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(tx Moattin, .73
Wednesday, May 17, - - - 1899
&AV??ft AlVM
Ot course, it was to be expected that
somebod/ wou'd c >aip!iin hii he ha1
been fligh e t ??r ?mr sju.2o->d/ in
whouQ ihi cj ipUiunt i* interested
was slighte I and snubb^l. Tni-? al ,vays
happens. It w ejp'cltlly nnf >rtunate
thit n> card'^3 w>n sent for Geieral
Wheeler In the para Jc i-i Ch vrlestou,
for perhaps th^re were more people
wh> wanted to see Whje or thin any
mui at th3 rati It is i.up>5sibls
thit* lbs fiilure to give General
Wheeler a place ia the paraie a as
intentional, a*d we an ^!a4 to see
iha* hU daughter ii secnib i e 10 i^h to
say that *?hj knows it was not intentional.
Bat Governor Cander, of
Georgia, and his staff are no# complaiaiog
thif. they were atribbii. It
appears that the Governor ami ti:s
staff were in the processiou, bat they
are pat out because the Georgians
were not put ia the front, and because
Governor Candler was not placed
along side of Hampton and Gordon to
review the parade. All of this sounds
jast a little silly. Ererybod. couldn't
be given first place, and it is a little
dia^natinsr to hear of s-uch complaints.
Q r?
On all such public occasions, there
is always a supersensitive element
who ares.) easily insultedand who
teel themselves slighted and snubbed
no?matter what bappeas. The Cbirlestou
reunion would have been a
most remarkable exception, if sjmebody
had not felt slighted. More or
less confasion will necessarily exist at
such assemblages, an J aome oversights
more or les* serious are to be
expected. Frequently ihay can not
be explained, ani the best tbin^ to do
is to say fast as little about them as
The advance made in the past year
towards Imperialism, by tbe administration
at Washington, should cause
voters and lovers of liberty to paaee
and consider where we are being led.
The President, who is the head of
affair*, referred in a message to (Jonsv.swia
oKakI o moT? ortn ir\ fAPAihlA r?-*n
guest as a crime, and actio# on the
same line Congress declared we were
"* - not interfering in Cuba for purposes
other than tbe sake of hnmauity; of
assisting an oppressed people in gaining
the right to govern themselves, a
Gol given right. These declarations
-Uq ptre towsjm W^9*|
JjSw^-'^ ^wfe. w?T^T.T n?o
tbea loyal to tne traditions of our
past, and do people ever offered their
lives and treasure a sacrifice to &
nobler or more unselfish sentiment.
Like the slambering lion we soon
i j _ i :ii.
iouna oui oar powor suu aicxig w >iu
this came the greed for what belonged
to others too weak t > prevent
our robbing then;. The Republican
party, with its accustomed facility for
finding reasons ?atisfa3tory to itself
foi acytbingit want3 (o do, and with
the boldness of its purposes under
the lead of the very Prasident who had
spoken so strongly against Ihe "crime
of aggression" so recently forced from
poor old Spain her titles to her colonies?mere
shadows of titles?and proceeded
to the "forcible aggression" of
the homes and lives of a people who
had about won them from the rale of
the alien. Having taken the first step
to imperialism, the second, a large
army, was demanded and established.
Now the third; the seizure of private
mail because it contained criticisms of
the administration in power. Let
those who love the liberty boasted of
by Americans, the liberty proclaimed
by old independence beli in Pbila
delphia over an haodred years ago
reflect where we are being led, before
it is too late.
General Wheeler's remarks in
bis speech, at the reunion, in favor of
expansion were in bad taste, and it is
* to be regretted that he sLonld have
said anything about "our new foreign
policy." Besides, thsre is no force in |
his statement that the vist territory j
added to the United States in the past j
was under Southern Presidents. The
case ia quite different now. Then we
were acquiring contiguous territory
suitable in clitnatc and every other respect
for Americans; in fact it was
African territory, and the new territory
then acquired did not require a
tremendous army and navy to protect
and to keep the inhabitants in subjection.
The case is quite different
now. He would have the United
States take territoiy on the other side
of the world and with it millions of a
half civilized people?wholly unfit to
attain to the standard ot American
General Wheeler is a great old hers.
The South is proud of him, and it
gladly honors him, but the conservative
old South still holds to the fund a
mental principle that government derives
its just powers from the consent
of the governed.
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. Wdtslow's Soothing Syrup
has been used for over fifty year* by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect succes?.
It soothes the child, softens the game,
f allays all pain, cures wind colic, and I
is the best remedy for diarrhoea If [
i will relieve the poor little nmerer
immediately. Sold by draggists iu
[every part of the world. Twenty fire
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Wicslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind* 1-1-17
""- I ii i< mm
iiiPCKE roon. j
The coart of inqairy into the army
rations is followed.by genera.! investigations
iDto the kind of food people
have to eat. Prof.Mitchell, analytical
chemist of the Wisconsin dairy aud
food commission, has been making
some startling revelations. A fellow
can't be too careful about bis food,
and care should be taken not so much
as to what he eat3 as where ho bays it.
"The a.-e of antisceptics as preservu- j
lives," says Prof. Mitehsl!, ''has be- j
come alarmingly great. They are used
as coloring and to stop ths development
of germs in dairy products;
also in chopped meats, bulk oysters,
rieb, hams and possibly corned beef."
Samborger steak is considered a
great islicacy, bu% after Prof. Milchell'i
statement, that it is treated with
what is known as sulphide of coda,
Hamburger steak should be eaten
sparingly, if at all.
After al', we people in the South
on#rht not to be alarmed, Jfcor there i3
no reason why we can not produce,
everything we eat right here at home,
and thns make it absolutely sure that
we are using food that is wholesome
and absolutely free from all chemicals.
In all of this dry weather, in the
last ot spring, the roads are reported
in a bat condition. The road (o
White Oak fromJWinnsboro, normally
a good roud, is rough and exceedingly
uncomfortable for travelling in vehicle*.
Tne experience |of the last
fewyear-s is enough to convince people
that if they are going to have good
roads they must go down In iheir
pockets and pay l'or them. The chaingang
does very well a? far as its re
sources go, but good roads will not be
obtained 'intil the people make up
tbeir minus to have macadam roads.
Ordinary dirt thrown op ia the middle
of a road will either wash away or
become so badly cut fcby narrow tire3
that riding in a buggy across farrows
is jast about as easy.
The sponsors may not feel flattered
by their pictures in th3 News and
Conner, aad may not want to see the
reunion issues of the News and
Conrier again, but nevertneiess tnese
issues of frhe News and Conrier are
valuable historical documents and
6hoald be preserved. Wh3t is written
about the sponsors is all light, and
they can eut out their pictures, if they
do not want future generations to see
them, and preserve the reading natter.
Our contemporary has dose a most
excellent pieci og work, especially the
issue of Wednesday. The article by
Lieut. Gritnball, C. S. Nalone would
warraat {the carefal [preservation of
this papar. The paper is full of information,
and doubtless sora j day will
be prized.
The embalmed beef inquiry seems
to have resultei only in a censure of
Gen Miles and his friend Eigan. Miles
* 4 " - 1 -L i- i.1
is Diatnja ror myicg Drongi:;, . !ue
chargis aud alsa blamed for not haying
brought th^m sooner. Egan is criticised
for hiva? bought too much of
the beef. It seems that the onter^^
;y0Q ku0ST ft woald
'ucrSr rav^auue' to hart onr cpillionaire
packer's trade abroad As it is
Miles ha) been talking; too much about
bad beef already. His soldiers were
of tmall onseqnence in comparison
with our foreign beef trade.
lx u very ranch to be regretted that
the dry weather has deprosed the
trhont ornn n?n?nf?Ma iuat. at tliis time
" t J J? -
when the Oil mid Fertilizer (Jump my
are erecting a flour mill in connic'ion
with their oil mill. C\ie kini of expansion
the South needs, and particularly
Fairfield, is an expansion of our
focd crops.
There is sonae~whisperel talk that
the Black Diimond Railr-j.? ? is <0'?
sidering s rou'.e which ? > p<ss
through Fairfield, and a g itt.ii.in
connected vvith the scheme may visit
Winnsboro shortly.
The "embalmed beef report" is not
very comforting to plaii every day
citizens. It reports that ths beef is
about the same offered to ihe general
^Gexeral Greelet, of tbe Signal
Corps, atter experimenting with wireless
telegraphy, reports that he does
not think it will displace the old
Regelates the Liver, Stomach, Bowels and
For biliousness, constipation, and
For indiges'ion, sick and nervous
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Ladie3, f<-r natural and thorough
organic resulatio-i, take Lemon Elixir.
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Prepared only by Dr. II. Moziey,
Atlanta, Ga.
Dr. H. Moziey?Dear Sir: Since
using your Limon Elixir I have never
bad anotber attack of those fearful
anrl thank find that T
have at last foand a medicine that will ;
care those a^fnl spells.
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Parkersburg, West Virginia.
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nervous prostration.
Mrs. E A. Beeille, ;
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I I II II- II a iirfn-rnnnnr^T'-!?
Qaite a uurober of the yonng people
here attended the Catawba Falls picJ
nic last Saturday. That night we had
quite a heavy rain accompanied with
onsiderablc wind.
The youug oats look very badly,
I owing to so innch dry weather. It
J seeais they will be a total failure un
less they can gel plenty ofraio rigm
Mr. Wray of Ridgeway has his telephone
iin-3 to his placc oat here completed.
Mr. B F. Cassels a'.so has a
phone at his store auJ hi-s line .pins
with Mr. Wray's. We can easily
communicate with JLiidgeway now.
.Mrs. .aiary urioson was scuwusiy
hart sometime ago by a cow running
over and kicking her on tlie chctt.
5lie is getting about agii.-i, but ba<
not entirely recovered.
Mrs Djve Province is at her father'*,
' Mr. B. F. Uassels. Dr. Province is
! expected eooo, a?ui, if we have been
I???.1 :? tn. 1 ,,o(o vioor- \ft'
| nguuy juiumiai, 10 iy juu?v. uv^4
> Cussels. VVe are ail delighted at the
prospect of having hiin with us again.
Tre Misses Mellichamps returned
home last Saturday from a visit to
their old home neir Ridge way.
While there they attended the Sunday
School convention which was a very
pleasant and instructive meeting.
"** - TT-II.'-S MA'nwnA/l llrtm A
iiiSS iYiaggie nunts ic>u.m xw.^
yesterday after haviag made a very
pleasant visit to relatives and friends
in Rocky Mount.
Mr. It. >V. Featherston from Rock
Hill spent Sunday here with friends.
Oar efficient and much esteemed
.'ounty Soperitendent of Education,
| M r. D. L. Stevenson, paid the Flint Hill
i school a visit iast week He has
j promised to return and be present at
I fhfi calico carnival which will bs held
at the close of sch.ol on the evening
of May 2Gth. He will make an address
then setting forth his plans for a
county high school or college for the
bo\s anil girls
Thronsh his effjrts, Mr. Sleveoson
has gotten the finances of the schools
? ? - ?? ? - ? ^ I V-? o K a
10 SUCH an niipruvL'ti wuuiuuu iuai iu&
county is now able to furnish better
facilities for the edpca'ion of its
children. I hope overyoi.e who has
the opportunity to hear this address
will avail ^themselves of it.
Those on the honor roll this week
at the Flint Hill Academy are: Minnie
Milster^ Kate Mellichampe, Mary
Ulark. Tucker Uassci?. narrv ricKeu.
May 13, '99 M. C. P.
If you suffer from tendernes3 or
fullness on the right side, pains under
shoulder-blade, constipation, biliousness,
sick-headacbe, an-i feel dull,
heavy and sleepy your liver is torpid
and congested. DeWitt's Little Early
Hisers will curc you promptly, pleasantly
and permanently by removing
fhp. congestion aud causing ihe bile
ducts to open and flow naturally.
They- are good pills. McMaster Co.
Mr. James Price died at his home in
Columbia on Tuesday, May 2jd. His
remains were brought lip Wednesday
evening and inferred at the Asbury
The youngest son of
John Rimer, who resid^^B^ tiriB
Iplace, has been criiically i\l ^iik-pneuI
monia, bat is now slowly" improving.
Tlipro ?a n arrest of sickness ill
? D ?
this community.
Miss Carrie Browne has been spending
awhile in town with her sister,
Mrs. M. Langford.
Blvthewood wa3 well represented at
the reunion.
Mr. J. C. Hoffimn spent last Sunday
at home.
Messrs. Clifton II. Wilson and W.
H. Heins, of Myrtle, spenf a few
hours in "The City of Sand" last
Friday afternoon.
Miss Marion Bookhardt spent a fewdays
with relatives in Orangeburg en
route to Charleston.
Miss Durdav was for a few dajs
the guest at the residence of Dr. S.
W. Bookbardt. .
Mr. R B Watts, of the Second
S. C. Regimenf, and who has been in
t''e hospital for several weeks, returned
home last Saturday.
Mr. J. H. McLean inide a short
visit home a tew days ago.
Mr. F. E. Hood now has charge of
tbe livery stables at this place. Rides
free. Chrysanthemums.
May 13, '99.
Don't think you can cure that slight
attack of Dyspepsia by dieting, or that
it will core itseif. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure will cure it; it "digests what
you eat" and restores the digestive
organs to health. McMaster Co.
Col?T J Moore Says Sow Oats iu August.
Spaitanburv Free Lance.
Editor of The Free Lance: Believing
that our want of sacscs3 iu oat
raising was due to our time of sowing,
I determined last year to pnt my theory
to the test, and so commenced in
August to turn under (with two-horse
torn-plows) hog weeds and crab gras3,
after wheat_ the former being as high
as my head and as thick,as they could
stand; the latter a fine growth. Your
friend, Col. T. L Gantt, passed here
! whilst I was doing it, and as good as
said I was wasting time, which I
j rath?r thought myself, as neither he
nor I had any opinion of turning under
green crop*. Well, immediately after
the field was plowed, C sowed two
biTsbels of oats to the acre, and barrowod
i?>, net expecting a staud from
I fermentaiion. To my astonishment
[every grain seemed to germinate and
commenced to yrow right along. Today
tbev are the finest oats I ever
raised. Recently J. Monroe O'Sbields
passed the field, and remarked, "there
are some mighty fine oats downiu that
flat yonder, they will mate 75 bushed
per acre." So much for Col. Gautt's
i and my jadgmsnt.
j I continued sowing daring Septem
; oer, ana cave n<> v rue u"esi prospect
| I ever had or ever >awin Jsp rtanburg.
| Had I nor done so vhen I did, I would
! virtually have had no eats iU'.< year.
To the t'armeis, :li3refore, I would say
commence in Angn=t to torn s'ubble
and sow turf aud red oats in September
and October.
I have also male an interesting experiment
in wheat-sowing on the
heaviest sort of Bermuda grass land,
about which I may tell you some
otner time. T. J. Moore.
Moor-, C.
Some of the results of neglected
d'.speptic conditions of the sruuiach
are otneer, consumption, heart di?eace, }
tmd epilepsy. Ivodol Dyspepsia Cure
prevents all this by cff.c'.itig a quick
cure in aH c*;es of dyspepsia.
McMaster Co.
r ?n
fflWrSlEmSSl ill
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wot Narcotic.
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yQxJcnna * \
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/InistScefl * I 9
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ftitmSccd I S
tlmficd Saaar I
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; rion,SourStoiMcltfHaarhoea. 9
Worms .Convulsionsje^rish- 9
ncss and LOSS OF SlEEP. 9
Pac Simile Signature of
l M | , ,j - War
? ^ '
Heuos and Courir.
Gen. Charles King, of Wisconsin, a
retired officer of the regulr army and
a brigadier general of viunteers in
Lnzon. where he has uade a fine
recuru, given ims iuwia WHC3pondent
o. Leslie's Weekltsome very
interesting information rj&rding the
war in the Philippines. UI have a
great deal of sympathy for these
natives," he said, and he e^ain3 with
soldierly truth and fratuess the
Vi-o e<kr?f trv>^anf o ti 4V\1 l/\rrr a
wl UUIIU Ui XI O ovtiuuivuigj O XV11U If ?
~ "We allowed them toguheadand
establish a government. Car officers
and men informally assorted with
their army officials, were ttertained
by them, and visited theii&eadqnarter<=,
and then iguored thfc and the
fact th \t they were a gover^ent. We
ordered them baci here afi pushed
them out of there, and aduited none
of their rights as inhabitaip and as
the occupant? and popu!atia ot these
islftTulfl. Tha fin It is not 11 theirs.
That the natives were eiicaraged to
fight and were famished wii arms by
D3 ia tbe begianiajr is an lidisputed
fact. Admiral Dewey tnj me, in
talking of this subject: 'Although
Aguiualdo is somewhat ofi personal
coward, I persuaded him ot to give
up. When I brought himto Cavitc
r\ elrton OOKi*A niorhfe
ilC >V 65 flii fliu IV oxup^/ aouiv ui^uvoi
These are interesting and Instructive
statements of fact, certair^yv-to come
from so high authority, and one so far
above any suspicion of "treason" or
"disloyalty" to the flag or the Administration.
It is to be borne in mind
that the speaker is himself a geueral
officer in our army ia the islands, and
has achieved distinction in tie war in
which it is engaged, yet be states
flatiy, in contradiction of so mnch that
has In en said to the contrary in this
connlry, that at the outlet of onr relations
with the Filipino patriots, "we
allowed them to go ahead and establish
a government"?the s?lf same
ctacwmmrohi^h nnr nwn trnvern
rneut and i;s representative/ in the
island now make such a ponl of refusing
to recognize. Moreovjr, when
their government was establshcd onr
officers "rssociated with the array officials,
were entertained by tiera and
visited iheir headquarters.' Then
came the change of conduct lader the
suddenly changed policy of he home
Government. "We then ignored
them, and the fact"?"the fat-.'" note
?"that they^wcre- a govenment,"
We "ordered them back hre," and
"pushed them out of there,"*nd "admitted
none of their rights' as the
inhabitant* and "occupants' of the
islauds. No wonder that the became
"di-trnstful" of us in such caditions.
rney wouia nave Deeu veir "ini;e
children," iadeed, if they hadnot.
, And this is not a!l the storlof our
dealings with them in their ir-iracter
of recogaized "allies," before1 we hid
made tbe least pretension jo sovereignly
over th3in and ownfship of
their country. That they "feie encouraged
to tighr, and were brnisbed
with arms by us," savs Gffl. Ki iar,
"j* an undisputed fact " A <?eat d al
has been said by the advofe'es and
opologists of the "expansion! policy,"
? r\f A rrni no !/} n'e IV*q O)'
iLi uciv^a'iyu ui o^uiii.?iv4v ojuaiuvivi
and of ^bis pretensious as a ''leader"
of his people. He has been diuouncea
as 4'a bribe-taker' and it hasbeen asserted
that h! accompanied admiral
Dewey as a mere "passenger'; ^ on one
of his ships. Gen. Iving reports tj.at
while Admiral Dewey hidpo high
opinion of Aguirialdo's peisonal
What Shall"We Do."
A seiious and dangerem disease
prevails iis tmis couutrv, dangerous do*
caa^c so deceptive. It come on so
slowly yet surely ihat it id often firmly
seat d beloie we arc aware of it.
The name of tbn diseise wiicb may
be divided into three distinct stages
is, First, Kidney trouble, iidicntefi
by pain in ibe back. rhennati?m,
lambtgo, frcqnei't .!?>irn lo'ntinate, |
often with a burning' .si maim, the |
fl >w of urine b'?ing c'?i<iou*or scant
wit?) siring odor
Lf allowed to advance, this reaches
the Second sage, or Bladder ?trofib!e,
with he^vy pain in the abd -men low
down bitwecn the nav.-l and tin water
pass-ago, increasing desire to urinate,,
with scalci-iiT sensation in passing,
small qnantit es bei-'g pa-sod with
d fFiculty, sometimes necessary to
draw it with instruments. If uric
acid or gravel has formed, it will
DP've dangerous if inflected.
'Ih-1 Tlr-d stjge is Briijht's Disease
Thoru i. ooinfurt in kuowing thai
Dr. Kilmer, the ' great kidney and
bladder specialist, has discovered a
Remedy famous for its marvelous
cures of the most distressing cases
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As a proof of the wonderful virtues
of this ereat discoverv, Swamp-Root,
a .-ample bottle aBd b:>ok of valuable
inforraatiou wi;l be ?eut absolutely
free by raaiil on application to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
When writing kindly ineution that
you read this liberal offer in The
News and Herald.
E. f'/'l iPl ^ I fl 1
/ ! /-<* <5 ?? ^4 3; ^ ?vi ?5 [email protected] i
For Infants and CL.il J ren. <
The Kind Yoo Have j
Always Bough! j
i T &
bears tfte /k/ A# 1;
Signalm' I I
ft jv The
fljr Kind
\j You Have
Always Bought.
uny i umn
courage, he 'persuaded him not to
"give up'* the cause of which he was
and is the chicf representative, the
cause of the independence of his
country, and when the same passenger
was "very much discouraged" over
the "indifference of the natives to his
coming," the chiet representatives of
the United Slates in the islands, "told
him not to give up, but try again" and
finally fairly clubbed him asbore and
"rold him to fight."
It is not a violent assumption certainly
to say tbat what the Admiral
meant wheu he "persuaded" the
Filipino leader "not to give up," but
to fry "c^ain" for, and to "fighi"
"8gaiu" for, was plainly the cau*e be
had tried ani fonght for before, and
not the cause ot substituting the ?ov
ereiguty of the United State? for that
. of Spain?and that Againaldo aud his
compatriots, very naturally, so understood
the persuasion and urgent counsel
they received.
Admiral Dewey is iu nowise to
blame, of course, for giving such 1
counsel, aud he has never been blamed,
in fact, for giving it. He discharged
his mission according to the orders by
which he was then guided. He is iu
no degree responsible for what has
followed the change in our policy to
waras tne patriot Filipinos nor are
they wholly responsible. Somebody
has blaDdsred, no doubt, with la"menfable
consequences; but, as Gen.
Kin^, honestly,1 if guardedly says,
^^a?(^lainl^shows?"The fault is
other brave and
patriotic people would have acted
precisely as they have done. 1
-m' ?mat * ? ? ? f
I consider it not only a pleasure b^t
a duty I owe to my neighbors to tell
about 4the wonderful cure effected in
my case by the timely use of Chamberlain'*
Colic, Cholera ?.nd DiarrLoei
Remedy. I wa9 taken very badly with
flax a??d p-^cnred a bottle of this
remedy, a . w .1 -es ol ii effected a
permanent care. I tike pleasure in
recommending it to otbers suffering
from that dreadfal disease.?J. W.
Ltxch, D-jrr, VV. Va. Tni9 remedy
is sold by McMaster Co.
The Marble Heart ADU-j>iatnmoniai
Association, of Appieton, Wis., consists
of bachelors, who pay an iniiiation
fee of $25 and annual dues of $10.
The accumulated funds go to the parj
iicular Marb'e Heart who longe.t
resits the attractions of womankind.
F. G. Rilhbone, director genera! of
the American postal system in Cuba,
says that he dismissed the Spanish
poeanssrer at Sanctl Espiritn because
when Hobson was captured at Santiago
this man took it upon himself to
telegraph to Toral: "Hang the Yankee
dog and send the bill to me."
If you have piles, cure them. No
nse undergoing horrible operations
that simplv rem >ve the results ol the
disease without disturbing the disease
itself. Piace y&ur confidence in DeWiit's
Witch Hazel Salve. It has
never failed to core others; it will
no?, fail to cure you. McM-ster Co.
An old woman asked a sailor where
i t. _ a nr?u- ? 1? - J
nercow naa gone, me bunur jeyueu,
"Gone t > the devil, tor what I know."
"Well, as you are going that way,"
8-u'd the old woman, "I jast wish you
oa!d lei dowa the bars."
Bea-3 the The Kind You Have Always Bought
A Ftench naturalise asseris that if
the world should become birdless inm
could not inhibit it after nine years'
time, in *p'.te of all the sprays and
poisons thnr could b* manufactured
i.- -1-- J- .vi Th?
iur iuv u"*iliiuiiU'i ui 1'iocuio. xtic
bugs and alius would simply caf up
oar orchards and crops.
t Clc?r?c5 and beautifies the heir.
5&5^K??r=4k - I'romo:c? a luxuriant growth.
: -N ever Fails to lies tore Gray
I :-j.-\ir to Its Youthful Color.
Cuiva r '~> iliscujej & hair lulling,
C<i-.-,ai;dSl.Wat Drugs&?___
| Sample sent iffyou say so.
JT.-j unlike all others.
Box, post-paid, 15 cts. in stamps.
nit's Sold Everywhere.
The Electo Silicon Co., 40 Cliff, Street,
New York.
s ^
Oj farming land-3. Easy payments. >
N>y tommis^ions harged. Borrower <
pa?i actnal c^ct of perfecting Jom <
Intet&st 8 percent.
Columbia, S. C., 1
or&. S. & W. D. DOUGLASS,
Winnsboro, S. C.
-E| ?-T?~
Lieutenant Lee had no superior in
he rpgim?n* ?? ?, horseman, and he
inally beoa.uo i .c proud owner of
Jamble Bee, ene of the fastest and i
nost if moti3 horses in the r.'gimenf.
5umble Bee had cnt a sreat figure in a
mmber of races, campa:gn* and Iaiian
fights before Lee owned him- He
lad won, a year or so before, a famous
ace known as the "Fort Mason Derjy,"
against Lieutenant Jenifer's well*
A?1 /\ Aw/1 v\m
?D0W11 nor#C, V^ray Hiagic, awu Iiviu
:hat time forth became tbe most c^vet;d
charger in tbe regiment. Bumo!c
Bee was a slashing, thorou?horel
Grlencoe colt, by imported Glenc ?e.
He bad great style, and, for a large ;
borse, was a perfect working atrmal I
Power, courage and activity were in j
svery line of him. He wa< one of liie
fastest horses in Texas, but wa< wild,
untamable and difficult to innnage.
He was ^ great for a thousand \aids
3asb, bul~ beyond tbat di-itanc.i he
would tbrow up bis tail and )o<e his
great, slashing stride, and become unreliable
and often vicious. He w.n?
also bard to start well, bat when weil
far-tort ha rone s fearer for soet-d.
Fitz Lee loved this horse the moment |
he first laid eye3 on him, and dete.mined
to be his owner. He fina'Jy |
bought him from Captain Nathan G. j
Evans ("Shanks Evans"), of the regiment,
When Lee had fully recovered j
from his arrow wound a famou? race j
was gotten up at Camp Radziminski, j
between Lientenant Lee and Lieutenant
WiHiam B. Koyall, in which each
man was to ride his own horse. Lee,
of course, brought out Bumble Bee
against anything in horse flesh Lien- J
tenant Koyall had a horse he had
bought at Fort Smith, Ark., which,
like Bumble Bee, had won every race
he had been in until lhat time.
The race was run in the presence of
the entire garrison, and stands in the
traditions of the old Second Cavalry
as a memorable event. Bumble Bee,
as nsnal, was nervoa3 and frantic at
the race in prospect. His start was
bad, and it seemed as if be never
would catch np his famous long stride.
His eyes flashed out his wicked temper,
and his ugly head wan held well
up, relieved, however', by his beautilu1,
small and clean-cut ears. Lieutenant
Lee rode him as he alone knew
how to^ride, and managed himadmira
bly. The race was% a cioee one, dul
Bumble Bee, amid great htirrah3 and
flag waving, scored another victory.
When Lieutenant Lee wan detailed
afterwards to dnty as instructor in
cavalry lactics at West Point he sold
Bumble Bee at Sau Antonio, and he
passed into unknown hands.?William
S. Brackett, in Frank Leslie's Popular
Monthly for May.
Totter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, is instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many verj>
bad cases have been permanently cured
by it. It is equally efficient for ilehing
pile3 and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped bands, chilblains,
fro3t bites and chronic sore eyes.
25cls. per box. For sale by McMaster
Now that the Wade court of inquiry
has made its report on lienerai Junes'
chaiges against the army beef, and the
findings have been approved by the
President, it is to be hoped, for the
sake of the country at large, that no
board of investigation will be appointed
to clear up the charges that
will be brought against the Wade
court, by those who fall under its condemnation.
Then, too, the court has,
like its predecessor, the war investigation
commission, performed the word
for which it was appoyytft^n tbe very
Deal manner.?UtiailotVu ?uroiVoYT198.
k. fl-m oVifvo<i,-fiorfiriaa +oll a
J able story; they represent almost L
r exactly the percentage of cures }
^ made by &
) Rheumacide \
the wonderful new constitutional f
J cure for RHEUMATISM. Thet^
? other two per cent, were not cura- :
ble, or failed to take medicine ac- r
A cording to directions. Thousands b
f have been cured. In view of the ^
^ fact that many physicians think r
J that rheumatism is incurable, and (jk
c that most remedies fail, it must be y
th true that RHEUMACIDE is the r
J greatest medical discovery of the Qk
? age. Particulars and testimonials J
sh of many well known people sent P
A free to all applicants.
1 tomw fiy TP bobbitt dru& j
2 CO., flam ic. r
Sold in Winnsboro by McMastcr^
k Co., and by Druggists generally. /,
j Price $1 per bottle.
Q <1 P
9 jj o
5 ? 4
? S B
91 $ 9
8 B p
W A y
? &
(D .H
: 2 0
P *
For Sale by
TII MnMontnn 9 Pn
J.H. MbMDlOl (X UU
W. A. W.
The registered stallion W. A. W.
will be the stable in rear of Mr.
Heiin Iiefo's ft'?re Frdiy ami Sa'urday
of each week; balance of iime 0:1
the farm, fie i* slvi ji \ears o!d, bay.
with black points. lias good bone I
and muscle; no blemish or dtfcct He
is kind in disposition and a perfect
roadster. Ilis sire i* the celebrated
Red Wilkes I3is dam, B^.tsy Baker,
was sired by Dictator, who was the
sire of Jay-E\e-See, 2 10, "f .Diric:or,
2.07, of the invii cib'f P're-fnm, 2 C-i,
the grand-ire of Nitiey Hank?, tl.e
^nei n . f irollers, and t' e >ire of ninny
others ?f f-x rptne s;>erd.
Terms, $15.00 tg in-me marr with
foal. For pxtenried prdijrtce and cei-.
cified record addre>s
4.4-filangl Winnsbjro, S. C.
x I sold your Gi
-t. \AJf \\vC\\ to a youn* lady <
&&,??? 5?" up as hopeless, a:
J I Moore's Bridge
A i1 t jip^
If there is any Cos- (jjgi K /
tiveness, use St. Jo- Ifflsjf |pseph's
Uver Regotetor
until the Bowels
become regular. Get p||P^RFjp
it from your druggist, *mf/,
ot send us 23 cents y // v
ana we wui scna yoa , ,
a package, prepaid. ' 1'
Suffered from Change of ]
^ My wife was sick tgr seven years, sufferi
Change of Life. We tried everything we coi
the doctors and paid out a considerable so
ment without any good result We then
Gcrstle-s Female Panacea (G. F. P
more good than all else we had used for su
the greatest remedy for sufFerinj? females
on the market. J, D. BORDEN, Colme
If your druggist does not keep i
bottle, all charges paid. L. GEI
: ?
i! Dinvmp ftAWiAi
I uivivuu imnum
Sold all last s
j The Cbainless is the ideal bicycle for
I the skirts, to accumulate dirt, to b
i monnt and easy to ride, tba best bill
$42,50 m
j A l*di?f' chain wheel
vrbleu sold last season
We have but a limited number of the
diminishing. Order at once if yoa \
should see what we have to offer,
than ever. We have a large stock and
One of the bargains is in Black Gold
Medal Dress Goods under the usnal
price. Also a fine variety of Colored
Dress Goods, Silks for waists and
Trimmings, China Silks, Taffeta Silks,
Pour de Soi Satin for skirts.
? This depart itaent :s more complete th
stylish and up-to-da-'e. We offer yon t
New styles in Ladies' Shoe9, Oxfords
and Sandals.
New stock of onr splendid $2.00 and
$3 00 Shoe for men.
An) thing yon want in Shoes and
the best at low prices.
We are better prepared to please yen
trade with as. We sell the beat goods
Thfi fialfiwpJI Dro
11V V v?s V* si v*a mr m j
Here is a <
This Week I Hav
"755^^ YARDS of 36-inc
per yard; my price <
834YARDS Figured
price 8 1-3C. per ya
4S1Z YARDS Solid Co
at 12 1-2 per yard;
Q30 YARDS Satin Str
35C. per-yard; my j
I also have some special g
Another lot of those Whi
Price only 35c.
These goods are temptir
styles and prices are sure to wi
bargains while they last.
Q. D.
witn a foil stocK or uasKets, nuriaj
Cases and Coffins, constantly on hand,
and use of hearse when requested.
Thanfefal for past patronage and solicitation
for a share in the future, in the
old stand
Calls attended to at all hoars.
J. 31, ELLIOTT & OO. !
AnillKA and Whiskey Habit.
SfS U III Ha cored at hem? with- i
IUnR '
llw akwOQIXEY.H.D.
viuuuTT!Srcffic? 104 x. Pijor et
Female Panacea.
ured Where Physician Failed.
crstlcs Female Panacea (G.F.. P.)
customer whom our physician nad given
tid told her if it did her no good she need
After taking one bottle, shs was entirely
A" ffArt/? kAolfVt ATTa* QTTIAA yt
j. etgitjit, and.
rps Health Restored.
I was weak and in very bad
'=^)Y\I health and enable to do my
swork. I rued one bottle of
Gerstle-s Female Pana*
cea (G. F. P.) and it did
me more good than anything I
/Tr.pm evernsed. I am now in good
yXM health and can do my work.
/yEy ilES. S. E. CHAXDEEB.
Gin, Ark. ^
Life. I |j ^^^|||
[ng from the 1 | Pji\ l
aid eet from M h " Ij\1! D III
: years., ItiB 1 ?>*) \ ]*
ever placed { i fc ^
sneil.Tex. I / f
t, send us $1.00 and will send yon a
*STLE & CO., Chattanoofa, Tenn.
5 MODEL 51. pU
jasonfor S125.
"VT^ A?? anf onorld
woman, xv# ui&iu iu ovu v? vuv?U6w
reak or ?ef oat of order. Easy to ; ^
c'imber am! a delightful coaster.
ififc $42.50
of th? highest grade
for ?75.v
?se machines and the stock is rapidly
rish to take advantage of this opporHartford,Conn
gents, Winnsboro# S. C. j
We have a greater variety of goods
f A COO 4 '.v J-N
many u*rg&ius um ?vju >vu, ?,? ow.
This is a greit season for Wash
Goods. We have ihem in great variety x
and very pretty. Piques, wbiteand
colored, price 8c. aod op; Organdies,
Dotted Mall, Madras. Brilliants, ete.
Shilling Prints at Sc. aod 40-inch
Batiste Cloth at 6?c. are good bargains.
Wbite Goods of all sorts and pretty
Embroideries,' Laccs and Braids to
match them. \
' ' < V,'
- <+* >j?
' i i n n m - - " ^
IGPy.^?' '
an ever before. The goods are new,
he best at reasonable prices. .
New styles in Negligee Shirts that
are pretty and cheap. New style Collars.
A beautiful line of Gents' Ties
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We have a room devoted eitirely to
j Clothing now. We can please von io
\ a suit irom scock or iase your uittusnre
and have it made for j on. ";".?
than ever before. It will pay yon to . >
at (be lowest prices.
1 Goods Company, |
Dhance for
e Thrown on my
f V, ,
:h Madras. Regular price ioc.
5 i-4c.
Taffata Gingham. Regular
rd; my price 5c.
lored Bedford Cords. Cheap
my price ioc.
ipe All-Wool Challies. Worth
>rice 25c. N
ood values in Silks for waists.
te Chamois Washable Gloves.
ig to the closest buyers. The
n. Come and get some of the
For Sale.
land, on LWe Rivor. helot ging to
I> M. l5roo:n. and bounded uy janus
of ihu estate of 11 G. Siuioutou, Stevenson
and others.
For terms apply to
11-17 Attorney Wtnnsboro, S. ?3,
A FR1CAMA vUl core Rheumatism and
8cnWa to SUy Cored.

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