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?:t ? ' pi
' ?
Wednesday, May 24, - - - 1899
?Read the advertisement of Q. D. ]
Williford in this morning's issue. ]
?Mrs. Henry Elliott, Sr , and family <
expect to move into their new resi- |
^ dence ou Bratton avenue in about ten J
?The lecture of Supt. Hand Friday j
evening will be free to all?no fee to i
figg* gee in or to get out. Let everybody
?The youngest child of Mr. and
Mrs. Shipp is quite 6ick. It is hoped ,
that the little one will soon be much *
~ better. ^
It makes no difference how bad the 1
wound if you use DeWitt's Witch 1
Hazei Salve; it will quickly heal and
leave no scar. McMaster Co. IT '
? ?Mr. A. M. Strickland and Mr.
Wilkinson are here for the purpose of ]
A rv\ o > /* onmnblopfi lH thft
Jk/iCbVlug auivuittuv oj/iiu?iv?v *? ? j
new warehouse. |
?Mrs. T. K. Eiliott euteriAined a |
, number of friends in her delightful (
style at tea Tuesday evening to meet ]
Mr. and Mm. David A. Elliott. 1
?Mr. J. B. Patrick, of White Oak, i
gave quite a sweil German at his
residence Tuesday evening. The y
^ German was very gracefully led by ^
Mr. Patrick. j
Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, colds,
VfXVp auu )YUUUJJliig tvugu *s<t~";
yield to One Minute Cough Cure, i
Use tills remedy in time and save a
doctor's bill?or the undertaker's.
McMascer Co. ,
?The News and Herald stated a
few days since that Dr. Theo. Qual-tlebaum
graduated from the Nashville
University when it should have been '
Yanderbilt University. S
? ?Winnsboro is steadily improving. *
T> Y"? is imftrftflinor his ?
20.1 XW* v? AO M.v
residence, also Mr. Eiemming Mo ^
Master. When these two houses are 1
completed they will be a credit to onr ^
little city.
?Dr. Theo. Qaattlebanm has re*
turned from Calambia where he 3
passed his examination before the 2
State Medical Board. His many *
friends will be delighted to know that s
he has decided to locate in Winnaboro. \
J. D. Bridge, editor and proprietor
of the Democrat, Lancaster, N. H., 1
? ? - 's"*" ? ? ^ UA ?v?tiKAnf
says; ""JL wuuiu uut uo TVJWU\/U.V VU\/
Minute Congh Cure for my boy, when
troubled with a cough or cola. It is
the best remedy lor croup I ever
used." McMaster Co. 6
?The Acts of the last Genera! Assembly
are now in the hands of the 1
Clerk of Court, and magistrates may
get their copies by calling on Mr. 8
Jennings, or by sending some respon- 1
sible person, and receipting for them. 1
TJ?a la/^iao nf (Ka Uftms Mlttlflnftrff
Society will serve ice cream on Friday
afternoon in the vacant store room of
the Beaty building, and it is hoped that 0
the public will patronize them, as they <are
working for a very worthy object. c
The hours that the ice cream will be ^
served will be given ltffc'er. K?A
new enterprise.has been begun c
at the"lactory in the form of a store. *
Mr. R. Y. Turner is the owner of the c
s. store and has erected a neat store- ^
room near the factory which will prove *
? errant wnwnipnp.p trt tha Oner&tiveS. ^
The building i3 nearly completed.
Thi? i3 the first store that has been
opened near the factory. 1
p . Some of the results of neglected S
dyspeptic conditions of the stomach ?
V are cancer, consumption, heart disease, J
f and epilepsy. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure ^
prevents all this by effecting a quick *
cure in aii cases of dyspepsia, r
McMaster Co. . J
?The long-continued and very disastrous
drought was broken on Mon- *
day morning by a mo3tdelightfal rain.
The dry weather was raining the gardens
and catting off the supply of *
spring vegetables which should be ^
coming in in quantities. The dust had ^
become almost unbearable, and the *
rain was a blessed relief. *
?Mra. Th03. W. Woodward started *
to town Tuesday with a number of *
children in her carriage, and as they (
passed the long distance tejeph:>ne *
crowd the horse became frightened *
and ran into the wires, cacsmg one *
of the children to get fastened and to c
be pulled from the buggy. The little 1
one escaped witnont any serioas injuries.
By allowing the accumulations in I
the bowels to remain, the entire sys- *
tern is poisoned. JDeWitt's Little ^
Early Risers regulate the bowel3. J
Try them and you will always use ?
ihem.- McMasterCo.
?Although all of the money neces- !
sary for building the factory chapel
nas not yet oeen collected, me conmui- c
lee have determined not to wait bat '
will begin on the work very soon. ?
The lumber for the chapel has been
r secured and it is hoped that before
many weeks have pa83ed that the
baildiDg will be in use. As soon as 5
the chapel is weather-boarded and ]
roofed it will he used, and work will
commence in the Sunday school.
?School commencements are now ;
the order of the day and in a short
time the many yoang girls and boys
who are away attending various
schools and colleges in the State will 1
return home. Several young ladies 1
from this town and county will com
plete their college course ia Jane
Amonor thpm arp Miss Ann!ft Davis. 1
~??? ? ? I
who wlxl graduate from the S. C. [
College, Miss Liaa Neil from Wiuthrop
College, and Miss Martha P.
Dwight from Converse College.
?Col. D. D. Gaillard paid a short (
^ visit to relatives here on his way to
HL "Washington from Atlanta. The 3rd
Begiment cf Volunteer Eoginesrs, of
which Col Gaillard was ia commaad,
& has recently been mustered out of ?er
3ilf vice At Atlanta. Upon taking leave of
Col. Gaillard tbe officers of the 3rd
ra Engineers presented him with a very
V handsome silver loving cap as a token
gl of th^ir esteem and admiration. Col.
|P Gaillard, who will now resume the
rank of captain in the regular army,
H has been stationed in Washington, D.C.
E Dr. Cady's Condition Powders, i
w are just what ahorse needs wnen in
* bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but ciedicine ana the best in use to
f|k put ? horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McM aster Co.
StfS py .-3 les x ? is Ik ?l
mw wmzwMwn
No worn .in -p" '*e too careful oi
her condi:: ; -lie period before
her ln.ic > iv .jorn. Negiec!
yr improper ..cat then endangers
her life a.:.' it of the child. Ii
lies with her wi.? -r sl.o shall snffe;
unnecessarily. <-'iether iho ordea
shall be ma Jc v > :.parati\*ely easy
She had better do nothing than d<
something v. r?
Is the one and the only preparatior
that is safe to use. It i.-; a linimen'
that penetrates from the outside,
External applications are eternallj
right. Internal medicines are radi
Dally wrong. They are more thar
humbugs?t'.iey endanger life.
Mother's Friend helps the muscle;
to relax and expand naturally?relieves
morning sickness?remove:
the cause of nervousness and headache?
prevents hard and rising
ireasts?shortens labor and lessen:
the pains?and helps the patient tc
rapid recovery.
From a letter by a Shreveport, La.,
ivoman: " I have been using: you:
wonderful remedy, Mother's Friend,
:or the last two months, and find il
iust as recommended."
Druggists Mil It at $1 per "cotL'e.
Send for our fre? illustrated book,
"Before Baty is Born." ..
Mount Olivet School.
Moont Olivet school will close Maj
!6th with a basket picnic in the church
rrove. The community are invited
o join in and kelp make the occasion
t pleasant one. Several prominent
jentlemen have been invited to de<
iver addresses.
fXTTTA TP WAman oo tzroll QQ m&n
wnv 10 VT VUiVU ?tg If VM mavm
mn are made miserable by
*v kidney and bladder
BLAME, trouble. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Boot the great kidney remedj
>rompt!y cnres. At druggists in fiftj
;ent and dollar sizes. You may have
sample bottle by mail free, also pam)hlet
telling all about i).
Address, Dr Kilmer & Co., Bing
lamton, N. Y.
Miss Helen McDonald who is quite
ick was reported better yesterday.
Mrs. Henry Elliott is quite sick a?
ier home on Brat ton street.^
Mr.. Thomas Catbcart has recovered
mificiently from his recent illness to
esume his position with the Caldwell
Dry Goods Co.
It is with pleasure that the teachers
if Mt. Zion annoaoce another lecture.
)o Friday evening of ths 26tb, at 8.30
'clock, Supt. W. H. Hand, of the
theater schools ana president of the
south Carolina State Teachers' Association,
will deliver at the conrt house
lis popular lecture, "Facts and Fan:ie3
of Every-day English." Mr.
land is a most pleasing and instrncive
speaker and every one will be
Uiijr rcpaiu iwt wiumg uuv>
Volcanic Eruptions
Are grand, bat Skin Eruptions rob
ife of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
ares them; also Old, Banning and
fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
3orns, Warta, Cuts, Bruises, Burns
>calds, Chapped Hands. Chilblains,
5est Pile cure on earth. Drives out
>ains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box.
Jure guaranteed, ISold by McMaster
}o., druggists.
Jr Bratton Elected t< i the Bectorship ol
St Mary'g
A special lo the Raleigh News ond
Observer from Tarboro, N. C., of Maj
l7, saye: The trustees of St. Mary'f
School to day unanimously elected tc
he rectorship of thai; school Rev. T. D,
Jrattou, of Spartanburg, S. C. Mr,
Jratton is rector of the Episcopal
3hurcb, at Spartanburg, and holds the
- - * > *- i_ /~i~
;oair 01 nibiury iu va>uvcioc wucgs
or Women. He is the son of the laic
General Jonn Brat-;on, and both bj
)iit.h and culture, asi well as personal
jharacter, is thought to be pre-emilent'y
fitted for this exalted position,
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. A'inslow's Soothing Syrup
las been used for over fifty yeara by
nillions of mothers for their children
vnue teciQiDg, wim periecfc buuucss.
:t soothes the child, softens the gums,
illays ail pain, cnres wind colic, and
s the best remedy for diarrhoea. II
vill relieve the poor little sufferei
mmediately. Sold by druggists ic
ivery part of the world. Twenty-five
:ents a bottle. Be sore and ask foi
'Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,*
md take no other kind. 1-1-17
The following is a schedule of the
*rrival8 and departure? of the stai
route mails from the postoflB.ce ai
Winnsboro, S. C.:
From Winnsboro, 5. C., to Buct
F.iolr S via TTlinf TT51L S. C.. OI
Wednesdays and Saturdays. Leavi
Winnsboro at 7 a. m. arrive at 6 p. m
From Rabb, S. C., to Winnsboro
5. C., cn'Tnesdays and Fridays. Ar
rive at Winnsboro 11 a. rnM leave a
12 m.
From Luke, S. C., to Wiunsboro
3. C., via Stevenson, S. C., every day
jxcept Sunday. Arrives at Winnsbor<
11 d. m., leaves at 1 p. m.
A special to Tbe State from Hopkin
elated May 1$, says: The communis
was to-day called to monrn tbe deatl
of one of its most belore 1 ladies, Mrs
lobn A. Myers, wife of Capt. J. A
Myers and daughter of Col. N. A
Peay, of FairSeld County, S. C. Mrs
Myers was Mi&s Mary English Peay
She was a levaly Christian lady, nn
tiring in her kindness and ever read;
to extend a helping hand to the needy
A.11 feel the great loss the communit;
bas sustained. Mrs. Myers leaves i
husband acd fire son?, one sister an<
three brothers to mourn her death
She ivas a member of the Episcopa
Church. Mrs. Myers was in her 57t]
Boars the Kin(1 ^ H2*8 A1*2/5 Bougf
I School District No 9 Will be Asked to
I?evy Special Tax
We, the undersigned freeholders o
school district No. 9, of Fairfieldf
r County, South Carolina, heraby call a
. meeting of all the freeholders and
> patrons of said school district for the
r\rinnAco r\f At+oKKsVonr* o cmtdaA enh.nr\]
; and levying a special tar to maintain
j said graded school in said school dis*
trict of Fairfield County, South Caro)
This meeting will be held at the
cross-roads, near Capt. J. R. Delleney's,
Monday, the 29th of May, at 3
o'clock p. m.
J. R. Cnrlee,
Thos. Blair,
j R.Y. Lemmon,
t S. R. Rutland,
J. D. Lyles,
' W. P. Blair.
1 If yoa have piles, cure them. No
nse undergoing horrible operations
5 that simply remove the results ol the
disease witnoat aisiaroiDg' cue Disease
5 itpelf. Place your confidence in De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. It has
: never failed to cure others ; it will
> uot fail to cure you. McM^ster Co.
> ? ...
A Veteran of Three War*.
Mr. B. H. Robertson died at bis
home io i airfield County on Wednesday
moiT.ii>?- at 6 o'clock. He was
hnrn let .1 t.nortr ISI.?** nnnSPfinflrtlv
, he .-ived to the advanced age of eigbyfour
years, four months and fifteen
days, far beyond the average, and saw
his children and children's children of
the third generation,
r Mr. Robertson and bis wife, who
i was a Miss Dixon, lived together for
[ about sixty-five years or more. The
i writer recollects hearing him say at
i Mossy Dale, some five or sir years
. ago, that they had been married sixty
years theu. The deceased served his
country in three wars, to wit, the
1 Florida or Seminole, the Mexican and
[ the Confederate.
, At the time of his death be was, and
. had been for a number of years, draw'
iog a pension from the- Federal Gov1
ernment as a Mexican soldier; bis test
payment was issued on May 4lb. He
. also served his generation in the
capacity of school teacher and surveyor,
and Ms plat3 of survey are
among the neate t made in this county.
Uz-v n 1at*rra nnmKat* fflOnHa
UC iWTto a uuiuuwi vx a&
and descendants to monrn his depart*
: ure. His remains were interred on
Thursday morniDg at 11 o'clock in
Bethel cemetery. Peace to his ashes.
| Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
-The intense itching and smartiDg incident
to these diseases, is instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many verj
' bad cases have been permanently cured
by it. It is equally efficient for itching
i piles and a favorite remedy for 6ore
, nipples, chapped hands, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic sore eyes.
1 25cts. per box. For 6ale by McMaster I
| ... m ...
The dry weather still continues.
Oats and wheat are a failure in this
' section. Only about a half stand of
cotton and corn. The iarmers are
very despondent over their prospeet
, for a crop. Gardens are dying out,
i owing to the continued drought.
The Woodward school closed on last
Wednesday. It has been successfully
, taught by Mr. A R. 'Jraig, a talented
young educator, of Blackstock.
Several of the old veterans attended
the reunion at Charleston and reported
a pleasant time.
: Mrs. T. S. Brice and son returned
from Charleston on last Wednesday
^ evening.
Mr. W. C. Brice, the popular con5
ductor of the Southern Railway now,.
' formerly ot the Seaboard Air Line,
' has been visiting his parents, Mr. and
' Mr?. C. Brice.
Messrs. E. M. Woodward, T. W
' Brice, Jr., and T. W. Lewis spent
5 Saturday ia Chester. ?
' Misses LUa and Linra Woodward,
of While Oak, is visiting- tha family
' of Mr. A. R. Nicholson.
Mr J R fVfiior. of Bfkftkstock. was
* in town one day last week.
May 20, 1899. Correspondent.
Don't think you can cnre that slight
i attack of Dyspepsia by dieting, or that
, it will cnre itseif. Kodol Dyspepsia
, Cnre "will cure it; it "digests what
; you eat" and restores the digestive
; organs to health. McMaster Co.
i myrtle paragraphs.
And still no rain. What a "hot
time" we are having. Some of the
farmers waited awhile on rain to finish
planting corn, but. are no* going
ahead with their planting Gardens
5 are suffering very mach for rain. Cot*
it (
ton, wnat 13 up, is luuiuiig wen. uynug
^ oats is a complete failure.
Mr. F. M. L. Duke met with a pain:
fill accident while feeding bis horses
1 yesterday atternoon. He fell from the
2 loft to the floor; his head struck a box,
* catting a pretty bad gash, and brnis*
ing him up generally. We hope noth"
ing serious will result.
Quite a pleasant day was spent last
Saturday by a crowd of young folks,
? picnicking at Bear Creek Academy,
t Thp nifrmr was represented bv Colum
r it
} bia, Longtown and Ridgeway.
Mrs. E. C. Heins and children, cf
Salisbury, N. C , are visiting relatives
in this section.
8 Quite a number of our citizens at^
tended the reunion in Charleston last
1 week. They report good accymmoda"
tiong and a grand time in general.
Misses Effia and Lula Cooper have
* returned io Ridgewav after spending
'* awhile with friends and relatives in
* tbis community. Rasla*,
" May 20, 1899.
The ancients believed that rheumaF
tism was th3 work of a demon within
a a man. Any one who has had an
j attack of sciatic or inilammatory rheumatism
will agree tfrac the infliction is
1 demoulac enough to watrant the be1
Hef. It has never been claimed that
a Chamberlain's Faiu Balni would cast
ont demons, but it will cure rheumatism,
aDd hundreds bear testimony to
tbe truth of this statement. '.One application
relieves the pain, and this
quick relief which it affords is alone
worth many times it3 cost. jPor sale
by McMaster Co.
Strong Endorsement
Dr. MarvE. Green, president Nation:
Household Economics AssociatiOn.men
Mt American Medical AssocUtioi
member American Public Health Ass<
dation, author of "Food Products orfcb
World," write* from Ch*rb;to> Mich
"The excellehce of PabstMalfcF xlrw
is nor ::ns;nown to me, as * uaro u&cu j
professionally for years, always with tb
most satisfactory results. For mothei
cursing their children and for genen
debility from any cause, I regard it s
sf especial value, as it combines bofc
tonic and nutrient properties, whic
make it truly the 'Best' Tonic."
tract. The "^est" Tonic, to three of m
patient?, all of whom were ladies, an
all oi whom were suffering from dyspej
Sid and its consequences, and in allthes
Cases it acted like a charm. Two c
them bought more of the tonio, an<
continued to take it, until now they tel
me they can eat anything, and one c
them added "everything,"without th
slightest inconvenience. They have cei
tairily improved wonderfully in weigh
and strength. I have prescribed you
"Best" Tonic a sreat number of times
It is one of the best, if not the very best
o? its kind."
R. Belner, M. D., Jersey City, N. J
go mi>c and goi>g.
Mrs. U. G. DesPortes has returnee
from Columbia.
Mr. A. G. Douglass returned t<
Columbia Monday.
-irs Ileasie McCarley returned tc
Winnsboro Friday,
Miss Workman, of Camden, is visit
^MisS" Jessie Jennings.
Mi>s Mary Witherow returned
Saturday l'rom Charleston.
Mrs E. H. Obear left for Washington,
D. <J., on Wednesday.
Miss Fanny Ford, of Mitford, S. C.<
was in town Tuesday on her way tc
| Chester.
Mrs. Preston Brooks and Mrs. Lucih
Rion, of Columbia, are visiting' is
Rid^eway. ' Mrs.
W. R. Elliott returned Fridaj
from Union where she bas spent eev
eral weeks.
Mr. R. W. Gaillard, of Alexandria,
Va., rc urned home Saturday aftei
visiting in town.
i Mrs. James Cbapman and children,
of Spartanburg, are visiting Mr. anc
| Mrs. J. F. McMaster.
T. K. Elliott, Jr., bas returned fron
rensacoia, Fia., where be spent me
winter with relatives.
Dr. B. J. Quattlebaum has returnee
home after visiting his old home In th<
lower part of the State.
Rev. Boni. Allston and Miss Char
lotte A Jlston returned on Saturdaj
from a visit to Charleston.
Mrs. Gettys, who has been vitjitinj
at Mrs. Henry Elliott's, returned t<
her home in Camdeu Friday.
w _ n 1 JJ .
mrs. Doaiware turn uuuurcu, uj
Tampa, have arrived and will spend
the summer with Mrs. Walter Till
Mr. and Mrs. David A. EHiott lef
Wednesday fbr their hom6 in Missis
sippi after a short visit to relative!
Mr. ilcKeown, who has been visit
ing his sister, Mrs. Jno. J. Creight
has returned to his home in Brooks
Tille, FJa
Miss Rose, a (.rained nnrse fron
Colombia, arrived here Taesday tc
nurse Mrs. J. R. McMaster who i?
quite sick.
Mr9. S. A. Oiiver and Miss Jennit
Bolick, of E* "'geway, sister and meet
of Mr. S A viimhy, are visiting al
hie hoi.*- ?er Lantern.
Mrs. G \Y. i\>uvey and chi!dreo;
and Mi s. Lizzie Cauthen are visiting
the family of Mr. J. W. Peove/ it
Fairfield County.?Lancaster Ledger
The many friends of Miss Mamii
Cn mm :{3 will be glad to know sh
wi r -" i home witbin the next weel
or > v> . Mis3 Cummings has beei
spec Mug tbe winter with her si9ter
Miss Nannie, in New York, and i
now visiting friends in Georgia.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Wa= the result of his splendid health
Indomitable will and tremendou
energy are not found where Stomach
Liver, Kidneya and Bowels are out o
order. If yon want tbese qnalitie
and the success they bring, nse Dr
King'* Kew Life Pills. Tbey develo]
every po .ver of brain and body. Ool;
25c. it Monaster Co.'s drug store..
Yon may talk abont Dewey
And bis brave and gallant crew{
You may talk about Sampson
And 6chlev and Hobson too;
" - - .v.? x? ii..:. Kmv
ion mey praise iiitjui iur mm ui??
Bol above them all I vow,
Tbe greatest hero that I know
Is the boy who has to plough.
'Tis a aero who can plough all day
Beiiealh tbe summer suo,
And then go sing horns at night
When his long day'a work is done.
'Tis a h<ro who can plough all day
On "turnip sprouts" and bread,
And ihon not breathe a siDgle "cuss"
While the ble3sin' bein' said.
Some oi our boys wanted to fight,
And march to glory or to the grave
Bat they Lad to plough from morn til
Like an old-time Southern slave.
Then don't fbrget the plough-boys,
They, too, would have shoalderei
But you know some one had to stay a
To care tor tne ntue ones.
Be paiieot, bovs, you'll get to figbt,
So forward I ever lean;
la a few more days we'll reach th
Of the famou3 Gen. Green.
God b'esy the hero who ploughs all da
And then goes out to call,"
And twelve o'clock he steals away
With no "tappings on the wall."
Plough Boy.
An Epidemic of Whooping Coajrh.
Last winter during an epidemic c
whooping cough my children contrac!
ea toe aisease, a^viog eevac wuo?'?j
spells. We had used Chemberlain1
Cough Remedy , very successfully fc
croup and naturally turned to it a
that time and found it relieved th
cough :iud effected a complete cure.Jonx
E. Clifford, Proprietor Noi
wool flonse, Norwood, N. Y. Thi
remedy is for na!e br McMastcr Co.
Mi;s Marie McCants bas relurne
from Charleston after taking in ti
Bears tba The Kind Y8u Have Always Bouj
? Mr. Editor: I bad the care cf fire
J ladles, my wife included, on the rei*
union trip. We arrived m Charleston
? about 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 9;h insf.,
i0 by special train over the S C. & G.
: Railway, kuown as the ''Old Reliable,"
jj now under control of the Southern
Crclftm AnnkAma V?o/l Knnn c\ n fro rr^i^
[3 ?J VUl UVU1V uau UV/wli V??^M^VV4
3 by previoas arrangement, and wad
^ with tbe Misses Davi?, at 2 IJirson
jj street, just back of tbe c'.tadel. We
b had only to step oat on Meeting street
jast at the east end of our house and
[ take an electric car for any part of the
1 city, and you can just imagine how
h the "nicks" changed hand*, for most
? of our company were strangers in tbe
? "city by tbe fca," and ot rou'se
1 wanted to see (he sights. We attended
* l fVtA r>rr of fKfl ?t I
I] J iui/t liUg (*(, iUV wuv?vv< - % j
0j night and found oat niter getting i
j I there that we had to pay 25 cems cuch
j tu get iD, which did not set well with
i. Some of our party. However, we
paid op and went in. Our experience
; wa9 not very F&tisfactory, as tbe hall
. Was so crowded that only these netrj
the rostrum could bear intelligently, j
j except the music. "The Ringing was J
grand, by a chorus of about o?:e j
hundred aud fifty voices. Sotae ofj
* the speeches were too long for a
warm night in a crowded hall; Gen.
* Hampton's was an exception, being
quite brief, but his voice is now too
feeble to be heard distinctly in a
I crowd at a distance.
TV aanesaay morniag we weie uut
early, rode down to the old postoffice
C'j Ea3t Bay, took the ferry-boat,
"Comodore Perry," at the foot of
1 Cumberland street, for Mt. Ploasant,
} which is a neat little *sea shore town
on.the main land. It was once the
s county seat of Berkeley county, and
1 the court house i3 now a Lutheran
orphan home. At tbe wharf at Mt.
T Pleasant iwe took the electric cars for
tbe Isle of Palms, some seven or eight
miles away, and whirled at a rapid
' speed outjof the little town over a
L long bridge across a creek, or cut, or
0_n? ?- T_1 1
inter, over into oumvau s xtiauu, auu
j across it past Fort Monltrie and eeveral
other forts of minor importance,
and across another bridge over on to
! the Isle of Palms, through sand hills
' and passed groves of palmetto, from
which the island takes its name, to
- - -? * i _i r, a
the terminus on tne long tireicnea,
5 beautiful beach, where there has been
erected a Ferris wheel and an inclined
plane race course, over which wooden
7 horses carry their rider9 around the
circuit at break-neck speed. There is
' also a fine large hall erected on the
J grounds where almost anything to
eat or drink can be had. Bathing
suits are alsj kept here for the ac?An
r\f I nrtJO xxrltfi to
WlUiUVUaiiVU VI lux/cv If M V V.V-W.. w ?
' luxuriato hi a surf bath. There are
seats too in aboDdance, where yon
can be eomfortable and look out over
J the restless ocean to where it seems to
meet the sky, and whose waves day
and night rice in and ont with each
' other as if eternally playing-hide and
6eek. The 6ea breeze here is most
exhilerating. Our little company re1
mained here perhaps two hours or
} more, and then reluctantly returned
? onma i"nn'a T'Viia frirt tr> ftlir)
u y ixig oauiw ivulwi
from the Isie of Palms, considering
* the fare (25 cents for round trip) i8
5 about the most delightful and all
" round satisfactory one I have ever
taken, barring the push and crowd
' We reached Charleston in time for
' me to take part in tbe parade in the
1 afternoon. At ni<;ht we were tired
and did not attend th2 meeting at
the auditorium. More anon.
8 t> tt
? t xtf JLL. VbliUlll^j.
i Mr. Editor: I find that I omitted in |
my former letter any allusion to tbe
s entrance of tbe battleship Raleigh into
Charleston harbor. While we were
waiting on the pier Wednesday morning
for admission on tbe boat, the
^ booming of cannon announced her
approach. Presently we could see the
f smoke from the guns and then indiss
tinctly could outline the big lead-1
colored monster slowly being towed
^ into pert. I{ was an exciting scene,
and I could but reca'l the scene* of
thirty-eight years ago, when I stood
near Vinegar Hill on Morris Island
and listened to the booming of big
guns in the attack and defend of Fort
Snmter, and watched wi.h interest
and emotion the progress of tbe first
e big artillery duel in the war of the
703t cause. Presently we were on tho
boat, and as she glided smoothly across
the Cooper River we watched intently
the approach toward anchorage cf this
agent in the destruction of the Spanish
fleet in the harbor of Manila.
Thursday morning, wishing to get
ahead ot the crowd that wo felt eure
would be on hand, we boarded the
electric ctr f r Magnolia cemetery.
Severa' f .,ur parly had never s-cen
this baao'.iful city of the dead, and
> those of us who had, were perhaps
even more anxious than they to take
in afresh its solemn loveliness. Its
natural scenery is grand, being inter
2 spersed with pretty little lakes and
inlets, than, too, the majestic live oak
.t and lovely magnolias are the pride,
not only of Charleston, but also of the
State. And the hand of art has been
lavish in its decorations, and on every
hand are to be seen tastily arranged
e and neatly trimmed shrabbery ornamenting
the scores of well laid off and
diligently kept family plats. There
^ are numbers of tbe finest granite and
marble monuments, also mausoleums
nnmmno cnlonrlid VftlllfS for the
reception of the dead. In onr rambles
and admirations one of onr p^rty remarked
that if a person fell prepared
for death and expscted to be laid in
, .
t Save Your Money.
? One box of Tutt's Pills will save
f* many dollars in doctors' bills
They willsurely cureall diseases
of the stomach, liver or bowels.
e No Reckless Assertion
For sick headache, dyspepsia,
malaria, constipation andblliorfit
usness, a million people endorse
| 0 caution
1 Aw? ^
2 litllFer
? y 1
? ^ v(ifPP^UMj sultatio:
? ' ^s^TT'T If there
?V indigeaf
From female irregularities, and had
could sret no relier. and we had desp
tryGerstle's Female Panacea
w For Sale at Drug J
? /iPOflTT n c. /*A
^1 Lh UGKSibC a V/U., n up
?rr?? *-w Jce iu?n*.^>''^aCTr w? pr i CM^A
Magnolia, the grim messenger wou!
be rnbbed of muc:i of >-i^ tcrro
There has been recently erected by 11
Memorial Association of the city
beautiful granite shaft in the Confec
erate soldiers' plat, on which are chl
eled in clear cut letters the nam?s c
the dead generals of the Confederat
army from this State. The last nam
is our own John Bratton. I snppos
as oihers fall their names will be addec
Lovely wreaths and garlands had bee
piacca on me veterans KIavcs uy
ivg hands on Wednesday 10th.
My lettar would be too long were
to undertake special mention of
tithe of the exquisite chiseling an
scolptare ornamenting the profiuio
of monnman.s. I will venture t
speak of only two, which impresse
me. One is'a large vattlosaake coile
around the marble shaft of an ol
Revolutionary officer. It strikes m
every time I see it as being a Strang
design for an ornament to the reetin
place of the dead.- I wouldn't war
any snakes on mine. The work ot tt
sculptor though is well executed. Ti
other is over the grave of Katie Birc
and represents a woman in life 8I2
sitting on a pedestal with head bowed
the dreus falls in p.eat and natur:
folds to the ankles, and the bare fee
an/1 sVinnMorc. arm* and hailf
seem to be the very perfection of ar
while the face, not "beautiful, but pe
feet in feature, looks down upon yc
with a life-like lustre and expressic
of eyes that I have never seen an;
wbere else in marble.
We were all anxious to see whei
Dr. Hanahan was laid, and after dil
gent search and inquiry we found tt
place, and some of our party shed
tear and others dropped a flower c
tne naiiowea spot.
Bat I have written enough for or
letter. More anon.
R It. Jennings.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bough
Mrs. Thomas, of Sonth Texas, M
and Mrs. Flinc, of Ark., and Mr
Newy, of Tenn., wtr> have been vis!
Ing at Mrs. "W. C. Beatv's, retnm(
home Friday.
Shake Into Your Shoe*
Allen's Foot-Ease, a Dowder for tl
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smar
iug, nervous feet and instantly tak<
! the sting out of corns and bunions. It
the greatest comfort discovery of tl
I age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tig]
i or new shoes feci easy. Try it to-da"
Sold by all druggists, grocers, sh<
! stores and general storekeepers ever
where. By mail for 25c. in stamp
Trial package FKEE. Address, A Ik
S. Olmsted, LeJKoy, JN. Y.
For Sale.
per hundred; ?12 00 per ton.
3 14tf H.L.ELLIOTT.
Tla D/esi
Is *?* g
|| Wishing to purchase Milli- E
12 nerv for the months of May and E
June can get bargains. We |
ii have received anew supply of g
? __ ??i|?
|j2gj oaiiors; aisu un cumc iicou -g
52 stock of Trimmed Hats and jj
Bonnets. " 2
teg Something nice in Skirt Sap- ?
p2 porters and Shirt Waists. I
Headquarters for Children's |
i?|j and Infants'Caps. 5
i?v ^
Snimer Desert;
Bromangelon, in assorted flavors, 1*
Royal Deserto, iu assorted flavors, 11
(Prepare these in t,vo minntes.)
California .Frnit in jirs and cans.
r - "O .? mama kaff At?
ljeraon unug x euuuc?, iiwucwum
Red Raspberries.
Red Cberries, pitted.
White Wax Cherries.
These fruits are guaranteed snperi
flivor, and extra heavy syrup.
Genuine Canton Ginger Preserves.
STWinnsboro Ice Hoa?e opens I
Let us serve yon.
Fine G;^series.
wilh a fall stock of Caskets. ?^ar
Cases and Coffins, constantly < i w
; artd use of hearse when r
! Tnfiukfu1' for na^t patronage a.--; oli
! tii'ion for a share in the future, in '
Old S13.MC1
Calls attended to ar all hsurs.
1%USA A sn^ ^hlsiey Eabfta
bIuIIIII cured a; homewl'Ji
Br illMral outpuln. Book of parHflB
BUfIWa ticalaraBent FZiia.
i ^ilTI III IBrinn ocllet,m.d,
' w 104 N.Trjor fii
to WET ^ COLD |
proven disastrous to many women. Z
et feet and damp clothing chill the X
tire system and the delicate female 0
gans are at once effected. Palnfhl, A ,
i, Suppressed or Obstructed Menses, J
, Falling of the Womb, or some other V
iestroymg disease is almost certain A
cc snrm #nransnrA tmless bmmt ure
s are taken. When any of these *dis- 9
ppear women should begin the use of ?
nale Panacea. 2 1
egulate the menses, cure all forms of J
lieease, and give health and strength. 9 1
I in the privacy of the home. No con- A
ns. No humiliating examinations. ?
is any tendency to constipation or S
ion take mild doses of St. Joseph's A
tried physiciansjmc^other remedies. but (
uxreu. w uer icwvcxjr. tic ncio uiuutcu KJ 4
l, and I believe it saved her hfe. ? H
A. J. MACE. Jamestovro, Tenn. JL
stores, $1.00 per Bottle.
s., Chattanooga, Teas* m
l- 1
s- - BY BUYING>f
ee Screen Doors i
I .
aj ana
i Windows.
q Doors, complete,
d $1.00 to 81(50.
d Windows, adjustable,
e 40c. to 50c.
ft Harper's Fly Traps,
16 15 cents..
jj :
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? g 9 ? .
-9 v. a .
g J
" 9) | -9
I 5 ?.
i. ? g
1 ' - B P
r 0 H <
: 23 0
L* s B *
? (&
For Sale by
jII HoMister & Co
? i
25c. per peck.
B anc* ' i
8 A full supply of
and other
i Miair ft:
(Formerly owned-% Gen.
Bratton.) (
Can be bought at a
* -tesijl - Price
by applying to
j. I VAWi i CO.
"What You
Want I
1' M
When You |
Wan tit" I
f \A1 IV A VI
WILL YOU wick and blink joar!:fe
acd nervous cuergv away ratli r
jban wear glasses?
WILL YOU force >our eyes to overwork,
negkct Ibfja when t?.?-y
cry for help, abu^e them y? ir
afier jear, until vou are e cupelled
to feck aid early in ??fe
perhaps to find your vision impaired
beyond entir* repair?
L PAIR OF GLASSES properly fi:t d
at the proper time may cave )<>a
a world of trouble and presci ve
your vision for old age.
ifE AKE EQUIPPED as is no oU?r
jewelry bouse in this sectiou t??
give the trade prompt and *:($
cient service. We promise
watchful care in every detail.
JTYOC ARE not now among our
customers try us and see how
well you will be pleased too.
Tbe Ojtiiiiai ait Jewlir, ^
I k:^m
tr} digestion
: . A:BOX . Jf
OF ^
Oboap's ^?j
" : V T?|li
>f them broken, which I will ? l -
;tieap or excnange tnem ior orose:*
lown males.
I also have ONE HEAVY
TEAM suitable for log
males, and a few PLUG
MULES, which I will sell
low for cash. Also TWO
cows. ~~U
I have one COW AND CALFaud
tod several good Springers, aud am
riways ready for a trade.
Winnsboro, S. G.
film-Phial Wan
umm nuiuu iiuiu
"" ^0
A -=?
? 1 " ?*
-24 : cSGTS- ^
Silver-Plated Table Spoons,
Teaspoons and Medium Forks
that I will sell at
Cost for Gash.
/ -O.i
To letter them, at cost prices,
Come and see them.
"W 1*1- fjEBi"

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