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Wednesday, May 17, ... 1899
?Buggies at M. W. Doty & Co.'s
to please you.
?A fine % thresher for sale. Read
J. D. McCarley & Co.'s advertisement
- We have received the first issue of
the Vindicator, a new weekly published
in Uniou.
?The friebds of Air. Howell EdL
muads are pained to hear that he was
f paralyzed on bandiy night. They
hope that he may recover.
It makes no difference how bad the
wound if yon use De Witt's Witch
Hazel S?'ve;it will quickly heal and
leave no scar. McMaster Co.
?Good chance for bargain hunters
at "Wiliiford't*. lie has pnt a great
many things down below regular
prices. A partial list will be seen by
reading liU advertisement this morning.
?The young ladies who served ice
/Irinb-e 01 HKpfip'i! rimer cfnvp TtYiilav
*?. ?...?? V.V. w V" J
afternoon were Misses Bessie Hal),
Lizzie aud Sarah Beatv, Eloise Elliott.
Mattie and May Martin. Qaite a nice
little sum vras realized.
?Some of the veterans fell into the
hands of pickpockets in Columbia on
Tnocdatr A ?Yin nor fhoso flcPWld h V
the nimble-fingered was Mr. J. A.
Brown, of Blytnewood, from whose
pocket $35 was deftly lifted.
?The American Telephone and
Telegraph Company have their poles
up below Simpson's, add the gang
putting up wires are in town. Through
Vkirrh oro neorl CA tViQ'f.
tvn U ?V/iJ Ui^u ^A/AVW> HiV MWWM WV fcAAVWV
the trees may be avoided. The line is
certainly a good job as befits such a
long distance line.
Bheumacide is a thorough, permanent,
constitutional cure for rheumatism.
The acids in the blood which
cause the disease are'thoroughly eradicated.
Is also the best blood purifier,
laxative and tonic.
?Mr. D. M. Donglas, of Blackstock,
was graduated at the Columbia
Theological Seminary on last Thurs
day. Mr. Donglas is a son ot Bev.
James Douglas, of Blackstock, and
was graduated at Dayid^pn College in
1895, and after taking a coure? in
Louisville Seminary went to Columbia.
He will snpply Pleasant Grove
Church in Chester County for the
Bears tie y? The Kind You Have Always Bought
vi 0
The teachers of lit. Zion desire to
thank Mr. J. J. Obear for the kindness
in placing his soda fountain at the service
of the school for the benefit of the
library. Quite a nice sum was realized.
Some time ago the plat of the town
mas ^ttAm fkft ma in flsa fAtrn
muu uviu wuv uautv xu iuu ivnu >
hall. The party who got it will please I
return it the town council.
Jas. E. Coan, lotendant.
m ?
Key. M. K. Kirkpatrick will conduct
^services at Salem Church the
third Saturday and Sunday in May?
* two services on Saturday. He wishes
to meet the whole congregation on
i that day. The elders and deacons
V will please meet him at 10.30 a. m. at
r the church.
Mr. Editor: We have heard so many 1
favorable comments on the improved
appearance of our streets since our '
citizens have been required to keep 1
their dog3 at home, that we would
suggest the propriety of council in
strutting the police to attend to their
arduous duties unattended by their
"little fices." Observer.
By allowing the accumulations in
the bowels to remain, tbe entire system
is poisoned. DeWitt's Little
Early Eisers regulate the bowels.
Try them and you will always use
them. McMaster Co.
Mrs, D. G. Eobertsort died at her
heme in Longtown on Monday. Her
remains were taken to Colombia for
burial. Mrs. Robertson had not been
in good health for several years. Mrs.
Robertson was a daughter of Col. S.E.
Rembert, of Sumter County. She
leaves surviving her her husband,
who is now in verv feeble health, and
her daughter, Mre. Cha3. F. "Wray, of
A prominent young lawyer expressed
x.' surprise upon seeing a pestiferous
potato bug promenading main street a
r- few days ago. That's nothing. About
a month ago tegular committees of
the bold little cusses could be seen,
on the streets almost any day, going
from store to store getting the names
of all purchasers of seed Irish ,potatoe
.?Lancaster Review.
Possibly it is the Lancaster bug that
is in Winnsboro now. if it was about
a month ago he appeared on the
streets there. The town council
l might pass an ordinance requiring the
L-t police to arrest them.
Rev. T. W. Mellichamp died while
ron a visit to Rev. E. A. McDowell,
near Alston, on Saturday. Mr. Mellichamp
was born in Charleston in 1817,
rand had been a Baptist minister for
, nearly sixty years. His ancestors
were French Huguenots. For a number
of years he was pastor of the
Baptist Church &t this place. A good
and pious man, his long life has been a
most useful one.
His remains were taken to Ridgeway
on Sunday for burial.
The ancients believed that rheuma- j
(tism as tha work of a demon within
a man. Any one who h^ had an
attask of sciatic or inflammatory rhen- ;
matism will agree that the infliction is
demoniac enongb to warrant the be-1
lief. It has uever been claimed that
Chamberlain's Pain Balm wonld cast j
out demons, bat it will cure rheums- '
tism, and huudred- bear testimony to j
the trnth of this statement. One application
relieves the psin, and this
quick relief which it affords is alone !
worth many tim^s its cost. For sale !
by McMaster L'o.
Constant coughing is nofc only very i
anHoying,_bufc the continuous backing
nvsA i^tofiATi TTTMI OAATI onrl
cviau. uxivavu/u ?* m ?ijure
the delicate lining of the throat 6
and air passages. A eunpte cough is
bad enough; but a cfcroaie cough is a
really dangerous. Ta&d advice and
use the celebrated Dr. Brill's Cough
Syrnp at once and be cured. o
Oaugh Syrup:
Cures a Cough op Cold at once. {
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
recommend it. Price 35 cts. At all druggist*, x
Early Wednesday' morning one of 8
the front dx>is of Mr. J. W. Saigter's
store was found open. Upon inspec- I
tion, it was lound that five razors, one J
7 J - -1!
kuixc, a uuuu, auu a, pair ui unpysrs
hid been takea. Mr. Seigler thinks f
that he locked the door on Tuesday A
nighr, bet no evidence of its having
been broken coald be found. One v
theory is that the thief secreted him- r<
self in the store Tuesday night. Thi?
theory is confirmed by the fact that the si
lock had been turned. The door is a a
double door, and it is possible that the n
lock was turned without really locking
the door. C
Volcanic Eruptions
? 3 -r C?t-* "Y7? iZ . - ^
-are gr3nu, uai okiu x.rupuuus ivu
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
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Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, J
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Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out
Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box. G
Curs guaranteed. Sold by McMaster la
Co., druggists. vj
.Trthn Williams ri?H snmft rfir.kleaa
? cr
shooting in the neighborhood of Mr.
S. B. Crawford's on Monday night, ^
and in consequence Williama is ser?ing
a sentence of thirty days on the ^
chain gang. It appears that John gc
Williams wa9 shooting at John fiamon. q
The ball struck Mr. Crawford's house, nj
and at the time some ladies ai d gentleman
were standiug near the place ^
where the ball struck, or at least near ^
the course of?the ball. Reckle*s shoot- or
ing on the streets is exceedingly
dangerous, and it is hoped that the
guilty having been detected this time, c*
it will be a warning to others.
Sunday morning the back door to
the dispensary was found broken, and
the presumption, of course, is that
some one Saturday night or Sunday
morning broke open the door and
entered. A considerable quantity of Si
***nn kr? ArtftA 'PUa
WJLUS&Cjr YYW^awi^u uy tug v/aac? auo
los3 is"estimated at $215. Tins is the
seeond robbery thit has occurred 011
Main street within a week. Evidently
the burglar at the dispensary was
familiar with the premises as the hole
in the door was made with splendid Yi
accuracy to enable him to remove the
bar. Then a?rain from the amount C:
stolen, it is presumed that quits a Si
number bad a band in it.
At her borne in Greenwood County, \\
S. C.,on Sunday, April 30,1899, Mrs. d<
Emmie Brooks Milling, wife of Mr. Si
J. A. Milling, died after a lingering
illness. Mrs. Milling's home was
for several years in Fairfield County, d?
she and her husband having resided at is
or near Buckhead for severs,1 years Q
alter their marriage. Mrs. Milling Si
leaves a husband and seven children to
mourn her death ' She was ati estima- K
V\l? q rrrifo on/1 rrmfliffr a T?
V/AV liA\AJ % ? V*V V Vivw VV 4*V wuvi MiWMV* ;
kind neighbor, and for many years she
was a cansistent membsr of line PresbyteriaD
Chnrch. She leaves s. host of d
friends in this connty, as well as in
Greenwood, who will be grieved to
learn of ber deaih.
An Epidemic of Whooping: Ccugh. ]p
Last winter during an epidemic of in
whooping cough my children contracted
the disease, iuviog severe coughing t
f?allo Wa Viq/1 n oar!
opouot If w L?Jk\X UOWU w
Cough Remedy very successfully for ni
cronp and naturally turned to it at
that time and found it relieved the
cough and effected a complete cure.?
John E. Clifford, Proprietor Norwood
House, Norwood, N. Y. This
remedy is for sale by McMaster Co. le
Some gentlemen have requested the
reporter of The News and Herald to E
say something through the -paper
about water works. For several years,
this question bobs up now and then. B
No great improvement ever comes in a
moment, and while it is by no means
settled that Winnsboro will soon have *
water works, yet that the peoplo are a
thinking about it is a good sign. Of b
course, if water works are placed here, p
1 1. ? JJ_ A T - ?-C ?1, ^ 2.
li must uc uuuc at luc u? tuo ~
taxpayers. The most enthusiastic advocates
take the position that the sav
ing in insurance will about offset tbe
additional tax for water.
The matter is mentioned here that ^
the people may begin io think about it, E
for alter ail the question is left to E
them. We shall be glad to publish c
aDy article on the subject.
Twenty Years Proof. a
Tutt's Liver Pills keep the bow- ?
els in natural motion and cleanse
| the system of all impurities An ^
absolute cure for sick headache, ^
dyspepsia, sour stomach, constipation
and kindred diseases. ^
"Can't do without them" t
R. P. Smith, Chilesburg, Va. 1
T 1 T 1 J 1
writes i uuii u Know now 1 couiu
do without them. I have had
Liver disease for over twenty
years. Am now entirely cured.
Tutt's Liver Pills
Senator J. L. Glenn, of Cheiter,
ttao ?n fnrun W?? r? r?? e H axj
. W .V ?. U .? VUli-^U?J .
Mies Ella Moore, of Ridgeway, is
risitiog relatives in town.
Mr. Albert Conner arrived in Winnsjoro
Saturday from Texas.
Mr. Tom Moorman, of Columbia, i*
pending a few days in town.
Mrs. Hattie McMaster i* quite sick
it her home on Congress Street
Mis9 Annie Davis, of the South Carilina
College, spent Sunday at hone.
Mr. Juo. D. McCarley attended Mr.
I. Y. Milling's funeral at Lancaster.
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Elliott, of
losciu-ko, Mis$? are visiting relaives.
Miss Nannie Jordan has returned
'rota a visit or several months in
Xfwfl T? n CAtiii/v/^n ar\r\ rO.
iixio. XJ U Uwl auu OVU A
arned to Cheater Thursday after a
hort visit.
Miss)Maggie Matthews, of Lowell,
tf. C., is visiting her brother, Mr.
'no. P. Matthews.
Miss Alice McMaster is spending a
ew days with her parents, Mr. and
Jrs. K. JN.McMaster.
Mr* Kobt. CaldwelJ, who has beea
isiting friends io this vicinity, has
etnrned to bis home at Rocky Mount,
Mr. S-irauel Robertson, of Missisippi,
is v siting his parents, Mr. and
Irs. B. II. Robertsoo, in the Horeb
eighboili od.
Mr. J. il. Jeaty returned home from
lharlotte on Friday where he has
een attending the convention of tne
jtton spinners.
Among those who returned from
barleston on Friday were Messrs.
. R. Harvey, <i. A. White, M. B.
laines and H. S. Wylie.
Mr. Isaac D. Caillard, of Rome,
a., has been, and Mr. R. W. Gailrd,
of Alexandria, Va.% is now, on a
[sit to relatives in town. Both of
lese gentlemen attended the reunion
i Charleston, and both belonged to
le 6th Regiment.
The following have returned from
ie reunion at Charleston: Mr. and
Irs. W. C Beaty and Miss Elizabeth,
'r. F. M. Clarke, Sheriff R. E. Elli?n,
Mr. A. S. Douglass, Mr. H. A. i
oilliat-rl onr? \fra. I?.. R .Tpn. I
mgs, Mr. T. W. Lauderdale, Mr
id Mrs. J. O. Boag, Misses Ada
areton, Annie Doty, Frances Creight,
r. G. H and Miss Bessie McMaster
id Mr. L. Landecker.
Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, colds,
op and whooping cough readily
eld to One Minute Cough Cnre.
se this remedy in time and save a
jctor's bill?or the undertaker's.
cMaster Co.
For Month Ending May 13, 1899
l3t Grade. '
Highly Distinguished ? Margaret
Distinguished?Dessie Clarke.
2nd Grade.
Highly Distinguished?Nannie Neil.
Distinguished?Inez Ragsdale.
3rd Grade.
Highly Distinguished?'Tom Stewart,
finnie McMaster.
Distinguished ? DuBose Ellison,
ampbell Wytfe, Katherine Beaty,
T>?V ? Tr,?WAl TOWKA
line iiuuct iwu, ioauci tt y
4th Grade.
Highly Distinguished?Leila Christas.
Distinguished?Willie Brockiogton,
'illieDoty, James BrysoD, John Har;n,
David Lauderdale, "Margaret
oth Grade.
Highly Distinguished?George Lauirdale,
Moffet McDonald,Leila Beatyj
abel Gooding, Joe Ketchin, M. E.
uattlebaum, Ethel Ragsdale, Ammie
tgreaves, Mollie Smith.
Distinguished?Jas. Douglass, Shaw
etchin, Maud Willingham, Ella
Gtb Grade.
Distinguished?Chas. Brice, Laura
ouglass, Helen Rion, Annie Robertm.
7th Grade.
Highly Distinguished?Leila Brockgton,
Katherine Flenniken, Margaret
lenniken, Nell GoodiBg, Janie Ketchi,
Grey Neil, Johnni3 Tennant.
Distinguished?James Brice, Bratn
Davis, Gaillard Ellison, John Hinmt,
Edwin McDonald.
8th Grade.
Distinguished?Bessie Milling.
Highly Distinguished?Mary Moby
Distinguished?Annie Beaty, Nan*
ie Mobley, Pearl Porter.
Distingoished?Daysie Brockington,
[elen Stewart, Jeannette Stewart.
Post Senior.
Distinguished?Lizzie Beaty, Sarah I
eaty, Mamie Elh'son, Mattie Martin, I
Dr. Cadi's Condition Powders,
re ju6t what a horse Deeds when in
ad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
nd vermifuge. They are not food
ut medicine and the best in use to
ut a horse in prime condition. Price
5 cents per package. For sale by
IcMaster Co.
YYe have had no raia far fifteen
lays, and the farmers have kept the
flows busy getting the land ready for
laming. A good deal of corn and
otton have been planted, though some
>f our farmers are waitiog for rain to
inish planning, thinking it will come'
ip better and gi\,w faster. Gardens
.re backward owing to the cold, wet
pring, though we have chellott3 and
Mis? Effie Cooper, of Ridgeway, is
isiting he: cousin, Miss Ola Cooper.
Miss Lula Cooper, ot Atidgeway, 13
risiting relatives at Myrtle.
Mr. M. L. Cooper, of this section,
vas turkey hoaxing al his place down
>n the river last week and was shot
>y a negro. He doesn't know whether
le was shot on purpose or not. He
lad not seen the negro until he was
hot down and then he saw the negro
unning. Mr. Cooper is now able td
>e up again. Some of the shot we^
)uck shct. A few shot went in his
lead, some in his arm, and one in his
tide. M. H.J
Mar 8, '99. 9
S *'I am still selling The Best "Tonic, and 2
S3 reiterate my former statement as to itivorth. a
S It every one could know it as I do, yon would 3
gbe unabie to sop ply tbs demand. ! believe S
it saved ray wife^ life."?Joseph H. Lutt, 2
B Druggist, Bridgeport, Cone.
- At all drag stores.
With siuoere regret do we note the
death on Monday of Mrs. Sara Robertsou,
wife of Mr. David G. Robertson
and mother of Mrs. C. P. Wray. Interment
took place at Eimwood cemetery,
Columbia, Taesday morning.
~n i7<,a ~ J
G. Robertson are reported lying at the
point of death.
Messrs. J. A. DesPortes, Cisas
I Rahb, Lawrence Parker, Ei. MeEachem,
John Moyer and cook lett Wednesday
for a few days'fish on the river?
Miss DesPortes, at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. "W. DesPortes,
tendered to her friends, Misses
Thoma?, J.vabb, McCormick and Coleman,
accompanied by Messrs. Salters
and Coleman, a delightfnl whist party
Tuesday night.
Several of our veterans went to
Charleston Tuesdav; also Miss Beasie
McMastcr. Mrs. R. D. Bolick and Dr.
James ft. De'sPortes.
Rev. W. M. Tillinghast returned
from one of his charges via Charleston
this morning.
Miss Lillian Phillips, accompanied
by her friend, Miss Waites, returned
frrtm flnlnm'hifl trpafor/luTr
Mis3 Come Wilson returned from
Wionsboro Monday where she has
been visiting Miss Louise McMaster.
May 11, 1899. Subscriber.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid health
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy arc not found where Stomach,
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of
order. If you want these qualities
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Mr. Editor: I notice in your issue of
this morning a mention of water
work*, for the town. It is eminently
proper to nave the matter discussed;
others should join you and tne discussion
should not end till they are
completed. But with your permission,
I should like fco change the word
"expense" in the phrase, "at the expense
01 the taxpayers" to investment.
The succe?1 "t every such undertaking
depend.- u on whi-ttier people consider
it the one or ihe other. As long as
they look at it as an expense, it w a
dead issue; as soon as they consider it
an investment, it takes on life and bex
lienor rfiftlilv. Snr.h an enter
pri?e r*">'elyand wholly au investment;
i. s as free from the element
of ex. - as any other investment.
If a to .vn issues $40,000 in bonds for
a plan! for water works and electric '
lights, it is an investment and a most
paying one It differs from an investment
in factory stock or bonds in that
its dividends always come indirectly,
but they come no less sorely and on
an ever io creasing scale. Many of
the interior towns of this State?some
no larger than this?have made similar
investments and have pronounced
them a success. Winnsboro would
do well to imitate their example; the
matter is well worthy of immediate
Very well do I remember when the
ground was first broken tor the water
works of Spartanburg. It was at the
beginning of that city's rapidly increasing
prosperity. A few days
after, a twelve-year-old boy, at the
house where I was boarding, came in
from school and with unbounded joy
announced the fact that Spartanburg
was to have a great female col lege.
The wa*er works were completed;
Converse College came; factories followed;
and the Spartanburg town of
3,500 ton years ago is to-day a small
city- of more than 10,000 and with
UnPo'iAeo AVk/3 * r\ f rtl tl O 1 ftotltrifr
uuoiutjao auu avuiiv;
than any tc?,wn in the State. I imagine
the Winasboro lads at the certain announcement
of water works and electric
lights would give unheard-of expressions
of delight and patriotism in
these regions. Let the boys have a
chance. J. Frank Fooshe.
Winnsboro, May 13, 1899.
J.u. linage, eaitor ana proprietor
of the Democrat, Lancaster, N. H.,
says: "I would not be without One
Minnte Cough Cure for my boy, when
troubled -villi a cough or cold. It i6
the best remedy lor croup I over
used." McMaster Co.
The community was greatly saddened
by the death of Mrs. David
Robertson, which occured at her home
in lowfi* Longtown on Monday. The
deceased h id been in declining health
for seme lime. Death, however, came
almost wholly unexpected. Heart
failure was the immediate cause of her
death. Tiie funeral services were
held a? the Ridgeway Baptist Church
of which the deceafed was a consistent
member. The funeral services
were conducted by Rev. J. L. Freeman.
The remains were carried to
Columo-a for interment. Mrs. Robertson
was & most estimable Christian
lady?one who will be greatly missed
' by her friends. The deceased leaves
besides her husband a daughter, Mrs.
' C. P. V,7ray, of Ridgeway, to mourn
heHoss. We extend onr sympathies
to the bereaved one3, and point them
to onr Heavenly Father wh:> doeth all I
things well and who is able (o wipe j
away all tears from our eyes,
We had a splendid rain last Satur- I
day night, which was highly beneficial t
to the growing crops. Corn planted j
in March is looking well; there is some
complaint of defective stands. Cotton
is Pi^mincr nn rirvlv since the recent
rain; the acreage is somewhat smaller
than last year. Small grain is not
doing so well; haven't had dnfficient
rain for it. Gardens are looking nicely;
plenty of tnrnips, lettuce, radifh'.s, |
onions, etc., ready for table use.
The fruit crop -will be smaller than j
we expected. We noticed that most
of it has already fallen off the trees;
especially is this the case with cherries
and piums. We suppose that we will J c
l A- 1 t_ Al I J 1 | 1
uave 10 xan oack on uie oju siauu-uy? ?
the blackberry?this year.
Messrs. J. D. Harrison, vVuG.Simp- ;
sou, A. F. Peay, R. A. Hudson and I
T. CvEaine3, of Longtowo, attended | jj
luc icuuiuu m vuut iujiuu. kjcuit, vi t
them have retarned and report a grand ^
time. j
The lower Longtown school closed 0
j last Friday. On Monday niglit there h
| was a May party at the school hc-n?e s
[Dialogues, recitations, ets., were pir- o
ticipated in bv the school children. t
May 13, 1899. E. H. D. c
His Life Was Saved. *c
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen v
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a won- a
deirfnl deliverance from a frightful n
death. In telling of it he eaye: "I
was taken with Typhod Fever, that
ran into Pnentn&nia. My lungs be- s
came hardened. I was "so weak I I
conldn't even sit up in bed. Nothing "
helped me. I expected to soon die of w
Pnnonmntlnn when T hpftrrl 'nf Dr.
King's &ew Discovery. One bottle c<
gave great relief, I continued to use b:
it, and now am well and strong, I hI
can't say too much in its praise." This fr
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quickest cure in the world for all &
Throat and Lunsr Trouble. Kegular P(
sizee 50 cents and $1 00. Trial bottles ti
free at McMaster Co.'s drugstore; a
every bottle goaranteed.
Lancaster Ledger, May 10th.
Mr. Hngh Yongae Milling, an CJ
esteemed citizen of this place, died at 0]
- - - 01
ms nome on iiaio 3ireer, ai jlj. o ciocs
last Sabbath morning. For more than
a year be had been in wretched health, ^
and for the past few months had
scarcely been able to leave his room.
His death was not unexpected and his ^
peaceful end marked the exit of an
upright man. With a short prayer,
audible to those at his bedside, and an f.1
exclamation of "aweet forgiveness"
he fell on sleep. "
H. Y. Milling was born in Fairfield
County, November 6, 1856. He was S
reared and lived in his native coanty U
until he moved with his family to f(
Lancaster, about four years ago, to
take charge of the Catawba Hotel.
TTA MaaflA/4 /v? T?lO liffi in
capacity in his native county?about
sixteen years in all. The last office he
filled was that of sheriff. He succeeded
Sheriff Jobn D. McCarley,
serving four year?, being defeated in
1892 for a second term bp the reform J
movement. He was married Novemhori9
1889. tA Miss Ma<?eie ifacko
rei, daughter of Mr. J. C. Mackorell, g
of Blacfestock. His wife, four interesting
little children, and one brother
and sister survive him. He was a
member of the Presbyterian Charcb,
having joined at this place last year. I
He was a good, kind-hearted man, a
quiet, inoffensive, ffood citizen and W
made a splendid officer. He was an
active mason for years and was transferred
from the Winnsboro lodge to ^1
Jackson lodge some time ago. His
remains were interred Monday after- 1'
noon in the new town cemetery with
masonic honors, after funeral services ~
condacted from the Presbyterian
Church by his pastor, Rev. Chalmers j v
Fraser. To the bereaved family we * '
exienu the heartfelt condolence of this
entire commnnity. I
No Bight to Ugliness. V>
The woman who is lovely in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, but one who wonld be attrac- ?
tive must keep her health. If she is "
weak, sickly and all rnn down, she ?
will be nervous and irritable. If she At
had constipation or kidney trouble,
her impure blood will canse pimples, ^
blotches, skin eruptions and a wretched
complexion. Electric Bitters is the 3
best medicine in the world to regulate
stomach, liver and kidneys and to
purify the blood. It gives strong
nerves, bright eyes, smootn, yeiveiy jl
skin, rich complexion. It will make a
good-looking, charming woman of a N
run-down invalid. Only 50 centrat
McMa3ter Co.'fl drag store.
Mr. Editor: Most of our farmers are rp
done planting, and some of them are
?%i*\w?rvar tfhoir nlflnfincr of com.
t""" *"n k'" c a ? r>
Small grain crop3 have been badly
damaged by the dry weather.
Mr. Thomas E. Dye was elected by T
Camp Bratton No. 1058, to represent
the camp at the reunion at Charleston.
Mr. J. K. Nevit, was elccted alternate.
Several of the old soldiers and some ^
ethers left yp=tciday for Charleston to
attend the ??. anion. T
i Hon. T. W. Traylor, of While Oak,
was in this commuuitv last weelc. v
Miss Sallie Beam is visiting her "
aunt, Mrs. Amanda Peav and family, F
near Cornwells.
Not loDg since your correspondent, h
in company with Mr. S. S. Coleman,
visited the Coleman burial ground ^
near Mr. Coleman's. While walking
through the grounds my attention wa3 (J
called to inscriptions on some of the
tombs, more particularly that of Iiobt.
Coleman, David Coleman, Henry
Coleman, and John A- F. Coieman. ^
Robt. Coleman, the first Coleman that
came to this county or rather to this ^
section of the State, came from Virginia.
He was born in 1745 and died ^
in 1825, [aged eighty years. He wa9
the father of David Coleman, David Ji
Was the father of .Henry ColemaD, and
TT-* rry ri r> |Ka 4af kar Trthn
XZiJHiy vjUJCiuau rr ao iuc j itiuti uvuu
A. F. Coleman. Bv the inscriptions I
on the tombs, I observed the fact that
David Coleman lived to the venerable
age of eighty-nine years-, ?eu mouths
and a few days; Henry Coleman
seventy-nine years, ten months and a
few days; John A. F. Jolemsn, <-jxtyn:ne
yearg. ten months aaJ several j
day p. I have forgot; en the cract I
nuQtber of .days ?"*ij c-.ch toiob. Tee \
iL8crip'ions on the tombs verify the j
fact of the oft-repeated a^eriion that j
each generation of onr people ire 1
shorter lived tban the former genera- ?
tioa. 3
Uncle Peter Feaster, colored, who ]
si1 CI^e
n Ejjypt the custom is for Princesses
o hide their beauty by covering
he lower part of the face with a veil,
a America the beauty of many oi
mr women is hidden because of the
weakness ana
sickness pecuian
custom pre*
li??l| vailed in this
country, many
ilp'^ sufferers would
Ajyv <A\? \ \ crinkles, theii
\ ;?<< ^ sun ken cheeks,
^ ^ their unnealthy
ompiexiou, from the eyes of the
irorld with the veil of the Orient.
EX* B 9* I K?
Fimafi Regulator
(rings out a woman's true beauty,
t makes her strong1 and well in those
rgans iipo:i which her whole general
icalth depends. It corrects all n:entrual
disorders. It stops the drains
>f Leucorrheea. It restores the womb
o its proper place. It removes the
auses of headache, backache and
ervousness. It takes the ooor, de
lilitated, weak, haggard, fading
roman and puts her cn her feet
gain, making her face beautiful by
laking her body well.
Druggists sell it for 51 a bottle.
end for our free illustrated book for women
lie Bradfleld Regulator Co., Atlanta. Ga.
as known by many people of the
)nntv. was buried in the Coleman
nrial ground. Mr. S. S. Coleman,
ts young master, and his many white
lends have erected a tomb over bis
rave. He was raised by the white
soplc, always voted the Democratic
cket with his white friends. He was
good fiddler and will be long retembered
by the young people of
easterville. \
Mr. William Weir i3 quite low with
incer of the month. Mr. Weir is
ne of our oldest wen. The writer
ace heard him relate the fact that be
ad Dr. McLurkin, Messrs. F. D.
oieman ana u. a. u. i^sies were
orn the 6ame year. Oae by one these
Id men are passing away. We might
?propriately say they have witnessed
)nr important periods in our conny's
history-the anti-slavery agitaon,
secession, (be war between the
tates, followed by the surrender of
le Southern armies, and the period
'reconstructionin which time all the
seeded States were admitted in the
nion and rehabilitated with all their
>rmer rights. R. R. J.
May 11, '99.
for infante ana uniidren.
be Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the /"ft y/fTTT"
? u.i :AHMA
li'.'UCttU in yuur iasi issue
A dandy little rhyme,
rhere Billy and his friend U. X.
Passed through a trying time.
'.y sympathy arose at once,
1 knew jnsL how they felt,
ve been tbat road so many times,
* - 3 . i u _ .3 ! i.
Ana oy me suuie uueaue uuaio.
fell, U. X., vca aud Billy both
Still must be very young
or this to be your first call off
"While on: to have some fun.
do believe that I could point
To places in this land,
fbere the walls are bruised from side
to side
Like footprints in the sand.
ras very much surprised indeed
Thatyouboth took the blaes,
eYeaun2 secreis or in at nigm
By puttiDg it as news.
ike yoa at first I took it to heart,
And always cleared the hall?
at have long ein *,e been accustomed
to N
These tappings on the wall. v
know you thought it was a spook
Jnst inside of the hall;
o danger of your getting hurt
By tappings on the wall.
on'vc heard them once, will hear
them again,
Not everywhere yon call,
ake my advice and bid adieu
By tappings on the wall. -
oys, if those girls you love mat
Just make another call,
hen if you leave in time you'll find
No tappings on the wall.
Old Fed.
ause, O nalion, reunited?
Pause and 6hed a tear to-day.
o the mem'ry of the soldiers
Dead for many and many a May!
[arched away as brave men, hearing
f!?Il nf rnnhtrr. vonrs and mine.
rom the bil'side and the valley,
From the hemlock and (he piue.
[earts aleap and pulses bounding,
Loyal, whether gray or blue:
iOya!, whether cross or crescent;
Dnty?tbat was all they knew.
lb, the glory of their btory!
Ob, the graves that dot the plain!
ih, the mournful tale of battles!
Oh, the partings and the paiD!
'ears and years the grass has blossomed,
Faded, died, their graves upon;
rears and year?, jet not forgotteD,
on/?K a c 1?cn nn
li.CUJ U&O H7UVIU Us; bUVUd 211V VM'
ind upon fame'o .-a 1 '{ > ,
Wrif'mid deeds oi U-. ?-ca, glow
fames of these, oar soldiers, sleeping;'
"Soldier?." nei'h^r-"friend" nor
Lnd as soldier3 vreavc tbern garland?,
Hose ar.d lily o'er theun spread;
j^ve and (ears?a tation's tribn*o
To a nation's glorious dead.
?Chicpgo Tri'm .??.
Try Allen's Foct-Ease,
\ r?nwdpr to be shaken into the shoes. [
\.t this season your feet feel swollen, \
lervons and hot, and get tired easily. I
I you nave smarting feet or tight shoes1
ry Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the
ect and makes walking easy. Reieves
coins anil bunions of all pain
md gives ease and comfort.Try it to?
)ay Sold by all druggists, groeers,
hoe stores and general storekeepers
iverywhere. Price 25c. Trial package
?REE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
ue Roy, N Y
Coety SupBFTisor.
Claims Appeoved at th-s last j
Meeting of the Board of County
Commissioners Held on
April 27, 1899
' .
The following claims w ere examined
and approved on Poor House fond of
If C9:
^o. Amount.
358 Slattie McClintock, $ 4 20
359 L Landecker, IS 10
360 T G Cameron, 45 0?
<*** < 1 ?i. e OA
ooi uiuusei .viw/uutuch, 9
362 B Q Montgomery, 9 50
The following claims were examined
and approved on Road and Br'dg?
Fa:sd of 1899:
No. Amount.
363 H B Befo, $21 99
364 A D Hood. 25 00
365 T H Frv, 11 00
366 SH Morgan, 1100
340 C G Boulware, 25 00
Ths following claims weie examined
and approved ou State Case Fond of
No. K Amonnt.
367 News and Herald, $23 13
368 W J Hagood, 2 00
369 .Tno Wooten, 8 50
370 B G Tennant, 6 00
371 li E Ellison, 12 90
372 J A Hayne, 5 00
I do certify that the above statement
is a correct copy of claims approved
at the meeting of the County Board
held on the 27th dav of April, 1899.
5-1G Connfcy Supevisor F. C.
For Sale.
per hundred; $12.00 per ton.
11 Wishing: to purchase Mill!- 11
11 nery for the months of \U\ and ?1
j?2| Jane can get bargains We g?
? ? have received a new supply of ? |
2 3 Sailors; also an entire fresh j||
s 2 stock of Trimmed Hats and ? ?
,11! Bonnets. gJa
HI Something nice in Skirt Snp- j{|9
si porters and Shirt Waists.
II Headquarters for Children's ^
\l a and Infants' Caps. -1|
11 MRS. J. D. McCARLEY. |?
]3uggiG?. I
? )
> . '
Doors, complete,
$1.00 to $1*50.
Windows, adjustable,
40e. to 50c. 1
Harper's Fly Traps,
15 cents..
Don't Worry
yonr next meal.
aud your worry will be over* You
can find everything you want in a
Always keep a nloe line of
Give me a ''ring-up" and your order
will be promDtly filled.
J. S. McCarley. j
Kb do!
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yon eat.
T+ nwf OTQC Kc fhofn/vt and aids
1.1_ at uijvow
Nature in strengthening and recon*
structing the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digest*
ant and tonic, to other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It instantly
relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea.
SickHeadache,Gastralgia,Cramps, ana
all other results of imperf ect digestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWlttA Co., Chicago.
' ' . Winnsboro. S C.
: - V; ' V. , '
? ,:;^?
WILL YOU wink ^
and nervous energy?.
than wear glasses?
WILL YOU force yoor eyes to over
work, neglect them when ti.-ey .m
cry for help, abuse them year
after year, until you are compelled
to seek aid early in life
perhaps to find your vision im- paired
beyond emir* repair?
A PAIS OF GLASSES properly fiittd
at the proper time may cave roa
a world of trouble and prese; rz
yonr vision for old age,
WE ARE EQUIPPED as is no other
jewelry bouse in this section to
give the trade prompt and efficient
service. We promise
watchful care in every detail.
IF YOU ARE not now among oar
caatomers try as and see how
well yon will be pleased too.
Tie Cjtciai li Mm, ' J
CHESTER, & C. -3
i niwr miTTiTioiiTin i
& riflo umjunja ;
(Formerly owned by Gen.
' -.r~
' '31
Can be bought at a "3
by applying %
of them broken, which I will sell
cheap or exchange them for broken x - flown
I also have ONE HEAVY
TEAM suitable for log
males, and a few PLUG
MULES, which I will sell
low for cash. Also TWO
I have one COW AND CALF and
and%several good Springers, and am
always ready for a trade.
Winnsbora, S. G.
Snier M 4
Bromangelon, in assorted flavors, 15c. \
Royal Desert?, in assorted flavors, 15c.
(Prepare these in two minutes )
California Fruit in jars and cans.
Lemon Cling Peaches; none better.
iwu iwwyimiipo*
Bed Cherries, pitted.
White Wax Cherries.
The6e fruits are guaranteed superior
flavor, and extra heavy syrnp.
Genuine Canton Ginger Preserves.
EF*Winnsboro ice Hquse opens to
Lefjus serve you..
Fine G-roceries.
SMateJ Ware
j* . . - - s .
-24 : Sets
Silver-Plated Table Spoons,
Teaspoons and Medium Forks
that I will sell at
Cost for Cash.
To letter theui, tit cost prices.
Come and see them.

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