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Oa?f(?*ar, ... SI..V
3tX Musctia, - - .7
VVT\T\r^RO^O. S. C.
Wednesday, June 14, - - - 1805
Tester.! ty we p ^?d np thne o
our exchanges, and ail three had ai
editorial conJetnni ig the habit of ex
pectorating on the sliewalks, and a!
favored auti-?pitlit:g ordinances It i
t-l? J wvnnr, ilLhfOll in riflfill
aODlHilMUit; auu ?oij ?.
spots on the streets in this way
miking wa'king exceedingly disia-ite
fui to ladies and filling the air wit]
germs of disease, bat we arc n ?t pic
pared to advocate at- anii-sputiii;
ordinance f>r Winn3bjr>. We havt
too m-iuy more seiioas dangers r<
pablte health to remove, aud we cai
?init?or tht? cpn?iila a?iiu-t suit
J v..w ? ,
tingon^lhe streets uruil the g<e?te
(lungers to public bea'tb shall hav<
b#cn r3tn?lied. Old pipers, rags
broken glass, old wagons, oil ua
cbinerr, tometimes a hog-pan c os
b/, and tr**b of various kind ure ob
ject8 that the pedestrian 01 onr street
will see to delight bis eve, and oc
casionally stagnant water, gresn witl
poison, will bretk the monoto y o
i k.i :
the sarronaaings. we snow iu?l i
is very easy to criticise an 1 very h ire
to satisfy the public. Wint's siic
here h merely to !-agg;st thit r:? irn
pro7emeat h medid in ordinary
clewlines*. \ clean town i* ab;o
lately neces^iry to pnblic hsa'th. Xc
matter bow heahhy a ommanity mai
be by nitural situ-ition, sickues* wiJ
8arel7 follow film.
We lik<3 the tone of Govcrno
r G - , a.1,Uoc?3 In fKa n mrvto
3 OUUl W vuu v?
the State. He doesn't want too mucl
politic, bu* desires that the industrial
developein-iut of the Sf.atc shall be th<
hief object in view.' We hope thai
he nny have his wish gratifiel, bat 5
lot of tiewspioers will hive to be sap
pressed if wj are not to hoar of poll
tic. Already candidate? for Gover
nor are receiving attention, and a:
will bd seen by a clipping pablishec
this moraing oaadidates forongresi
are #omin* to tne iroai. ic is aaru u
keep politicians ia the back groaac
especially when they are assisted it
their efforts to get to 'hi fro it by the
newspipars. We believe thit tht
people are sick of pslitici! campaign v
^ and that it will be a hard matter t
r rouse them to a hiijh pitch of excite
EflMttJhb inent over any political fight nex
" pr". ?ammer. Tbey want a rest aac? w
not blame them.
Closing of the Cz^byville Inssltate an
the Halsell-vUle School.
According to a prevJom announce
ment in your paper, the patrons ani
friends of tbe Crosby Institute, nnde
?be efficient management of Prol
Leon JRosborongb, ol Albion, and th
school in tbe Halsellville community
under the efficient management c
Miss Alice McMaster, of Winnsbort
met in the grove near the residence o
Mr. John S Stone on Friday, the 9;
inst, and had a basket picnic. Ther
were no dialogues and speech-makin
by the chrildren. All who attende
seemed to enjoy themselves very much
BothPro? Rosborongh and Miss M<
Master had good schools, which wer
well attended. We feel sate in say in
that both teachers have rendered ef?
eient service, which has given satisfac
tion to patron3 and pupils. We wis
them much success in their professior
Messrs. Paul Hemphill and Marioi:
of Chester, were expected to be pres
ent an<? address the people. Th
crowd was somewhat disappointed a
the speakers' failure to put in thei
appearance, which was perhaps due t
the long distance from here to Cheste
and the excessively hot weather. Man
of our people have never beard eitbe
of the above mentioned speakers; ba
thinking Mr. Hemphill might posses
the faculty of speech aad fbw of lau
? gnage to the extent that his brothe
John has we might safely expect a
oratorical treat.
Tbe Ladies' Society, of Bea?e
Oreefe Church, and Mr. Mclieown
from Blackstock, served reii?<hu*ent?
About one o'clock the ladie-s repairer
to the Uble aud arranged the dinner
All present did justice to the innerma
and no doubt felt that the occasion ha
been a success. Those present spen
the afternoon in pleattint conversa
tion, some assembled in groups wbil
ot&ers sat in bnggies. I have sal
there was not any speech-makiog. J
might be well to modify tbat expres
sion. Perhaps there were some speeche
made by some 01 me young lubu, j
so, no doubt indulged in tbat low ao<
persuasive style of oratory which i
sometimes more captivating to tb
hearer than an outburst of eloquenc
is to a deliberative body of represen
tative men.
No doubt tbe young people of ever
community look forward with fon
anticipations for each recurring picni
season. It is well that the people ca
assemble and engage in pleasant cot
versatioa; it breaks the monotony c
everyday life; it enthuses them wit
renewed hapes* Were it not for hope
what would'this world be?
Jane 1?, 1899. R. R. J.
Last fall I sprained my left bip whil
handling some heavy" boxes. Th
doctor I called on said at first it was
slight strain and would soon be well
but it grew worse and the doctor the
said I had rheumatism. It continue
to grow worse aad I could hardly ge
around to work. 1 went to a dru
store and the druggist recomraende
me try Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
~ - tried it and one-half vf a 50 cent bo!
tie cared me entirely. I now recoc
mend it to all my friends.?F. A. Ba*
cock, Erie, Pa. It is for saie by M(
ifaster Co.
i. J Mr. Editor: You have ber>n pleased w
j to give to my letters the glowing title, fr
i "A Great Reunion," and yet I have tc
j said very little about th2 reunion. The
j fact is, I went to Charleston on the
j occasion of the reunion, but was not a h
t j delegate, and did not feel tint I wa? ^
m " " - ? 1 V>
! called upon to attend an tae meeuugs, .
| bat having my wife and other ladies tc
j under mv care, I thou/ut I cou! d do ei
i * i
0 j more good and be of mors service by 91
__ j going aronnd with them to see the ^
a sights. Charleston is a graud old [)
city, and both on iand and water there n
are many points of interest, and it ^
?eems true, at least it is my experience, ^
that every time I visit her it renews
j the desire to go again. There is ever
something new, and the old is still en- .
' * ? ? c 15
coaming. ^aaneswu, o. n
Richmond, Va., always posscsi a f(
charm for me. li
f But Friday has corns and it is to be r
5 our last <Hv here at least cor this trip. a
. S > wo Ianu :h fnrth after breakfast to p
j do the ci v- Our first point of inte$
iestisth? orph>ri homes. Wo find
2 free access and are shown thron-h i:s x
i ro.?ms and corridors from first fl ;ur
. itodom\ On every liaud eleanliite-s
s I and tidiness and home influences pre3?
- - . , v
. iviii; tCi clear ?iu:e iarmcness ;i>;u \
i o
T ! motherlcs- children show that t'jcy U
, .ire well cared for and seem contented r
y a>id happy; 'heir bright eyes and smil- a
^ ing facjs sre a benediction, ami yon |j
itavj thi-i delightful h>ui!\vith blo^- ^
r in^s in vour h;ar.\ if not on your lips, u
? for the go>d peop'e wh? designed and ?
for tho<e who for many years have ?
supported this benevolent institution. v
e What a G:>J send to tbi noaie'oss a>id tl
friendless of this sin-cur.-ed earth is a
^ the orph v: Inne wherever found. I c
am so srla-.t that our bclored South tl
3 Carolina abounds in ihes: evidences t]
c of Christ: in civilizition, whUever v
t faults we miy have as a people, and :<
I heiven k i-ws W3 have our share, jet h
I it cin not, be said of our dear old State g
thit we do not look after the uaf jr- i<
. i tunite and afflicted. I thank God it e
Iis so. And C rej>:c>, too, to knovr 11
? ? *k IV...V ? ? ^ P.lArvt i i|
j lust evei u iu augit iuv?c gv i/ua nuai ti
the walls of these instltcrioas boys c
? and girls trained under Christian in- *
* D
flaence to btess the coantry and the v
world, who otherwise might have ij
been a cnr-e to any ommauity where e
fr their lots happen to bi cist. Just P
' think what, a vast aanuat of goxl is ^
3 being d >ne bv the Ch*r!eston Orohaa- a
age, the Thorn well O.'ph mage at a
" Clinton, th2 Connie Maxwell Orphan- a
i age at Gre^avvood, the Epsvorth Or- ^
* phaaagj a: Columbia, and perhaps ti
-f >u . oui? T vi /%
UtUCl> Ul IUC Ob US WUIUIJ iUtUUJ; fll '/
the moment rsciH; all ran hy Chris- 0
tian people, where babit3 ofin'Jnstry
and eonomy are infilled into the r(
minds of these d-jar little one^, and ibe V
religion of the Lord Jes is Christ is a
taught th;m both by pree-pl and ex- "
ample; and imagine if you cm what ^
mast be their influence fjr gojd in the t<
years to come, and on the o:hor hand 5
what a 11 iod-gate of immorality, dis- ?
honesty, corruption a-id sin would be 5
opened up if they were allowed to tud p
riot ever th3 land. Some of them fail
of course to appreciate fbeTr" Oppor- g
e tunities and go out lo curse society, <3
but these are the exceptions. I have 0
in my mind now several ministers of tl
the gospel who received their early V
training at Thornwell Orphanage, tl
, Eternity alone will reveal tbe amount tl
of good accomplished at these homes ir
for the friendless waifs of our land, b
!- From ths dome we had a fine view s<
3 of the city and its eunonndings, and tl
although the ascent was a good big b
r undertaking on a warm d-iv, we felt a
that we were amply repaid. c!
p e visited old St. Michael'.; church.
r southeast corner Meeting at.<l Broad p
j. streets, where tbe chiming bells t*?ll ofl[ b
the time in quarter hours from the c(
old steeple, which Las stood theshocSs b:
f oftwowais, and dates back far iuto ti
h the list ce Jury. This grand old spire pi
was taken as a target for shot and tl
f-hell during the Confederate war, and ir
S was struck several tim?s, I think, t\
d during the bombardments in the long =1
l# siege of tbe city. The ereciion <>f the h
chuich was begun in 1752. >? ' it was 2J
'* opened for tbe worship of '?od i E
c 1761. There are numerous -iti ui tt
g marble tablets within it? walls, 1c
i- some of which perpetuate the memory w
of revolutionary officers and ministers b:
'' of the gospel, who havj been dead A
" far beyond a hundred years. We g:
i. were too ti:ed to undertake the ascent, s!
i, of the steeple. le
Tbene* postofSce 011 tive opposite tt
'* or southwest corner of the same w
6 streets is a fine structure of gra-iitc, H
it and seems soma larger tha^i ibe Co- S?
r lumbia postoffice. We sat an 1 rented hi
on its steps, and one of our ladies lost fr
her purse there and was much per- *f
r plcxed thereabout, till by cireiul ef
y search it wa< found to the great joy j ta
r of our entire party. We rode on the ci
j electric cars around past West Lake, e<
a beautiful little artificial street of p<
8 water, and up past the auditorium, of p
i- which I cannot speak particularly, b;
r The citadel and its campus, on which cl
n stands the splendid Calhoun monu- C
meut, whose beautiful and symmetrical S
shaft is from the Winnsboro Grange oi
r Co.'s quarry, and the old mound liow, te
i, encioseu wua iron paiing to cnecK us sc
, disintegration, which is a revolutionary 01
(j relic, the regains of an old fort, came t:
in for a share of oar scrutiny a?.d ad- oli
q miration. Then, too, we saw the ?i
j cadets on drill and dress parade, all in
|t the more interesting to sonr; of ns, it
t. as we hive a representative among a
e them in the person of J. Brice Robin- a!
^ son. bi
it Bat my letter i3 already too long, .1
j. so I will tell of two incidents of our k
's visit not yet related and then let your w
|f naJers have a rest, hoping yoar cor ir
(3 respondent *D." will give us some- hi
s thing more on the Anderson place. c<
e The two incidents are as follows: ai
e George White's meeting with an old ei
war friend, Mr. Hightower, of Miss- tt
issippi, with whom he ppsnt about as
v fifteen or sixteen months in prison at ai
^ Rock Island. Ill , and whom be had b<
c not seen since tLev parted there Ji
n during the war. It was very touching
to witness their affectionate meeting, which
touk placc in our room early
? W'orlnosrta v mnrniner whpi) \lr TT
21 j .j} ? ,
,g arrived in t*e city. He seems very D(
clever, and added greatly to the inle- ^
rest aud pleasure of our visit. fct
The other incideut was a like meet- P1
ing betweei. myself and Mr. P. M.
Raff, now of Anderson, S. C. We Sf
? were old shcpmates in antebellum days c*
? ?he in the wood work and I in tbe
I iron at Hamiier's wagon and carriage u
' shops ia Richland County. We, like
, Mr. White and his frieiid, hid not
" tnet since thy war: We umta&iiy en- bi
v joyed t e reunion.
"Now, in conclusion, ktmesayjasi
r this much: ifte old city bv the sea,>s|
t though she has been rent and torn E
. with &hot and shell, though from time cc
* totimealmo-t literally devoured with P(
,* t fire and sword, and shaken to her m
very foundations by earthqnak?, and P<
?? i ii MII 111 " " iifirr,iB-fTM-ii--rr-WT.t?r-i
it eas;era aud soatbern extremities
ashed and inundated with tidal
aves, yet Phoenix-like, she has arisen
omher ashes and come forth afresh
> the battle 01 life, and seems to have
jnewed her vouch, and is to-day the
onder and pride of her people, and
)e admiration as well ot those who
ave been her foes. Right nobly did
;e entertain the large army of old
ionfeierate Veterans, and 1 venture
je acsertion that not one who cnose
) avai) himself of her offer of free
utertainment went hungry or without
aelter. I have been told by some
bo were in position to know that the
>otl furnished free was the best they
ave ever had at any reunion. In the
ame of the old battle-scarred heroes
'ho partook of her hospitality, I
rould say, three cheers for grand old
R. H. Jennings.
What is Kodol DyspepsiaCure? It
i the newly discovered remedy, the
lost effective preparation ever devised
ir airliner the digestion and assimila
~ ? ? - c
ion of food, and restoring the deaogcd
digestive organs to a natural
onrtiix311. It is a discovery surpassing
nvthing yet uokoown to the medical
rofession. McMaster Co.
ho State Board of Control Discnsses the j
Local Dispensary. _
The afternoon session of the board
,Ta? quite interesting. After passing
erbally on the requests for the return
f small seizures of liquor from
:harleston, and ordering tbat they be
eturned or the price paid for them,
nd requesting tbe Governor to call to
tie attention of Chief W. W. Sellers
.lathe was not doing liis duty in not
eeping a proper account of tbe seiz*
res in his jurisdiction, the board took
p the consideration of some shortages
barged against Dispeuser Stevenson,
t VVionsbero, and went into the inestigation
of a robbery committed in
ha dispensary, and some charges made
gainst the dispenser. When he was
hecked up recently there was a sbortge
in his accounts found amounting
) S3S0.45. Mr. Stevenson said that
lie shortage had developed while he
?as sick, be having been in bed and
ift the dispensary in the charge of his
lerk. WLen the shortage was found
e promptly paid up what was due the
* . A~ ^noA T>?.x
tate, wmcn amoumeu. 10 x>ut
: seems afterwards that it was discovred
that $100.45 was due the county
3d town. The dispenser did not deny
.l:3 shortage, but he made the point
bat the shortage might have been
lused by the disappearance of stock
ud that "he did not think that be should
e charged up more than the profit
;ou!d have been on liiat amount 01
quor. Mr. Williams contended, howver,
that the amount was actually the
rofit due the county, and that it did
ot represent stock. The dispenser
eclined to make any chargss against
nybody in connection with this shortge,
but assumed the responsibility,
nd when the board decided lie must
iay it he deposited a check for the
mount. But the dispenser had more
rouble in the shape of a robbery
ommiited about two week3 8go, and
at of which some very serious
barges were made against him. Contable
Holloway, of Columbia, at tbe
equest of Mr. Stevenson, was sent to
Vinnsboro to investigate the matter,
ud when he came back be made the
lost damaging report against Stevenan.
He expressed grave doubts as lo
rhetber a robbery had been comurit;d,
and said all the hne and cry of one
ras made to hide a possible shortage,
le further charged that the dispenser
penly violated tbe law and that anyody
could get liquor after hours by
aying five cents bonus for tin stuff,
fc was also asserted that the dispenser
peitty?MkMmiOl lUC uuu-rva ~
unday, and that generally be conacted
the dispensary worse than any
rher in tbe State. This 'vas so serioas
iat the detective was again sent to
finnsboro, and this time he reported
lat while everybody told him these
lings nobody bat two negroes would
lake an affidavit to sustain the charges,
ecause they were afraid of Steven>n,
and that it was currently reported
lat tbe dispenser had all ths county
~ ~ " 4 Af Kim t llO f r\nD I
C&i. Li VI HIUlj 4VUV4 vuv '
lember actually resigned for. this ,
Mr. Stevenson, when a?ked to exlain
these things, said at first that he
new nothing about the robbery ex2pt
that his back door had been
rokeu into one Saturdav night and
iat S19S.98 worth of stuff had disapeared.
He said that he had asked
iat Holloway be sent to make the
ivestigalion. The affidavits of the
?- _? a 1
IvO negroes ueiiJg rcau lu mm, mxsy
:ating that be had received five cents
onus f*r selling liquor after hours,
[r. Stevenson directly charged Sheriff ,
llison with being the instigator of
)e affidavits, and said that whsn Hoi- 1
i.vav caine to Winnsboro the sheriff, 1
'ho is his political enemy, got hold of i
iin and kept him in tow all the time,
.s to the affidavits of one of the neroes,
n-imed Gibson, lie said the
ieriff had threatened te whip him un:ss
he would sign the affidavit and
lat the negro was too drunk to know i
hat he was doing when he signed it.
lC submitted an affidavit from the
ime ntgro, in which he swears that
2 never bought any liquor illegally s
?- ftAv. A ^/InTrt^n "Pi?Am
OUl IUU UiS[jeuoct. iiamaviis ii vjjli
orty-five other negroes to the same
feet were submitted. A. paper con;inicg
the names of sixty of the best :
.tizous of the town was also present- 1
J, in which it was stated that tbedis- 1
jnser had always conducted the disen?ary
legally. This was signed also
y the mayor, the aldermen and the ;
riif of police. Ths other negro, Mc- ,
orkle, who made an affidavit agaiost
tevenson, swore to another just to the
pposite effect. Stevenson went oa to
11 about the trouble between the
leriff aud himself, saying that it all
rigioated about a po3?um, which was ?
i be sent to a promioesit ofliser of the .
icnonaorv SnnPrrisflP Tpnnftnt tea
firid that the door bad been broken
ito from tlieoutside and not from the '
:side, as some of the dispenser's eneiies
had insinuated. Capr. Torres ,
jd Mr. Iliggins, membeis of the
o>\rd of controi, testified to the same
ling. Th -y asserted that they never :
new him to violate the law. A letter
as read from the probate judge say- ,
ig that the law wa3 violated, and mat
s thougbt the dispenser got drank 1
jcasionally. Steven?on denied this,
id fcaiJ "the itidge was bis political <
icmy; that he and the sheriff were
le only enemies he had. Stevenson
iked that he be credited with the .
noiint stolen, but without acting the 1
Dard adjourned.?News and Courier, '
line 8th.
Frida}'.-S'ate ? "> 'a'ned the follow>g
At the a I tor noon session liii WintisDro
matter came up a-r-uu. When
i<:neii?er Steven-an was exunined
? 4,
ie day before he blanched off into
olitics and bad a goodd?al to say of .
ie ba-J feeling existing between him- s
:lf and Sheriff Ellison and direetiy i
larged ;hat. i he sheriff was responsi- I
!e fo *ome of the affidavits made, J
'ing threats 10 seenre them. i
Sheriff Eliion was indignant, and <
oinediately look the train to Colum- i
ia to answer the charges before the t
irr.'i p?op'o to whom they were mid?. <
Mr. L J. Wiliiatri', who was pre- j
ding, cxtoi d-'d rvfry couriesv fo Mr.
Ilisoti, bin told him thai tin board :
>uld no* go into a hearing of the J'
5litioal or personal differences which ?
Jght exist between him and tho dis-11
inser, except in eo far as bey re- j
ii i niiwra-nmi-i n -i '
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fdrpA^i tn Stevenson a9 disnenser. or I
would throw some light on his conduct
of the place.
Mr. John S. Reynold', who accompanied
the sheriff as a friend and attorney,
said that was eminently proper
and proceeded to ask some question?
within the limits laid out by the chairman.
In reply to a question the sheriff declared
it "absolutely false that he had
in any maoner inflaeaced the detective
to make a report which threw doubt
upon whether any robbery had been
roaJiv ?r?mmittPrL H#> ahsolntelv and
uuequivocally denied tbat he was in
any way responsible for the affidavits
ot the two negroes, as it was charged
he was, and said be had never seen the
affidavits nor bad he ever direcily or
indirectly had anything to do with anv
affidavit they ever made.
He charged before the board that
Stevenson had been short in his accounts
several times and had come to
him to borrow money to make the
amount good. He declared that he
and Stevenson bad been &ood friends
and their families had associated with
eaCQ Olflcr up CO auuui a a5u, j
ween Stevenson was $300 short in his
accounts and hau come to him for
money to pay up the amount. He declined
then to endorse a note in the
bauk unless Stevenson would give him
collateral. He declared in the uiost
positive and emphatic terms that be
had no part nor prreel in the bringing
about the condition of affairs in the
dispensary, nor had he in aayjnanner,
shape or forjp instigated the FHvestigatTon
wfclctr tfre"-board Is now-wakiug
or ha3 made. ,
Mr. "Williams stated that the matter
had been called to the attention of the
board officially,' and _with this the
hearing- closed, Sbenn .uiiisou manning
the board for hearing his side of
be matter.
The-sheriff rcqnests us to say that an
affidavit has been been made bsfore R
H. Jeunings, Clerk of Court, by Jasper
Gibson, in which affidavit Jasper
swears that Mr. Ellison never approached
him as to the management of
the dispensary or that Mr. Ellison in
any way threatened him ioto makiDg
an atnaavu. r
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cure I. Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mr. Ji*. F.Brown had a very sad
loss last Sunday night. His barns and
3tables canght on fire and two horses
were turned to death* By getting
pretty badly burned himself he managed
to *ave his mules. The origination
ol ihe fire is not known.
Miss Emmi'lel Pric?, who has been
attending school at Batnberg, S. C , is
spending the vacation months with
ber sister, Mrs. J. W. B'ain.
T .511,. TTrvewl ic rMaitincr rplflf.icp.4 I
I IVVM J O I lOlitUg
and relatives and friends in WiniHboro.
Mrs. II. L. Baxter ro'urned home
last Saturday.
Mrs. J. W. Brown and daughter,
Mrs. M. Lwgford, i* spending awhile
it Satnter with Mrs. Lizz'e Hojrnd,
who is critically H.
Mrs. T. J. Harmon is visiting relatives
in North Carolina.
Mr r. P, Watts is snendinir awhile
" " * w I
with friend? ne?r VViunsboro.
Mrs. C 1> Wooeu, oi' Columbia, is
risking Mrs. Su-ah Wooten.
Mr-. G'-izn, of White Oak, spent
awhile a !cw \ve< ks ;.g<> wifh relatives
near hero.
Mr. Laurence Wo>ten spent a short
while wiin hi? parents, Mr. and Mrs.
IV T, Wootj-n.
Miss Lois :iinkscales, wh<? has been
indispose I t'm* a number ot -weeks, i-i
Mr. Darhain Boney left a few days
igo for Atlanta. Chrysanthemum.
Jane 12,189?.
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the rapture cf I
Amie E. Springs, ot 1125 Howard St., '
PhiladrSp'-'a. Pa., when she fonnd that j
Dr. Kiug-'a New Discovery tor Con-1
sumption had completely 'lured her of
i hacking cough that for many years
tiad made life a burden. All other
remedies and doctors could give her
no help, but she says of this Roval
Jure?"it soon removed the pain in
uy chest and I can now sleep 6onndIy,
.rvmothincr T can scarcely remember
2oing before. I feel like sounding its
j.aises ih'-rinhout the Universe." So
will every oije who tries Dr. King's
NTew Discovery for any trouble of tne
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Price 50>;.
tnd $1 00. Trial bottles free at McSlaseer
Co.'s drug store; every bottle
Sought, and -which has "been
as borne the signature of
5 been made under liis pcrizpervision
since its infancy,
o one to deceive you in thi.i.
nd Substitutes are but Exnd
endanger the health of
ience against Experiment.
istor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
harmless and Pleasant. It
rphine nor other Narcotic
irantec. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoea and Wind
troubles, cures Constipation
ies the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep.
d Mother's Friend.
OK IA always*
Signature of
m Slwflvs RftiitfM
ter 30 Years.
Mr. Editor: I thought it would be
interesting to my up country farmer
fiiend-t to kuow how their Barnwell
and Bamberg Countys' brotber-larmers
are progressing with their work.
There have been recently two very
remarkable hail storms in this section.
Toe first o;:e struck the country rstind
about Klko and Williston where it devastated
who!c fields in some places.
The hail is reported to have been the
size of fowl e^gc, and to have staid on
11 ...1 ?maha fViOM n rJo r TliA
UK' ?IU11IIU 1U1 LLi'w/lU Lliau a. v*a.j . hjv
peopls have bad to plow np and plant
over, even though it was so late in
the pea-on. In some places where it
was hcavi' r nothing was left standiog
io ihi fields when the storm was over.
A ore Mi' dp.al of rla,na<?e was done bv it
in various other ways than to Nthe
farms. Since then another storm of
less severity .struck the country about
Monie and Whaley and did much
damage to ihe crops. The writer witnessed
this one, and it was a sight to
behold, ft poured down in a blinding
sheet of hail the size of partridge eggs,
tome of it even larger, for at least
twenty minutes, and lay on the ground
half an hour where the water did not
flow over it. It was accompanied by
a heavy rain, thunder and wind. The
bail stones were quil(i ZS romitt sib
marbles and would rattle on the house
tops like a shower of marbles. The
air was filled with leaves a9 the hail
stone-* beat them olFthe trees. The
cotton and water-mellons were badly
beaten n.? m-5! the blades otihecorn
were shretiwcU. u'nere these storms
did not strike, the crops are remarkably
fine. Around Denmark the hail missed
and the crops area thing of beauty.
The nnoer county farmers would
think they had no crop if they were
to se?. these iu the lower counties.
The corn will average all over this
country, even where the last hail
storm visited, six feet high. In some
fields it is ta^seling, and in others if I
were to attempt to describe how fine
it i.3 you would all think that 1 was
drawing on my imagination. Rut I
saw a field of corn a few day* ago
nantMaflr tViof moc en Inorh fViaf ?
LiCOl lyoilliilin IU 4b IV UJ OW U1^4t X UWU M
tall man could not touch the top of it
on his tip-t >es, aud that com was not
ta^seling \et either. If it keeps on
it wiil equal "Jack'd beau pole."
There is les? cotton planted here
than ever before. It is looking fresh
and green and is knee high 011 an
average, full of liuibs and forms. The
farmers here have planted a quantity
of email grain and corn, sugar cane
and m?llous and rice. Tney are fixing
to live next \car. Th*ir pastures are
fall o4'cattle, sheep and pigs.
Ail additional number of threshing
machines were needed this seas >n and
several flour mills and rice cle?ners
are making preparations for the crop
of wheat that is on hind and the rice
which bids fair to a hetvy > ield 1 iter
on. Tne pro-peels are certainly
l?V-U? \ r.? Jn cor*' t m
Ul'liJIIl? *1'l in : iu ; - 414 U..7 * '
Dwnmirk is putting up a tlirc- story
flour mil', and Blaokvilie is quite
rea-ly t-? b-gin operating its knitting
factory. A call was inirie *o:nedi>s
ago for twenty-five tn >re girls as operatives.
The people hav.- some fruit here too:
ap/ea, ptars, pluun, cherries and
grapes. The garden - are affording all
kinds of vegetables now, even to hardheaded
white cibtagc.
Water-melt)!!' that havo l?een
planted fjr auikit have, iu several
places, been laid by. A Dew crop for
mirket is cantaloupes. They are being
extensively planted aronn I Blackvi'le
for shipping purposes. They ship
th'-in in fruit c*rs packed with ice
and realiz; from $800 t> $1,000 per
ctrloid. A Subscriber.
Dlackville, S C , dune 10, r99.
"Would Xot Suffer So Again for Fifty Times
Its Price.
X B.TT- ke iast night wit*i severe p?uns
in uiy f..y;nacb. I never felt so badly
in all my life. When I came down to
work this morning I felt so weak I
could hardly work. I went to Miller
& McCurdt's drug store and they
recommended Chamberlain'^ Colic,
Cholera-and Diarrbaji Remedy. It
worked like magic and oue dose fixed
me all right. It certainly is the finest
thing I ever used for stomach trouble.
I shall not tc without in my home
hereafter, for I should uot c-ire to endure
the sufferings of hst night again
for fifty times its price.?G. H Wilsox,
Liveryman, Burgettstewn, Washington
Co , Pa. This remedy is for
sale by McMaster Co.
We have had bnt two light showers
of rain since ocr last writing and consequently
ti.f 2"- :n 1 is very dry, and I
everything in the way of vege'ation is
suffering greatly for rain. Water in
some wells is setting low, and unless ;
we have rain soon some may be caused j
to suffer inconvenience along tbis line.!
It is a tryiiiir time about ^ettir:jr(
something to cook. Gardens are b-ick- j
ward, fruit h scarce, and even tbe i
blackberries and chickeLS ar* not
quite ripe. But we are still hope'ui, |
and the people try to keep in good !
* -- a " ? *V>a .
spirits ana xae neauu cm >uc wix.- >
manity is excellent.
Bear Creek school closed on the 9ib !
inst. This school, which has been in
charge of oar efEcieut teacher, Mr.
H C. Davis, for the past teven moui h?.,
has prospered greatly under his
splendid ability as a teachsr- Mr.
I Davis id a fine young man and wc regret
very much to see him leave. But
he carries with him the good will and
i best wishes of the entire coinmnni'y.
Mr. F. M. L. Duke, who it will be
' ? o -f*?11 c\rvio fitriO
XULUtJLUUCl CU 1CUC1VCU a xah ojuiv
ago, is able to be out again but lias
not, as yet, fully recovered from his
Miss Mary Harrison has returned to
Ilidgeway after having spent two
weeks with her sister, Mrs. O. C.
Messrs. Jim and Joe Brown had the
misfortune of getting one of their largo
new barns burned down last Sunday
night. Their losses were quite heavj\
Two horses perished in the flames.
A comparatively new rake and mower,
^ ?1?_ " ^ T-^*>n m
j a "guuu buypiy ui ?uu liuuiv
roas other articles were also lost. Mr.
Jim Brown being alone, did remark
ably [well in getting the mules out,
Besides saying a wagon and one or
two other articles. They also had
4jme oats burned, bat the writer
doesn't know jast how much.
j Regelates the Liver, Stomach, Bowels and
For biiioasness, constipation, and
For indigestion, sick and nervous
For sleeplessness, nervousness, heart
failure, and nervou3 prostration.
For fever, chills, debility and kidney
diseases, take Lemon Elixir. Ladies,
fnr natural and thorough
organic regulation, take Lemon Elixir.
50c and SI bottle at druggists.
Prepared only by Dr. H. Moz'.er,
Atlanta. Ga.
Dr. II. Mozley?Dear Sir: Since
uung your L?inon Elixir I have never
bad another attack of those fearful
sick headaches, and tbaak God that I
have at last found a medicine that will
cure those awfnl spells.
Mrs. Etta W. Jones,
Parkersburg, West Virginia.
Mozley's Lemon Elixir
I suffered with indigestion and
dysentery for two longyears. I heard
of Lemon Elixir; got it; taken seven
bottles and am now a well man.
Harry Adams,
No. 1734 First Asgpue, Birmingham,
Ala. ^
Mozley's Lemon Elixir.
nicteu tor years wuc uiuia
bis leg, and was cared after using two
bottles; and cured a friend whom tbe
doctors had given up to die, who bad
suffered for years with indigestion and
nervous prostration.
Mrs. E. A. Beeille,
Woodstock, Ala. '
Cures all Cough?, Colds, Hoarseness,
Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Hemorrhage,
and all throat and long diseases.
Elegant, reliable.
25c, at druggists. Prepared only by
Dr. H. Mozley, Atlanta, Ga.
- " ? i ?? ?rr?Arv\r
Judge Tarbell tell the folio wing joke
on himself: A short time after bis
retirement from the beDch he happened
to meet an old friend whom he
had not seen for some time. The
judge, dU smiles and neatiness, effervesced
over his friend in such a way
as to provoke the inquiry:
l'Whet office are you a candidate for
now, judge?"
The judge made a deprecatory movement
with an ontward turned palm
and said:
"For none at all. my dear brother;
I'm simply a candidate for heaven."
His friend regarded bim sorrowfallv
lor an instam, and ihen, with more
wit than politeness, and with more
profanity than either, exclaimed:
* I'll bet you don't carry a d?n
) 98. (
The above figures tell a remark- d
J able story; they represent almost k
r exactly the percentage of cures ^
^ made by $
4 Rheumacicie ^
^ the wonderful new constitutional v
2 cure for RHEUMATISM. The k
r other two per cent, were not cura- j
ble, or failed to take medicine ac- r
A cording to directions. Thousands (k
f have been cured. In view of the ^
fact that many physicians think w
A ;< inniiroViln Qnr?
I /S tUilliXlXCUUXit.l/lCLU lO mv.uiuk.iv, y,
I f that most remedies fail, it must be }
I tlj true that EHEUMACIDE is the P
A greatest medical discovery of the
r age. Particulars and testimonials J
I of many well known people sent jr
I A free to all applicants.
C Majfflctaref by THE BOBBITT DRUG 2
.CO.,MM,It.t J
P bold in Winnsooro oy iuujuisicr ^
k Co., and by Druggists generally. /.
2 Price $1 per bottle.
111111181' Balsam
&$Sa3ifr?~T?^Cle?ii3f? c:.j bcn'Jiifica th *i?)'T.
WgSR^'Tr^MuPromote! a luxurjtnt growth.
SS?8SSr". -JH Never Tails to Heatore Grey
SS>5i- - -THaB Hair to its Youthful Color.
{jo housekeepers?
Extract of Beef.
COOK BOOKtelling
how to prepare many dell
cute and delicious dishes.
Address, Liebig Co., P 0 Box, 2718
New York,
AB||B ? and mltrtcy Habits
jn UI 9 6 u enred at home with
VT 11 fi 2WI out p&in. Book of arS
811 IwiTl tlcuIuBaent FREE.
Office 10* n. Pitch 8t
W A Mo
Nl/ J I K ^
mm II,- W s?
Cl!?i ! f ... ?1^" y# to terse!
wl \,: - C -^T\ saiSi
mm ?
^ S / A \ in a *ew
jJC(. )]F f \S little onf
vSS l i ^
!fTv ^ f A women
/n " . ?t<T I 1 come mc
use of th
~(Gh F. F.
fk% regularly as directed a few weeks before c
its use until the organs are restored to tl
j yjjk tours of labor will be snortenea, me
! * complete. If the*e is any costiveness, mc
! mild doses of St. Joseph's Liver Regula
: A A Farm Library of ci
: sap ^ Up-to-date, Concise ai
N somely Printed and
\k f Vr- 3 f All about Hors?6?a C<
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y ffl I \ No* 2?BIGGLE BEF
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V . 1 contains 43 colored lift
# 1 varieties and ioo othe:
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< 1 All about Poultry; th<
J / ofall the mind, al br<
" / Prir^ <o cents.
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f v^rV^r K sale; contains 8coloi
1 /J-**" Jf breed, with 132 other:
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\f wTjr^ f Just out. All about ]
li M I cry, Diseases, etc. C
It I tones and other engra
?? \ 1 TheBIGGLE BOOKS are t
\ saw anything like the;
f ^-7 ;?v \ are having an enona
M tr?V p South. Everyone wl
F ^5 Chicken, or grows a
V 1 away for the BIQOL
inpr ? iviu _
i(C old; it is the great boiled'
1 ^ quit-after-ycu-bave-?aid-it,
I toe world?the biggest pap
i of America?having over a i
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I S YEARS (remainder of 1899,1000, 1901, 190
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Sample of FARM JOURNAL and circular
wiLMER atkinson. Address,
| . ' ^
We l^aVe rriaiiy N'<
arid FVetty (
r ?? x-v f . 11
White urgancues, 12c. 10 50c., v
large let of Lace Striped White Gc
lot of beautiful patterns in Colored
Fancy Colored Lawns, Black Lawn
A job lot of Percales, yard wide,
Shirting Prints at 3c. Ventilated
Lisle thread drop stitch Hose.
These goods are good value and ;
of all.
New lot of Rough Straw Sailors
We have had hard work to keep
room this season, and now we are an
1 of stock and give CUT prices.
We have a great variety of Oxf<
to please?50c. to $2.00 a pair. Ge
high cut, comfortable, durable, chea;
We have a pretty lot of Neg
prices you can afford to pay.
. It will pay you to come to see us.
The Caldwell Dry G(
<4 X A. XX WW A v-r ^
^My Entire S1
VESTS. Also abi
Tl^is is rio ,/\d\"GPti
1 fAoar\ ]3u?
0- D. WILL
For Sale. : M
land, on Little River, belonging to x? co
D. M. Broom, and bonnded by lands paVs ;
of the eaia e of R. G. Simonton, Stev-; [mere:
en?on and others. ! J
For terms apply to
A 6 & W. D. DOUGLASS. or 1
11-17 Attorney", Wlnnsboro, S._C, 10-4
- . lib ' I?:
vent in tue life or a wo- ^
is looked forward to with
ling akin to horror?not ml#
use the little one is not v . -V
, but because the mother \|/
be direful consequences W
If. Those long hours of kg J
j labor stand out before Hr
i hideous nightmare. An^|% j|
r delivery, followed by
I fever, may end the scene ^
short days, leaving the \V# ?|
) motherless. But there
)T side to the picture. IfamM
who are expecting to be?thers
will commence the wjtk
e great female tonic, W
)****. "r
confinement, and continue 41k
xeir normal condition, the 'f*
? on/1 nuvnrATV
LL ICOO^ligU) CUAV? 4vwfv.j ...
>ve the bowels gently witn _
tor. jj*
0., Proprs,, CHATT1X0C6A, TEX5.
Su^4MT I . -
tcquaueu laiuc^ridvuwuf j h
id Comprehensive?Hand- ^
Beautifully Illustrated.
jmmon-Sensc Treatise, with over f
idard work. Price, 50 Cents.
tail Fruits?read and learn how ; |
:-like reproductions of all leading I /
r illustrations. Price, 50 Cents. X '
t bc>t roultry Book in existence; t'
23 colored life-like reproductions . >.
teds; with 103 other illustrations.
V BOOK ^ |
C JUaiiy du51zici5 ; uuvui^ aktwb i
ed life-like reproductions of each
illustrations. Price, 50 Cents. *
Jogs?Breeding:, Feeding:, Butch- I
lontains over So beautiful half- J
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inique,original,useful?you never |
m?so practical, sc sensible. They J
ious sale?East, West, North and J
10 keeps a Horse, Cow, Hog or *
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?A?TI>1T A 1 I
a and sot a misfit. It is 22 years t
down, hit-the-nail-on-thc-head,? 1
Farm and Household paper in t
cr of its size in the United States 1
million and a-halfregnlar readers. 1 V1
2 and 1903) will be sent by mail
describing BIGGLE BOOKS free, r
Fqii.adez.phza. *
r~i ^
= i
eW f.
yoods fOP
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? V."';
^hite Lawns, 5c. to 25c*;
>ods at Sc. and 10c.; new
Organdies, 10c. to 20c.;
s and Organdies.
at 5c. to 6 1-4c.; also in V
CAvcofc cJirvrf anr? Inner.
"JliV* V ?-W
it prices within the reach.
at 50c., pretty and cheap, r
up with the rush in this
rvl rv/Srt ^ M /\a
s ; j
Drds and Sandals; prices
nt's Southern Ties, and , ?
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inrlc flnmnanv
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i?K C05T
tock of??SUITS,
.d LINEN 1
g stock of ?
sing FOodge.
iii") ess.
farming lai d-?. Iwy payments,
turnip ions t.ar^ed. Borrower
jctnal c~'t of perfecting loan.
3t 8 per cent.
Columbia, S. C.,
Winnsboro, 3. Cr
4 J :

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