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local; intelligence
Wednesday, Jane 14, - - - 1S99
?See Sheriff's sales elsewhere.
?Read notice as to municipal taxe3.
?Read notice of County Board of
?The regular teachers' examination i
. will be held Saturday, Jane 17tb.
L ?Read the professional card of Dr.
Theo. A. Quattlebanm elsewhere.
V ?Mr. and Mrs. Harby will move
soon into the new cottage next to the
Y old Methodist parsonage.
"What you want is not temporary
relief from piles but a cure to stay
cured. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
cures piles, and they stay cored. McMaster
?Rev. C. E. MoDonald preached at
the Brick church, aboat ten miles from
jf "r town, on Sunday morning The A.
R. P. Church wa? closed on Sunday in
the absence of the pastor.
?Q. D. Williford is offering his
entire stocK ot men's summer suit?,
crash hats, &c., at cost. This is the
chance of a lifetime. Call and take
advantage of these bargains before
they are ail gone. Head his ad.
?The colored Odd Fellows had a
celebration on Thursday despite the
dust and awfni heat. In the afternoon
they had a paatle and at night in the
Odd Fellows' Hall a snpper was enjoyed
by the members and their friends.
There is a time for all things. The
4.^ Aolrfl *Q T ,itr !o RQVIV
UU1C its ji/g rv 1^1. 0 jum4vuw
Risers is when yon are suffering from
constipation, biliousness, sick headache,
indigestion or othsr stomach or
^ liver troubles. McMaster Co.
?On the occasion of the closing exercises
of the Monticello Academy,
which takes place Friday night, 23rd
of Jane, the Ladies' Aid Society of
- - ~ ?
L'itle .River Baptist Chnrch wili serve
ice cream and cake for the benefit of
the parsonage fund.
?Among the teachere elected for
the next term of the Newberry Graded
Sehool is Miss Rachel McMaster.
Miss McMaster has taught for several
Iy- years in this school and has given
perfect satisfaction, as is evidenced
by her re-election to the position.
- i ? 1
?150 sure ana reaa oar great uuer ui
the Weekly News and Hekald for a
ryear and Farm Journal for the balance
of 1899 and all of 1900, 1901, 1902 and
1903, naarly five years, all for the price
of our paper alone. Jast walk up to
the captain's office and draw the greatest
prize you ever drew.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure completely ;
digests food within the stomach and ;
intestines and renders all classes of '
food capable of being assimilated and I
onverted into strength giving and ,
* L lf-H. J
4 ussae 01111010? suosiauues. lucoiasicr ,
?The commencement exercises of
rthb South Carolina College begin on :
Saturday night with a society celebra- (
tion and continue until Wednesday,
when an address will be delivered by
Hon. J. H. Hudson and the diplomas J
will be delivered. Dr. S. M. Smith of
^Columbia will deliver the baccalaureate '
sermon on Sunday. Miss Annie F.
Davis of Winnsboro is one of the I
graduates this year.
Mr. R. L. ..Douglass, of Blackstock, I
was one of the class which was gradu- 1
ated trcm Davidson College on Wedi
nesday, The subject of his oration
was "Retribution in History" and a '
^ correspondent of tbe Charlotte Ob- i
Sip server in speaking of the oration says, '
r "After developing this idea and citing I
historical tacts, he applied the doc
trine to our own country and showed i
the dangers of unjust legislation." <
?R. Brandt, the Chester jeweler i
and optician, in his ad. to-day, give* 1
some sound truths and some good !
advice to buyers. It never pays to '
i buy from a jeweler who is not fully
acquainted witn his business and Mr. <
i Brandt who has one of the best stores <
in the State ha3 had years of ex1
perience and keeps the best and most i
up-to-date goods. He guarantees his '
goods 3iidwork. I
TV. M. Gallagher, of BryaD, Pa., :
says: "For forty years I have tried
~ various cough medicines. One Minute
Cough Cure i3 best of all." It relieves
instantly and cures all throat and lung 1
troubles. McMaster Co.
?First come first served; so march
up and pay for [the Weekly News axd
Herald a year ahead. This will secure
that good little paper, the Farm
Journal, for the balance of 1S99 and
all of 1900, 1901, 1902 and 1903, nearly
live years, without any further pay.
r Shall we hear from yon within one
?Among several new papers which
have made their appearance recently
on our list of exchanges is c'The Circnit
Rider:" This litile paper is published
in Columbia by the Epworth
f ^ Orphanage Press and the editor is
~ " ^ Key. E. Alston Wilkes, a Methodist
9 minister. A3 win De seen oy me name
tbe Circuit Rider is a religious paper
and is published every "Wednesday.
?Mt. Zion Institute closcd on Friday.
The few things tnat remained
to be done on Friday morning were
very soon accomplished and the pupils
and teachers were free before noon
The boys were unable to resist givingvoice
to their joy at being free from
the confining work of school, and when
they were dismissed, made the air ring
? with shouts, On Friday night the
pupils and teachers were treated to a
delightful address by Rev. D. N. McLauchlin,
of Chester. The address
was delivered at fhe court house.
Thomas Thurmao, deputy sheriff of
t Troy, Mo., says if everyone in the
United States should discover the virtue
of De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve
-for piles, rectal troubles and skin diseases,
the demand could not be supplied.
McMaster Co.
f ?The Farm Journal is choke full
of gumption and has the largest circulation
of any farm paper in the world
It is good everywhere. We offer it
for a short time as a prize to advancepaiing
subscribers to the Weekly
News and Hekad a year ahead and j
the Farm Journal for the balance of
1S99 and all of 1900, 1901, 1902 and j
1903, nearly five years, ail for the j
price o; our paoer.
Rheunfacide is a thorough, permanent,
constitutional cure for rheuma- i
iism The acids iu the blood which j
cause the disease are thoroughly eradicated.
Is also the best blood Durifter, j
laxative and tonic.
I gBraramiimBiiimHiraintoimifflBmB
1 1
1 I
S Taken at night stops the eter- E
s nal thinking by putting you =
3 to sleep. It feeds your brain =
g so that it recovers, its tone ?
g for the next day's toil.
druggists sell it.
aanumiiiui mnmiiimimijanmiuiiG
?The question now of absorbing
interest to Columbians is the location
of the union depot. There is great
difference of opinion as to where
would be the best situation for it and
probably when the situation is decided
upon there wiil be many .who will
cemplain and be dissatisfied. For
many years the lack of a real union
depot has been a source of great in
convenience IU people travelling auuui
the State, and the determination of
the railroad company to build a union
station is good news.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers act as a
faultless pill should, cleansing and re;
viving the system instead of weakoning
it. .They are mild and sure, small
and pleasant to take, and entirely free
from objectionable drugs, They assist
rather than compel. McMaster Co.
?iwo young ladies apon wnom
Fairfield has some claim distinguished
themselves at the Uolcmbia graded
school and won medals. These young
ladies are Misses Floride Barron and
Mattie Wardlaw. Miss Barron is the
eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
Barron, who are so well known here
and Miss Wardlaw i3 the daughter of
Mr. Louis Wardlaw who at one time
lived in this county. These girls made
a splendid record at their school and
well deserved the honor conferred on
?The machinery for Doty & Co.'a
flour mill just erected near the oil
mill 19 ucjug ^ut iu vy au
from Chambersbarg-, Peno. The very
best and most modern machinery ha8
been bought for this mill and it is expected
that fionr of the best quality
will be made. As the supply of
wheat from this county will not be
crrpnt nnnnorb fn rnn mill the
owners will buy wheat in the West
from which thtsy will make flour.
Perhaps after a while when all of the
farmers plant wheat the home supply
will be safflciant to make the buying
)f wheat from the West unnecessary.
?Those interested in the chapel for
the factory people will be glad to
know that work ha9 begun on tbe
building and they will feel encouraged
to see that before many weeks they
will be able to begia the mission
work. It is the intention ot those
who are Reading this mission work to
use the chapel as soon as it is weatherhna.r/lo/1
fentl r.Vifip.1 nnt frn wflif nnfil
the building has been entirely finished,
rhe funds for this chapel are limited
and therefore the work will progress
according to the money on hand and
in the meantime every effort will be
mads to raise more money nntil a
sufficient sum ha3 been collected for
the building.
?The literary men of the State have
5a foot a plan to establish a ChaUtaU^n^
r*n ihe ToJo nf Palms. The men
LJ?V. ^
who are leading this movement are the
most prominent men of tli3 State,
rhey are in. earnest and intend to establish
the Chautauqua upon such a
footing as (o make it the resort of all
the literary people of the South. For
many years the Chautauqua at Monteagle
has been the only thing of the
kind in the South, but (his is not conveniently
situated for many people,
and the one on thel9le of Palms should
prove a great saecess. There are
numerous reasons why the Isle of
Palms is an admirable place for this
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
are just what a horse needs when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
l-vnf <m ?/hi nnrt 1 * ? 11OA fA
uub xxicanu. tuc xu uoc IA/
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Co.
?Contrary to the expectations of
every one, the long drought was broken
by a gentle rain instead of a dreadfnl
electric storm. On Sunday afternoon,
at about six o'clock, the rain began
and fell steadily and gently for several
hours, doing far more good than a
heavy, washins rain would have done,
for every drop sank into the parched
earth. After the intense heat of the
past week it was only reasonable to
suppose that when a rain did come
that it would be accompanied by a
heavy storm, and so many severe
storms have occurred recently in North
Carolina and other States. The rain
will do an amount of good, as everything
was sufl'ering from the drought
and the heat and vegetables bad stopped
BANKRUPT in health,
constitution undermined by extravagance
in eating, by disregarding
the laws of nature, ot
o o
physical capital all gone, if so,
Tutt's Liver Pills will cure you.
For sick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaria, torpid
iiver, constipation, biliousness
i _ 111 _ t__ j j?
ana an Kmarea. uiscascb.
Tutt's Liver Pills
an absolute cure.
i The following item, which we clip
i from the Rock Hill Herald, will be 3
j [ read with interest by many, as Miss
Ruff has many relatives and warm i
friends here:
Miss Liara Ruff, one of the most ]
delightful young ladies of our city, a
graduate of the Emerson College of
Oratory in Boston, has been elacted to i
tbe coair ot pnysicai culture ana oratory
in the Pennsylvania Normai Col- j
lege at Bloomsburg, Pa. She has accepted
and will be present at the opening
of the next term in September. 1
The Carolina Spartan, in giving an
account of the commencement of i
Converse College and (he exercises of c
the week, speaks in a very complimenry
manner of Miss Martha Dwight 1
who played at an entertainment given J
by the literary societies:
Miss Martha Dwight showed that, 1
wmie tne young iaaies wno preceueu. ^
I her could hold the audience with eloquent
words, she could entrance them
with sweetest melody as she played ;
and interpreted one of Liszt's master- i
fnl productions. With study and
practice she may achieve greatness in t
the musical world.
Bwrs the /> "H^ Kind You Have Always Bought t
Mrs. Robert Cartledge, wife of one
of the operatives at the cotton mills, -J
died on Saturday. She had been ill g
for months, and a few weeks before
her de?.ih she was stricken with pa- f
ralysia in addition to her other malady, t
Her husband and two little children I
survive her. The remains wore taken
a- k *. n
IU Augusta lur iuiei iiieiiL. j
A second death occurred at the I
factory on the same day. This was \
an infant. The child's funeral took
place on Sunday morning at th? a
Methodist Church. i
? j
Those who failed to attend Rey. Mr.
I McLauchlin's address to tbe pupils of f
Mt. Zion Institute on Friday night s
missed a rare treat. The conrt house, ?
where the addres3 was delivered, was I
crowded and the speaker held the undivided
attention of the audience from
the beginning to the end of his ad- ;
dress. Mr. McLauchlin is a beautiful
speaker and he was at his best ou Friday
night. Thi exercises were opened
with prayer by Rev. Benj. Al'ston,
and Rev. C. E. McDonald made the i
closing prayer. f
During the evening the pupils of the r
school sang several pretty songs, Miss t
Mary Witherow having trained them, t
J. A. Schear, of Sedalia, Mo., saved i
his child from death by croup by using t
One Minute Congh Cure. It cures .
coughs, colds, pneumonia, la grippe 1!
and all throat and lung troubles. Mc- g
Master Co. t
The Rock Hill Herald contains a full v
and very interesting account of the
closiog exercisos of Wintrop College. (
The exercises began on Sunday with a fa
sermon by Eev. D. N. McLanchlin s
before the Y. W. C. A., and on Sun- b
day night the baccalaureate sermon
was preached by Bishop Capers, the I
subject of nis sermon beiDg "The 1
Christian life as Exemplified in v
Monday Light the literary societies held
a joint celebration and a most
interesting program was carried out. e
A spirited debate wa3 the most inter- I]
taining feature of the evening. On c
Tuesday receptions, class work, an d
alumni meeting, &c., took place. The t
final exercises took place on Wedne3- j
day night when the yonng lady grad- j
uates received their diplomas, and
Thursday the girls leave for their
A Frightful Blander
Will often cause a horrible Barn, '
Scald, Cut or Brnise. Bucklen's Ar- I
nica Salve, the best in the world, will t
kill the pain and promptly heal it. c
Cures Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcere,
Boils, Felons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions.
Best Pile cure on earth. Oul?
25 cts. a bos. Care guaranteed. Sold '
by McMaster Co., druggists. j.
La:t rain here was on the evening r
of 6th of May. Good stand of colton j[
and well worked up. Cora only fair 3
stand, and late planting poor stand. 1
With rain soon there will be a good *
deal of corn planted on wheat and
oat land.
Wheat only fair where it was so *n
in early fall and late sowing not more '
than half crop. Same way with early ^
f". t l-.-i ?? 11 t
oais. mey were iuw uui wo ii ncaucu
Spring oats complete failure. i
Tbe Messrs. Bell are in the neigh- t
borhood threshing?fine weather for i
the work. <
Miss Mattie McCrorey, who has
been taking a course in trained nurs- i
ing in Augusta, Ga., is ? t home for a <
short visit.
Mr. \V. IS. Glapden, after complet- *
ing course at a business college in 1
Macon, Ga , has returned home. <
Miss Annie Russre, of Fort Lawn, '
T7* 1 TT-.11
Id Visiting Miss XiVejyu xiaw.
Mr. Will Lampkin, of BennetsYille, ,
and Mr. Albert Connor, of Winnsboro,
visited Mrs. A. M. Jackson last ^
Mr. Sump McWaters,*who has been (
attending Blackstock High School, is
at home. C. S. F.
A Card et Thanks. '
I wish to say that I feel under list- ]
ing obligations for what Chamberlain's <
Congh Kemedy has done for our fam- 1
ilv. We have used it in so many cases
of coughs, luug troubles and whooping
congh, and it has always given the '
most perfcct satisfaction, we feel
i greatly indebted to the manufacturers
rvf ramodi' onrl roich them tA nlpfl.SA
j \J1 lUiO 1 tUiVMj ^UVt II AVU VUVMA W
| accept our hearty thanks.?Respectj
fallv, Mrs. S Doty, Des Moines, I >wa.
j For aale by McMasier Co.
?It is said that if lamp chimneys
tnmblers or other glass dishe3 are <
placed in cold water, with half a cnp
of table salt to each quart of water, i
which is brought slowly to a boil .ind
boiled a half hoar, then allowed to
. cool in the water, they will resist any
6adden changes of'temperatare without
Mr. J. H. Cnmmings is in town.
Mr. Gordon Quattlebanm is at home
for the summer.
Miss Mamie McMeekin has returned
from tVinthrtp College.
Mrs. J. J. Neil and Mies Lida Neil
aave returned from Rock Hill.
Mr*. Hammer, of North Carolina,
is visitiug Miss Francis Creigbt.
Miss Mattie Harris left on Friday
:or her home in Pineville, N. C.
Judge O. W. Bachanan arrived last
;veek on a short visit to his family.
Miss Susie Lumpkin has returned
'rom a visit to Chester and Rock Hill.
Mia* Carrie Elliott ha3 returned
rom Converse College for the holilaye.
Miss Movy May is visiting Miss Salie
Parker in Ridgeway.- Rock Hill
Miss Agnes Rice has gone to her
lome in Union county to spend the
Mr ar.J Mrs. T. K. Eiiiott are
^siting Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Douglass
n Washington.
Mrs. Deal, who has baen visiting
ler sister, Mrs. Preston Rion, left on
Friday for Blythewood.
U413S Xit'ESiB liiUmaiLCl Ui?3 1CIUU1CU
lome for the holidays, the school In
lidgeway haying closed.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Center, of Winns>oro,
are the guests of Mr. D. B.
leed.?Denmark Times.
Mrs. C. S. Matthews arrived on
Chursday night from Pantops, Vir;inia,
where he has been teaehing.
Mis? Mamie Brice, who is suffering
rom an attack of fever, returned
lome on Monday from the Dae West
remale College.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. J. Creigbt left on
["uesday night for Brooksville, Fla.,
drs. Creight's former home. They
fill be absent about two weeks.
Dr. f>. M. Provence, who came here
,bout a year ago for the practice of
lis profession, lett here last week for
forth Carolina, weere he will locate.
-Barnwell Sentinel.
Capt. C. S. Dwight left on Friday
or Anderson where he will remain
ome time as he is one of the engineers
mder whose supervision the Black
Jian^nd Railroad will be built.
Bears tht sp The Kind You Haw Always Bought
Court convened on Monday morn g,
Jud?e "Watts presiding. His
Ionor charged the grand jury, gene
ally, as ro their duties, and said that
he newspapers had contained somehing
charging mismanagement in the
acal dispensary. He said that while
t was not his custom to notice anyhing
published in the newspapers, he,
n this iustance, would advise the
xandjary to make a thorough invesigation,
as it was dae the public as
irftll as the local diSDenser. who
10 doubt, he said, would court an iu'estigation.
Tfce first case tried was tlie State vs.
ieorge Dial, charged with concealing
limseif in J. M. Biain's store and
teailng some goods. The jury found
The Stat" Saml.Dove, Sr., Saml.
)ove, .T , cMn.leton Dove and John
darks, in !icte<l f ?r assault and battery
vith inteut to kill. J. E. McDonald
epresented the defendants. Verdict
-Not Guilty.
In the afternoon the grand jary
oad? n.e fallowing presentment: "We
i<tv.-> ports as to irregularities in
M + mnnfl/VAmAnf A'P nAr?n+tt
\j 'i'" -i ?u Tviiu ujauagouiout vi ouuucj
^ary at Winnsboro and request
bat ?be following witness be subice
eJ io appear before the grand
ry, to wit, Charles H, Douglass.
"T. J. Rabb,
State vs. Henry Le8, charged with
orgery, plead guilty. Sentenced to
wei months on the chain gang and
* fi*.a ?^ /vma Att o KITA in
} \y en uuc ui uuu uv;i;ai , v? *? naw
he Stale penitentiary and pay a fine
>f one dollar.
KIDNEY Is a deceptive dlsrcnryrynT
"IT1 e a S S ? thOU8and9
U HLjJid hftvp. it and don't
:now it. If you want quick results
'ou ca*i make no mistake by using Dr.
vilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney
remedy. At druggists iu fifty
?nts and dollar sizes. Sample bottle
)y mail free, also pamphlet telling
rou how to find cut if you have kidley
trouble. Address, Dr. Kilmer &
}o., Bit ghamton, N. 1.
Wheat and oats are being harvested,
["he wheat crop is much better than
yas first expected, while the oats is
rery light, especially the spring eowng.
Corn is very small, but has a
jood c^lor, except on red land, it is
rery poor, and in some places it is
yin* ont.
There is some sickness in the neighjorhood
at this time, bat no seriou9
;ases h:tvc yet been reported.
Dr. J. U. Patrick, of King's Moan
;aio, N. C\, spent several days las
sveek with his father's family. He
:ame over to attend the Patrickrhorap.-on
Mrs. 11. 0. Goza and children are
risking her father at Irmo, Lexington
Mrs. M. E. Ligon, of Mossy Dale,
spent several days last week ia the
?r. ;iv. mIoHpoo flTid frierfUs.
-/V-'lXi -11 lUJli j ffliu i w wmm
We are giad to report that our esteemed
pa9tor, Rev. J. A. Smith, i:
improving from his terrible affliction
>f several weeks, caused from a carbuncle
on the neck. ?
Master Henry White, of Cbe9ier, is
eisitiug his aant, Mrs. T. G. Patrick
Henry is always a welcome visitor ir
White Oak.
The Ladies' Society ol the A. R. P,
Churcil at this place has bought and is
having put up a ban :some iron and
wire fence around the cemetery.
We were sorry to hear of the dea'i
of Mr. B. N. Tidwell, an old an:
former citizen of this county. II<
died in Cheater several days in the 77tl
year of his age.
Mr. W. B. Woodward, one of oni
prosperous farmers, spent several davi
in our town recently. N.
June 10, 1899.
A I? 4 cotro? mi
A IU uggioi 4u xuavvii) a* a
have sold a large quantity of Mother's
Friend, and nave never known an in*
stance where it has failed to produce the
f;ood results" claimed for it. All women
agree that it makes labor shorter and less
i ^</y i t - j
Mother's Friend
is not a chance remedy. Its good effects
are readily experienced by all expectant
mothers who use it. Years ago it passed
the experimental stage. While it always
shortens labor and lessens the pains of
delivery, it is also of the greatest benefit
during the earlier months of pregnancy.
Morning sickness and nervousness are
readily overcome, and the iiniment relaxes
the strained muscles, permitting them to j
I aamaJH/H AM
cipauu wiuiuui causing uiou&oo. iuv>uw ^
Fnend gives great recuperative power to
the mother, and her recovery is sure and
rapid. Danger from rising and swelled
breasts is done away with completely.
Sold by druggists for $1 a bottle.
Send for cat five Illustrated book for expecUat mo&tak
The State published on Wednesday
a fall statement of facts regarding the
summer school to bg held at Winthrop
College June loth to July 13th. The
I fflrmlfr nf ihe seliool bas been chosen
and the most prominent professors
and teachers of the Sta(e have been
selected, Prof. R. Means Davis being
one of them. Prof. Davis will teach
political science. The following in
regard to county schools we clip from
Tie state:
After the close of this State school,
schools for teachers will be held in
each county. Fall announcement
concerning these will be made sooa.
These schools will continue in session
for four weeks, and will give instruction
in the subjects that now constitute
the substance of the common
school coarse. English, arithmetic and
geography. In a rapid review, the
students will be taught as they ought
to teach, and while learning intelligently
that before the principles and
ground work of these branches of
study, will incidentally and naturally
learn the best mathod3 of teaching.
But emphasis will be plaeed on matter
rather tban method.
The work done by these county
schools this year will be supplemented
next year, it is hoped, by courses in
' J i JJ I
nistory, pnysioiogy, urawiug auuuiuci
subjects taught in our schools in which
many of oar teachers are deficient.
All teachers who are not prepared to
do college work rapidly and so*ces3fully
are aduised to attend the county
schools rather thad the State school.
Any one interested may procure a
copy of the onnouncement by writing
to the State Superintendent, to President
D. B. Johnson, or to any county
or city superintendent. With the announcements,
blanks were sent to be
filled out and returned to the superintendent
by those wishing to be enrolled
in the school. About a thousand of
these were 6ent out vest?rdav ai;d the
day before. The first one tu fiil out
blank and return ic, and consequentl; j
the first one to be enrolled in the
school, wa3 Mr. J. Frank Foo3be, assistant
principal of Moant Zion Academy,
"Winnsboro, and editor of ths
Carolina Teachers' Journal. The blank
a9 filled out tells that Mr. Fooshe is an
A. B. and an A. M. graduate of Wofford
College, that he has taught s:;ven
years, and that he wishes to take the
courses in "The Constitution," in
"Latin" and in "Angle-Saxon.-v
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident of which Mr
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him a3 follows:
"I was in a most dreadful condition.
My skin wa9 almost yellow, eyes
sunken, tongue coated, pain continually
in back and sides, no appetite?
gradually growing weaker day Dy day.
Three physicians had given me up.
Fortunately, a friend advised trying
'Electric Bitters,' and to my great joy
and surprise, the first bottle made a
decided* improvement. I continued
their use lor three weeks, and am now
a well msn. I know they baved my
life and robbed the grave of another
victim." No one should fail to try
111CLL1 Ulll}' UU touw |/CA 1/wvviv Vfc
McMaster Co.'s drag store. 6
Mrs. Janie Dunbar, of Chester,
formerly of Woodward, departed this
life on last Wednesday morning and
was interred in Concord ceinetsry on
last Thursday at 11 o'clock a. in.. She
leaves seven children and many relatives
and fr?p?ids to mourn her la
ment?d ?l1j> The funeral service
was conducted by Revs. McLaucbiin
and Kirkpatrick. In her death
Chester has lost a devout, lovely,
Christian character, one who always
loaned a ready and sustaining
hand .wherever duty called. It was
her delight in a Christian way to
i soothe the coach of the sick ana cheer
the drooping spirits of the disconsolate.
She never entered a task without ins
voking God's blessing and help; after
i the task was completed the same rigid
remembrance of Divine power was
, observed. Since she lived such a
s noble life, she died a glorious death.
. The community in which she bad
lived added its tribute to her memory
i and thanked God that "there was so
i much to mitigate the bitterness of I he
sorrows in the hope of reunion in
? When the body was brought here
. fur^bnrial, every place of business in
i town was closed and the whole community
united in paying honor to a
. true foldier of the Cross.
; "Strew flowers fin her ceflla'd bas t,
[ Her noble heart '-i now at rest;
We will n;>t monrn her eariy grave.
Faithful her duty
1 On earth a nohl j nsuuc she won;
1 Bnf, nobler far tbau earthly fame,
Sh.; bore her Saviour'." hol> name,
j Ht early days to God wt ro given,
Her r< cord iu the b x.ks of heaven.
There let her rest, till thnt giad scand
i" Which calls the na:ions from the
3 groand
Fall on her raptured ear is poured
Come forth, ye blessed of the Lord."
Augusta Herald.
Frank Reynolds, of the Dalton Citizen,
gives the northern critics a sockdolager.
He relates a story to the
effect that Bob Toombs, when on a
' visit to Boston, just after the war, was
I asked by a gentleman of that city if it
I was true that we "plowed negroes in
j the soutb."
Toombs asked bis questioner in retarn
what was the value of a negro.
"One thousand dollars/' replied the
"How many negroes would it take
to pull a plow
'About toU. "
"Tben,;; exclaimed Mr. Toomb3,
"do you think we are d- n fools enough
to employ $4,000 worth of negroes to
i plow, when a $200 mule would dor"
j Editor Reynolds continues:
"Does Bostonian intelligence grasp
. i\.n il.nt :* ?-rs.iit/3 Ko -frtnltch fnr
| ul? luvja mat it uuu<u mv Avv*?rM
oa'.'uern farmers a-i'i people generally
to lynch the best common labor ir possesses?
"Would we deliberately exile cur
dining room, kitchen anr? nursery help,
! to import impudent white help from
| the scums of creation?
"1^ was but ibis week The Citizen
I edi!or saar a r.egro brick mason and a
J i;e^ro carpenter at work on the residence
not? b*ing built by Capt. T. M.
: F-'ke.r on Thornton avenue These
' cCiiroes bave tbecoutiJence and friend*
ship of every member or' toe community,
and any effort to prevent thri*
; pursuing iheir avocations peacefully
! would meet wi-h armed /ore2, bat
should a nesro attempt any Sarn iiose
! capers in This town he would be
lynched incontinently. The memories
of Banker's Hill * nor Gettysburg
would help him any, nor the strictures
of (he partisan eastern presfv' *
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. vVinslow's Soothing Steup
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gams,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the coor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
Columbia Record.
"Col. Jos. T. Johnson, of this city,"
remarks the Spartanburg Free Lance,
"says it is his intention to again enter
the race for congress next year and he
is hopefal of success It is understood
that Mr. Stanyarne Wilson willaleo
aspire for a fourth term. Columbia
and Greenville will also have candidates,
while Senator Doaglas, of
Union, is being urged by friends to
antflp thai arena. There i? gome talk
about Hon. J. L. M. Irby, of Laurens,
shying his castor into the ring. You
may look for an interesting campaiga
in this district next year."
That is a very large field, with
Richland County yet to hear from.
There is considerable congressional
timber in this county and the voters
of the district will not always overlook
it. Moreover, the redisricting
bill is not dead?it is only sleeping.
It is too early to discu3s politics,
especially congressional politics. Too
much depends on the actions of the
legislature at its next session for a
clear view '.o Oe taken. But this
mnch cen be said: Stanyarne Wilson
is a very able joung man, who has
not made a bad record in congress.
If the district lines remain as at present,
tbe man who beats him will be
the next congressman of the fourth
Tetter, Salt-Rhcam and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, is instantly
i! laved by applying Chamberlain's
Eve'andSkin Ointment. Many very
bad c:i9es have beeu permanently cured
by it. It is equally efficient tor itching
piles.and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chappcd hands, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic sore eyes.
2octs. per box. For sale by McMaster
A runaway darkev, before the war,
was nn his way 10 Canada and was
met by a countryman, who questioned
fcina as to the treatment he bad re
ceived at the tinnds of Dis master.
"Did you have enough to eat ?" the
countrvman asked.
"Yes "
"And enough to woar?"
"And a warm place to sleep*"
"Then what did you run away for?"
"Say, boss," the darkey replied, ',if
you think you'd like the place, it's
open to yer."
For Infants and Children,
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought
Bears the /Jf
Signature of L&a&y.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting,
nervous feet and instantly takes
the sting out of corns and bunions. Itfcs
the greatest comfort discovery of the
age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight
or new shoes feci easy. Try it to-day.
Sold by all druggists, grocers, shoe
stores and general storekeepers everywhere.
By mail for 25c. in stamps.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Dr. flu. A. Qnattletiaum
Solicits a share of the public patronage.
Office is that formerly occupied by
the County Superintendent of Education,
in rear of Law Range. G-10
Final Notice to Taxpayers
taxes are requested to pay the same
immediately to me at No. 4 Law Range.
Clerk of Council.
June S, ISfO. 610
OH mm iH B H
48 ^HHr few H
j uSI W1 ^ wXAM*j HV
Dyspepsia Cure
| Digests what you cat.
! It artificially diges ts the food and aids
i Nature in strengthening and reconI
structing the exhausted digestive orI
gans. It is the latest discovered digest*
! ant and tonic. No other preparation
; can approach it in efficiency. It in!
stantly relieves and permanently cures
(Dyspepsia, Indigestion Heartburn,
* C>am. OIawifi/iV> T(Toncao
X1 <C-uui
SickHeadache,Gastral2ia, Cramps, and
all ctber results of imperfect digestion.
Prepared by C. C. DeWitt A Co., Chicago.
Winnsboro, S, C.
- - TT 11
mlj ims im im
Ik Farm M i
) ?
I Pnr TTivp Years for I
Office of County Supervisor ?
Winasboro, S. C , Jane 9,1899. $
that a meeting of the Board of Control
for ihe Coanty of Fairfield will
be held in the rffice of County Supervisor
for said Ou^ty on the first day
of July, 1899, at which meeting application
for the County Dispenser will
i-- All onnK/mfinne fVi v
U3 CUiiMUCl ^U? XXII ft^^livnuvuw ?w*.
said position must be on file with the
Board least ten days before ?aid
date. JAMES M. HIGGINc?,
W. &1. CURL EE,
B. a:d of Control Fairfield County.
6 10-4t
to me directed, I have levied upon and
will sell to the highest bidder, before
Vio Pnnrf- WrtnRp. door in Winnsboro.
si" Cm "on che FIEST MOND AY IN
JULY, 1899, all of the right, title and
interest of \Vm. I?. McCormick iD and
to the following described premises,
to wit:
A'l fhit certain piece, parcel or tract
of laud lying, being and situate in the
Ccuuty of Fairfield and State of Sooth
Carolina, lying on Rochelle Creek, in
Townihip No. 5, containing Two
Hundred and Fifty-one and One-half
Acres, more or less, and bonnded on
the north by lands now or formerly
owned by James Jones; on the east
and soath by lands now or formerly
owned by David H. Means; and on
the west by lands now or forme? ly
ouned by Phillip H. Cohen. At the
suit of A. F. Roff & Co.
6-10ta S. F. 0.
Sheriff's Sale.
vested in me as Sheriff, I have levied
upon and will sell to the highest cash
bidder, before the Court House in
Winnsboro. on Monday, July 3rd, the
following described tracts of land under
the Act referring to delinquent
Mrs. Carrie Blanton, 120 acres;
bounded by lands of estate of R. S.
i ~ ^ t-v wr n-j 11 m T Wo;*
jjesrones, u. v*. nuwciit !/ ? uvu
and Amelia Davis.
Margaret A astir., 10 acres. Bounded
aorth by lands of Louis Austin; east
by lands of ?as Bagsdale; south and
weet by lands of W. S. McDonald.
6-10td S: F. C.
J| jLADJEsjl
|E nery for the month? of May and | 9
Jane can get bargains. We g t
ga have received a new supply of | a
Sailors; also an endre fresh S
5 2 ctock of Trimmed Hats and c
i| Bonnets. g3
[gg Something nice in Skirt Sop- |
SE porters and Shirt Waists.
H" Headquarter? for Children's \ 8
and Infants' Caps.
11 MRS. J. D. McCABLEY. 11
Slier flats,
Bromangelon, in assorted flavors, 15c.
Tf^r,ai riiicofto in QB&nrfPfJ flavors. 15c.
iKV^ 4^VQV? *WJ AW wvwv* ? w~ ? - ? ?~j ? ?
(Prepare these in two minutes.)
California Frnit in jars and cans.
Lemon Cling Peaches; none better.
Red Raspberries.
Red Gberries, pitted.
White Wax Cherries.
These fruits are guaranteed superior
fkcor, and extra heavy syrnp.
Genuine Canton Ginger Preserves.
EP*Winnsboro Ice Honse opens to
Let us serve yon.
?? -- m- ** TkTP\1 TTATT rr\
f. M. HAi5?,JNltti'l.
Fine Groceries.
r>An A
rui\ n??
Limits! lib Hi Orders
r ;
?We offer the?
bicycles (1898)
^$27.00 &
e will sell on instalments.
Yi 1ST Oil
The jewelry business in its details
and oftentimes your
from unreliable
dealers turn out to be frauds. jH
THAT E. Brandt has had long expe- :?f?j
ricnces and exceptional opportunities
at the North. . |
THAT he knows every detail so -cv ell
and thorough that (here need v^ts
be no excuse for yonr trading
anywhere other than at bit
THAT he has one of the cleanest up- |1
to-date jewelry establishments *3
to be found anywhere.
I AND THAT his goods and his u-oric m
( are absolutely guaranteed as
We are masters (leaders) in M
our lines. Let us hear from
you hereafter.
Tie Optician and Jeweler, 9
CHESTER, 8. C. ;||
.11 drugs, m
W TOILET - - |
or anything thai is kept in a 3
sy'rra 11c ? ? ^11 av nn/r tin
uo a van vi nug u^r
We guarantee prompt atten- m
- - tion. :
II. IMr & Go '4
A T C2S~\ _
Give us a call; we will save you
J. P. MM I M |
Winthrop College Scholarship
and Entrance Examinations.
a^ard of vacant scholarships in Winthrop
College and for the admisaiou of - :
new students will.be held at the County
Court House on Friday, July 21st, at .1
9 A* M.
Applicants must not be less than fifteen
years of age.
When icfcolarships arc vacated after
July 21st, they will be awarded to
those making the highest average at
thia examination.
The cost of attendance, inclndinsr
, board, furnished room, beat, light and
washing, is only $8.50 per month.
For lartber information and aca<alogae
5-25tilJnlyl Rock Hill, S. 0. -?i|
W. A. w! "
The roistered stallion W. A. W.
will be at the stables in rear of Mr.
Henry Refo'g store Friday and Saturday
of each week; balance of time on
the farm. He is seven years old, bay,
with black points. Has good bone
and muscle; no blemish or defect. He
is kind in disposition and a perfect
roadster. His sire is the celebrated
Red Wilkes, His dam, Betsy Baker,
was sired by Dictator, who was the
sire of Jay-Eye-See, 2.10, of Director,
2.07, of the invincible Directum, 2.G4,
the grancUire of Nancy Hank?, (be
queen of trotters, and tbe sire of mauy
others of extreme speed.
Terms, $15.00 to insure tnarc wi?h
foal. For extended pedigree and certified
record address
4.4-tilaagl Winnsbaro, S C.
wf-h ? full *!?* k of 0*.?kei$, Hi:* I
C.t*?*8 Hi'd 0?tfin>, on *??' ? / -ij
at?d as "f hnr?!H- w??rn rcque**
Tbtnkfa' for '<>-i pv-oi?j?*eand sou-* >a
i Ml t-.r a SLa.v :n Uie future, ill ft?*? V:
Htfi-iide to t h!I houre.
"My J

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