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Wednesday, June 21, - - - XS9S
?Read executor's notice elsewhere.
?Mr. Longstreet Gaunt advertises
ms residence ior saie m un* uivimug a
?A mce:ing of the stockholders of
the Winns'ooro Granite Company was
held in Charleston last week bat no
business of spccia1 importance was
Jp transacted.
?The Governor offers a reward for
the per-on or persons who burned the
barn and stab.'es of J. F. Brown,
near Blythetvcod. Read the proclamation
Rheumacide is a thorough, permanent,
constitutional cure for rheumatism.
The acids io the blood whicb
cause the disease are thoroughly eradicated.
I? also the best blood parifi&r;
Jaxalive and tonic.
?Mali, Union's new pitcher, is ?
new Ru-ie come out of Winusboro.
He's from a Fairfield, but his carves
arc of tli s most deceptive kind, and
his delivery most graceful. His fature
as a pitcher is a bright one.?Union
?McMaster Co., in their advertisement
to-day, have a list of things, all
of which are necessary in this hot
weather?fly fan?, thermometers, ice
cream fl^voriug?, &c. If yon need
c ?- - it : r-_ 1 _,1 ^^ ^ ;; c.t
any ui iuc luiugs mu:uucu iu iuch no?
give them a call.
?We are reqaested to announce
that ice cream wi'l be served in the
Beaty building- on the afternoon of
Thursday, Jane 22nd, by the Home
Missionary Society. The friends of
the mam&ers of this society are reqaested
to bear this in mind.
TV. M. Gallagher, of Bryan, Pa,
says: "For forty years I have tried
various cough medicines. One Minute
-r-i t- /~t ! ?. -II J> T4
oougu v?/ure is uesttu an. xu loucvcs
instantly and cares all throat and lung
troubles. McMaster Co.
?Cards are ont announcing the approaching
marriage of Mr. Th03. Bryson
to Miss Mattie Mills, of Blackstock.
The wedding will take place
on Wednesday. June 28th. To Mr.
Bryson, The News axd Herald extends
bast wishes and congratulations.
?The cadets of the South Carolina
Military Academy have left Charleston
- and are now ia Orangeburg on an encampment.
Tiny will remain in camp
for about two weeks and will be royally
treate I by the citizens of Orangeburg
and will then disperse for the
summer to their various home.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure completely
digests food within the stomach and
?ntostinp? fttir? renders all classes of
food capable of being assimilated and
convened into strength giving and
tissce building substances. McMaster
?B. Theodore Quattlebaum has
opened a branch office at Mr. Ben
Yarborough's, at Long Run, where he
may be found every Wednesday. This
young physician is just starting in the
practice of his profession, but we predict
for him a successful career as he
is not lacking in energy and enterprise
and has other qualities which go
to mase a snccessrm aoctor.
? ?Mr. Tho3. Robertson is critically
ill at his home near town. He
has bean sick for some time aod aa he
is quite old his family have grave
doubts as to whether he can recover.
I Mr. Robertson h.%d a stroke of paF
ralvs;3 severil months ago and since
that time his health ha3 not been good.
It is hoped that a chaDge for the better
will soon take place and that his recovery
will be speedy.
J. A. Schear, of Sedalia, Mo., saved
his child from death bv croup by using
One Minute Cough Cure." It cure!
coughs, colds, pneumonia, la grippe
and ai! throat and limg troubles. McMaster
?Miss Annie Bell Stewart entertained
a nnmber of her friends on
Friday night at her home. The young
people amused themselves in various
ways and a deiightfui evening wa3
spent. Delicious refreshments were
served during the evening. The invitations
stated tint the guests were
invited from 9 to 12 but they hid such
a nice time that it was quite hte when
the yonng folks reached their homes
?A circulating library has recentlj
been established here. An agent foi
this library spent several days ber(
several weeks a?o and succeeded ii
getting quite a number of subscribers
Mr. J. Scott MeCarley was appointee
librarian. About fifty volumes ar<
kept on band, and while the verj
newest books are not to be found ir
the library, yet the collection is good
and those who subscribed can nevei
want for something to read.
There is a time for all things. Th<
time to take De Witt's Little Earl\
Risers is when you are suffering fron
- constipation, biliousness, sick head
ache, indigestion or othsr stomach oi
liver troubles. McMaster Co.
?Several cotton blooms have beer
brought to our office. Mr. J. C. Wil
lingham brought, a bloom and bol
vchich were picked on the 12ih, ant
Mr. A. Wiiliford brought in a bloon
from nis cotton field. Mr. Williugban
is almost every year the first of thi
farmers to have a cotton bloona, and
a? has been seen is keeping uphii
reputation this year lor being one oi
the most enterprising of our farmers,
Several ot oar colored tarmers hav<
also sent us blooms.
? On Sunday night a fight tool
place ">n the streets it about 12 o'cloc I
which resulted in a "severe injury tc
onejof the negroes. The light was
t J \57:11: ?
i UJtwccu a ucgii; uv/> uauiwu iviiiiaiu
Young and a negro girl, Lou Green.
The boy struck t!ie girl over the head
with a piece of railroad iron and i
I was thought at first that she wai
serioosly hart, bat Dr. Lindsay wh<
was called in pronounced it only !
severe scalp wound which he sewet
?The chaining was raided las
week by a negro named Jim Williams
or "Bia: Head Jim," as he is called
Thi< negro has recently b^ea relented
fruai tin chaiu^ang bat it evidently
has : o terrors for him as be is ir
trouble S3 soon again. He stole th<
t-nycrintendent's clothes, a pair ol
handcuffs and (he books belocgirg tc
the chaingaug. The nt gro was brough
to town and lodged in jail on Sanda>
r T.ie cbaingan^ was several miles from
town when the robbery occurred.
> ?The graduating cla?? of tbe Sooth
Carolina College is led this year by a
young man who is blind, Mr. Swearingen,
of Edg -fis'd, *nd a. co-ed fallows
him closely. Th:? * oucg lady, wli=>
1 J I has
' UUliUg iiCi ccilf: w;m ot. UUJ
1 made a brilliani record, is Miss Annie
F. Davis of this place. During J he
four years of Ui?i- college course Miss
Davis aDd Mr. Sweari?igeu have led
their class, always distinguishing
themselves in iin-i"* examinations.
Miss Annie i? tlt? c> ed in the class of
'99 and h r friend- congratulate her
k ?? - JI.3 Ain /tAllA/VA
' upuu uer s^ieuuxu icw^iu iu wiu.$c>
i DeWitt's Little Early Risers act as a
faultless pill should, cleansing and re'
viving the system instead of weakoninsr
it. They are mi'd and sure, email
and pleasaut to take, aud entirely free
from objectionable drugs, They assist
_ rather than compel. JdcMaster Co.
, ?At a meeting of the Chester veteran*,
pays the Lantern, it was decided
1 to invite Biihop Capers to deliver the
address at the reunion Jaly 27th. Tbe
1 good people of Chester have taken |
time by the forelock and are making j
! all of tbe necessary arrangements for
1 the emertaining of the veterans. Ice
water will be placed in barrels along
the streets and everything will be done
lor ibe comfort of the visitors. The
homes of the people will be taxed to
their utmost capacity to accommodate
: the veterans, but the hearts of the
1 citizens of Chester will be in the work
and ;hey will do it willingly.
?There was a great drop in the
1 temperature on Saturday and the ?ool
change wa3 most welcome after the
intense beat of the preceding days.
The change was greater than was
altogether agreeable, however, as
winter clothiDg had to be called into
i service, and most people found fires
necessary. The cool weather continned
through Sunday, but it moder
a ted by Monday. The rain whieh fell
on Saturday did much good, but was
not as much as is needed. The rains
have been general throughout the
countv, but Winneboro has not been
a9 fortansuc as other places.
?The teachers are pouring Into
Sock Hill in crowds to attend the
summer school which begins to-day.
The teachers throughout the State are
aware of the advantage that attending
tins school will be to them, and the
special railroad rates and cheap board
enable many to attend. The faculty is
composad of the most competent men
and women that could be secured, and
Superintendent McMahan has been
working hard for months getting
. everything ready. Messrs. Frank
Fooshe and Carl S. Matthews were
amoDg those who left on Wednesday
fer Rock Hill. Mr. Matthews will,
after the close of the t-ummer school,
deliver lectures at the various county
institutes to be held t'iurinff the summer.
Bears the The Kind Yflu Hava Always Bought
Miss Emily Obea-, while riding
home on her bicycle on Wednesday
morning, fell, sustaining severe injaries.
She was carrying a heavy
bundle which slipped, and in her effort
to recover it she lo3t her balance
and fell^heavily to the ground. A
passerby seeing that she wa^ hurt,
called others and she was put into a
carriage and taken home and a physician
was summoned. She has sufI
fered intensely ever since the accident
' and is quite sick, but her friends hope
j that her injuries are not serious and
. that she will eoon be able to be out.
One feature of the Clemeon College
commencement was the presentation
by Col. D. K. Morris of a gold meaai
to Mr. E. M. Matthews. The medal wa*
offered by President Harlzog for the
best essay on the subject?"Practical
In the recent election of officers of
the Calhoun Literary Society, Mr.
?. n. JuumpKiu was eincieu ucasuici
aad Mr. E. M. Matthews was elected
an editor of the Clemson Chronicle.
Mes3rs. C. B. Donglas, J.G. McMaster
and E. M. Matthews were
| appointed sergeants for the next session.
Last fall I sprained my left hip while
handling some heavy boxes. Ths
> doctor I called on said'at firat it was a
r slight strain and would soon be well,
but it grew worae and the doctor then
said I bad rfceumatism. it continued
5 to grow worse aad I could hardly get
7 around to work. 1 went to a drug
1 store and the draggist recommended
iv>a tf\r r!honr>f>orla.i?'Q Pain T^alm. I
r tried it and one-half of a 50-cent bottle
cared me entirely. I now recomi
mend it to all my friends.?F. A. Babcock,
Erie, Pa. It is for sale by Mc"
Master Co.
mr. c. h. scruggs dead.
1 Air. C. H. Scrngg3 died in Columbia
3 on Friday night, June 9ih, and hi3
; body was brought np on the passenger
f train on the Saturday afternoon fol
lowing. Mr. Scmggs was about
' seveuty years of age at the time of his
J death. He was at one time a shoemaker,
and his shoes had a fine repu?
- He was an exceedingly tourteou3
> man, ? nd won friends by his affable
> manners. He leaves a large family,
i among them Rev. T. W. Scruggs,
Mocora T.pd Warr?r? and fx.
Scrnggs. The family bare the symt
pathy of a host of friends in the
s county.
ij Prevention"
better than cure. Tutt's Liver
1 Pills will not only cure, but if
' taken in time will prevent
i Sick Headache,
' dyspepsia, biliousness, malaria,
' constipation, jaundice, torpid
' liver and kindred diseases.
1 insist 1
i MafgEftract I
| t&BesTloit I
5 is a wonderful aid in tne =
b maintenance of health; it is |
| an easily assimilable form of S
| nourishment in illness, and g
? is invaluable in restoring 5
5 shattered nerves and in con- g
2 valescence. A doctor writes: E
s "I have found it especially |
? valuable for persons conva- 5
p lescing from fever, and for E
| nursing mothers. I am high-1
ly pleased ?
I = with it and | 1
= Kv jv my panenrs g
| .&? could not do a
3 without it." a
5 Drug Stores |
I maw?mi im* mjhwt?n?a
Robt. Sandifer Nichols of the Rocky
Mount scctiou died Jans 16, 1899, of !
paralysis in tb2 seventy-third year of
b:s age. lis was a member of Co.
IB, 4th S 0 0. from its organization '
I unti' the urrender. His record as a
I aoidier w s goyd, he was always ready
[and willing for any duty that might '
| fall to his lot. His daties as a citizen 1
| were cheerfully met, as a neighbor he
was well liked. The golden rale was '
his guide and practice in his intercourse
with all. "Rft was the annl of (roth
! and honesty. He was never married '
and he will be sadly missed by his
neighbors and especially by his bereaved
sisters. One by one the old '
soldiers pass away. L. M. F. 1
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. Wisslow's Soothing Syrup
has been used for' over fifty years by
it *\n o af mafkni*o fhoit* />hil/1ppn
UllUiUUQ VI AVI. IUVS** >?_***%?
while teething, with perfect sncces3.
It soothes the child, softens the gums, I
allays all pain, cores wind colic, and |
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for |
"Mrs. Wioslow's Soothing Syrup," .
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
The members of the Baptist Church
intend building a chapel near the fac?
tory, and the lumber for the bnllding
has been ordered. They have two lots
under consideration, but have not yet
rrrVi>/%T> /\f +Vta farA mill lift fflA
most desirable. This denomination
has a number of members among the
factory operatives and have loDg realized
ihe a liability of bnildiDg a
house of worship for tbem, as the dis- (
tanee from the factory to the Baptist 1
Church is so great. In spite of the
fact, that the Baptist congregation is a
small one, they have gone earnestly to
work and have raised sufficient money
a _ .1 1 mi? t !l ?:i!
10 erect a cnapei. me uuuuiug wm
not be entirely finished, bnt will be
used as soon as it <>an be, and the finieiing
off will be done by degrees.
! The ehapel will be in charge of Rev.
I Mr. Freeman, and will be under the
| control of the Winnsboro Baptist
Beantha ^^^Th^Ki^oii Have Always Bought
Abram Chappell, charged with
assault and battery of a high and
aggravated nature, the defendant
plead guilty, and was sentenced to pay
a fine of 825, or 60 days on the chain
Henrv Lee. who plead guilty to
forgery, was sentenced to 12 months
on ibe chain gang.
Ervine Johnston received a sentence
of 15 months upon a conviction for
Alexander Daniel and James Daniel,
charged with malicious mischief, consumed
the greater part of Tuesday,
and the case resulted in a mistrial.
Messrs. J. E. McDonald and J. W.
Hanahan for the defense.
Tae case against Mabry, charged
witn shooting the superintendent of
' - r- -L ? ? u- ~e H
loe i&csory, ur ie.;uun;aii}- ui ?u asoau.it
and battery* with intent to kill. Verdict?Guilty
ot carrying concealed
weapon. Fined $20. J. E. McDona'd
for the defense.
In reference to the presentment of
the grand jary that Mr. J. M. Elliott
refused to testify before the jary in the
dispensary investigation, after Mr.
Elliott assured ihe Court that he
would testify if the law compelled him
to do so, aod the Court informed him
that he was obliged to testify, the
grand jury heard his testimony.
Court adjourned, sine die on Wednesday
afternoon. The Judge, Solicitor
and Stenographer left on the same
w- i j ?:
? e nau & guuu iiuu mis uiuimu^,
the third in the last four weeks. Grain
is looking very well. Cotton aud corn
are looking tolerably well. The farmers
are kept very bu3y sleaning th?ir
crops of the Egyptian and other
Considering the price of cotton,
taxes are twice too high.
The Confederates volunteared with
their lives for the good and fair name
ot tbia State and the Confederacy, and
now what is our State doing for the
gar vising veterans and her citizens
generally ! Our State i3 giving special
privilege* to some and not equal rights
to all She is speculating and monopaKxUi/v
*Ka linnAi* trfcffiA inondi mr ViOt*
Hit IIV^UVI k k um U J uv*
hundred ot thousands of doilara for
liquor to speculate with and letting the
Confederate veterans, to some extent,
take care of themselves. Why has
our State forgotten her greatest hero
of our age, Gen. Hampton? There is
gieat room for our State to reform.
' June 17,1899. J. C. F.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
are just what a horsa Deeds when in
bad condiiion. Tonic, bleod purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per - package. For sale by
McMaster Co. \
-fa n-iS Beaty i? at boms lor the
hoJiit u.
Mi 3. Thos Rembert was in town
on M 'Q.iav.
li'.v V.r^onB. Jennings is visiting
" i
in Coi.iuDia.
Mr-. I*. IX. Jennings has retnraed
fro!r i.
M . J*,.. A. Brica lslt ou Thnradav
for One West.
Mi.-> Ilichel B. MeMa3teris at home
from Nt "berry.
&;-s I*u^elle Djnglass is at home
for Mie hoi.days.
Mr S i Gibson ie confined to his
hocr-r by dickcess.
\fii- T ' T7!:i?rt1f has rpfnrnpfl frnm
a vi i. to fi-iends i<i Chester.
Mis? Hassle Dent, of Colombia, is
rising Mias Jessie Jennings.
Mr Joij Cammings returned on
Wednesday from Clemson College.
Mrs. \V. C. Beaty and Mies Ciara
Bea'v h?vc returnrd from Columbia.
Nora Hamilton is visiting
friei:-;s .= Fairfif-'d.? Rock Hill Fleraid. j
Mr', (i. E McDonald and cbildieD j
rpfnr-ipi] on Mondav from Pir.eville. !
N. C.
Mr and Mrs. T. X. Eiliott have re
turned from a visit to Washington,
D. <J.
Mibd Be6s>ie Mcilaster left on Mou3ay
for Rock Hili to attend the sum- ,
mer school.
Mr. William Roche ha? accepted a
position in Anderaon and left on WedQesday
for his new homo.
Mr S II Lumpkin, who ha3 been at*
tending college at ClemsoD, is now at
borne to spend his vacation.
Mrs. John McAlpine and children,
rfPiueviile, N. C., are expected this
week on a visit to relatives.
Me<sr3. Edgar Matthews, Tom McMaster
and Gregg McMaster have returned
from Ulemson College.
Mrs. H. N. Obear returned on
Friday night from Washington, D. C.,
where she has been visiting seveial
Mrs B. U. Ileise returned Tuesday
to her home ia Lexington County after
spending several weeks with friends
in town.
Mi9s Nannie Commings left on Wednesday
for tfock Hill where she will
be assistant ?rt teacher at the State
normal school.
MiiS Mamie Brice is sick with
typhoid fever at Due West Female
College. It is hoped that *ho will
shortly be much better.
Miss CJara Beaty left ^on Thursday
for Ashcviile where she goes as a
delegate to a conventionjof the Yoang
Woman's Christian Association to be
helu in that city.
Mr-:. Sannders, of Charleston, who
bas byca attending the Federation of
Women's Clabs in Chester, spent a
day in town last week. Mrs. Saunders
was here during the war with her
parents who were refugees. She returned
on Sunday to Charleston.
SWAMP- I? not recommended
for evervthinr: but if
you have kidneVi liver
or biadder trouble it will befeuod just
the remedy you need. At druggiits in
fifty cent and dollar bizes. You may
have a sample bottle of this wonderful
??ew discovery by mail free, also
pamphiec telling all about it.
Addrew, Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, N Y.
m:.. glenx's arm crushed.
Mr. Thomas Glenn, locomotive engineer
on tha Southern Railway, met
with a very serious andpaiufal accident
at tbe freight depot on Tuesday
night about half-past nine o'clock.
Mr ii nu was the engineer on a
* u and train, which was at tbe
tiu u standing on the main line.
An her freight train wa3 at the same
time at the depot bound for the North.
It appears th*t Mr. Glenn's train was
to leave after the other pulled out.
He came out o;' his eugine, and lay
down between the main line and the
western side-track, possibly seeking a
cool plu'ce, and had his arm rebting on
the rail of the side track. On thi3
- n ?
side-trace were some cars. air. uibuu
thoaeht the northbound freight was
not on i he side-track and was washing
for it to pall out or leave, but it
backed on the side-track and before he
could get out of danger, the wheel of
a car mentioned as standing on the
side track ran over ins ngai arm,
crushing the bones between the -hand
and tibow. Dr. Hanahan, the local
railroad snrgeon, was summoned and
dressed the wound. Mr. Gienn display
ed remarkable nerre and fortitude.
Although his arm was fearfully
crushed and the pain excruciating, he
talked to those around him calmly directing
ihem what to do. He stated
what he 'wanted taken out of bis
pockets, makiug special mention of a
train order. He was taken to Columbia,
at his own request, on the
sou'hbonud passenge train the same
nigjt. Jti* feared that his arm will
have to be amputated.
Mr. Glenn is a son of the late "'Mr.
Hargrove Glenn, of this county, and
i6 a yonug man of high character and
integrity. He is popular with his
fellow employees, and has the full
cocfidcnce of the railroad officials.
Mr. Glenn has a wife and one cnua,
ana the b.eaking of the news to his
wile seemed to distress him nnie tban
anything else.
?Tbe physician in attendance upon
Engineer Glenn, who had his arm
badly mashed by the train here on
Tuesday uight, thinks that he will be
able to save (he arm, and that amputation
will not be necessary as was at
fir?t feared. However, even shonld
the arm be saved, Mr. Glenn will not
be able to resume his duties for several
months. The encouraging report
from the iojared man is most gladly
received by his friends, as the loss ot
his right arm would ha7e been a
terrible affliction.
That Throbbing Headache
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used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
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fine figure.
Many women lose tfieir girlish forms afto ,
they become mothers. This is dee to neg- ,
ItcU The figure can be preserved beyond \ t
question if the ex-1
mPt pedant mother -will
i* mother's !|
\ ? friend <
during tlie i j
period of pregnancy, ;
The earlier its use sJ j ^
begun, the more perfectly
*vill tie sliape
4 - - < i
relaxes the muscle
during the great strain before birth, but helpl! 1
the skin to contract naturally afterward. It
keeps unsightly wrinkles away, and tha ;
muscles underneath retain their pliability.
IttOttoCfS friend is that famous eztemd .
liniment which banishes morning sickness' g
and nervousness during pregnancy; shorterj a
labor and makes it nearly painless; builds up
the patients constitutional strength, so that N
she emerges from the ordeal wituout danger. ^
The little one, too, shows the effects of..
kfr ifc o?n<4
Sold at drug stores for $1 a bottle.
Send for our finely illustrated book for ex- ?
pectant mothers. ->
_ 2
To the Hon. R. C. Watts, Presiding ^
The grand jarv beg leave respect- l
fully to report: * ?
That we have acted upon all bills of
indictment handed to us by ihe Solici- j
tor at the present term of Court. i
We have recently made a thorough c
examination of the various offices of
the county and find the books correct ,
and neatly kept. 1
We have also examined the different 1
bonds of the county officials and find i
fhom all flmnltr cpn.nrpri with tbc
exception of the Ridgeway dispenser.
We recommend thatit be strengthened. '
' We report Mr. John B, Stevenson 1
for violation of the dispensary law by
selling whiskey on Sunday and after i
hourg. Witnesses: R. E. Ellison,
C. H. Douglass, J. M. Elliott, George
Rion, Arthur Owens, W. B. Gilbert, <
H. B. Refo.
We report Mr. J. M, Elliott for re- i
fining to testify before the graud jury {
in the dispensary investigation.
Respectfully submitted,
T. J. Rabb, Foreman.
a Card ef Thanks.
I wish to say that I feel UDder last- j
iog obligations for what Chamberlain's <
Cough Kemedy has done for onr fam- |
ily. We have used it in so many cases {
of coughs, lung troubles and whoop- i
ing coagh, and it has always given the <
most perfect satisfaction, we feel \
greatly indebted to the manufacturers ]
of this remedy and wish them to please *
accept our hearty thanks.?Respect- j
fally, Ubs. S Doty, Des Moines, Iowa. <
For sale by McMaster Co. t
___?? j
The following which we take from <
the State of Friday is the account of 3
the wedding of Mr. Pierre Edmunds
which took place on Thursday afternoon.
Mr. Edmunds is the son of
Mr. R. H. Edmunds.by his first marriage,
bis mother having been Miss ,
Thomas, of Rtdgeway:
Yesterday afternoon at the residence
of the bride's mother on Lumber i1
street, at 4.30 o'clock NMss R~<?a E. M
Richard and Mr. R. P. Edmunds were ! j
united in marriage, the Rev. W C (
Lindsay, pastor of the Fkst Baptist \(
church, performing the ceremony. v
Only members of the families of the [
happy young couple were present 1
The wedding was a quiet home affair ,
and the young couple left on the ,
Southern's afternoon train for Washington,
New York ana other poin;R. 1
The bride wore a traveling gowu of i
dark blue rep worsted, trimmed in ,
white taffeta silk, with hat to match. (
Mr. R. C. Thomas acted as beat
man. 1
The presents received by the conple i
were numerous and handsome. (
Mrs. Edmunds is a young woman .
Af monc afttfrtmnlfthments. beinff oos*
eessed of rare personal attractions.
She has been the centre of an admiriug
circle of friends who wi3h ber much
happiness in her married life.
Mr. Edmunds is the eldest son of
Mr. R. H. Edmunds, and is unirersilly
popular. He at present holds the position
of bookkeeper for the firm of R. B.
& D. McKay.
ivt.ter. Salt-Rhcum and Eczema.
The iuteDse itching and smarting in- ]
cident to these diseases, is instantly <
allayed by applying Chamberlain's ,
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very '
bad cases have been permanently cured J
by it. It is equally efficient lor itching i
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
[ nipples, chapped hands, chilblains, ,
fro6t bites and chronic sore eyes. J
2octs. per box. For sale by McMaster 1
Chester, S. C., June 12,18S9. |
Dear Sir: At a meeting of the gen- (
eral executive committee .tno nas
charge of the entertainment of the
South Carolina Division, United Confederate
Veterans, at Chester, Julv .
26-27, it waa decided to invite onr ,
neighboring counties?York, Lancaster,
Fairfield and Union?to assist as i
they feel disposed. The following
named veterans and sons of veterans (
have been appointed for your county
to collect any funds contributed towards
assisting Chester in giving oar
old soldiers a creditable entertainment: ,
m TTT rrr?.1 A f T? X.frtr?rkno1r1
X* YV ? Tf UUUWaiu. \j* iuvt/uuuiui
H. A. Gaillard. G. W. Kagsdale.
R. H. Jen?iiDg9. W. D. Douglass.
G. H. McMaster. T. G. Patrick.
J. A. Brice. W. S. Hall.
J. M. Beaty. T. W. Brice.
W. C. Beaty. T. S. Brice.
Tfcoa. K. Elliott. J. G. Wolling. 1
T. W. Lauderdale. H. C. Grafton.
Please forward lauds collected to !
the finance committee,
W. IL Hardin,
J. C. McFadden,
T. B. Words,
j Ches er, 6. C.
Thomas Thurmai.1, deputy strriff of
Troy, Mo., f-avs if everyone in ?be
United States should discover the vir-!
me of DeWitt's Witch Hazd Salve
1'or piles, rectal troubles and skin njs-1
j eases, the demand could not be sup-;
plied. McMaster Co.
The high school closed Friday eveD- |
i?ir, May 3rd , with a very interesting |
is well as instructive entertainment,
vh'oh consisted of declamations, cia'" gujs,
and tableaux, all of which were
Hidered verv becoming. Some of the
>'?ys and girls deserve special Eieniioo,
;ul we will not mention any here for
e*r we might do some one injustice.
V prize was ofiVred at the beginning
>f school for the one making the
lighest general average. This prize
v .s iron bv Miss Catherine Brie-;,
vho made a general average of 99.55.
yjn anyone in the <-ounty beat that?
picnic was given to ihe pupils i:. the
Sii'er woods on Tiu-sday. All who
iitended reported -i very pleasant
Siace oar last, another of our 11 jwers
us been plucked by Mr. W. 3k*. Pat
iok, of Woodward, wbo was married ,
) Miss Janie Thoupsou May 1st.
er the cerem^nv ihe happy conole
>rded the train for a weddiDg tour
Asheviile and ciher e:':es. Tbov
vi:. bs Jiojjc after 'fce 20.hat:d ?*-li ,
.egfn housekeaping at Woodward. j
A great many ot our people we-.e <
ndd-ned by learning 'he news of 1
tfrs. Dunbar's death at Chester. Kcr ,
e>ua:ns were buried in Joncord grave ;
'-!s-d Thursday morning. Air?. Duubsr i
ids many friends iu our community 5
laving lived near here for a number 1
>f years. j
jiliss Hayne, of Greenville, is visiting
ler brother, Dr. James A. Hayne of, ]
bis place.
Misses Nannie Brice, of Woodward,
md Rebecca Craig, of this place, came
iome the first of the week from Con
rerse College.
Mr. T. D. McKeown went to Coumbia
a few days ago to be sworn in
is a lawyer and get license to practice.
3e will go to Spartanburg, where he
s to practice with another gentleman
)f some experience.
Mr. Robt. Douglass 13 home from
Davidson College, where he completed ]
lis course this week. He has accepted 1
1 place in the Chester graded school, j
Master Asa Langford, who has been
joing to school here, went to Rock j
Hill a few days ago.
Miss Agnes Douglass is home from 1
? 1
VYintnrop. j
Mr. Edward Craig will be home |
;bis week from Soutb Carolina college, i
Mr. William Douglass, who has 1
been assisting Mr. Banks in bis high
chool at Rock Hill, is at home now. June
13,/99. M.
Kobbed the Grave. .
A startling incident of which Mr
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him a3 follows: (
'I was in a most dreadful condition. ,
My skin was almost yellow, eyes :
sunken, tongue coated, pain contin- i
aally in back and 6idee, no ajrpetlte?
11" /vt-nnrinff WDQtflr /? a v n V flftv. 1
Three physicians bad given me up. \
Fortunately, a friend advised trying
Electric Bitters,' and to my great joy j
ind surprise, the first bottle made a ,
lecided* improvement. I continued
heir use lor three weeks, and am now j
i well msn. I know they saved my
Ife and robbed the grave of another J
rictim." No one should fail to try
;hem. Only 50 cents per bottle at
kfcMaster Co.'s drug store. C <
Crops in general are doing very i
fvell. The first planting of cotton is ,
looking fine and if seasons suit it will i
nake a tolerably- fair yield. But a ;
number of cur farmers were compelled ]
o plant over on account if irregular ;
;tand<? of the first planting. In euch
jieea it was very backward acout
,'oming up, as tbe groutd wcs too dry
:o eaable the seed to epront. Some
.arms that were planted in cotton,
fvhere a stand was uot obtained, will
32 planted iu con:. Poss'bly it would
lave been much better for tbe farmer
!n the long run bad it all come up Jo a
t&nd that would not have be?n worth
iultivfiting if be bad bet-n wise enough
io replant in corn or some other crop
more closely connected with the crops
>f home consu;npti?n. But, of course,
i? i?- ? tta l>aan
;ne suppiy iuerunauui wvuju jj?vg
Jespondent and aimosi dependent if
JeMa were not the ntver-fai'ing and
ucnrable G'.mtagiou of the farmer. It
an astonishing fact that all, or moat
ill, farmers are compelkd to admit 1
Jiat we will incur debts and then com^lain
anJ say we don't see why it is
.hat farmers are so dependent. To get
3ut of (he ktrnt" will centainly take
more encouraging than we hare ever
known before. We wih have to go
to town" less, raise more grain crop3,
md raise more hogs and stock of ail
tind that should necessarily be raised <
on the farm.
It is not very eucouraging to a
plough-boy?and most of our boys, I
am proud to say, are plough-boys?to
work all day "beneath the hot summer
Krm" ami tro home at night to "turnip
sprouts and bread," not knowing what
be will rcceive in tha fall when tbe
harvest U over. It is too often the
case that after expenses are paid the
bard-workingploogh-boy receives bnt
a smail sum for his year's work; iu
fact, be is considered a lucky boy, and
most certainly he is a saving boy, if he
comes out at the end of the year witb
a few dollars ahead. In view of this
grim, stern fac>, many of our honest
farmer boys are enticed with a longing
desire to leave the dear old home of
youthful years aud go into tbe wide,
wide wcrld to seek a better living.
But it is ganerally the case that they
are sometimes glad to return poorer
and wieer than when firit they vacated
tbe faien'a! : ' C'ich are facts
clearly impr838t:u o>a* micd->, and
hA rptnembcred bv tbe voutb
of car country while pondering over
the important subject of fuinre desti
nation. The point we wish to bring
out is that of the fear of boys who
leave their homes so early in fife and I
are subject to many evil ind incuts
o* falling into intemperate w . 3 and j
habits. Almost the first ih':-* > > con- J
front him is the wine cup c-r some <
other temptation equally a3 harmful
to his character, and if hs vields to the }
temptation his doom is sealed: but if,;
on the contrary, he is made of the j
stuff that says "no," emphatically, j
to all evit Inducemeals, he is worthy i
of highest pr&iseis; and what is more j
he has emblazoned a bright future;
before him. We would be glid to say j
more on this buhject, bst will leave |
that for a future communicationHenoies,
the well known Columbia 1
i JHl I
A fftiSrtl /-n\'7 docto
I / v ^*S
w ? ^0Ye
2^ For more than eleven years, and has triec
Ira several doctor?, but nothing did her any.g
Sa her Cerstle's Female Panacea whic
ner greauy at uu iuuuuiij i
?L. GERSTLE &C0., Proprietor,
?wffi Vvj"iJvflWwwl
:-hoto?rapher, wus at Myrtle Wednes-J1
U\. 14?h inst. He did a fair day's
t?ork considering the hard times.
Mi^i Lizzie Hogan, who ba3 been
rTcjjitu' rpiiitiups in Sumter and Gcse*
i villc, returned hcmr last Snnday,}
icccinpa'iied by Miss Addie Fall wood, '
Hid accomplished young lady of Magnolia,
S. (J.
Miss Roxb Harri?on, of Ridgeway,
is visiting relatives in this scction.
Mr. J Glenn Cooper, who has been
indisposed fur some time, is well agaiD,
Jane 18, 1899. Dixie.
For Infants and Children. ,
Tire Kind You^^^ys Bought
Spartanburg correspondence of The
News and Conrier: Some citizens in a
narrow strip of Cherokee county, ex- ?
fpndinjr from the Southern railway,
Dear^Cowpens, to the North Carolina
line, wish to get back in the old county.
Ail their business and commercial .
interests are here, and Lot at Gaffaey.
Tr.e territory takes in a atrip cut off
from Cherokee towusb;p and put in
the ney county. There are about 10
to 15 fqaare' miles inclnded in the ,
lv-\nnf?ar\- anri not 100 V0ter8. NO
steps have been taken looking to an ]
election, but the people are diseasing
the matter.
Would Not Suffer So A sain for Fifty Times
Its Price.
I awoke last night with severe pains
in my stomach. I never felt so badly
in all my life. When I came down to
svork this morning I felt so weak I
could hardiy work. I went to Miller ,
& McCnrdv's drug store and they
recommended .bamberlain'n Colic,
Cholera and Diarriicei Remedy. It
worked like magic and one dose fixed ,
me all right. It certainly is the finest '
thing I ever used for stomach trouble.
[ shall not be without in my home
b^reafter, far I should not cire to en- clare
the soffVring^ of list night again
r r fifty times its price.?G. II Wilson,
Liveryman, Bnrgettstewn, Wash- !
ington Co, Pa. This remedy is lor ,
pale by Mcilaster Co.
Ladies Can Wear Shoes '
One size smaller after using Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes |
feel easy; gives instant relief to corns i
and bunions. It's the greatest com- J
fort discovery. Allen's Foot-Ease is a
3ortain cure for ingrowing nails, sweating,
hot, aching feet Trial package
FJJEE. Sold'by all druggists, grocers, '
shoe stores and general storekeepers
everywhere. By mail for 25c. in
-tamps. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
Le Roy, N. Y.
Br. !E IT QnattleMini i
Solicits a share of the pablic patron- ,
. .
Office is tbat formerly occupied by j
(he County Superintendent of Edoca'iOD,
in rear of Law Range. 6-10 <
flas opeced [a branch office at Mr. (
Den Yarborongb's, where he will be J
f- uud ever v Wednesday. ;
All persons holding claims again6t i
the estate cf David Gi Kobertson, de- (
ceased, are hereby notified to present {
the same duly verified to the under- ,
signed, aad all persons indebted to saide?;atc
are notified to make payment to
Executor of tbe Will of David ?.
Robertson, deceased. 6-20-8 w
For Sale.
one-half acre gronnd, corner
Frazier ind Liberty Streets, west end
of town. Has a well of fine water,
rich garden spot and orchard attached.
For terms apply to
JUU^il3r01XVJac<A uai;n A,
6-15 2m Winmboro, S. C.
Office of County Supervisor. ?
Winnsboro, S. C.t June 9, 1899. ?
f! a meeting of the Board of Con?
i <ji for i he Coanty of Fairfield will
be held in the office of County Supervisor
for said County on the first day
of July, 1899, at which meeting application
for the County Dispenser will
b3 considered. All applications for
said position mast be on file with the l
Board at lea^t ;cn days before said J
date. JAMES M. HIGGINc?,
Board of Coti'rol Fairfield County.
lair Deserts,
Bromangclon, in assorted flavors, loc.
Royal Deserto, in assorted flavors, 15c.
(Prepare these in two minntes ) >
California Frnit in jars and cans.
Lemon Oiing Peaches; none better.
ueo itasp oerr.es.
Ifcd Cherries, piU'-d.
Wnifce Wax Cherries.
Thc-tc frn't* arc guaranteed superior |
flavor. an<] exrr. heavy syrup.
Genuine Ca-'t Ginger Preserves. 1
tST'Xi nnsboro I :e Ilou?e opens to j
Let u? serre y?>u.
Fine Groceries.
EBY woman is under obligations x
0 herself and the man she mar- ^
ies to be in the most healthy con- @)
1 possible. She should be free of
nale diseases and menstralirregies,
because the condition of the ^
nakes or mars the home. Don't ^
because you dread to consult a
? -frk? a nnrwmltnfcian is imnec
?! Get a few bottles of
reat yourself in tlie privacy of 5?
home. It will cure you. If there **5
f costiveness or indigestion, reit
with a few mild doses of St.
It'# Liver Regulator. Write us.
r case is complicated, and we will
ict you, free of charge, how to a?
iese famous remedies. 19
"HUM WumD inuwDbM
L everything she could set, as well, as m
pod. Last spring!commencedgivme J9p
:h gave immediate relief and benefited A
,V. E. TURNER, St. Stephens. Ala. Of
Chattanooga, Tenn.
The jewelry business in its details
and oftentimes your
purchases from unreliable
^^ * "U
aeaiers iuru vut tu uc
rHAT B. Brandt has had long experiences
snd exceptional opportunities
at the North.
rHAT he knows every detail so well
and thorough that there need
be no excuse for your trading
anywhere other than at his store.
rHAT he has one of the cleanest np- ??
todata jewelry esiaonsnoienus
to be found anywhere.
AND THAT his goods and bis w^rk
are absolutely guaranteed as
We are masters (leaders) in
our lines. Let us hear from M
you hereafter.
Tie Opticiai id Jnftr; j
Sheriff's Sale. |
rested in me as Sheriff, I have levied
upon and will sell tojiie highest < a-h
bidder, oeiore me uourc uuuse m
Winnsboro. on Monday, Jul*/ 3rd, the
following described tracts of- land jiu*?i
ier the Act referring to deliaqaent v
Mrs. Garrie^^^^ttge]_f Vi-es?
bounded by lalMHKy K- S.
DesPortes, D. W. Tidweil, iT.'J. Weir 3|
md Amelia Davis.
6-lCtd ^ S. F. ? V
to me directed, I have levied upon and*
will sell to the highest bidder, before ?*
the Court House cioor in Winnsboro,
JULY, 1899, all of the right, title and
interest of Wm. E. McCormick in and j
to the following described premise?, ~ ...il
to wit:
All that certain piece, p&rcei or sract ' -djg
of land lying, being and situate in the - ;:-/J
County of Fairfield and State of South
Carolina, lying on Rocheile Creek, in
Fownship No. 5, containing Two
Hundred and Fifty-one and One-half
Acres, more or less, and bonnde?i on
the north by lands now or formerly
owned by James Jones; on the east
Mid south bv landsjqow or formerly
jwned by David M. Means; ana on
the w?st by lands now or formerly
Dwned by Phillip H. Co hen. At the
snit of A. F. Raff & Co.
6-10td S. F. C.
State of South Carolina, ?
Executive Chamber. ?
been received at" this Department that
on the fourth day of Jane, A. D.
1899, the barn and stables and contents
.T. F. Brown, in tbe Coanty of Fair
field, near BIy'thewood, weie burned,
and there being reason to believe ibat
the burning was an act of incendiarism,
: >
Now,therefore, I, M. B. McSweeney,
Governor of the Slate of Sonlh Carolina,
in order that justice may be done
and the majesty of the lav? vindicated,
do hereby offer a reward of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS fort'ae appro
bension and. conviction or ins persvu
or persons who commitfcd said act of
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
ser my hand and caused
the great seal of the Stale to
be affixed, at Columbia,
this fonrieeDth day of Jane,
[L. s.] A. D. 1899, and in the ??. c
hundred and twenty-third
j ear of the Independence of
the United States of America.
M.B. ilcSWEENEY, '
By the Governor:
Secrcta-y oc State.
Final Notice to Taxpayers , |
taxes are rpqaested to pr.y tbe s me %?
immediately to rne .is No. 4 Law Ka> ^e. "3
</icrk of Coniurii. .4'
Jouc 8, 1899. C-10
M fi 8 f ^ ?) ^<3 ^"M?key HabfU
MM I 3 s cured ct home wtti- "3
lirBEIinn cut pain. Book of
I BVbUB ttcn?isent rilSE.
wMwmaamm b.k.wocll2y, m.d?
^ZiSam, ? . Office 104 H. Pijor 8&

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