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i i ??? ???
Wednesday, 3Iay 10, - - - 1899
?See Superviior's report.
Read the advertisement of market
for rent.
?Cane seed, valentine beans, and
German millet for tale by Jobn H.
McMaster & Co.
?Some fruit turvived the freezes of
winter, but it is like angels' visits,
By few and far between.
* ?Special bargains at Mrs. J. D.
McCarley's daring May and Jane.
Head her advertisement.
It makes no difference how bad the
wound If }Ou use De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve; i; will quickly heal and
leave no scar. McMaster Co.
?J. W. Si-igier has on hand screen
doers and windows. Those uothered
with flies should invest. Read his ad.
?Rev. E. P. Hedges, Presiding
Elder of the Methodist Churcb,
preached here Sunday and left Men
day morning lor Columbia.
?Iutenderit J. E. (Joan is laid sp
with a broken thumb and other injuries,
the resuit of trying his pugilistic
powers wiih Mr. Arthur Owens.
?As lereral of 'he officers are in
Charleston attending the reunion, the
meeting of the Ladies' Missionary
Society has been postponed until
further notice.
Don't think you can cure that slight
attack of Dyspepsia by dieting, or that
it will cure itseif. Kodol Dyspepsia
Care will cure it; it "digests what
you eat" and restores the digestive
organs 10 health. McMaeter Ho.
?Mrs. Habenlcht's advertisement
will tempt yon this morning. Do not
free over how yon are to supply the
table; read her ad. and save yourself
?A quantity of materials to be used
in putting up the long distf nee telephone
has been brought here by
freight and is being carried by wagons
to where the work is being done. The
ine is now within a short distance of
^ TV TtTJIKfSWJ ?a ehntiTinor ft finA
V?> XJ, II uiuutu ia Duvuwg ? ?
line of novelties such as neck buckles,
chains, sash buckles,, embroidery
silks, fans, and all sorts of little things
that are necessary. They also have
the June fashion sheets ready for distribution.
?Read the good advice that R.
Brandt gives {you in regard to yonr
eye3 and profit by it. He is an optician
of experience and knows what
he is saying. Ii you have not given
him a trial go to him or write to him
and he promises to suit you.
O JL/| CUlbUi ouu ^ivpiivvvA
of the Democrat, Lancaster, N. H.,
says: "I would not be without One
Minate Coogh Care for my boy, when
troubled with a cough or cold. It is
the best remedy for croup I ever
used." McMaster Co.
?The eldest child of Mr. and Mrs.
M. ^C. Robertson, of Columbia, has
been ^critically ill for some time, the
iimess oemg cue enect ox measics.
Great anxiety was felt abont her condition,
bnt she is now improving and
it is thought that she is out of danger.
?Miss Martha D wight, who will
graduate in music from Converse College
in Jon?, will give a recital at an
early date. Miss D wight is a musician
of great talent and has been studying
I under Dr. Pet ere, of Converse, for
r several years. The recital will be
given at Converse College.
?A handsome monument was unveiled
at Chickamauga on Thursday to
the memory_of those Georgians who
tnnt nur t. in the hattle of Chickamauga.
The ceremonies were most impressive
and a great crowd attended the exercises.
The monument stands in tbe
National Park at Chickamauga.
Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, coids,
crop and whooping cougu readily
yield to One Minute Cough Cure.
ITse this remedy in time and save a
doctor's bill?or the undertaker's.
McMasier Co.
?The drv weather has cut the straw
berry crop very short, the plants haviog
almost stopped bearing for want
of rain. There is never an abundaace
of this fruit planted aboat here, but
this spring there has been a greater
scarcity than ever. The dry weather
i3 beginning to tell on the vegetable
gardens as well.
>-J"-- - c a. a T> T>
? xxic iauies vx luc -fa. jl. uuuivu
ssrved ice cream in one or It? vacant
stores in the Beaty building on Friday
afternoon. It was feared that the
weather would prevent many from
attending, but in the afternoon the sun
came oat and greatly relieved the
minds of those in charge. A nice som
was realized.
?A train consisting of several ex^
pre=s and freight cars passed through
ron Wednesday loaded with fruit and
vegetables being sent north. This is
among the first trains of the kind that
have passed this spring, but the products
of the truck farms will probably
come in such great quantities soon
that the regular vegetable trains will
begin to run.
Some of the results of neglected
dyspeptic conditions of the stomach
are cancer, consumption, heart disease,
and epilepsy. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
prevents all this by effecting a quick
cure in all cases of dyspepsia.
McMaster Co.
? Oa Ar?ril 2S:h Rev. and Mrs. Alex
\ Sprunt, of Rock Hill, celebrated the
i 20tn anniversary of their wedding.
| A delightful reception was held and
numbers of their friensd attended,
ft The presents, all of China, were beautiful
and useful. Mr. Sprunt is well
^ known and much liked here and has
preached a number of times in the
Presbyterian Church in this place,
ft ?Columbia is making arrangements
fur a grand firemen's tournamont to be
held iu Jane and which will continue
fo~ hree days. The tournament is to
be open to all firemen who desire to
' enter the contest, and handsome prizes
are to be giren. Those who haye the
matter in hand are determined to
make a success of it and -will leave
i nothing undone that will contribute to
the success.
?In order to show their appreciation
of Victor Blue'* bravery duriog the recent
war? the people of Marion, his
native (own, have bought a baodsorae
loving cup to n: e eut to him. Tbe
I or.
pis cup is a beautiful one aud cost $100.
Sore Throat
Hoarseness, pore throat and constant
ortnoViirior t.Viftf". f.Vlft IvFOTlchial
tabes are suffering from a bad cold,
which may develop into pleurisy or
inflammation of the longs. Do not
waste health and strength by waiting,
but usa Dr. JohnW. Bull's Cough
Syrup at once. This, wonderful remedy
cures all throa : iind lung affections
in an astonishingly short time.
Cough Syrup
Cures Hoarseness and Sore Throat.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
recomaend it Price 25 cents. At all druggists,
and will of course be more valued by
Lieut. Blue than any gift he conld
receive, coming as it does from the
people among whom be has spent the
greater part of bis life.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
are just what ahorse needs when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine ana the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Co.
?The warship Raleigh which will
be one of the attractions at the Charleston
reunion will create unusual inte
rest on account ot n&vmg tasen pan
in the war with Spain. There will be
many interesting things to see during
the reunion but nothing will draw
greater crowds than th% battleship.
The men of the Raleisv have received
ovations at every port that she has
touched at on her way south.
-The commencement exercises of
the State Colored College took place
on the fir%t three days of this week,
--1 1 :_i ~
auu wure must luiwcsuuj;. lucguuuating
class this year was very large,
and among the grade ates were several
students from. Fairfield. The following
are the graduates from this county
and the subjects of their essays: Chaa.
P. McLurkiu, "Night BriDgs Out the
Stars"; Garfield B. Pickett, "Good
?Should the proposition made by
the citizens of Darlington, to rebuild
Gen. Hampton's house, be seriously
considered by the people of the SUie,
we trust that Fairfield will be among
tha first counties of the State to come
forward with a subscription It would
be a grand opportunity to give to the
aged general substantial proof of th?
devotion of his fellow South Caroli- s
nians who owe so much to this noble
old man.
?The firemen held a meeting on
Thursday night and decided to take
part in the firemen's tournament to be
held in Columbia in June. Our firemen
will enier the reel race, and we
feel confident that they will carry off
the prizes offered for this race. They
will doubtless devote much time between
now and the 21st of June to
practicing for the race, and will be in
condition to compete with any firemen
in the State.
?At the inter couegiate oratories*
contest held a short time ago at Erskine
^College the first prize was won
by W. L. Moise, of Snmter, who represented
Ciemson College, and the
second priz9 by R. F. Watson, of
Ridge Spricg. The prizes were beautiful
gold medals and were presented
by Dr. Grier, of Er3kine, and Secretary
Wilson, who was one of the
judges. After the contest was over
Mr. Wilson delivered a most interesting
address. A very large audience
was present on this occasion.
The ancients believed that rheumatism
was the work of a demon within
a man. Any one wno Has nact an
attask of sciatic or inflammatory rheumatism
will agree that the infliction is
demoniac enongh to warrant the belief.
It has never been claimed that
Chamberlain's Pain Balm would cast
out demons, bat it will cure rheumatism,
aDd hundreds bear testimony to
the truth of this statement. One application
relieves the pain, and this
quick relief which it affords is alone
worth many times its cost. For sale
by McMaster Co.
?The many frierds and admirers
of Gen. Hampton in the whole South
and particularly in his native State
grieve for him in the loss of his house
and the many valuable things that
money could not restore. The fire occurred
on Tuesday ^morning at an
early honr and it was impossible to
save the bailding. The General seems
to have been followed by fire, as
twice recently his house has caught
fire. Losing his house is a severe
blow to Gen. Hampton, but he has
met the calamity with characteristic
fortitude and cheerfulness.
?The Ladies Canning Company has
sold its outfit to Dr. Asbill of Ridge
Spring, ^ho is going into the canning
; vuaiiivaa* i.uc uauu-i) uao uv/t
Oeeo operated for several years a9 it
did not prove profitable, and the
ladies of the company have been anxious
fcto dispose of the outfit, which
was very complete. This canning
factory when first opened several
years ago created great interest allover
the State. A very superior grade
of canned goods was put np here and
everything was of the best, but owing
to ths uncertainty of vegetable crops
and great competition it was found
that it could not be a profitable busi?
?Professor Fooshe has just had a
neat substantial book-case placed in
the large school room of the college
aud on the shelves are the books that
are owned by the school. As yet they
are few in number but it is hoped that
in <h3 course of time the number wiil
iucr%aie greatly until the college possess
a library which will be a credit
to the school. From time to time
those who have long telt a deep inte1
I ? _ u 1. ~ c : ? ?
resi m tue wutk ui bauuuj a uuiaij
for the ollege have raiseJ money in
various ways.for the purpose of buying
books and in this way mo3t of the
books have been procured. A good
library is badly needed and would be
of the greatest use to both teachers
1 av.d pupils.
1 Bears tie The Kind Yeu Have Always Bought
'I ^ "
Ice! Ice!
100 pounds of ice lor 50 cents.
50 ponnds for 30 cents.
26 5-poand tickets for $1.00.
J. S. McCarley.
Same price t* last season:
100 nrmnda . ..502.
50 pounds 30c.
26 tickets >.$1.00
At F. M. Habetuch'ys
Dr. Chalmers Resume? Work.
Rcr. Dr. Chalmers filled his pulpit
Sunday for the first time in a month
or more. He was greatly benefitted
by his rest, and resumes hi 3 pastoral
work strengthened materially, physically
and brighter, therefore, mentally.
The full membership of the church
was out Sunday to street the pastor on
his return.?Charlotte Observer.
I consider it not only a pleasure but
a duty I owe to my neighbors to tell
about the wonderful cure effected in
my case by the timely use of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. I was taken very badly with
flax and procured a bottle of this
remedy. A few doses ot it effected a
permanent cure. I take pleasure in
recommending it to others suffering
from that dreadful disease.?J. W.
jl.YXCH, lforr, w. y a. x nis remeuy
is sold by McMaster Co.
i a novel entertainment.
By h eoial arrangement with Mr.
J. J. Oin ar ttie young ladies of Mt.
Zion will take charge of bis soda
fountain on Friday afternoon from 5
o'clock to 10 o'clock and will dispense
the usual drinks?soda water, lemonade,
coca-cola, red banana, milk shakes
and lemon phosphate. All drinks will
be 4 cents, and 4 tickets will be given
for 15 cents. The profits will go to
the library fund. Let everybody
come and get several cool drink?.
ex-shebiff milling dead.
Mr. H. Yongue Milling died in
Lancaster on Sunday. Mr. Milling
was for a loDg time a printer in The
News and Herald office and left this
office to aecepfc the position of deputy
sheriff during the administration of
Mr. J. D. McCarJey. He was elected
sheriff to succeed Mr. McCarley and <
served until 1892. He was a very
kind-hearted man and loyal to his
friends. In 1892 he moved to Black- (
I stock and ran the hotel at that place
for a year or two, then moved to Lancaster.
He married Miss Maggie '
Mackorell, of JBlackstock, who with
fonr children survives nim. j
Tgat Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, if you
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blood ]
and strong nerves and build up your
health. Eas> to take. Try them.
Only 25_ cents. Money back if not j
cured. Sold by Mcaaster uo , arug-1
Cheap Bate Tickets Sold to Charleston by
the Southern IU""-^ay on Account of
the Keuuion of tne Confederate
The Southern Railway will sell at
very low rates round trip tickets from
all stations to Charleston on occasion
of the above meeting.
These tickets will be sold May 8th,
9th, and 10th, inclusive, with final
limit of May 31st. Special trains will ,
be run May 9th on fast schedule, reaching
Charleston at 5 p. m. For full in- J
formation and rates, apply to any
agent of the Southern Railway, or
J. B. Heyward, T. P. A., 739 Broadway,
Aagn9ta, Ga. j
For Over Fifty Years. '
Mrs. vVixslow's Soothing Sysup
has been used for over fifty years by millions
of mothers for their children ,
while teethiDg, with perfect success.
T*- nAfttkaa nViilrl CAffanO flia ornmfl
. 11 luu viiiiuj ovi wuo wuu guiMWf
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and '
is the be3t remedy for diarrhoea. It 1
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in (
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Wioslow's Soothing Syrup,", <
and take no other kind* 1-1-17 j
... - ... i
Reduced Bates and Quick Time via the
Southern Railway. I
On account of the Southern Baptist I
and Auxiliary conventions to be held
at Louisville, Ky., May 11th to 13th, '
the Southern Railway will sell tickets i
from all points at the very low rate of :
one fare for the round trip.
These tickets will be on sale May
8th, 9th, lOtb, 11th, and 12th, with
final limit of fifteen days from dale cf
sale. An extension of the final limit
may be obtained to leave Louisville
not later than June 10th. provided
tickets are deposited with joint agent
at Louisville prior to May 18tb, and
on payment of a fee of fifty cents.
The Southern Railway offers the
quickest and most eomfortable trip,
either via Ashsville through the "Land
of the Sky" or via Atlanta and Chattanooga.
For detailed information,
Pullman car reservations, write or call
on agent of the Southern Railway, or
J. B. Heyward, T. P. A., 739 Broadway,
Augusta, Ga.
Miss Isabel Pixley was in town
on Tuesday.
Mrs. H. C Grafton left Monday for
Mrs* D. M. Provence, of Barnwell,
is visiting relatives in this county.
Mrs. E. G. S iruggs and son arrived
on Wednesday from Chester to visit
Mrs. Esther Kennedy, of Ebreb, is
spending a few days in town with her
nipfte. Mrs. Ii. II. Jennings.
Mrs. Ja?. F. Gettys, (nee Mis? Rosa
Mellicli-imp) of Camden, is visiting
relatives in town.
Mr.and Mrs. Linson,of Middletown,
N. Y., are at tbe Winnsboro hotel.
Mr. Lins^n ii one of the managers of
the long distance telephone company
and is here on business.
Those who left Monday for Charleston
were: Miss Elizabeth G. Dwight,
pcnsor for Camp Raines, and her
maid of honor, Miss Ada Cureton^
Miss Charlotte Allsloa, maid of hoa'or
for the State, Miss Francis Cre^ght,
A.nnie Doty, Mrs. H. A. Galllard,
Mrs. Timms, Rev. Benj. AUaton, and
Mr. Jag. W. Hanahan.
S glllllllf 2^^ Q^92HIS SBIMI53IE
i I
= lS5p?esTloRjc
B Toton fltnirthtcfftftc filA Wpf- ?
P A UQVU * ?
5 nal thinking by putting you s
3 to sleep. It feeds your brain 5
S so that it recovers its tone S
1 for the next day's coil.
druggists sell it.
anpuaiHMi ihiuii iiiiiimiu immiiiBK
Mr. Boyce Elliott, who enlisted last
May as an apothecary in the navy and
who lias baen in Havana since Decern
oer, nas returned to tne unitea states,
his . term of enlistment expiring on
May 4<h. In a letter recently received
from liim by his family he said that
he would sail on the "Resolute" from
Hafani on April 29th for Hampton
Road*, where thsy expected, to land j
on Wednesday. .from tnere ne ex- j
pected to go to New York where he
will be relrased from the service. The
following hirhly complimentary letter,
written by the surgeon under whom
Mr. Elliotc has been serving, will be I
of great interest to Mr. Elliott's
friends, showing, as it does, how he
has gained the esteem of those with
whom ho has been associated in his
U. S. Naval Station, Key West Fla.
December 2nd, 1898.
Sir:?Hospital Steward, Boyce Elliott,
IX. S. N., conducted himself so
well a.id discharged his duties so
faithfully during "the recent epidemic
atKevWest West that I deem it my
daty to commend him to the favorable
consideration of the Bureau.
He i3 strong, healthy, well-bred,
well-oducated, studious, popular,
obediem, intelligent, faithful, conscientious?and
kind lo patients, He
i3 an excellent nurse, as well as a
good steward, and would be a valuable
acquisition to the regular service.
Dann5 the epidemic be had quite a
severe attack of the fever himself, and
will, in al! probability, be immune to
it hereafter.
Very re'pectfally,
John W. Ross,
Surgeon U. S. Navy.
Surgeon-General, TV. K. "Van Roypen,
U. S. Navy, Washington, D, C.
An Epidemic of Whooping Cough.
Last wmter uariog an epidemic of
whooping cough my children contractjd
the disease, having severe coughing
*1- ITT t- - J / >l.nMAVvAMln:M)n
ipeiis. vyt- iiau useu uiicuijciiaiu o
Joagh Rimedy very successfully for
;ronp and naturally turned to it at
:bat :i'jcie and found it reliered the
jough and effected a complete cure.?
John E. Cliffosd, Proprietor Norwood
HoQse, Norwood, N. Y. This
emedy is for eale by McMaster Co.
G. JBatier r ^rson, born December
^th, 1836, '1 ?i Ju e 6tb, 1898. Joined
;he Couievlc-H-e army May 12th, 1861,
Jo. E, Oapi. J. Jti. Davis, loth Keginent,
S. C V.; was taken prisoner at
South Mountain, and carried to Fort
Delaw.--.re; was exchanged, and transferred
to navy; served in navy to close
>f th* at Charleston, S. C.
A 'iv v J. McGill, bom November
? lb-'"*; died September 25tb, 1898.
? i ?t. tv n a. t T"1 T>?^
JOllieu uo. u, uapr. o. n. x>ruujs.a,
rth Bictali >n, llaj. J. H. Rion, and
served f.dtbfally and true wherever
this gailaut command W6nt.
Thesi c.unrades were members of
[Jamp Means, U. 0. V. Oar friend,
a. J. iVLCbriii, was reauy me orguuizoi
3f the club Our camp has lost two of
its most cherished members in their
3eath. We bow with resignation to
the decrees of God.
Resolve, 1. That the sympathies of
this camp go out to the families of
these comrades in their great loss.
2. Thn this paper be published in
The News axd Herald, and that
copies be sent to their respective
Uamp Means, u. u. v.
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs.
Ada E. Hart, of Groton, S. D. "Was
taken with a bad cold which settled on
my luugs; cough set in and finally
terminated in Consumption. Fonr
doctors gave me np, paying I could
Krra V>nf eViriff- (JlTlO T CTtlVP. mVfifilf
11 V& UUV C CilVi V *. ^1* W ?J ? ?
up to ray.Savior, determined if I conld
not stay with my friends on earth, I
would meet my absent ones above.
My husband was advised to get Dr.
KiDg'sNew Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Cold6. I gave it a
trial, took iu ail eight bottles. It has
cu.ied m-?, and thank God I am saved
r>,\TT7 o aroll Qnrl 'hpftlthv wftman."
auu iiv H W U Vil MUM MWV.. J ? Trial
bottles free at McMaster Co.'s
druz store. Regular size 50c. and
$1,00. Guaranteed or price refunded 1
Camp R^onwill be well represented
iu Charleston at the reunion this week.
Mr. J. D. Harrison, the commander
of the cairp, will leave on Tuesday
with a good delegation, who will
likely be joined by others of the
younger generation. It will be a
great time for the old veterans to meet
and mingle with their former companions.
Rev. \V. N. Tillioshast has been
absent attending ministerial duties for
several days.
Mr. A. F. Ruff, of Rdck Hill, spent
several days in town last week.
Mr. J. N. Lemaster is making a
good record as magistrate.
Mis. Fowler is visiting the family
of Cap:, W.J.Johnson.
We understand that Dr. Hoover
bas purchased the old school lot and
centetnplafes erecting a modern residence
a an early day.
News reached' here a few days ago
"tBsi-Mr. Mars Cooper, of Bear Creek,
had been shot, but no particulars as
to how the shooting occurred were received.
Mr. James Coleman, Sr., who has
been confined to his hoase several
months from bad health, was able to
be npon the street yesterday.
Mr. Wylie Team, of the Smyrna
section, was in town on Saturday, and
has fully recovered from his recent
severe illness.
Farmers report cotton coming np
fairly well considering the dry weail
mt? _ .1 l..
mer. adc acreage is aaiu iu ue
smaller than that of last year.
May 8, '99. More Anon.
The Fairfield Baptist Sunday Schoo
Convention held its 4th annual session
with the Ridgeway Baptist Church on
Friday, the 28th day of April, closing j
Sunday with the 11 o'clock sermou.
The convention was organized by the <
re-election of W. R, Rabb president; 1
: B. J. Yarborough vice-president; "
! W. G. Hicnant secretary, and Rev. :
j TV. R. Briscoe treasurer. Tbis meet- j
! ing was not as largely attended as onr <
(previous sessions, owing, probably, 1
i to the backward spring, which pre- j
vented many farmers from completing ,
their planting and being present with j
U3 as delegates or visitors. 1
The program was practical and in- ^
Btructive, and the discu3sious were J
made interesting by the deep feeling '
manifested by the speakers in the ^
Sunday School interest of our land. <
Seven ministers were present .with us, {
hnf nnne from a distance. This was !
""" " t
the only sbadow of, disappointment ?
that marred ita proceedings. The re- i
porta from Sunday Schools were ]
deeply interesting, and instructive? j
in that they emphasizsd and illustrated ,
the facts that Sunday Schools were an
important factor to the church. \
"Sunday Schools in History," the ^
first topic, (and one not well understood),
was discu93ed by Bro. W. R. a
Briscoe, and wa3 made a most inte- i
resting as well as instructive subject, 5
and the progress made in Snnday ^
[ School interest was gratifying.
Space will not permit me to touch
upon the topics as they came ap and
I were discusscd by the appointed c
speakers. *
Rev. E A. McDowell preached the *
II o'clock sermon (Saturday) in the ^
ahRpnne of R. N. Pratt, the regular aD- r
? - ' 0 r
pointee, and Rev. "W. R. Briscoe n
preached at 8.30 o'clock at night. *
The Sunday morning session and q
Sunday School exercises were very
interesting, and were attended by a
large congregation. Tbe good seed
sowed daring this session became ~Q
manifest by a very liberal contribution ?
of over $20 towards the building of a 5
ohapel at Winnshoro tor tne oenent "
of the factory at that place. ?
At 11 o'clock the new pastor, Rtv. v
J, L. Freeman, of the Winnsboro and
Ridgeway churches, preached his first
sermon before this convention, and ?
the verdict .of all present was, that ?
these cnurches were fortnnate churches, i
At the close of this se'vice the con- t
vention adiourneel to meet with the *
Little River church on Friday before q
the second fifth Sunday in the year i
1900. Secretary. s
If you suffer from tenderness or ]
fullness on the right side, pains under .
a?rtrtflfination. hillOGS- ~
, DUVUiMV4"viK\?v J 7 ?
nees, sick-headache, and feel doll,
heavy ?nd sleepy your liver is torpid
and congested. "DeWitt's Little Early
Risers will cure you promptly, pleas*
, antiy and permanently by removing
| the congestion and causing the bile
ducts to open and flow naturally. '
J Thet are good pills. McMaster Co.
* l4t- L tsonirwr flit f
| &llHUUgU it 19 a iauiiuai aay iuwv
an Irishman is always spoiling- for a
fight, still there is one kind of fighting
10 w uich even the brave son* of Erin
are sometimes averse?that is duelling.
The following story well illustrates
the fact:
A certain Irishman, having been
challenged to fight a duel, accepted the
conditions after much persuasion on
the part of his friends, who felt confi
dent of success. Jtiis antrgomsc, a r
lame man, walked 011 cratches.
When the place for the shooting had
been reached, the lame man's seconds 1
asked that he be allowed to lean
against a milestone which happened to
be there. The privilege was allowed,
and the lame man took his stand.
The Irishman and his seconds drew ,
off to the distance agreed upon?100 ]
feet, Here Pat's courage suddenly t
failed him, and he shouted to the lame
man: ;
"I've a imall faver to ask of ye, t
sor." 7
..rwy, * - -.Oil 1
"Wnai is iif aeaeu iuc uuppic. ^
Pat answered: (
"I told ye thot ye miffht lean agin i
tbe milepost, and now I would like j
the privilege of leaDiDg agin the next
one "
The laughter wich followed spoiled
everybody's desire for a figbt, and the
whole party weut home without a shot '
having been fired. |
Women Should Know It. j
"nmon cnffor nntnld fltronv
xuauj ??wujr.. o uiiu. _=
and miserv ?> c^use the nature of their
disease is uut correctly understood.
They have been led to believe that
womb trouble or female weakness of
some sort is responsible for the many
ills that beset womankind.
Neuralgia, nervousness, headache,
puffy or dark circles under the eyes,
rheumatism, a dragging pain or dull
ache in the back, weakness or bearingdown
sensation, profuse or scanty
apply of urine witn strong ouor, i
frequent desire to pas3 it with scalding
or burning sensetion, sediment zo it
after standing in bottle or common
glass for twenty-four hoars, are signs
of kidney and bladder trouble. j
The above symptoms are often at- '
tribated by the pa.ient herself or by '
her physician to female weakness or
womb trouble. Hence, so many fail
to obtain relief, because they are treating,
not the disease itself, bat a reflection
of the primary cause, which is
Kidney ironoie.
In fact, women as well as men are
made miserable with kidney and bladder
trouble and both need tfce same
Dr. Kiimer's Swamp Root is the
great discovery of the eminent kidney
and bladder specialist, and is easy to
get at any drug store for fifty cenis or
one dollar.
To prove its wonderful merits you
may have a sample bottle and book
telling all about it, both sent absolutely
free by mail. Kindly mention The
News and Herald and send your address
to Dr. Kilmer & Co.," Binghami.
-vr v
tun,!*, JL .
The school directors of Kane township,
near Poltsville, Penn , have ordered
that, the school-marms under
their direction shall not flirt, and. each
teacher mast hereafter a^ree not to
marry daring ihe school year, before
she is appointed.
Its Coming is Looked Pci-ward to
TTrSli Beta Joy and Fear and its
Safe Arrival is Hailed With
Pride and Delirht by AIL
The arrival of the first baby In the
household is the happiest and most important
event of marriedl-!*e. The young
wife who is to become a mother delights
to think of the happiness in sicrc for her
when the iit'J one shall nestle upon her
breast and iauerly she shall hear it lisp
the sweet and holy name, "mother."
But her happy anticipation quickly van
ishes when she realizes the terrible pnin
and suffering through which she must
pass while bringing the little one into
the world. An indescribable fear of the
larger attendant upon the ordeal soon
dissipates her joyfulness.
Thousands cf women have learned
by experience that there is rhsoiutely
no necessity for the sufferings which attend
child-birth; they know that by
the use of "Mother's Friend"?a scientific
liniment?lor a few weeks before
the trying hour, expectant mothers can
so prepare themselves for the final
lour that the pnin and suffering cf the
Ireaaed event are entirely obviated nn'l
ID JS saipjy passeu. 11'i1 hiu
paratively little discomfort.
All women are interested, and especially
expectant mothers who forths
arst time iiavc to undergo this trial. i;>
such a remedy; for they know tK* pain
md suffering, to say nothing of the
*er, which is in store for them. "Moth- 1
jit's Friend" is woman's grearest blessing,
for it takes her safely through the
severest crdeal of her life:- Every woman .
should be glad to read the little bcoi;
\t?eiore rnoy is corn," wmcn contain
^formation of great value to all. II
irill be sent free to any one who sends 4
;heir address to The Bradfield Eegu* 1
ator Co., Atlanta, Ga. ^
Things that some of us hear: The
vhistle of a locomotive can be heard
i,300 yards, the noise of a train 3,800 E
'ardsj the report of a musket and the ?
1 " enn ^4 il
>ar? 01 a aog i,ow yarut, luc ion ux
t dram 1,600 yarde, the croak of a p
frog 900 yards, a cricket chirp 800 V
rards, a dinner bell two miles, and a j,
:all to get up in the morniDg tbree tj
eet and seven inches. y
Totter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema. ^
The intense itching and smarting inident
to these diseases, is instantly
11 ?J PVtfimKaitlo In'o _
Jl&yCU. Uy vuauiutiiuiu kj w
2ye and Skin Ointment. Many very
>ad cases have been permanently cured
iv it. It is equally efficient for itching ?
dies and a favorite remedy for sore f
lipplcs, chapped hands, chilblains,
rost bites and chronic sore eyes,
octs. per box. For sale by McMaster
? 1
Recent letters from soldiers. at |
lanila tell of extraordinary precauions
taken to prevent the assassination
f Gen. Otis. A South Dakota voluneer
says: "Fifty yards from the
ialace squads of soldiers are posted
11 around the grounds for fear the
latives may attempt to assassinate r
Jeneral Otis; and the soldiers are al- ~
rays ready for an emergency. g
Try Allen's Foot-Ease,
* ' ? _ 1 XI-^
A powder to oe snaKen mto me auw?.
Lt this season your feet feel swollen,
lervous and hot, and get tired easily.
i you have smarting feet or tight shoes
ry Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the
eet and makes walking easy. Re- p
ieves coma and bunions of all pain T
md gives ease and comfortTry it to- p
>ay Sold by all druggists, grocers, 13
hoe stores and general storekeepers P
verywhere. Price 2oc. Trial package
?REE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
je Roy, N Y |
Hcar.ic-r acd IwaciiOea the iniZ,
'rouotcj a !=xuniat growth.
Jercr Pails to iicatoro 0?r*y
Hair to its XonthTcl Color.
Jeres Kcajp^Uat*se? j^hear^sillBg,
Sample sent ifjyou say so. It's
unlike all others. 1
Box, post-naid, 15 cts. in stamps, anit's
Sold EvVrpwhere.
The Electo Silicon Co., 40 Cliff, Street,
New York.
narket 1st of May, 1899, to 1st of May,
^900, will be received by the Council
ip to 32 o'clock Saturday, 13th inst. 11 i
Conditions: First quarter to be paid [
li advance, the other three quarters to .
ic secured bv notes with surety; or if ,
preferred by* lessee, a note properly I
iecured may be given for the whole, J
)ne-fourtb payable quarterly at the
mdof each quarter. Council rese'rvng
the right to reject aoy or all bids.
By order of Council :
o-i Clerk of Conncil.
? 2 3
|2j : o:
^ ^ 3 a
|| Wishing: to purchase Milli- |1 c
12 nery for the months of May and is 3
Jaue can get bargains. We
15 have received anew supply of 23
Sailors; also an entire fresh S|
*2 stock of Trimmed Ha;s and Jjjgfj
il Bonnets. ^
gfi Something nice in Sinn sop- gra
?|i porters and Siiirt Waists.
a| Headquarters for Children's
pa and Iufants'Cap3. 23
p MRS. J. D. McCARLEY. |l
Screen Doors
and j
Windows. !
Doors, complete,
81.00 to $1^0.;
Windows, adjustable, \
10c. to 50c. ,
Harper's Fly Traps,
15 cents..
A 0
vt >4 jp
S3 p 0
P S 4
8 3 3
a: $ s>
3 p P
? A M
? M K
0 H
: 33 ?
1 P 2B
For Sale by
tamer Deserts.
rcmmgelon, in assorted flavors, 15c.
loyal Deserto, in assorted flavors, 15c.
(Prepare these in. two minutes.)
'alifornia Frnit in jars and earn.
temon Cling Peaches; none better,
tad Easpberries.
tad Cherries, pitted.
Fhite Wax Cherries.
These fruits are guaranteed superior
avor, and extra heavy syrup.
Genuine Canton Ginger Preserves.
GTWinnsboro Ice Hon?e opens to
T^?f n? efirvft von.
Fin? G-roceries.
antt and Dow Low Cotton Planters,
ffieelbarrowa, wraia uraaiea, jjarm
ells, and Nails, tvhieh we will sell
toggies on band and to arrive; one
arties' Pfcseton and Double-Seated
iuggy, which we offer at rednced
rice to close. Respectfully,
If. W. DOTY & CO
SMatei Vare
1 HAVE? -
-24 : SetsSilver-Plated
Table Spoons,
teaspoons and Medi?|j| Forks
hat I will sell at
Cost for Cash.
To letter them, at cost prices,
Come and see them.
Don't Worry
oar next meal.
.lid veur worry will be over. Yoa
an fifld everything yoa want in a
Always keep a nice line of
V K-tjrliT ? 15 L. ?.5
Give me a ''ring-up" and yoar order
vill be promptly filled.
J. S. McCarley.
W. A. W.
The registered etallion W. A. W.
re-ill be at tbe fetabies in rear ol Mr,
Henry Hefo'e store Friday and Saturday
of each week; balance of time on
;he farm. He is seven years old, bay,
tvith black points. Has good bone
ind muscle; no blemish or defect. He
is kind in disposition and a perfect
roadster. His sire is the celebrated
U;d Wilkes, His dam, Betsy Baker,
svas sired by Dictator, who was tbe
sire of Jay-Eve-See, 2.10, of Director,
2.07, of the invincible Directum, 2.04,
tbe gr&nd?ire of Nancy Hanks, tbe
ijaeen of trotters, snd tbe sire of many
others of extreme" speed.
Terms, $15.00 to insure Tmaro with
foal. For extended pedigree and certified
record address
4.4-tiIaogl Winnsboro, St C.
"What You 'Jpj
Want |
When You ::M
Want It." ||
WILL YOtJ wink and blink ) oar life
and nervous energy away ralh r
than wear glasses?
WILL YOU force your eyes to over- y,m
work, neglect tbem when they
cry for help, abuse them year
after year, untii you are compelled
to seek fcid early in life
nerhaD8 to find your vision im
paired beyond eniire repair?
A PAIS OF GLASSES properly fiiUd
at the proper time may save yoa
a world of trouble and presei ve
yoor vision for old age. r%
WE ARE EQUIPPED as is no otLer
jewelry bouse in this section 10
give the trade prompt and efficient
service. We promise
watchfal care in every detail.
IF YOU ARE not now amoog our
customer* try as aua seeDow
well yon will be pleaded too. M
He Optician aid Jeweler, i
JrCJtUJfO tl 'JL
Connty sipim
Claims Approved at ths last
Meeting op the Boaed of County
Commissioners Held on
April 18,1899.
tk? a\1lanni?r (ikima wprp examined
and approved &on State Case fond of I
No. Amount.
326 Winoiboro Bask, $1,96157
327 Winnsboro Bank, 1,465 00
339 D Y Walker, 513 85 Jj
The following claims weie examined
and approved on State Case Fond of
No. .Amount. _ g
328 Porter Bros, $3 00 SM
329 Bath Dorment, S 00
330 Lola HcLaird, 3 00
mi .t w mart. 9 20
382 G H McMaster, ' 4 50 J
883 Joe McMeekin, " 7 60
334 Jno M Boulware, .5 00 335
A J Brown, 3 70
336 J WClark, 420
337 K E Ellson, 6 60 Y l
338 8 D Dunn, 3 00 ;j|
The following claims were examined ; ;|
and approve^ on Road and Bridge
Fund of 1899^ ->. ]
No. ' Amount. ?
840 fl B Kefo, $16 30
841 W JLemmon, 4 50
342 WTNewman, 7 00 >>.
343 Jno M Turner, 6 48 Tj
344 B F & M C Cassels, 4 35 _
845 J B Dailey, 8 58
347 T J McMeekin, 29 40
<mo \sr Tr>nMfAN) 1.100 %
t/W If W w "*
849 <T E Coin, 6&8S .
850 R S Spence,' 1 r
851 Porter Bros, 08 3
The following claims were examined ?: >5
and approved on Poor House fond of
If 99: .
>io. Amonm. &
352 C B Richardson, $28 00
n-n Tl 1 r? - 1A fl<) ?
ooo ronar xiros,
354 ? E Roberts, 4 00
865 CBBichardson, 24 90
256 Jno Bobinson, 12 01
357 Ann McNeil, 810
I do certify that the above statement
i9 a correct copy of claims approved
at the meeting of (he County Board
held on the 18th dav of April, 1899. ?
5-4 County Supevisor F. C.
(tones to tie M Aim.
He is a hustler in the
grocery line?buys and sells
more foods for CASH than any other
store in town. He believes in
1 ^ * ? a si n an . -'S
ilKt Sales ai Mi miits
1NG is Ms motto* If yon want FINE
; GROCERIES give him a call and be
convinced. His
I Porto Rico Molasses,
Hot Biscuit
. .
and Butter
.; *??
Would make & man strike his mother.
J. II. MM! I (ft 1
-f _____
H Life Assurance Society
|| of the United States.;
|jj| The management of l!.t>
&& Equitable Life Assnrance Society
W in this territv is desirous of secur
ing the servicc of a man of cbarg
acter and ability to represent its
interest with Winnsboro as beadle
quarters. The right man will be
?jj| thoroughly educated in the sciencc
?of life insurance and the art of
S successful soliciting. There is no
business or profession not requiring
capital which is more reSmunerative
than a life agency
conducted with energy and ability.
Correspondence with men
fwho det?:re to secure permanent
employment and are ambitious 10
attain prominence in tht- profes
siob is wviiea.
w W. J. liODt)EY, Mgr.,
Rock Hill, S. _ _w
On farming !.n <K Ea&y payments.
No commiei-ions J-arged. Borrower
pays actaa! c-t of perfecting loan.
Interest 8 per cent.
Columbia, S. C., .
or A. 8. & W. I). DOUGLASS,
10-4 Wionsboro, S. C.

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