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WMM??Btt H ift Ba?BWaMMB
Wednesday, May 3, - - - 1899
?Read tbe County Supervisor's report.
?If yon have indigestion,try Obear's
dyspepsia tablets. See bis ad.
?Monday was sales day bnt no sales
were made, and conbcqnenlly very
few people were in town
It makes no difference how bad the
wound if \ou me DeWitt'i Witcb
Hszel Salve; it will qaickly heal arid
- leave no scar. McMa^ter Co.
?At the oil mill all hands are busy
preparing for tl>e flonr mill that is to
be established there. A frame building
is now in coarse of erection in the
rear of the ?nain building of the oil
- J. D. McCarley & Co. are using a
new delivery wagon. It is up to tbe
regulation city delivery, and as it
passes ihrough the streets it is a reminder
that "Winnsboro is "moving
on" to a city.
Don't ihink you can cure that slight
attack of Dyspepsia by dietiDg, or that
it will cure i;sc:f. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure will cure it; it "digests what
you eat" and rdotorcs the digestive
Ar^irort: !A hoclfK Prt.
?Read the advertisement of A.
Williford in this morning's issue. He
will sell you a fine young Kentucky
mule cheap for cash or exchaDge any
stock on hand for broken down mule3.
Give him a ca;l.
?Spring i3 the time for .painting
and cleaning as the winter weather
makes it necessary. John R. McMaster
& Go. keep ihe best paint, and
when you need it try theirs. This
paint is warranted not to peel off and
it pays to use it.
?lli?s Agne3 Rice acted as maid of
honor at the wedding of Dr. R. R.
Jeter to Miss Agnes Coleman, which
took place in Union County. A nnm
ber of guests were present at the wedding,
among them being Mr. and Mrs.
W. R. Elliott, of this place.
?The Chester Lantern says that
Mr. John M. Bell was in Chester a
few days ago looking into the matter
of establishing a telephone exchange
at Blackstock. Should they
succeed in establishing one it would
be a great thing for Blackstock.
?A verv neat cottasre has been
erected by B. J. EmersoD, one of oar
thrifty colored citizens, on Zion street,
just in rear of Mr. J. P. Matthews'
residence. The new house is north of
the old Methodist parsonage and adds
greatly to the appearance of that part
of town.
Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, colds,
crop and whooping cough readily
yield to One Minute Cough Cure.
Use this remedv in time and save a
doctor's bill?or the undertaker's.
McMaster Co.
?On Sunday Miss Janie Sloan died
at her home in Blacksteck. She had
been ill for a long time. The funeral
services were held on Monday in the
Presbyterian Church by Rev. M. R
Kirkpatrick and the remains were interred
at Concord. Miss Sloan was
forty-eight years of age.
?The long distance teiepnona is 10
have an office in Winnsboro. Several
of the men in charge of the bnsiness
are in town and are selecting the
places lor the poles to be placed. The
poles will be put on one of the back
streets of the town. The line is getting
near to Winnsboro and will reach
here before long.
?The Southern Railway has offered
to carry free ot charge all freight that
is to be tent to Charleston to aid the
people in providing for the veterans
during the reunion. This is a generous
offer on the part of the railroad
authorities and the friends of the .
veterans from ali points on the South- |
prn Rnilwav will irroh^blv take ad
vantage of it.
Some of the results of neglected
dyspeptic conditions of the stomach
are cancer, eousumptioo, heart disease,
and epilepsy. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
prevents all this by effecting a quick
cure in all cases of dyspepsia.
McMaster Co.
?Miss Nannie Cummings, who is i
studying art at the Cooper Institute, !
New York City, is to have an exhibition
of her miniatures at Allan's i
jewelry store in Charleston during tne
rennion. Miss Cummings is a real
artist and her work has been greatly
admired and has received the highest
praise and she will undoubtedly make
a name for herself in her work.
?Miss Heth, of Washington, D. C-,
who has been appointed by Gen. Gordon
sponsor for the whole South at
the reunion in Charleston, has appointed
Miss Charlotte Allston to be
her South Carolina maid of honor.
Mi?3 Allston's appointment to this
position of honos is a source of great
gratification to her many friends, as
the appointment is highly complimentary.
- The Charlotte Observer announces
-the return to that city of Capt T. Ross
Jlobertson, who has been in Cuba for
several months. Capt. Robertson has
for years been captain of the Hornets j
or ucariotic ana waen war was uo.
clared Capt. Robertson aod his company
volunteered, but have not seen
active service. Capt. Robertson's
ifrieuds are glad to learn of his sate
return home.
?The farmers are longing for rain
and not the farmers alone, for the
dust is dreadful and a shower would
be most welcome. On Tuesday there
were heavy clouds, and a little rain
& fell but not enongh to lay the dust.
Judging from the clouds and from the
*v? nf<f Ta ft tta Knan
cuui luut m uoi unc uonu
heavy rains quite near and probably
hai!. Tne ground is so hard that the
farmers are unable to do auy plowing.
If you have piles, cuke them. No
nse "undergoing horrible operations
that shnplv remove the results of the
disease without disturbing the disease
itself. Piace your confidence in DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. It has
never failed t> cure others; it will
not fail to cure you. McMuSter Co.
?Rev. Davidsou M. Douglass, of
Biackst'^ck, will be graduated from
the Theological Seminary in Columbia.
The closing exercises will be held on
Thursday, May 11th, and on the Sunday
uigut precccU the baccalaureate
serine u will be preached by Rev.
E. P. Davis, D. D., of Alon'gomery,
Pleurisy wand pneumonia are fre|
quently ^developed, in a very short
space -of time, from a common^ coldj
and, if such an acute inflammation 01
the lungs is not promptly allayed,
the worst znay Happen, witn me aia
of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, however,
you need not have any fear; for this
great remedy speedily subdues the
inflammation, eases the pain in
breathing-and always effects a cure
in a wonderfcHy short time.
UUIIglS Ofiugj
Cures Pleurisy and Pneumonia.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Docton
recommend it. Price 25 cents. At all druggicta.
Ala. Rev. W. G. Neville, of Yorkville,
will deliver the address to th?
graduating class. Six young ministers
will be graduated.
?The 12th of May i3 the day that
the Winthrop girls are to have their
annaal holiday. This holiday is always
made a raoBt enjoyable occasion
by President Johnson, who spares no
trouble to make the students happy,
and the girls have a most delightfnl
outing. As yet, no place has been
decided npon to spend the holiday,
but the State of Friday said that ther?
is a probability of the Winthrep girls
spending the day in Columbia in
Hyatt's park. The people of Columbia
have extended to President
Johnson a cordial invitation to go
mere on me xzia.
Rheumacide is a thorough, permanent,
constitutional cure for rheumatism.
The acids in the blood which
eause the disease ar?;thoroughly eradi*
cated. Is also thu best blood nuriSer,
laxative and tonic.
?We have been requested to remind
those who have papers and magazines
to give away, and who desire to help
the Home Missionary Society in their
work of distributing literature among
tbe factory operatives, that Saturday
is the day appointed for distributing
the books and papers. Miss Francis
Creight will receive all reading matter
sent to her and will distribute it Last
Saturday she did n ot have enough to
distribute aad in order that this may
not be the case this week, it is requested
that those interested will
collect whatever good literature that
they may be willing to give away and
send it to Miss Creight before Saturday.
?The kitchen adjoining D;\ J. C.
Buchanan's house caught fire on Wednesday
afternoon at about one o'clock.
The fire alarm was sounded and both
fire companies responded but the fire
bad been almost exterminated before
fhov mnld res^.h thft honse. The fire
caught from the kitchen chimney and
some of the shingles had tob8 torn
off of the roof before the fire could be
put oat. As usus'.l the alarm caused
great excitement and in a very short
time a large crowd had gathered
around the house ready to fgive assistance
should the fire make great
headway. The fcitchen adjoins the
house and the members of the householc^were
naturally alarmed when it
was"di8COvered where the fire was.
Very little damage was done.
Bean the Tl^ Kind Yw Hare Always Bought
It is rumored that the Ridge way
people who presented so successfully
the play, "Finnigan's Fortune," in
Ridgeway a short time ago, are coming
to Winn8boro to play before our
people. The play is certainly worth
seeing, and we hope that should our
neighbors decide tc play in Winnshoro
that a large andiense will greet them,
[t ha3 been a long time since we have
had any theatricals in Winnsboro, and
this play ought to be well attended.
Fire at the Depot
A cotton fire occurred at the freight
depot Saturday morning, but as there
happened to be very little cotton on
the platform at the time and a number
of hands near it was soon extinguished
and very little damage was done. A
snark from a Dassinsr enartne started
the fire and in a few minutes about a
dozsn bales were blazing. The fire
alarm was uot rung as it was seen at
once that the fire could easily be cantrolled.
The otton that caught fire
belonged to Mr. U. G. DesPortes.
A good way to learn how to move
mountains is to begin on grains of
" Before my ,?
wife began using |
Mother's Friend
she could hardly ^
get around. I do
not think she
it now. biie nas f i
used it for two
months and it is w \
a great help to
her. She does \ \V 1j
her housework \ \ \
without trouble." \ '
Mothers Friend
is an external liniment for expectant
mothers to use. It gives them
strength to attend to their household
duties almost to the hour of confinement.
It is the one and only prepara
tiomnat overcomes raorumj;
and nervousness. It is the only
remedy that relaxes and relieves restrain.
It is the only remedy thai
makes labor short and delivery easy.
It is the only remedy that prts the
breasts in condition so that swelling
or rising: is impossible. Don't take
medicines internally. They endangei
the lives of both mother and child.
Mother's Friend U soil by druggists for Si.
Sor.d for oar free illustrated book.
rse Bradfield Regnlstor Co., Atlanta, Ga,
Prof. F. C. Woodward delivered hie
leciure oo Henry Timrod on Wednes,
day night. He was introduced by
i Capt. H. A. Gaillard, President of
! Mount Zion Society. A large as well
as a very appreciative audience was
l n :j l Tir i I
11 prusL'iuu jl lesiuoui yyuuuwaru um
been heard in Winnsboro before, and
^ i his audience was prepared to hear
. something good. No disappointment
i'cxtic. The lecture cjme up to ihe
j high standard of the eminent scholar,
i and every one went awiy with a fuller
I appreciation of South Cirolin i'-j great
j poet.
We acknowledge with thanks an invitation
to be present at tbe intercollegiate
oratorical contest, which
was held at Ersk^ne College on Friday
night. The invitation is worded ai
The Inier-Colleeiate Oratorical Association
of Sonth Carolina.
reqnests yoar presence
at the
First Annnal Contest
on Friday evening,AprU twenty-eighth,
at 8 o'alock.
Erskine College Auditorium,
Due West, S. C.
Free Fills.
Send yonr address to H. E. Bucklen
& Co , O. cago, and get a free sample
box of D.. King's New Life Pills. A
trial will convince yon of their merits.
These pills are easy in action a k are
particularly effective in the cure_of
Constipation and Sick Headache. For
Malaria and Liver troubles they have
been proved invaluable. They are
guaranteed to be perfectly free from
every deleterious substance and to be
purely vegetable. They do not weaken
by their action, but by giving tone to
stomach and bowels greatly invigorate
the system. Regular size 2oc. per bor.
Sold by McMaster Co., Druggists. 2
Mr. Editor: Will you please announce
iu your valuable paper this
week, and also next week, that there
will be a picnic on Saturday^ May 6,
at the Weir School house, near Avon,
S. C., the occasion being the close of
the Weir school. The public in general
is most Gordially invited to attend
and come prepared to help make ai
most bountiful spread at noontime.
Several distinguished speakers will
address the people on this occasion,
one of which will be Hon. S. E.
McFadden, Esq., of Chester.
April 26, '99. H. R. Chapman.
Schools in Cuba and Elsewhere.
Prof. J. F. Draughon, who recently
visited Cuba with a view of investio-ftfinor
fh*> nnflnnk fnr fiatablishinff" &
school in Havana, Cuba, next 'fall, on
his return visited Savannah, Georgia,
where he arranged to open a well
equipped Business College Jane 15th.
Prof. Draughon now has flourishing
business colleges located in Nashville,
Tenn., Galveston, and Texarkana,
Texas. These colleges have superior
courses of instructions, .and special
facilities for securing positions. See
Prof. Dranghon's ad. elsewhere in
tins issue.?Special rates will be given
all who enter either of his colleges
I consider it not only a pleasure bat
a daty I owe to my neighbors to tell
about the wonderfal care effected in
my case by the timely use of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. I was taken veryljadly with
flax and procured a bottle of this
remedy. A few doses or it effected a
permanent care. I take pleasure in^
recommending it to others suffering
from that dreadfal (iisease.?J. W.
Lyxch, Dorr, W. Va, This remedy
is sold by McMaster Co.
A great storm b?lt will hang over
the Atlantic Coast States all of this
f?AA,anil TTT7
UiUULU CilU&lUg 11 cijucu b auu uwij
thunder storms from Maine to Florida,
bnt over ihe western States the rainfall
will be light, ist to 12nd, cloudy,
followed by local showers; 3rd to 4th,
pleasant; 5th to 8th, warmer, followed
by local showers; 9ih to 11th, violent
thunder storms along the Ationtic
Coast; 12th to loth, hot and sultry;
Ififh tn 18th. heavv thunder storms:
19th to 22, warm, snltry weather. On
the 23rd a great storm will form over
the Galf of Mexico and move along
the Atlantic. Coast, causing heavy
rains over the eastern half of the
United States and danger of floods in
the New England States by the 27th;
28th to 29th, falling temperature; 30th
to 31st, heavy showers over the Atlantic
Coast State?, and nor'h-west
t! -/A. ? -X' ?Y. _L ^
Bears tho Kind Yflu ^av0 Bought
following notice of the retirement
of Capt. Bason from the railroad
service, which we clip from the
State, will be of interest to many of
onr readers a? Capt. Bason has many
friends amoDg the people of Fairfield:
Capt. H. A. Bason, who has for
nearly a quarter of a century been
conductor on the Charlotte, Colombia
and Augusta road, has signinea nis
intention to leave the service. His
resignation will go into effect on May
1st, and another will take thi ticket
Capt. Bason is known in every little
town and in every city along the line
over which he has traveled dailv for
22 years. Such conductors as CapL
Bason make traveling on the cars
more endurable. Always with a
pleasant word, always with a smile,
always with some little courtesy to
the ladies under his charge, he has
made himself indispensable to the
Tbe Charlotte News, in speaking of
his retirement, says:
"Capt. Ba^on be?:au railroading in
tbe olden days when improved machinery
and the palace cars of to-day
wert not even thought of. He contin
oei in the service because he was
attached to it, and, even n#fv, reluctantly
gives np the position which he
has held with honor to himself and
credit t? the road.
When he first went with the Charlotte,
Columbia and Augusta road
Col. Palmer of Colombia was president
and Mr. CliBft was superintendent.
He has worked under nine different
superintendents, and has never lost
one day except on accoun^^^^^e^
| is tbe fairest flower in the garden g
E of humanity. Everv woman mav a
B be lovely after her own style, With |
S sparkling eyes and rosy cqeeks, I
s and with every line of beauty rally S
g developed. g
Pabst Malt Extract, The " Best" g
E Tonic, wilt bring out her beauty, a
B fill in the hollows, cover up the n
g bones and angles, round Out the S
? curves, and develop all bet Uflfcs E
B of beauty. It Is a flesh an<3 tissue s i ]
s builder that will make any wOfliafl g i
s plump and round and rosy, ad she 5 >
s was meant to be. Try it yourself g ;
a and your mirror will show you a 9
&i picubam buipribc.
At all drug stores. "
eiiyn;igsiniisiiiinmimnmignniBHiBiM 1
j <
This is a record that speaks for itself 1
and or.e that Capt. Bason is justly 1
proud of. In resigning he has the (
best wishes of the road and the good
will of all. (
He has uot decided in what busi- <
ness he will embark. The News s
hopes th^t he will decide to remain in t
Charlv tre where he and family have
so many friends." 1
, t
An Epidemic of Whooping Cough. t
Last, winter during an epidemic of i
wbooping cough my children contract- g
ed the <ii3ea9c, hiving severe coughing j
spells. Wa hid used Chemberlain's
Congh Remedy very successfully for 1
croup a ad naturally turned to it at c
that time and found it relieved the (
cough and effected a complete cure.? r
John E. Clifford, Proprietor Nor- 1
wood House, Norwood, N. Y. This T
remedy is for sale by McMaster Co. F
Mrs. II. N. Spencer left on Friday
for Charleston. (
Miss Ag^es Rice ha3 returned from
a visit to Union.
Rev. Mr Freeman and family have ?
returned from Ridgeway. p
Mrs. D. E. Jordan has returned n
from a visit to her daughter Mrs. C
Thos. Br; an in Columbia.
Dr. B. J. Qaattlebaum went to f
Ridgeway on Friday to attend the I
Sunday School convention. t
Mrs. E. Scott Douglass, of Wash* ?
ington, passed through town on ^
"RYirtair on hpr wp.v tft visif rfllati^po
in Columbia. c
Mrs. H. B. Coleman, who has been ^
visiting ner sister, Mrs. S. T. Clowney, 8
returned to her home in Fairfield t
Saturday.?Chester Lantern. t
Mrs. D. D. Gaillard and Pierre, '
after a short visit to relatives in town, c
have gone to Washichtoa, where they fa
will remain .until Col. Gaillard's regi- P
ment, now in Atlaiita, is mustered ^
out. t
Rev. John Chalmers and Mrs. Chal- a
mere, w!k> have been spending several j
weeks with, relatives in this county, ^
have returned to Charlotte." Mr. ?
Chalmers has been resting from his d
work on account of his health, but i
his friends will be glad to know that
he has irr proved greatly.
For Over Fifty Tears. g
Mrs. t-mw's Soothing Syrup c
has bee'' ''---U to- over fifty years by I
millions ^1 Mi..rheis for their children t
while teethiu^, with perfect success, p
lit 800 hes the child, softens the gums, s
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and I
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It a
will leheve the poor little ^offerer o
immfdiai'lr. Sold, by druggists iu e
every i-^r-of the world. Twenty five i
ceri'-a i- -tile. Ba sure and ask for 1
"Ur- v- ifislow's Soothing Syrap," 1
and .. k-.- no other kind. 1-1-17 I
? . ?? 8
Mr. "Rdifnr" FU- a re-iolntion of Mt r
Zion Society you are requested to
publish 5o Tue News and Herald
the following letter of Rev. Theo. D.
Re-pectfully, *
?. H. McMaster, Secretary. E
Cap^in H. A. Gaillard, President ^
Mt. Zif>i> Society: a
My Dear Captain?In a conversa- 8
tion with my father several months ^
prior to his death, he expressed the 11
wish that one of his sets of the war I
series might finally be placed in old
Mt. Zion College, where the record of *
the gallant men, his comrades in arms, *
' -l 1 1L. T ? ?i.
WDO gave memseives tu iuts jjusl
j Causes, might be kept for the instruction
of'hp generations which would
follow. I a?ii anxious to carry out his
wish, which is also that of my sister
aud myself I regret to say that in
the confusion of moviDg and transition,
knvwo to many of your society,
these pa^t few years, some of the
volumes uave been lost. This may be
remedied by a purchase, at actual J
cost, from the war record's office? ?
and to this I will be most glad to contribute,
wheo ij condition to do so.
I wrote to {he war department some c
time ago, telling the chief of the
record's office the disposition which
wa? proposed to be made of this set, ^
now lornriiiy tendered to the society
through von. and in replv recaived his y
cordial approval, and also a grant to
the fclt. Zion Society of the remainder t
of the ser, which he directs shall be .
sent to the society a3 the volumes are
issued. This letter from the war
Seoord't office is now in Mr. Jas. Q. i
Davis'hands. I suggest that the so- i
ciety write the war record's office im- (
mediately aad designate a custodian
ot the books. c
I will be glad to deliver those in my i
keeping, now at onr Canaan planta- t
tion, near Winnsboro, as soon as I ]
learn your wishes.
I have aUo about 40 volumes of the
Doctors Say; J
Bilious and Intermittent Fevers
which prevail in miasmatic dis- 3
tricts are invariably accompan- 1
ied by derangements of the ,
Stomach Liver and Bowels.
The Secret of Health. ;
The liver is the great "driving ,
wheel" in the mechanism of !
man; and when it is out of order, !
the whole system becomes dc- j
ranged and disease is the result. i
Tutt's Liver Pills
Cure all Liver Troubles.
Medical library of my srandfathcr.
Dr. William BrattOD," who was so
closely associated with the history of
Mt. Zion daring the early years of this
century, that it seems fitting that these
books, of value chiefly to a public institution,
should be tendered to the
old society. Some of them are in
anf??t?nf 1 enmo T fViinlr in fnroiom
tongues,' and all are by tbc distinguished
authors of Germany, England,
France or America of a past generation?standards
ot their day. Shou'd
the society be pleased to accept these
also, they will be delivered along with
the tvar record's series.
Very faithfully yours,
Tbeo. D. Bra'.ton.
Mr. Editor: I herewith hand you for
publication copy of portU.11 of letter
received by me, which will speak for
itself, and account, at least i:= part,
for the failure of onr Fairfield p*0i>le,
to respond to the call for he'p m the
natter ot entertaining the vttcraus in
I harleston next m -nth. Our worthy
;>mrade who wr.ies u* is 'n error on
3ne point. The city of Charleston;
aever proposed to entertain free of j
charge every Contederate veteran, bat
only those who are unable to fmn sh
V\ A! m Aurrt KAOI?^ q ?i rl T n fHlfl I
un u uvaiu aou j vu^ mr ?* vw?v
jhe is on an equal footing with oth< r
:ities that have heretofore entertained
)nr reunions, and yet the is the smallest
by one-halt, perhaps, of all others
hat have undertaken it. Those who
ire able have always been expected
o pay their own expenses; and after
hia is done, there will probadly be
4- -rrr 4a i ?An -
.1ISLLL LYtCUtJT IUVUOAUU ?.vy ivn; iuvu
and old veterans unable to pay. It is
:or these the help was asked. T have
10 apology to make for the hotels that
hoose to charge fall rates or more,
^aite a number of boarding houses
propose to give their usual rates,
vhich are reasonable, and others proiose
to give lower rates.
R. H. Jennings.
April 27, 1899.
The letter referred to is as follows:
lomradt E. H. Jennings:
Dear Friend?The postal card circu#r
M?nt. aicmed hv Mai. Woodward
ltd yourself, received. At the least it
s due yon friends that I shoold explain
why I, and likely others, have
lot contributed any money to assist
Charleston. It was generally thought
wa3 it not so published?) that Charleson
intended to entertain all U. C. Y.'s
ree of cost. Thinking this, every one
. approached readily agreed to contribute
at least what he thought his
individual expenses would otherwise
ie in Charleston, sav from $1.50 to
IS. 00. .
Not long after this it seemed to
bangs from a Charleston to a State
nvitation. Then we were all a3ked to
lelp. Every one that I talked with
eemed ready to do so at the proper
ime. Very soon after this the Charleson
committee pnblished a card ad'ising
all who wished to attend to
ecure board, &c.t in advance. Then
ame a long card giving prices for
loardat hotels and private hoase9, and
trice of lunches, &c., and, without
pishing to do any one an injustice,
hese prices all seemed to be ap to the
op notch, at least the? were a3 high
,s I ever paid in Charleston, New
fork, or any other city. I always try
o do nay full duty; bat jast why the
State should be taxed proudly $6,000
we all have to pay full prices, inlividually,
keeps me from contributng.
* * *
Beats the Klondike.
Mr. A. C. Thomas, of Marysville,
?ex., has found a more valuable dis
overy than Las yet been made in the
Klondike. For years be suffered unold
agony from consumption, accomlanied
by hemorrhages; and was abolutely
cured by Dr. King's New
)i8covery for Consumption, Coughs
nr! Polds. He declares that srola is
>f little value in comparison with this
aarvelous core; would have it, ev.-n
f it cost & huadr?d dollars a bottle,
isthrm, Bronchitis and all turoat and
un<r 'iffections are positively cured by
)r. King's New Discovery for '.Jonomptiou.
Trial bottles free at MctfBster
Co.'8 Druif Store. Reg-.ilaiize
50 cts. and 81.00. Guarauteed to
ure or price refunded. 2
Mr. Editor: Will you be kind enough
o permit me space in your valuable
taper to correct some mistakes which
lave been made in regard to those
?AVO TT7Ki/?h ha T7P MnSfld
lUUU y iUVUO ixjbivio nutvu uw* w
nchaiad ending in our community?
There is no one who feels the shock
ore keenly than I. Now in tha first
(lace, I did not receive but the one
etter, about the 6th day of April, and
he contents of that letter were just as
rile to Janie Lemmon as myself. We
vere made to share equally all the
ueau Jhing8 contained therein, aud
or tb&t reassn I took that letter to her
irst one, in order that she might see
vhat was said about her. I told her j
hen and there that I was going to
ake the envelop to Mr. Rionandlet
lim see if he could find out who wrote
hat letter eo that we might give them
i piece of our mind, not having the
ilightest idea n<- tu who was the author
>f that
I admit that I had very little hope of
iver finding cut the one re?p msible
or that letter, and tlierc was not a
vord in said letter concerning Flor;uce
Jones, as reported in the issue of
he 25th nit, a3 the original letter will
The point I wish to draw oat clearly
s to s>how to the public that there was
lot the slightest cause for the shadow
)f suspicion upon Janie Lemmon, one
>f my best and dearest friends, and
ve have been so at all times; even to
he last sad moment of her existence.
[ knew nothing of the finding of the
>fficer until after he had fastened the
:ase upon her. He then asked me to
el) all I knew about the case, and I
.old him that I did not know anything
;o tell, ouly on one occasion s!ie said
John Sampson snouiu not go who
Florence. That was all she said, a''d
:he word revenue was uot used io
my knowledge at ali, neither rii>l I
inow that the inspector intended
place a^y one under arrest if found
ou?. "We told him in the beginning
that we did not wish anything done ?o
any one, for I bad no desire to have
my one puuisbed, more than an exposure
and lectare from this officer.
I am heartily sorry for all that has
happened, atd hope that I may never
again be made to suffer as I have since
the occurrence of this unfortunate
calamity, which has brought to all
hearts of our community everlasting
sorrow. Lei ns from this a new les
son learn, (hat education in its full
ucss, or in a. limited way, will not ir
all cases prjvi a blessing unless prop
erly applied. Very respectfully,
May 1, 1S99. Alice U>sve.
Tetter, Salt-Rhcum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, is insiantlv
allayed by aDplving (Jbambi-rlain's
Eye and S?ii> Ointment. Many verj
bad cas^s hive been permmentlv cured
by it. It is equally efficieut {or i ching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped bauds, chilblains,
fro-t bite- chronic sure eyes.
2oc?8. per box. For sale by McMaster
We were all saddened about a month
?ff"> bv the death o; Prof. Bowman,
pwte?3or of forge an 1 foandry work.
o had been unwell fn* several
mouths, but cone of his friends re>
liz^ci how shori. won'd be his stay
among tbera. Th3 chapel period on
tue following Monday was given to
memorial exerciscs concluded by
m-mbers of tbe faculty. The preside/it
arid several prote-sors made
talks recallh:^ i he boamifal
character and stcr.ing worth of the
man. It will be difficult to fill his
r>Isfo ofivmor orrncvn fhft nKach
f '-V*-J e - -
mer.ts of friendship and (he appreciation
of his character. Prof. Poats
carried to Iho funeral, in Charlottesville,
Va., several beautiful bouquet?,
one bearing the cird: "He took the
greatest interest in the base ball team."
And traiy will the athletes miss his
presence at once encouraging to
greater efficiency and restraining to
all other tendencies. Ha had just
finished two marble tablets to be
placed in the chapel in memory of
tA? t C._ ,1? n?A T>,./-vf
1 TC3iUCiU Oiiv/U'; auu x i \jl .
and scarcely had be laid aside the
chi=el and mallet when disease brought
to a close his life of labor and love.
Clem8on College is growing; the
standard is being raised, and next
session will show.a college of which
South Carolina may well boast. Under
the management of President Hartzog
every depa-tmant is becoming
more efficient an3 the ground* are
being beautified. The senior class
will erect a baddsom3 fountain in
front of the main building, xms win
add greatly to the beauty of the
grounds and be a substantial reminder
of the class of '95
Commencement is ODly about seven
weeks off and final examinations loom
up to shadow the bright visions of
vacation. Almost every room in
barracks has a calendar with April
and May almost torn off by constant
fingering. Nearly every boy knows
exactly how maiiy days must pags
Detore June i* win cuuie.
The Y. M. 0. A. is prospering and
a committee is bard at work raising
funds to send several delegates to the
Summer School which meets at A?h illc
just after commencement. The
first of a series of dime readings wag
given Saturday night at the home of
President Harlzog. Mis* Lon Egle*ton
assisted Mre. Hartzog as hostess
and sontribnted a great deal to the
pleasure of the evening.
The first tennis tournament of the
season was played on cur court Saturday
morning.- ilessre. Furman and
burner played Messrs. Lander and
Anderson from Williamston. Clemson
lost, the score being 3 to 5.
Next Friday a number of boys will
go to Erskine to attend the inter-collegiate
oratorical contest. Clem?on
will play fh8 E'&kine baseball team
at ihe same time.
Several Clenson boys will stai:d the
West Point examination. Mr. Reeves,
of Lonsrtown is among the number.
n-..- J_: r.. L
rt^iuruiu^ juulu uurnt: uvi. *v.-i?
aso, one of the Winns'ooro boys did
notusk abouHiis mother nor father,
and d:J not meivion his fistcr* or
orothers rtor anyone else, but a-k?ri
with ? pathetic s-i(ii>ss in h a fa* a:;<3
vo;ce, if I saw hi? d ig
April 25, ??9. S. Ili-ris.
Uucklen's Arnica SaJve.
Toe I>cst Salve in ihe world for Cuts,
Jruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chiilblains, Corns, an.3 al' Skin Eruptions,
and po>ilively cures Piles, or ;?:?
pay required. It is guaranteed u>give
perfect satisfaction, or money refait
ed. Price 25 ceDis per f>oi. *\?r
by McMaater Co.
Jdauy a person has fallen behind in
trying to keep op appearanc -s.
The best way to teach children to
be good i3 to show tbem bow.
People are scarce who are satisfied
with their next door neighbor's religion.
Try Allen's Foot-Ease,
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen,
nervous and hot, and get tired easily.
If you have smarting feet or tight shoes
try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the
feet and makes walking easy. Relieves
coin3 and bunions of all pain
and gives ease and comfort.Try it today
Sold by all druggists, grocers,
shoe stores and general storekeepers
?uTrial riQpkfurp
CV Ci ^ VV iiCiCt JL X I'UV/ A 1 iM4
FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
Le Roy, NY
i-&^ \ jp^ * 3-=&B?+
A New and Complete Treatment, consisting of
SUPPOSITORIES, Capsules of Ointment and two
Boxes of Ointraent. A never-failing cure for Piles
of every nature and degree. It rr?ikes an operation
I with the knife, which is painful, and often results
n death, unnecessary Why endure this terrible
liseasc? We pack a Written Guarantee in each
Si Box. No Cure, Xo Pay. 50c. and Ji a box, 6 for
*5. Ser.t bv mail. Samples free
OINTMENT, 25c. aad 50c.
POWQTIPATIHM Cured. Piles Prevented, by
uUlioi Irn . IUN Japanese Liver Pellets, the
HLOOD PURIFIER. Small, mild and pleasant
to take: especially adapted for children's use. 50
tfoses 25 cents.
FRE?.?A vir.l of these fhtnous little Pellets will
be Riven with 3 box or more of Pile Cure.
Notice?Thk genuine txesh Japanese I'ile
Cure i'cr sale only by
J. J. OBEAR, Druggist,S3
Winnsboro, S.
DAOTHTAUO SECCEED. May deposit money
rilM I ii/IltS lor taJUr-r ' bank till position is
- VWiilVHU secured.*il: a.r^ptnotes.
Cheap board. Car faro ;>?>'!. So vacation.
Enter any time. Open lor both sexes.
| BUb?l rc .~.T<
j Xashville, Tenn. Savannah, Ga.
i Galveston, Tex- Texarkana. Tex
i Indorsed by merchants and bankers. Thref
months' bookkeeping \rttb ns equals six, els* " here,
All commercial brandies taught. For circular uialn
ing "Home Study Course." address "Deps.:':.. .'.-i A,'
For college catalogue, address "Department
For Sale.
land, ou Little River, belonging t(
D. AI. Broom, and bounded by land
of ibe estate of E. G. Simonton, Sttv
enson and others.
For terms aDply to
A. S. & W. 'D. D0LGLAS3.
11-17 Attorneys, Winneboro, S.fcC
' |^|Shy
j If there is any costivenesa, mc
jf doses of St. Jo5eph'? Liver Regul
I ?% "With female troubles, She has taken
I jr Panacea and it has cured her. She is 3
I 4 ^ well as she ever did and weighs more tha
| O L. GERSTLE & CO., Proprietoi
Cauniy Suprrisor
Claims Appeoved at ths last '
m eeting of the board of cocntt
commissionees held on
April 8,1899
The following claims were examined
and approved on State Case fand of
No. Amount.
220 Mm FM Habenicht, $ 6 60
221 G- Y Langford, 10 00
222 YV B Wright, 10 00
223 E M Mellichamp, 10 00
224 S D Daon, 6 CO
225 \V J Tarner, 1130 ,
226 T J Dong!a??, 12 50
227 C H Donglass, 12 50
228 Jbo S Stone, 10 00'
229 P M B Holley, 10 00
230 E G Palmer, 7 00
231 G S Hinnant, claimed $2.95,
not allowed, 0 00
The following claims were examined
! am/) amt\mawa/1 AM A a n/1 Pmi?MA
auu uu iiivau auu
fand of 1898:
No. Amount.
236 R W Phillips, $125
The following claims were examined
and approved on Poor House fund of
If 98:
-No. Amount.
232 Thomas W Brice, $40 25
333 J W Pope, 3 00
334 Mrs E M Habeaicht, 3 75
3S5 R W Phillips, 3 00
The following claims weie examined
and approved on itate CaseFnndof
Wa v Amnnnt
237 RE EUisou, $'W^ll
238 RE Ellison, .89 80
239 EE Ellison, -30 60
240 T J Donglass, 12 50
241 C H Douglass, 12 50
242 B G Tennant, 162 50
243 H E Powell, 7 28
244 M D C Colvin, 9 35
245 S R Johnston, 150 00
24G J L Richmond, 100 00
247 HA Stevenson, 12 50
248 Robert Cortee, 12 50 <
249 H B Refo, 4 50
nrA T> o ^ OA
zou ii. o opeuue, " ov
251 DrMLangford, 5 00
252 J no B Patrick, 4 00
253 D E McDowell, 18 75 .
254 Jas B Stevenson, 12 50
255 JjSKohn, 8 93
256 HPKohn, 7 93 1
257 W A Cook, 12 50
25S W G Sgritb, 12 50
259 Dr JC Buchanan, 5 00
260 Dr J O Buchanan, 5 00
261 DrJ C Buchanan, 5 00
262 J E Stevenson, 12 50
263 DE McDowell, 6 56
264 Wra G Hinnant, 25 00 <
265 L L Bolick, 18 75
266 Wm G Hitman?, 2 77
2C7 Or }\r. Ainerr, $10.00
claimed, ailowed, 5 00
26S V\r J Hagiod. . 550
269 Ji:o 5 30
270 .Ins D Blair, 8 50
271 U E Ellison, 13 40
272 tt E Elison, 7 50
Tlie io.lowing clams were iximiued
ami approved on Road and Bridge
Fu-m! of 1899:
No. Amount.
270 S II M irgan, $11 95
274 \ D Ho vl, 28 53
275 J W ilngood, 4 35
27G W A Neal, supt SUP, 42 06
277 J M Steele, 5 70
278 B J Emerion. 2 17
279 Lazarus Jobuson, 5 80 <
280 Reuben Roseborougb, 2 18 I
281 H L Elliott, . 6 66
282 W P Caslless, 2 50
283 J C Chappell, 4 95 i
284 E R Roberts, 18 43 ,
OftK l> T Vf?tlV>Adra fi 10 1
mOV AW JL iULMllUv rf 9 f " ,
286 Jaa T Lemmon, 2 30
287 Lazarus Johnson, 3 25
288 {Samuel Sim?, 5 03
289 L D Robertsou, 6 50
290 W J Clowney, 1195 i,
291 Jno \Y Banbhead, 1 63
292 M M Clinkscales 3 26 !
OHQ Pl T enntSflP 12 50 3
<-Vt< L/ V V1 i^llUy ?JU^i v a j vw
291 B G Tennant, 7 13
295 Jno Cathcart, 2 00
296 W B Wright, 3 00
297 A J Brown, 6 95
298 II B Refo, 28 35 |
399 Jas L Bryson, 3 15
300 Samuel Uathcart, Jr, 5 25
301 B F Cassels, 7 50
302 E R Roberts, 95 79
303 E R Roberts, 15 48
304 E R Robert3, ' 17 75
Th<- fallowing claims were examined
and u. proved on Poor Honse Fund of
No. Amount.
305 J L Hawes & Bro, $10 77
30G Dr H F Hoover, 60 65
307 B G Tennant, 8 06
308 Jno P Matthew?, 2000
309 S C Broom, 3 80
310 H B Reto, 27 90
311 K W Phillips, 8 50
312 Butler Bel ton, 8 69 ,
313 Dauiel Corkee, 8 07
314 C D Cbappell, 7 50
315 A J Hinnaut, 2 88
The following claims were examined
and approved on Public Building fund
of 1S99.
No. Amount.
31G R E Ellison, $ 9 30
317 Walker, Evans & Cog8W?ll, 13 60
31S Walker, Evans & Cogswell, 7 60
319 W II Flennikeu, 33 00
320 B G j,en-aut, 10 13
321 \V H YVillingham, 4 50
322 R T Matthew?, t> 2V
' 323 Uildwell & Beatv, 12 50
1 324 Preston Rion, 6 16
' 325 Hayne MeMeekio, 6 50
I do certify that the abore atatement
is a correct copv of claims approved
and disapproved at the meeting of the
County Board held April 3,1899.
j, I 27 Connty Sapeviior F. C.
; For Sale.
Derhnrdred; $12 00 perton.
3i4tf H.L.ELLIOTT.
ires of Female Diseases? Itsfonld V
i expected of her. When she is A
og from Deranged Menstruation, If
t?w?c(G. p. P.)mark. ( #
splendid tonic -will soon relieve * f %
fering and cube the disease, thus ( v
sing the desired result through f
I channels. Only $1.00 per bottle. < # >ve
the bowels gently with mild A
later. Price 25c per package.
si* boWet of Gcmtle'jb Female O
iow on the last bottle ana is filing as v
in ever bgforein her life. *?
B. It LEGGETT. Broxton. Ga. jf
rs, Chattanooga, Tenn. C|
ClMn;cj anu U^zV^ld the bafc. _ y,
Proraoccs a Icsuraot growth. ' *?
Wfen . 1 Failu to Hestore Gray
IflKKKpigSn Hair to it3 Vocthfal Color.
SWBS^^^^HOrroecaJn di<?u?9ti iuurisaicfc |
ffSSSft* jfe.sMsi.fi3a; Dmgfrti I
Scratching. ^
Sample sent ifjyou say so.
It7a unlike all others.
Box. post-paid, 15 ets. in stamps.cltfi
Sold Everywhere.
The Blecto Silicon Co., 40 Cliff, Street,
New York.
' Mp
R. Brandt
. --'11
in Ridge way %
April 20th.
(Leaver on the afternoon train.)
^ ^
samples of his stock.
' . r * :>J*i
- '-- ".^^ *7^6
rmynjiT 0 Ladies' iiash Backles,
ijl Mn Hi hi , Shirt Waist Sets w iih y
Pins. in plato and gold, and Link
Parties desiring Spectacles can be
fitted as usual.
tTHJuW 1!
Tf nroe o herd urinlp' '. >
XV n U<J cm UM1U ir ***
and has made a lot of mending and
painting necessary. Don't paint until
70a have inquired into the merits of
Warranted not to scale, chalk or peol
off in three years. If it does yon can
jet yonr money back. That is
isn't it ?
Give as a call before painting.
T U UnMoptnn ?_ Pn
i ii. lUbifinoiGi a uu
of them brokeD, which I will sell,
cheap or exchange them for broker
down males.
I also have ONE HEAVY
TEAM suitable for log
males, and a few PLUG
MULES, which I will ?ell
J low for catii. Also T vVO
YY v_7.
I have one <_0W AND CALF ai;<i
and several good Springers, n::d a _
always ready f->r a irade.
Wionsboro, S. (J.
? * 0a? 104 N.

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