by a writer as
17 of the former and 100 of the lafer.
Is not that farming? And I guess
nine-tentbs of this destruction and
suffering is produced by the u?e of
intoxicating drink.
There is one cause that will keep
many of the Confederate veterans
from meeting their comrades-in-arms
in Charleston, and that is thair inabili'y
to aflford ihe expenses of the
trip, and the loss of time it wou:i< take
at this season of the year.
The blackberry bushes ae late
blooir.ih/, owing to the most severe
cold ever known i:i February. The
tails of font- or five p:gs were bitien
off by the coM.
iVnn 7 Rpi on mnst nnnnlar
man of the true Jefferson Democracy
at ilii present time, and with a fair
showing will be our next President I
M\ brother, D. li. Feaster, writes
cheerfully from his home at Princeton,
We are having beautiful fair weath
cr for farm woi K, tiiougn some 01 me
grcnr.d has become too hard for
ploughing. The gras3 will soon be
bi:jh enough for the mower and grass
I close with the hope that thi work
of the farmers may be crowned with
success, aud may onr crashed caase of
prohibition rise again to be never
downed any more. J. C. F.
April 27, 1899.
Women Should Know It.
Many women suffer untold agony
and nrsery because the nature of their
is unt Rorrectlv understood.
They have been iCiJ to believe thit
womb trouble or female weakness of
some sort is responsible for the many
ills thit beset womankind.
Neuraleia, nervousne-s, headache,
pnflV or dark c rcle^ under the eye-*,
rbeunrnisui. a dragging paio or dull
achs in th? back, weakness or bearingdown
sensation, profuse or scanty
supply of urine with strong ortur,
frequetit dcs:rc to pa??it wi.h scalding
or burning sccsetion, sedi-netit in it
after indin-r in b?ttie or c?mraon
glass for t wenty-fonr hours ate signs
of kidney and bladder trouble.
The abovf symptom* are often a';ril>uted
by ill? pa i.-oit herself or by
Oer p!?- sjci.m io rcnaio weakness or
womb trouble, Hence, 'o many fail
to obtain leliof, bccms^ thev are treating,
not the disease itself, but a reflection
of the primary cau o, .which is
kidney trouble.
In fact, \?ome.i >-* well h- men are
made misf-rsbie with kidnev and bladder
trouble and b tli need the same
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp RjoI h the
g;eat di.xcov'-rv of ih^ eminent kidney
and bladder .'peuiaiis', ?nd is easv to
get at any d: ug ftore for fifty cent- or
one dollar.
To prove its wonderful merit* ion
mav have a samp e bottle and book
telling all ab mt it, both sent abs >ln ely
free by mail Kindly men:iou The
News and ilerald and send vc ur address
to Dr. Kilmer & (Jo., Binghamton,
N. Y.
Sell hn?e<t goods ar honest pi ices
m.dio d. a iil aek what church jon
p>nlnrio- In
"wv'"o v"'
A man down in Georgia has bailt a
number of houses which are occupied
by windows free of rent.
No mau can lift himself by his boot
tops; but he cm easily pall hiraselt
iown by his chin.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
xrejust wlist ahorse needs when in
3ad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
md vermifuge. They are not food
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jut a horse in prime condition. Price
>5 ceuts per package. For sale by
ilcMaster Co.
lought, and which has "been V
as borne the signature of ^
s been maac unuer 1115 pei.ipervision
since its infancy.
o one to deceive you in this. of
nd Substitutes are but Ex- C(
nd endanger the health of
iencc against Experiment.
istor Oil, Paregoric, Drops H.
harmless and Pleasant. It
rpliin? nor other Narcotic
trantee. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoea and Wind
."'roubles, cures Constipation
;es the Food, regulates the
liealthy and natural sleep.
3 Mother's Friend. g
f j_ jy
signature ox
8S5T 1=
re Always Bought
^ A % *
rer 3U rears.
His Portrait Adorns the Office of the Bail- ,,
road Commission
A splendid steel portrait, prop'-'ly
framed, of Col. Thoma9 W. Woodward,
of Fairfield, has been Lung i
upon the walls of the offiee of the railroad
commission. The portrait was P
presented to the commission by Major ?
Woodward and U greatly prized by ^
the ifcembers. ij
Major Woodward, when senator
from Fairfield, originated the railroad P
law whereby a commission of three
persons were elected and their duties
and sowers were prescribed in the
bill introduced bybim. Tbe laws
hove undergone frequent changes
since then, but the major being the
anthorof tbe original law, it is appropriate
that his portrait should
adom ihe office. He was also the
author of the anti pas3 law, which,
although attacked by every successive
legislature, still remains upon ihe
statute books.
The foe to the unbJic school is a
foe to the repnblic. g|
When you borrow money jou
u ually borrow trouble.
) 98. ( ?i
The above figures tell a remark- 4)
J able story; they represent almost k $;
r exactly the percentage of cures }
made by $ tl
t Rheumacide \
^ the wonderful new constitutional f fp
A cure for RHEUMATISM. The ^ lr
f other two per cent, were not cura- 2
th ble, or failed to take medicine ae- r
j cording to directions. Thousands
r nave oeen curea, j.u view 01 me j
^ fact that many physicians think r
A that rheumatism is incurable, and
F thatmo.i! v-noriios fail, it must be ^
true that KHiiUAIACIDE is ther
A greatest medical discovery of the ^
f age. Particulars and testimonials ^
^ of many well known people sent f
A free to all applicants.
I Manufactured by THE BOBBITT DfiDfi 1
^ nn r
$ Sold in Winnsboro by McMastcr^
k Co., and by Druggists generally. /,
Price ?1 per bottle. ^
Don't Worry1
your next meal.
and veur worry will be over. You
can find everything you want in a
A'wavs keep a nice line of
fruir n
and p
Girc me a "ring-up" -<nd yonr order L
u iil be promptly fillrd.
J. S. McCarley.
TTniirlTunun Hfn it
Mimic, dih. i
; E;
cbased t he Intere-t of the estate of F. si;
na^-ir /^?o?.ior.rf in I Via rtf trrtrtdQ Pti
WW - ' >1 '" 111V ? e - - ?~
of Geii^ & S^teler, and solicits the w
trade of the peopu' of Fairfield County vi
Plows, Hoes, Harness, Saddles, =
Famine Impleients a
of all kinds, aDd everything found
The trade of the friends and cus- w
toraers of Gerig & Seigler is fnlly ap?
prec-n'^, and the nndpreigoed hopes
thev i.. ?? hod it to their interests to ^
continue ibeir business relations with w:
him. an
On farming lauds. Easy payments, th
No commissions harged. Borrower ou
pays actual cr^t of perfecting Joan, ot!
Interest 8 per cent.
Colambia, S. tif
or A. S. & W. I). DOUGLASS
10-4 Winnsboro, S.
Many Important Improveme
No new model of any of our
miles on the road bv expert i
Easiest running, most durabl
World's record of 250 conscc
ries. Nothing to entangle or i
Price $75.
The new Hartfords, Patterns
improved design, new crank c
joints ana internal expanuui>.
Our artisfic catalog
5 and 49 (men's), $40; Hartfor
5Pi?i m
ioald sec what we have to offer.
ian ever. We have a large stock and i
One of the bargains is in Black Gold
leda! Dress Goods under the usual
rice. Also a fine variety of Colored
>ress Good?, Silks for waists and
'rimmings, China Silks, Taffeta Silks,
our de Soi Satin for skirts. !
^ illir
This department is more complete th?
tvliah aod uD-to-da'e. We offer vou tl
New styles in Ladies' Shoes, Oxfords
3d Sandals.
New stock of our splendid $2.00 and
3 00 Shoe for men.
An) thing you want in Shoes snd
ic best at low prices.
We are better prepared to please vea
ade with us. We sell tha be^t good9 i
The Caldwell Dry
lade expressly for my trade, a
you can aff
Ivery one that has seen this
my be
Something new for skirts)ORDEROYS.
They are t
lany novelties in this departm
Come and be convinced that
lease you.
asily,Quickly, Permanently Restored
tee to Cnre Inscmuia, Fits, Dizziness, Hvstena,
srv-ous Debility, Lost Vitality. Seminal Losses,
liling Memory?the result of OVT-work, Worn,-,
;lcness. Errors of Youth or Over-indulgence. 1
Ice 50c. and $1: 6 boxes 55.
For quick, positive and lastin? results in Sexunl
eakness, Imnoteacv. Nervous PehUitv and L<->?t
tality. use YELLOW LABEL SPECIAL-double
enjrth - will give strength and tone to even- part j
d effect a permanent cure. Cheapest and best. ;
) Pills $j; try mail.
PR EE?A bottle of the famous Japanese Liver [
Jlets will be jriven with a $i box or more of Ml*- t
tic Nervine. Iree. Sold only by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist, j
Winnsboro, S. C.
W. A. W. [
The registered stallion V. A. W. |
ill he Htthe in rear sir I
emy lief<>'6 sfire Frdiy and Satur-1
,y of eTch wpek; balance of lime on !
e farm, lie is seven oid, bay, 1
ith black points. lias iood b >ne'
d muscle; no blemish or defect, tie j
kind in disposition and a perfect i
adster. [lis fire is the celebrated j
id Wilke-, His dam, Ce'sy Baker, j
a? fired by Dictator, who was the
-e of Jay-Eve-See, 2 10. <>t? Director,
)7, of the invincib'e Diie -?nm, 2.04,
e granrt*ire of Namiy Ilanke, tbe
iccn :>f trotters, and t??e i-ireof many
hers i f ex-reme speed.
Terms. $15.00 to in-nre marc with j
al. For extended pedigree and cer- J
ied record address
4.4-tihngl Winnsboro, Si G.
nts of Direct Fraetica! Value to i
machines is ever adopted until
riders employed for the purpose.
e, safest, cleanest. Embody the
utivc daily centu- the applicati
30II the clothing. building. P:
Vedettes are
19 and 20, have cles esfec'all;
instruction, flush wear at mo
Price $35. (ladies') $26
?ue fully describes and illustrates
/Ve have a few| Columbias- Mode
ds, Pattern 7 (men's), $30; Patte
FG. CO., Hartforc
" & DAVIS, Agents, "Winnsb
<300D<5. !
= i
We have a greater variety of goods
maiir bargain* that wiil pay you to see.
This is a great season for Wash
Goods. We have them in great variety
and very pretty. Piques, white and
colored, price 8c. and op; Organdies, {
Dotted Mall, Madras. Brilliants, ete. (
Shirting Prints at 3c. and 40-inch
Batiste Cloth at CJc. are goed bargains.
White Goods of all sorts and pretty
Embroideries, Laces and Braids to
match them.
in ever before. The. ?T00d9 are TOW#
le best at reasonable prices.
New styles in Negligee Shirt* that
are pretty and cheap. New etyle Collars.
A beautiful line of Geats' Ties
and Bows in Spring colors.
We hare a room devoted entirely to
Clothing now. We can please von in
a snit from stock or take your measure
aud have it made for yon.
than ever before. It will pay yon to
?.t the lowest prices. hna/lrt
a mil Aim
UUUUi) VUlliJMllf,
Ir 111 UK
lc. r . > x r cnn e
>L WAlOiO,
md each one marked at a price I
ord to pay.
line has a word of praise in ,
he very latest. Also a great
I am always on the alert to
wn T irr^un !
H l-LfiJlX1 \ S LX. JLS* i
, i
of of these goods direct from Kalamazoo
tbat every lover of Celery will
Call for racipe book and sample.
Fine G-roceries.
with a foil stock of Caskets, Burial
Cases and Coffins, constantly on band,
and ase of hearse when requested.
Thanbf al for past patronage and solicitation
for a share in the future, i? the
old stand \
Calls attended to at all hours.
?J. M, cE U?.
4-17-iy I
ii. ?
the Rider are contained in
artford and |
lette Bicycles
:or 1899.
it has been ridden thousands^Jj
results of 22 years' experience m
on of the best methods of cycle
rice $50."!
trir;, well built, serviceable bicyrr
ziadVaWa fnv *>?oae who want first
y UV**WV4\' *-V? V?w ? ..
derate cost. Price, (men's) $25;
; these machines. -
? -p:146
(Ladies'), $42.50; Models
rn 8 (ladies'), $31,
1, Conn. j
oro? S. C.
bestmes vITALITV
p*.tt)fir -A A&tk v
THE of Me.
J7RENCH REMEDY prodnces the sbove rcsoit
^ la SO tftyt. Cures Nervous Debility. Impotent^.
Varicocele, Foiling MemoYy. Slop* all drains ana
losses caused by errcrs of youth. It wards off Inunfty
and Consumption. Yoang Men regain ilsjvbeodT
and Old Men recover Youthful Vigor. It
jives vigor and sat) shrunken organs, and fits "
a man lor business or marriage. Easily carried is
the vest poctet. Price Pfj p f P 6 Boxes $j.?
by mail, in plain pack- Oy y I O. age, with
written guarantee. C.I. j?AK 0 HAS8A, Paris
Sold only by J. J. Obear, Drug- v
gist, Winnsboro, 8. C.
TF "'i|
you suffer
from ' ::1
"X .-'J; .
lr} digestion
- r?4 y
^ .
JlSltl J. Hunt
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yon eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Mature In strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive orjans.
It is the latest discovered digestint
and tonic. Eo other preparation
?n approach it in efficiency. It instantly
relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach. Nausea,
ill other results of imperfect digestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWitt a Co., Chicago.'
nVffll ram WflflT
uiiuj ^ nuun
Cues to die Front Ap.
grocery lir.e?bny? snd setts '
1101 e ^oods for CASH than any other
wru jn wwd. tie oeneves m
Mel Site njMli Profits
ia bis motto. If >oa wunt FINE
tEOCERIES give him a call and be
sonvinced. His
Porto Rico Molasses,
Hot Biscuit
and Butter
Yould make a man etriko his mother.
J. I. HI i m

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