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W*dne?dayt May 31, - - - 189
?Read the Governor's proclam&tioi
?On and after Jane 1st the freigh
dopot will close al 6 p. a.
_^Whor> VAn noo^ r?rnrrz at*
? *4VU j vu iivwu Vtfc - V* 1
kept in a crag store you should giv
J. H. Mcilaster & Co. a call, and yoi
order will receive prompt attention
Read ibeir advertisement. ^
?There will be a congregationi
m meeting at Lebanon Church on th
first Sunday in June for the purpos
of electing a pastor. A full attend
ance is requested. Prcaching may b
?The C'temson College commence
ment exercises will begio on Sunday
June 11m. The diplomas will be de
^ tir.a j* T 1 i?L A
iiverea on weacesuay, ouue mu. -a.,
address will be delivered by Colon*
Robert Aldricb. Sixteen young me
will graduate this year.
It makes no difference how bad th
wound if you* use DeWitt's Witc!
Hazel Salve; it will quickly heal an<
leave no scar. HcMaster Co.
?Tbe Pawley's Island hotel is no*
open and anyone who wishes an idea
place for spending the summer woulc
be ^satisfied here. The hotel is kep
by Mrs. Winthrop Williams who ha
had long experience. See her ad. foi
?On Saturday morning Dr. Johi
-or? a.i; J _ ~
JX JEUU3 ueuvereu a ici/:uic ju ms
Methodist Church od the subject 01
education. The lecture was intere&t
ing and wa3 greatly enjoyed by all
present. Dr. Rice is one of the lead
ing educators of the State and a lec
tnre by hiai is a rare treat.
?The rain on Monday was followed
by a^considerable fall of temperature
and Tuesday and Wednesday were
cold and damp and were much more
like autumn than spring days, Th(
rain, thou^ very heavy, was not ai
* . much as was needed, aad the farmeri
and gardtiers are still unsatisfied.
Pneumonia, la grippe cough9, colds
crop aud whooping cough readilj
yield to One Minufe Cough Cure
Use this remedy in time and save t
doctor's bill?or the undertaker's
McMaster Co.
M_ y/TL
JLlit: pupils UJL out* CJlVU 1U3U-.UM
- are busy with their examinations pre
paratory to the closing of s?hocl. Th<
examinations have Jbeen in progresi
during the past week and will con
tinue next week. The last day o
school will be Friday, June 9th. Th<
school will close without any specia
exercises, and the holidays will las
until about the middle of September
?The commencement exercises oi
/ the co-edncational institute in Edge
field are in progress this week and an
unusually interesting, ims scnooi 11
enterprising and up-to-date and ha3 {
very large number ~"of pupils. Mr,
Gordon Qaattlebaum of Winnsbon
took part in a concert which was on<
of the most delightful concerts ant
was one of the features of the com
&?);> Bridge, editor and proprieto;
of tie Democrat, Lancaster, N. ^H.
says: *\l wonia not do wicnouc um
Minute Cough Cure for my boy, whei
troubled ;vith a cough or cold. It if
the best remedy lor croup I- evei
used." McMaster Co.
?In the cast of characters of a plaj
soon to be presented ia Columbia bj
amateurs, are the name3 of two youn<
naftnla mada fipof ennPSMnM
en uv iuv^4
on the stage in Winnsboro. Thes<
young people are Miss Lou Dwighi
and Mr. A. G. Douglass. The play in
which they are to take part is "Mr
3ob" and is to be given for the bene
fit of the Hospital Endowment TTund
and will be given in Wright's hotel
?We desire to call the attention o:
correspondents to oar rale that theii
names mast accompany all commani
cations. This is required, no' lor th<
purpose of publishing their names
oat mereiy as an eyiaeuco us. gwi
faith. Wo frequently receive article!
without anything to indicate wh<
wrote them. It can readily be under
stood how we could be imposed upoi
in this war.
?Organdies, lawns and other thii
materials are much in demand no?
that w*j are having hot weather. Th
Caldwell Dry Goods Company has ;
large line of new and pretty design
in summer goods. After a rushinj
business in the millinery departmen
they are selling the stDck still remain
ing at cut prices aad now is yon
j chance to get things at low pricsa
1 y Shoes of all kinds and negligee shirt
at very low prices. Call and se
these goods.
Don't think you can cure that slish
attack of Dyspepsia by dietiDg, or tha
it will cure itseif. Kodol Dyspepsii
Care will care it; it "digests wha
yon. eat" and restores the digestivi
ra organs to health. McMaster Co.
?We publish to-day a notice froi
President D. B. Johnson, of Winthro]
Collega, in regard to the examination
tor vacant scholarships at that college
These scholarships are extremely yala
- able to girls who caonot afford to pa;
for tuition, an 1 this is a splendid op
portunitv to receive an education a
very little expense. Winthrop C'olleg
^ is a magnificent institution and an;
girl *ho wins this scholarship is ver;
?ortQT?Afe, There will probably be j
number of applicants.
k ?Miss Parmater, of Farmington,
E who has gone into the business o:
K raising poultrv this year, nas bee:
most succassful. Already sh? ha
ft shipped a number of broilers to Au
B* gasta and she has a great many yonnj
chickens c>min?r on. Ia addition t<
bar chickens she Ins two hundrei
gk yoang tarfceys which she is raising fo
? market.. Tie success that this yoan<
R lady has made in this business shouli
K encourage other girls to try.
Some of the results of neglecte
dyspeptic conditions of the stomac
MHr are cancer, consumption, heart disease
A and epilepsy. Kodol Dyspepsia Cur
prevents all this by effecting a quid
|p cure in aU cases of dyspepsis
j|| McMaster Co.
mr -A mfGiiDg ot the b">ard of tra!
BF tees of Mt Zion institute was bel
K recently for toe parpose of electin
P* teachers for the coming year. Th
retuU of iheelecnon was that all <
the teachers were re elected and ti
- I j
91 ^^onvalescing |
i. is more or less a very slow process, |
t 3 according to the severity of tbi 3
s sickaes^ Vitality, w&ej) at s low I
g I ebb, tfoSs at a great disadvantage, ?
e g and tdore time is requjfjfd (0 ftgain 9
r E the lost Strength andff&wer.
produces marvelous.results in sucb jj
5 cases. The richness of the mall |
s gives life to 'ifie blood end the hop e
i ? M principle gives tone to S
' e ttbe stomach?creating g
g Sjr^ Jnlf r30t'1 3 des*re *or ?
^ E )in^ t0 3
At (ill drug stores.
e RlffllUBUIRIMIffllflKBHiaiaSIBaiUi:
j ?-1
done splendid work daring the past
r term and a large number of pupils
j have been in attendance,
j ?Mr. Gordon Quattlebanm, a 8iut
dent at the Co-educational Institute
of Zdgefieid, won .the J. C. Sheppard
med? for declamation in & contest on
Moncay. Mr. Qaattlebaum entered
(ha ?>nntacf <it <Tio olavanth Vinnr on A
had very little time for preparation,
' and for this reaaon he deserves much
praise for having been successful in
* the contest. It is a well known fact
that Fairfield students, both girls and
boys, with very few exceptions, carry
off the honors wherever they go.
, ?The ladies of the Home Missionontr
Snniafir oro iofnicnnor now nlon
for raising money. "The hone floral
show will be an extn; attraction which
will occur on one of the afternoons
3 j duriDg the firemen's tournament.'
The proposition is to run an excursion
1 car on the day of the horse floral show.
Thio roill oric?? rrt?nv nf no a nlesisftnt
"--"j tr??
' trip to the capita!, and besides afford.
ing a day spent in the city and the fine
i exhibition of the horse show, a neat
mm will be added to the treasury for
the chapel land. It goes without saying
we must have the excursion.
I consider it not only a pleasure but
5 a duty I owe to my neighbors to tell
? about the wonderfal cure effected in
- my case by the timely use of Cliamt
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
1 -1 - T i.-t ?ZtU
5 Xiemeuy. 1 was i&Keu very uaui> wnu
' flax and procured a bottle of this
1 remedy. A few doses of it effected a
t permanent enre. I take pleasure in
recommending it to others suffering
from that dreadfal disease.?J. W.
' Lynch, Dorr, W. Ya. This remedy
* is sold by McMaster Co.
5 ?Friends in town have received
1 invitations to the marriage of Dr.
1 Charles Waldemar Dunlevy to Miss
- Emma Josephine Clegg, daughter of
> Mr. and Mrs. Fi-ancisB. Clegg of
5 Philadelphia. The wedding is to take
* place on Wednesday ??ening, June
7th, at 8 o'clock at the home of the
bride, Tabor Road, Oalor, Philadelr
phia. Dr. Dunlevy left Winnsboro
> several years ago and went to Fhila?
delphia where he graduated in den*
3 tistry and has since been practicing
: his profession in that cily. He has
the congratulations 'and best wishes
r of many friends upon his approaching
' By allowing the accumulations in
5 the bowels to remain, the entire svs5
tern is poisoned. DeWitt's Little
L Early Eisers regulate the bowels.
L Try them aad yoa will always nee
i them. McMaster Co.
?The animal convention of the
* South Carolina Federation of Wo?|
men's Clubs is to be held in Chester on
the 13tb, 14th and 15th of June? and
? reduced rates hare been given by the
" railroads. The club-women of Chester
' are making preparations to give the
5 vl&itinz women a royal time. The
j most prominent women of the State
* will meet in Chest9r and addresses
8 will be made and important subjects
> will be discussed, and much important
- business will be transacted. We hare
3 no woman's clab and onr town will
therefore not send a representative to
3 thi? gathering-, bnt some of the lodies
I will probably be interested enough in
e the proceedings in Chester to attend
a the meeiiDgs.
s If you have piles, cuke them. No
1 nse undergoing horrible operation;;
t that simply remove the results of the
disease without disturbing the disease
itself. Place vonr confidence in De
r Witt's Witch Ha::el Salve. It has
i. never failed to cure others; it will
3 not fail to cure you. McMuSter Co.
e ?The competatife examination for
a cadetahip at West Point for this
t congressional district was held in
t Spartanburg on Thursday, the phy*
sieal examination having been h3ld
thf? rlftv hefnre. A lar.a? number of
young meet etood the examination and
a among the applicants were Ithe followp
ing young men from Winnsboro,
s Messrs. Albert Connor, Clement
.. Davis and Charlie Neil. The result
. of the examination will not be known
Y for some time, but as Fairfield County
has several times carried off this
t prize we hope thai one of our boys
e will be the successful applicant. The
y examination is an extremely rigid one
Y and the boy w ho comes out ahead this
i yeir, vrber: there are so many applicants,
will have every reason to feel
( proud.
f ? ? ?
? Bears the /> Kincl Von Haw Always Bought
r ??
^ Yesterday moruing abont 3.45 o'clock
^ Mr. W. H. Flenniken's line residence
wa? completely destroyed by fire.
Very little wa3 saved Origin of fire
? unknown. Full particulars in ntxt
? issue.
^ An Epidemic of Whooping Coaffli.
l* List winter dariog an epidemic of
whooping cough my children contract5.
ed the disease, h-*vicg severe coughing
, spells. We hid u&ed Cliemberlain's
Cough Remedy very successfully for
S croup and naturally turned to it at
e that time and found it relieved the
5f cough aud effecled a complete cure.?
Johj?\ E. Clifford, Proprietor Norwood
House, Norwood, N. Y. This
18 remedy^s for Fale by McMaster Co.
} What Some Winnsboro Girls In Other Colj
leges Think of Mt. Zion Teachers.
(Extract from a Private Letter.)
,v ? does very well and all
ihe girls like him, bat I would rather
go to the teachers in Wlnnsboro.
There isn't a teacher that can compare
; to Mis6 ." X.
I am requested to issue a call for the
j several camps of U. C. V.'s to send
j delegates to meet with Camp Rion at
; fctidgeway, S. C., on the third Wednesday
of June next (21st day) for the
| purpose of electing a colonel and otner
i 1 field officers for a Fairfield regiment.
E. H. Jennings,
i By request of commander of Camp
| Hood.
Mr. David G. Roberteon died on;
May 19tn. He bad been In declining
health for some time and bis death was
not unexpected. He wa3 preceded to
the grave only a week or two by his
j wife. Mr. Robertson was 69 years of
j age. He was a very hospitable man,
I and his friends always found a welcome
to his home in Longtown. He
left one child, Mrs. C. P. Wray, of
Ridge way.
I WHO IS Women as well as men I
TO are ma(*e miserable by
1 ^ kidney and bladder
BLAME. trouble. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp U ut the great kidney remedy
promptly cures. At druggists in fifty
cent and dollar sizes. You may have
a sample bottle by mail free, also pamphlet
telling all about ij.
Address, Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton,
N. Y.
Prof. Hand, of the Chester graded
schools, delivered a lecture in the
co art house on Friday night on "Facts
and Fancies of Every-day EDglish."
He spoke of the wonderful power of
the EDglish language for a6bimilating
I words from divers sources and making
them its own. He took op groups of
words and showed theii etymology,
the changes of meaning through which
they have passed and how often the
history of a word contained the history
ot a people. His lectare was exceedingly
interesting and was fall of
valuable iufermation.
Tbe following special to the State
from Snalter gives an account of the
narrow escape of Mr. W. B. Boyles
and family from being killed by light
* - ? DawIAB !a I
IliUg. iXIV. ICO ID 11UU1 J. U11MU1U
County, bat has been living in Sumter
for several years:
May 22.?Daring a thunder storm
this morning lightning struck a telephone
wire in front of the residence
of Mr. W. B. Boyles on the outskirts
of the city and after splitting a crossarm
on the pole ran along the wire
into the house. Mr. Boyles with his
wife and seraral members of bis
family, wewstanding on the front
piazza jnst beneath the arm where it
8nters "the door. Mrs. Boyiei was
severely shocked and thrown to the
floor and three of the children were
pretty badly shaken up but none
AMAMnU V? n nf ftr?0 S\& KTflfi
CCL1UU5IJ XJtlJLl* Auvai v?vu{/v *v
Totter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The ancients believed that rheumatism
was the work of a demon within
a man. Any one who has had an
attack of sciatic or inflammatory rheumatism
wi>l agree that the infliction is
demoniac enough to warrant the be*
lief. It has never been claimed that
Chamberlain'a Pain Balm would cast
out demons, but it will cure rheuma*Vvaa
? f aofi rr* /*\r> xr fA
usui, auu i1uuuku3 ugat imuiuvuj au
the truth of this statement. One application
ielieve3 the pain, and this
quick relief which it affords is alone
worth many times its cost. For sale
by McMaster Co.
The following is a list of the jury
drawn for (he June term of Court,
which convenes on the second Monday:
J. B. Tarkett, R. W. Kennedy, J. G.
Holli*, Jeff D. Boulware, W. 8. McDonald,
C. K. Ponglass, W. H. Coleman,
James H. Brice, A. IP. Irby,
W. H. Robinson, John D. Palmer, Jr.,
G. H. Timms, R. M. JBrice, J. B.
Carry, T. R. Jeokins, W. A. Gladden,
T. H Patrick, J. O. Boag, John B.
Morrisou, John Mclniyre, Tom Boulware,
J. P. Brooks, J. M. Smith, J. T.
Wylie, John P. Jones, J. L. Dickey,
T= W. Robertson, 8. L. McDonald,
O. F. McEachern, D. G. Smith, S. R.
Patrick, Duvid Weir, W. Herbert
Rnfi, M. F. Pope, W. J. Martin, J. M.
Dr. Cadt^s Condition Powdees,
are just what a horse needs when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster (Jo.
We acknowledge with thand-j an invitation
from President Johnson to be
present at the commencement exercises
of Winthrop College. The invitation
reads as follows:
The Faculty
the Class of Nicety-nine
Winthrop Normal and Industrial College
of South Corolica
request your presence during Com
June fourth to seventh,
eighteen hundred and ninety-nine.
The commencement exercises will
be mOs-t interesting, and on each day
during: the week there will be recep;
tions, class-day exercises, &c. A large
( class of fiftp young ladies will gradu!
ate. The invitation! are handsome
i and in the best taste.
Millions Given Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the pub,
lie to know of one concern in the land
who are not afraid to be generous to
tbe needy and suffering. The proprietors
of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, have
given away oyer ten million trial bottles
of th'3 great medicine; and hare
the satisfaction of knowing it has absolutely
cured thousands of hopeless
eases. Asthma, Brohcoitis, Hoarse;
uess and all diseases of the Throat,
i Cbest and Lungs are snred by it. Call
on McMaster Co , druggists, and get a
trial bottle free. Regular size 50c. and
i $1. Every bottle guaranteed, or price
I refauded. 3
good digestion; sound sleep; a
fine appetite and a ripe old age,
are some of th? results of the use
of Tutt's Liver Pills. A sin^-'v.
dose will convince you of their
wonderful effects and virtue.
A Known Fact.
An absolute cure for sick headache,
dyspepsia, malaria, sour
stomach, dizziness, constipation
bilious fever, piles, torpid liver
I and all kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver PHf:
MJoq T^nniort SRo/v-kf- rp.tnpnpd hnmft
Superintendent Hand returned to
Cheeter on Saturday.
Mr. J. T Barron, of Columbia, was
j in town a short time last week.
Mrs. W. M. Lenoir and children, of
Hagood, are visiting relatives in town.
Mr9. Ulric Beckham and children,
of Columbia, were in town this week.
Mrs. Adam Sto'l and children, of
Greenville,' are visiting Mr?. E. A.
Mrs. Samael Ward and children
have ^returned from Swansei where
they have spent several months.
Intendant J. ?. Coan returned on
Friday from Newberry where he went
to attend the mayors convention.
Mrs. M. R. Gladden left for Chester
Thai sday morning to visit her daughter,
Mrs. E. G. Scruggs, who has been
quilt; amis..
Mrs. Jas. Chapman and children
lift on Friday for their home in Spartanburg,
after visiting Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. McMaster.
MesBrs. Clement Davis, Albert Connor
and Charlie Neil returned last
week from Spartanburg where they
went co stauu me eiaajiuanuu iur
West Point In the number of applicants
for this cadetship Fairfield
County was ahead of the other counties
in this congressional distiict.
Working Kight and Day
The busiest aud mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Every pill ia a sugar-coated
globule of health, that changes
weakness into strength, listlessness
into energy, brain?fag into mental
power. They're wonderful in buiidrir?
Jio On 19.1ft. rar hnr.
iUg U^/ bUV v/ u? j #.wv?
Sold By McMaster Co., druggists
Mr. Editor: In the issue cf The
State, published last Tuesday (May
23) in Columbia, I see an address delivered
by Ex-Got. Northern, of
Georgia, before some clnb of the city
of Boston, Mass.
This address I read and I was never
more surprised, or entertained, in my
life, after especially seeing it was delivered
in the State of Massachusetts.
I beg yon to insert this short notice in
the next issue of your paper, and request
the attention to it of every young
man and schoolboy as embodying a
whole chapter in the future Itistory oi
the Negro Race, and one worthy cf
being reme ' er?d by "the present
growing ffove.u'in i <>f the Soath. YnHTH
re?ii( ctfnllT.
A. 1
Bean the /9 The Kind Yea Haw Always Beagfct
Crop iu this part of the county are
by no ! ? jans promising, in fact a great
many it our farmers did not ge. their
crops planted until after the dry
weather set in, and the result it they
have not a stand of either cotton or
corn. O-its is nearly a complete fail
are and wheat is not much better,
although some of our farmers will
harvest some from both.
We hear of one or two of oar farmers
going to raising sweet potatoes aad
peanats instead of cotton and corn.
One in oar communily has an acre of
potatoes already planted oat and says
be is goiDg to plant three more, and
ha? about four acre3 ot peanuts
The spirit of invention has quietly
made its way into our town. Two of
our young men have about invented a
plow to turn the dirt all down bill.
We hope this may prove successful,
but we think that had they reversed
their opinion and made it throw the
/Itnf nr? fVio Vi?]1 instead r\f ilnten it
Uli V U?/ buv Uilt v* v?v (? ? -w
would hare proved more successful,
as most of tbe good soil is dowrfin the
bottoms now, where it was washed by
the rains.
Prof. Starr Mason, of the Blackstock
High School, is preparing for an
eotertaiument at the school house on
Monday night, June 5th. We know
it will be a success, as Mr. Mason U a
man lhat succeeds.
Cards are out announcing the marriage
of Mr. W. M. Patrick, of Woodward,
to Miss Janie Thompson, of our
Mr. Lawrence It. Craig went to
Spartanburg Wednesday to stand the
examination for the appointment at
West Point. We wish bim mncb success.
Dr. Simpson, of Rock Hill, baa
been spending a few days In town on
professional business.
There will be bo prerching at Hopewell
on Sunday, as Rev. J. A. White
has been confined to bis room for sev
erai aays.
Mr. Arthur Craig closed his school
at Woodward last week. L. E. X.
May 25,1899.
Brave Meo FaU
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney
troubles as well as womeu, and all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poison
in the blood, backache, nervousnese,
headache and tired, listless, run-down
foeling. Buf there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to J. W. Gardner,
Idaville, lnd. Do says: "E'ectrk
Bitter3 are jast ihe thing for a mar
when he ?s all run down, and don'!
care whether he lives or dies. It die
more to give me new strength auc
good appetite than anything I conic
take. I can now eat anything anc
have a new leag? on life." Only 5(
cents, at McMaater Co.'s drag store
Iverv bottle guaranteed.
A Route is Recommended for Fairfield.
Frederick E.'.Bach, special agent of
the postoffiee department, spent several
days here last week investigating
the roads, the postofflces, ihe star
routes and the population ia this
vicinity with the view of makiog a
test of the Winusboro postoffiee for thc=
rural free delivery service. Mr. Bsch
was assisted in his invesiiguiions by
Postmaster Preston Rion and Mr.
David E. McDowell. Tin result of
his investigation is ihat the special
agent has made a report, favorably
recommending the establishment of
one route, to be served daily, exceptCrin/?ATrfi
Q rt/1 nth**** llrtlli'lflVfl- With
David E. McDowell as rural carrier.
The rural carrier give3 bond with two
sureties for $4,500 and receives $400
a year for his services.
The route as proposed at tnis place
by special agent Bach is as follows:
It will leave the postoffice at 7.30 a m.
and go south by way of the Fairfinkl
Cotton Miils, and leaving I he ma;!:
there for the mill and its com inanity,
will continue southward on the Co
lambia road 1 mi;e; thence west II
mile to Robertson's corner; south 1& j
miles to W. R. Doty & Oo.'s Weston i
place; thence southeast to DJlenfty't
corner; northeast half mile to Steadman's;
south half mile to Mrs. R. D.
Bolick's; west by way ofRioupostofflce
to the Wiansboro Granite Company's
office; returning about 1}
miles take the soathbound road at the
Rev. Mr Mahon's place; 6oathwest
passing M. W. Doty's farms about
3 miles to the D. G. Raff corner;
northwest aboat 4 miles on the Coinmhia
and f^hftsfer road to the Glenn
Bridge road, near R. Y. Lemmon's
place; northeast about half mile;
thence east half mile so as to take in
Yarborongh's mill; north hfelf mile by
way of Brown's mill to the Glenn
Bridge road; northeast on that road
about five miles to the postoffice in
this town. Total distance 23.miles;
area covered 28 square miles; farms
103; families more than 200; population
over 1,0C0.
As a consequence of this service,
Rion postoffice will probably be discrjtinned.
Its business depends almost
wholly upon the "Winnsboro
Granite Company and their mail wili
j all Jje carried from Winnsboro. They
Win gee uieir man aooui nvu auu uubhalf
hoars earlier than at present.
The star route from Jenning's
postoffice, which now comes to Rockton
by way of Horeb and Ition will be
changed to as to omitRion. It will
be shortened from 124 miles to 9 miles.
The whole matter depends, however,
upon the department at Washington.
The special agents merely recommend.
The Postmaster General must approve
the reports and make the appointments,
if they are to be valid and pat into
* At ? ?. fPlkAMA n nnon r hp 1T ff 1A
UptfttUVUi 1UQ1C apjifgw?t o wv w ??.?
doubt that this route will be approved.
The special agent was sent here at the
instance "of Hon. Stanvarne Wilson,
member of congress. Mr. Wilson is
taking a deep interest in postal affairs
and devoted himself with characteristic
energy last winter to the passage of
the act providing for rural free delirery.
It is his object to have the
experiment made at one point in each
county embraced by hie district.
** Vvorra VlAAn
fltJCULLlUiCUUaiiiJUC ui?rv wv
for Spartanburg, Union, Greenville
and Winnsboro; other3 will be made
Special agent Btch Ins been cvo.l:ing
in South Carolina sine?. la?t January
and has made abou: 25 favorable
recommendation*. These recommendations
embrace one carrier each
place, and with three or four cxcjp
tions two routes for each carrier. The
service is now in operatiou at Cope,
Orangeburg, St. George, Elloree,
Lee3ville, SmoakV, Bamberg, Aiken..
Johnston, Ridge Spring, Saluda,
Prosperity, Sligh's Greenwood, Belton,
Abbeville; Lowdensville, Anderson,
Seneca and Easley.
Spartanburg's, it i3 expected, will go
into force on Jane 1 next; and Greenville
and Winnsboro on the 15th of
. Jane.
Thernral carrier is not expected,
after the first month, to get oat of his
baggy to deliver any mail; bat each
patron along the route will be required,
if he wants the service, to put
a box, at an elevation, ansrle and po"
- '? Htr
8XtiOn IQ&l UC CtV91i^ I Oav/uuu j
the carrier as he sits in his carriage.
Letteii fee be mailed should be dropped
into the box, by each patron into bis
own box, before the carrier comes
along. If the writer has no stamp, he
mast wrap up the letter with 2 cents
and drop them into the box. The
rural carrier^ required to carry along
for sale posfagc ptamps, postal cards
and stamped rovelopes. Patrons residing
at a distance from the rouis
may arrange with their neighbDrs oa
the route to have their mail Jefc.
Thire is no good rca3on why farmers
residing one or two miles or eveu
farther from the route should not be
I able in this way to arrange to hare
their letters left daily.
Letter boxes for the collection of
I letters will be pat up at the officc of
1 the Winnsboro Granite Company; at
i D. G. Raff's corner; at the janction
ot the Chester and Glenn's Bridge
" roads, and at the Fairfield Cotton"
Mills. Only the carrier will have a
i, key to these" boxes.
I " ?
Red Hot from the Gun .
Was the ball that G. B. Steadman,
1 of Newark, Mich., in the Civil War.
' It caused horrible Ulcers that no treatment
helped for 20 years. Then Buck
i len's Arnica Salve cared him. Cares
Cats, Bruises, Barns, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Skio Erapticns. Best Pile
?ure on eartli. 25 cts. a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by McMaster Co.,
' druggists.
Miss Elizabeth W. Care'on lefr
r Saturday for a visit to relative* in
[ Charlotte, N. C.
t . For Infants az.d Children.
! Tie Kind Yoo Have Always Sought
. Signature ofj
Arr^ni uirmooa ^
When there is any costi veness. move
jfSt. Joseph's liver regulatoj
Q My daughter was suffering fren ft serere
2K. demr* palm and baek-acbe during ber sooth
CSprtdastd s peculiar aulrerlng and Jerking ?e
j/L MALB PANACEA. (0. P. P.) an! same ST. JOSE]
Cfing her. All pains and billonsnsss were remo
jtl ever saw for yoaag girls.
jL^^RSTLE & CO., Propriet
"""the old a>*dersox place.
One of the most interesting old colonial
houses in these parts is the residence
of Mr. Thos. Anderson on Little
Rivar. Mr. Anderson's family is
the fourth generation to ocoapy lbis
handsome old place which was settled
over a hundred and ten vears aso. The
commodious dwelling, built of brick
and stock, is in a fine state of preser- j
vation, the plastering with handsome
ceiling decorations has scarcely a
crack, except that caused by the earthquake
.in 1886, and everywhere there
are evidences of wealth with refinement
and eapicity to enjoy it by those
who have lived there. From a small
court in the rear of the dwelling the
ground slopes away precipitously to a
creek. Built on the side of this slope
is the garden in thre3 terraces, the
walls of which are ten or twelves feet
high, made of granite and beautifully
draped with festoons of Eoglish ivy
and trumpot vines. Oa thw upper
terrace shrubbery and flowers are
growing, the two lower being used for
vegetables. These terraces represent
the work of three genesati^s;- Mr.
Anderson's great grand father having
built the first; his grandfather the
second, and his father the third. A
fourth terrace has been made by the
present occupant on the othe- side of
the hlli, thus perpetuating th* work of
his ancestors. A saciion of the wall
of the first terrace is formed by a hoge
granite boulder, the flit top of which
is level with the (op of the wall. On
this boulder, which forms the floor,
stand* the smoke-house, built of hewn
logs by the great grandfather over a
century ago.. This smoke-house is
used by Mr. Anderson to-day and the
logs are as sound as when pat in the
During the Revolutionary war
Tarleton camped on the plantation and
tbe great grandfather used to slip
home at night to visit-his family, being
very nearly captured on several occasions
by the treachery of his fory
neighbors. Iu 1863 a part of Shermaa'd
army, detained by the rise in
the river, camped near the hcnse, and
Mr. Anderson, like his great grandfather,
a rebel, who was at home on a
short furlough, from his hiding place
saw his barn and stables and gm-house
set on fire, and also saw the Yankee
soldiers crowding iit and ouk of (he
house where his unprotected mother
was. He was afterwards discovered
auti captured. The gin house burned
by She. man he'd the original and first
c>iton gin wbere the lin? wa? tak.^n
from 'be saws?an invention which
h*s' -ffeeted civilization, per'aaps as
lli uv XI any
Trere are many other things of interest
abont this old homestead, among
o:her* can be mentioned aranding
click ore hnndred and sixtv years
old which still ticks the time a^va .
Whiis recently enjoying th-> hospitality
of Hig.<!foarth generation" your
correspondent's i^erest lingered
arnrmrt fhpRA nlfl things wifibinff that
thev could speak to us of "ye olden
time." D.
Eheumaolde is a thorough, permanent,
constitutional -cure for rheumatism.
The acidii in the blood which
cause the disease are.thoroagh;y eradicated.
Is also the best blood purifier,
laxative and tonic.
The 12th of May is a date not unmarked
in ths calendar of each Winthrop
girl, inasmuch as this date suggests
the word?, "Annual Picoic!"
This year, then, it was looked forj
ward to with the usual anticipation of
pleasure. President Johnson- postponed
the celebration of Wiuthrop's
birthday until the 19tfa, on account ot
not being able to enter into satisfactory
arrangements with the railroad
during the busy time of ,:EeuDion
.. "W l -l-.TJ.J
W eeK." ic was uemueu >vc cuumu
spend the day at Cherokee Falls,
which is about five miles from Kaffoey.
Breakfasting at 6.45 o'clock Friday
morning, the girls were prepared to
make an early start. At 7.30 the whistle
ot the engine was heard and those
who were going on the trip, as well as
tho?C ^ho were to remain at home,
were assembled at the college gates as
the iOD? line of cars pulled op. Soon
there was a rnsh; each girl seemed to
try to be the first passenger on beard:
each seemed eager to "get ahead" of
the other. Soon all were aboard, and
amidst tha wave of handkersbiefs and
other expressions of farewell, v e took
our departure.
It was pleasant to be in such an
atmosphere?an *ttm , r <miling
races ana merry voiu: ? .~u iu &uuj
an atmosphere Inw could one help
haying a light heart or ?milin<r face?
Our train bore two huudied and
forty persons (including teachers),
and a raerrv crowd it was. When we
reached the island, which Prcsu'' ni
John=on selected as the site of ?-ur
picnic ground, we were gratified ai i.iw:se
choice. The lovely trees, the
4*.. nioa r.ariliAn.
pi'dlY ccu giaaa, viiv uiw ? mwu ?
all added to the beauty and comfort oi
the island, which is prettily situated h
the middle of Broad River.
Among the few oaiaidera wh.> were
welc med on the grounds were: Prof.
W. S. Hal!, principal of the Gaffnev
graded schools; Miss Kathleen 11*11
teacher in Gaffaey Seminary, and Mr
Will Simpson, of Blackstock, all o
to Womanhood.?
I have a wrong merging into womanhood. JK
' The greatest crisis in every tirl's life is w
at this stare when the menstrual fun?. JL
as are being established, and sh? shouldW
re every provision obtainable for establish- A
: this period properly, without which eh? lr
? A? 1 - M
i iiv > vi uccuiLttj a pentrufc wuuuui# Auuxuviu
teach rour daughters to confide in J|
you. Explain their condition toO
them and watch over them as you JL
-n would the most delicate plant, and W
V as this most critical age draws/t
near commence giving her jr
v/Female Panacea,$
r r w((3rt rgr# rp# )-*??. V
- It will establish the menstrual JC
functions, restore the strength anaW
rive life and energy to the entire A
being. PBICI $1.00 P1K BOtlU-V
the bowels gently with moderate doses ofJfc
'bilious ?tt*ck, together witk grttt "bcagft'O
It periods. She had violent ierr*uip?llcvhIeftJK
nsatioa. I bongiit a bottle of QKLsTLH'8 Fl-O
PH'S LIVES BEGCLATOK -id e?maesee4 trestJE
Ted ?d
ors, -Chattanooga, Tennjf
whom are well known lo Fairfield
The day wa? spent very pleasantly.
Tr.ere wa? some good guitar and man
. I I !. i. l_ * T_ a 1
uoun iiiu.-iu iu wiuua mo girio j
about 'o their delight audaati*faction. i
Dinner was served at a reasonable'
hour, and few of us failed to find the
delicous bread, chicken, pickles, bam
and ice cream tsrapting to the appetite.
Mrs. O'Briiu deserves much praise
for the manner in which the got up
! this delicious lunch. A. committee of
! teachers and girls kindly saw that
every one was well served. An appaieuti'y
inexhaustible supply of lemonade
served to quench the tnirst, and
more than supplied the place of a
spring or well.
The afternoon was spent in boat-1
riding, dancing and in various other
^ays. Supper was served at 5 o'clock,
' and at half-past five the shrill whiat[e
of oor train reluctantly called us from
this the scene of a most pleasant day.
In Blacksburg we nad a stop of ?n
hour or two. Some of the girls, wiih
i Prof. Kinard as guide, went to climb
[to the top of Whitaker Mountain
I rohilsf- others nreferred ihe milder
amusement of walking do.>u town in,
search of "an iee."
Oar train reached Rock Hill about
ten o'clock that night. We were
greeted with expressions of welcomt
by the girls who remained at home.
"Yon jast ought to hare gone!"
"Oh, what a grand time I" were the
remarks which could be heard on every
side until to postpjne the rehearsal of
the day's pleasures till "to-morrow"
i when we would have more time in!
which to tell of them.
The next day upon relating our various
experiences we naturally wished
to hear those of the girls who remained j
at home. They laughingly refused to
satisfy our cariosity. At last, in reply
to the question, "What did you do all
day ?" one of our les3 reticent sisters
has given ns the satisfactory answer,
' 'Wished all day we bad gone with
ttAM V) \
Thiiseemsa sensible wish to those
of us who did go, and who will Jong
remember "Winthrop's Day at Cherokee"
as a day among day*.
May 23, 1899. Nille.
Shake into Your Shoe*
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting,
nervous feet and instantly takes
the sting out of corns and bunions. Its
the greatest comfort "discovery of the
age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight
n'n slinaa mcv TVv 1 f, TWT)AV.
Sold by all druggists, grocers, shoe
stores and general storekeepers everywhere.
By mail for 25c. in stamps.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
mpCleszszj and ItMUOtt tha inifc
E^aSF.-orooica a laxtrrUat grcnrOu
-JCSuever Fails to XMten Qraj
(WvjjfeiyjS TTrjT to its Yontbfiil Color.
3&^fSt5^?SK Cares *cJp : ***? Ji h*ir falitnc
^7 a^,E3QSl^)0?t_Dreggg?_^
!}o housekeepers?
fitract of Beef.
? - .
telling now to prepare many aeu
oate and delicious dishes.
Address, Liebig Co., P ? Box, 271$
New York. _
Winthrop College Scholarship
and Entrance Examinations.
a-^ard of r&cant scholarships in Winthrop
College and for the admission %t
new students will be held at the County
Court House on Friday, July 21st, at
9 A. M.
Applicants must not be less than
iccu yens vi
When scholarships are vacated after
July 21st, they will be awarded to
those making the highest average at
this examination.
The eost of attendance, including
board, furnished room, heat, light and
washing, is only $8.50 per month.
for mricer inioimauuu sou a catalogue
d-25.iiJjlyl RockHill,8. U.
th E
->? HOTEL,
L> dow open and ready for all
. . /
. ^
I '
; Absolutely 20 Mflsptoes.
i n'rusT 4 \7 \ir aTPD
1 ii.ri. i vrAi.fci-.ifc.
For feru39 address, e:c ,
. Waverly Mill?, P. O ,
f Georgetown County, S. C. 5-25
"What You
Want %
When You
Wantlt." 1
WILL YO(J wink and blink >oar life > c
and nervous energy away rail r
than wear glasses?
WILL YOU force your eyes to e*erwork,
neglect them when tl^y
A?F? -f-.w KA!M ?kti0A (kaa 11.4 *
u > ivi uc<jf) auins mfM ;? ??
after jear, until you are com-,
pelled to seek aid early in life
perhaps to find your Tition impaired
beyond entire repair?
A PAIS OF GLASSES properly fi*t> &
attbe proper time may save you
a world of trouble and preic: ?e
yonr vision for old age.
WE ARE EQUIPPED a? it no other
jewelry house in this section to
give the trade prompt and tfi*
cient service. . We promise
watchful care in every detail.
IF YOU ABE not now amonf oar
customers try ns and toe how
well yoa will be pleated too.
& is wunni# ? ?
He Optisiaa ail Jswltf,
c "
- V " *' ^30
State or Soctm Ca*oldu, )
Exxcurm Chamber, s
been received at thii Department that
the atrocloos crime of rape was committed
in the Connty of Fairfield on or
about the 18th dar of April. 189V,
upon the body of Tina Peters by John
Johnson, ana that the said John Johnion
hu lied from justice.
Now, thereforv, I, W. H. Ellerbe,
Governor of the State of South Carolina,
in order that justice may be done,
and the majesty of the law vindicated,
do hereby offer a reward of ONE
prehension and conviction of tbe said
John Johnson to the Sheriff of Fairfield
County, at Winntboro.
It testimony whereof, X have hereunto
set my hand, and canned
the great seal of the State
to be aflxed, at Colombia,
[l. 8 ] this 22nd day of MayrAcJ).
1899, and in the one hnn- -^
dred and twenty-third year
of the Independence or the
United States of Ameriea.
By the Governor:
' Secretary of State.
* - V
' nil??iii?w? mii?i i iM twrnm??I
\ . Wishing to purchase Milii- G
E | n?ry'for the months of May ?wl |
| > Jnot can get bargains. We B j
8 have received a new supply of E,
I Sailors; also an entire fresh ij
stock of Trimmed Hats and j
Bonnets. 11
Something nice in Skirt Sop* j j
porters and Shirt Waists. 11
Headquarters for Children's \
and Intents' Caps. j |
Delicious M0
0 ri
Broman$elon, in atMrted Ssvort, 15?.
Royal Deserto, in aMorte&flavors, 15c.
(Prepare these in two minute* )
California Fruit in jart and cans.
Lemon Cling Peaches; none tetter.
Eed Baipberries.
nu t?.
XfcCU l/UWU69|
White Wax Cherriea.
These fruits are guaranteed >aperfor
flavor, and extra heavy syrup.
Genuine Canton Ginger Preserves.
OTWinnsboro Ice Hoote opens to
Let n? lerve yon.
t"> ir ninrmpnT
r. M. imDMitni.
Fine Groceries.
f II 11
W | TOILET - ,
or anything thai is kept in a
give us a call or ring up
We guarantee prompt atten
- - - non. - - JlMcMaMCi'
' s?y?tega??'
miHBH QXM *1 fiOIM wito*
'Ww ??fl#** W *

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